David McDavid Acura of Austin in Austin, TX

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David McDavid Acura of Austin offers a full line of technologically advanced performance luxury vehicles through a network of 270 dealers within the United States. David McDavid Acura Austin is unique in its offering for many different reasons. Our team-centered approach to business allows our tenured, professional staff of fifteen Acura Certified new and pre-owned sales consultants to continually work together to improve our operations, providing a superior buying experience for our valued clients.

David McDavid Acura of Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 900-6820
Address:13553 N Hwy 183, Austin, TX, 78750
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on David McDavid Acura of Austin

T S. | 2015-04-25

Excellent service.  I have an '05 TL and McDavid is the only service dept that has laid a wrench on it. Now with over 120k miles it runs like a precision watch.  They get busy but ask for Luis.  He recommends only what is needed but listen to him when he does.  I recently had oil and alignment in well under 1 hr with appointment.

Ashley L. | 2015-04-20

Very efficient and pleasant sales transaction completed without any delays or obstructions.

Scott D. | 2015-04-18

Wow - just observed/overheard a salesman browbeat a young woman of apparent Middle Eastern origin.  After the high-pressure sales pitch, when she asked to take a photo of the quote, she was told in the most snarky of tones "No - and I don't think I'm going to sell you a car today".  She was visibly upset, asked to the see the manager. But after a few moments with the manager in his office out of sight, she left - still visibly upset.

I won't be buying a car there - wish there was "O" star category.  Even IF she was trying to shop the price around (or maybe she wanted to share with a spouse or family member?), there's no call for that in the internet price-shopping age...

There are too many competitors to work with someone like that... If my wife really wants an Acura badly, there's always San Antonio


Susan B. | 2015-04-02

Great service from David McDavid Acura.  Won't go anywhere else !  Car is repaired,  washed, and ready to go as promised. Thanks Jackie!

Rick P. | 2015-03-12

I purchased a dealership loaner vehicle with low miles from this group and I'm pretty happy with my decision to do so. I've used the service department twice now and my last experience was scheduled at the last minute and worked out pretty darn well. I had to have been in and out in around thirty minutes for an oil change, tire rotation and balance, and all around check over of fluids, tire wear and other checks. The car was returned washed and vacuumed and its driving again smooth as silk. My first scheduled service took longer, but their fully stocked waiting room helped me pass the time in comfort with snacks available if you need a small snack.

Mar M. | 2015-02-11

So grateful I bought an Acura and appreciate the service department here!  In an emergency, I needed an Acura shuttle to come get me while my car was being towed and they did so very timely!  Even on such a busy day, they got my tire replaced quickly.....and washed my car!

Reen S. | 2015-02-04

Super-duper! The Service department was always good, but now it is GREAT. Many are very helpful. It has improved over the past 2 years. I love my RDX and to have this great service and advise of the employees makes ownership a pleasure. I certainly would purchase another car from this Dealer. Keep up the great work!!

The T. | 2015-01-29

This location vs. the South Austin location, this one is hands down the best. The customer service was great from the time I pulled in, to cashing out. I'm not sure what the guys name was but when I pulled up for service, the conversation went a something like this....

Nice guy: GM, how can I can I help you today? Me: I need an oil change.
Nice guy: Do you have an appointment?
Me: No Him: No worries, I'm going to take care you. Me: Ok, great, thank you! Nice guy: How's your day going so far?.........

When I experience good customer service, I'm a customer forever. Thank you guys!

Harvey L. | 2015-01-12

I have been going to this dealership for past 10 years.  I would agree with Nicole M. comments on 12-16-14. This is one first class dealership.  I always have my car serviced at David McDavid.  They are very friendly, efficient, and honest.  I normally work with Luis Mancia in the service department and he is outstanding!
I would strongly recommend this dealership.

Ellie L. | 2015-01-02

My husband and I went in to look for a lease and were treated with such disrespect. Our "salesman" didn't even bother sitting with us. He pulled up their website to show us prices on some computer. He showed us a dirty car and made it seem like it was a favor he was doing for us. We took our business elsewhere-your loss on commission!

Khoi P. | 2015-01-01

"SHADY BUSINESS". If you have done a bit of research, you would have come across reviews for this dealership. "Shady business" usually comes up. What happened to us took it to another level. We drove 50 min to look at the certified 2014 Acura MDX with technology pkg. There were 2 models we were considering. Kevin, the sales rep, told us the AWD model was loaned out to a customer and if we would consider the FWD, he would give us 45k for it instead of 47k and change. Since we preferred the color combination of the AWD, we insisted to see it. We told him we were ready to make the purchase, cash or credit was not a factor if the deal was right. So we asked him to try to get it back and also give us a print out with final number after tax for the FWD. He disappeared for a while and all of the sudden pulled the AWD up to the front. When we came out, he told us it was actually in the garage and the car was damaged, on the sides and the rear bumper. So now we were down to one option, the FWD. We told Kevin we would go with it. Once we got back inside, he started going over the price and tried to skipped through fast so we would not notice that he was using the original price of 47k. Once we mentioned about the 2k discount, he said the price would not be 45k. He said he did not promise but would only "try to get it down to 45k". Here's the catch: he did not just told us, but also wrote it down in black and white as 45k. Once he saw that we did not bite, he brought out his sale manager. Let me tell you, this guy came out and talked to us with a manner only the word "classless" would fit. He told us he would not approve 45k and even if it was written down in black and white, unless it was printed, it would not matter. He told us he would give us 46,500 out of the door and acted like he was handing down a favor to a BEGGAR. At that point it was no longer a surprise since only a shady business would hire a low class manner manager like that.  So we decided to leave since it was too disgusting to listen to him and his sale rep. Would have gone to Sterling Acura on the drive home if it was not too late for the day. The next day we went to Gunn Acura in San Antonio and got ourselves a 2015 MDX with same pkg. Took us 30 min to pick the color and agree on the price and total of 3 hours to drive out. Two big differences: it only cost us 1K more for a brand new car instead of used, and NO HASSLE. It's funny that David McDavid Acura of Austin is doing free advertising for their competitors with this kind of shady practice.

Coach R. | 2014-12-23

Actually would give 4.5 stars if possible...darned near 'as good as it gets' .  After many Volvos(including 3 in 5 years from Roger Beasley), we leased the '13 RDX from David McDavid in August '12.  I bought a pre-paid service package to cover all factory scheduled maintenance during the three year lease.  I normally visit the dealer for service while a vehicle in under warranty...didn't see any reason not to do the same with the RDX.  Have to say I'm pretty pleased with the service and general atmosphere/treatment during service visits.  Lounge is nice enough, complete with beverages and snacks while you wait.  One the one occasion that the time-line for servicing my vehicle couldn't be determined in advance, I was provided a loaner vehicle...otherwise, I've never waited more than I thought to be a reasonable time for service.

Will I get another Acura when our lease is up in August?...only time will tell; but the RDX is an excellent vehicle(as were our Volvos) and will bear consideration when the 2016s become available around the end of our lease.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, I do recommend seeing Darius or Richard in the service dept for any of your Acura needs!

Nicole M. | 2014-12-16

I have been going to this dealership for about 7 years. I've bought two cars here and one at Sterling. The only reason I didn't buy it here was because I was looking for a used MDX to which only Sterling had what I was looking for. Since I lived up north I've gone to David McDavid for both sales and service. Now that I live South, I will continue to go out of my way to head there over Sterling.

Their service team is amazing and never disappoints. I normally work with Luis, but when he's not available I will work Darius, both of whom are great at what they do. They are fair and honest and will offer you the best service at the best price. Whenever I bring my car in, they will tell me (and show me) anything and everything that is going on with it and then I can make the call about what to fix. They are not pushy whatsoever and are super friendly. I have no problem driving out of the way to take my car there since I know it will be in the best hands.

