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At Covert Ford Lincoln, we're part of a family that's been in the business of making Austin drivers happy for over 100 years. Whether you're in need of Ford or Lincoln sales, service or financing, come see what's made us Central Texas' No. 1 volume Ford dealership!

Covert Ford Lincoln

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 345-4343
Address:11514 Research Blvd, Austin, TX, 78759
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Covert Ford Lincoln

Tanner C. | 2015-04-19

I recently went to this place to purchase a used vehicle for myself in the used car department.

I had an absolutely incredible experience. Mitch was my guy and he provided me with incredible service. Real genuine, nice, very pleasant to talk to individual who provided me with 0 pressure, and just wanted me to get into the car that I desired. All in all they got it done and I went home with a gorgeous new Yukon in under 2 hours.

I heavily recommend at least the used car section of this dealer, and if you go make sure to ask for Mitch!!

Steve C. | 2015-04-02

My mom and dad were involved in an accident, and needed to replace their truck quickly.  We decided to stop by Covert since it was the closest Ford dealer to our house, and seemed to have a large inventory.  I had been there before, but have never even had a salesman come out to talk to me.  Found out that's part of their "schtick."  Very low pressure, and our salesman named Travis Palu was absolutely great in helping get the initial deal done.  Told them what we were looking for, and they found the right truck for us.  Great price on the truck.  It was nice to find exactly what we were looking for at the first place we stopped.

Why only one star?  Well, because of the sheer amount of time we had to spend at the dealership, and their rather shady business practices after the sale.  We walked in just before 1:00 PM, and did not have the truck to drive out until nearly 8:00 PM!  We found the truck we wanted within 30 minutes of walking in.  We had reached a deal soon after that.  We sat and sat... just waiting on them to get all of their ducks in a row to finalize everything.  No idea why it took so long.  Already had financing in place before the purchase.  Granted, it took them a little while to figure out the trade value on the truck traded, but seriously...  Why so long?  Plus, it seemed that everyone we talked to was juggling more than one customer at a time.  I know that managers have to deal with multiple people at a time, but salesmen should not engage you at all if they have another customer coming in.  Our first salesman dumped us after 10 minutes because he had another customer coming in.  Sorry, but if I'm sitting in front of you, READY to buy a car, then we should have your complete attention.  This, while a whole table full of salespeople/management sat around a desk and "shot the bull" for most of our time there.   They even began discussing us, and our trade among themselves where we could hear them.  Just bad business practice, guys... seriously.

Speaking of taking their sweet time...  We intended to trade the truck that had been wrecked.  They gave us a price on it, and we made a deal.  AFTER everything was done, and papers were getting ready to be signed, they decided that they would NOT do the trade because we didn't have the title for the paid off trade, strictly because my parents were from out of state.  I live 5 minutes from Covert, but that did not seem to matter.  My parents ended up having to just buy the truck without including the trade, as they had no real choice.  They gave us a written note on letterhead stating that they would pay us the amount agreed upon for the trade as soon as they received the title.  Well, they did not trust us that we were telling the truth about having the truck paid off.  We had the title in their hands within a few days.  That was nearly 2 weeks ago, and now they have the title, truck, and still no check.  I was told that they would overnight the check, and that it would be in my parents' hands by this past Wednesday.  Still no dice.  They asked us to trust them, and then violated that trust.  I sincerely hope that the money is in hand within the next couple of days.  I never want to set foot in that dealership again.  

Save yourself the hassle... drive to Mac Haik in Georgetown...

Guy M. | 2015-03-17

Really amazed, after a lousy service experience, that I received an email from Sales Manager Chris Uranga asking that I post a review on Yelp about that experience.  You'd think they'd have the smarts to not *solicit* reviews when a service experience was problematic.  I am an advocate of "Praise in public, criticize in private."  But hey, they *asked* for a Yelp review:

Short version is that Covert's Service Tech apparently did not follow shop manual procedure for bleeding air from cooling system after a flush & fill, causing a "Low Coolant" warning light the day after servicing.  

What should have been a 1-day service required a dealer-paid flat-bed tow and an additional 2-1/2 days (Friday return, Monday pickup).

Pleasant working with Service Manager Gene Webb on resolution, but Covert-contracted flat-bed wrecker Aus-Tex took over 2.5 hours to show up (1.5 hours promised), with no phone call to advise they were delayed.  And although Covert's Svc Dept is open 1/2 days on Saturday, by mid-morning Monday I still had heard nothing on the status of my vehicle.

On the plus side, Gene offered complimentary next oil & filter change & tire rotation as a goodwill gesture, a decent thing to do.

Overall, Covert Ford Lincoln Service is a long way from world class.  I have seen few improvements over the past 14 years.

***  My vehicle is consistently returned dirtier than when dropped off. Grease along hood line, mud splashes on fenders, bird droppings, etc.  

World Class:  Wash car before returning to owner.  That may sound over the top to Covert, but this is a combined Lincoln/Ford dealer, and their high-end competition (Lexus at least) delivers exactly that.  

***  Service Drive looks dirty and cheap.  No indication that any money has been invested in at least a decade in presenting a better face to customers.  Service Advisors are relegated to tiny glass booths that have no appearance of regular cleaning.  

Limited space really provides no option for a pleasant heated/cooled area to meet with service advisors, but at least freshen the service booths:  new desks and chairs, indoor/outdoor carpet for floor & back wall, and regular cleaning of booth glass.  Also, regular pressure washing the service drive, and periodic seal coating to keep this area looking sharp.

***  Service Appointments not accepted.  At least I have been so advised when requesting one.  

World Class:  Accept appointments, thereby avoiding overloading the service department, which should yield more predictably on-time service completion.

*** This service was not the first time I have been directed outside to wait for my serviced vehicle to be delivered, to no avail.  I checked with service advisor, "How long should I wait before asking?" who answered off the cuff "Should be coming up any time now."  Repeating my question, answer was "About five minutes."  I had been waiting ten already, so nudged him to check for me.  It was only then that  he discovered that the "Cashier set out the wrong keys."   But the initial exchange telegraphed 'It's not my problem.  Go away.'

World Class:  On my first inquiry, response should have been "About 5 minutes.  How long have you been waiting?"  And at hearing my answer "10 minutes", then proactively checking for me.  Customers should not have to nudge personnel to do their job.

*** On Yelp reviews, Covert's response to reviews is always quasi-anonymous, written by "Covert F of Covert Ford Lincoln".  This demonstrates a lack of problem ownership, instead trotting out a nebulous, nameless corporate response to what are arguably legitimate personal experiences with the dealer.  While these responses often include the usual "We take our customers' comments seriously", looking at the spectrum of reviews over time, lousy 2-star average rating, and that little seems to change, this response smacks of insincerity.  The responses never state what, exactly, is being implemented to help improve the customer experience.

World Class:  Apologize, and mean it.  Post what's being done to fix it.  Then do it.  Payoff should be a gradual up-swing in Yelp ratings!

Amanda B. | 2015-03-12

Long story short, we worked for 5 hours with a salesman who ultimately refused to negotiate on a new car and then was angry at us for leaving. He "wasted" his time with us apparently and was incredibly rude. Don't shop with Covert Ford.

Baldy B. | 2015-03-10

Took my wife's Fusion in to get a new passenger side door mirror assembly replaced.  Was quoted $240ish total including labor.
They had it ready in about 45minutes which was great. This is where the ugly begins.

I looked at the invoice and it was $266 which included an $18 "misc charge"  When I asked the girl at the counter, she first said it a charge for the "tools" used. I asked her if using "tools" should cost extra??  Sounds a little wierd.  She then asked, who I presumed to be the service manager (white/gray hair male, 50-55) what "misc charges" ment.  He said "shop supplies"  When I asked him what kind of "shop supplies" are needed to install a side door mirror assembly. He said he wasn't sure and took the charge off my bill.

So, my question to you Covert Ford Service, what does "misc charge" mean?? and maybe you should accually spell it out on the bill.

Maybe they hope people don't pay attention to it and just pay their bill.
Which means they make extra $$, a little here and a little there.

Will probably go to another Ford dealership for service, if I ABSOLUTLY HAVE TOO, in the future.

Gave 2 stars instead of 1 because the fix was quick.

Leah A. | 2015-03-02

The service department was a nightmare in terms of communication and competency. We had to take our one year old truck in (under warranty) three times for the same squeak that was occurring while it was in reverse. Described same problem in detail each time we took it in. Each time not only did they not fix the problem they even tried to charge us for labor hours that had nothing to do with the squeak. Got that silliness corrected. When you take a vehicle in to drop it off, and the dealership does not provide shuttle service, it becomes a hassle to get a ride to and from, etc. But to have them not even fix the problem (we can't get the noise to repeat, come get your vehicle) and have you go all the way up there the SECOND time paying by Uber on your dime to physically get in the car with a service technician and demonstrate the squeak? Oh, yeah, that doesn't sound right. Really?? THEN they were able to finally fix it. But did we really have to go through all of that? Multiple trips back and forth, truck probably looked at for 5 minutes and then sat on the lot, etc. Does the service check in person not communicate with the techs?
I hope we don't ever have to go through that again. PS. They don't rinse off the cars before returning them either.

