CarMax in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company CarMax in Austin, TX.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 873-2315
Address:13300 N I 35 Service Rd, Austin, TX, 78753
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 651-7160
Address:4400 South I 35, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on CarMax

Melissa P. | 2015-04-16

We got two new cars. The first one we got from South Austin Subaru, which we did okay with but we were definitely in the lion's den when it came to sales people. In contrast, the south Austin CarMax was phenomenal. Our sales person (a woman named Inez) was super helpful and patient and transparent, not pushy and shifty-eyed. We actually enjoyed buying a car, which is the way it should be.

J M. | 2015-03-09

My wife and I worked with Ken and Cheryl. Both were awesome. We test drove a couple cars and settled on a Kia suv. When we test drove it, we discovered the driver's side seat heater wasn't working. It took a few days, but they got it fixed. Cheryl was great about keeping me in the loop with phone calls and updates.

We were going to trade in our old Kia, which they quoted a good price on, but ended up taking advantage of Henna's deal of offering $500 more than carmax. So we got an extra $500 (to buy some accessories.)

Overall we're very happy with the new-to-us car and Kia in general. The first Kia was great, got 113k miles out of it and I'm sure someone else will get many more. Our new(er) one still has about 3 years of the factory warranty left which is great. This is the 2nd car I've purchased at carmax and continue to be happy.

As far as pricing, we shopped around at other dealers, even kia dealers. This particular one had some options that other used ones didn't have (back up camera, heated seats, fog lights). Other dealers wanted 2-3k more for a similar car with the same miles, but less features. Probably could have haggled elsewhere but this really was a good deal.

We did our research, stuck to our budget, got a great car, and have no complaints. Can't do better than that.

John D. | 2015-02-11

First and most important- THE SALES GUYS ALL MAKE A SET SALARY...this wway there isn't a douche bag salesman making who knows how much from the deal! I requested a specific truck so they drove in 3 to choose from!
This place is awesome...I took the truck back two years later and they replaced motor mounts for the $100 deductible which saved me $900.

Full synthetic oil changes for $30

Highly recommend for buying a car.

Ashley H. | 2015-02-05

I can't say anything for car buying here, but as far as the maintenance department I've been less than impressed.
I had a yellow icon light in my dash which I thought was the battery. The service crew actually replaced my battery with one that was worse, and come to find out the yellow light is for the coolant. Not the battery. I had to take it to Carmax South to find that out.
Super long wait times- two hours for a new battery and basic diagnostics? That doesn't seem right.

Ashley H. | 2015-02-05

I bought my car here and continue to get it serviced here.
Car buying is difficult. The experience I had was relatively painless. I worked with Andreas who was easy to work with and laid back. I never felt like I was getting pressured and was able to take as much time as I needed. I'm very happy with my decision.
The maintenance department is great, too. Fast. Good communication. It's even out of my way but I don't mind.

Jeff U. | 2015-02-03

Bought my first car from Carmax 3 yrs ago when I had no intention of buying.   I just wanted to use them to look at multiple cars at one lot.  
I found a couple of cars that I liked, went to the dealerships and began the ol' negotiation 2 step.  I actually walked out of one dealership.  The dealerships could not compete with the price or the warranty offer for my car, the purchase of my trade in car & the speed with which they processed my purchase.  
I walked away saying,"I will never purchase another car anywhere else!"
Last week I called the store, spoke to Manolo, found a car online, scheduled a meeting to test drive & had car shipped in.  
Today I went to the store, test drove the car & got a great offer on my trade in.  About to drive out with another car.  I love to buy my cars at this place!

Gus D. | 2015-01-24

The salesman was nice and knowledgeable, but the wait killed the entire experience. My wife and I waited 45 minutes to be helped only to then be offered some lowball amount for the vehicle we were trading in. They offered 15500 for my trade and I went right next door to the Mazda dealership and got 18500 instead and much faster service.

Genevieve S. | 2015-01-13

Shopping for cars can be so stressful but we really enjoyed working with Darrell. His friendly, no pressure approach was greatly appreciated. In fact, all the salespeople here have been wonderful and easy to work with.

Verunica S. | 2015-01-09

I have waited to post my review, because I wanted to be fair and give Carmax a fair chance to "make this right" with me. Unfortunately, I have been back to Carmax five times since 9/2014, and they have only partially addressed these ongoing problems.

I purchased my 2012 Nissan Versa in late August of 2014. I have gone back no less than *five* times trying to get Carmax to honor the extended warranty I purchased for my car. My first complaint was about the bearings/struts/handling/brakes squealing, and it wasn't until the fifth time I went back that they fixed one of my issues, (but only partially).

As of this review, my car still handles terribly, the wheels go "sideways" during faster turns around corners, all four of my wheels/tires seem to pull in different directions over 50-60 MPH on the highway, and there is just a TON of rattling from the undercarriage of my vehicle. I also hear a lot of popping sounds from the rear end of my car, which Carmax has either ignored or simply not addressed despite my asking them to. Finally, my console actually rattles now because something has shaken loose as a result of the ongoing, extremely rough ride! I have been given multiple excuses by their service staff, including one guy that told me "it's an economy car" like that was supposed to explain the defects with my car. Regardless of what type of car I purchased, the problems I am currently experiencing are NOT wear and tear, as they have been present since I purchased the car, and my complaints have consistently been the same from the very beginning. I brought my car back to Carmax immediately, and the first two times I went back they told me nothing was wrong!  I have a busy schedule, and for me to have to continuously return to Carmax for what should have been addressed the very first time seems a bit ridiculous. My time is just as valuable as yours, guys.

I regret trading in my reliable old Mazda for this new vehicle. I am thoroughly frustrated with Carmax, and will be pursuing other avenues of trying to get this company to honor their end of my warranty agreement. I simply cannot keep taking time off of work to keep bringing my car back for repairs I have requested right from the beginning.

**DO NOT go to Carmax.** Go to a local, private dealer and take your chances with them. You will not receive better service from Carmax, and you would be better of paying for any repairs you need than getting suckered into an extended warranty with a company that will do nothing to help you when the time comes for them to honor their contract.

I am willing to revise my review based on how Carmax responds to my next appointment to request the same repairs again.

Jo H. | 2014-12-10

Not to say I had an expensive or a premium car or anything but when we tried to sell it they offered very little...under 1,000 to buy my car.  They said 9 times out of 10 they beat out the offer of other places... We decided to think on it. Next Day hubby took it to another dealership and they offered to buy for almost double what carmax would pay....first time dealing with carmax... unimpressed.

Tip W. | 2014-11-24

Worst place to shop for car, advice everyone to shop at real car dealership.  We bought a minivan from CarMax, after we paid cash, we were told there are a couple chips on the windshield but they are not going to replace it because it's not at his (the salesman's) eye level.  I am 5'3", it is at my eye level.  Then, worst thing is the salesman was using the tough stain removal cleaner to clean the leather seats and he rub so hard the leather was ruined (big dark spot on tan leather seat).  There are no other minivan available has the features that we are looking for in local area to replace our new purchased car but they refuse to bring in another car that has transfer fees.  We refuse to pay for the transfer fees because the salesman ruined the leather seat.  The manager and the salesman are horrible to their customers.

Brianne P. | 2014-11-23

This is in response to Keavy's review of Jon Parton.

I purchased a car from Jon and he was helpful, honest, and down-to-earth (definitely not one to up-sell and stayed true to how much I wanted to spend). We were able to talk at length about this awful yelp review that he was singled-out on.

From what we discussed, the transfer "screw up" was true. It was true in the way that he quoted her four days, in which it arrived in seven days. THAT WAS ALL. He said that there are automated messages from Car Max that go out stating the transfer process was complete, as in was paid for and not that it had arrived yet. It seems that there was a big lack of communication on her part. There was no knowledge that she was angry until she arrived and spoke with a manager. How could he apologize or make things better for a person if she refused to speak with him about the problem she wanted to be solved?

I felt so compelled to write a yelp review for this man because he showed me trust and honesty, might I add that I am a woman. He also told me that a few people have mentioned this awful yelp review to him and has made some people second guess doing business with him.

Give Jon a chance, he'll always give you an honest one.

Brian G. | 2014-11-20

Bought a mini cooper about 19 months ago from carmax that started going constantly in the shop for repairs.  The team there felt bad for me for having such an awful experience with the car.  They resolved my problem in an over top the top acceptable way.   I now own my 5th vehicle from carmax and I'll get my next one there too.  Thanks to Henry in repair and Chris Dunn in sales for putting the customer first and making me a carmax purchaser for life.

Mario S. | 2014-11-04

My girlfriend recently purchased a car from this store with the maxcare warranty. After reading the booklets, I became very aware that I was all wrong about this chain of dealerships. I was extremely impressed on how the delivery of the car went, thanks Carmax for showing me wrong. I plan on coming for further car purchases.

Keavy M. | 2014-10-16

John Parton will rob you. This man screwed me on a transfer of a vehicle, sent me numerous emails stating the car was in transit. It was not. He cost me a rental, time, and the loss of a day of work for me to go get the car out of town. No remorse. No apology. And he apparently got a split(cut$) on the sale. He did nothing but make me lose money. I would NEVER go to carmax again. I really wanted a specific year vehicle , with little time to acquire it, and carmax had it. I heard good things. Nothing better than anyone else I have ever been to, and this is my 6th vehicle purchase.

John Parton is bullshit. He has worked there forever, so his supervisor Blaire, had no power over making my poor situation with John any better. It pisses me off knowing that this man walks around the showroom floor, lying and ripping off women, and gets paid for it.

Horrible place. Just don't work with him, or trust anything a man says there.

