Charles Maund Volkswagen in Austin, TX

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Charles Maund Volkswagen is the #1 VW Retailer in Austin and surrounding areas and a premiere VW service facility for a few key reasons. We are centrally located IN Austin, TX which means you can visit us without interrupting your day or taking too much time out of your driving route. We are staffed with a management staff with years of experience, VW certified consultants, VW certified service advisors, and VW certified technicians. This means that from the time you purchase your new or pre-owned Volkswagen you will not waste time or money with inexperience employees. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuously improve.

We provide a vast inventory of new VW Jetta, Passat, GTI, Golf, CC, Beetle, Tiguan, and Touareg models. If you are looking to save money we offer quality pre-owned Volkswagen models as well as all pre-owned makes and models. Including Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Honda, and MiniCooper. With over 20 banks to work with, we make financing a new or pre-owned vehicle a breeze.

Charles Maund Volkswagen is #1 in the region for "Fixed Right The First Time" on our post service survey and that tells you a lot. That tells you that we come to work committed to get you back on the road. Our hopes are that you purchase, service, accessorize, and trade in your vehicle with the same familiar faces you met on day one.


Established in 1957.

Charles Maund VW opened its doors to the vibrant, full of life, city that is Austin, TX in 1957. The Maund Family has retailed Volkswagens since they were America's original "Car for the people" and that is what we continue to be. The Volkswagen consumer is a carbon copy of your typical Austin resident and we pride ourselves on being the #1 VW retailer in the greater Austin area.

Located on Burnet, Rd in the iconic neighborhood of Allandale, we are amungst a vibrant community. Top Notch Burgers, Hopdoddy, Lucys Fried Chicken, Phill's Ice House, and many more eateries, and places of entertainment fill our area with the essence of Volkswagen.

The Charles Maund VW facilities are keeping up with the times and since mid 2013 have undergone phases of renovation, rebuilding, and remodeling. As the months and years go by you will see how, housed in central Austin, Charles Maund VW will grow upwards to accommodate the largest VW service and retail community along with new guests

Charles Maund Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 458-1111
Address:6900 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78757
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Charles Maund Volkswagen

Evan D. | 2015-04-21

Service adviser was prompt and courteous.  Service department was super FAST and their expertise is top notch.

Erin G. | 2015-04-18

Was a customer of Johnny's back before he retired. Sweet guy, called me to check on my car a YEAR after I'd purchased it, and generally a sweet guy. HOWEVER, after dealing with Joy today, I felt horribly insulted and will never set foot in a Charles Maund dealership ever again.

First of all- it's Saturday. Busy. I understand. I felt that I was patient and understanding that she had appointments and that I had simply walked in. I waited. Understandable. She showed me a few cars, one of which had actually already been sold, since the couple who purchased it came out of the building as I was in it. (AWKWARD.) None measured up to the car I was in, a borrowed car from Onion Creek VW, that I explained was the car to beat. When she found one that was the exact same, she refused to negotiate more than $400 on the price. Now, I love to haggle. That's my favorite part. I'll shop around, bid around, and ended up paying nearly $6,000 off MSRP at Onion Creek.

Edit: Onion Creek did NOT beat their offer. Charles Maund offered $16,500 and I paid $16,900 at Onion Creek. While the bidding war is fun for me, it's not what matters. The car I purchased has more warranty and the customer service was phenomenal. Onion Creek even came to get me in Pflugerville, when Charles Maund wouldn't give me a ride to shop their lot. Customer care is everything.

But what REALLY lost the sale, was the attitude. I get it. It's almost closing on a Saturday. But Jesus, fake it. She went down to below Onion Creek's original price. I asked for it in writing. She asked if I was going to use that to negotiate at Onion Creek. I said yes. Her response was that she wasn't giving me anything in writing, complete with a hair flip.

Now, she let me take their car to Onion Creek to compare. Told me they closed at 7, to be back by then. At 6:15, when we were about to leave, I got a text saying that she needed to talk to me. I called and told her that Onion Creek had beaten their price. She angrily got off the phone, and 10 minutes later I got a snotty text saying that I needed to be back with her car immediately. I'm not normally one to throw the whole customer is always right phrase around. In fact, I completely disagree with that. However, the (potential) customer should always be treated with respect until they prove undeserving.

Adrienne O. | 2015-04-09

Just had work done on my 2012 Passat TDI. Was extremely pleased with Burt in the service department. I have driven many cars in my day, handled plenty of repairs through the years and I have never had someone genuinely CARE about my experience and my situation to the degree this man did today. He truly went above and beyond. I am so grateful and he's earned my loyalty for good.

Patrick H. | 2015-03-11

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of service that I received from the sales staff (Chad Miller and Maria Espinoza- Hi Maria!) at Charles Maund VW.  I basically named my deal and I got it.  There was no big "gotta see if the manager will let me do this" routine, no leaving me in the sales office to contemplate the direction of my life- just good, friendly and knowledgeable customer service- oriented sales people who got me the VW that I wanted and now love!  
I had been warned that Charles Maund was not such a great place to deal for a car but I don't have that impression.  I have taken my wife's VW in for service and always been treated right and satisfied with the results.  This is a good place to find a new car.

Matti V. | 2015-02-23

Way to go...Parts Department.  That's right, the under-appreciated guys behind the counter.  The prices here are about as good as you can find anywhere on the internets for OEM replacement parts, plus if you're willing to pick parts up, you don't pay the shipping charges that the internet likes to charge.

They're fast, they're friendly, and they were more than willing to work with me to exchange a part when I ordered the wrong one.

Bill S. | 2015-01-30

My truck was in its golden years and wasn't going to last too much longer. So I decided to look for a newer one and decided that Charles Maund had the truck that I wanted and needed for my business. The sales person that  helped me out was Matt over at the pre owned lot. He made it easy and pain free in purchasing my newer truck.

If you are ever in need of a new vehicle, head on over to the pre owned dealership and talk to Matt he will set you up.

Laura W. | 2015-01-28

I bought a new Jetta here a couple months ago and  had a pretty good sales person.  The sales manger was also decent, although it is frustrating to have to go through the stereotypical car negotiations- this is 2014, guys.

I have to say that I did not enjoy dealing with the finance manager, Ray Dominguez, at all.  There were a couple snafus that he tried to cover with lies.     He was also just plain "salesy". I mean your textbook hard sales pitch- making you say "no" THREE times, super aggressive, fake get the idea. Aside from not screwing up your paperwork, his one and only job is likely to sell you on the extended warranty, and he makes this painfully obvious. After dealing with him I felt genuinely insulted that they

Willa C. | 2015-01-19

I went in for my 2 year factory maintenance. They said they performed an oil change and in fact they did not. Luckily my husband is a mechanic and identified the issue immediately. This is an incredible unethical business practice. No wonder VW has allowed Onion Creek to open. Which is where I will be going from now on. I will also be reporting this behavior to VW. Disgusting. Sales experience was fine.

Andrew G. | 2014-12-18

I just signed a lease on a 2015 Jetta SE for a lease. I ended up getting the best deal I have found with these guys (worked with Eiji, who was very friendly the entire time), but it took competing offers to get them there. I ended up getting the sign and drive terms except we financed the tax, title and registration and I only needed 10k miles per year.

At least two other VW dealerships could not find a way to match Maund's terms on exactly the same trim (specifically, Onion Creek here in Austin and Alamo Heights in San Antonio). Hewlett in Georgetown could match, but not beat, so I decided to stay local.

Smiley L. | 2014-11-21

These guys are so unbelievably rude and awful to their customers.  What a horrible experience!!! I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.  I can't believe I wasted my time going there to buy a car!!!

Bri S. | 2014-11-14

Would have loved to buy a car here but the salesman Eiji was more concerned about making "the big sale" with me than listening to my short list of wants for a new car. I went in pre-approved, all I wanted was to buy. He kept me waiting an unprofessionally long time while he made other car sales simultaneously. He kept me waiting while they didn't even have the car in stock. He made a simple transaction overly complicated. Way to make an exciting purchase such a negative experience.
The finance manager was very friendly.

Manny H. | 2014-11-11

Charles Maund VW is awesome!  Shelly Freid is a friendly and courteous service consultant and Isaac is an honest and trustworthy service technician.  I bought my Touareg here and have nothing but love for them.  They perform exactly what is required on your vehicle - nothing more, nothing less.  They always have a smile on their face.

Keep up the good work!!

David B. | 2014-11-06

Had a great experience purchasing a new Passat at Charles Maund Volkswagen.  Our salesman Chad Miller was especially knowledgeable about the product and was patient with us and answered our questions well.  There was never any pressure to purchase like we experienced at other dealers.  We didn't get those annoying phone calls ever few hours after a test drive nor did we get the feeling that we were forgotten.  We found their staff to be professional and helpful without being pushy.  We'll likely be back.

Nick B. | 2014-11-05

New to the area. And found out that the wrench for the locking lug nut on my wife's car was missing. Now with a flat and no way to get the wheel off to even put the spare on the car.
Made a couple of calls to other dealers and was told sorry can't help you, before getting ahold of Mark in the Parts department At Charles Muand VW.
With talking to him for a few minutes this man went out of his way to actually come bye my home and bring his tools to get the locking lug nuts off. So now my wife can get back and forth without any problems.
Thank you Mark.

Heather Y. | 2014-10-10

This dealership sold me a lemon even though the vehicle was CERTIFIED USED , and lied to me twice, resulting in me wasting hours of my time and left me with the same lemon car that I originally bought. They certified my car even though there were things wrong with it. The first time something went wrong, within a month of buying the car, they refused to fix the car for the $50 deductible as they had told me they would, and named some obscure clause that said they didn't have to. The second time something went wrong, I had to take the car to a separate dealership to have my warranty honored properly.

Then, when I stated the lemon law, this dealership (Terry specifically) offered to let me trade in my car for a working car, but in the end were LYING about the whole deal and would not let me trade in my car without charging me an extra  $3500 and raising my monthly payments. For that cost, I could've had a brand new car.

This dealership does not properly certify their cars, they make empty promises and they lie to make sales.

I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. In fact, I now go to Onion Creek Volkswagen for all maintenance because they actually stand by their warranties there.

Phillip K. | 2014-10-06

4 stars. I came here twice. The first time was to get a new tire because it had 3 nails in it!!! After calling around, they surprisingly had the lowest price. We dropped of our Tiguan, and they replaced the tire in the time that they promised. Our service rep was also willing to accept a coupon as we were paying, to give us some additional discounts.

I came back a few months later because a bubble in the sidewall had developed in that same tire. Good thing the tire came with a road hazard warranty, so it was a really simple replacement.

The only reason it's not 5 stars, is because the waiting area/lounge had left a lot to be desired. They had  the standard free WIFI and a few couches. But as far as amenities go, all they offered were some stale bagels and bad coffee. Check out what they offer at First Texas Honda dealership or even the Lexus of Austin, and they will provide coffee drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, etc), sodas, pastries.

