Clay Cooley Nissan in Austin, TX

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Clay Cooley Nissan of Austin is one of the largest Nissan dealerships in the country. Everything's bigger in Texas and that includes our inventory!

At Clay Cooley Nissan, our commitment is to give you the absolute best experience purchasing and maintaining the vehicle of your choice. We aim to exceed all of your expectations regarding service and professionalism.

From purchase to the many miles that follow, we take care of you. Upholding your car's integrity is something that we at Clay Cooley Nissan of Austin South take very seriously. Our team performs everything from routine maintenance to repairs to keep you safely on the road.

No matter the service, your needs are our priority and we'll do our absolute best to ensure you leave with a smile. Even though vehicles are what we sell, customer satisfaction is our business. We look forward to your visit!


Established in 2014.

Clay Cooley has been serving you as a Texas dealer with professional sales and service for many years. Family owned for over 20 years, Clay and his family have served the Texas community meeting your sales and service needs. We look forward to serving you!

Clay Cooley Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 297-1520
Address:4914 IH 35 S, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Clay Cooley Nissan

Patrick S. | 2015-04-23

Tried giving them my business, but I guess they're not interested. I needed to schedule some maintenance and other work on my Juke. I called in, pushed "option 3" in their automated system for the service department. The phone rang for about 3 minutes before I heard someone pick it up and then immediately hang up on me. I called back, rang for another minute or so before someone picked it up and just left the receiver off the hook. No "hello", nothing. Nobody would even acknowledge that there was someone on the line despite the fact that I could hear them in the background.

Despite my better judgement I gave them another chance the next day (today). I was at least able to talk to a receptionist for the service department, who told me I would need to speak with a service advisor. She forwarded my call to one of their phones which, after ringing a while, went to a voicemail. I left my name and phone number, requesting a call back. Never heard back.

Seems like I've dodged a bullet. I guess I should be thanking them for keeping me away from their abysmal customer service.

Adriana B. | 2015-04-17

Zero, I would give them a zero star if I could. Ever since they became clay cool nissan its a non stop calls, emails even txts!! I bought a 2014 with south point, went back next year to trade it for a 2015, and clay cool nissan gave me the worst deal ever and non stop calls, its ridiculous, so many times I have asked to be taken off the list, but they dnt care. Avoid.

Chuck P. | 2015-04-06

Do yourself a favor and avoid them.  If you do end up there watch out for changing prices and expect to be treated with zero respect.  I could go on and on but I will I will just finish by saying avoid them.

Jen N. | 2015-04-05

Last week called Clay Cooley Nissan on 3 separate days and never got to a human being or even a voicemail for that matter.
I'd call, get automated answer, press the button for Service, and then listen to it ring and ring, never getting an answer. Not even voicemail. On the third day's try I hit the button for Sales and voila! someone answers. I've had it. They're only responsive if you want to drip $30K for a car?? Horrible. Looks like I'm headed to Round Rock for my service.

William H. | 2015-03-14

Typical sleezy car salesman.  I took my car in for a simple repair-- they under-quoted me for the repair, had poor customer service and on top of that they couldn't find my keys when I returned to pick up the vehicle.   What should have been a 15 min. visit (tops), turned into an hour long visit.  

I used to own a Hyundai and at South Point Hyundai they had much better service and were honest about prices.

Rant over.

Quinn A. | 2015-03-11

You can't hide - you might call yourself Clay Cooley Nissan but we still remember you and your bull*%#t as South Point Nissan, and you're still up to no good.  I'm copying my review that I just posted at the defunct South Point page here so that everyone can be warned.  

I would give it negative stars if I could.  I would charge it money for being the worst business on the face of the planet, if I could.  

I bought a Nissan Juke at the end of 2010.  I love my car.  I hate Nissan.  I.Hate.Nissan.