Christie B. | 2014-10-04

My review is for David Sunukjian since we didn't end up purchasing a car from Car Max and decided to go new instead.  But David was awesome!  He was so patient and available when we had questions or kept coming back to try different cars.  The location is great and easy to walk up and take a test drive, a lot of variety too AND we even requested that a car I was interested in at the Austin North location be transferred to the South location and he made it happen later that day.  He helped us review all our financing options very clearly.  If you're in the market for a CarMax car - go see David S!

C T. | 2014-09-29

I rated them 2 stars... only because the place is clean and sterile.  I took my auto in just to see what the buy back hype is all about.  What a joke, they appraised it for 2k.  I laughed and walked, 2 days layer I sold my auto on Craigslist for near 7k (its fair market value was 8k).  Please don't do it, be smart and try selling on your own first.  Yes, it was some extra work, but it paid off for me in the end.

Kellie R. | 2014-09-26

First off don't bother scheduling an appointment here because they don't bother honoring your appointment time. I waited over 2 hours when I had a scheduled appointment only for them to tell me they didn't even have the appropriate part for a car I had just purchased the week before. BTW it wasn't some intricate difficult labor it was an alignment check. Since when is this a 2 hour process?? I'm totally disappointed in the quality of service. Even though I have full warranty ide rather pay out of pocket then have my car serviced here again.

Ron U. | 2014-09-13

This review is for the service department.
I've purchased yet another vehicle from CarMax and like always have a service contract.
My vehicle has a quirky "anti-skid" sensor that comes on from time to time and now has a road noise somewhere in the dash. CHAN (she pronounces it Shawn) kept me informed for two days while they tried to duplicate the problems but to no avail. I had agreed to diagnostic charges so I was of course expecting to pay when I picked it up. NO CHARGE says Chan, we'll catch you the next time.
This probably explains why this is my 4th vehicle (not including my family) purchase from CarMax.

Denise B. | 2014-09-10

For the first time in my life buying a car was actually enjoyable!  I found the car I wanted online on a Friday, placed a hold on it til Tuesday at which time I test drove and  decided to buy.  Within 2 hours I was literally driving off the lot with my new car!  That is less time than it takes to buy a dress :).  There was no watching salesmen run back and forth to the "man" on the pedestal.  There was no haggling of pricing or high pressure! No sending paperwork to the "mysterious finance guy" and waiting an hour for a response.  Everything was done online within minutes!  All I can say is I would never go anywhere else.  Also, I feel at peace with their extended warranty as I have had too many occasions of being overcharged at local mechanics.

Charles D. | 2014-09-02

I've used these guys several times and don't understand the hate.

They offered almost double bluebook (7k) for my 07 Hyundai SUV with 86k miles; and made the buying process easy, like they always do (if you get a salesperson that knows their salt and the ins and outs).

I worked with Ashley in sales, and she understood the neat tricks of the process - i.e., getting the car to prep asap so we could do an extended walkaround while it was free of regular Austin dirt; found several blemishes - and had the on-site body shop buff out the scratches that I frankly didn't see myself.

Their pricing is competitive - a tiny bit above KBB, *if you know how depreciation works* and which models are more prone to market factors. Pricing on a Honda Civic likely won't be as good a deal, as are common Texas SUVs (Tahoes, etc.).

I did however, find a loaded 08 Mercedes CLS 550 for about the price of a new Toyota Camry, so gems like that are out there.

Lastly, nothing touches the ease of underwriting and coverage of a MaxCare warranty. I have service writer friends back in California; they'll cover stuff that typical extended warranties don't; especially on luxury cars.…

tl;dr - don't approach them like a typical dealer and you'll be surprised how solid and easy this entire process is. They're like WalMart's good twin from a parallel dimension, but for cars.

PS: Don't buy anything German out of the factory warranty without their MaxCare warranty. I am telling you out of experience. :)

N E. | 2014-08-10

Car Max makes car buying easy.  I hate car shopping, dread car sales people.
We went to 4 dealer ships before car dealers before Car Max, at the first the salesman heard nothing we said kept steering me to cars over 30k when I said 30k was my max, at the other 3 we weren't even acknowledged.  At Car Max they greeted you at the door, checked you in, told you approximately how long you would wait for a sales person, pointed out the computers w/their inventory, offered you a drink, water or Gatorade and told you to feel free to browse, they would call you when your sales person was ready.  We made a detour for the bathroom and our sales person was there.  We got a young lady named Gracie, I gave her my criteria, under 30k, SUV, low mileage, etc. she hit the computer entered my parameters we picked out a handful of cars, she jotted down the stall numbers for the cars we wanted to look at, grabbed a golf cart and off we went.  We found 3 possibilities, made a decision, added a couple of upgrades, filed a credit ap, had a decision in about 5 mins wrote up the paper work. Granted this process took about 4 hrs, they filled the tank with grass, cleaned the car and did a wheel alignment that I requested and we were out the door. A great, easy experience Gracie (sales person) was professional, calm not pushy, knowledgeable and the most refreshing part was if asked a question she didn't know the answer to, she didn't bullshit her way through  ( like a lot of the good ole boys), she went and found the correct answer.  
Thanks Gracie for making this a positive experience!

Kirby P. | 2014-08-06

I was interested in getting my car appraised so I got online and made a next day appointment with CarMax. Never had laid a foot inside a car dealership I was a little overwhelmed by the whole process, however CarMax made it seem pretty painless. When first entering the dealership I walked up to a young lady who was very nice and smiles. She took my name and let me know someone would be right with me, making me feel very welcome. Within minutes a gentleman was informing me on the process of getting my car appraised. The car appraisal process takes about 30-45 minutes so the gentleman helping me showed me a few cars that I was possibly interested in trading in. My truck was done within 30 minutes, and CarMax gave me all the information and more that I need to start the process of trading in my vehicle.

Matt S. | 2014-07-29

Mediocre pricing. Undervalued my trade in. I paid cash and my title was never sent to me. I called and they said the address had been entered incorrectly by the DOT. I asked them to send me a new one, after repeatedly try to get me to get one myself, they said they would set it up and call me back if they needed anything. Never received my title or a call. This was approximately 2 months ago.

I wouldn't recommend them to someone.

Kat A. | 2014-07-15

My husband and I have bought two cars here together.  Both are great cars thus far.  The buying process was very easy and both cars were priced below other places we looked.  We both would recommend them for buying a car.

However, they are terrible in terms of trade-ins and service center are not great.   First, trade-ins.  They say they offer a fair price, but they don't.   The first car I traded was a 2009 camry with some major issues.  They gave us $1500 for it which was $500 less tjan its KBB value and what Honda offered us.  $500 wasnt enough of a difference for us to change our minds, but it was irritating.  Recently, we decided to see what my current car is worth.  KBB said about $16,00-$17,500.  I also saw that Carmax had the exact same car but with 40,000 more miles on it listed for $17,998.  We were offered $14,500.  A laughable offer all things considered.  Needless to say, I kept my car.

The service center is slow.  Like really slow.  And they don't listen well.  The instrument panel on my car died and had to be replaced.  I was told it would take about a week.   It took two.  They did give me a loaner which was nice.  However, I asked for a sedan (they asked what I wanted) and was given a clunky SUV thing that I hated.  Recently, we took the car to have the oil changed and do a state inspection.  We had an appointment at 9:15.  Car hadn't even been touched at 11:30.  We were told one more hour.  False.  Try several more hours.  It took over 6 hours to get an oil change and state inspection.  Something that typically takes less than an hour everywhere else I have ever gone.  Never again.  Except major stuff that's covered by our warrenty cause I'll take free over convenience.

Edited to add: I also mentioned these issues on their survey that they send out AND sent a complaint to the service center detailing our displeasure.  No response.  Zero.  So, I guess add to their terrible service that they don't actually care enough to even respond when you're unhappy.  Horrible business etiquette.

El V. | 2014-07-06

Professional sales staff and painless transaction. I bought a vehicle and did not sell them one. Vehicle I saw on their website was priced lower than any other dealers in Texas, thought for sure was too good to be true, had to be a scam right? Nope! $150 and half a week later they had shipped the specific vehicle I was interested in buying in from Dallas or somewhere like that and I got to test drive it. Bought it that very same day. Vehicle had under 5000 miles, was a 2014 model, and still had factory warranty. Other dealers told me "that price is too low, I'd be careful" but Carmax had the vehicle history report and everything plus a decent return policy should I change my mind. Very happy with the experience and I was treated nicely and with respect whereas other dealers gave me the run around trying to sell me older vehicles with many more miles on them. Other places had similar vehicles that were all decked out with leather, sunroof, and other things I just didn't want. Only carmax was able to find the vehicle I wanted with the options I wanted for what I found to be the lowest price at that point in time. I'd heard these guys were expensive but that was not the case with my specific experience. Would recommend to others. It was very nice to not have to haggle and BS to get a firm price.

Chris H. | 2014-06-29

If Carmax had pants, they would be on fire.

I bought a car on Saturday, and the moment I got home I realized a window wouldn't roll down. (That's part of the inspection, right? If the power windows work?)

I brought it back, but was told Carmax wouldn't take it on a Saturday (despite the fact that I had been gone ten minutes). There's no weekend service dept, they wouldn't hold my new car without a service slip, they wouldn't fill out a slip for me on a Saturday, and they wouldn't make an exception.

There's a 5-day return policy, but CS Mgr Eli told me that I could not have my trade-in back. I come back three days later to return it, and was OFFERED my trade-in car when I did. Eli is a liar. While I waited, Sales Manager Paula tried to scare me into staying: "Please be careful. There are a lot of dishonest dealers out there."

