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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Carmax Auto Superstores in Austin, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Carmax Auto Superstores, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Carmax Auto Superstores in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 873-2315
Address:13300 N I 35 Service Rd, Austin, TX, 78753

Reviews on Carmax Auto Superstores

Clif M. | 2015-03-24

Just purchased a 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat with only 5200 miles.  Got a great price on the truck and a really good deal on my trade-in.  My salesman, Greg Lancaster, took great care of me from start to finish, never pushy, always helpful.  He went the extra mile to make sure I got all the bells & whistles I wanted (and there were many).  I can be a real perfectionist but Greg and the rest of the crew made it all seem so easy.  I am thoroughly impressed.

Jeremy R. | 2014-08-28

I went to Carmax to sell my car. They were very professional and fast. I was only there for about 40 minutes and I had a cash offer on my car. It was going to be way too much to fix it, but Carmax took care of me. It was my first car that I bought with my own money, so it was hard to let it go, but they were very understanding to that issue. I would definitely go back if I needed to sell another car.

Timothy L. | 2014-08-18

The three separate sales staff members that I have met over the course of selling two cars were great!  There was none of the usual pressure to buy over my stated price range or attempts to justify low trade in values.  They explain the methodology behind the trade in offers and did not try to con me.

I cannot say the same about the management at this dealership.  I had found a car to buy and accepted the deal which included my trade in.  They close at 9 pm and I accepted the deal at about 8:30.  I expressed that I wanted to finish everything that night which the salesperson said would not be a problem.  I then realized that I left the title at home - 15 minutes away.  The finance manager and the salesperson was fine with me leaving to get the title so we could finish.  I walked out the door at 9:03 to get the title and left my wife at the dealership to go ahead and get everything else done so when I returned in 30 minutes I could just hand over the title and leave in our new (to us) vehicle.  I was barely a mile away when my wife called telling me that I had to return to pick her up because the dealership manager did not approve of staying open for us.  I returned and spoke with the manager - Tony Marquez who told me that he did not want to have to pay his hourly staff to stay late in order to prepare the car for delivery and we would have to return the next day to complete the deal.  I attempted to explain that I did not wish to return because of work and needed to finish the deal but he frankly did not care.  He actually stated "It's my call and I'm not staying open for you."  Needless to say they have a nice 2014 Camry they are still trying to sell as long as you don't inconvenience the manager.

Never in my life have I heard of a dealership not willing to stay a little late in order to sell a car!  I was beside myself and left frustrated with my wife.  The next morning my wife found a better car (brand new) at a better price at Round Rock Toyota.  The sales staff and management at Round Rock assured me that they are more than willing to go the extra mile, even stay a little late, if that's what the customer needs.  Tony Marquez at Carmax North Austin could learn a thing or two from them.

Ron U. | 2014-06-05

Carlo in the service department is a shining example of what GREAT customer service should be like. My brake booster failed and he took the time to get me in quickly and recommended that we take our EDGE to a Ford dealership because we were still under the Ford warranty. Maxwell Ford can't see my SUV for well over a week so BOOM, he makes a call to the Ford Dealership in Georgetown and we're IN LIKE FLINT.
Call THIS Carmax first and save yourself a lot of time and trouble, it's worth the extra drive and ask for CARLO!

Tim C. | 2014-01-09

Yesterday we went with our son and his girlfriend while they shopped for a new car. He went by a dealership and received the usual game playing on price. We left and tried CarMax. It was a totally different experience. No game playing at all. The saleslady Justine Flores went out of her way in customer service. From walking in the door, test driving, approval, paperwork, and drive out w/full tank of gas......about 2 hours. Fast, friendly, and NO HASSLE service. CarMax is the place to go for buying a car. We had been to this CarMax back in Jan 2013 to sell our Jeep. They gave us a very fair price for it. So we were glad our son bought his new car here. In our opinion CarMax is the best place to buy or sell a vehicle!

