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Located in Austin, Texas, BMW of Austin is a part of the Penske Automotive Group. The automobile dealership features a range of new and pre-owned cars and sport utility vehicles from BMW. It features 3, 5, 6, 7, X3, X5 and Z4 Series models. BMW of Austin operates a service department that provides oil and filter changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, cooling system inspections and brake fluid flushing services. It also inspects hoses, clamps, radiators and steering components. The dealership's parts department carries a selection of street and racing components. In addition, its financial services include online credit applications and payment estimators. The dealership also provides insurance plans, lease programs and financial packages through various certified lenders. It offers online tips on purchasing vehicles. BMW of Austin offers appointment scheduling and parts order placement options.


Established in 2002.

I'm Steve Late, President of BMW of Austin and through a dedication to customer service we have been able to bring our Customer Satisfaction ranking into the top 10 among all BMW dealerships, ultimately reaching #2 in the nation and receiving the "BMW Center of Excellence Award" 6 times in 8 years. This is the highest award given in customer satisfaction by BMW and we are proud of this honor. What does this mean to you as a BMW of Austin customer? A better buying process and an ownership experience that is second to none! We realize that the only way we will meet our goal of superior customer service is to be passionate about our customers and the products we sell and service. Please feel free to come by the dealership so that we can get to know you and you can experience our friendly sales and service staff first-hand. We take your purchase of a new or pre-owned BMW very seriously, and my family and I look forward to building strong relationships with all of Central Texas.

BMW of Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 343-3500
Address:7011 McNeil Dr, Austin, TX, 78729
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on BMW of Austin

Anuj V. | 2015-04-22

Still as inefficient and slow as ever....
Still as unconcerned about getting you out the door...I got 'dirty looks' for daring to ask about my car's status.

Chris R. | 2015-04-14

Great car buying experience.

Joey W. | 2015-04-11

I typically don't enjoy the car buying process, but I had a great experience with one of the sales reps, Cody Sutton. He made my wife and daughter feel very comfortable, talked us through our options, and wasn't pushy. I really appreciate that. I've been a Land Rover buyer for the past 15 years, and I think we might be BMW converts now. Great service, good warranties, and thanks to people like Cody we felt comfortable. Highly recommend asking for him if you're going in.

Erika D. | 2015-04-08

I have had good experiences with the service department; They have been quick in completing the maintenance and their hours are very convenient. However, I recently purchased an extended warranty and spoke with two guys. I was surprised by how oblivious they were to the patronizing way they speak to customers. It seems to be the culture at BMW of Austin. I was inquiring about my options to purchase a warranty and in both conversations I was met with constant interruptions as I tried to ask questions. I was rushed off the phone and spoken to in the same fashion when I went to the dealership.Both men completely talked over me and made comments like "you wouldn't have the luxury of knowing...", "the average person doesn't understand". As I explained the information i was given, be it correct or incorrect information, the guy started talking over me and said "I know [bmw employee] and they would have never said anything like that or quoted you those prices" (translation "you're wrong", "you must not understand"). I think BMW employees need a little training in proper and professional communication. It was exhausting dealing with them and listening to the many passive-aggressive comments that were the equivalent of telling me I'm wrong or not intelligent enough - as I'm sure it takes a genius and I congratulate them on their intellectual accomplishments.

These two guys completely lack awareness that the words you choose and the manor in which you deliver said words are very revealing.  I feel like BMW has the resources to provide better training for their folks that deal with the public.

Sharon B. | 2015-04-06

wonderful,outstanding,knowledgeable! our salesman, james stewart was extremely helpful! first time bmw buyers and it was absolutely wonderful! all the staff was very nice and friendly! best customer service i have received in a very long time! kudos to bmw of austin!

Tony A. | 2015-04-04

warning, they sell your information to third party independent marketing companies so you will get hit up with mail from them. Such a shame, out of five BMW dealerships I have dealt with, this has never happened to me, including another Penske dealership.
Very disappointing considering 2014 BMW overall had another record  year with sales.

Susan C. | 2015-03-30

This is my third car to buy at BMW of Austin.  First with Chris Markey and the last two with Larry Stenson.  They are great to deal with, super helpful and no pressure.  They want to make sure you get the car you want.  We ordered to get exactly the options we wanted.  It was fast to get the car in for us, and they were happy to order rather than trying to sell us the car they had on hand that was "almost what we wanted".  Delivery includes a detailed session explaining the features of the car (there are many) and then there are followups to be sure things are going well, including an invitation to a refresher course on the car's features.  We love the BMW cars (we both drive one now).  And these sales guys are so pleasant to deal with, it makes the process easy and fun.

Harold Y. | 2015-03-27

Ive only dealt with the parts department but since they fired the guy that was working there before, the two gentleman at the counter are very helpful and provide great customer service. Their prices are good.

Manda W. | 2015-03-22

I have never been treated so poorly by a sales person in my life.  After months of searching,  I found my ideal car, unfortunately for me,  it was at BMW of Austin.  I apologize to Marc Smith for having the audacity to attempt to purchase a used car from you.  I suppose the late model used buyer is too far beneath a car salesman.  I arrived, asked to see the car I came in to purchase.  He gave me a set of keys and told me to go on out and have a look.  Mind you,  this is an overcast drizzly day.  I suppose Marc could not be bothered to venture out with me.  Would have been fine,  except he gave me the wrong keys.  I had to come back,  pry him off his desk top go get the right keys and out I go again,  alone.  I look at the car and no surprise,  it is the same car I came in to purchase.  I came back in and said,  yes that is the car I came in to buy.  He asks if I want to test drive.  Actually,  yes,  since I came in to purchase this vehicle.  Then,  upon from returning from the test drive,  I tell him,  again,  yes,  this is the car I want to buy. He gives me a credit application.  I complete and sit at his desk, alone,  for over 15 minutes.  At this point,  I have had it.  Ignored, neglected,  nothing.  Why was I still sitting there?  I grabbed my credit application and walked out the door. That was 2 days ago and not even a call from the sales manager to ask why.

Brandi D. | 2015-03-20

I had been searching for the perfect used SUV for almost a year and stumbled upon a model that I had been considering for a while on their website at an outstanding price with very low miles!  I called and spoke with Brian at 6:15 (they close at 7) and let him know I was on my way to test drive.  He waited while I test drove the car, did the walk through making sure everything worked etc. (all while I had my 2 kids with me!) After deciding this was the car for me, he ran my numbers, gave me what I wanted for my trade in and a great price for the vehicle.  There was no hassle and no back and forth like all of the other dealerships I've been to.  We did the remaining paperwork online and I went back with my husband two days later to pick up my car. I love it and it was the easiest car buying experience I've ever had.  Thanks Brian!

Ralph K. | 2015-03-16

I purchased my 4th car from Troy Massey at BMW of Austin. As always his effort was impeccable. He never hard sells, rather, he helps with providing as much information and options as I need. In this case it took me a few weeks to decide on a car that came into inventory vs. ordering one.  Troy knows my taste and preferences, so he let me work through the decision. As always everything from prepping the car, the delivery and after sales support has been spot on.

Working with this dealership has always been great, but I always work with Troy - he always goes the extra mile to help. Great experience and I love my new BMW!

Warren S. | 2015-03-07

This is a review of the Used Cars Sales.  Overall, have to say I was very pleased.  Purchased a used vehicle from here, Charles Graham was the sales rep.  Was able to get a decent idea of the vehicle through email before I traveled to the dealership. Made an appointment, which was met on time - vehicle was waiting for us.  Charles had two other deals going at the time, yet did a great job juggling all of us to keep the flow going.  Provided us with the keys and allowed us to examine the vehicle.  And, even though the vehicle was used, Charles suggested that if we had any issues, BMW Austin would work with us to make it right.  When we came back and made an offer, he quickly considered it, went to his boss, and confirmed they would accept it.  Very shortly thereafter we breezed through financing.  Throughout the sales portion there was none of this pushy sales pressure; and none of the gamesmanship I've experienced elsewhere.  Unfortunately, we were able to test Charles' and BMW's commitment to stand behind their sales, as we did find an issue with the vehicle shortly after we drove it off the lot.  However, true to their word, Charles and BMW Austin did make it right.

Tracy Q. | 2015-03-06

My husband and I bought our BMW here last week and what a great experience. Troy was amazing and got us what we were looking for. Our deal was great, our appraisal was right on point. Needless to say when our lease is up we will be back. Thanks Troy!

Michael John W. | 2015-02-28

Outstanding customer service. Totally transparent on all costs. Fair on parts prices. Honest. Professional. Concerned for you and your vehicle. Plus, you get a free loaner for the duration of their work on your vehicle; they gave me a 2015 3-series with 2xx miles on it, yes, like 200 miles. New car smell, in-dash video panel. Midnight blue with beige leather interior. Stylish. Almost made me miss by 5sp vintage Beemer. Almost. Free Starbucks while you wait for your assigned and very professional client rep in a totally comfortable lounge. While for an older BMW some of the repairs may prove relatively high in cost, the total crystal-clear guarantee on all work makes it well worth it. You get what you paid for, on time, and have a fresh BMW to whip around in while you wait. Their labor costs are $130/hr, at last experience, which is only 10-15% higher than an indie shop, which generally charge $90-115/hr and vary drastically in quality, often have very loose guarantees, and so cannot always to be trusted, although some indies are quite competent. A+ rating, BMW of Austin could not have been better. Zim zimma indeed.

