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FIAT of Austin takes pride in our helpful staff and we will do everything to make your car buying experience the best you have ever had. FIAT of Austin has a skilled and knowledgeable sales team that has many years of experience within the FIAT brand.

Browse our inventory of new FIAT models from your computer, smartphone or tablet. After you locate the perfect new or used car, please contact us to set up a test drive in a brand new FIAT 500, 500 L, 500 Lounge 500 Sport, 500 Pop, 500C, or other model. You will be amazed at the control, performance, and fuel economy that each new FIAT offers. There is a reason why FIAT is one of the fastest growing companies in America!

The auto financing team at FIAT of Austin has given expert advice to those looking for a Fiat car loan or lease. Our service doesn't end there. Austin area customers can come in and get help from our Fiat car repair technicians then shop through our inventory of Fiat auto parts.

FIAT of Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 228-3428
Address:13049 N Hwy 183, Austin, TX, 78750
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on FIAT of Austin

Marc C. | 2015-04-14

Problems solved. It took awhile but I finally got the replacement parts for my Fiat. Apparently, the issue wasn't with Fiat Of Austin but the mother ship, wherever that is.

Clearly, the local Fiat reps care about customer service but occasionally communication isn't as swift as I would like.

Chris G. | 2015-04-10

We had a wonderful experience for our first time a Fiat. We bought our first Fiat and we could not be happier. Josh our sales person was fantastic. We gave him a list of the features that we were looking for. He was able to locate us an option that far exceeded our expectations.  Lisa the GM personally came out and welcomed us to the Fiat family. This might be our first Fiat, but it won't be our last. The whole family wants to drive. Thank you for such a great experience and a warm welcome to Fiat.

Ashley S. | 2015-03-28

I traded my Fiat 500 in for a Fiat 500L and could not have been more happy with the experience! Teofil was such awesome help and really made sure I was happy and comfortable with the price when it came to getting in my trade. They are not pushy at all and you can tell they want the best for their customers. So happy with my purchase and the experience that came along with it.

Carmen H. | 2015-03-10

I called on a used Mustang and after talking to Zach came in to check out the car. Left with a nice car and could not be happier. Everyone is friendly and Zach is a true pro and a nice guy. 5 Stars.

G J. | 2015-02-19

Austin and Nick are awesome!

Nicole S. | 2015-02-17

I will start off by saying that I really love my little Fiat.  It is so fun to drive and I always get compliments on it.  Now, keep in mind that a few months ago I would have (and did tell a few) to STAY AWAY from Fiats and the dealership. But, as you will read, this has changed.  I have the 2 door, sport with a sunroof and it is just plain FUN...which is what has been a redeeming factor despite the issues I've had that you're about to read.

My purchasing experience was easy and enjoyable.  My husband and I were very satisfied with the sales department.  But, this was short lived once I had to deal with their service department, which was a NIGHTMERE (partially because they were still sharing a service department since the Fiat dealership was building their own). The service staff were rude, slow, and just overall terrible. They NEVER called back, updated, and it took 4 hours to get an oil change one time even after calling ahead.  

I have had a range of problems with my Fiat: a trunk rattle that caused a bunch of the hatch to have to be redone, a random piece of paper being in my dash and rattling (that took over a year to fix because it wouldn't rattle when I took it in...of course), my sunroof screen wouldn't latch (took 8 months for them to finally repair), something went wrong with the oil tank that turned out to be a recall, and then my valve body went out last month (with less than 30,000 miles on my car).  

With all of that said, I must say that what has kept me in my Fiat (because I was literally at a dealership about to trade it in) is the service and attention that Austin (Service Manager) and Lisa (Dealership Manager) have given these last 6 months.  Austin is especially wonderful. He is extremely friendly, attentive, informative, and dedicated.  I have even seen a complete turn around in the service staff (in a positive way) since he has taken over the service department.  Lisa is also very responsive, despite the many customers/issues/every day things that I am sure go along with managing a dealership.  The hard work and dedication of these two have kept me from trading in my Fiat, as well as have restored my faith in the dealership/service department.

At this point there is only ONE thing that would keep me from purchasing another Fiat...the RIDICULOUS amount of time that it takes to get parts in.  Unfortunately for the dealership, this is out of their control.  But, it is seriously ridiculous.  My replacement mirror took 3 months! My car went in for the valve body on Jan 14 and wasn't ready until Feb 6...because the part just wouldn't come in! I am seriously interested in their new SUV that is coming out in a couple of months, but most likely will not purchase it due to my fear of what may go wrong and how long it will take to get parts for it.  Which makes me sad because I really enjoyed my purchasing experience with the dealership, as well as my experience with their service staff.  Hopefully Fiat will be able to get their parts manufacturing under control soon.

Paul C. | 2015-01-17

It is going to be difficult to find the words that describe how great the experience at Fiat of Austin has been.  The most important part of the relationship is knowing that they care and they are there to serve our needs and maintain a long relationship.  

From the sales process to customer service, Lisa Copeland is the best leader in the industry.   She has great people because she creates a positive environment and positive people want to work with her, buy cars there and get their car serviced.

Lisa has totally taken the "dread" factor out of the car experience to an "I can't wait to visit Fiat"..

Jen C. | 2015-01-16

I came to Fiat of Austin with a friend looking to buy a new car and was immediately impressed from the time I walked in the door. Beautiful dealership with friendly and professional staff but also the relaxed Austin attitude we all love about this great city. My friend ended up buying the perfect car for him at a great price. This will be the place I come to get my next car when the time comes. Great experience!

Allix C. | 2015-01-16

I am new to the Austin area and was trying to find somewhere to get my car serviced quickly. I haven't established a Toyota dealership here yet & was unsure where to go for an oil change and tire rotation. I was talking about this at a restaurant in line and a lady recommended I visit Fiat of Austin service department. She had recently bought a car there & said her service was unmatched. So- I decided I would try it out. Ending result: quick service, great attitudes, & very affordable. Plus, got to test drive a new fiat as I waited! Maybe that will be my next purchase... ?! My sales person was named Teofil and was full of valuable information about how the trade in process would work & even sent me home with numbers on what that would look like. Very impressed with my visit!

