Covert Buick GMC of Austin in Austin, TX

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Established in 1909.

In 1909, Frank M. Covert, Sr., a real estate and insurance businessman opened the first automobile dealership in Central Texas. Three years later, his son, Clarence Covert, Sr., joined him to form the Austin Buick Sales Company, which became the foundation for Covert Buick, Inc., the oldest Buick dealership in Texas today.
The Central Texas dealerships are currently operated by a fourth generation of Coverts - Rox, Duke and Danay Covert, all being the sons of Dan Covert.  Presently, Jennie Covert Stewart, Anne Covert Estes, Courtney Covert Elliott, Kacy Covert Tolleson, Kimberly Covert Robinson, Kenny Covert, Chance Covert and Cory Covert have joined in the operation of the dealerships, representing the fifth generation of Coverts.

Covert Buick GMC of Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 583-3411
Address:11750 Research Blvd, Austin, TX, 78759
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Covert Buick GMC of Austin

Jennifer H. | 2015-04-19

In terms of looking for a new buick, i'd go elsewhere.  I came in yesterday to look at a buick encore and enclave.  Both cars i test drove were filthy with pollen.  Then our sales person presented us with an offer that was above the price on their website because we asked about employee pricing, then on top of that they offered 2K for our trade in.  We went down the street to don hewitt and got 6.5K and much better service.  Rebates were't as high, but overall price on my encore was about 2K less.  And much better service.

Lauren V. | 2015-04-18

I called GMC service in regards to a window issue on my 2005 GMC Sierra. I have previously replaced the window. It just fell out AGAIN. When I described that to the first woman named Michelle, she tells me,  "sounds to me like you need a new truck."

Excuse me? No, I don't. I need a new window.  

She then told me that I would have to bring it in to figure out exactly what was wrong... (how many times have I mentioned that I need a new window?) That visit was going to $129 to LOOK at a window hole where a window USED to be .

This is not the end of the horrible experience. No, Michelle transferred me to the service guys so I could describe to them what happened so they could better help me... I was on speaker phone because after I explained my issue, a gigantic burst of laughter exploded into the phone along with a, "I have never heard of a window just falling out..."

I went elswhere, I have a new window,  and it didn't take 3 people on the phone to make that happen.

Tracy Q. | 2015-03-30

OMG!!! I love my new Buick. My husband surprised me with my new Buick Verano this past weekend. I am so happy. Ricardo was our sales person and he was so amazing. He was able to get us the deal we wanted and fast. Clay in Finance was very professional and helpful. I will never buy anything other than a GMC or Buick again and only from Covert. My hubby just got a new BMW and I hate it. I think the Lacross is so much nicer and classier. When his lease is up with BMW I am going to make him go to Covert and see Ricardo for a new car. Thanks so much. And for all of those Hipsters that think Buick's are for old are so wrong. GM has really out done themselves with these new lines of cars!!!!

Adrian C. | 2014-08-31

I was looking for a car and found exactly what i wanted online at this dealeeship.  When I spoke to Bernadet on the phone i told her i was intersted in the vehicle and called to see if they still had it on the floor.  She confirmed and notified me it would be there when i arrived.  I drove from San Antonio to look at the vehicle, when i arrived the car was sold.  I did not recieve a phone call or any type of notification.  She didnt even care i drove 1hr 30 mins to go look at it, she told me, "well we sell 350 veh a month so thing come and go."  Worst service from a dealership I have ever recieved.  I did go to a dealership next to it, Chevrolet Auto Nation, the service was great!!!  I actually baught a vehicle from them, they beat my pre approved finance price as well as gave me food while I was waiting.

Paul H. | 2014-08-09

We've bought four cars over the years at Covert, and that experience was okay; the usual heavy-handed, white-trash high pressure sales, but okay.  But do NOT go there for service! They haven't a clue what they're doing. It's like trying to deal with the IRS or the Army.  FUBAR!  My guess is the dealerships have been inherited too many times by spoiled Covert heirs who have no real interest in it.....they just don't want a real job.

Richard J. | 2014-07-26

I decided to try Covert with tires for my Buick Rainier.  I considered Discount Tire, since I have bought there many times and find their service top notch.  And next time, I'll likely go to Discount Tire for tires.  I arrived at Covert for my scheduled appointment, and over three hours later, I had a new set of tires.  They do offer price matching, which is nice.  They were the same price as Discount Tire, but they took much longer.  There was someone at Covert to meet me when I arrived, but I never talked to the person with whom I made the appointment.  One reason I went to Covert is that one of the tires seemed to have a problem.  There was no discussion, and no opportunity to ask questions about this.  Service is what I would expect from a typical dealership.  The dealership for my other car is many times better than Covert.

