Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Austin, TX

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Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer in Austin selling new and used cars and used trucks in Austin. Nobody Beats a Covert Deal - Not Now - Not Ever!


Established in 2012.

Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is the newest addition to the Covert Auto Group. The Covert Auto Group includes 3 locations in Austin, TX, Covert Cadillac, Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Covert Ford Lincoln located on 183. Covert also has Covert Hutto which is a Chevrolet Ford store and Covert Bastrop which is Buick GMC Chevrolet store. The Covert Auto Group has been serving the Austin area with exceptional business since 1903. That is over 100 years! Come by and check out this family owned and operated dealer.

Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 730-3300
Address:8107 Research Boulevard, Austin, TX, 78758
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Ernesto M. | 2015-04-25

Never actually bought from here because they wouldn't match the deals I found at Nyle Maxwell.  There's a pretty big difference between saying "we'll beat any deal" and "maybe, maybe not" and "probably not" and "you can shop with them".  What's the point of a claim like that if the dealer can't follow through? Makes the brand come off as disingenuous and misleading.

Andrew F. | 2015-03-14

So they did not have the car we wanted on premise (granite GC Limited w/ sunroof). First world problems, right?

We still ended up getting the car we wanted and were able to negotiate a very good deal. Mike Ginther was great to work with and Ben in the finance department got us through our paperwork without it being a total beatdown.

Buying a car sucks, but the team here made it not completely suck. We're very happy with our purchase and we would absolutely recommend Mike for any new car needs.  He recommends the new Dodge Ram trucks and we like our Grand Cherokee!

Amanda B. | 2015-03-12

We ended up with a pretty good deal on a used Dodge Ram, so I'm happy with the price, and the service was decent. Overall, though, they need to get their act together. We had to request our license plates twice, and wasted several trips to the dealership before getting them. They're also not very in-sync internally, since I continued to receive solicitations even after buying from them.

Megan B. | 2015-03-09

Meh. I've bought a couple cars before, so I've had a little experience and I know when I'm just another number. So the sales rep was nice enough, I guess. I felt like I was sort of an inconvenience to her but maybe that's her personality, I kind of got that vibe. You know the feeling you get when you feel like you're wasting someone's time? While sitting at her desk waiting for financing stuff, I had to move for another customer. Okay..that came off a little rude but that's fine.
Otherwise..the receptionist was awesome. Actually both the receptionists were great. Gave markers and coloring pages to my son, she was a blessing. Josh in financing was great as well.
The vehicle is great. I'm happy with it. But when I'm making a purchase for over $20,000 I don't want to feel like I'm wasting your time.

Karree G. | 2015-02-09

Hopefully not writing this to soon but honestly had the worse experience here. I had an appointment to come in test drive a car but couldn't make it in rescheduled for another day came in during the appointment time and the sales rep wasn't there waited about 30 mins and still didn't get assisted. Upon leaving I got a text saying the sales guy was available so I rescheduled for another day , that day I come in and I'm handed off to another rep , upon going to test drive the sales rep I was handed to didn't even go on the test drive to tell me features perks anything . Now not having bought many new cars it seems like all he was worried about was how much money I put down and if I was buy today . Overall for being a new buyer it was less then perfect customer service !!! Needless to say there are to many jeep dealers in the area to wait around and just be money .

Bella M. | 2015-02-07

My review is for the service department, specifically Allen.

Driving home from work one  Wednesday night, my only 5 month old car suddenly lost its power steering. Yikes. I pull over and call the dealership. The service center is closed for the night, but the sales person gives me the road side assistance number. I call, they show up and tow my vehicle to Covert. I fill out the drop box info, and the nice overnight security guy gives me a ride to the front where my friend is waiting.

The next morning, I call promptly 5 minutes after the service center opens. Allen answers and immediately knows which car I am calling about. He informs me my car is (clearly) still under warranty and tells me he is calling the rental company to get me a rental while they work on my car. I tell him about another minor issue that I haven't had time to deal with. He tells me he will call when they figure out all the issues. The next day, I get a call and am told it may take the weekend to get everything worked out but will be done by Monday.

Friday afternoon, I get a call that the car is ready to pick up.  They accommodate my request to pick it up the next day and add an oil change to the work order without hesitating.