Lindsey M. | 2015-02-22

We had a great car buying experience with this dealership. Our salesman, Marc Smith, gave us a fair price on a certified pre-owned SUV with almost zero negotiating, and while we did go back and forth a bit on the price of my trade in, we were very pleased with the end result and it ended up being a hassle free car buying experience. They also continued to go above and beyond after the sale; they detailed my car and filled up the tank a second time when I came back to have my plates put on.

Overall a great experience and I would definitely buy another car from them in the future.

Alexander S. | 2015-02-17

I would like to start this review by first applauding my salesman Jeff Reeves. I've purchased many cars from numerous salesmen, and none have managed to reel me in the way Jeff did.
From the moment I walked in, to even weeks after I've made my purchase, Jeff has kept tabs on me, and has fought to get the dealer to foot repair bills even though the car was purchased as-is. As a picky used car buyer I have no dealership loyalty, since I go to the dealer who has the car I'm looking for, but working with Jeff has caused me to consider staying with this dealership.
A serious round of applause for Jeff Reeves.

On to the review of the dealership itself.
This dealership is beautiful.
The people treated me very cordially even though I was buying a used vehicle that wasn't even a bmw.
They have a fantastic lounge with wonderful chairs and a large tv, a cafe, a MOVIE THEATER, and many other luxuries not found at your run of the mill dealership.
The whole place has the feel of opulence, without the snobbish attitude.
It has been, hands down, the best car buying experience I've ever had. Period.

Vince Y. | 2015-02-11

Very frustrating sales experience.

If you want many options, they have to custom build in Germany. The average build/delivery time is 3 months!! I realize that's a BMW issue and not Austin BMW, but it's a major problem compared to other dealers/manufacturers.

Their pricing is ridiculous. They clearly know that they're the only BMW dealer in town, but apparently they think we're too stupid to call other dealers.

My sales guy (really just an order taker since he didn't help much) gave me a price that was $4,500 more than the Ft. Worth BMW dealer for my 525i.

I love BMWs, but hate the BMW buying experience. I wish they would take a lesson from Lexus and learn that the entire customer experience is important - not just the product.

Dr L James V. | 2015-02-05

These guys are great -- and believe me when I tell you, I rarely say that about _any_ BMW dealership. Truth be told, I've always had a bit of a love-hate thing going with BMW... I _love_ the cars, but almost invariably _hate_ the "BMW experience" (on both the sales and service sides of the business -- and _especially_ at those self-anointed BMW "Centers of Excellence!). Well, I have to say that the guys at BMW of Austin have turned it around for me... In the last 6 mos., I've purchased 2 automobiles from them, and both transactions went off without a single hitch; even managed to get good deals on the cars... These guys are fair and honest, and they always leave me with the impression that they want -- and are willing to -- _earn_ my business. Chris Markey, their Sales Manager, and Troy Massey, their Floor Manager, are a real pleasure to deal with -- they know their business and they know how to take care of their customers. And they do it with a whit and charm that is quintessentially Texan -- what more can you ask for?  :-)

Bert L. | 2015-02-03

Stay far away from this business!

Made an offer on a pre-owned vehicle they had listed as a Buy It Now or Best Offer item on eBay Motors and they never responded. They then re-listed it as an auction item, received several bids over the course of 3 or 4 days,  then canceled all bids, and ended the auction early - in blatant violation of eBay's rules and policies.

When I emailed to ask if they believed they were following eBay's rules, they never responded. That tells you all you need to know right there...

Dan M. | 2015-01-30

I purchased my BMW 330i from Carmax so was a little apprehensive about the type of service I'd be getting when I had to have it sent to the BMW of Austin for repairs. You know, I felt a like I might be the red headed step child. Plus I had to have my car towed there instead of being there in person to check it in so was nervous about it being taken care of quickly.

I'm happy to say that my entire experience w/ BMW of Austin was excellent. Even better than the service I receive at Carmax.

My service rep Scott at BMW was enthusiastic and communicated with me daily & made me feel comfortable that my car was being looked after in a timely manner.

Shout out to the ladies at the front desk too. They were on top their game! Thanks guys, I know it takes a village & y'all are doing a great job.

Martha B. | 2015-01-26

This review is for the sales dept only. I haven't had to take it in for service yet so hopefully that will also be positive even though the service reviews are overwhelmingly negative. My sales advisor was Larry Stenson. He did a good job of explaining the car features and kept me up to date on the car's projected arrival to the dealership. The finance dept will try to sell you all sorts of add-ons during closing so just be prepared for that. Overall a good experience with the sales dept.

Drew J. | 2015-01-24

I must take a minute to rave about the outstanding service I received from Dudley Alexander when I leased a new BMW 328i this past month. I looked at Audi, Infiniti, and Lexus as well. Dudley sat me down and took roughly a half hour to educate me on the heritage, culture, and craftsmanship of the brand. He made it feel like I was buying more than just a luxury car; I was becoming apart of something bigger. No other salesman was able to do that.

Dudley's knowledge of the product was extensive. He never lost patience with me as I spent the greater part of a day hemming and hawing over which color/options to go with. He worked with me on price and arranged four test drives.

In fact, the Infiniti dealership played games with the price when I mentioned my credit was less than stellar. The fact that they can mark it up $100 on a whim just to squeeze more out of me was off-putting. BMW got me approved in minutes without any mark-up.

When I picked it up, the tutorial on the technology was extensive and super helpful. They give you a follow-up on how to use all the technology a month in, which I'm looking forward to. The people who work here are always cheerful and polite. I'm a fan, and look forward to working with Dudley in the future when it's time to upgrade!

J J. | 2015-01-19

Had a great car buying experience with Marc Smith and Charles Graham no pressure. Just super informative. Test drove several cars and they were not rushing me at all.  I will buy my next car from from BMW Austin.  Loving my first bmw!!!

Jason M. | 2015-01-12

Set up a 2pm appointment for a Vehicle Check Service for my 2011 BMW 335i Sedan E90. The service rep said 90 minutes give or take 15 minutes. I showed up 30 early and my rep wasn't there. Then I was called to speak to him 12 minutes after my appointment. I didnt get out of this place till 5pm.

Too bad this place has the monopoly on BMW service centers in Central Texas. Smh. BMW USA needs to open another place in the area.

I felt robbed for my time. I guess the "Ultimate Driving Experience" does NOT come with the the ultimate customer service experience at equal value. Hell these are not $30K or under cars more like $40k and upwards.

Makes me want to go Mercedes, Audi, Lexus or even Infiniti on my next car purchase. It's a shame.

Patsy G. | 2015-01-12

This review is for the Sales Department, as I am new to BMW and haven't had service yet. Larry Stenson was my salesman. He took time to explain many things to me, including multiple rebates for the BMW i3 RX, even though it was a Saturday and he was very busy. Larry offered options but did not push when I decided not to buy certain items.  He has followed up after the sale to make sure I understand features of the car.

Liz I. | 2014-12-31

If you're looking for a dealership that will only treat you well because you have money then BMW of Austin is definitely for you.  I have been treated well in 3 distinct areas: when I immediately get out of my car and I'm greeted; when I get a cup of coffee; and when I check out.  

But I have to say that I feel like I'm being belittled most of the time because I don't want to purchase the extra needed services or because I think something was broken when they fixed the last thing.  Of course it's never their fault so don't bother.  I once left the service dept and heard a loud bang while driving down the road, but was told that I must have ran over something...not "come back in and we'll check it out".  I'm not a fan of the service whatsoever.  It's over priced and not well done.  

The icing on the cake was when I went to the used car dept to look at a car.  I brought a friend, male, and he was immediately greeted where I was completely ignored.  After not being impressed with the hybrid automatic-manual transmission (why are you killing the manual transmission BMW?? You're losing business.  Not everyone wants boring automatic transmission and paddle shifters aren't the answer), I asked to drive the 370z (I thought it was a nismo, but it was not).  All of sudden the key is missing and Charles Graham says he'll call me when he has it.  Well, never heard from that sales guy...and I had $40K to spend if he had just done his job well and tried to figure out what car suited me.  He was came off like a pompous sales guy that met his quota...not even sure why he got the referral if he's going to act completely disinterested.

I"m a big fan of the performance in a BMW.  Not a fan of how they treat their customers.  The leather chairs, free coffee, and movie room don't make up for it.

Us Vs T. | 2014-12-21

Just wanted to take the time to thank Jim Godfrey and the rest of BMW Austin for the great experience and superior service. I left with the ultimate peace of mind from this dealership, and that's priceless. Jim went above & beyond to help me get the best deal and rate on my X5. I went there on a tight budget and these guys definitely worked hard to get me the best price on this BMW. I don't think I'll ever drive any other car than a BMW now. Thank you guys for making a dream come true. You made a lifetime customer in result. Cheers! Jim you rock!

Linda C. | 2014-12-16

Service department delivers once again.  Was able to book annual service, arrange for a loaner at a time that worked for me.  Kyle Clark who was assigned as my Service Advisor was professional, polite, and did exactly what he said he would do.  As always, the waiting area is amazing with all the amenities.  My car was ready when promised, got in and out quickly.  Great work BMW of Austin!

Yasmin O. | 2014-12-16

Horrible experience. I took the car for the end of lease pre inspection, they said every thing was fine. Less than One week later when I returned the car, the guy who did the final inspection told us that the front bumper was damaged and it cost 400$ to repair! I was surprised to hear that because they didn't tell me in pre inspection and during these 6 days the car was in the garage! I understand that the first person might have missed it, but instead of apologizing, they were very rude about it, and talked to me with no respect and manners and even acted as if I was lying!! I didn't expect this kind of customer service from BMW. The way they treated me was very unprofessional and disrespectful. He could have said they were sorry that the first inspector missed the scratches on the bumper, and I would have accepted that and I was ok to pay whatever I had to, but why they should be so rude and impolite and raise their voice and threaten me that they would send it to a third party inspector and charge me more. Unbelievable unpleasant experience.