Carmax is not the only no-haggle dealership in town. I went to First Texas Honda the next day, and I'm really pleased with my purchase.

Mark M. | 2014-06-27

Just bought a 2013 Jedde TDI. SERVICE DEPARTNENT put gasoline in it and made it about 25 feet. It's a diesel. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

Kelly R. | 2014-06-18

We looked at a Tahoe LTZ and were not impressed with the "service" department.

On our test drive as soon as we began to accelerate the vehicle pulled to the right. "Oh don't worry, you have a 5 day money back return policy we'll fix that alignment". We get back to the dealership and I ask for a list of things that were done to the Tahoe to make it ready for sale. At OTHER dealerships it often included belts, alignment, fluids, etc.

Come to find out they don't do *anything* to the vehicle once someone turns it in. They give you the 5 days and if you find it awesome. If you don't well that's pure profit to them.


The rotors had MAJOR grooves where they obviously hadn't been resurfaced but I was told "they fall within our standards". Well they don't fall within mine!

To top it off the finance guy is basically a liar. He told us, "no problem if we run your credit and you don't want the car..another hit from another company within 30 days won't count". More bullshit, every other dealer thought that was just hilarious. I didn't!!

Juli E. | 2014-06-16

I took my car to Carmax after getting a quote from my dealer to sell my car. Carmax asked to buy my car and gave me $6,000 more than the dealer offered! I am so happy that I went to Carmax. It was short and simple to sell them my car. I worked with Ashley and she was the best! I would recommend this place over and over 100% of the time. Go here to sell your car and you will not be disappointed!

Amanda L. | 2014-06-14

This is for the servicing department:

I had to bring in my Mini Cooper within the 30 day warranty after I bought it because of an issue with the driver's side window. In addition, it was discovered that my new car also couldn't pass inspection because the windows were too tinted. Not only did the Carmax service center address these problems, but they did it for absolutely FREE! I was called daily with an update on the service to my car, and everyone was very friendly and clear. I would highly, highly recommend getting your car serviced here.

What's more, it's nice to know that Carmax honors their 30 day warranty when you buy a car from them -- no messy paperwork, not endless phone calls. If there's something wrong with your car, they'll fix it. No questions ask, no money exchanged. I'm a very satisfied customer, and it's nice to feel totally comfortable and secure in buying a car.

Staci B. | 2014-06-13

Not bad. Went too sell my car outright. Think they under cut the price on me a bit, but hey, it's Vegas money baby.

Knowledgable sales lady. Straight and to the point.

Renie closed the deal for me and was hilarious. Check in the bank. Cleared in a day.


Mike V. | 2014-06-05

Most people hate, with a passion, going to car dealers. This should be a really fun time, as you are purchasing a new-used car! What they don't like, is the slimy-used car salesman type, that will give you his "best deal" and "today only". Hagling trade in values, pricing, interest rates etc, can be a pain... Not at Carmax..
I've worked in car dealerships for years. I love the process that Carmax uses. You're greeted at the door and explained what their process is. If you're trading a car in, they will start the paperwork right away, to get you in line for the appraisal. In the meantime, you go out and look for the car you want to buy.
20 minutes later, you get your appraisal results, and if you're happy with the outcome, you work a no hassle/no haggle deal with your associate. It's as simple as that! In my case, I wasn't satisfied with what they were offering me for my trade, so I decided to think about it. If I was at the dealer, this is when they use all the high pressure sales techniques, those assholes are taught, while drinking coffee, and smoking non-filter Camels all day long. Not at Carmax.... No pressure to buy or sell... They even give you 7 days to think about it, in case you change your mind.
Zero pressure, leave me alone while I look at cars, and no dirty, cigarette, coffee, smelling, low-life, pond scum, salesman to follow me like a lost puppy. That's how we like it!
Even though I didn't buy a car this time, I will definitely be back, and recommend Carmax to everyone I know.

Brian O. | 2014-05-26

Heres the thing: Carmax came through when I royally effed up. Never expected that to happen.

I brought in my beloved Volkswagen GTI, which needed too many repairs for me to continue owning. I came into CarMax on a WEEKDAY, so they made me an above-good-condition-Bluebook offer within 30 minutes. The entire sale took less than an hour and a half.

The next day, I put my things in storage and left Austin for the summer. Somehow, "my things" also included my WT^&@%ing Carmax bank note. [Cue Chic's Le Freak.]…
Stupid is as stupid does.

Called them to go over my options, worried there would be some huge fee or I would have to fly back to Texas. NOPE. They voided the check and sent a new one to my address, free of charge. Sweet relief!!! Unironic #blessed.

So certainly a unique circumstance, and I cant recommend if you are purchasing a vehicle, but selling was hassle-free and literally fool-proof. Please have all of my stars, you glorious people!

Carlos P. | 2014-03-27

* For North Austin location,  but I can't find them on the map so I'll leave it here *
I checked in with the representative at the door and asked where the certain vehicles I was looking for were located.  The lady was nice and gave me directions, and also took my phone number so an employee could call and find me in the lot.
Her directions were totally wrong since all the vehicles were scattered. I walked around aimlessly, twice, with no call or help from the employee's in the lot.  Of course a lady had two reps to herself. Not impressed with the selection I decided to leave.
The lady noticed me leaving through the lobby and signaled to two guys just standing playing on their phones. I told her that I was leaving since no one helped me out and I didn't get a call.

Tim C. | 2014-01-09

Yesterday we went with our son and his girlfriend while they shopped for a new car. He went by a dealership and received the usual game playing on price. We left and tried CarMax. It was a totally different experience. No game playing at all. The saleslady Justine Flores went out of her way in customer service. From walking in the door, test driving, approval, paperwork, and drive out w/full tank of gas......about 2 hours. Fast, friendly, and NO HASSLE service. CarMax is the place to go for buying a car

Stacey T. | 2014-01-02

My husband and I had been debating on what type of SUV to purchase for the past 3 months and made several trips to CarMax to check some out.  Finally, we found what we were looking for - a 2011 Cadillac SRX Premium (insert drool here).  We test drove the model that they had on the lot.  Patrick was our consultant.  Let me just tell you right now, if you're skeptical about CarMax's way of doing business with their "no haggle" pricing policy then you really need to take into consideration the attitude the salesman will have when it comes to your best interest (please see my review from Roger Beasley Audi from last year).  Someone that works on commission is not necessarily going to tell you everything that you need to know about a vehicle.  Someone that works on salary (like a CarMax employee) will.  

Anyway, so we find the vehicle that we want.  Only problem is, the model they had on the lot did not come with air conditioned seats although it had the slot for it.  So we went into the database and found the exact same vehicle, same mileage, color, interior, EVERYTHING that we wanted but was located at CarMax in Tennessee.  No problem.  We ordered it, paid the flat bed fee to have it shipped to us, and we had ourselves a car within 6 days.  

All of that being said, we love the SUV.  And I think we love it even more knowing that the way we bought it was how car buying should be (you see what I did there).  It really was though.  We purchased the extended warranty, which I recommend to anyone buying a car, and was only a few extra $k for piece of mind.  It will last for the next 6 years, you can't beat that!

P.S. I forgot to mention that they priced my car - a 2009 BMW 328i sport - for a trade-in (even though I didn't trade in) and were going to give me $3k MORE than what BMW and the value on KBB was going to give me!  You're still able to sell your car to CarMax even if you don't purchase a vehicle from them... something to think about.

Jacqui A. | 2013-12-30

I did not end up buying from CarMax but it was through no fault of our great salesman. They offered us a good price on our trade in (the same as the other dealers had offered).
Our salesman was Michael Speciale and he was great! We went on 2 different occasions and really would have bought from him if he had the vehicle we wanted at the price we wanted. We were about to buy a second choice from him when the dealer of our first choice called and offered a deal we couldn't pass up. I have never felt so guilty walking out of a car dealer! Great service, great guy. So patient and friendly, I wish all car salespeople were like him!

Jeffrey L. | 2013-11-09

first stop in my attempt to sell my 2007 Camry.  nice facility, very friendly staff, efficient process and accurate analysis of car's condition, but offer on my car was about 20% less than even the bottom end of KBB and Edmunds trade-in estimates.  Took car 5 miles south on Freeway to Henna and, with no questions asked, got $500 more.  When another dealership is willing to blindly commit to adding $500 to any CarMax offer, without even popping the hood, they're pretty confident (as I am now) that offers from CarMax are lowballs.

a shame, because the process is great.

Bernadette V. | 2013-10-10

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this business. We purchased our recent vehicle (2010 Cadillac SRX) and upon initializing the Onstar equipment, we were informed by Onstar customer service the hardware was faulty. We contacted our salesman Richard and left him a voice message regarding the Onstar equipment  and set up an appointment with the service department at CarMax.  
Our dissatisfaction comes from the fact we did not hear from our salesman until he received our dissatisfactory customer review.  The issue of equipment failure should have been noted and repaired prior to our purchase. This repair required missing two days of work to rectify (1 day at Car Max and another day at another dealership which  installed new Onstar hardware)
Approximately 3 weeks later prior to leaving on vacation I took my vehicle in for a warranty air conditioner issue which turned into me being without my vehicle for 2 months. While test driving the vehicle the Service Tehnician was involved in an accident resulting in the entire front end of my vehicle smashed. Despite numerous attempts to speak to the General Manager after this incident our calls were never returned. Never, ever will I step foot in Car Max again.

Darren J. | 2013-10-10

Very friendly, no pressure, relaxed and helpful experience.  We ultimately did not purchase a vehicle through them but I can highly recommend them from the experience I did have.

