Driscoll Motors in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Driscoll Motors in Austin, TX.

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Driscoll Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 454-5800
Address:10301 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78758
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Driscoll Motors

Cole A. | 2014-11-03

I love this place!  From the first car I bought from them over 20 years ago to the most recent (just a couple of days ago), it has remained the best deal in town.  No BS sales guys, the price they quote you is already their bottom price.  

This last purchase I found on their website, a beautiful 2011 BMW 5 series still under warranty and at a serious discount!  If they don't currently have what you want, just tell them your budget and what your looking for and they will find it for you.  You can't get any better than that.

Quit wasting your money at the large dealerships and let these guys get you what you want at an amazing price.

Austin T. | 2014-10-07

This is a true no haggle used car dealership that doesn't even try to BS because they just want to sell good clean cars and fast.
And we mean no haggle the price is what the price says no if's no and no buts.
The extra stars are for not being amateur BS artist, just plain and simple car sales. Do not even try to get a trade-in value on anything used this place has no interest in buying other peoples use cars or trading.
No haggle no finance no nothing more than a car lot and a cash register.

Sarah F. | 2014-07-07

This was the most pain-free, car buying experience I could've imagined.

If you read their "About" page ( driscollmotors.net/about… ), it does an excellent job of setting up customer expectations. These are the main points:
1.  They don't haggle. Cars are priced as marked. Period.
2. You need to have your financing ready to go - they don't mess with this.
3. They broker USED cars - you should expect to see signs of normal wear & tear.
4. They're not here to *sell* you on a particular vehicle; they mainly broker cars to various dealerships throughout Texas, but will sell to the public as well - If you wish to buy from their lot, they'll be happy to assist you with completion of your purchase, or questions you may have.

Now that *that's* out of the way...

I came in last Thursday as a first-time car buyer, to look at an '11 Rogue with l-o-w miles. I'd been to four other dealerships before this one, and the experience at each one was underwhelming at best. The gentleman who helped me at Driscoll was friendly, and let me test drive the SUV. It drove well, smelled new, had a few dings in the paint, was missing its floor mats, but was a great price. My husband and I let him know we'd like to purchase it, so he pulled out a few forms for us to sign. It couldn't have taken more than an hour to do paperwork - painless.  When it came time to assess my trade-in, he didn't play games like several other dealerships tried with me. Others wanted to haggle and hear what I was looking to get for my old car, before offering a number. This guy took my keys, came back about 5 minutes later and offered us a thousand more for my trade-in than the other dealerships. I would buy from this place again in a heartbeat, and recommend it to anyone looking for a great, hassle-free deal on a used car.

P G. | 2014-01-17

Great car buying experience at Driscoll, specifically with Wade Greco. Was able to come in and look at my leisure with no stress. Went in on Saturday, let Wade know what I was looking for (SUV) and price range - he prints out a list of vehicles that fit the description and tells me to come back in when I'm ready to test drive. By Monday evening, I was taking home a new to me car! Highly recommend

Jennifer G. | 2013-08-28

Friend bought a car from Driscoll. (Specifically from Fred.) She shouldn't have purchased an SUV... but that was her fault. She liked them so much, she's going to head back to get a more sensible gas efficient option and trade in the SUV she purchased a few months ago.  (I think it was good for her to get the SUV because she needed to get it out of her system.)

She shared that she loved how they detailed and painted her old car.  She was quite impressed. So I called yesterday to see who they recommended.  Dub Coates, for detailing, located right behind him on the left.  10301 Burnet Rd  Austin, TX 78758
(512) 924-3660.  I already knew from my neighbor that his detailing is awesome and received the same information from Mike.  (Detailing shops are NOT all the same!) Getting my car detailed next week.  I'll let you know :-)

Beverly B. | 2013-06-21

I've already written a good review of these guys on cars.com , but as someone who often checks yelp reviews, I thought I'd jump on here and back up the last good review by Lauren C. to round out their ratings and give my take on Driscoll Motors.  They are not your typical factory car dealership, nor dealership experience, and for that I am grateful.  

I knew I wanted a newer used 6 cylinder Subaru Outback, and had been to the Subaru dealership twice, and I was made to feel that this was an unlikely prospect, and that I should consider the 4 cylinder instead.  I test drove a couple cars that I wasn't happy with, and was treated as though I was expecting too much.  I was also given incentives to use their financing to lower the price, which I was not interested in.  I already have a fantastic relationship with my UFCU bank as a long time member since 1986.  (Note: Lauren's review!)  

So, I just kept searching for the car I wanted on the internet, when a newly listed, 6 cylinder 2011 popped up with low mileage and a very fair price at Driscoll Motors after business hours.  I emailed them and they responded promptly to let me come test drive it the next morning.  I walked in and Fred said, "If that's the car you want, then it's a nice one!", and he handed me the keys for a private test drive.  I fell in love with it immediately, and we discussed payment.  It was priced well and required no haggling, and was pleasantly surprised when he suggested UFCU.  When I went there to go have a check made out, two of the UFCU reps highly complimented Driscoll Motors, and one even knew Fred and said he was great.

Before I knew it, I was driving home in my new-to-me, near perfect Outback.  I later went to the Subaru Dealership to get an oil change and a once-over, when they pointed out the recent service sticker on the windshield.  (Duh!  I never even thought to check that, being a used car!)  The Subaru dealership service guy asked me where I bought it, and when I told him Driscoll Motors, he said confidently, "Those guys are really great about that stuff.  I'm sure you're in good shape!  See you in 3,000 miles!"... If the no-hassle (and very friendly, I might add!) buying experience wasn't enough, then the subsequent, two trusted endorsements really pushed the arrow through on my purchasing confidence.

