Budget Truck Rental in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Budget Truck Rental in Austin, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Budget Truck Rental, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Budget Truck Rental in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 719-3646
Address:8917 Research Blvd, Austin, TX, 78759

Reviews on Budget Truck Rental

JD M. | 2015-01-29

If I could give a 0 stars I would. Reserved a truck to pick up at 0830. By 9:15 still no one at the desk. Customer service was no help. Totally screwed my whole move day. Ended up going to Uhaul. Do not rent from this budget location.

Dave N. | 2014-08-07

A big thank-you to Derrik at this Budget location the other day for helping my company get a moving vehicle QUICK! He pulled us out of a bind after a reservation feel through at a nearby truck rental place.

Samantha M. | 2014-07-03

This has been the worst experience in my moving history.
The company "overbooked" all of their trucks.  It took 3 days for them to figure this out.  I reserved a truck well in advance.  The night before they call and tell me that it's undergoing maintenance and there will be a delay in picking it up but they will call in the morning to let us know for sure.  
So 2 hours after pick up time I call to get an update - THEY TELL ME THEY HAVE NO TRUCKS except a larger one and we can have it for the price of the smaller one.  2 HOURS later I call again because I have not heard from them and they tell me they screwed up and have NO TRUCKS AVAILABLE.

Bad customer service. Poor communication. No inventory. No thanks.

And Dana B. - you're completely right.  They offered us the 16' truck for the 10' price (not that they had one)

Sheila J. | 2014-06-26

I want to give a shout out to the whole Budget team (they also work at the Annihilator location near braker/35). I have been renting trucks from them for years now and they always go out of the way to make the customer satisfied and are great about keeping you updated with your reservations and addressing any problems you may have. With rental trucks....its all about the customer service. I dont mind putting a little extra mileage on to deal with great customer service. Thanks to the whole Pep Boys/Annihilator Budget Team!

Aaron W. | 2012-12-05

I've never rented from Budget before but will from now on.  The service was great and the trucks are in great shape.  Nathan is a great asset to this location.  He was very nice and personable.

dana b. | 2009-03-30

Let me start by saying - this review has to do with BUDGET TRUCK National, not any specific local location. WWW.BUDGETTRUCK.COM is the ABSOLUTE WORST place to rent a moving van. This is only surpassed by their so-called "Customer Service" team. If you go to their website, they proudly display a jpeg that touts "Choose your truck size, Choose your rental location, Choose your pickup time". Nothing could be FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.
Oh you can choose it alright, you're just not guaranteed ANY OF IT. You're merely selecting your "preferences". That's right there in the terms and conditions - this reservation is NOT A CONTRACT. That is unless you no-show then they'll ding you $50 but forget them providing you any sort of service. This begins with displaying the locations - try and rent a 10' truck one would think they'd display locations that generally HAVE 10' trucks. Nope. Nada. They'll display everything and down load your reservation to your "preferred location" which will then have to run around like a one-armed paper hanger trying to FIND a truck from any of the franchises.
So, within 24 hours of making your reservation you're probably going to get a beleaguered phone call telling you it's not available (hint, if after reading this you feel up to the challenge, if you want a bigger truck, opt for the 10' price 'cause you'll get a 16' truck for the same price ASSUMING there are any trucks available, period).
Next, as customer service will smugly point out to you, they're a "self move" company and can't guarantee that someone who has the truck rented before you will return it on time (that's how lean they run their business). Don't at all be surprised that even if you agree to accept a different truck size than "choose your truck size" - that the size they agreed to provide to you will be there for your chosen "pickup time".
Be prepared to have to drive to a DIFFERENT franchise because after all, as customer service will point out to you, this isn't a contract and you merely designated your preferences for rental location, sized truck and pickup time.
Now let's assume you've run the gauntlet and somehow managed to score A rental truck at SOME Budget Truck location at SOME TIME on your designated rental day - don't expect a CLEAN truck. That must be a check box I forgot to click on or maybe that's a preference. I got a truck with a marijuana roach in the driver's door and an empty coke caffeine free (hey you wouldn't want to be jacked up on caffeine and pot at the same time). In wrapping up this lovely experience, I will say that this local Austin location has grown tired of Budget Truck's gamesmanship and is severing their ties with them.
I've gone the extra mile and reported them to the Texas Attorney General's Office as this is flat out w-r-o-n-g on so many levels. If it's not a contract then how can you levy a $50 no-show fee? if it's not a contract, how can you display a "Choose" your truck size, location and pickup time jpeg on your web page? I've had crappy customer experiences before but Budget Trucks tops them all. Oh and perhaps you'd like to take the advice from the Lewisville, TX branch that was my designated pick-up location (Austin was my drop-off), when I asked if there were ZERO trucks available how was I supposed to get to Austin? They told me "Try U-Haul"!


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