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Were the new General Motors. We are a company of diverse brands, selling over 7.5 million vehicles in over 120 countries worldwide. Were well positioned to take people wherever they want to go. Today. Tomorrow. And well into the future.
From electric and mini-cars to heavy-duty full-sized trucks, monocabs and convertibles, General Motors dynamic brands offer a comprehensive range of vehicles. Along with our strategic partners, we produce cars and trucks, and sell and service our vehicles, through the following brands: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Baojun, Holden, Isuzu, Jiefang, Opel, Vauxhaull and Wuling.


Established in 1984.

Capitol Chevy has been family-owned since 1938 and is Austin's Original Chevy Dealer. Come in and see why we are the home of the Completely Satisfied Customer!  We have been owned and operated by the same family for over 75 years and have learned what it takes to keep our customers coming back. We are conveniently located on South IH 35 at the William Cannon exit.We treat our employees and customers like family!

Capitol Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 436-0906
Address:6200 S Interstate 35, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Capitol Chevrolet

Michael W. | 2015-04-13

I've had my 2004 Avalanche in for service several times over the years at Capitol Cheverolet (3.5-4 star), but in the last 3-4 years service has gotten worse.  Last August my truck was making strange noises.  I was going on a three week trip to Utah and wanted to make sure it was long road worthy.  It took them two and half days to get the truck into be looked at then another five days to repair (not including the weekend).  The service manger failed to keep me informed as to what was going on and started doing repairs that I did not consent to.  After some discusion they agreed to lower the price of the repair under the $5K cap had put on it.  I brought the vehicle back last week because the AC stopped working.  After a day and half they still had not brought the vehicle into be worked on.  At which point I told them not to bother.  I took it to Klingsman who looked at within three hours and fixed it a day.  I do not recommend this faciiity

Tyler B. | 2015-04-10

We drove to Austin from Nashville, and as soon as we arrived, my check engine light came on. Ugh.

My car is fairly new with less than 50k miles, so I wanted to get the dealership's opinion. Tony helped me and informed me that I simply didn't screw the gas cap on tight enough. I felt stupid but was relieved it wasn't a major issue. He reset the light and sent me on my way.

The next day it came on again... Tony told us they were very busy and we'd have to leave it. I explained to him that we had to drive back to Nashville the next day, and I wanted to make sure the car wasn't going to break down on the way home.

He squeezed me in for a diagnostic test and determined it was the catalytic converter. He said they wouldn't have time to replace it before we left but that it would be safe to drive.

Thanks, Tony!

Fred R. | 2015-03-30

I took my car in to do an upgrade to my suspension at Capitol's GM Accessories  department Dave Russom got me in and out of there within one day as promise.
Great Service!

Ashley A. | 2015-03-13

I dropped my car off on a Monday afternoon and had it back around 6pm on Friday. It took longer than I expected for it to be checked out by a technician but as soon as they knew what was wrong (and received the parts) it was fixed the next day!

Karree G. | 2015-02-28

Where does this review start ! Car buying process can be such a hassle when you Young and a Woman! so I've been round and round trying to find  a car that i was happy with payments i were happy with and getting the most for my trade!!
Today  car shopping online plays a big part, i remember as a child going with my parents to countless dealerships haggling and getting the best deal BUT I'm so surprised at these other reviews.

I was working with Covert Chevy in bastrop about 30 mins outside the city and don't get me wrong the sales rep i was working with was great but after getting financed through my CU I was looking for the car i want within the parameters . All the way down to the final buzzer they said they were going to get it done ! The day i was suppose to go buy my car they said we can't make the deal happen ! wow all this time and now this!!!

Capital Chevy by far was THE BEST Dealership to deal with even before i step foot on the lot ! I did a online inquiry on a vehicle and got connected with David in the internet department what can i say he followed up with multiple times via email not the  annoying 24/7 phone calls other dealers do even if you specify that you prefer email . got me in and out in 2 hours got me the car i wanted at the price i wanted ! Easy and straight to the point , Being in the medical field I am HUGE on customer service and efficiency .

The great experience didn't stop there the have a on sight allstate agent name Kim and she is such a gem ! Being with my age and my kind of spotty driving record i was a little early in leaving state farm , but HA she got me savings of almost $100 a month!!! can you say wow !!!

I Do hope that a manager from Capital Sees these reviews You have Two great amazing employees on your hands !!!!! David and Kim keep up the amazing work you all are going to be a huge part of people coming back !!

john b. | 2015-02-27


I purchased a pre-owned certified Silverado HD from Capitol.  The milage didn't match the Internet ad to the odometer by approximately 4K miles.  They claimed they weren't sure why. 28k to 32K was the difference.  The Silverado was very nice and certified so I decided the milage wasn't too bad and they took another 1K off the price.  