I've bought two cars here and one at Sterling. Just a couple weeks ago, I was talking to Sterling in regard to purchasing a new car. They were quite pushy and not really working with me to get the car payment and amount for my trade that I was really looking for. So, I contacted David McDavid and not only did they offer me more for my trade, but they also gave me a lower price and a car payment that I could work with. They are very knowledgeable, not pushy and I always have a good experience when I go there.

Overall, this is a great dealership with honest people and thanks to their flexibility and willingness to work with me, I found my next new car!

Christine M. | 2014-12-08

In our hunt to find our next SUV, we stopped here to test out the MDX.  We did a test drive and instantly loved it!  Our salesman was really great with knowledge on the model, but when it came down to talk price, he told me the price of the car was the sticker price...really?  When I saw a dealer's pre-owned car I also liked, again I asked him how much...he told me about $49k...I wanted to know HOW MUCH, I was trying to buy a car!  Was he not taking me seriously because I'm a female?  Its like I found a salesman who didn't want to sell a car!

No problem, I drove a littler further to Sterling Acura and found someone who wanted to sell me my MDX.

Nina W. | 2014-12-02

After recently purchasing a 2014 MDX the car developed many annoying chirps and rattles.  Luis in the service department has been very helpful and intent on finding the source.  I appreciate his efforts.

Patrick R. | 2014-11-28

If anyone in the Austin area owns an Acura and requires any type of maintenance, go to David McDavid Acura! My 2005 Acura TL was having some engine trouble this week and Darius West at David McDavid was extremely helpful, professional and made the experience top-notch!!

Thank you David McDavid!!

Carl W. | 2014-11-05

I had my car serviced here today, and was very pleased with the customer service.

Karen W. | 2014-10-30

I have a 2005 Acura MDX with over 125k miles that needs to last until my 8th grader graduates from HS. This will be a great learner/local car for him.  This past weekend my car had the dreaded intermittent issue related, turns out, to a faulty switch.  Luis and the service department did not give up and were finally able to pin point the issue.  Luis recommended but did not oversell other things that we should consider given our intended purpose for the vehicle.  It used to be that McDavid would try to upsell you every time you brought your car in.  Now, we trust them to tell us what is truly required and what can wait until the next time.

Thanks to Luis for his patience!

L S. | 2014-10-29

This review is only for my experience at the service department.

This was my first visit here with my Acura but it was a 5 star experience. Every person I encountered was super nice, friendly, and helpful. The waiting area was clean & stocked with snacks, beverages, magazines,  a tv, and big comfortable faux leather chairs.

The service was completed quicker than the quoted time and they were up front & honest with me. If a part was showing wear but not ready to be replaced they gave me the facts, said it was nothing to worry about, and they would check it again at the next service.  I was so relieved they didn't try to pressure me into replacing parts that didn't need replacing yet.

This Acura has been a wonderful car & the service at David McDavid was outstanding. I have no hesitation recommending this place.

Nitin M. | 2014-10-10

I have recently moved to Austin from Seattle. I wanted to get my 09 MDX serviced and looked David McDavid online. I agree with the other reviewers that for a luxury brand division of Honda. This place does look like a yard sale :) Makes me think whether they are representing the luxury part of the brand appropriately.

But I am not complaining. The service staff is efficient, I got checked in on time and was out of the servicing bay as promised. The prices are very reasonable and they are upfront about the cost.

The servicemen are not at all pushy, they let you know what needs to be done on the car and you make a call. No pushy salesmen type attitude thrown around here.

Oh! And they have free wifi, which I appreciate cause it helps spend the wait time here.

Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend this place! :)

Manoj M. | 2014-10-09

The oil service was timely and checkout process was efficient. Darious and the cashier were friendly. I had just bought my 2014 RDX from another party and wanted someone to show me the features. Paul in the sales dept took time to show me the features and I really appreciate it.

Paul M. | 2014-09-26

Today I did a trade-in on my older Nissan and purchased a newer used vehicle with David McDavid Acura of Austin.  I now own a beautiful 2009 Acura TSX.

I must say it was a very pleasant, easy going experience.  I worked with Dorian Bass.  He was professional, attentive, patient and friendly, not what one would always expect.  He worked with me on the numbers to craft a deal I could afford and provided me a few little extra goodies as a going away present in my newer car!  I really felt special walking out the door.  I am one very happy satisfied customer.  I would highly recommend doing business with this dealership.  They are straightforward, honest and easy going, which fits Austin's personality to a T!

Kunjan B. | 2014-07-30

I've been coming here for 7 years now to service my '06 MDX. They've always gotten the job done. The last time was especially incredible.

They dropped me to my work after the car needed something looked at. It turned out to be minor for which there was no charge from them. I was so busy at work, they dropped the car to my work.

No Charge!

They made no money off of me that day but provided me this elite "concierge" service. All with a smile and professionalism. This is why I'll continue to come here.

Ed A. | 2014-07-16

We took our TL in for routine service and the folks at David McDavid did their usual fine job. This is a great dealership with great service!

Johnny V. | 2014-07-15

Every review is 100% accurate on here as relates to the business ethics, or lack there of here at David McDavid. The business manager will flat out lie and if you don't get it in writing, it never happened. Won't be back for any future free car washes or any of the "fluff" they offer, got the vehicle I needed, thank you, f you, hope you all roll over and just burst into f'n flames you Bucky beaver mother f'ers.

Sophia C. | 2014-07-10

No way will I ever deal with them again! bought a used 2007 Honda fit, bought their warranty. here's the nightmare... the car was stalling in the month #2 of purchase, took it in for service.  They could not find anything... wow! took it somewhere else and they fixed it - a simple tune up - 4 coils and spark plugs... but David McDavid could not find the problem.  We call / fax in the warranty cancellation. since they are horrible and incompetent in the service dept. but wait..  the nightmare continues.  4 months later, not sure how they process paperwork, still no refund to my account! Wow, we gave them numerous opportunity to correct the  issue, benefit of the doubt. We are now fed up and  still waiting for our refund! No courtesy of a return phone call by anyone! Let's see if they read this and try to correct the issue!

Mark G. | 2014-06-27

I purchased a 2007 resale MDX from David McDavid and from the initial transaction till now I have had all my service performed at the location.  The service staff are very professional and have always done a great job.  I recently had an issue where my car would not start and after getting it jumped I took it up.  Being that I needed to have my timing belt changed I decided to leave it and they gave me a brand new Acura TL which I had for a few days.  They found the issue and fixed as well as changing the timing belt.  I picked up my car and as luck would have it my battery decided to fail and I had to bring it back again.  I was pretty upset but it was just bad timing.  They changed my battery and my service technician Keith said no charge for this.  This dealership is top notch and takes care of their customers!

Brian S. | 2014-06-02

Great Service and experience.  I made it clear what I wanted and the staff (Tuan - sales) and Dave (finance) got it done in record time.  They fufilled all the things they had to do but in a way that did not waste my time.  I was in and out with my new lease in 2 hours.  Great job guys!

Peter M. | 2014-04-30

From my second trip in I should have know what I was in for.  The first trip was the test drive, that went fine but came back and the salesman didn't remember me, I wish I had forgotten him as well.  Desmond is not the most friendly fella, he is knowledgeable but skip on by him and check out someone else.

Don't expect overly friendly service, outside the sales guy you are with no one will even make eye contact, maybe I missed a sales rule of "don't even look at my client".