For the last year or so I have received phone calls every couple of weeks (EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS!)  from folks wanting to know if I want to bring in my Juke for service, if I want an extended warrenty, if I want to do I don't know, something, anything that costs money.  I tell every person who calls, politely, to take my name off the list and never call me again.  Then I get another call.  

I finally found out what happened.  NISSAN SOLD MY INFORMATION to third parties trying to make a buck off my purchase.  I HATE NISSAN.  They will never take me off their list, because every time they sell me they make a little scratch.

Tell me, Nissan, you miserable shits, is the tiny bit of money you are getting worth the basic humanity that you are selling out?   I will use every tool at my disposal to let people know that you are the lowest most cretinous ethically defective sleazebag dishonest scammers on the face of the earth.  

Don't buy a car here.  Ever.

Update:  While I was writing this review - they f$#%ing called me again!  From this number:  210-908-6417.

Scott M. | 2015-03-11

We probably should have read the reviews before we wasted three hours. The "price for everyone" that was listed on the Clay Cooley website wasn't honored; not even close. Nick, our salesman, was extremely knowledgable and professional, but the sales manager was condescending and dismissive. Bad experience.

Cris G. | 2015-03-10

Shop me first, shop me last, whatever you do, it could take the rest of eternity to deal with Clay Cooley's service department so save them for last.  
We bought our Quest when it was still South Point Nissan.  That experience was pretty arduous as it was.  Not sure why I feel compelled to go back to the dealer other than the usual obvious reasons, and sadly enough Clay Cooley is easier to get to than Town North.  The folks at the service department seem to want to drive us away.  It might be the only thing they're doing right.
List of errors:
-I got a flat.  Called on a Saturday afternoon, sent to "service advisor" and got voice mail.  Left a message and never got a call back.  You want to claim to have good service, take the 5 minutes to call me back.
-My wife hasn't gone for an oil change that's taken less than 90 minutes or felt comfortable that it was being handled well.
-Last oil change they said we should get the alignment done.  We had the alignment done at their service department the last time we were there.  Did they not do a good job?  "No, it's just something we recommend at this mileage."  Can they not look this up, or just don't care, or are just fishing for folks that don't bother to remember so they can milk you for another $90?
-Service tech didn't know how to update the clock.  If you can't change the time on a digital clock, should you be allowed to work on a car?  I think it's a bit more complicated.

Jose L. | 2015-02-28

Clay Cooley  gives Nissan a bad name. From the sales manager (Israel ) who is a professional at the bait and switch to the GM Joe Garcia  who refuses to return calls to address customer  dissatisfaction with overall experience. If yelp had zero stars I would say Clay Cooley  Nissan of North Austin definitely earned it. I Will never recommend this dealer and after this experience will never buy Nissan again.

Vivian R. | 2015-02-17

Today my Pathfinder is at the paint shop to see if they can fix the smudges that stayed on my car when they fixed the scratches and try to get my bumper back to the same color of the rest of my car.  Whoever they sent my new car to to fix the scratches on my bumper painted only half the bumper and let my bumper two different colors. Smh and so again I have a rental car.  What a record, my car was purchased 50 days ago and I have had 2 loaner cars and 2 rental cars.

Henry D. | 2015-02-10

Last place on earth for buying car.  They will try to add extended warranty even though you did not ask for it.  Read the contract carefully. Even though,  they signed on the contract that they will cancel the extended warranty  but they will sit on their ass ( they want you to pay the interest and unable to refinance) until you come in and sit with a sign saying that do not do business with Clay Cooley Nissan.