Shannon A. | 2014-12-06

Out of three BMW's purchased at different dealers, Troy Massey at BMW of Austin made my most recent buying experience the sweetest one yet! The service was excellent, and Troy far exceeded my expectations of buying a new car.

Andrew V. | 2014-11-16

I was nervous buying my first brand new car, so I called ahead of time and verified pricing and availability. Everyone was helpful and my sales rep answered every question I had. I've had maintenance once, and I had to wait an extra long time, but the snack bar, coffee, and WIFI compensated.

Sean P. | 2014-11-04

Don't buy parts from this "Stealership"
Went in to buy a set of wheel locks.  Had to search thru four sets to find one that looked sort of new.  Only came with one key.  Previous sets of wheel locks I have purchased always came with two.  I was informed I could go online and purchase another key.  I found that the sets online came with two keys for less than half the cost.  Same manufacture...  So I returned the locks and they charged me a restocking fee.  A restocking fee so you can set them back on the shelf....  

If you need parts and service stay away from the Dealer.

Try Paul's Motor Werks on FM 2222.
They understand the concept of customer loyalty.

Bailey J. | 2014-10-31

My review is for my sales rep - Judy Ray.  I will be the first to admit that I am difficult to deal with anytime I am looking to make any purchase.  I started working with Judy on getting my wife a new car back in Aug or Sep.  

She was fantastic to work with....she helped us without trying to push or make some of those silly car dealership "promos" which we really appreciated.  

At the end of the day we got a fantastic deal on a new 320i that my wife loves!

Thanks Judy!

Edgar H. | 2014-10-29

I purchased a Certified Pre-owned vehicle and less around 1000 miles later had to bring the car in to update the software.  It turns out the software caused the electric parking brake to fail, creating a risk of the car rolling downhill.  

Anyone ever seen a runaway car?  Dangerous?

My expectation was that the certification program would include a review for known issues that could cause injury.  

You think that after the few years of recalls that we have seen, BMW would take a little more responsibility.

My guess is that the dealership passed on the cost of the service to the warranty provider when that service should never have been required on a Certified car.

Austin G. | 2014-10-28

We dealt with service a few times and we purchased a used vehicle from BMW of Austin.  The service was top notch, prices are what you would expect from the dealer.  

As for our purchase, we couldn't recommend them more, particularly we dealt with Jeff Reeves.  Jeff is a professional who goes the extra mile.  We had a couple issues creep up after the first month, but Jeff worked quickly and diligently to get them resolved. Jeff knows how to treat his clients and genuinely cares about you and your purchase.

We didn't get the bare bottom internet price, but they did indeed work with us on price and fixing some issues - even AFTER the purchase.  This is why you go to a dealer and not "Billy Bob Joe's Corner Auto" when buying a used vehicle.

Thanks Again Jeff, we'll be seeing you soon!

Pepe T. | 2014-10-13

This review is for the parts department,
I purchased 2 grille trims for my x5 and one turned out was not painted all the way.
But they exchanged it no hassle, good customer service and they had another in stock.

Rusty W. | 2014-10-11

I have had nothing but five star service here, including car shopping for new and used cars and the service department goes above and beyond!

Cat L. | 2014-10-10

Stay away from Jeff Reeves in the used car department. He will be little you at all cost upon walking in the door. He has a real ego that isn't worth your time or business.

Take your business elsewhere, it's not worth the inconvenient drive to North Austin and then being treated poorly off the get go.

Charles S. | 2014-10-06

Love the service department waiting area. Friendly service people. No complaints about warranty work and convered maintenance so far. Only problem is getting to talk to your service agent. Constantly connected to Eric's voicemail (don't think he has ever actually answered his phone), and he will not call you to give you an idea of what day or time your car might be ready. I know they get busy, but just take 5 min to let your customer know what's going on.

Wes O. | 2014-09-24

Lip service is the motto of the service department here.

After my last review, I spoke with the service manager, Penny Boos, who reassured me that my concerns were valid and would be addressed.  We also talked about my first repair visit which occurred for a check engine light within a month of purchase.  She told me that 1) they should've immediately pulled the codes for me (which I was told by my service advisor and the shop foreman was an impossibility) and 2) that the parts that were promised to be ordered had been ordered, then subsequently returned to BMW because my previous service advisor never called me.  She then agreed to re-order the parts and schedule a time for repair.

After having to call, then email, Penny Boos, I finally found out that the parts arrived.  At her suggestion, I brought the car in this morning (Wednesday, September 24) because today was supposedly the least crowded day to get my car turned around.  My newly assigned service advisor, Travis, seemed nice enough and promised to call this afternoon with an update and status.  Of course, I had to call for myself, then get a return phone call.

Guess what?  As of 4:15 this afternoon, they had just started working on the car.  It definitely won't be ready today.  It MIGHT be ready tomorrow around noon IF they don't have any "software issues" to deal with.  Otherwise, late afternoon.

Again -- lots of lip service.  BMW of Austin has a service department that doesn't seem to understand the meaning of the word appointment.   I don't care how nice you are or how nice the waiting room is if you can't get a car fixed on a timely schedule.  And you'd think after my previous issue with getting this done, that BMW of Austin would be busting their butt to make this right.  Nope.

And this will be my last BMW purchase so long as BMW of Austin remains under the same management and/or remains the only BMW dealer in Austin.

Ryan D. | 2014-09-18

Waited in lot for 20 minutes to get info about a very expensive car. Nobody ever approached me or even said Hello. Going to the Lexus dealership down the street to buy a Lexus. Thanks

Wendy S. | 2014-09-09

I hate getting my car serviced--so, of course I waited until my car told me it need a new tire--ah--yes, the Friday of the Labor Day weekend, and raiing no less----I about fell over when I pulled in--all 3 car bays in the service department were full--Just fabulous, I was thinking--I waited until the cars moved up (Jeez, its raining, I am so not getting out of my car!)  A nice lady came to me--asked the dreaded question "Do you have an appointment?"  Ok course not--but I need one of those fancy tires that only the dealer carry for my car--that was 901am--I asked for the same advisory I've had before--thank goodness for computers because I had no idea who that was, as I hadn't been since last December (Yikes, I know, !!)
So, I was told it was going to be a while and to wait in their very cool waiting room--No kidding, barely could find a seat, sat down, and was thinking about coffee, when my advisory (Brad!) came to get me--Seriously?   Okay, I'll be happy to go with you--He had already brought up my history, let me know I needed a few things done (All was covered so wasnt selling me anything, just taking care of my car, and me!)
I let him know I had lunch plans with my friend downtown at 11am--could we work around that? (I thought for sure I was going to get the look--I didn't!)
Sure--lets get you in a loaner, and send you on your way--NO KIDDING--I was in a loaner car at 932am--
Received a text during lunch my car was ready--(1230)
I picked it up before 2pm, cleaned, new tire, oil change, new wind shield wipers, and a few other items--
Almost unbelieveable--if time and service is important to you--get a BMW--have Brad be your service advisor--
Love my car!

Akshay T. | 2014-09-05

Good service.

Micky O. | 2014-08-21

This is my second BMW from this dealership and I can't say enough good things about the experience. I can't vouch for the other reps, but Troy Massey is my guy! Great attention to detail and helping you figure out which car, and deal, fits you best.

I haven't had a lot of experience with the service department, but the little contact I have had has been spectacular. Always getting a loaner BMW when dropping your car off is unmatched at any other brand's service that I've had experience with.

Nick J. | 2014-08-18

Do not trust this dealership. This only applies to the Service Department, I have no experience with the sales department.

Let me start by saying that the actual dealership is very nice. They have a movie theater and will give you a loaner car while you are having work done. Only downside to this is the money for all this comes from blatantly ripping off their customers.

I took my car in regularly whenever I had a service light come on. On one occasion they told me that the frame was bent. Not sure how that happened because I have never been in an accident. But they told me that it would cost $9000 to fix. I said I would take it elsewhere and so I took it to BMW San Antonio. They fixed it under warranty. On another occasion I took it in and they quoted me for $5000 to fix everything. (This included $1100 to put on two new tires.) Can have the same two tires put on practically anywhere else in town for $500. Anyway I took the car a mechanic in town to get a second opinion and he said all that needed replacing to turn off the service light was the brake pad sensor needed to be replaced. Had it replaced for $100 and viola the light went off. $4900 under BMW of Austin's estimate.

Bottomline is if you get an estimate from them that seems high, take it somewhere else. They are more than likely being dishonest with you. I ended up trading the car in for another manufacturer just so I would never have to do business with them again.

Rebekah T. | 2014-08-16

Poor service. I would never step my foot into this location EVER again. I'd give it half a star for their cars but as far as their customer services, I'm good. Sticking to my Mercedes!

Jordan C. | 2014-08-10

Bought a used Mazda of all things from the used vehicles side of the dealership and had a really good experience with Brian Giroux the salesman there. While a lot of the other salespeople seem to size you up as soon as you walk in the door (you don't make 100 grand a year? Why are you bothering me?) Brian was truly nice and attentive. Took care of the issues I had with the car and even lowered the price to exact blue book with out me having to so much as shrug. My wife had a pretty rough time with their service center, but if you're in the market for a used BMW, ask for Brian.

John L. | 2014-08-08

BUYER Beware! I offered $30,200 for a 2009 bmw 750li on ebay yesterday and they called me told me that they accept my offer. But after that salesmen name Marc found out that I have been to the dealership and dealing with another salesmen, he suddenly made all lies and not accepting the offer anymore. And I also did test drives few of their 750li, their conditions nothing better than  bmws sells at other dealership. Here is my phone number, if you have more question please call and ask. (42FIVE)nine99-9219   BUY YOUR CAR ELSE WHERE!!

