Covert Cadillac in Austin, TX

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Covert Cadillac in Austin, TX is a Luxury Cadillac Dealership that has been family owned for over 100 years. We serve the greater central Texas area including Jollyville, Round Rock and Georgetown.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and hope you will stop by and experience Covert Cadillac.


Established in 1909.

In 1909, Frank M. Covert, Sr., a real estate and insurance businessman opened the first dealership in Central Texas. Three years later, his son, Clarence Covert, Sr., joined him to form the Austin Buick Sales Company & became the foundation for Covert Buick, Inc., the oldest Buick dealership in Texas today.

Frank M. Covert Sr. was succeeded by his two sons, Frank Covert Jr. and Clarence Covert Sr. Frank Covert, Jr. had one son, Dr. Frank M. Covert III, who chose not to join the family business. Clarence Covert, Sr. had three sons, Dan Covert, Clarence Covert, Jr. & George H. Covert, all of whom became active in the business between 1936 and 1981 as third-generation owners.

Now, the fourth generation - Rox, Duke and Danay Covert, all being the sons of Dan Covert. Presently, Jennie Covert Stewart, Anne Covert Estes, Courtney Covert Elliott, Kacy Covert Tolleson, Kimberly Covert Robinson, Kenny Covert, Chance Covert and Cory Covert have joined in the operation as the 5th Generation.

Covert Cadillac

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 583-3000
Address:11750 Research Blvd, Austin, TX, 78759
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Covert Cadillac

Shaun S. | 2015-04-23

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!! If I could give this place a negative star I would.  This has to be the worse Cadillac dealership I have ever encountered.  The customer service is nonexistent after you drop your vehicle off.  My advisor (Kiser) was unreachable by phone and person after he misquoted the turn around time for my vehicle to merely be seen.  I physically went up to the dealership twice to see if I could receive an update on my vehicle after a week had passed and this advisor was no where to be found or conveniently out at an "appointment".  I met with a lower level shop advisor (since no mangers in the WHOLE dealership was available or onsite) and he gave me no comfort or reasonable explanation on why my advisor was never available or when my vehicle would be finished after a complete week of being at their shop.  He assured me that he would contact me later on that day to let me know what was going on with my vehicle.  Guess what????? He did not call!!!  After another two days of waiting i get a call from some employee (NOT MY ADVISOR) stating that my Cadillac was ready for pick up.  I have been to 8 different Cadillac dealerships in 6 different states and by far this place is the ABSOLUTE WORST!  I repeat DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE!

Tone A. | 2015-04-21

Once you buy a car, and have no payments, then you mean nothing to them. I got the run around from 4 people and I was supposed to get a complimentary oil change. Because of course, my time means nothing, I should drive around and find the right guy. No I don't need to go to work. No I don't have time constraints. No I would not like a cup of coffee. No, I just wanted to get there at 7:30 to be ignored. Hell, even the useless girls who just answer the phones and transfer calls couldn't even be bothered to connect me or leave a message with the guy who sold me the car.

Because the guy who sold me the car was honest and a fellow vet, I give this place a 1. But I will not be returning. Every little counts to me, and if these little things mean nothing to them then I can only wonder how something big fits into their big picture.

I will not buy a car from this dealership EVER again nor would I encourage anyone I know to spend their hard earned money at a place of business that could care less about them, or their time, or the small things.

Summer P. | 2015-04-17

Always a good experience with the service department, especially my advisor, Kaiser. Also, the ladies behind the desk are super nice and one even knows me by name. Very friendly and caring staff.

Sharon G. | 2015-03-25

My car did not startup at home. I called Covert's service department who transferred me to their moble department. They dispatched a service truck right away and the person on the phone made sure I was okay and had me try options to find problem.  Driver was prompt and courteous and fixed the problem.  I was on my way with my young grand-daughter to the mall in just over one hour from start to finish.  I was extremely pleased. Makes me feel safe if I'm ever stuck away from home!

Margaret M. | 2015-03-11

I have been buying my autos from Covert for years,,from the owners to the staff,,they are wonderful , professional people who stand by their word.  This year makes my 10th purchase from Covert,,being in business myself,,how a customer is treated is very important.  Jason Bruce in sales went out of his way to get the Cadillac i wanted,,,Connie Matthews took her time explaining all the details about my Escalade,,Sherry Woodyard made sure that all my questions were answered and helped to set up my apts,,and Nathan Mackey in service,, works with my schedule and makes sure my Caddy is taken care of ,,All the counter personal as well as the janitors are very professional, helpful and friendly,,l will always recomend Covert to all I know and I will continue to purchase from them,,bottom line because they do what they say there gonna do and they keep their word, thats hard to find in a company now days.

