Howdy Honda in Austin, TX

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Howdy Honda specializes in All Honda Automobiles, parts and service.  Howdy Honda has new vehicles as well as Certified Pre Owned vehicles - and select other pre owned brand name vehicles.  We offer a complete service department with Express Service which can handle most of your Honda automotive needs.  Howdy Honda's Auto Pilot program provides a shuttle to a from the airport, so you can service your vehicle while away on business or pleasure.  Our waiting area offer FREE WiFi, Coffee, juices and softdrinks.


Established in 1985.

Howdy Honda is celebrating.  Celebrating our upcoming 25th anniversary very soon.  25 years of  commitment to our city, our community and Central Texas.  We're celebrating our new, customer friendly, state-of-the-art facility.  We are proud in those 25 years, Howdy Honda has received the prestigious President's Award for customer satisfaction more than any other Honda dealer in Texas.  That requires tremendous dedication to give unequalled service above and beyond the sale. Test drive Howdy Honda today.

Howdy Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 443-4300
Address:5519 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX, 78741
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Howdy Honda

Jeremy W. | 2015-04-16

Have heard about Howdy Honda, on KOKE FM, for a couple of years.  Today, I decided it was time to buy a new car. I knew I wanted a Honda. I did some research and found out that my ideal car was a Fit. I went to the online store and calculated what my payments ought to be, and when I got to the dealer, they were on point.  

Victor helped me, and he even took the time to follow me home with my new Honda Fit. I ended up buying the 120K warranty, which was incredibly reasonable. I drive a whole lot, so the extra peace of mind was worth it. I was not pressured, in any way, and enjoyed my experience. I would recommend Howdy Honda.

Jeremy Steding

Jenny R. | 2015-04-15

I just bought a 2015 Honda CRV and couldn't be happier.  My salesman, Victor Knafelz, was great to work with.  I pretty much knew after my test drive that the CRV was the car I wanted, but Victor never pushed me to try and make a decision that day. I went out and test drove a few other cars and about a week later I was back at Howdy Honda to make the purchase.  The finance manager, Michael, was also great.  The whole process was a breeze.

I would definitely recommend Howdy Honda and Victor for your next car purchase.

Sarita H. | 2015-04-04

This was my first time buying a car and my salesman was Nick P. Nick was very informative and made my leasing process smooth as butter! I would definitely recommend Nick folks he not only stayed past his off hours to help assist me and answer my questions but just making me feel like a cared for customer won it all for me. Thanks Nick and Howdy Honda

Naomi T. | 2015-04-02

I just leased my first Honda Accord at Howdy Honda and I couldn't have had a better team working for me. I worked with Thano and Justin who helped find the best option for my budget. Later, Johnny was supportive in answering all of our questions. I'm so happy in my new Honda! Next time you're by Howdy Honda, ask for Justin Fuller!

Rachel C. | 2015-03-31

I don't think I've ever had a better experience with mechanics than the service I've experienced at Howdy Honda. A big kudos to Zeke who helped me through some huge car problems last fall. The staff there is always courteous, honest and truly have your best interest in mind.

I will from here on out only use Howdy Honda for servicing my vehicle. They truly are the best!!

Yanan G. | 2015-03-29

I had a wonderful car purchase experience at Howdy Honda. Nick was very patient and helpful. Thanks to Mike as well for the smooth transaction in the finance part. I am loving my new CRV. Great environment and even better staff!

michele w. | 2015-03-27

I have not purchased a car in 10 years!  I have an aversion to the car-buying experience. Rex at Howdy Honda was great!  He found the car I wanted and delivered sooner than I expected.  He really went to bat for us, getting us the best deal. They came through with everything they promised.  I have not used the service department there yet. However, I would rate the sales department as the best in Austin.

Steve S. | 2015-03-21

Brad Plauche has been our salesman for many years and always exceeds our expectations. We have two Hondas in our driveway and Brad and Howdy Honda are the reason why.

Amy L. | 2015-03-07

I contacted Brad Plauche on referral of a friend when I moved to Austin and just leased my second car from him. He managed to get me more car for a significantly less payment. The transaction was quick and not only painless, it was enjoyable! I really can't say enough nice things about Brad and the crew at Howdy Honda. I love my car and I love the great service!

April L. | 2015-03-07

There are other dealerships that are way closer to my house than this one. However, I make the trek across town to get my car serviced here due to how nice the people are. They are always respectful, take time to explain everything that needs to be done or what work they have done on the car.  I have been to some dealerships and some repair shops and not even close.

Another perk is that there is free wifi, the reception area is always clean and well stocked, and the shuttle service is super handy. I have an older vehicle 01 Honda Civic, and I know I could probably get the repairs done somewhere where it is a lot cheaper, yet I feel like the service cannot be matched Whenever I do decide to upgrade to a newer car, I am so coming here

David G. | 2015-03-04

My sales person was Nick Rhodes, who proved to be a really great guy!  (I include his last name because apparently there are two Nicks at Howdy Honda, currently.) The whole process went very smoothly.  For test drives, I wanted to try both a manual- and automatic- shift version of the car, and Nick was very gracious about that.  He let me play around with putting seats down, etc. to see the various cargo possibilities.  He was patient while I took a week or so to do further research and decide on the type of shift I wanted.  In the process of all that, I found that pricing in the region was very competitive; Nick bent over backward (going back and forth with his manager) to arrive at a price that would allow me to buy from Howdy - they were my preferred dealer, just because they were the closest to my residence and their service reviews seemed a bit better than those of the next-closest dealer.  When it came to paperwork time, the process also was very painless.  The finance guy was duty-bound to explain all the options, but he was not pushy.  The whole process took a very reasonable amount of time.  I couldn't be happier with the experience.  I highly recommend Nick, in particular.

Whitney F. | 2015-03-02

I brought my older model Accord in for service (break check, oil change, inspection).  Long story short, I was told I needed about $2,000 worth of service just to pass inspection due to a leak in the power steering stuff.  My car is not worth too much more than that, so I took it to another place that could not find any leak.  They topped off the fluid, and I passed inspection with no problem.  I guess I look like an easy target and they probably could have conned me out of a few hundred bucks, but $2,000 for a completely unecessary service is ridiculous.

Jeff K. | 2015-02-28

Let's face it. The car buying process is not fun. But it can be a good experience if you go to the right place. I just purchased my 6th Honda from Howdy Honda. I've had 2 Odysseys, a CR-V and now my third Pilot. Every time I've bought from them, the experience has been smooth, the sales process informative, but low pressure. They've always worked extremely hard to get me in the best vehicle at the price and payment that I requested, and even better been honest with me when they couldn't do it.

I still had 8 months left on my Pilot lease, but they emailed me and told me that in February Honda was running some incredible deals on 2015 Pilots, so I took mine in to get it appraised. They appraised it above BlueBook value and were able to get me into a brand-new Touring model for lower payments on the same lease terms. It's like they are paying me to drive a nicer car.

I can't say enough nice things about Brad Plauche and Mark Ziehr who got me better car than I asked for at a lower cost, and I was in and out in under an hour, including financing.

They must be doing something right, because I keep going back.

Vicki L. | 2015-01-31

We just bought our first new car in 12 years! Thanks to Joe Laumann and Thano Drivas it was a great experience! We never felt pressured or pushed and we ended up with the car we wanted at a great price! I would highly recommend Howdy Honda and Joe Laumann.

Clarissa M. | 2015-01-28

I had a wonderful experience at Howdy Honda. It was my first time car shopping by myself so I asked my friend to go with me and he told me about this dealership and talked very highly of the people that work there so I said "okay" and went to check it out. The representative I was paired with was Steve Gonzalez who was just unbelievable!

He was so kind and told me everything I needed to know and wanted to know. He didn't try to sell me on more expensive cars, he did his best to stay within my budget and I must say that he delivered. I went in one day and the next day I got my car. I love my new car, and the service there was just incredible. When I'm ready to go car shopping again I will definitely be returning to Howdy Honda and if you're looking for a great place to start, start with Howdy Honda and finish there if you can and definitely ask for Steve Gonzalez, he is the best!

Matthew B. | 2015-01-28

Absolutely the best dealership I've ever dealt with. Gave me a great deal on my 2013 Honda Accord Coupe V6 & have always been very professional when I come in for service. They're always very tactiful with making the process as efficient as possible and they always have an informative answer whenever I have any questions. Absolutely. 100% Recommend!

Timea D. | 2015-01-26

I didn't know a car dealership can have better service and hospitality than a Ritz Carlton! I've had excellent recent experiences here. Last week, I saw a car of interest on CarFax and it belonged to Howdy Honda. I headed in, test drove the vehicle, fell in love, negotiated a bit, and sealed the deal. I still can't believe I am driving a flawless 2013 Honda Civic EXL with only 10K miles on it. The sales team was awesome, and I left on cloud 9. My salesman, Banks, called me personally a couple days later to see how I was doing with my new ride.

Just my luck, I ran over a nail a few days ago and my tire pressure lights came on in my high-tech car. I had planned to travel, so I decided to drop the car off at the dealership's service department on my way to the airport. The service team helped me through the entire ordeal. I came in flustered and Kevin offered me a beverage and a complimentary ride to the airport in the dealership's shuttle. I can't believe they offer this service! Needless to say, it made a huge difference in my hectic day.

Kevin said it wasn't a problem to store my car there while I was out of town for the weekend. He handed me his card so that I could email him with the time of my return. I emailed Kevin, and he offered me another shuttle ride for my return. When I picked up my car, the hole in the tire was patched and my car was washed.

This experience was so good that I wrote a branding paper on it for school. I truly appreciate great customer service from the brands that I love. I know I'm a dork, but I kinda can't wait for my first oil change at Howdy Honda!

Erika M. | 2015-01-21

I would like to give a kudos to Rita in the finance department and Edward Kwak in sales. They both went above and beyond to help me purchase a brand new 2015 Honda Fit. I didn't think I'd be able to get a new car but they worked hard for me and I appreciate it immensely.

Both Edward and Rita were honest about what I was getting and my financing situation for the car. Edward came to check up on me a few times, always offered drinks, and even brought a snack because I was there for quite a long time. This was my first time buying a car and I didn't feel pressured or that I was getting taken for one second. Wonderful service and I am loving my new Fit.

Kim K. | 2015-01-20

Recently brought my car in for an oil change and maintenance. All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly and they got my car in and out in a reasonable amount of time. They also have wifi which allowed me to get work done while I waited!

It costs slightly more than taking the car elsewhere, but being able to feel good about the service done to my car is worth the extra few bucks.

FYI - if you bought your car at Howdy Honda, you get a discount on service, which was mucho appreciated!

Ishmael B. | 2015-01-20

I am the proud owner of a 1999 Honda Accord with less than 115,000 miles. Howdy Honda was my first service station experience in Austin. I've lived in Austin for more than 6 years and have heard the great reviews of Howdy Honda. However, my experience was not at all 3, 4, or 5 stars.

I scheduled a check-in holistic review over my vehicle because my check engine light turned on just days before. My scheduled time was for 7 am. I arrived on time and was promptly greeted by a taller gentleman who exhibited the best qualities of a representative of any corporation. I was taken to my car advisor who took my information and keys. The lobby area was very welcoming and had many snacks for all people waiting.

3 hours later... My advisor arrived to inform me of several services that would help improve my performance. He never mentioned the check engine light, so naturally, after hearing about the grand price tag of all the services I asked what would be done for the check engine light. He was perplexed at my question, as if I had thrown a curve ball, so he quickly went to the back to verify what the issue was. Unfortunately, the senior mechanic had stepped out and after those 3 hours of waiting we still had no clear idea of what was going to be the next step for my car to return to normality. I had to miss several important obligations in order to ensure that my car would be fixed. I recommended my solution to fix the car, which ultimately ended up being the only service I needed. All while the mechanic and advisor only recommended services that were not urgent and would not fix my engine. I don't think it was necessarily my role to help guide the mechanic on a car inspection that was supposed to be holistic.

This experience taught me that some of the mechanics did not really do an excellent job with inspecting and diagnosing the vehicle. It was also incredibly frustrating to know that I had to wait more than 3 hours to find out that the mechanic was out of the shop and that my proposed plan for repair could not be determined at the time.

Howdy Honda is a great place to sit and wait. The customer service is fantastic. My hope is that their trained "senior" professionals working in the back can provide excellent service and keep up with the level of professionalism shown by those working in the front area. I wish that the words of my friends and co-workers would stand up to the excellent reviews, but then again, I hope that my case is one and only, and that no one else has to experience hours of waiting and self-diagnosing their own vehicle.