K P. | 2015-02-08

Clay Cooley Used Cars Austin. Absolute WORST car buying experience I have ever had!
Jan. 24th: I found a 2012 Mazda 3, and I liked it, but noticed right away that the 2 front wheels were very rusty. I voiced that concern, and was informed that they would replace them and give me a printout of the CARFAX.(PHILLIP AND MARIO promise me this) Spent 6 hours going back and forth, came to and agreement with the salesman and the manager on the used car side.
Went to the new car sales side to sign paperwork. Introduced to another manager MARK NITE. (this is at the 5 hour point). He informs me that we do not have a deal, and the people I dealt with on the used car lot have no authority to make deals. REALLY?? Because I got printouts of the agreement and signed them. We go back and forth with Mark for and hour. He is a total jerk, and says he can't help me for what I was promised. I told him that was fine, and I'd like the keys back to the car I was planning to trade in. He gets angry, says hang on! Gone for 20 minutes. Comes back all smiles, says we have a deal, and we sign the papers. This is just past the 6 hour mark.
It's now approaching 9 PM, and I am handed the keys and no Carfax .Drive home, drive the next day. Notice some minor issues, and 2 major ones. The rusty wheels that I had pointed out about 30 seconds after looking at the car, and I also noticed when driving it the first day a loud bump/clattering noise in the front passenger side wheel well that was really loud. It was obvious that something important was worn out or loose.

Jan 28th: I bring the car back to the dealership with a hot pink sticky note with all of the concerns I have listed. I go through the list with the salesman, he fills out a form, and I am sent home in a loaner. Still no Carfax.

Feb.6  Cut to today: I haven't seen my car in 2 1/2 weeks. I call to see what is going on. I am told my car is ready. When I arrive, I see that the car's wheels are still rusty, There's no printout of repairs, and STILL NO CARFAX. I ask them to look underneath the car so I can check for rust. They oblige. No rust, but I notice oil dripping off of the plastic pan between the 2 front wheels, and point it out. The manager says all cars look like that after an oil change. I wasn't aware I was getting an oil change on a car that I had only driven for 1 day. RIDICULOUS.
 The manager says they will be happy to refinish and repaint the front wheels. So they send me home AGAIN with the same loaner car, and so begins the third week of me buying a car that I cannot drive. On the way home, I get pulled over. The tags on the loaner car are expired and I GET A TICKET!!!!!!. I am advised that the dealership should have been aware of this before I left them today. I am ticketed and told not to drive the car again, because it is very likely I would get pulled over again.
So, I am stranded at home with no car, a ticket and a car payment quickly approaching. GREAT.  THANKS CLAY COOLEY.

jens w. | 2015-02-03

went in to look at Versas, was told all 2014 versas were out of stock, leading me to look into the 2015 models, fine. jumped through all the hoops i needed to to but couldnt seem to hit the payment I was looking for, my credit isnt in the best shape and interest got me pretty hard, expected. eventually I was asked if i would consider a hatchback, It was my preference so i went for it considering i was told that the features were all the same, same model of vehicle, the base model with manual transmission.  came to a payment range that worked and proceeded to financing. finally i get to look more into the numbers. sat down with one of the finance people and proceeded to clarify the details, so i thought. I saw the car that i was financing but did not drive it. it was after all the same model as i was told but a hatchback. i was given a 1500 dollar rebate, which i  was informed brought the price down to around 12700, i had 1100 down and i clarified, "so my finance amount will be 11,600"  I used the specific number with change, and was told yes. It never occurred to me that I was buying a 2014 vehicle being that i was told they were all out of stock. Long story short, I should have been watching these crooks closer, turns out that the finance amount was 12700,  entered a contract for 13800 essentially. and the car i bought was a 2014 not a 2015. what a joke!!! tell you what Clay Cooley, congratulations  you made a fool of me and that doesnt happen. I feel like a complete fool, what a great way to do business. It would be nice to feel comfort in the purchase I made, and to feel as if this Dealer cared a little about their customers.

I also went to the service department soon after buying my car because i felt that my tires weren't well balanced, i was told that there was no problem. when i asked if the balance of the tires had been checked i was told no. I left, ill never walk into this business again, not even for a free oil change.