Angela S. | 2015-01-16

Very good customer service! They were having a red tag event. I decided to go try one out and see if they could work with me. The had a base model Fiat 500 Pop brand new in yellow. The only color I wanted. To look at was yellow! The base model has cloth seats... But electric windows, locks, hands free phone, rear window defogger and windshield wiper,  cruise control, sport button and the ability to drive like a stick or automatic AND beats audio system... Oh no window tint.  So cloth seats and no window tint are small things to live without in comparison to the other base features.  The space inside is bigger than you would think. The back seat is a little small but I've had 3 adults in the car with no complaints. My friends 5 year old daughter loves it and is totally comfortable. What I love about my car is that it's not so small that you feel at risk... But I can get in and out of tight places with ease. The dealership staff is very friendly and offer free coffee, water  and computers to use while you wait. Oh! They have a charging station for electronic devices such as phone /tablet chargers!

Haley H. | 2015-01-14

My car kept having problems after problems. I originally just brought the car in to have the oil changed!! The GM never took my calls and kept passing my problems off to other people. 1. I had one person in service, tell me he gave me one tire. And another, told me he gave me three tires... Now they say two? So which is it? 2.  After two and a half months, technicians determined my breaks all of a sudden needed replacing. Austin informed me I had a hole in my roter? How is that even possible with normal wear and tear? Yet again another issue that just appeared on my vehicle.
This dealership had caused my vehicle to have more problems then I brought it in with.  

***Even though sales and Gabby at the front, were all so great to speak with, my car is still broken and the GM and service dept are terrible.**

Lisa, as a GM she should follow up with her clients requests. Why even bother sending emails to inquire how service is going, if you never follow up?

David m. | 2014-12-22

This review if long in coming. If you would have asked me if I would buy another FIAT three months ago, I would have said HELL NO!. Not only did my car fall apart ALL THE TIME...but customer service sucked. Now they have all new people and I have a whole new line of trust. Teofil called me out of the blue after my car had been in the shop an offered me a new one with a lifetime warranty on my transmission and engine with keeping within my budget. I had recently had gotten my trust back with Austin (Service Dept Manager and Chisty (Customer Service Manager) and decided to think twice since they won my trust back. Teofil was not pushy at all and worked with me on all levels. He made me feel comfortable throughout the whole buying process. He personally picked out the car that I purchased based on what I bought before with more bells and whistles. That was a very nice touch.

I can honestly say that I feel I have been taken care of by Teofil, Austin, and Christy and am very very happy with my new FIAT!

Pat L. | 2014-12-19

After purchasing our 2nd Fiat ( my husband decided to get the 4-door for him) I can say we are very pleased.   Glad the dealership is on 183 now and they have their own service dept.  Not excited about dealing with Maxwell dealership at all!  We both love our cars, especially when we drive by the gas stations and see all the gas guzzlers having to fill up!   Please...if you are thinking of getting a fiat, stop by the Fiat dealership on 183.  Great salesmanship and customer service and no pushy sales either!  Sorry for all those who had to deal with Maxwell, I feel your pain.

Rimmer Z. | 2014-11-03

These guys are the time-share shady geezers of the car industry. Worse than any used car salespeople. They send out scratch cards to trick people into thinking they've won $25,000 and/or a car but in the end it's just a shady trick to get them to come to the dealership where they are given the hard-sell and squeezed for their personal information. They employ a third-party "marketing" firm to do this work and they actively target the people more likely to be intimidated or duped by this - like your Grandmother or young adults. Avoid them like the plague and tell everyone about how shady and unprofessional they are. I'm never buying a Fiat now.

M H. | 2014-10-31

How many ways does Fiat of Austin S _ _K?  TOO many to count!  

So they send out endless flyers with keys and scratch-offs.  The sales flyers scream "Reveal 3 $25,000 chips and you have won!"..............NOT!  You get 2 bucks in lottery tickets.  Can anyone say DECEPTIVE trade practice????  Next stop, compliant with the Attorney General's office.

The ultimate sleazy sales center, it reeks of the maturity of 16 year old mean girls.    The clueless chick that greeted us did not even know that elections are occurring next week and then she threw away the key and the paper in the trash even after I asked if the pieces would be recycled.

There was actually a small chance that I would have included Fiat in my next round of car considerations, but not now nor EVER after today's experience.

Laura S. | 2014-10-30

Fiat of Austin continues to be awesome! Brandon Grebe is amazing and works hard to ensure your experience is as easy as possible! This dealership meets and exceeds all expectations.

J W. | 2014-10-26

I recently purchased a used vehicle from Fiat of Austin and I am very happy with my purchase and experience.  Brandon Grebe was my salesperson and I thought he was great and did a great job managing the sale.  He and the sales manager were conscientious of my budget and although there was some negotiating, they made me an offer I was willing to accept for a vehicle I really wanted.  In the end I feel like I paid a fair price for a really great car.  In addition, the facilities are nice and all the staff I dealt with were courteous and friendly.
The only cons were one of the headlights fogged up the first time I washed the car (just a day or two after purchase).  They said they were not aware of this problem when they sold the vehicle and they would not cover the cost of replacement.  The fogging was inconsistent (needed the right environmental circumstances I guess) so it's plausible they were not aware of this and the manufacturer replaced the headlamp assembly under warranty so with a little leg work it was not an issue.  Second, the out the door detailing was almost non-existent.  The outside wasn't washed and the interior was barely wiped down.  While the interior was really clean to begin with and the car appears to have been well taken care of, there were some white fingerprint marks (in a black interior) that were a little less visible but much of the interior wasn't touched and it wasn't vacuumed.  In my opinion a car purchase is a long term commitment and these were fleeting inconveniences.  Oh, and another real perk in the pro column... the vehicle came with a powertrain warranty for as long as I own the car.  To me that's a huge commitment on their part and gives me some peace of mind.
Bottom line, if they have a vehicle that you are interested in I would highly recommend checking out Fiat of Austin.  I can see why they have earned so many sales awards.

Phil S. | 2014-10-24

free oil change !!! thanks again austin !!!!


Lisa Marie C. | 2014-10-21

I am thrilled write this review because it's my opportunity to say thank you for an outstanding experience. As a Realtor of over 23 years who relies on her vehicle more than the average person I was pleasantly surprised to locate the car on the local Fiat website. From the moment I communicated with Ami Groves, her integrity and diligence allowed me to make quick decisions and consummate a deal. Ami worked with Pete (her manager) to fulfill EVERY promise and exceed expectations. They made a tremendous EFFORT to finance at the LOWEST possible rate and to deliver the vehicle in perfect condition. I'll go out of my way to make sure that everyone I know has the opportunity to interact with such a reputable dealership. Sounds like a canned speech but it's the absolute TRUTH. The only thing left to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH AMI! THANK YOU PETE!