Joanne W. | 2015-02-20

I never write reviews but I felt compelled to let people know what a rip off the service department is.  I took my car in for an oil change.  The service person handling my car was named Tom.  Worst service I ever had with anyone.  He comes out and says, you need all these things done to your car and it will cost over $4,000.00.  ??  I could by another car for that.  I said no way can I afford something like that.

He said I had an oil leak and it was a hard place to get to so it was going to cost me over $500 to have it fixed. Said I needed new tires, all fluids changed, alignment, etc etc.  So he started knocking things off the list that I could possibly wait to have done, and got my bill down to $2,500.00.  Still??   He gave me a quote of $1,500 for new tires.  They told me a year ago I needed new tires.  And now, I am almost to thread when new tires were required?

In talking with my son, his words were, "mom, get your car out of there".  He knows a lot about fixing cars and he said they were taking advantage of me.  I am a retired 70 year old woman.  

I called to tell them just do the oil change and state inspection.  He said, I was just about to call you.  I found a fantastic deal on tires for you and I can match the price.  Price was more reasonable and my son said it was a good price so I had them put new tires on my car, do the oil change, and he convinced me into at least getting my coolant flushed.  I did that too and had a state inspection and alignment.  It all came to $1,269.00.  

I did not have the alleged oil leak fixed.  I had no indication of any oil leaks on my driveway etc.  While I was there, I overheard two "other" service men telling customers they had oil leaks and it would cost a lot of money cause it was in a hard to get place.?  That's what they told me.  It's a racket.  Three people with oil leaks in one day?  And that's all I heard.  May have been more.  

My car was done and sat out the front door for 30 minutes.  I was there for 7 hours.  Was very tired of waiting for me car.  I had an appointment at 9:00 am and it was almost 4:00 pm and my car was just sitting outside done.  Went to cashier and she said she'd get "Tom" to finish final paperwork.  I waited and waited.  Finally, ready to check out and I had a coupon for 10% off.  She said so sorry, you have to wait longer.  They have to redo all your paperwork, WHAT???  Took another 20 minutes.  Then Tom brought me the paperwork and I noticed only $30 was taken off a $1,269 bill?  I asked what happened to the 10% off?  I should have gotten off $120.  He said, we don't give discounts on tax.  I said that it was still short of my 10% discount.  He said you already got a discount on the oil change and coolant flush and we cant discount those again.  BULL.....  he was as crooked as they come.  He said, do you want your car washed?  Said it would take at least 25 minutes.  I said no way.  I was not waiting another minute.  Spent the whole day there, except for going to lunch with my son.  

My advice from my experience, do not take your vehicle there for repairs.  You will definately get ripped off.

Charles M. | 2015-02-12

I fully trust their service work. Nathan Kiser has been an incredible service advisor for me. The customer service has been top notch, from the person that greets me to the person that gives my car back. I won't have my car serviced anywhere else.

Alex K. | 2015-02-04

Chris Tropiano at Covert Cadillac did an excellent job in helping me purchase my new car. Chris is so helpful and so professional, and most importantly I feel he worked hard to earn my trust. He delivered on all his promises and I drove off with the perfect car for me. I would recommend anyone going to Covert for new car needs.

Margaret P. | 2015-01-25

I said in my last post that I would go back to Bill Prezioso for my next used car, which is what I tried to do after a deer totaled my Civic last week. When you set an appointed time to meet within 30 minutes of getting off the phone and then are too busy with other customers and I have to wander the lot for the next 45 minutes before I was finally fed up and left, you've lost my sale. Rude!

Patty D. | 2015-01-21

Had a very smooth and great car buying experience. My sales guy Justin was really nice and helpful and went above and beyond to help take care of some issues that came up during my purchase. All the staff here were very nice and I would highly recommend them to any friends looking for high end quality vehicles!

John H. | 2015-01-19

I went in for a recall. was met outside as I approached.  They gave me excellent service and completed the recall item quickly ahead of time.  They completed firm ware update that was recommended and washed the car.  Thank you Covert Cadillac!!!

Pamela B. | 2015-01-10

I have been buying cars for almost 40 years. I love the service department! My service rep, David Pearson always takes care of my car and the entire service team (especially the girls in the. Office) are amazing. I love everyone's positive attitude, the quality of care for my car and of course my Cadillac. I highly recommend Covert to anyone!

Scott B. | 2015-01-07

Needed service  on y CUE system and Covert was very responsive in fixing the core issue. They were great at communicating and, being Cadillac, I had a loaner.

Kay M. | 2014-12-27

Well I cant give this place 0 stars for there service department so I guess 1 it is... My father took in 2014 Platinum Escalade to have the window repaired only to be called about a week later for them to tell him the wrecked his car. Who does that and he still doesn't have it back and they keep having to bring him new rental cars and they are extremely rude. He didn't wreck the car they did... I Hope they get there Sh** together because this is utterly ridiculous!