Saturday morning- I drop off my rental at Covert, get my repaired car and get on my way.

Full service and accommodating! Allen has been my go to guy on past oil changes and whatnot, but this unfortunate experience convinced me Covert is the real deal in customer service.

Anna B. | 2014-12-11

This is the worst car lot we have ever dealt with. If youre looking for honesty and a straight story look elsewhere. They cant even keep their numbers straight. I was looking at one of their dodge charger sxts that was listed for 29,999 and the salesman said they could come down and pay off my trade. I wanted them to come down to atleast 20,000. I said we would not come down there and even look at it unless they could do so. After the salesman talked to the manager I got a call back saying they would only go down to 28,500 lol what a joke. The charger is not even fully equipped with everything my Pontiac Grand Prix has. There is no sunroof, no leather and no remote start. I said ok I will look elsewhere. One hour later I pulled up their website to see if anything changed as far as them having a weekend sale. Low and behold the same charger with the same stock number was listed for 23,500. I called them back and asked them about the ad on the website. First the salesman said "well even with tax,tags etc. it will still come to 28,500, after speaking to my husband earlier that morning and stating that tax,tags etc. comes to about 1,900. So how in the world does 23,500 plus 1,900 come to 28,500. We must seem like a special redneck kinda stupid. I got one of  the managers on the phone and he actually had the nerve to tell me that the new price online on their website is from a third party company that is underpricing their new cars and offering rebates on their used cars which he says they dont do. I will be calling this third party company and their corporate office. I mean how scandalous...TAKE YOUR CAR BUYING BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. Typical money grubbing car lot.Thanks to them I will drive to a small town to buy my car which is how we got such a great deal on our fully loaded new dodge ram!

Sherry M. | 2014-12-06

Took my Durango in for repairs...something to do with heads or whatever. My husband asked all the questions and was satisfied with all the answers. I was satisfied with the fact that my car was running perfectly again and in a very reasonable amount of time. The cost is what it cheaper or more expensive than other shops. I liked that we did not feel pressured into doing "more" than what we brought the car there for, but we were given a list of suggestions...things that would need to be done (but could wait until later), before they broke.


Breane D. | 2014-12-04

First off, Bernardo is amazing.  He was a great salesman who spent a considerable amount of time working with us (online and in person) to find the exact vehicles (yes, more than one) that we were looking for.  

We went into the Covert dealership after submitting an online request for pricing on several Jeep Grand Cherokee's.  Bernardo was prompt to respond to all of my questions and comments (the same can't be said for Mac Haik who didn't really seem to care to sell me a car) and was very upfront and honest about what their dealership could do as far as pricing and vehicles was concerned both on my trade and on a new vehicle. I was in the market to trade in my Nissan Murano which was in excellent condition and would normally just sell the vehicle outright but I felt that the price they offered me for the trade was fair and with the tax credit it made it work out well.  I ended up purchasing a vehicle the same day.  

Here's where it got complex.  My husband was also in the market for a new vehicle but wasn't necessarily sold on what make/model he was interested in (GMC Sierra/Jeep/F150).  He was also trying to sell his 2009 Tahoe outright.  Fortunately for us, we had it on Craigslist for less than two weeks before we had a buyer.  I wasn't sure how to handle the payoff/lien with the seller, so I reached out to Bernardo to see if he had any suggestions.  As luck would have it, Bernardo said that we could come to the dealership and they would take the vehicle in as a "trade" and sell it back to our buyer for the amount that we agreed upon.  This not only saved us the hassle of having to do the paperwork ourselves (payoff the loan, get the title, transfer the title, all that stuff) but also gave us that tax credit for the trade.  It saved us probably $1,000.  The only dilemma that we were then faced with was picking a vehicle for him to buy from Covert.

In the end, we found the perfect vehicle - but it was at another dealership, so Covert had to initiate a dealer trade. The only problem was that the other dealership was very difficult for both us and for Covert to deal with (they lied numerous times about having the vehicle, not having it, having it sold, not having it sold, etc).  It ended up taking a call from the owner of Covert (WOW!!) to the owner of the other dealership to get it straightened out.  It wouldn't have been a huge deal, but we were very picky about the colors and options on that second vehicle and there were only a few of them in the entire country.  All the while, Bernardo and some of the other staff members at Covert were working diligently to try to get us the jeep we wanted - from either this dealership or another.  He kept us posted on the status of where they were with finding one and never made us feel like we had to pick another vehicle that may not have matched exactly what we were looking for just to get this off his plate.