Amy R. | 2015-01-15

I just purchased a 2015 Civic SE from Howdy Honda.  I worked with Justin Fuller.  I wasn't ready to purchase the car when went to test drive a Civic.  It was nice not to be hassled by Justin about buying the car that day.  He was very informative and took time to take me on a test drive even though he knew I wasn't buying right then.  I went back three days later and bought a car.  The process was quick, easy and completely painless!  I highly recommend Howdy Honda and Justin Fuller!

Dominic R. | 2015-01-13

I would like to start by stating I was referred to Howdy Honda by someone at the credit union I was possibly going to get financed through.  I also live way north and the Howdy Honda I went to was on Ben White Blvd, but I was told that Howdy Honda would take care of me.  Its been 6 years since I have had to purchase a vehicle and I needed a vehicle fast so I figured I would check them out.  The person I was referred to see was gone by the time I got to the dealership so another gentleman by the name of Nik Popov helped me.  At first I was a bit worried but he assured me he would take care of me just like the other gentleman that I was referred to would have.   I explained to Nik what I was looking for and he wasted no time in helping me to find the car that was right for me.  Negotations on price were extremely easy, he basically spent the whole day with me trying to make sure I found the car I needed.  He even got me better financing rate than the bank and got me a great monthly rate, so I decided to go through them for financing and not through the credit union.  Howdy Honda has a lot of great incentives as well.  Rewards programs for points, a nice showroom with free WiFi, snacks are offered, TV, and lounge areas as well.  Everyone was extremely friendly.  Chris their finance guy was also very helpful, upfront, honest, and helped me with ensuring I found the right warranty for my vehicle which was refreshing but Nik Popov went ABOVE AND BEYOND.  There was an issue with receiving my insurance coverage the same day I purchased the vehicle.  The insurance company that I was going through said my coverage would not go through until midnight that night so I could not drive my car home and the dealership is closed on Sundays.  To ensure I received my vehicle the same day, Nik drove my vehicle all the way to my home since Howdy Honda still had coverage on the car and even showed me all the features of the vehicle when we got to my home.  He basically took his own personal time to ensure I could wake up the next day with my vehicle parked at my home and ready for use.  Both Chris and Nik made sure to explain to me to please contact them with any questions I may have.  Nik followed up with me on monday to see how things were going and to see if I was happy with my purchase.  I definitely recommend Howdy Honda and definitely recommend asking for Nik as he is a great guy to work with and will take care of you.  He also has a delightful British accent which made the experience that much more enjoyable!  Thank you to Nik and to Howdy Honda for valuing your customers!

Hollie B. | 2015-01-10

Today Mr. Edward Kwak helped me purchase my brand new Honda Fit EX-L.  'Twas a great experience.  Since I walked in knowing what car I would be buying, we quickly got started with some forms and things like that.  Edward talked me through everything, and I really felt comfortable about making the purchase.

The name escapes me, but the person we worked with in financing was also fantastic.  Never did I feel we were getting the old "hard sell", and in fact we ended up getting "the works" anyway.

I highly recommend Howdy Honda and Edward Kwak for your next new or used car purchase.

Nathan F. | 2014-12-30

For the service department. I've never bought a car here.

Frankly, I'm blown away by the fact that I've finally found a dealer service department that's competent and easy to work with. They have a reasonably nice waiting area, get things done quickly, have fair pricing, and communicate through every step of a more complicated repair. After my experience at other garages, I'm pretty happy.

Gustavo M. | 2014-12-22

Easiest, no hassle to buy a car. Steve Gonzales was available for questions, but didn't push to put me in something I didn't want. Excellent service. Second time to buy a car from them & once again leaving very happy with my purchase & the service.

Cathy J. | 2014-12-19

Excellent customer service when purchasing a vehicle.  I have purchased 3 vehicles over time and each time have received excellent service, which is why I keep coming back.

Soapy V. | 2014-12-10

From the moment I got my car here, I've been getting great customer service from Howdy.  The service guys are super great also - they never pressure you into getting anything you don't necessarily need right away and are all very courteous.  
10/10 will keep coming back to them for my Fit :3

Romy G. | 2014-12-01

(This review is only for the service department. I bought my Element from them in 2006, too long ago to review.)

-keurig coffee machine
-snacks and cold drinks
-extensive newspaper and magazine selection
-friendly staff, they remember me, etc.
-kids' waiting area, so they're not in your business
-you can look at the new cars while you wait
-lots of freebies - tire pressure gauges, etc.
-car wash with service and oil changes
-service manager has tried to accommodate my nutty work schedule to get me in there for maintenance appointments, but the best choice for me is to drop off on friday evening and pick up my car saturday morning. not ideal, but not terrible either.

-in my impatient opinion, i think the oil change takes too long (about an hour in my experience). of course, i spent the first decade of my car-driving life changing my own oil on an old toyota in 15 minutes.  maybe i'll get used to this newer-car thing, or i'll settle down about it when my work schedule isn't so rigid.
-when i brought my Element back for scheduled maintenance and the million-car airbag recall, the airbag was not in stock, so I had to come back again later for the airbag. they took care of it quickly, and i get that with a million new airbags needed, there could be a glitch in the supply. but i would have appreciated a phone call and the opportunity to reschedule all the maintenance to one day.

ANNA G. | 2014-12-01

Took my CR-V in for the 6 month Auto Butler treatment.  Zeke Banda was our service advisor and he made certain that all of my concerns were addressed.  Even when the vehicle was ready I had spotted a couple of smudge marks on the hood and pointed them out to Zeke.  He gladly took the vehicle back to the detail area.  After a few minutes he brought the CR-V back to us shiny and smudge free.  

Thanks Zeke for making this visit easy.  We'll see you the next time around for any service issues we have.  Zeke is a professional through and through.

Hannah S. | 2014-11-26

Walked in the day before Thanksgiving after seeing their lease specials online, walked out a little while later with a new car. Definitely check their website as they do specials outside of just the Honda - wide deals!
The Howdy Honda team were all excellent, and I highly recommend our sales guy Steve Gonzales as he explained things throughly and honestly, and truly took the time to make buying my first car a good experience.  
Big thanks to Steve for taking care of me, and I'm super happy with my new CRV!

Chet M. | 2014-10-29

Great buying experience.  The two sales people I worked were wonderful.  The only reason I didn't give them the fifth star was the confusion over the paperwork.

Crispin R. | 2014-10-12

I recently traded in my almost new Honda after someone ran into the passenger side causing several thousand dollars worth of damage including a bit to the suspension and frame. My friends had advised me that although it looked perfect and ran like new again, it could develop problems down the road and wouldn't be the same again. As a Realtor, my car is my office, so I took their advice.

I was treated with great courtesy and respect by Rob Dee, whom I highly recommend. Not only did he take the time to make sure I got the right vehicle for my needs quickly, but he also got me a good price and good value for my trade in. In addition, he went above and beyond to let me know I should contact the other party's insurance company again to get "diminished value" claim in addition to the repair of my old car. I got $2,250 from them I never would have known to ask for and was certainly, of course, never offered by the insurer.

Now I tell all my friends about the great experience I had with Rob Dee at Howdy Honda.

Fabian I. | 2014-10-05

Thank you Joe Laumann!  Joe and his entire team stayed house after closing to help my fiancé and I buy our first car.  The experience was absolutely amazing and Joe is extremely knowledgeable and upfront.  Even the test drive was unconventional yet practical and super informative.  I've never felt more at home or more comfortable at a car dealership.  I would absolutely recommend the team over at Howdy Honda and especially Joe.  Thanks again!

Katie G. | 2014-09-16

I had a good experience here. Contacted Salesman Steve Gonzales on recommendation from a friend. I was interested in a yellow Fit, but unsure whether to pick manual or automatic. No yellow ones had shipped here yet, but he patiently answered my questions and let us test drive a manual and an automatic on two separate days and explained all the features. In the end, the two yellow ones on order were already reserved and I bought from another dealer, but everyone at Howdy was very sweet, and I recommend them.

Kaitlin H. | 2014-09-14

I have bought 2 cars at Howdy Honda and have not been disappointed. I bought my first car new and my second car used. The salesman couldn't be more helpful in assisting me in finding my car. They were fair and honest and genuinely cared about their customers. Every time I have taken my car in for service they have been nothing short of excellent. I will take my car in for repairs there every time even if it is slightly more expensive just because they service is so great. I highly recommend anyone buying a car to look here (new or used).

Len H. | 2014-09-02

This is the 2nd new car I've bought at Howdy.  Great place.  Ask for Nik Popov and you will get a top shelf salesman - easy going, very knowledgeable of the product, & friendly.

Robert N. | 2014-08-25

I'm a very busy person and I rarely have time to Yelp, but I felt compelled to take the time to share that Effrim Veal at Howdy Honda is hands down the best Service Advisor I've ever had at any dealership or car repair shop, including BMW (I own a BMW in addition to my Honda - I wish Effrim could be my service advisor there too). If he's not able to answer the phone right away (which he almost always does), he will return your call (or e-mail) within the hour. Effrim always listens carefully to my needs and makes sure that everything is completed to perfection (and I'm very particular about my cars). If for some reason the mechanics miss something or don't do something well, Effrim always takes the car back no questions asked and has the work redone. For example, my car recently needed body work and Effrim recommended a body shop in town which Howdy Honda uses on a regular basis. Some of the body work was less than perfect and Effrim took my car back no questions asked and had the body shop pick up the car from Honda, redo some of their work, and return it the next day - in my experience, body shops never work this quickly! Now the car looks perfect and I'm a very happy customer. Howdy Honda in general is a good dealership with solid mechanics, but if you have a Honda, Effrim Veal makes this Honda dealership the place to go in Austin for your Honda!

Alejandro F. | 2014-08-23

Easiest no pressure buy I've ever made.

This will be the 3rd vehicle I've bought from Howdy Honda. My first was a used vehicle and my last two were new.

I took my car in for a problem on a 200k 03 Civic, and a very thorough explanation of what was going on with car from Andrew Delph, I decided it was time to purchase another vehicle. Andrew let me know he was going to have Brad in sales help me with my purchase.

Brad promptly gave me a call and took notes at what I was looking for so he could have some cars ready for me to test drive. After work I went back the dealership and as stated, Brad was ready for me when I got there.

Long story short I was in, financed, and in my new ride in approximately 2 hours.

I've always had great service from Howdy, both in the sales and maintenance sections.

I'm proud to be part of the Howdy Honda family going on about 15 years now. I choose not to go anywhere else, because of how I've been treated and my satisfaction with Hondas.

Brian L. | 2014-08-14

In the Texas heat, there are two things you need.

1.  Good a/c
2. Tinted windows.

I've looked at several places in towns trying to figure out how much it would cost to tint my windows.  Mother's window tint.  I looked for my fiancee too.  She's got a Chevy Cruze and that dealership told me to just go to someone that they take the cars too.  Everything was in the $300 range.  At least 250.  Too many choices.

So I called on Howdy Honda.  $199.  What a deal!  They were honest with me that they could do the "limo" tint in the back, but one person tried it and it was way too dark at night.    As they were working on my Honda Civic, I dared ask a stupid question - I asked if they could tint my fiancee's Chevy Cruze for the same price.  Sure enough.

I'm trying to save money and pay for a wedding, but if my fiancee and I burn or die of skin cancer before that day, the wedding won't matter.  Thankfully Jesse and his team took great care of me, and I drive in a much cooler car.

Here's to fighting skin cancer!

M S. | 2014-07-12

Finance Manager is full of scam

The finance manager (the Blonde guy) did everything to not make the deal happen because he did not want to spend 30 minutes extra after hour. So he made up lots of reasons that even the sales persons were totally embarrassed. At the end he showed us our credit application ans said this is your credit report (really?). He was surprised my my high salary so he said that because I don't have any other loans and depth he could not give me the Honda 0.9 APR. Ted (the salesperson) is a great guy and we really anted to make the deal with him but it seems that the "Finance Manager" was not into letting him to make any deal that night.

Recommendation to manager: Kick your finance manager out otherwise you loose your credit and reputation.

Paula J. | 2014-06-11

We are looking at a car from Howdy Honda.  We are trying to work out a deal.  They take my credit card information for a $500 deposit on the car so it won't be sold out from under us while we are working out the details.  Today, as we are about to buy the car our sales guy tells us that they sold the car yesterday.  What?

So what was the "deposit" for?  I have purchased 3 cars through this dealership.  I will not ever do business with them again.  It looks like Round Rock Honda will be the way we go in the future.

Completely unethical.  No integrity.  Really bad way to do business.

