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Capitol Kia in Austin, TX, also serving Round Rock, TX and San Antonio, TX is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since opening our doors, Capitol Kia has kept a firm commitment to our customers. We offer a wide selection of vehicles and hope to make the car buying process as quick and hassle free as possible.

If you would like financing options and you are in the market to purchase a new Kia or used car or truck, we will provide assistance to help you find financing options that fit your needs! Whether you have bad credit, no credit, or are a first time car buyer, you can trust that Capitol Kia will get you into the car or truck you choose with professionalism and attention to your needs.


Established in 2007.

Capitol Kia has an experienced and reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extra hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules, and as always, Capitol Kia offers competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business. Please feel free to reach us at (866) 553-9041 if you have any questions or comments.

Capitol Kia

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 553-9041
Address:13573 Hwy 183 N, Austin, TX, 78750
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Capitol Kia

Pablo A. | 2015-04-21

Why seems a letter with "important open immediately" with trash marketing in it... Straight reflection on the sociocultural level of the owners I guess... I dislike this marketing strategies,  oh  and diddle  Kids too

Erika F. | 2015-03-19

Not happy! This place is a scam! Went for an oil change and to get my headlight wiring checked because I'm replacing the headlights way too much. Quoted $150 for everything, fine, not as bad as it could be.

Told it would be an hour and a half at least, so I'm in the waiting room...about an hour into it, one guy asks me the last time I had the "this-is-a-girl-who-has-no-car-knowledge" belt replaced? I told him that I had recently purchased the car (used) from another dealership, and I would have to double check to see if it was replaced at that time. I asked him how bad the belt looked to see if I should be concerned. His response, "Oh, well its under the engine, so I'd have to take apart the engine to tell you." ...Ya, no.

Oh, and what would it cost for the belt? $589. I told him that was something I definitely couldn't do today, especially without checking with the other dealership. He told me, eerily, "I understand, but it would be a real shame if you drive off the lot and the belt immediately snapped, because it would be much more expensive and we could have replaced it today. " I replied, "You're right it would be a shame,  because it would be pushing a coincidence considering my car was running fine prior to my arrival at kia. "

Time to pay...$138 rather than $150, but found out the only checked the left headlight wiring, because the right one is working right now. I had specifically asked them to check both and was quoted $150, but $150 for ONE?! Dishonest...

Left and when I got out, I noticed the side bar/panel was falling off my driver side door! Definitely want like that when I took my car in, so....what happened?!

Long story short, I will never be back.

Blythe A. | 2015-02-20

I actually purchased my car from another Kia Dealership in another city along with an extended warranty. I had all kinds of problems with the car and Capital Kia was the nearest dealership when i moved to Austin so my car was towed into Capital Kia. I was 17 I think when all this happened. After looking at the car the mechanic determined it was the Fuel Hose and told me the repairs were $1000+ dollars. I told him I had an extended warranty and the car was less than a year old. He said it wasnt in their system so I asked if he would look into the glove compartment. I had to get a cab and come down to the lot to get the paperwork because Kia wouldnt. I went home. And repeatedly asked about a rental car that was included in the warranty. They kept my car for 6 days and wouldnt give a rental. They said they had to be physically working on it for more than 4 hours to give a rental. But they had , my car for 6 days. Finally I went picked up my car drove it down the road and it cut off in the middle of the street.

I called Cap Kia who said they were sending someone to come get me. I sat for 3 hours waiting and finally called road side assistance after pushing my own car out of the road in 4 inch heels and white pants. (on my lunch break, in training at a new job) When the road side towing company came and dropped me off at CapKia  I asked why they never sent anyone to which they said the porter was currently down south.... I had been told for the 3 hours he was on the way.

When we arrived at the dealership the first thing the mechanic did was open the hood and start looking at the engine etc. I left again and was provided a raggedy rental car 2 days later. The alignment on the rental was so bad I took the car back and bumed a ride to work for 4 days i was without a car. When I finally got the car back (keep in mind the car was BRAND NEW) I heard a new knock whenever I pushed the breaks. I took the car to another mechanic that said All of my motor mounts were broken and there was other damage.

I went to Capital Kia again and after getting the worse customer service ever. They said the repairs they made never called for them to be under the hood and fuse hose was under the seat. To which i Told them I saw them under the hood of the car.  I stood in the hallway called attorneys, Fox 7, and the BBB. In 10 mins I was approached by the  Police who said the wife of the owner had heard me screaming which was a completely lie. I was on the phone the entire time. I asked if the video tape could be watched to prove she was lying. No one else heard anything and had no clue what was going on except his wife. When the owner arrived while we were talking to the police the story completely changed from "I heard her screaming" to someone heard her screaming and told the me.  Needless to say a  criminal trespass warning was placed and I couldnt come back to the dealership. I ended up going to SouthPoint Kia who kindly fixed everything. Regardless of everthing I decided to never buy a Kia again.

This all happened years ago. I ended up having to sue capital kia. My point to you all:  1. The Kia warranties are no good no matter the dealership. 2.Capital Kia were just sleezy liars who are terrible at fixing cars and when they break something you may as well call an attorney. 3.The sales manager, service manager and owner all had the chance to fix this and they didn't. The greasy, sleak employees got worse and worse.
4. I've been telling this story for years to anyone who will listen in hopes of people never buy anything from this place and they would go out of business.

Please do not buy here. You will not be the exception to the rule.  There will be one situation and you'll feel like you got hustled too. The price you pay no matter what it is will not be worth it the first time something goes wrong you'll see it.

Daniel G. | 2015-02-14

The only positive thing that I have to say about this place is that the sales man I worked with Brian Dean who was great. He informed me about every thing he could and went to war on my behalf to get everything I wanted! The man that I worked with in the finance department (his name slips my mind) was awesome too. Now for the rest of my experience.  The normal back and fourth took place as one would expect at a dealership.  Once an agreement was met getting them to follow up on it was another story. I talked to several different people none of whom seemed to have talked to each other.  They wasted alot of my time and I didn't appreciate it. They also sold me a car with bad tires after telling me that the car went through a 120 point inspection.  Either they didn't look a the tires during the inspection or they didn't think it was important to let a consumer know that the car he will be driving might have a blow out at any moment. The inside of the tires were nearly down to the wire. Even if they didn't want to include new tires on the car I feel that they should have had the decency to inform me of a potential life threatening situation.  Brian Dean is the only reason for the two stars if it was just based on him it would have been a five with out him it would be a 1 only because I can't put a 0.

Josh M. | 2015-02-01

Worst experience ever!  Horrible dealership!  We were looking at the Kia optima and they would not give us the full price, just the monthly payment.  They finally told us there was nothing they could do?!?!

Paul K. | 2015-01-12

We are extremely disappointed with the Kia Sedona we purchased.  This van is just barely 3 years old and we've had to make the trip to their service shop in North Austin over a dozen times during that period, starting within just a few months of having purchased it.  It says a lot when the first brand new car you've ever purchased is worse than the other dozen used cars you've owned over the years.  

Recently my Mother, who is getting ready to retire, started looking for a her "last new car" and was interested in a Sorento or Sportage.  I told her all about the problems we've had with the quality, service, and reliability of our Kia and convinced her to buy a Hyundai instead.  I tell everyone I know about our experience and steer clear of anything KIA related.  I also tell them about our experience with the unreliable and untrustworthy service department that often requires 2, 3, or even 4 trips to fix one problem.  At one point, our battery died less than a year after buying the van and the service department tried to charge my wife $150 for a new battery and installation, until I called and questioned why a battery less than year old with a manufacturer multi-year warranty on it would cost us anything.  The service rep suddenly noticed he had "missed a screen on the computer" that caused the confusion.  

This car is a lemon, and I will never buy another KIA again, and will do my best to alert anyone considering a KIA, to steer clear of Capitol KIA.  In fact, we have to make our 3rd trip to the service department in two weeks, for the same problem because they've been unable to fix the problem.  Its hard enough to find time and a ride to the dealer to have a problem fixed, much less three times in two weeks, and we go through this every couple or three months it seems.  STAY AWAY.

Brandon L. | 2015-01-11

It's been about 6 months now, and I'm finally being reached out to by the general manager who is attempting to change my mind about the service department.

I understand human error, and that people/businesses aren't perfect, and that mistakes will be made.  How people try to atone for those mistakes is more valuable to me than even a flawless service...and that is what this manager is trying to do, which I sincerely appreciate.

I'm changing the rating from 1 to 3 stars for this alone, and will update again if he follows through with his word.  I already feel better about his kind note, but now I'd like to see Capitol Kia will follow through with it.  Update to come soon.

Cody C. | 2015-01-06

You will be well taken care of if you are positive and polite with them, they deserve it, they work really hard.  They have been awesome the three times I have been there and both myself and my growing family appreciate that!

P W. | 2015-01-06

I had a great experience buying my car.  The service department is a totally different story.  Every time I have brought my car in for regular service, the staff does not acknowledge me at all.  They will look up at me from their computers, see me waiting and just go back to what they were doing.  They finally acknowledge me when I walk right up to them and ask to be helped.  When they do finally help me, they are rude and very unprofessional! I work in the service industry and would never treat a paying customer the way they treat me. I rarely write reviews, it takes a lot for me to do this.  So Capitol Kia Service, get it together and treat your customers with respect and kindness and don't act like you hate your jobs!  Be glad you have one!

Jake S. | 2014-12-09

I loved the buying experience I had at Capitol Kia. Passing through and needed a car so they took great care of me. Ashley walked me through the entire "two hour" buying process and kept to her word. I was out in one hour and fifty minutes.

The managers all helped arrange my financing and got me a great rate. Working with Jason, Steve, and Cody made it so easy. Everybody should go see them! Thank you Capitol Kia!

Brittany W. | 2014-11-11

Came in to have my battery replaced and oil change as well as tire rotation. The gentlemen comes and tells me they don't have my battery but they sent someone to go get it. Been here for 3 and half hours just waiting for a battery. Every time I come here I'm here most of the day. So frustrating to sit her all day. You sell Kia but you don't have batteries in stock ???

Marcos K. | 2014-10-28

My uncle drove into town from Mexico. It was 8:30 PM on a Monday and he had a nail in his tire. These were the only guys still willing to take him in and fix it, despite being late and close to their closing time. Everything was fixed perfectly and promptly. Kudos to their service staff!

Kirsten A. | 2014-10-27

I walked into Capital Kia on a Thursday night after receiving a generic mailing on Wednesday saying they "wanted my car".  I figured I'd see what I could get out of the deal and headed over.  I had very little specifications.  I said I wanted my payment to be $260 or lower ($260 my current payment for a 2014 Nissan Rogue) and I informed the salesmen that I travel a lot for work so Bluetooth would be beneficial but not required as I am aware it is generally part of an upgrade package.  I also told them at if they couldn't make the numbers work I'd understand (I was trying to get out of my lease early) but my budget was pretty set.  After 2 hours of going back and forth, we settled at $280, which then somehow became $289 after a Manager got involved (shouldn't numbers go down when the Manager gets involved?), then I was about half way through signing the papers in the finance office and, oops, surprise, the payment was $298.  At this point I should have said no deal and walked out, that is 100% my fault.  I was only showed two cars:  one being a new Kia Rio with the Bluetooth package and one being a pre-owned Kia Rio with no package.  I left that evening feeling VERY tricked and with a sour taste in my mouth but figured I'd get over it because hey, I had a new car (-ish...I bought the pre-owned).  Drove to San Antonio the next day and realized the car didn't have cruise control either and since I do A LOT of highway driving for work, this was the final deal breaker.  I called and spoke to the manager on Saturday who did nothing to try to keep my business and just offered for me to come down and get my Nissan back that day.  When I arrived that afternoon to do the trade, one of the salesmen from Thursday tried working with me a little on my situation but started every sentence with "Well it might be a little more but...." I became very frustrated and asked if we could just do the trade back when they offered to install Bluetooth into the car I had bought, then added "But it won't be free."  I try to think the best of people but this is just another example of car dealers fulfilling the stereotype.  Needless to say, when my lease is a little bit closer to the end and I have more wiggle room, I will not be going to Capital Kia because they didn't seem to listen to anything I was saying and didn't care to keep my business.

I give two stars only because I believe the original salesman that worked with me on Thursday (then handled me on Saturday) was new and although I still left very disappointed in the dealer, he tried...