Sandra P. | 2014-10-11

Found a car I liked online and got in touch with Ami. Brought the husband with me to do the test drive on Saturday where he consumed some "pretty good" doughnuts.  
After the test drive we sat down to talk numbers. Ami really worked hard to get our payments where we were comfortable. She got it done!
This was night and day from my last car buying experience. I was not looking foward to buying a new car at all and Ami turned my so-so attitude around.
I am one happy lady today!

Hilda C. | 2014-10-10

Getting excellent customer service!!! Great service experience & working with Danielle and Brent.

Catt B. | 2014-10-10

Austin continued to keep in contact with me and make sure I was happy and ok and wanted to process my refund. I had lots of things going on, and wasn't able to reach out to him right away - but he kept at it and made sure I was not forgotten just because I wasn't causing a stink.

Then, when things finally calmed down, I realized my engine was rattling while idling at lights - w AC on. Crank the AC and it went away. The low settings, which is what is needed right now - rattle. AND I went through a drive through and hit the down button on the window, while reaching for $ so the window went ALL the way down for the 1st time in quite some time. CLUNK. Roll back up....CLUNK.

Figured, now as good a time as any to ask about these things to see if it was something I could fix myself, or look into and or give Fiat of Austin Service another chance.  I emailed Austin and he immediately said, I will come get your Fiat, fix any issues, and bring it back to you before you leave for work, and will refund your Oil change when I do. We set a date and he came and got it. When he showed up with the car later on that day, it was shiny and pretty and new. He had them detail it for me!

Not only did he fix my most recent problem in record time, he was also addressing the original problem and resolving it. He went so far above and beyond its quite frankly downright amazing. He restored my faith in humanity and more importantly in the Customer Service at Fiat of Austin Service Department. He genuinely cares, and I will be back due to his dogged and continued attempts to make things right.
Highly suggest trying them out and if it is not exactly what you expected contact Austin. He is incredible.

The ONE thing they can improve on and I am giving one less star for is I do still get the automate emails occassionally - and got a postcard saying the Fiat was due for service, and here is a coupon....and would I like to purchase an extended warranty. Pay attention. I just got the oil changed. The coupon would have been nice to use....and I have the warranty. Little things, but it makes a difference.

Katie B. | 2014-09-26

Purchased a 2014 Fiat 500L from this dealership. Stopped by on a Sunday to just look around and then made an appointment online. Ami was super quick to respond on Monday and we were in a car by Tuesday. Very easy to deal with and was super surprised at how comfortable the car was.

Katherine R. | 2014-09-25

We bought 2 fiat 500c two years ago and have recently decided to upgrade one of ours to the 500L trekking & let me tell you it's worth it! Lauren helped up through it all! She made sure we had the right model with the right pricing, which means a lot with a kid coming soon.

Felix C. | 2014-09-16

This post is on behalf of my mom. She bought a Fiat from Fiat of Austin when they were still at the Domain location. Now before I say anything further, she loves her Fiat. She loves it so much she was thinking of buying another one but after the problems she has had with the service center, I don't think she'll be buying another one.

The people at the service center have never had their act together either at the Chrysler dealership where it used to reside or at the new service center at their new dealership. She has been given the run around almost each time she takes the car in for service. This last time, her car died in her garage and she was told by the service center to call roadside assistance. They sent pop a lock who tried to charge her car battery with a dead battery charger and then when he realized he couldn't charge the battery, he even admitted he didn't know a thing about Fiats. Then, they sent a tow truck driver who warned my mom to call the service center because last time he took a car over there, they accused him of stealing it because they couldn't find it...they found it on their lot three DAYS later according to him. Even though the roadside service is separate from the service center, the center and the roadside service kept giving my mom conflicting information making this whole process a complete mess.

They did fix her car but before they did and even when they knew her car was in tow...they would not give her a loaner car to help her get to work until her car arrived at the dealership. This is only one example of how terrible they are. They've even left a shop towel under the hood of her car!

S C. | 2014-09-04

I was interested in buying a used Fiat, so naturally I stopped by the Fiat dealership to see what they had in stock. I was assisted by Omar, who asked about my budget and what I was looking for. I told him I only had $10,000 and was looking to buy a car outright. I also told him I test drove a Fiat Pop at another dealership earlier that day, and that I was not impressed because it was not as fun to drive as I had heard. I asked if I could drive a new Fiat to see if it was just because the car I drove had problems, but he refused to allow me to do that since a new car wasn't in my budget.  I had to settle for a test drive in a used vehicle, which turned out to be fine because Omar was very knowledgeable and showed me how much fun Sport mode could be!

- Omar was very knowledgeable regarding Fiats, including the colors and features available. For example, he could tell me the exact year certain colors were discontinued. During the test drive he pointed out various features and encouraged me to floor it a few times to see how quickly speed picked up. It was a lot of fun.
- Their selection of used Fiats was better than that of other dealerships.
- Omar seemed to be respected by other staff and able to push a deal through on his terms, none of that fake "I can't get you the price you want because my manager won't let me" spiel.
- Omar told me about the lifetime warranty they offered, which was very enticing because of the reliability issues / history of the Fiat in the US. That was really the biggest issue I had regarding purchasing a Fiat, so it was good to know that it would be somewhat mitigated with the warranty.

- It was hard to hear the engine and focus on the performance of the car during the test drive because of all the talking.
-During the test drive Omar pointed out the features including the interior lights- but one failed to turn on. He glossed over it and moved on, I thought it was funny but it was clear they don't thoroughly check their used vehicles before selling.
- Felt a little like I was treated as a second class citizen due to my inability to purchase a new car, and he never suggested financing or tried to figure out what I was truly looking for in a vehicle.
- High pressure tactics which were annoying. He tried to convince me to purchase the car that day, clearly not paying attention when I said I was still transferring money to my bank account and it would take a few days. He also didn't factor in sales tax and other costs to the total.
-When I mentioned having the car inspected by an independent third party, he continued to pressure me to buy the car that day, even though it would take some time to arrange both money and an inspection and I had been upfront about that He also said there was little need for a third party inspection because of the warranty (even though it's not bumper-to-bumper)
- No follow-up, we were pretty much dismissed once he figured out the budget was truly $10,000 (without financing), although I also told him I factored in up to $11,000 with the tax and fees. How much were they planning to add in fees? Kind of disappointing, I really loved the look of the Fiats.
- Obvious sales tactics like telling us to wait while he got his business card, then going outside for no obvious reason before coming back inside and giving us a card from his desk. What was the point of that? So annoying.