Emily P. | 2015-02-16

I really liked this first. But, we ended up going with a different car from another dealership, and that's when it went downhill. I bought a car from the Covert Jeep in Austin and had the most amazing experience I could ever imagine or expect. I thought we'd receive the same service at another Covert dealership, and we did at first.

The problem started when we kindly told the dealership that we decided on a different car, but were thankful for their help. The salesman got the price of the Escape down to what we were looking for, but the car was lacking other features and failed a safety test that was important to us. So, we let the salesman know that we went in another direction, and that we were no longer interested.

"I decided to stay with Subaru since I'm more familiar with them and they are more of what I'm looking for. Thanks for taking the time to let me take a look at the escapes."

We received a text message from our salesman saying everything from "you gave me your word" to "you should've gone with us because Ford is American made and provides American jobs" to "we spent time and money detailing this car for you", and once more "you gave me your word."

We understand that the salesman is probably upset that he missed out on a sale, but our decision has nothing to do with the service he provided, and everything to do with finding another car that had more features and better safety rating. I was just so shocked at the reaction we were given after letting him know that we were thankful for his help but no longer interested. As far as I'm concerned, we shouldn't be held accountable for purchasing a car until we have paperwork to sign in front of us. We never said that we were for sure going to get this car even after he got it in our price range. I was disappointed with the custom service provided after the deal fell through. There was no reason to try and guilt someone into buying a car after they thanked you for all your help. We really had a good experience until this moment, and enjoyed working with the salesman until he gave us attitude for going with someone else.

Overall though, I would still recommend Covert dealerships. Hopefully they will be more respectful to the customers they lose, and treat them the same way they do the customers they make deals with. After all, just because we didn't buy this car from them, doesn't mean we wouldn't have come back to buy a car from them in the future.

Larissa C. | 2015-01-22

I bought my 2015 Ford Fusion a couple months ago. Stephanie Dudgeon was great every step of the way. She's awesome!

Ricky N. | 2015-01-19

Beware of their gimmicks and blatant lies, specifically from their website: " #1 Volume Ford Dealer in Central Texas for 16 years. We will beat any Internet deal period! "  Here's my experience, at first I chatted with 2 different people in 2 separate occasions, and pointed them to the specific car I wanted to purchase and the price I wanted matched, but even after the 2nd person apologized for the first one not getting back to me, he did the exact same.  With very good reviews online, I figured they were busy or somehow my communication fell through the cracks. So I came by the store and showed them an internet deal on a 2015 Mustang GT, and they just openly said: "we don't want to match it, as everyone is paying sticker for them right now, so why would we sell it to you for cheaper than that".  I actually mentioned: because you claim to beat any internet deal, at which point they just semi-apologized, but nothing was offered in terms of honoring their word.  So good luck in getting a price matched by these liars, they will only match if they like the price their competitors are advertising.

Mike J. | 2015-01-13

I have owned dozens (literally) of Fords in my life and I'm not even 30 years old. 1948-1979 trucks and Broncos (still own a 1979 Bronco), still own a 1993 F-150, Mustangs (still own two 1970s) - to say that I am a "Ford guy" is an understatement so I am very disappointed to have negative feedback for a Ford dealer.

I currently own 6 Fords. There is zero chance that any of them will be serviced at Covert.

I moved to Austin 2+ years ago and needed a daily driver/commuter car; Covert was the closest dealer so I walked in, met Christine Lewis, and paid CASH for a 2013 Focus SE hatchback automatic a few weeks later (should have bought an ST). The 2012+ Focus with the DCT transmission has horrible clutch issues and should be recalled (Ford extended the warranties on their clutches and considers that "fair" compensation to owners).

I put about 9K miles a year on my Focus; at 7K miles, the car drove horribly and it needed a new clutch seal (very common defect on these vehicles equipped with a DCT transmission). Covert did such a poor job replacing it and the transmission began making buzzing/grinding noises when I got it back from service. Each time I brought it back to have them investigate the noises, they told me "everything is normal" and sent me on my way with some BS boiler plate letter from Ford on why the DCT transmission makes noises and drives like a manual transmission.

At 14K miles, my transmission needed to be completely rebuilt and had numerous parts replaced. I wanted a full transmission replacement, but I guess that was too much to ask for on a new car with only 14K miles; guess I wasn't wrong about the noises I was hearing that were "normal". Covert's attitude is somewhat robotic; if the transmission doesn't act up according to the service technicians' computer diagnostic, it's not broken. Meanwhile, the damn thing sounds like it's about to drop out on the road when I drive it.

Covert doesn't seem to understand the concept of me spending my hard earned money at their dealer and then feeling horrible for not being treated like a valued customer. If I bring a car in for service (that I purchased from Covert), I shouldn't have to reason with the service department to investigate what I am experiencing with my vehicle. I take hours out of my day to bring my vehicle to Covert and expect that they can take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to put me at ease and inspect my vehicle and listen to what I have to say.

My brother in law has been rubbing his new Super Duty diesel (lifted, 37s, ranch hands, etc.) in my face and there is no doubt my next vehicle is either a King Ranch Super Duty diesel or a new aluminum-bodied F-150. All I can say at this point is that Covert won't be earning repeat business from me. I was going to see if my wife wanted a Ford Edge or Explorer to replace her old vehicle, but after the experience I had at Covert, she went with a Mercedes Benz.

Oh, and for what it's worth, Christine Lewis told me I could trade my 2 year old $22K MSRP Focus in for $12K. Great deal, Christine, I think I'll pass. At that rate, my wife's new Benz has a lower cost of ownership. Haven't heard from her since and she hasn't proposed any viable resolution to me for my Focus.

I don't regret things in life, but I regret giving Covert Ford my business.

Darrin R. | 2014-12-03

My service writer is always honest and does his best to get my repairs done quickly. I really appreciate both of these qualities.  I also buy parts here occasionally as I have the Ford Factory Repair and Service manuals and the parts folks have always been good to me.

Jim H. | 2014-11-13

I'm updating Covert's rating to three stars because although I still consider their management to be less than competent, their service personnel were helpful, and Ford Corporate customer service has given me some compensation to make the memory of this nightmare a little less horrible.

I guess the bottom line is if you have an issue with a Ford, take it up with Ford Corporate, the corporation is more interested in satisfied customers than the dealers.

Henry B. | 2014-09-08

Service department- wanted an oil change, tire rotation, new battery, and full detail. Dropped it off right when they opened and it took 7.5hrs and when I called to check on it they tell me they are too busy to get the detail done until the next afternoon. Next time I will do the work myself. Very bad experience and will not be going back

M A. | 2014-08-20

This review is based on the Service Department only, although judging by all the other reviews, the whole place seems to need improvement.

I called several days ago to ask about setting an appointment for a service to get my power steering repaired due to a safety recall . The man I spoke with in the service department seemed to have absolutely no interest in answering my questions or helping me. He made it seem as if I was bothering him. I asked if I could make an appointment and he said no. I also asked about a reimbursement for another repair I had made that I later found out was under warranty, and he said he was pretty sure Ford wouldn't reimburse me, and then asked "why did you go and pay to have it fixed if it was under warranty?" I clearly had to repeat that I was unaware of that until after the repair. He said he'd look into it and took my phone number. It's been two days and no phone call back.

I then called Mak Haik Ford in Georgetown shortly after, and they were more than happy to make an appointment immediately with me, gave me all the info I needed, and said Ford could certainly reimburse me for the previous repair.

Avoid Covert Ford if you can. They just don't seem to care.

Gregory B. | 2014-07-28

Just bought a 2001 Ford Explorer from the family of a man who just passed away. He had meticulously done all service work at his local Ford dealer. I wanted to continue with this, so called my local dealer's service dept to schedule a simple service.  I need them to scan the computer to get the keyless entry code (research says this takes 2 minutes!). They proceeded to tell me they will need my vehicle for "about a day or so"! Really?? Obviously they intend to justify made-up charges and take advantage of me! I will be driving to Georgetown to get my service work and implore anyone contemplating doing business with this unethical business to think twice.  This is what gives repair shops such bad reputations!  Hope Covert Ford's Sales Department is more honest than their service.  Buyer/Customer BEWARE!  Update:  Mac Haiak Ford in Georgetown said they could scan in for me in 60 seconds and would not charge me anything! Guess where my oil change/tire rotation and extra key are being purchased from!!!

John L. | 2014-07-22

Fairly annoying experience here.   I came by to have my car looked at for some noisy popping while turning and was told that they were too busy to do anything but if I came first thing Monday then they would definitely be able to look into my car.  So I got to Covert Monday morning at 8 a.m. and left my car with them.  8 hours later, no call, no email, nothing.  So I call several times before I'm able to talk to my service tech, only to find out that NOTHING had been done with my car.  That hadn't even made an attempt to reproduce the noisy turning.  Had I not badgered them for information I'm sure they would have left for the day and left me rideless.  Won't be back to Covert.