Heather W. | 2014-10-25

Go see Brian! I had never thought of getting a Kia and randomly we stopped there and I couldn't have been more impressed with the optima. This isn't the Kia I remember. The cars are sporty, safe and thoughtfully designed.

Brian helped us with getting the car we wanted and fought for us on getting the price we wanted. Everyone there is so nice and I LOVE my new Kia!

Candace B. | 2014-10-21

All I can say is WOW! I've always been hesitant to go through a dealership for repairs but my experience with Capital Kia in North Austin has been exceptional. Gene was helping me through everything. I needed quite a few things done to my sportage and I spent a lot of time comparing rates and of course customer service.  I will never go anywhere else.

David R. | 2014-09-11

I'll be the first to admit they are pretty sleazy. They WILL take advantage of a situation. BUT....If you have horrible credit as I do, they have sub-prime lenders who can work with you. Up side you get a new car. Down side, they know they have you by the privates and charge full price, plus other packages to up the payment to more than you wanted. Some of the folks there are young and used as flunkies, they are nice and trying very hard. To bad they didn't try another dealership to work for.

S C. | 2014-09-05

I did not have a good experience at this dealership. It was very stereotypical, with high pressure sales tactics, the Foursquare, etc.

- They did eventually show me a Toyota Yaris within my price range, with all the features I wanted including reliability, good gas economy, power windows and power locks, and air conditioning.
- They expressed a willingness to finance the car if I had a big enough down payment, despite my bad credit
- They were willing to bring a car to me to test drive since I was at work.
- They were fairly consistent in follow-up, contacting me regarding vehicles they thought I would be interested in.
- After finding out that I was in a rental car because my other car was not working, they offered me a loaner to buy them some time to find me a car I would agree to buy.
- A friend of mine- a happy, regular customer- had recommended Capitol Kia. He said he has had nothing but good experiences, so perhaps it depends on the salesman.
- They offered me water and had a nice air conditioned seating area.

Cons (in narrative form):
- Possible bait-and-switch. I went in to see several vehicles within my price range which I saw on as being a good deal. When a salesman went to go look for them he could not find them. He said they were probably sold, but the vehicles were still listed online with no indication they were not available. BBB has investigated Capitol Kia in the past for bait-and-switch tactics.
- A young salesman assisted me with looking at cars on the lot. The first one he showed me was in their back lot, it was filthy and did not have power windows. It would have been a downgrade from the 12 year old car I already had! After I said power windows was something I required, he mocked me for demanding power windows and tried to talk me out of it.
- Another car was an old Ford Five Hundred sedan. It was definitely not my taste, and there was a dent on the side of the car. "Don't worry, that happened in our parking lot so it's not on the Carfax. We'll fix that." I asked about the gas economy and he said it got 30 mpg, I looked it up online and informed him that it actually got around 20 mpg which was worse than my old car.
- I actually liked one car, but it was not in working condition. It was a 2006 Kia Spectra with low mileage. I could not test drive it because they needed to fix the air conditioning. I said I liked it but would need to take a test drive before buying, but I was pressured to buy it without a test drive. I agreed to negotiate a non-binding deal.
- When I sat down to negotiate a tentative agreement to buy the Spectra, my salesman quoted me a price which was below my budget but $1,500 more than the market value of the car. Despite this, I agreed to buy as I liked it and it was below my budget. He gave me a blank piece of paper to sign as a tentative agreement to buy, which was an obvious sales tactic. I signed because I knew it wasn't legally binding. Then he went to talk to his "manager" and came back with a different, higher price! I was furious. The first price was already too high!
-After I declined to buy the 8-year old car at $3,000 above market value, my salesman disappeared then came back with his "manager" and they both sat there trying to pressure me into getting the car. They said they had to put a lot of money into the repairs and had to make money, it's just business. I'm not interested in a car dealership making a profit at my expense!
- After I failed to change my mind, they took me to look at another car but this one didn't have power windows and had peeling paint. I left the dealership after that.
- Later they enticed me back into the dealership with a Toyota Yaris within my budget, and it actually seemed like a good deal. It wasn't ready to sell, so I asked to test drive it when it was ready. They called me back in to test drive it a few days later, but it had a check-engine light on! The salesman said it was because of a fuse and they were waiting for the part to arrive. I took it on the interstate and found the car was very noisy and lacked many amenities, the interior was dirty and it was hard to picture myself in the car.
- Although I was non committal, I asked when the Yaris would be repaired and ready to sell, as I was in  a time crunch. The salesman said it depended on a variety of factors but that it wouldn't be a priority unless they could work out a deal to sell it now. At that point I wrote them off and left.

I got the impression that they thought I was ignorant because I was a woman visiting the dealership alone. However, even people who are clueless about cars have the internet and apps to guide them. I would advise anybody going in to see a vehicle at Capitol Kia to be wary and know what you're dealing with, check the true value of the car on independent websites, and get a third party inspection before buying.

Ashley L. | 2014-08-22

My first experience at Capitol KIA wasn't the best, but then Jason reached out to me and turned my opinion of the business around. He took the time to read my review and contact me. It was very nice to know that Capitol KIA isn't about making a buck, but keeping their customer's business. My husband plans to trade his car in in a few months and we will go to capitol KIA.

Catalina M. | 2014-08-19

The service here is among the best.
Very helpful unlike the round rock Kia location.
Ashley really listened to my needs and helped me not only stay on budget but found me the perfect car.
Thank you Capitol Kia for all your help!

Michael B. | 2014-08-09

ripoff!. I bought a 2011 kia sportage sx turbosuv in july, 2011. I loved that vehicle even though it was $33000. Leather, dual moon roofs, navigation, leather, rtc. I suffered a stroke in August, 2011 and was not able to drive for many months. ended up selling the car back to the dealer fo $24000 and stll had to pay $3800 to pay off yhe loan. fast forward to june, 2012 back to driving. back to the dealer. receiving $2000/monthin social security disability. bought a 2012 kia soul. only upgrade was premium sound system. still overcharged and payment right at $400/month. those ads you see on tv for a new soul at $179/month are lies!!. forward to february 2013. back to dealer to see about trade. put in a 2013 forte sx turbo with leather, aftermarket navigation and premium wheels. definitely not worth the $31000 they charged me. the finance guy said refinance in 6 months, but the finance company would not. also in reviewing my account with the finance company, the finance guy put down $3600/month for my income which is not true!! My disability is $2000/month. tried to get dealer to take the car back and just put me in a 2013 soul as I'm only getting 13.8 mpg which should be in the upper 20s for mpg. they would not put me in a soul. Kia corporate was no help either!! so here I sit with a vehicle I can't afford, that is a Lemon by most standards. I was given the shaft by this dealer. I will never buy another car from them again. the only thing that would change my mind would be if they took this car back, put me in a soul, and lowered my payment. I'm not alone on being ripped off. just check and do a search for this dealer.

Danielle H. | 2014-08-01

They really try to make you feel welcome here
Their fast and friendly service was fantastic.  Christian was very easy to work with and I will recommend this place to all of my friends and family!

James B. | 2014-07-28

I love everything about this place!! We have bought several cars here. Buying a car is usually the second largest purchase next to a house. I believe these people do there very best to make everyone happy.

I've had nothing but positive experiences with the management here at the dealership. I will refer all my family and friends to do business with capitol kia.

Chelsea S. | 2014-07-01

I can't speak to their sales department or policies. My experience, which was pretty much great, speaks only to the service department.

I drive a 2006 Kia, which is only now showing signs of age.  Earlier this summer, I brought my car to a highly recommended neighborhood shop to have a headlight replaced and to get a general look over. A week after being told everything looked great, the cylinders went and needed to be replaced.  Replacements were made and the mechanic again told me that my car should drive like new.

Flash forward two more weeks, when my car started behaving weirdly somewhere between Austin and Lawrence, KS.  I decided that maybe I would bite the bullet and take it to the dealership. "It may be more expensive, but at least they will know what they're looking for," I thought.

Gene helped me with my car, fixing the problem and addressing other issues I had missed.  I was nervous when he explained that they had found other issues.  And I was hesitant to agree to repairs beyond what I came for, especially since another repair shop had quoted me at over $1200 for one of the multiple repairs he was suggesting.  I was shocked when the total cost came in under $1000 for all the repairs.  Plus my car was ready same-day, which is huge because we are a single car household.

I was really happy with my service here.

Steve L. | 2014-07-01

The sales staff is really great we have been shopping all day and Capitol Kia made us feel that we were the most important people there. The showroom was packed with customers and it was very exciting to see people clap for new car owners, I have never seen this before it was nice to see how much a dealer and their staff really appreciated their customers. This place has to be on your list of places to shop for a new or used car you won't be disappointed.

Matt F. | 2014-06-16

Funny that all the bad reviews are in the not recommended!  Any dealer that says if they can't beat the car deal, they will just "give it to you" should be avoided! Typical scam and they will do whatever they can to get you in the door.

Rob M. | 2014-06-10

I saw a car here and since it's less than a mile from my house figured I'd go check it out. Upon arriving it was jam packed and I went home without speaking to anyone. I contacted them online and got a call almost instantly. They said it was a customer appreciation dinner but to come on by and ask for them at reception. I told her I'd be there in 5. less than 5 minutes later I arrive and ask the receptionist for the woman who called me, she asked me to take a seat (there was no seating due to said dinner so I stepped outside the entrance to wait). After 10 minutes I came in and asked again, she paged the sales person on the intercom, still nothing and after 10 minutes of standing around awkwardly I left. I didn't test-drive a car, I didn't even talk to a salesperson, when it was clear the person I spoke with on the phone wasn't coming I left. Overall I wasted about 45 minutes for nothing.

Anna M. | 2014-05-30

They're working out the issues with my experience as we speak. Will update with details soon! So far, so good Capital Kia ;)

Maria G. | 2014-05-27

Drove 45 minutes to this location to see a specific car we'd spoken to a Kia employee, Elizabeth, about via email. Spoke to people from Kia over the phone about the car that day, before coming in. When we arrived we waited about 20 minutes for someone to come help us. When they did, they informed us the car we'd come to see had been sent to auction the day before, and that Elizabeth has a "bad habit" of having people come in to see cars they no longer have available.

Instead of apologizing, the woman we were interacting with just kept asking if we wanted to look at any other cars. Not sure if this is what Kia has to resort to in order to lure people in (and hope they are annoyed and tired enough to maybe accidentally purchase one of their cars) but it was not appreciated.

Britni P. | 2014-05-24

I was a first time car buyer when I walked into Capital Kia. Now, I purchased my previous car at the age of 19 with a co-signer, NOT THE SAME. This time around, I walked in and was told to ask for Cindy based on an email thread I had that previous day, she was swamped, she greeted me and told me she and Rosa would help me out, Rosa was new. BUT, Rosa really was awesome, she gave me a sense of security when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and it wasn't in a selling a car way, but rather a maternal way and just the way I needed. I had high standards walking in, don't all car buyers? (Low interest rate, payments where I want) Well, Chris was a miracle worker because he got me in a new car, out of my previous vehicle, with the payment I wanted AND a very low interest rate. Not to mention with a warranty you can't get anywhere else. I was even able to get a certain extra warranty package I wanted to cover my butt if anything ever happened. ALL AFFORDABLE.

When I got the keys to my 2014 Kia Optima Cindy walked me through everything there was to know about the car and ALL the features it had to offer. Which was awesome because I did not get that experience before when I bought my car as a teenager.

Mostly, EVERYONE I talked to from the receptionist to the managers were very professional, kind, and helpful in so many ways. If I had a question, advice, wanted them to tell it to me straight, they did, they were HONEST and that is all I could ask for when buying a car.

Cindy, Rosa, and Chris were the three who went above and beyond to make my experience from good to great. And I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Chris S. | 2014-05-21

I'm updating this review. After having a hard time with them.  They were able to get me into a new car.  Order my part. Wash and detail my car and put a full tank of gas.  They made good on the mistakes they made and it is awesome to know that the Business Manager will make sure that even after you walk out you don't have a bad taste in your mouth.

Amber S. | 2014-05-17

I just bought my car here last week and was very very satisfied with the service, especially my salesman, Christian Lundell. He was super friendly and professional, with a no pressure approach. He was able to get me into a great car, despite my bad credit, and I even scored an extra deal on the warranty. Christian was very efficient at completing the sale quickly, and he made sure my car was detailed and ready to go in no time. I can't say enough good words about what a great car buying experience this was. Capitol Kia is a great place to go for new or preowned cars! Ask for Christian, he is very laid back and I felt like he really cared about finding a car that would work for my family.