Nikki H. | 2014-07-10

Great car buying experience thanks to Ricardo!  The paperwork process is efficient and the folks there are friendly.

Christina H. | 2014-04-09

Stunned, baffled, disappointed, inconvenienced, angered, dismissed, ignored.  I do not know where to begin...

We went in on a Saturday to look at cars.  Our sales lady was nice but we were steered away from looking around the lot.  She said "Covert likes to look for exactly what you want in or inventory and then go get it".  We understood but we also wanted to look around so we were able to tell her what we wanted.  

5 total hours later, we bought a car.  We test drove it ONCE and it was unavailable to look at again once we signed the papers because it was headed into the back to serviced.  During the signing process, we asked why the car wasn't certified.  Our sales lady said she didn't know that it wasn't.  We showed her the vehicle online from our phone and showed her how it had arrived the day before when she suddenly remembered that it wasn't certified because it had just arrived.  They couldn't let us leave without certifying the vehicle so they would give us a loaner.  We were severly disappointed.  It's excruciating buying your first car and leaving with a loner.  This was a Saturday and our car would be ready no later than Tuesday.  Over 10 phone calls and emails went unanswered until Friday. We have 2 good friends that are extremely close with the Coverts and being born and raised in Austin, we went based on my recommendation.  

It was Friday when my husband went up to the dealership.  Suddenly, it was ready.  Remember why they had to keep or car?  Because they needed to certify it?  It turns out it was certified THE WHOLE TIME and NOTHING was done from Saturday-Friday.  The car arrived without it's manual, the extra pair of keys, and with a tail light out.  After calling various numbers and sending emails for 2 days, we were offered a free detail.  Pathetic.

We also purchased a different grill guard which was supposed to be put on during the week they had our car.  It was not.  It is now 6 weeks later and today was the day Covert was going to come pick up my husbands car and make it all up to us.  They never showed up, called, emailed, answered our calls, emails, or returned a call or email.  What a joke.

Unprofessional, uneducated, incredibly slow, inconsiderate, ungrateful, uncaring, non-customer service, "family" car dealership.  I am still in shock at how we have been treated from the very second we signed the papers.

Randy K. | 2014-02-10

most horrible dealership on the planet!!!!! a pack of lairs and thiefs!!!  i flew in from maryland to buy a  white/burnt orange 08 h2 hummer with sales person and sales manager telling me how wonderful this hummer was.  i kept asking about the condition of motor and driveline because i was driving it home, a 22 hour trip. they said it was perfect, no worries.well to make a long story short this h2 hummer was blowing oil out of the exhaust  completely covering the back of the hummer!! i took my hand and could smear oil and could very easily write my name in it. i then looked at the oil pressure, it was only 5 pounds!!! needless to say, i would have never made it home. this dealership cost me over 3500 dollars and the sales manager never even said sorry. i am thinking about legal action. this should not happen to anyone. these people are the reason why we hate going to car dealerships. beware! beware!

Grant F. | 2013-08-26

On the way to work my car informed me that a brake service was necessary, so I decided to drop off my car on Monday morning with Covert GMC of Austin for diagnostic and repair. Each day I had called inquiring about the status, and I was told that they did not have time to hook up the car to the diagnostic machine, but "they would do it tomorrow". This charade went on for 4 days before I finally picked up my car on Friday and took it to another local shop where it was repaired within 3 hours.

It is ridiculous to have a car at a repair shop, and for them to not to even look at it for a week. I will not be using them again for service repairs or car shopping.

John C. | 2013-07-28

Two words:  Josh Lester!

Guy was awesome, I usually like to give car salesman a hard time and he just rolled with it.  I told him what I wanted to pay and he made it work.  The vehicle was for my wife, so when it is time for me to get a vehicle I will probably go back to him.  

Seriously ASK FOR HIM!

Jake O. | 2013-05-14

Upon arrival I was quoted an hour to an hour and a half for an oil change. It took 2 hours. It was on a Monday, which is a work day. We just bought the car a couple months ago, so maybe we were treated differently because of the complimentary oil change coupon we had. Either way, that is an extraordinary amount of time for an oil change. The service manager said he was going to do a tire rotation as well, but there was no indication of that service on the service report I was given. I was told that the car had been washed, but it clearly had not been. They did vacuum the two front floor mats. Based on this experience, it is highly unlikely that I will return for routine service.