Clay if your business is in anyway a reflection of you, then Poop razors bro

I will be doing my part to drag down the reputation of this business,

Kate K. | 2015-01-24

Please Beware...Online Prices Are Not Real!! They are only to get you in the door. Classic Bait and Switch. They will then tell you the prices were a typo..Thanks Thomas and Jason, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  They think customers are stupid. Next step Better Business Bureau for us. It's illegal everywhere else to not honor your online prices..this sleezy practice needs to change...go elsewhere.

Sarah J. | 2015-01-22

I bought my Nissan in September 2014 and I thought that I should write a review about them since I gained more experience with different kinds of other dealers. From the first day I bought my car I was not happy at all with their customer service. THANK GOD they are not the ones who manufactured the car or else I would have never bought it. Their waiting times are crazy and now thinking back, I think I should have left when they made us wait so long. The whole store was a complete mess and the dealer was unprofessional. He did not even know much about the car and kept repeating the same information about the car I bought like how to adjust its seat and turn the engine on and THAT's IT. He kept making excuses to give me my manual later until like two months of purchasing the car!!!!!!
He kept us for a very long time when we bought the car and eventually said that I have to come back tomorrow to still finish the paper work, he was not sure what he was doing as well and said will give me the manual then. It was a joke! when I came the next day according to our agreed appointment time, I still had to wait for him and when I came after two months to get my licenses plate done, I still had to wait for him for a long time to get it done although I always come on time.
My family still tease me about choosing Nissan to be my car, they say that discourages them from ever getting a Nissan Car. However, when I paid a visit to Nissan Town North for my oil Change, they have way better customer service and they are more time efficient, their customer service is better and I'm glad that I made an effort not to go back to ClayCooley ever!!! not even for the oil change!

I can't believe I let this dealership ruin my car shopping experience, but I will try to avoid them in the future at all costs!!!

Tina L. | 2015-01-14

We took our daughters car in to have the transmission replaced because we learned from our local mechanic at Davis Tire that Nissan had extended the warranty on the Muranos. When Dave, our service rep from Clay Cooler,  called to tell us the transmission did need to be replaced he also told us that one of the  motor mounts needed to be replaced to the tune of $564.00 along with the oil filter housing gasket that would be $236.00.  I told him not to fix those items and just do the transmission.
I then took her car to Davis Tire in Oakhill 290 W. to have those two items repaired.  They just call to tell me that both motor mounts are fine and do not need to be replaced.

And car dealerships wonder why they have bad names.Will only go to them for warranty work from now on.

MeatBall H. | 2015-01-08

UPDATE:  I was on Facebook tonight and the Clay Cooley Nissan ad came up with the bait & switch priced car.  I guess that is a sure sign that the listed price wasn't just a "typo".  I'm pretty sure they could have it updated after 4 days.....unbelievable!

Obviously, I should've read these reviews before attempting to engage with this Dealership.  I was looking for a specific car and saw an ad online in AutoTrader and reached out via email to confirm the actual price was the price shown online.  In addition to emailing, I called and spoke to Norma to confirm the price and she told me the best price was the internet price and I would have to come in and speak to someone to get any additional information.   I live in Austin & did not want to make a trip to Dallas if this was a bait and switch scenario.  I counted the emails and I emailed her 14 times today (I know - a bit crazy, but I was excited and was ready to drive to Dallas for this deal!)  to ask her to just confirm the internet pricing.  She ignored all of my emails except the one that I asked her the address so I could come in.

While all of this was going on, I had a friend call the dealership to see if she could confirm the price with someone else.  Sure enough, the sales "manager" she spoke to said the online price was a typo or that somebody had just entered the price incorrectly.  It wasn't an error of just a few bucks, it was a few thousand dollars!  

I never actually went in (thank god) and would have just let it go if she had replied to me, but since she completely ignored me, I feel like they are totally shady.  It appears as if they are running some bait and switch internet pricing scam to get people to come in.  I double checked the online ad before posting this review thinking perhaps if it was a genuine oversight, they would repost the correct price or take the ad down, but nope, it's still out there for someone else to get suckered.