I should also mention that while we were waiting for the kinks to work out with getting the second Jeep, we were provided with a brand new loner car to drive around.  It made our lives a lot easier than having to carpool for a week and a half.  

Overall, while the trade issues were a bit frustrating, I put that blame on the "other" dealership for clearly not being in it to help the customer and only trying to gain profits for their own business.  

Covert, in particular, Bernardo, would most certainly get my repeat business and I would highly recommend this dealership and Bernardo to you if you are in the market.

Matt M. | 2014-12-04

I came here because they honored my voucher for the brand new redesigned 2015 200S I-4.

I worked with Bernardo. Great salesman. He worked with me on getting me a good deal by giving me a good trade-in value, which I'm sure they won't make much money off of my Mazda 3.

If anyone wants to buy a new car, come here. I didn't feel like a statistic for them to reach their sales goals, unlike other places I visited.

Edgar G. | 2014-10-08

Great dealership. Sales person Edgar Cruz treated like a person and not some quick sale, great experience and Edgar went above and beyond.

Jackie M. | 2014-09-26

When my car's engine broke down, I brought it to this dealership.
NOTE: My car broke down on August 9th. Today is September 26th and my car is still not functioning!!!
They gave me a quote to repair the engine and it was way too high. I shopped around comparing prices and called them to tell them I'm sorry, but I'm going to bring my car elsewhere, a tow truck is on it's way. Allan then insisted that I could not have my car then. I thought this was extremely fishy and told the tow truck to go ahead and get my car. Low and behold, the tow truck driver called me to tell me that covert CRASHED MY CAR IN THEIR LOT and when I went over there and asked to see it they gave me a hard time about letting me to see it and played this whole charade and said they couldn't find the keys. They also tried to say they were closed and I could come see it tomorrow even though the employees there were clearly still working on cars right in front of me. There was no way I was letting them prevent me from taking pictures of my car.
It took them about 3 weeks to repair my car- and if you ask me since they CRASHED my car they should have made it a priority even though I was not a "paying customer." They didn't even call me to tell me it was done, so when I called to check and see if it was ready to go to the mechanic I designated to actually repair the engine, they were very rude on the phone and told me "well we can't move it until you come and look at it." The car was done on Friday and I called on Monday and no one had called me to tell me it was done and to sign off on it being moved to the mechanic. So it sat there for 4 days when it could have gone off to actually get repaired the way it was supposed to.
They had given me a loaner car to use while they repaired my car and kept acting like they were doing me a GRANDIOSE FAVOR and that I should be thanking them for making this accommodation.
When I went to drop off the rental car and check on my car, Tim tried to make small talk with me and asked me what I do for a living. WHEN I TOLD HIM I'M IN SOCIAL WORK, HE LAUGHED AND SAID, "HOW DO YOU MAKE ANY MONEY DOING THAT?" How rude, and none of your business!!! He would have never said something like that to a MALE customer, I'm sure. You're not exactly running a Maserati dealership, pal.
The very next day after I got my car back the BATTERY DIED and would not hold any juice when we tried to jump it. I had Covert pick it up and insisted that they fix it, because clearly they did not repair everything from the crash. The next day they said it was all fixed and I could come and pick it up. When I got in my car the car once again wouldn't start. I tried 3 times. I gave Tim back the keys and told him to call me when it was actually fixed. He turned the car on and it worked but I said I'm sorry, I'm not taking a car that only turns on sometimes. He insisted that I take the car and go and that there was nothing more they could do. I informed him that I got a new battery only 1 year ago and that both Covert and State Farm confirmed there was nothing wrong with the batter from the accident, so something must have happened when they "repaired" my car.
Sure enough, I went to run errands and the car died. I was able to jump it and take it home and after driving around for a while I hoped that the battery would be okay. In the morning when I went to leave for work, once again the car wouldn't start.
Well, I GIVE UP! Even though I would like Covert to fix what THEY BROKE, I can not deal with them anymore!!! If they had just fixed my car the right way, the first time, they would have never needed to see me again! However, I will be buying a new battery, having my respectful, trustworthy mechanic fix it, and Covert will be getting the bill! This dealership's service is AWFUL and I would not send my worst enemy there, and WOMEN should definitely STEER CLEAR of this place as they clearly have NO RESPECT for women.