Third trip back just reminded me of the pretentiousness and lack of friendliness, from everyone, including the Manager, who walked by me five times over 2 hours as I waited and didn't say hi, didn't thank me for my business, did smile once (good job on the eye contact sir).

Since sales is a referral business their approach is unique and countering the desire.  I would probably head south and see if any of those people are a bit more friendly or just bite the bullet and close your eyes, forget everything your mom told you about manners and friendliness and just buy and run.

I did enjoy the finance guy, Jason, kudos to the personality, rub off a bit please.

Ken M. | 2014-04-05

Getting the gf's car serviced for regular maintenance.

Considering that Acura wants to position itself at the same level as Lexus to be their rival/competitor, the facilities are pretty un-extraordinary.  Service with Keith was great. Work was done well.  No problems with any of that.

But if you get a chance to compare, walking into McDavid Acura's service dept feels like walking into a normal car dealer's service dept.  By contrast, walking into Lexus of Austin's service dept makes you feel like you're walking into a luxury hotel's lobby.  If this was a normal car place (and not a "luxury" brand, e.g. Lexus,Infiniti, Lincoln, Cadillac), it would deserve 5 stars.  But the bar is set higher when you claim to be a luxury line.  Acura is Honda's premier luxury brand.  This place just doesn't give me the same "wow" experience as Lexus of Austin.

Having said that, I'd like to say thanks to the friendly staff there (Keith and Luis).

Michel F. | 2014-03-25

About their service dept: a good, honest shop.
I've taken my 2004 Acura TSX 6pd manual there for the last 10 years and have generally been quite satisfied with the service over the last 166K miles that I've put on the car.  Prices are generally decent and when they are not the best, they'll negotiate a bit  if you ask nicely.  They never pushed maintenance that I didn't need. No frills like BMW or other nicer service depts, but who cares if they are honest and the price is right? I'm not going to the service dept to get pampered with neck massages or premium coffee. I just want an easy experience, a decent price, a loaner or a ride to/from work and they do that.

About their sales guys: my data is old since I bought my car in 2004, but I remember the sales people to be fairly ok, but the finance guy tried to screw me by telling me at the last minute that I didn't qualify for the lowest interest rate they had promised me based on my credit score. A friend bought a car in 2013 and her experience was pretty good I think.

Shelly M. | 2014-03-12

My battery went dead....called David McDavid and the next morning a fine young man knocked on my door with a new battery and replaced it in no time flat. I live a distance from the dealership and this service that they provided proved invaluable to me.  I've been a customer of theirs for over ten years and wouldn't go anywhere else to service my MDX.  A great team!

Alison L. | 2014-02-24

The car buying process is officially one of my least favorite things.  It's like moving or first dates: painful and occasionally degrading, but has to be done.

That being said, David McDavid Acura is somewhere between the 1-star assholes that the majority of reviewers described and the 5-star amazing dealership that we all dream about.  The space itself is a bit underwhelming compared to the other dealerships I visited.  The entrance off the service road is crowded with cars parked everywhere, the showroom inside is cramped, and they have their receptionist sitting at this simple folding table, it looks like she's manning a yard sale.

My initial visit was quick and relatively painless. I worked with Roy, we did a quick test drive, and he brought his manager over to shake my hand, smile, and tell me to let him know what it will take to earn my business. The lease deal online was pretty spectacular and to my surprise, they offered it to me in person (pending my credit check and all that other fine print).

I called a few days later once I had the seller of my old car (sad face) lined up and ready to go.  It was day 2 of Austin's snowpocalypse so we tried to do it over the phone and the numbers were inflated, I was infuriated.  I drove myself up to the dealership and after seeing the rage and frustration my eyes, my boy Roy gently handed me over to the finance guy Dave who then gave me the price I wanted and everyone was happy. Dave's the guy you sit in a room with and sign 20 different forms.  He's friendly, a bit chatty, and overall pretty generous.

I haven't had too many run in's with the service department (yet) but I do get free car washes and they've been very friendly.  There's also internet, TV, and a fridge full of free sodas inside while you wait.

Giggle S. | 2014-02-24

After a week straight of car shopping, I can honestly say this place is the best! All of the other car dealerships haggle you about getting your number and email address ect. Not here. Karl sold me a prius and I couldn't be happier. He was very polite, attentive, and not pushy at all. This is my first experience buying a car from a dealership and I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone.

Jeff S. | 2014-02-18

I have never left a Yelp review before, but I felt very strongly about my experience at this place.

Over the weekend the front license plate holder on my car broke. I drove up to David McDavid Acura to get a new one. Upon entry the attendant told me that they had one but had sold it earlier that day. He said that they would be getting more in the next day and that if I just came back in it should be fine.

Now at this point, I should've known that rather than helping me he was trying to just get me to leave so that he wouldn't have to deal with the situation. In fact, the response set off some warning bells so I asked him if I could pre-pay for the part to guarantee that I would get it since he said they only had one coming in. He refused and told me that it should be fine if I came back the next day.

Smash cut to today. I called them up at 11AM to see if the part had arrived. No, it had not. OK, when were they expecting it? They aren't. That part has been discontinued from their stock and they were never planning to get one in, but they could order one if I'd be interested.

I can't speak to the quality of sales or service, but what I can tell you is that the person who was working the parts department lied to my face to get me out of there. Do yourself a favor and order your parts online, these people have no integrity.

Drew M. | 2014-02-13

Nice people here, that want to help put you in the right car.  Dorian was an easy going salesman, very patient, answered all of our questions, and won our business as a result.  I received 2k more on my trade-in than Car Max was willing to pay, and drove off with the car I wanted, at an excellent price.

Puneet K. | 2014-02-07

I have been with DMD Acura for last 3 years. Luis, my service advisor for those 3 years is great, and has taken great care in taking my car from 23K miles to 60K. He is prompt and is never late in his commitments.

I would recommend Luis and DMD Acura for all your service needs...

Dianne G. | 2014-02-04

My only advice is to drive right on by when looking for an Acura. While my sales guy was nice the manager Sean and finance Guy Jason were very unprofessional . You would think the GM would be différent but he was just as bad. It is a shame that this place is ran by and managed by people who want nothing other then to play shady games, be dishonest and just "get à deal done " at your expense. They do not look out for the customer at all. So my best advice is to keep on driving down to Sterling McCall! You will be glad you did. The service department is great so go make your purchase at Sterling then visit McDavids service départment if you live in northwest Austin.

Robert S. | 2014-01-22

I can't say enough GREAT things about this operation. The service management is TOP NOTCH.  Luis, one of the service advisors, delivers exemplary customer service every single time. My 2006 TSX is treated like a 2014 model every time I come in for a car wash or for any service.  I not only recommend ACURA to anyone looking for an entry level luxury automobile but I RECOMMEND this dealership for all of your service needs!!

Tyler P. | 2014-01-15

This review goes out to Chris and a few other great people back in the service department. I have taken our families Acura's here for about 7 years now. (05 TL, 07 TSX, 08 TL and 10 MDX). Chris is who I have been working with for my 08 TL's needs recently and he is top notch. I am a professional in the automotive industry and I feel that Chris delivers a level of service that is second to none. He is always able to answer my questions, and will go out of his way to find solutions that are sometimes outside of the box. He strikes an amazing balance of consumer advocacy yet promotes and justifies the need for a customer to purchase the services and products that ultimately make the dealership money. As a whole, Michelle, the service manager, and her team are a great crew and I note Michelle, Luis and Chris as my favorite go-to people that will get you taken care of.

Thanks as always,

Tyler P.

Jardin N. | 2014-01-03

Bought my Acura here 7 years ago and have been getting it serviced here. Yet to come across one botched service appointment, less than excellent customer service, less than courteous service. I have had other cars and have been to other service centers. David McDavid is among the best without a doubt. I would highly recommend this place.