John B. | 2014-07-22

My buddy and I stopped by because these guys were advertising a nice little truck online. We walked around the lot for about 10 minutes trying to find it ourselves but no luck. No one came talk to us. We had to walk into the sales office and ask for a car salesmen! (I couldn't believe it) Finally we get some help. We ask the salesmen to show us the truck they are advertising. Says they are having some computer issues but invited us to sit in his office while they sort things out. He starts making small talk, takes down my buddies information, starts talking about the budget and financing. After about 15 minutes of hanging out in his office we're like, just show us the truck. Salesmen proceeds to walk us around the entire lot again for 20 minutes and can't find the truck. Then he starts telling us about these other (more expensive) trucks they have on the lot. So we left. These guys tried to pull the ol' bait and switch. Advertised a nice truck for a great deal online, tried to up sell us once we got there. Total waist of time, would not recommend this dealership.

Robert P. | 2014-07-16

Customer Service....What's That?

I purchased a new '14 F150 Platinum from Covert just under a month ago. That experience was good, and had no complaints. (It had some of the typical dealership BS, but overall would repeat the process). The problems started in the truck from day-one however. The A/C was no where near as cold as the truck we test drove.

Over the last 3 weeks, with temps climbing into the 100 mark, it got worse, and I purchased a temp gauge, showing the center vents only putting out 58* temps. Factory spec is high-30*s to lower 40*s, so there's a blatant issue. I went Monday to drop the truck off in the morning. This is where I learned that Covert Service doesn't care about you post-sale.

After waiting in the service drive for 16 mins, (yes, I was clock-watching), including asking for help at the halfway point, I finally had a SA come out to see me. I stated I needed an oil change, (brought my own Mobil-1), as well as the AC issue. I was told they're busy, and I should consider making an appt for 1-2 weeks from then. I get that it was last minute, but when I ask if I should keep sweating while driving inside of a new 56k truck, the SA shrugged and said that's my decision. Wow....

I go to get a rental, as I have first day coverage as well as enhanced (up to 75/day). They try to put me in a stripped beat-up Nissan Frontier. While waiting as they call another dealership, they rent out that lone truck. Now they come back and tell me they have nothing, and can't get me anything from the other dealer. They also refuse to call any of the other 2-dozen Hertz stores to get a car. So much for first day rental.

I track down and ask my SA if Ford ESP will reimburse me if I walk down the road to Enterprise and get my own veh. She says she's not sure, and can't help me. Luckily, my salesman walks by and saw me. Asked what I was doing there. He wasn't pleased, and actually had a new XLT pulled out of inventory for me to drive. THAT is service, (something the service dept should have done).

I get a call a day and a half later on Tues afternoon, (only after I emailed for an update), and was told, "We addressed most of your concerns, but haven't gotten to the AC yet". Um, what "most of my concerns"? The only thing besides the AC was an oil change? I was told they had no timeframe, and just 'enjoy' my loaner. (Which they obviously had so much to do with...not).

Ford Customer Service calls me this morning, (got my info from an online forum rep that saw my griping), and basically tells me, "Welp, it's summer. Sorry you got the impression from them that they were put out by you asking for service, but they're an independent dealership. We'll look into it and call you by Friday with an update".

It's been 8 years since I've owned a Ford product. I should have stayed away. Stuff happens on any mass-produced veh. It's how you are treated when it happens that is important, and is what keeps customers. Not treating them like a random number that doesn't matter, or that you've been inconvenienced by them bringing your truck to them.

TJ B. | 2014-07-14

After the reading the other reviews on here im not shocked as im about to express my concerns. My grandmother is a long time customer of Covert Ford and has spent well over $150k dollars in Lincoln vehicles. My dad takes my grandmothers vehicle to be serviced and everything was fine until it was time to pick up the vehicle. He was told by the service cashier that the car would be brought to him and to wait in a certain area. So he did just that. My dad waited in the sun for a long period of time for the car to be brought up and watched as two other people who came after him were able to get their cars in a timely fashion. After getting tired of standing in the sun my dad asked whom im guessing is the service porter is his vehicle was going to be brought up next. (My dad could clearly see my grandmothers Lincoln parked but was told that it woudl be brought to him.) Shockingly the service porter told him, "your car is right over there and you can get it." So naturally my dad began to get upset and told this gentleman I was told that my vehicle would be brought up to me. And again this guy said well its right there. Annoyed my dad walked after standing in the hot sun to get my grannys car. To make matters worse, they locked the keys in the car. So of course being that this is not his vehicle he had to wait while someone tried to unlock the car while he called my grandmother for the keypad code. Finally he was able to get into the car. I hate to bring racism into to this already poor customer service but the two guest that were helped promptly and came after him were white. My dad is an old african american man. We all hoped that the times of racism were over but apparently not. Experiencing this with my dad was a shocker as i am in customer service but again after reading the other reviews on this dealership, its clearly not.  Like another guest said... If i could give a zero I would.

Amy m. | 2014-06-10

We took our brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta in recently, for some service work. We chose Covert Ford for convenience since we lived nearby, and our car required a tow to get to the dealer because of a key issue where the vehicle wasn't able recognize the smart key.  All of the repairs should have been covered under warranty, but Covert Ford still charged us a diagnostic fee, which they blamed on a remote amp wire that was professionally installed at a car audio shop.  Furthermore they never informed us of a diagnostic fee until it was time for us to pick up our vehicle.  Had we'd been informed beforehand, we would have taken our vehicle to another dealer and not allow Covert to complete the repairs.

When we asked our service adviser for a rental, he told us that Covert Ford does not offer complimentary rental cars, which is aggravating since they had our car for the entire week. After reading some of the reviews here where people had mentioned they received rentals from Covert, it seems that they pick and choose who gets the rentals rather than treat everyone fairly.

We had also asked them to check our rear brakes for improper wear as well as the sunroof for an air leak. All of which were never performed throughout the entire time the car was at the dealer and they still wanted to keep the car for another 3 days to get this done. Angrily we informed them that we would pick up our vehicle and take it to another dealer. After we picked up our vehicle, we decided to stop by the audio shop to inform them of what Covert Ford told us about the remote wire.  They double checked the wiring and told us the remote wire was indeed installed correctly and that the dealer was charging us something that wasn't faulty. They plug the remote wire back in and everything was still working properly.

Overall I would say that the service department was not very forthcoming by not telling us upfront that there would be a diagnostic fee for warranty work. I would not go back to this dealer for any future service or repairs, especially when other local Ford dealerships offer so much more to their customers.

We ended up taking our vehicle to Leif Johnson Ford where they offered us a complimentary loaner and fixed all of our issues within a short period of time. Our service adviser was also very friendly and kept us updated on a daily basis. This is the type of service you would expect from a Ford dealer.

Hopefully the management at Covert Ford will take notice of our review and work towards improving their service department.

Dave E. | 2014-06-04

Age old shifty sleaze ball car selling tactics going on at this place.  I guess you can't expect a lion not to eat you because you don't deserve to be eaten.  

Let's start off with the bait and switch; which is still employed by this dealership.  Oldest and most egregiously misleading practice in the book and yet they're still doing it.

Lost paperwork; get calls/texts/emails from 2 different reps (good cop bad cop).  I had the misfortune of wasting several days of communication, dealing with both who were all over the place with misinformation, stall tactics and just your standard run-around.

Trade in valuation; "we need to see your trade before we can offer on it?" Yeah, ok, I've only purchased about 20 vehicles in my life and eaten negative equity once.  The appraiser literally pulls my truck out of the lot and drives it around to the back.  Then comes in 10 mins later and says nothing to the sales guy but viola, sales guy has the magic number ready to plug in! And surprise, it's $1500 less than what I owe and $4000 less than what they'll make selling it.

Sales guy 1: Let's write up the financing on something that's $3000 more than the truck you originally came here to look at (which wasn't here because we lied to you on the phone and said it was).  Oh and by the way, were not lowering the price on our vehicle (despite the 3 comps you emailed me showing our vehicle is overpriced), we're low balling you on your trade (because we'd prefer you finance the negative equity so our margin is higher), you can't see the buyers order (because we don't show those unless your physically sitting with the financing manager check book in hand) and your overall deal is going to cost you several thousand dollars over the budget of what you originally quoted you wanted to stay under.

Overall just a colossal waste of time, and a unique display of unprofessionalism and questionable ethics permeating the sales floor of this old Austin family brand name owned car dealer juggernaut.

I've purchased cars at Covert before and it was never this bad.  I've purchased cars at Henna and Maund in Austin, Classic and Sewell in Dallas and one soon from a family brand in Waco.  I would rank all of those experiences as 4 out of 5. I'm an adept negotiator and never have to have something unless the price is right.  Covert does not want to do business with savvy buyers; they prey on the weak, unsuspecting, uninformed masses that trust the pretty faces of the Coverts they see plastered all over the 10 o'clock news.   They are what they are.  A huge dealer conglomerate with profits in the drivers seat and sense of community and fairness being dragged far behind.