If they ever contact me and confirm the price they advertised is the "real" price for the vehicle, I will happily come back here and update this review.  In the meantime, I would avoid this place like the plague.  If they run their business by blatantly lying to potential customers, I can't imagine how they would be to deal with face-to-face.

Super shady.

Coffee A. | 2014-12-18

The ratings for this page are hilarious. Is this the worst-reviewed business on Yelp? Maybe, huh?

We got a promotional scratcher in the mail from Clay Cooley Nissan, scratched it, and won. Of course it advertised that we would be the "guaranteed winner" of "an Ipad, a big screen TV, 5K, or a 500 dollar Walmart gift certificate". We called the 800 number, spoke to a rep who confirmed we had "won" but wouldn't divulge what exactly we had won, and said we had to go there to pick up our prize. We checked out the Yelp page and saw how bad the reviews were, but decided to go anyway to at least check it out.

We showed up and were greeted by a car salesman who was nice and wearing an impressive jacket (leather and wool combo, ooo), and asked me if I was ready to dump my car and buy a new one. No thanks, dude, just here for the sweepstakes. Turns out we won a Walmart gift card...worth 5 dollars, not even worth the gas it took just to get there.

Cue balloons! Cue confetti and dancing! hahahaha

Marissa G. | 2014-12-15

Worst place ever! I went in for an oil change and paid over $50. I went to sea world and as I'm driving in I hear a big noise and smoke coming out from under the car. I was creaking out I stopped and this guy check the car said it was the oil. My didn't have any oil. The dealership did send someone to toe it back because I told them there was no way I would drive it back. I just got an oil change how could my car not have oil. They don't pay attention they are just trying to make a dollar. I wish I would of never bought a car from them.  I talked to the manager and I asked him what if I messed up my car he said oh you didn't your car is under warranty for 100000 miles or 5 years. Really? Ok well today my car didn't want to start and the battery was dead managed to take it there and the guy tells me well what do you want to do your car isn't under warranty! Bad business!  Don't buy a car from here don't use the service here they don't care about the customers!

Alice K. | 2014-12-14

We had the worst experience EVER at the Clay Cooley South Austin Nissan Dealership yesterday. (Warning: it's a little long, but TL;DR is that they have terrible customer service, and always ask for your car keys back IMMEDIATELY if they take them to inspect your car for a trade-in.)

My husband and I are looking for a new car. We'd test driven a Nissan Rogue, but the dealership in North Austin didn't have the particular model we'd wanted. I called up the Clay Cooley Nissan dealership down South on 35 to see if they had one in stock. We did, so I gave them my name and they said they'd have one ready for us to test drive.

Keith jumps on us as soon as we get out of our car, we tell him we called ahead, etc. etc. and he goes to get the car for us. 30 minutes pass in the freezing, air-conditioned show room from hell before he comes back over and says that he's finally found one, but it's in the back lot so it'll take a few more minutes. 15 more minutes pass and we're about to head out the door, and he comes back. He takes us to the back lot where the car we want to test drive is completely blocked in.

We'd test driven a similar one at the north location, so it wasn't too big a deal for us to not get to actually drive this one since we got to look around inside (although we were already pretty irritated at this point, and I'm not buying a car that I don't get to test drive first). We go back inside to talk about pricing.

Keith takes our car keys to get our car's VIN number since we want to do a trade-in. He comes back in (sans keys) and gives us a price for the car that is $3000 over both the Blue Book Value AND the price the North dealership had quoted as a starting point. My husband tells him so, and Keith disappears and brings back Jose (I'm fairly certain that was his name), one of the managers. We explain again that the price is significantly higher than the Kelly Blue Book says it should be for MSRP. Jose leaves, and comes back with a pricing sheet. "I don't normally show this to people," he says, and proceeds to explain that the car was at the KBB value, but points to the add-ons (cargo net, chrome something and floor mats were on the list) that add roughly $3000 to the price. He shows us 60 month financing options that were over $200 per month than our credit union offered.