Ashley B. | 2014-01-02

I liked the people that worked at McDavid Acura, not too hard core sales pressure, very nice and easy to work with. I do HATE how long they would take to get back to you at times, I want to get to the botom line right away....but that's a car dealership right? Not carmax. I was happy that I got a great deal on my car, even my trade in and the one I bought from them. I shopped around, but so glad I got this car in time! (last day of the year-best day to buy right?)
Work with Paul, he's a good guy/easy to work with.

David B. | 2013-12-31

I will NEVER lease or buy from this dealership again.  I have been a loyal customer of Acura (Purchased 2004 TL, Purchased 2006 TSX, Leased 2009 TSX, Leased 2011 RDX, Leased 2014 RDX) with the last of my four vehicles from David McDavid Acura Austin.  They will tell you anything to make a sale.  I recently leased a 2014 RDX from this dealership.  During the negotiation process, they said I could rollover my miles (8k) from my previous lease of a 2011 RDX.  Additionally, I was given a copy of the Advantage Rollover certificate for 8K miles and I have a copy of the original email where they agreed to my terms which stated the rollover miles.  When I contacted the Acura Financial Services to verify that they received the certificate, they said they had not received anything and to contact the dealership.  This is where the madness begins.  I contacted the aforementioned dealership and spoke to Jason Sanders who is their internet sales director.  Jason informed me that the rollover miles was a miscommunication on their sales and finance team and it will not be honored since the dealership purchased my leased 2011 RDX.  I tried to explain to him that the rollover miles was a big factor in my decision to lease a new 2014 RDX and that I was given a Advantage Rollover certificate.  Jason though apologetic still wouldn't do anything about the rollover miles.  He then began to tell me the dealership has my best interest at heart and that I was not misled by anyone.  This is total BS!  I was misled from the beginning and it was even cemented with a copy of the Advantage Rollover certificate.   I then attempted to contact the original salesman Desmond Townsend who leased the vehicle to me.  He never replied to me.  Additionally, I contacted the Acura Customer Relations department to complain about the dealership and they have yet to respond as well.  Unfortunately this experience has caused me to disown the Acura brand entirely and I will never do business again with David McDavid Acura Austin.

Hilary M. | 2013-12-14

I took my MDX here a few years ago because I knew I needed a new timing chain.  I asked the team to inspect everything to see if there were any other problems with my car.  They gave me a long list of repairs that needed to be done in addition to the timing chain replacement. After I was given this list I took my car to a master mechanic and friend who used to run Tower Automotive on south Lamar, Dave Gordon, a very respected business man that sells and repairs luxury cars.  He inspected all the things David McDavid Acura claimed were wrong and pointed out $1800 worth of repairs that did not need to be done, parts of my car that were in perfect working order.  They claimed I needed new brake pads and that there was only 2 mm left on them and that I had a major oil leak, among many other "problems."  My friend and and master mechanic proved that these were all lies, and he charged me nothing to prove it to me.  When I took my car back to David McDavid Acura of Austin, I asked Raj Cheddie to put my car on the lift and open it up and prove to me they didn't try to scam me.  He had a mechanic show me, using a ruler I proved that I had 5mm left on my brake pads and not 2mm like they claimed.  Raj and the mechanic told me they must have used a bad ruler to measure it.  I asked them to show me what they described as a "major oil leak," there was not one single drop of oil seeping from my car and they tried to claim that the residue on my car was a "major leak,". One by one, I forced them to prove to me all the "problems" they claimed my car had, and one by one they lied about them like I was an idiot, which was a slap in the face.  Finally I called the master mechanic David Gordon who runs Tower Automotive on South Lamar and I gave the phone to Raj and the mechanic.  Dave Gordon who has twice the experience they do basically told them, "Sorry guys, you tried to scam this little lady and I looked at your list of problems myself."  When they hung up with him they told me that Dave must be mistaken, that me must have not looked corrrecltly at my car. Raj refused to let me talk to his manager/GM, who was a woman at the time when this happened to me.  I called her, she avoided my calls.  I came to meet with her and she had Raj tell me she was in a meeting.  She even closed the blinds in her office and hid from me when I came to tell her what happened.  She never once even apologized to me.  This was a severe slap in the face.  Women, don't bring your car here unless you are prepared to have someone you trust double-check their work.  I was almost scammed into paying an extra $1800 for things that were in perfect working condition.  To this day I don't know why I never reported them.  Never again will I give them my business!

Christina B. | 2013-12-03

Update- I can not say enough great things about ALL of the service advisors OR the pricing! Chris is my service advisor this time around and I'm doing a complete timing belt package/100k mile service. I shopped around Honda dealers and private shops and David McDavid had the best price in a 50 mile radius by over $200.00.

Happy returning customer. I highly recommend them for service and price!

April K. | 2013-11-11

I am really surprised by the negative reviews. I have done repeat business with the sales team and am on a first name basis with the service team. There has been a "sales-y" salesman in the past, but Desmond is a genuine and straight-talk kind of guy. I don't know any other salespeople because Desmond always takes care of my business. And the service team, led by fearless Michelle, is top notch. Luis, my service manager, is first and foremost a terrific human being. And to top it off, he's an excellent service manager. I always get what I need with the utmost professionalism from everyone I deal with. I will never do business with anyone else.

Geri C. | 2013-10-30

I am shocked and surprised at some of these reviews. I really find the negative ones very hard to believe. I decided to look at new SUV-type vehicles. I had visited a Toyota dealer on Thursday "just to look and test drive a Venza." I could not get away, I just started looking, I was there 2 1/2 hrs. and had not eaten anything. I was not ready to buy, wanted some firm figures, just got BS and finally I said I was leaving. They kept calling me and sending me emails.
So, the next morning, I decided to look at Acuras. This dealership was close to my house, drove down, met with Brandon S when I walked in the door. Told him I was interested in the RDX, would like to drive one and it needed to be red. I also wanted most of the bells and whistles. I drove the car, loved it, came back to the showroom, told him of my recent experiences, and said I want the no-nonsense, bottom line best deal that they could give me AND I was not sitting there for 2-3 hrs. They evaluated my trade, offered me what seemed to be a pretty sweet deal (I tried to get them to knock some more off and he said, "you said you wanted the bottom line, best you can get!) Yep, I said that. Told him needed to discuss with hubby and would let him know either way. He asked if I wanted to take the car home to show the husband, I decided I better not, just in case it wasn't going to happen. Hubby agreed, so I called him, said I'd be there in about an hour, get everything started. Went back, signed the papers, also loved Dave, the finance guy. And I drove home in the new car. Now, I had just started looking at cars, wasn't expecting to buy that day or even that week. I loved the way I was treated, everyone at the dealership was very nice and respectful. The car sold itself to me, but by not being obnoxious and pressured by a salesperson, I chose to buy that car. I have owned this car for 5 days and absolutely love it. Brandon told me to call him anytime if I have any questions on the car, navigation system, how to hook something up. And free car washes and windshield wipers for life! So, you Yelpers who bad-mouthed David McDavid Acura and its sales staff, shame on you. If you want an Acura (or a nice pre-owned vehicle) give David McDavid Acura and especially, Brandon for great treatment and a great deal. Fair price, fair trade-in, just a really good day for me!