Jen R. | 2014-09-11

I love this dealership in general but I don't understand why their service department even makes appointments.  Twice I have come for standard 10k mile service (basic oil change, fluid top-off, etc), have had early appt times, and both times after 1.5 hours of waiting have been told they "haven't gotten to my car yet".  The WHOLE appointment was supposed to take UP TO 1.5 hours and they haven't even started the work?? This is an absurd waste time.

J C. | 2014-08-28

Charles Maude Volkswagon engages in many of the usual car dealership scam-artistry typical of cheaper, more mainstream or even used dealerships.
I have a 2011 VW Jetta which I have had serviced at this dealer for 2 years. My service rep, Shelly, has been great but everyone else I have dealt with (parts department, service techs, salesmen etc.) have been of the LOWEST quality.

Once, when I called to get a quote from the parts manager, he hung up on me claiming I would need to provide him with my VIN number and begin the scheduling process before he even gave me a quote.
Most recently, the service team either neglected to notice my battery needed replacing or willfully ignored it. Upon replacing my battery, Shelly was nice enough to give me a 10% discount. Probably the most she could do under the watchful eye of her boss. Upon returning home, I contacted the AAA service man who brought my car in and asked if it was possible to test a battery before hand to tell if it needed replacing. While the test can't predict battery failure, one can be sure enough that it will fail if they take the time to figure out how old it is and if it has been in extreme heat each summer. ALSO, they should have been aware it might be on its last legs due to the excessive corrosion on the battery leads. This is unusual for late model european cars unless the battery is on its last legs for whatever reason.

LONG STORY SHORT, Charles Maude either ignored this test and the corrosion or did not check it at all during the final service under my warranty (which would have covered my battery.) Gross negligence or willful deceit. Either way, it cost me. And it will cost you if you trust these people with your car. ALWAYS, expect a dealer will be more expensive and more careless than the alternative BUT NEVER expect them to screw you like this. This sort of behavior belongs over at Chevrolet or GMC. Look where it got them.

not only did I never hear from the manager, I had to drive down there and wait 2 hrs and pay to fix a mistake they made. You don't treat VW owners like this. MOST of the positive reviews about this place were probably made by people that don't know any better and didn't even realize they were getting screwed.

Melody L. | 2014-07-29

I want to take this opportunity to thank the service department at Charles Maund VW.   I will admit that my first visit to the Charles Maund VW service was not ideal. I was prepared to write a "not so good" review but decided to give then another chance, as they are, by far, the most convenient VW location for me.  

Unfortunately, less than a month later, I was in a very frustrating and potentially expensive situation with my 2013 Touareg.  The service director, Corby, service manager, Kenneth and service advisor, Brant, went "above and beyond" to work with Volkswagen of America to help get my issue resolved.

I want to encourage those of you who have written or read some of the "not so good" reviews, to give them another chance.  They are working very hard to improve their image. I know that I, for one, will become a repeat customer. ~ Hopefully, not in the near future!

Joe G. | 2014-07-23

Maund Service has been up and down on my list over the years. As competition has increased so has their quality of service. The parts department in particular earn my praise as I ordered an item that wasn't quite right and even though they didn't have to take it back and give me a full refund they did just to keep me happy. And happy I am. That shows integrity and good customer service. I will be back.

Casey G. | 2014-07-21

I had been searching for weeks for my new vehicle. I knew I wanted a jetta, but hadn't found 'the one'. I reached out to CM VW and was promptly contacted by Reed. He was awesome to work with! I went in on a Friday @ 12:30 & 30 minutes later I was test driving my car! It has absolutely everything I was looking for. Reed really listened to my likes, dislikes, concerns,  etc. I financed through UFCU and I knew CM VW wanted the opportunity,  but I felt zero pressure to utilize their financing.  I want to give a big thank you to Jesse as well. He gave great advice regarding which warranty would best suit my needs. These guys were fantastic to work with and they made my first solo car buying experience a positive one.

Krystal S. | 2014-07-17

Walk in, asked to see a Volkswagon Passat the guy that met me at the door told me I can't afford it, so I walked out, and bought a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid somewhere else. If that is really how they treat customers, then they don't deserve me as a customer or anyone else.

Mario P. | 2014-07-16

I got my VW Eos here. In order to keep my warranty, I did all my car's jobs in their service department; oil changes and state inspections even.
1.5 years in, I noticed that my car was having trouble shifting correctly, for the remaining of my car's warranty, I'll always tell them about it whenever I needed something done in my car but, they will always tell me everything was alright.

4 years after, and already out of warranty, my engine light went off and I had to take my car on a Sunday to another place. They found out that my car's turbocharger has been malfunctioning for a few years now. I got all repairs done at that other place and, I noticed something particular: my gear-shifting was as good as when I first bought the car. This raised my suspicions and went around finding VW experts and I was told that, this dealership might had been negligent in order to save some money paying for the repairs on my warranty.

I got evidence and went back here and tried to talk to someone. There was just this one technician who was extremely helpful and nice (only reason why I am not giving just 1 star in this review). However, I HAD to talk to the main technician (short, hispanic guy). Right out of the bat he was confrontational; he was yelling and making absolutely no sense off his arguments about how it was my fault/problem. I cut off the conversation short because I could not stand how rude he was being. I went back to the helpful tech and he kindly gave me a number to call but, not before the main tech yelled at him and told him "the conversation is over".

Anyway, at the end of the day, I called VW corporate and explained everything. They actually reimbursed the cost of the turbocharger. I did tell them I wanted an apology from Charles Maund VW but I never heard back from them.

If it weren't for this incident and that tech manager, I'd probably still be coming here because everyone else is super nice.

Alex B. | 2014-05-18

This review is regarding my experience getting a 10,000 mile service on my 2013 VW GLI (which I love btw). There was no cost to me as it is part of the 2/24 VW Carefree Maintenance plan.

First off, I live within walking distance of Maund but I have avoided this dealership in the past because of poor reviews and poor word of mouth. I bought my GLI and had the first service done at Hewlett which is about a 1hr drive round trip. I decided to give Maund a shot after reading some recent favorable reviews and wanting to avoid the drive to Hewlett.

I can't comment on the quality of work done because I didn't have any complaints going in, but everything seems to be running just fine. My advisor was Michelle F and she was friendly and efficient and seemed to know her stuff. I was overdue for this service so she had them check a few other things as well and gave me some advice about when to come in next so I could get back on the scheduled maintenance plan.

Michelle had my car washed and ready for me when I came back at the end of the day. It had been raining off and on that day, so she told me just to bring it back on the next sunny day and she'd wash it again for me. Nice! I probably won't bother, but it was a nice customer service touch.

They also gave me a follow up phone call and email to make sure everything was good with the car.

I don't know if they've had a staffing change or if I just got lucky but I was happy with my service. I'll use them again next time and hopefully it will go just as smoothly.

Jonathan G. | 2014-05-06

I needed a part urgently and found this dealer had it in stock via a Google search.  I contacted them and Mark B.  helped me out.  He clearly went out of his way to make sure I received my part as quickly as possible.  Great customer service,  thank you.

David L. | 2014-04-18

Just purchased a new 2014 Passat TDI. Worked with Paul and Pedro. Not only did the help me make sure I was getting the vehicle that I needed (I commute around 200 miles daily) they got me the best deal around!

When I told them I was concerned about comfort they offered let me use the car for a few hours to run errands to make sure I enjoyed the seats.

Being in sales management myself I was very impressed with the zero pressure sales pitch. Paul was not only very knowledgeable about the entire VW line up and competitors but was very honest about any shortcomings about vehicle.

Pedro the sales manager did not try to upsell me to a difference vehicle or pry more money out my pocket unlike majority of sales managers I deal with.

Jesse in finance present the add on options but when I told him I was not interested he made sure to present the value one last time then dropped it. The signing process was very quick due to the new electronic desk pad that made it very easy to review, sign and then print.

Overall this was the easiest and least painful purchase of new vehicle. Buy with confidence from Paul and his peers and make sure to meet Pedro.


Matt S. | 2014-04-12

Asked Jean Claude to call and he is always on the ball - good resource to have and know over there!

John P. | 2014-03-06

The whole experience was quite enjoyable. The dealership was very welcoming and I was given a realistic timetable for every step of the process.

Paul, Pedro, and Ray were quite spectacular to work with. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone I know to get their next car from these outstanding people.

Ashlyn A. | 2014-02-25

I got my Jetta serviced here today and enjoyed my experience. I was promptly greeted, and led inside to the service desk. Kendall helped me and he was great! Very helpful, nice and informative.

Chérie Amour P. | 2014-01-27

Usually get great service but today, not really. First off, I want to let people know NOT to drink the coffee in the lobby. I watch a man clean the containers in the bathroom sink! Right before using the restroom himself!

I having minor O.C.D., so I kind of lost it and vomited. This is definitely adjust health code and super gross! Heads up.

Also, I sat from 9:45AM - 4:30 PM to find out what was wrong with my car. Then I found out that I have to paid the diagnostic $122 fee and the $100 warranty co-payment. I thought my payment would be just be $100 for the repair but they say I have to paid they $122 fee AND the $100 payment because what they found wrong with my car was not what I asked them to find diagnose. Does that make sense to you? Probably not, cause it doesn't make sense to me either! Long story short, it's be very annoying Monday.

Greg M. | 2014-01-14

Kudos for Jon Lopez! Jon was extremely helpful during our shopping experience in which we purchased a 2014 Passat before Christmas. With Jon's help, we were able to pick out the exact car we wanted...She's a Beauty! There was a small blemish on the door jam on the driver door. Jon schedule for it to be touched up and even came to pick up my car on his day off to ensure it was taken care of promptly. Jon has called in the past weeks to make sure there were no issues and we were enjoying our new Volkswagen. Great Job to Mr. Lopez for one of the most pleasant car-buying experiences we've ever had! Thanks so much Jon!

Catherine F. | 2013-12-30

Just had a wonderful car-buying experience at Charles Maund VW.  Anthony Himel was the sales rep who helped me get the car my heart desired within my budget.  He really went to bat for me, and I am so thrilled with the outcome.  Everyone there...Anthony; Pedro the Sales Manager, and Ray from Finance...were helpful, professional, and personable.  I highly recommend Anthony and Charles Maund VW.  This is the second car I have purchased there.  VERY HAPPY.