Edward S. | 2013-08-02

We bought a car from CarMax.  Our Salesman was so kind and we trusted him (first mistake!)  He convinced us to buy the extended warranty that covers everything "bumper to bumper and includes a loaner car".  We thought that was a good idea since the car had 62,000 and the warranty covered "everything" to 100,000.
Everything was fine until a year when we needed brakes and stearing issues fixed.....the story now changes....the say nothing mechanical is covered!...i thought everything on a car is mechanical!!  They wanted me to pay a $109 diagnosis fee and said we would have to pay for the brake pads and no loaner car till the diagnosis was complete and approval was done!!  This same thing happened to my son and another good friend.  My son sold back his warranty and they refunded him half....basically keeping $1300 for doing absolutely fact , the process at selling it back takes two minutes (they are good at that because everyone ends up doing that) I did....they  screwed me out of $1305.  I called my salesman up to the counter and he agreed to everything he told me and said it always workd for him.  What a joke!  CarMax is no better than any other rip-off car dealer anywhere!  They are ALL the same!  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CARMAX!!!!  tHEY TELL YOU ALL THESE LIES AND THEN A YEAR LATER WHEN PROBLEMS START, THE TUNE CHANGES!!!!!!!!!

David K. | 2013-05-07

I have purchased a few vehicles from CarMax over the years and I will NOT purchase from here anymore ever. Basically they charge new car prices for used refurbished cars. But what makes CarMax unique is the quick & easy process of financing, plus their sales people are well-trained counselors in that they really get you talking about your life and thus make you feel comfortable about the whole situation there at CarMax.
Be sure to look over your vehicle CAREFULLY before purchasing from CarMax. Also, ask EXACTLY what the 125-point check really is. You will probably NOT get a straight answer as I discovered. Bottom line is that CarMax purchases cars at auctions with flaws in them and charges new car prices to customers. There is a reason why the car was at the auction to begin with. Use your common sense to find out why when you test drive one of their cars. Also take any potential car you want to purchase to your own auto mechanic within 3 days to give the car a real 125 point check. Beware of trying to get any future defects/flaws serviced at CarMax for they will simply refer you to the dealership in which case the dealership will NOT offer a loaner vehicle because, you guessed it, you are NOT the 1st owner of the vehicle.
CarMax business model is very intelligent and I am sure has made the founders rich. But CarMax used to have better service about 10 years ago, but since then they have become more aggressive and greedy and thus have cut back on the quality of actually servicing flawed vehicles AFTER the purchase by a customer. It is basically just a cost of doing business and this probably does not affect their bottom line too serverly.
My advice is to shop around at plenty of dearlerships as there are much better deals than the temptations at the very convenient & easy access to credit at CarMax. Trust me you may pay a price for this easy access later on, especially if you purchase a CarMax extended warranty as well, which does NOT go into effect until the factory warranty runs out. You can always purchase a warranty from another 3rd party in the future if you really need it.
Be patient and don't be a taken schmuck!

Robert S. | 2013-01-15

I would say, typical sleazy used car dealership.

Upon arriving, they couldn't wait to 'appraise' my vehicle. Of course, their calculation of its value was about 60% of KBB trade-in. My ride is super-clean, loaded, not pets or smoking, OEM tow package, has dealer service records, and an extended warranty also from the dealership. I didn't expect some miracle, but I felt pressured to take this crappy, low-ball offer. When we were looking at my car, the salesperson turned and started walking away when I pointed out some of the good points of my car. This, my dear friends, was a HUGE red flag.

As for the cars I was shown, they were honestly 90-95% the cost of new. What's the point? BTW, the one I drove had an address in Miami Beach set as 'home' in the navigation system. Boy, oh boy. Did the salesperson not want to talk about that. LOL!

Save yourself a trip, unless you're interesting in getting a 'rock bottom' number to use when you put your ad up on Craigslist...

Lisa M. | 2012-10-19

This is for service dept.  i bought a car and the radio/navigation screen did not work.  When I took it in, they were apologetic and gave me a loaner, no charge.   Then i was told it had to be shipped to manufacturer; that they could not fix it.  I was told a week.  8 days later i called them.  Oh, sorry, it will be 2 weeks.  17 days I called again.  Oh, no word but your loaner's pates have expired so you have to come in. Go in wait 20 minites, new loaner and no idea on mycar.  3 days ater finally car is ixed.  Come get it with nonotice whatsoever.  Luckily I could.  Carls and others very nice, but not likely to take my car there again or recommend them.

Chris R. | 2011-12-02

Susan Pruet was a breath of fresh air.  After dealing with Capitol Kia it was nice not to have the pressure and haggling.  She was recommended by a couple friends.  She welcomed me in.  As my car died I was in great need of getting things done quickly.  She showed me cars in my price range and I decided rather quickly which one to purchase.  Thanks Susan for a great car buying experience!