Terry M. | 2013-05-10

I went to Covert a few days ago to look at their used car selection and a salesman named Josh Lester helped me out. He was super knowledgeable and sincere when I told him what I wanted and what my price range was. I got a great deal on my vehicle and he didn't play games with me, which I appreciated, since I've been stuck in those dreaded back room dealings for hours on end in the past. I am recommending him to my friends if they ever are in the market for a car!

Shauna L. | 2013-04-26

My husband & I went to get a new Buick,  he works for GM, so this was a recommended place. Our sales guy Fred was nice, and helped us quickly make a choice.  We applied for credit and left with the car that day. We told them upfront we would have to cash out some stock for the down payment. It takes up to 10 business days. They said and I quote "That's not a problem, we deal with this all the time!"

5 business days later, we get a call saying we NEEDED TO RETURN OUR CAR, and drive a loaner. I'm really in shock at being treated that way, and start rethinking our choice.  First off, we were OFFERED to take our car while the check comes in, and they HAVE a check from us to hold. What is the problem you ask?

My husband goes up to the dealership where he is treated disrespectfully by a sales manager. ( Named Chris Cannatti) He was told "look we are running a business". They agree we will keep the car while we wait when they are reminded of the deal we made, and are shown proof that we cashed out our stock.

So now we have been treated like a criminals, asked to return the car, and insulted, not to mention wasting our time ( that we are normally eating dinner together) just for them  to follow through with what they promised us to make the sale.

We are paying over 40k for a vehicle, and expect to be treated with respect, one thing is for sure this isn't the only dealership in the Austin area, and we can and will find a new one to spend our hard earned money at, which we are required to do every 4 years...

The ONE STAR is for our car, we love our car!

Josh H. | 2013-04-25

Before I get going, being born in the 70"s, and now smart enough to get passed the stereotype of some slick car salesman that will take me for underbody rustproofing, I know what i'm doing. Work hard, normal credit, good Texan.
 After talking to many friends(older ones know best), I quickly understood of a family that has been selling cars in austin almost since this city was known as waterloo. No shxx! My buddy jim, said " Dude, they have been selling cars here for like, 150 years".
   I picked out a truck that I liked online. 2013 GMC SEIRRA TEXAS EDITION!! Jet black. I was driving a 2004 f150. I did love that truck. After seeing the tough ass grill of the GMC texas, I forgot all about "Henry".
   I was paired up with Katie. Total pro!! She had me in-and-out with my new truck(first NEW truck ever) in about 1.25 hrs.
   3 days into this truck, most of my friends no longer want to sit in it for no reason like i do. I'm still giggling from the product for the price! Well done, y'all Coverts, well done!!

Thank you!

Eugenia S. | 2013-03-06

I have an older Oldsmobile Alero that I like to keep in good shape.  I work with Kevin Woods.  He is fantastic -- a straight shooter.  This is a wonderful dealership.  They have been honest about what is necessary and what is not.  They also work with me so that I do the most important repairs first and then prioritize what to do and when.  Clean and nice waiting room and the car comes back washed and vacuumed.  Kevin has the BEST attitude!

Nate H. | 2013-02-22

***UPDATE*** 05/08/13-  Covert contacted me immediately about this review and is providing me with filters and oil changes to make up for these issues.  I have been assured that there has been a  change in service management.  I really appreciate the contact and will make another update after services are provided.  Upgrading my review to three stars since issues are being addresed.  My original post is below.  

Original Review:  I have purchased three Saturn Vues from Covert and the last two were sold without inside and outside air filters being changed, and without an oil change even though paperwork stated that these were checked.   After my second Vue didn't get serviced before it was sold, and there were undisclosed body damage on the car, I contacted my sales person about my issues with the car.   My third Vue was a "certified" car and supposedly came with free oil changes for two years.   I took my latest Vue in for its first oil change service and they didn't bother to change the oil filter.  When I came back in and brought photos to show this issue, they just shrugged like it was a normal occurrence and didn't even offer any compensation for the incovenience.  All they did was swap the filter and send me on my way.  When I brought it back five months later for a second  oil change they stated I had to wait until the oil monitor was lower than 10% which is a process that was never discussed when I purchased the "certified" vehicle or when I had it serviced.  I pointed out the fact that I had to bring it back for the oil filter issue and asked for management to contact me.  That was in November and now my VUE is finally under 10% even though I've added 9K miles since it was purchased.  I really want to stay with Covert since they were the original Saturn dealer but since Saturn went away they don't have the same service.