At this point, it's been over 90 minutes and we've had enough. We tell Jose that we don't care about the add-ons, the financing is outrageous, and ask for our keys back... and Jose's still trying to bully us into this price. After we reiterate for the fourth or fifth time and point out that we have asked for our keys back three times now. Jose finally goes to get them, raising his voice at us and saying that "we're just not working with him" because apparently shaming us is totally going to get us to buy his car.

In conclusion, the people at Clay Cooley Nissan dealership are terrible at customer service. At least now we know to ask for our car keys back as soon as they get back from taking down the VIN-- another tactic.

Michelle D. | 2014-12-11

Very unprofessional environment. The parts department has an incredibly rude manager and the female cashier that works in the morning wears blatantly inappropriate clothing. Her lower back is not covered and this is supposed to be a family friendly environment?? I was told that my boyfriend could pick up a part for me if he showed his ID. Awaiting to be greeted with the "Nissan customer promise," my boyfriend was greeted with a rude parts department employee who sucked on his teeth as he accused my boyfriend of lying. Just so rude.

There is a lack of communication as well. I went to get a simple part that my car was missing and it took 3 times for them to finally get it right. I attempted to show them the part the first and second time, but oh they "knew" what they were doing; until they messed it up...twice. Then, they finally let me physically show them the precise part and what do ya know. It was finally correct.

Overall everything got fixed, but they have you travel to hell and back in order for it to be done correctly.

Sarah Z. | 2014-12-10

Don't waste your time here. I own a 2012 Nissan Frontier that is completely under warranty and has been immaculately cared for. I came in looking for some basic maintenance after making an appointment the day before. They told me it would cost $130 and wouldn't take longer than an hour. Well, I'm still here 4 hrs later and they just told me it needs $670 in maintenance alone. What a joke. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

Update: let me be clear about something- not only was the price outrageous (I have many many Nissan mechanics in my family), but the customer service is TERRIBLE. I waited FIVE hours without an update for four of them. The employees treated me like I was ignorant young woman. In fact, I watched as every man in the waiting area was shown their air filter vs a clean new one and all six women (including myself) were just told we needed new air filters. When I asked to see my current air filter, I was met with exasperation. I won't be back.

Amber G. | 2014-12-08

The absolute worst experience I've ever had at a dealership. I found a vehicle that I was interested in on their website. Of course, the website stated the price accompanied with $0 down w.a.c. I was "pre-approved" and received roughly 10 calls from them within a 3 day period. Against my better judgement I made an appointment to go in and speak with Mark. When I arrived, the salesmen were waiting like vultures at the curb. Staring me down as I put on some lipstick in the mirror before exiting my vehicle. Upon meeting with Mark, I told him which car I was interested in and immediately he brings me the keys to a car with a $15,000 more expensive price tag. I told him that I was not interested in that car, I had one in mind that was in my budget. He explained that he wasn't even sure of that car was on the lot, and because of the low price I would not be be able to get financing. I never even mentioned financing. Again, he goes back to the newer, pricier vehicle claiming that if I  were to buy that one, my monthly payment would only be blah, blah, blah. I again reiterated that I was not interested in monthly payment negotiations, the bottom dollar for the car is what is important to me. At this point, he realized he wouldn't be able to talk me into the newer car and told me that he wouldn't be able to help me at all. He said that car is a cash car, which I understand it probably was, so I asked him if I were to come in with cash what would the bottom dollar he would take for it. He shrugged his shoulders very dismissively said, "No idea." and then proceeds to annunciate slowly, insinuating that I wasn't understanding him, "That... car... is... not... even... here..." So, I got up and walked out. Embarrassed and fuming. The funny thing is, as I was leaving the lot, I drove around the front and right there, facing the road was the car in question. I even took a picture of it and told one of the vultures that was scanning the lot to let Mark know that the car that wasn't there, that he didn't want to sell me, was in the back row, facing the interstate. This place is a joke, I should never feel as if I'm being laughed at for being sensible with my money. I went right down the street and found a dealership that was very happy to accommodate my wishes and concerns and was more than willing to take my money.