Later I found out that the truck had been certified, all fluids checked, filled, oil changed etc...then used by the dealership to transport another vehicle on a trailer to Michigan!   This was the milage difference! The dishonest part is that the dealership put the Silverado back on the lot for sale without "re-certitifying" it and changing the oil, fuel filter, adding DEF fluid, servicing the transmission etc etc...

I had to sit down with the used car sales manager and confront him, basically give him the Silverado back before he offered to reservice the truck!  He then had service change the oil, fuel filter, and after much debate the Allison transmission filter.  He refused to fill the DEF tank which was nearly empty with a 1/2 gallon  of fluid remaining out of 5.5 gallon capacity.  Unbelievable!

He was rude, smug, and resistant...and didn't like having being caught.  I have not had this trouble with other dealerships in the Austin area and I have purchased from several over the last 15 yrs I've lived in the area.  If the sales manager had not re-serviced the truck, I had no choice but to return it as I had been lied to and the services required added up to approximately $500 overall at dealership prices!

I hope this helps someone else beware before they buy used at Capital Chevrolet and to not trust them if they seem confused about a milage discrepancy on a vehicle they have already certified.

Anna M. | 2015-01-29

I was looking for my first car and was unsure of how to start so I was walking around lost and the sales peron asked what I was doing and if I was looking for some one she could call them. She said it in such a way I took offence and decided to leave.(almost like you dont belong here) instead I gt my car from henna Chevrolet up north

Janie S. | 2015-01-25

Was the worst car buying experience.  I was harassed, given false information, threats, wrongfully accused, and given mixed messages between the sales Frank Cerda and the finance manager Art Ponce.  When asked to speak to the owner I was given the contact information to the owner of Chuck Nash co-owner of Capitol Chevrolet.  I was never given Nancy Harper the owner of Capitol Chevrolet name or contact information.

Kenneth A. | 2014-12-11

Thanks Marco for the quick response in getting me in a van. Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas.

Faith W. | 2014-12-06

I recently purchased my second vehicle from Capitol Chevrolet. Two years ago I visited their lot for the first time after seeing a used vehicle that interested me on their website. I purchased that vehicle with low pressure, which I truly appreciated.

The service the first time was so good that I returned to their lot again when ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle. Omar in their used car department greeted me on the lot and was a genuine pleasure to work with. He was friendly and treated me with respect throughout the transaction. As a woman shopping for a vehicle by myself more than once, that hasn't always been my experience at other dealerships. It's the primary reason I returned to Capitol Chevrolet.


- Omar was fantastic to work with, very friendly and eager. (He even set my car radio presets to match what was programmed in my trade-in.)

- Fair price for my trade-in with absolutely no haggling. (I researched ahead and knew what it was worth.)

- Didn't feel any pressure aside from what you'd expect when buying a newer model used car. They clearly didn't want to lose a potential sale, but I never felt like they were trying to smooth-talk me.


- Haggling for a car is never fun. I would've preferred a more honest up-front price. Their asking price was $2k+ over book value. I had to negotiate for over half an hour to get a fair price on the 2013 year model vehicle I purchased. (I knew what book value on it was, and wasn't willing to pay more.)

- Waiting for over an hour in their lobby each time for purchasing paperwork. I waited an hour when I first purchased two years ago, even though I had cash in hand for the car. This time I still had to wait for over an hour just to sign papers, even with pre-qualified financing. This was the only reason I didn't give this dealership 5 stars. My time is valuable and I felt disrespected that I had to wait so long.

Overall it was a positive experience and after having purchased there twice, I'd certainly visit with them again if I got ready to buy another car.

James A. | 2014-09-11

I just bought a new truck yesterday, 9/6/14, at Capitol Chevrolet.  As typical when purchasing a new car, the process was not a fun experience, but it was a nice experience given that I was dealing with a huge dealership.  From my initial online inquiry to arriving at the dealership to test-drive and eventually purchase the truck, my salesman, Gary T, was super friendly and was able to answer all of my questions.  Even dealing with the financing manager, Sid, was a nice experience.  He did his job in trying to get me to purchase the add-ons, but he wasn't pushy about it and he did not keep pressuring me to purchase add-ons I declined.  
I can only hope the service department will have and maintain the same excellence I have experienced as a new customer of Capitol Chevrolet.

Don C. | 2014-08-27

I have done business with Capitol Chevrolet for a long, long time dating all the way back to the time when they were still at their original location at 6th and Lamar.  For years, they were my Chevrolet dealer of choice.  However, time has a way of changing things.  Due to apparent policy changes at Capitol Chevrolet I will not do business with them again.  A short time ago, I was in the market for a new Corvette and made an appointment to view one that Capitol had in inventory.,  The car was configured much like I wanted so I inquired about price.  I was appalled to learn that Capitol was stooping to price gouging to the tune of $10K above MSRP.  They had the gall to do this when there were multiple Chevrolet dealers in the area advertising similar vehicles at MSRP.  I was greatly  insulted by the attempt to price gouge me and advised the salesman that they had not only lost the sale, but they also lost me as a customer ... forever.  My recommendation is to look elsewhere for a Chevrolet dealer that will deal with you fairly.