Emily P. | 2011-11-15

I hate buying a car. Nothing brings me more anxiety than pulling onto a car lot. I would rather be in the dentist chair. When my husband and I started talking about buying a second car we really didn't have great expectations of how the experience would be, but I have to say that Frank Rodriguez and the entire team at Carmax Austin North could not have made it a more pleasent experience. From the moment we met Frank he put us at ease. He listened to what we wanted and didn't try to show us anything out of our price range or that didn't fit our needs. We test drove 3 cars , picked the one we wanted and were approved for financing within 20 minutes. I drove home last night in a beautiful Acura TSX and could not be happier. We will go back to Carmax and use Frank again. Thank you to the entire team for changing my mind about the car buying experience.

Joey G. | 2011-08-23

Carmax is NOT to be trusted. They band the use of auto p.i. or lemon busters before you purchase one of their cars, stating that one of these inspectors might mess up their cars. I really HIGHLY doubt that. SHADY. BOGUS. And will probably rip you off. And if not, then you are very lucky.

Karol M. | 2011-07-30

As I have tried only to sell a car at this lot, this review refers to that experience.  I took in a flawless used Ford F-150 Supercab truck for a relative: under 20,000 miles on a one-owner, 5-year-old vehicle, freshly professionally detailed, values in hand from & .

I told the young, male salesman that I was interested in no less than trade-in value, and would sell it privately if they couldn't offer that.  I didn't show him my valuation paperwork, but had it obviously in hand in a manilla folder.  He said, "No problem, I think we can do that."  While I was waiting, I did a search on their house computer to see if they had something similar on the lot.  They did, with 60K miles, and it was offered at full dealer retail value.  Good info to have.

He came back 30 minutes later, looking chipper, and with a straight face, presented his offer, which was $3,000 below trade-in value.  Basically, wholesale price.  That might have worked on a piece of crap truck with a lot of miles & needing a lot of work, possibly.  Or maybe he thought it would work on a woman.  I told him as much, and told him that he had wasted my time, because I had already told him I wouldn't take less than trade-in value.  

At this point, I presented my paperwork, and he launched into some BS about the cost of reconditioning & prepping the vehicle for sale, blah blah blah.  The vehicle looked like it had just rolled off a showroom floor, and what are they talking about here, $6000 profit?  Yep.  I told him he was full of crap & that I was leaving.

Non-plussed, he handed me the printed offer, told me it would be good for a certain amount of time, and never broke character as a trustworthy salesman.  When he called me a week later to see if I would accept his offer, I told him I'd already sold it myself on Craigslist for $3500 more than what he offered me, and that I would let everyone know what they are dealing with when they come there to sell a car.  So there you go; you've been warned.  Do your homework.

Jay E. | 2011-07-05

My wife visited CarMax North today to test drive a Toyota Hylander Hybrid that we saw on their website. We were immediately greeted by Marcus one of the salesmen who took us out to locate and test drive the Hylander. After we test drove the Highlander he took us to look at a Honda Pilot that we were also interested in purchasing. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, not pushy like you would find at a normal car dealership. After a couple of hours of comparing and test driving cars the two SUVs we finally decided on the Honda Pilot. Marcus and Tyler from the finance department quickly took care of all of the paperwork and we were on our way. Additionally, we traded in a vehicle which was an extremely simple process. If you're looking for a pre-owned car Carmax is worth a visit!

Kelly B. | 2011-05-09

I purchased a 2006 Murano outright a year and a half ago and have had to have it towed 4 times, in the shop a total of 8 times.

I have had gas leak out from underneath the vehicle, engine flood due to faulty seals, engine mounts break lose etc.

When I asked them what they were going to do to correct the situation they responded "You can bring it in for a trade-in appraisal".

Wow, thanks! Isn't that what you would do for anyone?

Completely ridiculous!

Jeanette H. | 2011-03-17

I was really nervous about going here to purchase my car but it seemed like it would be an easy and painless process so I went ahead and did it. I had my guard up the entire time and all of my questions were answered.
I called and was able to find, what is now, the perfect car for me and secure financing. I was assisted by Jeff Johnson who went above and beyond what I ever expected from a sales consultant. My car was delivered in the time frame he stated and the whole process was very easy. I drove home with my car the same day.  I purchased the car of my dreams at the price I wanted without any pressure, the way car buying should be.

I also sold my previous car to them which I had to have towed to them (kind of embarrassing but it happens) and I didn't expect much from it. Actually if they had laughed in my face and said I owed them for it I would not have been surprised. However I did get a good amount of money for it and I was happy.

