Henna Chevrolet in Austin, TX

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Whether you're searching for a new or used car; or looking for a quick quote on a car, truck or SUV, our friendly and professional staff is here to provide you with all the help you need.

We offer specials and incentives just for online customers. In addition, our service and parts departments are standing by to assist you with every aspect of vehicle maintenance. To provide fast and convenient service, we have the largest GM Express Service/Express Lube department in Central Texas with two lanes and thirteen bays. Our GM trained technicians perform maintenance on every make and model. We have the largest Chevrolet parts and service department in Central Texas and we are the only Chevrolet dealer in Austin with a body shop on-site to take care of any collision needs.


Established in 1936.

"My father set the example in his life and career that Henna Chevrolet tries to emulate even today - one of honesty, integrity and caring." -Louis Henna, Jr. Henna Chevrolet is still family owned and operated, and we have been one of the top dealerships in Texas and in the United States throughout the last fifteen years. Louis Henna, Sr. may have known at the time that building the world's largest road sign would help to grow his business; and he may have known that the business he started would become very successful; but he could never have known that his name would one day be on a state highway sign on one of those seven-lane cross country highways. The Henna family, and Henna Chevrolet strive to provide a good, honest dealership and to form lasting relationships with our customers, while giving back to our community. These values have never changed.

Henna Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 832-1888
Address:8805 Interstate 35, Austin, TX, 78753
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Henna Chevrolet

Vanessa W. | 2015-04-25

This is my second time bringing in my Equinox for repairs and I have been extremely satisfied every time. Dale has always taken care of me and communicated with me what needs to be done to get my SUV running correctly and handles the warranty company for me. I'm never disappointed in his service and the service of Henna. Thank you for taking care of me.

Terry B. | 2015-03-07

Calvin Chamness did a great job helping us close on a 2010 Escalade.   I would recommend Calvin if you are looking for a vehicle at Henna.

J M. | 2015-03-06

Took advantage of their $500 more than carmax offer. Have seen the billboards, heard the commercials. I thought there was a catch, but there really isn't. The carmax offer just can't have expired/be more than 7 days old, which makes sense. Was in and out in about 20 minutes. Worked with Cliff, great guy. I'd give 5 stars but they couldn't cut a check that day because it was after 2 pm. So you have to go back the next business day. Not a big deal, an extra $500 for being patient, can't really complain. I probably could have made a little more selling on Craig's List, but it wasn't worth the hassle and this really was easy.

Rock T. | 2015-02-28

I bought a 2014 Chevrolet pick up in December 2013. There was a problem with the back seat (it wouldn't fold up)that they had to order part . When repair was scheduled they called and said that they did not get all the parts( Now the seat won't fold down). Not that big of a deal since we don't use the rear seat, but we have not received a follow up call in over a year about the missing part. My biggest complaint is that the truck is less than 1 1/2 years old and the heater core went out. This is a $ 1500.00 repair that they said is out of warranty. The truck has 52000 miles.I have talked to 2 different mechanics who agree that the heater core should not fail and that Chevrolet won't warrant the repair. Henna was polite enough but didn't offer any solution other than that I would have to pay for a repair that shouldn't be necessary on a truck this new.  I would not do business with Henna Chevrolet again.

Ken T. | 2014-12-28

I must admit that it would be almost impossible for any automotive service shop to receive a good review from me.  That is because, since birth, I have been an electrical and mechanical geek.  This is why the Chevy Volt is so attractive to me.  Not only is it electric, but I find the engineering; electrically and mechanically, a pure marvel.  As such, it was heavily studied long before it ever hit an assembly line and the complete three volume service manual was purchased as soon as it was published.  My wife and I purchased the first Chevy Volt that we could get our hands on.  You can then imagine that our number 644 Chevy Volt is very precious to us.  I am used to doing all of my own mechanic work - I never take my cars to a service shop.  Taking our Volt to the dealership was as handwringing for me as having a baby.  How it ended up at the dealership was one of those cascading comedy of errors that leaves you stuck with no other options.  

It all started with a check engine light after charging at Whole Foods (not to say WF was necessarily the cause).  The diagnostic code was out of range for my generic code reader, so the car was taken to Henna Chevrolet to read the code.  The stated code, however, does not exist in General Motors DTC list.   I then called and received the code from OnStar.  The code indicated an electrical leakage between the traction battery and vehicle chassis.  In accordance with the service manual, I checked the leakage which was well within specs.  This is where things really went downhill.  Preparing the vehicle for the leakage test involves several steps that must be performed in sequence.  After testing, the steps must be performed in reverse order; however I accidently reversed a step.  This set a code that disables the traction battery pack and requires a service tool, which I do not possess, to reset multiple modules.  I checked on-line and found a used one on Ebay for $3,000.  Not having such cash on hand, it had to go to the dealership.  

In addition to resetting - actually reprogramming - the affected modules, several Technical Service Bulletins were also performed.  This is where my problem with pretty much all automotive service shops is revealed.  One of the TSBs performed was to replace the traction battery pack coolant recovery tank with one equipped with a level sensor.  The next weekend after the car was back home, I spend half a day reworking their work.  Here is a list of issues:
* Greasy fingerprints were found around the door and hood area.
* The hood release lever was bent - looked like someone stood on it.
* Antifreeze coolant was splashed all over under the hood.
* The wiring rework for the coolant tank sensor was soaked with coolant.  I literally poured coolant out of the splices.
* The sensor wire splice workmanship was very poor.  The wires were over stripped and frayed leaving several strands out of the crimp.  The splices are heatshrink types but were not heat-shrunk, leaving them open for moisture, dirt and corrosion.  
* The wiring conduit was too short, leaving the wiring unprotected.  The conduit was so short it would just slide from one end of the wiring to the other.
* The battery coolant recovery tank over-flow hose was not secured in its proper place.  It was just lying loose, draped across other hoses.

One would think that a dealership service department would follow quality standards such as the IPC Workmanship Standard and that the finished work would be as it came from the factory.  In my opinion, the work performed on our Chevy Volt would not pass any standard and certainly not the IPC standard.

While it is hard for me to recommend Henna Chevrolet for service work, I can't recommend any other dealership or service shop either, as I have yet to witness quality workmanship from any other shop.  But then, I have very little experience with automotive service shops.

On the human side however, both Henna Chevrolet and corporate Chevrolet did provide good customer service.

Bernie M. | 2014-11-04

If I COULD rate the service department at Henna Chevrolet a negative and more, i WOULD.. Each time that my car was in for service, to get an update on my car I would have to call several times to reach the service advisor to get any information about my car.. On a average each time that my car is there, its a 7-14 days before I get my car back.. If you call in upset, this is their response "Well if you shut up and LISTEN"!!! "Why are you upset'? " Lets move forward"! I have taken my car in four times. first three times, it was 2 weeks getting my car back. this past week it was 7 days getting my car back. Not once has anyone called me, its always me calling in b/c I'm so upset of the POOR POOR customer service that I continue to get each time I go to the service department!!