I'd rate this one a zero, but I can't.  Move on to the next.  Don't do business with the Coverts unless you're a glutton for punishment.

Alek Z. | 2014-05-25

Not really the best dealership. Their staff wasn't terrible, but no one approached me immediately, which normally I'd appreciate...but I also interpreted it as lack of "withitness."

They had some good cars, but their deals weren't anything too special. Also, some of their CPO cars had visible dust on the interior and leaves in the engine. One even had a big-ass nail poking out of one of the tires. I think if more of them stepped up and put more attention to the maintenance of their cars and their customer service, I'd score them much higher.

Danny M. | 2014-05-23

Continued disappointment with this dealer. Purchased vehicle after coming home from an over seas tour and purchased a total lemon. Just found out that the vehicle I purchased with low miles and what I though a good deal has a blown head gasket. A word to the wise DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALER. I have fixed more things on my truck in the short time since I purchased it than all my other vehicles combined over the years. I hope that I can help someone else save some money and peace of mind. This is a Ford dealer that sells cars expected from a shady mom & pop shop.

Eddie R. | 2014-05-12

Avoid this place if you can. Take it somewhere else. 3rd time here and I guess I keep expecting a different result. I pulled up to the service department to get an oil change and was ignored for the next 15 min. I counted at least 9 people in what seemed to be uniforms. A group of 4 were off to the side carrying on as if at a BBQ. I continued to sit there and wait, and as each staff member walked by they'd put their head down and act as if they hadn't seen me. After about 15 min of glaring at every person that walked by, one of the employees who had walked by me 4 or 5 times finally stopped and asked if I had been helped yet.
It's a bit of a drive for me to take my vehicle to another dealership, but I will doing so from now on because of the horrible customer service at this location.

Elisa A. | 2014-05-10

I dropped off my 2010 Escape at 8 am on Monday morning with the service department because there was a rattling sound coming from under the hood. The service advisor I left it with told me she'd call me when she knew what was wrong. I never got a call, so around 3 PM I called her and she told me they hadn't "had a chance to" look at my car yet, but she would get me a complimentary rental for the night.

I picked up the rental and went home. Next day (Tuesday), the service advisor calls me around noon and says my car needs $700 of work done. Specifically, pulleys need to be replaced, brake pads replaced, rotors turned, and new wiper blades. I told her that I was certain the cars power train warranty, plus the extended warranty I purchased, should cover the pulleys and that I wouldn't be doing the brakes or anything else quite yet. Her response was, "I did everything I could, that's the cheapest I could get it." My coworker and I went over to the dealership immediately to speak with her. She told me that if I didn't want to pay for the work, I could take my car elsewhere but I would be responsible for the cost of the rental car plus the diagnostic fee. I did everything to convince her that my TWO warranties should cover it, but she got defensive and kept making comments such as, "Do you not trust me?" When my coworker asked her how her day was going, she responded with "It was good until now."

Long story short, I left in tears and reluctantly gave her permission to do the pulleys. The next day (Wednesday), she called me and said that she had "read the mileage wrong" and that indeed, everything was covered under the warranty and I owed her nothing. She said my car was ready.

I picked up my car and returned the rental, and what do you know? The rattling sound was still there, loud as ever. I called her back and told her this, and she said, "Hm. Strange. Bring it back in when you can." Since I had to drive to Dallas the next day, I told her I'd bring it in Monday, to which she agreed.

While I was in Dallas, I ended up taking the car to the dealership in town where I bought it - (Sam Pack's Five Star Ford - highly recommended if you're in the area). They looked at the car, told me the rattling was coming from the engine mounts, replaced them, and sent me on my way. I got the brakes done while I was there too. The entire process took less than 3 hours and the rattling has stopped. The warranty covered everything but the brakes and I was treated well. I will NEVER go back to Covert Ford in my life after the way I was treated and the level of service I received. They left me a voicemail Friday asking about my opinion of their service, and I plan on calling back Monday to tell them this exact story again - they were rude, they wasted my time, and worst off, they were wrong, and fixed something that didn't need to be fixed and didn't solve the problem.

Ståle B. | 2014-05-02

I had a whole thing written up here, but I ran out of room :)

I'll leave this short and sweet.

Covert Ford is your typical dealership. The folks are nice, but you get that vibe that they will take advantage of you unless you come prepared. This is no different than other dealerships in town.

We worked with Dan Covert, and if you look on the board, you'll see that he's ahead by orders of magnitude.

We ended up with a car that we like, with an extended warranty that we got for an amazing price.

Dan needs to take his ADHD meds though, because he's easily juggling 4 different this at any given time, and it's distracting and can cost the customer money if you're not paying attention.

I buy cars entirely too often, so this wasn't intimidating. I will not use the word sleazy. But Covert is no different than the other dealerships in town and they will try and get the best deals possible for them.

If you can be firm, calm and collected and call the dealership out on bullshit, then you can do just fine with these guys.

If you want to go in and do the no-haggle thing, hit up Carmax.

Stefanie S. | 2014-04-09

Since I had such a great experience with Covert Ford's service department last time, I decided to return.  I was terribly disappointed.

Apparently, I was an invisible person.  I drove in to get service, and not one person stopped to help me or even give me a "we'll be with you in just a minute".  It's kind of frustrating, especially since many service advisors passed by me, sitting in my car, and didn't even acknowledge that I was there, even though I know they saw me.  Just plain awful.  This went on for about 10 minutes.  I would have left, but it looked like I was blocked in at that point.  I had to summon for help, and that's when I finally got some acknowledgement.

TERRIBLE customer service!  They could have had a repeat customer with me, but that's looking unlikely now.

I do have fantastic things to say about the service advisor who finally helped me.  She was an older white female, though her name escapes me.  She was kind and helpful.  Everyone else...wish I could say the same.

Christina R. | 2014-02-27

Yikes.  I went here on recommendation from a friend.  The car buying process was smooth enough.  It's not until after you buy the car that their charm and niceties wear off.    I had my car towed into Covert after hitting a pot hole because I had the My Ford Assist program from recently purchasing the car from them. While dropping it off, I informed my sales agent as well as the service manager that I was introduced to, that both my front and rear tire on the right side needed inspection. The front tire already had a spare and the rear was releasing air each time it was driven over a particular spot. They asked me to call my insurance to have them come out to make an estimate because the unseen damage could be significant. After reviewing the estimate given to me by my insurance, I noticed that there was no notation on the need for repair of the rear tire. I must note that I confirmed with my insurance company that they cannot make any authorizations on my behalf (for parts or service), only agree with the repair shop on what for sure will need to be replaced.
    I had not receive a call from the service department at Ford so I phoned  the service manger, and inquired about my car. The Service Manager let me know what needed to be done to my car and informed me that parts had already been ordered. The only problem was, I had not given authorization to start work or order parts.The Service Manager and my sales agent insisted that the call between my insurance claims agent and himself had been recorded and that insurance gave authorization to order parts. This turned out to be a blatant lie. I had to have a insurance supervisor call the Service Manager to have him admit that he in fact, did not receive any authorization to order parts or start work. He then called me and asked if I wanted my car serviced at the dealership. I told him, no, to which he responded that he was mistaken and assumed that since the car was brought there that they would be doing the work. It is also my understanding that they need, at the very least need a verbal confirmation to order parts, which they did not even attempt to get. I have also been told that I should have been asked to sign paperwork to start work/order parts, which I was never asked to sign.
     I am also horrified that the rear wheel was not inspected before or during the time the estimate was being made, even though it is what I specifically asked them to do. When questioning The Service Manger about the rear tire he said "It looks fine and is holding air." He claimed that the way the tow truck driver dropped it off made it look like it was OK. I let him know for a second time that it was releasing air while being driven. He then informed me that the car was not put on a lift but was just eyeballed, which is extremely disconcerting since he mentioned to me several times that there could be damage to the axle, suspension, alignment and drive shaft. I then asked him again to inspect the rear tire. I then learned that upon inspections,The Service Manager found my rear rim to be cracked leaving the tire itself in tact.
     My concern here, is that if I had not inquired about the rear tire and assumed that it had been inspected and was fine, this damage would have been missed. I would have driven out of Covert's service department with a damaged rear rim that could have potentially put my self in danger or caused further damage to the vehicle. I do not understand how they can operate their business without any communication to their customers or conduction proper inspections of damaged vehicles. I will be taking my business elsewhere.  And to add insult to injury, I called today (three weeks later) and found out that my plates had arrived to the dealership prior to this incident and they just "forgot" to tell me.  Super disappointed in the whole experience.

Kristy A. | 2014-01-31

Pretty terrible customer service. The woman who helped me- if you would call it that- handed me keys and told me to drive. She disappeared and took calls the entire time. Then she told me Toyotas are cheap and gave me her card. Seriously? Talk about your product TO your customer.

I liked that car but I will definitely go to another dealership.

Trevor M. | 2014-01-12

After looking at vehicles for several days, I came in to Covert VERY motivated to find the right vehicle and make a deal.  I have been test driving midsized SUVs all weekend, and I wanted to try the Edge before making my decision.  After doing some research online, I was contacted by a salesman this Sunday morning.  I was happy to hear that Covert was open on Sunday, so I let the salesman know that I would be there this afternoon to test drive the Edge.