Shawnae R. | 2014-09-13

I went in to look at a specific car I saw online for the color choice. I got the pleasure to work with Brady Beal. He was the best car salesperson I've ever met because he wasn't pushy, he was down to earth, he made me feel comfortable in making a decision, he had a sense of humor, and left me very satisfied with my purchase price. Everything was very quick and easy for me and he does and excellent job at communicating regardless of the hour. My boyfriend used to work for Acura ( so he knows everything about the car sales process), and Brady Beal is salesman and boyfriend approved! He will not take advantage of you as a buyer and is a person that I'd trust as my future salesman.

Carolyn V. | 2014-09-03

Still coming back to this location for my service needs for my Jeep. Still love the service guys and how they are always so awesome, friendly, efficient and thorough. For example, one guy (I think named Brian?) helped me get my soft top down and also gave me some recommendations about knobby tires for my Jeep. James Lee is always awesome with his friendly and engaging demeanor and sets the tone for the rest of the service visit. Another guy was awesome and came up to me with my air filter showing me how it dirty it was and asking me if I wanted to replace it. Another guy fixed my broken chrome plastic piece from my gear shift knob and glued it on without me even asking.

Love it. My car gets taken care of, service is friendly and communicative, they've got a great waiting room with a TV, tables, and free WiFi so I can work and have no downtime while I'm waiting for my car to be serviced.


Kate A. | 2014-08-26

After dealing with 9 different salespeople at different car dealerships, I am beyond happy that the car I wanted to purchase also came with the best sales team that I interacted with. Every single aspect of my experience was positive at Covert and foremost it was because of the quality customer service by Bret Van Pelt (sales) and Mike Vasquez  (finances).

From the start Bret's calm demeanor made for a low stress and enjoyable test drive. He knew the answer to every question I threw at him, and didn't get annoyed as we drove around neighborhoods in search of speed bumps to test the ride of the car. It was helpful that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was the perfect car for me, but Bret helped me realize it with out being overly aggressive and talking down other dealers (which was my exact experience at the local Mazda, Toyota, and Nissan dealerships).  

I came back 3 weeks after the initial test drive to give Bret my business. Ironically I was test-driving the Mazda Cx-5 at the time and he even helped me return the car to the other dealership. On top of that, Bret stayed later than needed on a Friday night to help me out--talk about outstanding dedication! Along with his help, Mike Vasquez in financing was incredible. Most people warn you that financing can take hours, but I'm pretty sure with Mike we powered through all of the paperwork in less than 1 hour! Of course we talked about extended warranties and add-ons, but he respected my requests when I told him exactly which ones I wanted for the Jeep.

At the end of the day, I wouldn't take my business anywhere else. I wouldn't talk to anyone but these two, or at least listen to who they recommend next. Obviously there's strong management at Covert, or their employees wouldn't be so dedicated and hardworking. I applaud the entire team, and I appreciate the great business they practice here in Austin. I will come back for future business and send all of my friends and family that way.

Erin L. | 2014-07-26

Was helped by mark weber in the service department, extremely helpful and informative. He was approachable, honest, and kind. Kudos for having a good staff.

Amanda A. | 2014-07-14

Absolutely great service!  We purchased in April (Ram 2500).  And again this month (Ram 3500).  Have also sent family members to them for referrals.

Very professional and the BEST DEALS we could find in Texas!!!

Definitely recommend them!!!  Thanks so much!!!

Jeff M. | 2014-05-30

I don't have a ton of post here on Yelp.  Posting is either warranted by absolutely terrible performance, or in this case outstanding.

I ordered my Jeep with Clark Yoder in Sales I think sometime in October of last year.  I've been extremely happy with my Jeep SRT.  The whole purchase experience was a quick and painless one.  As an over site, I had forgot to order it with a trailer hitch.  Clark was tremendously helpful with lining me up in the service department to get the kit ordered and installed.  Thanks so much to Clark and to Covert.