Shannon H. | 2014-07-16

My experience with BMW of Austin and Charles Graham was a great one!  I purchased a used Chevy Equinox from them after doing extensive shopping online.  When I found the vehicle I wanted (at a great price), it just happened to be at BMW of Austin.  After inquiring about the vehicle online, Charles was responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  I was able to apply for financing online, and I got a quick and favorable response within a day.  I showed up at the dealership, the suv I wanted was ready to drive, and the paperwork took about 10 minutes!  It was convenient to shop online, apply for financing online, and basically have everything done prior to showing up at the dealership, short of just test driving the vehicle!  It was a very simple process, and I would definitely do business again with Charles and BMW of Austin in the future!

Gloria V. | 2014-07-12

Looking for a BMW?????  Contact Troy Massey with BMW of Austin.  He is everything a consumer looks for in a a sales person - honest, caring, patient, hard working, professional, 150% knowledgeable, and  so down to earth, never pushy!.  My husband and I were super impressed with him.  He knows everything about BMW's and is sure to find one that is perfect for you!  Thank you so very much Troy - So happy with my BMW!!!!!  Got the best deal ever - big Kuddos to you and Austin BMW!  BTW - everyone else at BMW super friendly and BEST Customer Service in town!  I'll definitely go back, again, and again!

Gloria V.

Matt C. | 2014-07-09

Well I got in touch with penny, the service manager and I'm less impressed than before. She made some speech about droughts. I am from California. We know about droughts, yet BMW in California still treats its customers (especially 20+ year customers) a little better.

This update is to really just drive home the fact that those people couldn't care less. Once you give them the money they forget you exist. Jerks.

Eric M. | 2014-06-18

This is my second car purchased via BMW of Austin. My first car was a nice  2008 Infiniti M35. And recently (three weeks ago) I went back to purchase my first BMW. I ended up purchasing a 2013 BMW 535i at a great price. They had a promotion on loaner vehicle. I worked with Jeff Reeves in the used sales dept. (He is the only reason I purchased a BMW) He is friendly not pushy and cares more about what you want then getting a sale. I actually have his cell number and can text/call him at anytime and get a response right away. I consider Jeff a friend versus a car salesman. Everyone was friendly and approachable. I am very happy with my purchase and my APR. If you are looking for a great experience go see my man Jeff R. He will take care of you. Now we will see what the service is like - And if they slip up I will let know about it.

This yelp review is sponsored by

Jon F. | 2014-06-16

I purchased my 2007 X5 3.0 at BMW of Bowling Green KY. Never had a problem with them. I move to Nashville and dealt with BMW Nashville and my only complaint with them is you had to make an appointment about 2 weeks in advance to get a loaner car. 2 years ago I moved to Austin and couldn't believe the incredible service I've received from BMW of Austin. First of all, the showroom doesn't have a car in it. It is specifically designed for the customer. They have a TV area, at Least 10 PC's for customer use, a theatre room that rivals the best theatre room you could find in any multi million dollar home, a coffee bar with a full time Barista, not to mention a quiet area with massage chairs. Scott Liedtke is the best service advisor I've ever dealt with. He always keeps me advised about my X5 and he's always there when I call. He doesn't BS me about what needs to be done. He's an honest man at a car dealership (some would call that an oxymoron), but I trust him with his advice with what my X5 needs now, and what can wait until next service. My next X5 will be purchased from BMW of Austin.

Ern B. | 2014-06-16

Awful experience.   1. Takes 2 hours to get a call back from anybody. 2. Used car was never cleaned much less detailed, even after SECOND... Read More

Dave W. | 2014-06-13

Bmw followed up with a contact person. I called several days ago. This is apparently not a big deal as they can't bother to call me back. neveragain in Austin.

Allan L. | 2014-05-20

Went in recently and had my vehicle serviced by Tim.  Had a great experience.  I will definitely be back, everyone was very kind and took the extra time to explain everything.  Most importantly I was in and out in no time at all!  I don't know about the sales side of things (i see they have some bad reviews) but the service department is great!

Jesse W. | 2014-05-15

I love my bmw, it has over 260K miles on it. Buying parts from it is not the best thing for your wallet, but the BMW parts counter guy made it alittle less painful on my wallet.   The shipping time for one of the parts was much longer than expected which stinks, but overall I would be back for more parts if I am unable to find alternate means to getting them.

Kim J. | 2014-05-12

I worked with Troy Massey at BMW of Austin.  I went straight to BMW of Austin instead of the San Antonio dealership where I live because they disappointed me on a prior visit.

 I would recommend working with Troy if your going to go to the Austin BMW.

Boby M. | 2014-05-03

If you plan on buying a BMW in Austin. Look for JOHN DICKERSON from BMW of Austin.
Very honest and professional guy. John cares more about the customer then the sale. He is very knowledgeable and really wants to do what is best for the customer.
You will not be disappointed.

Marie O. | 2014-04-22

Too bad I can't give these guys a "no star" rating- used BMW!!!!
I was trying to purchase my BMW- off lease- in cash! The used car department put us through "hell" for already having all my paper work and negotiated price completed in California, where i first bought the car! The sales guy went as far as saying that they were not a "BMW dealer", with the sign right above him!!!! It took a call to Mr. Roger Penske's office to straighten up one or two people! How sad, terrible customer service if you ever have to deal with the used car side of this dealership!

Pitman H. | 2014-04-08

Troy Massey is an excellent person to deal with if you're looking for a new BMW. He helped immensely in all aspects of the deal - securing financing, answering questions, returning calls, etc. I recommend BMW Austin and their staff if you're looking for a relatively stress free acquisition of a new BMW! My new X3 is great and I'm pleased to have dealt with these guys.

N M. | 2014-04-05

Great group of people. The service dept is always clean, inviting and friendly. Plus you gotta love the free lattes.

Tyler P. | 2014-04-02

This review is for Charles Graham, Pre-Owned Internet Sales Advisor. I was looking for a near-new Acura RDX this week, and found one at BMW of Austin which had just over 5,000 miles. The car fit all of my needs and was aggressively priced. I called in and Charles assisted me with my questions regarding the availability and pricing. Not once did he pressure me to leave information with him, or schedule a time to come in and see the car. He answered my questions and made me feel comfortable enough to commit to come see him the next day. 24 hours later, I now own what I consider to be a new 2014 Acura RDX, and Charles made it happen for me.

BMW of Austin is an exceptional dealership, and I have used them for servicing my 325i previously, if you are looking for a vehicle you owe it to yourself to give Charles Graham and BMW of Austin a chance to earn your business.

- Tyler P.

Scott M. | 2014-03-19

There aren't enough words in the English language to express how much I hate the service at this dealership.  Just bought a new BMW here to replace my old one - not my first rodeo here, so I shouldn't complain right?

Let's start with the big one - why I ALMOST bought an Audi.  I live south - getting half way to Lampasas has a narrow window that works.  Forget early morning or late afternoon.  But, with the first four years of maintenance included, what options do you have?  Audi realized that Austin is big enough for two dealerships.  Why does BMW so disadvantage themselves against their chief competitor.

So, time for the first oil change.  Call and make a reservation for 10 AM on a day with a free morning.  Get an e-mail reminder with the service advisor's name.  Arrive on time - they ask who, I tell them, and they say "he's off today".  Really impressive.  So another guy comes out, we go over the paperwork and he asks anything else?  Yea, the passenger airbag malfunction light comes on at startup.  Oh.  Well, that's gonna take more than the two hours, and we are short on loaners.  But we can do something.

Come back, I go get the insurance card, and see the loaner person.  She says, we are out, we are renting some more, but there are thirteen already on the list - top one has been waiting an hour.  Can we shuttle you somewhere?  Yea, like Dripping Springs?  Oh.  You do live south.  So, I mull all the bad options against my schedule, the realities of Mopac traffic, and how much I am willing to live with this light.  Even if I wait for the loaner, I'm still facing squeezing in another Mopac trip for the return.  So screw it - my schedule won't let me get back for another two weeks so I will just live with it - as distasteful as that is.

This isn't my first BMW, and this isn't my first BMW service department.  So I know what personal service (which one is led to expect w/ the price of a BMW) looks like.  This is THE most impersonal BMW service I've ever seen - and it has been that way on every trip here.  This is just the latest.  I think it is two things - first, this is a corporately owned store - one of over 300.  They act like it, consistently.  Second, is that the profits may be great cranking that many cars out of one Austin store.  But the service is DEMONSTRABLY suffering.  Too much volume.  There is a reason you don't see 1,000 room Four Seasons hotels.

Until BMW opens a second store here, I would think VERY hard about buying one.

J N. | 2014-03-01

UPDATE 10.4.14: Needed repair work cost an estimated $1200; was offered half conditionally on paying the other half.  I didn't have half (I just spent $21K on a car I thought was in good shape) so no money provided and car not fixed. Silence on BMW's end. I'd recommend avoiding these people.

UPDATE 3.5.14: I've sent three emails to three different people at this dealership, as well as responded to a fourth person via Yelp. The only apology I've received is the comment below, no one has written back to me and no offers of compensation have been extended. I'll update this as/if things change.

Wish I would have read the comments about Jeff Reeves. I never thought I'd get the smarmy used car treatment at a BMW dealership.