Robyn S. | 2014-05-06

Capitol KIA first lost my business after a purchase in 2010 where I was unequivocally disappointed in the sleazy sales staff, lazy service department and absentee manager.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I bought my next KIA at their competitor (South Point) which turned out to have a sleazier staff and virtually invisible manager.  Only the service department (mostly Lisa) managed to keep me from losing my faith in KIA dealerships all together.  South Point  is a tragedy in car buying and I wouldn't recommend it to my enemies.

Fast forward to 2014.  I arrived at Capitol KIA, ready to give them a second chance and to my surprise, they were not nearly as awful as I remembered.  My salesman, Andrew M was  helpful and had only a hint of the sleaze that usually oozes from used car salesmen.  We found a car within my means and we worked together on coming to a price that was reasonable for my budget.  Note: Capitol KIA salesmen no longer work on commission-they are salaried employees and boy can you tell the difference.  

The financing was easy, Jeremiah explained everything in detail and without using any finance-guy jargon.  The experience of buying the car was all together not terrible, though after you drive off the lot you might as well be chopped liver.

When I bought my car, the interior detailing was done half-assed and I demanded that they detail it again for free.  I brought it in for a second detailing and they again did a lazy job, the seats were still stained and dirty, the seat belts piled with mud and the cracks and corners showed no sign of a cleaning despite my showing them exactly how to do it.  AND I BOUGHT IT LIKE THAT! I'm the idiot.  They never tried to right the wrong and the charming manager and helpful sales guy were suddenly no longer interested in pleasing a customer who has already paid the money and taken the car.  

Go ahead and buy a car at Capitol if you like KIA cars as much as I do, just prepare yourself to be wined and dined until you drive off the lot.  Once you're out the door you are dropped like a Cricket phone call. Good luck!

Leo A. | 2014-04-24

i really wanted to buy a car from here  its not the salesmans fault he couldnt get me financed under the first time buyers program  just wished you wouldnt have waisted my time and given me false hopes thinking i could get a car when other dealerships can see what you do and i hear nothing  from anybody not even the salesman if they got me financed or not poor customer service  i dont think ill be back when dodge got me all set up and good to go

Nathan F. | 2014-03-29

Came into Capitol Kia for a used car and the team really helped me out. Ashley was very friendly and I will be back in the future!

Blake W. | 2014-03-02

I purchased an Optima last year and have forgotten to write a review about my experience until now.  I went in to look at a used Optima and was assured by the online salesperson then the actual sales person not to rule out buying new because of some of the promotions they had at that time.  

The salesperson, Brent, was very easy to work with.  I have encountered so many sales people that are lazy and don't try to actually sell you something.  At the end, he did something mind blowing, which was close!  How many sales people do you encounter that don't ask for your business.  Being in sales myself, I could really appreciate that.  Also, the "deal" that he was able to work was exactly what I needed and he was able to get me into an SXL for a small amount more than the lesser model used one I came in there to see.

At the finance office (I forget the guy's name) but he was really personable and helpful.  I was thinking about paying cash but with a .9% interest rate, that's like free money.  

Overall, it was my 5th car buying experience (3rd new car) and the best one I have had thus far.

Darren J. | 2014-02-21

What coincidental timing, my wife is shopping for a new car and we got this Captiol Kia mailer in our postal mail.  The mailer has these scratch off's which say if you see specific results under the scratch off's then to call their "Event Hotline" and provide the activation number from the mailer.  Well, I called and was transferred twice to the same person before being transferred a 3rd time to someone who said I need to come into the dealership.  They were not able to answer why the mailer instructions were not valid, which leads me to believe this is just a SCAM to lure people into their dealership...WOW, business must be hurting to try deception as a lure for customers.  Well, needless to say if this is the experience before owning a Kia, the post experience must by unbelievably negative and therefore a Kia will definitely not be my wife's new car.

Sarah B. | 2014-02-07

Capital Kia was the first place my dad and I stopped to get him a car. Big mistake. It took us three salesmen to get the car to take on a test drive. I finally found out why...they do not work off commission so they are really not motivated to sell. Mind you, the car my dad wanted was a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. Yep 12 years old (was manufactured in 2002) had 84k on it but it is an old lady car. I had done the research so I knew the trade-in was maybe $2500 tops and they wanted 6800 before tt&l!

I pretty much told them they were nuts-the retail to sell this car is 4k. We offered 5k out the door, cash.

They return with some print-outs of other listings of over 1000 miles away and says it is from . I see the web address on the printout and it is not from the nada,com website and there was no date on it so it could be years old. I say I will pull up on my phone and they say...oh you won't get the same website you use. What? I say this is ridiculous and we either pay 5k or walk. The idiots let a customer leave! No matter, we went to Covert and got a nicer car at a greater price.  Next time, just be honest, Capital Kia!

Christine M. | 2014-02-01

Since my initial review, Capital Kia has been contacting me on Yelp, politely begging me to give them a second chance. I already bought a car from their south Austin competitor, so I ignored their messages. Eventually, the general manager Jason messaged me and offered me three years of free maintenance if I'd give them a chance. Ok, I'll bite.

So I came in and filled out the paperwork for a 3-year maintenance plan. Three months later, still no maintenance booklet in the mail. Argh, not a great second impression.

I come back in, fill out the paperwork again (this time for the deluxe version of the maintenance plan), with them promising to fast-track the paperwork. Meanwhile, they offer me a complimentary oil change, tire rotation, detailing, plus coupons for $25 worth of parts and a half hour massage at a place down the street. Ok... weird... but whatevs.

I'm getting comped service that day, so they take me back to the service department. The waiting room is pretty old and grody, a far cry from their sales center or the new service center at my husband's dealership. At this point, I'm kind regretting getting a Kia instead of another Toyota.

Service takes 90 minutes. Argh. Wash/detailing will take another hour, so I decline. Then they refuse to give me any paperwork for the service they just performed, because it was comped. What? I like having maintenance records, so argh.

A couple of weeks later, I finally get the maintenance coupon booklet in the mail. Hooray! At least something was done right/timely.

A week after that, I get mail "about your recent service" that turns out to be from Sirius XM trying to get me to subscribe to satellite radio again. I COME IN FOR SERVICE AND YOU SELL MY INFORMATION TO ANOTHER COMPANY? @$#$%#$!!!!

I'm pretty sure I won't be using my free maintenance package because it's not worth the hassle of dealing with these people. I don't want more bribes or promises or other slick bullshit. I want to be treated like a person, not a number, and damn sure not as info blurb to sell to other companies.

Crystal L. | 2014-01-31

Do you like reading numbers and costs?? I do, thus why my yelp reviews often have tons of numbers and costs and math statistics and are very thorough of detailed invoiced cost breakdown (thank me later).
I just got back from Capital Kia after having my car towed from my office parking lot to the dealership. Apparently the 10 year warranty on my 2008 Kia only covers engine and transmission failures so my issues weren't part of that detailed clause. To conduct diagnosis (costs $103 FYI) of my car all of a sudden shaking badly while driving and the check engine light coming on was $103, plus $2 for disposing of parts. Leslie, from services, was very professional and put me at ease in every stage that my car was going though, especially in such a stressful time like so when your car is broken and you don't know why and you're a young person and a girl and don't want to get taken advantage of for lack of automotive knowledge.

Leslie called me back within an hour of getting my car dropped off and explained to me the bad news and was able to email/text me the conversation we had with the break down of cost and reason of what is happening with my car.

Here is the conversation she sent me:

Per our conversation, your vehicle is in need of a cylinder 1 ignition coil. Generally it is recommended to replace all spark plugs so that you have a chance in salvaging the remaining coils.  Replacement of one coil and all spark plugs will cost 411.29. There is still a chance that you may have additional coils go out, sometimes the damage may be to far along causing another repair needed on a coil. This would inadvertently cause a need to revisit this repair which can become costly doing them individually.  I recommend that if you replace all coils and spark plugs the overlap in labor would not effect you in the future.  Cost to replace all coils and spark plugs  is 799.04.  As you can tell the only additional cost is the additional parts. Your vehicle is also in need of a timing belt per our inspection.  Pulled the cover to inspect and can see it has not been performed. Replacing timing belt, tensioner, and idler pulley would cost 756.22.  This is an important repair to do to prevent the loss of your engine. Please let me know if you have any further questions.  Thank you,

Lesley Erwin
512-583-1900 x243

I LOVE technology, thanks Capital Kia for at least being in the 21st century and being respectful towards your customer in a stressful time like so, (can you give Leslie a kudos?!). This was all done through phone conversations and having thought about the costs, I decided to sleep on it because this is a huge chunk of change that I hate to see go. I came in today to decide that I'd take it elsewhere for the time being to get myself a second opinion of costs and what not. I called a tow service to get this done and they did take a bit to get my car and paperwork sorted out but it was all professional. The guy was very courteous towards me and I was glad this wasn't as big as a huge headache other yelpers have reported. If you get a blessing like me to deal with Leslie, you'll be much happier!

Teddy S. | 2014-01-02

My wife and went to Capital KIA looking to buy a car today. We walked around for about 10 or 15 minutes looking at the cars on this lot. Although we could see KIA employees inside of the building, no one bothered to come outside to assist us. Just as we were leaving, one of the employees opened the door to let someone out. I asked him if he was a salesperson. He said that he was. I informed him that we had been outside for close to 15 minutes without being assisted. I told him that we had no desire to talk to anyone at this point. The temperature outside was in the 40s. I guess the salespeople felt that it was too cold to sell cars today. They should realize that if potential customers come to your dealership, especially if the weather conditions are less than favorable, they might be serious about buying a vehicle. We were, and they lost a sale today. We went to another dealership, and had a MUCH better experience. We are now the owners of a new car bought from a dealership not named CAPITAL KIA. Judging from all of the negative reviews about CAPITAL KIA, I wonder if they sell very many vehicles. I also wonder if anyone on the management team even bothers to read the reviews.

After writing this review, I called the CAPITAL KIA dealership. I talked to Jason, the sales manager. We talked for a good 15 minutes. Although I am still unhappy about the fact that no one helped us today, I truly believe that Jason wants to manage this dealership in a manner that is more customer oriented. The more you talk to someone, the more you learn about them. Jason's heart is in the right place. I would be willing to give this dealership another try in the future if Jason is still the sales manager.

Jer B. | 2013-11-28

I got a sorento in jan and was told I would get a spare key. Called service dept and they had me on hold for 10 min! Never got a call back, no key! Just recently tried to change the oil, drained old oil and can't open the hood, something isn't catching. Seriously? We never opened the hood except the salesman at Kia. He's the one who broke it or messed it up. Got it towed to Kia. Tow truck left the house at 11 but they didnt get the paperwork til 1230-1pm? I called just now at 4pm and they still couldn't tell me what was going on. I wish I never got a car here!!

Harrison C. | 2013-11-15

I was interested in a used SUV, so I contacted Capitol Kia via their web site.  I ended up dealing with "Susan" but once she had my phone number and email address, I was getting 2 calls a day from other people from the dealership, asking me to come in.

Meanwhile, I had emailed both Capitol Kia and Susan that the used car on their web site had a terrible Carfax and that I was no longer interested. I sent her a follow-up email about any other small SUVs. No reply.

Susan called me a couple days later - she had apparently not received my emails.

So then I saw a new listing for a car on their web site.  I called Susan who told me it was sold, but that I should come in to test drive another car. I repeatedly asked her the price because I didn't want to waste her time - or mine! - to go there for a car that was out of my price range.

She assured me that the dealership would work with me, etc... so she made a 1pm appointment to see her.  I told her I was on my lunch hour. She called back and told me I'd be meeting with "Fabian" as she was Internet sales.

I arrived at 1pm, asked for Fabian. He showed up at reception and told me they would get the car for me to test drive.  He disappears.

After 20 minutes of waiting, I asked for Fabian again.  He shows up very annoyed and tells me that another sales man was looking for the car - Todd.  Fabian disappears again, and that's when the receptionist asks me if I want to talk to the sales manager, Jason.

Jason comes out of his office, very apologetic, and as if I didn't have enough warning signs, Todd arrives with the car in a cloud of smoke!

I actually thought the car was on fire, but its tail pipe was pumping out a lot of smoke - not a good impression. And this was a 2013!