Dea E. | 2014-05-20

Very bad experience. I hated being their customer. The sales team is very male and very anglo. No excuses for that in this day and age. While my sales person was very helpful and kind, he was the only good thing about this whole experience. I found the staff nearly everyone I dealt with to be extremely short sighted and patronizing.

I returned my leased car today and chose to deal with another dealership as the Howdy Honda people were exteremely unhelpful and unkind to me. I had asked the used car manager if I could get a lift home and he said no. I'd have to make arrangements, I live alone in Austin and I thought really? Not even a ride home?

I asked other things, how much was a detailing? I was told an unreasonable price and when I asked for a discount (despite being a loyal customer) I was told no. I asked about help with a floormat and I was told again full price, and I HAD to buy 2 eventhough I needed one, and again no no no.

What made me finally lose my patience with them was as I stated above  when last week the used cars manager told me no about a lift home when I returned the car after 6:00pm. They gave me grief about everything, a floor mat, detailing. Everything was a hassle and an uphill battle with these people. Finally they just wore me out. I found them to be distastfully greedy and only interested in themselves, zero interest in me as an existing customer and potentially future customer.

Honda America the finance company was nicer to me, they waived the mileage I went over by way of covering the detailing costs I invested in their car. And a totally random delearship detailed my car for nearly 50% less than Howdy Honda and they had zero expectation of me. They were just being nice... total strangers being nice to me whilst the Howdy Honda people whom I'd dealt with when I leased my car and afterwards for all the service appointments, which I faithfully kept, from them I got no breaks, zero understanding and zero accomodation.

Very disappointing experience. I took the car to another dealership, didn't know I could and they gladly took me home this evening, eventhough I didn't buy anything from them. In the spirit of good marketing and good reputation manangment they chose to simply be nice to me. After all they were also getting a car in near new conditions.

I hate how all the men at Howdy Honda acted like and treated me as though they were doing me a favor. I wish they had taken half as much good care as I took of the leased Honda vehicle, ugh...... never again.

Rach J. | 2014-05-13

I hereby pledge that I will purchase every vehicle, henceforth, from Howdy Honda.

Yes, they were that good. What a great group of people to work with! I just purchased a 2014 Odyssey and was a nervous wreck about the car buying process. I worked with Nick Rhodes and he was a hoot-and-a-half! This was, by far, the most pain-free car buying experience I have ever had. I also dealt with TJ and I think Michael (?) in finance. Everyone was energetic and seemed like they enjoyed their jobs.

I had spoken with 3 other dealerships and two of the places made me feel like I was bothering them, or a nuisance. Both of the salespeople I spoke to were a little condescending and sounded like they despised their lot in life. There was not only a lack of enthusiasm but a pervasive feeling of drudgery.

Not at Howdy. These guys are friendly, welcoming, and (here it comes) genuine. Nick went out of his way to help me with my new car and trade-in, even an hour after closing he took the time to set-up the bluetooth in my car. I also got a GREAT deal!

I can't say enough good things about these folks. They have won this family's loyalty.

Meghann S. | 2014-05-06

Knowing my lease was up in June with my Chevrolet Malibu I started shopping for my next lease.  Being a new graduate with looming student loan repayments, I was looking for something affordable.  I inquired about a Honda Fit online and was promptly contacted by Rex for a follow up within a couple hours.  

Not only was Rex EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable about the cars in the lot, he was helpful in finding the right price to fit my budget and was made sure all my questions were answered before making my purchase.  I left very happily today in my new blue Honda Fit, and would recommend Howdy Honda and Rex to anyone in the area looking for a fabulous dealership with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Couldn't have asked for better service.  Would highly recommend going to Howdy Honda if you are looking for your next vehicle, I'm sure glad I did.

Leigh Z. | 2014-04-27

I love Honda vehicles and I love Howdy Honda. Yesterday I bought my SECOND Honda Civic from this dealership. The first was a 20016 Honda Civic that I bought new in 2006 and which I bid a sad farewell to yesterday as I traded it in for a brand new 2014 Honda Civic. My Honda's have always been reliable and well built and in the over 8 years of service I have had a Howdy Honda I have always been happy. A special thanks to my awesome car salesman Brad Plauche who jumped through who knows how many hoops and had to look through something like 8 states to finally get the EXACT car I wanted (stick shift), in the color I wanted, with the extras I wanted and then had leather installed and a window tint. He always keep on top of finding and getting me the car and always kept in contact with me. So THANK YOU BRAD! I would recommend Honda and Howdy Honda if you want a good, reliable and decently priced car. Go up there and ask for Brad!

Emily L. | 2014-02-04

Purchased my second Howdy Honda car with the help of Nik Popov this past weekend. He was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicles we looked at the first time I purchased 2 years ago. I recommended him to my sister last year and knew I would be going to see him again when I decided to upgrade to a new vehicle.

As always, Howdy Honda and Nik Popov made this purchase process simple and easy and I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family looking for a new vehicle.

Elisabeth W. | 2014-01-30

I recently had a great experience leasing a Pilot at Howdy Honda.  Thank you Justin Fuller, Thano, and Michael for making it such a friendly, seamless, transparent experience, and most of all, for a great deal!  I'm loving my car too.  ;-)

Crystal D. | 2014-01-09

Every single aspect of buying a car was easy at Howdy Honda.  Banks was extremely helpful and I love my new car!

Sarah S. | 2014-01-06

If you are a woman, BEWARE of Tommy in used sales. Or if you happen to have your own financing. HE WOULDN'T EVEN LET ME TEST DRIVE THE CAR I WANTED TO BUY. I couldn't freakin believe it. I talked to him about the car I wanted before driving out there. Apparently when I got there I caught him leaving for "lunch." He sat me down and told me that because I had my own financing and a trade in that I would need to have the cash to pay off my trade in before I could buy the new used car. I explained to him that's not what the bank had told me. He explained to me that I was wrong, wished me the best and stood up. I left, called the bank (who told me they were flabbergasted that a dealer would say that) and went elsewhere. I finally got a new honda civic at another dealership that was cheaper than their used civic was listed for, they accepted my trade in and I got to use my own financing. I will never go back to Howdy Honda

chelsea b. | 2013-11-13

Brad Plauche' was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional!  My dad was visiting me in austin, and brad showed him an accord while he was in town.  Brad was so helpful that my dad drove all the way back here from Houston, a couple weeks later,just to buy the car from brad. That's how great he was. When I'm ready for an upgrade I will be going to see brad, for sure.

Jackie O. | 2013-10-07

Ever since I bought my first Honda at Howdy Honda in 1991, I have been a happy and loyal customer!  Writing about them is like writing about a family member, every one on the staff is friendly, dedicated and committed to serving their customers.  I just drove off with a brand new Civic and an interest rate that exceeded my expectations.  From a service stand point, I completely trust the staff when I take in my car for maintenance.  They have have always performed what is necessary for the life of the car, but never recommend work that is not required or needed. I will never shop at any other Honda dealership in the country.

Darla A. | 2013-09-22

Recently, I found myself in quite a pickle. Just after stopping for the insanely cheap gas at Randall's at Ben White and Manchaca ($3.149 / gal), I went to start my car and got this half hearted sound, lights on the dash and needles rattling on the gauges.


It had been raining on and off. Fortunately, I was under the cover of the gas station. I called AAA Roadside service first and lined up assistance in 35ish minutes.

Then I called Howdy Honda. I knew they were closing soon. Jesse in service answered the call. I explained the situation. He said it was likely the battery, but in any case, if it was not, they could take my car the next day. He indicated the technicians would be leaving in less than 30 minutes, so he was going to ask one to stay and wait for me. If he could not get one, he would install the battery himself.

I told him I would keep him posted of my ETA. True to their time, AAA responded and jumped my car. I hightailed it over to Howdy Honda and called Jesse on the way.

They were waiting in the service entrance for me and waived me in. They tested the battery and that was the culprit. Fortunately for me, it was still under warranty for another month. They promptly replaced the battery, reset my radio and clock, and handed me an invoice for $0.

I thanked them for going the extra mile and waiting for me. They provided service above and beyond with a smile and sent me on my way. As I drove away, I looked at the clock. It was 1 hour and 20 minutes later from when the car first died. Not bad and no charge to boot (unless you count the battery jump ;).

Howdy Honda saved my day with nothing more than a blip of inconvenience in the overall scheme of things.

Rick G. | 2013-09-15

Home Run, Folks!!!!

I wrecked my car and after nearly a week in a rental, the insurance company finally totalled it.  I had just 10 days to find and purchase a new one.  Online, I saw a car I was interested in and after driving three others, decided I needed to see this car and drive it.  It was already the weekend and I was running outta time.  I sent an inquiry to Howdy Honda and their internet team sent out an immediate reply.  They gave me a salesmen's name and phone number.  I made an appointment for the next day between appointments.

After meeting Gordon and driving the car, I knew it was the car I wanted.  I had them run their numbers and then applied to my credit union.  I was pretty skeptical since I hadn't had a car payment in about 10 years.  But, Howdy came through.  They offered me a rate less than half a percent more than the credit union and made up the difference in the price of the car.  I effectively got 1.99% and the car I wanted.

Picking it up went much smoother than I expected and I drove the car home Monday night.  Gordon was awesome and even made sure I had a full tank of gas when I drove it off the lot.  

I love my new car......Love Chase.....and am really thankful to Gordon and Chris for making this the absolute best buying experience I've ever had when trading vehicles!

Thank you, Howdy Honda!!!!

MaryAnn R. | 2013-08-20

I recommend Honda salesman Rob Dee if you pretty much know what you want and don' desire a high pressure salesman. Rob is low-key, extremely nice, and knowledgeable.  I showed up one day asking to test drive two Honda Fits, one automatic and a manual. Rob accompanied me and showed me a lot of the car's great features. When I was ready to buy a week or so later, I made an appointment, brought the title for trading in my old car, and we made the deal that day. He even brought me a granola bar, when I got hungry! The finance department also matched the interest rate my credit union had preapproved. I've only used the service department once so far, and they were very nice about inflating my tires to the right pressure (I didn't have a gauge) and then ran my car through the car wash, which it needed and I hadn't gotten around to. So far I only have very positive things to say about buying a car at Howdy Honda.

Jennie K. | 2013-07-16

I have been satisfied with their service department.  The prices are reasonable for regular maintenance and they're pretty accurate when quoting you wait times. Roughly $32 for an oil change, $99 alignment.  If there's no one there, the oil change takes maybe 40 minutes? And apparently, no one is there on the fourth of July weekend.

They pamper waiting customers with an extensive selection of juices, sodas, coffees, and snacks (granola bars or if you're lucky, donuts in the AM). They also have a shuttle to take you to work with a friendly driver.

If you don't want some maintenance done, they definitely do not push you to do it.

Christy K. | 2013-05-27

I have to give Howdy Honda 5 stars simply because every time I go there with my 10 year old Honda they are friendly, informative, and have a nice waiting area.  PLUS, I have a broken front bumper which has been held up by bungee cords because I refuse to pay to have it fixed.  When I had my car serviced for 100,000 miles, the mechanic literally "stitched" the bumper back together so it looks like new for FREE!  I would say the only downside is the typical salesman approach.  If you look at a car and test drive, you will be getting calls and that kind of annoys me.  However almost every dealership has been doing that lately so I can't give Honda grief for that.

Niki M. | 2013-04-27

Not one person helped out my mother and I.

It was early afternoon when I accompanied my mother car shopping at this location. We were aimlessly walking around looking for a car that would best fit my mother for what feels like 30-45 minutes. We then walked into the office because we had to use the bathroom and not one person asked if we needed help. As we were walking out, not one salesperson came up to us. The look on our faces was probably frustrated or dumbfounded cause the receptionist finally asked us if we needed help as our feet and arms were already out the door. We did not respond because why would you greet someone leaving anyway. Thinking that she took her own initiative to let someone know about us, my mother and I decided to wait again. Standing outside the front doors/windows of the showroom this time, we still did not receive any customer service for what seemed to be 10 minutes. Really?! They have ceiling to floor windows and we were or should have been in someone's sights. Still no one. So we just got into our car and drove to the next Honda dealership in San Marcos where my mom put down the deposit for her new car this same day. We both have been to Howdy Honda before and we both also remember not getting the proper attention as well. It seems that the salespeople here aren't very committed by these actions. We felt unwanted. We will NEVER step foot in here again! Who knows it could have been our ethnicity that drove this improper treatments.

Daniel C. | 2013-03-21

Terry was the most professional salesman I ever met, he was very patient with me on trying to get me approved. He made it happened 3 hrs later and I'm very happy with my brand new car.

Ghil A. | 2013-02-27

They're not the cheapest but I definitely like their service. The salesman are some of the best I have dealt with. Last time I bought a car they were able to shave off an extra $2,000 from the total.