Corbin H. | 2014-05-30

Since living in Austin I've purchased two new Mopar vehicles: a 2009 Jeep Wrangler from Nyle Maxwell Dodge and just recently a 2014 Ram 1500 from Covert Dodge. The experiences were night and day. I always felt like the individuals at Nyle Maxwell were trying to take advantage of me and the experience was not pleasant, but it was my first car buying experience so I didn't know any better. When I decided to get a new vehicle I went back to Nyle Maxwell and got the same vibe: typical sleezy salespeople just trying to screw you over. Covert was completely different. Marc was our salesman and he was very helpful and the entire team made the process completely painless. They gave me a great deal on both my trade-in and the vehicle, were honest, and made me feel like they appreciated my business. I would highly recommend visiting Covert.

I'll also mention that a little while after buying the truck I got a nail the size of Texas in one of the tires and had to bring it in to the service department. The gentleman who helped me (don't remember his name) was very kind and treated me as a valued customer. Will definitely be returning to their service department.

Dave I. | 2014-05-12

My wife and I decided to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  We live in Corpus Christi so of course we tried to buy local. After failed attempts to get a good deal at 3 different dealerships, I decided to try Austin. I found the vehicle we wanted online at Covert Jeep so I called about it. Jonathan Alcala answered my call and was a breath of fresh air to talk to.  I told him what I wanted, and what I needed for my trade and without haggle we had a deal. Not only did he give me the deal that I was not able to get in the Corpus area, he offered to deliver it to us in Corpus. That is a 3 hour drive.  I can not say enough about about how easy this buying experience was. He took my info over the phone and handled all the financing. He delivered the car to us with our paperwork to sign.  Then drove our trade in back to Austin.

I have bought over 50 cars in the last 10 years and this was the best buying experience I have ever had.  I highly recommend calling Jonathan the next time you are in need of a Crysler, Dodge or Jeep.

John R. | 2014-04-06

I was ready to purchase a 4runner but wanted to give grand Cherokees a passing look. Christian Maldonado was very responsive and helpful in showing me everything about the grand Cherokee they had on the lot. It won me over and I am now driving a 2013 jeep.

The feeling of the dealership and Christians helpful but non pressuring sales style really made me feel at home and ready to get a car. They also seemed tp work as a team to make sure things got done. Well done guys.

There was some minor headaches with getting all the loan documents and getting everything signed together but that may have been my banks fault as much as the dealerships. Overall the deal got done on time and at a fair price.

Overall a great experience and I love my jeep so far.

Sandra C. | 2014-03-28

My salesman Bernardo made my day, went to work early and saw the truck heading to the dealership as he was going to work.  First thing he did was take a pic of the SUV and text it to me!  Thank you for your diligence and efforts!

M R. | 2014-02-02

Purchased a new Ram 1500 through this Covert dealership and can't say enough good things about the experience.  Bernardo Vasquez took great care of me--fair dealing, straight talk, and no grind whatsoever.  Easily the best vehicle-purchasing experience I've ever had.  Highly recommended.

Phil O. | 2013-12-17

I ended up taking my car back to this dealer because another dealer in town never responded to my voicemails (Nyle Maxwell). The roof was fixed but it wasn't cheap (five times the original amount quoted on the phone originally and no mention of a discount given my initial experience). The leak seems to have been fixed as I've run the car through the car wash and no issues. Upgrading to three stars for the repair but jeesh, these guys can be doing better than this. By the way, the car was pretty dirty when I got back and I needed to vacuum
It and remove the paper foot rests laid in the car, as well as some extraneous paperwork.

Aaron M. | 2013-11-27

This is a review for the service department. I did not interact with the sales department.

I purchased my 2014 Jeep in another state (I travel full time) and brought it into a dealership in yet another state to have an annoying sound investigated. The sound started around when the odometer hit 1000 miles, pretty sad for a BRAND NEW car but whatever... bad things happen.

That dealership told me that it was a faulty water pump and I researched it on the Internet it was a very common issue. Unfortunately, this dealership (and others) told me it would take 8+ weeks to order in the water pump. I sent Jeep HQ a complaint and they very graciously coordinated the water pump to be delivered to Covert Jeep (closest dealership to where I was staying), six weeks in advance, since I knew, I would be in Austin over Thanksgiving.