Overall, I'm glad I stopped by but it was a little frustrating being dismissed with little follow-up because they didn't offer Fiats in my price range. It's odd because they were offered at OTHER dealerships in the right range (depending on the mileage).However none offered the lifetime warranty so ultimately I decided against purchasing a Fiat. It's just too risky at this time! And there are way too many updates to the Yelp reviews in which a happy customer became less happy after a few months. Hopefully this will become less of an issue now that they opened their own repair shop. If so perhaps I will buy my dream Fiat a few years from now! .

Carolyn A. | 2014-09-04

I visited FIAT Austin on Labor Day and the staff was so nice. I really enjoyed talking with them about the different car models, and they did all they could to help in terms of financing. I send everyone my sincere thanks via Yelp, and a little "beep" from my new Fiat 500 ('57 Special Edition)!

Thomas G. | 2014-08-31

Low pressure... Good overall experience... I have been scared to buy a car from any dealership for all the reasons you could imagine. Of course I will update if there are issues... But my sales rep Stacy helped me through the process and I bought a 2015 Fiat Abarth. If your interested in a new Fiat come in and ask me Stacy. Btw they do not have any Alfa Romeos here.

Sara S. | 2014-08-24

I am 24 years old, and this was my first car purchase. I went in with the mindset of purchasing used, seeing that I had a certain budget. Brandon took the time to see what he could make happen price-wise on a new vehicle, as well as trade in on my old car, and was able to make it possible for me to purchase a brand NEW 2014 Fiat 500 Pop. I couldn't believe that a new car was within my grasp, and I could not be happier. I still kind of want someone to pinch me, because I was absolutely convinced I would not be able to get a brand new car. But thanks to Brandon's expertise, patience, and amazing dedication, he got me my first new car ever. Anyone considering purchasing from Fiat of Austin should really try to seek him out.  He is trustworthy, knowledgable, and incredibly helpful.


Lisa H. | 2014-08-24

One name-Jonathan More. He is kind and patient. He will find the car you want! Definitely ask for him.

Geni G. | 2014-07-31

I recently purchased a used honda from Fiat and couldn't be more happier. Brandon & Kori in sales were awesome. They worked together to make it as seamless as possible. Carolina & Regis were equally amazing, making sure I got the best rate.

Steve K. | 2014-07-22

I purchased a used 2010 Mini Cooper S Convertible from this dealer December of 2012. I purchased the extended warranty for the vehicle.. Which thankfully I did.
When my vehicle needed service, they told me I had to bring it to them. Unfortunate for me, because I know a great german auto shop that takes care of all my needs for me.

Long story short, my vehicles thermostat got stuck open and I needed to get it replaced. I took my vehicle into Fiat of Austin, Nyle Maxwell dealership to get the service it needed. They gave me the slowest rental car fathomable. I was scared of driving it because merging onto the highway and taking unprotected lefts was very difficult. Very cheap company to be giving me the cheapest rental car Enterprise had to offer.

At the end of this mess, I was given my car back after paying a 100 dollar deductible. Lo and behold, my air bag light is flashing on and off. I give Austin (The service manager) a call and he begins to tell me that this was a pre-existing issue and wasn't caused by his folks.

I took my car over to Marioshop.. Check them out by the way, I wrote a review on them, good folks.. I took my car over to Marioshop and he diagnosed it and told me that the sensor that controls the air  bag was torn off the bottom of the drivers seat and unplugged.


I'll let you guys figure that meaning out. Either the technician was WAY too rough on my seat or they intentionally unplugged it to have me come back in.

Austin quickly relinquished control of my service contract and I will be having my car servied at Marioshop ONLY from now on.…

Pictures of the diagnostics are in the photos section.

Amanda J. | 2014-07-17

Two stars ONLY because I love my car.

I bought Sheila a year and a half ago.  I went in specifically to buy a yellow 500 with a sunroof and a manual transmission.  I didn't care which trim.  I didn't care if it had vinyl seats or which speakers it had.  They told me they could order one, but they'd have to install an aftermarket sunroof in it, which was fine.  But a while later while we were still doing financing, they said they found one on the lot, with a sunroof from the factory.  Sweet!  I could drive it home.  Awesome.

But when we got it home, we realized it was missing paint on the back bumper.  Just a little bit, smaller than dime sized - almost like it'd been parked next to a chain link fence that had rubbed against it for a while.  We called the salesman, he said to bring it in for him to look at.  So I did, but he was on a test drive and the people in the office said to just call him.  So I left.  I called the salesman again.  He asked about the size of the spot and asked if it needed a whole repainting or just a paint pen.  It's supposed to be a NEW car, but I was frustrated already and just wanted it over with, so sure - give me a paint pen.  A few weeks went by, I went by an had my license plates installed, they said the pen was on it's way - they had to order it.  A few more weeks went by... I called the dealership.  They said the salesman I worked with no longer worked there, but that they'd look into it and someone would call me back.  No one ever did.  It wasn't that big a spot, and honestly i love my car, so I just let it go.  Until a few weeks later I saw the salesman's name pop up again on a friend's facebook feed when she bought her Fiat.  Apparently he'd never left.  But I never heard anything else from either him or the dealership about my paint pen.

Fast forward a few months... to my first oil change.  Handled by the Chrysler store, because this was before Fiat of Austin moved out of the Domain.  I looked online to get the number, but there was a service appointment request form on the site, so I just used it.  I got a confirmation email saying they'd received my request and someone would be with me shortly.  Two weeks later I just drove to the service center because I still hadn't heard anything.  They told me it was MY FAULT, because 'everyone knows you don't make an appointment for an oil change.'  Oh, and by the way, would I like to add a $15 tire rotation to my oil change?  I really should rotate my tires every time I change the oil.  And I was going to, but not now that you've been both rude AND condescending.  I may not have NEEDED an appointment, but I requested one.  Someone should have AT LEAST checked with me via email or phone to verify that was all I needed and/or let me know I didn't need one.  I got my oil changed and drove away swearing never to use Fiat of Austin or the Chrysler service center ever again.

But then they got the new store.  With it's own service bay.  I heard good things.  So when my check engine light came on again this last week for my oil change, I went online AGAIN - to verify where they were located.  And there AGAIN was the same service appointment request form.  Since I also need my emergency brake and USB port looked at - which I made sure to include in the message field this time - I took the chance and filled it out and clicked submit.  I got the exact same standard auto-reply message as I did from the Chrysler service center, but from a fiatofaustin email account this time.  It's been more than  twenty four hours since that email arrived and I have yet to hear anything.