Kimberly A. | 2014-12-22

I am driving my third Cadillac from Covert (Escalade EXT), so I am very familiar with the service department.  As usual, my recent service experience was AWESOME!  My service rep (Nathan) is the best!  My vehicle is in perfect condition, and of course looked great after the complimentary car wash.  I did not request a loaner vehicle this time, and opted to wait while my car was serviced.  My car was returned to me earlier than anticipated (with coffee and snacks while I waited).  I would highly recommend purchasing/servicing a vehicle from the Covert family. :)

Edward C. | 2014-12-20

Always on time and brings to the front washed and vacuumed.  Better than the Lexus dealer!

Adam G. | 2014-11-30

As you can see, I don't write many reviews, but I felt compelled to contribute one for the New Sales folks at Covert.

To start my experience, I walked in unannounced 5 minutes before closing (I was mistaken about their closing time).  The woman at the reception desk was friendly, and she found Kent, who was willing to take me out to the lot and just let me look at a new ATS because I was curious.  He offered to let me drive it, but I assured him I'd let him go home, and I would be back.

I returned the following week, and Kent was ready for me.  He had a car with the features I was interested in waiting in front, and we got right to the test drive.  After looking at a couple of other models, I was sure I wanted an ATS.  We talked a couple of numbers, which took a little longer than I'd like, and I had to leave for dinner.  He was going to be out of town the rest of the week, but he made sure to introduce me to the managers that would be around when I returned.  Everyone was very friendly, regardless of what they had been doing at the time (yeah, I get it, I'm buying a car from them; but I appreciated the attitude).  Then, he set me up with an overnight test drive so I could show the car off to my wife, and off I went.

The next day, my plan was to return the tester, get some numbers on a different car, and then ultimately I thought I'd be buying a car in San Antonio because Covert didn't have the exact car I wanted in stock.  Bob (a general manager) was helpful, gave me everything I needed, and let me go.  Well, I realize San Antonio doesn't actually have the car I want, and decide that I should go ahead and consider the Covert stock so I can take advantage of November incentives.  Bob comes back out, I tell him which cars I'm interested in, and we go back in to talk prices.

With very little negotiation, Bob gives me a killer price on the exact car that I wanted.  I didn't think I could afford it when I saw it on the lot, and yet he set up a smokin' deal that I couldn't decline.

The whole team moves me with reasonable haste through the whole process.  Lease terms are exactly what Bob had said they would be--no hidden costs at all.  F&I with Gary goes smoothly with helpful information--but no pressure--about the typical extras.  I'm soon excited to be receiving the keys to my new 2014 ATS, newly prepped and looking great.  I sit in the car with Jeff to go over the technology in the car, and that's when things take a huge turn.

This car doesn't have built-in navigation.  It's really the only thing I wanted in a new car.  I bought the wrong car.  Oh no!

But nobody panics.  Jeff grabs Bob.  We talk about the problem (which was 100% my fault, as I'd picked the car myself).  I decide I should give back the car and take another one.  Bob takes me back to his desk, gives me another great price on my second-choice car, and sends me off to redo the paperwork with Gary while the new car is prepped and detailed.  Gary is already at work printing out the new docs, and before I know it, I've signed the replacement lease, and I'm back in a different ATS with Jeff, who explains the CUE and Navigation and the other tech goodies in the car.  All of this at the end of the day before Thanksgiving.

And off I drive, literally into the sunset.  Long review, embarrassing story, but ultimately I'm quite happy with my entire purchase/lease experience with the Covert team.  Everyone treated me like a new friend, even though I was just leasing one of the least expensive cars on the lot.  I really love my new ATS, and I'm confident that they'll take care of me whenever I have questions or bring the car in for service.  High fives all around.

Kathy T. | 2014-11-26

Excellent dealership during the sale and after.  I don't think that I'll ever go anywhere else!

Brenda P. | 2014-10-20

We have had our vehicle serviced at Covert several times since moving to the Austin area.  We have been more than pleased with our experience.  My vehicle was ready well within the estimated time of completion.   My service advisor was on top of everything from beginning to end.

Sundar G. | 2014-09-15

My experience at Covert Cadillac was by far one of the worst car sales experiences that I have ever had.  I own a BMW X1 and was considering getting a Cadillac CTS Coupe (which is about to be discontinued for a far more muted design) as a second vehicle .  I had done my research and I wanted to test drive and talk numbers.
Here is where things went wrong - to an absurd degree.  Note, I am an American of indian ethnicity in my late 20s.

1) The sales associate, Joel Melles, in what was perhaps a feeble attempt at small talk asks me where I'm from (presumably since I'm not talking with a Texas accent).  I tell him I'm from New Jersey.  He replies, "No, i mean where were you from before that?"  New Jersey - born and raised.  I know what he means, but if he wants my ethnicity he should come out and ask it - and not assume I'm a foreigner because I'm brown.