Justin B. | 2014-11-02

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine contacted me asking for assistance with finding a car. This would be his first car purchase and he isn't much of a car person, so he was pretty open to possible rides. After showing him several cars, he decided he wanted a decently priced Lexus IS. With that in mind, we set off to find him said car which had us end up at Henna Chevrolet. When we first walked about the lot, we were greeted by a person who outright asked how much my friend could put down and other questions without asking any other preemptive questions. I personally have sold cars before and have worked in F&I and felt it was rude and unprofessional for someone with as he put it " Over 30 years of experience" to ask questions regarding money before building rapport . His name was Steve and with us being two young African American men I feel we were profiled which off the bat is a definite NO-NO!!!!! After being horribly disgusted by this man's attitude towards us, I asked to speak to a manager at their bridge. I spoke with a sales manager which was what was needed. With this in mind I would rate the dealership as a whole a two star at best.

Now, with that out of the way, the story gets better. After speaking with the manager, we were directed to work with TONY or as I refer to him now (The best salesman I have ever worked with). He was friendly, honest, and he even shared some of his home made smoothie with us (Which was amazing). The first thing he did, was asked us how he could assist and when we explained we were there to look at a silver lexus IS they had on the lot he immediately directed us to go on a test drive to ensure my friend liked the car (I hope you read this Steve and take notes because not every customer you work with will be an uneducated, older.  non-minority) After coming back, he told us some about himself and made us feel right at home in his work area, ensuring rapport was there which got him the sale. I give TONY 5 Stars!!!!!!! The car itself was in excellent shape and the pricing was on the mark and well within normal pricing range for the area, make, and model. The F&I manager we worked with was nice and pleasant and he made the process seem effortless which is the mark of an excellent finance manager. I cannot speak on those I have not interacted with so I will not pass judgement on the staff as a whole. With this in mind the dealership gets a 3 and Tony a 5!!! Great job Tony! I will send everyone I know who needs a nice car bought from an amazing person to you!!!!!

Anthony D. | 2014-10-23

The service department was decent when it came to programming an aftermarket key fob for my Cobalt.  It's annoying that you have to go to the dealership for that, but that's not Henna's fault.  They gave me the cheapest quote to do the programming at $30.  I'll probably return to them for the dreaded Cobalt of doom ignition recall.  Wouldn't come here for normal service but, honestly, if you go to the dealership for anything other than an oil change, you're insane.

Bill P. | 2014-10-18

Not off to a good start. Went online early last week and scheduled my 3 month service for 8:00 this morning.  Got there early but already a dozen people before me. Went inside and they could not find my reservation. They did say however, I could stay and be in wave two of their Saturday service. NO THANKS! I scheduled online for a reason. ...To avoid being in wave 2.

Belinda D. | 2014-10-05

I would give them a zero if this application allowed it. I took my car to Henna for an inspection. After three hours of waiting, I went to the cashier to see what the holdup was. About that time, Al  asked me if anyone had spoke to me about needing a battery. I told him "no" and that the battery was fairly new. He told me my car was acting as if it wants to shut off while sitting still idling. I went to the bay where they had the hood up and shaking the cables of the battery. I told Al, I only came for the inspection and was not ready to pay for anything more being done to my car, mind you, my car had passed inspection just prior to this diagnosis. I told them I was taking the car with no further work being done. I went inside to pay for the inspection and upon returning they said the car shut off and wouldn't start back up. Al offered to have a diagnosis done for $105. Less than thirty minutes later, Al informed me that my car needed a battery AND an alternator, which would run me about $1000.  (Holy crap). I told them to push my car to the gates where a wrecker could retrieve it. Al attempted to put a discount on the estimate, which dropped the price to $777.  No dice....A wrecker service arrived and took my car to my regular repair shop. My mechanic advised he needed to do a diagnosis on my car to determine the problems. One hour later, I'm advised there was nothing wrong with my car and she's purring like a kitten. I only owe him for the diagnosis. What's up with Henna?  I think they are a bunch of crooks, at least the service side of the house is.  BEWARE.

Jeremy D. | 2014-09-04

After driving on the interstate from Mississippi to Texas to visit family in my 5 month old 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, I told my fiancé that I needed a new truck. She was perplexed and, being the very practical and level headed woman she is, could not get her head around the thought of trading in a fairly new car.  I explained (whined) that driving that car was like making love to a mannequin...she laughed, I didn't. Finally, I was able to convince her that I should at least go and "check em out" so I could get it out of my system.

I flew out on that Monday for work and used my time on the plane to search for dealerships and private party sales on the "AlGoreNet". Submitted a few email requests for trade in quotes, knowing that I was going to take a hit. Most of the trade in quotes were ridiculously low (5 mo old car and offering 1/2 of bluebook) so their domains were quickly added to my spam filter. The quote from Henna was reasonable but not quite where I wanted it so I gave them a call. Carter Hendricks called me back and we spoke for a bit about what I was looking for in a truck and what I needed for a trade in value. He said they'd have to see the car to do any better but felt they could get me what I needed to make a deal happen.

My  fiancé and I headed down to Henna that Friday when I returned from my work trip. She hated every truck we drove because they were "so big" and I thought this was going to be the first time I had to put my foot down...so she could stomp on it. Carter heard her concerns and showed us how the electric seat could be raised to suit her better...quickly squashed that hurdle! After a couple hours in the truck, she still didn't like driving it as much as she liked my car (I offered it to her, but she didn't want it) but agreed to let me buy it if they would meet my financing terms. I had already arranged the financing on Monday through my bank so I was home free.

Carter looked at my financing and I gave him my info so he could "try to do a little better". Sure enough, 2 percent lower on the interest rate with better terms. Done. My banker emailed me that following Monday and offered me a better rate by .25 percent, but it was too late, I was back in Mississippi in my new truck and in a great mood!

Everyone at Henna Chevrolet was pleasant and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carter Hendricks or Henna Chevrolet to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. If I were reviewing my truck, 5 stars across the board! Silverados from now on.
Not sure what to make of all these negative reviews for their Service Center as I haven't needed to use them yet. I would try to speak with someone in Sales or the Service Center manager to express your concerns about the negative reviews on Yelp prior to bringing your vehicle in for work. This should put them on notice that customer service is an important factor in that area of the business as well. Hopefully, they will be able to help make the experience a little bit better for you.

S C. | 2014-08-31

Henna Chevrolet was my second stop during my search for a new car. I went there because I saw several cars I liked on CarGurus.com , and wanted to take a test drive. Tony Elfrez assisted me, and I was dismayed to find that all the cars that were in my price range were manual instead of automatic. This was not specified on the listings I saw. However he did tell me they offered free lessons in driving stick shift, and that was good to know! I kept that in mind during my search, although I did end up finding a car I loved elsewhere.

Although he did try to steer me towards other cars, I appreciated that there was no pressure and that he was knowledgeable about the cars they had in stock.

Amy B. | 2014-08-11

I'm extremely frustrated with Henna Chevrolet. I have no intention on buying a Chevrolet again, since I'd have to go to this dealer for maintenance and they've proven themselves unreliable at being able to listen to what my actual issue with the car.

I took my car in over a month ago because my car wouldn't start. It's been in and out of the shop the entire time, for the same issue. On each occurrence, they would have my car for a while (this last time, they had it for three weeks), they couldn't reproduce the issue, hand me the car back and within a day the car won't start again.