Moral of the story:  Absolutely, buy a Fiat.  But buy it and plan to service it in either Waco or San Antonio.  Because once they've sold you the car, they couldn't care less about your business, despite what their auto-emails may say.

Laurie W. | 2014-06-12

Having a great experience at Fiat of Austin! Great personnel, courteous and friendly!
Am impressed with the new Fiats, roomier than I thought they would be! And the interiors are beautiful!

Kristin G. | 2014-05-29

I came here SPECIFICALLY looking for a Nissan Juke that was advertised on Craigslist as an SV model. When I received a follow up text from the internet manager Dave Jimenez, I even asked if this was the SV model, and he confirmed. I test drove this car for all of about 5 minutes because the location is so screwed up and there was backed up Christmas traffic everywhere at the Domain. Even so, I noticed I could not find the satellite radio and was told by my salesperson "we'll figure it out."

I then purchased the car, and on the way home realized the car did not have many of the features listed in writing on the website, on the window sticker and in the Craigslist ad. I called and left a message (with Kristi the Customer Relations Manager) for Dave to call me. He never did, but it was Christmas Eve so I gave him a pass.

Then, Dec 26 I called and spoke to Dave who could not have been more aloof and rude. He said "How did you leave me a message, I don't even have voicemail" and stated he never got my message. He told me it was my job to make sure the car had all of that stuff listed before buying. Apparently there is some clause that says even tough they misrepresented everything about the car, its my job to make a checklist in my 5 minute test drive. He told me he is in charge of marketing, and that he doesn't know anything about Nissans. He then said he just types in the VIN number and the list of options pops up and 90% of the time its right. (Well, when I do that it tells me its a Nissan Juke and asks ME to pick what model it is.) Basically, he was lazy, and somehow its my fault.

So I then ask to speak to a manager before I really start saying bad words, and I'm put on hold, and then hung up on. Of course when I call back, They are all unavailable. I did get passed to the new car manager by accident who had no clue what was going on and took my name and number....again.

Pete the manager called me back and insisted the car was priced correctly as a base model and was somewhat more sympathetic but also stated it was up to me to make sure it had everything.

Mike E. | 2014-05-06

Have to chuckle about the new dealership.  Got a promo in the mail today with one of those keys attached begging you to come in and see if the key fits and if so you win the car!!!  Of course today is May 6th .... and the promo ended May 3rd.  Great way to make sure NO ONE wins the car!  

That said I have to say the old Domain dealership was full of great folks.  Drove up early last year in my black 1984 Fiat/Pininfarina rag top and they went nuts over it.  Wanted to buy it for display outside the dealership.  Of course no way was I selling.  But I did take a test drive and was surprisingly impressed with the get and up and go of the 500 and the Abarth Italian design touches.  Dealership was still new then and willing to bend over backwards to make a deal to get the business.  I liked it enough that I wanted to get my wife in to do a test drive but without luck.  She just wouldn't move down in size from her Hyundai Sonata (go figure!) ... but then she hasn't ridden in my 30 yr old convertible in ten yrs because she thinks it's a death trap!  Anyway my short experience with the staff was outstanding.  Now if they'd just run a legit promo!  :)

Brent W. | 2014-04-09

Update.  Bumping from 2 to 3 stars given this was resolved to my satisfaction.  

New location is (as of a few days ago) handling any/all service, and the experience was *worlds* better.  It clearly helps working with people who are dedicated to handling Fiat issues.  A big thanks to Lillian for her assistance.

I am cautiously optimistic!  Now, if only we had 500e's in Texas...

Vikki T. | 2014-03-31

These people are running a complete SCAM - so don't fall for it like we did.  We received a flyer in the mail to scratch off and see if we won a prize. Grand prize was either a new Fiat or $25,000 in cash.   Imagine our surprise when it appeared that we won!  We called the number to "verify" our prize and was told over the phone - "You are a grand prize winner - come in".  We read the fine print 3 times and while still skeptical, we hurried down to the dealership.  When we arrived, we were told.. :oops, we didn't actually win, - we just won the right to ENTER the contest".. REALLY.. that's NOT what the ad said or the lady on the phone.  Total deception and sleezey come on.  Before we could see if we won (again), we were asked questions about what kind of car we had, what we were willing to spend, etc.  Well, guess what...Oops.. we didn't actually win at all - geez what a surprise!!    And you can guess what came next - NOW they want to sell us a car.  We are going to buy a new car pretty soon, but even if I did want to buy a Fiat, I would not buy here.  If they have no problem scamming you to come in to the dealership, then they probably would have no problem scamming you on a purchase.  If you get this in the mail, throw it in the TRASH where it belongs.  Disgusting way to deceive people.  If Fiat is such a great car and they are such a great dealership, why do they need to resort to such back alley tactics to get people in.

Bill K. | 2014-03-08

I have been a big Honda fan for years. I have owned 5 Hondas and thought my next car would be a Honda. I did go out and test drive the Fiat 500 when these guys were at the Domain location. I liked they way it drove and for a smaller car it handled really well.

I got a call to come check out the Fiats again. I figured I would come out, let them give me their deal and I would make the bend over backwards to give me a deal and end up walking out. I was driving a 2010 Honda Civic that I was going to be paying off in 2 1/2 years. I also knew what the Fiat dealership in San Antonio had and knew I could get a 2013 Fiat 500 Sport used for $12.9K. They were looking to clear out the 2013's. Brandon showed me the Fiats and was pushing me towards a new car. I hesitated because I knew that you never buy a new car. You always go used because you can usually get a better deal that route. Brandon tells me that the sales manager would bend over backwards to make deals happen.  We decide on a 2013 Fiat 500 Pop. He starts to work the the deal. The first two rounds of their "four square" method of selling cars is usually more than you need to pay. I pull out the True Car app and show they what I should be paying for their car.  I even offered to take a loss on my Honda, knowing it had a little dent on the passenger side that would cost about $500 to fix. I left that day because I was at lunch and I had already been at the dealership an hour and half.

Brandon communicated me via text the next few days. He even offered an extra $500 off as an incentive to come down and pull the trigger on buying the Fiat. I appreciated the fact that he was not pushy and did go out of his way to seal the deal. I finally agreed if he tinted the windows for free, I would pull the trigger. He tells me to do the financing paperwork online and he would have everything ready at noon the next day. I walk in and the paperwork takes 20 minutes and I was finished. He did not have the Fiat in the color I agreed upon. He gave me a 2014 loaner, which was nice. I drove that thing around for over a week before my car came in from Dallas. Brandon was always keeping me updated as to what was going on with the transport of the car from Dallas.