2) I like how the CTS drives but I have a few questions about it - since i wanted paddle shifters for the sport mode and wasn't sure which trim level I wanted.  Joel tells me that he doesn't know about the car or trim levels - since they are discontinuing the coupe he hasn't learned the details - and tells me the ATS sedan with a turbo v4 would be sportier and closer to the 2 series I am also considering.  He encourages us to test that - even though I came for a coupe and liked the CTS drive.  When I press him on details on the trim levels, he says he doesn't know but that I "can look it up online"!

3) I asked him about the range for the auto start feature because I'd like to start the car from my office when I'm leaving.  He tells me he doesn't know, but the app can start the car from anywhere, "even back in Saudi Arabia."  Its clear this is a not so subtle dig about my ethnic origin sidestep from earlier.  However, I really liked the CTS to Cadillac's credit so I ask him for the lease numbers - at which point he says I should fill out a credit application - which is absurd since I am not going to start doing paperwork until I have ballpark numbers.  At this point, I had enough and felt like I just wasted an hour of my day.

The whole experience left me soured of the Cadillac brand, despite a great drive experience, and I definitely will never go to another "Covert" dealership.  Clearly, the sales associate was not very covert with his subtle racist digs. How can Covert and General Motors think this is OK behavior for a client who is prepared to spend upwords of 40k on a new vehicle from a brand that is struggling and desperately needs young guys like me to buy their cars? Suffice to say, I am not getting a Cadillac this year.

I recommend avoiding this dealership at all costs.

Sharon T. | 2014-09-05

To Covert Cadillac: Jason W. is my service adivisor and he is very professional and compassionate about my Cadillac ATS needs. For instance, I called him with my concerns about my car's vibrations, service maintenance needs,etc. He assisted me with making an appointment to come in.  This was my 3rd visit there. When I got there, he wasn't available right away, I waited several minutes for someone to come out to meet me.When Jason came out to greet me, he was such a gentleman, he opened my door, exchanged pleasantries, discussed my concerns and informed me that one of my concerns was on recall and also, there were other recalls. He gave me an estimated time on services and set me up in a loaner car. I've had my car since last fall, and my first encounter with Jason has been consistence every time I come in with my Cadillac ATS needs.  Jason is a great asset to Covert Cadillac service department.


Michele S. | 2014-09-02

Connie at Covert made the purchase easy and quick! They all went above and beyond to make sure myself and son were comfortable during the whole process.

Mary E. | 2014-08-27

I have been a Covert customer since I bought my CTS-V in 2005.  They are GREAT!  They treated me as a new car owner from the git-go (even though the V was used and purchased somewhere else).  I went straight to Covert sales when ready to finally buy new and the treatment and quality of work is still top of the line!

Stephania E. | 2014-08-23

I bought a new ATS about a year ago and the salesman roger was wonderful. My boyfriend is generally the one who takes my car in for servicing, and he has nothing but good to say about the experience and our service guy Jason.

Alicia Z. | 2014-08-13

Covert Cadillac ROCKS!
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff at Covert Cadillac.  They listened to what I wanted and put me in the car of my dreams for the price I could afford.  There was no haggling which made all of this stress free.  Anyone who has bought a new or used car knows how frustrating salesmen/women can be.  The staff at Covert Cadillac were exceptional!   I would like to personally thank the following:
Edward Posadas, Mike Rodriguez, Johnny Baker and Jerry Duran.
Seriously men, you made this such an easy process.  I absolutley LOVE my new car!!

Alicia Zuntag

John C. | 2014-08-11

My wife and I just purchased a 2014 Escalade Platinum edition.  I can't say enough about the great people at Covert Cadillac and the SUV itself is amazing.  The buying experience was fair, cordial, and professional.  This is actually my second experience buying from a Covert dealership, I highly recommend them!

Karen O. | 2014-08-03

Went in for routine maintenance.  Oil change, tire rotation, and cabin air filter change.  10:00 AM appt. on a Sat.  They got my car right in and estimated an hour and a half.  Didn't care for that but I was out in less than an hour.  I liked that and there was no charge because it was routine maintenance.  I really like that about the Caddy service.  My service advisor was off but the gentleman who I worked with was very nice and gave me info. About an upcoming GM recall and how to handle it when I get the notice.  I was pleased.   This is my 3rd visit for scheduled maintenance and I have been liked the service.

Harrison C. | 2014-07-17

I recently bought an ATS and was pleased with my first service appointment at Covert.  I made the appointment online, and met up with my service advisor, Nathan, on the designated time and day.  

He was very friendly and professional, going over what I had submitted online.  Covert had a loaner for me. The entire service reception area had been renovated since the last time I had had a Cadillac, so now it's sort of like the Lexus dealership or a luxury hotel lobby with comfortable waiting area, coffee, snacks.