Barry K. | 2014-11-30

These guys suck Donkey Balls!!

I went in to buy a car from them I saw online listed at Altima, test drove it, gave them my budget, and they came back with a price SIX THOUSAND more than their web price! Almost 25K on a used Altima and I didnt even like the color! They suggested a used Maxima that was in my range, and came back with a price almost as high? I was like WTF? Are you even listening to me?

Went to Town North, got a brand new Maxima for less than the piece of crap Altima I was settling on with them...these guys suck and are retards, dont know how they sleep at night.

I did get great stories about what dbags they are at Town North! Go there those guys are great, and had fun buying a car!!

Ryan O. | 2014-11-21

Clay Cooley Nissan is a complete joke. Their customer service makes you feel like you are on the news segment "What Would You Do?"

I have had three issues with this dealership since they took ownership in March of 2014. The wait times are outrageous, the salespeople look unprofessional, and management doesn't care since the showroom/service is a revolving door. For past issues I received calls from the GM who apologized, offered free oil changes, etc.

Today I come in and sit in the oil change bay (mind you the actual service is only supposed to be 30 minutes) for 15 minutes before anyone acknowledged me. Actually, I brought my presence to their attention when the attendant decided to help a female instead of me (who had arrived first).

When I spoke with the GM in person he was apologetic. His message was basically, we are too busy for the staff we have. If you want immediate service then this is not the place for you. There are other options.

Although I've typed quite a bit - I still do not have the words to describe what kind of place this is.

I would recommend that you not waste your time or money here.

Update: I should add that the Assistant Sales Manager (Saul) is always professional and respectful. I honestly believe his focus is to provide excellent and perfect customer service.  Unfortunately, I think he is a rarity amongst the Clay Cooley family. One person cannot do it alone.

Ari O. | 2014-11-06

I'm seeing a pattern with Clay Cooley. Most people seem to have bad experience, with myself included. I've bought a total of three cars from Nissan two @RR Nissan and one here when it used to be SouthPoint. The day before yesterday I was contacted by a salesman and decided to give it ago. Found the car and started to talk numbers. I was told that everything was do able with my circumstances and so I decided to take the car home to get input from my husband before I pulled the trigger. I show up the following morning ready to sign papers and that's when everything I discussed the previous day was thrown out the window. Such a waste of time and a disappointment to say the least. I was there from 9am to about 3pm yesterday then showed up from 1030am to 1130am just to walk out empty handed. The salesman I was working with was the only pleasant part of all the wasted time. Maybe I'll get a call back with my original deal, but I probably won't. And that's a shame. I'll update if they decide to go back to what was agreed on.

**Sorry Mario I know you were trying**

Shawn J. | 2014-09-30

Worst car buying experience ever.  The sales person was super nice and we found a car I loved but the manager was SUPER PUSHY!  I would avoid this dealership and just buy in Dallas or Houston

Ivan V. | 2014-09-16

Went to buy a manidfold gasket. Was almost twice the price of the nissan dealership in dallas i had bought one from previously? 39$ compared to $24. ppl working there were nice though. also got some Matic K fluid too, that was priced correctly @1050 a quart.

Jim O. | 2014-09-14

Okay, we went here because of one of those promos "You have won". But we stayed for quite a while talking to Kris Santocoy. He knew up front that the likelihood of us buying a car was slim to none, but he answered question after question for us.
So if I'm any judge of character this man will do right by you!