I learned on Saturday that the reason is because what's written in the report differs from the actual issue I reported (so they weren't even looking at the issue I actually have). The report says the issue is that it makes a clicking sound when trying to start the car, that it may be battery related. However, I told them, repetitively, that the issue is that when I use the remote start, the car sometimes won't start; it won't start every third time or so.

This last time, it was in the shop for 3 weeks. I was just informed on Saturday that the entire time, they were using the key to start the car and not the remote start. I really wish they listened to me when I reported the issue, since it's been extremely frustrating getting my car back with them not able to reproduce the issue and within a day, my car won't start, leaving us stranded somewhere.

I spoke with a supervisor on Friday while I was there and this seemed to have helped some. Today when I called to give additional information, I was asked by my case manager to provide a description of what happened this last time that my car wouldn't start. It seems that they only start to listen when you complain to a manager.

Sharon O. | 2014-07-11

Wonderful! I feel I was listened to, my needs and expectations of a new vehicle were met and exceeded, and the customer service was outstanding. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Will definitely be back and will refer others!!!

Vikki Y. | 2014-07-03

I went to Henna Chevrolet and spoke with a guy name Carter.. I went in just to see how much or what I would need in order to get the Dodge Charger that I had been staring at.. Carter was very friendly and to the point. He didnt waste my time by trying to feed me a bunch of bull. After an hour, I walked out with the keys to my new Dodge Charger and I love it.

Thanks so much Carter Hendricks for great service!

Marco S. | 2014-06-20

Horrible dealer...had covered warranty issue in 9/2013 and it re-occurred in June. 5 year drivetrain warranty expired 12/13...same issue , claim denied.  Henna is NOT for their customers. After 8 Chevys since 1990. NO MORE GM TRASH

Mark Smith

Austin R. | 2014-06-18

I just bought a 2014 Silverado from Craig Martinez at Henna Chevrolet, and I can't stress how great of an experience it was.  At no time did I feel pressured or uncomfortable when we were negotiating the price or any of the many details involved in striking a car deal.

Craig was thoroughly knowledgable and took care of any questions I had about the vehicle or the purchasing process. When I needed to head home to mull it over for a night I didn't receive any high-pressure tactics to stay and finish the deal that night which was a breath of fresh air compared with other Austin-area dealerships I've dealt with in the past.

This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Henna, with the first being back in 2008, and I know if that if I'm ever in the market for another Chevrolet in the future, Craig will be the first call I make. The Henna team do things the right way. Simple as that.

Steffi V. | 2014-06-18

Got my car towed there at 12. Felix called to inform me that it probably wouldn't get looked at until the next day bcuz they were swamped which I under stood. I wasn't expecting to have my car back for at least 2 days. Around 2, he gave me a call to inform me that they got a chance to look at my car & i would need new batteries which made sense since I've had to jump my car at least 3 times this year alone. Felix was awesome in keeping me in the loop. They where able to fix my car in less than 5 hrs from the time it got there. Get service & work. Thanks y'all!! I also probably called them like 5 times during the day & where polite each time! I told him it was the first time my car gave me any trouble & first time being with out it. He completely under stood & made sure to make it happen fast. Thanks again!

Audrey C. | 2014-06-18

Yet another service nightmare story which really surprised me as I had a pretty good history with Henna up until today...  

I went to the website on a Monday to make an appointment for "Recall Items" and my car having some slight acceleration problems, filled out their handy form, and even received an automated reply stating someone would call me within 24 hours to confirm my appointment. By Wednesday I had received no call so I decided to phone in to confirm with them myself, after 5 rings a "customer service advisor" answered the phone and before I even gave him my name he asked me what day I put on the request, I said Saturday and he stated "Saturday's we are only open until 1 and it's always busy, and they don't have all their mechanics there".  He also followed up with even if I did have an appointment I wouldn't get both things addressed, it would be one or the other.  So I gave him my name to "confirm" and he stated I was no where on the books and they were totally booked,  I stated I guess I would have to try an alternate dealership as I had adjusted my schedule for the appointment I made with Henna.  Then this wonderful customer service advisor stated that it probably would be better for me to take it to another dealership in town that was open all day.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm having recall work done and they don't make money on those repairs or what but I was flabbergasted at the uncaring attitude.  NEVER AGAIN!

Carol K. | 2014-05-29

My husband and I were contacted by Henna that they could help us purchase a vehicle as my husband had just filed bankruptcy. We went in found a car and they told us we were financed no problem. WRONG!!!!!! I went to make the first payment and then was contacted that we needed to return the car because they couldnt get us financed...HUH? Then I was treated so rudely I was told we need are car back now!! The salesman brought me to tears. Do not go here they let you think you are fine take the car off the lot then treat you terrible and make you bring it back. I will never deal with this business again. Stay away from this place!!! btw had the car for a month!!

Rod C. | 2014-05-23

Tony Elfrez is the best!  He is a real pro with tremendous product knowledge and know how in getting the job done for his customers. My daughter is going to trade in her Cruz for a new Malibu in two months and Tony has won her business hands down.  We want to also extend our sincerest thanks to the whole Henna team.  Everyone there exemplifies the true meaning of what an amazing dealership is all about.

The Cope Family

Jim S. | 2014-05-23

We've purchased our last 3 vehicles from Alan Klug at Henna Chevrolet. I really hate buying cars but Alan always makes it easy and I trust that he'll get us a good deal. He's low-pressure, very laid back and incorporates a dry sense of humor that helps make the process less painful. Alan really listens to what we're looking for, then helps us find the right car to fit within our budget. He's done it 3 times now. And when the time comes to buy yet another vehicle we won't be going anywhere else...period.

Meed P. | 2014-05-14

Great experience! Alan Klug was exceptional in his assistance and constantly communicated with us on the vehicle. He was always willing to answer questions even though he had a client. Even though we purchased the vehicle without looking it over in person, we trusted his judgement. When the vehicle finally arrived, we were amazed at the condition even with over 100k miles. Thank you very much Henna Chevrolet and special thanks to Mr. Klug for his professionalism and honesty. I will highly recommend Henna Chevrolet and Mr. Klug to anyone and in our next vehicle purchase.

Cale C. | 2014-05-03

"BBQ" is a my new favorite car salesman. I know, I know, that's like saying a person has a favorite lawyer!  In this case, we were there to buy my wife a new car.  I steered her one way (toward something more economical and 'green') but BBQ actually *listened* to my wife and found out what she really wanted was a Camaro.  He softly coached me into listening to her and make a happy wife.

The sales process was painless, and this probably has something to do with me being a GM employee. However, it does not take away anything from the work BBQ put into the sale, even knowing his "cut" wasn't going to be very much.

I would recommend Henna and BBQ to anyone in Austin looking for a new GM vehicle.

