First Texas Honda in Austin, TX

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Largest Honda climate-controlled showroom in USA. Over 100 Service bays. Complimentary gourmet beverages and snack bar. Ask about our "Apples to Apples Confidence Guarantee on All New Hondas." Complimentary Service loaners with reservation. Austin's Haggle-Free Honda Dealer.


Established in 1971.

September 2012, First Texas Honda moved into there new home off Mopac at Steck Avenue and Shoal Creek Blvd. The past 25 years First Texas Honda has prospered as Austin's only locally owned and operated Honda dealership and service center. At 120,000 square feet, the new facility is the largest Honda dealership in the United States and includes a showroom large enough to showcase 100 new and pre-owned Honda vehicles, in addition to the hundreds of cars that can be displayed on the inventory lots. The new facility also incorporates an environmentally-friendly addition, with a rain water collection cistern to store thousands of gallons of water and reduce unnecessary water consumption.

First Texas Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 220-1121
Address:3400 Steck Ave, Austin, TX, 78757
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on First Texas Honda

Happy B. | 2015-04-02

Ask for an oil change, get charged for an oil change, have husband check the oil and realize it wasn't changed!  My husband is getting ready to leave the state for a work transfer.  Due to my job, we cannot join him until later this summer.  We took my Pilot in today for an oil change, service check up and wanted to have the breaks looked at.  They were doing some shaking things on our last 15 state road trip.  My husband rang ahead the day before and was told to come in at 7:00 am the following day to the Express Lane.  We followed directions and then were told, no we needed to make an appt but they would take us in the 'other' lane.  Needless to say we didn't have the second car with us as we didn't think we would need it.  Fast forward to end of day picking up Pilot.  I noticed my control panel read 20% oil (this morning it read 30%).  It should have read 100% after just being changed and serviced.  I mentioned my concern to my husband so he pops the hood to check it only to realize WE HAVE OLD OIL IN OUR CAR AFTER BEING CHARGED FOR AN OIL CHANGE.  Also, my oil filter, which has been changed, is not on properly and is leaking oil!  Very disappointed in the whole process with First Texas.  Now I must spend yet another day dealing with their incompetence and impeding upon my time.

Aravind C. | 2015-03-31

I just called them to fix a product recall. They wont give me an appointment saying that they operate on first come first serve basis (what ??). They asked me to leave my car for the entire day for them to fix the recall. They wouldn't give a loaner's car either.
Booked an appointment with Roundrock Honda and they said it would take just an hour. If it takes more time, they would give me a loaner's car for free. I won't ever buy my next car with First Texas Honda.

Jill P. | 2015-03-30

I dread, I mean DREAD car buying. Its one of the most stressful purchases I have ever experienced. I went to a few dealerships around town, looking for a lease deal. This location, BY FAR, not only gave me the best deal but it was the best car experience Ive ever had. My salesperson Gregory made time for me, researched the best deal for me, and explained things to me on my level of knowledge, not his. He wasnt pushy, he didnt try to talk me into anything I didnt want or need, and he was very helpful in getting me the car I wanted at the price I could pay. Another Honda dealership was not willing to give me near the deal he did. I will never go to another dealership again. This one deserves 5 stars in every category~!

Bryan M. | 2015-03-30

I took my wife's Civic there for an oil leak. They told me it was the spool valve . With parts and labor $500 to repair. I took it to another repair shop. They said the timing chain cover was leaking $150. That fixed it. Won't go back.

Kimber M. | 2015-03-28

I recently had serious car problems with the cooling system. I immediately brought my car to First Texas Honda to diagnosis the core issue. Anthony Herrera was the Service Advisor assigned to me and I am forever grateful. His upfront honesty, solid follow up, and unwavering professionalism made my entire TWO week experience exceptional!  First Texas Honda does an excellent job servicing its customers via their Loaner Car program, it saved my butt from missing work!

Great place to have your car serviced and repaired.

Donyvon M. | 2015-03-25

When my AC unit in my Honda Fit went on the fritz, I was a bit panicked, as it will soon be summer in Texas and my car is black. I have an Allstate Service Contract so I had to take it to a Honda Dealership. I called on Saturday to see about bring it in on Monday. They suggested I get there early as they do get busy, so I did. Tom Forsberg was the team member who handled my repairs. He was friendly and funny, and because it took longer than (they needed a part from another store) he got me into a lowner car so I could run my business errands because Monday is my only day off. While I was waiting for a bit, the café is there with complementary beverages and I was able to get an espresso (WOW!) When all was done, all I had to do was pay my deductible which was exactly what I was quoted, and I was on the road again. I think I've found where I will go when I need just regular maintenance in the future. All around it was a very pleasant experience!

Jay E. | 2015-03-21

Cannot say enough about this honda dealership when compared to the Honda dealership in Round Rock.

Pleasant and courteous valets, service advisors, on time service and a fully stocked cafeteria makes this the best Honda dealership I've been to, in my 25 years, in this country.

Cari E. | 2015-03-18

I have been going to First TX Honda for the last 11 years to service my 2004 Accord and it's still going strong.  I love Honda's reliability and design so we bought a used Pilot when the family grew.  We get both cars serviced here, oil changes, recommended mileage service, etc. and we're always pleased with the speed of service and the friendliness of the staff.  The lounge area is really posh, has good coffee, soft drinks, snacks, and TVs.  If I know it's going to be a while I bring my laptop to keep up with work while using their free wifi.

Allison K. | 2015-03-16

I bought my 2010 Fit in 2013 from another dealer, and the battery immediately died. Since it was still under the manufacturer's warranty, First Texas replaced it for free. In the two years since then, the battery has died twice. This last time (March 2015), I took my car to O'Reilly's on Lamar near Koenig (nice guys) to have the battery tested, and they showed me the tester that said the battery was bad. So I took my car in to First Texas to have the battery replaced.

The guy who checked me in:

1) didn't believe me when I told him the battery was bad. I said I'd had the battery tested elsewhere and that it wasn't holding a charge, and he started to argue with me, saying it might be the alternator or something else and that I'd be wasting an hour if they tested it and it turned out not to be bad. While it's not a surprise that I was treated as if I were an idiot, it's not acceptable. The only appropriate response to my concern would be, "We'll check it out for you and see what the problem is."

2) tried to sell me air filters and tire rotation (I don't know if that's typical).

It also took an hour and a half. To replace a battery. In addition, they charged me full price for the battery despite the fact that they had installed a bad battery two years ago. They told me "that's how warranties work," and to be fair, I do not have experience with warranties and so can't really argue with that. When I went to check out, I said I wanted an original warranty and the 100-month battery warranty in writing, for my own information. The guy ringing me up was confused by the request, and I had to repeat it twice.

All in all, I guess I got the equivalent of five years out of the original battery, since they considered the bad battery the original. Not terrible, and at least I got some use out of that warranty while it lasted.

I've already perused yelp for trustworthy mechanics and will be going with someone else in the future based on those reviews (thanks, yelp!). The only reason I will ever come back to FTH will be if this battery dies before the 3-year warranty is up.

And...the only reason this review gets more than one star is that the battery got replaced.

Nick T. | 2015-03-16

Friendly staff, but deceitful.

I was looking at one of the vehicles this dealership had for sale. Since it is a 30 minute drive for me, I decided to call and inquire about the vehicles and the condition it was in. They were quick to respond and even sent me a Carfax when I first emailed them, but I wanted to get more details. When I called, Melisa had another employee look at the car, who called me back at told me the car was in great shape and no noticeable damage or poor fixes. Happy, I decided to schedule an appt.
I show up and am greeted by friendly staff who are aware of what is going on and even offer me water or coffee. Already better than 99% of any Ford or GM dealership, I might add. After I get with the person whom I am scheduled to meet with, this is when things go sour: the actual car.
The first thing I notice as we are walking up is that one of the headlights is faded and the other is new. Poor repair job right here, as no respectable shop would let a car go out with mismatched headlights (buffing it and recoating it is a simple matter and it makes your shop's work look better). Not only that, but this glaringly-obvious mismatch should have been disclosed to me on the phone when I asked. Continuing on, I found that the right door was misaligned and replaced, all of the weatherstripping was cracked and needing to be replaced, the windshield was a cheap aftermarket one and was actually separating on the edges, the interior was in terrible shape, there was clear coat fade in several spots, the engine bay panels were covered in that terrible shine spray and they were all loose. Then the inside only got worse. The buttons were faded, the plastic on the gauges was scratched and faded, the dash was melting and sticky(this is a common issue with Nissan, Toyota, and Lexus), the leather was in bad shape, etc. Basically, the car was poorly maintained and shoddily repaired. I think a blind man would be able to identify the flaws in this car.

The test drive revealed that at least one wheel bearing was shot and that was it. I'd say they overpriced the car by at least $3,000.

Pros: Nice staff, clean facility
Cons: Lied about the condition of the car and wasted my time.

Steve S. | 2015-03-11

I have twice shopped for a 2015 Accord at this dealership.  The salesmen and staff were knowledgeable and friendly. The facility was very nice with a fantastic coffee bar.. The problem  was that  the inventory was almost non-existent.  The first time I shopped (Oct. 2014) I wanted an Accord EXL in white.  There were only three EXLs on the lot, none in white.  The second time (March 2015) I wanted a 2015 Accord Sport in black.  Again none were available in black (even though their website showed one was available) and none were scheduled to arrive any time soon.  If you are looking for an Accord I would not waste your time at this dealership unless you want a color that is not popular.

Ziyu L. | 2015-03-06

This Honda dealer advertises the incorrect price all the time.  More than ten years ago, they advertised a Honda Odyssey in the paper for $15,995 and when I get to the dealership, they said it was the price of a Civic.

More recently, I've seen them advertise a Honda Odyssey for $23,997 and when I inquired about it, they said the person who entered in the prices fat fingered it.  It was supposed to be $32,997.

A few weeks later, I inquired about a Honda Accord and it was advertised for $18,597.  Again, that was a misprint.  What was the excuse this time?  It should have been $81,597?

If they could not get their act together, how can I trust them to purchase a car?  What if the person who does my paperwork fat fingers the price?  I wouldn't want to pay over $80K for a car that is $20K!

They sure live by their name, First Texas Honda.  From my experience, they are the "first" when it comes to the trade in value they give me on my old car.  They are also the "first" when it comes to the price of the new car--always the highest among all Honda dealers.  They are also the "first" in the number of advertising errors.  I only have a few more cars to purchase in my lifetime, let's see if I can purchase my "first" Honda from them.  Since they are "first", I'll just give them the first star on this review.

Landon M. | 2015-03-02

I went back to FTH and bought a new 2015 Civic Si. I worked with Richard B. again and the experience was just as good if not better than last time. The process was smooth, they cut my interest rate in half, and got me out of there in a few hours.

Specifically about this experience which, I think, made it better was the fact that they had printed up the paperwork and everything, then I decided I'd rather have another car. Same model, etc, just not the test drive vehicle. They handled it, got a me a fresh one with lower miles, and I was on my way. Awesome service.

They have snack and concessions which is cool. The people are friendly and professional. Richard is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and lets you really test drive the cars (vroom vroom muthaf$%^er xD).

Thanks FTH, will be back when buying Honda ;)

Alyssa C. | 2015-02-28

Huge thank you to Michael Forman! You made my first car buying experience wonderful and I am extremely grateful! I was very nervous about doing this process alone but after Michael talked me through the whole thing I felt ready to make this first big purchase. Never once did I feel pressured to do anything "right now" which was a huge relief. I loved my experience at First Texas Honda and I will make sure my friends know about this experience!

Harvey X. | 2015-02-25

I don't know what's going on with the service dept. here lately. I bought my CR-V at First Texas Honda and have taken in both that car and an Accord for service for over ten years, until the last year, when things began to change.  My regular service manager left, and I was never assigned to a new team or service manager, despite my requests for some continuity of service.  I would bring in a car and be shuffled off to whoever was around at the time.  No one would look up my ser vice records or give me an honest, upfront appraisal of what was being done or when it would be completed. The time spent waiting for work to be completed  shot up dramatically and I was not dependably told how long my waits would be.  I would notice things not done right or little bits missing from my car after service, like a cover to a windshield trim piece lost, or the top of my wiper fluid reservoir missing. My calls about these things were not returned.  My emails or calls to try to set up appointments or inquire about the recent airbag recall have not been answered, including an email I sent to the service dept. supervisor who has posted replies to reviews here.  Since First Texas Honda has moved even farther north from my home, it's a long trip out of my way (over 20 miles)  to go there and I am starting to look for closer shops that are more responsive to my concerns and requests and also not such a long drive.  I know that one can expect to pay a premium for dealers' service and to an extent I will pay this in exchange for reliability and good service, but at this point,  given recent unsatisfactory experience, I am thinking that First Texas Honda has jumped the proverbial shark.

Betsy H. | 2015-01-22

Service coordinator very friendly, however, the actual service is awful. I asked for my car to be checked before a long road trip and specifically asked or my wiper inserts to be changed, spare tire to be checked, and all fluid levels to be checked. I was reassured that all of those things would be checked during their 5 point inspection. I personally checked all of these things two days later and the spare tire had 30 pounds of pressure (way too low), the oil level was on the low line on the dip stick, and all four tires were low. I had just had my oil changed about three weeks prior at the same service center. When I picked my car up I was not charged for anything for this visit, but it was a complete waist of time.

Elisa F. | 2015-01-15

Great service with clearly stated price before starting and explanation afterwards

Steve L. | 2015-01-13

Sold us a van for $4000.  We trusted them and didn't have it inspected.  The heat & A/C went out right away, the power steering pump went out right away.  Not even two years later and it's pretty much fallen apart.  Buyer beware!

clarissa c. | 2015-01-13

when i met my neighbor, Jeanne Schull, she convinced me that this is THE place to buy a car. no haggle. everyone is friendly. easy-going. so, this is where i went.

jeanne wasn't in the day i went, but Justin Steedley met me at the front door. he was super nice, easy going, friendly... he walked me through the car features (i already knew which car i wanted). my boyfriend doesn't sit still for long, and knew the process would take some time. he mentioned to justin that we were hurried, and justin worked to get everything done in double-time without blinking.

everyone here has always been so nice every time i walk in the door or call. however, justin is "the man." no doubt.

Brendon C. | 2015-01-13

Ok, let me clear up some things here. First, this dealership is very much commission based, and while they are a little bit less pressure, they're definitely still trying to make the sale off you. They had some shady accounting where they accidentally paid one of my first payments for me and then were just about knocking my door down to get me to send in the payment to them. Additionally, they refused to take off their advertising material on the new car when I asked them to, saying that they couldn't sell me the car without it. These guys just irked me the wrong way. Whenever I tried to just talk to someone about anything, be it the bill or the car itself, they forced me to talk to one single representative or no one, even if it was something that was completely outside of his hands. Pretty annoying business practices. Would not recommend this dealership.

Jim C. | 2014-12-30

Took my Odyssey in for routine maintenance and as always was taken great care of by Jeff Smith.  In addition to that, he had me in and out in a very reasonable time during a busy holiday season.  He went above and beyond with his customer service and definitely recommend him and First Texas Honda to service your Honda.

Cristina L. | 2014-12-24

Excellent customer service with complimentary latte. Always a pleasant
Experience! Fair prices and assurance
of trust worthy serving on my Honda.
Will keep coming back!

Kendra L. | 2014-12-22

Huge thanks to Anthony Herrera for getting my car checked in for repairs this morning and then also for the speedy turn around. Done in a little over 30 minutes! Hooray!  Waiting room was lovely and clean. All seemed really great until time to check out.

Apparently the guy who checks you in is also the guy who checks you out. So while Anthony was out running around checking in more cars, about five other guys and I sat idly in the office area waiting for him to have a moment to come take my money. Seriously? No one else can do this? They even have a "cashier" desk, but I was told nope, have to wait for Anthony. Sitting. Waiting.

Anthony comes flying in, checks me out super fast and I'm finally on my way.  I would highly advise they come up with another system,

Sherry H. | 2014-11-25

I bought 2013 CRV from these great folks about four months ago.  I continue to be impressed by them every time I visit their location.  They are sponsoring the Turkey Trot this year so I went in to pick up my registration packet and everyone is so helpful!

Angus T. | 2014-11-22

The parts department needs to hire more people.  It is regularly under staffed and the attitude questionable at best.   They spend too much time with one client when they should be cognizant of other customers.

Seana W. | 2014-11-16

This service department is always great. I brought my car in at 5 pm on Friday because of a battery problem & they had that battery replaced & my car ready in less than 40 minutes. Cost me nothing b/c the battery was still under warranty.  No more stress about a dead battery in this cold, rainy weather.

Bri S. | 2014-11-14

Wonderful experience. Salesman Craig Helwig was kind, attentive, his recommendations were spot on, and the purchase was enjoyable and gratifying.

Kara F. | 2014-11-12

I just bought a used Toyota Prius here and it was such a refreshing experience.  

I have been through several of the traditional/old sales model experiences of buying a car at a dealership where the salesmen are pushy, condescending, make you wait again and again in their office while they "talk to their manager" or "see what they can do" and try anything to get you to commit to the car.  Yes, if you know this process, you can navigate through it and haggle your way into a low price, but at the end of the day, in my opinion, it is a terrible experience.

I would much rather pay a little more to support a business that wants to provide a great experience for their customers.  This dealership, in case you didn't know, is now a No Haggle dealership.  I worked with Craig Helwig. He was extremely pleasant, treated me like an intelligent human being, never pushed me to make a decision, and I felt that he genuinely cared about me being happy with my decision. The dealership itself has an extremely open and clean layout, with a friendly receptionist, free coffee bar, and a relaxed vibe compared to other dealerships. Based on my own research prior to visiting the dealership, I found the No Haggle prices of the cars I was looking at to be fair and in line with Edmunds/Kelley Blue Book/Consumer Reports value (and not as inflated as CarMax).  Unlike other businesses where salespeople don't receive commissions (such as CarMax or even Best Buy), I received very individual, personable treatment.

I would still recommend coming prepared - always do your own research first, and if you are financing a loan, get pre-approved from a credit union in writing so you have a starting point. They will look at that for you and see if they can get you a better rate.

In summary, I enjoyed my experience buying a car here and if/when I need another car, I will be back.  I hope more dealerships move to this business model to make the car-buying experience more pleasant.

Leonette T. | 2014-11-11

Quick, efficient and great service at First TX Honda regarding: battery replacement for the Pilot and air bag recall/replacement for the Accord.  Thanks a million!

Cody B. | 2014-11-10

Dealing with Honda/Hondas is simple and painless.  Love my  Audi, hate my life when I have to return for repairs.

Mayra P. | 2014-10-22

My husband and I recently purchased a pilot from this Honda dealer and I've got to say it was the worst car buying experience I've had. The process was slow even though we told our associate when we would be coming in to do the paperwork, after all was signed we had to wait for the car to be washed. I've purchased many cars and have always had my car of choice washed, gassed and ready for me. The final kicker which I still can't get over is that they only gave us HALF A TANK OF GAS! We were told that they wouldn't buy a full tank for a used car. Perhaps now that associates are paid salary and not strictly commission they don't feel they need to work as hard to retain customers. I can say this Honda dealer has lost two repeat customers.

Aislinn D. | 2014-10-15

I didn't buy my car here so I have no knowledge of their sales service, but I recently brought my car for an oil change and left really underwhelmed. They said it would be about an hour, which ended up being right almost to the minute (reasonable for the time of day) and they didn't try to sell me any other stuff, but that may have been because it was the first oil change for a new car and surely nobody's that gullible.

But they cut corners in ways that were annoying. When I was checking out, the person helping me didn't talk about the inspection report with me at all or even give me half a second to look at it. They didn't wash the exterior of the car, which is explicitly promised on the website (and they certainly didn't touch it with a vacuum). They didn't reset the oil quality gauge, which caused me some alarm when the engine problem light came on later (I assume that's all it is). I can reset it myself, but one of the reasons I took it to a dealership was that I assumed they would take care of it. I can get all these things done at any random oil change place for a lower cost.

The drop-off, check-out and waiting areas are all confusing, poorly signed, and hard to navigate. Some of the employees were particularly unpleasant to deal with.

I don't care about a big waiting room (across several lanes where cars are zooming in) or free coffee, I want to be confident that my car is being taken care of attentively and thoroughly, and I didn't get that here.

Calily B. | 2014-10-13

While I didn't buy my new Honda Fit here, I did want to say that I had a really positive experience with the dealership and the sales agent, Kristi F.

I test drove two different vehicles and Kristi was helpful during the entire process. I ended up getting a better deal at a different dealership but Kristi did try to work with me  to earn my business (even though they say they're "haggle free" - I like to haggle, I can't help it, it's in my blood!).

On the flipside, the dealership itself is really clean, large and bright. There's a coffee shop in this joint! So, in conclusion, if you're easily swayed by a barista making you a fancy coffee drink for free, then you'll probably buy a car from First Texas Honda. :)

Cecilia R. | 2014-10-01

The service department is the BEST. I appreciate all the highly trained technicians that make sure the problem is fixed!

Bob B. | 2014-09-28

First visit to this dealership.  Was here for scheduled maintenance on a Honda.  They had every opportunity to try and up sell, however,  never tried.  On the contrary,  they took the time to carefully explain their findings and why additional work was not needed.   The final cost was even less than the original price discussed over the phone.

The complimentary car wash is a nice touch, as well.  

To a person, the staff was friendly, courteous,  and professional.  Great experience.

Monica L. | 2014-09-27

I've always had excellent service at First Texas Honda, but this time was different.

In the past, I've walked away from a service appointment completely freaked out that my car was going to fall apart before I had the money to return and have everything done to it that the service folks were saying needed to be done - especially the service manager at the time. There seemed to be a Chicken Little mentality ("the sky is falling, the sky is falling") about the service department. Well, with almost an entirely new service department staff, including the manager, I'm happy to say I'm not carrying around that stress anymore.

The only thing I'm wondering about my service and multi-point inspection is about how comprehensive it actually was. Did they not notice the hesitation when the key is turned in the ignition (and I of course, forgot to mention)?  A slightly, barely perceptible, rough idling? With the age of my car (13 years/150k miles), I'd expect some mention of certain things to watch, but that could be my paranoia as a non-mechanical person.

I did ask for a "tune-up" when I went set my appointment, and apparently that's not a "thing" in the vehicle maintenance world anymore. All I wound up with was an oil change, which was great for my bank account, but without any further discussion about my car and its idiosyncrasies, my confidence about the multi-point inspection isn't as high as I'd have liked.

All that said, I feel better about taking my car back to First Texas Honda, but I'm going to have to be sure to make lots of notes before I go so they can cover all my concerns.

Lyn D. | 2014-09-24

I just bought a 2015 Honda Pilot at First Texas Honda.  I had a great experience at First Texas Honda.   Steve Carter was awesome.  He thoroughly knew the vehicle inside and out and took time to even load my phone on the bluetooth and walking me through the entire manual and calling out things to watch for with the computer.   Austin was very helpful as well!   Thanks First Texas Honda!