Malory G. | 2013-12-28

Honestly, I had a very pleasant experience purchasing my car and have had no problems with it.
However, the customer service I received when going in for routine maintenance when I was under warrantee was so horrible I just started going to a mechanic and paying for it.
My 2011 Jetta, like most newer cars, needs an oil change every 5000 miles. After 5000 miles, I brought it in. The girl at the maintenance desk with the English accent was a horrid b*tch to me. She laughed in my face, literally, and told me it was every 10,000 miles. It's in the maintenance book that it's five. She then called over her coworkers and told them I thought I needed an oil change every 5,000, making fun of me to my face. I wish that was an exaggeration but that seriously happened.
I then, yet again, needed an oil change and went back. I had called ahead and spoke to a man who said they were open and could fit in an oil change. I got there and the same English lady was there. I told her I needed an oil change and she just looked at me like I was completely insane. She said, "it's Saturday. We don't do oil changes on Saturday unless you have an early appointment, we don't have time." explained that I was told otherwise and she repeated that it couldn't be done without appointment. I then stood there waiting for her to... I don't know, make an appointment for me? She continued to look at me like I was insane without saying anything more so I left. That was the last time I went there. I just started paying for oil changes for the remaining of my warrantee. I live very far south so at that time there was no other options.
But seriously, buying here will be ok. But don't do your maintenance here.

Chris R. | 2013-12-21

The lady and I visited Charles Maund VW today.   Her lease was expiring and she was over the alloted miles, so there was going to be a heavy penalty to turn it in.  After much research, she had decided that a Volkswagen Jetta TDI was the apple of her eye (besides me!).

My previous car buying experiences have wavered between bearable and excruciating, so you can imagine my less than enthusiastic feelings toward this Saturday excursion.

I called the dealership 20 minutes before arriving, and spoke to a salesperson who said he'd have a Jetta TDI  out front and running....nice!  The test drive went well and then came the dread of "making the deal".   Well, my fears were misplaced.  We were offered about $1000 more on our trade than we had hoped for and were presented a very good price on the car without any of the expected wringing of hands or hard core negotiating.  

Despite some potential road bumps with our financial situation, the finance department took it from there and IMPROVED the offer prior to signing. About 2 hours after arriving, we drove our new Jetta TDI away.

A huge "thank you" to Jean Claude Moughanni (super sales person) and Danny Williams (finance wizard) for making our purchase unbelievably smooth.  Everyone looking for a car should consider Charles Maund Volkswagen.  You guys rock!

Diana T. | 2013-11-21

I bought my first car about two years ago and I couldn't be happier.  My car is still in excellent condition. I cannot express how positive the experience of purchasing this vehicle was, specially because of the service. Pedro Gallardo is not only a great person, but he is great in his profession. It is refreshing to speak with someone who is knowledgeable about the product that he is selling and passionate about his work.
He took the time to explain me the basics of buying a car, what to look for, advice, and suggestions. He even helped with choosing a car insurance company! Even today, when I have questions about my car, or it needs some kind of service, Pedro and the staff help me and explain me what is going on and how are they going to help me. All of the staff that I had encountered were exceptionally professional, courteous, and friendly.
Charles Maund Volkswagen should be commended for their selection of individuals like Mr. Gallardo and the employees who represent the dealership in such a positive manner.

L S. | 2013-11-20

Purchased my Jetta from Maund in 2010 and just now coming up on last free maintenance service with them. I cannot express enough how well I have been treated over the last few years.  I will continue to go for service there even though there are other dealers and service options more convenient to my home.  Thank you Maund for your service as I am looking forward to more purchases from you in the future

Michael L. | 2013-10-15

If I could give a lower rating than 1 Star I would as well!

My wife and I went in to VW knowing we wanted to lease a VW EOS. We have a Toyota Camry that we knew the Kelly Blue Book value of our car was 11K they only wanted to give us 9K for the car. We worked on a lease and through a lot of haggling we finally met with our price. So my wife being very excited about this, we went into finance, and were told, how do you want to pay the $1950 for the tax, title and tag? We were blown away. Typically any extra cost is brought to your attention before you close the deal not when you are at this stage, looking at the extras. It was the 2nd time to this dealer in the past year and met with the same results as the first time. Deceptive sales practices, I can say I have never been more disappointed in the sales strategy of this dealership. I will never recommend and will tell anyone who asks to just stay away from this dealer.

Yolanda A. | 2013-10-01

Do NOT have your car serviced here OR buy from Charles Maund VW!!!

Shaonan W. | 2013-09-10

I moved to Austin since 2009 so did my 2007 Passat, since then, I do oil change every 3-4 months in their service dept . Burt Pohlmann helps me arrange the basic maintenance as well as other necessary checks every time. When I ask him some questions about my car, Burt always gives me clear answers and be patient. He's very knowledgeable and friendly. A few times, when my car encountered some small troubles, such as I got a broken headlight bulb, or a dead battery, he helped me out quickly without asking any extra charge. I used to had very bad impression on dealerships, but Burt makes me change.

Tahra B. | 2013-09-04

I've been looking for a new (to me) vehicle for the last 2 weeks. Being the picky lady I am, it was rather difficult...time crunch, limited budget, high expectation, expensive taste...on Sunday I emailed about a Jetta fitting all of my expectations that I wanted to test drive first thing Monday. Even though they were closed I got an immediate response back letting me know that they had JUST sold that one but had some others I could see. I've seen so many that I figured what the heck. I ended up loving one of them but felt it was overpriced. They were able to meet my offer, I added extended service contact, GAP and dent and ding coverage, lower down payment, AND kept it within my budget! George was my salesman and Jason was my finance guy. They were both super friendly, worked to meet my wants and needs, and George even went and filled up the gas tank before I drive off the lot. A very pain free car buying experience and now I'm a proud member of the VW club :-)

Jack M. | 2013-08-28

I purchased my VW Jetta from Charles Maund a few months ago and overall it was a very enjoyable experience. From the moment I walked through the door until the time I drove out in my new Jetta, I felted like a respected guest of the staff. My salesman Paul was great and made the purchase as painless as possible. I will never shop anywhere else!

Pat R. | 2013-08-28

I came to buy a car. New Jetta SE. Their sales person Paul Barube was very helpful and considerate of our time and got me a great deal. Even qualified for 0% financing! Jason the finance guy was awesome! Pedro the manager came and thanked me personally after the purchase. Highly recommend to anyone. Go see Paul and get a new ride! It was a very enjoyable experience and I hate car salesman.

Oomie K. | 2013-06-30

Don't ever ever make a mistake.
The last time I brought my car here, it came out with the crack alternator and my car never sounded the same. Instead of purring like a cat now it's sounding like a sick duck, I have never felt so upset. To top it all, they asked me if they want the problem fixed for an extra $500 just for the parts!! ugh. Never again.

Gustavo M. | 2013-05-16

3 weeks ago I purchased a 2013 Tiguan, Tyler Stratton made the entire event feel so easy! Did my research on-line and when I got to the dealership my car was ready for a test drive and we agreed upon meeting the following week. When we meet up again the car that I had looked at and really wanted had been sold. Tyler and his crew made some calls and within a few days my car had arrived! Tyler even sent me pictures of my new car being unloaded from the big truck. Throughout the entire experience Tyler really listened to my needs. It really felt like a sign and drive type of deal. Definitely coming back for car number 2!

Jelena Z. | 2013-04-29

Sure, I haven't purchased a vehicle here, but on both of my visits to Charles Maund for scheduled maintenance on my Jetta, I've received only top-notch service.

Please allow me to elaborate. Upon arrival in the service area in the lot, I'm always greeted and directed to the service desk inside. Once inside the service lobby, I'm asked to sit down while the tech quickly reviews my maintenance order and then directs me to the waiting room after giving me an approximate wait time. I always bring my laptop and get situated with a free coffee - before I know it, the tech comes out to let me know that my car is ready to go and I'll just need to go up front to sign off on paperwork and voilà! I'm outta there like an Audi 5000... er, Volkswagen Jetta SE.

During today's appointment, they discovered a minor 'open campaign', which consisted of making some adjustments to the seat buckles. The tech was kind enough to give me a heads up and confirm that I could stick around for an extra 30 minutes so they could make the repair. Didn't take nearly that long and now I'm good for another 10,000 miles - gotta love the free VW maintenance for the first 36k!

Steve M. | 2013-04-24

This is my first time getting a new and I was very nervous. I actually started my hunt a month ago here and bounced around between different brands, dealers, models and purchasing scenarios.  In the end I came back to VM but a different model than I started.  And I decided to lease.

Today I made up my mind to get the car I wanted for the price I wanted.  They came through for me in an easy way.  My sales woman, Doris Flores was exceptional.  My leasing agent, Jason Sacket was amazing.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience.  I was told by a friend and read online that the service department isn't that good.  And I discussed this with them.  They acknowledged my concern and indicated they are in the process of fixing that.  I'll update this after my first free oil change or if I have any other service experiences.  But in the mean time I have to say their sales team is 5 stars all the way.

Lauren B. | 2013-04-16

My experience at CM Volkswagen was in the service department. I had my 20k mile check up. They greeted me nicely and came out with a clip board to verify why I was there and allow me to tell them any other concerns I had. I told them I was having trouble with my wiper blades and they added that to the list. 3 hours later (this was a Tuesday, midday) they let me know my car was going to be ready just as soon as they finish the complimentary car wash! They fixed the problem with my wipers and gave me an explanation of why I was having problems as they walked me out to my vehicle. Then I asked several questions about the interior of the car - manual shifting, changing the clock, setting the Bluetooth, etc. The associate helping me had a lot of knowledge and a simple way if explaining it to me with all the patients in the world. Oh, and the waiting room was clean, with wifi and lots of seating. The only complaint I have is that the service department has only weekday hours which clashes with my work schedule (but I hear they have a shuttle). Overall I'm very satisfied! Customer service was excellent!

Patrick V. | 2013-04-03

I actually felt threatened by A Salesman by the name of  Tony Rosanno
.. We came to look for a GLI Autobahn since I had just looked at their website and confirmed that had 5 on their lot as we pulled in we noticed the service side gate closed and it was about 8:30pm in the evening so we went in the opposite gate and parked as we were walking we were approached by a salesman and we weren't greeted we were asked to move our vehicle to the other side of the gate because they were closing I said done we have about 30 mins too look we will be quick he NO! You can look after your car is parked on the other side of the gate and I said you don't have to be so rude .. This is the way you make your money thru car sales he said year but I really would appreciate it of customers would show up at a decent hour and not 30 mins before we close since some of use here have been here since 8am and would like to go home .. I said that's a really awful thing to say to potential customers he then said you I don't have to listen to you just get the F**k off my lot so at that point we did I wasn't sure what we had done maybe  
Tony Rosanno had a bad day but I felt like it was taken out on us.. I can say I'd never buy a car from these guys now this is the second time I've had something negative happen to me ..

jeffery s. | 2013-03-30

When I first moved to Austin I used Charles Maund Volkswagen. Coming from Houston I think I thought I would receive what is know as Customer Service. What I received was not anything like what I what customer service should look like. I always got weird feeling that I had just stepped into a episode of the twilight zone. I never felt welcomed with a greeting and certainly never felt comfortable leaving my automobile. I always felt like I was getting the run around. One day I decided to drive out Hewlett VW in Georgetown. It was long drive but the moment I walked in the door I knew it was worth the drive. I haven't been back to Charles Muand and I purchased my new car at Hewlett and now I am looking to purchase another one for my wife.