I showed up at Covert, took a quick look through the lot, and asked to speak with the gentleman who called me this morning.  The receptionist gave him a call, and he was on a drive with another client, but said he had the car ready for our test drive.  No problem.  So, I took a few minutes to walk through the lot again as I waited for him to return.  

When the gentleman returned, we went to the car that he had "gotten ready" for our test drive, only to find that it was almost our of gas.  So, we went to fuel it up, and he returned to the dealership where he said he had to go help another client, and left me with the keys.  Big letdown.  I drove the Edge alone, checking out the features as best I could without a Ford salesman to walk me through it.  I returned to Covert, and found the salesman was still with another client, so I waited, and waited, and took a third stroll though the lot while it was lightly drizzling outside.  I returned to the showroom, and was still not greeted, helped or event acknowledged.  At this point, I decided to leave the key with the receptionist and head back home, extremely dissatisfied.

The least this salesman could have done would be to take a moment to greet me, ask how I liked the Edge, take the test drive key, offer me a seat and maybe a bottle of water and let me know he would be right with me as soon as possible.

As I headed back to my truck to leave the dealership, I asked a gentleman in the used car department about a preowned 2011 Edge that caught my eye, and after looking through his price sheet, he was unable to even tell me what the price was for the vehicle.  And he didn't offer to ask another salesperson or assist me at all.  I hopped back in my truck and drove back home, feeling very let down by my Covert Ford experience.

Although my visit to Covert today was a major letdown, the only pro is that I was able to absolutely rule Ford, and this dealership in particular, out of my decision for purchasing my new vehicle.  

As I mentioned, I vas very motivated and optimistic to be driving away from Covert in a new Ford Edge.  But the one thing that got in the way was the customer service, or absolute lack thereof.  I hate negative reviews, but I hope this helps someone else avoid a letdown at Covert.

Shawn R. | 2014-01-08

I own a 2012 mustang gt with 25k miles on it. Check engine light came on so I went to the service department was told I'd have to leave it for 2 days before they would look at it. I asked if I can make an appointment. They said sure but that I would have to get to the shop at 7am cause it's first come first serve. How is that an appointment?  I left came back few days later at 8am they said again to check the light I would have to leave it and they would be able to get to it the next morning. Really? Horrible customer service in the service department.
Where I should be able to get my work done for free cause it's under warranty, they shun you away and I have to take it somewhere an pay to get my car fixed. Ive had expedition, a ranger, and now on my 7th mustang. Like my fords but your service customer service is really crappy and gives a bad taste. Thanks for letting me spend more money to get my car fixed

Jennifer S. | 2014-01-03

I should have read reviews before... Horrible customer service!!!!
1. Simple 1.5 hrs (quoted) oil change turned into 3.5 hrs.  And no one bothered to let us know.
2. Didn't bother to change the name from pervious owner in computer- was given their name, address and 2 phone numbers. Totally unacceptable and not to mention dangerous.  I asked for my info to be taken out of their computer.
3. After waiting and waiting they said they didn't have my car- no one had a clue where it was.
4.  They parked my car in traffic lane and over the loud speaker told me to move it.
5. They charged my credit card for the wrong service. Glad I caught that...
Overall... Awful and a waste of my day!

Beth S. | 2013-12-31

Since I just bought my car, this is about the process of buying the car only.  After reading some of these other reviews, I'm a little concerned about bringing it in for service now though.  Eek!

Mitch Larkin was great.  He portrayed himself as a very honest salesman and I feel like I got the best deal that was available.  He didn't treat me like a woman and try to take advantage of that like many other people in this industry have tried in the past.  

The one "negative" I had was that it took their make ready guys over 3 hours to get the car ready and it still wasn't as clean as my car which I had just traded in with 88k miles on it.  I had taken it to Genie that morning and in less than an hour my car was back to me like new.  I understand their service department is primarily for service, but when you buy a new car, you want it to look as new as possible.  It's fine though, because Mitch saved me more than the $100 it will cost me to get it detailed at Genie so I'm still very happy.

I would definitely buy another car at Covert.

Martha R. | 2013-11-25

I agree that Covert isn't the best Ford dealership. I also agree that the location can be annoying depending on what time you try to visit - terrible from 3-6pm. But I will say that they are very chill about test-driving cars. And for that I really like this place. We had Pablo show us some cars, and he was very relaxed. Not that "you must walk out w/ a car now" type of guy. And I like that. He was also cool w/ admitting when he didn't know the answer to a question that we asked. My brother generally knows more than most of the car salesmen anyway - and so I hate it when they try to one-up him. Pablo didn't try to do that at all. However, it was slightly irritating when he didn't know that the Tremor (bad-ass F-150) had already been released. We left here and went to Leif and saw the Tremor. And Pablo told us that it wasn't going to be released any time soon. However, overall, I really liked Pablo. He was much better than 90% of the other sales people I have encountered in Austin. So for Pablo... a 4-star. Thanks. I enjoy that you at least remember the old Ford cars, trucks, and other silly stuff that we also know because we had a dad that worked at Ford and grew up in Detroit.

Becktastic L. | 2013-10-23

Service department and shuttle service (specifically Paul and me Koenig shuttle driver) were exceptionally fantastic. They really took the customer service to another level. Only reason they don't get five stars is because the waiting area needs desperate attention and my car wasn't cleaned after the work was completed. Customer service was fantastic.

Elaine C. | 2013-10-04

My son inherited his grandpop's Gran Marquis, so I had it serviced at the closest Ford Lincoln Dealership, Covert. I drive a Honda and have my vehicle serviced at a dealership with a fast and efficient online scheduling service, friendly check-in, and a beautiful waiting area. I experienced none of this at Covert Ford Service. Cars and trucks all around me were checked in before me, the service guy acted like he was doing me a favor since I didn't know my assigned service representative, and every worker bee in the place was trying to direct traffic. WTH? Very awkward, unwelcoming and I haven't even had my car looked at yet.

Tyler B. | 2013-09-27

I wont be stepping foot in this place, and reconsidering my view of Ford. Contacted the service department about my new 2013 Focus ST because I had a nail in the tire. I was transferred three times and spoke with someone who was quite rude, asking if I had any sort of coverage on my car for tire damage since it was 1900 miles old. The guy said I cant do anything about that unless you have some sort of plan I had never heard of, and since I didnt buy my car from you there was nothing you could do about it. I was never offered to come by and see what we can do about it, I was never offered any sort of service. Just a short answer on what you cant do and since I didnt buy it from you theres nothing possible.

This was my first, and will be my last, Ford.

Mike S. | 2013-08-12

My first experience with Covert Ford was getting towed there after a fuse blew late on a Sunday evening. I was extremely grateful that they were able to diagnose the problem and get the car back to me by Monday afternoon.  As a result, they became my go-to for any work I needed on my Fusion. With the rebates available, it wasn't the horrifyingly expensive affair that's characteristic of dealership service.

They're pretty popular, so sometimes even pretty quick work could take a while. To their credit, they offer a shuttle to get you to work or whatever, which is a huge help. I'd always tried to get my car in as early as possible to beat the wait. I'm pretty stupid early in the morning, so the fact that people were mostly pleasant when dealing with me is commendable.

I can't overlook the number of concerns that have begun to crop up, though. Aside from 2 oil changes at a dealership elsewhere, Covert Ford has been the only place to touch my car. So when they called to ask me if I may have been the one to lose my washer fluid reservoir cap, I could emphatically say if it was ever there, they're the ones who lost it. They apologized, and said they'd order the new one, but that it would take a week, and they'd call me when it was in. They never followed up.

Last oil change I was in for, I used their (rather handy) "The Works" rebate; oil change, routine inspection, etc. The technician told me that my brakes would probably need to be changed by the time my next oil change came up (31k miles or thereabouts). That seemed a little early, but my wife can drive a little hard on the brakes, so it didn't seem impossible.

Recently, I decided to learn more basic maintenance. Changing my own oil, I noticed at least 4 of the screws that hold on plastic panels on the undercarriage had been lost during previous oil changes. Frustrating. I then decided I'd try my hand at changing my brakes. I got everything I needed to do the job, only to get them apart and realize the pads had more than half their thickness left, and the rotors were free of any pitting. Nothing to warrant any concern. I looked back at the service sheet they gave me. "Brake Lining" was checked as Yellow, with the note "May need future attention". It doesn't look like they actually measured the pad or rotor width, as the fields for those were left blank.

So, I can't really hold it against them, because they never actually did up-sell me any service, but it definitely seems they were priming the pump. The missing cap and screws are a tell-tale sign of a shop that emphasizes quantity of work over quality.

Bottom line: Not terrible, by any means, but proceed with caution. There are so many mechanics in Austin that it's probably worth finding a place that can pay you a little more attention.