Judy B. | 2014-09-24

Just want to say thank you to Brandon Nava for being patient with me, for listening to my requirements and understanding what I want, and for great follow-through. It took four months to get the exact car that I wanted, but that was because of the timing of the production move of the Fits to Mexico. Brandon was very helpful throughout the process.

J B. | 2014-09-23

I bought a new CR-V from Michael Forman at First Texas Honda.   Michael made the new car buying process as easy and painless as possible.   I got a great deal and he took extra time going over all the bells and whistles in my new vehicle.    It is people like Michael and Trudy in the service department who keep me returning to First Texas Honda for new cars and service.   This is the 5th car I've bought from First Texas Honda.  They have a lifetime customer!

Katie G. | 2014-09-16

Bought my new Honda Fit today. Whole purchase process was effortless.  Stopped in last month looking for a yellow Honda Fit. They had none to test drive, as the few they had were getting sold quickly, and very few yellow ones had left the factory yet. . My salesman, John Fisher, kept in touch, but no yellow ones yet. Test drove at another dealer, but they had no yellow Fits. Two finally showed up on each dealer's site, but were in transit. The two at the other dealer were already reserved. Called First Texas, and was able to put deposit down last week on the one I wanted. It came in quickly, while I was out of town. Purchase price was as quoted, no dealer add-ons, no hidden fees. Extras and service plans were offered, but not pushed too hard. Picked it up today, and love the car. Everyone was very helpful. John was awesome. Good barista, too.  I think I might have the first yellow one here. Fabulous color. Happy Honda customer.

Nancy M. | 2014-09-11

Found the Honda CRV that I wanted, went in and bought it. The process was smooth, albeit time consuming. Good people and great facility. Wil definitely return!

Gina N. | 2014-09-10

Super friendly staff.  We bought a 2012 Odyssey from Crazy J (ask for him!!), and I can always get through on the phone with all of my silly questions.  In today bc my battery died and they let me know it was still under warrenty, so just brought it in for a diagnostic and swap!  Only thing I would suggest to them is offer healthier snack options at the Showroom Lounge.

Adam S. | 2014-09-05

I went to a Mazda dealership to look at a Honda; I ended up buying a Mazda at this Honda dealership - go figure.  After not driving a car for a few years I finally made the plunge and stopped into First Texas Honda.  I found the aforementioned Mazda with the help of Jason McEntire, and I found the entire process to be comfortable, absent of pressure, and ultimately memorable, which is kind of weird.  Recommended.

M P. | 2014-09-04

A 5-Star experience deserves a 5-Star review.

My wife and I just leased a 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite at First Texas Honda. We had a good experience with our previous purchase from them, but this has way exceeded our expectations.

If you want a Honda, like to shop in a great environment, and want an excellent buying experience go to First Texas Honda and ask for Linda Glass. You can expect a pleasant, patient and understanding style that is packed with all of the product knowledge you could ever want. And, when she tells you that she will be there after the sale you can believe her. She will go to whatever lengths are necessary to help you out. Please believe me, Linda just dug in and resolved a problem for me.

Thank you Linda!!!

p.s. We do love our new car, also.

Kelly P. | 2014-09-04

I never mind getting an oil change here. They are fast, friendly and fair. The coffee bar is comfortable and the coffee tastes great. I always feel like they're doing everything they can to provide 5-star service. I'm satisfied and will keep going back!

Jane H. | 2014-08-31

I am SO torn on this review.  I moved up from Houston, and I wanted to get my car serviced at the dealership because I hadn't been in a while, just for some routine maintenance.

On the one hand it was a Thursday morning and service was incredibly fast.  They had a giant comfy waiting room and a big fancy coffee bar with all types of complimentary drinks and desserts.  The price of the oil change was around $35, and I was out after 45 minutes or so.  

But then they told me my air and cabin filters were dirty and needed to be replaced, and it would cost $80 for both.  WHAT?  I asked the maintenance salesperson to clarify, and he said it was for the cost of parts, and he quickly changed the subject.  I've never even heard of something so ridiculous.  So because of that, I really can't trust them and I'm not sure if I'll be going back.

Sara L. | 2014-08-29

No haggling and no pushy salesmen here. The people at first texas honda make the car buying experience easy. I came here and purchased my first vehicle and could not be happier. I shopped around and was offered a better price for the same car at round rock honda, but chose to buy from first texas because of their phenomenal customer service.

Highly recommended

Taylor S. | 2014-08-26

I just took in my 04 Honda Civic to get the lock cylinder replaced. I called to check on the status of the job, and I was transferred to a non-english-speaking lady who laughed at me. I called again and a guy named J.T. told me he would put me on hold for just a second and get me some help. After 5 minutes I was transferred to another department that had nothing to do with my job and couldn't help me. Then, after calling a third time, I finally got a hold of a man named David Lynch who was very helpful. I would give a 1 star review if it wasn't for David's kindness and help.

Ryan M. | 2014-08-26

Five stars for the service center. Drove up and was greeted by Ahmad my advisor. Took care of me and got me out of there in only 45 min for my oil change. I'll be coming back great service.

Andy Y. | 2014-08-24

Such a great experience! They weren't pushy at all.  Justin helped me with my purchase and I couldn't be happier

Traci S. | 2014-08-21

We had an amazing experience with First Texas Honda. My husband and I did some online research locating the type of car and features we wanted. When we showed up there was very little pressure and a lot of friendly service for our entire family! The snack bar and playroom kept my kids happy while we checked out a few different models. There was no pressure to buy that day and we loved knowing that the sales person wasn't working off commission. We ended up doing an online estimate for our trade in a few days later. When the numbers worked out and we decided to buy the process was quick and painless with our sales person going above and beyond keeping our kids entertained while we signed all the final papers. When we got home and realized we had forgotten something in our car, we called in only to find out that Brandon had already spotted it and had it waiting on his desk for us to pick up.  Out of all the dealerships and car purchases we have made this was by far the best experience. If you are looking for a great deal, no hassle/haggle and incredibly family friendly service, this is the place for you!

We had a great experience with Brandon Nava, Product Specialist

Surya R. | 2014-08-18

Great place and service!!! Do not need an appointment for oil change or Tire rotation. Its first come first serve. Oil change for a Honda civic with tax was about 41 $ while tire rotation for 27$. But was lucky to find yelp deal (50 $ for 30$ deal). Though they said its going to take an hour or two for both services together, but was done in 45 minutes. And got a free complimentary car wash. Cafeteria was clean and lot of place to sit at the waiting area. I would definitely recommend my friends to this place in future

Larry N. | 2014-08-12

We just bought our second car with John Pasho,  within a month.  Same as the first experience,  worked to help us get the car we wanted and it was an overall great car buying experience.  Thanks again!  Loving the accord coupe!

Penny B. | 2014-08-10

As easy as car buying gets.  My schedule was accommodated, the people were friendly and helpful.

Mary Ellen S. | 2014-08-09

short and sweet...don't go anywhere else for purchasing or servicing your Honda.  Great service, respectful sales associates and nice atmosphere.

Neal M. | 2014-08-07

Let me just say that I had utilized First Texas at their old location and had zero issues.  I had purchased a new battery from them about 2 years ago and a few weeks ago my car wouldn't start.  After dropping my car off at Yost, they had fixed everything but said my battery was toast.  After getting them to jump me off, I drove over here to get the battery swapped out.  I pulled in to this brand new, clean, and HUGE facility and was met by what looked like a valet.  They must've had like 6-8 of these dudes.  The sad part is, they couldn't do anything other than greet me and put a number on my car.  I stood outside for nearly 10 minutes until a service rep came out.  His demeanor and line of questioning was a bit off putting at best.  While holding my receipt in hand, he asked "have you been here before".  DUH.  Told him my battery was dead and he hooked up a battery tester to it and said "Uh oh, this code means that we'll have to do further testing to see if the battery is dead."  DUDE IT IS DEAD.  I jumped in my car and turned on the ignition and NOTHING. "Well man, guess what, it's dead.  It's under warranty, I want it replaced."  Dude, "Well, we have to do further testing because of the code and well, it takes a while and we're not going to be able to do that today."  "EXCUSE ME?"  All he was doing was telling me what they couldn't do, not a single thing they COULD DO.  I just shut him down telling him to get his manager.  He just points inside and says, "Talk to Joe/Jim". I go inside and seemingly talk to the wrong guy, homeboy points out his boss and says he'll talk to him.  Boss man tells him to do something.  By then, I'm fuming.  All I know is this, my battery is dead, I bought one from them, it's under warranty, seemingly no brainer, why must I jump through hoops?  The kid comes back and spews off some more nonsensical jargon and I ask him "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR ME?"  He responds, "well, I'm TRYING to help you." I respond with, "Well, you're doing a poor job of it thus far."  He says, "Let me find someone who WANTS to help you."  EXCUSE ME?! By then I'm doing my best to refrain from cursing at the top of my lungs and THEN the manager hears me mutter some curse words in a muffled state of Tourettes.  I tell him about the kid saying what he said and followed it up with "you gotta be f*cking kidding me".  He then goes on to explain the new horse shit policy of Honda's regarding batteries and  I respond with, "So what, this is YOUR problem NOT mine."  All in all, they got my car looked and and low and behold MY F*CKING BATTERY WAS DEAD!  I got a new one and was in and out in 30 minutes.  Long story short, F*CK THIS PLACE.

Ryan G. | 2014-08-05

My wife and I narrowed down our online car search to a Honda CR-V. We test drove a CR-V and decided this was the car for us. So when we went in to First Texas Honda, we knew we were going to buy and it would be a painless process with their no-haggle pricing. Brandon Nava was our salesman and he was very helpful and not pushy. He showed us around the lot and we picked the color we wanted, and from then on it was just two hours of paperwork.

When we were passed off to the financial guy, he tried very hard to get us to purchase one of the maintenance packages. On principle I do not like to give people money up-front for repairs that we may never need, even if it ends up costing us in the long run. So there was a bit of a back-and-forth as we went through that step. Apparently we're in the 15% who passes on a maintenance package, but I can live with that.

With an interest rate of under 3%, $0 down and less than 3 hours spent at the dealership, we were on our way home with the car we wanted!

I would personally recommend working with Brandon if you were to look at purchasing a vehicle here.

Jeff W. | 2014-08-05

Had my brakes done less than a year ago by Howdy Honda which included having rotors resurfaced. Several months ago I began feeling a clicking under the floorboard when I applied and released brakes. I took my car to First Texas since it was closer. They emphatically told me my rotors needed to be resurfaced. When I mentioned I had that done less than a year ago, they convinced me it wasn't done (thereby calling Howdy a liar). So I paid them several hundred and they resurfaced the brakes. A day or two later, the clicking was back. I contacted Howdy and confirmed the rotors had been resurfaced previously. Therefore, it was First Texas that wasn't exactly up front and as a result, I threw away several hundred dollars. Refusing to give them another opportunity to take my money, I had a private mechanic look at it as a favor. The problem? 2 bolts on my muffler needed to be replaced. It took the mechanic 10 minutes to figure that out. I will never take my car to First Texas again. Even if it wasn't dishonesty, it was certainly incompetence.

debra g. | 2014-07-31

Michael Foreman sold me a Honda Element. He spent a long time  making sure that all of my questions and concerns were answered. I was on a time restraint and had to wait till the following day to bring in the down payment. He went out of his way to make sure the car I wanted would be available. The following day the signing and sale went smoothly without any stress or haggling. I love my new to me car, I love the personal service I received at this dealership. I did not have alot of money to spend but I was treated as though I was buying the most exclusive car on the lot.

T T. | 2014-07-24

I bought my Honda from these guys and still take it in for service there because they are friendly, efficient, and I trust them to do the work well at a reasonable price.

Jenn D. | 2014-07-21

We've purchased vehicles before, and have been suckered into some pretty terrible deals.  This was our very first NEW car purchase, and Michael Forman was the best sales person we've ever worked with. He made the buying process so incredibly easy. No pressure.  He listened to and accepted our needs and wants and made sure we got exactly the car - down to the color - we wanted.  We feel confident in every aspect of the purchase.  Making an appointment saved us time, but the coffee bar, free WIFI, and comfortable waiting areas are nice.  
Chris Wanken and Winthrop Ellsworth were very helpful and supportive in getting us financed. Thanks for the positive attitudes guys.
Stephanie Jackson, and Laura Black in accessories were knowledgeable and excited to help us customize our fit.  
Thanks to everybody at First Texas Honda.  They have our business for life.  Howdy may say they're a great place to buy, but it doesn't get any better than FTH.

Megan P. | 2014-07-19

I can't speak to the car selling process here, but I can attest to their service once you own a Honda. I had a recall on one part of my Honda so decided to drop my car off on the way to work. I also included an oil change while I was there. I recommend making a reservation as it expedited the process. I arrived at 7:10, 10 minutes after opening, and the lines were already long. Thankfully, due to making an appointment, they attended to me right away. They have a shuttle service that runs approximately every 30 minutes if you are leaving your car for a decent duration of time.

After my car was finished, I was pleasantly surprised by the price of the oil change. I use synthetic oil, and the price was cheaper than what I normally pay. The cashiers were very friendly and personable and made sure I had received all that I needed. What really impressed me was that the worker who went to pull my car around pulled it through their carwash free of charge! Albeit, it rained later in the day, but I truly appreciated the attention to customer service.

Casey S. | 2014-07-19

Review for the outstanding service department. Pulled up to the service area and was immediately alerted by the line that was coming out of the service bay. To my surprise I was immediately helped by a gentlemen named Adam. The timeframe & price he gave me was spot on and the waiting room is nice and comfortable. I'm glad I bought a Honda and ecstatic I have a good & dependable service place to bring it to. Keep it up First Texas and Adam!!

Alex S. | 2014-07-14

It's SO nice to write a positive review after writing a negative one. FTH is awesome. After dealing with a bunch shady mechanics, they were honest, polite, and efficient. I got a lot of work done at a very reasonable price and my car runs like a champ!  If you have a Honda, don't waste your time with anyone else but them. :)

Leslie H. | 2014-07-12

I would give zero stars if I could.  Sold my car here because Honda Financial (HF) owned the loan and I thought that would make this whole transaction simpler.  Was told HF would send me a check for the refund of equity.  Almost a month later still no check so I call HF and they tell me they can't issue the check because First Texas only paid the amount of the loan and kept the equity.  When I call FT it takes 30 minutes and several times of being hung up on to find someone who even knows what I'm talking about.  Alissa tells me that she will overnight check that day and call me in the morning to provide the tracking number.  No call the next morning...I call back, hung up on a few more times before I get back to Alissa, because she tries to get her receptionist to talk to me instead of talking to me herself.   She hasn't sent the check, but claims it's because it was too late for fed ex pick up yesterday.  When the reality is she hasn't even gotten the mailing ready.  I HAVE to sit there on the phone with her to make sure she actually creates the label so I can get the tracking number for it because otherwise she probably wouldn't have done it.  

I feel deliberately deceived and cheated and if I hadn't called no one would have ever sent me the check, they would've just kept it.

Don't even get me started on the 'free oil changes' they offer when you buy your car there, where they make up things that need to be fixed.  Once told me I had nails in 3 of my tires and that I needed the tires replaced.  Took it to Discount Tire, they said that it wasn't true only one tire had a nail in it and they were able to patch it at no charge!

I wish people would just do what they say they are going to do, so that I wouldn't have to waste my time following up on it.  Just a bunch of excuses and lies...don't waste your time with this place and with these incompetent employees who don't care and try to steal your money, you'll thank me.

Brenda S. | 2014-07-09

I bought my car here and every time I take it back either for service or a concern, everyone is attentive and professional.  The waiting room is big with a little cafe serving drinks and snacks, along with several big screen TV's to pass the time.  They are very organized and when I leave I feel well taken care of..

Mrs. A. | 2014-07-08

Went shopping for Accord Hybrid and the sales representative was horrible. Just because he didn't have the color combo on the lot, he tried to sell me a gas engine. He made sure to tell me that First Tx Honda was the largest in the country and they wouldn't negotiate prices on the hybrids or others.  So... I went on the Internet and bought my Accord Hybrid from Sames Honda in Laredo.  They sold me the 2014 EXL for the same price that First Texas was wanting to sell me the base model for.  Doesn't take much to figure out who really wanted my business .  Sames in Laredo gave me a free window tint, car cover and appearance package for free and it came out cheaper than the First Texas 'no haggle' price on the base model hybrid.   First Texas forgot how they got to be the biggest in the country.    Text or call Roal at 956 286 8913 and compare prices.  Doesn't hurt to check.  Then you can 'drive' your new car back to Austin.

George R. | 2014-07-02

What a wonderful experience!  Jason McEntire did an extraordinary job.  It felt like we were buying a car from friend.  He has incredible product knowledge.  And, more importantly, he communicates this knowledge in enjoyable and easy to understand language.  Do yourself a favor and ask for Jason.  You'll be very happy you did.  First Texas, a family and locally owned Austin business is where I urge you to get your next car!  No pressure whatsoever, genuine warmth, true professionals and great cars.  What an ideal combination!  We love our new Honda Fit!!!!

Mason M. | 2014-06-25

We have shopped around for cars at multiple other dealerships, and in our experience this was a refreshing change of pace. First of all, we were greeted at the door by the most knowledgeable salesman that we have ever worked with, Austin Wells. He was professional, and was not pushy at all. He actually knew more than I did about the vehicle! After explaining all the different options, he took my wife and I for a test drive. Beyond Austin's amazing service, the showroom itself was spacious and clean, with a complimentary coffee bar and nice kids area for our toddler to play in.

Overall, head and shoulders above any of the other dealerships I have ever been to. Keep up the good work! Very impressed and will be back.

Bailey C. | 2014-06-25

After my experience here, I have no intention of doing business with any other dealership. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

I wasn't thrilled about buying a new car and, initially, went to a dealership in Round Rock. They were nice enough, but the sales tactics were practically nauseating and they knew less about the car than I did. I left and stopped by First Texas Honda, simply because it was on my way home. I'm so glad I did.

I was greeted by, Jacob. This guy is a serious asset for the company. He is highly knowledgeable and personable. The first car I looked at ended up being purchased by someone else before my financing went through. Without bothering me about it, Jacob proactively spoke to financing and worked out all of my options. When he contacted me, I didn't have to figure anything out, tell him what to do, or stress about trying to find a different vehicle. He had listened to what I liked or disliked and did the work of filtering through choices for me; I loved that! He had the car I decided on parked and ready for a test drive when I got there.

Laura was the aftermarket specialist who helped me with customizing. Frankly, she's precious, but also very helpful and honest.

This place removes a lot of the stress in purchasing a vehicle or having it worked on. The service center provides you with a new vehicle while they are working on your car, even if you didn't buy it from them.

Summer B. | 2014-06-24

I was dreading this whole process! I'd been researching cars for a few months. I had already been to three other dealerships and  wanted to give up,  abandon the entire thing and ride the bus!  BUT...I'm not a quitter so, I decided I would test drive a Honda...

When I arrived I was greeted with smiles and hellos. No one attacked me or swarmed me but a nice fellow, Roderick approached me and asked  if I wanted assistance. I told him what I wanted to test drive. He got my info and we took off. While I was voicing my likes and dislikes of the vehicle he suggested another car. This car was a much better fit for me.  He actually listened to me and was helpful with going through pros and cons between the two models. I don't usually take anyone's advice (I'm a hard headed woman) but Rod made valid points and helped me arrive on a decision.
Rod is fairly new in the car business but knowledgable and his down to earth personality, humor and sincerity was refreshing.  He is a good guy and although I typically distrust dealerships, I felt confident with him.

A few days later I went in and purchased my vehicle. After going through a few more details with Rod I moved on to Laura the "After Market Specialist"  She was very pleasant and helpful. Yes, I got suckered into accessories but that wasn't her fault lol, I'm a sucker for good accessories, what can I say!

Then it was on to Mike the "Finance Manager". He was funny and also pleasant. He was clear and precise with all the paperwork and this process went smoothly and quickly.

These three people made the experience a lot less terrible than I thought is was going to be.

I also need to mention that Teresa in the service center was great the day I went in to get accessories done.

Thanks Roderick, Laura, Mike and Teresa for providing a positive experience for me.

If you are in the market for a vehicle ask for Roderick Stuart Young and tell him Summer sent you.

And please remember to research the vehicles you are interested in. I feel the more you know going into any dealership the better off you are. Try to go in with a positive one wants to deal with someone who already hates them. Not every person is trying to pull one over on you.

Louis S. | 2014-06-24

I purchased my 2012 Honda Accord here, and it was my first new car I bought. Throughout the whole process, everything went extremely smoothly. I wasn't sure what to do about negotiating prices etc since I had never done it, but with the no haggle pricing, it was easy. I compared prices with other dealers, and this price was extremely fair. I would say for the time that it saved, it was worth the price.

After buying my car, I've had to come by a couple times for oil changes, but the maintenance here is extremely quick and smooth too. I just pulled up to the service line, dropped my car off, and go do whatever else I need to. Today, I decided to just work from the waiting room, and their waiting rooms are pretty nice too. It'd be better if they had slightly more comfortable chairs where you could work from but no major complaints. The people that work here are extremely friendly and explain anything if you've got any questions. In my case, I had to look for a warranty for my tire I purchased elsewhere, so I had tog actually go back to my car to look for it. I talked with the guys actually doing the maintenance, and they were chill and cool to talk / explain too. I think the best thing though is the complimentary drinks/snacks they provide. As I went into the waiting room, I was expecting to have to pay a decent price for drinks and snacks, but everything was free.

Overall, everything I've experienced here has been great.

- wifi
- free drinks / food
- great people that work @ services
- quick
- kept me up to date of what's happening / if they found any additional problems
- onsite insurance

- chairs can be slightly uncomfortable if you're waiting for a bit
- when selling the cars, there was one lady who kept pushing me to buy a car (I talked with multiple people through 3 or 4 visits, everyone else was great) Even the lady selling to push the car was funny and passive aggressive pushy. Everyone that I talked to was able to hold a decent conversation without pushing.

Keep up the great work First Texas!

Will J. | 2014-06-22

This Honda dealership has always taken good care of me. From giving me a loaner car when needed, and fast and courteous service. If you ever need maintenance on your Honda this is the place to do it hands down, I wouldn't trust anyone else!

Heidi K. | 2014-06-18

Exemplary service and pricing. I can't say enough good things about First Texas Honda. However, it's the only Honda dealership that I know of that treats it's customers like a Lexus dealership, including free loaner cars and free espresso bar and beverages. This place is first class all the way for service and sales. You won't be disappointed!

T T. | 2014-06-17

My Families and I have been customer to First Texas Honda since 1989 and i bought my first Honda Accord, back then everything was good.

i purchased a brand new Honda at First Texas Honda, but then things goes the opposite way (i meant every possible nightmare to new car buyer).  Like many of the comments here and pretty much every comments are RIGHT one way or another.  just because I am from Austin and like to support our local economy and that is why i buy at First Texas Honda.
-HAGGLE FREE (think again or don't think at all, just shop in Houston and you will get much better deal and less stress)
- My Sale person did even show up for my new car delivery
- After market item was a joke (you can save a bunch of money by looking up online for local)
- Knowledge of the Sale team at First Texas Honda are very inexperience to none
- no communication among the dept within this dealer.  just like "he says, she says attitude"
- stay away names are Christian / New car Sale
- stay away from Jeff Smith / Service (he talks more than he can deliver)

Kyle G. | 2014-06-11

Brought my car in for oil change and was told cv boot was leaking. Approved replacement of part and came to pick up vehicle a few hours later. On the drive home the car made the worst metal grinding noises ever. Apparently the mechanic hadn't seated the cv boot in properly. Had to bring vehicle back the next day. Not a single apology for wasting my time or possibly ruining my car. Best advise, if something doesn't feel right when driving away, bring it back quick!