Nathan kept me posted as to the progress of my car through texts which was great - (no playing phone tag like other service depts do!) With the online reservation, Nathan's option of texting, I was pleasantly surprised that they were using technology at its best.  When my car was ready, it was REALLY ready - all washed and waiting for me by the time I got back to Covert.

My only suggestion would be that I'd like to see the site better synchronized with the Covert service records.  Right now, I have to manually enter information.

I bought the ATS because of its great reviews, looks, handling, solid build and quality.  The efficient and friendly service at Covert just adds to the "Cadillac" experience!:)

Josh E. | 2014-07-10

I took my SRX in for service and the experience was terrible. Bobby Horton was my service adviser and I recommend against working with him should you decide to take your car to Covert for service. My experience in short was me trying to track him down (called three times and sent an email) after they had my car for 7 hours after I dropped it off. When I did finally get a hold of him, he mentioned that they hadn't looked at my car and said that if I would've sat there and waited then they would've gotten to my car sooner. After saying that he would give me a call by the end of the day with an update, I didn't hear from him until the next afternoon, it was at that point that he told me what needed to be fixed, but had no estimate for me at the time. I then waited another 2-3 hours for an estimate, which at that time I was able to tell him to complete the work. He then expressed I could pick up my car ANYTIME on Saturday, which was completely inaccurate. All in all, it wasn't the best experience, I suspect there are better service advisers than Bobby Horton but needless to say I probably won't be giving Covert anymore business.

Kenneth S. | 2014-06-27

I dropped off my Cadillac SRX yesterday (6/19/14) with my Service Advisor Adam Deleon. Who by the way is and has been an awesome service advisor to have. He informed me that the DVD set that we had installed in our SRX on Dec 2011 (by covert) is no longer under warranty by the manufacture of the unit. I'm absolutely displeased with the end result of the issue. We've had several issues with this DVD set (throughout the duration of having the car) and now that it's no longer covered (which is another issue), my only option is to deal with the flaw or buy a new one ($1100 or so bucks). No Thank You! I purchased an extended warranty which I was informed at the time of purchased "covers" bumper to bumper. Apparently that's not true. It's not my fault a faulty unit was installed by Covert and now to understand my extended warranty doesn't cover it. The fact that the unit has had issues all along to me should be covered by my extended warranty despite the manufacturers warranty. After all, that's why i bought an extended warranty. Which again I was informed it covers bumper to bumper. What use is the warranty if I can use it when it's needed (within reason of course).

The second issue that less displeasing is that the navigation screen of the SRX sometimes hangs and calls come through and there is no way to stop them (my wife isn't connected via Bluetooth at this time). I was informed to call onstar to resolve this. Well we've had issues in the past with this navigation screen hanging and it was replaced. We're still having some issues with it and it's onstar's fault? We don't have an onstar account, so what am I do call onstar and say???? I feel the mechanic should have to call onstar and work through this issue. However, I'll call onstar to try and get this resolved, but I'm not pleased at all about the DVD set. As soon as the extended warranty expires on this care we're ditching the SRX ASAP. We haven't had the best of experiences from an electrical/component standpoint with this so called luxury car.  I

t's possible I'm way off with my expectations, but when I buy an extended warranty that covers bumper to bumper for the price they sold the extended warranty for, I expect the warranty to cover electrical components. Especially if your the company that installed it. Cadillac aren't cheap, and I expect the services for a luxury vehicle to be held  to a hirer standard.

Jenn H. | 2014-06-03

Exemplary definition of customer service! I bought a Cadillac ATS from Connie about a year ago. The experience was hands down amazing. The entire process was comfortable and enjoyable. EVERY staff member made sure that you were happy and taken care of, but not in the salesy or annoying way either. Now when I the car in for regular maintenance, they provide the same amazing service well as clean and detail my car before giving it back. They definitely go above and beyond. Fan for life.

Sarah M. | 2014-05-31

I recently purchased a Chevy Camaro that was posted online. I thought the process was going to be long and stressful but our salesman, Sergio Kindle, made the process quick and easy. With his help were able to gather all the needed information, discuss any issues concerns regarding the car before getting to the dealership. He was knowledgeable of the car buying process and patient when it came down to making the final decision. When we got to the car lot he was just as helpful and wasn't selling us a sales pitch. We test drove the car and discussed final financing options. He gave us all of our options so we felt like we were getting the best deal and drove of in a Chevy Camaro that same day. Also, it's my second time purchasing a vehicle so I was very surprised that Sergio was able to get us done with all of the paperwork, etc. in no more than 2 hours. The salesman continues to be helpful and contacts us to make sure we are happy with our purchase. We feel like we got a good deal and the staff provides good customer service. I recommend Covert Cadillac if you are looking for a positive experience and good customer service when purchasing a car. Ask for Sergio Kindle.