Sarah C. | 2013-02-26

The staff is probably very familiar with me now as I have been in and out of this dealership about 3 days now. I worked with Nik P. on finding the perfect car. I came in first thing Saturday morning with my boyfriend to have a look and Nik spent a lot of time going over my options that would fit my criteria and price range. He highlighted all of the features of the car I was interested in and we took it on a test drive (not unlike driving school lol).  I was still looking into other vehicle makes so I left to check others out and came back.

I definitely did my research as did my boyfriend and I made sure to know my price limits. We discussed financing and Nik was wonderful for putting up with my stubborn streak. He was accommodating to the features I found important while still respecting my limits. I had to leave Saturday without making a solid choice.

I had about 3 different dealerships trying to sell me a car all within the price range I was looking for. Fortunately, Nik was able to offer me what I wanted. I appreciate the time he's invested in making sure I got exactly what I wanted and I can safely say that I did!

I'm hoping I won't have to buy a car for another 10 years or so but if I do, I'll come back to Howdy

Sarah S. | 2013-01-21

I wanted to write an update to my last review because I just got a call from the service manager, Jeff. He saw this review and called to apologize and explained that there was just some miscommunication. I really appreciate that he took the time to do this and it felt more like the personal service that we have gotten from Howdy Honda in the past.

Marisa G. | 2012-12-12

Fastest check in.  Out in 5 with a coffee and doughnut in hand in a free shuttle to work.

A.J. W. | 2012-10-22

This review is based upon my recent service experience.  While the finer points would be burdensome to go through, I will highlight the overarching themes that negatively affected my experience.

In short, the entire service staff seems to be far too interested in upselling you into services and scheduled maintenance prior to even inspecting your vehicle.  I went in for a new tail light and brakes and walked out with an estimate for over $3,000 in "necessary" repairs.  Mind you, this in on a well-cared for Honda that is already over 10 years old with 120K miles.  That amount of work is essentially half of the value of the car.

Also, since I wasn't interested in all the extra work (and entirely not necessary when checked by a trusted local service shop) they suggested, they completely screwed up the work that I did need them to do.  They kept the car for nearly five days to do minimal work that wasn't done correctly.  And now, a week later I have to go back and waste another afternoon getting them to fix something that they already "fixed".

I don't trust these folks at all.  And I will never be going back to Howdy Honda.

Mark W. | 2012-09-17

Meeting the daunting task of buying a new car turned to be a pleasant experience at Howdy Honda.    

Our salesman, Mike Daniels, greeted me and my family with a smile.  Mike asked all the right questions, listened carefully to our needs and was very informative.  I also appreciate that Mike was very "down to earth" and easy to work with.  All of my encounters with Howdy Honda thus far have been pleasant.

I highly recommend Mike Daniels and Howdy Honda!

Jennifer C. | 2012-09-11

I negotiated a price I was happy with on a 2012 Fit Sport, wrote a check for the full amount, and at the 11th hour as I was being handed the keys the salesperson Toby refused to provide legally binding documentation of the lifetime tint warranty I had been promised.  Toby first said that I would not receive a warranty because I had received the tint "for free," although I saw that a tint charge for $250 was itemized in the negotiated price.  Toby then insulted my intelligence by insisting that his illegible scrawl on the back of his business card constituted a legally binding agreement, and when I reiterated that I would require a formal warranty contract spelling out the terms and conditions, he aggressively tried to strong arm me by raising his voice and declaring that the sales manager TJ felt they were losing $$$ on the transaction and didn't want to sell me the car anyway.  I demanded my check and all documents bearing my signature back, ripped them up, and let every customer I saw on the way out the door know in no uncertain terms that they were at risk of being ripped off.  Snakes!

Laura S. | 2012-08-28

I bought a 2010 Honda CRV at Howdy Honda on August 10.  I'm a single woman and distrustful of just about everyone that has anything to do with a car.  These people simply made that feeling disappear.  From the time I test drove the car I bought to actually making the deal was a very pleasant experience.  My salesman, Billy Watson, did not apply any pressure. I told him what I could do, he took it to Paul, the appraiser, and 5 minutes later after a little more negotiating the deal was made.  Now time to do the loan work, again no hassle with their finance guy.  He put the information in front of me, offered the warranty, which I took, I signed the papers and out the door I went.

After I got home I received a call from the appraiser saying he had not appraised my car for enough money because he thought my car had a timing belt when it really had a timing chain so Howdy Honda was sending me a check for $700.00.  How many times has that happened to anyone?  I bet I can count the times on one hand.  In addition, they sent my sister a referral check for $100.00.

A few days later, I thought I was having air conditioning trouble.  I took it to the service department and again first class service.  I drove up to service department, a gentleman met me at my car and asked a few questions.  He sent Kevin out to talk to me; Kevin got in my car and listened to my concerns.  Demonstrated how the a/c works and come to find out nothing was wrong with the a/c.

So from the sale, to finance, to service I would give Howdy Honda 5 stars.  I will definitely be going back there for all my service needs and when it comes time to trade, I'll go there.

Thanks Howdy Honda!

Austin, TX

Brandy W. | 2012-08-23

Jesse in the service department went above and beyond. Although I have come to expect excellent customer service from Howdy Honda, Jesse was exceptional this time. His explanations were thorough and helpful and the billing was right inline with what we discussed. And he made convenient arrangements for me to pick up my car on my schedule.  That kind of service is what's me a loyal howdy Honda customer. Thanks Jesse!

Shinta S. | 2012-08-05

The last time I bought a car, it was 2004. I bought a CRV here. Frankly I didn't remember much about the experience in 2004. But I do know it didn't suck.

Fast forward to 2012, I am in the market for an SUV. I really don't like car shopping. I don't like haggling. After my horrible experience with Charles Maund Toyota dealership this week, I was worried that I would have to go through the same thing here.

But Howdy Honda sales was nothing like Charles Maund. My experience here was night and day, compared to Charles Maund. My salesperson was not pushy, was funny, and amazingly knowledgeable about the CRV I test-drove.

At the end of the test-drive, my salesperson brought in his manager. The manager thanked us for coming in and asked if there were any questions he could help answer. When we told him that we were all taken care of by the salesperson, the manager politely said goodbye. No pushy salesman talk.

Howdy Honda is my kind of car dealer!

Deans E. | 2012-07-15

I just survived my first car buying experience! The salesperson I worked with at Howdy Honda walked me around the lot to look at all the 2010/2011 Civics, and he took me on a test drive. I liked the car, so I decided to have them value my trade-in before talking $.

They gave me a pretty decent trade-in based on the condition of my car. When I threw out a number for the Civic (about $1500 below the price), the salesperson gave me a "what planet are you from" look. It was amusing...well, I tried!

Finally, I told them I'd take the car if they chopped off $540 from the total price. I got another funny look, and he asked in an almost impressed voice, "Where'd you get that from?" I said, "I dunno" and stood my ground. I think he was surprised that a young woman on her lonesome could navigate buying a car with aplomb.

In the end, I probably could have driven the price down a little more, but I was exhausted by the experience and just wanted to get it over with. We made a deal, and I moved on with my life. Now I have a nice, shiny car that I'm in love with!

Bonus: The finance department didn't hound me too much about not using their financing or buying extra warranties. I let the guy do his spiel and politely said "No thank you." He didn't push it anymore.

Suzy B. | 2012-07-10

I didn't get my civic here, but get it serviced here and will never take it anywhere else! The service dpt has the nicest, most helpful, and caring staff. They never push for unnecessary service and are VERY supportive. I've also never waited long at all, even when they're packed full.

You guys/gals kick ass

Theresa N. | 2012-06-30

They were thorough, quick, and reported some items that needed to be fixed.  Friendly too.

I would have given this place more stars had they not tried to charge my daughter $75 for vacuuming broken glass off her passenger front car  seat. We had brought the car there to have a window replaced, after thieves broke into her car.  I would think that vacuuming the seat would be standard service when dealing with a smashed window. After all, the safety of the person replacing the window is also an issue.

We were charged $500 for replacing a window and its track on a 2002 Honda. The outrageous price and attempt to wheezle an extra $75 out of a college kid makes me think the track may not have been bent after all.

Jeff W. | 2012-05-30

Interested in Honda Accord. I first went to Howdy although the price for the same car I was interested in was listed at $900 more than what Edmunds had it appraised for. I hoped they would come down to a more reasonable price to save me a trip to SA where similar cars were priced up to $1000 less. They kept insisting it was a fair market price and only agreed to come down a couple of hundred at most. When I shared the appraisal value based on the location, miles, etc in Edmunds, they had no explanation and just mentioned it was a fair price.  

When I realized I was wasting my time and mentioned I was heading to SA since they didn't seem willing to work with me, they scoffed at me and tried to discourage me from going to Gunn Honda saying it was a "no haggle" place. I though this was a bit hypricritical since they refused to "haggle" down to a decent price on the car. I wound up driving 60 miles south to Gunn and ended up with a better vehicle than the one I test drove at Howdy for $1600 less than what Howdy was pricing the car at. Since Gun was a no haggle dealership as they said, I found the overall atmosphere to be much less stressful and the salepeople didn't have a condescending attitude with me.

My lessons from this whole experience is the market in Austin is overpriced and folks willing to drive 60 miles ($10 in gas) can save a thousand or two. Perhaps I can't fault Howdy since the dealerships here don't really have an incentive to negotiate a fair market value since people in Austin are willing to pay the inflated prices like a bunch of suckers. My advice to anyone looking to buy a car....get out of Austin!

Olivia M. | 2012-05-22

I want to start off by saying this is one of the best dealerships out there!!! (and I have been to a lot!). I currently have a Honda and when I have to take it in to get serviced I do not dread it. I know the sales men are not going to be pushy and annoying if I decide to walk around the floor and browse over the newest cars. They provide food in the morning if you are waiting PLUS two fridges full of every drink you could imagine from soda to juice to water and of course coffee... but what makes this so fantastic is the customer service. There is a man that sits by all the service men and he is what makes visiting Howdy Honda so nice. He is kind, warm, helpful and genuinely in a great mood every time and it is contagious! As far as service goes, it has been fantastic! I have the worst luck with cars and that luck did not change when I purchased my Honda. However this dealership and their district manager have gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to make everything right and make sure that I am happy. Another great thing about Honda.. THEY HAVE LONER CARS!!!! Such a small thing that makes a difference! Hope this helps!

John B. | 2012-05-21

I had some moderate maintenance done to my '99 CR-V. It cost a little more than other places but the service matched the price. If you go here, try telling them to not put you on their bazillion email lists.

* Free car rental
* Ride to the rental place
* Friendly informative staff that didn't treat me like i was an idiot

* I ended up on 5-10 different email lists because I went here. I had to unsubscribe from all of them. It felt pretty unprofessional.
* Pricier than your neighborhood mechanic.

Cosme G. | 2012-05-11

Situation: Buying a certified used Odyssey. Financing already in place. No trade in.  

I compared 2009 - 2011 Used odysseys on line, craigslist, edmunds, autotrader. Needless to say I did my research and I knew a what the fair market value is. My first stop was at Howdy, where I met Steve Gonzales. It was a pleasant and informative visit. Steve was professional and without any pressure. I continued to look on line and visited other dealers, even 2 in San Antonio. I came back to Howdy and Steve, because their prices where better than most and I didn't feel I needed to shower after dealing with them. Overall it was one of the smoothest purchases I've had, second only to dealing with Lexus. I would say it was almost a tie.

Oh, and I don't work for Howdy, neither do my friends or relatives. I moved here last year.

Cassie G. | 2012-05-05

Went in to test drive a civic and a FIT, and Jason, who's new here to Austin from NY, was very helpful!  He even let me drive his personal FIT when no one in town had one in stock!  I told him my absolute cap was $15k for a used car and he was respectful of my wishes.  He didn't try to oversell me on something I didn't want, and I left feeling better prepared than I went in with a brochure that has a complete breakdown of all things civic.  He seemed to be a very respectable family man, and I highly recommend his help!

C. C. | 2012-05-04

Nik Popov got my business for Howdy.  I shopped for a an Odyssey minivan for a long time, three months, getting prices from Fort Worth (get a price from Frank Kent Honda in Ft W, you'll find it's the price to beat) to San Antonio, including San Marcos, and played email and phone tag for quite a while.  I hadn't thought that Howdy would be competitive on price, but when I started talking with sales person Nik Popov he took the time to understand the deal I was looking for in a walk out price after trade in and he explained all the smaller costs involved, lke the document fee which varies from dealer to dealer, so I was able to shop more intelligently (along with help from the forums on ).  Nik also returned my calls and email promptly, which is saying something as I bought during the last two business days of the month, and Howdy was a very busy place. I got close enough to the deal I wanted to feel good about it, though it did take some discussion with Nik's sales manager, and there was no hard sell on add-ons from Brandy in finance, just a clear explanation of my options.  The whole team was patient, reasonable, honest, and efficient, but Nik got me to come in.