Bob D. | 2014-05-03

I bought a 2014  Silverado from Henna.  The transaction was smooth and easy. I wasn't happy with the interior detail at the time of delivery, but I like detailing  my truck anyway.
Problems start with the service dept. At  7500 miles I took the truck in for the open recalls and for wind noise from drivers side window.  When I dropped off my truck my last 50 MPG, as shown on the dash, was 21. When I picked up my truck they had driven it 34 miles, and reduced the MPG for the last 50 miles to 15!  Makes me wonder how hard they drove MY truck to effect the MPG like that. For some reason, I decided to take a picture of my odometer and MGP prior to dropping off my truck When I contacted the service adviser ( with before/after pictures) he had no answers. I  drove the truck home,  1 hour away, the wind noise seemed worse. I contacted the GM and communicated what happened and that I would not return to his dealership, but a more local one. He offered to have a truck delivered to me so that they could look at my truck again.  They picked up my truck from work on Wednesday  morning. On Friday afternoon around 4:00 I had to call them for an update. Had to call back at 5:00 to tell them I was coming to get my truck. They claimed they could not duplicate the problem.
 I will take a day off from work to visit the Chevy dealer in Temple. I used them for the first oil change and was very impressed with their service dept. The only upside to the service dept was the woman who handled the loaner truck they gave me.
Long story, short.....buying process was very good.....service very poor.

Bethany A. | 2014-04-26

We sold our 2004 Saturn to Henna today & the experience was wonderful! They really do give you $500 more than CarMax! Al was great, when he heard we weren't planning on purchasing right away, he didn't give us any grief or pressure us to change our minds. The process was smooth & fast, we were in & out in less than an hour. When we are ready to buy, we will look into what Henna has to offer & definitely recommend to anyone trying to sell their car!

Betty G. | 2014-04-01

Wonderful sales staff. I worked with Richard Helpard and he made sure to answer all of my questions, look into areas of concern I had. I didn't get the frenzied, pressured, hard sale that I usually feel when I'm making a big purchase. The end result is that, even though it was a big purchase, I felt good about it. I felt as if I had enough time to take everything into consideration and, although my new, green demon Spark wasn't free (which would've been wonderful!), I think I got a good deal.

Little L. | 2014-03-11

My review deals with the service department rather than sales.  This was the 3rd attempt to get my vehicle in to look at some problems and the previous two attempts I spent the time filling out all the forms only to be called back the first time and told to repeat EVERYTHING I spent so long typing up on their web form only then to be told it would be about 5 weeks before they could even get me in.  

This time, I filled out the new forms online but again ran into problems because all the things I wanted serviced weren't represented by a category I could choose which ultimately led to confusion on the service technicians part because that's what they use to determine which service people the vehicle goes to.  I should also mention that the boxes to type in have a VERY short length to type in to explain what's wrong so it just cuts you off at a certain point.  Since I couldn't locate a category for each of the things I wanted fixed I had to just submit as is stating that I had many more items.  This process also let me choose a service technician and a date to meet with them which for the first time wasn't a month or more out so I chose an early morning appointment that Wednesday (1/29).  I should note that this was done online on January 25th-26th so I was surprised I was getting in this fast all of the sudden.

On 1/27 or 1/28 I get a call on my way home from work going over some of the issues and confirming the 1/29 appointment and I stated there was more issues I couldn't categorize and list due to website form limitations and he said that was fine just to bring it up to the Service person.  I get there on 1/29 and meet with Mark Wilson who was professional but he said to me he was surprised that I was able to make this appointment because of what I had listed because their interior guy had been out sick for days and was still out.  First red flag there.  I asked him if I should come back or re-schedule and he said no to leave it in line was the best option.  I guess that means that I go without a vehicle while it sits so I stay "in line".  With today's technology it seems I could drop it off when they knew they were close to working on it but I decide to just leave it and get it done, although I am now questioning why they make appointments if they don't plan to work on the vehicle for a while.

I then told him a total like of about 12 items I wanted looked at from engine knocking, to sharp interior chrome peeling door handles that I have cut my hands on, to the known cracked dash problem with the Tahoe, to my back doors filling with water when it rains, to AC/heat issues where hot or cold comes out one side but not the other.  I have more than I listed but I'll spare you the list, but all of this on a Tahoe, one of their most expensive vehicles over $50k and barely 4 yrs old.  He then puts everything in (like 12 items) and only then decides to inform me there's a "$100 "diagnostic fee" for each of the items" and over $1200 in just those fees!!!  I was like, you must be joking but didn't say it.  Why would there be a diagnostic fee of $100 for a interior handle that costs around $20 off of GM Parts Direct AND that I am telling you the chrome is peeling off and that I have cut my fingers open twice on????  What is there to diagnose exactly?  Same with the paint coming off the outside door handles(also a known issue with build quality), the speakers not working in the rear doors from the already mentioned water problem, and my fog light housing.  To me it's a clear rip off to say you have to charge a fee for things like that that I already took the time to notice and "diagnose", I mean what's the $100 for anyway, for a guy to look at a handle and go "yep" chrome is peeling???  What a joke.  

So I had them back off all of the items but the engine, transmission, cracked dash, water in doors, and AC/Heater actuator.  They could have made money just replacing the parts like I asked but had to throw diagnostic fees at me and lost out I guess.  In the end they never called me for updates (I always called them) over 2+ weeks except the day it was done to tell me 1.5 hours prior to me getting off work.  When I got the vehicle, they only fixed 3 issues and once home found out they messed up my Hella driving/fog custom light wiring, left wiring diagrams in my car, reset my oil notification(with no oil change), and the timer wasn't running at stuck on 00:00.  Also, I figured the dealership would clean vehicles as a perk like other places, but nope.  

Not going back to Henna for service or anything else as a result.  Complete failure up and down the board from vehicle quality, to website effectiveness, to customer service, to communication.  Oh, and I never got a call on a loaner vehicle I was in in line for for 2+ weeks.  Sad.

Virginia G. | 2014-02-22

I bought my 2013 Camaro in Dallas. I was here in Austin on business and I called to ask them to look at my car because the 'Check Airbags' light was on. I needed it looked at ASAP because I was traveling with my 2 children by myself....and safety. The service guy told me [VERY RUDELY] that I needed to make an appointment and the earliest they could get me in was in 3 weeks. I was annoyed, so I explained my situation and he replied very rudely that there was nothing he could do and suggested I take it to the CHEVY I originally bought it from when I went back home.

So pissed off I called the Chevy in Round Rock and they were super friendly had me take it in and fixed it the same day!!! They drove 50mins to go get the part they needed to fix my car because they actually cared about my safety!

Abbey Y. | 2014-02-22

Had a car taken here for repairs. Every time I called, and they actually answered the phone, I was told it would be another day before repairs were done. They've now had my car for almost two weeks. They offered a loaner car and said to come pick it up between 5-7 pm one weeknight. I came in a little after 5 pm and was scolded. I was told that my loaner was "this close" to being given to someone else because I wasn't there at 8 am. Communication here is absolutely AWFUL. On Friday I continued to call to get an update on my car and NO ONE EVER ANSWERED. I attempted to call throughout the day, realizing that places do get busy. I finally went down there to check on the status of my car and saw it in the garage COVERED IN CANS AND BOTTLES OF THE MECHANICS!  Completely disgusted by this service. I just want my car OUT OF THERE!