Kevin H. | 2014-05-06

From Brian Glenn in the sales department to Krista Garcia and Bobby Horton in the service department, I have never been treated better at any other dealership and I get a new car every 2-3 years. They are always accommodating and keep you informed. I have gotten 2 new vehicles at Covert Cadillac since I moved to Austin and I will certainly return for a third next year. A very professional staff!

James W. | 2014-04-18

I have use this location for since 2006. I have owned 2nd Escalate. Always use this location for my service need.

Andrew S. | 2014-04-14

Just recently purchased a used vehicle from Covert and the overall experience was definitely less than desired given the expense of the purchase.  Overall the sales team and office staff was more than helpful, but it pretty much stops there when it comes to backoffice and the finance team.  If you are looking for a smooth purchase I would advise looking elsewhere.

Buddy Q. | 2014-04-08

I bought a brand new Cadillac ATS two weeks ago. I walked in just planning to "look" at the ATS and not really buy anything. Maaaaaaybe a test drive. I had been looking at cars from other places and my wife mentioned she liked the look of the ATS on the street. So here we are. We were instantly greeted by a young man as we walked on the lot. This scared me a little bit because it's the last thing I wanted to do was get into a  "sales pitch". I just like to take my time, decide for myself what I like and don't like and go from there. If I want to talk to someone, I'll come find you.

He actually just passed me off to someone in the new car section who was a really nice man who was not pushy at all. Was very matter of fact and let me do what I wanted to do. We went for a test drive. I loved the car! They gave me an incredible price on my 2004 Audi A4 as a trade-in site unseen, on the spot with my word on how it looked! There were great rebates as well and the number was so good, I couldn't say no to a brand new 2014 car that I knew I already wanted.

The process took a little long. We went home to drive my car back to the lot. We were excited about getting the car and we had already started the process with loans and all this before we left. Since we left, the loan guy was with someone else and we had to wait quite awhile before getting back in line. This was really the only hiccup in the process. It took a long time and by the end we were tired. You start thinking second thoughts at that point like "maybe I don't need a new car right now you know?" "We could wait until....".

The sales guy was super smooth and thorough and I would recommend them to anyone.

Artemio H. | 2014-03-25

Excellent service department, very polite and knowledgeable.
Jason is straight forward and takes care of business. I complained about the poor quality of the wash and vacuum a few months a go, but this last visit it was up to expectations.

Nancy V. | 2014-02-24

This review is for the service department only, my purchasing experience here was great. I've referred many people to buy cars from Juan.

The service department on the other hand, I will never refer anyone to much less go there myself. I typically don't write bad reviews, but after today I had to say something. I called because I had a few questions about an estimate that I'd gotten at a shop much closer to my house; my service advisor was busy so I had to speak to someone else and he was just rude. I understood what he was saying but he made me feel dumb for asking questions and conveyed that talking to me was a total inconvenience. Maybe it's because I'd gotten an estimate at another place? I didn't feel like it was a good idea to drive my car 40 minutes when I can safely take it to the place down the street. Or maybe he was just cranky, I don't know. When I asked him if I should bring my car to them instead he just told me questions that HE would have asked the other shop. What!?!

My other experience was when I went in to get an oil change and an inspection. It took 3 hours... And then my service advisor, who had been in to see me multiple times to upsell this or that, didn't even tell me my car was ready. I was just sitting there waiting for who-knows how long until the nice greeter/attendant came to tell me that my car was ready to go- greasy fingerprints all over, no vacuum service, no carwash. I found out why my service advisor disappeared when I got home, there was a new scratch/dent on my vehicle! I called for two weeks, I left voicemails... No response, ever. I really wanted to enjoy my experiences at Covert so I continued to give them chances, but I'm tired of throwing money at a business that doesn't appreciate their customers.  So, now I go to a great shop on the east side that charges half the price as the dealership and provides double the service.

Jim J. | 2014-02-19

Just bought our 3rd Cadillac from the Coverts. James Stewart (salesman) and Jeff Payne (Tech guru) did a great job. Prices were competitive and selection was good.

Our new Cadillac includes 4 years of free service which is a plus.

Lisa P. | 2014-02-11

Always treated with respect and courtesy. We love Covert and wouldn't shop for cars or service anywhere else!

Rachel H. | 2014-02-04

They made it so easy to trade in our old Buick and get a new one. We didn't feel pressured or anything. It's our second car from them so we must like them.

Todd W. | 2014-01-31

Went in to get oil changed. Was told 45 mins to an hour. ..two hours later, comes back with $850 worth of recommended fluid flushings....Then, I started walking to service bay and he said, oh, it's not ready.... Really?  Never going back.  Poor service representatives, slow service, and car was brought up filthy.  No thank you.