Rachelle Z. | 2012-05-03

Run of the mill car dealership.  Refused to give me a quote after requesting one online.  Tried hard to talk me into the one CRV they had on the lot, even though I stated I didn't care for the color and wanted a different model, "Oh, we'll have to special order anything else- who knows when it'll come in".  I reminded him that I wasn't going to buy that day, and the hard sell started.  It wasn't  unfriendly - just tiring.

The sales manager came by when I didn't budge on what  I said upfront on the phone and when I first arrived - only wanted to test drive it, and still had other cars to test as well.  Still, they wouldn't give me a price, and hemmed and hawed at my suggestion that they meet the price quotes I got from other dealers.  Instead they kept asking why I wanted them to do so....why do ya think?

They put the option packages on all the cars and add the cost of the package to your final price, whatever that is (do you really need wheel locks on 16" steel wheels?)

They finally let me go when they said they'd "speak to their finance manager Monday about coming down on price", but instead emailed to ask me what color I wanted so they could order it...still no hard price.

My reply to their email was honest "I just put down a deposit on a Honda at another dealership - I'll be picking it up next week"

Eric W. | 2012-05-01

I really hate buying cars.  It was one of the reasons I drove the same vehicle for eleven years.  There is a constant feeling of being taken advantage of, or that your about to get the rug pulled out from under you.  But sadly my truck (Black Beauty) finally needed replacing.  My transmission went from being in bad shape to being the worlds largest and oiliest paper weight.

After seeing a few cars that I wanted to test drive, I did the "I'm ready for someone to talk to me" walk around the lot.  I must have got lucky because I ended up talking to the most laid back car salesman I've ever met.  And while his names escapes me this moment, he was very helpful about answering all the questions I had.  He was more then happy to let me drive multiple cars and trucks.  And very easy to deal with when we started talking money.  It's a relief to come away from a dealership feeling like you got a fair price for your vehicle.  Everybody has heard horror stories of buying new and used cars, and I even lived one once, but Howdy Honda was super easy to deal with.  I would definitely buy another car from these guys.  

Something the salesmen I dealt with stuck in my mind when I commented that they have a very low pressure approach.  He said "We are kind of like the asleep at the wheel dealership.  We just lay it out there, and let you make all the decisions."

I just remember my salesman's name was Banks Miller.  Tell him I said Hi.

Rachel S. | 2012-04-09

I wish I'd kept the card with the salesman's name on it, but unfortunately, I did not.  I cannot stress how awful my friend and I were treated by both he and his manager when we went looking for a Honda Fit.

My friend's car had recently been totaled in an accident so she'd done her research and knew exactly what she wanted and what the blue book was.  I went along because I'd purchased a car before and she hadn't, so I thought I might be of some help.

The Salesman attempted to use every dirty trick in the book:  

He 'didn't have' a Fit without all the bells and whistles, so we had to test drive one that did.  If my friend didn't want all the extras he could get them removed -for a price.  Yes, he actually suggested that she should have to buy a car with the extras package -a couple thousand over the standard model she wanted, and then PAY to have that package removed.

When she told him, that well, she thought she should go to a different dealership that had the car she wanted sans the extras, he grew outraged and explained to her that Howdy Honda had the most cars in stock of any of the dealers and that if she'd just told him she wanted it without the extras he would have brought one right out.  ....  Yeah.

He wouldn't come down on the sticker price, not at all, and when she told him she'd looked up what prices people were getting he had his manager come out and tell her 1. That car salesmen don't make very much money at all and that asking him to come down on the sticker price was cruel.  and 2. That it would be really terrible of us to have used the poor salesman for a test drive and then let some other dealership reap the rewards of his hard work (we'd been there...maybe ten-fifteen minutes?)

They tried to talk down to us to convince us we didn't know what we were talking about and should defer to their judgement.  They tried to bully us into buying the 'only one' available even though it wasn't what she wanted.  They tried to manipulate us into feeling guilty for not choosing to give them her business.  Every dirty trick I've ever been privy to while car shopping, they tried.  

These are all classic car-salesman maneuvers, but I have never had them all piled on together like this in rapid succession and with such mean-spiritedness.
I've been car shopping at Toyota dealerships, Hyundai dealerships and Dodge dealerships in and around Austin, and I haven't found any sales team as loathesome as I found the two we came up against at Howdy Honda.  

She eventually did get the fair price she wanted on the no-frills Fit she'd planned on at a dealership further north.  I'm not sure what dealership it was, but I believe it was up near 2222.  It was a lot smaller, a lot less fancy looking, no glass-work and huge showroom, but the people treated her fairly and seemed to communicate much more honestly.

Allison H. | 2012-03-29

I have bought two cars from Howdy Honda and have been infinitely pleased with both.

Go in and ask for Brad Plauche. He is AWESOME. So nice and genuine. Don, in finance, is also exceptional.

Best car experiences I've ever had. Go see them!

Jennifer E. | 2012-02-25

Business as usual - unwillingness to negotiate and at least one particularly rude salesman. My husband went in with the intention of buying a car - he knew the year, make, model, and color, it was just a matter of negotiating purchase price - and they were completely unreasonable and unhelpful in negotiating. They asked what he wanted to pay, disagreed (of course, it's a car dealer) but then refused to counteroffer. He walked away and will be getting his new car from another Honda dealer. Adios, Howdy Honda.

Scott T. | 2012-01-13

Can't say enough good things about Howdy. My wife and I bought 2 cars there in 2008 and then on 12/30/11, we went back to get another car for my wife. They gave excellent value on the trade in, worked a good deal for the new vehicle. Were professional and helpful throughout. Even the finance guy was funny and nice. Both car buying experiences we've had there have been fun, which is an oddity when buying a car.
Great experience.

marc s. | 2012-01-06

Toby was my sales guy, he rocked.

The finance guy was ok which for a new car finance guy means excellent.

Really, they probably deserve 5 stars but I can't stand car dealerships so this is as good as it gets.

Kristina K. | 2011-12-06

You know that feeling of dread? When you just absolutely, positively cannot stand the thought of doing something or talking to someone but know that it's inevitable so you just cry in the fetal position until you're absolutely numb before you do whatever you're dreading to do? Yep, that's how I am when dealing with any car matter. Especially buying a new car.

One of my biggest "I don't want to do this please don't make me, I will kick and scream and you will have to drag me there" moments is buying a new car. I hate car dealerships. I typically hate everything about everyone in a car dealership. I hate the games, I hate the fake smiles and I HATE being ripped off.

Needless to say, when it was time for me to buy a new car (should be a happy moment, right?) I felt this way about it. I knew what I wanted - a 2011 Honda CRV. That's all I knew. I didn't know what model, color, etc so I knew the inevitable was about to happen - I had to step foot into a dealership. SHIVER. So, with the hubby in tow, this is what we did. And  you know whaaaaaaaaat? It wasn't that bad at all! The salesman we worked with, Brad Plauche, was a salesman, yes. But he wasn't nearly as douchey as I suspected him to be and whether or not he was trying to swindle us from the very beginning, it sure didn't feel that way.

We got to scope out the different models and options available and said we were not going to buy that day but that we'd have to look around more, yadda yadda yadda. Brad did not pull any of the usual tactics of "nobody gets out of here alive" with us. He gave us his card, said he'd follow up with us the following week and that was that. Just like that! We test drove a car, looked at all the options and were able to just freely walk out of the dealership without any brusies or scratches?! Awesome.

Over the next couple of days, we talked to a couple other dealerships in the surrounding area and were not happy with the prices (or the attitude) they were giving us so we ultimately went back to Brad at Howdy. Although they didn't have the exact car that I wanted on the lot, he was able to get one to me within the next couple of days and signing the paperwork was a breeze.

If I ever buy another Honda, Howdy will definitely be the place I will go!

Brett E. | 2011-12-06

The service at Howdy Honda is not very good. The place is one of few places in this world  that gives frustration to my life. They misinformed me on when my car would be done getting worked on. They also tried to sell me unnecessary items that I had already recently purchased.

Roberto D. D. | 2011-11-26

Really good service I would give a 5 except their prices are a little high.  Good waiting area with beverages available - coffee, tea, juice and bottled water.  They also had Krispy Kreme glazed donuts - Yum!

Cris G. | 2011-11-22

We showed up around 7:45pm on a Friday night.  I picked Howdy because they're south and open until 9.  Met the sales manager and were given a sales guy to walk us around.  Toby was pleasant enough and we drove a couple of cars.  He didn't shove us off the lot at 9pm.
Both of the used "certified" cars we test drove felt a little dicey.  Good thing they're certified.  Looked at a new Odyssey, but they are mighty proud of them.  They're the real home of the "no haggle deal" because they are going to stick to their price.  Whatever.  The new van was only a few grand more than a used one with a potential front end issue.

Sarah A. | 2011-11-01

I went here looking for used cars and felt good about the whole thing. Except for them already having sold every car I wanted.

The salesman I talked to here made me feel like buying a car didn't have to leave me feeling like I'd gotten ripped off by the dealership. He took a lot of time to explain their policies and was apologetic that all 5 cars I wanted to look at (from the website) already sold. He was very chatty and didn't try to push me to look at their more expensive cars AT ALL, he just took down what I was looking for and promised to call if something came in later.

I wish they'd had more cars right when I wanted to buy but I guess that's life. I do plan to go back and talk to Jeff Ellis next time I'm in the market for a car and don't need to rush to purchase it so I can quit taking the bus.

Edison C. | 2011-10-13

Welcome, car shoppers. Did you know that Howdy Honda wasn't always the blatant king of all things Central-Austiny-Honda?

Well now they are. Yes. If it wasn't because they keep winning Honda's "president's award" for service all the time (you didn't notice that when they were in the old tiny location next to BK and the Shade Shop, did you?), it's because they typically have more Hondas on the lot than you can shake a stick at, massive garage, parts and sales depts.

(In case you were wondering about that phrase, 'shake a stick at', here you go.… )

No, you don't get a free professional genital massage with your express oil changes, or a free paint re-do if you key your car in a meth-induced creative spurt.  But if you want the best specifically-Honda dealer that is in ATX, this is where you go.

Sorry, Round Rock "Classic" Honda. When I tried to buy a brand new car at your place before, your sales guy pulled out a straight razor next to the Xerox so I'd sign a contract in blood before he'd even give me a sticker price.  Naturally this was before our economy went to recent shite, but first impressions last, tu comprends? Au revoir.

Sorry, First Texas.  I realize you are trying to compete by building that new facility, but it ain't gonna happen.  You took three hours to put in a battery?  I can also almost smell the cigarette smoke vibe in your current waiting area/lounge. Ok, maybe nobody ever smoked in there, but it sure feels like it.

Really, though, like almost any service-oriented business you have to spend regular time with, it's dependent on the folks you know who work there.

I have had several Hondas so far, all purchased at Howdy after getting jerked around by the other locals. I admit, I've had one sales guy who was not particularly mr. personality, but other than that, I have never had a problem with Howdy. Service is always nice to me, they have wifi or rides to most reasonably-distant parts of town if you need them, and they won't put in any parts without asking you first if you want them in there.

However: whether I have some small bones to pick with Honda USA another review.

If y'all are from elsewhere in the country, New Texans, don't be afraid of a place called 'Howdy' for all your Honda needs.

- CUT ! -

What, not kiss-assy enough?  Oh come on.  Touchy.  Next time I'm doing a commercial for Smart Car.

Janie D. | 2011-10-12

I hate this place, dont go here. Its a waste of time. I have brought my vehicle here 4 times, because i was hearing a noise when breaking, I replaced my brakes and tires and still heard the noise. They claimed they didn't hear a noise. Before going in for the fourth time, I made sure I heard it. I could even hear it when the radio was on. going to this place and waiting for my car to be serviced was a waste of my time.

I hope you don't waste your time going here.

Ray C. | 2011-09-12

Came in to get my horn fixed and a car wash. I was beyond pleased on how well the dealership treated me. The staff was very professional and courteous. 20 beverage options to choose from along with krispy kremes helped passed the time as well. Overall, very well-kept facility and would definitely consider shopping for my next honda here.

Adam R. | 2011-09-12

Best car buying experience EVER!  They rock here!  Rex rules!