Seb c. | 2013-01-27

After a bad battery and electrical problems almost another$700 later this truck in no way  had a muti point inspection. This dealership is dishonest and untrustworthy avoid like the plague.

Jeremy P. | 2013-01-03

I've had two great experiences with Covert GMC in the last 3 months.

The first time I visited Covert was to get a second key made for a car I bought from another dealership. They treated us like we had bought the car directly from them.

The second time I visited Covert was for a warranty issue. Despite not buying the car from them, they again treated us like their own customer. They promptly returned our calls, and went to bat for us with GMC.

The service team is professional and friendly. The service area is well kept and comfortable.

This is going to be my first stop for all future maintenance.

Melanie P. | 2013-01-03

I am so disappointed in myself for not going to Covert GMC for our original purchase!

A few months ago, after an extensive internet search, we found the perfect 2010 GMC Acadia. It met the price and mileage requirements we wanted -  so we headed out to Leif Johnson Ford to make the purchase. Once there, we were told the car (that was still listed on their website) had already been sold. However, they promised us they had an equivalent, if not better, Acadia to show us.

Long story short; after a couple of test-drives, we ended up purchasing a 2010 Acadia with 36k miles on it. I won't go into detail regarding the horrible sales experience we had with Leif Johnson, but will say that in high-in-sight, we should have bailed after the first indication of a 'bait and switch'.

Lesson learned.

Anyway, after six weeks of getting the run-around on our second set of keys, as well as trying to locate our license plates, we went to Covert to have a new set of keys made for us. The Service Department was so welcoming and helpful, and worked with Leif Johnson to get a second set of keys at no charge to us. My experience was so positive that I made a mental note to use Covert GMC for all of our future car servicing. Little did I know how quickly I would once again be in need of their service.

Two months later, at 38k miles, my engine seized in the middle of a busy road. Remembering my experience with Covert, I immediately called their Service Department. I spoke with Tom, who was able to calm my nerves and offer immediate towing assistance. Only two hours after my initial call, the car was in their shop, and Tom informed me that the engine had completely blown. Imagine my surprise to find out that the car I had purchased just four months prior needed a $6,000 engine! Furthermore, I was told that the oil had never been changed, and when they took off the oil valve, nothing but "sludge" was present. When purchasing the car, Leif Johnson had assured me that the car had an extensive "certified" inspection, which was obviously another one of their lies. I must give credit to Covert, because they never said one negative thing about their competitor who sold me this Lemon -although they had every justification to do so.

A few days later, we found out that the GMC Warranty is voided when maintenance on the car is neglected; therefore making us potentially responsible for an entire replacement engine. However, Tom went the extra mile for us and assured GMC Corporate that we were in fact victims, and nothing more. GMC did the right thing and covered the cost of a replacement engine, but asked that we pay a $500 deductible. Although we felt it was unfair to pay anything at all, we agreed to pay, hoping Leif Johnson would reimburse us. I wish I could say that actually happened, and also wish I could say that I was surprised that it didn't.

All in all, this was a horrible experience made better only because of Tom and the staff at Covert GMC. We are grateful to both Covert and Corporate GMC for treating their customers right; which in turn has made us loyal customers. We will never again do business with that "other" dealership, and will use Covert for future maintenance, as well as for our next car purchase. Thanks Covert!!!

Hilary A. | 2012-12-05

In August 2012, I purchased a used car without a warranty from Covert Buick GMC.  I worked with saleman, Lon Berg to locate an affordable and reliable used car.  Lon sold me a 2003 Toyota Matrix with 100,000 miles on it; they immediately came from $7900 asking price down to $5900 for me.    

On the test drive, we found a few minor problems with the vehicle, including an alignment issue which the shop fixed before I drove it off the lot.  

After purchasing the vehicle, I quickly noticed that the air conditioning did not work in the car (it's Texas after all) and the vehicle blew hot stale air when I put the AC on.  I put off fixing it until it was still 80 degrees in Austin in December.  I caved, took the car to a local mechanic (Juke Automotive) for a diagnostic test on the issue.  They quoted me $601 to fix the compressors.  This is a pretty common issue for a 10 year old Matrix.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  

I called Lon at Covert and he immediately got back in touch with me.  He worked with their service manager, Dave, to address the issue.  Covert fixed my AC compressors and only charged me for the parts - $375.  

