Charles Maund Toyota in Austin, TX

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When it comes to your vehicle, your authorized Toyota dealer knows best. Whether you need service, new parts, collision repairs or just have a few questions, we are always there with the answers and expertise you need.


Established in 1957.

The Charles Maund family of dealerships has been one of the only family owned and operated dealerships in business for over 50 years and has one, single minded focus: 100% customer satisfaction, not only in the vehicle you purchase but also in the process by which you buy it and the care and attention you receive after your purchase.

Charles Maund Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 797-4354
Address:8400 Research Blvd, Austin, TX, 78758
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Charles Maund Toyota

Bama Y. | 2015-04-25

One of the best car purchasing experiences of my life all thanks to Humam Heet! He gave us great customer service as soon as we pulled in! We were dealt with in a timely manner. We went in and told him how much we had and what we were looking for and he put us in a car that we love dearly already! I will definitely suggest this dealership to anyone looking to buy a vehicle Charles Maund Toyota is the best around!

Shalee G. | 2015-04-25

I was sold a 2014 Toyota Corolla by Arthur. He is very professional, supportive and very guiding. I think he deserves any title of manager:). He treats me with respect as well as my mother and helped me sooo much. I love my car and I love Toyota. Thank you for the service and I will tell anybody to deal with Arthur Barlow. This was the first time when being sold by something from a gentlemen it was sold an a reasonable price and what works for me. I will always come back to Toyota

Herbalife H. | 2015-04-24

you cannot  get more professional and top notch service....

Joshua Todd.

this is the 2nd vehicle we purchased from this man in the same week and  he has been extremely knowledgeable,helpful,and professional in every step of the fact, he not only provides top notch service from the pre-sale but post-sale as well.there is a reason why he has repeat customer like myself,pique and i like to challenge.

you get the best with JOSHUA TODD.highly.highly recommended

Tastiana H. | 2015-04-24

We had the opportunity to purchase a vehicle from this dealership. The salesman Arthur was pleasant and not pushy at all. In the future if their inventory has a vehicle we are looking for we would definitely stop there

Lori D. | 2015-04-22

I had been shopping around for a few days and Charles Maund was my last stop before ending up with a gorgeous used Rav4 Limited.  I have had a completely positive experience with my used car and my sales rep Joshua Todd has been awesome and patient with all my questions and concerns.  A car is a big purchase and they seem to understand this here, instead of making you feel like just another dollar to be made.  I intend on driving this car forever and I know I can trust Josh and the folks at this dealership with any concerns or future maintenance I might need.  I had a Yaris before this and I've brought it in for maintenane and the staff has always been very friendly and helpful.  But I'm glad I have a go-to guy at the dealership that I know for certain will take care of me and my Rav.

Steve G. | 2015-04-21

This place needs to ditch the old school sales techniques, with the internet it's very easy to see what a fair price is.  With AutoNation in town they finally have competition.  Long story short I had to put down a deposit  for them to get in the truck I wanted.  That never happened and they weren't able to give me any time frame on when it would happen.  When I called to get my deposit put back on my card they told me they could only do it in person (b.s.).  SO I went in and was informed that the salesperson had to be on-site to approve this, which he was not.  Luckily the receptionist which was much more willing to help than the manager called the salesman and received confirmation over the phone.  I received a call about my visit and gave them my feedback and was assured someone would call me back to assuage the situation, well that never happened either.   I went to AutoNation and was able to make a deal on the spot and for $800 cheaper than Charles Maund was willing to do. Save yourself time and talk to Ray Ponder at AutoNation, it's worth the drive.  I will be giving them my business for my wife's car.

Claire Y. | 2015-04-14

I took my car in for a recall. I called prior to make sure they hard the part and then scheduled an appointment for the repair. I showed up checked in and sat down to wait to the repair to be finished. I waited 2 hrs, then they came and said they no longer had the part and it would be in, in 3-4 days and they would call me. 10 days later still no call. I called today at 930 and left a message for Jason to call me with the status, I waited 6 hrs for a returned phone call and finally had to call back. Somewhere there is a breakdown in their system which needs to be addressed.

Kaolhi L. | 2015-04-13

If you're looking for the best deal in Austin then look no further. Go with Charles Maund Toyota. I helped my friend buy a 2015 Toyota Rav 4. We got to work with a sales rep by the name of Jill. She was super easy to work with, not pushy, and knowledgeable about Toyota products. I would def. come back here again!

Chris T. | 2015-04-11

WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER !!! DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM IF YOU DON'T WANT ALL THE HEADACHES . We purchased a used 2012 Toyota Camry from them In January. We decided to purchase this car because the sales guy told us the price is including 3 years warranty from the date we purchased and they would take care of all the minor dings on the car that we all agreed on. Once we signed the confirmation of purchasing and the satisfaction survey, the rep came back with a different story. He said he made a mistake that this car did not include the warranty and with a used car they would not be able to fix the dings as they will " lose money" . While we were ready to walk out the door, the sales manager stopped us and apologized that the sales rep is new and only worked there for 2 weeks. So he was willing to fix the dings that they previous agreed and provided us with a bumper to bumper warranty if  we pay extra ( here comes the sales game). To make the story short , after spending more than 5 hours of them playing games, we took the car as we needed it right away.

There was an final inspection paper that needed to be done by them and put in the car for warranty. The sales guy set an appointment with me to pick it up in the morning, I had to specially take time off to go to the dealership to pick it up. When I arrived, they left me wait for more than 30 mins. then the sales rep showed up saying after his checking, they are not finished with the paperwork yet.  So he handed me a " blank form" for me to sign saying I agreed with all the inspection. This is way too ridiculous so I refused. Again, they apologize and ask me to go back again. Then for the next 3  times they did the same thing, we made a special trip there to pick up this damn inspection form, they are playing hide and seek, 3 trips there, we did not get it. Finally both me and my husband have to lose our temper then finally we got it after many weeks!!

Next, schedule to fix the dings. We had to drop off our car during the week day when we need the cars to get to work. The first week of dropping our car there, they did not even work on it. The excuse was " the person that can fix the dings is not there for that week" !! Hello, what is meaning of making the appointment with them ?!! So we scheduled for the 2nd time. This time, they did some of them but not all. The dings on the roof were not touched because they said they had to drop the roof liner. So once again, we had to leave our car there for the 3rd appointment to fix those dings on the roof. This is where the nightmare continued . After another week , the dings are all fixed BUT THEY DAMAGED THE ROOF LINING AND TRIM AND CAUSE THE FRONT PASSENGER SIDE SEAL BELT NOT TO RETRACT. We called them many times for them to take care all these, After several weeks the body shop manager said they did not do it when it is so obvious and even changed their story and denied they dropped the roof liner (in addition to the tell tale damage on the liner and trim they left the seats completely reclined and a small screw driver in the car as evidence) and they transferred us to customer relations. After speaking to customer relations Mark, He agreed to take care of it and order the parts. We had to follow up with him every time and he only called back one time , telling us the parts are not there yet. After weeks gone by, we went back to Charles Maund again this morning. This customer relation manager Mark has long gone. We were told no one there knows our case and the new guy has to spend more time to investigate this situation!!! We will have to start the nightmare all over again.

They are obviously putting us off and do not want to be responsible for all their errors , playing games with us and trying to make us go away!!!  Their service department also told us the bumper to bumper warranty does not cover the seat belt or trim issue that is causing the seat belt not to work properly. So it is April now and we still have issues the dealership promised to fix but hasn't fixed yet  on a car purchased in January. I wish to give them minus stars if I could.

Alex R. | 2015-04-08

I wish I could give it a zero or a minus star, but one is the lowest so I'll go with that. That's the ticket.

This place is truly like an old school, lie, lie again, wear you down, lie some more and wear you down until you slump in a chair and buy a car...and then they'll follow up it up "Boiler Room" style smoking a stogie, bang a gong and dance after selling a car. This dealership is a throwback to an error gone buy.

And yes, I am using a LOT of sarcasm here because my experience was so awful, it's almost humorous.

I first went in a week and a half ago to test drive a Highlander and dealt with the rudest, pushiest sales person around. When I asked why their sticker price was so much higher than the TrueCar price, she got defensive and rude and basically treated me like an idiot saying that's not accounting for all the "great features" Charles Maund added...oh, and this was on their premium, highest end Highlander. So apparently, Charles Maund added a Jacuzzi, a Hooters waitress and $5000 in casino chips - must have missed those features on their top of the line Highlander.

Funny how that was the ONLY Highlander they had to test drive that day. Couldn't find another one. I guess I was wearing my "big spender" hat I like to borrow from the Monopoly game when I go car shopping.

After that car experience, I vowed not to go into Charles Maund again when I finally escaped her clutches. However, after getting a TrueCar certificate on another car Monday at a much lower price, I called and was connected to a sales rep (I'll leave specific names and just stick with bashing this dishonest dealership) who GUARANTEED an out the door price that matched the TrueCar price - I asked 3X if that was the "out the door price" (that's a trick I ask all car buyers to be aware of - they'll quote a very attractive price - but always make sure you ask for the OUT THE DOOR PRICE - crucial).

I arrived at the dealership on Monday - the 2 different sales people I had been speaking to, each took turns handing me off to a 3rd person...who proceeded to waste the next 2 hours of my life. First, Sales Rep "B", said there was a "misunderstanding" about the price he quoted me over the phone (and I had asked 3x about the out the door cost)  - the new guy, Sales Rep "C", he saw how upset I was at coming over there as they then told me it would be a much higher price the TrueCar price via the phone I had asked and gotten a "guarantee" for. (and yes, I asked for out the door price which includes tax, tag and title).

After close to 2 hours of various jerking around (and listening the "Boiler Room" style celebration by all the sales guys when a car was sold), they came back with a lower price closer to the one I had been quoted and said this was the price, we'll get confirmation...I wait again, they go in the back for the "show" of talking to finance when in reality, they're probably engaged in a Candy Crush tournament) they come back...and then go back to add tag, title and license and write a "final price" of one that's close to what they started that when I arrived. It was classic car dealer tactics out of the handbook: tell me what I want hear over the phone, get me in the front door, claim I didn't understand and show me a much higher price, see if I'll either accept it or just get angry and try to walk out (which I tried) and then say, ok, ok, we'll fix it for you...then waste another 90 minutes only to come back with a price out the door close to the original one they showed me when I first arrived. That tactic is old're so worn out, you just need a car, you're emotionally spent, so you'll just say to hell with it and take it.

No way in hell. That was the end of that. Got jerked around by 3 different reps and then the sales manager came over at the end and everyone of course acted as if it was MY misunderstanding. I am always clear in asking the out the door price because it's always a sleight of hand and a trick if you don't...these guys decided since that didn't work, that the "wear me down and then trick me" was the best tactic.

I applaud any customers who had a good experience at Charles Maund Toyota - I am jealous of you. But I wen in twice in the last week and a half and the 2nd time was even doubly worse than the first time. Will not go back.

Mike D. | 2015-03-26

Well, my first review was removed so I will make this one as professional and straightforward as possible.

Competition is a wonderful thing, it gives you a chance to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. Charles Maund Toyota appears to differentiate themselves through high pressure sales tactics, nagging at potential customers while on the lot and by phone, and apparently a poor reputation (at least among yelpers.) I'll leave the details of my experience up to your imagination, but I will give you the bullets.

-I was completely ignored by no less than 10 representatives,I asked to be directed to an available salesman and eventually found someone.
-the floor manager took particular interest in me, he cared about me so much that he told me that a particular vehicle configuration was very rare and I should just settle for what was on the lot right then.
-I told my salesman that I wasn't then, but would be in a few days. This is when I had to fight my way through three layers of management and hardline sales rhetoric as I tried to escape the building.
-I was badgered on the phone that afternoon, evening, and for days after despite my wishes not to be contacted by phone.
-I went back a couple days later ready to purchase, despite my frustration. ( I thought this was just the way it is when you buy cars.) I couldn't get anyone to help me again, my salesman from day 1 was unavailable.
-last bullet I swear- I drove down to Autonation toyota in south austin. What a great group of smiling, attentive, easy going folks. I highly recommend you give Christian a call, he did me right. Well under invoice on a 45k truck before rebates etc.

Constructive advice for whoever reads these and has the bad ones removed:

Look at how BMw/mini, Lexus, and even the other toyota dealerships treat people. These are the dealerships among others that I have purchased from in the last 10 years. You guys are a long time presence along 183 in Austin and its a shame to watch the decline.

Got a nice comment from Dale, maybe my old review just got flagged by someone looking out for the greater good. I appreciate you sharing that with me.

Matthew W. | 2015-03-18

Avoid this place like the plague. I don't usually write yelp reviews but this place takes the prize. I bought a used car in 2012. The car was great but the buying experience was arduous - after I signed on the dotted line getting my owner's manual and spare keys was pulling teeth. About 30 calls later I got them. December 2014, I get a mailer from them to refinance my car at a microscopic APR. I go in only to be told I can't refinance and they try to bait and switch me into another vehicle with the APR nowhere near what they promised in their mailer. I was very interested in buying something. They offered an insulting deal paying well over blue book followed by the hard sell trying to get me to sign on the dotted line - they actually ganged up on me freaked when I said I needed to think about it. I try to leave then manager James (son of one of the owners I find out later) starts trying to negotiate. This frat boy subhuman is a real piece of shit. The way I got treated by this person I could not believe. He instigated and his arrogance unmatched. When I got up to leave again, he treated me like he was doing me a favor selling me a car. I left infuriated. I get called the next day by my salesman as a follow up to see if I had changed my mind. Next, March 2015. I'm looking for a slightly used newer Fiat. My search shows the one I want at Charles Maund near my office. Against better judgement, I go to check out the car. I test drive it. I want the car. Money burning a hole in my pocket to buy it. It is priced too high for the miles on it (39,000 on a 2013) etc., but I figure we can negotiate. The salesman writes up a deal that is worse than what I was offered in December - 1/2 what they offered me for my trade in 3 months ago. He reviews the aborted deal from December. Still can't give me that price. Then he works the numbers, 3 card Monty. I try to leave he begs me to wait. I stay another hour as he tries to work the numbers with a manager. The numbers don't change. The attitude turns belligerent toward me as if some customer wasting their time despite no customers besides me in the dealership. They don't want to sell a car, they want to screw another customer and abuse them. Sadistic. Three hours wasted. Then I get a call from one of their survey takers the next day and when I honestly answer her questions about their service, she says something nasty to me. Avoid this place. Buy a bike. May they go out of business and James the nepotism manager panhandle outside. You could have sold me a car yesterday but instead you sold nothing. May you perish.

Susie F. | 2015-03-12

I've taken my car here several times but a majority of the work was for recalled issues.
I brought my car in for an oil change and to have my brakes inspected. I signed up for a service appointment online, and the estimated cost of an oil change with tire rotation was $55. Despite the fact that I wasn't told of any additional work/parts that were needed or anything out of the ordinary that would make the price higher, the total cost for the oil change was over $90 EXCLUDING tax and disposal fees. Giving a $55 estimate was flat-out dishonest and misleading.
I received a call letting me know that the brakes were fine but has 2 "urgent" issues that needed to be dealt with. I consented to have the additional work done. For these additional "urgent" issues, I was charged for an additional 2.3 hours of labor.
Strangely, only an hour and 40 minutes elapsed between me being called about the additional service required and them calling me to let me know my car was ready. I guess they count on the fact that they can quietly rip off their customers who can't do math. When labor costs are separately listed and run over $100/hr, being off by half an hour is over $50 in overcharges. If they want to charge a flat fee for labor, then charge a flat fee. If you want to charge for labor by the hour, then make the time reflect the actual time spent. Since the oil change included an inspection of the parts that turned out to need "urgent" attention, I can't really understand how more than 2 hours in labor could be justified.
I expect to pay more at a dealership, but I don't trust this place anymore. It's not worth the extra money because I have no more peace of mind than taking it to anyone else.
I will return to this dealership for recall issues, but I will not be returning for any services that require payment.

Tooth F. | 2015-03-11

I always bought new cars from Charles Maund, but this will be my last one from them. I bought a 2015 model from them in November 2014, and it's now March 2015 I have not yet received the title. The car was paid for on the date of the purchase. I have contacted them one month ago, and one month has passed I still have not received my title. They only want to sell you a car, take your money, but that's it. They won't even bother to transfer the title.

Susie G. | 2015-03-02

So updating this review is very unexpected.

My mom needed a new car after her 25 and 27 year old cars died. She narrowed down her search to new cars, and then later to new Toyota based on safety features. We visited about 5 car places, most of them staffed by semi friendly  to unfriendly men, annoyed by answering the many questions my mom had, removing all the headrests so she could see, and unwilling to engage us in conversation. Many of them walked ahead of us ( a huge thumbs down in my opinion) That was honestly what I expected to happen here as well. My last experience was less then positive, and I wasn't really open to trying it again, but we came in to try it out and see what she could find.

We were placed with Jonathan Madrid, a super friendly, incredibly patient salesman. He was kind and helpful, explained things many times, took us on several test drives, helped my mom figure out multiple things and was way less pushy then the majority of folks we worked with elsewhere.  Honestly it was like a breath of fresh air in the process. When my mom finally did decide to purchase, the deal offered was a fair one, based on her research- and we never got the feeling that we were being scammed or misled. When we moved onto the finance stage, the finance contact was also kind, personable and friendly.

I guess it goes to show its worth revisiting places a second time. Thank you to Charles Maund and to Jonathan for making the experience much better then it could of been. Patience, kindness and friendliness are much appreciated!!

Only downside-- having basic models that still come with extras we did not want but had to pay for ( could have saved an additional 600 bucks), also- filing the decaf coffee pot with regular coffee ( glad I was warned before I drank it.)