I ended up test-driving a different car with Todd who was a nice fellow and was quite knowledgeable about the car and the warranty.  I didn't love the car, but if the price was good, I could have been swayed.

When we got back from the test drive, Jason asked me what I thought. I showed him the listing on their own web site, and Jason said the price was a mistake. He ended up quoting me a price for a new car that was $4000 higher.  And at that price, there are plenty of other choices.

So, my experience with Capitol Kia? Email system didn't work. Why bother insisting on booking an appointment when it took almost 30 minutes to get the car? Why the hand-off to 3 sales reps?  And the low price car on their web site that was "sold?" Well, let's just say it was an interesting way of attracting a potential customer into the dealership.

Natalie S. | 2013-11-12

Well Kia definitely doesn't like having unhappy customers. Thank you for the royal treatment! I really do appreciate a business that values customer service like I do. Jason, Sean and Andrew were all fabulous, I hope I have more positive reports for the future! And if so will be trading UP! :)

Deanna C. | 2013-11-07

After my review, I got an email from  the "new" mgr, JT, @ Cap. Kia. Same w/ Mazda central. I sent both of them a response, saying I would talk to them on the phone but didn't have time to come in. Never heard anything else from Mazda. JT again messaged me, and..repeat. Then he called me at home. I must have spent at least 30-45 mins. on the phone. He told me this is the busiest dealership (in Tx? I think). He had been mgr. for 3 months and was trying to make things better, Offered me compensation, no strings attached. Told him didn't think I would buy that car and why. He listened.

I asked if he wanted to know about the dealership; he said yes, mostly listened but tried really hard to get me to come in again, even though I told him I was extremely busy right now. He thanked me for the info-
1. Don't stand there like a hawk before I even get out of my car
2. Remember, customers love new car sales, so tell sales people not to wear cologne
3. Don't have sales meetings in the middle of the high school cafeteria.
4. Make something available besides water--we aren't in there for 10 mins. and sometimes we need a snack for blood sugar levels, or have kids with us that need something. He said they didn't have room, which I believe, but would look into some other way than a drink dispenser.
5. Suggested customers have a way to identify that they have a salesman and the name of that salesman, both for them, and for the other 10 people that stop to see if you have been helped while you are waiting forever for them to get the keys.
Included a couple of other things. I'm moving the 3 star up to a 4. If and when I go back in, I'll see what's happened in the meantime.  He did say there was a way to compensate for one of my issues that the salesman apparently did not know--tightening the torque on the steering wheel to less sensitive.
He has emailed me twice about my changing my review in the week since then.
I am moving it up one for the manager's concern about making things better, and his patience in listening and even saying "I was brilliant" (that part's a fabrication!)

It doesn't seem fair to other consumers to raise it more than that at this point. When I get through several crises, I will, as I promised, go back in and see what's happening.I also suggested he go shopping in the Honda dealership or a few others if he wants to know how it should go  (see my Mazda and Honda reviews.)  Thanks for listening to all my complaints, JT. Good luck with your changes.

And that's a lot more than I got from Mazda.

Diddy D. | 2013-11-03

all the other things people have said about this dealership....this place is that bad, and worse.
I tried to work a car deal almost all day long and heard it all. they weren't even discrete enough to hide their contempt in the backroom instead of in the next office over where you could hear AND SEE them talking through the glass walls!

-the gloating about how they ripped the customer for everything ("yeah, we stuck it in her ALL the way!")

-how they got a $450/mth payment on a $10k car

-the nasty stink from backed up toilets

-the grungy showroom

-the absolute lying to customers of "that car just sold!" when a customer had just walked in

-the high pressure sales tactics

-the meaningless paperwork you sign to agree to a car deal

-the worthless $1000 markup for paint and fabric "protection"

this...."dealership" the epitomy of all the worst stereotypes that certain types of car salesmen have earned a reputation for.

these people are nothing but scum. correction, lower than the spit that scum floats in. do not set foot in this dealership or even dream of doing so. after I left, I felt like I needed to take a bath from the scum pond I had inadvertently fallen into.

X Z. | 2013-11-02

We gave this car dealership two tries before writing this. They are pushy and will not compromise with the customer. Sad.

John K. | 2013-10-12

The GM of this dealership personally contacted me multiple times.   I was impressed by the level of service now offered by this dealership.   Their sales people no longer work on a  commission basis.  Jason Thompson is the GM and he will take care of you and make you a happy customer.  What a turn around from how it used to be.

Nanci C. | 2013-10-12

Great customer service! Fernando is awesome!!

Only downside was the wait to sign the papers.

Storie G. | 2013-09-12

First time car buyer here!
Let me start by saying that my agent, Hugo was super nice and 100% honest. He understood that buying a car for the first time could be intimidating and made me feel completely pressure-free/comfortable! Negotiating was actually *not* awkward! i feel like i truly got a fair price and having been raving about this place all week. Along with the free food, drinks, and pie, we also got the friendliest service I've ever had. I've been in the customer service and sales industry for over 5 years and these guys get it right!

If you're in the market for a new car, these guys are the BEST!!

Ask for Hugo!

Stephanie N. | 2013-09-10

It kind of bothers me that only people who have negative experiences take the time to write reviews, so I wanted to take the time to write a good one!  

I purchased my car in 2010.  I have been serviced more than 10 times over the last three years as I have already put 60k miles on my car. Every time I go there, I am greeted by someone who is nice, and the staff has not changed much over the last few years, so I know everyone now.  Carlos is always helpful, and has gotten me out of a serious mess once when I had a bad spill in the backseat of my car. He took care of me fast and it was complimentary cause I always service my car there.  

They have given me more details complimentary with service than the mercedes dealership where I purchased my other car.  In fact all mercedes does is wash your car for you. That's it.  

My car is running smooth, they always explain everything to me, and I am always offered a place to sit, a tv remote, magazines, cookies or a beverage every time.  Period.  

Go see Carlos, he is the man.  Thanks Carlos for all your help, I am sure I will be seeing you soon!!!

Freaked O. | 2013-08-09

I am SO DONE WITH KIA.   After having a very unfortunate experience at the KIA in round rock, and then going to Acura (preowned) and having the car I wanted sold right before I got there, I was ushered next door to this location to check out a Sorento.  I was hesitant but figured its a different location so MAYBE a different experience.  
The words Slimy, uncomfortable, and sharks come to mind.  With the excpetion of a guy named Tim, the entire staff had their heads shoved so far up their butt they saw their stomach.  This is the definition of what you would envision a stereotypical used car dealership to be right down to the creepy guy smiling at you saying "I'm gonna make you a deal. *wink *wink"
Unfortunately, you get everything but a deal.  Instead, you get people that want to low ball your trade, rape you on price and treat everyone like an X on their board.  Let me explain the preceeded comment:  You see, in the middle of the showroom floor written brilliantly with a dry erase marker on a mirrored glass window you will find they list all their sales associates with their "goal" for the month along side X's to showcase how many cars each had sold.  So awkward and tacky to know everyones business like that.  I feel sorry for the staff and it looks like management really needs to re assess their attitudes and bravado.  For real, dude. YOURE NOT THAT BIG A DEAL!

Jonathan H. | 2013-04-26

So I had scheduled a test drive regarding a Mazda3 ad they posted on the site. I called in the morning to schedule an appointment for 6:00pm. Everything so far so good. Later I received a call from a sales rep an hour before to confirm the appointment.

Here's the deal, I arrived at the dealership and the sales person told me that "The consumer just purchased the Mazda3 before I arrived", and was trying to sell me a Kia they have instead. And he said he didn't know someone had already bought it until I arrived the dealership. Seriously!? We made two calls to confirm about the vehicle and you are telling me it was sold right before I got there!? He insisted on giving me a "big deal" on a Kia they had instead.

So I picked up the phone, and called another dealer in front of the sales rep's face to schedule a test drive. Everything went smooth at the other one. Ended up getting a decent Mazda3 hatchback from another dealership.

A day later I received a call from the customer relationship rep. from Kia asking about my experience. The rep's tonality was rude and impolite over the phone, and doesn't seem to care about my experience but their own sales.

My best advice: This dealership completely lacks in the trust department. I advice you to stay away from this and save yourself from some trouble. Don't even bother to give it a try. Your time is more valuable than this.

Susie C. | 2013-03-08

I would rather be shot out of a cannon into a lake of crocodiles or fire ants, than step foot into this place again.

Reader, take a moment and withdraw into your imagination. Imagine a sleazy car dealership, where, if you had to describe the taste of it, the words ashtray and gym shoes would come to mind. A place where scum and bag are volleyed back and forth in front of you, and salespeople lurk outside waiting to snatch you. Where false ads are placed in newspapers to suck you in. Where the used cars are so overpriced that you actually laugh at the salesperson. Where the car you test drive smells so badly of smoke, and the salesperson keeps refusing to admit it to you and your husband, so you just start laughing and shaking your head. Where you walk in and there is a raised/elevated 'counter of activity' where men sitting behind counters are furiously typing, and they all look like they just stepped out of an episode of Jersey Shore. Where, on the day you go in, one of the annoying creeps you've seen in one of their incessant commercials is leading a shouting sales meeting in the lobby to a bunch of bored looking salespeople, and you think to yourself, why couldn't they find a conference room for this? Where you call to ask to be transferred to the used car sales, and you get 'rerouted' to the new car showroom to be told that, WOW, you're lucky you called on our new car sales blowout day! But... I asked to speak to the used section. BUT WAIT! Have you considered new???

Call South Point Kia @ (512) 444-6635

No! Do it. Don't go to this place. South Shore Kia. Repeat it.

Danyell T. | 2013-03-07

So I am quite new to contributing my reviews to Yelp and therefore my review is based on a past purchase purchase...

Here is my review...

Husband and I bought our 2011 Sorento (love!) here in September 2010.
Both of us were very naive when it came to making a large purchase, so that is how we fell victim, all I can say now it that shopping here was a LESSON LEARNED!

We traded in our old beater (civic) for a new car just before the military was re-stationing us to Alaska. My husband was training in west TX and I was living back home in CA until he was done, and we spent a weekend in Austin... So that's how we ended up at Capitol Kia...

We initially were just looking at the Kia's and were not sure if we would even qualify... anyway we were serviced by a sales guy at the time (Eric) who was your typical car salesman... took us to test drive one... we loved it... yada yada...

They happened to have the exact car/color that had arrived a few days before, so we were in luck! We decided to go ahead and attempt the purchase! First question we were asked, "how much can you afford with monthly payments?" and we were like, "well we really can't afford anything more than $400 and that's pushing it." BIG MISTAKE! HUGE!

After a while Eric comes out and says, "Alright, you got it, payments are $4--" and we were awe struck and shocked that we were even qualified! Not knowing the total cost of the vehicle, we went ahead to sign the papers. It was when the finance guy (Jesse) showed us the price that were were like "Oh crap!"... but we signed anyway not really understanding that we could (and should have) back out ( Yes, very, very dumb on our parts, I realize that now...). Turned out when all was said and done, we were paying... $35k for a car who's MSRP was $25k! Yup, we were swindled, and all they did was ring a bell and shout for joy! Another pair of suckers!

There is a happy ending though... the car was financed under my name only and turned out days after we left with the car, the original finance company dropped the loan because I was not residing in TX! So Capitol Kia had to scramble to find a new loan company... which involved them having to slash the price down to MSRP, not gonna brag that I paid retail, but hey, we lucked out and are grateful.

The fact that this company would take advantage of a young Military family or really any person/family is beyond me. Based on some of the other reviews, I can see we aren't the only ones. Anyway, I felt compelled to write this review in hopes that it would be a forewarning to future consumers... Do your homework and don't be afraid to speak up, its YOUR freaking money! As for Capitol Kia, all I can say is, I hope things have changed!

Thanks for reading, it was long winded, I know :)

Manny F. | 2013-02-14

Would like to thank Joe Ferona for creating a positive environment and making the buying of a car an artistic endeavor! Also kudos to Joe Tijerina  for service beyond the call of duty! Carlos Rodriguez in the Service Dept. for his help after the accident when I was hit by another car.
Oppa KIA Style!!!!!!!!
Manny Flores
Kia Owner since 2004

Kerry O. | 2013-01-21

The used car sales team did pretty good and would otherwise get 3 or 4 stars. The 1 star is for the service department.