In summary:  If you don't know exactly what you want and prefer to be pampered with plush showrooms and free snacks and water while the salesman has to go and "talk to people" about financing and pricing options, (which makes you leery of the price they offered in the first place...) then by all means, don't go here!!  If you know what you want for a fair price in perfectly decent condition, and don't want to play those dealership games, then Driscoll is a refreshingly stress-free and pleasant car buying experience.

Thank you, Fred and Driscoll Motors!

Anna S. | 2013-04-19

Let me tell you, these men have no desire to sale a car to a LIVE person. Only a person over the phone and email. Seriously wasting your time walking in.

I went into the location, sat in the showroom, in the CAR i wanted to BUY. And guess nobody came to greet me, ask me if I wanted to buy a car. Expect the receptionist, who was like "I'll get you a sales person", well guess what??!?!?!?

Nobody budged from their desk, just kept sitting there.  So I left duh!

But not before I said " Guess nobody wants to sale a car around here"

Yeah let me tell you some more about these to donkeys, both sales persons are from the Mazda dealership on Burnet Rd, they happened to mention these two gentlemen are the laziest out of the business and rather do the least amount of work....

So seriously drive on by and forget about this place, like really don't waste your time. Look else where.....


Lauren C. | 2013-04-16

Let's go back 8 years. I buy my own first car, a 1997 maroon Ford Taurus. I had had a 95 Taurus previous to this that I loved and unfortunately was totalled due to a near accident with a deer (Thanks, Illinois country roads!), so I was trying to foodheartedly replace it. I paid only $2500 for the car, but have had non-stop issues with it. However, it still managed to last me another 8 years. It didn't have A/C. The tape deck stopped working. The cigarette lighter was broken. And the cruise control randomly decided to turn itself off.. Then at 182,000+ miles, the rust was starting to take over everything (Thanks, salted Illinois winter roads!) and it was time for a new car.

I began the overwhelming online search for dealerships, but was recommended Driscoll Motors from a coworker who just purchased their car from them. I had gone to a Toyota and Nissan dealership already to test drive cars and their salesmen were fairly typical. I have to admit I was worried because of their low rating on Yelp, but I think most if not all car dealerships have a low rating... I decided to give Driscoll a try and checked out their online inventory before heading over. There I saw a 2010 Toyota Prius for only $15k. I have dreamed of owning a hybrid but pretty much gave up on it, since they are way out of my price range. I messaged them, they wrote back quickly and I headed over with my boyfriend to check it out. It was spectacular.

Fred was the one who helped us. He was very personable and candid, and since he and Wade don't make commission, they're not pushy about their cars. We were also able to test drive the car by ourselves, which I highly, highly value.

The whole process of buying the car from the dealership end was super easy. They have a strict No-Haggle policy, which others have poo-pooed on, but which I HIGHLY appreciate. I don't like haggling and I wish places would just say how much they're ACTUALLY charging for a car. They also sell their cars "as-is," so they aren't totally cleaned up and there might be cosmetic repairs to fix. The Prius I got was in great shape, though, and I will just vacuum it myself, no big deal. I understand how this can be off-putting to some people, though.

I got my car loan through UFCU, which Driscoll recommended and when Cliff was working up getting my account started and my car loan application in, he said Driscoll was the only place he trusted to get a car in Austin. He got his car from them, 3 of his family members had as well, and another employee working that day at UFCU had gotten their car from them. This made me feel way more confident that I had chosen a good place.

Driscoll does seem to tend to have slightly nicer cars than average, so if you're looking for something cheap as a first car for your kid, maybe this isn't the right place, but for me getting my third car and my first time buying a car as An Adult, this was a fantastic experience.

Darin T. | 2011-02-12

First of all, what is it with all these dealers with "no haggle pricing"?  I get it if the prices are already incredibly low, but in many cases, the prices are right at blue book and they claim they won't negotiate (read:  do their job).

So yeah, this place is one of these "no haggle" joints, but you still feel like you're getting jobbed by your run-of-the-mill used car dealer.

Stopped in yesterday to check out a 2007 Ford Focus, and because their only salesman that was there (???) was with another customer, he let me test drive the vehicle by myself.

Body of the vehicle was generally clean and straight, but once I got inside, it was a different story.  The center armrest/storage unit was broken (an easy fix, by the way... why wouldn't they just fix this?), both of the keyless remotes were covered in grease (another easy fix) and the floormats could have used vacuuming.  Presentation is everything, no?

Now, once I fired up the engine, that's when I knew something was up.  I probably should have just took it for a spin around their parking lot and said "no thanks" right then and there, but I decided to take it around the block since I had time to kill.

The engine idled very rough and when you punched the accelerator, the entire vehicle shook.  I am the furthest thing from a mechanic or what y'all call a "car guy", but even I know this is not normal.  The thing shook so bad the side mirrors vibrated big time upon idling.

Took it back, and spoke with the lone salesman.  Told him it ran pretty rough.  He reacted like he was offended (LOL) by my comment and I mentioned that I had driven an '07 Focus hatchback the day before and it drove like a dream.  He snapped "yeah, those have the 2.3 engine, the sedans have a 2.0 and that's how they run.... you can take out our other 2007 Focus to see!".   I politely declined, figuring that it was just a piece of mis-maintained piece of crap, just like the other one.  (Note:  the hatchback also has a 2.0... the guy was, as I figured, full of sh*t...)

Listen, Driscoll Motors, if you're going to ACT like seedy used car salesmen, at least go with the full monty and let us negotiate a deal.  What a joke.  Fail.