Sorry Charles but why would I come back to you if I can get what I am looking for from Hewlett?

Charlotte F. | 2013-02-12

Do NOT have your car serviced here OR buy from Charles Maund VW!!!


Without going into great detail about my experience, I will forewarn you that this VW is full of unprofessional, inexperienced people.  It all starts with Kenneth Pruitt (the manager).  After taking my 2012 TDI for its FIRST big service (10,000 miles) I soon regretted ever taking my vehicle to this location.  The service team installed my oil filter incorrectly, resulting in the seal breaking and spilling a 4' x 2' oil spill all over my new (white) concrete driveway (my home was built in August of 2012)!  

Of course after the spill occurred I contacted the dealership immediately to have my car looked at.  It's new after all so oil spills like this are very rare.  After the tech looked at my car he told me, "they installed the oil filter incorrectly" which is why the seal broke!  Unbelievable!  I took my vehicle to a certified dealership/service center to ensure that my car was properly taken care of for a reason!  I'm sure I could have taken my vehicle to a jiffy lube and had better results.  

Long story short after filing a claim with VW Corporate and bringing my issue up to Kenneth' attention he tried to turn the situation around on me and would not take blame that this was in fact due to the negligence of his service tech.    

Kenneth did send out one of his drivers to "clean" my driveway with rags and tide soap, however clearly that method did not work.  So I'm still left with a 4 FOOT by 2 FOOT oil stain on my newly poured driveway.  

Go here only if you want to be mistreated and have your vehicle maintenance by inexperienced, unprofessional people!!!

Cal W. | 2012-12-16

After reading all the bad reviews I planned on buying from Hewlett.  The guy at Hewlett was nice enough, but after I arranged a ride up there they did not have the test driver -- and the price they were quoting per month was much higher than I wanted to pay.  I couldn't wait around, so I decided to drop in on Maund just for laughs and was fully prepared to walk out at the first sign of trouble -- which never came.  I drove out three hours later with the car I wanted at the price I wanted to pay:  $219 per month:  Jetta 2.0 automatic with no money down:  Nada, nothing; zilch; zip.  The only potential bad part of the sale was the finance guy who spent a few extra sentences trying to push me into some extended warrantee stuff I didn't want (and then lowered the price when I said "no":  So, why is the price changing?).   This is the modern day equivalent of upselling the undercoating and I'm a big boy and can ignore  it; probably done at most dealerships. They tell me there's been a major personnel change since most of the bad reviews btw.   -- Got a call a week later for the plate which they put on for me.  Hoping the VW Carefree Maintenance Plan goes as well:  I'll let you know.   They've already called twice to find out if I'm happy with my purchase.  So far so good!

Meagan R. | 2012-12-07

Ok, I was really annoyed that the part for my car came in and had been there for a week without receiving a phone call to bring my car back in. So after I finally contacted them (rather than them calling me like they had promised) I brought my car back in. The people that work there are really nice which made me forget about the crappy part of the service...I guess it's a 50/50 kind of place.

Stephanie S. | 2012-11-15

Let me begin this review by stating that I've been a VW driver for more than 11 years. My 2000 Jetta has racked up well over 100,000 miles and I've loved every minute of driving it.

So naturally, when I decided it was time for a new car, I headed to Charles Maund VW to test drive a Jetta TDI and a GTI (I had been researching for several months at this point and new exactly what I was looking for). I brought a friend with me and we were greeted by a salesman who expressed little to no interest in helping us at all.  He confused our names, took several lengthy phone calls and answered my questions with a condescending attitude.

Note to Charles Maund sales people: If I ask to test drive a manual car don't ask me if I know how. And when I say I want to drive the GTI don't tell me it might be a little too powerful for me.  Yes, I'm female but I'm also not an idiot -- and I'm not going to buy a car from a place that treats me so poorly.

I went to Mini of Austin where I was treated wonderfully. And now I'm loving my new car.

Megan M. | 2012-11-13

Back in September, my '09 Toyota Matrix was totaled by another driver.  Of course the first thing I did once I had the insurance check in hand was check the Toyota dealership only to find that the base model (same model as my previous Matrix, just "new") was about $5K more than what I paid when I got the '09 Matrix new.  I felt it was time to look at my other options.

I stuck within the Charles Maund system since I purchased my Toyota from them with good service.  I decided it was time to look at the VWs and so my journey brought my to Charles Maund VW.

The dealership was very clean and well-organized.  We test drove both a Jetta and a Golf- but I fell in love with the Jetta.  It didn't take long to find one in stock that met my needs (safety, MPG, 4-doors) plus some wants (leatherette/heated seats, 8-speakers, tons of ways to play music, huge trunk space, etc)-and it all came in a little less than what I would have paid for a new Matrix.

I got the 2012 Jetta SE W/Convenience & Sunroof in a lovely black.  Dave was my sales-guy and was very down to earth and it felt more like driving around with a friend than with someone who just wanted to sell you the car.  He was very helpful in showing me the features of my new vehicle and it definitely made the whole buying experience very comfortable.

Within a few weeks, I noticed one defect on my car and brought it in.  The fuel door was locking up and when I took it in, the service department took care of it fairly quickly.  The waiting area was clean and they have water waiting for you.  They left my car in better condition than I took it in (and saved me a trip to put on my plates) and were very timely and sensitive to my needs.  I haven't had any other issues with the car and I absolutely love it (not to mention my neighbor is a little jealous).

I think a lot of people feel threatened by the whole car-buying experience, but in reality if you research beforehand and come in ready to establish a relationship with your dealer, you shouldn't have much to worry about.  I really like VW's 3 year/36K mi worry free maintenance program and I look forward to getting my car serviced here in the future.

So overall, these guys will take care of you both during and after the sale.  They're definitely worth a visit if you're thinking about a VW in your life.

Sarah B. | 2012-10-29

Less than stars.


This is the adjective the sales dude used to describe, in-your-face-style, my husband today. Thrice. Yes, I mean it: 3X.

Really, Old Dude? Insult your customer into a sale? That's the way it goes these days?

Not so, Mister UnFriendly. You lost a HUGE sale.

Awesome that these dealers can sit fat and happy letting these gems sell themselves.

But ask them about the CPO and, well, call it a creepy factor, but when you look at the window sticker and it says "NO WARRANTY, AS IS" and the sales guy claims it is certified and they "do not have the sticker" and becomes very defensive, evasive and not-forthcoming when you ask important, let's say - MAJOR PURCHASE -- questions-- and then starts calling you names -- well, you do the math.

Ask for even more paperwork, and just watch them tap dance. Hilarious.

I will postpone my car buying decision until Hewlett or other dealership has what I want.

Should have known better. Have had terrible experiences with Maund VW in the past. Hoped for improvement. Sadly disappointed.

Dear "Mister Old Dude" at Maund: You, my dear, are indeed PEDANTIC, yourself, in addition to being a lying, cocky SOS.

John B. | 2012-10-29

Do not even THINK about going to this dealership.  They are TERRIBLE.  

We found the exact car we wanted (2010 Jetta SE) with exact colors in/out and options.  We test drove and gave it a good inspection.  We were ready to buy from Maund and I was looking forward to having my wife drive her next beloved VW.

That is, until I went back today to do a final check and ask some detailed questions.

I had done some further homework and research and was prepared with a list of Q's that should be asked before making a purchase like this.  It became quickly clear that they didn't like that at all.

After a re-test drive (increasing my love of and confidence in this choice), I sat down with the codgerly sales guy and started asking questions.  Specifically, the car sticker checkbox in the lot said in bold letters "As Is/No Warranty."  However, when we were talking he claimed that the car actually was a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) car and showed me something on the CarFax report about it being offered as a CPO with a 2/24 CPO MFR warranty.  He said the same thing about a red Jetta we were considering.  Huh?  He blamed the discrepancy on "the computer guy."   I said "CPO status is supposed to be an asset to a car's value and increase its desirability to customers.  Why not say so on its sticker?"  His answer to that was "we don't have any sheets that say that."  Again, "Huh"?  Ever heard of a PC and printer?  Things only got worse from here.

Worried, but still giving them the benefit of the doubt, I went forward with the following:  

"OK, let's assume the CPO status is valid, and if we buy we'll get a contract to that effect.  I have 2 questions: First, I need to see the specific CPO report for THIS car to see what was inspected, and what had to be replaced for it to achieve its MFR CPO status.  Next, I need to see a copy of the VW CPO Warranty Contract to know EXACTLY what is and is not covered for the 2/24 period."

He REALLY got pissed then.  He immediately said that he would NOT let me see the report for the car.  He said I could wander over to the service dept and ask them about it.  After some prodding on my part and sighs on his, he reluctantly called the service dept. and got a list of a few things that were done.

The CPO warranty discussion was an utter disaster.  He said he couldn't/wouldn't give me a copy of the warranty contract, and instead presented me with ANOTHER smaller glossy brochure with further info, which I could ONLY read there in the office and could NOT take home.  (?????)  It had 2 ambiguous legally-worded sentences about what WAS covered, and SEVERAL PAGES with specific examples about what WAS NOT covered.  I pressed him further for examples of what was covered, and what would happen if I were to bring it in for warranty service, and how the costs would be distributed if I had covered & noncovered work done.   He hemmed/hawed, said that he didn't know, couldn't tell me, and otherwise dodged the issue.  I wanted to get an idea of the ROI/Value of a Maund CPO, and his only response was to insult me!

Not having my Q's really answered, I explained that I'm someone who asks a lot of questions about important purchases and needs to know these things.  His answer was "Yes.  You're very PEDANTIC!"  

Being blown away by that insulting response to a customer question, I  nevertheless did my best to continue to get my questions answered.  He insulted me twice again, calling me PEDANTIC on both occasions.  

His treatment of me was unbelievable.  That is, until I took a look at Yelp tonight and saw that my experience was the rule, not the exception.  Thank you fellow Yelpers.  

I really wanted this car for my wife, but after being treated like that and seeing so many others with similar problems with sales & service, they lost a sale.  We'll find her car elsewhere and NEVER think of going there again.  Thank God we didn't get further into the purchase process.  If you value your sanity and don't like being treated like dirt and insulted by salespeople when you ask questions, I strongly urge you to STAY AWAY from Charles Maund VW.

Theresa C. | 2012-10-26

extremely poor service & support! i've dealt with this dealership over the last two years with my 2009 jetta tdi. their service department is always disorangized; the repairs take twice as long and/or have to be done twice!  by far one of the worse dealerships in the greater ausitn area! clearly due to my dissatisifation of how my repairs are handled i will not be a returning customer when it comes time to buy a new car(s).