Ken M. | 2013-06-29

Couldn't tell ya.  Called twice. Phone rang for over a minute both times. Then defaulted to a voicemail.  Invest in a phone system.  Or hire people to answer your phones.  Difficult concept, I know.

Martin S. | 2013-05-09

This is the third car we've bought from Covert, and it was a smooth operation like the other two. I should mention one caveat about my experiences: We only bought new vehicles, and we did not have to deal with Covert for any service-related issues. Hopefully they aren't completely inept in that department.

My wife's car was recently totaled after someone ran her off the road. One of the cars we had considered was a Ford Fusion. My wife surprised me by stopping by Covert on her own accord after visiting a friend. She was very pleasantly surprised by the low-pressure environment. The salesman was helpful and she was very happy with the experience.

After finding out that the car was definitely totaled and that she did want the Fusion, we found one that met our needs on the lot. The sale went very smoothly, and the price offered for the car was very competitive. I had a "Ford friends and family" discount voucher, but the initial price offered by the salesman was pretty close (I had wanted to see what price they would offer just for grins and giggles as the discount plan's price is fixed up front.

I should mention that we paid cash, so they did not have any opportunities to play financing shenanigans. They offered the usual extended warranty which I declined. I'll deduct a point for the following two reasons: 1) The sales guy tried to sell us a ceramic window tint for $500 (special!) when you can go across the road to Sunbusters for $200 less. That's not necessarily the sales guy fault as he's just doing what he's told. The other thing is that they're supposed to detail the car before delivery. They washed the outside, but it wasn't the best job and the interior was still very dusty - not the way I would present a new vehicle ready to leave the lot. Those are relatively minor quibbles.

A little public service announcement: I noticed several people complaining about issues they had with when they buy a car based on negotiating payments. While it's not cool that a dealer would mislead a person, I also can't help but think to myself that it's partially the buyer's fault. Who negotiates a payment instead of how much to pay for a car? You're just setting yourself up for problems. You should walk into a dealership knowing ahead of time how much their car is worth, how much you need to finance, and how much the payments on said financed money is. Get an outside load if you think the dealer is trying to screw you. Being an uninformed buyer sets you up for wasting thousands of dollars. I have never negotiated payments and have always made it clear that I'm there to discuss the price of the car. That leaves no room for any deception.

Robert B. | 2013-04-25

I recently did an early buy out on a Red Carpet lease through Covert Ford and Ford Credit. The offer Covert made on my car was very low and when I questioned it they justified the low offer by saying it took into account fees and other costs the dealer would incur. So I accepted the offer and wrote Covert a check for the difference between their offer and the buy out price from Ford Motor Credit. The dealer assured me that they would be sending to Ford Credit the amount of their offer for my vehicle plus the additional money I paid to covert the buyout. I was told quote, "We must pay the exact ammount to Ford Credit that you would have to pay." I subsequently learned from Ford Credit that the dealer sent them $500 less than what the dealer told me they had sent. I called Covert multiple times and they assured me that they had sent to Ford Credit the full amount, NOT $500 less to Ford credit. They told me that Ford credit would be sending me the overpaid $500. Finally after multiple calls to both Ford Credit and Covert, the dealer confessed to me that they had paid Ford Credit $500 less than they had told me. They then changed their story saying the $500 was for fees that were not disclosed to me. The GM of the Dealership, Kenny Covert told the employee that had communicated to me that they did everything right and obviously felt that the situation didn't even merit a courtesy call to me. I'm sorry, but this is just all wrong.

Dawn S. | 2013-04-23

So I'm in the market for a new vehicle and since Covert is everywhere, I thought that this would be a good place to start.

I'm a Ford girl - always have been, probably always will be, but decided to give GMC a try since my boyfriends father works for GMC and gets a discount. We started off at Covert GMC. Our sales rep was nice enough, but it took over an hour and a half just to get a quote! Who takes that long to put some ROUGH numbers on a piece of paper?

After waiting that whole time to crunch the numbers, though I did get to test drive a new GMC Terrain which was awesome, we left sort of disappointed. So we thought we'd head on over to Covert Ford. BIG MISTAKE.

Our sales rep, who shall remain nameless, was AWFUL.  We told him what we were looking for about 5-6 times and he just kept ignoring us and blathering on and on and on about his mother and a slew of other topics that just were not interesting. He was talking so fast that it was hard to keep up (and for those of you that know me personally, you know that is saying A LOT!). He reminded me of one of those typical sleezy used car salesmen with the slicked back hair that just got off a 2 week bender.

I was not impressed with either Cover dealership and needless to say, will be purchasing my vehicle from another dealer. Poor salesmanship at both locations. You'd be better off getting a moped.

Jenna B. | 2013-02-11

Do some homework & research on this company.  The more you read, the less you want to do business with them.  They are now in the news again for unscrupulous business dealings affecting residents in the Bee Cave area.  I guess they thought no one would dare go up against them if they brought their dealership to a residential area? For a family values company, this doesn't sit well with the community, and well, anyone who values safety and transparency from a business.

Theresa C. | 2013-02-10

Christine Lewis was awesome, responsive sales person with a "can-do" attitude.    

I would be more than happy to recommend her to friends and family because she does what every sales person should, she LISTENS! Even part of our negotiation I felt Christine was advocating to meet my requests. My experience in leasing my 2013 Escape was quick, easy and pleasant.

I look forward to doing business with Covert in the future.

Andrew T. | 2012-11-26

A business should be measured based on the response to its customers in the worst of times, not in the best of times.  That is why I am submitting this review and giving Covert Ford Austin a single star.

I am a long time customer of Covert Ford Austin.  I have used them to service and repair two Ford vehicles (plus use their downtown body shop on multiple occasions), but after my most recent incident I will not recommend them for anything - not just service or repair.  Let me explain...

I experienced a full transmission failure at the end of September on a 2006 Ford Freestyle.  The car was 27 days past the six year bumper to bumper warranty, and had just over 55k miles.  So while the repair would be my responsibility financially, it was still a bit of a shock that we had yet to have our first scheduled service on the transmission (scheduled for 60k miles), yet we had a full transmission failure.

I assumed some "assistance" would be provided given the low mileage and high repair cost, but under no circumstances did I expect the 60 days of nightmare ahead.  We were told that part(s) to replace the transmission were on back order.  It would be 30-45 days before parts would be ready, so in other words Covert Ford Austin WOULD NOT FIX OUR CAR.  Common customer service would lead you to believe that a lack of inventory planning would not fall on the customer - not the case - Covert Ford Austin would provide ZERO options to me as a longtime, loyal customer, other than to wait for them to order the parts.

I rented a car on my own for a few days the following week, but once I realized that Covert Ford Austin had no interest in providing any form of customer service we became a 1 car household.  From that point forward I never heard from Covert Ford Austin without prodding them first.

After 45 days of prodding, I was done.  By that point Covert Ford Austin started me on a run-around plan where no one would tell me the truth about the time when parts would be available, or why parts hadn't become available.  By the time I sent the car to the scrap yard the wait to fix my car was STILL 30-45 days with no guarantees by the top level of management at Covert Ford Austin.  I scraped a car in great shape that wouldn't move because Covert Ford Austin refused to repair it, but just as important they lacked the judgment to provide the highest level of customer service to a loyal customer in the worst of times.

Don't put yourself in the same situation with this dealership.

Christopher J. | 2012-10-11

I highly recommend Frank Ayala. Great guy, knows the market and more importantly, he provides choices vs. trying to sell you. Never pushed, always treated me with respect and I feel I got a good feel from him. Give him a call or email.

Danielle K. | 2012-08-23

Buy a Ford, and buy it from Wendell Tanner. In January 2010, my 2004 Saturn Ion's transmission went out. My rental car was a Ford Focus that I liked so much, I went in to check them out. I was greeted by Kenny Covert himself, who passed me off to Wendell. There was no haggling or BSing, Wendell simply gave me the best price right off the bat.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I needed a new vehicle for my job. I was really interested in a Kia Soul, but after two strike outs with both Kia dealerships (see reviews), I decided to go back to Wendell and see what he could do. Again, there was no pain. He put me in the right car and at a fair price, including a very good offer for my trade. He even let me drive one to my work to make sure all the stuff I needed to fit in the vehicle would fit.

One downside to Wendell is that because he is so good at what he does and has 20 years of experience doing so, getting an appointment with him can be difficult. The man is busy! But, obviously, for good reason - he will be upfront and honest from the beginning and will not be pushy if you can't make a decision right away. This is the way car buying should be done.

Brian D. | 2012-05-09

Earlier this year, after a fender-bender that actually ended up totally our quasi-ancient Honda Accord, the slow realization finally came that it was time to go car shopping.  As a fan and avid user of the "Internets," my search began there.  After narrowing down makes and models, I began my comparison shopping online and got quotes from a number of different area car dealers.  That is where Covert Ford enters this gripping story.  My dealer at Covert, Scott, gave me the most competitive quote, so on a rainy Sunday afternoon, my wife and I drove up to the dealership to, well, make a deal.