Beth B. | 2013-09-24

We have sold 2 cars to CARMAX in Austin.  I can tell you the price was not great, but we were just ready to get rid of the cars and be done with it, less hassle than trying to sell them yourself.  The process of selling with them is easy, but you will get more money for your cars if you do it yourself.  

The car we just sold to them is now listed FOR SALE on their site. They have it listed in their system what we originaly pruchased the vehicle for when we bought it used off another dealership car lot. So they knew what we paid.

Now, they are asking a price that is DOUBLE what they paid us for it (ok fine I can get over that).  But, I was shocked to see they are trying to sell this vehicle for even MORE than we paid for it when we purchased it used from another dealership 3 years ago when it had 40k less miles on it!!!  

That reinforced to me that I will NEVER buy a car from CARMAX. They are priced way too high.

Daniel K. | 2013-09-15

Great customer service.  


If you want to sell your car wholesale to someone, go to Maxwell Ford.  

Carmax offered me 13,500, and Maxwell Ford offered me $15,700.  Car was a 2006 Lexus GS430 with 97k miles.  Private Party Book was 19,500 at the time of this posting, and retail was $22,500.  My brother works for a dealer, and looked the vehicle up on the Mannheim auction site which is what dealers use to see what cars have been selling for at auction.  My vehicle with similar miles was trading for between 15-16k at auction.  '

I think their appraisers either 1. don't know what they're doing, or 2. Carmax just tries to lowball the crap out of you, so worse case scenario, they can sell the car at auction and still make money.  Gotta respect the business model, but don't take your car here if you want anywhere close to what it's worth.  Maxwell Ford will offer you closer to wholesale is, and will cut you a check right then.

kimberly l. | 2013-08-24

Just got back from buying a car from CarMax.  Does everyone agree that buying a car is probably one of the most stressful and unending processes ever?  That's all that was coming to mind as we started looking to replace my 2004 Honda Pilot.  Two states, three kids, and countless excursions proved to be too much my old SUV.  My husband has always loved his Toyota trucks so we decided to start looking for a Highlander.  We playfully looked online for a week or two before getting a little more serious.  We were happy to find a Highlander we felt fit the mold (leather, split third row, low miles) but it was in Houston (3+ hours away).  But then we discovered we could have the car shipped to Austin.  My first thought was that we would have to put down a deposit or credit card to have this done.  But no, it was a simple phone call and boom, here comes the car.  The next day we got notification that it had made it to one of the local CarMax dealerships so the following day (Saturday) we drove over.  Up to this point we had been communicating with Will Madison so he's who we asked for upon arrival.  We immediately felt at ease with Madison (that's what we called him).  He was never pushy or talky or greasy.  In just a few minutes he had the Highlander pulled up while they appraised the old Pilot.  Madison was very attentive to our questions and somehow put up with our kids throughout the test drive.  The commercial tagline, "The way car buying should be" kept ringing in my ears.  We loved car and immediately started looking at the price of our old car versus the price of the new.  It was such a relief to avoid all the haggle, bait and switch tactics.  The process from there couldn't have been more simple.  I'm impressed with the whole concept and execution.  I will return to CarMax.  I will refer folks to CarMax.  You now have a fan.

Lloyd C. | 2013-08-20

I am happy with the car I purchased at CarMax. They had a good selection of vehicles. The sales staff was competent and easy to work with. A couple of months after I bought the car, I took it into their service department to repair an electrical problem. Carlo and the mechanics were quite professional and had fixed the problem before noon, and for no charge. I will shop there again for my next vehicle.

Tony H. | 2013-07-29

I was actually referred here by the BMW dealership to see what I could get for my truck.  Originally the BMW dealership offered only $13k for my truck and then upped it to $14, but I figured I should be able to get at least $15 or $16k for it.  Carmax came back with an offer of $16k on the nose.  I was super thrilled!

The process was also pretty easy.  Brough my title, they filled out some forms and had me sign a thing or two, handed my my plates and check and I was out the door.

Greg R. | 2013-06-02

Have shopped here a few times.  Bottom line, in my opinion super convenient, super easy, super awful prices.

The place is clean and large and clearly made to feel like a big box store.  Good psychology.  They always have a big selection of used cars that are all clean and pretty.  No high pressure sales tactics.  But that's it for the good.

Want to sell your car, no problem.  They made me an unconditional cash offer in 30 minutes...for about 2/3 what I  think I could sell the car for anywhere else and even vs. Kelly blue book trade in rates which are usually pretty lousy.  All the while before and after the sales guy went on about how they make so little on their cars and follow market rates so closely.

Want to buy a car?  Great, big selection, no hassle fixed pricing...and they were asking me to cough  up 20%+ more than I was finding for comparable used cars even at new car dealerships.  This was with only a 30 day warranty.

So I suppose if it is worth thousands of dollars to you to eliminate any and all buying and selling hassles, avoid an hour of car dealer negotiation game nonsense or you don't want to scour the net for private party deals then this place is for you.  You won't run into me there though.

Jacob L. | 2013-04-06

I worked with both Ed and Richard at Carmax South and they were extreamly professional and patient with me.

Ed helped me appraise my car, which was a very fair value, and gave me 7 days to think about it.
Thanks to that appraisal, I was able to sell the car for a bit more, and then used the money to put a down payment.
Richard was able to help me secure financing, and they ordered a car for me to test drive, which only took a day.  I ended up not wanting it and purchased a Hyundai Sonata instead.
Richard went out of his way to help me, including giving me a ride home when I embarrassingly managed to lose my ID after taking the bus and a taxi to Carmax.  
I chose Carmax mainly because I dont mind spending a bit more (There's no Haggling) for the service provided.  They are extremely clear about their warranties, and they will push extra services without being too pushy about it.
I love my new car, I feel like I got a fair price for it, and the service is exactly what I needed.

Robert F. | 2013-03-05

Sold my 2005 Toyota Tacoma to CarMax today. They gave me a good price on the trade in. I came in for the appraisal in the morning on a weekday and they had my appraisal done on about 30 minutes; the sales person Julio was most pleasant.

I stopped in later in the afternoon to sell the truck. It could not have gone more smoothly. I was done with the transaction in about 30 minutes; again a most pleasant woman helped my sign the papers and gave me a bank draft for the amount that was agreed on in the morning.   Good job CarMax.

Stephanie P. | 2013-02-24

Since I am a magnet for unfortunate events, I love expressing my love for very fortunate events.  A few weeks ago my parked car was hit and totaled by an unlicensed, uninsured waaaaaasted driver at noon. On a Tuesday. It happens I guess? Anyway before my lovely insurance wrote me a check I began the serious investigation of what to do next. My sister recommended carmax so I gave it a shot.

Online I did a query of what I wanted to spend, size of car, gas mileage  etc. Ya know, all of the things. I found the car I wanted and strolled on into carmax after work one day. There I was greeted by Matthew Powers and he was awesome.  I told him the deal and he went right to work. Showed me a model of the car I wanted on the lot and then we headed to his office to locate the car I found. Lickty split my car was ordered and on the way. But wait it gets better.....

Ten days later my car arrived and I went on down to claim it! Once again Matthew was the jam. Got me in and out of there in about 2 hours and this includes him helping me return my car to super gross enterprise. They are such jerks there! Matthew was energetic, motivated, fun and not at all creepy. Buying a car as a lady can really suck especially being 8 1/2 months preggie. Matthew made life one million times better. I will recommend him always!

Molly A. | 2013-02-18

After dealing with big dealerships, someone suggested going here to sell them my car.  They offered me $1000 more than two dealerships offered for a trade.  Scott Padgett helped me and he was fabulous.  So so friendly and knowledgeable.  I would absolutely recommend taking your car to carmax to sell and ask for Scott to help you.  He even looked at cars they had in their inventory, and also got a car transferred from San Antonio for me to look at (no charge!). He made it painless and I'm thankful I had him helping me!!  I ended up purchasing a new car elsewhere, but I was so thankful for his down-to-earth approach and honestly.  If I were going to buy used, he found the exact car used that I ended up buying new(a purple Honda Fit).  He is AWESOME!!!!! His direct number is: 512-667-4096 .

Elizabeth S. | 2013-02-06

RUN FOR THE HILLS! I traded my car in and purchased a new one and it was a nightmare. I could write a thesis on how crappy and deceptive the service and employees were, but I don't want to waste my efforts. Lets just say I am beyond happy that I have an amazing local shop that I trust to fix my warranty concerns. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Katie M. | 2013-01-30

I have to be 100% honest. They sold my husband a truck that turned out to have LOADS of problems...with that being said i'm basing my review on them BUYING my car only.

I was in and out in 30 minutes. As soon as I walked through the door a guy asked how he could help me.
"I want you to buy my car"
Sales guy "We can do that. Come sit down and lets get started"
im thinking: oh we go with the long winded BS 'hey want to buy one too?' ugh

Sales guy "Ok, so I just need a little info and your drivers license"
...we make polite conversation and suddenly he stops typing and looks at me...
Sales guy "Ok, all done. Someone is going to look at your car real quick and then we'll have an offer for you"
So 10 minutes goes by of more small talk (he's a fellow Chiver for all you Chivers out there. KCCO!) and he says "Ok, looks like we have an offer for you. It's $blah blah blah"

I secretly jump up and down in my mind.
Five minutes later I left CarMax with a fat check and no car.

The experience was literally money.

Holly H. | 2012-12-22

Car Max didn't have the car I wanted in their showroom, but I found one in Dallas.  It took 4 days to transfer.  I heard  "they do a 120 point inspection" from enough of their staff, I was confident the car would be in great shape.  After it arrived, they were unable to sell it because of a mileage discrepancy.  They said they were trying to contact the previous owner to get him to correct the paperwork.  Their next option was to drive the car another couple hundred miles until they matched.  I said I would prefer to be the person driving the car if they were to resort to that option.  Late Saturday I got the call it was ready.  Unable to contact the owner, they had been driving the car all day...