Haarnoz H. | 2015-02-16

Beware! Sales managers are liars here, and will cheat you. Went in for new car test drive, they said they would appraise my car. The sales manager didn't give me appraisal, but offered his low ball number that would have cheated me out of thousands of dollars. As I refused, he doubled his offer, which was still less than half of what I could sell the car for! I'll never trust or buy from Charles Maund Toyota. If you decide to buy from them, make sure you aren't cheated on the value of your trade-in.  They will lie to you and take advantage of you if you let them! Sad thing is probably they don't think that is wrong.

Sheila J. | 2015-02-08

Saw the car I was looking for on their website for a decent price so I contacted them. Erika from Charles Maund called me within a day and sent me all the information on the car with the price. She even went to take awesome pictures of the car and emailed it to me. We were talking back and forth for about a week so I finally decide to go in and see the car.
Erika was busy with another sale when we arrived at about 8pm but she graciously introduced us to Brody. Brody took us outside to find my car and I just fell in love with that car and had to get it. We went inside and talked numbers by then it's 10pm and the deal was done. Just had to come back the next morning to pick up the car. Right before I left I got to ring the gong that's right by the door! Brody was awesome and he called after a month to make sure everything was going well! Ask for Brody when you go!

Steve C. | 2015-02-06

Well, I guess that our luck has run out at Charles Maund.  We have enjoyed pleasant service, and friendly help from Scott, and I still stand by my assessment of him, as well as the service department.

However, there is a used car manager named James that we have now encountered twice, and have now about decided that after the treatment we received from him, we are done buying cars there.  I believe that this kind of thing is why Charles Maund has such low scores here on Yelp.

When I talked to other management, they know about the problems, but no one seems to have done anything about it.  Sad, because the rest of our experience there has been great.  I simply cannot leave my good rating, as I feel like it would be giving people bad information.  I hope that they get these issues taken care of...  a majorly expanded dealership will not do any good if no one comes back to buy a car.  Our contact with our salesman and the service dept. are the ONLY reasons that I'm giving this place two stars instead of one.

Drove to Round Rock Hyundai, and was treated like royalty...

Sharon K. | 2015-02-04

Oh if only I could also take some stars away...
I brought my Sienna in because my power sliding door did not operate properly. I met rude and patronizing people, who don't care much for what their customer has to say. After I gave them all the background story etc I left my car there for the day just for diags. Their conclusion was that the whole door engine has to be replaced - just about $2K... I told them it does not make sense to me but they didn't care much. I also asked them to check a rattling noise and they pointed at some part that it was obviously not the problem. My charming service adviser - Angel, didn't even want to have someone else looking at it. After their service manager did not return my call (of course) I took my car to Round Rock Toyota. Really great people. They found the real problems and fixed them for fraction of the cost.
I will never set foot in Charles Maund again. Yuk!

Michael R. | 2015-01-31

My wife and I went in shopping for a car.  

Mentioned we were just starting the process, and wanted to get smarter as we compared a Toyota and Infiniti model.

Salesperson was friendly enough, but then tried for the fast-close (e.g. - credit check, "what can I do to get you in the car today", ...).

I can't blame them for wanting to sell cars, but poor experience.

The manager caught us heading out the door and repeated the "what can I do to get you in the car today?  What if I sold you the car for $1?"

Again, they are in the business of selling cars...  But the way they do it can be pretty slimey.

They called us back 2 times in the next 3 days.  It took me saying "we are not buying a car from you" before they stopped calling.

Chelsea D. | 2015-01-28

I recently bought a 2015 Rav 4 about a month ago from Charles Maund and interesting experience. The first time I went in to Charles Maund with my husband, we were greeted by a sales associate who was apparently new and still getting used to the job. She was pretty terrible. She was rude when showing us the car, she didn't believe that we had good credit (???), when she discovered that we did have good credit she was SO forceful trying to back us into a corner to buy the car. She completely ignored me because my husband was the one buying the car even though the car was to be driven primarily by me. A manager had to come and intervene just so that we could leave. I left not wanting to buy ANYTHING from her, but.....I really really liked the Rav4 lol. So we went back a couple days later, explained what had happened and told them we wanted the car but we did not want to buy it from her. We were helped by a very friendly guy named Matt who gave us all the info we needed, we were greeted by a couple of managers and the finance guy was hilarious and very fun to talk to. They all stayed until 11pm working out all the details and sending me off and never seemed cranky about it which I appreciated.  All in all it was a pretty good experience the second time and I am very happy with my new car!

Mocha M. | 2015-01-27

This review goes to a used car department. The worst (and even traumatizing) experience ever. My husband and myself stopped by this place a month ago to see  used cars. We liked one of them and test drove it but we were not ready to purchase that night because we wanted to see similar cars at different dealerships.

A 'manager' came out and told us 'How we can help to close the deal tonight?'. We told them we were not ready to buy the car unless they gave us a good deal enough for us to skip the trips to other dealers. They asked us to name the price, so we named 4-5% off the listing price, which was the similar listing price of the same model at another dealership. Then the 'manager' got furious. He kept yelling at us (literally!) 'Explain to me! How and where did this number come from?' and went on and on. He was so furious and illogical that I could not even have a normal conversation with him.

We were just shocked how upset he was. We told them 'Do not worry about it. We will come back some other time'. Then another 'manager' came out and went on and on for another 30 min or so. He was calmer but as rude and demanding as the first manager. I had my coat and handbag on my shoulder and was pulling my husband's arm for getting ready to leave.  

My husband told them to excuse us for a moment so we can discuss. After they left the room, we looked at each other's face and said 'No way'. We rush away from the dealership a moment after.

Here is my advice to all yelpers, stay away from Charles Maund Toyota if you believe buying a car is not just about a price, but it is a total experience.

Rusty F. | 2015-01-23

My experience at Charles Maund was very odd. I got there a bit late in the day. It looked as if people were ready to go home. Originally I had planned on buying a pre-owned Nissan Titan or some sort of SUV or Truck. I told my salesperson, Inno, that I didn't want to spend over 15k or 300/mo total for my purchase. He assured me that he could do that for me over and over. I looked at the Titan and wasn't impressed(big chunk out of the steering wheel and some things missing from the interior. Things that should have been fixed prior to being put on the lot).

We went back into the office and he then showed me an accord, and a nissan rogue. I told him I wanted something larger but he insisted I try the rogue because it was a "crossover". It is a glorified hatchback compact car, BUT.. I actually liked driving it a lot. He had sold me.

So we go inside and fill out paperwork/get financed for the car. He gives me a sheet with a price of around 350 dollars a month. I told him I wouldn't be able to do this, but he said "Don't worry, the finance guy can mess with it and lower it for you." I thought this was a bit weird, because we had to sign the paper saying we accepted that price. But I took his word for it since everything was going in the right direction. I even called and paid to get new insurance on the car.

After several hours of being at the lot, we finally make it to the 'finance guy'. The finance guy tries a really lame, very scripted sales pitch for their "Toyota Evolve" extended warranty, which is actually pretty great. He says it's 10 dollars more a month. I'm totally down for this. He then tells me the price, which was ~350/mo.. I say, "well Inno told me you would be able to lower the price to under 300/mo like I originally stated was my max payment.".. 'finance guy' said that's not even possible, and showed me the paper that we had signed saying it would be 350. The guy tried really hard with his very obvious sales tactics to get us to sign with this price, but I told him over and over, "I would be buying a car today if I was shown a car that was in my price range." and "You've wasted my and your time by trying to sell me a car I said up front that I couldn't afford".

My wife and I were very frustrated at this point, because Inno had lied to us. We got up and left. As we were walking out, the 'finance guy' yelled out, "INNO!" and we watched through the window as they all sort of yelled at each other.

I do not recommend this dealership at all. They used very cliche car salesman techniques to try and convince me of what I wanted instead of just taking the information I gave them to try and find the best car for me. In the end it wasted a lot of time for a lot of people.

Ehsan S. | 2015-01-19

The Staff at this place are hardworking people. This is not a criticism pointed toward them. This is a very top heavy dealership (well most of them are.) The First thing you notice when you enter the Service Department general area is reserved parking spots for management (the owners). At D .Maund Slot there was Porsche parked under the roof while the other reserved spot for another Maund remained empty. Companies that have reserved resources only management are generally a good sign of top-heavy approach. And by the way I thought this places sell Toyota cars.

The Wait room is definitely not BMW waitroom. they have broken coffee flasks and the place just smells like human foot sweat. The Staff were constantly moving around and working but the system is rather inefficient.
Their Software system is old and the system is designed so only you only interact with one specific employee (so supposedly he can inform you) but probably because he must to up sell stuff to you. The poor guy that interacts with you has to be constantly on the phone to listen to technician voice messages. but then he can't check you out he has to hand you over to a cashier. whose sole jobs is to stand there and look pretty (only women working in this business) and hand you a receipt.

Their Setup just seems odd for year 2015. This is not Costco where any employee can help you. It is just massive monopoly over Toyota Service in Austin.

Steve L. | 2015-01-18

The yelp reviews are awful but my wife wanted to stop anyway so we did.  It looked like it was hard to get attention but when we got there, Mike approached me before I even got out of the car.  I went in a few minutes after my wife and a salesman asked me if I needed help and said no, and he went and got me a water anyway, unlike another Toyota dealership that turned and walked away when I didn't need help.  It took a lot of haggling to get the car we wanted at the price we wanted but we did and now everyone is happy!

Roksana L. | 2015-01-17

My current car lease on Toyota Corolla LE is coming to an end so I wanted to lease another car this time Toyota Prius. So far my experience has been very negative.
Car dealer Adam whom I was transferred to by Toyota customer service was very pushy about getting me the appointment to come in. When he called to confirm and I stated that I'll come in when I know the exact numbers (Give me a good deal that's within budget and sure I'll come to the dealership).
He said he'd call me the next day with some deals. He called back without any deals just asking me more questions about VIN # of my currently leased car.
Next day (that's like 3 days later)...he still had no actual offer and he gave me a big grief drama about how could I dare in a meantime to call another car dealer at the same dealership (who gave me an overpriced deal but at least he was talking specific numbers).
And quoting Adam "he didn't appreciate that I was calling other dealers to get the best offer and that he doesn't appreciate WASTING TIME ON ME".
Hmmm... Really?

S G. | 2014-12-08

Worst car purchasing experience ever. This company makes promise after promise that they don't keep. The process is a complete waste of time and beyond frustrating. They compromise customer service to be a leader in volume. I hope to never, ever go there again.

Adam G. | 2014-11-26

Their service is no hassle and very friendly. They guided me through my recalls very professionally and effortlessly. Once I had some battery acid leak onto the interior of my trunk and they replaced it for free after I had told them that I didn't want to pay for a new one. They've always taken real good care of me.

Jessica C. | 2014-11-23

If I could give this place no stars, I would. I went here to test drive a car in late September and put down a $300 deposit on a Prius. I was told by the sales agent that I could call the next day to cancel if I wanted. I called the next day to cancel. I left three messages doing so; the guy I was dealing with shared his name with another employee there and I kept getting connected to the incorrect person. I heard back days later, asking if I wanted to apply the $300 deposit to another car. I said I did not. The money was never refunded; eventually I had to contest the charge with Discover. According to my credit card, the dealership never responded to them, either. About a week after my credit card emailed me to let me know the charge would be reversed, I finally got a voicemail the original sales agent asking for a return call. No apologies. Why on earth would I call them back?

Charles Maund Toyota needs to get their customer service act together.

I eventually ended up buying a Prius from another dealership. If you want a better experience, either Autonation or Lost Pines would serve.

L D. | 2014-11-15

Do yourself a favor try Round Rock Toyota or Auto Nation first before considering Charles Maund.   I purchased a car on November 1st from this dealership.  They still rely on the Three Card Monty style of price negotiation.  They offer to make you an offer you cannot refuse, then jumble the numbers until you see the number you want, but that is just half of the story.

They back deal your trade-in, and extend the payment length.  We came to a deal on the base price, but this is not what I paid.  After waiting hours and chasing a three year old the whole time.  I missed this until the next day, after looking over the contract.  I noticed they did not hold up their end of the bargain.

Hoping if was just a mistake on their part, I tried calling the dealer Jill Van Reene and sales manager Jeremy mills, all who send us warm emails offering to help after the sale.  First they wanted up to come back in so they could explain how we are mistaken, god more hours at the dealership, not my ideal Saturday.  Soon no longer returned our phone calls and that is what you end up with.  Now all I have is three documents, all with different numbers, strange math and enthusiastic blurbs about how "I won".

Do yourself a favor, avoid the card games.

Andrea T. | 2014-11-11

If you're in the market for a car and have a masochistic personality...THIS IS YOUR PLACE!  Hands down, my experience with this dealership was the worst I've ever endured.  From the sales person, to finance, to the manager.  I was lied to repeatedly, they insulted mine and my husbands character and they went as low as to try and insult me to my own husband!  They referred to me as 'an emotional woman'.  In yourself the time and trouble...go somewhere else!

Topcan5 S. | 2014-10-25

I went in to check out a car. The salesman is nice, but not knowledgeable about  their cars. They just there to sell, they don't care about what they are selling. One thing unacceptable is the sales pressure. Couple Mexican sales talked to me, they just don't let me go. I was really pissed. I will never buy a car from this place. The price is very high compare to other dealerships in Austin area. Stay away from this place!!!

Justin F. | 2014-10-15

I have heard the stories surrounding used car dealers and how they are not to be trusted, but I went to Charles maund Toyota with higher hopes because today's day in age, reviews go a long way and you can look up internet prices and values on your phone instantly. Wow was I wrong. After waiting 30 minutes to get to talk to a sales person a hipster shoes up, complete with hole ridden mismatches clothes and a driving hat. Everyone else was in a suit and tie. . except Stephen(steven). After telling me they had 20 on the lot that I could look at, he spend 26 minutes trying to find one. Walking around the parking lot holding the beeper above his head looked pretty funny if it had not looked unprofessional. I would think there would be a system of knowing where the cars are, especially from such a well known car dealership. After bringing the car back, it still had all the previous owners information(serious breach of privacy laws), he told me we could not take it for a drive because it was low on gas. I told him I was interested in this car but would like to look at a few others, and he replied with "I can't find any more". Afterward he took us back into his office and looked at the numbers, of which 14500 for a 2011 cigarette burned, salt damaged Toyota corolla with 36k miles on it was the best deal I could get anywhere. . . when driscoll motors just down the street had a 2013 pristine condition 26k miles available for 1k less. I would highly recommend staying away from car dealers and go to a carmax no haggling place, or at least stay away from this Stephen character. But then again, if Charles maund hires these kind of people, you may want to stay away from the place all together.

Austin T. | 2014-10-07

This review is for used car's only. Zero stars for personality zero stars for negotiating zero stars for any kind of negotiation so we told this used car manager to stuff the deal and bought the same car elsewhere the same day. We came to this dealership to buy a vehicle so that we could use their service center but because of the used car sales experience there's no need for us to ever return to this dealership.

Josh S. | 2014-10-04

This dealer is stuck in the 80's.  They (try to) play the old school games with customers.  Checking availability of a vehicle by phone is useless.  The vehicle we were after wasn't available (even though we were told it was) so they offered another similar vehicle listed for over $2K more (smelled a bit of "bait and switch").  The sales guy implied they might be able to match the price so we said we'd entertain the option.  We then proceeded to wait for 15-20 min while he talked to the sales manager.  It "took" her that long to come back with dropping the price by $200.  We immediately walked out at that point.  We don't play those games.  This is just a forewarning to those who think there might be a chance of making a clean deal at CM.  We ended up buying a newer, cleaner car, with less miles, for less money and with no hassle at Round Rock Toyota.

Fe E. | 2014-09-28

Zero stars actually. I tried! Seriously tried to buy a new car... However, after  many, many hours & multiple visits I never got a price on the car I wanted to buy- why is that???? I have no idea but finally gave up ...went somewhere else & decided on & bought a new car within 30 minutes! I have since found others tht hd the same issue-wow!! Management here really needs to look at their policies..

Carmella M. | 2014-09-21

Went in and picked up my new used Tacoma stayed a total of 12 minutes .easy as one two three if you need a car talk to Arthur he knows me.

Rachel S. | 2014-09-19

After my unhappy exit from the dealership the first time, my yelp review was brought to the attention of the general manager.  Quick work was made to get in contact with me and "RIGHT" the situation. Max and Hector were amazing. Although there was still some discrimination on whether the Prius was a two or a three in trim level, overall, they did a great job and trying to make the customer happy.  After saying yes to the car that I wanted, they made the financing process as quick and painless as possible.

Ash M. | 2014-09-10

I've thought long and hard about whether or not I should write this review, because most of the people I met at Charles Maund Toyota were incredibly nice, friendly, and positive. However, our experience with the logistical aspects of Charles Maund were pretty terrible.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that my husband and I had a somewhat unique situation. Our vehicle was a lease from a dealership out of state, and we moved here to Austin while our car was still a lease. When our lease was almost up back in June, we went to Charles Maund to initiate the buying process and purchase our vehicle. That being said, we spent more time at the dealership to buy a car we already essentially owned than I did when I first leased the vehicle! We spent six hours there "negotiating" on options and getting the interest rate and price we wanted. I recognize this is how car buying works, so I digress.

After our six hours at the dealership, we drove away feeling grateful we were done. Later that week, I got a phone call that we forgot (yes, they said "you guys forgot," like we intentionally skipped a signature or that it was our job to make sure each page was signed to begin with) to sign on some paperwork. They sent someone out to meet me and have me sign off. Another couple of weeks pass, and we get ANOTHER phone call saying we "forgot" to sign on yet another document. This time, they made us drive back to the dealership to sign paperwork, but the person who called us and said they would be in to meet us was actually out that day, so we waited about an hour for someone else to figure out what was going on, re-print a bunch of paperwork, and have us sign it (while trying to sell us more stuff while we were there).