TK C. | 2014-06-07

We called and Jobelle was the sales associate that spoke to us. We explained that we live in Dallas and saw their ad for a 1 owner, low mileage, 2013 Acura RDX for sale. We asked if she could just check to make sure the care was in good condition before we make the long drive down from Dallas. She understood, said she went to look the car over in person, and assured us the car was in near perfect condition, no flaws in the body, drives great, and everything works perfectly.
So we set off on the 3 hour drive and she calls to check that we're on the way. When we get there and meet her, she says hello, but that she has another customer she's waiting for, so she hands us off to Jacob. He takes us for the test drive and before we drive, we already notice issues just walking around the car. A door had a large chip of paint that was covered with touch up paint (a triangular shape about the size of a nail clipper). The rear bumper had been repainted and had a whole section of runs (looks like rain drops running down a window) and the section was about 4 inches wide with runs about 2 inches long. I suspect that although the rear bumper was repainted, the hatch door was not because it still had many chips with small chunks of paint gone along the bottom edge. The side mirror had clipped something which left a black/brown mark on a silver car, about the size of a quarter, which might have been able to be removed with some rubbing compound, but still, something clearly noticeable from afar that Jobelle should have noticed. The paint on the front bumper was spiderwebed on the bottom corner so the paint was stress cracked and would be cracking off in just a matter of short time. The owner must have bumped something like another car while parking or something.
I said we already made the long drive there, we might as well go on the test drive, thinking we could talk about the price to make up for the damages all over the body. As we're on the drive with Jacob, the sunroof opened, but wouldn't close. It shut half way, then stopped and backed up. We pressed close again, and it did the same thing. This repeated several times, and we even tried to hold the front clip down and let go at the last second. but it still didn't work. After a few more tries, it finally closed. Looking online, it seems there are other people who have encountered this with this model car.
After some discussion, we decide we could work with all the issues, so we go inside to discuss pricing. After discussion with Jacob and taking all the damage and repair costs into consideration, we made an offer to purchase the vehicle for just $800 less than they were asking. Jacob kept repeating this line about how they are a "honest, upfront, no-haggle pricing" dealership. I immediately called him out on it, saying "where was this honest, upfront business when Jobelle lied about the car condition and told us to come on down from Dallas?" He said he apologizes and he asked Jobelle about it and she said she just didn't see it. She's either blind or a liar.
Anyway, I told Jacob I knew it wasn't his fault because he wasn't the one that told us the lies on the phone, but he can not say something that is supposed to represent how they do business as a dealership, but then have sales people that blatantly lie with no regards to people's time, money, and feelings. Still, they would not meet us on the $800 difference on a $31,000 purchase, and my girlfriend was crying at the dealership, so I just said forget it and we left.
THEN, as if to rub salt in the wound, Jobelle emails us asking if we're still interested in the car and that they are dropping the price on it. Are you $%^&$%*@#$ kidding?!?!
Jobelle, it's people like you that give car salespeople the bad stereotype. I know you want to sell cars and make a living, but it's sad you have to be a liar to do it. You could have been upfront and we would be appreciative people. We might have even discussed it a bit further on the phone and still possibly worked out a deal, who knows. But to lie, make people waste an entire day, wasted money on gas, 6 hours of driving back and forth, no consideration of people's feelings, is the bottom of the barrel. That kind of guilt would keep me up at night and is the kind of stuff that karma brings back around to you. Life is too short to treat your fellow humans that way.
Jacob, you really need to cut that repetitive "honest, upfront, no haggle pricing" line out of your sales pitch, especially after going through the inspection and test drive we just went on. You JUST went through the above, Jobelle's lie, and then say we are an honest, upfront dealer? Come on.... And then you were $800 off from making a $31k sale, said no, only for Jobelle to email us saying the price is being dropped. Looks like she stung you too.
After owning dozens of cars, many bought new from a dealer, I've never had such a terrible experience ever.

Mariko B. | 2014-06-02

Made the 200 miles drive down from Dallas to purchase my slightly used dream car, an Acura RDX. I called & confirmed with Jobelle that the car was on the lot and was in close to perfect condition; specifically no scratches, repainted areas, scrapes... etc. She held the keys for me and I was happily on my way. Upon arriving, we were handed off to another employee, Jacob and offered complimentary coffee drinks, meh. As we reached the car, I noticed a TON of damage; scraped side, scratches, a paint chip, discolored side mirror, stress fracture on the front bumper, and overspray paint drips. WTF?!?!?! I was blatantly told there was NO damage, did she even look at the car? -_- We took it on a test drive because so far those things were cosmetic and I could repair them before they compromised the car's integrity. During our test drive, the sunroof got stuck, after a dozen attempts in trying to close it, it finally shut all the way. That was the icing on the cake.

We still would have purchased the car, if they had considered it would cost me more money to properly repair the damage and lowered the price. BUT because of their "honest upfront" no-haggle price, they wouldn't budge on the damaged vehicle. There was NOTHING upfront and honest about their behavior. It makes me so mad to think I wasted time & money, driving down from North Texas just to try to purchase a car I was told was free of imperfections and then insulted by basically being told they couldn't do anything about the price. If their True Car policy matched their True Car price I'd be fine & would have happily drove away in a new car with every intention of restoring it to it's prime condition, but seeing as how they weren't, something has to give right? No negotiation = no customer service = no True Car attitude.

Over it, go somewhere else if you don't want to get toyed with -_-

Daisy L. | 2014-05-29

Promised update:  Returned the car and my request to return the vehicle was honored by the dealership.  Averaged the experiences.. so added a couple of stars.

Short: Went through the purchase process at First Texas Honda yesterday.  While the employees were pleasant enough, the method of processing purchase puts car in doubt.

Toward the end of the transaction, they took me a separate office to complete paperwork. .  This office has a posted disclosure that the conversation is being recorded.  This step left me seriously concerned about the integrity of the deal.  As wecwent through paperwork, it was clear this stop was all about their deal... not the customer.  The was the addtional warranties was presented then even raised more red flags that the vehicle that I was sold a defective or sabatoged vehicle. (Yes I realize it was no likely... but the way it was handled flipped the script in my head.)  

Michael and Courtney were the team I worked with, while friendly... the way the process was competed has me seriously considering returning the vehicle.  This has me questioning this car purchase.

I will try to post an update with detail to help other car shoppers after I talk to an advisor.  Update added at the top.

Alek Z. | 2014-05-25

Just bought my first car from First Texas Honda! As far as car dealerships go, you could do a whole lot worse.

The general consensus on car salesmen aside, I didn't find the experience to be anywhere near as bad as I've heard. Eric Paulson went out of his way to be personable and informative, and was a very interesting person. Mike Condrey gave me an exhaustive list of warranty options. I did find the process to take a little longer than it should have, especially since I had a VBC in hand, but nothing too bad.

And the place was very professional. A nice coffee bar, even a kid's room.

One thing I will add, for the newbies like me out there: if it says "No Haggle," it means no haggle. They will not budge, cash in hand or not. Having said that, they do have some pretty good deals.

George E. | 2014-05-24

"We're so busy.... if I have time...."  - i.e. We don't want to answer any questions completely; we just want your money.... but we don't want  your business that much. I'd been speaking with them for several days, yet when I wanted to get down on paper, my out of pocket to purchase this Memorial Day weekend, well, both the salesman and a manager fell short..... 3 Times they indicated that they might not have time to actually provide details to close the deal. Neither do I.

India B. | 2014-05-17

As a new Austinite I am glad to have done business here. Reminded me of what Austin hospitality is supposed to be. I felt no pressure to buy but also felt that the staff cared. I wish I could have gotten the car for a not cheaper (because I like to haggle) but it was definitely a fair price and good buying experience!

Rossi E. | 2014-05-13

Best car buying experience ever, my sales Person Julia made it fun and Mike in financing was so fun and easy as well, and I really love my new Honda,, all around fantastic!! Also got a really fair trade in, I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

Mike B. | 2014-05-06

First, a plug for True Car -- since they are why I purchased my car at First Texas Honda: True Car is fantastic.  Easy.  Upfront.  They have transformed the car purchasing experience.  Can't say enough about them.

Here's the process:

*I entered into True Car the car that I wanted (colors, options, etc.)

*I was given three True Car prices for three different dealerships within 75 miles.  The dealer names are not revealed; however, the distances from your zip code are shown.

*I picked the lowest price, which -- bonus! -- happened to be the closest dealer.

*You then give True Car your name and contact info.  After submitting, True Car reveals the dealer name.

*In less than an hour, a First Texas Honda sales coordinator emailed me with the name of the staff member assigned to handle my purchase.  

*The staff member and I then connected via email.  I confirmed my color preference and pricing.  In my case, I had to wait a few days for the car that I wanted to arrive.

*When the car arrived, the staff member contacted me and scheduled a time for me to come in.

*The sales documents matched all numbers that were originally quoted.  No numbers mysteriously or suddenly changed.  THIS WAS EXTREMELY REFRESHING.

*After various pitches for various things (see below), I received an orientation of my car...and I drove off!

Overall, a very good experience.

Two gripes:

*The paperwork and delivery process was longer than I had expected.  The pitches for gap insurance; paint sealant; and dealer-installed aftermarket items is tiresome, especially when I had told them in advance that I wouldn't be purchasing any of them.  During the sales pitches, however, the dealership personnel were professional and employed no high-pressure tactics.

*First Texas Honda charges a sneaky fee and calls it a "tax" -- specifically, the "Dealer's Inventory Tax."

    When First Texas sent me the breakdown in costs, the fee was listed under the category, "Taxes."  However, reading the fine print of the contract reveals:

         "The Dealer's Inventory Tax is intended to reimburse the dealer
           for ad valorem taxes on its motor vehicle inventory.  The charge,
           which is paid by the dealer to the county tax assessor-collector,
           is not a tax imposed on a consumer by the government and is not
           required to be charged by the dealer to the consumer."
    Translated:  It's a dealer fee that they hide by labeling a tax.  Classifying a fee as a government tax is deceptive.

    In my case, the fee-pretending-to-be-a-tax was $44 -- a small amount...and I was anxious to leave.  

Again, overall, it was a very good experience.  I would recommend First Texas Honda to friends.  

p.s.  I was thrilled to learn that First Texas doesn't put badging on the trunks of its cars!

Paul C. | 2014-05-03

A very pleasant car buying experience.

Normally I would rather undergo a lengthy dental procedure rather than buy a car from a large dealership.  But when I purchased my vehicle from First Texas Honda yesterday, I am pleased to say that I would recommend them to anyone.   My sales person - Jason McEntire was professional, but also very laid back and friendly.  There was none of the typical car dealer smoke and mirrors.  Everything was up front and honest.  They gave me a good trade in price for my old junker.  Even though I was only buying a used vehicle, they treated me like I was buying the most expensive car on the lot.  I don't think I could have found a better price even from an individual.    Kudos to Jason and the folks at First Texas Honda.  I am sure I'll be back to do business with them again.  A nice bonus - they have a  cafe in the dealership with complementary cappuccinos, sodas, and snacks!

Martha H. | 2014-04-30

I haven't bought a car in more than 10 years, so I was stunned at how the industry has changed. Car salesmen are  not the annoying people of yesteryear, at least not the ones I met. I went to numerous dealerships in Austin & San Antonio and had tons positive experiences. (There's always an exception to the rule of course, that being the Honda dealership in San Antonio on San Pedro. My salesperson there was so far beyond awful that I would never have bought a Honda if that had been my only experience.)

I ended up purchasing a car from First Texas Honda on Steck in Austin. They have a no-haggle policy, which streamlines the laborious process of buying a car. The coffee bar and barista is a nice touch, too, but it's really the people I worked with there that made it a positive experience.

Tung H. | 2014-04-29

This review is for the Service and Parts department at First Texas Honda.

My experience yesterday with a service rep named Austin was one of the best experiences I've had at any dealership. Period. My wife and I came in to buy wiper replacements, and as we were walking away ready to install them at home, one of the service reps kindly asked if we had a few minutes so they could install them for us right then and there! I was absolutely floored. We were introduced to Austin, who did a great job servicing our Honda and also teaching us how to install our wipers in case we ever wanted to install them on our own in the future. Austin was patient, friendly, and extremely thorough. Our rear wipers had some complications with installation, but he tried it multiple times until he got it just right.

Convenient location right off Steck and close to MoPac. Awesome service all-around. You literally just pull up your Honda to the Service and Parts area, and one of the awesome valet guys assists you right on the spot.

To top it off, in the main Sales building (within easy walking distance from Service and Parts), they feature a nice cafe where they serve complimentary espresso drinks while you wait. Best part: They buy their coffee beans locally from Texas Coffee Traders! Can't wait to come back!

Ken L. | 2014-04-28

Honestly, after my experience with First Texas Honda, I have to wonder how many of these positive reviews are legitimate. In the process of purchasing a new car, this dealership managed to screw up nearly every aspect of the process.

First, the paperwork just to buy took over four hours even though we had pre-selected the vehicle and had stellar credit. Then we had a few add-on features that needed to be taken care of by the service department. They screwed that up. This took a day longer than they said it would, and when I went to pick it up, I found they hadn't completed all the work. Evidently they were going to let me waltz out having paid for additional features they hadn't provided. There was a "paperwork error", I was told. This added another day to the process of driving the car off the lot. Also an unnecessary trip.

But surely the contract financing with Honda went well, right? The financing offer from Honda WAS a good deal. However, the dealership somehow managed to screw up the contract paperwork. I had to make yet another special trip back to correct their error.

Finally, I had an appointment with the sales agent to go over the car's features after (finally) picking it up from service. This was an appointment made in advance. The sales agent was "running late" with no ETA provided for his arrival. I opted not to wait around until whenever he showed up.

I'm trying really hard to think of one positive aspect of this experience. You'd think the dealership would be at their best when you spend $30,000 on a new car. I guess the waiting area is pretty nice and no one punched me in the face.

Katie Rae P. | 2014-04-19

I absolutely love the new location. It's very convenient, and you can't beat their new service area. I enjoyed a donut, coffee, and Wi-Fi while I waited. Trudy so was so nice and helpful during my oil change and tire rotation. I will definitely be back again!

Kaolhi L. | 2014-04-18

I love coming here for all of my maintenance work on my Honda Accord. I used to go to Howdy Honda all the time but it was a bit of a drive as I live up north. What I like about coming here is that they honor all coupons surrounding Honda has currently running. The sitting area is nice. Free drinks, coffee, and snacks in the waiting room. You can't beat that. While you wait you can also check out all of the new models in the showcase room. The prices are pretty reasonable.

Linda F. | 2014-04-18

I had a great experience buying a new Honda Fit. Their web site lists all their cars with the exact price. Each has a no-haggle discount already calculated. I chose a car that had mild hail damage, so the discount was $2,000. The salesman Joe gave me excellent service. The entire dealership is pleasant, with a nice coffee bar for customers.

I'm surprised to see the range of reviews, from one to five stars. Keep in mind that any particular car can be sold at any moment - the web site says you can put a deposit on a car if you want to reserve it for yourself. Also it takes several hours to actually buy a car, especially if you want to finance it. I think this is true everywhere. I planned to write a check for the entire price, but there was a $750 discount for financing at least $5,000 through Honda. The salesman told me I can pay it off in a month if I like, and still keep the $750. So this required extra time and paperwork.

I hope my Fit turns out as well as my 2000 Civic, which I drove for 14 years!

Jason F. | 2014-04-15

Well, I bought a Fit here less than two years ago and I've made the mistake of using the Service Center coupons they keep sending me. I mean, the shuttle and free coffee bar (Texas Coffee Traders!) are nice, but the Service Center is...well, they seem to be doing all these really nice things so you don't question the only part of the Service Center that actually matters.

Six months ago I went in for an oil change and was told I also needed an alignment to prevent additional wear to my front tires. I typically agree to routine maintenance recommendations, so I consented.

Yesterday morning I brought my Fit in at 7AM for an oil change, a new tire, and a realignment. Yup, one of my tires had worn bald and failed at 25,000 miles, which I assumed was because the car went out of alignment again in less than six months.

Over 8 hours later the mechanic supervisor finally called to tell me that:
*The front alignment was not an issue.
*The rear alignment was permanently misaligned because of something major I had done but was refusing to share.
*The tires should have been rotated at my last visit (even though his staff did not recommend or do it).
*The blown tire wore out because it had not been rotated (yet went from safe to bald in less than six months).
*A second tire needed to be replaced.

We argued over the phone about Service Center responsibilities (why had they not recommended rotating my tires?), the tire warranty (how did a tire on an aligned car go from safe to bald in six months?), and my driving (they kept implying I had done something pretty bad). I eventually gave up and consented to all the recommended work with the offer that they would pay for one of the two new tires.

An hour later another mechanic called to tell me that the alignment machine had not been calibrated and a second alignment machine was used to show that the car was still aligned. In essence THEY HAD TAKEN ALL DAY TO GIVE ME AN INCORRECT CONCLUSION, WHICH INCLUDING BLAMING ME FOR THE CAR'S PROBLEMS. They agreed to pay for both new tires and an alignment, but I couldn't help but think this experience was one of my worst (and shadiest) mechanic experiences.

Heather W. | 2014-04-15

Horrible service experiences!  I have had so many things damaged on my car after having service performed at First Texas Honda.  Be very careful here.  Their outward appearance is nice but the service folk aren't careful.  I have had a wheel rim scraped up after having a tire replaced, my center console was all scratched up after they replaced my cup holder and they do not use soft water to wash their cars, leaving spots galore all over my new black car.  When I brought these items to the service manager's attention, they weren't very courteous and doubted my claims.

I would definitely drive across the city to go to another Honda dealership. We will not be purchasing any more cars here.

Rick S. | 2014-04-05

Bait & Switch! The car I had my eye on and made an appointment to see the following morning was amazingly "just reserved for another customer." Of course, the car was not on the lot and he could not give me any specifics...but he had a bunch of other vehicles at a similar price point that he would like to show me.

The poor sales rep was visibly shaking as he laid on the spiel.

I used to hear great things about this dealership. Now not so much. Just a waste of time.

Dan W. | 2014-04-04

Where do you start other than saying that this is by far the worst car deal I have had. I used to love First Texas Honda. In fact, I purchased two new Hondas from them back at the old location on Koenig. My wife and I were looking to replace our Subaru with a Suburban. They had a Suburban on the lot and the price was right for the mileage of the vehicle.  My wife and I are members of Randolph Brooks. We had a buyers check and should have been able to walk right in and just buy the car we wanted and drive it away. Instead, they made me fill out yet another application and go thru the entire process. They claimed they were new to using Randolph Brooks and that they needed to go thru the process. Two days later and 6 hours at the dealership and we finally had our Suburban. I asked them to specifically take care of one cleaning item and it wasn't done. I had a bird nest in the radiator of the Suburban. Long story short, I got home and crawled under it and pulled it out. This was just the beginning.
I purchased the Suburban on January 31th. Here it is 4/4/14 and I still have no license plates. I have called at least 4 times. I have gone to the dealership twice asking where my plates are. Each time they take my name and number and say they will get it resolved. Finally I get a call Monday on the 1st and my plates expire on the 2nd. I was guaranteed that my plates would be overnighted to my home. They still have not arrived. Now I am driving on expired plates. I am pissed. You are better off at any other dealership EXCEPT First Texas Honda. Take your money elsewhere.

J A W. | 2014-04-02

Both of my sons bought cars from First Texas Honda and were happy with them so I thought they must have improved over the years.  Turns out my sons just don't have high expectations.

I saw a CRV online, got loan approval from my bank and went in for a test drive.  Well, that car isn't even there yet.  It's still at the body shop.  What about this one?  Nope, not that one either.  So then he steers me to a new one.  Can we say "bait and switch"?

Just trying to get to test drive ANY car seemed to be too difficult.

After thinking about it, I realized that I do keep my Hondas for a long time so a new car would be okay.  Well, customer service continued to be a problem.  They didn't listen to me, the paperwork was inaccurate and the salesman even said he gets the same commission whether he sells a used car or a new car.  So I guess it takes too long to sell a new car so he didn't have time for me.  

The After Sales people don't know their products.  I was given options for window tint.  I opted for 30%.  Imagine my surprise when I picked up my car and the paperwork said 35%.  So I asked the service person.  She says the old product was 30%, but the new stuff is 35% and no matter how many times the service department tells the sales department, they keep calling it 30%.  That's a training problem.

You know in most places if you sign a contract for a certain item, that's what you're expecting to get.  When I complained about this to the After Sales Manager, he did offer to change the tint to 55% or take it off completely.  Which would mean leaving my car with them for another day.

Starting about 5:30 pm, I started telling everyone that if this was going to take much longer I would have to come back on Monday as I cannot drive at night.  No one seemed to care.  So I ended up driving home in the dark in an unfamiliar car from an area of town I'm not as familiar with.  And believe it or not, it started to rain really hard and, of course, I didn't know how to operate the wipers.  Thanks, First Texas Honda.  

There's more but this is enough to give you an idea of how bad the service is there.  And it's not like I don't know how to buy a car.  I had done my research; I had the financing already set up; there was no way it should have taken that long.

And on top of all that, neither of my sons have received their piddling referral bonus.  My daughter bought her Honda at a dealership in Copperas Cove and has referred several of her friends to that salesperson.  She promptly gets a $300 referral bonus.  

So if you are in the Austin area, do yourself a favor and contact the dealership in Copperas Cove.  They found her the Honda Fit that she wanted, when the dealerships in Austin said there was none to be had.

Anne B. | 2014-03-19

Well, this just sucks. First Texas Honda ( FTH)  has been my dealership of choice for many years.  No more.  A while back, I was told by FTH that the CV boot on my Odyssey van was leaking.  A few weeks later a 30 year experienced mechanic came to my house to fix our other vehicle, and I  asked him to look at the CV boots on the Odyssey van.  NO LEAKS at all he said.  I went back to FTH....this time, they found no leaks.  ????

Today, I took my van into FTH for a timing belt change.  I got a call from the service advisor that I need over $3000 worth of repairs!  And that's with the 20% coupon I brought in already deducted.   The service advisor read off a long list of repairs but never mentioned the check of the fuel module that catches fire and had been recalled on Odyssey vans.  So I called back and asked if it had been checked.  I was quickly told, "Oh yes, m'am, no leaks."  Okay.  

So I told the service advisor, don't do anything, that I can't come up with over $3000.  I'll come get my van.  He then said I owed $165 which is an hour labor to the mechanic since he had already begun work on my vehicle....I understand paying for a mechanic's time.  I just think the service advisor should have called me to inform me of the work needed BEFORE beginning to take apart my van.  Knowing the whole picture (i.e., complete list of repairs needed) can change the decision on what to fix and spend.  