I had a couple of minor service issues with the car and they took care of them right away and no charge to me.

If you do your homework and are smart you can have a pleasant experience here too.

Rachel L. | 2011-02-24

I just have to say that this was the most painless, easy way to purchase a car.  As a first time buyer, I had a ton of questions and was very specific about what I was looking for.  Tons of dealers would not even work with me, a few times I left the dealership crying because of the snide personalities of the car salesmen.  This was NOT my experience with Bryan or with Carmax.  I was able to purchse my DREAM CAR, at the rate I wanted and they gave me more than expected on my trade in.  Monica in finance was knowledgable and patient with me and I really felt taken care of.
This is the place to purchase a car!!!

Jim A. | 2010-12-31

Very good experience no salesmen bullshit!   Ask for Jessica

Jason P. | 2010-09-29

These guys suck at selling cars. I test drove a decent example of the car I ultimately bought with a salesman who shall remain nameless. This is a sporty roadster who's whole reason for being is how it drives. The salesman, who seemed mildly annoyed by my presence and even more annoyed by my request to test drive, rode along and did the same Howard Parmer single loop that I've read in other reviews. I learned nothing about how this car drives and came away thinking I didn't like the car.

Incidentally, a test drive at an independent dealer a week later with the top down and no passenger really let the car shine!

That, on top of the price premium on everything they sell, for cars that are no better than their cheaper competition, really puts them off my list permanently for car buying. And as far as no-haggle pricing, any car dealer can be no-haggle. You make an offer for the car's selling price, and if they take it, you buy the car. If they don't, leave! I don't see how this is hard...

marc s. | 2010-04-21

I bought a mazda pickup from Carmax several years ago.  It was in excellent condition and priced at blue book "good" condition.  I've had 0 problems with the vehicle.  Well not exactly zero, it got hailed to hell in the last big storm.  For that i totally blame carmax.   Good thing is insurance cut me a big fat check and since it was a training car for my kids I didn't get the dimples removed.  What they heck, they're kids?  

I've also had a friend sell a car to carmax, got a great price from them and no hassle.  The negative is the car she sold them had a host of mechanical issues so unless they fix those issues the person that buys the care will be in for a surprise, like when the IRS calls you up, or one your psycho ex girlfriends calls you sort of surprise.

The buying experience was great, easy, efficient and no car buying B.S.   I wish they sold new cars, better than almost any dealer I've dealt with.

Highly recommend.

Colin T. | 2010-04-09

Will Madison didn't remember me, but I'd seen him about an Aurora three years ago. My first car had been a magnificent Cutlass Ciera international edition with leather seats, a gift from my mother's first husband, Strange Harry. It was long gone, and with the brand having been discontinued, I wanted one last one while I could get it. Unfortunately, it took absolutely forever to get transferred and back from the dealership, where it was undergoing recall maintenance. Credit to them for getting it brought up to standard, but it was extremely trying, and Carmax seemed to have no leverage with the dealership.

When I finally test-drove it, Will didn't hear the disturbing tone in the engine; I'm not an expert on cars, but it sounded like it was part lawnmower. So, I floored it on the access road and braked hard at 70; the oil light came on. Bad news for both of us, but better sooner than later. He said he could put it back in the shop and have it all checked out, but the next morning I bought a Z3 off a truck lot in New Braunfels and drove it to Carmax North, where the manager gracefully refunded my $149 transfer fee for the Aurora: no fight at all.

So, three years later, BMW ownership no longer fit my financial goals and going 120mph on Mopac every weekend no longer fit my longevity goals. My past experience with Carmax had felt fair, so I gave them another shot. That $149 was well-spent on their part.

I found the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara Edition I wanted in both Alabama and Florida. I called them up, and who should answer? Will immediately suggested one in inventory in Austin, and I was there in a couple of hours to check it out. I love the World War II look of the longer Wrangler: it looks sort of like a field ambulance. The price was much better than the ones in other states, the mileage was ok, it already had the hard top I required, and this particular one came with a soft top in new condition thrown in (unbelievable), it was 2-wheel drive (another requirement, for much cheaper maintenance), automatic, and in the one color that looks good with the grey plastic fenders of the regular, non-Sahara edition.