Megan C. | 2011-09-11

Well, I can't exactly say that I've experienced better because First Texas Honda doesn't seem to be much better than this Honda dealership.  I called Howdy Honda to schedule an appointment to have a recalled part replaced after the idiots at First Texas couldn't even give me accurate information about the appointment time.  I can say that the location of HH is better because it's a lot closer to my house, that's about it.

I made an appointment for 7am to ensure the most efficient service.  The earlier you get there the more priority you have on the list.  First Honda does this as well, but it's more of an annoyance than an accommodation.  Apparently you can't drop off your car and come pick it up when it's READY, you have to wait until the end of the day or the next day, or a few days later if they don't have a part or run into other problems.  So essentially you have to sit there and wait for an undetermined amount of time.  This is ridiculous to me, why can't you just make regular appointments?  It shouldn't be based on priority (meaning the earlier you make your appointment, not per severity of car problem).

The guy who helped me was friendly, but that kind of fake friendly.  He asked me questions but you could tell he wasn't really listening.  I'd rather you just not pretend to be interested in anything about me other than why I'm there.  After 2 hours the guy tells me that they don't have one of the parts to fix my car because the part is VIN specific.  Wow.  You are a car dealership and you can't make the effort to obtain the VIN on the phone intake to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PART??  Not only are you wasting my time, you're wasting YOUR time.  Also the "complimentary" car wash never happened.  The guy even said, "They will wash your car and bring it around for you."

They brought my car back unwashed and now I have to make ANOTHER appointment days later.

Alexander G. | 2011-09-09

Clean, quick, and professional. I took my Civic in for servicing and was surprised at the level of service provided. I expected the Honda dealer service to be expensive, which it is, but you get so much more than from a normal auto repair shop.

They give you a shuttle from the shop to your home for free. Free drinks while you wait for the van. My "Service Adviser" (the middle-man between the actual mechanic and myself), Jesse Bracamontez, was very friendly and helpful. He was knowledgeable but didn't try to sell or push any services unlike most places.

I gave four stars only because the service took one day longer than expected, though my Service Adviser actually stayed over past his scheduled time off to make sure I got the car back as soon as possible. Won't find that anywhere else.

Michael W. | 2011-08-23

The service department is excellent! Friendly and fast. I brought my wife's Fit in for AC work and they saved me over $800. Lamb's wanted to rip my car apart and charge me 1k for something that wasn't even broken. Carmax (where we bought the car) couldn't even get an appointment correct. I'm sure glad I came to Howdy Honda instead!

Dan C. | 2011-06-25

Everything about our buying experience was great.  We were not pressured, the atmosphere was very friendly and professional, and the staff very knowledgable.  We got a good deal and left knowing that we will probably do more business here in the future.  I had been taking a car here for service for over a year prior to this purchase and found the service department to be great as well.  I would highly recommend Howdy Honda

Walker F. | 2011-05-09

Owned my Fit now for two years. I haven't visited often, but I have been satisified. I went in for an oil change and enjoyed the free coffee and other beverages (I passed on the hot krispy creme donuts). Waiting room is large and clean, with TVs and magazines; a seperate quiet room with desks/plugs for laptops, also an area for kids.  

Went in again for low tire pressure thingie and they happened to call out my inspection was expired. Got me fixed up in a jiffy. (They also wash your car after sevice which is always nice!)

I got called in recently for a recall and had to leave my car there. The concierge/driver guy was very plesent. He dropped me off at work, but I was grumpy that I had to arrange for transportation back to Howdy Honda at the end of the day, a concern I mentioned in the customer survey you get via email after each visit. The manager responded promptly with an apology, and given that it was a recall, acknowledged they should have provided me with transportation to and from.

It's not as quick in and out as I would like, but the service guys are great. They also open up early so it is possible to get epxress service when needed and not show up to work too late.

Estephany C. | 2011-05-01

I have yet to have a bad experience at Howdy and the three times that I have gone have been exceptional!

So the first time around I went shopping for used cars and we had Jeffrey Ellis just come out, ask if we needed any help and we said no, and he gave us his card and said if we needed anything to go in and ask for him. That to me, is what I like. I don't like pushy salesmen so to get straight to the point was perfect. My second time there, I actually ended up going back two weeks later and I bought my 09 yaris from Jeff and he was super accomodating and very informative. He got straight to the point, didn't hide anything and is definitely quirky. The Yaris had a huge crack on the windshield and Honda ended up replacing the windshield for free, and gave me a $500 discount on top of that!

Unfortunately my Yaris was totalled (girl ran a red light) eight months later and I had a week to find a vehicle. So I'm not seeing any used vehicles that'll suit my taste, mileage or price range. So I call Jeff up, tell him the situation and that I was now looking into a new vehicle. The Fit was the one that I was looking into, so that same day after getting a preapproval from a credit union, I tell him that I want my interest rate to be lower. So he told me they could easily get it lower. Honda ended up financing me 3.9% for my first new vehicle.  In lieu of them not being able to bargain on the price of the Fit  (because they are japanese based factory cars, not the american based factory vehicles), the accessories that were already in vehicle I got at no additional price! When I was looking at the prices for the accessories Jeff saved me about $700 worth of accessories! Essentially the accessories plus the warranty price (instead of the basic factory 3yr/36,000mile price they used the same price for the 8yr/100,000 mile warranty) since I don't drive much and I really got a good deal for a brand spankin' new Fit!

Jeff was definitely instrumental in being very informative of what would and wouldn't work for my lifestyle, and Don the finance manager was the same in terms of what would work for me. There was nothing shady with their business and if anything came up everyone was very open and would say something first thing when it would arise. So all-in-all Howdy Honda has treated me very nicely.

Marc L. | 2011-02-23

Well, the purchase of the car was smooth several years ago, but I have to say the service center leaves a lot to be desired.  The car is still under warranty and is a hybrid (back when Accords could be hybrids).  An IMA and emissions light came on, so I brought it to my local Lamb's to have it looked at (since they are closer and easier to deal with than driving all the way out to Howdy's new location), oil change, tire rotation, diagnostic.  Lamb's diagnosed it as a code related to the hybrid battery needing replacement, and had already called HH to 1) find out if it was under warranty; and 2) to schedule an appointment / set up paperwork if it was.  Well, the car was under warranty, and they had the code and transmitted that information to HH.

Before I even get my car back from Lamb's, I call HH to schedule an appointment for the hybrid replacement.  They told me "Thursday", so I took it in on Thursday by appoinment, which was two or three days after the call.  They told me they'd have to reverify the code, but if it was reverified, they'd do the work as well as a recall fuel pump something or other, and both would be done under warranty and no charge.  No problem.

On Thursday I reiterate this was about the call I made earlier in the week, we were replacing the Hybrid battery, and they again tell me about reverifiying the code, took down my contact info.  If so, they'd do the work and give me a call when it was done.  No problem.  Leave the car, get the ride to work.

4pm, not having heard a word or peep, I call and ask where we are.  "Um...well, we reverified the code, and now we've ordered the part.  It should be in in about a week.  But we also noted you need an oil change."

"No I don't, I had that done literally this week."

"Oh, ok.  Well we also determined your regular car battery needs replacing."

"Uh, no, I doubt that.  It didn't show up on Lamb's diagnostic and the battery was replaced within the last year."

"Well, we can change that out for you for $150."

"$150 for a battery? Are you insane?"

"Parts and labor are included".

"The battery IS the part, and labor?  I did it in a Wal Mart parking lot by myself for less than total $50.  Don't touch the car except for warranty work."

After letting them know I was 1) ticked about all this upselling; and 2) ticked they DIDN'T HAVE THE PART FOR A SCHEDULED REPAIR, I ended the call and picked up my car later.  They said they'd call when the part arrived, but it should be less than a week.

Today is almost two weeks and they hadn't called.  So I called them.  Part is still not in, and now they're saying mid March (or another roughly three weeks) for the repair.

Also, my wife was looking at cars we also were given a sales guy who clearly wanted to be somewhere else.  We bought a Nissan instead.

I love Honda's, but I have vowed never to return to HH for a car.  Next time I'll take the drive to First Texas Honda and see how they are.

Percy C. | 2010-12-30

New car purchase - I obtained internet quotes from Honda dealerships in Austin, Round Rock, and even 1 in Houston, my family's hometown.  Over the phone, I spoke with Howdy's internet sales manager Mark Ziehr.  He provided me with great pricing and had a very nice selection of the colors for my vehicle.  He emailed me the price before TTL and drive-out price so there would be no "funny business".  I filled the credit check on their website and was pre-approved for my loan before the visit.  
Toby, the salesman, called beforehand and made sure the car I wanted had window tint installed prior to my arrival.  

On a personal note, I've been burned by dealerships before so I was waiting for the shoe to drop as to the extra charges that suddenly pop up.

Upon arrival, we really appreciated Toby's friendliness and sincere approach.  You can't help but trust & like the guy.  Don, the finance guy, was matter of fact and discussed the extended warranty pros & cons just like my friends & I, straight forward and to the point.  I enjoyed all three interactions at Howdy.  

Based on my past experiences with various dealerships, I kept on thinking somewhere along the process we were going to get screwed with an undisclosed cost.  Needless to say, none of that happened.  I am immensely pleased with my excellent experience at the dealership.  The deal was exactly as promised.  I am singing their praises and will definitely refer my friends.

Percy Chang
Perfectly satisfied customer of Howdy Honda

Mark H. | 2010-12-21

Service at Howdy Honda is great but the sales process sucks.

The famous "Kevin" was my initial sales guy but he pawned me off to two of his underlings when he knew he had the deal. I paid cash for the car but even though the funds were wired overnight, I still had to go through the pesky 'finance manager' who wanted to sell me a package for 'life time oil changes' and similar crap. I was very clear that I need to pick up the car and be at work at a certain hour - but still waited and waited for the sales department to have the car ready. Wasn't happy when I left (late for work) and had the finance goofball chase me out into the parking lot (yes, for REAL) to tell me to make sure "I told the after sales survey people that he was excellent." SURE!

Of course, when I finished their survey on the phone (with negative comments) they weren't happy. I got a phone call from "Kevin" asking me why I would do such a thing (uh..honesty?).

However, Howdy Honda has picked it up a few stars by having a very good service department. Their Express Service is awesome - I never wait more than 45 minutes or so for regular service. Comfortable area to wait with fridges full of (free) water and sodas. Pricing is much less than the last (German) car that I had. I'm giving Howdy Honda 3 stars mainly due to their service dept. - can't say that their sales process is any better than the other non-luxury dealers in Austin.

Emily F. | 2010-11-22

I bought my first car at Howdy Honda - a 2010 Insight. Kevin helped me through the selection, amenities and purchase process. He called to check in after my first week with the car. He called to let me know my plates were in and installed them for me when I came to pick them up. He even called me on my car's "birthday" in September.

I'm fortunate that hybrids rarely have to have the oil changed - it's usually every six month - but the two times I've taken it in for maintenance, I've had an exceptional experience.

I highly recommend Howdy Honda to anyone.

Regan B. | 2010-10-22

I am not getting the friendly/helpful vibe from the service dept here. I didn't buy my Honda Fit  at Howdy . the Express service took a long time, the waiting room was noisy and jammed (no seats left), and everyone I dealt with seemed stressed (the people at the desk) or surly (the guy who took my info when I got in line).  Guess it was a bad day, and I don't expect a lot, but I was kind of surprised by how chaotic it was. I was not too  thrilled to have to stand up  while I waited and listen to the loud personal conversations by staff at the desk. On the plus side, it was nice to get my car washed!

I have a warranty issue so I hope it goes better next time! It's the only dealer that's close to my house.  I don't miss my Mazda too much (love my Fit) but I do miss the terrific service department at Mazda South.

Anne D. | 2010-10-02

Howdy Honda is the best.  Well, I say that only because of Rick Rojo.  I have bought three cars from him. He is unbelievably knowledgeable about the cars, laid back, and a decent, honest person.  There is no "hard sell" at all.  Doing business with him is a pleasure.  After the sale, if you take your car to him, he will run it through the car wash for free.  Great guy. Go see him and buy a Honda!

Vanessa M. | 2010-09-28

I bought my first (without a co-signer) car from Howdy Honda, and the entire experience was much easier than I expected it to be.

My salesman, Rob Dee, was friendly, very knowledgeable about the cars that I was interested in, and worked as hard as he could to get me the best deal possible.

It was even easy signing all the paperwork.  They got me in and out as quickly as possible without pushing all kinds of extras.

When that car got totaled a year and a half later, ironically by another Honda driver (his fault, I might add), I immediately called Rob Dee whenever I received the insurance settlement.  He prepared all the paperwork and even got me a lower APR before I ever arrived on site to pick out my new car.