THEN, after all of that, we get a call four days before our temporary registration expired saying that they couldn't send us our plates because we hadn't had an inspection yet (which is something that isn't required in the state we're from, so we had no idea). We took the car in for the inspection, and luckily we noticed on our bill of sale that we'd already paid for it because the service department wanted to charge us for it.

So, after our third trip to the dealership and one visit from Charles Maund staff, we thought we were finally done. Until the day our temporary registration expires, and we haven't heard anything about our plates. I tried calling, got no response. Tried emailing, got no response. Finally I chatted with an associate online and they said they'd have someone contact me the following day. Two days later, I called the dealership myself and they told me to come down and get a temporary plate until our new one comes in. I go down there, they tell me the plates have been ordered and it's just a backlog at the DMV, it takes 45 minutes to get the new plates (which, I'm sorry, but I feel as though they should have had ready and waiting for us after the run-around they gave us), and I'm finally out the door.

Then today, I get an email from another staff member saying, "So sorry about your plates - turns out it was a clerical error and your plates were never ordered, and we're putting the order in now. We will contact you when they are ready." So the person I spoke to the day before at the dealership completely lied when they said my plates were ordered. The person who emailed me attached a DIFFERENT temporary plate and DIFFERENT bill of sale than the one I got literally 24 hours before. So now I'm waiting to hear if my old temporary plate is no longer valid, in which case I need to print the new one. And I'm already dreading my fifth trip back to this dealership to get the actual plates.

I have to say that the people who work at Charles Maund are very nice folks and made us feel comfortable, and I recognize it's a big dealership and things happen sometimes. I also recognize our situation was unique, and recommend that others take this review with a grain of salt. However, the persistent and pervasive lack of communication amongst Charles Maund staff and some obviously demonstrated incompetence has really left us with a sour taste in our mouths. We will not be returning to a Charles Maund dealership.

Cat P. | 2014-09-10

I was really excited when my husband and I decided to look into trading up our Rav4 for a new one! My husband works his butt off and was working late so I was sent by myself to gather the basic information to see if it was even possible. Over the phone I was set up for an appointment with Stephen at 6pm. By 7pm I still had not met him, but was told he had 2 other customers and I knew the family wandering the showroom was also waiting for him. I told the manager (?) I didn't mind speaking so someone else....and so I waited. Malia finally helped me. She was wonderful. I almost gave an extra star for her, but couldn't when I thought about everyone else and my overall experience. Once I got my numbers and finished test driving (2 hours in and only about 30 minutes of actually human interaction) I was ready to go. But no, apparently Stephen now had time to talk to me. And by talk I mean try to aggressivly push me in to going behind my husbands back to make a huge purchase! HE LITERALLY ASKED ME TO NOT TELL HIM AND JUST BUY THE CAR! I felt like he thought I was just this poor helpless woman who would make a dumb decision. I told him I didn't want to disrespect my husband by making such a huge purchase without him and he LAUGHED at me!!! I actually felt trapped by him. I had already been in contact with my husband via text message and we agreed we would come back on our one day off together and most likely buy the vehicle, but that was not good enough for this horribly pushy sales person who literally didn't help me at all looking into the car, was just present the last second to pressure me into making the purchase. I assured him we would be back monday (he didn't like that and lied about losing my current price (I know people in car sales business, but didn't want to tell him I know he's bullsh+++ing me). Meanwhile, while at work on Saturday, I received 8 calls from Charles Maund. Sunday we had brief relief since they were closed, but god forbid we sleep in on our day off, Monday. Nope, we were once again bombarded with phone calls starting at 9am!!! Relentless. Finally that night my husband answered and let Stephen know he lost our business with how aggressive he was. Fast forward 2 weeks later and I am STILL GETTING CALLS FROM THEM! HATE HATE HATE. We already got a new car somewhere else where we were treated respectfully have not been harassed since we left. AVOID CHARLES MAUND!

Matt G. | 2014-09-04

Horrible customer service. Disrespectful sales people. Young, dumb and outgunned in a post Internet world. My wife and I regrettably bought a used camry from them. loved the car so chose to deal with them, but didn't even get a chance to walk out the door before the regrets started in. our Finance guy forgot to take our down payment because he was to busy taking personal calls during the finance of our vehicle. Should have walked out right then, but again, loved the car. Ended up having to walk back into his office and remind him about taking our money (again should have walked out when the first personal call was taken). When we did leave the finance office, Our salesman was nowhere to be found. We asked the salesman  covering the front desk where our salesman was and his response was "I don't know." No additional information was given.  My wife and I waited for 15 minutes then we asked him if he could page our salesman. He huffed as if we were inconviencing him and then stated, "I'm sure he'll be right back". I stated, "I'm sure you're right, but all things being equal, please page him." Thirty seconds later our salesman showed up.  We were sold a warranty that didn't cover what was said it would cover and I had to come out of pocket $500 2 weeks later for an emission repair. Despite being told over and over again it would cover everything, EVERYTHING, on the vehicle for 2 years. They describe and paint themselves as family owned, customer driven company, but the reality is, they're only customer driven when the customer is watching. When your back is turned they're grabbing at your pockets like horny little devils trying to get at your last dollar. They are only interested in your money and the sales team is under pressure to sell no matter what, so deception and misrepresentation abound. If you want a regretful experience and to bathe remourcefully in prototypical car salesman sleaze, then this is your one stop shop. I, for one, will never buy anything from Charles Maund family again. And, I strongly recommend that everyone reading this review learns from my mistake, takes it as a warning and follows suit. I also suspect that the 5 star reviews on here are professionally written by 3rd party Internet marketing firms. Buyer beware!!!

MT M. | 2014-09-01

My wife and I went here to see about a trade in on new Toyota. We got hit with nothing but hard sales pitches from the time we walked through the door.

They took forever to look at our trade and while we were waiting we got hit with a hard sales pitch from another person...

After that they gave us a decent offer on our car and we went home to think about it.

Over the next three days we got more than 15 phone calls from them. We only answered one of them and it was (surprise!) a hard sales pitch...

We would have bought a new car from them but that is the kind of pressure I associate with con artists and I don't do business with people like that.

If you want a Toyota there are other options in central Texas. Try ANY of them, they will be better than Maund.

Jasper F. | 2014-08-29

Sergio Ballesteros is the best! I was going through a transition moving from New York Manhattan to Austin Texas and dealing with Sergio was a pleasure. It was a really stressful time on trying to coordinate my travels in a new city. When we came to an agreement, Sergio came and picked me up to go get my car! If you are in the market looking for a good deal and excellent customer service, contact sergio_ballesteros@charl… . He'll hook you up!

Tera K. | 2014-08-28

I am in the market for a new car and I drive a Toyota now. I have two recalls on my car now so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by scheduling my recall repairs and simultaneously test drive a new Toyota. I was trying to schedule this all first thing in the morning or after work. Service informed me that the sales people people don't get in until 9:00 so my only option was after work.  I made an appt. with service and with a new car sales associate.  The sales associate knew I would need the car overnight since I was dropping mine off just before close.  When I walked in the door of the new car showroom they were LOUDLY playing the Beastie Boys and not just one song, the soundtrack.  It was extremely unprofessional.  The sales associate I was supposed to meet with had already left, despite my appt. I met with a nice, young sales associate who did his best to step in and help.  After an hour, the sales manager (the same guy that allowed this loud music) informed me that their insurance doesn't allow for overnight test drives.  I walked out after an 1 hour and half and didn't get the recall repairs done & didn't get to test drive the car.  It was a complete waste of time.  I plan to buy a new car at the end of the year.  It was narrowed down to a Toyota, Infiniti & Acura.  Acura and Infiniti encouraged me to drive the car overnight, obviously their insurance doesn't have a problem with it.  Thank you Charles Maund Toyota for your unprofessionalism, lack of communication and utter wasting my time and helping me narrow down my new car search to Acura and Infiniti.

Julie N. | 2014-08-26

I do not like to shop for cars.  That being said, I visited this place with a friend getting their oil changed there.  I wanted to look around at cars because my car was dying, but I have a tall family, and most cars won't suit us, and we do not want an suv, gas mileage is important.  The salesman listened to my needs and showed me a Toyota Scion XB 10.0.  It had everything I wanted, back up camera, navigation, bluetooth, and sitting in the back seat was so roomy.  My husband who is 6'4" fits comfortably in the back there is so much headroom and your legs are not cramped at all!!  I ended up finding and buying a car within 4 hours that fits my family perfectly.  I bought it while my husband was at work, so he never saw it, and I was nervous if it would suit him but it is my car....he loved it!!  :)  It is a perfect car for a tall family with 2 kids!

Kyle D. | 2014-08-24

I would really encourage everyone to avoid this place like the plague. I wanted to purchase a new Toyota Sequoia Platinum (cash deal with a trade) and got the run around worse than you can ever imagine. Long story short, they play bait and switch, i.e. promising to get the "exact same vehicle" another dealership was getting for me (I am picking it up next week) for $1,000 less--I said sure, but then they were pushing a vehicle that they had on the lot that was NOT the same--they had 2WD and I wanted 4WD--these guy are the pits. I'd sincerely recommend AutoNation, much more transparent in their fee structure and gave me their best price, which was BETTER than Charles Maund by a lot right up front.

I think that Charles Maund deals with a lot of customers who need credit and they snucker them with selling the payment and hiding all of their junk fees and overages. Avoid if you have any other options.

Mark S. | 2014-07-04

After reaching out to the dealership who "doesn't know who I am", I can only say 1 Star is better than No star. By the way Dale from Charles Maund Toyota customer service, this site it called Yelp. It is not called give me another chance, or do-over. Customers visit you, they write reviews. Other potential customer "review" these reviews to determine if they should become a customer or not.

M M. | 2014-06-29

I am truly baffled by what has happened to this car dealership. I hate giving such a terrible review in light of the good experiences I've had there in the past, but it's warranted for sure.

On Friday, my husband received a phone call from the dealership about the Prius we purchased from them in 2013- just a little over a year ago (which was a good experience, btw- more on that later). They said that they had someone who wanted our exact car- color, package, year, everything- but that they did not have that in stock and would we be willing to come in and see about trading and that they could "get us in a 2014 for the "same" payments that we are making now."

Being people that are aware that if something sounds too good to be true than it probably is, we still knew that it was the end of the month, end of quarter, they sound really interested in the deal and hey, maybe this could turn out to be a better situation than what we are in now, so hubby made the appointment to go the following day.

So here are my rants:
1. Hubby shows up to the dealership yesterday on time for his appointment. He'd already made it clear he was going to have a busy day and didn't want to sit there all day, hence the appointment. When he arrived, he was told that person was busy and then proceeded to get passed from one person to the next for about 30 minutes. So obviously, appointments mean nothing here. Waste of time #1.

2. Finally he gets helped. They sit down and offer us $6000 less than we owe on our car (!!!!!) and then tells him that they can finance another, older vehicle for 63 months at a higher interest rate but Hey! our payment can go down by $50 a month!!! And this car has leather! Wow, what a deal!  So in essence, they wanted us to finance $22,000 for a $16,000 car when we already have a perfectly good 2013 that we got for 0% financing. Really? Waste of time #2.

3. After more questioning, come to find out, no one knows anything about a buyer wanting that car. So, they baited and switched him to come in, aka LYING.

b) Once they wasted his time (did I mention also that Maund is 26 miles from where we live?) they were completely unwilling to work with him after literally baiting him into coming into the dealership to try to get our car for dirt cheap to resell AND sell us another car. If it hadn't been for them specifically saying that they wanted to make a deal, we would never have gone over there and wasted a day. Why would we?  I think this is what is called a RIP-OFF, no?

I honestly do not know what happened at this dealer.  Last year when we bought our Prius, we had a pretty good experience. I told them to make their final offer first and they pretty much did, while giving us a few options....very little B.S. involved.  Yesterday, that's all it was...AND they tried to act like they were doing hubby this huge favor.

I will never, ever go back to this dealership and advise folks to AVOID this dealership at all costs.

Go to Lost Pines Toyota in Bastrop instead- they are rock stars and their service department is excellent.

Bryan M. | 2014-06-25

I visited this dealership three weeks ago and and had to interrupt the two sales boys to get me a brochure . No offer to help me with a car. I then went back last week and I walked the lot , entered the show room , sat in a car , walked around the car . No help.Then email a complaint to the dealership. And no response !  I bought a Honda .

Carol C. | 2014-06-23

We've dealt with Charles Maund Toyota for years as we love Toyota's. Basically we've been satisfied until our last encounter with the service department. My husband's entertainment console stopped working after we changed the car battery. We took it to Charles Maund and we're told that to fix/replace it would cost $1500! We finally took it to a local car stereo place that simply replaced the  internal DVD that makes the darn thing run. Total cost $300. Lesson learned: don't trust Toyota service, especially at Charles Maund.

Hollea H. | 2014-06-22

My husband and I stopped by this Toyota Dealership looking to test drive a vehicle as we are shopping around.  We told the sales guy we were not buying a car for another month.  We were interested in what the payments would be so we asked the guy to run the numbers (estimating everything).  We told the sales guy many times we were not buying that day.  However, he continued to try to convince us that we should buy the new vehicle that day. He then did the sales tactic and went to get the Sales Manager.  The sales manager began badgering us trying to get us to buy the vehicle that date.  We explained to him multiple times that we would not be buying that date and just wanted an idea of what our payments would be if we decided to go with that vehicle.  We are selling my vehicle to a family/friend and the Sales Manager began bad mouthing the idea of selling to a family/friend and that we could lie to our family/friend about why we didn't sell to them even though the deal is done.  At that point I was getting upset because they were more worried about making a sale then actually listening to the customer.  Finally when he started to tell us that he could not bring the MSRP price down, I started going off about incentives; ie Military Incentive and how they haven't even considered that.  The Sales Manager apologized that he didn't know that my husband was Military however we had talked about it to the sales guy.  The Sales Manager then called my husband a Chief.  We bit our tongues because we were about to go off on this Sales Manager who had been completely unprofessional. If we decide to go with a Toyota we will not use this dealership.

A piece of advice for your business- You do not refer to someone in the Military as a Chief when they are not a Chief, it is disrespectful to assume a rank of someone.

Crystal C. | 2014-06-02

It's unfortunate that other people had negative experiences at Charles Maund  because I just about had the most seamless car buying experience here on Friday evening.

I had done research as to what car and what price I was willing to pay for the past few months, but I suddenly found myself without a vehicle and a cashier's check in my name at 630 Friday night.  I knew I would need a car, was willing to wait a couple of days, but I didn't know what my options were at that hour.  I called the dealership, explained to them my cashier's check situation, and they sent someone from the dealership to pick me up from my residence and bring me to the showroom.  The actual sales person, Michael Purisima, was the one to take the time to pick me up in the make and model of the vehicle I was interested in, and I was in the dealership by 7 PM.  

Things actually felt like role reversal when I was there--I think I was the one rushing Michael because I knew exactly what I wanted, but he highly encouraged me to make sure we went for a test drive and to be very sure (wanted me to take my time in choosing color, options, etc.) about what I wanted.  Even though I didn't think I needed a test drive, Michael made sure we still went for one so that I could be sure and happy about my big purchase.  I changed my mind on a few colors and options, and Michael was more than patient and accommodating.

Some high points:
* There was no haggling over the internet quote I brought in with me.  It was significantly lower than the sticker price of the car.  They honored the price without any hassle and didn't try to compensate for the difference by upselling me on other things.

* Michael made sure to get my care-abouts.  When I told him I didn't need additional features, not once did he pressure or try to sell me on the benefits of something I already decided wasn't for me.  It was also impressive that he took the time to pick me up, shuffle through a whole bunch of cars to get the one I wanted, and made sure I drove off the lot safely.  He could easily handed me off to someone else throughout the sales process and didn't.

* Dealing with the finance person was pleasant.  It can easily be an uncomfortable, cumbersome situation and it wasn't.  

I was out the door with my new car by 1030 PM.  Not one person in the dealership rushed me nor made me feel like I was a burden.  

Thanks to Michael and Charles Maund Toyota, I was carless for only four hours.  :-)

Mar V. | 2014-05-24

R-U-D-E! Very rude people. Run as far as you can from this location. There is no customer service. Its them first and then, if they feel like it, the customer. The first sign that this was going to be a bad experience was the salesman. He was not happy that I was asking lots of questions and wanted time to think about the purchase he told me I was stupid and needed to stop playing games.  I didn't know that asking for time to think about it was playing games.  Another salesman came in and apologized for him so I went ahead and bought a vehicle. Well it has not gotten better since then. I have had to go in many times after I bought my vehicle and the customer service is not there. The bad part is I can't go any where else I already bought the vehicle. If I could go back in time I would not choose this location to buy from. This people are not nice and when its your first time buying you have lots of questions and they are not up to helping the customer. My experience has been so HORRIBLE that I want to take them their vehicle back even if i get bad credit.

erin J. | 2014-05-02

I can't believe what a disappointment my recent trip to this lot turned out to be. When my partner and I were in the market for a new vehicle, I said I wanted to check out Charles Maund. See, almost five years ago I bought a used car from them and I still remembered the excellent sales and financial staff. Maybe a lot has changed in five years, or maybe new sales and used sales are trained differently. Whatever it was, boy was I in for a shock!

My partner and I have a two year old, so we had to plan everything just right. We poured over their website looking at each vehicle we were interested in. He found one he wanted to see, I found one I was interested in and made our plan for the following day. I made dinner early and fed the toddler and by the time he was home for work, we were ready to go. With enough time for a test drive and negotiations with a toddler!

The lot was pretty dead when we arrived at about 6:15pm. Parking right up front, we were surprised to find NO sales associates outside. So, we went to the area with the make we were interested in and kicked the tires presuming someone would be with us shortly.  We saw one man in quite a hurry running back and forth from the office to the lot. In five minutes, that's the only person we saw and the toddler was bored. So we went to explore the "porch" of the office. After another 5 minutes, we still hadn't even seen another employee outside. The front parking was fairly full especially for a Tuesday so maybe everyone was with someone inside??? My partner went to find out as I took our daughter to explore a rock area. 