Jeff was very accommodating on price (see 2 stars, instead of 1), but when I inquired on a minor wreck on the Honda's CarFax report, he gave me a speech on how BMW of Austin never takes used cars with accident damage and that it must be minor. He "looked into it" and came back telling me the car was "good to go" and in "excellent" condition. I took him at his word and bought the car.

One week later, some road noise started getting louder (I thought it was the vehicle's AWD), but I decided to have Honda take a look. They found problems with the wheels, rusting and a missing plate. I had to replace parts on a vehicle with only 24,000 miles on it. Honda told me BMW lied or didn't check the vehicle condition as one look on a lift, plus a test drive, would have shown the wheel damage. Apparently, one of the plates protecting part of the wheel had been ripped off.

Thanks BMW of Austin and Jeff! I know I'm not as wealthy as the rest of your customers, but I'd like to think my family's safety is no less important than your regulars.

Jillian H. | 2014-02-04

I recently bought a car from BMW of Austin Preowned.  While I would love to say that the customer service is as great for people buying a BMW as it is for buying a used car that isn't a BMW from them, I did not experience that. The car I bought did not have squeaky brakes when I took it for a lengthy test drive but somehow within a week of buying it the brake pads very audibly needed replacement. Seemed pretty strange to me. I might add that my mechanic thought so too. The couple of times I have returned to this dealership I have felt like since I wasn't driving a BMW, associates were not nearly as forth coming to offer assistance, as I witnessed them opening doors for those customers but not for me (with 2 children in tow).  Beware of Tony and the Sales Manager in the Preowned department...they want to get rid of cars and do not really care about their customers.

Guru S. | 2014-01-16

I bought my bmw 328i from BMW of Austin as a CPO and although the price was much higher, the whole experience was fairly trouble free and rather convenient. The sales person was Jay Lafolette and he handled the process very well. Kudos to him!

But the service has been really really awful. They were supposed to replace a side skirt on my car as it was broken when I bought the car. The service advisor (Chase Atkins) said that he would order the side skirt sometime mid April 2012. Fast forward 9 months, its still not here yet. Every time I call he says he will check with the parts and never returns the call. This is the problem with being the only BMW dealer in austin. I really hope there will be some competition to these guys so that they wake up and do what is right. If my car was not under warranty, I would not even sniff this dealership.

Edit on 2/1/2014:
The day after I posted this review, I got a call saying that the part was here. Really???? Anyway, they finally fixed my car's side skirt now. I have increased the rating from 2 to 3 stars now only because they finally followed up and fixed my car. But I still hope there is genuine competition in Austin for this dealership. Only then can the customers get better service.

Alex S. | 2014-01-13

Troy Massey was incredibly helpful throughout the process of ordering my 640i Gran Coupe. I've owned several BMWs in recent years and have bought mostly from a dealership in Atlanta. This was my first buying experience at BMW of Austin and it won't be my last.

Lindsey K. | 2013-12-18

Service Department Review:

I have a 2011 BMW that is still under warranty, and basically I want to sell it because of the fact this is the only BMW dealer in Austin. If you have any issues with your car don't even bother going here. I guess they are so busy they don't care how they treat you or if your car is even fixed correctly. Here are my experiences: (keep in mind I live in South Austin, so it takes me a good hour to drive to the dealer during traffic times and it is not easy for me to get off work)

My very first experience with BMW was terrible. I brought it in for routine oil change/maintenance. I don't remember who my BMW rep was, but I simply asked him if they do a full check of the car for anything wrong. I told him that I just sold my Infiniti and loved how they did a thorough check of everything each time. (I had just bought my BMW with 9,000 miles on it, so I also wanted to make sure nothing was wrong while it was still under warranty.) The guy was extremely rude to me. I won't bore you with the details, but I have never been talked down to like that before by a customer service person in my life. I expressed I was upset and was then reassigned to a new rep the next time. I will say the new rep is very nice.

Last year I had a speaker that was crackling. I decided to wait a few weeks to get it fixed because of the fact I live so far, and my routine oil change was coming up. Anyway, I made an appointment, and was still told I needed to leave my car and switch it out for a loaner. Although it sucked to have to drive back the next day, I didn't mind doing it because I wanted them to take the time to fix it correctly. They told me I would get a call the next day telling me what time I needed to pick it up. (I did explain that I work and I do not live close, so I would need a reasonable amount of notice to get there before closing.) The next day rolled around and I didn't hear from anyone. At about 3:00 PM I called for an update. The rep told me that they were still working on it and I would be given a call if they were going to be able to finish. I was fine with that. At about 4:30 PM I was called and told my car was ready. I asked the rep if it was okay if I picked it up the following morning considering it was rush hour and I lived so far away. He told me that was not an option. They needed my loaner back that day because of how busy they were. He did say that if I couldn't make it there in time, I could leave my car and put the loaner keys in their drop box. I told him that I would rather wait and return it the next day because I wanted to talk to him/check out my car/make sure it was fixed correctly to prevent another hour trip for one speaker. Still, he said unfortunately I could not do this and they really needed the loaner back. SO.... I drove the loaner back, picked up my car, left the loaner keys in the dropbox. Two days later... the speaker stopped working again, and the crackling was so bad I couldn't even listen to the radio. I ended up having to bring it back... exactly what I was trying to prevent from happening!

I contacted them about replacing my tires on my car. I wanted to see how their prices compared to discount tire because I had been told by the rep their prices are basically the same now. No one returned my call or emails, so I ended up taking it to discount.

Lately, I have been noticing my car does not have the "pick-up" it used to and is driving "jerky" and sluggish. Since it was once again time for my routine maintenance, I told the rep what was going on. I was told that they had to reset some things on the car, but it was fixed. Guess what!! It is still not fixed, and I am so fed up with them, that I waiting for the Christmas holidays to take it to a BMW in Houston.

The fact that BMW's come with a warranty is awesome, but it is pretty much pointless if you live in Austin. The dealer here is no help and they do not care about their customers... at least from my experience.

Lisa Y. | 2013-11-08

I've owned BMW's for the past 12 years and I love them.  The service that I receive from BMW of Austin is top notch.  My service advisor, Brad Massey is the best.  I literally drove in without an appointment to check on a light that had come on in my car....within 10 minutes he had put air in my tires and reset my computer and I was on my way.  The entire dealership is extremely nice and they truly are sincere.  I think all the employees over there enjoy where they work.  The marketing manager, John Mrytle, is a complete delight.  He was my service advisor years ago before he moved over to Marketing, but when I do stop in, I always try to say hello.  It's just a good group over there and I highly recommend their dealership.  Once you own a BMW, it's hard to drive anything different.  They are the best.

Inder S. | 2013-11-04

My first visit to the service department at BMW of Austin. Coming from Los Angeles where there are multiple competing dealerships, I was used to great service. The service here in Austin was fantastic. I came in without an appointment and was out the door within an hour. The staff was friendly an the waiting area was very well appointed with Internet, TVs etc..

overall very nice service experience. My advisor was Brad. He did a great job.

Blake M. | 2013-10-31

Took my car in for an an alignment after only ~ 4000 miles of normal use (which I find appalling - I expect that it would be free to fix after such a short time with the car). Service advisor (Tim) stated that BMW Corporate would not pay for an alignment after vehicle hit 2000 miles, but that they would contact corporate to determine if an exception could be worked out. He was very helpful, although his hands were kind-of tied... BMW corporate was talking a long time to respond, so I called to speak with a service manager. Penny answered and then spoke with Tim (my service advisor) about the issue; she ended up resolving the problem by getting the dealership itself to pay for the alignment.

I'm extremely impressed with the great customer service exhibited by both Tim and Penny to resolve this issue and get my car in and out as quickly as possible. Although BMW Corporate's warranty department is - and always has been - incredibly stingy and slow (which needs to change), this dealership did everything they could to keep me as a customer. I'll definitely be back!!

Dave L. | 2013-10-28

I've never owned a BMW before.  So my first time at BMW of Austin was a truly unique experience.  I had contacted Troy Massey via the internet link the day before, to find out availability of a BMW i was looking for.  He emailed me that night and told me to drop by the next day.  

I arrived and Troy had printed 3 different sheets of information on cars that I was interested it.  He let me look them over for the options that were in each and told me to let him know which one I wanted to take for a test drive.  

Troy brought the car to me, took ac copy of my license and insurance information and let me do a test drive.   He gave me a quick overview of the features in the car before I left the BMW lot.  There was no pressure on me.  Told me to take it out for as long as i wanted to check out the car and run i through its paces.  

The rest of my experience at BMW of Austin, was more of the same.  There was no pressure tactics to buy the car.  Everything seemed like they were trying to make me as comfortable as they could with the purchase decision I was trying to make.  After we settled on the Car price and financing, they asked us to return the next day and they would have everything ready.  

When my wife and I arrived the next day at our agreed upon time, We were treated very well.  Troy started off showing us the Service area, the lobby is so clean and modern looking, there is a movie theater with stadium seating, to watch a movie while you wait.  So customer service oriented it was scary.  Can't wait to take my BMW in for its first service.

We were given about a 40 min overview of all the features of the car. The Satellite radio was already setup, they synced my iPhone with the onboard Bluetooth.  Showed us how to use the iDrive system.  Just a fantastic experience on the capabilities of all the features included with the vehicle.  

We then went into the BMW office and were then directed to complete all the paper work.  Again, a painless experience.  During all this time, whenever our 8 y/o daughter needed to be entertained, Troy provided distractions for her (coloring books, playing with toys, helping stack papers) and just finding fun things to do, it was very nice for her and not feeling bored during our time there finalizing our purchase.  

We have had our BMW now for 7 days, the car run's great, we love the BMW.  BMW of Austin made it a fantastic experience to purchase our BMW 335i.  I highly recommend BMW of Austin.  Thank you so much to Troy Massey for a great experience.