Eddie C. | 2014-08-25

I walked in wanted to find out how much they would offer for my car, almost an hour laterr  , they came in with a lowball  offer that is about  $5000. less what my car is actually worth,  highway robbery!   thanks for wasting my time!  to make matters worse  they would not even honor the discount price they have online.
i would never recommend buying there!!

Phil S. | 2014-08-07

Good fair prices, free courtesy shuttle and I would have given 5 stars but sometimes they do not contact you letting you know what the issue is or when your vehicle can be picked up.

Pamela R. | 2014-06-16

I've purchased 4 vehicles from Capitol and have recommeded both friends and family.  The staff in used cars is excellent.  I only gave two stars because of my recent experince with the service dept.  I've had to bring my car in at least 4 times due to one of my tires leaking at the bead.  I bought the extended warranty and each time I bring it in, I get "I need to check with your warranty company and give you a call back"....I never receive a call back, so I wait and go in again.  Well the last time I went in was June 7, I was again told that they need to check and would call me on Monday (didn't get a call)...but was also told that my warranty would probably not cover the tire now because the thread is too low.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  If the problem would have been dealt with the first time, the thread was fine then.  So I have purchased a 2,000 extended warranty and can't even use it for a 100 tire.  Very disappointed.

Erin H. | 2014-06-12

I recently purchased a car from Capital Chevrolet. The experience was beyond my expectations. There was zero pressure and the utmost professionalism. My salesman, David Basham, was very accommodating and friendly. It was like buying a car from an old friend.

Stephanie R. | 2014-03-11

Randy, the manager in the service department, has the worst customer service and left me visibly upset in the lobby. My friends and family won't be coming here again. I should've gone to the Henna Chevrolet where I bought the car. It's farther from my house but at least they are friendly and treat their customers with respect.

Thiago D. | 2013-12-12

A while back I purchased a 2013 Avalanche from this dealership. A few weeks after the purchase I discovered a few issues with it. I realized that along with the dash becoming loose the vehicle had misaligned body. The tailgate, door and front bumper were not flush. I then took it back to the dealer, they said they were going to send it to a third party body shop to get it aligned. Ever since the alignment the tailgate would not shut properly, an extreme amount of force was necessary to shut it so it would lock. I was then told by an associate that it was either that or push it back and have if off alignment. I then noticed another issue with the truck. I then started to get water in the cabin of the vehicle after any rain (not in the pickup bed that is supposed to be water tight, that is another story, my pickup bed was a swimming pool). A puddle of water gathered behind the rear seat and the floor board. It was a lot of water. I then informed Chevrolet who attempted to fix the issues multiple times but failed. My truck was in and out of the shop for an approximately total of 6 times. I then started to look at the lemon law and mentioned to the associate who was working with me. I then received a call from the salesman who sold me the vehicle. He called me and said "bring the truck in and we will get you into something else... you shouldn't be going through all of this with a new truck." I then took my vehicle in. I was then offered 10K less then what I paid for my vehicle 2 months prior. They then tried to sell me a Tahoe LTZ matching my Avalanche which was also an LTZ for a 15K difference. I then asked the manager why would I purchase another Chevrolet? Just so I could go throughout the same headache again? I then left the dealership and the following week started to look for a different vehicle (NOT a Chevrolet). Do not use this dealership. I was also asked to leave a positive feedback, and if I was not satisfied if the service, to please discard the survey. I would give them a ZERO if possible but I guess one is the lowest.

Krista K. | 2013-11-12

I purchased my first car last year from Capitol Chevrolet and had an excellent experience (which seems rare compared to other people's car buying stories).  Being my first time, I was terrified and felt like I had no idea what I was doing.  The entire staff was wonderful and went out of their way to explain every step of the process.  They even found me a few extra discounts I didn't know about through USAA -SCORE!  To top it all off, they worked with my budget to make sure the payments would work for me and helped me get a low interest rate through their lender.

I can't remember the name of the lady who actually did the test drives with me, but she kept us all laughing and put me at ease throughout the process.

Side note--I got a flat on my way home from the dealership.  Yes, within 10 minutes of buying the car, I tried to break it.  I called Capitol Chevrolet up and they scoured through my warranty and helped me recoup the money I spent to replace the tire.  They totally went the extra mile for me, and it was a huge help.

All in all, good people, excellent customer service, and a great overall experience!  My car is still working great and I know that if anything does go wrong, I can just call them up and they'll get me straightened out!