I would highly recommend Rob Dee and the team at Howdy Honda as they are there to make your car buying process as simple and smooth as possible.

SewAustin L. | 2010-09-04

Couldn't ask for a better experience from Howdy Honda!

Quick review: My purchase of a Civic LX today from Howdy Honda was excellent. Everyone was courteous, professional and accommodating.  Great price, couldn't ask for a better experience!

For more details read on:
I just bought my 2010 Honda Civic from Howdy Honda this afternoon.  I needed an upgrade from my 2 door convertible (with a baby on the way) and knew exactly what I wanted, a 2010 silver Civic LX sedan.
We had an unfortunate experience earlier this week at First Texas Honda and my husband wrote a review of the experience and posted it online.  He then sent a letter to other local Honda dealerships explaining the situation thereby giving them an opportunity to gain our business.

We quickly heard from Mark Ziehr, Internet Sales Manager from Howdy Honda who empathized with our situation and wanted to change our perception of Honda. He assured us if we dealt with them, we would have a much different experience.  In fact, he laid out two price options based on percentage rates we might qualify for.  These prices beat the offer at the other dealership.  

He then set us up with Billy Watson, salesperson, who made the entire experience a pleasure.  He was professional and courteous.  We could not have asked for a better experience for such a major purchase.  

Will definitely recommend Howdy Honda to others!

Alan D. | 2010-08-06

We purchased our car from Howdy Honda and have always liked the way we're treated.  This week was a typical example.  We had an oil change while traveling out of the area but still needed two filters as part of the required service.  As we drove up to the Express Service area, we were greeted with he message that it would be a two-hour wait because of heavy business.  I asked if I could purchase the filters and install them myself.  The mechanic showed me where they went and how to install them.  As I returned from purchasing the parts, the service writer came out and insisted in putting them in for me.  Great customer service.

Jennifer G. | 2010-07-17

Just bought an 01 Odyssey and this morning the alarm wouldn't stop going off. Tried everything in the manual and nothing worked! We even drove it a bit and it still kept going off. Finally parked and called Howdy's Service Center.

Talked with Jesse who stayed on the phone with me for about 15-20 minutes until we could get it to stop. Took it right in and Jesse reprogrammed both keys for me and fixed up a loose door seal. Didn't charge me! He was very nice. He told me a few things to keep an eye out for and didn't pressure me to check this one possible issue in case the reprgramming was all it needed. I hope I don't need to take it back but if I do, I'll request him.

Sean S. | 2010-07-16

I arrived at the pre- owned building to find the person that pulled up in front of me was also interested in the same vehicle I was.

She approached the vehicle first and started discussing it with a salesman.  

I walked up and started looking over the car.

The salesman looked at me and came out with "Do you mind" (Telling me to F off)

Now keep in mind I kept to the other side of the car, if they were at the front, I was at the back and not encroaching on their space.

He continued to be rude and gave the keys only to her so she could test drive it.  

When she came back she parked the car on the side of the building.  The salesman walked right by me as I was walking over to her.

She, not the scumbag salesman adivsed me she was buying the car, I left immediately.

I have never, ever been treated so bad by a dealership in my life.  I am not the type to complain online, but it was so bad of treatment, I feel compelled to warn others:

RUN AWAY, do not even waste your time driving down there.

We had an appointment and still were never even allowed to look at or drive the car.

Ursula P. | 2010-07-06

My husband and I had a very positive experience purchasing a new Honda Fit over the 4th of July weekend at Howdy Honda.  We worked with Derek, who was calm, cool and didn't pressure us - not only on the day we bought the car but also over the THREE MONTHS it took me to make up my mind on this major purchase.  My favorite thing was that I was able to log on to their free wifi and show him what said was a fair price.  

I'll let you know if my experience with the service side of HH is as positive.

Kackie C. | 2010-05-25

After an infuriating experience at another Honda establishment, I found these guys. They did the service I needed at a lower price, treated me with respect, and check in periodically to make sure everything's still good. Couldn't ask for more in a service center. Thanks, guys!

Brian S. | 2010-05-18

I got a safety recall notice regarding the airbag in my 2001 Accord. I had also noticed some oil on my driveway recently, so I called Howdy Honda.

They set me up with an appointment two days from when I called. Lady on the phone was nice. I showed up early, no waiting at all. I dealt with Zeke, one of the service center reps. I told him about my recall, and concerns about an oil leak. He was polite, took my keys, told me he was going to run a $52 diagnostic check on the car, and said he'd call soon.

He called less than an hour later, telling me they were working on the airbag recall repair (a free service). He then started talking about the diagnostic check. My car has over 140k miles on it, so I was expecting bad news.

The oil leak was just a loose nut near the oil pan, no biggie. He talked about this for a while.

Then, in about 15 seconds, he ran through a list of various repairs my car could use, totaling around $1500 dollars (probably more, assuming that price doesn't include their $104/hour labor charge). Broken motor mounts and a seeping power steering fluid hose top the list.

As you can probably tell, I'm not a big car guy. But I do know that the repairs he listed weren't imperative. I declined the repairs and settled to pay for the diagnostic check and the quart of oil they put in the car.

I picked up my car a couple hours later and paid $52 total--just for the diagnostic! Not a bad deal at all, especially considering I now know what's wrong with my jalopy. They even washed my car for me.

Amber T. | 2010-04-19

I love Howdy Honda! From the sales experience to the service staff. My less than a year old Fit had a flat.  I called before heading over and the service guy told me I had road side hazard coverage until 1 yr or 12k miles.   When I arrived this was not the case.  Unknown to me, (I've never had a new car) there is no warranty on the tires on a new car.  The worst part was that my tire could not be patched so I needed a brand new tire.  Howdy Honda took care of me anyway!  Despite the miscommunication they honored what I was told over the phone and gave me a brand new tire free of charge.  Now that's customer service.  Thank you Howdy Honda!

Stephanie S. | 2010-03-08

I take back the whole trustworthy thing.  I take my Honda to real mechanics now.  I tried to get them to look at a squeaky belt a while back and they told me I needed a new timing belt.  uh, no, I didn't.  I already changed it, thanks and it is fine.  I just want you to adjust a squeaky belt.  Then they said they wanted to change all the belts.  Uh, well, then, I wanted to see the old belts.  Uh, ok, lady, I guess you don't need new belts, just an adjustment.  

They are very convenient to my work, so I did the occasional oil change here, but I no longer trust them to do anything.  

I do still like their parts counter, though.  Very nice people there.

Eric S. | 2010-02-21

Being unable to find a decent Honda dealership in central Houston, I decided to drop my car off here for a oil change last time I was in Austin visiting family.  It was really busy this particular Saturday morning, but the inside waiting area was comfortable and equipped with Wifi and luckily I had my laptop to get some work done.

All of the service people were really friendly, and the prices seemed reasonable.  Hopefully next time I'm up for an oil change I'll be in Austin.

Sarah R. | 2009-12-19

Just bought a 2009 CR-V today at Howdy Honda and had a fantastic experience. This was my first time buying a car without the help of my parents, so I was really nervous about the whole process. I'd done my research and was ready to negotiate, but their price was fair enough that I didn't really need to. They sold it to me for a great price and I got the car for just a little under what I had researched that I wanted to pay. Couldn't have been a better experience! The staff was incredibly nice and I never once felt that I was being lied to or taken advantage of.

I suggest doing your research before going to buy a car. I showed up with an entire folder of info - KBB values, Edmunds TMV price, my credit score, etc. If you're educated about the value of the vehicle and know what questions to ask, you're a lot more likely to get the car for a price you're happy with. Knowledge really is power.

I HIGHLY recommend Howdy Honda if you're interested in a new (or used) car. No joke. It was a great experience - much more relaxed than I thought it might be. A great "first time buyer" experience! :) Hooray!!!

Oh, and ask for Rick Rojo - he was awesome. Very patient with me as a first time buyer with lots of questions. Great sense of humor, good attitude, and an all around nice guy to deal with. Makes sure you understand every aspect of your new car before you get off the lot. I really appreciated all of his help.

T P. | 2009-12-17

The service and parts department completely gave me the run around on some repairs that I needed done on my newly purchased CRV.  I made an appointment and everything with the department... but when I showed up they told me that they didn't have reference for my appointment and that they couldn't see me.  Not only that!  They told me that they couldn't service my vehicle at all and that I should take it to a body shop.  

Thankfully, I took my car to First Honda on Koenig and they took great care of me and were able to fix my vehicle without having to take it to a body shop... saving me thousands of dollars.

Rick A. | 2009-07-25

Well I am crushed.  My great experience with Howdy Honda turned out to be a sour one.  Turns out that once we got our car back the steering wheel was shaking at highway speeds.  Had to take it back so the wheels could be balanced (something that was supposed to have been done).  They did not charge us but the fact that I had to take it back bugged the crap out of me.  I had to wait almost an hour and a half.

Then about two days later we realized the sticker for our inspection we asked for had not been changed.  We looked at our receipt and sure enough there was the charge for inspecting the car.  When we called them up they admitted that the mechanics must have forgotten to do it.  So I had to take the car up again to wait another 30 minutes for that.  

Jesus! this is what you do!  I can't deny they never gave us a hard time and always took care of it but obviously their attention to detail is lacking somewhat.

Lame, lame, lame.

Priscilla B. | 2009-05-30

I've never purchased anything from Howdy Honda but I did visit the dealership on two recent occasions, while in the market for a pre-owned vehicle.  It just so happens the right car was sitting on another dealer's lot but I wouldn't hesitate to visit Howdy Honda again when I am in the market for another vehicle.  My salesperson was Terry Ellzey.  No pressure, very personable and he provided me with the information I needed on the cars I was interested in whenever I asked.  One of the things I liked about the dealership was that the salesmen take you through the lot on a golf cart!  It's not that I mind a little exercise now and then but when it's 90+ degrees, the ride through their vast lot makes car shopping a little more bearable.

Dan B. | 2009-05-25

This was absolutely the worst, most surreal, experience I've ever had at a new car dealership, and I'm 49 years old and have been around this block a few times.

We approached the dealership knowing exactly what model and options we wanted on a car, and were unfortunate enough to be waited on by a salesman named "Nick."  Long story short, Nick was hostile, confrontational, and uncooperative.  When we complained about how he disappeared for 30 minutes just to find a car to show us, he said "Well I didn't know you were here to waste time driving a car, I thought you were here to PURCHASE something."  It went downhill from there.

We went to First Texas Honda the next business day, and were greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable salesman who undersold "Nick" and Howdy Honda by over a thousand dollars on the exact same car.  

We still cannot believe we were treated so badly at Howdy Honda, but the ultimate result is that Nick didn't go home with any of MY money is his pocket that day.  And he never will.

Denise D. | 2009-05-03

I loved buying my Honda from Rick Rojo.  I got a fair deal and the Make Ready folks stayed late to get the car ready.  Service is also good this dealer, better than others I've visited.  Nice, quiet room with high speed internet so you can work in peace, or TV and plenty of newspapers if you want that... large, clean dealership.  Nice people.

Sasha G. | 2009-03-12

For the most part I like Howdy Honda.  They are very quick when it comes to oil changes, and there location is very convenient for my husband!  We have always encountered professional and knowledeable staff too.  

The only thing I dislike is how expensive their maintenance generally is, but then again, many places are like that anymore.  You would think however for the volumn that goes through there however they could be a hair cheaper.

Overall our experience with them has been good, and I would recommend them.

We have not purchased a vehicle from them however so I can't speak from that angle.

The 4 stars is mostly for their high maintenance costs.

Lauren S. | 2009-02-25

I've had nothing but great experiences at Howdy Honda.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  I bought a car there and they were so kind and flexible.  When I needed some parts replaced they fixed it in no time.  There is never any questions, they just want to give the best customer service experience and they do!  The best part is, while you are getting your car worked on they have a great lounge with free coffee, soda, juice, water.  Lots of Magazines, 2 big TV's, a kids room, and a little private room you can bring a laptop in and work.

It's so comfortable, the warranty is great and they don't ask any questions about that. I'm so happy with my Honda and the service I receive every time I go there.

Thom B. | 2009-02-19

I went in because I got a letter notifying me of a manufacturer's warranty item. Called and they said they'd replace it for free. They could get me in the very next morning.

When I got there the service rep (Rick) was waiting outside to help me. I pointed out a few other things I'd like taken care of and they got me inside. The "concierge" guy got me a free drink from their fridge and pointed out the free krispy kreme donuts. He even kept tabs on the 'quiet room' (an insulated glass room where you can work on your laptop) and let me know when there was a spot free in there.

The rest of the facility looked very clean and kept up. They had lots of open space and light colors, and big bay windows where you could watch what was going on with your car.