Mike S. | 2014-01-22

I purchased a new Tahoe from Henna last year. I have had several AC and Heating issues. The service department can't seem to fix the problem. Now they are saying they cant even get to my vehicle for over 3 weeks. Will never buy a vehicle from Henna again or use their service department.

Lauren J. | 2013-12-31

I purchased a used 2005 VW Beetle from Omar Meraz on September 30. I was pleased by the low monthly price for the vehicle and the car drove fine during the test drive. However, two weeks later I noticed the car downshifting a little hard, and the transmission problems started to increase over the next month. Now the fourth gear is slipping and the car is almost inoperable.  

Turns out 2005 VWs have notoriously bad transmissions and VW even issued a recall on the valve body - but this recall only extended to 2012. Henna sold me a car with a notoriously common problem that they assured me had been thoroughly inspected and was drive-ready. It has been less than 90 days since I bought the car; I've made two payments total.

I understand that they do Chevys and maybe aren't VW experts, but after speaking to Tim Hoffmeyer from the dealership on the phone, I'm appalled and upset that they are unwilling to address the issue or provide any help. Caveat emptor and all, but if you're selling cars that become undriveable two weeks later, you should at LEAST be willing to provide service. Do NOT buy a car here - they're fine with taking advantage of their customers.

Shakti K. | 2013-12-19

Buying a new car is a pretty big investment.
That's why we love Henna .
No pressure no hard sell , no gimmicks, just old school courtesy and great follow up from the service department.
We just made our 2nd Chevy Volt purchase with Henna . We got just what we wanted at the best price in town

Michael W. | 2013-12-15

Very helpful and extremely professional. Took the time to find exactly what I wanted even though they did not have the vehicle on their lot. I can't say the same for the 4 other dealerships I went to.

Jerry G. | 2013-11-28

Overall, a  very pleasant shopping experience!  My first visit and purchase with Henna Chevrolet.  I enjoyed doing business with Richard, he's  very helpful and professional.
Thanks again Richard.

Jeffrey L. | 2013-11-26

review is for used car lot - specifically them purchasing my vehicle.  Despite my wariness, and fear there must be some catch, their "we'll beat CarMax by $500" deal was for real.  didn't even pop the hood.  from time I pulled up until deal completed and me signing over title took approx 20 mins.

RL B. | 2013-11-18

I have bought our last 3 vehicles from Sewell, and I just bought a Tahoe through Henna. I am located in Houston but they still brought the vehicle to me! They were very quick to replay to all of my questions, they did not push any extra warranty garbage, and everything went smooth.

I would highly recommend Henna for all Houston buyers!

Kimona A. | 2013-10-22

I can't say enough positive remarks about the friendly service received from Mark Wilson and his peers of Henna Chevrolet for almost three years.

I ask for Mark by name because I know he'll do what's best for me and my vehicles! I've had nails in tires, locked out of my car and drained my batteries (recently) ...but I'm amazed at how Henna Chevrolet Managers and On-Star coordinate getting me / their clients safely back on the road!  

The service department is busy but it helped me to schedule drop off times and utilize their courtesy shuttle if I didn't want to OR couldn't wait in the customer lounge area.

I have had emergency situations where I couldn't schedule service time, and the staff adjusted accordingly -- keeping in mind I have school age children to get back home to...

This has been MY experience the past three years! I'm glad I bought my car from Henna Chevrolet and look forward to my next purchase... Cruze ;  )... with extended warranty and On-Star (which pays for itself immediately)!

Thanks for all you do~ I AM a fan!

Wei W. | 2013-09-25

I would have given them no star if it's an option. I dropped my car at the service department last Tuesday. Didn't hear anything so I called on Friday because I didn't want to assume they were working on it. Glad I did, the guy told me they couldn't replicate two of the three concerns so they haven't called the warranty company yet.  He said he's going to have his tech check on it again in the afternoon and call me back. He never did. I called and left them a message on Monday. He didn't return my call. I called several times after that and nobody answered. So I decided to come in today and was told the same. I asked him to just fix the A/C and don't worry about the other two concerns. He said he will call the warranty company and let me know. He called me back around 2:30 telling me the warranty company won't cover the repair. At this point I just wanted to get my car back. I old him not to do the repairs and I will come and get the car later today. When I arrived two hours later, he hasn't done paperwork yet. When I finally got my car an hour later. I noticed they put 52 miles on the odometer!!!

I had a bad experience with them before waiting 3 hours for an oil change and an inspection. Definitely not going back after this second trip.

Marilee M. | 2013-09-04

Ok, I'm going to bump my review up to 3 stars now. The General manager called me today and listened to all I had to say and assured me he had talked to all involved personnel and things were going to change around there. I always appreciate when management listens to the customer and acknowledges the problem and tries to resolve it.

I can never recommend anyone purchase a car at Henna Chevrolet because of how terrible the service department is. I had to bring my car in when the transmission started slipping. I drive in to the drive up and the guy came out to talk to me. He only takes info for oil changes so sent me in to see Mark. Well I waited and waited and he didn't show. Someone asked who I was waiting for and I said Mark so he paged him. I waited and waited. Finally I got mad so this service manager asked what the problem was. I explained I was waiting for someone that has never shown up at which point he said anyone could have helped me. I got really mad then! He then also told me they have no loaners and the transmission guy was on vacation. Man what a fit I threw! So that's when a loaner car magically appeared.
Forward 10 days later and Mark calls me to say good news, it's not the transmission just a wire and its $250. That's good news?? It was supposed to be under warranty, now I have to pay?
After I calmed down I remembered I had an extended warranty and wiring is included. I gathered all the info and called a left Mark a message. No response. He called in the afternoon and said the car was ready. I called him again and left a message about the extended warranty. No response. I called and called and called. He never answered. So I get there and guess what? He never called to verify the extended warranty. He then gives attitude until I tell him how many times I called. He finally makes the call, I pay my $50 deductible, and leave. He also tells me that normally they don't release the car without payment but he will so it this time since they have a promise to pay. Puh lease! You screwed up buddy and just can't admit it.
Run from Henna!

Diego D. | 2013-08-26

Omar(salesman), Tim(sales manager), and Fernando(finance manager).... An absolute pleasure to work with. Couldn't have asked for a better car buying experience.  If you want a good experience go here and ask for Omar!

Robyn P. | 2013-08-10

I have bought multiple cars from Henna Chevrolet, my whole family has. I cannot say enough great things about my salesman, Alan Hedges, and the staff at Henna. They are quick, no fuss and to the point. No hard pressure sales. I recently took my 2011 Camaro in for service, which was covered under warranty. I worked with Mark Wilson in service. The whole service team was friendly, efficient and helpful. I had a loaner car, which was easy to get - I just had to call ahead and get an appointment. Mark was incredibly nice and informative. Before I bought my camaro, I went and looked at a Jeep in Austin and the sales and finance staff were so rude and so pushy that I went running back to Alan @ Henna. (I apologized for even thinking about "cheating!")

I cannot say enough great things about the staff, specifially Alan and Mark, and would recommend Henna for sales and service. I will continue to return to Henna Chevrolet for service and sales!