I drove to Austin.  The car was GORGEOUS.  A 2009 BMW 328i red convertible with 27,000 miles.  It had the sport package & xtras I wanted.  It was $32,000.  I sold them  2 cars, a Maxda MX5 and a Land Rover LR3 HSE and gave them $10,000.00.  I purchased the warranty.  

Once on the road, I noticed a vibration that indicated alignment, wheel balance,  or tire damage.  Since the BMW run flats can cost $750 a wheel & are generally not covered by warranty, I really didn't want to have to pay for any big ticket repairs. When braking, the car dipped significantly to the left. I knew I had 5 days to return the vehicle, but I wanted to make sure it was documented that this was not a problem that occurred after I left their showroom.  I sent a text to the salesperson and told her that I might be returning the car.  She responded, " A lot of people went to a lot of trouble to get that car ready for you.  See if you can't work it out with the service manager."  Sunday, I discovered that the mechanism to raise and lower the top did not function as it should.  Their was also no wiper fluid.  I started to wonder which functions they check in their 120 points.  Monday I decided to return to the dealer.  The right front tire was flat. I took a picture of the warning on my dashboard & added air so I could make trip.

When I discussed the issues I had including the flat, the manager told me it was cold.  I told her it was just as cold for the other 3 tires. I told her I felt better off purchasing a high end vehicle from a dealer who knows what the drive should feel like and wouldn't have released the 328i in that condition. She told me purchasing a used BMW from the dealer didn't guarantee the car was free of body damage.  Their inspections do.  I didn't want to get into what their inspections check, because they missed such biggies as wiper fluid, brake pads, & a damaged wheel...  The service manager said the car needed an alignment. They could take care of it if I wait another couple hours.  I remembered the salesperson explaining if I purchased the warranty through CM, it would still be serviced by BMW because their mechanics didn't work on BMWs.  I decided to return it. The manager doesn't make it easy to follow through with the return policy, but once you're clear that's your intent, they do it.   It took about 2 hours for the paperwork.  I got checks for my trade ins, but was told they would have to mail the $10,000 from corporate headquarters.  

I took a cab to BMW & purchased a pre-owned convertible BMW 335i M SPORT w/ 28,000 miles & all the bells & whistles I need to satisfy my inner  Andretti.  Bumper to bumper warranty to 50,000 miles including routine maintenance, brake pads, oil changes. EVERYTHING is taken care of  without paying for an extended warranty.  I got a more powerful car for only 3K more than the 328i at CarMax.  Not only did they come off the sticker, but they deducted the fare for my cab.

But I'm not done with my disappointment in CarMax.  THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED MY $10,000. I was told they have to verify the check cleared, then mail a check.  On 12/12, my bank faxed verification that the check funded 12/10.  The manager told me she emailed verification to  corporate.  I was told they were mailing a check & I'd have it in 5 days.  On 12/17 I called CarMax and was told they were tracking it down.  On 12/19, the manager told me "they've verifed receipt of funds and are cutting a check."  They can mail it to me or FED EX to the dealer.  It would be there12/21.  12/21 I drove to CarMax.  The manager told me they were cutting a check Friday and overnighting it for Saturday delivery.  12/22 I am told they didn't receive it, but their corporate office is closed over the week end.  I told them to figure out how to get me my money now. The manager claims" their hands are tied".  I've told them to cut me a personal check and get repaid by CarMax. If the thought of being able to return a used car offers the assurance you need to trust CarMax, BE WARNED. their 120 point inspection is performed by INCOMPETENT MECHANICS and while you CAN return the car,  RETURNING YOUR MONEY requires heroic efforts on your part.

Brian M. | 2012-12-06

I hate Carmax;s gimmicks.  Typical stereotypical used auto sales scam.  They offered $5K on a car I eventually sold to another for $8K.  The blue book was $8.5K.  If you're selling a car then do your homework and shop around.  Some one out there, whether private or public, WILL give you more money than these folks.

Stephanie W. | 2012-11-05

Please, Please think twice about purchasing a vehicle here.  There are so many fine, reputable car dealerships in Austin.  I realize that there are some people who have had positive experiences here, but is it really worth the risk?  I purchase a 2012 honda civic, one of the most reliable cars out there, or at least I thought.  Carmax stresses the intensive inspection process buy my car proves that they lie.  I had my car for 16 days, went out to start it up and it was as dead as a door nail.  I watched my brand new car being towed back to carmax.  Of course they fixed it, but after that I didn't want the car anymore.  I am just waiting for the next thing to go wrong with it and I am sure it is just a matter of time.  I wanted them to take the car back, but they refused.  I had just started a new job and one of the requirements is that you cannot miss a day of training or you are automatically terminated.  I lost my job that day as well.  I hate carmax and I hope that my review will make others think twice before buying from them.

Ashley S. | 2012-09-28

Very pleasant, no pressure sort of salesmen here. At the beginning of my journey to purchase a new car this summer, the first place I went to was Carmax. I looked at the prices and what I thought I could afford and was disappointed. Most of their cars were more than likely from rental fleet. 30k, on a year old car? Holy shit, it took me 14 months to drive 10k in my own car! But really, Carmax is simple. A no haggle, stress free environment. And they pretty much will let anyone get financed. But offering me a APR% of 6.25? Are you kidding me? And they told me that was a good rate. Compared to what?! They even let me "pretend" buy the car and I took it home for a day or two to decide if I liked it. I had 5 days to return it or else I would end up buying the car. I brought it back the next day. It was a simple process of returning it. The salesman didn't badger me, calling every single day or beg me to come back. I found out that Nissans just weren't for me. And I wanted a warranty that CAME with the car. Not tacked on to the total price.

For those who hate or refuse to deal with car dealerships, Carmax is a pretty good option. Or maybe you can't get approved elsewhere. It seems to me like Carmax approves everyone. My advice: Go in being pre-approved elsewhere with a better APR%. Because someone with a credit score of over 800 should be able to get better than 6.25%.

Shenise R. | 2012-09-11

STAY AWAY FROM THE SERVICE DEPT!! They know as much about cars as my 6 year old!

Towed dead SVU into Carmax on a Monday in June after it died on a Saturday (their service center is closed on smart, right?).  Was told by the technician that it was a security issue and I must have hit something that triggered it into theft mode (they could never tell me what that "something" was that I hit).  Told if it happened again we would have to bring it back for them to reset the system.  I informed them that the SUV made strange grinding noises when starting on occasion--that was ignored.  I pay $50 plus for them to reset the security system.  2 Two months later car dies again--luckily it was a weekday.  Told that it was the security system yet again, regardless of the fact that the loud grinding noises were getting much more frequent...and loud...and quite frankly, embarrassing.  After a little push back, the decided that Ford was the best place to determine the actual problem.  Ford says it was the ignition switch, which they replace and I get my SUV back 9 days later and $100 poorer.  Two weeks after that repair, SUV dies yet again.  WOW!!  I'm sooo shocked!  Since it died on a Friday evening after the service center had closed at 6:30, I had to wait until Monday morning to have it towed back to their shop.  They got the SUV Monday afternoon and it wasn't until Tuesday afternoon that we called back (yes, we called--they will not call you!) only to tell us that it's again the security system.  I'm going to pick up my SUV and have my 6 year old diagnose the problem correctly.  After all, he has tons of experience working on Tonka Trucks!

Bottom line is make sure you get the warranty and don't take it to CarMax for the service.  I've had my vehicle serviced there three times in the two years that I had the vehicle and EACH time, I had to return it to them because the initial problem was not fixed!

Elizabeth S. | 2012-09-04

***UPDATE: After much hassle, CarMax did eventually come to understand our situation and help us. We were referred to Tyler at CarMax Austin South, who was wonderful to work as well as the CarMax in Connecticut that we eventually went through for our replacement car***

We were having "great experiences" with CarMax too, just like the rest of you reporting great experiences, until we had an "unfixable" problem. My husband and I purchased a vehicle from CarMax in Austin, TX just over a year ago in good faith that the car would be safe and operable, as CarMax guarantees. We purchased the most expensive warranty and thankfully so, because our car was in the shop just weeks after we purchased it. We have had a computer/electrical issue with the car since we bought it. At first, Honda/CarMax told us that it was a computer problem and they claimed to have fixed the problem. Unfortunately, all the "fix" seemed to do was ensure that our still-broken computer does not log incidents that need to be logged. Since getting the car "fixed" the first time, we have had several, life-threatening incidents with the car. When we are driving, accelerating on the highway most often, all of the electronics will turn off, as if we turned off the car's ignition at 70+ mph. The car will appear to stall and we have to simply hope that any high-speed cars behind us do not hit us. After 30 seconds or so of this, the car will suddenly accelerate back up to the original speed, which is also putting us in danger. Often, it will stall out several times in a row, accelerating and decelerating rapidly--which is insanely dangerous, particularly if the roads are wet or icy. Luckily, this problem has not yet put us in an accident, but as anyone can see, this problem could kill us.