Others have commented that FTH comes up with a lot of repairs they say are needed when taking a vehicle in for something less.  I have enough doubts now of my own to never go back to FTH.  I guess I'll consider I paid $165 for the lesson learned.  I hope they put my van back together right.  

DON'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE!! I won't ever again. And cancel that idea of buying a new vehicle from them!

Veronica P. | 2014-03-07

I have been going to the First Texas Honda since I came to Austin 3 years ago. Every time I bring my oddisey to service I look forward to seat in their cafe area while I wait. Most of the times it takes just an hour, but sometimes I wish I could stay more, is like Spa day in there! Never had a problem with their service and would definetly buy a car from them in the future.

J N. | 2014-03-01

These folks are great. I bought a used CR-V from a non-Honda dealer that later developed issues, FTH made all the necessary repairs even though they didn't have to.

Dotty is wonderful and helped me through the process and even found me a loaner despite how busy they've been. Michelle did a great job setting me up in a nice new-model rental. I couldn't believe it was free for me to use.

The tech was very thorough and found another problem before trying to return my car to me. I prefer the job done right than having to go back and forth, and FTH definitely gave my car a careful evaluation.

My highest praise is that I'll be going back, and continue using FTH in the future. Thanks folks!

Larry O. | 2014-02-22

Don't even both trying to buy a car any more from First Texas Honda.     Every other dealer in town will beat their No Haggle Price by hundreds if not thousands of dollars.   As background, I was a returning customer having previously bought two new cars from First Texas Honda at the old location.       I recently tried to buy what would have been my third new car from them but they wouldn't budge from their "No Haggle Price" even though every other dealer was a lot lower.    I ended up buying  the exact same car -- same year, model, trim, mileage, and color -- even the same delivery month --  for $1400 less at Howdy Honda just a few hours later.      When I asked First Texas about the  "Best Price Guarantee" what they told me was that the Best Price Guarantee had been discontinued by management just last weekend and didn't apply any more.

I just looked at the Yelp ratings and trending for the Austin Area Honda dealerships.   Since moving, First Texas Honda has gone from the highest rated Honda dealership in area to the lowest rated one.    It's now the only dealership with more one star reviews than five star reviews.   I really hope that management and the owners are paying attention.    I've historically really liked First Texas Honda and really miss the old way they cared about their repeat customers and took pride in their quality of service.

Brianna L. | 2014-02-07

Michael Forman made the whole experience easy & stress-free. My 1997 Civic died unexpectedly after putting over two thousand dollars into a rebuilt transmission just over a month ago. Needless to say, this purchase was unexpected. I appreciated that I was able to be very frank with Michael regarding down payment, monthly payment I wanted, etc. He respected that and never tried to upsell me.  

I appreciate the no-haggle pricing of First Texas Honda!  This was my first car purchase since the Civic, and that also helped decrease the stress level.  

Michael was extremely friendly and even took a picture of me with the old Civic as I said goodbye.

First Honda itself is a great setup - besides the no-haggle pricing, there is a great coffee bar, the service station is well-run with valets and smooth with little waiting.

If you go - ask for Michael, he definitely will take care of you!

Keith G. | 2014-01-25

More like "Worst Texas Honda".  I have been going to FTH for a little over three and a half years.  Initially, the service was great but it has steadily declined.  They have performed work without approval and they do not honor their appointments.  One time an oil change took 4 hours on a weekday morning and that was WITH an appointment.  Recently they charged me over $1300 for service related to my "check engine" light.  Less than two weeks later the light is back on and Service Manager, Garrett Liming, refuses to return my calls.  Service Advisor, John Kline, also lied to my face about performing a multi point inspection.  Found out two days later that my radiator was dry, all fluids were low, tires were underinflated and the cabin filters were caked with dirt.  Hopefully my car runs long enough for me to take it to a legitimate service center.

R. W. | 2014-01-11

This is about the parts/ service department.... when I purchased my used Honda ( purchased elsewhere) I discovered a superficial cover missing. I headed to FTH , which is in my neighborhood, to  order it. . The part came in almost a week late . They never even called to let us know it was in so we just stopped by to check on its status. I also brought in a picture of another feature missing a cover to show the gentleman so he could help me identify it , then I could order from them. He said he wasn't sure and ask one of the service guys to go out to my car to look. The nearest service guy couldn't be bothered. He was rude and said basically " Not my problem, ask the parts dept." I told him they sent us to you so we could identify it. No response.... nothing. Thank God there are other Honda dealerships ( esp. service departments)with better customer service.

Michael K. | 2014-01-07

After many years of being a loyal customer to this dealership, I will no longer be returning.  My service adviser, Craig Sager, has taken great care of me for many years.  He is always honest and great to deal with as mentioned in my previous review.

After 16 years, Craig is no longer at First Texas Honda....

For the first time ever, when I brought my Honda in for regular service, guess what?  Yep, now they tell me there are tons of things wrong with my Honda.  Well, I brought it to a trusted mechanic for a second opinion and none of these things turned out to be true.

I was treated terribly by my new "service adviser".  It saddens me after all of these years of being a loyal customer but I will no longer be returning to First Texas Honda.  Nor will I continue to purchase new cars from this dealership.  They can take their No Haggle and shove it.

Mark F. | 2014-01-07

My most disliked purchase is a new car. I'd rather take a beating.  I should say that we research large dollar items with due diligence.  By the time we see a salesperson, we already know what the car, trade in and our down will be. So here we go to FTH, checkbook in hand!
I communicated with FTH via email with a salesman and I asked to do a test drive of an Accord Hybrid on a Saturday.  We preferred to come in the morning but he said too many people buy cars in the morning, that the afternoon would be a better time for an appointment, so we set 4pm for the following Saturday.  We got there about 10 minutes beforehand and our salesman was paged.  After 30 minutes (it was now 4:20) we had heard nothing more from anyone and finally we went to the receptionist to ask about our salesman.  She looked around, paged again, but still no one came.   We were then told he was with a customer and he had sent word back to see if we could come back another day or if another salesman could help us. We opted for the latter but weren't happy at all that the original salesperson didn't have the decency to at least come out and tell us himself.  We tried to be understanding of the fact that we had what we believed was an appointment, so even if he was running a little late, we'd have been willing to wait, but we felt anything over 30 minutes was too much.
Our new salesperson was nice enough but we both had the feeling that he was either new or in some way disinterested, not obvious, but subtlety so. Before we left we asked him if it was possible, in the interest of time, for someone to check out our 2007 Altima SE for trade in value.  He basically said that it was unlikely due to the fact that everyone was too busy at that time and that normally, if we had come in the morning, which is always a better time since, it's slower! Duh.
He did offer to send us some electronic form that we could fill out and return and they could do an estimate based on that info but we got the impression it would be a non-binding approximation.  (As of this writing we still haven't received that form)
During the test drive we had compiled several questions but there were a couple of times where he said 'I don't know" as the response or misinformation was given.  I typically ask 1 or 2 questions that I've researched well enough to know the answer for certain to see if the salesman should reasonably be expected to know.  For example, I asked about the navigation map updates cost and he said they were "free". Wow, that's a great selling point since our Altima map updates are $199 and my Ford updates are about the same.  After returning home, I researched that online and found out this was not true.  Navteq does charge for updates and they aren't any cheaper than Ford or Nissan.
We were very impressed with the test drive of the car, so much so, that we were strongly considering writing a check to make a deposit and order one (since they didn't have another Hybrid Touring on the lot).
Well, then there's the problem that we were told that we can't order a car.  Something about the way they get cars from Honda, there are no special orders; they get what they get from Honda!?!  We were very puzzled and just didn't understand.  The salesperson told us that no car dealerships 'order' cars for customers, not Ford, Nissan, Toyota, etc.  Well, I beg to differ.  My 2011 Fusion was not only specifically ordered by me (due to the combination of accessories I wanted) but I also received regular updates on the 'build' and ship progress!   So we pressed him a bit more on how would a potential customer know when the car they want would be available to them?  He said they can check ahead on some list to see what they're getting weeks or a couple of months in advance.  He said that nothing like what I wanted was listed as far as he could see.  So the next issue was the accessories/options I spec'd out on the Honda website.  He had to take them to someone (somewhere in the 'back') to get prices for each accessory/option even though they were listed on the sheet I printed from the Honda website.  We thought, oh good, their prices are going to be lower. Wrong. Each itemized accessory or option was HIGHER, and in some cases significantly higher.  When we asked why they were higher than what Honda lists them as we never really understood the answer.
Now we're seriously unhappy.  We came to their dealership, checkbook in hand, appointment set, and due diligence done but we left very unimpressed and very disappointed in what we had hoped would be a positive car buying experience.
I realize that some of the reviews here are extremely positive.  I say great, you got what you needed and you were very happy about your purchase, good for you.  Our experience was very disappointing.  We have always been smart shoppers by doing a lot of research beforehand, asking questions and having higher expectations for a high dollar purchase. Which is what we'll do at the next Honda dealership.

Sarah S. | 2014-01-06

I looked at several dealerships before settling on First Texas Honda. One of the other dealerships refused to work with me because I had my own financing (I couldn't believe it). Other dealers were clearly overpriced and I hate to haggle, especially when I realized I could just come here. Jason M. was AWESOME. He was polite, friendly, courteous and followed up with me, but was never pushy. His concern was that I get a car that fit my needs and was within my budget. Thank you sooooo much to Jason and First Texas Honda for making that happen. I love my new Civic coupe!

Zach M. | 2014-01-06

I've already been unhappy with the service department at First Texas Honda (see previous review), but today when I went to the coffee shop area after dropping off my car, I discovered that the big screen TV channel was on Pat Robertson, who is highly offensive to educated Austinites.  This, combined with what another review said about FTH advertizing on Rush Limbaugh, makes me think that perhaps FTH is not going to be my dealership.

Amanda A. | 2014-01-01

Back in my Austin-living days, I took my car here for services. Fast forward a few years and I was in town visiting family and decided I wanted to test-drive a Fit. So my brother and I ventured over to the new location, walked in, and they called someone up to help us. Jeremy Marty came over and introduced himself, and walked us back, asking if we wanted a coffee or latte from the coffee bar. We were both chock full of caffeination already so we passed, but it was a great feature I'd otherwise take advantage of. In Jeremy's office, we chatted about my needs. It was refreshing that upon hearing I no longer lived in Texas and likely wouldn't be able to buy a car from there, he nonetheless continued to be just as patient and friendly assisting me. He even spoke with me about resale and what I should and shouldn't so when I list my used Accord. Jeremy was so great that it actually makes me want to go back to Texas just to buy a car from him. True customer service that went beyond all my expectations.

Mike K. | 2013-12-30

This review is about their service center. I've used them in the past for drop-off service with no issues. Today I tried the "express service". Quoted 2 hrs or an oil change. It ended up well over 3 hrs. When I checked in at the 2 and a half mark, the service manager guy said that they were just rolling it in to the bay - some kind of "emergency" with the technicians had them short. I had let the service manager guy know that I'd be waiting when I dropped the car off. I'd at least appreciate some kind of warning that they'd be running late when they miss that badly. People have places to be, and losing an extra hour+ to the void is definitely not cool.

So, if you drop it off, it generally goes to plan since they call when they're done. They can't manage the times for squat. Wait for service at your own peril.

Update: they did end up comping the oil change. It doesn't "make it right" but it does make it feel better. 2 stars to 3 stars. This wasn't the 1st time their predictions were off for me while waiting for service, just the worst. Been this way since they opened at Steck @ Mopac. Lesson learned until service managers & techs look less like chickens sans heads and can handle the volume they sign up for.

Austin C. | 2013-12-26

I just wrapped up a visit to First Texas Honda and was thoroughly impressed. I talked to a salesman name Alan and it was the car buying experience that I expect in this day and age. He spent the time with me to test drive 3 cars. This is something most dealerships just won't do. I've been the victim of age discrimination at other dealerships and this was not the case here. Even though I'm a younger guy, they knew I was there to strike up a deal and walk away with a car. The complimentary coffee bar was a nice touch.

The one thing that really made my day was not the niceness of both my salesman Alan or the finance guy, Tyler. It was the courtesy that they showed. I had them appraise my car which of course meant giving them my keys. When the trade appraisal and financing information came back, my keys were placed on the table alongside the keys for the new car. While other dealerships hold your keys, this was not the case here. We weren't able to come to a deal today, but now I have all the details I need in order to make a decision.

I really appreciate the kindness and class shown by this dealership. Their location and facility is incredibly nice. The dealership is busy and you can tell it's because they treat their customers well. I will be bringing my business here when I come to a decision on my honda purchase.

Crispin R. | 2013-11-12

First Texas was the second dealership I called to see about fixing the issue with my new Honda. The first was awful and I won't go into it. When I called First Texas the issue was immediately diagnosed with the VIN number and I had an appointment scheduled the two business days later for first thing in the morning. The courtesy shuttle dropped me and my elderly mother off at her rehab appointment in a timely way and picked us up shortly after lunch at another location. They fixed my car which was under warranty and ran it through the wash for free. Supernice, friendly and thoughtful people at every turn.

Scott M. | 2013-11-12

Buy else where! After I bought the car I was told that they forgot to have me sign some paperwork and I had to drive all the way back to the dealership to correct their mistake. I live in South Austin so this is quite a drive for me to sign some papers that they forgot to have me sign in the first place. Sure the coffee bar is nice but I care more about the product and service than a free coffee.

Mark W. | 2013-10-24

I found my experience with First Texas Honda (FTH) to have been a good experience.  I was looking at a trade-in of my Civic and an upgrade to a 2014 Accord EX-L.  While I had pricing from other dealers in the same range of $27,000, First Texas offered a simple no haggle price that rivaled competitors without having to argue of a few dollars.  They gave a good price on my trade-in and overall everyone was very polite and pleasant to work with.  I had a few small issues with tint and paperwork after my purchase and everything was fixed with FTH without issue.  I have to give Chris a big thank you for making the final part of this experience great.  I love my new car.  When I get my Ridgeline replaced next year, I will be returning will be here...

Sara H. | 2013-10-23

As a newbie to buying a car (this was my first car!) I was terrified to go car shopping because of horror stories that I've heard about dealerships. I did all of my prep before going to any dealerships and was planning and ready for the worst. I went on a Saturday, so it was very busy and that didn't help my anxiety. When I first walked in with my boyfriend, we were greeted by a sales associate and the receptionist. They were both warm and welcoming and willing to help us find a sales associate who was able to take care of us. The wait time was less than 10 minutes and it was nice to not have a long wait. Our sales associate Krisit was very helpful and welcoming. She talked to me about what I was looking for which was a different experience than previous dealers who only talked to my boyfriend. Kristi took the time to talk to me and determine what I needed. I was hoping for a specific color to test drive and she told me that they did not have it in stock. Luckily, as she was going to get the cars for the test drive, she found what I was looking for! I was ecstatic! We took a test drive and she was very knowledgeable about the questions that were asked and the prices were not to be beat! I had expected to have to haggle, even though they state that they are a no haggle dealership, but I didn't have to haggle. The price they had posted on my Civic was exactly the price that I had researched and found using Kelley Blue Book and . I was thrilled. I was unable to purchase the car on Saturday because of a scratch on the front bumper and Honda would not let me purchase the car with the scratch until they fixed it. I was disappointed, but I was able to put a hold on the car that allowed me to come back once they buffed the scratch out and purchase the car if I choose. Kristi was wonderful and a great advocate for me the entire process and helped me leave on the following Tuesday with the car of my dreams, scratch free! When we sat down to talk financing, the associate we talked with was very down to earth and I felt as though he was also on my team, hoping for the best and selling me something that he would purchase himself. I am very happy with my Civic and I would recommend First Texas Honda to anyone looking for a new car. The entire experience was pleasant and fun and not scary and anxiety driven. I am very happy with my new car and I really appreciate everyone at the dealership making me feel at home! Thanks Kristi!

Deanna C. | 2013-10-17

Dealer # 3 after horrible Mazda and not too good Kia. Actually made an appt. on this one, via internet. Have not bought a car, still looking. This review is for the dealership, w/o financing. Things I liked. 1) Salesman was not wearing cologne/after shave--I actually got to smell the new car smell. 2) When I walked into the bldg., there were clear directional signs! Wow, didn't have to ask anyone anything. 3) The salesman showed me the car models in the climate controlled showroom--no running over the parking lot. 4) Salesman Ken was very professional, knowledgeable, and listened--ohmigod, can you believe that?--to what my issues w/the cars were. 5. He didn't hesitate to suggest another model and did not try to convince me that the one that I knew wasnt' right--wasn't right. 6) The straight back chairs in his office are better than a chiropractic adjustment, I tried to get him to sell me one.  Go in just to try one!!!
7) He actually put things in order--car first, consider financing after we know what car. (Of course, financing could have nixed the sale, but it would be more likely the other way around)  8) They give you goodies!--little basket of lip gloss. I have a ton at home but never remember to put them in my purse to use in the car. 9) Spotlessly clean--huge too. 10) 2 other waiting areas elsewhere--well, one looked like the employee cafeteria. This one was clean and comfy--it looked like.. The one wait I had was in that comfy chair in the salesperson's office.
11) The whole experience was professional, businesslike, all good, an special thanks to Kenneth Sands.

My failure to buy a car--might still happen--had nothing to do with the salesman or the dealership. And BTW, for anyone who follows me, I have never received a payment for my reviews. I was shocked when I found out it was done, as I really rely on Yelp members to help me make decisions and totally appreciate the time that other members take to let us know about good, and bad, deals.

Andrea C. | 2013-10-15

Be careful! First Texas Honda  charged me $70 for oil change and tire rotation but my instrument panel still show 15% oil level and icon for service!!!

Aleasha S. | 2013-10-15

I've had some experiences with car dealers that are very pushy and aggressive and First Texas Honda was nothing like that. Everyone was nice and genuinely wanted to help me. They didn't even push the more expensive cars, I actually chose it myself. I loved the complimentary coffee and snack bar. They also have a kids room that many kids were taking advantage of and if I were a parent I can imagine loving that the kids were occupied while I was looking at cars. The whole experience felt classy and smooth.

Kathryn G. | 2013-09-19

My family are long-time Honda owners and we've purchased several of our vehicles from First Texas. Recently, my mom and I participated in a slightly confusing car swap whereby either she or I was going to purchase a new or used Honda. Jeremy, one of the incredible First Texas associates was ever so patient with us throughout the entire process. He invested a great deal of time in letting us both test drive cars and after we determined that it was best for my mom to get the new car, he was a champ about answering and re-answering all of her inquiries to help her find the car that met all of her needs.

He knew that she was shopping at other dealerships and ultimately, it came down to which one had the exact color and features she wanted, even though she preferred the convenience and luxury of the First Texas lounge. Jeremy was an incredible sport and even sent her a congratulatory text after she made her decision final which reinforces our loyalty to these guys. In all likelihood, we'll be back to see them again in the not-too-distant future.

Grant B. | 2013-09-13

My experience here was top notch! I went in to buy a new car, which they had waiting for me in front of the dealership. My Salesperson, Janelle, greeted me promptly when I walked in and offered me a Latte! She walked me to the car for a test-drive, and we had a nice chat while I drove my new car around. We returned to the dealership, wrote the deal and I drove away in under 2 hours! I had almost lost all faith in humanity until I met Janelle!! She was so real and sweet!! She even thanked me in a message on the temp tags! Kudos to Janelle and First Texas Honda!! You made me smile!!!

Ed M. | 2013-09-07

We visited the very attractive dealership twice and received great service from a salesman named  Jim.

With the 2013 model year winding down, we decided on a 2013 CRV with a newly lowered price on their website.

Made the call to Jim (twice) and then got a call back from someone else saying he was unavailable.  This person said that the price on their website is only available with their financing deal.  This is mentioned nowhere on the site and strikes me as false advertising.

I get the impression that Jim was out for personal reasons, and I would have liked to have heard this from him.

So, left with a bad taste and going elsewhere.

Andy B. | 2013-08-23

Service here is pretty bad; they like to over promise and under deliver. Came in on a Friday at 3, was told my card would be ready at 4, didn't get back to me until 5. I get things get busy, but it's hard to reconcile when you see nobody else in the waiting room or any other cars in front of you. Fuck this place.

Sarah C. | 2013-08-21

I was terrified of paying too much for a used car. My other dealings with car lots had not been very positive.
First texas Honda is different then other lots. They are family owned. they don't haggle. there employees seem happy to work there. they don't deal on flood or otherwise compromised vehicles. There is no pressure to buy a car right then. They are knowledgable and helpful.
The salesman, Jeremy Marty was great! We tested a few cars. Had free coffee from there amazing coffee bar. ( Texas coffee trader coffee )  There is even a children's playroom.  We were made to feel wanted and welcome.
We finally decided on a Honda CRV. They worked at financing and fixing all the little things needed in the car.
I love my new car. I had a surprisingly great experience! Thanks again Jeremy!

stephanie P. | 2013-08-20

Ok, I will say that things haven't always gone smoothly when we have taken our hondas in to be serviced. We typically are treated very well by every person who we come in contact with. I've never been ignored and whomever is around is overly helpful while I'm moving my kids car seats from our car into the loaner. Yes, a complimentary loaner. We have had a few things that didn't go perfectly when our cars have been serviced.
This review is mainly to recognize one employee who has helped us for the past 2 years. He is intelligent, friendly, and articulate. The thing that really sets him apart though is his ability to maintain a professional demeanor when my husband or I are unhappy with the service department. He stays calm, he listens, he sympathizes, he's consistent, and he delivers on his word. When most other customer service represenatives would shut down or balk he turns it up. When I schedule service or have a service question I always ask for Chris Corl. I sure hope First Texas realizes his value.

Nicolette M. | 2013-08-15

The actual dealership is gorgeous, feels newly remodeled, has a complementary coffee/snack bar, and impressive showroom.  And that's about where the impressiveness stops.  I went with a friend to help her shop for her next vehicle.  She'd spoken to a sales rep a few days before about a particular used car.  That sales rep was busy when we got there, so we got stuck with Maurico.  My friend test drove the used CRV, but didn't like it because it didn't have any pick-up and the AC wasn't blowing cold air.  When we got back to the dealership, we asked to test drive a brand new CRV to feel the difference.  Maurico asked how much money my friend was willing to spend.  When she wouldn't tell him, he was ready to drop us like hot cakes.  He seemed upset because she didn't like the first car she test drove and she wasn't ready to talk about money without test driving a new vehicle.  He gave us his card and basically said "call me when you know what you want."  We insisted on test driving the new CRV, so he went an got one unwillingly.  My friend liked it and was ready to talk about payment options.  The manager ran the numbers based on the sticker price.  Once the numbers came back, my friend felt like she needed to test drive one other car at another dealership to see if she could get a better deal.  She asked the manager to call her if Honda could offer something better.  The manager had the audacity to say that Honda likes to put their best foot forward by offering the best price up front.  We had to laugh because he was talking about the sticker price!!
Needless to say, based on our experience, I will not be returning to First Texas Honda when I need a new car.