Jay S. | 2013-10-27

Pathetic customer service. I purchased my car from Classic BMW in Dallas, and each time (3x) I have gotten it serviced here they have managed to screw something up.

TWICE my car has been sent back because they did not fix the problem it was sent in for. This time, my car returned with new scratches on it. Thad Tucker, my service advisor, knows little about professionalism and had the audacity to call call me at 6 PM to bring the loaner back "early tomorrow morning" because "another client needs it". I'm sorry, I didn't know by I was inconveniencing your dealership by getting my car serviced here.  I guess you all are not familiar your own loaner policies.

It's been 3 days since I asked to speak to a manager, still have no response or apology. The fresh 4 inch scratch on my car was not marked on the car's "walk-around", confirming that the scratch came from the dealer. To add insult to injury, my signature was never even taken on the walk-around. Thoroughly disappointed with the service, I guess they can get away with these things because they are the only BMW dealership in Austin. I have no intention of ever purchasing a new/used car from them.

If your car is out of warranty, I really see no point in getting it serviced here. Management: if you care about the reputation of your dealership, please fix this.

Will update with details if situation is fixed.


I have since been in contact with the service manager, Penny Boos. Penny took the time to schedule around with me and was very professional, but ultimately failed to solve any real problem. The scratch was still visible on my car, though it is more subtle now. Furthermore, after the THIRD time my car left the dealership, the service engine light came back on. I have stopped going to this dealership, as they clearly do not know how to do anything correctly, whether it is fixing a scratch they caused or a problem with the car.

I'm sorry BMW of Austin, I'll be buying and servicing my car in Dallas from now on.

Chris M. | 2013-10-16

What a great experience! I have purchased BMWs from Houston and Washington DC, and now Austin. The BMW Austin team was awesome! Troy Massey made everything easy. He is patient, courteous and very helpful and I would definitely recommend him and this dealership to anyone who is in the market for a BMW.

I chose to go to BMW Austin because of the service they provide to their customers. I wish I could say the same for the one where I live. Everyone we came across at the dealership were absolutely the nicest guys; very professional and not pushy. They make things easy and it was a great experience overall.

Thanks guys! I'll be sure to come and see you again when we purchase our next BMW.

Craig R. | 2013-09-20

I had a great experience working with Larry Stenson at this location.  He was in the internet sales department and a pleasure to work with!  He worked hard to get me the best deal possible on my car.  In addition, this place has been great with service on my car.  At times it can be hard to book an appointment but once you are booked everything flows smoothly.

So far I have had not major issues with the service.  I bought the extended service plan and it has already paid for itself just in maintenance alone!  

The service waiting area has computers, a TV lounge, and a nice theatre room.

They also provide beverages, cookies, and mints while you wait.

Andy P. | 2013-09-12

Love this location despite its distance from me.  They have one of the best waiting areas for BMW customers.  Built in movie theatre?! Heck yeah!  Coffee is always made to order, computer stations and a mini fridge filled will good drinks.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, they are prompt with servicing, and the facility is clean.  Believe it or not, I have seen dealerships that are unorganized and unwelcoming.

Someone told me that they are the number 1 selling dealership in Texas for BMW's.  Not surprised when I heard that.

Request Thad to be your service agent and he will be direct with you. Highly recommended.

Rachel W. | 2013-08-31

If I could give BMW 0 stars, I would. I had an appointment at 12:00 to test drive a new car. I walked in and the employees/sale people just looked at me. I sat for almost 15 minutes and no one greeted me or asked if I had been helped. I watched 2 other couples walk in who were not only greeted, but offered refreshments. I am a young African American woman, so I am hoping I wasn't ignored because of my race or age. I ended buying a new car at Don Hewlett Chevrolet today and the service was amazing. Every single person who saw me said hello and asked if I had been assisted. Customer service is everything and willingness to refer goes a long way.

Julie H. | 2013-08-23

I recently had the BEST experience w/ Chris Reilly! Chris single-handedly changed my not-so-great opinion about dealerships...Not sure I had ever had a good experience before this but Chris was knowledgeable, super responsive, patient AND gave me the best deal in town. When I picked up the car, he spent a lot of time going through the features, making sure I understood the terms, etc. The finance department service was fab, too. Chris is responsible for converting me from an Audi-loyalist to a Beemer girl! I will go back and send all of my friends. Cannot say enough great things- go see Chris and enjoy your experience!

Sheldon L. | 2013-08-15

I have purchased several cars over the years and can't say enough about Steve, Dudley, Chris, Jason, Scott and Pavel.  How many of you can list off the main players at your dealership and count them as friends!  There was ONE time I strayed and test drove a Benz over near Airport Blvd and ran out of there with my hair on fire in comparison to BMW.  I can go on and on but my relationship (and I truly mean relationship) with BMW of Austin is for life!

Sara L. | 2013-08-11

I just bought my second BMW from BMW of Austin.  I shopped Mercedes, Jag, Lexus, all of the luxury car dealers the first time I switched from a "mom" car to my M3 convertible.  After shopping all of the major dealerships I am very happy that I decided on BMW.  I feel that I am treated very well.  BMW realizes your time is valuable and either gives you a beautiful loaner car or a beautiful place to wait.  

I have to say I LOVED my M3!!  I shopped Mercedes and they could not or would not find me the car I wanted.  Troy Massey pulled up all of the M3's available while I was in his office and was able to tell me what cars were coming in and when he could get me what I wanted.  Mercedes called 2 weeks later, they still had not found me a car and they were shocked I had bought an M3.  Mercedes asked me how I liked my M3 I said I LOVE IT!  In the 3 years I had that car I did not have anything wrong with it!  

I just bought my second BMW from BMW of Austin.  Troy and Chris made it a breeze.  I was leaving for a meeting out of town with family lawyers and needed to get on the road.  I dropped of my credit app, picked up the car and left town.  My husband took care of all of the paper work the next day.  It could not have been any easier!  What service!  I again had shopped all of the luxury dealerships before deciding on my 605i convertible and I am so happy I chose Troy and BMW of Austin!  They really go the extra mile to make sure you are happy!   Now Troy is the top salesman and he is a busy guy but he will make sure you are taken care of :-)

I love the service department.  My first advisor was Charles Ballenger.  He was always kind, attentive and made me feel like I was his top priority.  When I heard Charles had been promoted over to the Mini area I was sad and wondered if my excellent care would continue or if I was about to be disappointed.  Mt new service advisor Brad Massey takes excellent care of me as well and I bought a new 650i.  I have to say that I can compare the service at BMW to Mercedes because my husband has a Mercedes and there is just no comparison.  My husband continually notices how well I am treated at BMW.

Tony H. | 2013-07-29

Its a BMW dealership.  What can ya say?  I walked off with a gorgeous 328i M-sport.  Loving it so far :)

If you want a bottomline quote right off the bat, get in contact with Larry Stenson in the internet department.  Just know that once he gives you a quote, you won't get it any lower.  I tried to no avail.  Thats his bottom line and he sticks hard to it.  His rational is, that if you are emailing him, you are likely emailing a ton of other places, so if he doesnt get your attention fast, he won't ever get it.  I got a quote a around $2500 off of sticker price.  Nearly a $48k car came in at $45300 which truthfully surprised me and I know they weren't playing games.

My only "complaint" would be that this dealership is one of those dealerships that passes on its dealership taxes on to its customers (the VIT tax).  Its not something the customer has to pay, and they won't drop it from the price either.  So you are stuck with it.  I wanna say it was around $95 for my $45,300 car so its not a lot, but its still something.  Their documentation fees are also pretty high at $150 (which is another item that you dont HAVE to pay) but they wouldn't drop that either.  Otherwise I was happy.  I wasn't going to throw a fit about $250 on a $45,000 car... would have seemed silly.

I have seen some reviews where reviewers are saying there say no salesman around.  To be honest, thats the best way.  I hate to go into a store or dealership and be pounced on.  I personally would rather go out of my way to find them, then have everyone one of them find me and ask me if they can help.  But I did my research early and just reached out online.

The day I went to finalize the deal, I worked with Larry through a few emails so that when I walked in, they pulled out the car and had it cooled down and I was in and out of the door in probably 30 to 40 minutes.  I only had to sign a few documents and write my check.  Really, really painless to be honest.  In total, I probably spent about 60 to 75 minutes at the dealership on my two visits and that included the test drive, and trade-in apprasal.

They also have something like a "take possession" specialist who spends time with you to teach you all the basics of the car and gets your phone synced up once you make a purchase.

Also, if you have anything OTHER than a BMW, don't be shocked by a low trade-in quote.  I took my truck here and they wanted to offer $13k but I knew I could get at least $15 if not closer to $16k for it.  They came up to $14k but I wasnt happy with that.  Larry actually suggested I go try Carmax since they buy cars without trade.  They gave me $16,000 for my truck!  Glad I listened to him.  Sure it was an extra little step out of the way, but $2k adds up quick.  So I would recommend that before doing any trade-in (anywhere, not just here), take it to Carmax for a bid as well.

Shannon M. | 2013-07-25

The service department at BMW if fantastic and this is due in large part to my wonderful Service Staff Member Scott!  Scott is friendly, efficient and let's me know what the status of my car is on an ongoing basis.  He goes the extra mile and I wait until I know he is working to take my car to the shop!

I usually get a loaner as I have a tough work schedule and they make this process very smooth!   On the rare times I have elected to wait I was very comfortable and enjoyed the numerous amenities such as a business center area, Starbucks lattes, massage chairs, computers, TVs, etc.