I highly recommend Covert, their responsive service and great team to anyone looking for a used car.  They went above and beyond in this case.

Jessica H. | 2012-09-30

This place is fantastic! I dreaded the car buying process until my experience with Covert Buick GMC and one of their salesman Jerame.

They made the car buying process so easy for me, after a awful experience at another dealership.(interested in that story? I'll be writing a NOT so happy review for Round Rock (SHADY) Auto Group, shortly. Stay tuned!)

Jerame at Covert Buick GMC was great. I called Wednesday morning about a particular vehicle I was interested in and scheduled a appointment for Saturday morning. When I arrived yesterday, he already had the keys out & temp tag on the car so I could drive it and sent me on my way with a "see you when you get back." No pressure, no rushing me, etc!  Again, after a terrible experience with a different dealership, I knew my first task with this car was to take it to a mechanic. Although it is a "Certified" vehicle, you can ever be too safe. The diagnostic charge for a mechanic to look it over is WELL worth the time and money.

The mechanics at Great Hills Shell(awesome service, by the way) said the car was "damn near perfect" and that I should buy this car, if the "price was right." I was soooooo relieved that everything checked out well on the car.

When I arrived back at the dealership, Jerame simply asked me where I needed to be on price. I gave him my price and he went next door to the boss to see if that might work. A few min later,he came back with a little higher price(although not much). I called my hubby to talk with him and we decided if they would come down a few hundred bucks(really, just to round out the numbers) we would take it. I offered that to Jerame and they accepted. Woo hoo!

He sent me over to the financing department to start the contract.(I had my own financing so the signing paperwork went pretty fast, actually!)

I had to wait a bit for the car to be detailed, filled with gas, etc but that was no problem at all. I sat in their waiting area and decided I should call my insurance to switch it then, while I had the time.

Fast forward about 45 min....Jerame is putting the temp tags on MY car,and explaining/setting up and the technological features in the car(ie. Bluetooth, Onstar, etc) I am so thankful he did that, because I'm sure it would have taken me FOREVER!

As I drove off that lot, I felt great about the big purchase I had just made, fantastic about the service I received, and overall pleasantly surprised with the whole experience.

Thank you Jerame!!!

Ps: Seriously y'all, if you're in need of a new or used car, call Jerame. He will steer(haha, corny car reference) ya in the right direction. ;)

Mariana M. | 2012-02-01

I had a great experience with Covert all thanks to Mike Gruver. He is the guy to speak with. He made me feel comfortable about making a choice for a vehicle. I walked away with a great car and a great story to tell people. After I left the dealership I had a blowout and being a single female I had no idea what to do so I called Mike and he assisted me in every way. He had a guy head out my way, change my tire, and give me a new tire. I was able to make my flight all thanks to Mike. Thanks Mike!!!

Scott T. | 2012-01-13

Went in on 12/31/11 to get a Terrain. Knew the car I wanted from the website. Went in armed with the price, a print out of my trade-in's worth and a good idea of what I wanted to pay. First off, they couldn't get their computers to work, so it took forever for him to even confirm the sales price of the car that I wanted (internet special) and then they offered me 5K below blue book for trade-in's on my 2008 Element. Told him that was exceptionally low. He asked what it would take to earn my business, and I flatly stated $5K. Kept us waiting for another 20 minutes while he "consulted" and came back to offer me a whopping 2K more. I politely thanked him for his time and asked for my car keys.
He asked again what it would take to earn my business. Told him that I already stated it would take 5K and that the offer on my trade-in was insulting. Stated again that I was leaving and wanted my car. Kept trying to stall, so I was getting angry. Stated again that he insulted me and that I wanted to leave. He and the sales manager literally followed me outside to try to double team me. My car was nowhere to be found, which is entrapment and illegal.

Sales manager was haggling and said they'd made the deal work. Told him that they had the chance to do so and came back and insulted me. This went on for about 10 minutes. Finally, my wife said she felt trapped because our car was still nowhere to be found. As soon as she said that, the car miraculously appeared.

Would NEVER do business with these people. Ended up getting my new Terrain from Maxwell in RR. They were SO MUCH BETTER than the thieves at Covert. Offered fair value for my trade in from the get go.