Chris W. | 2012-10-11

The service center is exceptional, for a dealership. I have had a few experiences with the staff there. Guy, in particular, went out of his way to help get my car up to par, and much quicker than expected.

Jessica H. | 2012-09-23

Meh. I wanted to like this place because someday, in the near future, I hope to visit and potentially purchase a VW.  

However, during my first visit, I went with a friend to test drive two models she had her eye on. You must know, she was quite deep into the buying cycle at this point and really just needed to test drive the two vehicles to see how they stacked up against a Mini. I think they would have had a better shot if the sales guy hadn't been so arrogant and presumptuous.

Between messing up both of our names, answering his phone and proceeding to have an at-length call during the test drive and generally not taking us seriously, we were both pretty turned off by the experience.

Scott Z. | 2012-09-09

My experiences with the Charles Maund VW sales department have generally been horrible in the past. I am pleased however to say it looks like they are really getting their act together. I bought a car this past weekend from Larry and Brett. These guys are really changing things for this dealership. The only reason I went in was because they had the car I was looking for and no one else in central Texas had it. They were very friendly, no nonsense and really worked with me to make a deal happen with the car I wanted and within my budget. Everyone in the dealership was super friendly; my wife and I were offered water and soda a number of times. If you are like me and have had bad experiences in the past be open to giving these guys a shot again. As long as they keep this new team in place, I think there are good things on the horizon for this dealership.

Craig R. | 2012-09-05

Just as an update to this post...I have a friend who has a Passat, and they had a similar horror story: terrible service, surliness, high costs.  These guys are bad, bad news...avoid like the plague.

Mya W. | 2012-08-28

Your mechanics are the best, seriously! I came in 10min before you close and they changed my battery, my headlights and batteries for my keys-uder 10 min. Wow, that was the best car service I ever had!

They were super nice and understanding when I said I wouldn't make it back the next day. I will definitely come back, if my Jetta needs some help  :)

Thank you Ariel, or Arnis , I think that was the name of my mechanic... :)

Daniel N. | 2012-08-28

I am here a lot to service the cars from worm and its really hit or miss. The guys here are great and always are extremely professional and upfront with you. Problem is, they are the only VW dealer and dealer-service location in Austin, so they are always slammed. There is one up in Georgetown, but omg the drive there. Their waiting room is ok, free wifi is nice, TV and coffee. Better than most. Thanks guys for the consistent service, sorry ya'll are always so busy. XD

Mrs L. | 2012-08-23

This dealership took my lifelong love of Volkswagens and turned me away from this brand forever.  I will never do business with this dealership ever again.  Horrible from sales to service.

1.  I decided to try my first car lease after they ran an ad for special pricing.  Until I got my second lease with another dealer, I had no idea how badly they screwed me over in the lease contract.  I had researched leases before going in but had never done one.  They took full advantage of me at every turn.  Buyer beware - go in there prepared and fully knowledgeable about every detail or you will get taken to the cleaners.

2.  They kept my trade-in license plates and then someone got several tickets going through the toll without paying.  It was a nightmare to fix this (it happened more than once) and get my plates taken off the trade in.  Impossible to get a return phone call and the sales staff turns over so quickly that getting someone's direct line doesn't help.  I was new to Texas at the time and did not know that I was supposed to take them off myself.

3.  The leased car had an electrical problem from day-one that the service dept blamed on my phone charger.  Even though I replaced the charger and in the end, stopped using the charger all together, they never corrected this problem and I was popping in new fuses regularly.  I kept a supply in the glove compartment.

4.  The service department employees were unprofessional, abrupt and unresponsive.  They sent me a packet of coupons in the mail and then examined them like they were counterfeit and made me feel like a criminal.  They said that the deal was "too good" to be real.  I had to go next door to the owner's office to complain and get his "permission" to use the coupon book (a glossy book of tear-off coupons THEY SENT ME).  When I returned to the service dept to pay my bill, the service guy said "whatever, I'll give it to you, I don't care either way".

5.  When I turned in my lease, I again had to get the owner of the dealership involved to end the contract fairly.  When I received the refund check in the mail, it was not as agreed upon but my calls to both the sales manager and owner went unanswered even though I called regularly for 3 months leaving both voicemail messages as well as verbal messages with the operator.

Steer clear of this place unless you are prepared to fight and argue over every detail of the transaction from beginning to end.

Cam P. | 2012-07-10

Best dealership experience I've had. We've bought two VW's from here and both times were great experiences. Will Todd was our sales guy both times, and remembered us from the previous time. Our second time in, we weren't set on which model we wanted, but Will dropped what he was doing to let us test drive not one, but 4 cars with no complaints. Will was so fun to work with, very personable and made car-buying a breeze both times.The finance guy (can't remember his name unfortunately) is also very nice and willing to work with you. They don't try to sell you add-ons like a lot of dealerships do, (like scotch-guard for the seats, clear-coating, etc). Before you leave with your car, they sit down with you and give you a full explanation/demo of all the features of the car, what warning lights mean, how to program the radio etc. All of the staff seem to always be in a good mood and it seems to be a fun place to work. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a VW.

The service department can be very slow, but they did check in with me to let me know how it was going while I waited, and honestly I've waited much longer at other places. It's also hard for me to argue with 3 years of free maintenance for new cars. (Which might be why it's always packed!)

Rich S. | 2012-06-01

I have to admit that I had reservations about going to this dealer after reading the reviews but I did and I am really glad that I did!

I worked with Tom Patton and Brett Hill and I ended up getting a much better deal than the other dealership was offering. From start to finish this was the easiest, smoothest car deal I've ever done.  No BS, no sales gimicks,  they sharpened their pencil and beat the other guys deal by $1500.00!

Olivia M. | 2012-05-22

I used to have a Volkswagen and as much as I miss the car, I DO NOT MISS THIS DEALERSHIP! WORST DEALERSHIP IN AUSTIN!!!!!!!!! I'm not ever sure where to start.. most of my complaints are with the service department. These were the most unprofessional and RUDE group of people I have ever been in contact with with. They talked about other customers in front of me ( a customer) calling them names and cussing... not professional at all! The most unhelpful group of employees in Austin. When my warranty was up and I had to pay for my services I chose to drive to the GEORGETOWN dealership.. IT IS WORTH IT. My father was looking at buying a new car, he went to Volkswagen, asked if that location had new management when they rudely replied "no" he got back in his car and left. NOT WORTH IT!!!

Ps. if there was no stars, this dealership would get NO STARS!

Stephanie V. | 2012-03-23

Seriously- drive to Hewlett instead. I've never been treated w/such disrespect in my life. The salesmen was incredibly rude to my sister and myself. I understand the sales business (as I am in it myself) but this guy took his "hard to get" technique, or whatever sales method he was trying to use, waaayy tooo far. Save yourselves the bad mood.

Their loss- I walked out with a huge smile on my face and a new VW from Hewlett hours later. They were awesome and are used to getting angry Charles Maund customers!

Walter O. | 2012-03-20

I had my daughters car towed in because she lost her only key and we needed to have another cut/programmed.  While the car was there I opted to have them run diagnostics because the check engine light was on.  I was called the following day with a diagnosis & estimate, which I approved.  The car was fixed in a timely fashion & my service tech kept in contact with me.  I will use them again.  

Best part is, I had the car diagnosed by my regular mechanic months before this incident but I was hesitant to do the repair which he said was the catalytic converter ($$$).  CMV saved me the anguish of a costly repair by another service center that wouldn't have resolved my issue.

George R. | 2012-03-19

Buiyng a car can be a lengthy, frustrating process. Jack at Charles Maund really made it pretty painless- fair price, right car, just what we wanted in trade for our old vehicle, and we didn't have to sit at the dealership all day on a Saturday.

Kelly B. | 2012-03-17

This place takes care of you....if you can even get an appt! Drop off hrs arent conducive to the working folk during the week. Saturdays (by appt only) are always booked.
They need to take a lesson from the Boardwalk VW in Dallas. I always wait until I go to dallas to get my car serviced. That seems to be more convenient than waiting on Charles to be available.

Gerardo D. | 2012-03-09

Bottom line - drive 20 minutes north to Hewlett VW in Georgetown, you will thank me.

We have been to this dealership three times, all resulting in bad experiences:

- When we wanted to buy our car, the salesperson was rude and uninterested, not helpful at all. We ended up buying our car at Hewlett.

- We wanted to install an LCD screen on our Routan, we knew the stereo system had a built-in DVD player. Three service reps at Maund told us the radio was NOT a DVD player even though it had the DVD logo on it, so we would need to spend about $3 grand on the VW kit with two screens plus labor. I purchased the LCD screen online at a VW parts site, and got it installed at Custom Sounds for a few bucks. My kids watch movies on the equipment three service 'experts' said was not a DVD player. Maybe it's magic, I don't know.

- Our battery died, we (mistakenly) asked the tow truck to bring our Routan to Maund. We asked them to check an engine noise. First, they charged me $220 for replacing the battery. That includes over $100 in labor - NTB and Hewlett VW would charge less than $35 for the exact same labor. Thanks for charging us 3X the standard rate.

- Then it took them a month to diagnose and fix the noise engine. Yes, one MONTH. First they thought it was an engine support problem, they ended up replacing the entire engine block. After a month.

- We picked up the minivan, which was extremely dirty. It took us about an hour to clean the interior of the oil, smudge and dirt. I am not talking little smudges, I am talking large oily streaks inside our car.

- When we asked about our warranty expiration and the cost for an extended warranty, the Maund team was rude and made us feel like they were doing us a big favor in sharing this information.

- On the ride home after not having our car for a month, we found they left something loose in the suspension. There is an ugly noise in the front axle, which  is always worrying when your family rides on this car. I don't know if it is a loose screw or if a tire will come out. Naturally, we won't take the car back to Maund. I drive 40 minutes (from Oak Hill) to Georgetown to Hewlett. Right now I am enjoying Basil Borubon Santos coffee while writing this and working in their Wi-Fi lounge, while the friendly Hewlett team fixes our Routan.

To the owners of Maund: if you read this - you need to take serious action. Your service is terrible. Three of my friends have bought cars from Hewelett based on our recommendations. Added to our two cars it's about $200,000 in sales you have lost. It would be much more convenient for us to have a decent VW dealership in central Austin. Your customers will appreciate it, your business would go up, you would make more money.

Rhonda Q. | 2012-03-02

We went to Hewlitt VW first to get the Jetta TDI, they didn't have exactly what I wanted, and the salesman was trying to get me to buy anything he had in the lot... Not what I wanted.  Then, he said I would have to wait 3-6 months to order one from the factory.  So we left and went to Charles Maund.  We must have gotten the best salesman based on the reviews.  Try Tom Patton, he was knowledgeable with a Can-Do attitude.  He found the car I wanted, gave us the price we wanted, and the finance dept gave me the interest rate I wanted.  According to the reviews the service dept is lacking... I have a VW certified mechanic who would love the business... Try Danny at Elite Import.  I loved my experience, my car is amazing.  I recommend Tom Patton to anyone!