We have taken the car into CarMax several times for this problem. Every time we have taken it in, they have sent the car off to Honda and they have reported that they cannot find the problem. They cannot find the problem because 1.) the problem only happens every few months and 2.) part of the problem is based in the computer/electrical system and since that's what's broken, we're not surprised the problem isn't being logged. Ultimately, Honda's diagnostic computers aren't finding the problem, and so CarMax's position is that there isn't a problem. CarMax's Operations Manager in Austin, Neil, recently offered us a "solution". The "solution" is that we sell back the defective car for much less money than we paid, allow CarMax to wholesale it (gravely unethical if they don't yet know which part of the car is causing this problem), and cough up the extra money for a different car, warranty, and taxes ourselves. This is absurd. We paid money in good faith not only for our car to CarMax but also for the extended stability of the most expensive warranty and this is the best CarMax can do? Put us in a situation wherein we have to actually pay more to get out of our highly dangerous car? Sell our highly dangerous car to another innocent buyer? The last alternative is that we keep the car and we wait for the inevitable accident to come. Whether we are killed in it or we survive it, the blood and the ensuing terrible publicity from a lawsuit like this will be on CarMax's hands.

Liz G. | 2012-08-09

Richard Zagrocki was rude, unabashedly condescending, and unhelpful. He did not listen (he asked me three times if the title was in my name, I clearly and truthfully answered "Yes" each time). I felt rushed and unappreciated as a customer. While I wasn't thrilled with the offer CarMax appraised my car for, I was exhausted and in all likelihood would have taken it - had my experience with Richard not been so unpleasant. I walked in open, honest and with a strong desire to sell my car. Unfortunately, Richard audibly laughed in my face when I questioned the offer. My husband and I were appalled at his behavior and hope he'll treat future customers with more respect.
The only good thing to come of his poor treatment was the resentment forced me to take one last chance before returning to CarMax within the 7 day window. Despite his insistance that NO ONE would POSSIBLY give me any more for my vehicle, I was able to sell it less than 24 hours later for $500 more than the offer. He openly belittled me, lost his temper and even had the audacity to say, "We're not going to lose money on this car." Well I'm glad I didn't lose any money to Richard Zagrocki's scare tactics. I'm surprised CarMax would put such an unkind person on their sales floor - literally waiting at the door to treat complete strangers horribly. It's a shame this company is losing money because of something as simple as a common manners.

Yesenia E. | 2012-08-01

Horrible experience at Carmax , after spending 1/2 providing everything that they requested and having the manager speak with his manager we were approved signed the contract put a substantial down payment and left with our new car to then hear 2 days later that they made a mistake and they needed to resubmit paper work or need the vehicle back. Mind you We do not have bad credit we are business owners and they to make a quick sale is what I finally concluded did not calculate correctly what they should have. As they clearly admitted and said to me it was their mistake but would do nothing to correct it. To make matters worse they refuses to return our money that we had out down they said it would mailed to us in a few weeks - OUTRAGEOUS ! Will NEVER recommend CarMax .

Juhee W. | 2012-07-07

I have been the most skeptical person in the world when it comes to buying a used item. But CarMax North Austin changed my mind 180 degree.

I really really liked this location - I checked out the South Location. While I can't pinpoint what it is, but I liked the North location so much better than the one in the south. (I live in Rollingwood, so the north location is much farther from me).

I was shopping for a high-end car this time (I saved 11 years for this!) and looking back, I was so fortunate that Chris Dunn was available right when I walked in. He wiped out all of my prejudice and stereotypes of a "car sales rep" entirely.

He was extremely knowledgeable, and was able to answer all questions I had. I noticed he was highly sought after when I walked in, because a second after I shook hands with Chris, someone walked in asking for him. That guy did not seem to know Chris because we were standing right in front of him. It was obvious that the word of mouth on Chris got him to CarMax.

Chris was not pushy at all. He just had all the information I was looking for. I explained what type of car I was looking for, and he did a detailed search for me. They had the exact car I had in mind (with all the options I wanted) in Houston, and he got the car transferred from Houston. He added, "don't feel pressured - we do this all the time. You don't have to purchase it. I will update you when the car gets here, and come out and test drive it." His update was very timely but not intrusive. Oh, boy, that was a dream car at the price I could afford. Chris explained all the warranty options available, what is included, and what is recommended for the car.

This location rocks. I would use this place again for my next car.

Candy B. | 2012-06-22

We have purchased our last 3 vehicles by these folks and referred several others, all with great results. I cannot stand traditional dealerships. I don't like dealing with the "going to talk to my manager" and "we just can't do that" and keeping you there for several hours. I'm there to buy a freaking car, not play a game. I know some people like it, but having worked in the industry many many years ago, I refuse to deal with it. I'd rather walk.

Today, we went in with the car we bought from them six years ago as a trade in, they gave us a fair value for it (especially considering it needed a new transmission!) and they sold us a great 1 year old van for a fair price. No haggling. The sales guy was able to focus on what we needed, what add ons we wanted and told us straight up what was worth buying and what wasn't. Didn't pressure us into getting things we didn't want.

Honestly, they don't have many new cars, but I don't care about new. I care about getting in there and out of there with a car and without a headache. We were out in under 2 hours with a great van for a great price from a super nice sales person.

This is the ONLY place we will buy a vehicle from anymore. No games, great service and good folks. Highly highly recommended.

Lindsey D. | 2012-04-30

After visiting this location, Valerie encouraged me to check the nationwide online inventory, leisurely at home.
The next day I found the car of my dreams, in Wisconsin.  I called Valerie and ordered the car while sitting on the couch. It arrived 10 days later.  
Totally magical.  I love this place. It couldn't be easier.

Chris B. | 2012-04-20

I had a great experience at Carmax Austin South when trying to take advantage of their "Sell us Your Car" program. The sales consultant who assisted me, Jon Parton, was very friendly and knowledgeable, and made the process as quick, easy and painless as possible. Although the transaction ended up not happening due to external factors, Jon was a professional from start to finish.

If you're in the market for a used car and want to avoid a used car sales experience, I'd highly recommend going to Carmax Austin South, AND ask for Jon Parton as your sales consultant.

Jessica J. | 2012-04-19

They did right by me. The car I wanted was far away so they shipped it in local at no charge. It was in PERFECT condition (crazy for a 2008), and was priced extremely fairly.
The no haggle was nice, because every other dealer that had this car was priced $2k more than Carmax (in worse condition) so it saved me the bother of having to go mess with all of the others and play their games. The paperwork went smoothly, and they handled it ALL for me, even the registration. (I did not trade in my car, so I can't comment on that aspect. I estimate I got about $1,800 more by selling it privately which is well worth the hassle to me).
The sales guy was a nice older fellow and I could tell he did not take his job very seriously (which I can relate to). They don't get commission so he was just punching his time card, not pressuring me or testing my debate skills. WIN!
The only thing I did not like is the sales "manager" (some self-impressed Type A douche hopped up on Red Bull and ambition) would not let me have Auto P.I. come inspect the car before purchase and did not have maintenance history to show me for the car (even though they required it from the original owner to buy the car in the first what did they do with it that it was not available for me). He gave me some malarkey about how they are publicly traded blah blah for a damn hour, like that has anything to do with anything. Anyway, it turned out to be a non-issue because they honor a no-fault warranty thing where if you change your mind in a week (or whatever it is) you can bring it back and get your money back. Also, I had Auto P.I. check it out the day after I bought it, and it's as clean as a whistle.
Overall, I am very very very pleased and would recommend Carmax for the easy-peasy-no-pressure environment, quality, excellent customer service (except for Douchie Mc Doucherson), and fair pricing.
Ask for Lynn Colligan. You will be impressed by just how little of a damn he gives about "sales" while still being perfectly accommodating and helpful as he lounges back in his chair waiting for retirement. :) My kind of guy!

Michael G. | 2012-02-04

Carmax was easy to work with.  I sold my car and the price was fair and painless.  I would do business with them again in the future.

VM B. | 2011-12-22

I suspected I had an issue with one of my belts so I took my car to the Carmax service center.  They said they would check it out.  They then said things were fine and my belts were all in good shape.

About 2 months later, I took my car back complaining of the same problems and once again said that I thought there was a problem with a belt and that they need to check the belts. After having my car for days, they again said I didn't have a problem with a belt.  

Convinced there was a problem, 2 weeks later, I took my car to a dealership, not to Carmax, and within minutes they identified a worn out belt that needed to be changed ASAP.

So, I take my car to Carmax TWICE and tell them "I think there is something wrong with a belt.  Please check the belts" and they tell me both times there are no issues.  2 weeks later at another dealership they find a belt that needs to be changed ASAP.  I looked at this belt - it needed to be changed!

There is absolutely no way that Carmax would have missed this belt problem if they would have bothered looking.  I specifically took my car in twice and told them to look at the belts.  How could they have missed this?  Either they are so incompetent that they missed it or they lied telling me they had checked everything out when they didn't even bother to look.  

It's a complete waste of time for me to take my car to Carmax twice, ask them to look at something, and both times they don't even bother looking and then lie to me and tell me everything is in great shape.  What is funny is that I thought they were nice and that I was was receiving good service.  Only once I took the car somewhere else did I realize that going to Carmax was a big mistake.

2 stars given only because I got a loaner car which was pretty sweet.

Justin M. | 2011-10-03

My wife took our 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Signature van in for a Trade-In quote.  The car checked out good on every measure they listed on the quote report.

Their quote was for $4,000. , , and all ranged from $6,500 - $8,000 for a Trade-In.

The Trade-In quote was insulting.  It wasn't even close to what the car was worth.  Stay away unless you like wasting thousands of dollars.

Christine T. | 2011-08-12

I went to Carmax to get my automobile appraised.  I also looked at some of the cars on their lot.  I was very happy with the amount that they decided my SUV was worth.  They made it easy and comfortable from the moment my daughter and I stepped in the door.  Edward D.  helped us look for a car in our price range with low mileage.  I did not end up buying a car that day, so I don't know about the purchasing process...but I do know that the appraisal process was fast and easy and most of all- fair.