The moment of truth came when I got the quote on the trade-in value of my BMW, and it came back at DOUBLE my estimate. I'm not one to screw on the first date, but this was perfect: when it's that right, you just have to accept what life hands you. I told him I'd buy it if he could get me out of there in an hour (I think I had a date or needed to get to Rio Rita or something), and he did. It helped that I had a blank check from my bank on me.

All parts and labor are covered for 30 days, and 20-odd days later, I've been back for some brake noise. I made an appointment for 8 a.m. and was out by 9:45. All told, this was a good experience, and while you can't be an entirely passive customer, there are good deals to be had at Carmax. Even if you have other places to check out, it's worth a search on their site and a phone call to at least rule out the possibility of the perfect vehicle (with extras) being in inventory 3 miles away.

tonia t. | 2009-11-06

We bought an SUV at Carmax a few months ago and although we were thrilled at first, over the months, it's become clear that Carmax is just as shady as the stereotypical used car dealer.

First, we noticed some wear on the tires of the car we wanted to purchased. At first they refused saying it had passed their inspection (but failed the penny test?!?). I said unless they replaced them free of charge, we weren't buying the car. They signed a paper saying that they'd replace them. Additionally, they couldn't find the second key to the car, so we requested that they also put in writing that a second key would be provided.

Aside from that, the buying process was pretty painless. Can't complain about that.

Fast forward a week, the tires come in. We get them installed and things are good for a few days. Then, the check engine light comes on. We take it to the Carmax service department since it's still under their warranty. They tell us they can't fix the car, that we'll have to take it to a dealership because they don't service our make. Fine, but who's gonna pay for that? They tell us to ask the dealership to bill them. We head to the dealer who refuses to service the vehicle without up-front payment from Carmax because they've had trouble collecting in the past.

Eventually, Carmax and the dealer sort it out and the car gets fixed. We ask Carmax about our second key at this time as well. They give us the runaround saying they've got to order it, that someone in service just got fired because of their lack of customer service, etc. Fast forward a few phone calls and we finally get a key...that doesn't work. They say that it'll have to be programmed. OK, who's going to pay for that? Well, you are, customer.

At this point, we still don't have a working key and we continue to find defects with the vehicle we bought. Luckily, we also purchased the warranty, so we have only had to come out of pocket a few hundred as opposed to several thousand dollars, but I find it disturbing that our car passed all of their 'quality checks'. Literally everything we've had fixed has been something that would have been noticeable as something that would soon need service upon visual inspection. I seriously doubt that they ever actually check the vehicles before putting them on the lot. If it runs, it passes.

If you're desperate enough to buy from Carmax, definitely buy the warranty. You'll need it. And if the vehicle doesn't include EVERYTHING you expect, don't bother getting them to promise to provide it later. Even with it in writing, they don't bother.

Ridin' The Hills O. | 2009-11-02

Overpriced is an understatement. Salesperson was not knowledgable about the vehicles they had for sale at all. Big waste of time...

Theresa Z. | 2009-06-17

I've bought two cars from Carmax north. Both have been wonderful. The sales staff are friendly and professional.

The service department is also staffed with friendly and professional folks. The prices are given up front, so there's no wondering what you'll pay.

My only complaint is the service dept is not open on weekends, so when you want an oil change or maintenance (to keep your Carmax warranty valid) you have to take off work to go during the week.

Indria S. | 2009-03-18

We went there a few days ago to look at a Lincoln my boyfriend had an eye on. When we got there, sales man came from everywhere to help us. Steve W. was the guy helping us and he was great. Very personable, quirky and over all very nice.

We went and test drove the Lincoln LS, then Steve looked back at me and said it was my turn. Hells yeah I'll give this baby a test spin. He was in no rush with anything, which was nice because we had a lot of questions which he fully answered. After all, we're trying to buy a car not a Big Mac. My boyfriend didn't get the car her wanted, but Steve had us look at several other cars that my boyfriend may or may not like via their website. Didn't really like the others..boyfriend is picky, but should we find something we like, we'll definitely be back.

They got 4 stars instead of 5 because the price is what you see is what you get. They don't come down on the prices, which sucks because we always like a good negotiating, makes it more fun.

Andrew B. | 2009-01-21

I've bought 5 cars over the years. I bought my 6th this past Saturday at Carmax on I35 just north of Parmer. It was a great experience. I really like the no-haggle approach to buying a car. Could we have gotten the car for a few dollars cheaper if we haggled with an individual or a used (sorry....pre-owned) car dealer? Maybe, but I negotiate for a living. I don't want to have to negotiate on the weekends too.