I scheduled an appointment for Monday morning at 8:00 AM. The service advisor told me they would need the Jeep 'all day' and would coordinate a rental Jeep for me. Perfect!

Six weeks later, I arrive at the dealership Monday morning at 7:50 AM. I talked to three separate advisors trying to get my Jeep checked-in so I can get back to my day. 20 minutes later a service advisor checked my Jeep in. As I walked towards the office, we ran into the service advisor I scheduled the appointment with met me. What transpired next frustrated me.

I confirmed with him that the Jeep would only be in the shop for a day. He shook his head and said that most Jeeps needing a water pump replacement would be in the shop until Friday and there were '150 cars ahead of mine'. I told him, flatly, that I wanted my Jeep back by Tuesday. He 'assured' me that my Jeep would be put on the fast track.

As an extra bonus, he was not even sure even sure if the water pump was in stock. Didn't we order the water pump six weeks ago?

What exactly is the point of making an appointment with their service department? It sounds like they need to do a better job of scheduling work as having 'too much' business is not my problem, my appointment was made six weeks ago ... WELL in advance of most of the 150 cars 'ahead of mine.'

I left the dealership frustrated. I truly did not need the Jeep back by Tuesday, I was fine beating up a rental car for a few days but I was baffled by the lack of customer service here. My Jeep clearly should have been a priority, right?

Fast forward to the next day, I called the service advisor at 9:18 AM on Tuesday and got his voicemail. I left a voicemail and 6 1/2 hours later at 3:43 PM, he returned my call telling me that they will need my Jeep until mid-day on Wednesday. He told me that they had 'just' started working on my Jeep. Seriously?

Later that night at 6:17 PM I receive a final call from the service department advising that my Jeep is ready.

I picked my Jeep up the next day at noon and am disappointed that they did the bare minimum. Most dealerships I have visited would vacuum, clean the windows, or run the Jeep through a carwash, something... my Jeep had every ounce of dirt on it before I dropped it off. I guess I am not surprised; they did have 150 other cars to work on in their lot.

So to review... my Jeep spent two and half days in the shop for a four-hour water pump replacement. They did the bare minimum to complete the work on my Jeep. My appointment had no impact on their scheduling process; you are put at the end of the queue when you arrive.

Would I come back to Covert Jeep? Absolutely not, I would drive out of my way to take my Jeep into another dealership rather then come back.

Here is why:
- They should have replaced my water pump on Monday and let me pick up my Jeep that night. Period.
- They should have been on the ball when I arrived. I had an appointment; any service advisor should have checked me in.
- They should limit the number of jobs they take on if they cannot handle the overload. As a customer, it is not my problem they have too much business.
- They should have put a little more work into making a better experience AFTER taking more than two days to replace the water pump.
- Customer service, they completely lacked it.

Jennifer B. | 2013-10-14

I want to start off by saying that my experience with buying a new car started at South Point and it was terrible. I was ready to buy the car and the manager came in and made a comment to me about being a woman. I stormed out faster than I walked in. They also quoted me about $2,000 for my trade in. I will never return there.

My experience with Covert was excellent.   I worked with Justin and he was fair and honest. He helped me understand what was really important to me which I had trouble realizing on my own. He gave me a realistic trade in value. He set realistic expectations. He was kind. I also thoroughly enjoyed the woman in finance, I think her name was Irene. She was extremely friendly and smiley.

Lastly- the car I bought rocks. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I found it amazing that everyone I spoke to at the dealership also owned that car. Made me happy that they believed what they were selling. I agree, its a a phenomenal car. Everyone should own one! Happy car searching.

Scott C. | 2013-10-10

I just completed a purchase at Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. My salesman was Josh Mannery. I haven't purchased many cars and was a bit apprehensive. Having said that, this was a great experience. Josh really made sure I got a great, not good, but great deal on my trade-in. That made all the difference in moving forward with the transaction. I really can't think of how Josh and his team could have been more professional and accommodating than they were. The apprehensiveness is gone and I'd be happy to do business at Covert again.