The deciding factor for me going with these guys is the fact that they offered a Lifetime Powertrain warranty as long as I owned the car. Plus, there was road side assist for at least 4 years. I appreciated the fact that Brandon was friendly, professional and was not pushy at all. I liked the fact that he was quite familiar with the aftermarket parks available for the Fiats. I have been driving the Fiat for almost 3 weeks now and I am quiet impressed. I am a convert from Honda now.

Paul Z. | 2014-01-21

I love my fiat it's a blast
I love it because it takes less gas
I like the way it's easy to park
I like it when I drive in the dark
everything about it is just great
there's really nothing here to hate
It drives real good even in the rain
It never causes any pain
the fiat people are real nice
the fiat people don't play dice
they work real hard to make you feel
that with every mile you got a good deal
I would certainly buy again
I would call these people friends

D H. | 2013-11-11

It's been a month and I am still receiving letters in the mail from the hundreds of creditors they sent my information to. My credit has gone down the drain. What an awful experience. Thanks for ruining my life Fiat of Austin.

J M. | 2013-09-20

I went in to buy a new Fiat. They did not have my first color choice, but after a while I settled on another color. At this point it was typical car negotiation stuff. The things people hate. I had a few days before finalizing the deal, and I turned to the internet. Not only did I find the color combination I wanted, but it was $1000. less than Fiat of Austin's best price. After sharing that with them, they came close, but did not meet the other deal. BTW the other dealer delivered the car to my home at no charge. The Austin guys get high marks for attentiveness and friendliness, but after that it is the normal car buying experience.

Cassidy G. | 2013-08-08

I'm now driving a 2013 Fiat 500 Sport & I couldn't be happier!

Our sales representative, Brandon Grebe, is a genuinely nice person that patiently worked with us.  He listened to what I wanted, let me test drive all the different models  to figure out what I wanted & fully delivered in the end.

I'm not a fan of negotiations, but Brandon made this agreement comfortable without of the typical pressures of buying a car.

My fiat is cute, comfortable and GAS EFFICIENT!  I am now a fiat fan :)

Kimberly M. | 2013-06-21

I've been twice, and every one is SO nice!
Helpful. Knowledgeable.
The sales rep. Amber helped me out a lot.
I felt she was honest and friendly and definitely put me at ease.
I test drove the 500 Lounge and brand new 500L; and I'm in love!

Brandon L. | 2013-06-17

Purchased a used vehicle through them.  When I inquired about the missing front floor mat they just suggested I purchase them.  I guess if you are the highest volume Fiat Dealership in the country your customer service doesn't have to be of the highest caliber..

Kenna N. | 2013-06-12

there's a reason why this is the number one Fiat dealership in America.

Yesterday i was making fun of Fiat's and everyone who drove them.
Today I'm driving one.
If you would have told me that today i would be in a Fiat of my very own i'd laugh in your face and then some.

but it's true. and i love it.

and i really love the people there- friendly, not at all pushy, and will seriously do everything they can to make sure you leave more than happy. i left ecstatic.

My particular sales person was Levi- great, funny guy- was told enjoyable to work with. went in ready for it all to be over before we begun but after talking to him and all that, i almost miss the place now that i left :)

Jack M. | 2012-11-30

I was recently informed that this dealership sells more Fiats than anyone in the country.  

A little surprising, but then again Austin seems like the kind of town that would enjoy the flavor of car that Fiat makes.  However, upon visiting the dealership, I found that one doesn't sell cars just because they're great cars that people like.  

The dealership is set up to make buying the car an easy, stress free experience.  I was allowed to drive exactly the kind of car I wanted to buy with no pushy sales or tactics to make sure I was a "serious buyer".   I wasn't steered toward the new cars or the used ones, I was given ample opportunity to inspect both.  My salesman was very laid back and never pushed me into anything, just showed me exactly what I wanted to see and let me make my own decisions.

Quite frankly, the cars sell themselves.  The Abarth was very nice and a lot of fun to drive.  I ultimately didn't buy it because the car doesn't really fit my lifestyle at this point and time.  Ten years ago, I'd have an Abarth in my garage right now.  Instead, I'm just waiting for the partner Alfa Romeo dealership to arrive so I can go back and find something I really want to buy.

Tina K. | 2012-11-28

Don't buy your Fiat anywhere else but FIAT of Austin.

My teens were getting on me about purchasing a car that was better on gas and the environment.  I was a Mercedes owner, so I went to my dealership and all they had were SmartCars.  0_0  Not for me.  We went a few other places and tested some hybrids and I hated them all.  :/  We stopped into the Domain for lunch and while passing through, saw the Fiat "store".  Don't let their boutique store-front appearance fool you, this is a car dealership and they do have cars for you to test drive and look at!

We were greeted by a wonderful girl named Kristi and she walked us through the various types without using 'dealer-speak'.  Though my spouse and I were together, it was obvious I was buying the car and she kept her focus on me.  You have no idea what that means to women out purchasing cars with spouses or boyfriends--and the dealer ignore you and speaks to your dude.  0_o  After a test drive, our dealer Kristi led us to a back parking lot where there were many more types of Fiat's to consider.  I found a hunter-green with ivory and brown interior--and all these months later; I'm a very happy customer. The loan approval process was quick; they gave us a great trade-in offer on our Mercedes.  When it comes time for my kiddos to get a car, we're going back here first!

The dealership is always accommodating even after the sale; I was able to come back and get the protectant detailing that came with my package on my own time and without pressure - when they were done, they gave me a box of cleaning and maintenance products and walked me through how to use them.
Great service crew and friendly salespeople!

Cathy B. | 2012-11-28

A few weeks ago, I decided to get rid of my old car. Nothing wrong with it - I just owned it with my ex and needed a fresh start. A friend of mine had a Fiat and as a huge fan of all things small, cute, and European I decided to check it out. First of all, be prepared - the onslaught of cuteness in the showroom is staggering. The cars are so adorable!! Now, normally I dread shopping for anything big - cars, furniture, appliances, etc. Sales people are too pushy and nosey and always have an angle. The exact opposite is true at Fiat. Everyone was incredibly friendly without being pushy. Our sales person Kristi was so sweet and so knowledgeable and a Fiat owner herself! It was nice to hear from not just a sales person who memorized the figures and stats, but an actual owner who knows what the car is like day to day. Needless to say,  I went home with a new Fiat that night. The buying process was painless, and the genuine happiness from the staff was infectious. Yes, they sold a car, but they are just happy to see you happy. The car itself is awesome- it's perfect for city drivers and is so much fun on little road trips. I recommend not only the Fiat, but the amazing staff at Fiat of Austin.