Sarah D. | 2013-08-11

I've been here 3+ times to have service done on my Honda, and each time I've worked with Christopher Corl. He is always so helpful and makes sure the service gets done as quickly as possible. I've had nothing but smooth transactions with the service department here.

Ben P. | 2013-08-08

Surprised at how positive the car buying experience was here.  My last car was purchased around 5 years ago.  Since then, everyone has the Internet in their pocket, and the old dealership tricks and tactics seem to be made irrelevant as everyone can look up fair pricing at any time.  So they have disappeared at this dealership.  Straightforward pricing, a fair trade in process, and (for me at least) zero pressure or stress.   The Honda specialist I worked with, Walker, made the whole transaction easy and painless.   They even have a dealership band that performs sometimes on a stage at the back of the showroom.  What a different experience - in a good way.

Mindy H. | 2013-08-04

Whoa, I was blown away by the size of this place.  I went as it was the only place left open late on Saturday that was a State Certified Emissions Inspection provider.  I parked in the service express bay, and was told I would have a 1 hr wait and that I could enjoy the free coffee bar in the building across the way.  I should have known this was a different kind of car dealership when I saw the very LARGE sparkling clean bays where the cars were being fixed.  

When they say free coffee bar, they mean a staffed espresso bar stocked with flavorings, milk alternatives, and pastries, and yes it's all free.  I had a wonderful iced sugar free hazelnut soy latte.  While I sipped on my drink I took in the waiting area with free Wi-Fi, the large children's play area, a stage, yes there were of course cars.  I had a great conversation with one of the staff who let me know that this Honda Dealership was the largest in the world, that it had 100 lifts in the service area, and that the family had owned it since 1970 something, and also owned Austin Subaru, and several other car dealerships, and yes, he was part of the Honda Employee Band that played on the stage.  The staff were very friendly and helpful.  Unfortunately, I have a few issues to figure out on my car before it will pass the Emissions test.

I come from a Honda family, and all the cars I have ever owned previously were Honda made.  Thus, I have been through several different Honda service places, and this by far was the best waiting and service experience I have had.

Shawni L. | 2013-07-31

First,  I want to say some of the 1 star reviews are pretty ridiculous. Especially the one where the guy complains because the sales person tried to do their job and CLOSE THE DEAL. Give me a break people.
I visited here last week and met with Brittania. The dealership is very impressive. Even if you have to wait there is a huge play area for kids ( I had my 8 year old son with me) and a free espresso/snack bar.  But I really didnt have to wait for anything. I drove both cars (new Fit and used Elantra) I was interested in, they ran my credit, and had an offer on my car within 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I had too much negative equity and other credit issues that made it impossible to close the deal that day but I am still working with Brittania to get everything done. So, I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone.
Now of course I have not used the service department which seems to be the target of most of the poor reviews. I guess I'll see if I end up getting a car.

Daniel M. | 2013-07-31

I've bought several cars from them, and they are still using bait and switch tactics.  There are too many other options to have to deal with that crap.

Flora W. | 2013-07-15

I had been a loyal customer for this place for more than 5 years. The recent two incidents makes me leaving. Recently during service to change transmission oil, they did not put enough oil in my transmission and caused a lot of unpleasant driving. When I went to do get annual checking sticker, they left a piece of plastics loose under the dashboard. I do not feel they are paying attention to customer service anymore and I do not want to go back.

Hilary S. | 2013-07-05

Abysmal service.  I had a recall notice on a 2001 Honda Civic.  Three phone calls to the First Texas Honda Service Department failed to interest anyone there sufficiently to call me back.  They later e-mailed me a link in order to book an appointment on-line.  I did that.  Nobody called me to confirm or deny the appointment.  I called them on July 5, and was told that if I came in soon (around 8:00 a.m.), they could get the fix done and have me out the door within a couple of hours.  Drove over there in sweltering heat , only to be told they needed to order the part ...  no apology offered for giving me incorrect information.    I took my paperwork back from them and am making an appointment with another dealership.    

This was my second bad experience with these unpleasant and inefficient people - the last time I went to them there were also many problems.  I only went back to them because they are 5 minutes from my home.  Now, they have lost my business for good.

Lacey J. | 2013-06-17

This was my first time buying a nice car, and First Texas Honda had the best prices I have seen in many Austin dealerships.  I stress about spending large amounts of money like this, but everyone at the dealership was very friendly and no one used stress-inducing tactics on me (I had a guy another dealership run my credit and immediately put a sheet of paper in front of me to sign without discussing my options, especially considering that my bank loan had a better rate).  I was frequently told that even if I didn't make a decision today, they would get more cars, and I would still have a chance to get an equivalent deal.

I traded in my old Honda for a new used car, and the experience was perfect.  My sales guy was Andrew Davie, and he was very knowledgeable about not just Hondas but cars in general.  He gave me interesting points to consider as I was trying to decide between certain cars and didn't pressure me over making a purchase until I was ready.  He got me a loan rate lower than what my bank had offered whereas other dealerships in Austin couldn't (or wouldn't?) even match that rate.  When I told him my budget, he had me look at cars that would have resulted in a total sale price under that budget, which also impressed me.  I had another sales guy at another dealership who couldn't even show me starting prices under my budget.

The financial guy who spoke to me about optional insurance plans was also wonderful.  He explained each option in detail and was honest about which ones he thought I needed.  He also waited until the very end (after I had signed off everything) to tell me about extra perks in my plan because he didn't want my decision to be swayed by trivial details.  Overall great experience.

I've also had limited experiences with the services department.  They spent 3 days diagnosing the issue with my old Honda and only charged me for 2 hours time.  The problem ended up being too expensive to fix on a 10+ year old car, but they had gone ahead and done all the appropriate updates for it anyway, just in case I wanted to take the car elsewhere to fix.

Bottom line:  I literally talked about how great Andrew was the entire weekend, and I'd love to have him as my salesman another day.

Patriza G. | 2013-06-03

Sales:  When you get past the nice place and people and are ready to sign the papers, calculate everything carefully.  About $2000 was added to my total deceptively, and I caught it.  It's not likely that I am their first victim so don't buy in to their talk.

Andy D. | 2013-05-31

Okay, I have a '93 Del Sol I have had for 20 years and drive a couple times a month.   Is it a junky?  Yes, but it is my junky.  I'm a little attached to it.  My seatbelt barely passed inspection so I took it to the service department and talked to Mike Carrillo.  He looked at it and said no prob, covered by safety warranty and will let me know when the seatbelt comes in.  He called after two days and scheduled me for Friday.  I couldn't get there Friday morning so he said that I could drop it off the night before and put the keys in lockbox.  Mike called me Friday morning to let me know they started to work on it and he would call me when it was ready.   Four hours later, it was ready and the car was cleaned and washed when I picked it up.

Mike was great, he didn't care if I was driving a Chevette or a Lamborgh.  He was very hospitable.  I was also surprised that a rep asked me if there was anything else I needed while I waited for my car to be pulled around.  So overall, a great experience.  Maybe they are turning around?  Judging from the other reviews, I hope I am in the majority soon.

Bromptonado M. | 2013-05-15

I had a specific civic in mind and started my web search with this dealer.  Website recommended contacting the dealership to verify your interest is in stock. So I did...I chose the chat now option. Esmer Ramirez was my contact. It was a waste of time. She couldn't locate the car and requested that she pass me to a product specialist. Wait! You would think that the person chatting is an expert...who was I chatting with, the maintenance guy? Poor execution on a possible good option.

Michael F. | 2013-05-01

Having had the best car buying experience ever, everyone needs to know that this place is legit. It may not be the fastest car buying experience but by far the most upfront. Love the no-haggle and knowing what the price of the car helps. Not having to play stupid games with sales people and managers makes it so easy. The staff is extremely friendly and outgoing. The facility is TOPS. The only problem is they move their inventory so fast that sometimes they don't have what's listed on line because IT cannot keep up with the sales. Never felt baited or mislead. Have only been given the utmost best treatment from everybody there. Hardest thing to deal with is that they are so busy sometimes, you may have to wait a short while for a sales person. But the Barista has plenty of goodies to keep your tummy full and your pallet wet while you wait. Best dealership in the state!

Molly A. | 2013-04-22

Honestly, I started my search here because a family member knew one of the owner-types and said it would be worth going.  When I got there, I met one of the sales managers who was so friendly--showed me around, and then introduced me to my sales guy, Chris..  She introduced me as a "friend of the family to ____".  K...  If I'm in sales, and my boss introduces me to a customer like that--I'm gonna be on my best behavior.  I'm not saying I deserved to have my ass kissed, or the red carpet rolled out, btw, nor am I expecting a free car, k?

So, to avoid a novel--I'm just gonna say that Chris talked to me like a child, wouldn't let me look at the specific car I wanted, REFUSED THREE TIMES to run my credit score, and basically make it clear he thought I was wasting his time.  I left without a car.

When my family member asked how it was, I laughed and told him all the crap--followed by I'd be going to Round Rock Honda soon because I really liked one of the cars, but didn't want this dude to get ANY sale/credit whatever because I wasn't impressed  (I work in commissionable customer service sales, btw--you don't make your sales by being an ass.)

So, very soon word got up to said big-wig and now they want me to come back in.  Here is why I gave them two stars and not one.

WHITNEY WAS AWESOME.  She was real, down to earth, called me to tell me that I could run the credit on their website, took me on a test drive in THE car I wanted... she was spectacular.  seriously, if you want to go here, ASK FOR WHITNEY!!!!!

When I'd finally decided to buy the car (less than a week later), turns out Whitney had gone on vacation (which was SO well deserved, btw!).  I was assured that SOMEONE would take care of me...  but seriously---3 people for one sale? My file said that it would be a "split sale"--that ticks me off cause the first guy sucked.  and now they wanted to add another person?? uggghhh.... pass!

I had since gone to Round Rock Honda after the first visit and I was extremely impressed with their service.  I ended up purchasing my car from them instead.  

SO... moral of the story:  If you go here, GO SEE WHITNEY!!!!!!!!

Megan M. | 2013-04-09

I went here to get some touch up paint for my car, which I thought would take all of 2 minutes. I got up to the parts department desk and there was no one there. A sign was out saying to ring the bell for service. I rang it, then waited...and waited. After about 10 minutes and several bell rings, another customer stood in line behind me. An additional 5 minutes passed and then the cashier right next to the desk (who had been there the whole time) asked if I had been helped. I said no and she rang for an employee.

The employee came and told me I would need my VIN number to get the right paint and if I had my insurance card, it would be on there. I said I had it in my car and went to go get it. When I came back, there were people standing at the empty desk, ringing the bell. Luckily the wait wasn't as long the second time, but it was still pretty annoying that the guy left when he knew I would be right back.

I was hoping to come here to service my Honda because I hate driving to Round Rock, but after this experience, I think the drive may be worth it.

Chris D. | 2013-04-01

Incredibly rude, was reluctant to even stop there due to the bad reviews.  Learned my lesson, when it is known that a dealership like this clown outfit is getting so many people mad, don't go there.  I ended up walking out after an hour of being ignored.  

Even tried to call there to complain to the sales manager when I got home, had to leave a message.  They "Record" their inbound calls, tells me they are getting lots of angry telephone contacts, probably doing that because of threats.  There has to be something fishy with a so called car dealership that treats people like that and stays around.

At least it only cost me some time instead of a hit on my wallet and a car with problems!!!

Bbwolf W. | 2013-03-16

FIRST TEXAS HONDA has requested removal from Yelp?

For what ? I hope Yelp has the cajones to maintain our observations of local businesses from interested customers that rate them honestly.

Let's wait and see if they have some back bone?

Please do!


Carl N. | 2013-03-01

Horrible customer service. Typical scummy car salesmen/women. I sold my car to them and it took over a month to get my check. Turns out they had it for over a week and didn't bother to let me know.

Terrance H. | 2013-02-04

I bought my first car from First Texas Honda. I started the entire process browsing online for Honda Accords. I found First Texas to offer the best prices and vehicles. You can even chat with sales rep about the vehicles online. If you want a smooth transaction and great service, please look up Andrew Dimayuga up. He really made my first car buying experience less stressful. The waiting area is awesome. They area has free beverages and snacks. The chairs were pretty comfortable as well. Their prices are highly competitive.Well in line with NADA.  Andrews was honest and straight forward. They are very customer oriented from their sales to repair facility. If I buy another Honda I will definetely return. Their warrantly program is great as well.

Heather F. | 2013-01-18

1. Apparently being a "No-Haggle" dealership does not mean no BS.  I'm fairly certain that they tried to bait and switch me, saying that the car I had come to see was sold between the time I spoke with them on the phone and the time I arrived at the dealership. Nine days later, it's still for sale on their website.

2. You could probably negotiate a better price elsewhere. One of the cars they suggested instead was actually a Toyota with 29k miles, which I took for a test drive. As it turns out, I like Toyotas better anyhow.  I ended up buying a Toyota, but not from them... I found the same car with significantly fewer miles and a certified warranty for less than what FTH was asking.  

3. Almost none of their used cars are labeled with prices or any other info.  I'm pretty sure this is against Federal law.…

4. The cars aren't well cared for.  I test drove three different cars, two of which were supposedly "certified."  All three had significant grime in various parts of the interior.  One had dried coffee spots all over the dash, another had dried soda caked under the parking brake (and other places), and the third appeared to have been left in the rain with a window down.  If they care so little about the parts we customers see, what about the parts we can't?  

Overall, I would be afraid to buy anything from these guys.

Honda Driver G. | 2013-01-14

UPDATE based on comment left by First Texas Honda:  They did ask me to sign an AS-IS general document prior to purchase but did NOT disclose any specific issues even after asking about the fluid leaking from under the vehicle.  And yes there is a 48 hour return policy which is why I returned the vehicle; however please know that although there is a 48 hour return policy they will cash your check immediately.  This is only my experience that I wanted to share with others.  Although my experience was poor, doesn't mean yours will be, just buyer beware as usual when you are making a big purchase and do not expect for them to work with you if you do have an issue which was my naive belief.  The sad part is, if they would of agreed to just fix the obvious leak ($200) I would have been satisfied but they were not even willing to do that  which is why I do not recommend them, the customer service stops when the purchase is complete.  So please do your homework before going and take any used vehicle to a mechanic prior to purchase if you can.

I would not recommend purchasing from this dealership due to poor customer service and questionable ethical business practices.  If you are in the market for a late model odyssey, beware of the 2006 EX-L with DVD, 222k miles at First Texas Honda for $9,990. I live in San Antonio and me, my husband and two kids drove down to Austin to look at the vehicle late Saturday.  I test drove and looked over the vehicle and we noticed that there was something leaking from underneath on the driver's side and quite a bit.  When I asked the sales person, she said it was likely moisture from the A/C - except it was in the 40's that night and the A/C was not running and the test drive was maybe 10 or 15 minutes.  I ended up purchasing and we drove back to San Antonio where the following Monday I took to my mechanic  - he found that the Power Steering Pump ($150) was leaking and the CV boot ($250) needed to be replaced, he said there was fluid everywhere, the brakes were at 50% ($180), and recommended the timing belt and water pump be replaced ($750) to prevent very expensive engine issues if either went out (and is a recommended replacement for odyssey's at 105k), total repairs $1,330.  I realize that buying a late model, higher mileage vehicle will require higher maintenance cost but not for a car I just purchased that had been inspected per their claim.  I called and spoke to the manager, Beau, to see if they could help with any of the repairs, mind you the costs I gave are retail costs and not what would cost the dealership to do in-house.  He refused and stated that the car is priced as-is.  I specifically asked if they would just be willing to fix the glaring issue of the power steering pump and CV boot which turns out is the fluid I had seen under the vehicle after the test drive and had asked the sales person about.  He stated that they had already replaced the rotors for safety reasons and would not do any more repairs on the vehicle.  My mechanic stated that the power steering pump leak was obvious and was leaking a lot so my question is did they know about this issue and not disclose it to me - if they did an inspection and replaced the rotors which I doubt since the mechanic said the breaks were at 50%, why wouldn't they have fixed such a bad and obvious leak.  He refused to do anything and told me, "If you are going to return the car, I would prefer it be returned tonight."  Well buddy it is a 48 hour return policy, not Beau's preference return policy.  Well we did end up returning the vehicle, I drove it back with my kids and husband following me up in our other vehicle.  And by the way, the driver-side tail light was out too we learned on the way to return it.  And guess what, not even 24 hours, business day later and they had already cashed my check so now I have to wait for them to cut me a check and mail it.  Two days, two round trips to Austin, two stops at fast food chains to feed hungry kids, sitting in a dealership waiting for paperwork that never seems to be ready and still I have no Odyssey - I definitely do not recommend First Texas Honda or their "no haggle" price but if you do risk it and go there, please heed my advise and get a mechanic to look at the vehicle BEFORE purchasing and do NOT purchase from them if you live outside of Austin.

Judith S. | 2013-01-04

This is our second Honda Accord.  I picked First Texas Honda because it is in a convenient, easy to get to, low stress location.  I liked not having to haggle about the price.  Our salesperson, Kathleen Walsh was very patient, my husband insisted we look at several different automobiles at several different dealers, so we were there more than once and test drove three different Honda's.  It was interesting that while we were closing the deal, the car was being serviced and was backed into a spot at the edge of the showroom.  It was like driving a model off the showroom floor.  It felt pretty special.  Kathleen showed me how to use all of the dashboard systems and Bluetooth integration, new fuel saving injection system, and oh yes, we also have a back-up camera.  Kathleen has called a couple of times to followup about any questions we might have.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful right down to when I picked up the license plates and a service person showed up immediately and within minutes put the license plates onto the car and I was on my way.

Russell A. | 2013-01-02

I tried getting a new Honda from First Honda. After doing the test drives and getting the best price from First Honda, I went in to purchase a new 2013 model. Instead of a new car, they tried selling me a filthy (cat hair everywhere, ring stained cup holders, scratched steering column, etc) car that had 894 miles on it. They tried to sell me a used car as new.

When I escalated this to the sales manager, the woman was very rude and tried to intimidate me into buying the car in that condition. She said the exterior color was hard to find so I should get it. Needless to say I walked out immediately. This was the worst, high pressure car buying experience I ever had.

My advice:
- get the no hassle pricing from First Honda
- get the car from Round Rock Honda

I will never use First Honda again.

Danny K. | 2012-12-31

Customer service is nonexistent.

I recently bought a 2003 honda civic off their bargain bin lot.  What this means is a car was traded in, the dealership never touches it, but they appraise it at a dealership value and price it at a value that is about average for other dealerships selling the car.  Due to the car's low mileage it was about $2000 more than its nearest competitor.  They didn't show me comparisons for my trade but i only got slightly less than I expected.

Pros: They stand by their no haggle policy, they wont budge an inch so don't waste your breath.  Same with your trade.  I listed this as a pro because some people appreciate this and want the actual price to be on the window.  And the prices are dealership fair, not private sale fair.  Hence an extra star.

Cons:  First, I couldn't pay for the full value of the car with my credit card.  I went in to sign the paperwork and found this out.  It was suggested I drive back to Fort Hood and get my check book, 140 miles round trip.  After some bull*&it reason about credit cards and liens, they finally admitted they didn't want to pay the 3% on a card.  WOW.   If you wont' budge on price at least let me get some points on my credit card.  

Stand by your product.  Bargain bin or not this car is leaving your lot with your dealership name on the plate frame.  They would not do a new/used set of tires, an alignment, an oil change, or even give me a full tank of gas.  They will not touch bargain bin cars, the manager said it was because it would affect how low they could sell it for.  While this makes sense from a bottom line point of view, they have their own service shop on the premises and they could at least get the car road worthy for a nominal cost to them.  They could at least give the illusion that they care about customer service and their reputation as a dealership

Their are plenty of dealerships who want to do business with the military.  I will not recommend this dealership to other soldiers

Natalie J. | 2012-12-30

We bought a new car here right before Christmas.  I couldn't believe the difference between this dealership and the Toyota dealership we visited.  When I was ready to leave, they let me go.  No sleazy second guy sent in to see what it would take to get me into a car today.  And the no haggle thing--I really couldn't complain too much, as the prices were lower than I had seen anywhere else.  Our salesperson, J.P., was nice and professional.  For such a big purchase, this was a relatively painless experience.

Tony O. | 2012-12-29

This is an update to my personal experience.

I have spoken with the President of First Texas Honda, Jim Olmstead. A very pleasant man to speak with. He took my inquiry quite seriously. After speaking to his right-hand lady, Andrea Baker, I have been refunded the missing amount. On top of that, First Texas Honda is ordering a rear-view camera to install in my CR-Z (a feature only in the newest 2013 models) as well as provided me with a few oil changes for the inconveniences I have personally experienced and for the consumption of my own personal time in this matter. I'm really appreciative that they took the time to address my issues and talk to me in a more professional manner than the previous representatives.

I can only award them 3-stars due to the lack of customer service training and professionalism provided by not only the front-facing sales employees, but the easy to set off and confuse finance manager, Rusty Stine. Typing his name still leaves a bad taste in my mouth from the phone interactions I unfortunately had to experience with him. These are the people you depend on most to promote your business. With prices fixed and the understanding from Mr. Lang that everyone is on hourly wages vs. commission, you'd think there would be a little extra push to assist a customer who is asking questions when things don't look right, rather than ignore his phone calls and email inquiries, forcing them to climb all the way to the top for answers and resolution.


After having continued issues with the CR-Z I traded it in. Only to be swindled out of even more money. They low-balled me hard for a defective vehicle. I hope whoever purchased that red CR-Z is aware of it's flaws prior to purchasing it.

Jacqueline S. | 2012-12-28

Excellent speedy service on my Odyssey, plus they gave me a great 20% off coupon discount. Really helped me out. Jeff and Daniel both excellent customer service. I like the new facilities compared to old location with nice complimentary coffee and snack bar.

Jane O. | 2012-12-21

Do NOT Trade in a Vehicle at First Texas

Two weeks ago, I bought my second and last vehicle from First Texas Honda.  While the "no haggle, no hassle" price for a 2012 CRV seemed fair, they totally lowballed me on trading in my 2002 CRV.  I should have walked.  I knew it at the time.  I asked them to justify their $5500 offer and they insisted that they know the area and the age and mileage of the vehicle wouldn't be appealing to buyers.  If I kept it, I would have a hard time selling it.  Blah, blah, blah . . .

I caved, I folded, I was a chump.  I bought a new CRV.

Less than a week later, they're selling my "unappealing" 2002 CRV for the "no hassle" price of $9500.  I understand they need to make a profit, but $4K??  

I loved my old CRV.  I feel like a chump every time I look at my new CRV.

First Texas' "No haggle, no hassle" might work for you if you don't have a trade-in.  If you do, be prepared to walk and do so, so you won't be filled with regret like me.

I was a sucker.  Don't be a sucker.

T B. | 2012-12-20

I bought a car here in 2008. It wasn't a very good experience. The sales man was  slimy and pushy. I knew in my gut that I should've gone elsewhere, but I didn't. Having brought eight cars in my lifetime, I've learned this is just part of their game, sadly.