Prajwal R. | 2014-01-15

After all these bad experiences I called them and scheduled a service for next day which they confirmed on the call. Then after couple of hours their general manager emails me saying call me before u come in for service. I gave him a call in the evening and then he says we cannot give you the service and then asks me to get the car serviced in San Antonia. I guess they don't like anyone asking them to give the good service or writing the reviews. They don't care about the service to the customer after selling the car and making their profits. A definite no to this dealer if you are looking to buy a cadillac. Try to get it from some other dealer.

Beau T. | 2013-10-16

the staff always make you feel like a valued customer. took my car in on FRI, got a loaner, p/u my car on TUE and its done right.  Thanks Covert.

Todd W. | 2013-09-18

Overall the team took care of my wife and her SRX, especially the drivetrain issue.  I was a little surprised how expensive fixing a door lock was (~$400) and would likely shop that repair with other garages in the future.

E. L. B. | 2013-09-07

Made appointment. Dropped it off and picked up loaner. Ready on time.
Picked it up next morning before work. Cadillac warranty covered it. Adam is very polite and helpful.

gregg h. | 2013-09-03

Covert nailed it.

Every step of the way, I felt like everyone involved in the transaction understood what I needed and made the buying experience easy for me.

great job.

Juli E. | 2013-09-03

I always have the best service at Covert Cadillac.  I have had different cadillacs since 2004 and can say they have always had great service.  A big shout out to Adam my customer service rep.  He goes out of his way to work around my busy schedule.  I highly recommend this dealership!

Terylyn S. | 2013-08-25

So I finally found the car I wanted after careful searching. I decided I liked the Kia Optima.  I found Covert had a used one on their lot with 25,000 miles.  Since I never even test drove one, I was wanting to see how the ride feels before continuing on with my search.  I didn't want to go to Capitol Kia due to fellow Yelpers reviews. With my bad experience from Leif Johnson Used Cars, I was already scarred and was pessimistic. Wayne W. came to my rescue.  Wayne encouraged me to express my thoughts and listened to all my concerns such as not settling for a car just because its in my budget, making sure to stay in my budget, and getting a good deal. He did just that. I was not easy on him either due to my horrible experience at  Leif Johnson. To my surprise, he made it happen.  He got the price down lower than other competitors in the area.Thank God for smartphones. Then Gary F. in financing got us a good rate too.  Gary was friendly and made the paperwork quick and easy, yet he explained everything clearly.  I was completely shocked I drove off thier lot that night, with the car I wanted, and happy with the payments being in my budget.

Kokass A. | 2013-08-05

My first visit to a Cadillac dealership and my first luxury car shopping experience... I felt welcome and as if being a first time buyer to them wasn't an issue. In fact, they were excited for me!!  A very close friend and his family raved about the service and Covert and Joe did not disappoint.  I went with financing already secured. I knew precisely two vehicles I wanted, too. I test drove one and got hit by some falling car debris shattering the front headlamp. It startled both Joe and myself. Upon return, there was only the other vehicle, the 3.6L ATS.  We hopped in as if nothing happened!  Afterwards it was time to talk numbers and Joe asked for a chance to beat the rate my other lender offered me.  They did and more! Now, I can't have wished for a better experience!

Carl T. | 2013-07-01

I wasn't going the report my experience until I had another BAD one. Well, here is.

I noted good appeal only because there is only one Cadillac dealer in Austin.  Went in to get the oil changed, 27 point inspection and state inspection. No tire rotation needed on my model. It shouldn't take long. It took 3 hours.

I opened the hood I found 2 hoses not snapped back in the proper location, one of them getting pinched and the engine air filter housing completely loose and 1 screw missing. I also found that one license plate lamp was out and they didn't say anything about it. They have to check it during the state inspection don't they?  I took the car back and they seemed shocked and apologized. They found the missing screw in the frame.  I needed a replacement key and they told me that it was laser cut key and couldn't do it at the dealership and had to order it for $90. The key IS NOT a laser cut key, they lied. I have ordered a blank online and had it cut at a locksmith for 12 dollars.

Now they forgot to call me on my paid order of touch up paint. After I was told by the parts department and my service adviser that they would contact me when it arrived. It's been there for over a month.  Their process are poor. I've had 3 visits and one went right.

Sorry Covert, you screwed up to many times on my 70,000 dollar car.

Al Z. | 2013-04-24

My car was in the shop a week before they even looked at it. I took my car in with half a tank of gas and got it back with one eight of a tank. There is a grease stain on the drivers seat that was NEVER there. My air compressor was worked on and so were my gaskets. I'm having to take my car back on Friday because it feels worse than when I took it in. The gas pedal makes a popping noise, and you can feel it when you press it to accelerate. The engine also makes a lot of noise when accelerating. The car use to run smooth and quite and now it doesn't. When comming to a stop the brake pedal starts to vibrate. Needless to say I'm extremely unsatisfied with the condition my car was returned to me.