Pat W. | 2013-10-13

There is no other word for it, these people are a menace. I took my Corvette in because the electronic memory module was malfunctioning.  I'd had it in to them a couple of months earlier to replace the fuel gauge sensor, which cost an arm and a leg, and shortly thereafter began experiencing problems with other electronic options. Coincidence?  In any event, to make a very long story short, I got my car back three weeks later. The electric windows didn't work now, the memory problem was not fixed and while my car was in their garage, one of the employees there ran into it with a jeep and caused almost $2000 worth of damage to the car.  I left without getting my car repaired because I was afraid the next thing would be they would pour gasoline over it and burn it down.  My sympathies to anyone who staggers into Capitol Chevrolet expecting any maintenance to be done on their car.

Peter d. | 2013-08-13

Walk in parts department fail.... I called ahead of time and wanted to special order a part so, I went in person to the parts dept to order the part. The "parts guy" was helping another customer so after waiting for a few minutes (standing) me and my son had a seat. A woman walked up to the counter and this "parts guy" helped the lady before me. To add insult to the situation, when it came time to order the part this guy to me that I was 5 minutes late in getting the part in the morning. And he wanted to charge me 10 dollars more than I could get from internet Chevy dealers.
As I said before FAIL! Overpriced and Rude!
This will never be a part dept I will go to again.

Shonda M. | 2013-07-02

I took my Trailblazer here about a month ago to be serviced. After the better part of a week and numerous repairs later, I received the bad news that the oil pump was going out and the engine would need to be replaced. This would cost me more than the car is worth. The service tech I worked with was amazing and explained to me that it took repairing everything wrong with the car to figure out what the REAL problem was. But instead of charging me the full amount for all of the "unnecessary" repairs, which would've cost thousands of dollars, he charged me only a small fraction of the total because "it was the right thing to do." I wasn't able to get my car fixed, but they were honest and really gave me a big break. I really appreciated this and will happily recommend them to anyone with a Chevrolet.

Katherine H. | 2013-06-24

The service department doesn't get any better.  I highly recommend if you have a Chevy and need to get repairs, take it to Capitol!

Joe N. | 2013-06-12

I approached T. Harper with a request to help me surprise my wife with a new car.  As soon as I e-mailed him I was put in contact with Renee and Ramsey in the sales department.  They were phenomenal in helping me.  I was able to express my wishes about color, upgrades and style through text messages and phone calls.  Every time I had a question I was given a response within the hour.  The deal was great, the upgrades were perfection and they were genuinely excited about the lengths I was taking to make it a surprise.  They knew that I was doing this as a secret and helped me throughout the process to keep it that way.

The car was actually ready a day before they estimated and I was able to pull off the surprise without a hitch.  The experience I had with Capitol was amazing and my wife was absolutely stunned.  

While on the lot picking up my new car I asked them about their used car inventory.  A family member of mine was looking and I was able to put her in touch with Will Schnautz.  The car was perfect and again, the service she was provided in buying the used car was great.  Within five days of my purchase, my family member purchased the used car.  It was clean, ran great and was completely ready to go as promised when we drove it off the lot.  Because Will and Ramsey helped get the paperwork ready to go prior to our arrival at the dealership, she was in and out in less than an hour.

I would recommend Capitol Chevrolet to anyone that is looking to buy a new or used car.

Bill M. | 2013-05-14

This is the third vehicle we have purchased from Capital and it is the service that we receive that keeps us coming back. Wayne did a great job of taking care of me - getting me in and out of the service department within an hour. Unbelievable really considering that I had planned on spending half of my workday waiting on my repair.

I know that my concerns will be listened to and that the repairs will be done right the first time. The staff is topnotch. Capital and Capital Service have earned my trust.

Aspen P. | 2013-03-10

Justin Jennings has been a good friend of mine for over 12 years, and I was so excited to hear that he was moving to Austin.  He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles I was looking at, and I found my dream car, the Camaro.  Unlike a lot of car salesman, Justin made me comfortable and was not trying to sell me anything I didn't want or need.  He listened to what I wanted and I walked out with my dream car.  Thank you for the excellent experience.  Also, Rene was extremely friendly always addressing me when I walk into the dealership.  I would definitely recommend Capitol Chevy to anyone who is wanting to get a new vehicle.

D M. | 2012-12-28

After my first good experience at Capitol Chevrolet, I decided to go back to get my vehicle looked at for some problems. This time, Steve helped me. Another super-professional guy.

Recently my 2004 GM vehicle had a bunch of Check Engine and ABS lights come on, and I was due for a state inspection soon. In Texas, your inspection will not pass if your dashboard has any of those buggers lit up.  From the guy at AutoZone who read my OBD (On board diagnostic) codes, I knew that something was messed up with a vacuum hose leak, and the Antilock brake system computer was messed up. A few hours after I dropped off my car, Steve called me with the estimate for repair.  Replacing the ABS computer was going to be an $800 repair job. Ouch, I don't even think my car is worth that much.