Rick made sure to check in with me periodically and let me know how things were going, and offered to get me shuttle service or to let me use a loaner car to go pick up some lunch. When it was time to face the music (what they found out was wrong) he was very clear about explaining it to me and gave good estimates on what it would cost.

In the end, it took ten minutes longer than he estimated to fix my car, but it cost less than they had estimated. So I was satisfied with that! One of the small things I needed fixed got thrown in for free. They also washed the car, which was a nice touch.

I'll be a return customer.

Hau P. | 2009-01-30

Working a 8-5 M-F job restricts me to do certain errands on the weekend.  As such, I have to deal with everyone else who shares that type of schedule.  I have mixed reviews of Howdy Honda, one for vehicle repair, the other for their new car sales.

As a car maintenance place, Howdy Honda does ok.  I took my car in, got an oil change and tire rotation, and got out under 30 minutes.  Mind you, I got there early.  Right before I left, the place filled up quickly and the poor girl at the desk was getting hammered by people whose annoy-a-meter was climbing.  Oil was changed, tires rotated, exterior of the car washed for ~$45.  Interior of the car was left untouched, maybe a quick vacuum job?  

As a dealership, stay away.  I went with a friend who was looking to buy a new car with checkbook in hand.  So we went out on Saturday (1/24) to test drive a few cars and for him to make a decision.  The salesman had a look of utter annoyance when we asked to test drive a car, but he obliged.  But the for the second test drive request, he asked if we can come back during the week when business is slower to test drive cars.  Then he asked if we were going to purchased today, because he needs to focus his time on people who are.  

Basically, we were no good to him if we weren't buying that day, and for him to spend his time with us, we had to inconvenience ourselves and work with his schedule.  Nice job on making someone wanting to write a $30k check to you that day, feel comfortable and wanted.  

We asked for a third test drive, this time without him.  He took a copy of our insurance and gave us the keys.  After the last test drive, we came back in, dropped the keys off with the receptionist, and waited around for awhile.  Our sales man?  Disappeared into the void of pretentiousness.

Result, a brand new car is being purchased this weekend at Round Rock Honda via their internet guy.  No fuss, no attitude.  

They get 3 stars for their maintenance service, -2 for the sales.

Jamie C. | 2008-11-18

I took my Civic here for an oil change, and I was very pleased with the service.  For about $33 I got my oil changed, my filter replaced, my liquids topped off, my tire pressure checked, and a car wash.  They even gave me a vehicle inspection checklist telling me what things would need attention soon.

I took my car in at 4:30pm, and I was out in about an hour.  I waited in the express service room, but the main room had several beverages, TV, and a children's play area.

I did try to make an appointment online over the weekend.  The website said weekend submissions would be processed on Monday morning, but I didn't get a call until Tuesday telling me I could take my vehicle in whenever I wanted.

Such a pleasant experience over the Waco Honda!

Lisa P. | 2008-08-15

Let me just start by confessing:  We are a Honda family.  
In fact, we are a Howdy Honda family and have been buying cars from them for over 20 years now.  Most recently, I bought a 2007 CR-V.  I had some minor (covered under warranty and totally free) repairs done to it last Saturday.  While we waited, with fresh coffee, ice cold water, newspapers and plasma screen televisions surrounding us, we dealt with Jeff Ellis (who has sold our family all of our cars in recent years) and we are actually picking up my husband's new Honda Accord tonight. Jeff is knowledgeable, honest, funny, and kind.  He just seems like a sincere person and we couldn't imagine a better car buying experience.  We have recommended him to countless friends and couldn't imagine rating him anything other than 5 stars!

Niki A. | 2008-05-03

I've bought three (an Element, then a Pilot, now a RIdgeline) from this dealership over the last 5 years. To me, 3 starts means "met my expectations" but Kevin and the staff at Howdy get an unprecedented FIVE STARS. He's honest and real and doesn't try to sell me things I don't need. I like getting to the bottom line quickly and I hate the sales game. That is what keeps me going back to Howdy Honda and back to Kevin. It helps that Honda makes a darn good automobile, too! I've had two friends buy Hondas from Kevin!

As for the service staff, they're awesome, too! I get in and out and they remember me so I don't have to dig for my rewards card everytime I go in.

The new location is amazing! It's clean and smells good, and there's tons of inventory on hand at any given time (unless of course, you're trying to get a Civic Hybrid, in which case you should call Kevin to get you on the waiting list!)

All three times, the finance guy (and I don't like finance guys) were great....They explained the fine print in detail and answered all of my "what if" scenarios.

For service, cleanliness, condition of car at time of delivery, sales experience, and professionalism, Howdy Honda (and especially Kevin) gets FIVE STARS!!!!

(I hope if Howdy Honda is reading this, that they'll say yes when I ask for a free roof rack and towing package when the new Ridgeline comes out!)

Frank M. | 2008-03-14

I've never been to Howdy Honda to buy a car yet, but I probably would if I didn't think the new 4-door Accords weren't so hideous in the back.  I usually go there for my oil changes and there are a couple reasons why I go here over some other oil lube places:

1.  the new place on ben white is real nice
2.  i help myself to like 5 krispy-kreme donuts
3.  i like to try a new kind of tea or coffee and pop it in the expensive Keurig machine
4.  free wi-fi so i can bring my laptop and do my work while i'm not at the office
5.  they wash my car for free
6.  an oil change on my 02 civic is like 30 bucks.  I went around on oltorf and they charged 30 bucks too for an oil change!  i'd rather take it to a honda dealer.

1.  they don't do back massages
2.  they don't do manicures


Jaye B. | 2008-02-23

My Accord came from Classic Honda in Round Rock two years ago. It was a good experience, but when I decided it was too much car for me, I took to checking out Howdy based on all the great things I've heard for years.

I hate to be the voice of dissent (that's such a lie...), but my experience at Howdy was not that stellar. I wanted to go check out the Civic that has a lot of the options of my Accord, but at a lower price.

From the moment I was greeted by my salesman (not Kevin, wished I had read that before I went), I felt that I was being given the whole standard song-and-dance. They did everything from playing the good cop/bad cop routine (salesman, good, his boss, evil) to treating me like a moron when I told them that their offer was not even remotely appealing to me.

In the end, they wasted over two hours of my time, trying to beat me down, using every trick in the book to keep me in the dealership thinking I'd just wear down.  Which is really funny because it's pretty obvious I'm stubborn as a mule, as well as being pretty freakin' smart, so playing me like a dumb broad was NOT the way to go for these people.

2 stars for a beautiful dealership and good stock. Minus three stars for obviously thinking "skirt", a condescending finance guy, and a sales guy and manager who tried, so transparently, to play me.

Chrissy W. | 2008-02-23

We just came home with our new 2008 Honda CR-V and had a fantastic experience at Howdy Honda.  Kevin (whom I was going to ask for after reading everyone's review) actually was there opening the door to greet us.  We didn't have much time so we got right to the point and down to business.  Kevin listened to our needs and after a bit of discussion recommended the perfect car for us right now.  He was very informative and made sure we were aware of useful options, but never pushed anything on us at all.  Kevin was also super friendly and understanding when our child got a little rumbly.  The place has wi-fi, tons of free drinks, toys for the kiddos, lots of tvs, is brand new and uber-comfortable.  
It was the best car buying experience I've ever had and I'm so glad I don't have to be embarrassed of my circa 1996 Dodge Increpid anymore!

Jen L. | 2008-01-08

I first visited First Texas Honda, and they didn't seem to want my business (even though I was buying the Civic outright, with cash).  They were cold, and unpleasant.

By contrast, the salesman at Howdy Honda was friendly, helpful, and actually seemed disappointed that I didn't want to test drive the car (I'd already owned a Honda, I knew it would drive fine).  They had the model I wanted, with the options I wanted, in the color I wanted, and drew up the paperwork for me right away.  

They lose a star for two reasons: They took my old car as a trade in, but didn't, apparently, transfer the title like they should have, so I got a call about the car from a dealership 2 years later.  Also, their service dept., while friendly, once had my car for an entire weekend, and even though I dated a Honda mechanic for 8 years, they don't listen to me.
Example: "Hey, there's a scraping sound coming from the wheels in the front end of my car, I think it's the brakes."  Two hours later, "Ma'am, we can't hear the noise..." "Yeah, it only happens when braking, I think it's the brakes."  Two hours later, "Ma'am, we think your brakes need to be fixed..."  Umm, yeah.

Phyllis K. | 2008-01-06

I used to drive a Toyota Sequoia.  It was big and pretty, and at 15 mpg, it made me the one of the largest contributors to Exxon-Mobile's record-breaking profits in the third quarter.  "Dances with Asphalt" (the car's name) and I had to part ways.

Howdy Honda was a wet dream and then some.  The facility is huge and beautiful.  The dorky shirts that everyone has to wear are only semi-dorky (at least they are not embroidered denim button-downs, really the worst thing ever).  Their snacks and beverages totally made me wish I was more of the hoarding type.  Most importantly, their sales reps were friendly, patient, and not too pushy.  Though we all know Honda's sell themselves anyway.

I looked into both used and new cars for my trade-in and settled on a new galaxy gray Civic Ex. I got less on my trade-in than I was hoping for, but as the 5 different car dealers I went to all told me, "you have the least desirable car on the market right now," fair enough.

I cannot recommend the two sales people that helped me enough: Terry in used cars, and Kevin in new.  Terry is a fountain of sincerity and Kevin, a fountain of information and spunk (don't be gross).  Those guys totally rock!  They made my experience so incredibly pleasant, I will definitely be going to Howdy Honda for maintenance and all that other crap.

I'm so happy to have "Anderson Cooper: the Silver Fox" (my new car) in my life.

*I should also note that I visited First Texas Honda as well, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life, but that's a whole other review.*

Jennifer K. | 2007-12-16

My first experience with the service department was very positive -- I brought my car in for an oil change and a minor warranty-covered repair (that First Texas Honda had refused to do), and didn't even have a chance to sample the array of free hot beverages I saw in the waiting area, as I was immediately picked up by the dealership van and shuttled to my workplace.

When I picked up my car when it was ready, the service technician came out to the other side of the windowed-in office to talk to me and explain my bill, which was a nice personal touch.  I also noticed that the interior of my car had been protected during servicing with a paper mat on the floor and a plastic sheet over the seat.  Awesome!  I've never had my upholstery protected in a shop before.

I also noticed something else about my car -- something... different.

That's right -- they WASHED MY CAR.


Don R. | 2007-08-08

My wife and I went to Howdy Honda to look at 2007 Civic's, and Elements.  We met a gentleman named Kevin, who was uber nice, uber patient, and uber helpful.

First of all the new location is immaculate - it is like a huge shrine to honda. There are refrigerators full of free drinks, a Kuerig coffee/tea maker. There is a children's play area. The bathrooms have potpourri in bowels, flat screens everywhere.

While we were there, Kevin let us test drive a 2007 Honda Fit. It was the only one they had on the lot. We sort of drove it as a lark, but it was so much fun we ended up buying one. Unfortunately, the only one Howdy Honda had was a manual, and my wife wanted an Automatic.

Both Howdy Honda and First Texas Honda were not going to get any more in until September. You basically have to order one. Turned out San Marcos honda had one in both the color we wanted and the package we wanted.

I took one star off, because they didn't refer us to Honda San Marcos. I can understand why they don't do that, but still I am taking one star off.

Kevin was absolutely amazing, no pressure, all information. He is a self described car geek, who loves making a living working with cars.  I honestly recommend him for your honda needs.

I updated the address - because the new location is east of 35 on Ben White - no longer at the Santiago address. I also uploaded a picture of our new honda Fit!

Nick M. | 2007-06-25

When we were in the market for a new car after my wife graduated from college, we weren't looking for anything lavish.  The service we received at Howdy Honda, however, was on par with any luxury car dealership I have ever walked into.  In it's humble old building (a new lot is currently under construction), everyone is sure to be hospitable.  We asked for a particular salesman based on a referral from a friend, and the gentleman who greeted us at the door immediately offered a cold drink and proceeded to walk the lot until he was able to locate the guy we were looking for.

We test drove a couple of cars and my wife described the exact model she was looking for (there are only so many options on Civics) to our salesman.  He told us that he would try to locate it for us and give us a call.  Fifteen minutes later we received a call from him, saying that coincidentally they had just received one that was in detail, preparing for the lot.

We had done our research on the vehicle, and just as a first shot asked him what his offer would be if we turned around and signed the papers immediately.  Without hesitating he offered us $500 more than anyone else for our trade, and $500 less on the sale price OVER THE PHONE.  The deal was done in less than an hour.