I had a non-working potential trade-in that I had towed in, where I had just replaced the alternator and it was still not charging. To value it, they had to get it working (understandable). The KIA service dept told me that the alternator was wired wrong (true) and that they had to replace the wiring harness to even get the alternator working and determine the car's trade-in value (false). Quote - $900. I said no.

I had it towed to my dad's mechanic, who in 15 minutes wired the alternator correctly and it has been charging fine since. KIA service dept would have known that they could just correct the wiring, therefore they weren't dumb, they actually lied.

My dad's been in the car business 40 years and he was embarrassed and upset by what KIA service dept tried to pull. Although the sales team did fine, I won't buy my next car there. I've been advised to head to Eakin KIA in Killeen for my next car, which will also be a KIA.

Thank goodness I had my dad and his knowledge. I feel very badly for the person who would have hit to pawn shops to come up with a bogus $900.

Viva las internets.

D K. | 2012-12-14

I wouldn't go as far to say that it was a good experience and would settle more on "it was ok".  I do feel that I overpaid and spent way too much time "negotiating" for the price that never seemed to change.  The people were friendly but other than that I don't think I would return  to purchase another vehicle there.

Rhonda P. | 2012-12-11

Let me start by saying that I LOVE my Kia Sorento!  The experience of buying my wonderful SUV was ridiculous.  Many of the reviews already posted have said it all...the sales team was sleazy, the finance guy was very young and inexperienced.  It was the worst car buying experience of my life!  I was pressured and as I learned after the fact, conned. I would 100% recommend buying a Kia but not from Capital!

Juliet J. | 2012-11-21

I'd like to add a review for the Capitol Kia sales team, which is LONG overdue ...

Car shopping is my least favorite thing to do, and I've had negative experiences with dealerships before, but we were seriously in need of a car for our business, and on a limited budget. At Capitol Kia, the whole process was an unexpected pleasure. The first salesperson to help us was Jeremiah, and he was pleasant, low-key, funny, and helped us with absolutely NO pressure whatsoever. We test drove and fell in love with the Soul+, and the buying process was faster and more painless than I've ever experienced before.

If you go to Capitol, you have to ask for Jeremiah. Because of him and his great attitude and outgoing personality, I have a whole new attitude about car shopping. I'm actually looking forward to getting our next car, which is a miracle for me!

Mark J. | 2012-11-21

The first price I was quoted was the sticker price. They refused initially to discount the car beyond removing the dealer added features which are pure profit. They wanted thousands of $s more than the other local Kia dealer. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there. These guys define the stereotype of the sleazy car salesman!

Citygal T. | 2012-11-05

This dealership is the most dishonest joint I have ever dealt with. They promised manager specials on the phone. By the time I got to the dealership (less than hour), the specials disappeared and I ended up paying several thousands dollars more than what I should have. Their original pricing is so grossly exaggerated that even after negotiation, you still end up paying way more than you should. Buyers be aware. I like the car I purchased but I will never do business with Kia again. Worst company ever.

Miah L. | 2012-11-04

This place has always been good to me! Great service, friendly environment. Ask for Jeremiah!

Travis W. | 2012-09-05

I purchased my car less than a week ago and everything went smooth with the whole process of buying the car. In and out within about an hour from start to finish. Ali the sales manager was great, as was Ben in finance! Not pushy or anything, just honest and helpful. Here I am today a week later and I had a cracked rim on my left front wheel. I called up to the store and they told me to bring the car in. They had the rental arranged when I got there. Wheel was fixed no problem and my car back within less than 24 hours! Thanks a bunch to Glen in the service department. Capitol Kia has my vote with great customer service all the way around from buying a vehicle and service after the sale. That's hard to find these days. Great job guys, couldn't be happier!

Brittany M. | 2012-08-01

I requested info. on a car once. Now they want stop calling me. Once a day at least if not 2 to 3 times a day.  It's way too excessive and I'm sooooo over it. CAPITAL KIA IF YOU SEE THIS STOP CALLING ME!!

Sara G. | 2012-07-27

What a pleasant experience I had at Capitol Kia! I went in just to look and had really no intention of driving away in a new car until Jeremiah, one of the salesmen, greeted me. He asked all sorts of questions and wasn't pushy at all. I decided to test drive a couple cars and ended up loving the Optima. I've bought cars in the past and felt like I was getting ripped off, but this experience couldn't have been further than that. Jeremiah got me a very fair amount for my trade in and even went down a bit on the sticker price of the Optima. I love my new car and will recommend Capitol Kia to all my friends and family! Thanks again to Jeremiah for making this process so painless!

Steven C. | 2012-07-27

I did not have as bad of an experience as everyone else.  However, I didn't really have to interact much with them either as we communicated mostly via text.  I can be a bit aggressive when buying a car.  I researched what I wanted and took one for a test drive a couple months ago.  When I was ready to buy, I did an inventory search and Capitol had something in stock that was very close to what I wanted.  I went over to Capitol with my kids to show them the vehicle I was looking at.  Of course, I was intercepted quickly by a salesman.  I had already done all of my research and I know how the car buying process works from the inside so I know how to get the best deals ( and will teach you a lot).  I knew what the dealer paid for the car and what was a fair price for the consumer to pay.

From here on out, almost everything was done via text.  I made Capitol compete with five other dealers in Texas.  They didn't like that, but I told them this is America and capitalism is a great thing.  If they really can make the best deals, then his best price would reflect that.

Capitol Kia's price was the best by about $1000 so they got the sale.  There was some "confusion" about a $500 discount that only seems to be available if you finance through them.  I made it clear from the start that I was already financed.  They didn't want to budge, so I had to walk.  They didn't let me leave the building and they finally honored the deal.

When buying a car, being prepared is key.  That should shield you from a lot of the car buying BS.  I also liked the fact that I was able to do almost all of the negotiation via text.  That gave me enough space so I didn't feel the car dealership taint.

Nancy P. | 2012-06-12

I bought my Kia back in September of '11 and will be forever haunted by my horrific car buying experience at Capitol Kia.

-I will never go car shopping without my husband again.
-I will never sign a paper stating I am just 'test-driving' a car again only to find out I was pretty much buying it.
-I will never let them get to the final paperwork to discover that not only were we not given the military discount I was promised, but I was actually paying over sticker price and $100 over the monthly payment I could actually afford.
-I will never let another car salesman or finance person bully me into buying a car before my husband even has the chance to look at it.

I will never recommend this place to anyone.

Juan E. | 2012-05-03

I am going to start off by saying that if you want a KIA and a great experience go to Southpoint Kia and ask for Jared the internet sales manager.

We all like new cars, but the whole process of shopping for a car is NEVER fun (unless someone rich is paying).  Nevertheless, some experiences are better than others.  This one was just plain bad! I went in looking for a Kia Forte SX. We walked the lot and they had ONE with a few add-ons I did not want. The other thing that seemed shady was that many of the cars did not have window stickers on them. They had an excuse for that. The first major warning sign was when I discovered that knew more about the car I wanted than the salesman. He tried to tell me the SX only came in leather when the day before the he had shown me one with cloth. Then his finance manager butted in on our conversation and every time I insisted that I knew exactly what I wanted he had the audacity to tell me I needed something else.

Enter the lying . . . .

In frustration, I looked up what I thought was the number to the location on 35 and Koenig, not knowing it was the used lot.

Me: "How many Forte SXs do you have on the lot?"

Sales guy: "Oh we have lots, come on down and we will set you up."

Me: "Ok cool, you are at 35 and Koenig?

Sales guy: "Nope, I'm at 183 and Anderson Mill"

At that point I'm looking around and was like "I'm at 183 and Anderson Mill, at the north location."

Sales guy: "Right, that's where I am."

Me: "Oh I thought I was calling the one on 35"

Sales guy: "Nope, that's the used car lot. The new ones are here at this location"

Me: "Well if you look out your window, you will see me in front with a white shirt on. And by the way dude, you don't have lots of them, you only have one. I just walked your lot."

At that point the guy hung up on me! Guess he did not like that I called him out on his lie. At that point it was off to Southpoint and at 4pm that day, I drove off the lot in a new car - a happy guy.

LaVonne S. | 2012-03-03

This review is in relation to the service department.  I made an appointment to have my car looked at two weeks in advance.  I promptly dropped it off at 9:00 am and called at 1:30 because I hadn't heard anything. I was told they hadn't even started on it but that it would probably get in at 2:00. I called back at 4:30 and was told more than likely they weren't going to get to it a all today. I indicated that okay; I'll come back and get it.  So without it even being looked at, I had to get a ride back to pick it up.  When I get there five guys are hanging aournd the office not doing anything and when I started saying I had made the appointment two weeks ago; one of the guys go well it was Nate you were dealing with so I don't know anything about that but are you going to bring it back.  My response "It's highly unlikely."  Why on earth would I bring it back when I don't live nor work near the location in the first place and no one even moves it from the parking spot I left it in all day.  It's bad enough that I had to keep calling all day because no one called me to tell me they weren't going to get to it.  As it was I had my car exactly 3 days before the check engine light came on in the first place. I don't feel I should be experiencing issues already!  Plan horrible!  Now I'm going to have to take it somewhere else and waste another day.  Oh and the topping on the cake is my mother bought a car the same day from Carmax and she has gotten two letters from the dealership and several follow-up calls where as I haven't heard anything from anyone at Capitol Kia!

Katy M. | 2012-02-24

I'm rating Alex Bedolla, a finance manager, rather than the Kia establishment. I would prefer not to rate Capitol Kia because I didn't buy nor was I considering to buy a car. However,  I did accompany my boyfriend.
Alex is awesome. He made the numbers work, was super friendly, and honest. If you go to Capitol Kia, see this man.

Lance S. | 2012-02-17

I was recommended to Capitol Kia by friends. I've had problems with Southpoint Kia in the past and was reluctant to work with another Kia dealership to begin with, but the salesperson, Neal, put my concerns at ease. I was surprised with the level of knowledge he possessed on the Optima Hybrid I was looking at. He was very courteous and honest with his answers. When he didn't know the answers to my questions he would find someone who did. I was very impressed with his professionalism and positive attitude as well. Typically, I immediately have buyer's remorse after purchasing a vehicle, but Neal got me so comfortable with this car that I am extremely happy with this purchase. I will look forward to working with him again on my next vehicle purchase.

Lynda G. | 2012-02-03

Hey Carlos! You Rock Too! I love all my Kia Guys!!!!! (Service Dept) Great seeing you today. Thanks for all the laughs! You guys made my afternoon!

Brecken H. | 2012-01-29

Had an easy to fix problem with a blown fuse. That was it. I've had the exact same fuse replaced before in the same car by a kia dealer, and it took ~10 minutes.

2 HOURS after I gave them my car for my appointment, they said they couldn't do anything because I had stuff in the car. While that's fine and understandable, WHY was I not told this 2 hours earlier? They told me to come back another day, even though I was already 2 hours into my appointment. Just an extremely frustrating waste of a day.

I also looked at several cars while I was there, in which the salesman showing me around was not fit to be selling me cars. He knew how to put the back seats down, that was about it.

Find a different kia dealer.

David F. | 2012-01-26

I loved my salesman, Fabian. Personable guy, he asked what I was looking for, I told him, and we found something I wanted within a few minutes. Never tried to upsell me on more car than I wanted, and I got zero pressure from him while we were test driving.

It was 12/23 when I went in, and I wanted to have the car ready for Christmas Eve, as it was a present for my wife. He jumped through several hoops to make that happen (still needed to go through their inspection, get cleaned, etc.). Then he drove with me to where my wife and I were going to be celebrating Christmas, so I could drop the car off there. Also, at some point I had some time to kill, and he gave me an office to sit in so I could get some work done while I was waiting. Overall, great guy.

I have less of a glowing overall impression of the rest of the establishment, though. The first price I was quoted wasn't even a price - it was a piece of paper that said what my monthly payments were going to be. No term, no car price, just the monthly payments. I balked, said I wanted something with some information on it, which they came back with a few minutes later ... but the price was 50% more than I wanted (and expected) to pay. I immediately balked at that, too, and planned to leave, because I figured there was no way for them to cut the price to anywhere close to within my range, given this was a used car. Then they came back with an offer that was 25% lower than their first offer. It really turned me off that they put so much profit in their first offer that they could immediately cut so much out when I said no. I had the same experience when they offered me the warranty - when I said no, they immediately cut the price by a third. Really feel like it's a predatory practice.