I decided not to go forward with the repairs in lieu of possibly just buying a new car, but instead I only departed with the $100 diagnostic fee.  2 months and 5000 miles later, despite not replacing the faulty ABS computer, the error lights have NOT returned, and I was able to get my vehicle inspection passed. Knock on wood, the lights will stay off until something else decides to go wrong with my engine.

Whatever the mechanic did, he saved me from having to spend $800 to get my car to pass the state inspection.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

josh n. | 2012-12-20

Don't waste your time. They delete all the bad posts now. You must shop around. I found out how far off they where on getting me a "Great Deal"

Steve C. | 2012-12-15

I bought my 2008 Silverado Texas Edition from Capital, and had a great, no hassle experience back then. But this review is about the service dept.

A couple of years ago in Ft. Worth, in very cold weather, my truck got stuck in Park. Would start and everything, just wouldn't shift out of park. I was stranded at a gas station on I20. While waiting for a tow truck, it suddenly went into drive. I drove it immediately to a Chevy dealer in Ft. Worth, and, after full diagnostics, they couldn't find anything wrong. The problem never happened again, until last week.

Last week, went out to my driveway when it was below freezing, and the truck started but wouldn't shift out of park. I called capital and asked if I could have it towed in for an immediate look. They said yes.

Before calling for a tow, I monkeyed with it a little while, hoping it would suddenly solve itself like last time, and it finally did after about 15 minutes. I drove it straight to Capital to the pull up lane. They brought one of the actual techs out, Barry, who seemed like a veteran tech. He asked me some questions, hooked up a diagnostic reader, and concluded that it was probably a bad brake switch, though he couldn't be positive. Even though the idiot light said "service traction control".

Even though I didn't have an appointment, they pulled it right in and changed the brake switch. That solved the problem, the lights went off, and I was on my way in less than an hour for under $100.

Extra bonus, Barry commented that my brakes didn't seem right, which is correct. Midas screwed them up, even after I brought the truck back and complained that the rotors had not been properly turned, and they turned them again (see that separate review).  It's a barely discernible "lumpy" feel wheel the wheels are stopping, but Barry caught it. I'll be going back for that repair another time.

In summary, Capital Service Dept waiting area isn't flashy, modern or really even clean. It's an old school "shop", not a glitzy hangout, like Howdy Honda. But I have full confidence in the techs and will be returning again for service as they've won me over.

Tami H. | 2012-11-27

I recently had a GREAT experience with the internet sales department at Capitol Chevrolet.   I contacted them via their online site and within minutes I received a phone call and an e-mail from Hollis McClard.  Hollis stayed in touch with me all day and had me driving home in my new Tahoe that night.  It was such a painless experience!  The finance people were also a joy to work with.  I highly recommend Capitol Chevrolet!

Darrin R. | 2012-11-18

Awesome service while buying a pre-owned car. Internet sales person Lazarus, Holis, the sales manager (forgot his name), as well as Charlie, the Finance Manager were all first class. The last time I purchased here was over 15 years ago. Last time was an OK experience, but this time was superb.

James F. | 2012-10-18

An overdue update in the stars for Capitol Chevrolet thanks to the sales department. I recently started searching for my mom's next SUV. We headed in to test drive the four cylinder and then later the six that was all new for 2013.

On our first visit, we were greeted by Dave R. who turned out to be a delightful sales associate. He patiently listened to our requests and eventually turned up an exact match that was at another dealership near the coast.

Dave's locating and sales expertise along with the sales manager Alan J. helping out a loyal customer; we closed the deal. Sid R. in finance also provided a smooth and personable experience with no pressure tactics. A few minutes waiting for a car wash and we drove away completely satisfied.

An update for the parts department as well, recent adventures refurbishing my personal SUV have been smooth with the assistance of Rick A. Thanks to him, my ride has a new center gauge cluster, chrome grill parts, and upgraded A/C controls. My son loves the fresh baked cookies while we wait!

Sure, parts online are cheaper than visiting the dealer. In two cases what I was sold online didn't work on my vehicle. I'm reserving one star because they won't match prices even from other GM dealerships with Ebay accounts.