My brand new car had a lot of problems after I bought it, and I wasn't treated very well. I got this you've bought the car, so we don't need to worry about you as much treatment. That may have not been their intention, but that is how it made me feel. The worst thing that can happen to you after you buy a new car is to have major mechanical problems with it. A Honda? Who would've thought?? They second worst thing is to watch the customer service go down the drain after you've signed the paper work.

After several trips to the dealer for service to fix the problem, I complained to the general manager. That didn't do much good. They gave me the usual BS excuse with a smile that most dealerships give to their customers. They kept the car more than I did the first month, but they managed to finally fix it by replacing numerous parts.  It is now water under the bridge, but I will never forget that experience and the way it made me feel.

My biggest complaint about their service department is their prices. Before I ever have anything done to my car other than oil changes, I call all the local dealers to ask about prices. So many times I've found that First Texas is the most expensive, and in many cases by quite a bit. For instance, I needed to get my remote key replaced. First Texas wanted over $100 for the key and programming. I went to another dealer 15 miles away and they charged me $40 and gave much better customer service. I have had the same experience when it came to having my brake pads changed. The other dealer was cheaper than this one. It pays to shop around, trust me.

I still use this dealer for the occasional oil change or inspection sticker out of convenience only. The old location and new location are no more than five minutes from my house. After my initial experience, trips to the service department have ranged from good to just OK. Some visits are better than others. I will say that the new place is 50 times nicer than the previous one. Hopefully, their sales department has improved with time.

Michael J. | 2012-11-28

I live in Houston and I called the night before about a car I was interested in.  I arranged to be in Austin the next day to look at the car.  I read  from reviews here that First Honda really was a "haggle free" dealership which I guess meant that they were like Carmax in that they don't budge on their prices.  That initially turned me off from this place but the price listed was fair and it was the car I wanted.  

The next morning while I was literally heading out the door to make my way to Austin, I get a phone call from the salesman. He says that the car I was wanted to see was sold.  Apparently it MUST have been sold sometime between 5 when I spoke to him and whenever they closed. That was possible I guess but not very likely. The salesman said he would call back in an 30 minutes to help my find something else.

I was mad and disappointed but 3 hours later he calls back apologizing explaining that he came to the dealership in the morning and the car wasn't there anymore and it MUST have been sold within the 2-3 hour window from talking to him and close.  As he names a couple of cars they have in stock he is walks to a different area to see what 's there and he starts describing a red 2 door Accord 2009 with 28k miles.  Well he just described my car.  It was wasn't sold after all.  It was sitting right in front of him but there was a sold sign on it.  After a couple of seconds of confusion I hear some of his co workers in  the background laughing.  The coworkers were just messing with him and put a sign on it as a joke.  So after all this unprofessional behavior I figured the salesman just didn't bother to check to see if the car was actually in stock or not the night before when I spoke to him.  That was all very frustrating and annoying but I still wanted the car so I made different last minute arrangements and headed out to Austin again.

I drove the car and liked it.  Despite all the inconvenience and frustation I decided I was going to buy it.  It eventually came to the part where the salesman was going to try and sell me their financing.  He tried to get me to tell him what my rate was with my bank so that he could try to get me a better rate.  I refused his offer and told him I was fine with the financing I already had.  He did his part and kept trying and I did my part and said no.  Finally I told him to give me the best rate he could offer.  He kept asking what my rate was and I just told him that I would take their financing if it beat mine, that's it.  They obviously want to know what you are working with so that they can just slightly beat it.  He came back with something higher than what I had so I politely declined.  At this point he made a condescending remark about how he has been straight with me the whole time and I should offer him the same courtesy.  Haha straight with me? really?  I almost walked out at that point because it pissed me off so much.  A while later after we had already moved on with other business and paper work he suddenly came back with another offer for financing that beat mine so I took it.  That was a typical dealership situation that wouldn't exactly describe as "hassle free."  

After a few hours and some paperwork I drove back to Houston in my new car.  A couple of things came up.  The owners manual was for the Accord sedans.  I bought a coupe.  I contacted the salesman about a week  and a half later he sent me the right manual within a couple of days.  The second thing that came up was that one of the maintenance lights came on on the third day.  It was a tire sensor telling me the tires were under inflated.  That made me question the thoroughness of this place.  My car is supposed to be Honda Certified meaning it  is fully examined and everything should be in excellent condition and working order.  If they didn't even inflate my tires what else did they miss?

I wouldn't have even bothered writing this review until a couple of hours ago when I had my latest interaction with this dealership.  When I asked my sales guy for the owners manual a few weeks ago (car was purchased on 10-25 btw) I also inquired about my license plates.  I never got a response or my plates.  I called yesterday to the front desk and not my salesman and left a message.  I returned a missed call from the receptionist today and was told that they had my plates.  I asked how long they had them.   2 weeks.  2 weeks?  Why weren't they sent to me  or at least given a call?  According to their records they called me on the 28th. 28th? You mean today?  I hear the girl talking to someone and she immediately changes her mind and says they only had my plates for an hour.  What a coincidence!  

I really like my car and I am satisfied with the price and I suppose that's the bottom line for most people, myself included but the run around and level of customer service from this place is extremely dissatisfying.

Matt P. | 2012-11-12

My fiance and I started really narrowing down used cars to get serious about buying last night. We really like the Toyota Venza, and there were several in Austin to choose from, 2 of them being at FTH.

I called before I went to make sure the directions were accurate and to make sure the 2 Venzas advertised on the internet were still available.

The lady I spoke to told me the 2 cars were there, both 2009s that I asked specific questions about. She transferred me to a sales person who told me to come on down, he wouldnt be available to help me but would have someone waiting for me.

When I arrived, the salesman was paged and met me promptly. He then told me the 2 cars I had specifically asked about and was there to see had been sold at auction.

He said sorry, and offered to take me to their espresso bar which was "really nice".

What I would really like FTH, is for you to get your shit together and get a clue. What I would like is that hour of my life back and the money it cost me to travel 35 miles round trip, not a sorry and espresso.

I will never go back.

Justin G. | 2012-10-14

I have bought 4 cars and 7 motorcycles in my life, so far. I have my first child on the way an I knew I had to trade in my 2 seat Ford Rangers for something that was child friendly. I did all the research possible. , Edmunds, Motortrend, Consumer Reports, Motorweek, etc. etc. etc. I established the price I was willing to pay a month and began to narrow the field.

I previously had a Prius but in Texas you have to pay an additional markup because of the Gulf Coast distribution system. This pushed the Prius V out of the running. So I narrowed my options to a CRV or a CX-5. I went to First Texas Honda to test drive a CRV and met James.

James was friendly and helpful. He asked questions to help narrow my choices even though I came in knowing the EX-L was the model I wanted. We discussed color choices and additional options such as Nav or RES. After about 15 mins he pulled a base level EX-L around and we did a walkaround. He went over the safety features, electronics, ECON mode, and the seat release. We then went on a 30 minute test drive.

The entire test driving part was non-pressure. I had told him we were comparing against the CX-5 so he was comparing features and items between the two. The information was helpful and his approach was not overbearing.

Before we left he went over the price of the CRV and it was just a bit above invoice. Because I was purchasing a 2012 model and the 2013s were already in the lot, this was the price I expected.

The next day I returned to buy the car. I brought my truck in for trade-in. I already had a financing offer and a carmax offer on the truck. I had the NADA and KBB values as well for a Fair 2008 Ranger. We began the purchase process by discussing the trade-in. The sales manager took the truck for a test drive and returned with the offer. It was exactly the same value as KBB & NADA. It beat carmax by $500.

Next they asked about financing and said they could beat my credit union. They did by 0.60% APR. This gave me enough head room to add some extra options like the crossbars.

The entire purchase process took about 3 hours and I felt I could back out at anytime. I was very pleased with the experience and it reminded me of how Austin Subaru works. The two dealerships are in the same dealership family so I was not surprised to experience a similar selling approach.

TL:DR If you go in with realistic expectations, knowledge about the car you want and your trade-in, and have other options, First Texas Honda will treat you right and you'll be happy with the experience.

Natalie F. | 2012-09-14

Read your fine print very well if you choose this dealership.  Or you'll show up for your first free oil change and learn it's not free at all.  You must get a tire rotation with every oil change and those will run you almost $30 each time. don't HAVE to get a tire rotation...but if you don't, you do not get your free oil change.  I also had a problem at the time of sale but we were able to work that out after much arguing.  I figured it was just a one-time issue, but apparently, my car salesman droped more than one ball.  I expect to deal with people who are honest and upfront.  That was NOT my experience at this dealership and I'll be giving someone else my oil change business.  In a few months, I'm going to be in the market for another car for my son.  Guess where I will NOT be shopping.  Never again.

Catherine K. | 2012-07-22

My husband and I bought a lightly used 2012 Honda Civic from Steve Carter in February.  We had shopped around at other dealerships in town, but really liked the no-haggle policy at First Texas Honda.  There was zero pressure and everyone there was really friendly.   It takes all the mystique out of car buying (which I know not everyone likes--evidenced by some of the reviews...).   Great experience and great employees.  Never thought I would say that about a car dealership.  I also can't recommend Steve enough--we hope to get over to see his band play sometime soon!

John S. | 2012-07-13

I'm really impressed with First Texas Honda's dealership (no opinion on service).  I worked with Steve Carter, who patiently let me drive pretty much every used car on the lot, didn't pressure me to make any decisions, and was super helpful.  At the end of it all, he sent me home to think about it, rather than pressuring me to make a deal.  "All these cars will be here in the morning."  

The best part is I put down a deposit to hold onto a car that next morning, which made my wife mad as hell because she was convinced she could find a better deal.  Well, I called up Steve and Genny (the manager) to explain my predicament, and they outright refunded my non-refundable deposit.  

If you're like me and HATE car buying, give First Texas Honda a look.

Ashley F. | 2012-07-13

This is my second car i bought from First Texas Honda and they really know how to make you feel like your making the right choice. Everything went as smooth as it could. I Love my new Cr-v and cant wait to take my first road trip.

Brynn R. | 2012-07-09

My first and only experience at First Texas Honda was marred by the Customer Service Rep Jack Wright.  My car was up for inspection adn the engine light was on.  We scheduled a 9:30am appointment for diagnosis and an inspection.  Jack was the person who confirmed the appointment and met us when we dropped the vehicle off.  It was 3pm when we were called and told that the issue was the catalytic converter.  We discussed our options and at 3:45pm asked Jack to have the mechanic go ahead and replace the catalytic converter.  We were told when we were called that the car was ready that the inspection had not been performed because 20 miles need to be put on the car between tests.  It had failed it's original inspection test.  My husband picked up the car and was told to bring the car back later in the week to get the inspection we had already paid for.  Concerned about an expired inspection sticker, my husband asked if there was a record that we had, had a test performed?  That's when Jack lied and said "yes, it's in your paperwork/receipt."  When I returned a couple of days later for my already paid for inspection, I was treated horribly.  I had handed over my paperwork and then told that an inspection was never performed, that there was never any evidence that my car had failed inspection and that the inspection was not already paid for.  One rep in particular treated me like I was lying scum [I didn't get her name]; others tried to rectify the miscommunication.  I was not trying to get out of paying for an inspection.  When I got home I called my husband, he confirmed that he was told by Jack that we had already paid for the inspection and it was in the paperwork.  I emailed Jack and Jack's manager Garrett.  I only heard back from Jack and he placed the miscommunication solely on us.  I explained that he had told us that we "failed" the inspection, that is very different than saying "we would have failed inspection" which is what he was now saying, and therefore never ran the test.  I learned their testing system won't be invoiced unless a test is actually sure to ask for the "failed" test results to prove that they actually ran the test.  I told Jack that I was just looking for an apology for the waste of my time.  I have two much closer inspection places that I can walk back to work from; but I returned to them because he said we had to because he had already charged us for the failed test.  I have heard nothing back since that request.  I won't be returning; beware of sales people in the service center...although, some were eventually helpful, Jack insists he was misleading in order to avoid inconveniencing us.  Well, at that he failed, miserably!

Rachelle Z. | 2012-07-08

I requested quotes from Honda dealers from San Marcos to Waco.  Three emailed prices to me, two wouldn't unless I went in person so they could reel me in in person.  

First Honda was tied with another dealer for the best estimate, but they were local, so I went with them.  I couldn't test drive the car the day I went by on my lunch break (the girl couldn't find the keys?!), so I went by Howdy Honda that weekend to test drive (an experience worth writing about, but that's another review!).  

Once I knew the CRV was car I wanted, I went back to First Texas and spoke with Linda Glass.  She was a no-nonsense, no-pressure saleswoman who gave me the facts and let me know my options, but left it up to me to decide on my own and in my own time.  I was happy to give her my business.

First Texas Honda doesn't load up their cars with option packages and try to get you to pay for it - even the things you never would have ordered (i.e., wheel locks for the steel wheels on the LX model).  They don't nickel and dime you and try to pressure you into things you don't want (even declining the extended warranty was an easy experience).

Overall, my car buying experience with FTH was very positive, and surprisingly easy.  I'd refer anyone I know wanting a new Honda to FTH.  Especially someone who prefers to buy a car spending minimal time at the dealership and not have to haggle on the price.  

Loved it - highly recommend Linda Glass  I did have to take off a star for girl who couldn't find the keys for the test drive, though.

Amanda M. | 2012-07-06

Thrilled with my car and my experience.

Full disclosure: I worked in automotive for 6-years. I know my way around a dealership and this place is pick of the litter. Before coming to First Honda I'd visited a) a dealership whose used vehicle inventory had ketchup on the dashboard and b) another dealership who left me on the lot, in 100 degree heat, while they "looked for a pair of keys."

Tired and frustrated, I fired up the GPS and First Texas Honda was the closet store so off I went. I was paired with Linda Glass who talked to me briefly about what I was looking for and indulged my interest in the Honda Fit. Took me for a lengthy spin and was completely upfront and no B.S. about the vehicle, the purchase process @ First Texas and what I could expect.

That's why I bought from her - on the spot. Whole process, start to finish, took less than 3 hoursI went in today to pick up my plates and when asked if I was still happy with my Fit, I raved like a total lunatic.

Special thanks to Linda and team for making the experience so terrific. I can't wait to bring the Fit in for its first check-up.

M M. | 2012-07-05

I've bought so many cars from so many dealerships that I've lost count. This was, without a doubt, the standout best car-buying experience I've ever had.  That is saying a lot. I drive a lot, ask a lot of my cars and I can be challenging to deal with, I know.

Our salesman was Joe Reyna- a 2-time Iraq vet with 7 kids. That right there is reason enough to shop here. Joe was extremely professional, positive and most of all- VERY knowledgeable about the car, and it wasn't even a Honda!  Joe explained that they are not paid a commission based upon the sale price of the car- hence, the no haggle price. No incentive exists for them to sell the car at a higher price.

I bought a haggle-free used car from them. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, and I had been searching for about two weeks. I browsed their website, found the car I wanted plus another, and I arrived at the dealership on a week-day RIGHT when they opened.  I highly recommend doing this as they are far less busy and can take more time with you. Before I arrived, I did a KBB search for the car w/appropriate features and mileage. When buying a used car, this is a must.

The car I bought was in excellent condition, very clean, and about 2k less than Blue Book. I love it!

Oh! And while we were waiting for paper work, we were treated to fresh baked cookies, lattes, and couches with a big screen tv in their waiting room.  

So let's see- I got a great car, for a great price, with great service, in a friendly atmosphere, from someone who served our country. WIN.

Theo K. | 2012-05-21

If you are looking for a Honda, look for Andrew Hanania.  He was great.

I never thought I'd give any dealership 5 stars but I had such a great experience with Andrew Hanania, the sales manager, that I have to give a shout out and top marks.  My car had been totaled two days before and my insurance company gave me cash to cover bluebook.  I'd had my car for 12 years and had taken great care of it - so I was not happy about having to buy a strange used car with some unknown repair history.  I'm a full time student so was definitely looking at bargain basement cars.

Andrew listened to my situation and understood that the scary thing for me was the fear of the unknown.  He knows the details of every new and used car on the lot, inside and out.  He showed me a car in my price range ($9,000) that had only had one owner, and had a complete repair history available.  Basically, he found the only car in texas that would make me happy in a very sucky situation.

Not only is he a walking databank of car information, he did not try to sell me.  There were plenty of great looking cars on the lot, all just a few thousand more than I had available in cash.  He did not try to push me into taking out a loan, or buying some warranty.  He was honest, straightforward, and a real person.

As to the no haggle philosophy of the dealership - in this age of smart phones it's easy to check prices while you are shopping.  Their prices were fair, as good as car max and other area dealers.  I can't speak for the service department (yet) but I had a good experience with these guys - we were out in 2 hours with no hassles.

HarryandChristina A. | 2012-05-12

The staff was mostly attentive and the waiting area was comfortable. I was there for a simple service/oil change. I told the staff that I would change my own air filters, since the cost they quoted was outrageous (not surprising for a dealership). Once I got my filters and ready to change them out, I noticed that the service people had left 1/3 of the latches on my engine air filter cover undone. Seems like a careless mistake, another reason not to pay dealership service prices.

Traci T. | 2012-04-13

I purchased my honda in Corpus Christi at a dealership that I was less than happy with. So, naturally, I was a little hesitant to take my car to a dealership up here thinking they would all be the same. I was pleasantly surprised that they were not!

I've had nothing but great service from First Texas Honda. The service department is always so helpful and as fast as they can be. I've yet to have a bad experience with them and hope it stay that way!

Barbara J. | 2012-03-24

I've been going to First Texas Honda for service on my Civic Hybrid for oil changes and routine service for a couple years now. Never had problems before. But the last two times I went there, I realized it's time to go elsewhere.

A few months ago, I went to to get my oil changed done. I also explained that my gas mileage was not as good as before so they said a software update would resolve the issue. As advised, I came back the next morning (7:30AM) to get the software update. The original service guy I dealt with was not there that morning so another person was helping me. She said there is NO SOFTWARE UPDATE available for my car! I explained that I was told there was an update but she said the database shows none is available. Total waste of time!

Here's the final straw. I made an appointment with First Texas since my driver side window is now coming off track and has trouble rolling back up. When I show up for my appointment, they say "Oops, we don't have the part even though we said we would fix your car on Saturday. Come back Tuesday." No thanks! Again, First Texas Honda wasted my time.

Anyway, I will be taking my car to Howdy Honda who confirmed they will have the parts on my appointment day and provide a rental car for me that day.

Aidan L. | 2012-03-21

Bought a Honda CRV from these guys. A pretty decent dealership. The salesmen are professional and knowledgeable and the free oil changes are great.

The one complaint I have is with the stupid "Haggle-Free Pricing" policy that they're so proud of. What it boils down to is that you pay what THEY tell you to pay - no negotiation. I think this policy is lazy salesmanship, insulting to the consumer and quite arrogant.

Ty G. | 2012-02-18

Short version:
When shopping for a new car today, I learned at First Texas Honda that their "Haggle-Free Pricing" simply means that you have no wiggle room for negotiation and will therefore end up paying more than you should.  I bought a new Honda today, but not from here...

Long version:
My wife and I went shopping for a new car today and went to First Texas Honda first (heh) because they had more new CR-Vs (or VCRs, as I call them) than any other dealership in the area.  I was told that they could not budge on the sticker price.  I held my tongue until the trade-in offer for my car came back insultingly low --my car that had been well-kept (with documentation, no less) was offered the equivalent of a KBB "poor" condition rating.  I asked for a perfectly reasonable $500 more for the trade-in.  They would not budge, so I walked out.  I've never paid sticker price for a car, and I'm not about to start now.  I should mention that the people were all pleasant enough, I'm in no mood to be a schmuck who pays more for products than I should.

We then drove up north to Round Rock Honda.  I told the sales manager that I wanted to look at new CR-Vs but was unwilling to pay sticker price and simply asked if he was willing to continue a conversation with me.  He said yes, wrote down a number much better than First Texas Honda had settled on AND offered $700 more for my car's trade-in.

While everyone I dealt with at First Texas Honda was friendly enough, I suggest they rethink this "Haggle-Free Pricing" strategy.  When people are spending many thousands of dollars on a significant investment such as a car, negotiations are an integral part of the process.

Rene H. | 2012-02-01

Note: As I did with my "Mediterranean Chef" review, I want to call out that this is a review I posted a little while back, but since my Yelp account got closed and therefore wiped out my former reviews, I wanted to repost in case this information ends up being useful to anyone.

Update: My original rating was a one star. However, the owner of First Texas Honda ended up taking the time to send me a Yelp message explaining how the "lifetime oil program" helps a lot of customers and that he was sorry if I didn't find it useful. While the message wasn't stellar  because it didn't effectively address my true concern (aka misleading sales rep as you will read about below)...and he was more explanatory than apologetic...I did bump up their review an extra star as there is something to be said for responsiveness to customer reviews.

That said, here it is:

Misleading sales rep. My rep kept chanting to me "FREE LIFETIME OIL CHANGE"  as a perk to go with First Texas Honda, but it's a scam. Don't trust it! "Free lifetime oil change (with the purchase of additional service)" is what the huge banners in the office should really say. So not "free" at all.

Here's how it really goes: If the oil change light went off in conjunction with another maintenance light (not anything alarming or necessary, just "advisable"), you MUST purchase this service to receive the "free" oil change. If the oil change light goes off by itself, you get the change for free. Keep in mind, however, that for every time the oil change light goes off (every 5 months or so), there is BOUND to be some "advisable" maintenance light that goes off with it. So you're very likely stuck with a bill way more expensive than getting an oil change at Jiffy Lube.

The funny thing is, my rep kept emphasizing how upright First Texas Honda was with the "No Haggle" policy...what a hypocrite.

Joe K. | 2012-01-31

We found a decently priced car online through Hondas site and called to make sure the vehicle was still available.  We were told that it was so we drove to the lot before they closed at 7pm.  This was on a Saturday so we wanted test drive before they closed as they were not open on Sunday.  
The car drove well and we were ready to buy, that is until we were told the price was 4 thousand more than the price listed online. The sales rep called his manager and he refused to honor their own companies online price and told us to drive home and send them a screen shot / link to this magical price we found. So, we drove all the way back home and emailed the sales agent only to receive no response. Of course, we called the lot too, only to get no answer, even before closing time.  The phones just rang.  They weren't going to machines.  They just rang because no one wanted to pick up our call.
The next business day, Monday, we called again and were told that they didn't receive an email (that excuse doesn't really fly these days you know?) and so we sent another. After finally receiving the email we sent, they stated that they had no idea how that price was listed as such and that they would have to research it, promising to call us the next day. Well, today was the next day and we received no call. Whatever happened to the "Go home and prove that price to us and we can make a deal"?
This place is no good and if it weren't for a decently priced car I would have quit a long time ago. Don't go here unless you are okay with being treated like garbage.  It is a serious issue that they are unwilling to honor their online price.  I might even consider legal advice if this doesn't pan out.  I am the customer.  I want to be satisfied and not treated like I have done something wrong or need to prove myself before I can get a smile or a call back.  I have money to spend and this company is proving to be a really bad place to shop.