R. Antonio P. | 2014-09-02

Worst experience ever!  I picked up my car after a recall and my car looked like it was driven in the mud.   I complained to the service technician and he said, "no big deal, it washes off".  I told him it was a big deal to me, it's an inconvenience now that I have to go wash it".  He stated, "So I guess you want a free car wash".  "It will take one hour for a car wash".  I asked to speak to the service manager.  The service manager never showed up to handle my complaint.  I will never take my vehicle back to this place.  Staff is rude and incompetent.  Stay away from this place.  This is not the first bad experience I've had at this dealership.  I truly believe all the other negative comments/experiences addressed by other people towards Clay Cooley Nissan.  Horrible customer service!!!

Trevor N. | 2014-07-29

Don't go to Clay Cooley. I went in with a flyer for a prize, said I was only picking up my prize, that I can't afford to buy a car. They loaded my gift card with five dollars. Obviously a waste of my time and gas. As for their customer service,  one lanky salesman even laughed about it and another cracked a joke,  "here for another Wal-Mart card?" Good show. #thanksricky

Avery L. | 2014-06-15

Came here after work around 3:30PM on a Friday. Saw an ad on their website showing a specific price for their Nissan Altimas. We get there and they tell us, yeah that price is unattainable. HAHA, wtf? But they did say they are going to try to get close to it. After about 30 minutes of easy going negotiations, the salesman has to get his fleet manager to approve. Their fleet manager Ganero comes back, tells us drive a hard bargain basically and agrees to the said price. Here's where it gets shady...

They make us wait 3.5 hours with no explanation on what is taking so long. No updates, nothing. At 7PM, the holy finance manager (African American male, short, wears glasses, name is maybe Al - can't remember) is ready for us. Hands us papers to sign while he's sucking on a jolly rancher, can't even understand the words coming from his mouth. One of the papers had a price that was higher than the negotiated price, so we asked him what this was. He says, "what? It has to do with county taxes." So we keep reading it carefully, taking our time, and ask again why the price on the paper is higher than the negotiated price. He says, "what? I don't know, you don't need to worry about this part, it's not important." (HOW CAN HE NOT KNOW?) I said  we're getting it for X amount out the door right? He doesn't even look at us and says yeah yeah yeah, sure. Then continues to type on his computer. Then he has this look on his face and goes whoa whoa whoa, nah, this price is BEFORE taxes. I tell him no, we agreed on this specific price. He says "look I only deal with the numbers, but I don't make the numbers so I don't know. We'll need to talk to the fleet manager."

Fleet manager comes back and says, hey guys whats the issue? I tell him and he says oh no, we agreed on this price before taxes, see? I tell him I'm not an idiot and I deal with contracts and small print every day. I know what I agreed upon. Fleet manager now needs the finance director. Finance director comes in all friendly, then changes his face the moment we start talking about the car. I told him the situation and he says oh okay, you understood wrong. I said no, they told us this price etc. He says okay okay, well we aren't going to let 1000 dollars get in between you and a new car right? I tell him that's not the point and it's the principle. He says, what you can't afford it? We laugh at this guy since he's not getting it. We try to agree on another price slightly higher than the last, but still affordable. He pretends to crunch numbers and comes back and says can't do it guys sorry we lost you. We said fine and drive off. 15 minutes later they call back and say come back come back we'll give it to you for that price. We were long gone by that point.

Here's their tactic and I should have spotted it miles away.
-Get you in the door because a promise of a low price online.
-Negotiate with you
-make you wait 4 hours to tire you out, so you're not making the best decisions
-rush you through financing
-and try to bully you into purchasing

We ended up going to Town North Nissan ended up HAPPILY spending a few thousand more and got the features we wanted (Bottom line price was lower, but we ended up getting the next trim level up plus the extended warranty, hence the increase in price). We were much happier with the service and the people. Bottom line, don't go to this sleaze hole where everyone is working together to get that undeserved sale. If you want to lose faith in humanity, go here.


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