Julie C. | 2013-09-13

Our experience here could not have been better!  Price and terms were agreed to before we even left the house, and there were no surprises.  Everyone treated us wonderfully.  Thank you so much, Desmond Townsend (salesman) and Dave Perriton (financial services)!!  We are really happy, and we'll be back when we're ready for a new car!

brad l. | 2013-08-31

Hannah and I communicated thru email/chat about a car. I drove round trip 1.5 hrs to look at the car. I clarified in our email that if it was a smoker's car, I would not be intersested. She emailed back and said it wasn't. As soon as they opened the door, I could smell the smoke and the deodorant used to cover the smoke.  This is what gives car dealers, esp used car dealers, a bad name.  I didn't even bother to look at the other car because I figured if they misrepresent on this one, they will on everything else.  Trust is almost impossible to earn back.  DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Chris D. | 2013-08-21


There is something extraordinarily wrong with this dealership.  Went in to buy a brand new MDX.  Should have been a slam dunk.  We came in knew exactly what we wanted, they had the vehicle in stock, had financing and a substantial down payment.  Then the clown show starts.

1.  ABUSIVE ETHAN - Given the above Sales went smooth as to be expected, we were then routed to  "Ethan' their finance fill-in from corporate who decides it would be a good idea to hard sell us on an extended warranty.  This consisted of being locked in a room for over 2 hours with one of the most annoying aggressive/abusive sales people I have ever met who refuses to take no for an answer.  Only when I threaten to kill the deal and rip up my check does he relent.  Both my wife and I were left aggravated and could not believe how we were treated.
2.   NEW CAR DAMAGED - Service Team 'detailing' car for delivery rips half the paint off the back panel when removing tape and delivery material.  Car is now extremely damaged.  They again pressure us to take ownership of a now damaged 'new' car.  After refusing routed to Sales Manager.
3.  HIT AND RUN - Another services team member rams into an acura another couple just purchased with his truck and proceeds to just drive away.  The entire front end of a brand new TL was ripped off and is laying on the concrete.
4.  Sales Manager informs us that he has another new MDX matching our requirements coming in a few weeks on the 14th.  He agrees to give us the warranty we were pressured to buy for half price if we will agree to buy the MDX they have coming in.  We agree but mention that our loan approval expires before the 14th so ask that they move forward with the paperwork now which they agree to do.  My wife returns to the dealership at 9pm on a Saturday to take care of the paperwork to make sure it is processed before the loan expires and get new paperwork for new MDX.
5.  BAIT AND SWITCH -   Get home and review the new paper work. Instead of giving us the 'Acura Care' extended warranty which we were promised to do the deal, they gave us some spinoff Fidelity garbage.  Not happy.  Monday morning call Cliffton their GM to discuss shoddy service and treatment we have received.  Cliffton promises to make it right and to get us an MDX we will be happy with on the 14th.
6.  STILL MORE DAMAGE - No call on the 14th, no call on the 15th.  We call on the 16th to find out status of our new MDX.  They inform us that the services team damaged 'severley scratched up' the interior of the new car installing our accessories.  Once again our brand new car that we have yet to take delivery of needs to be repaired because of their services staff - what is going on here?
7.  TOTAL INCOMPETENCE - Fast Forward to the 21st.  Call to see when the car will be ready for delivery.  Their regular Finance guy Jason, calls to tell us that they forgot to process our loan and that it has expired and we have to start the process from scratch.  So I ask, 'We told you guys that the loan was going to expire, and you agreed to process it 2 weeks ago, what happened?'  Jason, 'we just didn't get it done.  you can either start over from scratch or write us a check for the remaining balance of the vehicle.'

How about option 3, you guys write me a check back for my down payment and I take my business elsewhere.  WORST CAR DEALERSHIP I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

Joey Y. | 2013-08-04

This makes for the third time I have purchased a car from David McDavid in Austin. I have had a regular sales guy previously who was awesome and on this third trip was introduced to Dorian Bass. Dorian was easy to work with and of course had some small haggling but overall was very impressed with the expediting of the paper work and the deal. Basically I was in and out with my new car in 1-hour. I got what I wanted at a great price and they gave me a more than fair price on my trade-in. Dorian is definitely key talent and an asset to the dealership.

Comment on their New Vehicle Washing Services:
Per OTHER Yelp reviews, Yes, the car detail guys are not that good. I personally clay-bar, wax and detail all my new cars the day of purchase. But, yes, my car was pretty dirty. I won't ding Dorian because they did their best *BUT* for a Acura flagship dealer, you may want to upgrade your detail department with some better qualified guys. And get a better automatic car wash. For years, this has been mediocre at best but it's FREE so what do you expect.

Service Department: Always stellar. This is where dealerships get 70+% of their revenue so McDavid has been spot on with communication, friendliness, and doing what they said on time...and very flexible to my schedule.

Paula S. | 2013-08-02

I bought a Acura RDX,Brandon our sales person, wonderful guy,after looking at the RDX,knowing I had found my car,Brandon,very patient,knowledgable,professional, called him 3, 4 times,asking questions,he always returned my calls,took his time during the test driver,after buying the car,took his time going over the mechanics, helping me with all the options on the car, Bluetooth,etc., my granddaughter (7 yrs) was with me during one of my  visits,Brandon acknowledged her,very kind,made sure she had water and a snack,also answered her questions about the car. Brandon made the buying of the care a nice experience, Thanks Brandon!

Trey A. | 2013-07-25

Yesterday should have been a super-easy win for DMD Acura. They listed a used vehicle I wanted at a super competitive price. No haggling needed. But as sales managers tend to be aggressive and cheap, and the guy here was apparently no exception, the experience ended on a sour note.

After finishing all of the paperwork, my sales rep, Brandon (who did fine, though his job was easy with me) told me he was going to get the car detailed and ready for me. I should go get dinner for an hour and come back.

I returned to find a layer of dust over the entire windshield and roof of the car. No part of the car looked like it had been washed, much less "detailed." I'm not sure what exactly was done while I was gone. The guy who was in charge of delivering the "detailed" car to me was very friendly; he apologized and did what he could to fix the spots I pointed out, but I shouldn't have to have point out each spot I want cleaned.

The real kicker was when I turned the car on and saw there was less than half a tank of gas. Apparently the sales manager was upset I bought the car at the listed price instead of paying extra just for fun or buying a more expensive vehicle, and an extra $30 wasn't worth it to make me a lifelong customer. In fairness, the detail guy and Brandon both seemed willing to fill up the tank, but the manager wasn't having it.

That told me all I needed to know about the value DMD Acura places on securing loyal customers.

Harley G. | 2013-07-13

When someone says the word "salesman" the first thing we think is used car salesman. Its just natural to think this way. Its ingrained in our American culture. People generally hate the whole car buying experience, because of this. That's why when a salesperson approaches us. They say "Can I help you" and we say "just looking". We can't help it!!!!

I would like to tell you about a different experience! It started with my 2008 TL being taken into service, and being given a loaner vehicle, a 2013 Acura RDX. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with this SUV. So I started thinking is it time for a trade in? Could I go another 2-3 years with my current car? The answer was yes, I could easily keep my excellent running TL for a while longer, but boy was that RDX fun to drive. My wife and I agreed we really needed some cargo room, the trunk of the TL just wasn't cutting it for those spring trips to Home Depot & Lowes, so when I brought the loaner back, I asked to see a salesperson!

Dave was great to work with, and work him we did. We test drove a large number of pre owned SUV's of various makes for at least 3 hours and then went to some other dealers but called him with questions while we were at the other dealers. Dave was always gracious, honest and forthcoming even though he knew we were shopping around.