Amanda B. | 2012-01-20

I have dealt with MANY car places in my lifetime and have to say that I have never left a car place happy until I met with First Texas Honda. The prices are higher but it is worth it for the experience you receive. They give you rides wherever you need to go and help you have the most speedy service they can provide--all with a smile on their face.

Christine L. | 2011-12-16

I've been bringing in my Honda Civic (year 2000 - this baby is still ticking) for over a decade and have until recently  always been pleased with the quality of service they provide. I now find myself dreading to bring my vehicle in for its next maintenance, which is coming up soon, because the service department seems to be developing a habit for nickeling and diming their customers.

Last time I brought my car in, they changed out my windshield wiper blades to the tune of $25 without checking with me first. Puh-leeze - I can do it myself for a few bucks and even have replacement blades sitting in my laundry room for the very purpose.

And the time before that, they did my annual state auto inspection - again without checking with me first. They said that they charge the same as any other auto shop, but that's only true for Travis county. I live in Hays county, where auto inspections cost about 20% less.

I'm sure they think they're being helpful when they do this, but I'm finding it dishonest and patronizing.  I'll give it one more chance and give strict instructions not to do a thing off the usual maintenance list without checking  with me, but if it happens again, I'm going to have to find someone new.

Christina H. | 2011-12-01

This review is strictly on servicing my vehicle.

I am a Honda Odyssey leasee and I just moved to Austin. I took my car in for an oil change and an overall "health" check. What i thought was going to be a $50 day turned into a $200 day. But no fault of theirs. They did oil change, balance & rotate tires, a/c filter replacement, wipers replaced, rear and emergency brakes readjusted.

The guys who I encountered were very friendly and got the car ready exactly when they said it would be. I will probably go back if need be, however, an oil change and 21-point inspection shouldn't cost $69.99. The other stuff, yeah, that's acceptable but if I need an oil change, I'll find a coupon for somewhere else.

UPDATE: After the charges were explained, then yes, I will return for an oil change. Thanks Gerry for taking the time to help me understand. And my code was a B-1, whatever that means, and I know everything done to the van was needed.

Well, our second car broke down and we turned to Honda once again to get in a quality car without the haggle. Our salesman, Steve Carter, was great. No arrogance, no swindling, and when he didn't know he said he didn't know and went to find the answer. The car buying/leasing process in general takes a long time but that is how the game works...we were there for 2.5 hours and that is with them know which car we were leasing and all the details. But hey, they were apologetic and friendly.  This is our dealership of Austin.

Andrew B. | 2011-11-21

I just had a great experience with First Texas. I took my car there for service. A week after the service, I noticed that an underbody protective rubber panel was missing. I took it back to them, and although the service manager said that was not a panel they would have had to remove to do the service work that was performed, that they would take care of it.
They have also added a cool new feature: bike lending, so if you live within a few miles, you can drop your car, get home by bike, and get back, without having to wait for the shuttle or be stuck without transportation while your car is being worked on. Awesome feature.
Very friendly people in the service dept, too. Highly recommended.

Regina I. | 2011-11-11

Bought a new Honda Insight from these guys.  I totally screwed up and didn't bring my actual title, but rather the receipt FOR the title.  Bought the car, found the title the same day (duhhhh) and they redid all the paperwork for me so I would have a way lower payment for the car!

Jenna T. | 2011-10-22

I bought a new Honda today and it was a great experience. No hard sell and I got the exact car I wanted. Some of the reviews worried me I am glad I went anyway!

Texiled P. | 2011-10-18

I am a loyal Honda owner who has purchased four Honda vehicles from various dealers around the country over the past two decades.  

But I've yet to encounter a Honda dealership with a fairly priced, no-hassle service department.  

And First Texas Honda reinforces that feeling. One upsell after another, and their hourly rates are through the roof, despite being very inconveniently located in a kinda crappy part of town.

Nice people, but crazy high prices and not a great value add for Honda in trying to convince me to stay with the brand long-term.

Sarah A. | 2011-10-12

Don't try to buy a car when you're hungry. It actually takes a while to fill out all the paperwork.

After pretty much every used car I liked being sold before I got to a dealership, I left work early to test drive one here. And I liked it enough and wanted to buy it. The salesman was nice and chatty and it was all fine. But then he handed me over to the "paperwork guy" Beau to deal with the financing.

Beau handed me papers to sign without ever letting me know who the lender was going to be or what the "best" rate they could get me was. I had to say, "Oh, so we're going with Wells Fargo, huh?"

Then he tried to push their $800 1-year limited warranty on me and made me feel like a real a-hole for opting out of it. And the gap insurance. And then the warranty again....

Anyhow, overall I'm happy with the car. First Texas had replaced the brakes on it before I bought it but my mechanic told me they put a clip on upside down, which they fixed when I brought it back in the next day. They weren't too keen on addressing the other things he said were wrong with it but I understand it's a used car.

The salesman said they would call for a follow-up survey about my experience but it's been over a month and no one has. :(

Sharon I. | 2011-10-04

We just bought a Honda CRV from 1st TX Honda and if it hadn't been for the REALLY hard sale on the accessories and the warrantees First Texas Honda would have gotten a much better review from me.   We bought the vehicle from Andrew and I would highly recommend him but be prepared for a very hard sale on all the other stuff.  And it didn't just come from one person but they put us under fire twice by 2 separate attack women, warning us that we would probably go to hell if we didn't buy protection for the leather seats and coatings for the paint.  WHEW my husband and I just couldn't wait to get out of there.  It was so bad we decided to go to Gunn Honda in San Antonio for our other vehicle we are buying.  Plus it is $2,000 cheaper, so well worth the 70-mile drive.  We had bought our last vehicle from Gunn and didn't get the pushy sales job on the accessories after we had decided to buy the car like at 1st Texas.

Matt P. | 2011-09-12

I've been taking my honda element there for years with scheduled maintenance.  It is a very nice business and employees are very friendly.  The are quick and professional - a very well organized program.  

However, now that my car is 8 years old - parts are beginning to fail.

My manual transmission car began to have trouble shifting gears.  I went to the First Texas Honda and they told It would be $60-$120 (later waived) to diagnose and $1354 for a new clutch.  I called another mechanic  to get a second opinion - he diagnosed the problem over the phone and said it was not the clutch, rather the hydraulic system.  He quoted "much, much less" but would check the clutch and repair for about $950 if needed.  After looking at it, he said it was a classic hydraulic problem and charged $180 to replace the slave cylinder.  The car runs great.  

I can't believe First Texas Honda would want me to replace something that didn't even need to be fixed.   In trying to do so, they have lost an 8 year customer and gotten a bad review for the world to see.

addendum: FTH was immediate in making amends for a bad diagnosis.  They reimbursed my repair expenses at the other shop and treated this mishap  as a learning case.   So I have to say, they went the extra mile to ensure that one of their customers was treated well.  So I've upgraded my rating to 4 stars, and who knows, I may pull into their garage again.

Megan C. | 2011-09-03

I decided to give this place a shot even though there are some pretty bad reviews.  My car needed a part replaced due to a recall.  Over the phone I spoke to a woman who set up an appointment time with me for 12pm on a Saturday.  I specifically asked her, "Ok, so if I drop it off at noon the work will be completed by the end of the day?"  She replied yes so I arranged a ride from a friend to the dealership which is about 25 minutes from my house.  I get there today and the service people told me they would probably need to keep my car until TUESDAY.  

Ummmm, not gonna work.  They looked at me like I was nuts because I thought the work would be completed by the end of the day.  I quickly informed them that one of their associates told me that it would be done by the end of the day.  If these asshats can't even properly schedule someone or give them accurate information, I sure as hell wouldn't trust them with my car.  They wasted my time and gas money.  After I left I called Howdy Honda and luckily they seemed to have their shit together and made an appointment there instead.

Angel C. | 2011-08-29

Today I visited First Texas Honda for the at least 30th time in the past ten years.  I've purchase two vehicle from them and received an excellent experience both time.  Today's visit was to replace rear brake pads that were recommended last month.  Last year I had all four brake pads replaced at a "just for brakes" type of place, and it cost me $400 and four hours.  I got to First Texas around 9 am and was out of there by 10:15 am.  They were extremely friendly, absolutely NOT pushy, and not only was the experience more than pleasant, but I walked away with a huge smile and an absolute confidence that I had gone to the right place.  In addition to great customer service, they have a very comfortable waiting area with two flat screen TVs and YUMMY coffee and pastries.  In my honest opinion, the customer service and satisfaction does not get any better than First Texas.

Jennifer G. | 2011-08-25

Updating my review because they have made a good faith effort to correct the issue.  Bottom line, do your research and if you see a million people with the same issue ( in my case 2005 Honda CRV compressor exploded in early 2009) keep fighting until Honda America and the dealer/service department make it right.

People should receive equal service for the same issue but in the end they seem to have made it right.

Mary Beth E. | 2011-08-21

I purchased a new Honda Element in 2008.   It has now been 3.5 years doing business with First Texas Honda.  First, Hondas have a great reputation for great cars.  But to go back to the dealership for the scheduled service and maintenance to keep your car perfect has been awesome!  My car will last me for the next 20 years if I keep up the preventative maintenance.

They are so professional and accommodating.  Everyone is positive and friendly to you regardless of their job title.  Every request is accommplished with no hassle and I always leave feeling like I'm in a solid, dependeable vehicle that has been thoroughly checked over and that they truly care about my future safety.

Thank you, guys!

Jasmine L. | 2011-08-05

Hands down the best car buying experience I have ever had.  First  Texas Honda has a no haggle pricing policy which changes the whole dynamic to one that is straight forward and honest with the exception of the after sale up sale of items (e.g., extended warranties).  We had visited other Honda dealers in Austin and found them to be shady sales traps.  We checked our prices with USAA car buying service which breaks down prices to "good" "average" and "great" deals.    They are actually the dealer that USAA refers you to if you sign up for their car referral service.  So, we know the price we paid was considered "great" compared to other cars sold in the area.    Apparently they do their research as well to set the prices.

As far as the actual sales experience, it was as painless as possible.  It took awhile to sign all the forms, but as a sales person, Tyler Pelham was genuine, knowledgeable, respectful, and very patient.  He was very calm, non pressuring and upfront.  For example, he never asked me about financing, or what car I drove which is often a tactic by sales people to see how they can make money off of you on the front end or back end.  He was extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for the brand, being a Honda owner himself.  

He took us on a tour of the facility, which frankly is a place so nice that I want to move into, and introduced me to the car express service consultant and gave me his card so I would have a personal contact there.  We were struggling with whether or not to get the $383 extra tinting which blocks out the majority of the UV's.  Having driven the car in record breaking heat in Texas, I HIGHLY recommend it.    No need to get the retractable cargo net because with the tinting no one will be able to see into the car.  Tyler backed the car out of the showroom which is made of glass so it was no easy feat,  all so I could see how black the windows would be in the daylight with the tint and determine whether or not I would still be able to see out of them.  Now that is service!  Originally I was told that the tint could not be done by the end of the day and I would have to wait to pick up my car on Monday, but to my surprise he was able to arrange it so that when we were done signing papers I was able to drive away with my brand new car that day all washed, shiny and new with a full tank of gas!

Tyler Pelham had the patience of a saint!  He went through the car manual and reviewed important maintenance information such as the importance of using only synthetic oil.  He went through the car and showed me how all the features worked before I drove off and even was available to show me how to flip the back seats when I came back for my plates.   The transaction took all day, but my husband and I never felt Tyler's attention was lacking.  He even walked us over to the parts department to get rubber key covers for the keys.   Since it is $200 to replace each electronic key, it was a wise suggestion and investment.

If you can help it, avoid Howdy Honda and Round Rock Honda.  We found their sales people to very pressuring and slick.  For example, at Round Rock when we just wanted to sit in the car, we were asked for our licenses and phone numbers.  When we told the salesperson that we only wanted to sit in the car, not test drive, she acted extremely offended.  At Howdy Honda, the salesperson acted offended when we tried to negotiate and stated "I know for a fact what other cars are selling for"...well it turns out because we did our research on and USAA, we knew as well.  We also felt that unlike Tyler at First Texas Honda, he was rattling off information from a script, rather than having a real working knowledge of the car.

So, bottom line, don't waste your time at other Dealer's.  For a straight forward experience, go to First Texas Honda and ask for Tyler.  He was awesome!  He even called a couple days later to make sure everything was ok and I was still happy with my car.

katie d. | 2011-06-26

I had my first no parents involved car buying experience here at First Texas Honda and I have to say I was very pleased with them and the process involved.  When they say no haggle, they mean no haggle.  My husband and I were apprehensive about walking into a dealership when we knew we were just looking but all of that stress didn't exist here.  Myles was the first human we spoke to there and even though they do not work on commission, we felt that he should be the one to help us when the buying time came.  And he did.  He was always there for our questions and our "just looking" phase all the way up to taking our picture in front of our first car purchased as adults phase.  Friendly, knowledgeable, sensitive, non-pushy, laid back, and a breeze to buy there.  We love love love our new car and came away from First Texas Honda feeling great about the whole process and the people involved.

Alison S. | 2011-05-06

I can honestly say I've gone to First Texas at least 5 times since my last review for random reasons (lights going off in my car, oil changes...etc) and each experience has been great.  They communicate well, their customer service is fabulous, they give me a ride to work and a cab voucher to get my car afterward to pick up my car - just fabulous.  Good enough that I felt the need to write again.

Charmie W. | 2011-01-04

I feel very taken advantage of. I called the day before taking my car in and was told my car is still under warranty. Once I got my car in the shop, I made it clear to service rep Caleb Reynolds that I did not want anything done to my car unless it was still under warranty. I wait all day to hear from him, when he finally called they already did a diagnosis on it and is charging 100$ and that it was not under warranty. I'm very disappointed with the lack of communication, and the unauthorized charge that was made. The only reason why give this place 1 star is because of the friendly sales team. But after feeling robbed unexpectedly I can honestly say that this was such a horrible experience!!

Natalia B. | 2011-01-01

I REALLY WANTED to buy a car from John Takenaka at First Texas Honda.  How often can you say something like that?  He was a stand up salesman, and I was really impressed by him.

When we walked on the lot, we were immediately greeted by John.  He worked hard to find the exact car we wanted to test drive.  He took us on a nice drive, and there was no pressure to buy afterward.  He gave us the numbers and several options.  He told us to think about it and then followed up with a very nice email the following morning.

We ended up not buying a Honda, but if I ever did, I would want to buy it from John.  I hope someone, somewhere reading this review does.

Caroline M. | 2010-11-18

my 'B' light was on for an oil change so I made an appointment, by phone, at First Texas Honda for 7 a.m. this morning.  I pulled up at 6:45 a.m. and there were already 3 cars ahead of me.  at 6:57 a.m. an attendent opened the gates and guided us in.  I parked and a service person approached me to determine what i needed.  He invited me inside and told me what all was involved with a 'B' service, he told me how long it would take (1 hr.) and about how much it would cost, including the state inspection i asked them to include ($150).  I went to the waiting area, got online via their free wifi and worked until they called my name an hour later.  I went to check out and the total was $151 and some change.  I appreciated the promptness, the free wifi, the free coffee and the free koloche's, even though i didn't eat one.  The only thing I didn't like was listening to the soccer mom's cell phone conversation, but that's not First Texas' fault.  I'm glad y'all are in a good location with nice people and prompt service.  Big fan!

Chris S. | 2010-11-10

I bought my Honda S2000 used in 05'.  I love that car and got a not so bad deal.  My 2 star rating is for First Texas Honda's service department.  

I had to take my car in to the shop 3 times because it was making an odd noise.  The first time they didn't find anything and told me to "Just keep driving it until whatever it is finally breaks."   Like I want to sit on the side of the road after driving a horrible sounding car for months knowing it's about to break.

On the second visit they said the rattling noise was caused by  "something" I ran over they said, "You bent something and we bent one of them back but the other won't bend."...  Uh... ok explain to me how something that can't be moved rattles (just think about that for a minute).  It was a complete lie!  

The 3rd time I took my car in I took it to Round Rock Honda.   They found  that the tensioner for my timing chain needed to be replaced.  They replaced it and the noise stopped.  

I would have given First Texas Honda 2 stars but they gave me horrible advice and lied to me.

Mari A. | 2010-10-30

We usually take our Hondas to Howdy Honda but thought we'd give First Texas Honda a try for our maintenance service.  We called 2 days before to schedule an appointment but was told to just drop in before 10 a.m.  So we showed up at 9:30 a.m. today and they were closed. We re-arranged our morning for this appointment and are very disappointed.  It was the service manager that told us to stop in too.  Never going back there!

Susan L. | 2010-08-19

So, I really wanted to go to Howdy Honda when I moved to Austin four years ago because the name is so cute and country.  However, First Texas Honda was more geographically desirable.
Then, I fell in love.
The guy who sold me my car seemed to really care.
The office atmosphere is pleasant and calming.
The Money Person is a WOMAN.
They put on your plates and your stickers for you.
Oh, and did I mention the Thunderbird Coffee joint across the street?  You should definitely wait there when your car is at First Honda.

Barry W. | 2010-07-20

First Texas Honda service department had replaced my battery during a routine oil inspection without my request. I thought it was a good thing. The battery died on my wife yesterday and had to be replaced. The battery was 2.5 years old and they would not replace it under the 3 year warranty. They said, after the first replacement there is no longer a warranty on the new battery, even though the battery has a label stating that it has a 100 month warranty.

Jack D. | 2010-06-07

A definite caveat emptor applies at First Texas Honda. I went in for a service recall (and nothing else). But they nosed around anyway listing all the problems they could come up with (real and imagined). They said the steering fluid seal was leaking and it would cost $1000+.

The next day I took my car to a mechanic that I trust. I told him the dealer said I needed this expensive repair. He even guessed the dealership based on the repair--other customers had gotten the same dishonest treatment. I asked him to check it out. He found nothing and surely most mechanics would relish a $1000+ repair (see my Yelp reviews to find this honest mechanic). Later, I posted about this in my neighborhood. More people knew about First Texas' Honda honesty-challenged track record.

You should even consider going to someone else for (free) service recall work.

Doug D. | 2010-05-25

I worked with Craig Wright while looking for a pre-owned Honda Element.  He was patient and professional, and kept the process enjoyable.  I highly recommend working with Craig to anyone in the market for a pre-owned Honda.

I ultimately found a deal from a local private seller that I couldn't pass up, but had I not stumbled into that great opportunity, I would have been happy to work with Craig and purchase from First Texas Honda.  I can't fairly give them a 5 star rating based on my limited experience, but they did make a solid first impression.

I will be using them for all my service needs moving forward.

Monica J. | 2010-05-09

Ever since I got my two door Honda Accord three years ago, it has given me nothing but trouble! Example: within the first 2 weeks of getting it, I got into two car accidents, neither of which was my fault. I should have known right from the start this would not be anything close to the amazing relationship I had with my first car, a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage. Despite being a shitty car, I still loved that thing, especially because it never gave me any problems, although I gave it a lot of hell as a beginner driver.

But anyway, I digress. My crap car decided to make my life just a little bit harder just as finals time came around and -for no apparent reason- I walked to my car one afternoon to find that the driver side door no longer worked, from the inside or outside! Urghh!!! This had happened once before but that time the door at least still opened from the outside.

You really should have seen me crawling in and out of my car through the passenger side for about 4 days. Finally managed to wake up at 7am so I could take it into the dealership to beat the lines that always develop around lunchtime.

I dropped my car off and headed upstairs to their lounge, which is stocked with coffee and delicious kolaches. Yum!! I brought my arsenal of study materials with me and was busy with that when Caleb, the guy who had helped me on my previous visit came over to my table. He apologized for not being there that morning (to be honest, I didn't really remember that he had been the person who helped me the first time around but I was impressed that he remembered!) and then gave me the bad news about my car. Turns out the latch had broken and they couldn't fix it the same way they had the previous time.  

Caleb was extremely friendly throughout the entire process, even when I expressed some frustration at the cost of getting it fixed. It was going to cost a crap ton to get it fixed but I didn't really have a choice, I couldn't spend the next month crawling in and out of my car now could I?

They gave me a ride back to my apartment and even paid for a taxi to pick me up once my car was fixed. I thought that was nice of them.

On top of all this, I don't have to deal with small talk, which I hate. They are courteous and friendly without overdoing the fake sympathy. Plus, they always take care of everything as fast as possible, especially when checking out, which I highly appreciate.

Overall, every experience with this location has been very positive. They have always been extremely professional and take care of my problems quickly. Hopefully your Honda isn't as crappy as mine, but if it is, I would highly recommend this place.

piper b. | 2010-04-02

there's nothing like a clean car.  there's also nothing like a business going out of its way to make reparations for a customer's disappointment (something that happens far far too infrequently these days).  after my disappointment with the oil change, i scheduled a detail wash to make it right.  holy wow.  
i brought my cr-v in to caleb reynolds this morning.  despite being super-busy with the pre-easter touch-ups and odd jobs, he was polite and ready to understand my situation.  they kept my car the entire day, and when i went back to pick it up, it was like a new car rolled up.  it even smells brand new, all over again.  
i honestly cannot say enough about how above and beyond first texas went with this whole thing.  i didn't know it was possible to love my honda any more than i already do, but i think i just might....

Jeff R. | 2010-03-18

When it came time for me to get a new car, I had a long list of demands. I needed an AWD SUV with enough room to hold my larger frame as well as almost anything I can think of for a 16 hr road trip.

I was definitely nervous purchasing a new car, because you always hear car-salesman "horror stories" but I found that First Texas Honda wasn't like that at all. I met Mike Deltz, who was friendly, honest and warm. He explained that the traditional haggling wasn't around anymore because they have a fair market price listed on each car. When you see a car you like, the price is clearly posted in the windshield. Mike made my experience very enjoyable and I would certainly go back next time.

I didn't end up with a Honda (they just don't have a V-6 Element), but if I need a sedan in the future, I'm definitely coming back for the Accord.

Kristin B. | 2010-02-01

As far as dealerships go, this is the best one that I have ever been to.  I bought my 2008 Civic here about a year and a half ago after attempting to do so at Howdy.  That place was terrible - typical meat market type dealership where you're treated like a number.  First Texas Honda on the other hand, is a smaller, friendlier dealership where you can get one on one type service.

So, we knew we wanted to trade in our gas guzzling Grand Prix GTP for a more economical Civic coupe and that's what we did.  The manager made a mistake in our favor and honored it.  YAY for us!!  

I have a friend that owns a repair shop, so I go to him for oil changes.  I have gone to the service area at First Texas Honda a few times to deal with stuff under warranty.  That's the only reason I didn't give 5 stars.  They have an "Express" lane that is supposed to deal with oil changes, etc.  In fact, they say they won't take appointments, just come in and it's and Express deal.  Generally, you sit and wait in your car for about 10-15 minutes and someone comes over to deal with you.  I have been told it will take a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and it's always longer.  Last time it took an hour and a half.  Plus, when the guy came to say it was ready, they didn't deal with the air/cooling system issue that I had brought it in for.  I'm sure the guy who wrote up our ticket didn't even write it on there, so it's really his fault and not the guy actually working on the car.  Also, getting an oil change here is twice as much as it costs anywhere else.  So, my gripe is just that they know it's going to take longer than they say, they should just be honest.