Then, when I came by the dealership several days later to drop off some paperwork, there was another salesman standing in the driveway, asking me questions about what I needed and what kind of car I wanted before I'd even exited my own vehicle.

So overall - happy with my salesman, happy with my vehicle, but have some reservations about the company itself.

Sarah S. | 2012-01-16

We all like new cars, but the whole process of shopping for a car is NEVER fun (unless someone rich is paying).  Nevertheless, some experiences are better than others.  This one happens to be on the top of the list for the worst I've endured.

Starting off at the very end of December, we sat down and browsed the websites of all the lower price ranged cars to see what's available.  We settled on the 2012 Kia Soul, which lists at $13,900 on the Kia Website.  

So we head to Capitol Kia to check it out.  Turns out, it is near impossible to get a base model, and all they have starts at at least 17,000.  

The first salesman we talked to was pushing for a lease.  Every time we wanted more information on buying, he switched back to leasing.  Not knowing much about leasing, we were leery to jump on the bandwagon with him.

They gave a trade in value for old car for $1000 at that point, did the credit check, had us fill out a bunch of papers to make sure we qualified.  

We left, wanting to get opinions on leasing from family and friends first.  

Now, during the two weeks between the initial visit and when we came back, we received calls almost everyday from a different sales person trying to push us.  Not cool at all.  There was even a guy that said he'd call back the next day with information we wanted, but when he called the next day, he wanted to know where we were as we 'had an appointment with him'.  That's just plain rude.  There was NO mention of us driving out there for an appointment.  

So two weeks after the first visit, we go back with leasing in mind high with it this time.  We had a different sales person who seemed against leasing, but went through with it anyhow.  They agreed to let us use the trade in car as part of the down payment??  A car that was worth $1000 to them two weeks ago was now worth $500.  Big surprise!  And no matter how much we argued with them, we had to accept their $500.  Nice, huh??

They had us waste a lot of time test driving the car again, even through we already did it.  After a couple of hours of sitting there, hungry and miserable, while the sales person was supposedly dealing with the finance guy, we got up and walked out the front door.  Unfortunately, he saw us and ran out the side door after us promising us were were almost done...just 20 more minutes.  Yeah.  After complaining about my low blood sugar, he offered us the old hot dogs in the back room that had been sitting there for a long, long time.  If you saw them, you wouldn't have ate them either.   Nice to offer, but food poisoning from a car dealership is not on my list of things to accomplish.  I settled on a plain burger bun out of desperation.  Three and a half hours later, we were STILL there!!

We were told at 9pm, that almost everything was ready, but we had to call the insurance company first to get the car insured.  After being on hold for awhile, they offer the use of one of the computers to use instead.  I kept asking about which coverage I needed to get for leased car.  I couldn't get a straight answer.  He said "just print it out".  Well, I am quite positive that we don't have the proper coverage at this point in time.  So the car is just parked at home, waiting until we get it straightened out.  Thanks for the help, big guy.

At 9:30 were were outside waiting for the license plate to be put on.  After feeling very impatient and frustrated beyond belief at this point in time, my sister went back in, asked for a screw driver and the plates and she'd put them on.  Well, that got someone out there.

So after arriving on the lot at 4pm, we didn't get to leave until 9:40pm, thus arriving home, extremely hungry, tired, and grumpy at 10:00pm.  That's what I call fine customer service.  

And it's so nice you let me drive it home with the wrong insurance while suffering from low blood sugar so late at night.

For the salesman:  pushing us to give you a good rating on a phone survey that would be happening in the next couple of weeks so you'll get a raise?  And telling us not to tell the surveyors how many hours we had been there because it looks bad?  Not cool at all.  You seem like a nice guy, but the service just plain sucked.  And if we get the phone call, and I answer it, I'm going to tell it how it was.  Sorry.

But thanks for the half of snickers bar and the bottle of water...I think it prevented me from really falling over.

We never did get a chance to have them go over all the features of the new car.  it was too late.  We were supposed to go in this afternoon to deal with it, but neither of us could bear the thought of going into that place today.  I'll just read the manual, thank you.

Sorry it's so long winded, but this was truly a bad experience.  Being a Yelper, I should have read the reviews of this hell hole before agreeing to come here.  That is where I failed.

Chris R. | 2011-12-02

Wow...What a bad overall experience.  My friends checked out Kia the night before I was able to go there.  Spoke with Jeremiah.  Seemed like a good new sales person.  I testdrove a car for lease.  Told him my price range and said that everything was based on price.  He was trying to sell me hard.  Instead of checking to see if the car I was testdriving was in my range or eligable for lease he informed me after wasting a better part of the afternoon waiting and testdriving a car that was not for lease as it was a 2011.  I testdrove another car and asked the price.  He said that his finance guy was going to get the numbers ready and they would have them later.   We left the dealership without knowing anything.  What a let down.  He said that that his company was the biggest dealership in TX and that they would match price no matter what.  I then proceded to Carmax to buy a car.  As I was sitting down to sigh the papers he called me 3 times.  I answered the phone and he finally had a price and wanted me to come back to get the quote.  I said no thank you and he finally quoted me a price way above what I quoted him my budget was.  He said sorry then called me back the next day to quote me another price still above budget.  I told him that I had already purchased a car and I was not in the market anymore.  Since last week I have had calles EVERY DAY from Kia.  This is extremely annoying and because of this I would never do business with this dealer again.  Somone finally said last night that they would take me off their call list.  This better happen soon!

Daniel B. | 2011-11-29

Not a good experience.  First I wanted a very unusual part, so I ordered it, but I said I wouldn't be able to come in for a week or two.  They said that would be fine but clearly just dismissed the comment because when I took my car in they didn't have the part.  So they said they'll call me when it got in.  They forgot (or more likely never meant it in the first place).  

So I called them myself and found out it was already there, came in to get it installed, and after looking things over they asked me if I wanted a bunch of other stuff done too.  Now, it was actually a reasonable package for a reasonable price, however, it was not recommended with ANY bit of actual knowledge of my car.  The deal is they just do EVERYTHING on the list without even bothering to check which stuff the car needs and doesn't need.  For just one example, I have 6 month old spark plugs and yet they wanted to replace the plugs. Gotta be kidding me.

The only thing that saved them from a 1-star is that they cleaned out my vehicle, totally unasked, and did an impeccable job.  I seriously think every last speck of dust or crumb or dirt was gone.   I was thankful for that.  But they just simply aren't a good service center overall.

James L. | 2011-11-26

SERVICE DEPT Score - Although my wife and I are enjoying our KIAs respectively I am severely disappointed in the utter lack of customer service in the . . . wait for it . . . (irony alert) . . . Service Department. I'd be willing to give them a pass on the fact that my internet request for a service appointment didn't even merit a return phone call. Good thing I bothered to call prior to showing up at my requested time. I'd be willing to give them a pass but that was not our first bad experience. There is not much to the waiting area. The service bay looks overcrowded with cars all the time. Bad attitudes are in abundance. Now that I have a new KIA under warranty and am stuck using them for certain covered maintenance I am likely to be sending a letter to the Corporate office.

William A. | 2011-11-13

This place is ridiculous. All the reviews are spot on. We have bought MANY cars over the years, some high end, some not, but have never walked into a dealership as sketchy and disgusting as this one. The outside looks huge, the inside is only big enough to fit one SUV, which was locked, also the exact SUV I wanted to look at.

So it goes on, there are NO OFFICES besides the "higher ups" these skeezballs take you to the group of 10 round tables all about a foot from each other to make the deal. WTF?? I don't want every other person knowing my business when I'm making a deal. NO computers, NO phones. what the hell kinda place is this. I called earlier in the week wanting to make an appointment with a salesman to drive a 2012 Kia Sorento SX. Got to the dealership, walk in, ITS SWAMPED! There is no receptionist to go to and call for the guy I made the appointment with, so I had to go to this group of salesman bunched in the corner and after no one would offer to help me, I just asked for the guy. Well then it took 15 mins for him to come over to me, then took another 15 mins to get what I needed. I've been to many dealerships and busy never means having to wait like I did. So the guy tells ME to go outside and find the car I want to drive, then come back in, find HIM, and tell him......really? Whose job is this? I pick the black load 2012 model, had some special sale on it, try to start it, what do you know, its dead. And not just deal, its DEAD, like 2 jump starters on the battery at a time and it still won't start, DEAD. Of, course the mechanic who came out gave me the word that "oh these Kia's, have GREAT warranties, blah blah blah. A 2012 Kia shouldn't be dead past revival, and need a new battery.

So I pick out a 2011 model, not what I wanted, but still drives the same. Most awkward test drive ever. Before I took the drive, I told the salesman I would like to take by myself so I could do a nice lengthy test drive and really see the car in real world driving. Guess he didn't hear that, as he jumped right into the passenger side before I left. He didn't say a word the entire time, never tried to sell me on it or anything. I asked, how do you turn eco mode off, already knowing how to (I ALWAYS know more than ANY salesman, I do so much homework on every car) and he says you can't, and while he says that I turn it off. So tired of all this dealerships with stupid people who don't' know the product, or aren't passionate about it. I don't care the brand of car, but come on. So I didn't get the test drive I wanted, just took it around the highway, came back and then the pressure started. I had already told him the leasing company I do business with is going to be the one who would purchase the car, so I'm just there to make sure I like it so I can give them the goahead. But of course he said, what can I do to make it happen, I told him if they could successfully give me a deal on the parameters I set, then I would consider buying the car from them, instead of the leasing company. Of course they say "well we aren't going to lose your business over price"......makes no sense. There is always a limit. Luckily we were at an Impasse when US Bank, they bank that leases the car that we would be trading in would not give us the payoff (also, never do business with US bank, they are complete assholes). So that was my get away, we couldn't make a deal without the payoff.

Of course he will email and call me, but I probably will not respond. This dealership is not respectable, all they care is making deals and nothing else. It's stuffy, smelly, and incredibly too small. They really need a new facility, or at least and expansion, and ALL NEW SALESMAN, and working vehicles would be a nice touch too. The product was great, but won't be doing business with these people, and I would advise that others don't either.

Mary H. | 2011-08-16

Sorry Capitol Kia, but Dennis Eakin in Killeen was 1000 times better than you. I wanted a Soul, you didn't even have one to test drive. Ok, you sold out of Souls. Then, the salesman tried to show us a Sorento which cost a lot more. Uh uh. Couldn't even tell us a price even though we were pre-approved. Dennis Eakin had three Souls for us to test drive. The finance person couldn't have been nicer. Got a great price well within our budget. Killeen got my business! Quit spending so much on tv commercials and start working on customer service.

Kristal B. | 2011-08-05

Well, I wanted to see the new Kia Sportages (2012's). My first car growing up was a 2000 Kia Sportage. Now mind you, I do all my research online first, compare, specs, etc. I just wanted to see it up close. I tell the guy this the first second I met him so he can just let me see it and not waste time. What does Mr.....John Scott? I can't remember, he is old and jokes that he has two first names so it's hard to forget. Anyways, he starts rambling about safety and engine stuff, blah blah blah. I then nicely remind him again I know all this stuff I wanted to see the inside. He doesn't ask me any questions as to lifestyle, what I want, but then goes onto finishing the rest of his practiced auto lecture. Ugh. It was extremely annoying. I can say when I am ready to buy a new sportage it will not be through them. I want someone who actually cares about what I want and LISTENS to the customer. I wasn't even giving the run around, I told him exactly what I wanted, ha ha.

Cliff T. | 2011-06-29

WORSE PLACE EVER TO PURCHASE A CAR. I went there to buy my daughter a car,long story /short. They lie about everything.Every single one of them.I got so pissed,eve left a couple of times,and my fiance talked me into going back,then left again. waiting for traffic to pass so i could get out,hell they ran to my truck at the intersection. couldn't believe it.Talked with them again, did the talk with the manger thing as always,he'll get the deal done. Then the sales liar says,we got it , the payments as you want.So go back to the manager and he try to get you to sign quickly without reading, but read it any way and you'll see the payments aren't what they say they are.I could go on and on about this place.Got a call from some Kia office and asked how i enjoyed my visit at Capital,lmfao. asked me for suggestion. Get some one,any one even if it's the lowest man on the totem pole to say something thats not a lie.Avoid , enter at your own risk. Kia is a good car, just not from this lying establishment.