Michael M. | 2013-10-08

Having purchased ten vehicles previously, I am a reluctant veteran of the car buying process.  In my experience most sales people cannot or will not deviate from their sales cycle script.  While clearly this seems to work - which is why they do it - it does not work for me.

What a delight then to meet Jeff Thomas at Covert CDJR.  He listened to me regarding my requirements and having found suitable vehicles actively worked to negotiate the best price.  This was verified through vetting with his fellow RAM dealers.

The net result was the purchase of my first ever Mopar product, and an experience that bordered on pleasant.  I highly recommend  paying the folks at Covert CDJR a visit.  And say, "howdy!" To Jeff for me.

Herb L. | 2013-10-08

I bought a new town and country from the other chrysler dealer in austin and had problems with the car from the start, no personnel attention. just write a workorder if it was fixed ok if not so what. I was fedup with the lack of service so started going to Covert--best thing i have could have done. Gary in service stayed on the problems till they were fixed.  Car runs better than it did when it was new(lived with these problems for 33000miles)   turned out to be a bad cylinder head.

Thanks covert and Gary for great service!!


J R. | 2013-09-17

I'd like to compliment Mike Mosley, one of the Sales/Leasing gentlemen at Covert. I came in on a Friday and told him exactly what I was looking for and the price range I could work with. Mike never looked down at me for having such a low range, and instead gave me a list of vehicles that we could look at. We walked around the lot checking each vehicle. We eventually found one that was a little higher than I expected to spend, but exactly the kind of condition I hoped for. We went for a test drive and just talked like regular fellas. By the end we were able to bring the price down to accommodate my budget. It was easy talking to Mike and he made car buying less tense than I'm used to. A couple days later, I went to get the car inspected to make sure there weren't any major problems. There were a few things wrong but Mike was willing to help bring the costs of those repairs down so I could afford to keep it and make the repairs. I went in hoping to get a great price on a decent car and that's exactly what I got.

Jimmy T. | 2013-09-15

First impressions are everything. We went in and immediately the salesmen was condescending and unhelpful. We were very specific in the Ram truck we wanted and he kept trying to sell us a V6 crew cab with a short bed because "It would be a VERY LONG truck." Helloooo, we live in Texas (everyone has big trucks) and we are trying to tell you we want to pay for more truck and more engine. Then he tried to BS us for our trade in. We left with a bad taste in our mouth and went elsewhere.

See my review for the FANTASTIC Benny Boyd Chrysler Dodge and Jeep in Bastrop.

Colleen R. | 2013-07-13

After an excruciating painful experience at Maxwell Dodge, I went online and chatted with Jeff at Covert about what I was looking for.  I told him straight up what I wanted for my trade in and where my payment needed to be.  I went in the next day, and from start to finish, the whole process took 3 hours.  When have you ever traded in a vehicle for a brand new vehicle, and had it only take 3 hours??  Jeff was awesome, and kudos to Irene.  Jeff was funny, soft spoken and just down to earth.  Irene in finance was so friendly, and it was the most pain-free car buying experience I've ever had!!!  I highly recommend this dealership.  They'll do right by you.

Jeff N. | 2013-05-20

If you want to go with an open wallet and cross your fingers, this is your place. I told the Service Consultant (read: commissioned salesmen) on the phone I had three things I wanted estimates on before deciding plan of action. "Sure, no problem. We'll get you an estimate today and then talk about fees and timeline." What happens is a sales pitch about services not even due yet that are far overpriced and the topper was $150+ tax for "AC diagnostics". Really? For hooking up a hoze and reading a screen.

Waste of trip. I went elsewhere who checked the AC in 10 minutes for free, found a leaky valve, replaced it in 20 and filled up with freon. The topper, they didn't even charge me. "Just keep us in mind if you ever need real work done." I certainly will. Covert Chrysler is a rip-off magnet like a tourist town carnival.

Ted T. | 2013-05-20

This place is terrible.  After calling the parts department today, I decided enough is enough.  I've used this dealership three times with absolutely terrible service each time.  