Betty R. | 2013-07-28

I went to Carmax after a month of dealing with Craigslist people trying to sell my car. On my way there, I saw a billboard that said Henna will beat any Carmax offer by $500. I got my offer from Carmax and headed to Henna the next day. From the time we walked in to the time we walked out we spent about one hour there. Craig M was so helpful and sweet. We weren't even pressured into buying one of their cars! I gave him the offer I got from Carmax and after a few signatures I was free from my car. So excited. Everyone I came across from a guy on the lot, the receptionist, and a couple other employees was helpful and friendly. Now I want to find a car at Henna because I want to take my business to them again.

Alison M. | 2013-07-05

Worked with a great sales person, Nick.  I came in to test drive a Sonic but said I wasn't ready to buy that day.  Nick was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicle but never pressured me into a sale.  But when I was ready to buy a week later, he was quickly available and ready to work with me.  Between a few short phone calls and emails, we worked out the numbers with no haggling.  This is because Henna honored both things they advertise:

1.) Beat any price in Texas on a new Chevy
2.) Beat a Carmax offer by $500 on your trade-in

I had emailed other local Chevy dealers asking for their best price on the Sonic I was interested in.  (It's incredible how low the numbers can get the internet sales managers know their competing against each other.)  I forwarded their emails to Nick, and he came back with a price that beat them all.  Then, the trade-in was as easy as showing proof of the Carmax offer.  Done and done.  

When I showed up to the dealership the next day, my shiny new Sonic hatchback was waiting for me in front, and the sale was finalized within an hour.  

After dreading the whole car buying process for weeks on end, I'm actually stunned at how easy it was.

Paul B. | 2013-05-28

I recently went to Henna Chevrolet and I was shocked at how good of service I received when I was just LOOKING for a car to buy and needed information on the different models I was interested in. My experience was with a nice guy named Calvin. He really took the time to show me every vehicle that I was interested in and let me and my wife take the time we needed to look at each car without being pushy. He really put us at ease to take our time and feel comfortable which is not the case at other dealerships we have been to. He even went out of the way and showed us all the features of each make and model that I would of never know about without having him around to assist me. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all the questions me and my wife had. I felt bad because they were busy and he may of been able to help someone else who was ready to buy but he went out of his way for us. When I am ready to take the plunge and purchase our new Tahoe I will go back to Henna to see Calvin. Thanks again for the great customer experience!

Jessica S. | 2013-05-27

Went in to test drive a Chevy Equinox, which we loved. The saleswoman was nice, but didn't seem to know a whole lot about the vehicle. Told us a couple of things that weren't true - cooling system in the seats...nope. Wasn't really sure on a lot of the prices or features.

Although the dealership wasn't busy (looked empty, in fact) we ended up waiting in an empty office for an hour to hear about a counter APR offer. We should have got up and left after the first 30min, but they kept popping in and assuring us that "it would just be 10 more minutes!". Finally after an hour of sitting and waiting, we decided to just get up and leave.

They did call us later that evening and offer us a great deal, but I think we'll still be taking our business elsewhere since they couldn't seem to get anything in order for us.

Matt B. | 2013-05-15

I don't know where to begin.
I had a Truck. I traded it in for a Equinox LTZ under the impression  giarC would give us 100,000 thousand miles warranty, free oil change the whole 9 yards.(because the truck was certified preowned). He gave us a paper with 50,000 miles and said once I get "over that just call" and he will "take care of it" around 45,000 miles I started having engine problems, (shocking!) gairC didn't stick to his word but he's a car salesman so eh what do you expect. Anyway i took it in more than 5 times for the same problem. the car made a rattling sound, drove sluggish, ect. After my engine DIED on MOPAC for the SECOND time kraM (service department) said "HEY CRAZY ISHT YOUR ENGINE WAS RECALLED" this was after MONTHS of dealing with the engine problem. Not only did they treat me like a dunce whenever I would call to speak to kraM he wouldn't return my calls, whenever I went to pick it up after the NUMEROUS times it was supposedly "fixed" he was never there. But when I would show up unannounced he would miraculously be there!

Also there are no records of my engine ever being recalled.

I could have died 2 times. I am extremely let down by Henna.
so much for them "standing by you" like there motto says.

The only reason I am saying this on YELP is because after I told them all this in a Email I have yet to hear back.
Btw they also said they would reimburse me for the numerous times I took it in to have work done on it, never happened. They are crooks.

Davie D. | 2013-04-17

I would give 0 stars if I could! I bought a used car from them and shame on me for not doing my homework first. The car had brand new tires on it and within 3 months and less than 1000 miles, 2 were so badly destroyed I had to replace them. Then I find out the alignment is shot. They didn't want to pay for it, after they asked me to take it to a dealership here in San Antonio. I had to argue for that. Just a few months later my motor mount busted, 3 days later the drive shaft fell out and the car only has 61000 miles on it! Buyer beware!! Henna will sell you, in this case me and my two small children, an unsafe, unreliable vehicle. Now I just have to hope I can trade it in and not be flipped upside down on the loan. I could never sell this to anyone in good conscience. I'd be a terrible henna employee!

Mathew P. | 2013-04-12

Ask for Mike Lopez in the used car sales. He's fantastic. He beat Car Max estimate on my Honda Ridgeline for an LTZ Suburban. Then we traded my wife's Prius for a Honda van. He's a real nice guy, not your stereotypical used car salesman.

Jimi J. | 2013-04-11

Henna parts dept. rocks!  I looked for hours on the net trying to find a part for my Hummer with no luck. I called henna parts and they had me my parts the next day.  Great service, low price, my new parts store.  I would normally think the dealer would be much higher priced but was wrong.  Thanks.

J P. | 2013-03-03

I recently bought a car from them.  They had a decent selection.  The transaction took around 5 hours.  I left happy with the car and a hatred towards car salesmen in general.

Frank L. | 2013-02-24

I was in the market for a used car.  I'd been to several other dealers closer to where i live.  I went and looked at a few cars, however not one person walked out to see what it was I wanted/needed.  I figured I'd look online and talk to sales people via chat.  I spoke with a dealer in South Austin.  But still, they didn't initiate actual phone contact until an hour later.  

I then spoke with Richard Vogler here at Henna.  He asked what i wanted.  I told him.  He sent me a few cars that matched my criteria.  He called me we talked about what payments I could afford.   I made an appointment to speak with him at the dealer the next day.  

I walked into the dealer during my lunch break, he took me to the cars of my choice, I test drove a Scion Xb and a 2009 Chevy HHR.  I liked both, however ended up choosing the Chevy.   Mr. Vogler asked me for all information that was needed, and I came back to work.  He did all the price negotiation with the Finance team, I specified a payment and the payment was exceeded by 4 dollars only.   He called me later that afternoon letting me know my car was ready to be picked up.  I drove it home that day.  Then next morning i was there with the trade in and down payment and spent about 20 minutes signing paperwork.  Awesome customer service by both Mr. Vogler.  I would definitely recommend anyone looking for great customer service to speak with Mr. Vogler and the team at Henna.