Krystal B. | 2011-01-27

I've been here several times with friends who were looking for a new car and after each time I've felt like I needed to go home and take a hot shower. This place makes me feel so grimy. The last time I was there, the salesman who originally took us threw us off to the new guy who was, TO SAY THE LEAST, a creeper. Yuck. Service sucks.

Unimpressed with the car line up, extra unimpressed with the pricing.

Crystal A. | 2011-01-02

I filled out an application online because I was thinking about buying a new car and thought end of year would be a good time. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research better or talked to my mechanic friend first, because now I had to deal with the following.

I got an email from the internet sales manager the day of the application, which was nice and i'm sure, a form email. The next day (and I'm pretty sure I picked the evening as the best time to reach me) around noon I was contacted by Levi and set up an appointment. The same night I talked to a friend and realized I probably should wait until I'm not $4k upside down and not buy a first year model. So I emailed and cancelled. Of course I got a couple of emails trying to get me to reconsider, but that's not so bad. I expected it.
Later on the day of the cancelled appointment I got another call (in the morning while my fiance was trying to sleep). ANOTHER guy called, I explained to him that I had changed my mind;
"Oh well Theresa handed you off to me."
"Well, that wasn't very nice of her."
"No, it was not." Sorry, dude.

Again today, around 10am ANOTHER guy calls and I have to explain to him what was not going to change "unless you have a new Honda CR-V you want to sell me for $13k." I guess that sealed the deal because he said they would take me off their list.

If it had ended with the emails, I would have been fine. I might have even considered looking at them again when I was ready to buy a new car, especially if the new Soul stood the test of time. However, this lack of communication and blatant disregard of my choice, PLUS calling me in the morning on the weekend did them no favors. These people will never get my business, and I now see why everywhere I look, this place has a ton of 2/5 star ratings.

Thomas C. | 2010-12-03

What a complete joke! DO NOT buy a car from these people. On their commercials, they love to claim that no one can beat their deal. Well, I found out how they do it! A friend of mine recently bought a 2010 Soul on a end of year clearance deal. They had a couple of problems and took it in to have the fixed which SHOULD HAVE BEEN under warranty. One of the issues was that the low tire pressure light stays on. My friend checked the pressure to make sure it was correct. It was but the indicator would not turn off. The people at the dealership told them that it was because the tires needed to be filled with nitrogen instead of regular air and then charged them $30 to change it! When asked about why there was a charge, the dealership acted like my friend should be glad about the price because they normally charge $45 for the service! If this is a known issue, shouldn't the tires have been filled with nitrogen when they bought it? If they were filled with regular air in error, shouldn't they have corrected it  with no charge.

This is how they make up the extra funds on the "savings" they gave you on the sell price.

Shady business practices! AVOID this place!!

Linz Q. | 2010-10-05

Oh dear oh dear! Why does buying a car have to suck so bad? Why does it have to take so long? And why does it make me so tired?
The sales guy Joe was great from the get-go. He did not pressure me, he admitted to not having what I wanted, and made it up by getting me interested in a better car (more expensive) for the same price as what I wanted in the first place. He was laid back and friendly. Once we started to talk numbers it went downhill from there. I said 300-350 and they came back with 357. Last time I checked 357 is more than 350. After 3 times of "let's see what my manager can do" we started to get a little tired of the game. Once they got me at a lower price I was starting to get OK with we asked for some breathing room and a lunch break from the dealership.
Here is where it gets nasty. They of course have the keys to my car (the trade) so they have to go get them. Then Sales guy #2 comes over to find out why we are leaving. I inform them I'm just not 100% on the price or the color either. I really want black! So they push and pressure me to allow them one more shot and promise to find me a black one. So 20 mins later, the final deal comes back, and poof! The black one has appeared with a lower price tag. Man, this could of saved us all some time if we went that route to begin with. So I agree to take the black one and they agree to have it in transit to the dealership that night. So they ask me to sign the papers then. First off, I don't know why I did. I mean, REALLY!! I have not even seen this actual car! I was uncomfortable with the whole process. Second, I just paid them 1000 cash and I drove my old car home. (Boo) Then they tell me the car will have 194 miles on it because they are going to DRIVE it from the other dealership in Houston. So I don't even get to drive my own car on the first road trip. So the next day I am told I could get my car at 12 noon the next day. Guess what? Now it won't be in Austin until 4:30. WOW really? So I signed for a car, hook, line, and sinker and there is no car yet. AWESOME. So I have to go to work, my boyfriend has to go get the car and guess what? It has 236 miles on it. SOMEONE got lost in Houston getting the car back to Austin. Thank Capitol Kia for an awful start to owning a new car.

Lauren E. | 2010-08-07

Shortened version:  Stay away!  Stay far, far away!  If you look at the Capitol Kia reviews you'll get the same idea, although my experience was with the used car lot.

Long version:  I was pre-approved for a loan.  I knew how much I HAD to spend and I knew how much I WANTED to spend.  It wasn't much, but I knew going in I was looking for a used car.  I found a used 2009 Kia Spectra on the internet.  The listing stated that it was at the Capitol Hyundai in Kyle.  So I called them, got a doofus named Peter, I think.  He couldn't/wouldn't answer any of questions.  I called back later that day and talked to Steve.  He was great, helpful and could even get me out the door at a price I was content with.  I told him I would call him back if I wanted to make the drive down there to test drive.  Called back later that afternoon, decided I wanted to test drive it.  He told me that it was being moved to the Capitol Kia in North Austin.  GREAT!  Easier for me to get to and won't take me an hour to get there!  I asked him if they would honor the price he quoted me, he said yes.

I called my bank and had them fax over a letter of intent to Capitol Kia.  Before I could specify a price they faxed over the letter with my max amount allowed, which was a few hundred more than Steve had quoted me.  Ugh, first mistake.  We get to the lot and asked for Alex (supposedly the finance manager) the guy leads us in.  As we're walking in he calls for Alex towards a group of sleezy looking used car salesmen.  I assume the guy looking at me is Alex, and I start talking to him about the car.  He's just looking at me like I'm crazy.  So I ask, "are you Alex" "No, Alex is over there"... ok... why was Alex not meeting me as soon as someone paged him?  Mistake #2

Finally talk to the real Alex and he tells us to take a seat he'll get our letter of intent.  Brings it to the table and "looks" it over for about a minute.  Total fake-out.  Then, the first thing out of his mouth is "well, I'll sell you the Spectra at $xxxxx, but I'm losing money".  I say, whoa, whoa that's not even the price Steve and I agreed on over the phone.  He told me $xxxxx (200 less than my approval rate).  Well, I'll have to talk to my manager, he says.  You do that, I say.  Mistake #3

FIFTEEN minutes later...  "Well we can't give it to you for x. but we can give it to you for y."  But that's still not the price I was told by Steve.  He then starts playing the number game and take us to his office where he has this "program" that shows us how much money HE'S losing on the deal.  We start bickering, he calls up Steve (who sides with me, by the way) and we finally get to a price within a few dollars of Steve's quote.  How he can quote me a price that's any different than the one Steve gave me is beyond me.  Taxes are the same no matter where you are in Texas...

Finally, we ask to go for a test drive.  Alex brings the car around, I get in to take look.  It's the wrong car.  It's a year older and has 10K more miles on it than the car I saw on the internet.  I tell Alex and he goes inside to find the "right" car.  FIFTEEN minutes later again, he brings around the correct car.  My brother, who was test driving it for me, comes back in no more than 5 minutes later.  He tells me that they cannot offer the price on the correct car, only on the wrong car (year old more miles).  And the sleez-ball didn't even have the balls to come tell me to my face!  He made my brother tell me!!

They are crooks and will use any trick in the book!!  Not only are they crooks, but they are lying sacks of $hit!  Stay as far away as you can!  I seriously can't imagine how those men sleep at night.

Steve L. | 2010-05-07

You know...I have to join the chorus of those who lament the fact that Yelp doesn't have a "0" stars option. If they did, that is certainly what I would rate Capital Kia at.

It wasn't always that way for me. Waaay back in late February when I bought my brand new Kia Soul, I was delighted with the deal and the way my wife and I were treated. I even told friends about Capital Kia and how pleased I was.

Then, I had the front tire blow out just yesterday (only 3766 miles on the car), and drove immediately over to the dealership to have it repaired because, as I smiled to myself, my deal included "Tire and Wheel Protection" policy. I expected to have it fixed, under warranty, and be in and out in an hour. Boy was I in for a surprise and a ride!

First of all, Gene, the Service Writer, was kind enough although he did seem a little disbelieving at the time that I had the "Tire and Wheel Protection"...even though I showed him my window sticker where that line listed the policy as part of my purchase. Looking back, I should have picked up on this as a warning sign. Anyway, I was told that the tire had to be ordered and would be in later in the day.

I drove away, still expecting to receive the warranty service that had been an $$ add-on by the dealership - along with window tinting and "theft etch". Later in the day, I got a call from Gene saying that the tire was in, but it seems that I really didn't have a warranty on the tire and to get it fixed would cost me $266! Remember, I only have 3766 miles on the car. So, knowing that management would be able to straighten out this mess, I drove over and asked to speak with the General Manager of Capital Kia.

Well I was handed off to the "finance manager" (a title I suspect they give to every non-salesperson). The "finance manager" proceeded, in no uncertain terms, to tell me that even though this option was line listed on the window sticker that I had saved, I had not purchased this "option". Incredulously, I asked what other options from the sticker I "hadn't purchased". He answered that was the only one. He became loud...waaay less than customer-centric, and then, laughably, accused me of "low-balling" Capital Kia on the deal. Finally with the realization that I was not going to leave until this was resolved, Mr. "finance manager" agreed to split the cost of the tire and repair with me. Well, my wife was headed out of town on Friday, and not wanting her to travel without a spare, I agreed to this highway robbery.

I can assure you that I'm not done with my conversations about this business or Mr "finance manager." The first thing I did today was try to Google any of the management at Capital Kia...seems to be run by ghosts for there is no listing of a who's who. Then I made the mistake (should have done it pre-sales) of checking the Austin BBB where it seems that Capital Kia is rated an "F"!!

It may be that I can eventually get what I paid for, i.e., the "Tire and Wheel Protection" policy, and if so, I'll edit this review. Until that time, I'm recommending that you buy your new Kia from anywhere else.

6/1/10: OK, Capital Kia did acknowledge that I have a Tire and Wheel protection policy. Of course that meant that I had to go back to the dealership and sign a piece of paper that should have been included at the time I originally bought the car. Business Mgr had to intervene to make this happen. Thanks...and hopefully, any future dealings will be more pleasant than this one!

Sean M. | 2010-04-25

We visited the pre-owned Capitol Kia lot. The short version? Imagine every negative stereotype you can think of about used car sales. Most every one was true of our experience.

Three salesmen waiting at the edge of the parking lot for customers to pull in so they can jump on them immediately? Check!

Bikini model competition on the huge television in the sales room? Check! (My wife and kids *really* appreciated that.)

Refusal to tell you any prices until after you've driven a car? Check!

Showing us a car nearly twice as much as what we said our price ceiling was? Check!

Attempts to get us "a better deal" 3 times after they came back with "their best price"? Check!

Ludicrously pushy sales staff who sell with the smell of desperation? Check! (Seriously, it seemed like these guys had been poisoned, and their sales manager had promised he'd only give them the antidote if they sold a car in the next 30 minutes.)

Sales Manager chasing us to our car "to shake our hand" as we left? Check!

Needless to say, given the sales folks unprofessional and dehumanizing approach, we didn't buy a car there. It's a shame too; our salesman Isaac seemed an otherwise nice guy. I hope his sales manager relented and let him have the antidote anyway.

Rachel P. | 2010-03-23

Oh Capitol Kia why did you have to prove me wrong?  

A friend of mine recently totaled her car and on MY recommendation went over to Capitol Kia.  She was looking for something used, they had advertised they had it, so she made an appointment to check it out.  Once she got there it was all downhill, the guy she had the appointment with wasn't there.  The car wasn't there.  The polite helpfulness I got wasn't there.  They acted like she was a huge bother even asking them any questions and when they did realize she was serious at looking at stuff they put the pressure on and she told them off and left.  