Jeff A. | 2013-07-24

I don't have any experience with the sales side of the dealership, but the service side was fantastic. Chris Smith took care of me each time I brought my 328i in and took care of all my questions and concerns with no hassle. The facility was clean and comfortable if for some reason you had to stay and wait for awhile. Cars are tricky business, especially German luxury ones.  People need to understand that and realize just how great a job BMW is doing of minimizing the pain and hassle.

Ryan E. | 2013-07-13

We have bought over 12 BMW's in the past 5 years from different dealerships such as BMW of Woodlands, Moritz BMW, and BMW of Austin. Due to the last bad visit at Moritz BMW, we did not return back for the 13th car purchase. I had such a great experience in the New Car Sales Department. We were looking at cars on Saturday afternoon after the dealer closed and John Dickerson was doing his last prep for Monday before going home. Even when the dealer was closed, he help us locate the different vehicles on the lot. And we returned back to the dealership on Monday and sat down and talked with John. He is a great salesperson and was able to address my questions and concerns about the new vehicle. He will take the time and effort to make everything right for the customer. He is very easy guy to talk to and he will not push you to buy a specific car. If you are looking for a New BMW at BMW of Austin, I recommend John Dickerson as your salesperson.

Docv R. | 2013-07-07

Would begin with a little praise for their inventory. Getting to meat of the story, my feeling is they cross the line of duty from hospitable to abrasive and rigid. The last two times we went there we had this feeling, both for used 3 n 5 series respectively. To be more descriptive some of the salesmen felt like bouncers in a night club. They have a great inventory but they lack that icing on the cake. I have personally bought many used cars through NY, Illinois and never had such an experience. Looks like its time for another BMW dealer in Austin.

Hans M. | 2013-06-30

This review is mostly for the service dept.

I worked with the service advisor, Charles Bellinger, for my e46 M3 on numerous occasions. I'm actually somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I secretly enjoyed bringing my car into service (which I know sounds lunatic). The reason is because BMW of Austin would roll out the red carpet for me and would put me in their best loaner cars (and at the time I was still in college). Charles was also a nice guy to work with and he made sure that things were taken care of promptly and fairly. One time for example, the lawnmowers kicked up a bunch of grass on my BMW in the parking lot (after it had been washed by the service dept) and Charles gave me a giftcard to make up for it without me asking for it.

If you own an out of warranty BMW (especially a high performance M model), you better realize that you are a gold mine for a BMW dealer. I knew that I was overpaying for service, but after dealing with a few major screw ups at some local BMW independent service shops, I finally decided it just wasn't worth the hassle. At least going to the BMW dealership gave me access to a loaner car and records to show that the car was properly maintained. I also seemed to be a prime candidate for a new car because of this, and so I got invited to lots of test time BMW literally gave me the keys to a brand new BMW 650i convertible and told me to bring it back in an yeah my lasting experience of BMW of Austin is a good one. Probably one of the best BMW dealerships in the country to be honest.

Anas D. | 2013-06-21

Been a customer for 8 years, best dealership!

Louise B. | 2013-06-20

Could not have had a better experience when I recently purchased an X5.  Troy Massey was so helpful and his assistance and time guided me to the perfect for my needs.

John K. | 2013-06-06

Great service overall!  Always friendly, courteous, and professional.  
Their waiting area equipped with free starbucks coffee, sodas, other beverages is awesome.  They even have a movie theatre to enjoy during your long repairs. I didnt give a 5 star because the massage chairs are gone.  :)

Wisam A. | 2013-05-02

These guys are horrible, customer service =0 stars..... the looks of the cars= 5 stars

I took my car in for diagnostics I believe it was around $115.00, I then get an answer from the service department ( huge douche bags) " Especially the manager.

The adjust "timing" on my car, $1000 bucks later the car does not start... same way I took it in...

They say pay another $2800 then it should fix the problem............

I bought a used engine for $1000  and fixed the problem else where @ Munich Auto down the street.

These guys are crooks, thieves, they don't know shit except take your money, and John Merdell.......... biggest asshole and douche bag you'll ever meet.

Be careful just because they open the door for you and ask you if you want coffee doesn't mean it will be like that after they screw you over.

I hope the owner of Bmw of Austin reads this and hires new guys who can treat customers with respect.

Barbie E. | 2013-04-28

After researching cars and leases in general and visiting about 8 dealerships throughout Austin and Round Rock several times each, Brett Swanson at BMW and the entire BMW dealership are the most upfront, informative, and helpful dealership in town. Brett made sure we understood all the factors involved in the offers, the deals, and the time of year to do a deal. Brett had no pretense and was candid with us, and we were treated very well regardless of the fact that we drove in with a clunker. They have loyalty programs if you get more than one car in your family. Their service department is fair and upfront.  Angel went out of his way to help us out. And, no question, BMW Austin has the cleanest and nicest property, and the most amenities in the service waiting area I've seen - and I moved here from Southern California where driving a car is a way of life. Also, the 2013 and 2014 models have excellent mileage. p.s. Danny Gallagher was exceptionally helpful and informative when we were signing our contract.

LeeAnn W. | 2013-04-25

I dropped by with my husband and son today.  We pulled up in our Nissan and were not even acknowledged.  We walked around for at least 20 minutes and no one even came up to greet us.  

I'll be taking my business somewhere else.  Thank you for reminding me that I should not waste my money on a brand.

Ferny B. | 2013-04-22

BMW of Austin made our trade-in and purchase of a new X1 incredibly easy and relatively painless. The staff (Mike Hanaway in particular, who was our salesman) was incredibly friendly and helpful. We never felt snubbed or like we weren't being paid the appropriate amount of attention. My father has been buying BMW's since the early 90's, and his favorite experience has been at BMW Austin. Much of this is due to the incredibly helpful people working there. Mike made the buying process quick and easy, and tailored to our needs, price-wise especially. My only tiny complaint is that the car we had chosen to buy got dinged at some point before we got it picked up, so I had to wait about 2 weeks to get my new car. However, the shop fixed it up like new at no charge to us. I recommend Mike and the BMW team of Austin if you're looking for a staff that is never anything less than super friendly and accommodating!

R W. | 2013-04-19

Hello!  Hello? Is anyone there? Is this a ghost town? Or did I forget to shower today? It seems the sales people hide from me. Looked over many cars in new, used, and even inside. Searched high and low for half an hour for anyone to assist. Found one salesman, but he rushed inside so fast, possibly favoring relief from indigestion to greeting a potential customer. No one else around. Nada. Nothing. Anyone there?  Yes, they were open, and I walked all over the new lots, used lot, and inside the main sales building. It was 5pm on a Friday.  Is this a bad time?  I will try again one day. I gave Audi three chances, spending an hour each time waiting for someone in sales before giving up. I hope BMW of Austin has a salesperson available next time I visit. As a potential customer I don't need to be pampered, but a greeting or acknowledgement of existence to help out would be nice.

Edit:  I have since returned and spoken with various people at BMW of Austin and have had great experience so far.  Still have not purchased yet, but they are welcoming.  I do appreciate the response here on Yelp from BMW of Austin.

Janet M. | 2013-04-09

I just had the best ever car purchasing experience from Troy Massey at Austin BMW.  I was a bit nervous about the prospect of buying a new car and all of the normal haggling that comes with it!  To my surprise--Troy was not like that at all.  In fact, he was patient, informative, made suggestions based on my needs.  In the end--Troy helped me to decide on the most beautiful car I have ever had--a 2013 528 sedan!  This car is loaded--but more than that--I don't feel that I was "taken" or treated unfairly!  I was treated with exceptional care, courtesy, and respect . . . a respect that still continues when I go in.  If you are looking for a new BMW--please stop in and see Troy!  You will be IMPRESSED!!!


Jim W. | 2013-03-28

I recently completed a purchase of a Z4 as an anniversary present  for my wife. The experience started with an internet quote. My wife is ecstatic about the car...ride, handling, appearance, features. I wouldn't know since she won' let me drive it. I can speak about the sales experience, however. The sales staff  responded quickly to my quote request, was very knowledgeable when we met, and never tried to play the sales games other dealerships seem to feel obligated to play. He was very flexible adjusting his schedule to fit our needs and met with us on very short notice to close the deal (taking up a good chunk of his day). The only gripe I have is the congested complex of buildings and parking lots...very hard to maneuver. I would sure would like to see them move to a more spacious facility that's commensurate with the reputation of the car they sell.

Mattias E. | 2013-03-21

Bought my new BMW 328i this week. I have been driving around to several car dealerships in Austin, but no one, I mean NO ONE, is as professional, friendly, and helpful as BMW Austin. We test drove like 10 different BMW's and Brett S was so helpful and patient with us. We will most likely go back and get us another BMW for my wife.

Pradeep V. | 2013-02-22

I bought my M5 here very recently - worked with Troy Massey who was awesome and courteous. Like everywhere there are good and not so good folks. Troy was definitely a very friendly and enthusiastic salesman who certainly made me feel like a customer. Did a nice job with a thrilling test ride - their finance guy Joshua is a very nice guy as well.
One thing I have to admit is that their service department is world  class and phenomenal - these guys are masters of customer service !!!

Richard W. | 2013-01-25

I was searching for a particular pre-owned BMW M3 model and found one (using ) located at BMW Austin. They were offering a slightly high price, but the car had low miles. I am located in San Antonio so driving up to Austin to see a car could turn out to be a waste. I contacted them to make sure they had the car and arranged a time to come see it. In reply they mentioned an "internet" price reduction that brought the price inline for a nice low miles example. The car turned out to be in excellent shape and the price was right, so I bought it. Dealing with Jay in the pre-owned department was painless and efficient. The waiting area is mentioned in several reviews here because it is good. I used it to conduct business for the short time I spent there. Bottom line: fair price, easy dealing, no broken promises, nice surroundings.