After several days of car shopping, and some of the dealerships we went to were extremely persistent and high pressure, I called Dave and explained to him that after much discussion that I really really wanted an 2013 RDX. Car & Driver SUV of the year. Technology package with almost all the bells and whistles (no side collision radar, corner turning lights, or parallel parking assist). Anyway our budget really didn't allow for the purchase of a new vehicle, but upon inquiry Dave mentioned that he had 3 loaners that were schedule to come off production, and that he could get me into one of those as a certified pre-owned at a significant discount. I am so glad he came up with that option! My SUV is gorgeous, clean, nick and dent free, has a few miles on it, but nothing that you would even notice. It's been 3 days and I am loving this vehicle. Payments are a little higher than originally planned, but not unreasonable!

Steven R. | 2013-07-10

Best car buying experience ever.

Mike H. | 2013-06-29

Service department is 5 star
Sales department is a negative 7 star if possible.

They called me to trade in my 2010 tl for a new 2013 tl.    While getting my 50k service I "met" with a salesman to discuss.  
He was talking to buddies about golf and had to walk all the way to the service dept.  This arrogant guy looked me up and down and decided I wasn't with his time to even remove his sunglasses.  (Guess my jeans weren't designer enough since I was working in the yard this am)  He asked me why I wanted an upgrade and I explained that they called me.   He then said they are pretty much the same car but the new ones are 40k, like this would deter me.  My car is paid off - did u look at my file before I showed up?  
Never buy a car here.  Use Internet sales so none of the arrogant jerks fet a commish and then use their service department which is friendly and helpful.

Erica B. | 2013-05-06

We were looking to lease a vehicle since we weren't ready to purchase yet. I stepped into David McDavid Acura thinking it would be fun to "just look". Boy was I wrong. Once I sat in the Acura RDX, I knew I would love it. My husband had received a quote from another dealer and David McDavid matched it! Tuan was awesome through the whole process and answered any questions we had. The customer service was the ultimate deciding factor. We looked at every other small SUV and for the price, Acura had the best vehicle for the money. I was afraid of being "talked down to" since my husband was military and sometimes luxury car dealers can be a bit snooty. But that wasn't the case at all! We'll see how these next 2 years go but I've already put 1,000 miles on my car and I wouldn't want to be driving anything else!

Ryan D. | 2013-03-31

This review is for the salesman, Desmond.  He is a good person with a laid back approach, was never pushy.  I bought a used car from the dealership, and got a fair deal, straight forward,

Eric S. | 2013-03-13

Had an appointment for over a week, confirmed twice, to test drive new RLX.  Showed up on time, no car to drive.  A manager had taken it home for their own test.  The Internet sales manager was so embarrassed.  As she should have been.  Idiots lost a customer in 5 mins.

sean m. | 2013-01-02

I have been using David McDavid for past seven years. Two weeks ago, I was in the market for a new car. I shopped David McDavid, plus a few competitors. I was not 100% sold that I was going to get an Acura, so looked at Lexus and BMW. While the Lexus and BMW sales offices have nicer furniture, more elegant style; the sales staff was not too interested in my business. What I found with David McDavid was patience in waiting for me to make my decision. My sales person, David Perriton, provided me with the information I needed via email so I did not spend a lot of time sitting in the showroom. I am very happy buying a 2013 Acura TL and would recommend David Perriton to my friends and family.

r s. | 2012-12-30

Male members of the service team are incredibly arrogant, and not very adept at faking friendly smiles.  Perhaps it is because I am female, but they did not want to listen to the reasons I had taken my car in for service. I am not an overly chatty person and had a few things to tell them about the car, but all they wanted to address was what my husband had called in and told them prior to my arrival.

I called Sterling Acura while I was there because I was so irked - the part i needed was $50 cheaper (20%) and the people sounded a lot more pleasant.  I ended up just getting my car fixed at David McD since I was already there, but I would not recommend going there to anyone.

Go to STERLING or elsewhere! If you do stick with David McD for service, look online for a coupon at a competitive dealership - they will honor it (however, expect a smirk  and a sarcastic comment).

Alyssa T. | 2012-11-26

My husband and I bought a used minivan in October of 2010.  We thought we were getting a great deal from a reputable company.  Less than a week after purchasing said minivan, the check engine light came on and to this day, it has never gone off.  We took it back to the dealership immediately and they ran diagnostics on the code and said it was something minor with the catalytic converter and that at the most, it probably wouldn't pass an emissions test in California.  WRONG!  Pretty soon, everything began falling apart on the van.  The transmission went out...completely!  Had to be rebuilt, the catalytic converter is still faulty and that's another grand to fix.  Basically, we bought a lemon.  They really took full advantage of us when we really needed a good vehicle.  Now we are stuck as we've spent more on repairs than the actual cost of the vehicle!  We can't wait to get rid of this giant headache.  Do not spend your hard-earned money here!

Vera T. | 2012-11-22

Beware of inept service techs missing major issues!
I bought my Acura MDX here and took it here after I got rear ended and noticed a strange grinding noise.  I told the service rep about the accident and how the Acura was hit in the back and the trailer hitch absorbed a lot of the shock and then followed by the noise.  They called me back a few hours later stating everything is ok and in optimal running condition. That seemed strange and I asked them to please have another look and drive it as well, since the noise was pretty prominent and worried me, since I had a long road trip planned on the weekend.  Again assurances nothing is wrong.
Well, driving it to through Dallas in stop and go traffic with the noise rattling throughout my car was a nightmare.  Now it seemed to come from all different directions and was getting even louder.  I took it immediately to another repair shop when I came back and they said the frame had been bent in the accident and was wearing holes in the exhaust system.  I should immediately stop driving the car to avoid more damage.
They and the body shop I took it to, were shocked how someone could have missed it.  The body shop owner called it bent like a pretzel.  So either David McDavid did not look at my car or they have severely inept techs-either one makes me not want to come back.
Beware of David Mc David Acura and take your car elsewhere!!

Underground M. | 2012-11-05

*This review is regarding the service department and general manager. It has nothing to do with sales.*

In my case, they don't deserve even one star. I had a terrible experience. At the end I ended paying more than advertised, and they took my brand new battery out of my car and replaced it with a used one. It would have been more believable if they put my "faulty new battery" in my trunk so I could have taking it back to Autozone (i have 5+ years warranty). When I contacted, I was pretty much not given any answer AT ALL from the Service Manager and General Manager. It was the opposite: they were extremely rude and didn't want to even discuss the issue. Not only I will not go back there, but I AM DOING WHATEVER I CAN TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS JOKE BUSINESS. Go to Sterling Acura of Austin instead. At least they'll shoot you straight, no strings attached, no BS. If I went on and explained in detail (from the day I went in to the last communication) it would take me pages of writing.

Ryan S. | 2012-10-31

Was pretty happy with how they treated me.  I searched online, then submitted a request for an appointment.  When I arrived, I was set up the salesperson, Roy Martinez.  I had done a lot of research on the car, so I didn't need much more than a test drive.  I'd also been looking at pricing, and this particular car was a good deal when compared to Edmunds and Consumer Reports pricing reports.  

It was a pretty easy process, from start to finish.

Jo Anne B. | 2012-10-19

I refer to David McDavid Acura Austin:  Great service, consistently excellent. I bought my car there and have all my check ups there and always receive fine service.

lloyd c. | 2012-09-17

never bought the car and nor would i ever buy from them, i saw a car online for sale, went there on saturday to buy it, the sales man told me another person was interested in it, and that if their deal fell thru he would call me, i asked he call me even if it does go thru so i wouldnt be strung along, he agreed, so it turns out monday evening no call,, i called him and had to leave a message about how i didnt hear back from him about the car and was wondering if it was still for sale? he finally called back and said that someone was buying right then, and if there was another car he could help me with? uh no,,

J.D. G. | 2012-08-07

This is my second purchase at David McDavid Acura so clearly they're doing something right.  I wish it could say it was a perfect transaction but it wasn't.  The car buying process, specifically the negotiation process is one I dread, this was no exception.  But they were willing to negotiate on my terms and I felt I got a fair deal.  That's ultimately what's important.  When I finally decided to purchase the vehicle (which was a Saturday evening), one finance person left for the day and the other was busy with a customer.  My salesperson, Roy (great guy), told me I could take the car home and we could sign the papers on Monday.