I had a good experience so I felt bad what I told her so and she had a horrible experience and totally wasted her time.  Why, WHY is it so hard to be a decent car salesman?  I wish all salesman would read these reviews and see it's not that hard to work with people looking for a car!  NO ONE likes to be pressured and treated like crap.  Shape up! :)

Tiffany C. | 2010-03-01

I went to Capital Kia on Friday eveing to look at he Sorrentos.  I have ALWAYS been skeptical of Kia's but my cousin bought a Soul from Jesse last May-he was great and she adores her car.  So I thought I would give it a shot.  We got there-asked if Jesse was in-he was with another customer so another salesman assisted us.  I asked about the internet specials I had printed and taken with me from their website-first off they no longer have any cars for the specials they have listed (well except the Borrego).  I asked him why Kia discontinued making the Borrego after 2009 and he told me he didn't think that was true (hello do you not read you manufacturing news reports??)  I asked about the Sorrento specials listed and they of course didn't have any 2009's in stock.  So I looked at the 2011.  They were nice enough-I just didn't want my car payment to be over $350.  I told him up front I was not purchasing tonight-that I was looking at the possibilities of getting a new car-my car after all is paid for and I'm not in dire need.   He was nice enough while he test drove cars.  He asked if I would be interested in buying it-I told him I would consider it IF they could get the payments where I wanted them.  And then it went down hill.  AVOID Vance at Capital Kia.  He was a rude, pushy, salesman that showed his evident frustration with me-for sticking to my word of not buying right then and there.  After I slept on it over night-I was even more frustrated.  Yes I liked the Sorrento-but because he was such a arrogant ass about it-I won't buy one.  He even had the audacity to tell me you have to buy a car sometime...he's right-but not from him and not from Capital Kia.  With salesmen like him-I'm surprised they have repeat customers.

Cynthia T. | 2009-10-09

Since having my rack and pinion replaced, my tires began to wear quickly and I had to have them all replaced.  Turns out Capitol Kia completely knocked my car out of alignment, and in re-aligning them Lamb's discovered the rack and pinion was badly done as well.

One rental car and $1000 later, I now have a Honda.

John H. | 2009-06-22

With the passing of the "Cash for Clunkers" bill in Congress, I decided that now was the time to get rid of my Isuzu Rodeo and get a new car. I was looking around for cars and decided to look at and test drive the Kia Soul. We didn't want to go to South Austin and I didn't know anything about Capitol Kia (and didn't read the reviews here), so we went there.

First off, the dealership is so small that we missed the entrance and had to drive all the way around. When we finally pulled in, a salesman greeted us. He was actually kinda nice, but didn't know anything about the bill (out of the 3 dealerships we visited only one knew about it).

I told him I wanted to test drive a Kia Soul, and unlike the other reviews here he didn't try to sell us the car from the get-go. However, during the test drive he mentioned that Capitol Kia is the largest Kia dealership in the US based on sales.

You're kidding, right? A pathetically small dealership in a crappy location is the #1 dealer out of 700 dealerships?

And, to top it off, they only had 3 Souls on the lot, while South Point Kia has 15-20. And the salesman's excuse? Kia isn't sending any more cars until they get the current ones off the lot because of the recent hail damage.

And, at the end, he gave us his business card, but didn't bother inviting us into the dealership, nor did he give us any brochures about the Soul.

Hopefully our experience at South Point Kia will be better.

Fred S. | 2009-03-15

We went over to Capitol Kia recently to check out some of the deals on new cars. We told the salesman that we were just looking that day and the next thing I knew we were taking a test drive down Hwy 183 in a brand new Spectra! The car drove well and when we returned to the lot, the salesman rushed us into the sales office. I said, "Did we really want to buy a car today?"

I can see where an inexperienced car buyer can get into trouble at Capitol Kia. They used some of the oldest high pressured sales techniques that I have seen in a long time. The salesman started with a retail price and after about 15 minutes of his sales talk, the price of the car had been reduced by 25%. Seemed like a great deal, and we didn't even have to say much - he just kept lowering the price when we didn't say anything. The sales manager even joined us to ask us how we could be so "crazy" for not accepting their reduced price.

Well, it was a decent price, but the problem was with the salesman. He was rude, had an attitude and looked annoyed when I asked him questions about the Kia company. I had to explain to him the relationship between Kia and Hyundai.

I know Kia wants to sell a lot of cars, but they need to train their dealerships about the art of customer care...

Christy G. | 2008-05-25

I went to Capitol Kia to check out the inside of the Kia Sportage.  I had seen many on the road and liked the look of them, plus I heard about the amazing warranty and financing that Kia has to offer.  

I went to the Capitol Kia off of Research and in between Anderson Mill and Lake Creek Blvd. and from the get-go my experience was awful.  

I was greeted by a salesman as soon as I stepped out of my car (okay, okay, this is to be expected) and I established up front that all I wanted to do was check out the interior of the Kia Sportage.  He takes me to a Sportage with leather interior and starts to rant on about the features, etc.  I reiterated that all I wanted to check out was the inside of the car but he went on.  

After some discussion, I requested a pamphlet of information so I could take it home to look over with my husband.  He said, "Sure, let's go inside" and I followed inside where he had me take a seat in the shoddy showroom.  Before you know it, his Sales Manager comes out and attempts to obtain my contact information so he could sell me a car.  I told him that I wasn't interested in buying a car just yet but that all I wanted was some information.  He talked my ear off for 20 min. and I continued to tell him I wasn't interested.   He said, "What if I could get you some information on financing - for example, what kind of payments we could do, etc."  I told him that if he could get it to me in 5 min. that I'd take a look at it.

He ended up leaving and his boss comes over to talk my ear off.  I guess he could sense my frustration and could tell that I wasn't going to be driving off the lot with a new car so after about 10 min. he gave up.  I told him that I wanted the information the previous salesperson said he would get for me but he refused.

My experience here was so awful - I was shuffled to three different high-pressure salesmen over the course of 45 min. when all I wanted to do was take a look at the inside of the car and get some basic info!  

I will NEVER buy a car here even if I do buy a Kia.  AWFUL high-pressure sales with rude salespeople.  

If I could give zero stars I would, but I was forced to do at least one star.

LO L. | 2008-03-12

A couple of years ago I was doing pretty good and thought I had my shit straight and tried to buy a car from these jerks but that didn't happen.  I was attracted to Kia because they have an insane 10 year / 100,000 mile warranty and that sounded pretty good.  I went in with my boyfriend, looked at the cheapest model I could find with A/C but when the sales guy came out he refused to let me test drive it and kind of forced me into an Optima that I knew upfront I could not afford.  The joker was obviously more interested in getting a big sell than my happiness.  So - after sitting for a couple of hours in the dealership, going over financing, going back and forth with him regarding why I want a Rio and not an Optima, the jackass says he'll call me as soon as I was approved as he was sure I would be approved.  So I wait and wait and finally, toward the end of Monday I give him a call to ask him what's up.  Can't  get a hold of the guy.  Keep calling and calling for about two weeks before I get super pissed and get angry enough to where someone forces him to take my call.  Turns out the financing was not approved for the Optima (which I DID NOT WANT IN THE FIRST PLACE) and he's been too busy to call me back and let me know that the financing for the car I knew I could not afford was not approved.

Seriously - these guys at Kia are asswipes.  They are not worth your time and frustration.  Go anywhere else.

Jen L. | 2007-12-22

If I talk, listen to me. That's all I ask. It is, unfortunately, one of the things the salesman at Kia seem patently incapable of doing.

When we decided to purchase another car, we made the rounds of all car dealerships for each brand in trying to narrow down our choices. The third or fourth stop on the rounds was this Kia dealership, and we were totally unprepared for the onslaught (as we had been treated with respect, kindness, and had been listened to everywhere else we went).

We began looking at cars and mnivans when we were waylaid by Salesman #1. We told him that we hadn't decided what kind of vehicle to buy and were looking at all the 2008 offerings from all the car companies and were definitely not buying today. At every other dealership the "definitely not buying today" statement got us cards, answers, and for the most point, left alone, which is what we wanted.

Apparently, stating this at Capital Kia is like waiving a red flag in front of a bull.

Salesman #1 began pressing us on the sales and discounts and this that and the other, though it was continuous pressure it was low pressure. He showed us some models, discussed what we were looking for, but interspersed everything with the followup on how much we would save if we drove off with one today. I realized he was a salesman, and since it was just annoying, I let it pass, as did my husband.

He talked to us for about 5 minutes and then we were passed off to Salesman #2 who "knew more" about the vehicle we were looking at. It took us about 60 seconds to realize we had not bitten the hook fast enough so they transferred us to a higher pressure salesman who would work on us harder - and he did. The "offer" of deals became slightly more confrontational.

"You don't need to look at any other cars, we have the best deals."
"If you walk out without taking this car, you'll regret the deal you lost."
"I can put you in it, right now, and you'll never regret it - come on, just take it for a spin."

We stated, repeatedly, we were not buying today and we did not want to test drive any cars. About 5 minutes of that, and we were passed up to the third salesman, who attempted to bully and chastise us into taking a test drive and buying a car as if we were children who didn't know any better.

"You want to take this test drive - let me have them get the car ready for it." We answer no, as he is yelling to Salesman #1 to get it ready for the test drive. "Oh, yes, you do want to test drive it. It sells itself. " He ushered us as we refused the test drive to a waiting table while we continued protesting, letting us know he was just going to get the paperwork because he just knew we were buying that car.

Unfortunately for him, that minute he took to get the paperwork was enough for my husband and I to stare at each other, comprehend we were being bullied, and get up to walk out in disgust.

On the way out, #3, and #1 attempted to step in front of us to ask us where we were going. Every time we stated that we didn't want a test drive, we were just gathering information, they continued to high pressure argue with us. When we were near the door, #2 joined in. It got to the point that we simply stopped talking and being polite, and walked around them silently as they continued calling after us.

Never in my life had I been so utterly disgusted by someplace. Not only will I never go back there, I will avoid Kias themselves like the plague.

Don R. | 2007-08-08

First of all let me make something clear. I'm an asshole - the facts are all there, have been all of my life. I try to control it, but deep down I have to live with the fact that I am an asshole.  

I am also an asshole that was born to haggle over cars. I learned from my dad, who once made a ford salesman cry right in front of me.

In my salesman days, I would go to used car lots and haggle - just for practice.  Every trick a salesman has, I know how to do it better.

Now that I've mellowed out a bit, I don't enjoy haggling like I used to. I'd rather be more analytical about it.

Well a short visit to capital kia brought my inner asshole bubbling to the surface like Texas Tea!

First of all the place is a dump. It is dirty, it smells bad, the air wasn't really working. You know how in grade school the underside of the desk always had gobs of gum stuck to it. Well here they put the gum right on top of the desk where you can see it.

I wanted to test drive a Kia Spectra and a Rio. A salesman, Chris - who was a nice enough fellow got me in a Spectra and we tooled around Research. That was fine. I liked the car, but I told him I wasn't buying today. I just came out to drive the car so I could report back to my wife about it.

They advertise a $7900 brand new Spectra in the paper. It is of course a joke. The one they have on the lot has no air conditioning and is all white. It should be illegal in Texas to sell a car with no air.  Chris said, "oh you don't want that car, look at this spectra here it is only $15,600.

"How'd we go from $7900 to $15600?"

I told him I had to get back to work, which I did, because it was like 10AM on a Thursday.   Well the game started, look I know this game, I can play this game well, but honestly I didn't have time.

So he puts me in his office and goes to get a form. For those that don't know this is the "how I'm going to fuck you" form.  "What do you want your payment to be.?  It is utter crap - it is like buying a car from Herb Tarlek in 1978 at the discount motor place. Chris lacked the white belt and white shoes but the game is the same.

In the top box he writes the sticker price. "Oh jeebus" I'm thinking, this kid wants to do this the hard way.  He wants to do the three way screw job on me. (When they manipulate the price, the trade in, and the financing all at once - I assure you when they do this you are getting screwed.)

I told him, tell me your best price on the car. I can take that to my wife, and then maybe we can do business. I don't need you to finance it, and I am not trading my truck in, and I don't have time to dance this dance right now.

More bullshit, as he had to go find his manager, blah blah blah. I left, he was chasing me out the door, "wait I'm going to get you a price right now!" "Well Chris you have my phone number - call me with the price"

I was at that dealership an hour, I still don't know what the price was. I weep at the number of suckers they have screwed over there.

My advice, don't go.  Or if you do, pay me a consultant fee and I'll come with ya and play their game for you. I think at Capital Kia they actually would rather not do business with an informed, smart consumer. They'd rather just get fat on the suckers they can screw over. I never got a call.