Anyway, the waiting areas in this place are awesome.  Very comfortable oversized leather chairs all spread out throughout the rooms.  They have one room off of the lobby for when you're buying a car and another larger room upstairs from the service area.  Everyone here is pretty friendly and with the nice accommodations, I think that's an extra plus.

If you're getting a Honda, get it at First Texas Honda.  You will be satisfied.

Kevan I. | 2009-12-21

These people are idiots. I called another Honda service center (non-dealer) about an airbag sensor light that was coming on, provided the code and issue, and was given an estimate for parts and labor to resolve the issue. On the other hand, this dealership basically told me they don't know what that code means and will have to get the car in to even give me a quote, despite me telling them exactly what parts i need replaced. I don't call that good service. I'll do my best to never take my car here because it sure sounded like a "we want to suck your pocketbook dry" answer.

Aisha K. | 2009-12-07

I bought a 2010 Honda Civic there two months ago. I found the staff very helpful and non-pushy  and non-manipulative. Michael Deltz, my sales representative, genuinely seemed to have my best interest in mind and to enjoy his job. I think they sell enough cars there that they don't have to be greedy and they just want the customers to be happy.

I went  prepared with the going new car prices for this area  and the Honda incentives being offered. I knew what trim level I wanted before I walked in. I feel that I got a good deal and I got 1.9% interest too.

I do hypnosis and NLP professionally so I can smell verbal manipulation tactics a mile away. After some awful manipulative sales tactics at Ford dealerships, I am glad I had the luck to land at First Texas and see Michael there. Luck was with me that day. I have been extremely happy with my car and with  the service dept. too.

I highly recommend Michael in sales. He knows his stuff and he's a nice guy to deal with. He stayed late to help me to close the deal even though his young son had arrived to go home with him. Tell him Aisha the hypnotist said, "hi!"

Jjzbl f. | 2009-08-05

I've had nothing but good experiences with First Texas Honda.  We bought and Accord from Carl Lewis there several years ago and went back to him not too long ago to buy an Element.  He's very knowledgeable about the cars, friendly, and respectful.  He never played all those games with us like keeping our keys or making us spend hours upon hours at the dealership to get the cars.  He's there to sell you a car and he doesn't mess around, tell him what you want and what you want to pay and he'll get it taken care of.  

I've never taken my car there to be serviced so I can't comment on that.   I did call and speak to someone in the repair shop once and he was quite rude but that's not why I don't get my repairs done there.  Generally speaking, the repair shops in car dealerships are a huge rip off when you are paying out of pocket as opposed to getting warranty work done.

If you're looking for a new Honda, talk to Carl Lewis, he'll get you taken care of without taking all day.

Michelann Q. | 2009-07-28

I recently returned to the service department to get some recall items fixed. In addition, my sun visor had cracked again.

My experience was far better this time. They finished all three repairs in less time than estimated and were fast and efficient checking me in and out. Better still, even though I'm out of warranty, they replaced the sun visor again free of charge.

Much better!

Sam S. | 2009-07-21

See posted update

Diana D. | 2009-06-17

This is one of the poorest examples of customer service I have ever encountered. The first time I came they tried to make me pay about $4000 for replacing my IMA battery on my hybrid. I still had a warrantee on it and they said they had to "check" with the Honda headquarters. It took them over two weeks to get back to me and only because I called them three times to get an answer. As it turns out, I was covered by my warantee. Several months later, I came to check on a "check engine" light and to get my emissions updated. They quoted me $1200 for a CAT converter and refused to perform my emissions test until I had it replaced. They said that I had to use Honda parts for this but one of the employees pulled me aside and said that that wasn't true and to shop around. The Meineke down the street replaced my CAT converter  for $243 and included my emissions test in the service. I warn all my fellow Honda owners about this place. Their service deparment is terrible.

Peter H. | 2009-06-02

I purchased a used Honda Element from the in 2007.  After getting it home, I noticed that there was a small crack in the tail-light.  I thought nothing of it at the time, but when it came time for my state inspection, the car failed the inspection due to the tail-light.  

I emailed the service guys about it, and not only did they swap out the tail-light for free, but they also gave my dirty car a wash.  Customer Service like that is extremely hard to find these days and they've definitely earned my loyalty for the next time I buy another Honda.

Dan B. | 2009-05-26

Possibly the best dealership experience I've ever had... we'd been car shopping for two weeks and had gone through all the usual trauma - ignorant salesmen who didn't know their product, arrogant sales staff keeping us waiting for untold hours, sales managers that refused to budge off ridiculously high prices (hey guys... you HAVE heard the auto industry is taking it in the pooper, right?  Maybe it's time to try and make some DEALS?)

Anyway, we knew exactly what we wanted.  We found the car on First Texas Honda's website, and called to see if they'd make us the deal we needed before setting off for Houston.  We talked to Marc Smith and made an offer that was lower than any price we'd been given thus far.  Mr. Smith initially  said "oh, we can't get that low... that's less than we ever sell those for..."  But not five minutes later, Mr. Smith called back and said "I talked to the sales manager to be sure, and yes, we can meet your price!"

We headed down to the dealership and they had the car pulled around waiting for us to test drive.  We took a spin around the block, said "so, we've got a deal right?"  and Marc took us inside to start the papers.  He stayed in the waiting room area to keep us updated on how long it would be, and used the time to start going over the owner's manual and the features of the car.  When the finance manager was done with us, the car was ready and the only thing left to do was shake hands and drive away.

Total time at the dealership was less than an hour and a half.  There were no surprises, no add-on B.S., no high pressure tricks or tactics.  It was as close to as perfect a transaction as you could hope for buying a new car.  I never knew it could be like this!

Liz B. | 2009-05-01

I just purchased my first new car, a 2009 Honda Fit, from First Texas Honda and it was a great experience!

I had been looking for months and working with Mark Smith, one of their salesmen, who was great and totally no-pressure at all. He got me a good trade in and a great interest rate.

Great dealership, I would highly recommend it!

Jerry L. | 2009-02-05

My Honda Accord had a 7 year warranty that recently expired.  Pretty soon thereafter an SRS light came on and stayed on.  SRS regards the safety system (air bags, seat belts, etc.) so I thought for sure I was screwed.  

Online research made me aware of a warranty extension, but I still thought it would be a huge hassle.  I called the 800 customer service number and was surprised at how painless it was.  The rep was upfront with me, explained exactly what would and wouldn't be covered, and even sent a message to first Honda that I would be there (not sure if that actually happened, but was a nice gesture).  

I still dreaded going to the dealership, saying no to a thousand upsells and having to argue for warranty coverage.  Not my experience at all.  The guy that welcomed me was extremely nice, upselling was pretty restrained, not pushy.  He was immediately aware of the SRS extended warranty issue, even before I gave him my case number.  He told me it would probably be covered under the warranty, but then made sure I understood how much it would be if not ($95 diagnostic + repair).  Fine, I was already aware of this from online research.

Later in the day I get a call that my car is ready, that it was covered under warranty.  He had a nice demeanor and it was a pleasant call.  I went in to pick it up.  The woman that waited on me was also really friendly, and it was only about five more minutes before I had my car.  

There was one more upsell attempt on my way out, but it wasn't bad.  I had a break light that went out, and just didn't get around to replacing it before going there.  The guy who brought me my car asked if I wanted one from the shop.  I said no, I had one already, and that was that.  Thanks, have a nice day.

Overall, it was so painless without any real complaints.  I'm not sure how their sales department is, but the 4 individuals I interacted with in Service were awesome.

Nita N. | 2008-11-25

I didn't like this dealer-I was looking for a little Honda Civic and shopped around town just to compare prices.  The older salesman here was pretty rude and basically yelled at me because I said I wanted to think about the price since he was unwilling to budge and lower the price.  I ended up purchasing my car from Howdy Honda because, not only did they offer a better price, but they also have far superior customer service skills.  Don't go here if you want a good price for your car.

Allison D. | 2008-08-25

My first visit to First Texas Honda was not a pleasant one. I went to get a scheduled oil change for my '98 Honda Civic about two months ago. After waiting in their plush lounge for over an hour on a Sunday, I was told that my battery was almost dead. I asked how much the repair would be, over $150 plus labor was a little more than I wanted to pay so I told the serviceman to only change my oil and I would buy and install the battery.

30 minutes pass, I paid for the service, started my car then noticed all of my radio presets and clock were blinking (a sign that my battery was disconnected). Thinking it was because my battery was checked, I drove off to run errands, parked, go to set my car alarm from my keychain but it will not work. Already tired from spending over two hours in a waiting room, I drive back to First Texas and ask to speak to a manager.

I explained to Christy Heenan that my car was working in perfectly good order before I brought it in, and it seems the service department disconnected my battery without my permission causing my radio presets to disconnect and my car alarm to die.
After she tells me she is not sure who fixed my car (hmm isn't this easy to know when your mgmt?) There is a slight moment when she begins to tell me that it could be my fault for owning an older car and these things can happen at random!
I laughed and said couldn't it have something to do with the fact that these repairmen fooled with my battery and are not honest with their mistakes. I was sure they would go out of their way to try and resolve the issue. Instead they blamed their customer and tell me that because my car alarm is not a "factory installed Honda alarm" they cannot replace it!!

I have never been treated so badly from a Honda dealership, let alone a business. I am infuriated that management is allowed to treat paying customers this way and no one is accountable! I am now left without a car alarm, one that I have owned since the day I bought my Honda (Yes I purchased the car & alarm at a Honda dealer) leaving my car devalued and at risk for theft.

Recently, I am finding a barrage of emails in my inbox congratulating the newest promotion! They give all "valued customers" a free car wash to celebrate the hardworking service workers raise. Wow, what a trade off...I  hope management gets fired instead of promoted.

Jon E. | 2008-07-08

My experience with First Texas is limited to the Service Department.  The biggest plus that has going for it is the lounge.  Power outlets and wireless internet mean that I can do things while I wait.

The Service Department eventually fixed every problem I brought them, so I guess I can't complain about the service.  The first time, I had a battery die at a gas station in Bastrop on 71.  My car, a 2005 Accord, had regular maintenance, and as this happened about 1.5 years after I bought the car, a dead battery struck me as strange.  This is especially so since my prior vehicle had better battery performance overwintering in a parking lot in New Hampshire.  Apparently "the heat in Texas" (according to the maintenance guy) dries out the water in batteries rapidly, but I also drove a car in South Carolina for 3 years and never had a problem, so . . .

Anyway, First Texas replaced the battery and wrote it off under my warranty; they also replaced a fuel pump per a recall of which I was unaware.

Fast-forward a few months, and an annoying, rhythmic squeak developed when braking at slow speeds.  I took the car in, waited around, and was told after awhile that the mechanics heard nothing and couldn't find anything wrong with the car.  I was dissatisfied with this, so the Service Department and I concluded that I should drive around with one of the mechanics.  I did.  We heard the squeak, he quickly determined the issue, and fixed it rapidly upon our return to the dealership (if you're curious, apparently some sort of backing plate near the rear wheels was touching the brakes or something).  I just wish they would've caught it the first time, but at least they found it eventually.  I also had First Texas do the routine maintenance and oil change when I brought it in, and even with full synthetic, they had some kind of special that brought it down to Jiffy Lube-non-synthetic prices.  So that was good.

One particular annoyance, though:  First Texas is very "proactive" about contacting you after you deal with them.  After my first visit, I received phone calls, emails, postcards, etc. CONSTANTLY.  That finally abated.  After my second visit, I got a call from the Honda mothership asking about my experience.  I gave generally positive reviews, but withheld the 5-out-of-5 just because First Texas didn't find the problem with the brakes on the first go-round (and diagnosis of the problem was one of the criteria by which I was supposed to rank them).  Within a few days, I got a call from the Service Manager in which he implored me, should Honda call again, to max out the ratings.  It was thinly guised as a call to "make things right," but since nothing was WRONG, per se, I really didn't know what to say to the guy.  Anyway, if something goes wrong with my car again (mechanically), I'd probably take it back here, but I'd certainly be open to trying somewhere else, as well.

Dennis R. | 2008-03-14

My review covers the First Texas Honda Service Department.  Like a previous reviewer, I had used Garrett Liming at First Texas Honda for several years.  Garrett was the best.  From my past dealings with a different non-Honda dealership in the Austin area, I hated dealer service centers.  But Mr. Liming at First Texas Honda restored my faith and trust that not all dealer service centers are shady.

Garrett Liming was much better than even local repair shops I went to after my car's warranty had expired.  I wished I had kept going to First Texas Honda for my service even after the warranty was up, although I cannot say whether the repair expenses would be a lot more at the dealer than at independent repair centers.

One time I had some scheduled maintenance done at First Texas Honda when my car was still under warranty.  I didn't even know there was a problem, but one of the service people heard a noise that I had not heard when he was driving my car.  Because Honda had issued a recall for the transmission on my V6 2001 Accord, First Texas Honda replaced the whole transmission under the recall.  What is truly amazing is that they did all the work of replacing the transmission in one day!  I had taken a previous car I had owned to a well-known transmission chain when its transmission went out several years ago, and that place held onto my car for two weeks.  

So in my opinion, First Texas Honda and Garrett Liming do extraordinary work.  They are the best place I have ever been to for auto repair.

Ricky C. | 2008-01-11

My review is for the Service Department.  I recently upgraded to an Acura TL but I had Hondas for 10 years before that.  Garrett Liming and his service team were always great to me!  They are professional, honest, and they care about their customers.  I brought my cars to him for 10 years and the one thing I don't like about my new fancy car is that I can't bring it to him!  I moved far away from First Texas Honda a couple of years ago and I still made the drive to bring my car there.  They are great and I would totally recommend Honda owners taking their car there for service.

Phyllis K. | 2008-01-06

I can see from other reviews that my experience was extraordinary.  

I was attempting to trade-in my gas guzzling companion (big-ass SUV)  for something that would make me feel less guilty and leave me more dough in my pocket (civic or hybrid).  First Texas Honda was the only dealer in Austin with a used Civic Hybrid.  But upon seeing their used car lot, I was pretty disgusted.  The cars were dirty, with chipped paint-jobs and dings, and stained interiors.  When I pointed out the damage and asked if they would fix it, he snapped back "Well, your car has scratches on it too."  What the hell?!  I soooo wished at that moment that my parents hadn't raised me as well as they did.

So I decided to test-drive it anyway, partly because they had offered me the most for my trade-in.  The whole ride, my sales guy sat there chewing gum and not saying anything of consequence.  He told me nothing about the car, just told me it was a dream and that I should just go ahead and get it.

I decide on a different car and he goes ahead to draw up paperwork even though we hadn't agreed on anything.  All I said was I wanted to make sure he was going to give me what I wanted for my trade-in.  So when he disappears to get paper for about an hour, no amount of nuts or juice pacifies my rage over  why he just got up and left.

After a long haggling deal, I realize that I'm not fighting the company or the manager for a good deal, I'm fighting him.  This a**hole isn't even trying to get a sale. He is just looking contemptuously at me.  He offers me way less for my car than previously discussed, then tells me I'm lying when I tell him what Kelley Blue book offered, and won't apologize for his accusation after I make him look it up online.  So I ask for my keys back and it takes him another hour to find my car and give me my keys.  I hadn't signed anything.  Where the hell did he take my car?

I got my keys and high-tailed it outta there.  I should have known better.  This guy had a soul-patch and slicked back hair.  And I noticed he was the only sales rep in the entire dealership that didn't smile.  Lucky me.  So if you do go to First Texas Honda, just avoid the young, chubby, guy with the soul-patch, slicked hair, and bad attitude.

I went  to Howdy Honda, who offered me a similar deal but were extremely upfront with everything and much more pleasant.  Personality totally counts!

Catherine Y. | 2007-10-12

I have been to First Texas Honda several times for different things and never did I have a bad experience.

The staffs are friendly and polite. The waiting room has newspaper, magazine, drinks (pop/coffee/tea/water), and sometimes when you are lucky you get to eat some fresh doughnuts or deserts while waiting for your car to be serviced.

They got quite a lot of Honda accesories for sale as well. Check them out if you want to find something Honda-ish.  

My car uses high performance sport tires and 2 months ago, one of them was badly ripped and had to be replaced. I called First Texas Honda and another Honda dealership (at Round Rock area, near 620) and First Texas was able to give me a quote that is as close as what the Discount Tires would give me while the other Honda dealership wanted to mark it up for another $80 or so.

Price wise... I went there for oil change and state inspection. It was just like price quote from any workshop, maybe $1 or $2 more for State Inspection. As for the oil change, I went there not knowing that the oil level had not gone down to 0% but the mechanic checked and showed me the oil level and asked me to come back next time instead of screwing me over. I like that of them and I feel safe to let them work on my car.

Don R. | 2007-08-08

My wife and I were in the market for a new car, and we had been looking at Civics and Elements.  I stopped by First Texas Honda on my way home from work, just to kick the tires and see the prices.  

I like the fact that it is in my neighborhood, not out on the motor mile, and it is very convenient to me, since it is on my way home.

I met a salesman named Gary B. A very nice guy, who knows his Hondas. We sat in a gold civic, and I was immediately impressed with the solid and safe feel the car has. I was worried about me fitting in the car. I'm only six-two but it is like 5ft of torso and 1 foot 2 of legs. So I don't fit in some cars and trucks.  I fit fine in the Civic, and Gary who is also a tall guy got in the back seat behind me to show that it has plenty of backseat room.

It was Gary who introduced me to the Honda Fit.  He had one on the lot that was already sold but he took me to sit in it. I loved it, I texted my wife and said, "I LOVE THE FIT." She wrote back and said, "NO FREAKIN FIT!"  Of course that is what we ended up buying. We had to go to San Marcos to find one though. (See review of San Marcos Honda).

My wife and I went back late Saturday afternoon to look once again at Civics and to see if they had any Fit's available. Gary wasn't available to they sent some other guy out to deal with us. I don't want to use this guys name, so I will change it to something......lets see......Oh I know I will call him TOOL.  We asked him questions about the Gold Civic I had sat in and asked him if he had any FITs coming in. He said not until September but, we could go inside right now put a $500 deposit down and reserve one. "That way you and your husband can relax and stop shopping."  Well I may be old fashioned TOOL, but don't try to close my wife when I am standing right there, AND STOP STARING AT HER BOOBS!.  I mean they are nice, I stare at em all the time, but I'm standing right there.

Well, TOOL told us, "The sooner we get it ordered, the quicker it will come in." Which is a lie, the FITs were coming in anyway, whether we reserved one or not. Plus he added, "It is the only way you are going to get one." Which was also a lie because less than an two hours later we were driving around in our brand new FIT, that we got from a dealer in San Marcos. I guess the phones lines from First Texas Honda don't go all the way down to San Marcos. They probably stop in Buda or something.

Overall my experience was very good, maybe this TOOL guy was just having a bad day. Or maybe he is really just a TOOL. I dunno.  I amhopeful the service side is good, because it is likely where I will take my fit. It is just so convenient.  Have you noticed I like saying the word FIT? Check in photos to see pictures of our FIT.  

If you do go to First Texas ask for Gary, I know he is good. I'm sure some of the other folks are too.

One star off because they didn't tell us about other Honda dealerships, and one star off for TOOL.

Phil P. | 2007-07-08

I could go into exact details of my negative experience, but at best it'll only bore you. I've reconstructed the events based on my e-mails with First Texas Honda (thank you Gmail).

* I asked them to take a look at my brakes because they caused the car to vibrate. They didn't do it, and they finally offered to perform the work at half price ($200), which was the regular price for other shops.
* They didn't call me back as promised (for a status update), and I ended up calling them only to find out that my car was going to be delayed at least another day due to parts.
* They replaced the horn on my car because they claimed that the original one didn't work (when it worked two weeks prior). When they installed the new horn, it didn't work. I took it back two more times to get it fixed. This leads me to believe that the original horn may not have been faulty.

I'm not a hard person to please, and customer service really depends on how people handle their mistakes.

- They screwed up multiple times
- They have high prices. Yes, I realize that they're a dealership, but the quality of the work for the price wasn't there.
- The best they claimed they could do was offer work at half price as an apology, which is the normal price at other shops; they could definitely have done better.
+ They had timely responses to my complaints.
+ They attempted to resolve my issue, instead of just apologizing without doing anything about it.

Carolyn V. | 2007-07-07

The Good:
 :: location. it's off of Koenig and Lamar, so it's close for students and residents of Hyde Park.  it's also easy to get to
 :: the level of professionalism with the service department.  the people are very nice, polite, and friendly
 :: i took my car in for the check engine light. i thought it had something to do with the exhaust monitor component (that's what the manual indicated). turns out the problem was i was almost out of oil.  !!!!!!!!!! i'm still wondering why the check oil light didn't come on but anyway, instead of taking advantage of my idiocy, they told me upfront that i was simply out of oil and they put some more in and i was good as gold
 :: i took my car in today to get my car inspected. they took about an hour because it was so busy/packed, but i didn't mind. why? they have an excellent waiting room area upstairs, complete with newspapers, tv, magazines, tables, comfy chairs....i worked on the crossword puzzle and was quite content!
 :: free coffee, soda, water, tea, snacks in the waiting room area. bonus!

The Bad:
 :: when it's busy, it can be slow, but this rule applies to anywhere for anything, so no biggie.

The Ugly:
 :: none.

Would I go back?  Definitely.  They haven't tried to screw me over yet, so I'm going to go back there for other work I need.  

This place is IN.

Adriana D. | 2007-06-21

I've bought two cars from First Texas Honda.  The first, a '96 Accord, came with free oil changes for life- a life that lasted 7 years before it was totaled by an SUV charging through a red light.  

My second, a Civic, is still serviced regularly by First Texas.  Although it's no longer under warranty, I am confident that I do not overpay for repairs, and I can trust their service team and mechanics to take care of my car.  

Case in point- a few days ago I brought the car by because I had drained the battery and the mechanic who gave me a jumpstart felt that my battery was approaching the end of its natural life.  First Texas quoted a price comparable to the major retailers for a similar battery, so I brought the car by.  After about 20 minutes the First Texas mechanics had checked out my battery and found it to be fine- so I was able to leave without paying a dime.  The service team explained the situation to me (I am NOT a mechanic!) and I was on my way.  

I've always been happy with First Texas.  Their sales team was okay- I initially wanted to replace the Accord with a used model but decided to purchase a new Civic instead, so I dealt with a used car salesman who was able to help with the purchase and make the entire deal fairly painless.  The service team, particularly Garrett, has always taken good care of my cars and has been upfront about prices and options.

Cody R. | 2007-03-02

When I moved into town I took my car here to get serviced because it was still under warranty. I was really happy with the speed of their service department. The waiting room was really nice, and WI-FI was provided for waiting customers..... The reason I don't give this place 5 stars is because:

1. I did not buy my car from here, so I don't know how the sales are

2. I did not pay for my service, because I was still under warranty. I don't know if they are overpriced.

I would be interested to see how they perform on those levels, but if my experience with them is any indication then they will be great....