Even the sales office furniture at Covert was dilapidated. Desks were literally falling apart, the chairs swayed with every little movement. Just a horrible all around experience.

Brian P. | 2011-09-08

Buying a car is stressful.  Last vehicle I bought I had a verbal altercation with the salesman.

Not the case at Covert Buick.  I went in educated on the vehicle I wanted (certified used Enclave) and what I wanted for my trade.  After one back and forth negotiation (Ricardo helped me - I saw his name in another review below) the car was mine.

There was none of this back and forth negotiation - let me talk to my manager - I'm losing money on this deal - someone else wants to buy this car - etc.

I didn't like that the finance manager added in the extended warranty into the payments to show me how "cheap" it was.  I struggle to not pull out the "Dude, Im a CPA, dont try and pull that crap on me".  The hard sale on the extended warranty was expected and to their credit when I firmly insisted that I wasn't interested, that was the end of it.

One other complaint - the car wasn't fixed as was promised when I took delivery and I had to take it back in to be fixed.  On the bright side I got a brand new pimped out loaner, so we are even.

All in all, I would buy a car here again without hesitation.  Covert got the important stuff right.

Aimee W. | 2011-06-30

Buyer beware -- Covert Buick GMC lives up to all the used car dealer stereotypes. I bought a used car for a "good" to "excellent" condition Blue Book price and have paid that much again in repairs in the first 6 weeks, including a new power steering pump, pressure hose and tie rods; a new battery; a new starter; and a new ignition switch, and there's more yet to be done.

Turns out that their version of "as is," which is supposed to include a safety inspection, really means something like "we're going to sell you a car that could catch on fire at any moment and not tell you about it." I am absolutely sure I didn't ask enough questions, and maybe what they did was legal, but you just don't treat people that way.

I went back to them with detailed information about the problems I was having and repair receipts and proposed a very reasonable 50/50 split on the cost of the work needed just to make the car safe (much which I had to do within the first five days of driving the car), and they laughed me out the door.

As I have said before, any business can make a mistake, but loyal customers are created when you do what's necessary to make it right. I went to them looking for a way to save the relationship and turn a misunderstanding into a win-win, but here I am instead...

My wish for Cory Covert, who clearly pulls all the strings and makes all the decisions (the sales manager might as well be the janitor -- no power or authority) -- may you reap in life exactly as you sow.

I'll be spending my money elsewhere next time.

Gary K. | 2011-04-25

To all the Batmobile fans, I am sorry to say she was very sick last week.  Her fluids were leaking and her tire pressure was low and her warning lights were blinking and ringing everywhere. A trip to the car hospital was needed.

We arrived at Covert Buick on Thursday morning with a doctor's appointment scheduled. The nurses took all her symptoms and whisked her away to the back, this is very serious they said, they told me not to stay and they would provide a ride home for me and they would call with the prognosis.

Then four hours later they called and told me she had a lot of problems and needed to stay overnight for observation. The estimated the cost to be over $1000.  DOH! This girl can be expensive.

Now it is hard for me to get around without her so I said make her new!

So the next day they called and told me she was ready and all her ills were fixed except the one nagging problem of clicking in the dash, they could not reproduce the problem.  They think it is a vent door motor that is continuing to try to close a vent and the vent door might not be closing all the way. So they want me to bring it in when it is happening so they can analyze it then.

My service rep was great, everything seems to be in good order and I am glad to be back on the road.  I am always amazed at the cost of dealer auto repair. Zing, pow, zap, bong!!!!  Batmobile over and gone, flying in the wind once again.

John K. | 2010-11-10

I recently bought my 3 d car from Covert Buick pre-owned and afraid this will be my last. The car and the price were fine - but the dealer prep of the car after I signed the papers was not very good at all.

Whomever detailed the car used some sort of scented cleaner and the car, several months later, still has that antiseptic floral scent in it - I mentioned this to the guy in charge when I went back for the plates and he argued with me about the scent, denied they use it, and was just obnoxious. Why would I ever trust these guys again?

Also, they made a big deal about flushing and replacing the engine fluids. It turned out that at most they had topped off the old stuff. The coolant was totally broken down - probably had been in place for 40,000 miles. The transmissions fluid also was old and burnt - possibly the original fluid from when the car was new.

Sorry Covert Buick, but you lost a long time loyal customer. Loyalty works two ways. Maybe you will figure that out.