I was fully prepared for an ordeal: you know, the haggling, the negotiating, the having to decline undercoating and so forth.  Not so.  Scott went with us on a test drive to confirm that we actually did want to buy the car.  Then we came back in and got to work on the contract.  The price he offered online (which according to my research was more than fair) was the price we paid.  No hidden fees.  No tricks.  Just a straight forward price and a straight forward buying experience.  I really, really appreciated this.  People of my generation do all their homework online and just want to get down to business when they walk into a store; I was glad that this method could apply to car buying, as well.  Within a couple of hours, the contracts were signed, the car was prepared, and we were actually on the road in our brand new car.

I cannot stress enough how unstressful the experience was.  Scott took me seriously as a person and as a consumer.  I did not feel pressured at any time during the experience.  I cannot recommend Scott and Covert Ford highly enough for your new car buying experience.

Austin V. | 2012-04-21

I took my vehicle to a mechanic who purchased a faulty part from Covert parts department.  I was forced to bring my truck to Covert for a diagnosis that would've not been needed if Covert didn't sell me/mechanic a defective part.  The new clock spring that Covert sold me, which replaced Covert's previous new clock spring that they sold me, finally fixed the problem.  It is outlandish that Covert forced me to pay for a diagnosis fee for a faulty part that they sold to my mechanic.

I purchased the truck from Covert outright 4 months or so ago with cash approximately $21K .  This type of service doesn't make me want to ever use their services again.

This is not the first issue I have had with this truck...dimmer switch broken, odometer light went out, and now clock spring.  The vehicle is currently averaging a repair something every other month.   It makes me feel like I have purchased an inferior product quite frankly and raises my concern for the near future on what's going to go wrong next.  I don't mind having to pay for the clock spring repair, what I do mind is Covert selling me a faulty part and then having the audacity for billing me so that they can diagnosis that Covert sold me a faulty part.

After arguing with two mechanics and the GM they finally refunded the money.  They did not admit any fault and begrudgingly gave me the refund.  Also, Ford admitted that most mechanics do not have their proprietary scan tool because it's so expensive.

Lesson learned any complicated electrical issue take it to a dealership.  Covert said many electrical parts they sell have a good chance of being faulty. Maybe it's a ford thing.

Crystal S. | 2012-03-15

My first issue with the service department happened about a year ago.  I had taken my Expedition in for something very simple.  (An oil change maybe??)  Anyway, I pick it up and start to drive out of the parking lot on to the 183 access and my Expedition dies.  Luckily there were no cars coming for miles or I would have been hit for sure.  A very nice cop stopped and had to push my vehicle back into the dealership.  They later claimed a large bug was stuck in the engine causing it to think it was over heating. The service guy was very nice and took full responsibility and got me into a rental car at no charge.  I was impressed with that and that is why I went back this time...

At the end of 2010 there was a loud clunking noise coming from the back side of the car when the air was turned from hot to cold or the reverse.  Apparently that happens often because they knew what it was when I called and they fixed it.  So it recently started doing it again.  I had an appointment this morning at 9.  I got there at 8:30 to drop it off and was told it would be about 3 hours.  They asked if I had extended warranty.  I said that I really wasn't sure but I didn't want any work done if it wasn't covered.  

5 hours go by and I decide to call to check.  I was told that it hadn't even been looked at but was next in line to be fixed.  I asked, "So you determined I do have extended warranty?"  Indeed he had not .  In about two minutes he checked and I did not so the repairs would not be covered.  Why couldn't he have checked this when I was there there this morning and why was my vehicle next in line to get fixed when I said not to do anything that wasn't covered?    I told him I was on my way to get my car.  When I got there he was at lunch.  

I didn't get my vehicle fixed there and I will not take another one there ever.  The employee have always been very nice but the level of confidence I have in their ability is zero.

Lindsay K. | 2012-03-10

This place gets a 5 from me. They went so far above and beyond to make sure that we got a good deal on our pre-owned 2009 Honda Fit, it was awesome. By far the most painless car buying experience ever. I like these folks so much that even though I'm not a fan of Ford cars in general, I am going to keep an eye on their pre-owned lot just because I really want my next car to be from them.

Robert O. | 2012-02-18

So I was ready to sign on a new vehicle and was transitioned over from sales to finance.  Walk into the office of Mr. Owen who doesn't make eye contact while we're in there for 10 minutes.  Then when he decides to do so, he is what you would call a smart a@@.  Every time I have a legitimate question about our financing, he starts to say things like, "What you don't trust me" I don't know you and hell no I don't trust you is what I'm thinking.  He gets nasty to the point where my wife who is usually passive get involved.  As we are getting finished signing the documents, I ask another question and he exclaims, if you don't like it, then tear it up.  I do so and my wife and I walk out.  According to the dealership, Mr. Owen is their Million Dollar closer and #1 in the country.  I guess you can be piss poor and still be successful.

Rose V. | 2012-02-08

After that bad ordeal I had with Leif Johnson Superstore, I decided to go to Covert Ford. I looked at the website for the car I was interested in, called and spoke to a Paul R. told him about my bad experience at Leif Johnson, went by that afternoon, and he gladly took care of my need to test drive the car. No pressure, no questions, just took me straight to the car I told him i wanted to test drive and let me drive it to see if it was something I wanted. I'm very pleased with their customer service.

Bob H. | 2012-01-05

Do not buy a used car from this place. We bought a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo from this place for $5000 and the day after we bought it the check engine light came on. They were reluctant to work on it for free, but they did after we pressured them. Two weeks later it broke down again and this time they were not shy to charge us. For the next six months we had problems with the car (low voltage because of bad fuel wiring), after which it broke down completely. When we brought it in, we found out it wasn't the only problem. Brakes needed to be replaced, and both axes needed to be replaced. My mechanic told me that the axes were bad even before we bought it and that somebody had been in there to 'fix it' temporarily. They sold us a car in very bad shape and they knew it. We are lucky if car max will give us $1000 for it...

Candice M. | 2011-09-13

I had been hearing a noise from the left front of my 2011 Ford Fiesta for a few weeks. When I made an online appointment with Covert, they never acknowledged/confirmed my appointment. The automatic email says that you need to receive a confirmation before it is considered an appointment. So when I called, they said they were very busy and could I come in in "a few weeks" after school started because it would be less busy then? Otherwise I would just have to leave my car there until they got to it. Fast-forward a few weeks.  

I was driving to work and my air conditioning went out. It was 100 degrees. I just drove there without calling. There were a ton of customers there but one of the service people came up to me within 3 minutes and took detailed info about what was going on.

A few hours later my air conditioning was working again. They couldn't figure the noise out but assured me it wasntva safety issue and told me to come back anytime. Nice experience once I got there. My car was under warranty. I wasn't charged a penny.

Destiny T. | 2011-03-20

We just bought a used truck with the salesman Bob Nadeau. It was the best car buying experience I have ever had. He was very helpful but totally no pressure. He let us drive it around the lot and let us inspect the truck for a good hour while we tried to make a decision. He just went inside and came out to check on us every so often. When we decided to get the truck, he just flat out offered us the internet price and said he couldn't negotiate beyond another $500. We tried to offer several thousand less and he was polite but said that the offer was firm. We had researched the truck a lot and I already knew that he was truly offering us the best price in a no haggle type of way which I really liked. I was still happy with my deal. I had private financing so the whole process was really easy. We kept Bob and the business guy there over an hour past closing time, but they were gracious and patient. I don't remember the business guy's name but he was also nonpressure about the extra warranty's and service plans. When I declined, he offered me a lower price than my bank's package so we went with him. I would definitely buy here again.

Brian G. | 2011-03-18

Sent an email to a sales manager on 3/16 hoping he would address my concerns-NEVER HEARD BACK- AWFUL DEALERSHIP

I guess he was too busy.

Z R. | 2010-05-21

I never bought a car here but I will give them 4 stars for parts and service.  Every time I need a part it has been in stock and I can usually get in and out in a few minutes.  The one time I needed service I left the car there on a Friday night after close and it was ready to go by noon on Saturday.  This was a repair that I could have done myself but I didn't have the time and I was charged a fair price

Robin D. | 2010-05-08

I've had two awesome 5-star car buying experiences here and one terrible 1-star attempt.  After the 1-star experience, I swore I would never, EVER even consider a Ford or step foot in a Ford dealership again!  NEVER!  I really should learn to never say never.  My three experiences average out to 3.667, so I'll round up to 4 for the sake of Yelp.

5-star #1: In 2003, I negotiated a lease on an Escape over the internet with an awesome salesman who is no longer there.  The whole process was quite pleasant and completely hassle-free.  I was thrilled with my Escape and Covert.

1-star attempt:  I was so excited in 2007 when I got a flyer from Covert Ford saying they would make my last three lease payments if I would come in to lease a new Ford.  That sounded good to me!  I tried to contact the salesperson who sent the flyer for A MONTH to no avail!  I left messages, sent emails, and did everything else I could think of to follow-up on the flyer THEY SENT ME.  I even left messages for the sales manager in the hopes to get some kind of response from someone.  I never got a response from anyone!  