Kelly B. | 2011-05-09

I purchased a 2006 Murano outright a year and a half ago and have had to have it towed 4 times, in the shop a total of 8 times.

I have had gas leak out from underneath the vehicle, engine flood due to faulty seals, engine mounts break lose etc.

When I asked them what they were going to do to correct the situation they responded "You can bring it in for a trade-in appraisal".

Wow, thanks! Isn't that what you would do for anyone?

Completely ridiculous!

Ricardo F. | 2010-11-15

My experience is with getting an appraisal to sell my car. The process was very professional. The full process l took about 45 min. Carmax selling (buying in this case) strategy is a very polite, no-pressure strategy. However, they do give you a presentation of pseudo-facts to appeal to your logic and make you believe your car is worth less than the norm.  I sold my car the next day to a private party for 45% more than what Carmax offered (it would have been more if not for that I was in a hurry and I gave this party a substantial discount). In summary, their strategy is to (politely) skim as much money out of you as it is possible, just like any other dealer.  If you know what you are doing and can negotiate, go elsewhere. If not, Carmax may be a good fit for you.

John P. | 2010-11-01

Tried to sell a car to Carmax in south Austin.  The quote is about half of what Edmunds quoted.  I decided to sell it on Craig's list 2 days later using Edmund's quote minus $1,000 for a quick sell.  I got ~10 inquiries and sold the car within 24hr after I posted it on Craig's list.  

The point of my story is actually not on making a few thousands dollars by selling it yourself.  The point is about the honesty of this Carmax.  Sales told me "we take you car, spent 12hrs on it on average, then sell it to make a few hundred dollars".  By looking at the prices of equivalent cars on the lot, I think they tried to low ball me to make a few thousand dollars quickly.  Carmax can offer me whatever low price they want, just don't tell me they only plan to make a few hundred dollars on it.

James F. | 2010-10-12

So far no disasters on our recent Carmax truck purchase. One of our ranch trucks met a sad end; but it was getting time to replace it anyway with an extended cab so we could haul around little Rooster in the back seat.

We did find some damage to the bed that wasn't disclosed and it didn't show up on the carfax report. We took the plastic bedliner out to tackle some ranch modifications and discovered a HUGE bondo spot behind the bed liner. It wasn't even painted just bondo.

Despite the damage which I am knocking some stars off for; its smooth sailing thus far. We did purchase the optional 125k mile warranty so expect some updates if anything goes wrong.

Betty G. | 2010-10-11

Ever notice how people who have had a bad experience tend to write more reviews?  I'll admit this is the case with me - but I'll try to state facts, not frustration.

Beau, the 1st salesman who showed me around was awesome.  Very informative and friendly, took his time and told me to let him know when I was ready to buy (I was going to go look at another car that happened to have been sold by the time I got there).  I didn't call before going back and got Allison (absolutely great, efficient) who helped me with the paper work in buying my vehicle. A great-looking 2008 Kia Rondo going for $11,999 with nearly 50,000 miles on it.

I chose Carmax for the 5 day return/30 day warranty they advertise.  

We specifically asked if the 5-day money back guarantee meant business days and were told, by Allison, "yes".  Okay.

Turns out, the bottom was rusted out. We had a mechanic tell us to take it back.  We did - on the 5th BUSINESS day.  

Our mistake.  

They told us Allison "misspoke."  They would not take it back.  We said, that's not cool, that may not be your policy, but that's what we were told. We did argue quite extensively, but no dice.  They still would not take it back.  Okay.

We asked them to look at the vehicle. Which they did and allowed us to look at it, too.

Admittedly, it didn't look like it was about to fall apart in the next five minutes - but there was rust enough to flake off of the muffler parts - I don't know what they're called - where it's screwed together.

We asked them to fix it.  They couldn't get a hold of whoever would give the go-ahead on a Thursday evening and asked me to leave it there.  They gave me a great loaner and I drove away.  They kept it Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I'm writing this on Monday evening.

I just got the call that told me that, no, they would not fix it.  It meets THEIR standards and they will not fix anything.  What about the warranty?  Rusted muffler doesn't apply.

So --- I go pick it up tomorrow.  As is.  

That is exactly what happened.

I will say I expected better.  Everyone's sweet as pie.  Informative.  Very friendly.  Eldwin stayed with us until 8:30 Thursday night, trying to get a hold of someone to see if they could just replace that flaky, rusted-over part. He kept making calls - but no one ever called him back.

The mechanic, I think his name was Dwayne? Darryl? talked to us a long time saying that, yes, this amount of rust was a yellow flag, but he'd seen worse.

I'm not one to argue with reality.  It was my fault for waiting so long to take it for inspection.  And now I'm left with a car with rusted parts.  But, hey - it meets their standards, so I'm sure it's okay, right?

****Calipers!  The thing that's rusted over.  It's the calipers.  Rusted calipers are CarMax standard.

George H. | 2010-07-19

I had high hopes going to CarMax in South Austin.  CarMax repeatedly has been on the list of best places to work.  But what I found as a customer is that they are no better than the typical used car dealer.

The one good thing about shopping at CarMax is that they tout that their cars are not the ones that have been in wrecks and then fixed up to look like they are new again.  CarMax claims that it is very easy to shop for a car there.  They have large clean stores and a 30-day guarantee.  For these conveniences, you pay quite a bit more than the price you would pay at other used car places, and significantly more than from a private owner.  I was willing to pay the extra price to have peace of mind.  But what I got was no peace of mind whatsoever.

I was in a jam.  I was moving in a very short amount of time and I needed a reliable car to get me and my stuff across country.  The car I bought did get me across country.  But that's about the only good thing I can say about my CarMax experience.

My main problem was titling the car.  CarMax would not release the title for the car I had just paid cash to directly to me.  Instead, CarMax said they would send the title to the car registration place in my new location.  I gave CarMax the location information for a car registration place in my new state.

CarMax South Austin did send something to the car registration place.  But they never sent the title for the car I had just paid cash to them for.  I made numerous calls to CarMax South Austin from my new state.  They repeatedly said they would take car of things.  After going to the two different car registration places for a total of four trips, and after waiting hours at these places to find that once again CarMax South Austin, screwed up, I got very tired and angry at CarMax.

Finally, when my temporary tags came up to expire, I called CarMax South Austin.  The woman I spoke with guaranteed me that she would have new temporary tags sent to me before the old ones expired.  That day came and passed, and I was now not able to legally drive the very car I bought from CarMax South Austin, had paid cash for, and owned outright.

After I threatened legal action, CarMax finally agreed to allow me to return the car with no title to the local CarMax in my new location and get a different car with a title.

This is not to mention the fact that both cars had stuff break pretty soon after the 30 day guarantee expired.

CarMax is nothing but trouble.  Go somewhere else.

Ross B. | 2010-07-15

These guys got it right. Easy, Convenient, and Efficient.

I took two cars to be appraised at carmax within one month. They apprasied them quickly and accurately, and there was not a lot of pressure to sell your car to them right away, or "get you into a new car today."

I did end up selling one car to them, and buying a used car from them.  It was very easy to see the cars they had on the lot, and in their nationwide inventory, and compare them to make sure you're getting the right car with the right miles and price for you.

I did an average amount of research prior to choosing a car from Carmax, and I feel like I got  a great car for a great price. And, while I enjoy a good haggle, their no-haggle pricing system is fair because their cars are priced to move.

In my experience, car-buying is usually an all day process, but not this time... At Carmax, I showed up at 7pm, had my car appraised, took a test drive while I waited, decied to purchase a car at 8pm, and was driving out of there by 9:15pm.

Mr. D. | 2010-07-07

You'd think this is where all my car troubles end. That is not the case. In early April of this year, I noticed that the front tires' tread was wearing pretty thin. I couldn't believe it. I ordered new tires from Discount Tire Company, the same brand that were on there to begin with and which were also on the rear wheels: Kumho Ecsta run-flats at a cost of $160 each (Discount Tire beat Sears' price). Here we are less than three months later and the tires are nearly bald (2 mm above the wear bars). I took it today (July 06, 2010) to MINI of Austin for an alignment. They said that because the tires were so evenly worn, they didn't believe that the car needed an alignment, but offered to rotate the tires for me. I declined. It should be noted that MINI does not recommend Kumho tires, and I will not be buying them again. I got a little over 4000 miles out of those tires. I'm buying a new set of tires this week, which will set me back just under $600. I am not even buying run-flat tires.

On May 06, 2010, I had to have the reverse lights fixed. It was a broken switch. I guess Black Forest felt sorry for me, having had to pay for all the repairs, so they didn't charge me for labor. The charge for the part was $48.78. Mileage was 68,914.

On June 03, 2010, a friend and I were out running some errands. I'd just dropped her off when my car's "check engine" light came on and the car suddenly went from 30 MPH to about 2 MPH, and wouldn't go any faster, nor would it climb hills, and the temperature guage suddenly went as high as possible. I turned on the heater and my hazard lights and slowly crept back to my house. I called a tow truck, and had the car towed to Black Forest Werkshop. The problem this time was that the crank pulley had broken. The car's mileage was 69,736. The parts, labor, towing and tax came to $1092.51. I have to give Black Forest snaps for getting it fixed so quickly. It went into the shop that day at 3 PM and was finished the next day by 10 AM.

I constantly pray that there will be no more necessary repairs any time soon. Black Forest has said that the front brakes have about 20% of the pad left on them, so I know I'll be repairing them somewhat soon, but I'm expecting that. What I don't want are the unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Everything I have typed here is true. It can all be backed up with the receipts I have for the repairs I've done. Names have not been changed, as I do not feel that the minions of Carmax are innocent.