When he returned, he was steaming. He described to me what happened as he walked in. A few associates were fiddling with a display while he approached a gentleman to ask if anyone was available. Reading the mans badge identifies him as a manager. "That depends," he was told. "Are you a serious car buyer?" Taken aback, my partner says, "Well, I'm not anymore!" The manager then explains that is why we haven't received assistance. HIS staff was only available to serious buyers. I'm sure more words were exchanged after that but I didn't need to hear anymore. We left in disgust. 

I'm not sure why we didn't receive assistance. Was it because of our relaxed attire? Me in my jeans, tshirt, and loafers? My partner in his guayabera with cargo shorts and flip flops? Did we look like we couldn't afford a vehicle? Could possibly be because he was Hispanic? Does that make him not look serious? Did our daughter prevent us from buying? Should I have had all my cash from my wallet sticking out of my pocket, with my 2c diamond earrings on? Should I have worn a gown and he one of his nice suits? Is customer service dead? Am I now supposed to prove myself to the company I am frequenting before I am deemed worthy of their time? Ya lost me Charles Maund. I planned on being a loyal return customer and ya treated me badly. I'm over you.

Rachel H. | 2014-05-02

I had a very negative experience here. I came in on Monday to look at a Prius. I was in the researching stage and told the salesperson that. He did not accept that and brought his manager over who tried to convince me to buy the vehicle that day. I made it clear that was not going to happen.

I still wanted to get a Prius and this is the only Toyota dealership in town, so I went back on Wednesday to choose one and negotiate a price. I asked to be put with a new salesperson. The new salesperson told me that he was glad I came in because 'a group of Asians just came in and I don't feel like using Google translate'. I didn't respond because I was so taken aback. Then later during our test drive, he mispronounced something and declared he was practicing Korean. I'm not Asian, but both of those comments were pretty racist.

I test drove the car and came back. I sat there for 2 hours while he 'went back and forth' with his manager. I said which car I wanted, they kept trying to talk me into a different color because it's what they had. I made it clear what color I was looking for. It was ridiculous! I didn't need financing, I was paying in full, with a cashier's check, no need for a 2 hour wait.

We finally negotiate a price and they tell me the car will be there on Thursday night. The manager calls me and makes it sound like the car is there, but they have to clean it so I should come on Friday. I come on Friday, car isn't ready and won't be ready til the evening, because it was never at the dealership, it was still en route. I come back in the evening and wait an hour and a half (there are no other customers at the dealership at this time) to pay. I WAS PAYING IN CASH, WHY WERE WE WAITING AN HOUR AND A HALF AT AN EMPTY DEALERSHIP ON A FRIDAY?

While we were waiting, I heard one of the managers talking about my husband and I. I guess he didn't realize we were sitting close enough to hear. Just ridiculous and unprofessional.

The finance guy was the only good one of the bunch. I handed him the check and we got in and out quickly. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. I bought the Prius in spite of them, not because of them.

I also want to say that I noticed that they apologize to people via phone or e-mail when they post negative reviews. I don't need an apology, I just want them to treat customers in the future with respect.

Jane D. | 2014-04-23

My experience was the same as everyone else's. I walked into this dealership knowing exactly what I wanted only for the salesman to immediately say "You don't want that" and tried convincing me I wanted something else.

So in retaliation I made the salesman show me every single car on the whole lot, let him go thru the song and dance of trying to force me to buy another car, got him to draw up numbers (which by the way there was a $3000 discrepency in what he was verbally saying to me vs what was on the paper that he was trying to get me to sign and he could not explain where the 3000 came from) on the car that I did not want and then left.

You would think in this day and age that sales people would get a clue and know that their customers are smarter than they and not the other way around. If the saleman had not been up my ass trying to force me to buy something I did not want and didn't fluff the numbers and allowed me to get the car I went in there for, then he would have made a sale. But instead, I took what I learned from this experience and went to another Toyota dealership and they gave me exactly what I wanted without any obnoxious hassle, probably because I warned them immediately that the bullshit would not fly with me.

I can only imagine how much more profitable this lot would be if they weren't manipulative predators. Everyone beware!

Callie B. | 2014-03-28

I had the WORST experience in the used car department earlier this week. To make a long story short- my fiancé and I we're so disrespected by an "upper management" staff member that even after reaching an ideal price, we decided to walk and take our business elsewhere. We were belittled, disrespected and dare I say bullied. It was awful, and at 8 months pregnant- no vehicle or price is worth that. We bought a beautiful SUV from Austin eAutos instead and had an amazing experience. I'd drive to New Mexico to purchase a car before I'd go back to CM Toyota. Truly disgusting.

JR B. | 2014-03-18

Towards the end of summer (2013) I was shopping around for a new 2013 Tacoma with my family. I chose Charles Maund Toyota as it is super close to home. As soon as I stepped foot on the lot, I was approached by a helpful older woman. She pulled up a Texas Edition Tacoma and immediately started explaining to me all the details of the truck that I had overlooked. It all was going well until.......

We talked numbers and everything seemed good on my end. She ran my credit report and again we talked numbers. On her second trip to her finance advisor's office both my family and I could the staff's manager screaming to the staff about getting customers in the door (as it was the end of the month and they had not made their quota). I was sitting in the saleswoman's office and my family was sitting in the waiting area in the center of the building. While that was going on the saleswoman told the finance advisor that I was not serious about buying a truck and that's fine if she felt that way, but she didn't have to say that loud enough for them to hear. Immediately after hearing that, my family went back to the car and let me know it was time to go. I'm in my mid-20's and I can see how I might not seem as favorable to purchase a new vehicle as a customer in their 30's.

The staff was very unprofessional and I even confronted the saleswoman about this situation. She basically told me that the man who was screaming at everyone was also a veteran as I had told her I am a disabled vet. No matter the pressure, that is no way to act in front of customers veteran or not. I explained that it was very unprofessional and that I had seen/heard enough and would not buy my Tacoma here.

Not even a week later I ended up purchasing my Taco elsewhere. I also take it to a dealership for servicing that is very far away from home but I get a hell of a lot better customer service. I know that trips like this to the dealership can really be hit or miss but in my case my experience was far off the grid.

Sumit P. | 2014-03-12

This review is for the used car dealership.

If I could give a negative star to this place then I would. I have been to their dealership on two separate occasions and on both instances walked out frustrated and angry.

Their negotiation strategy is to think that every customer walking in is stupid. They make you wait for hours and if that's not enough they make you talk to 3-5 different people, making you feel like an interrogation. If that's not enough torture their sales representative and customer service keeps calling you every week to find out what went wrong.

What went wrong is you HIRED bunch of aggressive and arrogant sales staff. That's what went wrong.

In today's age of technology, I really think their sales representatives should spend time doing research on websites like , etc. Their pricing strategy never matches the recommended price. And if you are looking to trade in your car then forget it, they will low ball you like crazy.

I've given this place two chances and they have struck out. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone.

Venkatramanan J. | 2014-02-28

Not really into writing reviews, but I had to do this to prevent inncocent people from going there. This place gave me so many sleepless nights. I bought 2011 Used carolla and had to visit their service almost 10 times within a month. They are merciless to sell customers with a car which had trouble written all over it. I had to change both the tires within a month and they wouldn't even give me a discount. These people will take money even out of dead people.I own a business too but I would so such a cold hearted sale. Im an international visitor and felt literally helpless. All I could was write this review. Please stay away from this place.

Jyn K. | 2014-02-10

One line summary: Be ready for high pressure salesmen.

I came in to the dealership to view a CPO BMW 335i and to maybe test drive a Scion FR-S. I was greeted by Alfonso, who inquired inside about the 335i. Turns out it was being sold, so he showed me some other 335i and similar vehicles. He was a great salesman up to this point, allowing me to test drive a stick shift despite not having driven one for several years. My experience was 5/5 so far.

Then he wants to show me the 535i at the front of the dealership. You know, the place where dealers show their most expensive cars? He asked if he could "show me the numbers," for it. At this point, I've told him several times I'm most likely not going to buy today, but why not, no harm in looking. The next 1+ hour, I was in the office having numbers ran by me, managers being consulted, calls being made, and pressure being applied. Alfonso wasn't bad, he actually was helping to establish a budget for me, but when he escalated to another salesman, that guy had no reserve on demeaning and pressuring me to buy a car. I came to this dealership to see how much they were willing to work with me, not to see how much they were willing to pressure me into a car $10,000 over what I told them I wanted to spend (which I saw in another Yelp review. Wish I would've read that earlier).

I will say though, I left my driver's license there and called to see if it could be found. The receptionist told me she'd let the higher up salesman know (since we were in his office) and that he'd call me back at noon. 3 hours later, Alfonso called me to follow up on trying to get me to test drive the 535i. After telling him I was missing my license, he texted me about 20 minutes later saying he found it and asking what time I'd pick it up. +1 for Alfonso.

Jesse S. | 2014-01-19

I've had the worst experience with this dealership. I went there because of the trusted Toyota name and was met by the least professional and most predatory people. They yo-yo'd my contract for more than three months, which is illegal(if this is happening to you contact a consumer law attorney). I will never give them my business again. Ever.

Jana B. | 2014-01-18

My husband was in the market for a new truck and found exactly what he wanted at Charles Maund. Our salesman was respectful of our time and space and let us drive and fidget with the truck before we made any decisions. They offered us top dollar for our trade in which made us trust them a bit more. Luckily for us, we have great credit so the buying experience was a breeze. We wrote out our preferred numbers and our salesman returned with a handshake and a smile :)  

When it came to closing, the business office made it a great experience. The manager's desk was some sort of touch screen computer. We barely touched any sort of paperwork as everything was done electronically. This made things very easy! We will definitely consider purchasing vehicles from this dealership again in the future.

Scott J. | 2014-01-18

Another fantastic car purchase experience. 2011 was my first Charles Maund experience, and besides a few paperwork issues, the process and experience was pleasant and easy. The floor manager, Alfred Martus, took care of me then and was exceptional.

Now here were are 2.5 years later, and after receiving an email from Alfred explaining my lease end options, I decided to call him to inquire about early termination options. Alfred spent 20 mins on the phone with me going over a few things. We then set an appointment and I visited the dealer hoping to catch a 2013 model year end deal (it's January 2014). Alfred, still exceptional as before, spent almost 3 hours with me helping me (length of time was due to my indecision and locating one of the few remaining 2013's, nothing to do with the dealer). After looking in his inventory for a bit, Alfred was able to locate just the vehicle (Rav4) & model I wanted at another "Gulf States" dealership that fit my budget needs. The following day, he called to inform me my Rav4 was ready ahead of plan! Another hour of helping me get the "I's dotted & T's crossed" and I had my new SUV! He even sat in the passenger seat to help me get the touch screen audio set & bluetooth connection from my cell set up in the car before I took off - a truly great guy to work with. Thank you Alfred...Charles Maund is doing it right. Happy, loyal customer here that will return - ask for Alfred.

Shawn H. | 2014-01-18

I have been called and been contacted twice in the last month in regards to price inquiries on Rav4's.  Each time I get a sales person who is the best that has ever been and they have been selling like there is no tomorrow (blah blah blah).  I simply ask for pricing on a base model Rav4 and then the upsell occurs.  I stay with what I want and they state they will get me the info ASAP.  I guess that ASAP means something else in the car sales world, perhaps it is latin for never call you back.  Sadly when you are wanting to know how much a car costs it is next to impossible to get an answer.  Same old mouse, renovated house.

Kaitlyn V. | 2014-01-09

Let's start with the intial purchase of my vehicle back in May 2012.  It was my first big girl purchase and they seem to have made it easy.  Little did I know I was going to receive a call a week later- "Ma'am it seems as if we've made a mistake and the financing department would like you to put $1000 down on the vehicle" ??? tell me how this could be? I had the car in my possession AND the final signed papers with my APR and everything.  Not knowing what to do I settled with them for $500 down payment and had to come back in and resign paperwork.  Note, my interest rate had gone up by 2.5% and my payment by $15/mo.  Total BS.

Fast forward to a year and a half later... I decided I needed a bigger vehicle, however, with all the extras they sold me I was upside down about $5000.  I went into Charles Maund to cancel my warranty and have it applied to my principle. Let me remind you this was in October! they told me it could take up to 8 weeks.  About the 7th week I found a vehicle that would work with my negative equity so I went with it.  After doing that I went back into Charles Maund to see where my refund was.  "I'm sorry ma'am it seems as if this was never processed" - this was in Decemeber! They ended up "cancelling" it again stating that I would receive a check in the mail in no more than 2 weeks.  

Since it was around the holidays I decided to give it about 3 weeks until I gave up and actually called the warranty company instead of the dealer.  "Ma'am we never received any documentation that you had cancelled this" Are you serious?! Very frustrated I went straight up to the dealer again and spoke to the financing manager.  He had no answers as to why this was not processed and he suggest he give me all the paperwork and I could go and fax it MYSELF to ensure that it was taken care of.... someone tell me how lazy can one person be to just not FAX something that a customer requests.  


I am writing this review because I hope no one will actually trust these people to sell them a car let alone file simple paperwork.

Jason Z. | 2013-12-10

No wonder these guys aren't rated better. My wife and I bought a used Honda CRV from them last year, so when I went to look at a used Prius today, I thought it might help being a previous customer... You'd think a little loyalty goes a long way. You'd be wrong.

Let me be clear - When I buy a car, I already know how much my trade-in is worth, and what the retail is for the cars in their inventory. I've been on their website. I've checked the cars against NADA and KBB. I've done my homework. I guess these guys get a lot of people who DON'T do this, because I think they tried to take advantage of me.

They used all the typical sleazy sales tactics, including the following:

1. They tried to convince me that $15,926 was a "great deal" for the car. On the website, they even stated that they had JUST dropped the price from $19,975. However, KBB and NADA put this car at $15,100 to $16,900 max. SO, not such a fantastic deal after all.

2. My sales guy actually showed me a computer screen that said that Charles Maund had $15,500 invested in the car. He says, "I don't do this for everybody, but I'll show you." Wow. I haven't heard that before. Thanks for the insider information! By the way, I'm not stupid. I know Charles Maund doesn't have $15,500 invested in this vehicle, and I also know that you do, in fact, "do this for everybody."

3. They made me do the typical "wait for 45 minutes" while they priced my trade-in and talked to the manager. I even noticed that my guy attended a big employee meeting while I was waiting, instead of taking care of me. The walls are glass, guys. I'm not blind. I can see when somebody is wasting my time.

4. They REALLY lowballed me on the trade-in. Average trade-in on my truck was $9,500 to $10,500. They offered $7,500. When I balked, the guy checked KBB right in front of me and saw that it was at least $9,500. So, he seems a little embarrassed and he goes and talks to the manager and comes back 10 minutes later and says they can do $10,000. Oh, so suddenly you can come up $2,500 on a trade-in? Wow. You guys must be so generous.

5. After my last offer, my sales guy comes back with a signed note from the manager saying, "YOU WIN!" with a smiley face. However, they had rejected my final offer and countered with a difference of $1,000 in their favor. So, I'm confused. How did I "win" when they didn't accept my final offer? Maybe they meant that I "won" a sleazy sales tactic that I've seen several times before? I'm not sure.

6. When I said no to this counter-offer, my sales guy actually had the audacity to ask me to "meet in the middle," despite the fact they they had just lowballed me by $2,500 on my trade-in and immediately upped it to $10,000 after I told them I wasn't stupid. He tries to tell me that they would be losing $1,000 if they accepted my final offer.

So, my sales guy went back into the manager's office one final time. I actually walked out at this point. The manager himself runs out and follows me to my car and said he'd accept my offer. I guess these guys are just so generous that they're fighting to give me $1,000. It's either that or my sales guy was lying the whole time. It's either one or the other.. And which do YOU think is more likely?

In the end, we went back and forth a couple of times, but I left without buying a car. This place left a bad taste in my mouth.

Single Gal C. | 2013-12-07

I went to this dealership a few weeks ago, looking to get out of my old car, and in a newer one. Everyone there was very friendly and kind I will say. Beyond that, I wasn't so impressed. From the start, I was put into one vehicle financially only, and felt very pressured to like this one vehicle. I asked about other color options, etc, and the sales person almost seemed annoyed that I didn't like that exact model on the lot. After getting back to the lot, from a test drive, I asked about a different model care, and the deals I saw advertised on TV and THEIR internet page for rebates etc, the sales person knew nothing about these, and shrugged me off. The main concern was them trying to crunch those numbers on paper, and get me to sign. I left the dealership, waiting on them to finalize those numbers and get me a more accurate plan, and was told I'd have a call back within in the hour. No call. I called them. I was told it was going to take a little longer. No call back the next day either. I called them again, and spoke with the sales person. I was told they needed to get back to their desk and would call in 5 minutes. No call yet again. I called for the third time, and now they were asking for more money down, when I already told them my limits. Needless to say, I bought a care elsewhere. Also a car I like WAY better then what Toyota was showing me! I so wasn't impressed with this place, and won't be back. Especially since you can't even find anywhere to park in their hot mess in the first place!