Brian was our salesperson. He's was courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Service people and finance people were great too.

To show how great Yelp is, I found about a service called Auto P.I. through positive Yelp reviews. Based on the positive reviews, I scheduled them to look over the car we bought. There were a couple minor things that needed to be addressed which Carmax is taking care of at the time I'm writing this review. The $139 we paid Auto P.I. will more than pay for itself with the work Carmax is having done to make the care 100% ship-shape.

I would definitely recommend Carmax to anyone who wants to make the car buying process as streamlined as possible.

Ellen L. | 2008-10-28

I've purchased two cars from the North Carmax location in the past year. Both vehicles I found online and then paid to have them transfered to the North Austin store. The process is easy and the customer service is excellent. Their website is very easy to navigate and browse to the type of car you want. They update it daily and it contains cars from across the nation.

One of the cars came to Texas with a few issues that the North Austin store happily fixed asap for me. Even looking on the sales lot is a painless process. No high pressure tactics at all here. They are truly interested in getting you what you want and helping you in any way. The service department is also excellent. James, who works in service, provided the best customer service and follow-up of most  mechanics I've used.

I've had many bad experiences throughout Austin with car shopping, and I must admit I highly recommend this Carmax to anyone I know that's in the market for a used car.

As a sidenote, I also had one of my older vehicles evaluated to see if they would buy it. They gave me a fair offer considering it's age and body shape in a pretty short amount of time. Although I passed on selling it to them, I appreciated their effort.

Carrie W. | 2008-10-21

I had absolutely no plans on buying a car from Carmax.  
A little over a year ago I had made the huge mistake of buying a PT Cruiser and now that I had realized what a gas guzzling POS it was, I was determined to buy the car I had wanted in the 1st place...a Nissan.  I never buy new, but I wanted at least a 2007 model.  I went to South Point Nissan...the amount they initially offered for my car was about $1000 less than what I needed it to be and the price for the 2007 car was about $2000 more than what it was worth (especially with over 23,000 miles on it!)  I sat there for hours trying to get them to move on the price, the interest rate or my trade in value.  I was ready to buy this car!  After being beat up and extremely annoyed by the sales staff, I went to Carmax to get a quote on the Cruiser.  I had heard that they gave fair trade in even if you didn't buy a car there.

While I was waiting for my quote a sales person walked up...I steeled myself to avoid the big sale....I didn't think they would have the late model Nissan I wanted and surely they couldn't beat the dealership price...this was no haggle right???
Sure enough....they had a 2007 Nissan Altima at the north store with a LOT less miles than SouthPoint....and the price???  $2000 less than the car at Southpoint and 15000 LESS miles on it.
As I was mulling this over, they came back with a value for my car....Yep, $1000 more than Southpoint was willing to offer.  When we looked at financing, I got a rate 3 points less than Southpoint was giving me.
I am now sold on preconceived notions were similar to the reviews below... "Walmart of car dealerships!!"  "No Haggle means MORE money!!".  My experience was just the opposite.  My salesperson was wonderful, she was not pushy, she found out just want I wanted and found the perfect car for me...even looking at inventory that hadn't been made public yet, she shopped rates and got me a great rate for my not so great credit.  I have had my car since October and I absolutely LOVE it!  I have had no problems with the car, with the bank or with my Carmax experience.  I am proud to recommend it to anyone and everyone....and SouthPoint can bet that, while I will certainly buy more Nissans, I won't be darkening their door matter how many follow up e-mails they send.

-1 star because shopping for cars is a pain no matter where you go....but all in all, this was the best car buying experience I have had

A M. | 2008-02-03

Over priced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are asking over bluebook! they also will give you nothing for you trade in. Plus, they don't want to "haggle".  (Carmax!!, haggling helps the customers get a better deal, not the other way around. Plus, you are charging so much, not haggling makes it more stressful.) This place is so upsetting. They carry the car you want, only for 3-4 thousand dollars more (seriously!) check out kelly blue book and this place, especially compare private party.
If you want buy a car, but don't want to deal with private sellers, go to your major dealerships first. This is the sleaziest place in the world.
Stay away from carmax. They get complaints at ripoffreport almost every single day. They will lie to you blind!

PS and I bet a carmax employee will add a rebuttal because they are notorious of adding these on ripoff reports. you can tell from the generic why carmax is so hassle-free.