Lacey W. | 2012-02-06

Great Service.  I asked for some advice regarding another problem with my car and was very satisfied with the answer.

Joe F. | 2012-01-27

I try to be an optimistic person and generally try to find the best in any situation.  I can't here.  I bought my wife's EOS here.  The internet guy was a complete ass.  When I asked to see the title and dealer invoice, he threw a fit and asked "if I did this will it close the sale?' then stormed off.  We bought the car here because it was closer to our home.  Big mistake.  When were closing the deal, the pressure for an extended warranty was amazing.  The manager actually told me, "you know you are buying a German car and they aren't that reliable".  I have owned two different Mercedes in my life, I know that German car can be touchy...but to diss your own product is amazing.  If you need to get the car serviced, you will be back at least 3-4 times for the same issue.   Additionally, when you bring the car in to get serviced, you will be glad you didn't get the extended warranty, because you will never want to see these people again.  When my wife wanted to look at a new EOS, we went back (not my idea).  We were told we had to deal with the same salesperson we hated dealing with previously.  When we protested, the associate actually told us "that is how we operate here.  We need to be fair to the salesperson.  Needless to say we left, and went to Hewlit in Georgetown.   AVOID THIS PLACE unless you want to test your blood pressure medication.

Laura M. | 2012-01-20

I bought my used 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid from their pre-owned lot up the street from the VW dealership. The salesman, Marc Smith, was friendly, informed, and efficient. He listened to my needs and my questions, and showed my my options on-line. The Honda was the first one I drove, and I loved it. I was able to show it to drive it to show to family that evening, and bring it back. By the next morning, they had acquired good financing for me, and had me off with the car, serviced and shining, in no time. This was a really easy and comfortable experience!

Jeffrey F. | 2012-01-10

This review is of the used car sales part of their operation.

I purchased a used vehicle from this dealership last month and it was the best experience I have ever had with a dealership.  I dealt with Marc Smith (salesman) on the used car side and the whole transaction was great.  We did negotiate and I expect (and enjoy) that, but there was no game playing.  He was very easygoing and not pushy at all.  I wanted to have the vehicle inspected by my mechanic and he was completely accommodating to the point of having his guys drop off and pick up the vehicle from the mechanic.  

When we arrived at a deal and I went on to deal with the financing department (I had arranged for a loan through my credit union), I dealt with Marshall Reeves and he did not play any games either.  There was no hard sell on an extended warranty, etc.  The whole process was very straightforward and I feel that my intelligence was respected.  Our deal included a couple of obligations on their part that would happen a few weeks later and when the time came, they delivered exactly as agreed with no questions asked.  I was, frankly, surprised at how simple and straightforward the whole experience was, having had a very negative experience at Beasley Mazda.  I was impressed enough with Maund to write my first yelp review.

Dan M. | 2012-01-02

Disclaimer: this is for my experience in the service center, not purchasing a vehicle.

I brought my girlfriend's 2006 Beetle in for help replacing the headlights (those are tough to install without specialized tools) and replacing the driver-side rear blinker. The service was done in less than an hour and the service rep, Guy, was very kind and helpful. A week later I noticed her driver-side brake light was out (coincidence or not, I'm not sure). She brought it back and the service rep (not Guy) told her the bulb needed to be replaced. She got it replaced and they only charged her for the part. The next time I followed her on the road, I noticed the brake light was *not* fixed. I brought the car back and was told the socket needs to be replaced. After I raised a bit of a fuss, they opted to sponsor labor on the job.

Bottom line: it's taken 3 trips to this service center to fix bulb issues. If I can't trust them with bulbs, I most definitely won't trust them with things like the engine, transmission, or brakes. There are other options in Austin.

Allyson W. | 2011-11-05

I love my Volkswagen. I absolutely adore it. I do not like working with the Maund dealership in any way whatsoever.

Seriously, it's impossible to get quality work done on a Saturday. Their service options are limited and it takes forever because they work with reduced staff. Sorry, but I have a day job, and their ridiculous hours make it impossible for me to get it there after work. Plus, their "shuttle service" does not leave until I need to be at my job, so there's no way I can drop it off in the mornings. Unless I can find a ride or want to pay for a rental. Which I don't, because I'm already dropping a good chunk of change on car repair.

Among other things, I don't see why I have to wait 90 minutes for an oil change for which I have made an appointment. If you're not going to have the crew to accommodate service demands, either bring more people in, or make appointments more difficult to get. I expect to wait 90 minutes for something complicated. Not for an oil change. Honestly, it's downright rude. Don't schedule an appointment and then be unable to accommodate me in the proper amount of time. I'm wasting a huge chunk of time here waiting for routine service to get done.

Management seems to be pretty decent at cleaning up messes. Every time I've complained about shitty service to them, someone has smoothed it over. But I'd really rather not have to deal with crappy service in the first place. I'm pretty sick of this, and I'm going to start researching other service options. This is ridiculous. If I had my way, I'd never work with the dealership again.

Christine W. | 2011-10-31

Excellent service department and staff. Friendly thorough communication and follow-thru from the service team.

Will C. | 2011-10-13

Horrible customer service. Take your car anywhere else.

Everett T. | 2011-09-28

This one is gonna be tricky; like a sneezing contest after a bottle of ex-lax.
I should probably clarify a few points first:

1) I am in no way/shape/form or fashion condoning owning/renting/leasing or being around an Audi/Volkswagen. They're crappy cars, for crappy people. Don't believe me? Let's ask J.D. Power. Hey, whaddya know, here's a link:…

Or you can find someone who is loyal to the VW brand...go ahead there's more than a few out there. That person isn't a VW fan, they're a VW apologist. "It's a great car...when the check engine light isn't on and when the window regulators aren't failing."

You see, Volkswagens and Audis are like a feces filled bon-bon. Sometimes they come in a pretty wrapper. And in moments of weakness, you might convince yourself that they look good. But you don't want to eat that bon-bon. 'Cause it's filled with poo.

But I digress....

2) This review is based SOLELY on my SERVICE experience with VW. I'm sure the sales people are high-pressure jerks, but guess what, you'll find those people at almost every dealership.

Alright, with that out of the way....
It is much to my chagrin that I find myself owning a GTI. Yes, yes, I know. Look at the upper left part of my profile. See the "hypocrite" part?
In any event, I've taken my GTI in twice in the one month that I've owned it (see point #1, above).

Both times the service staff have been 100% on point. They have helped me navigate my way through my extended warranty, given me accurate repair quotes, and finished the repairs on time. They've even called me throughout the process to give me updates.

Why not five stars? Well, part of it is on general principle. Despite the fact that most Volkswagens are made in Mexico, parts are still ridiculously expensive. The other part is that the courtesy shuttle is powered by rohypnol. Both times it's taken 1.5 hrs just for the shuttle to show up, not to mention the extra time to actually be dropped off.
Oh, and the service drive is always JAM PACKED with cars (see point #1).

I realize this runs contrary to most other reviews here, but such was my experience. Who knows, maybe the service was so good because I went during Oktoberfest!

Rhianna B. | 2011-08-05

I don't know why I didn't check reviews before I bought a used car here. My mistake.

The test drive process was pretty painless, but it doesn't help that their used car branch is three blocks down the road, and that the new dealership isn't the least inclined to help when someone wants to look at a used vehicle. It got to a point where I made an appointment to buy my vehicle and sign the paperwork, and I didn't realize I needed to go down the street to the 'other' office. While I waited, I had TWO sales reps approach me and asked why I wasn't buying a new car.

A week after buying my car, I noticed the tires wobbling at high speeds. This didn't happen during my test drive. I called my seller and had a multitude of excuses: My tires met the bare minimum requirements of being changed. They didn't have any tires at the dealership anyway. The hot weather wore down my tires (in 2 weeks?). The sold the car below list value (it didn't), so there's no incentive for them to pay the extra cost of keeping me as a customer. The list goes on.

In the end, I felt like I wasn't fairly represented or cared for. I caught them not doing their job, and they couldn't admit it. It doesn't take much, and I hope this dealership does not get much business in return.

Update: After filing a BBB report, I was immediately contacted by the sales manager of Charles Maund. He was sympathetic, admitted they 'dropped the ball' and took quick action to rectify the problem. I had my car serviced within the next 3 days. Still, I'm surprised that it took a report from the BBB of Austin to get their attention. I improved their rating for this review, albeit marginally.

pancho a. | 2011-07-26

What is up with these guys?  I saw a used car they had on their website that I was really interested in.  I contacted them by email with some questions and they took forever to reply to my emails and they come across as rude.  I told them I did not want nor have time to come in and haggle over price and wanted to agree on a price before I would come in and look at the car.  I sent them a fair, reasonable offer and got a reply back that I needed to come to the dealership. Why?  I told them I have no trade in and will be paying cash.  A very simple transaction...but no they wanted me to come in and make me sit there for 3 or 4 hours while they go back and forth trying to milk the most money out of me.  Not gonna happen.

Sarah M. | 2011-07-13

Wanting to purchase a new Volkswagen TDI I called to inquire about a vehicle they had in stock. I was rudely dismissed by the internet sales rep I spoke with, after I asked about the price. Calling back to complain about the rep's rudeness, I was encountered an equally rude sales manager. This dealership definitely lost my business in the span of one phone call. I can't imagine how bad the in-person service must be. I've been looking for this car for some time, and have spoken with many dealerships even some out of state, all of whom have been polite and courteous as they were trying to win my business, even if we couldn't agree on a price. Charles Maund is the only one who just out right dismissed my business. I have a terrible impression now of this place, and would never recommend them to anyone.

Ryan M. | 2011-06-20

Don't give these guys your money.  Every time I have to bring my car in for warranty work, they're always trying to convince me to get extra unnecessary work done.  For instance, I came in a few weeks ago to get a recalled part replaced on my car and they told me I needed new tires and a break job IMMEDIATELY.  They said my brakes were at 5% and were almost metal on metal. I mentioned I was driving to Houston later than afternoon and they acted like I might not make it.  BS!  I asked my trusted mechanic what he thought about my tires and my brakes and he said I do need new tires relatively soon (like within the next 5K miles...which I already knew) and my brakes had at least 30% left.

My advice is to use the dealership for warranty work and get everything else done at Austin Vee Dub.  Darryl and Adam are THE BEST!

johnny q. | 2011-05-30

I took my Jetta in to get it checked. I was charged double what we originally agreed on. Then they tried to overcharge me again ("by mistake") before I called them out on it. Overall, I paid $496 for parts and labor when other mechanics I talked to after said is done for less than half. Be very skeptical of their prices, and always read everything you sign very carefully.

Nick C. | 2011-04-08

- I wasn't pressured to accept the deal.
- Deal was quick. I got down to the price I wanted.
- During the price negotiation, He knew that I was just trying to get a good deal, Just like everyone else. I felt respected.

