Covert Ford in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Covert Ford in Austin, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Covert Ford, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Covert Ford in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 419-0518
Address:8950 Research Blvd, Austin, TX, 78758

Reviews on Covert Ford

K L. | 2015-02-16

Worst customer service skills in the used car department. Gave me the run around of a car that was there and then gone then car came back... will never buy a car there...

H T. | 2015-01-22

I purchased 2005 Nissan Altima from Covert Ford last weekend.  
We met with Gregory (Ray) and he showed us  3 used car which we had interest.  (We searched Internet prior to visiting them)
Gregory was very friendly and he was very professional.  I had to say, it was one of best used car purchase experience.   He gives us all information up front (car fax) and honestly answers all our concerns.     He never gives us any pressure to purchase the car and when we gave him an offer, he accepted our offer.    If you are looking for buying car, you should look their website for selection.  If you find any car that interest you,  then you should contact Gregory Ray.  His service alone is well worth for visiting this dealer.   Just one more advise, DO NOT trust dealers who cannot update their own inventories on web.    If they cannot keep up with their main sales items, that is sign for NOT professional.    Keep up great work at Covert Ford and Gregory.    Sincerely  HT.   (Oh, Thank you for washing car too!)

Sergio T. | 2014-12-02

Wow! Simply wow! Stood around for 15 min, walked into the lobby, and no one approached me to see if they could help me with anything. Just looking at buying a $50.000 truck but whatever.

Cinnamon S. | 2014-11-08

In total, we've bought 4 cars from Covert. Part of that was because my ex husband's family had a connection with someone who worked there. Things changed and we stopped buying cars from them. However, I still have my 11-yr old Ford Focus and it has about 140,000 miles. On Wed, Oct 29, I took it in for a maintenance check, oil change, tire balance and rotation, check for why my car was vibrating, to check on a possible oil leak NTB told me about, to replace 2 seat belts, and do the required vehicle inspection that needed to be done by 11/1. I made an appointment like Covert likes us to do. My car sat untouched on Oct 30. I was still OK with everything because the past few times I'd taken my car in Covert Service was on top of things. On Oct 31, I got a call my from service rep saying there was no oil leak, the other simple stuff was done, and the engine and transmission mounts I had replaced by them a year ago failed and they needed to be replaced. Fortunately, there was a 2-yr warranty for the parts. This is disturbing in its on right, but not why I'm writing this review. On Oct 31, my service rep also tells me he'll be out Sat and Mon, but would have his work mate stay on top of my car. I asked about the seat belts because he didn't mention anything. He asked me what was wrong with them and I explained how one didn't latch and the other didn't release once latched. Never mind that I told him about this when I made the car appointment. He said they'd probably need to be replaced and I asked if he'd already ordered the parts. He said no, but that he would before he left Friday. Supposedly the parts got ordered. I heard nothing from his mate on 11/1 or 11/3. By this point, my inspection had expired. I like following most laws especially when the police can easily detect that I'm not in compliance. Now it's 11/4, he calls and says the got the seatbelts in but the distributor sent the wrong ones. They were ordering them again for delivery on 11/5. 11/6 comes and he calls to say the seatbelts had been replaced. Great. Everything should be done and I can pick up my car, right? NO! I was told over the phone that the service tech "said" the inspection had been done, but that needed to be checked. It wasn't done around 4 pm on 11/6, but they did get it done by 6 pm that same day. Unfortunately, I was working to get a report out until 8 pm that night and couldn't leave to pick up my car. So, on 11/7 once my surveying oversight job in S Austin was complete, I drove up to drop off my rental that I'd had for 10 days. That cost $400. It was painful, but necessary. Then I went to Covert. My repairs cost $1041! Oil change was $35. Tire balance and rotation was $60ish. Inspection was negligible too. The labor to replace 2 seatbelts was $375ish, and the parts were $455ish. It was over $800 to replace them. The cashier graciously asked my service rep to come talk to me. When he did, the first thing he said was "What happened to picking it up in the morning?". I was not amused and said that I do have to work too. I asked about the costs. My service rep said the seatbelt distributor has a stranglehold because they make all the seatbelts for all the cars everywhere. Fine, I can't change that. However, $375 to replace some seatbelts? I mean how much does Covert charge for service tech labor? Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad had I not just had the shock of the $400 rental car charge. So, I asked why the seatbelts weren't ordered when I brought my car in 10 days earlier. The rep said he wanted to make sure they needed to be replaced first. Um, my car is 11 years old. Then he said that I could've picked my car up and driven it around with expired inspection and non-working seatbelts. Right. I like my son to stay alive, thanks and everyone knows 15-yr old boys would rather die than sit in the back seat. Not an option. The rep got defensive and tried to tell me that I should've been charged more for replacing the engine mounts. I countered with my concern about how they failed a year later and wondered aloud if I should just make an appointment now to bring my car back a year from now since these mounts have a poor track record. What really miffed me is that I thought Covert's Service Dept had moved past all the crappy service they used to provide years ago. With the economy crashing like it did, who really can afford to keep taking their cars to a dealership for repair. I thought this would help Covert understand that they needed to provide good customer service to stay afloat. Times must be good for them again. The poor cashier had to witness my absolute shock at the cost, which is probably half my car's value, and how the service tech tried to shame me for my lack of gratitude. She tried to get me to talk to the service dept manager. But what's the point. Covert doesn't care about customer service. They never have. I just need to get a newer car or find a decent mechanic that can work on 11-year old Focuses. I'm done with them!

Chris H. | 2014-11-05

Completely useless. I have a used F150 that I bought from Covert many years ago. I recently took it in because it wasn't starting and asked them to check out the electrical system, to make sure that we had found the issue.