John G. | 2012-08-27

My wife and I went to FIAT of Austin just to "kick the tires" and test drive a car for our kids to drive around town.  We had no plans of buying the car and told them upfront that we were not seriously looking.  Our sales consultant, Ami Groves, was very upfront about everything, she did not pressure us at all, and she answered a lot of tough questions knowing that she probably was not getting a sale from us.  We took the car home to let our kids see it and see how they liked it.

So, we discussed it and decided to trade in one of our old cars and get the FIAT so we would have a new car that was under warranty and had no miles on it.  Ami bent over backwards to make sure we were happy and has even been in contact with us multiple times after the sale to make sure our questions were answered and that we are happy with our car.  

We had a dead battery the first day we had the car and I got a jump and took the car back to them for a new battery.  They gave me multiple options on getting it replaced and were very accommodating.  I had a new battery the same day and was on my way with little inconvenience on my end.  I understand that all mechanical items can fail, so the battery was not really a surprise.  

We are really enjoying getting around town at over 30 mpg and I cannot help but laugh every time I fill up and it is under $40 for premium!

My daily driver is a German car that offers superior service at their dealerships and so far, FIAT is giving them some competition.  If they only offered loaners for all maintenance visits!  I hope Nyle reads this as I have two cars from his dealerships...loaner vehicles!

I cannot say enough good things about Ami.  She makes the buying process easy and painless and that is what convinced us to buy.  If you go, talk to Ami Groves as you will be well taken care of!

Jason C. | 2012-07-16

This transaction is still in progress, but it has been a very bad experience so far.  I went into the Fiat dealership on Saturday extremely skeptical about the cars and the brand.  To me, it's unproven in the United States.  The jury is still out on things like dependability, customer service, enforcing the warranty, and so forth.  Eventually I settled on a car after test driving it.  The styling was great and the terms I was able to get were satisfactory, if not particularly amazing, and so I tried to put my hesitance to bed.  

BUT THEN I wasn't able to actually get the car off the lot!  It died on me a couple of times before I even got out of the shopping center.  I left it with them over the weekend, and needless to say I felt like I had just made a terrible, expensive mistake.  The thing that kills me is that no one at the dealership seemed to care that my first experience with the car was shockingly bad and that I was rapidly forming negative opinions of their brand.  It's as if they stopped caring the exact moment I signed the lease.  

I traded in my 2003 Kia as part of the leasing deal, but I was not bringing it by until the following Monday.  Unfortunately, as I had anticipated, I was not able to get the Kia started.  It had been giving me trouble and I had stopped driving it months prior.  Fiat was well aware of this and knew there was a chance I might not be able to get the car to them.  Now, to my mind, given how bracing the experience of buying a Fiat had already been, I thought the least they could do is send a truck to come get the Kia.  But, in fact, they want me to make whatever repairs are necessary to get the car started and/or pay for the towing myself.  Even if it is my obligation to do so (and, as a lawyer, I can tell you it's certainly unclear given that they accepted the trade-in sight unseen) it just further makes me angry they are unwilling to work with me at all.  

This is still in progress.  I have no idea how it's going to resolve itself.  I don't even have possession of the Fiat yet and I'm already greatly irritated.  If I end up happy by the end, then I'll revise my score.  But at this point, it's an open question.

Amber S. | 2012-01-22

I love love LOVE my new FIAT. Rhonda was my sales lady, and although she was a newb she was very friendly and sweet. I highly recommend this car and this dealership!

Lisa C. | 2012-01-16

My husband and I are (or were) SMART car owners. We are always interested in similar cars when new ones went come on the market. So we stopped by Fiat of Austin just to take a peek. We even talked in the car on the way over that we were NOT going to buy a new car........Lets just say we are now new owners of the convertible lounge fiat.

The whole experience ROCKED. Drew was no pressure and was so knowledgable and Lisa made sure we were comfortable with our decision. Brent make the money part of it go so smoothly. There was NO high pressure sales. Really the car sells itself.

Whether you are looking for a economical gas saver or a sporty second car or a girly gadget car, there is car for you at Fiat.

This was the easiest car purchase EVER and we weren't even in the market for a new car.

Christine M. | 2011-11-18

I love my FIAT Pop 500. This car kicks ass. Okay I have started with 1974 Maverick, 1990 Chevy S10, 1994 Chevy Silverado.
I would never thought I would get a small car.  This car does not feel like a small car. I love that I park anywhere. Has get up and go. I love that I have a standard. Love Bose.

Katie is the master sales lady. Smart. She is hot babe :P.  
I told her what I wanted and she put me in the car.  I got after market sunroof. It is better than one from Fiat.  This was first time I have ever brought a car on my own. I did not feel pressure. I think I pressured them more.

Brent was very helpful. I had to sent papers to Washington state to sign. He print two contracts so my hubby could make final decision. He did not treat me like a dumb woman.

Be careful look over every spot on the car before signing off.

Service: Heaven. Pros. Matt is great at the service. If they have to keep u car Matt will put u in Fiat

I have been in a three car accident in the Fiat. Nyle Collision they worked very hard on my car. The parts took forever. When the insurance stop paying on rental. They paid for rental. I am waiting on two parts we will see if I ever get them.
Collision could kept me up to date.

Be careful with tires. I ran over parting place cement them. I had to get a new tire.

Issue: Parts take forever to get. So be careful out there.

Size inside: I can get a lot stuff in the car as long as I do not need a passenger

The little cutups are not enough to make it 4 stars. I am so happy in my car. Plus the day when the car said 420 miles til I need to get gas. How can u be upset.

If u looking for something to do go check out a fiat. U will be surprised. Go say hello to Katie.