Julie M. | 2010-06-21

Day 4.  As predicted, the "contractor" found a loose wire in the DVD player and fixed it.

And finally....

11 nauseating days later, the other minor repairs were completed and I picked up my mini-van.

The repairs were done correctly but were very pricey.

The warrantee covered the DVD player.  And that was - after all - why I went there.

The cheap little loaner car was.... well... free.

Shanon S. | 2010-04-02

I bought a car, stting on the sofa in my pajamas on a Saturday afternoon!  I picked a car from the website, called CarMax South and got Beau on the phone - he stepped me through everything.  It was so easy and I really got a great deal!  The car was transferred from Georgia - I picked it up several days ago.  This was the easiest, most pain-free car buying experience I've ever had!  I highly recommend CarMax South to anyone who wants to avoid the hassle, haggle, and bullshit of most dealerships.

Kathy D. | 2010-01-30

I read everyone elses review, and I am sorry, but I just did not have a good experience with Carmax.  My daughter was in the market for a car, and I am not talking looking, BUT ready to buy.  Someone suggested Carmax, so we gave it a shot.  When we walked in the front door, there were many many people working inside, and it being our first time there, we did not know their procedures, so we just stood there, waiting for someone to greet us or come over and ask if we needed help.  Nothing....we went outside and looked around....and still not a single employee came to offer any help.  And, too, their inventory was way TOO HIGH.  So, we went to another dealership and bought a car on the spot.  I will never recommend Carmax to anyone.

Kamni G. | 2009-12-15

The Carmax I have been to Roseville,CA is nothing compared to the service I received at this location. We wanted to get our car appraised and look at some X3's.

We were able to find the car we wanted but did not like the appraisal amt very much. The place was clean and everyone was friendly. It was raining and icky so we were offered an umbrella at very door we reached.

Even though we didnt buy anything, we got some good advise on when to try the zhp convertible since its not in season right now. I will definately look to them to buy a car whenever a need arises in the future,.

Steve A. | 2009-11-15

I went to Carmax after I got into a wreck and my old truck went to a better place. (Or at least it's soul did-since it's body went to a scrap heap)

I took the bus to get down and the salesman(Khoa) was not put off by the fact that I'd walked several blocks in midsummer, had no trade-in, was looking for a cheap sedan and had left my license at home, forcing me to return hours later. I got no pressure to get something more expensive and felt comfortable the whole time.

The price was right, the loan process went by smoothly and I had a car I love later the same day.

Unfortunately, the car I got didn't come with a manual or a tire jack-but these are minor complaints. I'd go back again whenever I'm in the market for a new vehicle-which hopefully won't be for a long time.

Lala L. | 2009-07-19

I was ready to put my junky old car on Craigslist and be done with it, then a friend told me about the sweet deal Carmax gave her for her old Honda.  The short story:  Carmax gave me $2500 for a 1992 Toyota Camry with 100k+ miles on it, shot brakes and a non-functioning air conditioning system.  RAWK.

Jens B. | 2009-06-18

If used cars scare the bejesus out of you.. they should. However, there is Hope... The OBAMA of the car world.  CarMax...So here's the skivy... Many years back I bought my sweetie a 99 Grand Cherokee Laredo Jeep in Taylor.  Yes, I used to live in suburbamania, Pville, can't believe it to this day.  In fact, thanks to Susie we now live in the 49.. anyhow.. Susie loved her "Old Girl", but she was getting long in the teeth.. (Old Girl not Susie)  147K miles later, she is still running but needs to be put out to pasture. Her moon roof no longer mooned anyone, her left eye was still faded from an unfortunate run in with a deer on 360 one evening.  You see, she was a great SUV and she was a stout gal.  In her long life with us she managed to eliminate one stop sign, backed into a Lexus on Christmas Eve and suffered the indignity of a hit and run driver who painfully removed her left side mirror..  But we always fixed her back up and kept her running.  And Susie gave her a frequent bath..

I knew "Old Girl" was asking to be put into retirement, so I started to look around.  CarMax's website just rocked.  I looked elsewhere, but kept on coming back to CarMax.  After doing a big search, I narrowed it down to another Grand Cherokee Laredo an 08, "Old Girl's" younger sister if you will.  She seemed like she was fairly virginal, only 21K miles on it.. but she lived in Garland.  That is when I noticed CarMax would ship her to Austin for FREE.  I called and talked with a salesman, Matt Myres, and he told me he would make sure the transfer would take place and would have an associate check it out before she would leave Garland.  I got a call back a little later and he told me, she looked really nice and they would ship her that day.  And no obligation to buy.

So on monday the new whip arrived.  I had to work and I asked Susie to go check her out and to give me a call if she liked it... around lunch my phone rang, I picked it up to hear Susie screaming HELL YES, IT'S PRECIOUS.. I took care of a few items and headed down to fill out the paperwork and pick it up.  We still didn't know what to do with "Old Girl"... Matt mentioned they would certainly give an appraisal for us if we wanted to trade it in.  She had been part of the family for so long we didn't want to lose her... but, then then appraisal popped up on the computer.. and they liked her as much as we did... So we let them have her, said our goodbyes and headed over to our new ride... or should I say to Precious.

CarMax..did a great job, the salesman Matt was on the ball, and we found a great deal on a hell of a car...

Philip G. | 2009-04-10

I needed a new car, the Ruckus just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I decided to go to CarMax, as I just don't have the time to barter with car salesman day in and day out.  Decided I wanted a Tacoma, you know, a compact truck, but still a truck. Something you can haul a TV home or your buddies to the lake in.  After I test drove them, I was sold, but man those things are expensive.  Cindy helped me out and showed me the Tundra; not only is it bigger, faster, and more powerful than the Tacoma, but it had the same MPG and was about two thousand dollars cheaper!  Sold!

Except not really, because I quickly realized, the very next day, that spending that amount of money (especially when it's just a loan) is dumb dumb dumb.  So back I went to CarMax, and told them I wanted to exchange it for something cheaper, but still reliable.  I was in a hurry though this time to get back to work, so I picked a Nissan Sentra.  Of course my bank wasn't helping me out, what with two car loans at the same time, so CarMax let me keep the Tundra until the next day when everything would be settled.  So off I drove with my (theirs) awesome Tundra.

Except I came back later on that night after realizing financing any amount of money (as in not paying cash for a depreciating asset) was muy stupido.  So their whole 5 day no questions asked return policy? Money.  I'll definitely be coming back here once I get some more cash.  

That is unless I hit the lotto and score myself a GT-R. :)

Cheyne M. | 2009-02-18


I have had a bunch of mishaps in the past 6 months and I am not trying get my life back together. I was driving down Slaughter lane one night and my car died. I don't mean it stopped.... IT refused to chug to the nearest gas station and died in the middle of the road. I was so embarassed. After having it towed to my house, and getting a cab ride home I was insistant to get a new car.

I had a lot of issues to work through. Car Max was really helpful. We worked through all the kinks and after trying several different ways to get the lowest possible payments for the lowest amount of months, we ended up on a great deal. I ended up getting my new Nissan 350Z for a great deal. They had it transported from Alabama to me within no time and when it got here it had one flat tire and another tire that was having issues. The NTB next door replaced both tires with high performance tires at Carmax expense.

They made things really easy for me. I had 3 car dealers work on my deal so I dont know who got my commission, but I know they all invested time and effort to get it taken care of fast. This is my first Carmax car and my sister recently purchased her second car from Carmax. Even with the world being in this financial crisis, its good to see that there are still some salespeople in the world who want to help and DON'T overwhelm you.

Carrie W. | 2008-04-22

I had absolutely no plans on buying a car from Carmax.  
A little over a year ago I had made the huge mistake of buying a PT Cruiser and now that I had realized what a gas guzzling POS it was, I was determined to buy the car I had wanted in the 1st place...a Nissan.  I never buy new, but I wanted at least a 2007 model.  I went to South Point Nissan...the amount they initially offered for my car was about $1000 less than what I needed it to be and the price for the 2007 car was about $2000 more than what it was worth (especially with over 23,000 miles on it!)  I sat there for hours trying to get them to move on the price, the interest rate or my trade in value.  I was ready to buy this car!  After being beat up and extremely annoyed by the sales staff, I went to Carmax to get a quote on the Cruiser.  I had heard that they gave fair trade in even if you didn't buy a car there.

While I was waiting for my quote a sales person walked up...I steeled myself to avoid the big sale....I didn't think they would have the late model Nissan I wanted and surely they couldn't beat the dealership price...this was no haggle right???
Sure enough....they had a 2007 Nissan Altima at the north store with a LOT less miles than SouthPoint....and the price???  $2000 less than the car at Southpoint and 15000 LESS miles on it.
As I was mulling this over, they came back with a value for my car....Yep, $1000 more than Southpoint was willing to offer.  When we looked at financing, I got a rate 3 points less than Southpoint was giving me.
I am now sold on preconceived notions were similar to the reviews below... "Walmart of car dealerships!!"  "No Haggle means MORE money!!".  My experience was just the opposite.  My salesperson was wonderful, she was not pushy, she found out just want I wanted and found the perfect car for me...even looking at inventory that hadn't been made public yet, she shopped rates and got me a great rate for my not so great credit.  I have had my car since October and I absolutely LOVE it!  I have had no problems with the car, with the bank or with my Carmax experience.  I am proud to recommend it to anyone and everyone....and SouthPoint can bet that, while I will certainly buy more Nissans, I won't be darkening their door matter how many follow up e-mails they send.

-1 star because shopping for cars is a pain no matter where you go....but all in all, this was the best car buying experience I have had


CarMax in other cities (Texas)

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