Bruce S. | 2013-04-16

I have been very pleased with the Covert dealership but will NEVER purchase another vehicle from them if they build a new dealership behind the Falconhead subdivision in Bee Cave and will encourage everyone I know to do the same. The city of Bee Cave and it's residents DO NOT want this dealership. Instead of listening to the elected representatives of our city, the Coverts sought out a pocket of property in the ETJ so that it could proceed with its plans. .  The dealership will create significant light and noise pollution across the back of the subdivision as well as traffic congestion.  Do you really want to do business with a company that has no regard for it's customers?

T E. | 2013-03-28

Nathan, my service adviser, goes out of his way to make our service experiences at covert a breeze. I can't say enough about Nathan and his service team. I've bought 4 cars from Covert Cadillac and will continue to do so.

Arlyn D. | 2012-11-23

I came in and would like to trade in a Cadillac which I bought from them last year, then get an older car. Anyways right even before we came in I've done my homework like check how much our car worth, I am a loan officer so i am  pretty aware on where to look and appraise what would be the value of the car, so when we got there manager appraise our car and it was wayyyyy less on how much the clean retail trade dishonest I mean I know they need to make a profit out of this trade in but men they wanted wayyyyyyyyyy more....they will rip you off and they don't care about they're customer..they're all about making money...I'm just glad that I understand the in's and out's when purchasing/trading in cars but I just feel bad to the people who doesn't, someone who's young or maybe someone who's getting they're first's just a shame that business like this who's already making millions because of US customers doesn't know how to treat customers very well....anyways will just take our business elsewhere and will definitely not recommend them to anybody EVER!!!!!!!!

Rick S. | 2012-08-07

I have been to this dealership 4 times and it's always the same...They do the feel good stuff "Have coffee, water, doughnuts..." but the service is dishonest. I was just at a Cadillac sponsored factory checkup at Covert, made an appointment a month later to get some of the work done - holy cow - now the car is literally falling apart. The laundry list of stuff that needed to be done was staggering. I left and am taking the car elsewhere. I should have known better.

Steve S. | 2012-07-13

Be careful as you should with all dealerships, they love to up -sell on service all the time costing you mucho $$$. I took my Cadillac in for standard warranty maint and recall that was due. When I got the vehicle back, the service manager told me , "You have 2 nails in your rear tire sidewalls , one in each and your treads do not look to good" Cost to replace? $1000 approx, the heck with that, I took it to another place, they pulled all the tires, one tire had a nail not 2 , also got the job done for 1/2 the cost granted I did not buy Michelins (too expensive). Even with a higher grade tire than I put on the cost would have been close to $700.

Robert L. | 2012-05-03

Purchased a new STS, all wen't smoothly, professional, good warranty experience !

Danny H. | 2012-02-16

I bought a new CTS last October from Covert.  There sales and service department has been the best that I have ever dealt with over the last 20 years of car buying.  They are very friendly and always keep me informed of what is going on with my car.

Senor C. | 2011-12-22

....waiting for resolution on my car before i finish my review

Bob J. | 2011-03-09

Didn't fix my issue, didn't return phone calls, and didn't keep appointment as promised. Covert Cadillac is one of the worst service departments I have dealt with. If you have lots of cash, and enjoy terrible service, this is the place for you!

Roland M. | 2010-10-23

We purchased our son's pre-owned Saab 9-3 SportCombi from Covert Caddilac last month.

I worked for LoJack in the early 2000's and while there I got a behind the curtains look on how traditional car dealerships work.  That is why the last foru cars we have purchased have been purchased pre-owned and from CarMax.

Covert tried none of these dirty tricks.  Mind you we bought this car on-line.  They offered to transport the car no-charge.  Gave me a whole day to get the car inspected by my mechanic and test drive it.  If I did not want the car for any reason, say so and they transport it back no question.

The car itself was a lucky find, I had been watching it on-line and they dropped the price the day before I made my offer.  It was $3k cheaper than other traditional dealership and it was $5k cheaper than an older model from CarMax.

The finance  and sales guys were not pushy at all.  

I will not hesitate in using them again.

Steve C. | 2010-02-15

I purchased a new 2010 Cadillac SRX a couple of weeks ago.  At the time I made the purchase I forgot to specify that I wanted the Splash Guards.  The Cadillac web site indicated they were $170 as part of the new car purchase.

One week later, I called the Service Dept. and asked how much to install them.  Now they want $199.

I was able to order the parts from a GM authorized part dealer off the internet for $80, which included shipping.

I contacted Covert Cadillac Service Dept. today in person and now they want $150 to install the Splash Guards.  So $150 plus $80 is $220.  I wonder if they are trying to punish me for ordering the parts online and saving some money?

I'll be seeking a 3rd party other than Covert to give my money to from here on out.  It just amazes me how new car dealers ruin a customer relationship right from the start with no thought given to repeat business down the road.