Victoria B. | 2011-10-05

I purchased my vehicle from Fiat at the Domain, Austin Texas in April 2011. My salesperson, Katie, was wonderful and very helpful. They are definitely lucky to have her there.That is the only thing that is in good graces with the Fiat All other customer service from then on was horrible. I purchased the lounge and it had heated seats. The driver side heated seat did not work. I also paid for the resistol leather protector. The heated seat took 2 months to fix. When they did finally get my car int o fix it I was given a loaner fiat in the meantime. A few days later I still had not heard from the dealership about my car. I finally went to Brent and he said they had called me. That was a lie. No one had called me to get my vehicle. I kept getting the run around about the resistol, and when it was done they did a half job. In the meantime, I got a flat tire. when I went to change the tire there was no spare. I called the dealership to ask where it would be and they told me the car did not come with one and if I wanted one I was suppose to purchase one. I was never told this when I purchased the vehicle otherwise I would have got one. I was told that they would take care of my tire for me, when I got to the Dealership a young man named Matt was extremely rude to me. Telling me I was a liar and that I had to pay 120.00 for a new tire. Even after I was told the tire would be taken care of. Brent from the Fiat Domain told me that he would get me a spare tire for my vehicle. I reluctantly agreed. The tire came in and I was told there was a kit needed and I had to purchase that. So I was not upset and asked how much and what the process was to get it. I was told by Mr. Montgomery that they were going to get the kit for me and they would call me when it was in. I never received a phone call. I, again, had to call to find about my tire. I was told that they had not got any in. A week later Mr. Montgomery left me a message saying they were in. I was out of town so I could not go in. As soon as I came back in town I called and i was told they did not have any. I reminded Matt of the phone message Mr. Montgomery left and Matt then told me that there was not a 'we owe' note for them to give me my tire. I called Brent and no answer or return call. I called Lisa Copeland the General Manager. She said this was the first she heard of it and would get back to me. She never returned my phone call. On 4 October I went to have my oil changed and asked Matt about the tire. While talking to him about it I asked how long it would take to put on my tire because it took 2 months to fix my seat and he said "I doubt it". I do not know what it is about the customer service with Fiat but this is ridiculous! So when my car was ready he showed me some blank 'we owe' paper saying he does not have to put on a tire for me. I told him that paper was sign when I purchased the vehicle and this situation happened post purchase. He said that was not his problem and I had to wait til tomorrow to speak to Brent and Lisa. I told him I was so upset about the way I was being treated I wanted to speak to somebody above Lisa and Brent. He told me to wait. He was gone for about 20 minutes came back told me "I'm putting the tire on your getting what you want" He said this to me while flinging his hands at me and with such arrogance. Like he was doing me a favor.

By this time I was so upset and mad I was crying and shaking. Matt argued with me int he middle of the dealership and kept talking at me. I told him that I am not getting what I want I am getting what I was told I would receive. I asked to speak to someone about the treatment I was receiving and he insisted I talk to Brent and Lisa. I said I was over that whole dealership and I wanted someone above Lisa. Matt said there was no one above Lisa. I told him Nyle Maxwell owns this dealership and Fiat is under Nyle Maxwell, Lisa Copeland does not own Fiat, so she has a boss! He left and came back with his boss who was very nice and listened what i had to say. Overall I still as if I was blown off.

Matt treated me very poorly and as if I was trying to steal something from him. His customer service skill set is so inadequate he should not be working with customers in any way! On top of that I get a facebook posting from Emily Kelly (the receptionist), who I never hear from, saying 'What's up you crazy bitch?' I don't know if she is being extremely informal or if she is being extremely rude!

I am so fed up with the treatment I have received from the beginning of my purchase.I do not want a Fiat anymore! If I did not have a loan I would give the car back and purchase anything else from somewhere else. I know what great customer service is because my family has bought from the same dealership for the last 15 years and not once have they ever been treated this poorly. If only that dealership sold Fiats.

The 500 is a great little car, it's a shame it is represented by such awful people!

caroline P. | 2011-09-08

My experience with everyone at Fiat was so wonderful. Everyone was so helpful, accommodating and friendly. I worked primarily with Katie King and she was great. I never felt pressured and always felt like I could ask questions. I will definitely send people to Fiat! I love my new car!

Pamela O. | 2011-08-27

Absolutely the best new car buying experience ever. Everyone at FIAT of Austin treats customers like friends & family. Really. No pressure to buy on the spot, no swarming salespeople, no nagging calls and emails, and none of that "Gee, I'll have to check with my manager" runaround.

FIAT of Austin takes an entirely different approach that I noticed the moment I walked in to the FIAT studio. Imagine walking into a dealership and being warmly welcomed by nice, friendly people rather than feeling like you're being circled by hungry sharks.

I've already recommended this dealership to many others. I love my new FIAT 500, which came standard with an amazing array of features at a great price. And, I love FIAT of Austin (Thanks Katie King, Lisa Copeland, and Brent Rayfield!). It's worth the drive (or flight) from wherever you're at to purchase from this dealership!

Where you buy makes all the difference in the car buying and service experience. I smile every day when I get behind the wheel of my new car.

Dillar S. | 2011-08-02

To me - a Fiat seems to be a necessity, like a good pair of jeans, or a great pair of heels.  One of those things you just need in your collection!

Stopped in the Fiat dealership to take a look around, and drool.
I wasn't in the market for a new car walking in, but now I just might have to convince the wifey we need one.  

These iconic design cars are simply beautiful and would go great with my urban lifestyle.  Eco friendly, affordable, and stylish... what is not to love?!

I was surprised with the amount of space in this compact car, and loved the fact that I had so many customization options that didn't break the bank.

The staff there is friendly and one can tell they love their product.

Enough yelping... on to convince the wife... WE NEED ONE.

Lars W. | 2011-07-05

The cars are great, the dealership not. They overcharged for the Fiat 500 and later refunded after my inquiry. We were told that we get a loaner for the day that the car goes to get its tint. The day my wife arrived to turn the Fiat 500 in for tinting she was asked if she arranged for transportation. Only after insisting, she received the loaner. Months later we got this surprise: We traded in our car for the purchase. Fiat of Austin did not notify the DMV of the trade. The license plate of the trade-in is still in our name and I have to deal with the DMV now to get this resolved. This is simply sloppy.

Michael B. | 2011-04-22

I am not sure if I am going to buy a Fiat 500. My wife doesn't love it as much as I do and I thought this might be the car for her. This dealership is very clean and swanky to walk into. Reminds me how they sell Minis and Mercedes in shopping centers and malls in China!  The staff here are very pleasant and low pressure. They are confident of the single model available now and will happily give you a test drive. I could go on and on about the product. The car has fancy features available and it's half the price of my Audi. Things that excite me on it are the black headliner available, blue tooth, and iPod USB port. When I wanted the iPod jack installed on my A4, the dealership said it would be $500!

Can't promise everyone will love this car, but I think anyone can appreciate a new start-up, unique product, and well-designed store in the Domain with friendly staff too! At the very least it would be fun to walk in and see the classic Fiat on display.