Lynn G. | 2013-11-20

We had a "Pretty Woman" experience at this dealership.  It was a Saturday and we were out to look at a new car.  We happened to see this dealership and decided to stop in.  We were looking at the Scion tc and were approached by one of the salesmen.  We told him that we were there to look at and drive the tc and the frs and were still in the decision making process.  The salesman chatted about all kinds of things (except the car) while my husband took some pics and checked out the cars.  He raved about how they are the top dealership, move the most cars, can get us whatever we are looking for and blah, blah, blah.  (This may have meant something if he had treated us better)  Then, when my husband asked to drive one of the cars, he said that the dealership was "too busy" and he would have to check with his manager to see if he could take us for a test drive.  Really??  I have NEVER been told this at ANY dealership.  Plus, there was only one other couple on the lot and several other salesman around.  Was he profiling?  Maybe thinking that we weren't serious buyers?So, he goes inside for a little while, comes back out and says that his manager did not approve taking us for a test drive.  He gives us his card and tells us to call and schedule a time for a test drive.  Pshh, forget that.  I purchase on my time, not yours.  You don't want to help me when I am asking for it - I go elsewhere.  So, we proceeded to the AutoNation Scion down south and bought us a sharp little Scion from a sales person and dealership that wanted our business.  This dealership also has more perks than Charles Maund.  Being the biggest does not make you the best in my book.  I really would love to drive up and say -- "Do you work on commission?  Yes?  Big mistake -- HUGE!"  and drive off!  Love that movie!

Troy H. | 2013-11-08

*NOTE* I updated my review to move from 2 stars to 3/5 stars. Reasoning: I eventually did not buy from here, BUT they DID CONTACT ME after this review and passionately corrected the concerns I noted. They also did their personal best to help me out on many levels, but I simply found a better deal somewhere else.
(BIG thanks to Ben for trying to help)

I know it may be a HIT or MISS when visiting a car dealership, since you always feel like "chum" in the water when stepping on the lot, but I will be honest and straight forward on this one...

*Disclaimer* I work with customers EVERYDAY so I understand service. I also know how to make my position clear cut & curt so they can move on to getting cars sold, etc.

*Back Notes*
I have extensively researched the web for dealers and models in the area that were in my criteria and needs. That led me to this location as a well prepared prospective purchaser of a vehicle...

 My visit was on a Saturday around 11:00 in the morning. I had a long trip planned ahead of me later and I merely wanted  to come in, see a few vehicles, sit in them, and "kick the tires" per say to make sure they were what I wanted.

I pulled into the parking lot and parked up front so I could be seen easily. I was approached by Omar (Internet Sales Manager).
 Having a good respective introduction and information exchange, I mentioned the purpose of my visit, the background of my research, and what I was looking at doing. Respectively I also did NOT want to take up all of his time since I did not want to purchase and I would rather him go to another customer that may be better suited for a sale...let him earn some money now (my business later).

I brought in the specifics of a car I wanted to look at that I found online (and a few others), I provided him: VIN#, Stock#, and key factors. He looked it up on the computer, he seemed hesitant & noted that it wasn't available, then couldn't find the keys. His confidence and demeanor changed.(I felt like a bait & switch was coming)

 In lieu of the vehicles I wanted to see, he offered a "like" model. I agreed. We made it to the vehicle and in the process I asked some basic questions and it seemed that he did not have the answers or he may simply not be caring (possibly since I mentioned that I was NOT buying this day?) He offered a test drive. I declined.

 After a few awkward moments of him watching & me going through the car we headed back to the office.
 At the office I offered Omar my name and information for a Sale/follow up. I wanted to do business, just NOT NOW.
 He did his keyboard magic and then noted "I need to get a print out...I'll be right back"... BUT... he... never.... came... back? [about 12 mins or more?.. remember I was in a short stop before my trip so I was watching the clock]

 Now enters Hector and "Steve" (a new hire) [in our confined space of an office] with the shark eyed salesman formalities (remember my chum in the water reference) and he has a "print out"...
 In my military experience with interrogators and sales types... my guard was UP at this point.. why?
 Hector proposed a SALE: "what can I do to get you in this car today?" I mentioned "nothing, because I told Omar that I was NOT buying today" He showed me on paper the cost and information for the car that "we looked at" (his quote).

Looking over the document, I noticed many things were NOT correct: VIN, Model, color, the PRICE. The only correct information was the Stock # from the key tag.

After I pointed out these details, he still insisted on selling the car. I noted to him that was silly because no one would agree to something that was so inaccurate (I hadn't even SEEN THE CAR from the printout).
 By their body language (Hector & Steve) were stuck, he then tried the pressure tactic "well I move about 350 cars a week from here.. so I can look into it, but I am not sure if I can make it happen when your ready to buy" (in other words: this one car may not be available, so buy now)...

 I kindly replied "It's okay, I have other options..."

 Additionally, I NEVER saw Omar again.. I am not sure if he had an emergency, had to study on the questions I asked, or had a family situation to take care of.. don't know.

Overall, the reason Charles Maund gets 2 of 5 stars:
- Salesman concern for the customer
- attention to details (especially when you are trying to earn my money)
- lack of ability to SLOW DOWN and look at us like a person.. not a "$"
- no transition from sales person to finance guy ( I mean seriously.. I am sitting there and a finance guy pops in suddenly?)
- Product information
- Product availability (it felt like a bait & switch tactic when the car was not "there")
- (minor) The noise in the lobby was TOO LOUD. They had a football game on TV and a radio station playing from a speaker by the door. Add to that, other people/customers trying to talk over that noise and it made me simply enjoy standing OUTSIDE in comfort to hear traffic d

Mick S. | 2013-10-24

I went to the lot and found a 4runner I liked and decided to purchase based on performance and price, and esp. that it was a 'certified preowned' vehicle. After making the deal we drove it for a couple of weeks and started having trouble with various small things at first, then noticed the audio system was not working correctly. I brought it in again only to find that it wasn't in fact a 'certified preowned' vehicle and thus having no warranty. I was very surprised and disturbed that this happened esp. since I seen and photographed the SUV bearing certified preowned indicator tags. So I took it back to the dealer and asked why this car was sold to me as a certified preowned when it actuality wasn't. The salesman talked to said he thought it was as well. So I spoke to the manager who told me that he would do whatever necessary to fix the problem so I sat down with him and spoke about what that would look like... he told me that it would be a full credit toward another vehicle of my choosing anywhere in the country,  (but turned out that he meant only in his lot - the first of a series of untruths. ) We spent countless hours searching for the right car all over the country as he said (he later claimed he never said this). He also claimed that the credit would be including taxes and fees paid towards the vehicle  initially - That it would be a seamless transaction - all I would have to pay would be the difference in the cost of the new car and difference in taxes, but no added fees. So I agreed to buy a car off of their lot to my liking, The whole process took at least eight hours to do all the paperwork get the car and negotiate all the issues - needless to say i was wiped out. When I finally got home show my wife the paperwork she showed me that I had paid at least $1500 more than I should've paid. That they charged me the fees and taxes on the first car and made me pay the taxes and fees on the new car as well. When my wife called to discuss the discrepancies, they argued and was very condescending towards her and when I tried to call and talk to him about it they wanted me to come in again to explain again. We talked to  my father-in-law who is a lawyer and he looked over everything and said that there's no reason why we should've paid that if they said they wouldn't charge us extra fees and taxes. We tried to set up a meeting but that never happened, and eventually the BBB report expired. That's when they stopped returning phone calls. Since then we went on trip and stopped at a Toyota dealer in another state to get our free oil change only to find out the platinum warranty I paid $3000 for didn't cover an oil change at another dealer as they promised. Overall my experience with Charles Maund Toyota has been that of deception, intentionally and un-intentionally, terrible customer service, broken promises and shoddy workmanship.  the used car department manager and the customer service relations person both have been unwilling to provide a suitable and fair solution in this matter. This issue has been a cause of countless wasted hours, stress, and loss of money.

Sue L. | 2013-10-18

I've had a few bad experiences here, but I'll share only two: the first and the last.

My hate-on started several years ago. Charles Maund was following the unscrupulous practice of charging thousands of dollars OVER STICKER PRICE to buy a Prius. So I bought mine from Round Rock Toyota for MSRP.

Actually, I've bought two from that dealership and will probably buy all of my cars there because they didn't try to take advantage of the Prius supply shortage like the slimy bilkers over at Charles Maund.  The cost of CM shady practice is the commission on 8-10 cars over 30 years and all of the money to service those vehicles.  Not to mention the word of mouth -- and I've got a big mouth -- damage that has been caused by the experience.

Now for my more recent experience. Unlike most dealerships, Charles Maund will not honor Toyota Service Plans or Tire Warranties if they are purchased from other dealerships.

This is a *Charles Maund* thing that I was warned about and it's true. Over the phone, the CM service representative assured me that my RR contract would be honored. Of course when I got there it was a whole different story. So because of the *miscommunication* (my-ass) I had to rearrange my schedule and hustle to another dealership before closing to fix the problem.

I've had a couple of other bad experiences with Charles Maund over the years and I hear nothing but bad word of mouth that support their bad reputation.

Because they are so close to my house, I have occasionally let my laziness to get the better of me. My bad. No more. Fuck this place.

Bekah D. | 2013-08-26

Best care sales experience I have ever had.  If you want to buy a new car, I would recommend going online and getting a quote on a specific car - this ensures that you get the best price.  Also, try to work with David Hardy.  He is hands down the most honest car salesman (and best on their lot) that I have ever worked with.

Claire A. | 2013-08-08

I'm not one to hold an eternal grudge when somebody does right by me so I'm updating my review about my most recent car buying experience, noting that my discomfort in the first place was due to the actions of one person, not the entire organization.

The day after the "missing floor mats and paperwork issue" I contacted Chris, the manager in Used Sales and he sincerely apologized and ordered me a new set of mats with no further question. He also told me that duplicate copies of my paperwork that was missing would be available within a couple of hours for me to pick up.

Later that afternoon I got a call from the Customer Service Manager to review my complaint. She provided her direct line for future reference and assured me she would watch over my account to make sure that both the mats and an additional part that I was guaranteed during my sale got to me in a timely manner. In my discussion with her I really felt like she cared about my business and that she would look into the matter.

The mats and the parts came in, in just a few days and I was promptly called and offered the first slot the following morning to get my car part installed. My car was ready in no time, a new set of mats were in the back, and they also washed the outside, vacuumed and cleaned the inside and filled my car up with a new tank of gas.

I absolutely love the car that I purchased and I feel that I got it for a fair price. While it's unfortunate that the sales person who I dealt with made me feel uneasy about my purchase, the rest of the staff more than made up for it in the end, providing me with a resolution that was more in keeping with the top-notch service I have received here in the past.  Bottom line -- definitely stop in here and browse around if you want a Toyota -- and if you have any issues, touch base with customer service. They care about your business.

Mike S. | 2013-08-08

I will never take my car here again.  I made my repair reservation online listing all that I needed done.  I dropped the car in the afternoon not really expecting to get it back until the next day.  No one ever called so I called and was told what needed to be done.  I approved the service and waited to hear from them.  No one called so I called again and was told that more needed to be done.  I approved the service and charge.  I then received a call from the service department asking if I would like to reschedule my appointment since I did not show up for my scheduled appointment.  I told them my car was already there--they seemed flummoxed by this.  I called again and was told that part of the service had been completed and they would call when done.  No one called.  Another day slipped by.  The next morning, after no one called, I called to check on my car and the service person with whom I had been dealing did not answer his call so I left a message.  After 20 minutes went by with no return call, I called to speak to the service desk.  I was told that the service person with whom I was dealing was not in that day and he would check on my ticket.  Then he told me that he could not find my car.  He would call back when he did.  40 minutes later I called back and was told that he had found my ticket but it was under a different name.  Then he told me that the car was a different year than my car so apparently it wasn't my car.  He said he would call back.  He didn't.  I went to the dealer to see in person where my car was.  When I got there I was told that he was just about to call me and he was getting my ticket together.  15 minutes later he came and told me he had my ticket all ready.  He did not say anything about the mix up earlier so I asked what had happened.  The Manager then stepped up and told me that there was a mix up with the ticket; they had my car under some other name and had the year wrong on the ticket.  I asked how that could be since I made the appt. online with all of my information.  I asked what had been done to my car.  They had not done one of the things that I had listed (a safety recall).  He told me that he could go ahead and do the safety recall, but I told them I would take it somewhere else at this point.  The manager said he wanted me to be satisfied and asked what would satisfy me.  I said I wanted all of the work that had been done for free.  He said he couldn't do that but could do the recall, provide a loaner, deliver the car to me.  I reiterated my position and said that I had almost called the police because my car had apparently disappeared off of their lot.  He ended up comping the work.  I am not happy with the service I received, although I am glad that they tried to satisfy me in the end.

Gl R. | 2013-08-01

Absolutely the worst. Without getting into a lot of the specifics, I certainly would never buy a car from this place. Knew exactly which model and color I wanted.

Got to walk the whole lot, in 100 degree weather. Then back in the "salesman's" office looked up and found one car, in the only color I wouldn't buy, that also had special wheels I didn't want.

Price was $3,500 over what it should be but the salesman said that was it, unless I bought today. Didn't even bother haggling or taking his business card. There are other Toyota dealers that are much better to deal with.

I I. | 2013-07-26

We had a good experience when buying our new Highlander.  We emailed the Internet Manager, Will King, before heading to the dealership for a test drive.  We told him what we wanted, and we asked that he have it ready for us when we got there. He did.

We didn't have a trade-in, we had a sizable down payment, we qualified for Toyota's zero percent financing special, and we knew what our bottom line was, so the process was as straight forward as one could get. All we had to do was negotiate the purchase price.

Talking numbers with Will was easy.  When he found out we were USAA members, he told us about their "special rates".  (He could have easily kept this info to himself and made us haggle down the price, but he didn't.) Their USAA rate happened to be our bottom line so our negotiating was over as quickly as it started. He put everything in writing for us to compare numbers -i.e. a down payment of x equals x monthly payment.  He was pleasant and didn't talk too much like most salesmen do (you salesmen all know who you are).

We walked out of there happy with the purchase price and with our car.  This is the fourth car I've ever purchased and by far the best experience.

I think the bad experiences that others have with salesmen and/or dealerships are those who don't have any options, who don't do their research, who think their trade-in is much better than it is, or who want the deal of a lifetime and don't want the salesman/dealership to make any commission.

**One thing I will mention, which has nothing to do with CMT, and everything to do with Toyota is this... I was so excited to get into my new Highlander and then I noticed there were no floormats! Apparently, floormats don't come standard in Toyotas. WTH?!?!

Shelby H. | 2013-07-10

RUN AWAY!! Very very rude and high pressure. Will try to make you feel guilty for not buying a car.

Dan M. | 2013-07-05

Your typical old school kick the tires dealership, turns what should be a good experience into "get me the hell outta here".  "How can we further pressure you into taking a deal you don't want" blah blah blah-I'm out

Dean D. | 2013-06-26

I bought my 2010 Tacoma in March from Charles Maund and I really enjoy the truck but other then that I would warn people to try one of the other Toyota dealers in and around the Austin area, like Lost Pines in Bastrop or San Marcos Toyota. First they ran up the sale invoice and the payment with add on's and a high interest rate ( My credit score is 829 ) When I balked they came back and surprise they were able to get the payment cut in half with a 1.9% interest rate. When it was time to go over paperwork my Salesperson Stephen Prince offered only 1 key to start the truck and for a mere $50 I could get a 2nd one, this is with me paying $26,000 for this truck. I told him the deal was dead without the second key and Damned if he didn't come right back with that second key. It took two hours of setting around to sign the paperwork. When I took delivery there was no remote entry fobs and my Salesperson Stephen told me this truck did not come with remote entry. I questioned that because it has all the other bells and whistles. None the less I left loving this truck. Called Moms Window Tint the next week to have aftermarket remote entry installed but  was told this truck came with it installed. Contacted CM and talked to Customer Service Manager Cathy Peters and she said CM would split the cost with me and either pay for the Fobs at $159 each or to have them programed at $80 each. I told her what if I bought them on Ebay for less and self program. She informed me most of those don't work. But I did buy a pair (2) for $37 and programed them just fine. I called Cathy and left a voice-mail (No Reply) and then sent her the invoice for the $37 (No Response) waited a couple weeks to see if I would receive a check in the mail then called Cathy again to see if she received it, again got voice-mail and again have yet to get a reply. So I guess Charles Maund Toyota resolves customer concerns by just ignoring them and hope they will go away. I guess that did work because I give. I have removed all CMT branding from this truck and will have all service performed at Lost Pine Toyota in Bastrop. I will NEVER deal with Charles Maund Toyota again and urge you to do likewise.

Alaska D. | 2013-06-01

I had heard lots of great stuff about one of the salesmen at Charles Maund, Shannon B., so went to talk to him about a new car.  The car I wanted wasn't in stock, though he said he'd have more in in the next day or two and he would give me a call when they arrived.  I didn't hear from him for three weeks, although I had seen on their website that the cars had indeed arrived several weeks earlier.  I went and bought the same car at AutoNation and had a wonderful experience.  Shannon B. then called me about a month after my initial contact with him and said they'd gotten in more of the cars I was interested in.  I let him know politely that we were no longer in the market for the car and thanked him.  He asked me if I had bought another car, I said I had.  He asked what kind I had bought and I told him the same one I was interested in at Charles Maund.  I had no attitude at all towards him - I was happy - hey, I had a new car!  He promptly hung up on me!  Not sure what all the hype was about that he was such a great guy!

Phillip B. | 2013-05-26

JFC!  That alone could wrap this one up, but, I will elaborate a bit more.  I went to CM on Monday (feeling like crap mind you).  Met with a very pleasant salesman, Dana.  I told him what I was looking for in a Tundra.  He didn't have what I wanted, but, promised he would by Thursday or Friday.  He said he would call me and asked that I not be medicated (I've had a recent accident) if I wanted to test drive the vehicle.  Fair enough.  He called me on Friday and asked me to come by around 1300.  I did.  I get there and he tells me that he doesn't have the vehicle I am looking for, but, he could get it by next Friday. My first thought is "why the fuck did you call me?"  I asked if he had one comparable that I could test drive.  He says "I'm not sure, let's walk the lot and see".  Walk the lot and see?  Dude, I've just been rear ended by an 18 wheeler, do you think I feel like walking the lot?  He had no clue what was on his lot, and, I was in no mood to play.  I gave him the option of running me numbers and talking price. He made two bad mistakes.  First, he bargained up from the MSRP, then, he had the balls to tell me I had to pay for special delivery of the equipment!  I walked out!  I will never deal with these guys again, nor, will I deal with their service department.  In the past I have had nothing but bad experience with their service.  They are in it for the money, not the customers satisfaction.