Can you imagine a car dealership not responding to someone ready to take them up on an offer they made?  After a month of no response, I was desperate for help and contacted Leif Johnson Ford to see if they would honor the Covert offer.  You can see my review of them to read about the month-long nightmare that ensued.  I was completely disgusted after two months of dealing with Ford dealerships and swore I would NEVER, EVER deal with Ford again.  Never!

5-star #2:  The end of my lease was approaching and the new Escapes were so dang cute and they have Sync!  Could I really go back on all my "never, ever" proclamations and actually consider a Ford again??  And where would I even go??  I was SO over dealing with Leif Johnson and Covert.

A friend of mine had a good experience at Covert with Wendell Tanner, so she recommended I contact him.  She promised I would have a good experience.  I stopped by last Sunday with only his name to go on.  Imagine my surprise when Wendell was there and available!  I told him upfront about my skepticism and he promised to change my opinion.  Wendell was completely respectful, straightforward and fair.  It was the exact opposite of my experience at Leif Johnson.

I went in only expecting to look at the Escape, but left having turned in my lease (totally avoided dealing with Leif Johnson again!! Woo hoo, thank you, Covert!) and as the proud owner of a new Escape!  My family thinks Wendell is a miracle-worker since he even convinced me to purchase instead of lease!  I love, love, love my new Escape and am so happy!

The moral of the story is that the salesperson can make or break the experience at Covert.  My advice is to ask for Wendell Tanner.  He's been there 18 years and is great!!

Angelique S. | 2010-01-07

My review is based on a NEW car buying experience, not car repair or buying used.

After enduring a car accident (not at fault) that forced me into a car buying situation; I originally sought out to buy the new 2010 Chevy Equinox, but after getting frustrated with their very limited availability, I began to seriously consider buying the Ford Escape (my original favorite anyways). I won't get into the whole long story with how I ended up deciding on purchasing the 2010 SCION xB (box on wheels) but just to let you know that I will also be reviewing Charles Maund Scion/Toyota (positively) Maxwell Ford (negatively) Capitol Chevrolet (neutral), Henna Chevrolet (neutral) and Champion Toyota (Negatively).  

This car shopping experience has been grueling. Basically, at one time or another I talked with nearly every dealer in town, test drove a few different makes/models, from Ford and Chevy, to Honda and Kia and have found many of the stereotypical "car salesmen/sales manager" that most people dislike, and a few really genuine guys out there that make the car buying process what it SHOULD be, informative, exciting, and easy.  

I am not sure how I originally came to Covert, I think it was from an inventory search online. The sales rep that I was assigned was: Scott Acker. We conversed mostly through e-mail, where he was very quick and responsive. He sent me PDF's of window stickers and gave me what his price would be on each. For the 2010 models I was interested in he was quoting me approx $1,700 under invoice (before Rebates/Incentives). After my experience with Maxwell Ford his upfront discount pricing was refreshing. He always answered my calls, and when he was with another customer (often) he would answer just to let me know he'd call me back as son as he was finished with them (which he always did).

Scott was awesome and very responsive via e-mail, and when I submitted my credit app online and came in to test drive he was very honest and forthcoming of my situation. By paying off my car and getting rid of all of my CC's before moving to Austin 4 years ago I unknowing put myself in a very tough spot credit wise. This was a bit of a wake up call for me, I had no idea that by not carrying revolving debt it would make it nearly impossible to get financing. Even knowing the likelihood of me purchasing a car from him plummeting, he still took me out to show me the different models I was interested in Black/Black XLT sport, or the Silver Limited, as well as showed me some alternative options. So I left the dealership that day a bit crushed and upset, but really liking my sales guy and hoping that between us we could find a way to make the deal happen.

He then worked hard to find a way for me to get approved for what I really wanted (the 2010 Ford Escape XLT or Limited). Though the financing was approved, and I technically could have maybe afforded the car, but it would have been a bad call, and he even suggested it would probably not be in my best interest. (Very high payments, long term loan, would have stayed upside down a long time) I was crestfallen, this was very hard for me to hear and grasp, but he was right. However, the alternative offered was to be a Ford Fusion or Ford Focus, and I really didn't want another sedan. While I really wanted to give Scott my business (he certainly earned it), after weighing many options, researching more makes/models and new vs used, I decided budget or not I don't really like either of those cars, and I don't want to be in the same position I was in nearly 9 years ago when I bought a car I really didn't care for. It is really hard to make monthly payments on something you hate...

So very late in the game I researched a make/model I had never considered before, test drove on Friday, and decided to just go for it. I turned in my rental and picked up the new car on Monday. In the end I went with a SCION xB from Charles Maund. Though the xB was certainly a compromise, I am happy with the purchase. The box-on-wheels gives me most of what I was looking for in the Escape: the cargo room I needed, safety, fuel efficiency but with a good trade-in value, better maneuverability and lower maintenance cost, and lower overall and monthly payments than even the Focus. I believe this to be the best thing for me in my current situation. Later, when I am looking to buy again, the very first person I will contact is Scott/Covert Ford and I have every intention of doing business with him at that time.

So apparently I am in the extreme minority here with my rating, but I *would* do business with these guys.

Through this experience I have talked to just about every dealership in town and sometimes a couple different people at each place, and through this whole experience I only found a few people that I think were being honest and straight forward with me. One I ended up buying my SCION from, the other I will most likely buy my next car from (Scott).

Rachel P. | 2009-07-10

I started searching for a car with the idea of what I wanted and what I wanted to pay.  I stopped by Covert because our family has bought a truck there before.  It started off great, we were given the chance to look at what they had and then came into the showroom and were greeted promptly and we took it for a test drive.  When we got back it all went downhill from there.  The overagressive salesperson was ready to put us in the car that day even though we repeatedly said we had just started our search.  I apologized that I wasn't ready to make a 15k purchase in an hour.  Jeez. They came back with pricing and the monthly payments were unacceptable.  They got the price where we wanted it but the APR and 72 months was where they really thought they were going to screw us over.  I said I need it at this, and if you can't get it there we're not interested.  I'm sorry I don't want to play these stupid sales games.  They promised me they could get it there and I told them I would call back after we looked other places.  

In the evening we decided if they could get us to the monthly payment we wanted then we were ready.  I live 30 minutes away but I made the trip back up after I was reassured by the manager and salesperson that they could get the monthly price I wanted.  Once I was there I was quickly brushed off to the finance department where I was left waiting for an hour.  It was not busy.  That was a very bad idea on their part because I admit I was really unhappy and ready to leave at that point, but I waited to see what they came back with.  Talked to the finance guy, he then told me my payments were going to be $50 more a month then I agreed on and I was treated like it was the only option I had.  What happened to getting it to where I wanted?  Liars.  Then when I complained it wasn't what we had agreed upon I could hear them talking about me, he came back to the table with a number that was still unacceptable, and insulted me.  At that point I left.  

What the hell is everyone talking about the auto industry being in trouble?  I thought I was doing the right thing even LOOKING at an American car and they treated me like an idiot and didn't seem to want my business otherwise I would have been treated well like I was at Mazda, Nissan and Honda.  So disappointing.

T B. | 2009-04-21

Thieves and assholes.

Boycott this establishment.

from craigslist

"Covert Ford sold a car in April 2008 to my daughter. The car was in the paper for sale (it was not in the auction lot). The car was infested with cock roaches which caused my daughter to have ashma attacts. Covert Ford lied after I returned the car and told TX DOT that the car had never been turned in there. So we thought it had been stolen off the lot. The general manager lied to Austin police and told them I never brought the car back. The they found it in the back of their lot. We lost about $3,000 because of this. The covert Ford used car salesman lied to Judge Steeg and she allowed this company to get away with stealing and lying from someone who had to go through hard times. We lost our house before we bought the car. We actually purchased the car from some of the proceeds from the house. Now there is no more money and Covert Ford has lied their way through this whole thing.


Robin C. | 2008-01-23

ZERO is what I'd like to award here.  Shame on our salesguy (Scott) who perpetuated the slick salesman stereotype...who told us that financing a $16K car at 4.9% would cost us $345/month.  Who did us a "favor" by jiggling the numbers down to $325/month.  He never disclosed to us that this tally included every form of insurance and extended warranty known to man.  Thank goodness we had a sleepy 3 yr old with us...we decided to take the credit app home to fill out so we could put her to bed and when we logged on to a number of payment configurators online, we discovered Scott was using some fuzzy math.  It hadn't seemed right at all when he was feeding us this info, but we didn't know how far off Scott was until we got home.

We've since discovered it's common practice for car salespeople to include all this fluff in their "offers" but the key thing is that they're supposed to disclose these extras are included in the price.  Scott never took an opportunity to give us the straight story, even though we expressed dismay at how high the monthly payments were going to be.  He had his chance to be up front but I guess he thought we were a couple of fools.

Well, the joke's on him.  Not only did we get a better price on the car at another dealership (Leif Johnson), but we also got a way better interest rate, got the color & interior we wanted without a wait, and waddaya know, the monthly payment is $70/mo less than what Scott offered at Covert.

Buyer Beware!