Works for me!  I signed the paperwork on Monday (no problems there) but since I also purchases some running boards but had to leave for the day, I could bring it in Tuesday.  This is where it went a little downhill.  The running boards were attached but the car hadn't been detailed (even though it was on the make-ready sheet), wasn't washed (still had reside from the film they put on during transport), no orientation on how to use the feature of the car, and wasn't gassed up.

Now I could just have said, I'm done and give them a bad review.  But after my sales survey a few days later I got a call from the sales GM Sean asking what he could do to make things right.  After I explained to him what happen he said to bring the MDX over and got everything cleaned up and ready to go.  The GM of the dealership (Clifton Goldsmith) also offered a free oil change.  

It's treatment like that will keep me coming back.  People make mistakes and it was just a series of unfortunate events.  The hard part is making it right.  Great work!

Carlos O. | 2012-07-30

Called in for a Quote on a TL, Told them the Vin on my trade in and I recieved an offer over the phone. I walked in at 5p I was out 6:20 with a full tank and a Brand New Car! If you want to hang around a dealership got to Carmax if you want prompt service and the bottom line this is your place....

Ryan J. | 2012-07-27

*Service Dept review only*

I have been to a number of Acura dealers in the Dallas area and was not impressed while shopping for my MDX.

I bought my MDX at a non Acura dealership so I was nervous about what to expect on my first service visit.  My MDX is 2 years old and had never been to an Acura dealer for service before (Previous owner lived 3 hours from a dealer)

Luis handled my appointment and took care of everything, when he realized it may take longer to get all the service bulletins done he let me borrow a loaner for the day which was awesome.  Great service overall and I would return again for repairs and other work.

Only complaint was getting a call on my cell at 8:30pm from a guy in a loud call center doing a survey about my visit who I think entered my 10 rating as a 7 so hopefully he understood me when I tried to correct him.  Then he asked for my email so they could send me more surveys about my visit - WTH?  Sorry why would anyone do that?  Surveys are getting out of hand with most businesses... I get this was out of the dealership's control so I wouldn't ding them for it but Honda should find a better way to get feedback.

James B. | 2012-07-14

Just purchased an MDX from David McDavid. Want a great car shopping experience. Our Salesman, Roy Martinez, was extremely helpful but not pushy. We told him what we wanted and he helped us out to find our right vehicle. We love our MDX and the staff at David McDavid. Thanks Roy for everything!!

Michelle C. | 2012-04-23

So bad that one star is too much!!
From the get go things went pretty well from the price negotiation to the sale. Once I purchased the car things changed. It was 8 days before the car was ready, one more time with feeling EIGHT DAYS!!!! I understand that the car was a lease return and it needed to be "certified", however, that cannot possibly take 8 days. When I went down to pick up my new-used car nobody even showed me how the car worked, my salesman was too busy with another customer to walk me through how the car worked. Once I pulled the car out into the light I saw that the scratches were still visible and such a piss poor job of covering them was apparent, the center console cup holder was busted and the brakes were metal on metal. For a vehicle to have gone through the certification process, these types of issues should have not been missed. Still to this day I have no certification paperwork, and now my right front speaker is blown. I ended up taking the car back 3x times in the three weeks I have owned the car, and now with the speaker problem I will have to take it in again. When I talked with the finance director about the warranty I was adamant that I wanted an Acura warranty, and somehow I ended up with some third party company I had never heard of. After fighting for several days to get it cancelled I eventually had to drop off the cancellation forms because I can't trust this dealership to do anything right, let alone cancel a warranty. I even tried to cancel it myself and this fly-by-night company told me I had to have the dealership cancel it for me, what kind of crap is that??? These people are crooks, rude and indifferent to customer needs. DO NOT BUY HERE, DRIVE DOWN SOUTH AND BUY FROM STERLING!!!! After all this when I simply asked to be conferenced into a call with the fly-by-night warranty company to cancel the finance director said to me "I don't have time to do that, I have a full time job and you are not my only customer".... Anybody that treats someone like that after the BS I have gone through with them should not be working in customer service.  They did offer to "try" and swap out the warranty in place of an actual AcuraCare warranty but they never did get back to me on that and I was tired of waiting. Plus I can't trust these people as far as I can throw them, so ended up buying my warranty through Sterling Acura.
Acura is a name of quality and luxury, not the kind of service you expect at a pot-lot. Oh and my sales guys lied to me about the kind of gas the car uses, I guess maybe he thought I wouldn't  find out it takes premium.

Steve M. | 2012-02-05

Walked in here yesterday with my wife to check out a car that she had looked at a few weeks ago.  She asked for Twan, the salesman that had helped her previously and he was promptly paged.

It took Twan a few minutes to get free and greet us which gave us time to browse which was fine. One observation while browsing was that the other salesmen that were here were not busy and they parked themselves at a table right at the front door, slouched back and played with their phones...Being right at the front door it didn't project a very professional appearance for them.

Twan on the other hand was professional and efficient and knowing what my wife had already looked at, made a couple of suggestions, pointed out a few options and set us up with a test drive for two cars we wanted to try in a flash. All this while juggling 2 other customers that had come in specifically asking for him. This was by far the easiest and lowest pressure car shopping experience to date and even though he was juggling customers, we did not feel slighted in the least bit.

I can't speak for anyone else at David McDavid Acura, but I would recommend Twan to anyone that was heading that direction. We haven't decided on a car yet, but if it turns out to be an Acura, Twan will be the salesman that sells it to us.

Kelly C. | 2012-01-17

I recently took my car in for an oil change. The service manager took care of everything and I was in and out of there in no time. I will take my acura back for any service needed.

Kelly R. | 2011-11-26

This is a place where you better adhere to the statement, "let the buyer beware".  I just purchased a 2006 Acura TSX and did the best I could at ensuring I was buying a good car.  Once I got the car home I was able to spend more time going over everything, determining that I had to replace a number of light bulbs, a number of fuses, etc.  Nothing particularly critical and somewhat expected.  However, it was during this overview that I found out the Blue Tooth feature didn't work.  

I asked them to take a look at the device and they determined that it needed to be replaced, to the tune of many hundreds of dollars.  My point:  it was sold "as is" and they certainly reminded me of that fact.  My issue is that when a major feature of a car, from an upper end dealership, doesn't work, I should have been told so I could make an informed decision whether to purchase, repair, or go elsewhere.

In defense of the dealership, the general manager did offer to repair the device for cost, but I'm not feeling all warm and fuzzy about what their "cost" might be!  

In the future, I'll go elsewhere.

Sarah M. | 2011-11-20

Honest salesmen are hard to find.  Bill Hoop was great to work with and got us a great deal.  We are thrilled with the 2005 Acura TL we just bought.  It checked out with our mechanic with flying colors.  We will go back there next time we are looking to buy.  Thanks!

Drew M. | 2011-10-03

I bought a used acura TL from these people very recently. Within a day of driving the breaks started locking and screeching violently.  The car obviously had bad breaks and the SALES MANAGER HERSELF claimed that the breaks had recently been replaced and that the wear on them was insignificant.  

Again, the sales manager of this dealership said the breaks passed inspection and when the car got to me, the breaks were in such dire need of replacement that the mechanic was surprised there was no damage to my roters.  