Kat K. | 2013-04-02

I had an awesome experience buying a car from Charles Maund and my sales person was fantastic! If you are going to buy a Toyota, I would highly recommend talking to Malia Bingham. She made my very first brand new car purchase the best. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I told her what I thought my car was worth and they were able to meet it within $500. I got the exact car I wanted, at a stellar price and was paid fairly for my trade-in.  Shop here and with Malia and you will walk out a winner!

P.J. S. | 2013-03-25

This place has easily the worst customer service I've ever seen from a service department.  I brought my Toyota Highlander here to be serviced and was in a shouting match with Mike Vergara, who is one of the client "specialists" in the service department.  Needless to say, I got back in my car and left.  I don't care how far I have to drive to go somewhere else, I won't be coming back here ever.

Christi T. | 2013-03-13

I had a much better experience buying my car here compared to my experience at Champion Toyota in South Austin.  I appreciated NOT being lied to here!  Will King was my salesperson and he was very quick and efficient.    
They do offer you a ton of add-ons while you're signing papers for significantly more money.  Just be ready for them.

chrisp o. | 2012-12-22

It took me a full year to clean my credit history after my information was mishandled by Maund.  Avoid them.

Catie M. | 2012-12-12

Seriously the worst car buying experience I have ever had!! I went to this dealership already with an idea of what I was looking for. The salesman had no idea what was on the lot in my price range. He literally walked up to every car to look at the window. Ummm I could do that by myself. Finally after 30 minutes I asked him if there was a master list or another way to find what we were looking for and he realized there was. I wanted to pay cash for my car so there wasn't too much wiggle room budget wise. But I had a good chunk of money so i wasn't worried about it. But they kept pressuring me to finance and insisted I would not be able to find a decent car under 15,000. The cars they showed me that were priced at 20,000 or more were way overpriced! Even after I repeated that I did not want to finance he kept showing me cars WAY over my price range, not just a couple thousand but 5,000 plus. I can't believe what they were trying to get for some of these cars. I finally left frustrated and went to another dealership where I found exactly what I wanted and they gave me no pressure to finance.

Jared B. | 2012-10-23

Somewhat surprised at the reviews after the experience my wife and I had with Charles Maund.  We went in looking for a good deal on a left over 2012 Rav-4 not fully expecting to buy right then.  We were introduced to Zach H. and I immediately had my guard up.  I hate car salesmen and wasn't going to give the guy a chance, but he turned out to be very nice and not pushy at all.  We did a test drive, they gave us their "offer", we countered.  Back and forth for what seemed like forever, we finally came to an agreement.  My wife and I hate negotiating, but with Zach we actually had fun with it.  Five stars for Zach!

It was dark when we left the dealership but I noticed a small chip on the edge of the front door.  He assured me I could bring it back at my convenience and it would be taken care of.  I now trusted Zach so we left the dealership.

I now am dealing with Wes, Service consultant.  I showed him the chip and he said they were going  to repaint the entire door and sent me on my way in a free rental.  The car wasn't ready till the next day.  When I looked at the door I was very upset.  The chip was filled in with touch-up paint!  They had my car for a day and a half for touch-up paint!  I also noticed 2 new small scratches on the car.  I found Zach and he brought Cathy Peters over (not sure her title) and I explained the problem to her.  She She told me they would take care of it with no problems and that she put in for free window tinting on the car for me for my trouble. Back to Wes, who was very nice and professional, another free rental.  When the car came back, no scratches, new window tint and spotless clean.  I was very happy and they kept their word, which is very important to me.  Wes Newman and Cathy Peters - 5 Stars!

About a week later I was washing the car and noticed that the rear antenna was not there.  It was never installed! I thought this is going to be a big fight to get them to give to me for no charge.  I went in, explained my situation and Wes approved it with no hesitation.  Days later my antenna was there for me to get same time as my new plate.  They put them both on for me right there.  I was very happy and not expecting such great service after they had already gotten the sale.  Maybe service is changing for the better over there, all I can say is I was impressed.  Keep treating people like this and the good reviews will follow.

Joyce D. | 2012-10-20

What an awful car buying experience. I stood around for 20 minutes before a salesperson came up to talk to me. Once I was discovered, he took me out to the two remaining models and had no idea of the difference between the two...then didn't even offer a test drive. He had to look up discounts/incentives on the public consumer website. Gave me prices but not an offer sheet. I left as quickly as I could and am puzzled why this sleazycar dealership would hire lazy, incompetent people. Avoid this dealership.

Joy D. | 2012-09-15

I COULD NOT HAVE HAD A WORSE EXPERIENCE....I FELT HUMILIATED, DISAPPOINTED, STRESSED,PRESSURED, CORNERED, ...they tried to get me into a car 10,000 more then my budget and feel gulity for not signing, however i fear that i handed over every piece of personal information i have in my life and now i know that should not have happened in the talking process.
i now know why america is in economical financial crisis, there are sharks out here who will swallow you up if your not careful....thank god i didnt fall complete victim but i know ill have a while beofre i get over the feeling of today, what was to be a exciting great day of car ownership turned out to be a huge lesson learned.

Eugene L. | 2012-08-14

I just had the best car salesman experience of my life. Ask for Blake Hill, he was helpful, knowledgeable, personable and patient. I will def recommend my friends and family to him.

Trish M. | 2012-08-12

I was getting a used yaris for my son.  We found a great one at Charles Maund.  Our salesperson told us that she would put on the temporary tag, fill the tank up with gas and check the air pressure.  Those things didn't happen.  While my son was driving back to the dealership the next day, a tire blew.  They put a new tire on the car and the car was good.  

Now, the financial guys.  James was our financial person.  He first tried to sell us a warranty that we didn't need because we were covered by Toyota.  He told us that we were not covered.  We took posession of the car on a Friday.  We were financing through our credit union.  He told us that he would fax the paperwork.  He asked for the fax number.  I told him that I would call them.  He said, that he would find it and get it faxed.  That did not happen.  I went to the credit union 5 days later and he had not faxed anything.  I called, and it took talking to 2 people to get any help.  JT, the financial department manager was rude to my credit union person, and myself.  He told me that he would fax the paperwork.  I gave him the fax number and he called me to tell me that the number was a nonworking number.  When the paperwork finally did get faxed, it was illegible.  It looked like someone had scrunched the paper up before they faxed it.  I drove back to the dealership and asked for the sales receipt and James very rudely pulled out a paper.  It was a paper that said, "This is a worksheet, not to be used for sales receipt".  I told him that I wouldn't have to be doing this, if he would have done what he told me that he would do.  He very rudely told me that he had done his job.

I will NEVER again buy a car at Charles Maund.  Customer service is something I truly appreciate and it was not happening at Charles Maund Toyota.

Kim F. | 2012-08-07

Could I give Maund a negative star rating???  Dealing with Maund was a nightmare that ended today with the salesman telling me "Well, go buy a Honda Odyssey then!" and hanging up.  My husband and I were belittled, bullied and battered by our salesman.

Shinta S. | 2012-08-05

This week I suddenly found myself in the market for a new car. I have a non-Toyota SUV and I want to get another SUV. Consumer Report rates Toyota RAV4 the highest for a small size SUV. I wanted to test drive it. This dealer is the closest to my location. So one Saturday afternoon, I dragged my family along to this dealer.

The sales person we talked to was nice. He let us test drive two different RAV4s (EX-L and LE). But toward the end, it was obvious this dealership was everything like the stereotypical 20th century dealership. Basically, he wanted us to buy the car that day. We told him so many times that we were not ready to make any decision that day, that RAV4 was the first of 2-3 cars we wanted to test drive.

"We can give you a great deal, if you come back today to get this car"

"If this price is not what you're looking for, what price could we offer that would make you walk away with this car?"

The sales person went ahead and got his manager, who basically did the same thing, but turned up even more.

Just for a comparison, on the same day, we went to Howdy Honda to test drive a CRV. We had the best experience with the salesperson. He was not pushy. He was extremely knowledgeable. After the test drive, his manager came by to thank us for coming over and asked us if he could answer any question. When we said, no, we were pretty much taken care of by the salesperson, he walked away, 30 seconds top.

This is the 21st century, the internet is prevalent, many dealership offers no-hassle, no-haggle experience. I am shocked that this Charles Maund Toyota still operates in this manner.

You know what, after this experience, I am inclined not to buy a Toyota. This dealership just gave me a turn off, even though the RAV4 has very good rating. My husband was thinking of getting a different Toyota for himself. But after this experience, we are never going back here. I'd rather drive 200 - 300 miles to another town, than to have to deal with Charles Maund.

Ryan Y. | 2012-07-31

I was really really happy with my experience here at first, but then things took a SUDDEN turn. I gave them my budget, and the manager stepped and said that he was going to make it work because he likes to get straight to the point and cut all the negotiations out because it was the end of the month and they needed to beat another dealership in cars sold. He said that we're gonna have a deal that included the car and the leather seats I wanted, but as a balance we would lose the cruise control which I never really have cared for. Once I go inside, fill out all the paper work, the price suddenly goes up to the MSRP and the leather seats are not included. I was in total shock, because ten minutes before he had told me that he was going to give me that price. I still am in shock about that. He claimed that there must have been a miscommunication, but I had two family members with me and they were and continue to be just as shocked as I am. The manager then decides to go back to the old fashioned negotiation of going back and changing the price. I felt like I was playing Deal or No Deal. In the end, I decided that unless he gives me the original offer, I refuse to give this dealership my money, which is a shame considering that my family owns three toyotas presently and has had many more in the past. I'm really upset that it wasn't able to work out, at first I found his straight to the point attitude so refreshing but in the end they turned out to be old fashioned lying salesmen.

jacob c. | 2012-07-25

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID, that's all I can say, EVERYTHING about my car buy experience here was BAD, I was lied to more than once, called finance guy 3 or 4 time about faxing something to my bank, I finally went to my bank myself to take care of it.  was told by a "manager" he would give me mats for my car, after two weeks the salesman who knew the manager said to give them to me, sent me a text saying, "mats don't really come with the car" really?  I know that, but I was told I would get some.  I would NEVER use these guys again or recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer Y. | 2012-07-24

I am honestly not sure about all the people here or the service but know for sure that if you buy a car here and you want to get in and out with a specific deal in your mind, then the closest and fastest you will get to your deal will be through a gentleman named Shanon Brady.

sanford s. | 2012-05-11

Dealership in General 3 stars  

Sales Department 3 star

Service Department  5 star (Wess the service manager rocks)

Body shop 1 star (long story, but no attention to details, just bad)

Tom M. | 2012-03-30

Sales Review - In 2009 I tried really hard to buy a vehicle from these guys as I wanted to buy locally. It was one of the more insulting experiences with the Toyota network. They made it difficult to do a test drive with my wife and I. The initial salesman was difficult and generally condescending. When I emailed and asked him to provide me the measurement of the vehicle from mirror to mirror as it is not listed in the specs, he told me I should do that next time I came in. When I was in the next time the GM confirmed that all the sales guys had tape measures. This guy was too lazy to support the sale. I requested a different guy to deal with. The second guy was pleasant, he didn't know much about the car but was easier to be around. We went back and forth on the offers and at the end of the day they wanted $500 plus more than the next couple of dealerships. I attempted to re-look at CMT and they kept quoting me vehicles that weren't close to my specs and over $1000 higher than the next couple of dealerships. The guys are notorious for over-promising and under-delivering. Each time I have walked into the dealership the showroom and car lot have been empty of customers. Maybe the owners will get a clue that they are losing business and customers because of the lack of service and attempt at ripping the public off. I can't recommend a dealer in Austin. I would suggest you look at Houston, Dallas or SA.

Service Review - After buying a Toyota, I brought my 3 day old 2009 highlander in for warranty on a warped running board. Service manager Danny Smith was an absolute jerk. At first he stated he wouldn't warranty the running board since it was put on by Gulf States Toyota (Central US Toyota distributor of which CMT has the Toyota agreement with). When asked repeatedly about warranty coverage he first stated he would get messed over by GST if he took care of it. He kept telling me to go to the dealer I bought the car from. At the end of the day he said he would not warranty the running board. I explained that although I attempted to buy the car from CMT they were so difficult I ended up buying from a dealer 3 hours away. I asked him why he was being so difficult as I was trying to let CMT earn my service business. His statement "well we failed you here so why would you want to do that, you should just go back to the dealership where you bought it'. When I asked him to clarify what he said "you heard me". I felt like the guy literally wanted to throw down. Toyota national and the dealer that I bought the vehicle from both confirmed that CMT should be performing the warranty work. The vehicle is completely covered whether it it factory or GST installed. The selling dealer originally inspected the vehicle and stated that this was absolutely covered under warranty and allowed me to decide if I wanted to get the work done closer to Austin or in Dallas. It seemed like a good idea to try and have the business done locally. The technician that attempted to adjust the board seemed pretty good and knew what he was doing. He manage to make some improvement but at the end of the day he could not get them adjusted appropriately. When I asked for a copy of the work performed (or attempted work) the service manager refused. When I spoke to the GM Robert Walker, he basically said "I spoke to my service manager and whatever he said I agree with". When I asked him to come outside and look at the defect he refused. Basically this a very buyer beware situation. I wouldn't recommend CMT to purchase a vehicle or do work on your vehicle.  

Gulf States met me down at Champion, We all agreed it was a warranty item and champion took care of it.  Two out of three dealers all agreed it was a warranty issue.  Interestingly the other two dealers involved didn't have a lot of nice things to say about CMT.

I haven't been on the CMT lot since and have persuaded at least ten others to go to Champion or Round Rock.

Dan A. | 2012-02-24

Unless money is no object, I don't know why people go here for service. For anything that isn't highly specialized to a Toyota vehicle, they charge double what it should cost, with no added value.

I called to ask about a broken door handle. Their automatic response is 1-2 hours and $135 for labor. I went to a mechanic I think is honest. $45 for labor and it took 20 minutes.

I don't know where they draw the line, but dealer mechanics are placed under enormous pressure to maximize sales to every customer. They definitely do not have the customer's best interests in mind when they make recommendations.

Josh D. | 2012-02-20

On 12/17/11, I stopped by Charles Maund Toyota on a whim.  I was tired, but the dealership was located on my drive home, and I wanted to look at a used Prius.  The first guy I spoke to was Eric R, who eventually sold me the used Prius I have today.  Here are my gripes:

1.) Before signing on the dotted line, Eric told me I would get TWO keys to the car.  Once I was ushered into the signing room (without Eric), I asked the finance manager to verify that I would be receiving two keys.  He said, "you'll have to talk to Eric about that".  I was too tired from negotiating (and not well as I'll mention in a moment) to "talk to Eric about that" BEFORE signing the paper work.  After signing, I was released from the paperwork room.  When I saw Eric again, here's what happened:

Me: "So when do I get the second key?"
Eric: "You don't really need a second key.  Just come up here if you lose that one."

I didn't put up a fight, I didn't protest.  I had no fight in me.  I made a mental note to destroy the online reputation of Charles Maund Toyota via Yelp.  But as evidenced by its two and a half star average, there is no reputation to destroy.  But I need to see this thing through, so let's continue...

2.) Suffice it to say, I had little knowledge of the interest rate I should get going in.  Prior to Charles Maund, I'd never had a car payment, never purchased a car through a dealership.  There was a lot I didn't know, and this was used against me.  As stated earlier, I was very tired by the time I allowed myself to be bullied into the finance manager's office.  And while I read the papers I was signing, I did not go over all of the fine print.  It turns out I missed a big one:

"Toyota Extra Care.....1800 dollars"

I found this in the fine print when I woke up from a nap.  I don't even know what that is.  We negotiated based on what my monthly car payment would be.  Toyota Extra Care was never discussed.  Maybe they require you to have this?  Whatever the case, I wish it had been explained to me.  If it was optional, I certainly would have opted out, and I imagine they knew that.  Which is why it was never explained, just included in the fine print that I missed.  Turns out this is not uncommon:

3.) I went back last month to have the plates put on.  Eric was there, but someone else put the plates on for me.  I imagine Eric probably did not want to face me.  And since I was still mad at myself for getting hustled, I was fine with not having to face him.  Moving on.  Out of curiosity, I asked the guy putting the plates on to show me where the spare tire was, which he did.  When I went home, I decided to have a closer look.  After removing the plastic storage container that conceals the spare tire, I noticed that there was some liquid down near the spare tire.  Here's what it looked like once I removed the spare tire:

As you can see, there was about 4 inches of standing water there.  It was there when I bought the car.  A google search revealed that this is a fairly common water leak problem:…

Clearly, the folks at Charles Maund simply didn't look down there before selling the car.  And since I didn't look down there before buying the car, it is now my problem.

4.) About a month ago, the battery died.  Not the rechargeable one, but the removable small one.  I got it jumped by a friend, and it's been ok since then.  Still, I don't know why this happened, and should have taken it in to be looked at.  But as you can tell, I really don't want to go back there.  I need to man up.  Instead I'm complaining about the whole experience here.


I can't go back in time and not buy this car, but if the Yelp Gods are watching, this is what would happen:

Someone at Charles Maund would read this, call me, and offer the following:

1. The second key I was falsely promised
2. A explanation of what Toyota Extra Care is, and if I want it
3. A fix for the leak
4. A diagnosis of the battery issue

I should have gotten these things anyway.  To make me forget about them I would add:

5. Refinancing.  

I got a horrible interest rate because I was too tired to pay closer attention to what was going on, and gave into the pressure.  If this whole experience didn't bring me such great shame/anger, I would go back to the dealership in an attempt to have these issues addressed.  Instead, I'm writing about it here.