Ab B. | 2012-10-03

Service is horrible, won't ever go back

Service was horrible and won't ever go back

Liz H. | 2012-08-30

This place is horrible. NEVER coming here again. EJ has horrible customer service as well as the whole company.
The first incident was about a month or two ago. Something went wrong with my boyfriend's car so he had to take it in. His advisor was E.J. We kept asking when the car was going to be done since I was driving Jose around and E.J. kept telling us, the next day. The next day comes and we call E.J. and he tells us the exact same thing again, "tomorrow." Every day we called and it was never done. We finally got the car 10 days later. This was very rude and inconvenient considering I have school and work and now I had to drive Jose to where he needs to be. I would have rather EJ tell us the car will be done in 5 days, or a week, rather than lying and saying it would be done the next day having us anticipate it every single day.
The second incident was about 2 or 3 weeks ago. We take Jose's car in. E.J. explained that the cost would be $95 or $100, but when Jose called andasked at least 2 times how much it would be to fix his car, E.J. said it wouldn't cost anything. Jose asked if he was sure and E.J. said yes, I would tell you if you had to pay something. A week later (which was unnecessary) the car was finally done and we go pick up Jose's car not expecting to pay anything bc we were told we didn't have to pay. Unfortunately, we had to pay 100. I refused and we asked to speak to E.J.
but he was on his lunch break. 15 minutes later, he comes in prancing around and walks pass us without acknowledging us. He took his precious time to get the paperwork and he finally came over. He was very rude about it and Jose and I were just tired of waiting around so we just paid because speaking to EJ was just building up my anger. We paid and left. I called to speak to a manager and I was told the manager is not in and I can leave a voicemail so I did. I never received a phone call back.

Kyle G. | 2012-08-20

I love my car, but i will never buy a chevy ever again if it means i have to keep dealing with these jerks. i have not had one good experience here!
After driving across the country in my move to Austin, i took my car here to get an oil change and a basic check-up. even after scheduling my service two days in advance, i pulled up and they had no record of my appointment. i should have taken that as a sign and just saved the hassle and went somewhere else. after a long couple of HOURS my car was finally completed. i asked them about getting a new key fob (since mines completely wonky) and they simply told me they'd have to check to see if they had any in stock. they didn't bother checking, just told me thats what they'd need to do. so i asked them to check and the service specialist sighed and walked off, came back 20 minutes later and told me they had it but i'd have to schedule an appointment for them to program it. wtf? my car hadn't even been released back to me and they couldn't round up someone to program it? i know it doesn't take long because i watched the guy do it when i bought the car!
A month or two later it was time to get my brakes replaced. once again i made an appointment 2 days ahead. this time i called, since the online system didn't work for me last time (and might i add the lady who i made my appointment with was not friendly either), yet still when i pulled up the day of, they had no idea who i was or why i was there. after speaking with my service specialist, david, he told me since i was the first person in that day that my car would get right in and he'd call me in about 20 minutes with info and an estimate. an hour went by before i called, the lady told me my specialist was busy and he'd call me back in a few minutes. another hour went by before i called again and got told he was busy, so i told her i would wait (which she was not happy with). literally, like, a minute went by and he got on the phone and fed me some line about how he had the wrong number for me (nevermind the fact that they should have my info on file from last time). he tells me whats up and gives me an estimate, i ask him how long it would take and he says no longer than 2 hours,  which is good because i had to work that afternoon. so i tell him to go for it, 2 and a half hours go by and i call and guess what?! hes busy!! so i wait another 15 minutes and call back and she transfers me to the wrong guy! so i call back, get his direct line and call him, to find out that they're not even 1/4 of the way through! by this time its like noon (i work at 130) and i was fully irritated and over letting them touch my car, so i told him to finish the set they were on and then they were done. he argued with me and i had to continuously tell him that i no longer authorized them to replace the rear brakes. finally he told me they'd be finished in less then 30 minutes and he'd call me when i could pick it up. it might have been a little rude, but i definitely asked him if he was sure he was going to call, because so far he hadn't called when he said he would. he assured me he would. i didn't take any chances, though. i went ahead and made my way back to the dealership to wait in person for him. before i got there, though, i called to find out if it was done and, once again, he was busy. so i walked in to wait, i look over, and my specialist is sitting in his office texting! i almost lost it! i went on a rampage, demanded my car back and vowed to never go back!
unfortunately a few months later i had to call in regards to a recall that my car might have been included on. A lady named georgia answered, i told her my name and that my car might be involved in a recall and i wanted to find out, and in the middle of my sentence she transferred me without saying a word! next thing i know i'm talking to a ringing phone! after getting the info i needed i called back to talk to her manager and she argued with me and told me i was breaking up even though i was calling from my work phone. i call shenanigans! i finally got her to transfer me to her manager and her manager proceeded to make excuses and said, "maybe shes having a bad monday. we're not in the business of running off customers." i told her it was too late and she'd better listen to the recording of my conversation with her and take care of the situation before they run off more customers.

thats a lot to say, i know. but now you understand the fullness of their awful customer service skills! they've completely ruined chevrolet for me. places like this should not be in business.

Ashley R. | 2012-08-03


I have had problems off and on in the past but most were taken care of by my service manager. When he left (around the start of the new year) and I had to take my car in, I had bad luck. This week both brake lights went out. I replaced the bulbs with those recommended by the owner's manual - 1157 - but they still didn't work, so someone at O'Reilley's checked the fuses, checked the bulb number again by comparing the burnt out bulb numbers to their stock (an exact match to what I put in), and recommended going to get the stop lamp switch replaced.