They assured me that it was only the battery (but charged me for the electrical inspection) and then proceeded to charge me twice what I would have been charged at Costco or most other places.

Today, the truck is not starting with the same symptoms. They won't take any responsibility. Just avoid this place completely.

Jim H. | 2014-10-29

Focus held hostage - Day 17!

It is now day 17 since I took my 2012 Focus SE to Covert Ford in Austin Texas for a state inspection. They determined that I needed a new catalytic converter.


I'm commuting in my 2000 Ford Explorer now. I bought this truck new from Covert Ford. It's been extremely reliable. This truck is one of the FIVE Ford vehicles that my family owns.

What has happened to Ford since 2000? I have to think that both Ford Corporate and Covert Ford are so dedicated to short term cost cutting that they just don't care if they lose a few customers along the way. Because this quarter's profits are more important, even it means screwing a long term customers.

Ford Motor Company and Covert Ford management is obviously stupid and short sighted.

Ford Motor Company and Covert Ford supply chain management are clearly incompetent.

Perhaps Covert could provide a loaner car in a case like this?  Oh no, because 'liability'.  

Well Mr Covert, I would hate to expose you to 'liability', so instead of test driving that new Fusion I've been considering, I'll test drive a Camry instead.

David D. | 2014-08-17

Recently purchased a Platinum F150 here. I worked with Dan Covert. He was pretty straight forward. Got me a good deal. Didn't waste my time. Gave me options. Good follow up.

Ask for Dan.

Tantric V. | 2013-05-28

I have been going to Covert Ford for servicing my 2007 Mustang V6 for nearly 3 years now. They have never tried to upsell, always tell me if a repair is necessary or good-to-have, been reasonable on cost, courteous and have also been very good about ensuring my warranty coverage. Overall, what you see is what you get. No frills, luxury  or royal treatment but that's not a necessity either. Also, they have free pick up and drop off to even far off places.

T T. | 2012-07-11

This place is amazing! I initally took my vehicle to Maxwell Ford in South Austin for an estimate of the work that needed to be done. I was quoted almost $1200 with multiple items to be fixed (I was told that that was "just a start" and that it might not completely fix the problem). I didn't like the service I received there (it took them 4 hours to call and tell me what was found, 30 minutes to let me know that my vehicle was ready to be picked up even though I watched them drive it around the front when they were finished with it, etc.), so I went to Covert Ford.

Paul M. was very patient and called me 30 minutes later to let me know what was wrong with the vehicle. Of course the items that Maxwell recommended to be replaced were not needed and the parts that were needed were covered under warranty. Needless to say my bill was almost $600 less than what I was quoted at Maxwell and the customer service was ten times better! We'll be taking all of our vehicles to Covert instead!

Cliff T. | 2011-06-29

Now this was a relaxing, no pressure place to purchase a my daughter a nice car,payments lower than i was expecting . we were expecting payments around the $300.00 and turns out ont $18700
Granted it is a pre owned car, But we looked at several places,and this was byfar the best deal-service  from anyone.Nice car,very low miles.

John D. | 2006-12-27

Three stars, since that is the average of my 1 star experience and my 5 star experience.  

First, the 5 star:  about 4 years ago, I wanted to buy a truck.  My friend suggested I contact his buddy at Covert Ford.  I drove to the lot and wrote down the Vin # of 3 trucks, any one of which I would have been happy with.  I called my friend's friend, told him which trucks I liked, what I could afford for my monthly payments, and what I would be putting down as a payment.  At 5:15pm, I pulled in to Covert.  5 minutes later, I'd signed some papers and was on the road with my new truck, sweet deal in tow.  THAT is how I want my car buying experiences to be.

1 Star Experience:  In the used car department, my wife had selected an Explorer she wanted.  We haggled a hair on price but came to an agreement reasonably quickly.  They "made ready" the vehicle and I picked it up.  The salesman told me that we had 3 days to return the vehicle for any reason and 30 days to bring it back if anything was wrong so that it could be fixed at Covert's expense.  I was also told that the key fobs for the keyless entry needed to be programmed and if I could come by the next day, they would program them and I'd be on my way.  The next day, when I came in, the technician informed me that he couldn't program the key fobs because the model we were purchasing was not equipped for keyless entry.  (I am peeved)  The salesman apologized and said he was sorry for the mistake, but since the month had turned over the previous day from July to August, he couldn't reverse the sale even though I didn't want the vehicle anymore.  (I know it seems minor, but my wife was usually the last to leave her office, so it was important to me she have the keyless entry/panic combo).  At this point, I was no longer peeved, just angry and feeling deceived.  My wife convinced me to keep the car.  Four weekends later on a drive to Houston, the compressor on the A/C goes out.  Even though the vehicle only had 30k miles on it, such are the breaks in life.  I called the service department and was told that they would be open again on Monday.  I showed up early and told them I needed them to fix the A/C.  No problem, they said.  When I picked the car up 2 days later, the bill was $800, which I was told my warranty would cover if I paid the $150 deductible.  I explained that I had been told they would fix anything for 30 days after purchase.  The service tech had never heard of that...the sales manager had never heard of that....the salesmen (who I located) confessed he had just made that up and he sure was sorry, so he paid the deductible on the repair.  3 months later, on Christmas Eve, the hose connecting the radiator started leaking as a result of the fan belt rubbing it.  The belt was out of position because the aforementioned A/C problem was fixed incorrectly....

and on and on and on and on.  

I still have the Explorer.  I will never use Covert for service again, and I will think very hard about buying another vehicle from them.