UPDATE (3/27/12): Instead of just complaining about this on Yelp,I emaied the guy in charge of pre-owned car sales over at Charles Maund.  He called me back.  I was able to get the extra key, learned that Toyota Extra Care can be pro-rated, no fix for the leak, new 12 volt battery, but no explanation.  No refinancing.  So I'm upping the review to two stars.

Cyndi O. | 2012-02-12

I bought a used car back at the end of may for the first time in my life i thought i was getting my "dream car" it's been a dream allright.....but not the one i wanted to have....i cant say its all been a nightmare but if i had it to do all over again i most surely would have purchased a brand new car especially since i was so close in price i may as well have done that anyways.....after putting 5k down on a car and having to take it back for repairs and maintanence work w/i the first week and then having it need $2500 more maintanence work just a few months later is not my idea of a "dream car" now don't get me wrong.....i know i have a "luxury" car..... and it's gonna cost more than normal to keep it maintained but i surely was not expecting to put this kind of money in to it quite this soon.....i think i was pretty disheartened when i went back to get the plates a week later and not only my sales person was gone but so was the finance mgr as well.....  

I started this review a few months ago and have read it over and over and i'm ok with it. I do want to add that after putting the extra money into the car it does drive and feel better just don't think i would recommend anyone to back there unless of course they see this and do something different to make me as happy as I shoulda, coulda, woulda been.

Marty B. | 2012-01-14

Recall service for small issue. Courteous. Fast. Satisfied.

Ryan C. | 2011-12-29

I'm editing a 1-star review after working with the others at the dealership.  Basically, we had a poor initial experience that we thought was sleazy bait & switch tactics.  But after speaking with the head hauncho for sales (New Sales Director), I realized it was more a case of miscommunication than anything else.   In the end, he made it right, I bought the car, and I was particularly impressed with the financing high pressure sales tactics and no surprise exorbitant fees.  (The only non-government fee, the Doc Fee, was $125, which I considered reasonable/acceptable.)

This dealership has a really bad reputation (as seen here), but the New Sales Director, Ty Reed, was brought in 4 months ago to turn it around.  He previously worked at a Mercedes dealership and thus knows what a classy operation looks like.  We spent a lot of time talking with him, and I found him to be transparent and straight-shooting.  I hope he can improve the staff/operations and truly turn this place around.

I'm rating it 3 stars because others on their sales team are still fairly stereotypical in their sales practices, and because they wouldn't sell us a car unless we agreed to provide positive feedback to Toyota in the post-purchase survey so that they maintain a very high customer sat rating.  Fortunately, Ty made good on everything and did so in an honorable way, and the rest of the sales process was great.

My advice: if you don't like the sales person you are "assigned", or have any qualms about the process, go directly to the New Sales Director (who, as of this writing, is Ty Reed) and bypass the jokers.

Frank R. | 2011-09-08

My wife needs to start looking for a new car. We spent a portion of Labor Day just shopping, at least that's what we thought. Our experience at Charles Maund Toyota could have been out of a comedy movie about car salesmen. They had all of the typical hard sell lines and they used them. Even though we clearly stated that we were not ready to buy; they seemed intent on keeping us in the dealership until we made a purchase. One salesman was followed by another, and when they were getting ready to bring in the third closer, we walked out. This would have been funny if the experience wasn't so unpleasant. We also visited  Honda and Nissan dealers. The experience was like night and day. If I ever buy a Toyota, it won't be from Charles Maund.

A S. | 2011-08-20

As a four time Toyota owner, it's easy to say that these cars rock.  I wish I could say the same thing about Charles Maund.  Having done extensive research in advance about the exact car I wanted to drive, I called the dealership to make an appointment for a test drive.

I spoke with Summer and told her that I wanted to drive a Highlander Limited without navigation.  She got me scheduled for a drive and told me that my assigned salesperson would call me back with details.  This supposed salesperson never called (not a shocker), so I went ahead and showed up anyways.

I wish I could remember the person's name who greeted me when I arrived, but it went something like this...

Me:  Hi, I'd like to drive a Highlander, and I think I'm supposed to have an assigned salesperson, but they never called me back, so you're the lucky guy.

Salesperson:  I'm only lucky if you buy a car.  

I should have walked out that instant; however, I really wanted to give the Highlander a whirl.  I told the salesperson that I wanted to drive a Limited without nav.  He then proceeded to tell me that no such thing exists and that all Highlander Limiteds have nav.  I'm thinking the Toyota website would disagree, given that it is clearly labeled as an optional feature on this trim.  

I asked for a brochure so I could verify the trim levels and the response was "we don't have any."  Okie dokie.  So, I made an appointment to drive a car that you don't think exists.  Thanks for wasting my time.

Needless to say, I found a dealer in San Antonio who has Limiteds without nav and are happy to sell me one at a fair price.

Bottom line: know your stuff when you walk into this dealership, because they don't.   Charles Maund, get your people some training and you might sell some more cars.

Molly U. | 2011-07-28

I hate car salesmen (actually, to call them 'sales'men is probably an insult to actual talented salesmen) so I tend to ride my cars for oh...15 years.  Or until they die.  

Anyway, I had to buy a new car.  Could have gone used, but honestly, why torture myself further?

We called ahead to this dealership to see if they had the car model/color for the price I wanted and since we're pretty busy we didn't want to waste our time.  

Well.  We had the most displeasure of having a messenger boy that kept going back and forth to his boss.  

For an hour.  

Then he suggested we take the car for a test drive to make sure we  like it (this was our I dunno fourth test drive of the same car?  I KNOW I like it).  More stalling.

Then the manager guy comes to meet us with nothing short of a cocky, arrogant attitude.  They don't believe the price we were quoted.  I've never been alluded to being a liar so many times in my life - hey guys, if you want to be thought as a liar, a criminal go to the car dealerships in town.  It really makes you want to buy a car.

What is UP with these people thinking they're doing us a favor? Newsflash: YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT SALES.  THE CAR IS SELLING ITSELF.  PEOPLE HAVE DECIDED ON THE CAR WAAAY BEFORE WALKING INTO YOUR DEALERSHIP.  THEY'VE RESEARCHED PRICES ALREADY yes yes yes, on , kelly blue book, .  I know, CRAZY right?

Fleetwood J. | 2011-06-20

We always take our car to the dealership to get repaired.  Even if it costs more, it increases the resale value and for the most part they are honest.

Last week we took our car in for clutch problems. Our car was broken in to.  They smashed our window, tore up our dash board and stole quite a few personal items out of our car.  

Charles Maund gave us the middle finger.  It is not their responsibility.  They likened it to parking your car in the mall parking lot and it's not the mall's responsibility either.  Except, I don't give my keys to the Mall manager and pay them hundreds of dollars to take care of it.  

It's my own fault that i had personal items in there to be taken, but I would AT LEAST like my car returned in the condition in which I entrusted it to them.  Fix my window at the very least....You have a body shop on site.

Jasmine L. | 2011-05-28

I went to Charles Maud Toyota today about 6pm on a Saturday.  I walked around for a good 10-15 minutes on the one helped me.  I then went into the showroom, there were about 5 sales people sitting around a table talking to each one helped me.  I then had someone come up and ask me if I needed help, he said he was going to get someone to help me, but then I saw him just talking to one of his buddies.  Finally, I left.    This was completely different then the year prior when I went.  Back then when I left the salesperson came running out to my car to tell me he just spoke to his manager and had "just found out" they were having a "crazy" incentive.  It could not have been more b.s. then that, because I was seeing the promotion he "just found out about" all over the t.v.  Needless to say, this is a very confused dealership that I will not be visiting anymore, either pushy sleezy, or apathetic.  Who needs that kind of treatment when you are thinking of plunking down a hefty piece of change.  This is my experience and my opinion.

Cotton F. | 2011-04-06

bought a Prius recently and had better than average experience with sales person...

had forgotten about guy that you fork over cash to at end of purchase routine... creepy guy, won't just take initial NO for an answer... requires you to sit there wasting time while he squeezes you in different ways to convince you to buy extra this and that...

most of the cars there already have undesirable add ons at $300 a pop... crap like a little scotchguard on the carpet and paint protection... so had enough bending over for Chucky Maund prior to checkout creep.

love the Prius! 54mpg first tank in town, 46mpg on Dallas highway trip

Al T. | 2011-03-15

I have brought my car to CMT several times. Fair pricing, fair assessments of the problems and an overall good relationship. The dealership service dept. is not flashy, in fact it's kind of a throwback to late 70's dealerships but the prices are better than I get in Dallas and I can live with that.

Robert L. | 2011-03-12

Terrible ! After leasing a car from these people I had an individual who wanted to buy the vehicle from me before the lease expired. I approached CM and they insisted that I pay a $250.00 Toyota "inspection" fee before they would allow me to sell it and pay the remainder of the lease. Never again will I deal with Toyota.

Natalia B. | 2011-01-01

We went to CM Toyota during their 2010 Toyotathon to test drive a 2011 Toyota Highlander.  When we first entered, we were asked by several people if someone was helping us.  I liked the attentiveness.

In the end, I was turned off by the high pressure sales "are you ready to buy this car today?"   Yuck!  I don't like being pressured liked that.  When our regular sales guy couldn't seal the deal, they brought the sales manager in.  He had the same high pressure sales tactics.  In the end, I stopped the negotiations with him and my dad saying that I just wanted to leave.  The experience was giving me the "ick feeling."  I just wanted to escape.

Nick Q. | 2010-11-29

I take my Prius to the service department for all oil changes and tune ups. They are very professional, do a great job at communicating with the customer, and I have never felt that they try to oversell me services that I do not need.

I've shopped for Toyota's here, but did not purchase. I bought my Prius pre-owned from a different used car dealership. Most of the sales people seemed knowledgeable, and not too pushy. Sure there are always bad apples, but its the car business, you have to understand what you are getting into when you drive or walk onto the lot.

Garreth W. | 2010-11-19

It's a car dealership. They sell used cars. What do you expect? Gold plating ball-licking? I see some pretty cruddy reviews.

I got hooked by an ad in Autotrader and called them. They haven't pestered me. I called to say I was on my way. I arrived, asked to speak to Bill and he gave me two sets of keys, a license plate and told me to go and test drive the two cars I was interested in.

When I got back he asked me if I might buy one. Simple as that. No schmooze, no schtick, no help, and no bother.

So far I have enjoyed the lack of sales process.

They're used car salesmen people, not samaritans hoping to make the world a better place. I've experienced far worse.

Barry C. | 2010-10-17

Had to get my car inspected to get TX plates. They were fast, polite and about the same price as any dealership. Felix wrote everything up and explained the bill when my car was done.
I seemed to be having better luck than most people with auto parts and repair places. Could it be that I am older than most or because I am one of three Italians in all of Austin.

TheoHuxtable X. | 2010-07-02

I went and checked out a "certified" used car, which supposedly undergoes a rigorous 160 point inspection. Well, I took it to my impartial mechanic who informs me of several major problems. So, "certification" is either a complete scam or they fail to check out pretty major things like the freaking engine, tires and suspension.

Go elsewhere if you're in the market for a used car. The car salesmen are pretty shady too, but I suppose all used car salesmen are pretty crappy people.

Bryan H. | 2010-05-29

Before you buy a car at this place, remember that there are plenty of other Toyota dealerships in Central Texas.  I believe Killeen, Round Rock and San Marcos all have one, and there's another one in Austin.  Plus, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio are all going to have at least one, too.  

For all the hassles I expected to have in buying a new car, I still expected to buy one.  I expected to to do my research, to take my time, and make an offer.  I went to Charles Maund Toyota for a test drive in late April and took up very little of my salesperson's time.  I totally expected, given that I'd asked very little of him, that he'd be thrilled to make an easy sale to someone who knew exactly what they wanted; it was a found commission to him, I needed no hand-holding or convincing.  I asked him to do nothing on my behalf.

Here, in case any other Toyota dealers are out there checking out the Charles Maund Toyota's Yelp page, is what I want:

A Prius Model III, sandy beach exterior with bisque cloth seats.

As I told my salesperson, who's name I'll not use, I want to spend less than $24,000 and all I care about in terms of features is that the car have an auxiliary input for my ipod.  Literally, that's all.  I don't need a built-in navigation system, a solar powered fan, or some stupid undercoating (whatever the fuck that is).  I've been driving around in second- and third-hand cars with tape decks and human-powered seat belts and windows for over 10 years; this very basic Prius was going to be a big step up for me.  My salesperson heard all this and told me: "I've got you covered."

Yesterday, after thinking on it for a month, I went in to buy.  I reiterated what I wanted, and where I was flexible (colors, seat coverings), but he no longer had me covered.  The only cars he had available had one or more of the optional features I repeatedly said I did not care about.  Moreover, they were all $4000-$6000 more than I told him I wanted to spend.

A word here about car dealership economics.  I understand that you're not in a free market when you're buying a car.  Inventory and price are determined in the dealer-manufacturer relationship; consumers don't have as big a role in creating demand or setting price they way they do in other exchanges.  I knew that going in, and I knew I'd have to be flexible.  I was willing to be, too.  I knew I might have to bite the bullet on a few hundred dollars worth of floor mats or whatever.

But he also flat-out lied to me.  He told me it would be cheaper for me to deal with him on a better-equipped, more expensive model in colors I liked less than it would be if I had him bring in the more basic model from another dealer.  That could have convinced me, if we were talking about a difference in hundreds of dollars, not thousands.  I'm sure it does not cost $4000 for them to have a car sent from another place.

The last straw was their low-ball offer on my trade-in.  I was trading in a ten year-old car, but one in decent shape with only 68,000 miles on it.  Its Blue book is $4000, but I was willing to take $2000 in trade.  He told me they were diligently calling around to other dealerships, to make sure they were making me the fairest offer.  And their fair trade-in offer? $800.

When I told him I was leaving, he left the room but came back telling me his sales manager had gone "crazy" and was willing to give me $2000 for my car, as long as I bought one of the cars they had on the lot.

To sum up: Charles Maund Toyota blew my sale yesterday by insisting that I buy cars that I liked less but cost more than the one I came in intending to buy.  I bet between the other Central Texas Toyota dealers, to say nothing of the Toyota dealers in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, there's a salesperson who wants a quick, easy sell.

John L. | 2010-03-31

Service & Body Shop review:  Brought the car in to verify if something was under warranty.  Was first told by the service department after a quick inspection that I just need to go around to the body shop.  At the body shop, was told Service should have written up something for me, though I was just directed to go there.  They discussed it over the phone, with a certain amount of frustration at one another.  I went back to service and while the guy was writing up my paperwork, and was told the body shop guy could have done this, but he didn't know why he didn't.  Clearly there is some animosity between either the departments or those two employees.

Corey P. | 2010-02-20

I started coming to Charles Maud Toyota two years ago after moving to Austin because my previous Toyota dealership always gave me great service on my Scion, it was the default choice after moving here. I'm not sure why I have stuck with them so long - maybe because I've only had to endure their poor service and over-priced fees infrequently because I don't put a lot of miles on my xB and it's reliable.
Now, I'm here stuck in their waiting room for the last time because their short straws just broke this camel's back.  Three hours ago I stopped in for an oil change and state inspection after calling ahead to make sure they could fit me in.  By the way, it took me 6 minutes to get someone in the service department to answer the phone when calling. I was told that the service would take about 1.5 hours so I sat down with my iPhone to catch up on podcasts and netbook to settle in with Google  Reader and some favorite blogs.  Finally someone came by after waiting for 2.5 hours and told me that I would still have a long wait.  No offer for compensation and no explanation why someone did not inform me earlier.
By the way, $90 for a 70K service is not acceptable, I've been an idiot for paying it every 5,000 miles.  
Charles Maud will unfortunately stay in business because of unknowing customers like me who move to the area and don't realize that they are a sub-par service provider.  Hopefully yelp will grow and more people will read the reviews in advance.

Angelique S. | 2010-01-07

ok, so apparently I am in the extreme minority here with my rating.

To be clear, this review is based on a NEW car buying experience, not car repair or buying used.

First, an intro, my perspective:
I was in a car accident (not at fault) that forced me into a car buying situation; I was in no way ready or eager for a car payment again.
I originally sought out to buy the new 2010 Chevy Equinox, but then also seriously considered buying the Ford Escape. I won't get into the whole long story with how I ended up deciding on purchasing the 2010 SCION xB (box on wheels) but just to let you know that I will also be reviewing Covert Ford (positively) Maxwell Ford (negatively) Capitol Chevrolet (neutral), Henna Chevrolet (neutral) and Champion Toyota (Negatively).  Basically, at one time or another I talked with nearly every dealer in town, from Ford and Chevy, to Honda and Kia. I have found several of the scummy salespeople that make anyone dread buying a new car, and some honest amazing guys that make the car buying process what it SHOULD be, informative, exciting, and easy.  

Ok, so now onto Charles Maund. It was around midnight and I had spent hours in front of my laptop researching every make and model in my budget, when I decided to look up the stats on the SCION xB. I then submitted a quote request online, which generated a lead to a local dealership who then sent me an e-mail with contact info for my sales consultant/product specialist, who would be "contacting me shortly." The dealership that received the lead was Charles Maund, and my sales guy was: Shannon Brady.

So maybe fate knew that I had already talked with just about everyone else in town at one point or another and was at the end of my rope when I was assigned Shannon. He contacted me first via e-mail that morning (Thursday), then e-mailed a brochure, and then called me to ask if I had any questions. For me the SCION was a last minute hat-in-the-ring, so I did have a ton of questions for him, including about my current situation. He was fairly patient and answered everything, including when I called him multiple times throughout the afternoon when I thought of something else. He was very responsive via e-mail and phone. So Thursday I considered a few more last minute options, then decided to slept on it, the next day (for lunch) I went down to the dealership to test drive/buy.