Kristin R. | 2012-12-29

We went to the used car side to look for a vehicle for my roommate today and it could not have been a more disappointing experience. The salesman we dealt with was just awful. We went up and told him the budget she was working with and he was clearly disappointed with the amount we offered. He made a lackluster attempt to find her a car, pointing out a VW bug and a few other cars. We tried to be specific on what she wanted (and made it clear that the bug was not something she was interested in) he continued to push the bug as if there was some giant prize waiting for him if he sold the darn thing. Then he told us about all these cars he used to have, like that was at all helpful. She said she might be interested in cars in a higher price range if she could finance it. He still made no effort and seemed to laugh at the cars she picked out like she was ridiculous for asking about them. He even told us the tags (which had a bunch of random numbers on them, no obvious prices or anything) "weren't some kind of secret code" in a mocking manner. He made us feel awful the entire trip. There is no way I would ever buy a car from someone like Omar Meraz. He makes me not want to ever go back to Henna.

Robert N. | 2012-10-15

They beat Carmax by $500 as promised. NO BS and NO game playing. Oddly they beat Lexus of Austin by $4,000: on a 2010 IS 250. Wowsa.....

Bob V. | 2012-08-15

I've bought a lot of new cars and trucks from dealerships in my time, had a lot of dealer service work done, but this was the absolute worst nightmare of service I have ever encountered. First, they lost my truck. Then, they took almost a week to do a job that should have taken 2-4 hour max. Crappy attitudes on the phone. Smartass remarks. Combative, argumentative language. Overpriced parts and labor. Interesting that they never sent me one of their "Customer Satisfaction Surveys". Nope. Will never go back and am telling everyone I come in contact to avoid Henna.

Dan E. | 2012-08-14

Salesman was great but the physical selection compared to the vehicles available on the website was way off.  The company would be be better served by having thier website updated as soon as something leaves the inventory.  A full time(reliable and trained)  IT employee should be able to handle adding and removing vehicle as the cars come and go, automatically.  

Cant really say that they dont have the resources to do it when they are spending 3.5 million on a renovation, per salesman)  plus the golf carts!!

I went to see two cars yesterday that were highly marketed on the website, one had sold 2 days prior(!?) and the other was locked up in a service bay to be detailed (???).   We could not get access to it through repeated attempts. Todays customers do the research, y'all know that.  Be honest in your marketing .

We still need to buy  a car but I will not be able to trust that the inventory on the website is the same as whats is on the lot.    
 Disappointed that I wasted my fuel,  my wife's and my time.  Going to to Nyle Maxwell for the complimentary lifetime guarantee.

Ashley F. | 2012-07-12

My husband bought a car from them last year in October and the experience was not at all like my experience at First Texas Honda. They seemed very shady and just trying to make a sale. When I had  a problem with a airbag light i took it to Chevy and its been 3 days not even looked at yet. They do not call you back or even let you know when a service adviser goes on vacation and you are working with them. I do believe that their sales and service sucks and would never buy a car from them or take a car to them again.  Thumbs down all the way.

Adeline A. | 2012-06-12

Henna Chevrolet has a great deal:  they will pay $500 more than whatever Carmax offers for your used car.

So, I drove to Carmax and got a written estimate, took it over to Louis Henna, met with Robby Garcia and in about 20 minutes he bought my car for $500 more than the Carmax offer.  It was simple and fast.

Robby works in the used car department (although he can sell new cars too).  If you are selling your used car, or buying a new or used car, I highly recomment calling him directly as he is professional, honest and very easy to work with.

TIP: make sure that you have your title, current registration, license and current sticker to sell your car.

Jenn W. | 2012-05-30

Bought 2012 Chevy Silverado over memorial day weekend. Hate the car buying process just like anyone else, and I did get the run around with the 'manager' back and forth talk, but overall it was a good experience. Kevin was my salesman and he was very personal and respectful from the beginning. He even filled up my tank again when I had to go back to the dealership to pick a few things up a few days later. He made me feel comfortable with the entire process and made sure I was completely taken care of. Got a good deal and would go back again, be sure and ask for Kevin.

Kari B. | 2012-05-22

Having been a long time Austinite, and personal experiences in the past... My husband was dead set against buying from Henna. Long story short, I convinced him that I'd do the footwork and wanted to take a look at a used minivan they had online.

I popped in unannounced after emailing a sales rep over the weekend. Low and behold the sales rep who answered my email on a Sunday was the one to greet me at the office; Alan.

Before he took me to see the van, he told me about another van that they just took in on Friday.  I said I'd look at it, but I was not a fan of the Town and Country  

He took me and my 2.5 year old on a golf cart ride clear across the dealership property to the back where they were going to inspect the van. Turns out the van was just too small for my growing family of 7.

We swung back by and looked at the Town and Country. I was impressed, nice ride. He filled up the tank and let me have it for a test drive, take it to my mechanic and finally to show my hubby.

5.5 hours later I drove back with the van and the hubby; which was a feat in and of itself since he had a bad taste in his mouth about Henna.

Alan was absolutely awesome and made the entire experience enjoyable so much so that we bought the Town and Country van from him. The entire process was about as stress free as I could have ever wanted and we ended up with a great deal!

I would buy from Alan again! 20 year experience in knowing how to treat his clients shows!

Steven H. | 2012-05-02

Paid $500 more than Carmax - just as advertised! I took my 2003 Saturn into Carmax and got a quote. I was disappointed with the amount. After hearing Henna's ads on the radio that they would beat any Carmax offer by $500, I drove the car across the street, Carmax offer in hand. I showed them the offer, they did a quick inspection of the vehicle (took 10 min), and then made me an offer $500 over the Carmax offer. The whole process was quick, easy and the easiest $500 I've ever made!

Keith H. | 2012-03-18

I would like to Thank Mark Rowe the General Manager for not only fielding my emails and calls but for standing by his word and making right by my warranty.  After a simple email request on the help line I was given Mr. Rowe's email.  I emailed him and on his day off he emailed me back very promptly.  He requested I give him a call on monday to talk about my issue.  After a simple conversation and explanation the  arrangements were made for me to have a hassle free return trip to solve the problem of my peeling paint.  Auto-makers have been dealing with peeling paint issues across for quite a while and he knew what it meant to make right by my faith in the extended warranty.  Neither of the gentlemen that refused to service the paint on my first visit were unpleasant or confrontational.  I walked in with a problem and left with it fixed.  That is how it should be.  Mark Rowe runs his dealership the way it should be run and I believe he would make any and all of his customers feel like the money spent there was money well spent.  Sometimes you have to climb the ladder of supervisors to get things done, that is just how it is.

John L. | 2012-03-11

Several weeks ago, I gave Henna Chevrolet a not very flattering review after they told me my transmission was "shot" and failure was imminent. I waited for two months after the "imminent failure" diagnosis before giving them the bad review.  In all fairness to Henna, today (about two and a half months after their diagnosis), my transmission did die. I felt I needed to make an addendum to the original review.