She even had the audacity to tell me that the mechanic was trying to sell me on a repair the car didnt need!  YOU COULD HEAR THIS CAR BREAKING FROM OUTER SPACE.  

They screwed me over a relatively cheap repair that they could have easily fixed.  Put me $500 bucks in the hole and could have cost me a lot more.

Customer satisfaction is of no consequence to these people.  

I have already filed a complaint on this dealership with the better business bureau.

Wes O. | 2011-03-07

After reading a recent review here on Yelp, I thought I'd post my experience from a couple of years ago.  Went here ages ago to look at a TSX, which I was ready to make a deal on.  I took the TSX for a test drive and liked it, so I went back in to play "let's make a deal."

Well, I should've immediately walked out when the sales guy pulled out a piece of paper. I was getting ready to be pulled into one of those car dealer games like every consumer TV show and news story reports on.  First, he played the "four-square" game, then told me to write down a number of how much I wanted to pay per month.  Next was a story about how Acuras are never sold for less than $500 below sticker.

Finally, I gave up and said I was ready to leave.  Then, the sales manager comes out and refuses to give me back the keys to my car until I tell him why I won't buy the car today.  After several go-rounds with that, I explained that my car was my property and that I demanded its immediate return.  The "sales manager" finally returned my keys to me.

This dealerships sales antics are much more reminiscient of a high-pressure sleazy used car dealer than a luxury car dealer.  Acura would be well-served to remove this franchise.

Stella's G. | 2011-01-28

I have to give the folks in the parts and service department at David McDavid Acura 5 stars for the customer service they provide. My first experience with the service department was exceptional for a few reasons, the first being that I currently drive a 1999 Honda Accord and was treated as if I had just driven in a brand new Acura off the showroom floor. I was generously offered a brand new TSX as a loaner for the 2 days that it took them to perform the repair. This was a totally unexpected bonus as most everyone knows what a pain it is to be without their vehicle. I've since learned that the loaners are, understandably, subject to availability but if you are able to make an appointment for your repair they will be happy to accommodate you. Sweet. The repair on my Honda's door lock mechanism was timely and accurate (as much as I love my old Honda, I have to admit that I didn't want to return that awesome little TSX!).

My most recent experience was with Orlando in the parts department. In my quest for an affordable replacement part for my window, I called McDavid Acura and had the good fortune of speaking with Orlando regarding the various parts available and their respective prices. He was extremely courteous and informative and ultimately, when the part arrived a couple of days later, he took the time to come out to the parking lot and look at the window in order to ensure that we had chosen the correct part. It is this example of above and beyond attention to detail and service that will guarantee a return visit by me when I am in need of service or parts (and one day, that new TSX!) in the future.

Great job, guys, and thanks again so much for all of your help!

Marc D. | 2009-11-06

* More of the temporary hole-in-the-wall restaurant auto dealer review diversion *

Ok, the car life story continues.....Traded in my Honda that I got at Howdy Honda ( yelp.com/biz/howdy-honda… ) for an Acura here many years ago.  

What is it with car dealers in Austin - they all have silly sounding names:

"Howdy Honda" - Is this a line dance number or a greeting?

"David McDavid" - Fast food knock off or bizarre drinking game?  


In any case, negotiating for a car purchase here was a bit of a joke.  The finance guy must have been new as he didn't understand simple concepts like time value of money and compound interest.  

Equipped with my handy dandy (is that the name of another Austin car dealer?!?!?!) financial calculator I ran a bunch of numbers and re-worked the deal they were offering using his assumptions that didn't take into account time value of money.  

I normally don't like to finance cars, but with his misunderstanding of how interest worked it was too good of a deal to pass up the additional cash.  

The final deal ended up with me walking away with my brand new car, as well as a rather large hefty cheque - putting the additional value into the lease financing that he was giving at 0%.  Interest free money for me to invest.  Go figure.  That little financial arrangement saved me about $5000 over the next best deal I could find on the car.  Cool!  

But sadly the amateur nature of the finance department carried over into the service department as well.  

After dropping off my car for a regular service I got a frantic phone call from them saying they couldn't find my key.  They apparently misplaced it.  Idiots.

The wonderful security features of the Acura RL made it so that even though the dealer knew the key code they couldn't move the car without the "special red key" that only I had.  

So I went over there with the special key, and then they realized that by using that all of my other keys would no longer work.  Duh.  

So another return trip to have them reprogram my other keys.  

They didn't think to offer a replacement of the missing key, and since they cost a pretty penny to replace the remotes I asked for them to do that.  They agreed, but then couldn't figure out how to code the new key without redoing all the old keys once again.  

I ended up wasting about 6 hours because these amateurs lost the key and then didn't know how to deal with fixing the problem they created.  

Ironically after getting the car home and all the newly programmed keys I got a call from them saying they found my key if I'd like it.  Duh.

I was happy to leave these guys in the dust and relocate to Vancouver!

Sean S. | 2009-10-31

Service department is inattentive, disrespectful, lacks integrity and failed on many occasions to honor their agreements. On a couple of occasions, we had to take time out of our day to find the various agreements to prove to the services manager, we actually purchased these agreements. And after proving our warranty agreement was VALID, Service Manager continued to refrain delivering on the services, and required us to pay for in-warranty services. On account consumers spend an exuberant amount of money for car services, and expect a civilized and honest level of service with integrity...take your work elsewhere.  Being a company that is supposedly modeled on "customer centricity", David McDavid will fail to deliver a positive customer experience and will continue to deceive their customers.

Pete T. | 2009-09-25

I bought my TL from the other Acura dealer in town and have been going there for most of my maintenance. When it came time do my scheduled B1 service, I called the shop that I usually go to and they quoted me a ridiculous $299 for the service. I thanked them and hung up the phone and called David McDavid Acura instead and got quoted $139 for the same service.

The rep on the phone told me that it'd take about an hour and 15 minutes for the service and I went ahead and scheduled my appointment. Exactly an hour and 15 minutes after I arrived at the service department, my car was serviced and ready to go (they even washed and vacuumed the car).

The waiting lobby has WIFI and cable tv as well as complementary beverages. I'm not sure what the extra $130 that the other dealer wanted was for.

For those who don't like waiting for the car while it's being serviced, they have a shuttle that will drop you off and pick you up at Lakeline Mall. =)

Jim C. | 2008-07-01

This is a nice little dealership up North on 183 between Anderson and 620. I bought my car here almost six years ago. The buying experience was pretty good, even back then they were used to people doing internet shopping, so I got a good deal on the price. They also arranged competitive financing. They did manage to sell me an extended service agreement even though I knew it was a bad idea - they had an ex-police officer who left his job due to injuries doing the selling.

Since then, I've patronized their service department exclusively, even after my warranty ran out. It's very professionally run, and they treat you very nicely. The waiting room has wifi, donuts, coffee and juice, and they offer free shuttle service (in nice new Acuras) and free loaners on major repairs. They even let me take an MDX down to South Padre for a week when I was getting a transmission replaced (a design defect in the 2002 Acura TLs).

The service isn't perfect - they once forgot to keep my car powered up when replacing the battery, so I had to redo my Homelink buttons (a pain since I had to get a ladder to push the buttons on the garage door openers). They test your battery whenever you come in and suggest replacement a few months before it's really necessary, though one could argue that's more of a "better safe than sorry" attitude than a problem. They've also forgotten to call me when I ordered small parts with a repair.

And of course, dealer  service prices are sky high.

Overall though they've been pretty good and have service advisors who are pretty good about explaining things to you, even when you're being obnoxious, and it's nice not to worry about whether the shop you're taking your car to is competent or not.