I've purchased and sold cars every 2 or 3 years which trained me to be a smarter person in making new car deals.  My sister recently bought 2011 VW Golf TDI in Chicago so I decided to test drive a TDI. As usual, I requested an email quote through "" with a specific style and options that I wanted. I don't like spending too much time at dealerships. Ken and Gordon responded with a quote which had many more options and was more expensive.  After discussing with Ken Reeher, we learned that I was looking for a car that was very difficult to find.  

I wanted a Golf TDI:  Low miles (10~30mile), Manual, Adaptive HID head light, white color
He located a Golf TDI:  Unknown mile, Manual, white color, Chrome exhaust tip, and rubber floor mats.

The only car was located in Houston, TX as we decided to have someone drive from Houston to Austin. Because of limited inventory, I gave up on purchasing a low mile car. I got the price I wanted. VW gave me the most value on my trade out of three dealers. I saved money on TAX.  I couldn't be happier.
When the car arrived to Austin, Ken found a problem. The driver made a mistake and had accidently driven through to Dallas then to Austin which resulted in high mileage. The car had extra 200 miles then it should have.  Ken deeply apologized for delivering a car that was not promised. Then, Ken gave me a choice to cancel the deal without a penalty. I was surprised about his honesty and providing an option to drop the deal. Ken also offered tinted windows at no cost to me.  I took the deal.
Today, I stopped at the deal because my car lost a small part during a normal operation. Ken said. "No problem. Please wait here and I will get it for you from the parts." Little later, I went into the parts to purchase a touch up paint for my car. I noticed Ken paying for the small part from his pocket. I said, "Ken, you are not paying for this, are you?" Ken said, "You got a brand new car. It shouldn't have happened."
Nice man...isn't he?
I have always wondered why dealers would try to make a huge profit from one deal.  Good deals will bring more customers. 7 years ago, I helped a sales man to sell 4 cars. The deals were not sound. They were okay.

Overall I had the best experience from this dealership. Thanks much Ken!!

Jamie G. | 2011-03-28

It was time for a new car -- a Jetta, specifically.  

I resorted to Yelp to check out local VW dealerships and found Charles Maund.  I could not believe all of the horrible reviews I read and continued to read after completing a general Google search on them.  How are they still in business?!

Regardless, I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and went in one evening after work for a test drive.  Mr. Chris Reed came to assist (he's 4 months new).  All in all he seemed pretty decent for a car salesman (minus the sporadic "you're a pretty girl" comments).  He genuinely seemed as if he could work with me in getting me a "good deal" and that they were working on bettering their reputation within the community.  
When I finally decided on a color and model of Jetta, I called him to see if they had it.  He said that they did not.  Mind you, this all comes after negotiating a number and him telling me he'd love to have me as a customer because I was a "cute girl". PSH.
A fault of mine in all of this was divulging too much too soon re: down payment, etc.  He manipulated the situation, or number rather, as much as he could while still getting a fair share in his pocket.  I get it -- that's how sales works.  But, I could have played my cards better.

Anywho, so, they didn't have the car I was looking for.  I called Hewlett.  Not only did they have it, but it had a couple more options at a LOWER price than Charles Maund.  I was sold at this point and began slowly moving forward with Hewlett.  After a couple missed phone calls from Mr. Chris Reed, I called him back to inform him of my decision and thank him for his time.  He was unavailable, so I let the gal who answered the phone relay the following message: "Jamie called, she said she has gone elsewhere and thanks you for your time."

This is where it gets good and how word of mouth will continue to lose Charles Maund business...
About 20-30 minutes later Chris calls me back -- the conversation went like this:
Chris:  "Jamie, Chris.  I got your message here.  You went elsewhere?  I dont know what that means. What does that mean? Does that mean you bought elsewhere?"
Me: "Yes.  I found the car at a better price, but thank you very much for your time."
Chris: Factiously: "Oh yeah, Jamie, I tell you...I. really. ENJOYED. spending all of that time with you. Thanks a lot."
Me: "Great, well thanks again, Chris!"
Chris: "Well, I would have given you a better deal! You could have saved money, but since saving money is not important to you...! You enjoy your new car!"
He was just so full of rage.  It was nuts and I'm pretty positive my head was cocked to the side in utter disbelief and confusion.  Then, I laughed and thought how great it was going to be to add to their thread of bad reviews.

Seriously, friends.  Go elsewhere.  Like, Hewlett.  Night and day experience.  They're wonderful, knowledgeable, not sharks, and make the entire experience quick and painless.

Happy car shopping!

Tina N. | 2011-03-15

I wish I didn't have to give them any stars...
This review is for their service center:
It took forever for them to help us when there were only 3 customers there.  So let me get this: You actually have to walk over to them to get service while they sit there and do what ever it is they need to do on their iPhones...? I've never had this before, all places I've been to, you actually have to STAY in your car and wait for the service advisor... So we waited almost 30 minutes, AND they lose our key (WHAT??) He actually got the key from us and left it in the seat... then came back to us and asked us for the key... I would actually rather drive to Round Rock to get my car serviced, than to go here... Another major turn-off: talking smack about another customer to your customers... ALSO: we put premium gas in our car because it's a high compression motor... it extends the life of  the car.  So don't call us stupid to our faces... I really don't recommend this place, save yourself the time and headache and go to another dealership...

Chris E. | 2011-01-12

I had a good experience buying my new Tiguan from this dealership. I worked with Ken and he really took the time to explain things to me. I asked a lot of questions and he answered them all. I would recommend Ken to anyone who wanted to buy a new VW.

Jose C. | 2010-12-27

Went in for an oil change thinking that they'd provide better service than jiffy lube. I did expect to pay more, but what I paid was not worth the service they provided. No vacuum. No visual inspection. Just an oil change for $50 more than anywhere else.

Lauren R. | 2010-09-17

If there was an option for NO stars I would have done that!
I went in to simply get a new key made.  Unfortunately, VWs require you to order them from dealers only.  I called yesterday this dealer and another to get pricing and a time frame.  They quoted $130 for a flip key and $65 for a valet with $51 additional for programming.  If I ordered the key before 2PM I would have the key in hand the next day.  So I went there today at 11AM and bought a new flip key ($146 then, and addle at time of programming) AND THATS WHEN THEIR STORY TOTALLY CHANGED!  After I gave them my money!   They said because I came in on a Friday and because they were "all booked up" for the next day no one could program the key.  So the pitch they gave me on the phone about having the "key in hand the very next day" was all a lie.  When I asked them why they told me one thing on the phone and something completely different after I bought the key, the service rep guy said "Well I wasn't the one on the phone with you.". How completely and utterly childish could someone be?  I looked up how to program the key myself on the Internet.  I'm not spending another dime at Charles Maund VW!  In the future I don't care if I have to tow my car to Houston just to avoid them.  I'm taking my complaint to the BBB.

Jason L. | 2010-08-31

This is hands-down the most horrible dealership I have EVER done business with. I bought a used Toyota from them and it was the most unprofessional and frustrating car buying experience of my life (I've purchased 10 cars in my life). Just getting an honest price out of them was next to impossible. When we finally settled on a price, the finance MANAGER comes into the LOBBY and starts talking credit scores and other financial details with my wife and I right there instead of in his office. I went to my credit union and got the loan done with them - but then getting the purchase order to my bank was another fiasco. The salesmen kept faxing over incomplete PO's that my bank would not accept. He faxed a hand-written note with a total scribbled on it three times. The PO he sent over didn't even have the VIN of the car I was buying! ALL it had on it was his name and the total - no derivatives or details of any kind. I had to leave the bank and drive over to the dealership to get a real PO from them. The whole experience was awful.
My wife owns a VW Beetle and I've had to go to the parts shop to buy parts a few times and they are also rude as can be. They are very condescending  and treated my wife like she was a complete idiot. She went in asking for a thermoswitch - the parts guy tells her there is no such thing. He then tells her that they will diagnose the problem for a minimum of $130 - she refuses and leaves. I go in 20 minutes later and give the guy the part number that I need...guess what the part is called? A thermoswitch.
Arrgghhh...NEVER again. I'll drive all the way to Round Rock just to give somebody else my business. Charles Maund are unprofessional, rude, shady, etc. These guys typify car salesmen...especially the used car folks.
My advice to anyone considering going to these guys for ANYTHING: DON'T DO IT...go someplace else.

Albert M. | 2010-08-04

I went to CM Used Cars to look around at a golf I saw online.  I ended up seeing another car similar to that one but newer. Johnny let me take it for a test drive and when I came back I wanted to go to another dealership to look at another car. Johnny suggested I take the Rabbit to the other dealership to compare the two cars side by side (which was really great). When I got back he already had numbers ready for me to look at and even offered me a great price on my trade-in. Johnny is very down to earth and easy to talk with; he even let me and my friend munch out on his desk.
Thanks, Johnny! Now I'm a happy owner of a Certified Rabbit.

Rick G. | 2010-06-02

This place is a total joke. I brought my vw here to be serviced. I was greeted by a pissed off fat bitch, I was treated like dog shit by everyone I dealt with, and they charge triple what I was quoted at every other mechanic. Fuck this place, I will never reccomend anyone here ever.

Laura S. | 2010-05-29

I went to Charles Maund VW in Austin, TX and worked with Gordon Spencer. He did not have the 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI I wanted on the lot, so he got it in from another dealer. I went in to pick up the car - it was Gordon's day off, so Ken helped me. I walked around the car to check it out & saw a huge scratch on the driver's side near the front of the car. I touched it & said, "there's a scratch on my new car", then Ken touched it and said, "no, it's a dent." Ken said they would pound it out, then buff it and it would be like new. I was so excited to be getting this new car and it really took the wind out of me when I saw this and Ken's response didn't help. I felt like he thought I was being ridiculous in my reaction. He said they were going to fix this car either way & if I didn't want it, they could easily sell it to someone else. I told him I'd think about it overnight and he agreed they would try to get me another car if I decided this one wouldn't work.

Gordon called & spoke with my husband the next day. Gordon thought it was silly that I didn't want this car - as 'it's only a dent & we can fix it'. My husband backed me and said 'she knows about it & it will drive her crazy to have that car now'. So Gordon finally agreed to find another car for me.