I left my car at the dealer, explaining everything; electrical problems are covered by my extended warranty. Today I was told that I owe over $200 out of pocket because after they replaced the stop lamp switch (covered by warranty), the lights didn't work, so they tore things apart until finding the light bulbs "were the wrong ones" - even though I have the store package still for them. The mechanics did not start by checking the bulbs - the simplest thing - but instead took the long and expensive route which was not covered by warranty because they claim I put in the wrong bulbs (again, I have a witness and the packaging to prove them wrong). The dealer's explanation is that they assume something is taken care of and check for everything else; I said if it was a water heater or spark plugs then I understand, but it doesn't take but two minutes to double check light bulbs. No one could "find" the head manager either, and as I have to pick up my car tomorrow (a weekend) to be able to have its use again, I'll have to pay before having a chance to deal with him. Convenient.

So now I am out close to $250 because of a claim they made (and/or a mispackaged set of bulbs that fit perfectly and were labeled as the proper ones for my Aveo) and their lack of adeptness in checking the simplest thing first. Money means more than quality service here. Drive north or to San Marcos if you need to go to the dealer - don't waste your money or time at this location!!!

Lynda Y. | 2012-01-05

First time reviewer but feel compelled to so others are not taken advantage of...  took '05 Tahoe for oil leak.  Received $1500 repair quote - majority of work was due to a leak in the rear main plate and would require the removal of the transmission which translates to several labor hours.  After further research realized that the quote was $300-500 higher then other shops would charged so declined the service.  EXTREMELY happy that we did ... because in the end the repair cost $300.  We found that the 'rear main plate' was 'bone dry'.  Left a voice message for service manager ... doubt I will get a return call.  Wished I read reviews before taking car in - but at least we can say one thing about the service department - it is consistent - consistently awful.

Ed S. | 2011-12-30

We entered a parallel dimension and had the first good car buying experience of our lives. We entered this portal through the Internet: researched features, base MSRP, current incentives, state-wide inventory, etc. and emailed Jerry Reynolds at the Car Pro Talk show on KLBJ. Jerry connected us with Capitol Chevrolet's manager Robert Ruiz.

Everything was on the level: negotiations, financing, etc. There was none of the: "your neighbors will look down on you without the gold-plated spoilers", "you're taking food out of our children's mouths", "sit here while I drink coffee with my manager". We left knowing that we got what we wanted at a reasonable price and finance rate. That feeling is worth something in itself. The only thing that would have completed this experience is a free 56" flat screen TV or free trip to Maui.

We highly recommend Bonita Allen & the Internet Sales team. We also highly recommend the Silverado - this one is our 3rd.

Phillip W. | 2011-08-06

Purchase experience was so-so - salesman was helpful, but wanted the whole "sit down with the finance manager" before we could talk terms.  I called Apple Leasing, and had them buy the car for me at a discount, over the phone, in about 10 minutes.  

Service is also so-so so far.  Apple gave me a card for $7 oil changes, which I plan to use, but Chevrolet sent me a coupon for a free oil change.  That was nice, plus the dealership sent me an email when OnStar told them my car needed an oil change.  You can click through and make your own appointment online - another plus.

I arrived at my designated time, 8 a.m. on Saturday.  There were 5-6 cars ahead of me in multiple lines, and no system for tracking who came in when.  Deep breaths, I had a cup of coffee so I smiled and listened to NPR.  Service advisor was very nice, and I also asked them to mount my front license plate bracket.

After about half an hour, the service advisor told me there was a recall on my car's A/C programming and was it ok if they downloaded - I said sure, since the A/C had mysteriously started blowing warm air twice right when I got it.

After probably another hour, he came out and asked if I had the screws for the license plate bracket - sure, they're in the trunk.

Then I realized I was sitting there almost two hours more, and when I asked for my car, it was miraculously done within 2 minutes.  Harumph.

Overall, people were nice, facility was old dealer scary/rundown, work seemed to be done fine and for free, but no system for things happening - squeaky wheel gets serviced.

Scott R. | 2011-08-04

Capitol's service department fixed an issue with my vehicle that two other dealers couldn't figure out.  They were prompt and communicated the status regularly.

I'm 100% satisfied.

Austin C. | 2011-08-02

No loyalty to customers here.  We've spent thousands of dollars here over the years for various services on our 2 Chevrolet SUVs.  We needed an alternator fix which was under warranty by chevrolet. They installed the new alternator but would not honor the warranty.  When I say warranty, I mean I have a receipt from the alternator being replaced by Chevrolet.

I would have done the work myself as alternator's are easy to work on.  It would have been so easy for them - all that Capitol had to do was honor what their warranty to keep a loyal customer, instead they created an unhappy customer.  In the future, I'll be taking my service needs to Henna or Champion.