The first time I brought it in to have my emergency brake pads replaced.  My service adviser, didn't listen when I originally brought my car in and explained the problem.  He said they'd keep the car over the weekend while the parts were shipped there.  When I finally got the car back, the emergency brakes weren't fixed, and I was forced to go back twice in order to correct the problem.  I also want to add that I paid for the emergency brake pads to be replaced  the first time, but they were not changed until a week later.  Overall, my car was in the shop a week than expected, at the end of which, I was stranded at work without a ride.  I was just another number with Gary, and when I asked for additional quotes for service he refused to work with me.  I am dissatisfied namely because I thought the OEM should be held to another standard.  I had to return three times to INSIST and ARGUE that the job be done right before I got what my car needed.  I am further dissatisfied with the nature of which I was treated.  It wasn't until I personally found the DPS regulation for the emergency brake that I was listened to, and when my car was finally ready I had to incessantly call to find someone who could give me a ride back to the dealership from work.  When I got the car back, I went to get an inspection done and it failed because of the emergency brakes and when I brought this to their attention, they offered a free oil change.

I decided that maybe the emergency brake pad fiasco was a fluke, so I waited a few months and went back for the free oil change.  They wound up charging me over $50, and the inspection sheet they gave me when I left was completely different than the last time my car was there.  To make matters worse, after driving home on the interstate I found out that they didn't even close the hood all the way!

Today I called with a part number on hand.  The parts employee said he wouldn't be able to find the part if it didn't come up when he searched for my car.  When he didn't have any luck, he searched the part number and said I wouldn't be able to use it.  I called the South Point Jeep parts department and they happily put the part on hold until I could pick it up after work.  At which time they sold it to me without any argument or attitude.

I will never go back to Covert, and I suggest you never do either.

Mike J. | 2013-03-07

After a horrible experience with Jeep Masters on South Congress (you can read my Yelp review for more detail) I came to Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram with a late model Grand Cherokee that wouldn't start. I should have come here first. They fixed my vehicle quickly and, most importantly, cost effectively.

I dealt with Mark in the service department at Covert and he was fantastic. He was courteous and proactive about contacting me regarding my repair. He even gave my Jeep a quick wash.

When I dealt with Jeep Masters, I had to hound them and repeatedly call them with no answer.

Should have come to Covert before emptying my pockets at Jeep Masters.

James G. | 2012-10-27

After doing a lot of research on new Jeep Wranglers and the various Jeep dealerships here in Austin (and a few phone conversations with sales people), I decided to go to Covert Jeep.  Before I even got out of my car I was greeted by Bernardo.  Bernardo showed me what they had, explained the options and proved to be much more knowledgeable than I had expected (considering some of the phone calls I had had with other sales people).  When I decided that they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, Bernardo explained that they could find exactly what I want and have it here tomorrow.  I made sure we were on the same page with what I was looking for and let Bernardo get to work.  He called me less than an hour later with a few options for me.  There were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end, Bernardo found a Jeep that exceeded my expectations.  It even had the interior color I really wanted, even though I had only mentioned it in passing.

In addition to the relatively painless process of getting my new Jeep (getting it here was the issue), Bernardo even brought it by my house for me to see before I even committed to buying it.  When I decided that was the one, he took it back to the dealership and had it detailed, got the paperwork and and then delivered it to me.  

Bernardo definitely went above and beyond and is probably one of the nicest car salesman I've ever worked with.  In addition, he proved to be very perceptive, knowledgeable, honest and made me feel like he was really working to get me the best deal all in a low pressure manner.

I would definitely buy from Bernardo and Covert again.

Sharon C. | 2012-08-18

I had never purchased a vehicle on my own.  I had always taken my father or my brother with me.  Unfortunately I was on my own this time and nervous!

I ended up at Covert after I had left a different dealership in town for bad communication and customer service.  To say that I was even more anxious than I already was is putting it mildly.

As soon as I entered Covert, a very nice salesman approached me and introduced himself.  He was so nice and friendly putting me immediately at ease.  I was upfront and honest about the previous experience that I had just walked away from.  He just smiled and said he was sorry about my previous experience and he was glad to have my any way.

The sales staff (especially Cliff Harrison!) and the financial staff (yeah for Irene!) were so warm and friendly!  I honestly wish I hadn't gone to the first place originally (they are located close to my house).  I will return to Covert for all my needs!

Thanks Covert for becoming a Jeep dealer!!