Nima Z. | 2011-10-05

okay two month ago i took my saturn to service department and they quote me $500 to fix the chech engine light drove it for month same code comes back took it back they said something else wrong with it but im not stupid same cold anyways spend another $550 and they said good to go drive it for couple days and comes back again quess what same code took it back yester day oct 4 2011 oh let me check it for you for free i said okay check it out and call another $200 and good to go call me same day ready to go ask them did you test drive it yea for sure drive it home after 9 mile check engine light comes back quess whatttttt yea good quess same code call me cradit card stop the payment send everything i need to my bank call manager no help go back no help call service manager named mark they call me back and fully thing is they ask me to bring it back for free check up
the problem is if they told me $1300 i whould say no dont do it i will sell the car like that but what you start spending money small amount money basicly bend you over and put it on slowly so you cant fell it
anywways ask me to take it back so they can check it and charger me and when i told they this spending money on this car have to stop some where they said you dont give us chnace to fix it
how many time i have to spend moeny and give you guys chnace you guys put your self in my shoes and they said we cant help you if you wont let us check it out wow really bad  dealer and thats why all of them going out of business ..........

Steve C. | 2011-09-24

Went in looking at the Chevy Equinox.  Talked to a guy named...and I kid you not..."BBQ."  Before we ever even got to drive anything, he looked at our trade (an immaculate 2007 Buick) and told us that we would be wasting his (and our) time...shook my hand, and that was that.  

Got in my car, drove down the road and bought a Nissan.  Bypass this place...not worth the hassle.

Lindsey D. | 2011-08-31

Outstanding.  I want to say as a working mother of two, my time is valuable.  I like everyone else, started my car research online first.  I knew that I was interested in a couple Chevy models but I was also looking at a Honda.  When it came time to actually go in and take the cars for a test drive, I picked Henna...frankly, because they claimed to beat any price in Texas.  When I walked on the lot and asked the price of the car, they actually gave it to me!!!  They gave me the range and told me that I got to pick the price depending on how I wanted it equipt.  Who knew?  A car guy giving me a straight answer?  They let me sell the car to myself!!  They just showed me my options.  I walked in defensive and after 20 minutes, they actually talked me into making my car buying experience fun.  Buying a car is a huge financial commitment and you want to feel comfortable and not pressured.  Henna made me a customer for life.  If you are considering a Chevy, you should consider Henna.  And yes, they did give me the lowest price in Texas.  Hooray for honesty!!!!

Robert K. | 2011-04-02

I recently bought a new car from Henna Chevrolet and thought the first oil change was free.  There was a sticker in the windshield saying free pit stop service at 2000 miles.  I brought it in the first time, and their service department was closed for inventory.  I bring it in the second time a few weeks later, and the service manager is all smarmy about getting me my service area tour and free pit stop.  It included a car wash, which I thought was a nice touch.  Over an hour later, they call me and try to charge me $16 for the "free" oil change.  It turns out the "pit stop" does not include an oil change!  What is it besides a car wash, then?  I was not offered my first 4 oil changes free like the last new car I bought in 2009 at Nyle Maxwell in Round Rock (who has since sent me a voucher for 4 more!).  At least I thought the first one was free from Henna. WRONG!  I said there was no way I was going to pay it because of their misleading sales pitch.  I had already committed to driving 80 miles back and forth from my house (two round trips) for what I had thought was a free complimentary first oil change that just in gas alone cost me $16!  Buy your new cars somewhere else.  These guys are cheap and don't know how to hold onto new car customers or build a service relationship with them.

Catherine D. | 2010-12-05

I recently found a used dodge Nitro at another lot that I liked. My responsible, not to be confused with mature fiance thought I should look at one more version of this car before I purchased the one I liked. Henna had the exact same model advertised on craigslist with a lot less mileage for a little bit more. We called to make sure they still had the vehicle. Yes, they assured us they had the vehicle, and to come on down. We said we'd head right over. We get out of the car and are approached and let them know we want to look at the 2007 Nitro they advertised on craigslist. Here comes the big surprise. It seems that car had been taken out to lunch by one of the managers. It gets better. They called this supposed manager 3 times and for some reason he wasn't answering his phone or returning messages.  So here is where the hustle started. Wouldn't I like to look at some others cars. We were asked that same question 3 times even though we made it clear we came to look at one car and that we had called 30 minutes earlier to see if that car was there. I left and bought the car at the other dealer. I felt like they had some sort of bate & switch thing going on.

Dustin H. | 2010-08-24

I came to Henna Chevrolet for some recall work and to have someone take a look at my front turn signal (which wasn't working). I was annoyed by my three-hour wait in the "customers' lounge". For some reason, the business schedules appointments at 7:00 am even when its specialists (the guys I'm supposedly making an appointment with) don't show up until an hour later. The too-long wait aside, I was satisfied with the work and price. Given the absence of AWESOME FIVE-STAR Chevy dealers in greater Austin, I'd say Henna is probably your best bet in the area. I'd go back (with an afternoon appointment).

Robin D. | 2010-05-08

I submitted an inquiry through the Costco Auto Program website on a Chevy Camaro.  I was disappointed that the program matched me with Henna Chevrolet after I read the Yelp reviews.

I submitted the inquiry around 10:00 pm on a Friday night.  I was temporarily encouraged when I received a phone call from the Costco-assigned representative at 9:00 am the next morning.  I explained my inquiry and other offers from dealerships that I had pending so the salesman would know where I was in the process.  He said he would look into it and get right back to me.

Six hours later, I still had not heard back from him.  I called to follow up and left a message.  He called back immediately, said he was really busy that day, and was very dismissive and condescending in responding to my inquiry.  I was unimpressed.

Costco sent a follow-up about my experience with the dealership so I let them know exactly what happened with Henna.  Those of us who are familiar with Costco customer service expect good service from anyone affiliated with them.  I ended up purchasing a car the next day from a respectful, nice salesman at Covert Ford.

D J. | 2010-02-26

I stopped by Henna Chevy mid week during lunch, which happened to be the same day that the snow storm hit.  Needless to say - the place was exceedingly dead.

I am in the process of buying a new Tahoe, so I wanted to see the inside of a couple of models to tell the difference - LTZ and LT.   The sales person I talked to made me trudge out through the snow to go pick out the truck that I wanted to see, rather than to look up their inventory on the computer.

After looking at a couple of vehicles and deciding quickly on the color and model I was looking for, I politely left him my number and name so that he could work up a quotation on getting me a vehicle on order.

Here we are 3 days later and the sales guy has still not called.  I cant imagine many people muddling through the snow to go look at a couple of vehicles.... nor can I see any reason why the sales guy couldnt have quickly worked up the numbers with the boss man and come back to me with a number.  Hell, I rolled up in a Benz - so I could clearly afford the car I was looking at.  I just dont get it.

Because of this, I'll again return to Gunn Chevy down in S.A. (again)  to make my purchase, at least they treat me like a potential customer.... unlike Henna.

Meh.  Yall blow.

Joe S. | 2009-04-01

Their service department is awful.  There's a smiling con-man there to great you, but the prices are a rip-off.  They will mis-diagnose the problem, and charge you for both visits.  Also, they will recommend the most expensive solution.

Example 1:  A/C failure.  Charged me to replace an AC fan clutch.  A/C still did not work.  Then charged me to replace the compressor.  There's no evidence the fan clutch was ever a problem.  It was a guess.  They did not reimburse for the fan clutch.

Example 2:  Fuel vapor leak.  Quoted me $1200 to replace all 4 fuel injectors.  I replaced just the o-rings for $4, and solved the problem.