Guy P. | 2011-06-21

I bought EIGHT (8) Tires for both my Tahoe and Suburban from Capitol Chevy in 2006 and have had my vehicles serviced there.  

My wife had a tire blow-out on the side wall for one tire - we brought it in and the manager said that he thought it would be covered by the warranty.  

I paid for the tire to be replaced and hoped to hear back from them on paying for the tire or reimbursing for some of it.  


Chad L. | 2010-09-08

Purchased a Chevy Malibu SS.  Went there looking for a hatchback, wanted a Vibe GT, they sold to auction, but Jay was very helpful in contacting me with a similar car.  A little pressure as with any dealership, but they gave an unbeatable price with a GM Certification.  Never settle for anything less.....
Would buy there again.

Melissa T. | 2010-08-22

Honestly, this review is getting 4 stars instead of 5 for only one reason - I HATE CAR SHOPPING.

Happy to report that Tomas at Capital Chevrolet's Pre-Owned lot was extremely friendly, understanding and pressured us in no way at all. We purchased a used 2005 Chevy 1500 a week ago and could not be happier with the overall experience. I will definately return to Capitol Chevrolet for future vehicle purchases.

Belinda F. | 2010-03-30

This is only a review of the service department: WHICH IS FUCKING AWFUL!!!!!

I took my '05 Equinox here for an oil change last month. Not only did they insist there was no such thing as an '05 Equinox (the guy on the phone was talking down to me like I didn't know what car I owned), but they quoted me an unrealistic time and price.

When I got to the dealership, I pulled up and NO ONE even bothered to say hello to me. I guess it's customary not to take a 24 year old single female in a late model car seriously? After asking multiple, unfriendly people who I need to speak to, I was finally directed to a "service representative". They ended up holding my car captive for TWO DAYS, not offering a loaner car in the meantime.

When I went back to get my car, they told me I needed about $700 worth of maintenance on it. Most of which was unnecessary, and the piece that DID need to be fixed (leak in the transfer case), I got another CHEVY DEALERSHIP to quote me a price $150 CHEAPER than these assholes.

All that combined with the fact that they did a "127 point inspection" on the car to recommend services I don't need, but failed to alert me that my radiator fluid was drastically low (my car overheated the weekend afterwords) makes me straight up HATE this place.

What a joke of a dealership. They don't do a good job, and they charge you out of the nose for shitty service. Anyone still wondering why GM is bankrupt??? I'm not.

Mara F. | 2009-09-06

We have 3 Chevy's in our household, none purchased from Capitol Chevy, but I needed my Tahoe services so I went there.

I was VERY impressed with their service department.   I really didn't have very high expectations, they went above and beyond for me, even doing some research to find that a part that needed to be replaced (an expesive part) was still under warranty.    I didn't realize it was, and they certainly didn't have to do the service for free to bring it to my attention, but they did.

For that, I am thankful and will definatley be back.  


Joshua B. | 2009-02-12

First and foremost, I did not purchase a new Chevy from my visit, but a pre-owned vehicle from the dealership.

I saw a listing for a pre-owned Scion xB and gave the internet sales department a call. A salesman named Kevin confirmed the price and details about the vehicle, etc. and I arranged to check it out that evening. The car was parked, prepped (and with even shinier wheel covers than what I saw online!), and ready for a test drive, which I took of course.

After a spin around the block, the haggling began. Though not as skilled, practiced, or enthusiastic about the act as my father, I nonetheless gave it shot. There was the expected Q and A, some discussion of my trade-in vehicle, selling points, etc. The biggest delay related to the online price and the sticker price difference, Kevin claimed that what I viewed was not correct, but like a good salesman, acknowledged I was right and the mistake of the dealership.

Once it was said and done, and a final price was put on the table, I was satisfied with the offer. I could of driven off that evening but decided to sleep it over as well as confirm everything was good to go with my auto loan provider.

Next day I brought my trade-in vehicle, my beloved VW Jetta, signed the papers and bought the car. I was interested in an extended warranty. Chris in finance gave me an overview of coverage I ideally wanted. I was a bit over budget, but Chris actually cut me a deal that matched my loan, avoiding a down payment. He also took his time ensuring he couldn't find better financing, and thankfully, knowing a better deal was unlikely, did not run my credit with potential lenders and risk my credit rating. Furthermore, they help me file for copy of title without giving me any grief about losing it.

Overall, I was surprised at how straight up and efficient these guys were. Salesmen still, yes, but there was no pressure and aggression that I dreaded as a possibility. You still have to wheel and deal though, and I have no idea if the new sales department is the same way (the pre-owned/internet sales department apparently goes by units sold, not commission, which might be why). Speak with Kevin and Chris if you can, they were very professional and helpful.