I was not happy with my experience and sent the following email to Gordon on Saturday:

Hi Gordon,   I'm really disappointed that the car had a dent on it when we went to pick it up on Thursday.  I was expecting a perfect car from Volkswagen and it fell far below my expectations with the dent.  I've given this a lot of thought and if I take this car, I'm always going to know there was a dent on it before I got it and it got fixed.  I'm Not okay with that.  Buying a new car is supposed to be a great experience - especially when it's a Volkswagen - and it was until I saw the dent.  I understand that was the only one in Texas like it, but I don't want a car that had a dent fixed on it.  After driving the 17" tires and the 16" tires on Thursday, I can't tell that much of a difference.  I remember you said it opens up a lot more cars if we go with the 16" tires.  So let's go with the 16" tires.  I put the requirements I have below.  I'm flying out early Sunday morning and should be back on Friday around noon or so.  If you can get the car in anytime next weekend, that would be great.  Feel free to call the house at *** and leave a message once you have located the car.  If we have another experience like this, I'm not sure I will want to go with a Volkswagen, as it is I'm a little leery now.   Thanks, Laura

Gordon wrote me back the following Thursday at 4:15pm and said, "Laura,   I have your white/black diesel Sportwagen due in tomorrow.  The new VIN is ***.   Gordon"

There was no empathy in his email, nothing saying I'm sorry about your experience and we'll make it better from here, nothing. My expectations were not even close to met from this email and that is when I made the final decision not to buy the car from Charles Maund. The only reason I even tried Hewlett was because I liked the car. I wish I would have went there first. If the sales guys do this poorly when you're a prospect, I don't think you can expect much more when it comes to service as an owner. I will never go to Charles Maund again.

I almost didn't buy a VW because of that experience. My husband encouraged me to try Hewlett VW in Georgetown, TX since I really did like the 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. I read reviews on many sites and Russell Blackstone stood out as a wonderful salesman in all of them. I called to make an appointment to meet him and told him of my other experience. He apologized and promised me that Hewlett VW was different. Russell was friendly, efficient, and professional during my entire experience - he is the reason I purchased a VW. He took the time to show me all the features of the car - the big things and the little ones - and it's clear he knew this vehicle inside and out. He did not have the exact car I wanted on the lot, but he was able to get it in a reasonable amount of time. He kept in touch with me and gave me appropriate status updates. Everyone at Hewlett VW has been very friendly and helpful - including the receptionist and Edward in the parts dept. (I decided I couldn't live without the base carrier bars & luggage rack). They have a nice, clean waiting area there with 2 computers you can use, wi-fi for my MacBook, and free bottled water. I went to pick up my new car and Russell exceeded my expectations making this experience perfect. He took a picture of me next to my new VW and sent me that with a personalized letter thanking me for adopting my Jetta from him at Hewlett VW. His follow through has been amazing and I'm happy to say he has far exceeded my expectations.

pinksparkly s. | 2010-04-05

Booooo. I have nothing nice to say. The service department is incredibly rude and not helpful in the least.  I only took my car for repairs there when it was under warranty. As soon as the warranty was up, I began taking it to Austin Vee Dub. There is really no reason for you to take your VW there for repair!!!!!!!! If I could give them 0 stars, I would. Believe me, I would.

A B. | 2010-03-12

Terrible place - no wonder VW is in trouble even though they make unique cars. Pushy and rude salespeople basically make it where you can't wait to get out of this place. The front-desk lady was nice though and the cars look good, but those are the only "positives".

Jefe R. | 2009-12-19

I was excited about this place on the first pass or two, I have to admit.  I was in the market for new wheels, the old ones having been fantastically destroyed, and I have long been a lover of the German engineering.  I spent a couple of evening after work wandering about the lot, taking a look at some of the rides my intimate lady friend and I had discussed purchasing.  On my second trip, I wandered into the building, hoping to get a test drive, and a reasonably nice English fella came out to talk a little business.  He seemed nice, and let me drive one of the vehicles I was considering.  I let him know that when the lady love was in town, I'd bring her by as well.  He didn't offer a lot in the way of advice, simply wanted to meet my needs, fair enough.

A week or so later the lady ended up in town, and we went by to take a peek at some of these folks goods, yet again.  This time we got a different salesperson, and he was, I have to say, the best thing about the place.  he showed us several cars, and listened to our wants and needs.  We liked the GTI (who doesn't love fast, right?) but were also interested in comfort and room for the little ones (though at 10 and 12, they won't be little much longer).  This nice fella ended up pointing us toward a limited edition Jetta Wolfsburg, and it didn't take us long to fall in love with it.  We headed home that night pretty happy, thinking this was the place and the car we wanted.

And that's when it all went wrong, big time.

We returned on a Saturday, with plenty of good consumer info in hand, a bank loan already secured just in case, and a hunger for this sweet black on black German Road Treat we had picked out.  Sadly, the nice guy VW Enthusiast who let us test drive the ride was with another customer, and we ended up with English Bob again.  He seemed a bit surprised when I let him know that I know all about dealer hold back, and i knew what most folks in the US were getting off sticker for this particular car, but I don't think he could get it past his melon that I wasn't some dumb hick to be taken advantage of.  He did the "let me see what I can do" wander off move a couple of times, and when he came back the second time and had moved FURTHER away from my offer instead of closer, he was shocked and awed to watch us politely pick our things up and take our business up the road.

We did buy that exact car.  We bought it from another dealer. And that guy met our price and cut two points off our loan to boot.

Sorry 'bout ya, English Bob.  Shoot straight next time.

Sarah S. | 2009-12-02

Charles Maund Volkswagen has just about THE WORST customer service i've ever experienced.  I purchased my 2006 Passat from here, then moved to Seattle where I was able to experience how a dealership should treat a washes after every service, quick and personable staff, efficient shuttle transportation.  Now that i've moved back to Austin and had to have my VW serviced at Charles Maund, I would  never buy a car from here again.  I've seriously considered driving all the way to Round Rock to have it serviced instead.  DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM HERE!!

Mark L. | 2009-08-09

What a crappy dealership. I was in here on an afternoon last week. Stood in the showroom. Climbed in and out of a car that I was interested in. Walked around the lot. Not a single employee approached me and asked if i needed assistance. Glad I'm not buying a car here, I would be worried if the crap employees that ignored me in sales, would continue to ignore me if I bought a car here.

Mark E. | 2009-08-03

The service department took three days to misdiagnose a problem I was having with my Jetta. The first thing a dealer or mechanic typically does when you take your car in to them is to plug a device (called a scanner) into your car to see whats going on with it. In this case, the code that came back was not one they'd ever seen, so they "called Volkswagen" to find out what it meant (perhaps they were calling Germany?). After dodging all of my phone calls over a period of three days, they finally had a diagnosis -- I needed a new transmission (est. $4,100). I was skeptical and took my car to another mechanic. Guess what? The mechanic (who has the same equipment as the dealer) told me the code was a "developmental code" meant for future use. That's why they didn't know what it meant. In other words, the code didn't mean anything! I guess they thought I would be stupid enough to trust them and throw down four grand for something that didn't need to be fixed in the first place.

Jason P. | 2009-06-25

wow this place blows!
service blows, people suck, mechanics smoke in your car, eat stuff in your car take a bite and put it back... WTF
everyone needs to stop going here and buying cars from here.....
looking at other people's reviews THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON"T GO HERE GO TO ROUND ROCK!!!

Liz F. | 2009-05-25

If i could give this place negative stars, i would. i took it in for my maintenance and i had the check engine light on as well. first off i got there at about 430 to drop my car off as i had called and arranged. one of the workers came out and told me to leave because the were closing. WTF MATE? he just told me to leave? no, i just walked past the guy and went into the office and dropped the car off. when i picked it up the next day to go to work, i didnt realize my air no longer worked, then my engine started knocking. i went to go check the oil and the wand WASNT THERE. im a big girl, i can check my own oil, hell i can change it too. but it was part of the maintenance. so after checking with a flash light, realized they had broke off my dip stick so now i have to check it with needle nose pliers. when i called about the a/c they told me it was working fine. they said i could bring it back in, but there is no way i would do that. i had a friend check out my car and told my that i had a cracked oil pan. hm, you would think they may have mentioned that before all the oil drained from my car.


Nicole D. | 2009-05-21

A horrible place with rude idiots working there.  

The check engine light on my Golf came on, I took it in, paid several hundred dollars for them to fix it, and as I was driving away the light came right back on.  They claimed they had no idea why and not to worry about it. (Of course, I couldn't get my state stickers with the light on.)  So then I went to Arbor Auto works down the road, and they knew what the problem was in a glance--they couldn't believe that a dealership couldn't  identify the problem.  

NEVER GO HERE. Go to Arbor Auto Works instead.

Kristina K. | 2008-08-11

One of the worst experiences I've had in trying to repair my car, hands down. So bad, I refuse to relive it by hashing out the details here.

If you have a VW, read my Austin VeeDub review and take your car there.

'Nuff said.

Bree W. | 2008-07-31

Yup, I agree with everyone else.  This place bites.  My Jetta was part of a tail light 'something' recall.  No one knew what I was talking about, even though I had the letter stating what the problem was so they could look it up in the computer.  The letter said it was a free replacement part, but they wanted $$ for the labor, as well as new bulbs.  I was naive and paid it.  It took FOREVER.  A couple of months later, my tail light went out again.  It is still out, nine months later.

Samantha E. | 2008-07-31

Charles Maund's Service Department has the worst customer service of any auto shop I've ever been to.  I dropped my car off,  was told I would receive a phone call in the early afternoon explaining what repairs had to be made and that my car would be fixed that day.  They never called.  I had to call them repeatedly because every time I called they did not have the answers to my questions.  When they finally figured out what was wrong with my car they told me that it would take a few days to repair because the part was out of stock!  (Strangely enough,  Midas was able to get the part for me within a day)  Whatever happened to the same day service I was promised?  The prices they were quoting me were absurd as well(550$ for a piece of plastic!!!).  

Nevertheless, I humored them and was awaiting one more call from them before the day was over.  Again, they never called and I had to call them just before closing time.  I argued with the gentleman on the phone and explained that since none of the repairs that needed to be done were preventing me from driving it, I had planned to pick up my car that day and wait for the parts to be in.  I was unable to do this though since NO ONE CALLED ME BACK!!!  It was an extremely frustrating situation and decided to call them back again and tell them that I would rather take my business elsewhere.  They gave me the run around and based on other reviews I am not alone.

I would rather sell my car and walk everywhere then go back to Charles Maund.

Sophia L. | 2008-02-12

I bought my car brand new from this place last year.  And I have been have a lot of issues with it.  The service is terrible.  If you ever go there for service, they won't have a loaner car, even if your car's there over night.  Totally not helpful!!!!!!  Shouldn't they value their customers better, especially the once buy  cars from them??  

This place is ridiculously inconvenient!!!!!!!

Kristen F. | 2008-01-31

I've had okay experiences with Charles Maund.  I unfortunately had my gear shift get stuck once, and it was the day when the VW dealership was moving to this location, so it was hard to get in touch with anyone, but we all muddled through it.

I've been two other times since.  When the doors open at 7:30, there is no set line.  I had two people cut in front of me before I finally had to be a little rude to get some service, and I hate being like that.  A bunch of people crowded in a room isn't the best way to handle customers, especially if the employees aren't asking "Who was next?" or anything.  Once I finally got some help though, the man who helped me was nice, though.