After arriving at the dealership Shannon appeared promptly after being paged, he had already pulled the keys needed. We drove around a bit, then I asked him to pull the keys to another with a different trim/color. I heard him paged again (another customer waiting) and he left me alone for a bit to play with the radio, all of the buttons, dials, etc etc. For a minute I felt abandoned, but then he popped back out and we went though the car together, he showed me a few things, answered my questions. (Found out later that his other customer had a lot of questions, so he assigned her to a different rep so that he could better take care of me. Total pro move.) So I decided there in the parking lot, let's DO IT! So we went to his office where he filled out my loan app for me, and I gave him all info needed, a big check, and then headed back to work. After receiving a call later approving the financing, we scheduled me coming back Saturday morning to sign all of the paperwork. Saturday morning Shannon met with me for a few minutes, even let me test drive again, and then I sat with Phillip to go over financing and to sign away approx 20K. The finance guy was awesome, very personable and quick. After completing the paperwork (faster than expected) he even offered to give me a ride over to the vet's office (b/f dropped me off while he took our girl for a quick checkup). (Random bonus, he is from San Antonio, and even took my call later when I was in traffic and was asking him the best way around the traffic there.)

Monday was the last day for my rental car, (so convenient that Enterprise is right next door) so was the day I chose to take possession of my new car. Shannon had it detailed, tank filled and parked ready for me, handed me my sets of keys and my owner's brochure, hooked me up with a some Scion branded goodies, and went over instructions on how to properly break in my engine, and let me know he scheduled my sun roof installation for the following Monday (after the holiday), etc etc. When I came back Monday for the sunroof installation he had a loaner ready to go for me, and on Tuesday he hopped into the car with me to go over the sunroof functions, and to investigate the installation.  I still have to go back one more time, for my plates, and I have been COMPLETELY happy with every step of the process at CM. I seriously think that my experience is due to Shannon and his straightforward, honest, and thorough approach to handling clients. I would absolutely do business again with him, and recommend anyone in the market for a new SCION or Toyota to him.

Tom N. | 2009-11-14

A while back they did a warranty repair on our 2005 Avalon:  the sun roof computer was confused and no longer automatically closing.

Fast forward, just a tad less than one year.  The Avalon sun roof is confused again.  Recalling that Charles Maund warranties all their work for a year, I call to schedule an appointment for them to look at it again.

The "service manager" (I use these terms in the loosest possible sense) tells me that because the repair was done under the factory warranty that they had no real obligation to honor their one year service warranty, "we did the work for Toyota, not for you."

Um, what?

If that doesn't make a lick of sense to you, fear not, me neither.

I point out to Mr. Integrity that if they had repaired the problem correctly when the vehicle was under the factory warranty that I would not have to pay for the repair now and didn't see why I should.  (Yes, I realize it could be a new problem, read on, dear Yelper.)

No dice.

So, I go round and round with this guy.  He tells me that there will be a $100+ diagnostic charge that they will deduct from the total price of the repair.

At this point, I am just exasperated that this person is actually in charge of anything and feel quite certain it is due to his master class skills at arguing with customers, weaseling out of warranty work, and no doubt sticking it to people for repairs at every opportunity.

The "service manager" actually implied that I was being cheap because I was balking at the diagnostic fee!  I pointed out to clever clogs that I had owned nothing but Toyota vehicles in the last 20 years and he was doing a great job of making sure I would never buy a new one from Charles Maund, all over a $100 fee.

Finally, twenty minutes of arguing later, I ask to speak to the general manager of the dealership.  Surprise!  He isn't available.  But the "service manager" will give him my name and number.

Uh-uh, I told him to give me the name and that I would be coming down there within 30 minutes to discuss this (and by discuss I mean complain loud and long as close the new car sales room as possible).

Surprise again!  The GM calls me back in less than 5 minutes.

Apparently, there has been a terrible mis-communication!  Of course they will honor the 1 year service warranty, he has never heard of not honoring their service warranty for work performed under the factory warranty.  A terrible, unfortunate, lamentable misunderstanding.


Final offer from Charles Maund:  bring the car down.  We'll take a look for the $100 diagnostic fee.  If it is the same problem, we will fix it for free and refund the diagnostic fee, if not, we will repair it and deduct the diagnostic fee from the repair price.

Reasonable, but far, far, far too late.  And, your "service manager" has already shown me just how much you care about your customers.

This review is long overdue, I went for several months without a working sun roof, but then the folks at a different Toyota dealer (see my positive review of Round Rock Toyota) told me how to reset the computer myself:  hold the close button down for 5 seconds after the sun roof is closed.  So simple and easy to try...and it worked.  The simplicity of the fix reignited my wrath at the scuzziness of Charles Maund, so here I am today writing the review.

Apparently the actual Charles Maund has passed away long ago.  I don't know what kind of a person Mr. Maund was, but if he was one of integrity, then he must be spinning is his grave.  The current owners of that place are either utterly lacking in honesty, completely asleep at the switch, morons, or all of the above.

I am unsurprised to see that Charles Maund Toyota has a lousy overall rating and sincerely hope their business suffers as a result.  It'll be the most expensive $100 diagnostic fee they never made.  Welcome to the 21st century, losers.

Mark L. | 2009-08-08

What an awful car buying experience. I stood around for 20 minutes before a salesperson came up to talk to me. Once I was discovered, he took me out to the two remaining models where he had no idea of the difference between the two. Then didn't even offer a test drive. He had to look up discounts/incentives on the public consumer website. Gave me prices but not an offer sheet.
I left as quickly as I could and am puzzled why this firm would hire such an inept staff.

Jennifer I. | 2009-07-08

Can I give this place a 0 star? I hate to even give them one star. They were unbelievably rude and refused to sell me a car, even though I have full financing and down payment ready to go.

I went in with a friend and they were unaccommodating to the both of us. I called back to sort things with the general manager who backed his boys and said it just wouldn't be profitable enough for them to sell me a car. Has everyone forgotten customer service? Even if they don't make a wonderful profit off of my stable offer, they at least wouldn't create bad word of mouth for their business.

Seriously disappointed and hurt.

Ben S. | 2009-06-14

Just a terrible experience in all areas of the business.  The service area was extremely slow to check me in, and then they said I needed service on something that I found out later, from someone in sales at this dealership, was completely unnecessary!  I was really surprised and disappointed at the service experience because all of my past experiences at Toyota of Santa Monica, where I previously went, were all positive.

With the sales/finance department...I came here to purchase the car after my lease expired.  I actually came twice before the lease expired to understand the process and find out the cost.  Each time, I was given the same rate and costs.  When I came the third time to make the transaction,  the person wouldn't honor the rate and then added on hundreds of dollars of costs that I wasn't told about..  This new person I dealt with actually told me he was doing me a favor (and based on how I was treated by everyone, that sentiment was obviously felt by the entire staff) because they don't make any money on purchases of leases.  Well, I then actually caught him in a lie, and he admitted, that they do make money.  Wow, what  shock! Of course they make money on this so don't insult me by saying you don't!  It took me almost 3 hours to complete what should have been an easy transaction.  This finance person then actually had the nerve to tell me not to pay off my car within the first three months because then he wouldn't make any money.  So, after lying to me, he then was going to tell me how to deal with my finances?  

I know there aren't a lot of options for Toyota dealerships in the Austin area, and I haven't gone to any of the other locations nearby, but I recommend you give them a shot over this dealership.

Joshua H. | 2009-05-12

My experience wasn't as bad as some of the people on here, but I think I could have done better when I bought my Camry in January '08. The sales people can be cocky at times, but they were relatively accommodating when my car wasn't quite ready for delivery (they let me pick another used car off the lot to take to lunch while waiting). I hardly believe anyone leaves any car lot with a TRUE 5-star experience, even at CarMax.

Eddie G. | 2008-12-02

Never going back to this place again. I've been to Toyota dealerships throughout the southeast to get my routine maintenance and never have I been jerked around soo much. The front-end representative wouldn't just change my oil, rather she just tried to sell me more and more unneeded maintenance... On top of it all, it took them 2 1/2 hours to change the oil and rotate the tires I I was over-charged for the work.. I'm sticking with Champion in south Austin.

erin w. | 2008-07-18

Took my 2004 Touareg for a service that they quoted $200.  When i went to pick it up, the bill was $800+.  They wouldn't give me the keys until i paid.  Thieves...

Will never visit a Maund store again.  Unfortunately they seem to own 50% of the dealerships in Austin.

Brig M. | 2008-01-20

I am a bit surprised to see all of these negative reviews!  I first went to Charles Maund back in December to test drive a Camry.  I had no intention of buying at that point, and I told the salesman (Mark K., great guy) that I would not be buying until later on.  The salesman was incredibly helpful and aswered all of my questions without once trying to get me to buy the car.

Fast forward to two days ago when my boyfriend totals our car and we are suddenly in the market for a new one.  Having had an excellent experience at Charles Maund the first time, we decided to go back.  It was a busy Saturday and sadly Mark K. was not available.  We dealt with Simon and he was able to get us a great deal on a Camry.

My only complaint is that it took FOREVER for us to be able to sign the final papers with the finance guy.  However, those kinds of things always take longer than you'd expect, and the dealership was incredibly busy.

Overall I was very satisfied with my buying experience and I feel as though I got a great deal on an awesome car.  I don't know what more you could ask for.

Bill K. | 2007-10-31

I bought a used 2004 Toyota Camry from these guys. I had a check engine light come on. I have a code scanner. When I found out what the code was and checked it out on AllData, I found there was a TSB out on it. (Not to mention this car is supposed to be "Toyota Certfied". I set up an appointment with Kim to get this car in. I told her the problem and gave her the TSB number that related to the code I was getting. She told me she would call me to let me know the status.

I get a call a few hours later from Kim telling me I was correct in my diagnosis. (They originally wanted to charge me $75 to do this if the car was not under warranty.) She also told me that it was covered under the TSB, so there would be no charge. I picked up my car around 5pm that evening. Kim went over the paperwork  and told me there was a"bump" in my steering and it would cost $411 to fix it. I had explained that this was a "Certified" vehicle and they should fix it under the warranty. She also told me I got a 3000 mile warranty when I got the car but since I was a little over that 3000 miles, I would have to pay out of pocket. She told me basically that my "Certified" Toyota was not really a "Certified" Toyota at all because the paperwork had never been put in the system. She suggested I speak to the used car manager to see what he could do. After my major issue with this dealership screwing up my paperwork and making me pay $509 two weeks after I had bought the car which held up the pay off of my old vehicle, I was not about to go try to get this guy to do me any favors. Secondly, $411 is a little much for a Steering Shaft replacement. Kim suggested I buy the part myself and they would do the labor. That would still cost me over $200. I told Kim that this problem had been going on since we first bought the car and if it was certified, it should have been one of those things that were fixed right off the bat. I had thought the "bump" in the steering was just bad tires and had planned to buy new tires anyway.

I get home and check AllData for the replacement of the Steering Shaft. It is a 2 hour job and 3 bolts. (If it takes you more than 2 hours to do the job, you need to find another career other than being an auto mechanic.) Even more ironic is the fact that there was a TSB on this problem as well but it was only to 36,000 miles and we were over that. I told Kim that she should call her Toyota rep to see if they would fix the problem under warranty because it was an issue that was never fixed to begin with. Kim calls me back 3 days later to tell me they would not do so.

I amazed at a car company like Toyota will not stand behind their vehicles like Honda does. I had a 2003 Honda CRV and the A/C went out. We were way past our warranty. There was a known issue with the Compressor, but no TSB. Honda fixed the problem at no charge for me.  On the other hand, Toyota was like, "Better luck next time."

I shopped some local shops to see how much they would charge to fix it since I had the part. Midas told me $160 (They also use AllData to estimate labor costs.) I also went to a local shop in Kyle who told me they would do it for $140 max but could probably do it in an hour and charge me $75. I could do it myself but one bolt is in an awkward position and I do not feel like putting myself in a funky position just to get to it.

For service, skip this place. You would be better off finding someone else to work on your car and save the headaches.

John B. | 2007-08-22

Can't say much about the service center.  I don't like any new car service center except Land Rover.  The rest suck big time.  So I'm not surprised to hear the they also suck.

I have bought 4 cars from Charles Maund and help 5 other people negotiate for their new car.  I have to say that they deal straighter than anyone else that I have dealt with in town.  Yes, I know the car sales game and I know the tactics so I usually get a great deal after a lot of serious negotiations.  This last time was the exception,  I dealt with Bill Kipler in the internet sales department and I gave them my drive out price for a car that I knew they had on the lot.  After the test drive we set down and the first offer was just below my price point.  Believe me I was ready for a 4-6 hour negotiation, you could have dropped me with a feather.  No hassles other than finding out the Champion Toyota used some underhanded loan tactics to block my friend from getting a little lower cost financing through Toyota.

Ryan N. | 2007-08-21

Can't believe how bad this place was!!!
I drive a 96 Corolla and it was at 120K so I took it into Charles Maund Toyota to get the timing belt changed. When I got it back, the battery died. I figured it wasn't a big deal because the battery was old so I replaced it. The next day I was driving in my car when the radio died, then the interior lights, and then the entire car died while I was on the Far West exit off of Mopac. My Dad, who's a cardiac patient, and I had to sit in the heat for an hour and a half till the tow truck came. While we were waiting, we took a look under the hood to find out that Charles Maund DIDN'T PLUG IN THE ALTERNATER!! We towed the car to the dealer and they replaced the battery and fixed it.
Thinking everything was fine I drove the car around only to find that the car had half the power it had before I brought it in. When I brought the car back they told me that it was an old car and that happens. I told them to take a look at it and it turns out that they
This place sucks, do not go there

A M. | 2007-08-18

my car and my family's cars were taken to Charles Maund for 10 years and we were all loyal customers. I spent thousands of dollars, no joke. My check engine light came on today, so  I went in to get the car repaired (spent a couple hundred). Yet when the porter returned my car, I receive it with a broken door handle (in fact it was gone). I asked to talk to service manager and he refused to replace it because "they get old and break." He didn't care that they broke it and refused to fix the damage. 10 years of my money and loyalty and this is what I get in return?
I do not recommend Charles Maund Toyota for repairs. Their repair representatives are the most rude and disrespectful in the business. Watch out for the manager and "Travis", they will give you a headache.  It would be best to seek other Toyota dealerships and repair shops.

Camron R. | 2007-07-30

I always thought I was going to save my virginity for someone very special.  That dream came crashing down on me last Wednesday when the exhaust pipe and muffler fell off my car.  I was driving home in the rain and I thought my car was going to explode.  It was making the most horrible noises.  The next morning I made an appointment at Charles Maund Toyota.  Surely a business who has the word Toyota in it's name would know how to fix a Toyota.  

So, I drove up to Charles Maund the next day with my tub of Vaseline.  I parked my car in their garage, pulled down my pants and draped myself spreadeagle over the hood of my car.  I was prepared for the raping I was about to receive.  

Coincidentally, it wasn't just my exhaust pipe and muffler that were messed up.  Apparently my intake air temperature sensor distributor cap, rotor wires, spark plugs, distributor o-ring, valve cover, gaskets, pcv valve and grommets needed replacing as well.  Perhaps all that shit did need fixing, but how was I to know.  Everything is hidden behind closed doors and I didn't get to see any mechanics.  Not only was I raped, but I was blindfolded and punched in the stomach a couple of times.  Oh yeah...and then they stole my wallet.  

So I drove my car home today.  The muffler and exhaust pipe looks nice.  My car still sounds crappy and the engine is louder than it used to be.  It misfired a few times while I was accelerating going home.  It wasn't doing that before I brought it in.  And when I get out of my car it smells like something was burning.  Hopefully it won't die on me tomorrow.  

It's a good thing I thought ahead and bought that hemorrhoid pillow.  It's going to take me a while to recover from this.

Nick M. | 2007-07-05

I just wanted to test drive an FJ Cruiser.  I really hate the current color options, but I wanted to see if I like how it drives.  If I didn't like it all that much, then it would allow me to move on to other vehicles.  If I did like it, I would be willing to hold out for a color I actually like.

Because I test drove one of their cars, they requested 2 phone numbers.  Not an outrageous request for essentially giving me their vehicle for a few miles.  However, I was kind of upset when the sad excuse for an over-confident frat boy (Full Disclosure: I'm one of them) salesman jumped in the back seat with the wife and me.  Because of this I was immediately deflated about my experience.  How can you objectively observe a vehicle with a salesman blabbing in your ear the whole time.

Of course, along the drive I told him that I honestly wasn't interested in buying until they offered better color options.  Salesman immediately tries to convince me that it's a limited run vehicle and there may not be a 2008 model year *at all*.  Nice try.  Drive back to the dealership, leave, never intending to return.

Next day, I get no less than 4 phone calls (during work hours) from the dealership soliciting my opinion in the form of a verbal survey.  The first call I politely tell the woman on the other end that I'm occupied and cannot comply.  Twice more during the day they call and I simply ignore.  Finally at 5:30 they call AGAIN and I answer.  If the woman who called me that time is reading, I apologize for what I said.  I understand you were only doing your job, but for God's sake, FIND ANOTHER JOB.

I will never buy a vehicle from a dealership who calls me 4 times in one day for a sale they never really had to begin with.

BTW-2 stars is generous.

EDIT: It's sad that the management at Charles Maund is so different from their sister dealership, Howdy Honda.  See my review on the purchasing experience from them.

C T. | 2007-03-13

Car salesmen are usually assholes, but these guys excel at it.  Horrible experience just walking the lot!  Make the mistake of giving them your phone number/email and they will bug you forever.

My experience was the complete opposite at Champion Toyota.  Granted, they still want to sell you a car and know they can bend you over and take advantage of you because it's a Toyota, but a more pleasant experience.

Charles Maund's showroom should be destroyed by the next hail storm, much like most of their inventory every year.