Austen H. | 2013-01-22

Not the ideal first time visit. Feels like you have to take off a whole day just to drop your car off and pick it back up for an OIL CHANGE.
9 hours later. No phone call telling me the vehicle was finished. I placed 2 phone calls in 2 hours. Both times they said it was still undergoing a car wash.
I even called 30 minutes before I headed over so I could have the vehicle pulled out and ready to go.
When I got there, no vehicle and it took another 10 minutes after finishing the paperwork just to see the car.
That place is too busy to handle service work in a decent timely manner.

Mollie F. | 2012-12-17

We've been going to BMW of Austin since it was John Roberts.  My husband bought his first 3 series there in 1995. We have since purchased two more cars there. We are so glad that he met Dudley Alexander first. We've been on the giving and receiving end in sales and customer service in various industries and Dudley is the best we've ever known.  He continues to excel--which is why we've just been back for our third car (to replace our "vintage" Porsche).  I'm sure other sales people are great, too, but he's special to us. He's always been great at figuring out what's important to us and finding what's best for us--in regards to options, style, service, financing--everything. My hubby took one of ours in for a minor service issue a couple of weeks ago and instead of getting a loaner (my husband's office is less than a mile away) he just decided to have them run him to the office and pick him up later.  I guess they miscommunicated and after he was standing around for a few minutes waiting Dudley went by and noticed and asked him what he was waiting for. He just said "hop in--I'll take you" and ran him to the office. When the car was done a few hours later he delivered it to my husband and had someone follow him to give him a ride back. Last Saturday, our most recent purchase went in first thing in the morning for a minor issue. They hadn't diagnosed it yet and weren't sure how long it would take and they gave us a loaner. They called about 1:00pm (an hour before service closes) to say it was ready to go but my husband was away from the phone and didn't check his voice mail until 3:00 so we had to wait until this (Monday) morning to pick it up. I wanted  the new "baby" back but at least my hubby had a convertible for a day :) It was a minor issue--just a re-set--no charge.

We usually had our first car serviced at an indy shop in northwest Austin but their service started going down hill and Austin BMW's turned around after Penske purchased it, so we have been happy to take our cars to ABMW for service ever since. We probably pay a few more bucks per hour but it's done right, with OEM parts that perform and last.  You get what you pay for. They have a loaner if it's a long job or a comfy place to hang out and watch a movie or get some on-line work done--and a great cuppa joe.  We're BMW owners for life because of the product and the service--and Dudley. If we could afford to buy a new car from him every year, we would. Thankfully, they last long enough and are fun enough to drive that we don't have to.

Joe C. | 2012-12-05

There are many reasons to like the BMW of Austin service department, besides the seemingly always patient and friendly staff.

1. Comfortable plush seating , with or without armrests, depending on your preference (sorry, Jenny L., if it's real leather)
2. Strong wi-fi that maintains a solid VPN connection to my office without hiccups
3. Power outlets in case you're running a little low on your cell/laptop/tablet
4. Beverage making staffer (I refuse to use the word 'barista') for all your coffee/latte/cappuccino/chai-tea needs
5. Theater room, with four rows of the cupholdered leather seats, today showing seasonal films
6. A room entirely made of chocolate (no less than 40% cocoa content)
7. Starbucks self-serve machine in case you're too shy to bother a real human
8. Various cookies, sometimes donuts
9. A glass-enclosed kids play area "kid-quariam"
10. Complimentary pedicures, including shellac colors
11. Complimentary shotglass-sized cans of sodas (add them to your Coke Zero list, Errol)
12. 2 of those fancy massage chairs in back (they just upgraded the ones they had)

Ok, so I made two of those up (you'll have to decide which ones).  But I'll give BMW of Austin credit for putting thought into making the inevitable wait at a dealership (for service, for paperwork) as pleasant as possible.  

The only downsides (to quote alicia, "other than the money thing") I can see are:
* Rachael Ray in 65"  HD
* Hearing that BZZZZZZ BZZZZZZ BZZZZZZ "Please go to the cashier.  Your vehicle is ready." pager sound over and over while you're waiting for yours to go off.

But oh well.  Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, like at some dealerships.

Phillip L. | 2012-08-19

As an update.... BMW still refuses to honor warranty work and insists the problems identified in earlier servicing were unrelated to the current problems.
Had an independent BMW mechanic look at the car and here is what we get.

BMW estimated cost for repair/replacement of:
* Replace insulated positive bulkhead terminals
* Replace positive battery terminals
* Replace battery
* Replace stereo amplifier
* Re-sync all computer modules and battery
ESTIMATED COST = over $3000.00

Independent work accomplished:
* Clean insulated positive bulkhead terminals
* Replace positive battery terminals
* Check battery - PASSED
* Check stereo amplifier - PASSED
* Check sync on all computer modules - PASSED
ACTUAL COST = just over $500.00

The moral of the story. Use an independent certified BMW mechanic. They honor the BMW factory warranty in most instances (wasn't the case in this one but that's that) and are EAGER to maintain strong relationships with their customer base

Trent Z. | 2012-08-14

I've only been to BMW of Austin a couple of times, once for a GPS issue, the other time for a routine oil change. Both time the service department has been great. Why only the service department? Read on.

The first time I took my car in because the map would freeze every time I go into GPS mode. My Service Advisor Andy was great - very courteous and helpful. While there I found out that I need to get my high pressure fuel pump replaced as part of a recall, which is fine with me as it's a common problem with the N54 engine. I dropped the car off on Thursday expecting to pick it up the next day. Turns out my iDrive had to be replaced, which I thought was unnecessary since it appeared to be a software issue. But perhaps it's less costly to replace the whole thing than to spend the time diagnosing the issue. Either ways, it's covered under warranty so long as it's fixed, I don't care how. I had to go out of town that weekend, so Andy let me keep the loaner for the whole weekend even though I didn't buy my car from BMW of Austin. I picked my car up on Monday and all is well.

The second time was for an oil change and because the rear brake pad warning was on. Again, Andy and the service department was great (turned out the brake pad sensor gave a false warning and just had to be reset). The same can't be said for the sales department. While my car was being serviced, I wandered over to the sales floor. I stood there in the main entrance area for a good minute before a salesperson greeted me. It was an older gentleman whose name I can't remember now. I asked whether they had a particular model in the lot and was told that they do not but have one on the way. He took my number and promised to call me back when the car got in. I never got any calls.

So far my limited experience implies that BMW of Austin has a good service department but the sales department is a little bit questionable. But a good friend who did purchase his vehicle from here assured me that he had a great experience. So who knows, maybe they were just having an off day.

JoseLuis F. | 2012-06-21

So my service light/computer is indicating to me "you are going to have to open up your wallet and let the service department of the dealership take all your money."  It's hardly ever is a simple and soothing experience, especially when you drive a foreign make vehicle.  Mind you my car is shy a few miles over its warranty, so, the anxiety is rising because I have to get this service done.  So, I call the dealership to set up an appointment but I am having no success in contacting anyone, not once but several times.  Finally after three days of trying to get the service department on line to schedule an appointment, the same song and dance we are overbooked and you will have to schedule well in advance.  I could have spent all my efforts researching and electing another certified BMW service shop.  This is ultimately what I did because I was frustrated with this dealerships lack of attention to inbound calls & scheduling.

Shaazam P. | 2012-05-20

When I started going here, they were great, always courteous, but now I just feel ripped off. They were the nice Austin dealership and they've turned into the greedy big city douchebags literally overnight, since Austins explosive growth.

I've constantly had to bring my car in time and time again because the very reason I've brought it in never get's resolved and they end up finding something else wrong that they make a big deal of, so I have to remind them of the initial ask that I came in for in the first place. Then, they have some excuse about how the car isn't ready, or washed, then they email me countless times when the car is ready. Just a very poor experience.

I even tried to trade in my vehicle at one point, they were all gung ho about it, then I had some questions, it was end of day on a friday and they were just trying to pad stats, the used car guy literally pushed me out of the way and said I can't help you, unless you are going to buy the car now, I need to go. SO righ there I knew, I wasn't a promising future client, I mean I'm 31yes old and loved the brand and make 6 figures and wanted to buy an M3, but I guess he just wanted to sell me the used 3 series so he could get his used car salesman commish.

I had great trust in them, and now I don't, last experience, but not least, they found out I was moving to New York and all of a sudden my car needed $2000 worth of work to the power steering hose and pump and new tires on the back end, I mean how much more obvious can this be than a last ditch attempt at squeezing me for more $.
I will never buy another BMW again, solely based on how I was treated by the people there. I don't care how much you love a vehicle, people shouldn't be treated like this.

Jaded BMW customer.

Sylvia H. | 2012-05-04

Moved from California a couple months ago and took my car here to get the oils topped and took over an hour and then last week had to take my car in for service. This service is joke compare to the service I used to get in Cali. First of all they made me wait around 2-3 hours which was fine but at the end of the 3 hours it turns out they didn't have the part and gave me a loner car. The worst part is I had to call the next day for a follow-up on when my car would be ready and if I would have not called no one would have ever gotten back to me.

When my car was finally ready 2 days later one of the guys kept laughing and pointing at the car to come through the service station since I did not know where do so to return the car so unprofessional. When I left there was 3-4 advisors horse playing in front of the customers which I thought was unprofessional. This has made me decide when my lease is up at the end of the year not to get a BMW if I go elsewhere to get one I will still have to put up with this joke of a service department which I think BMW customers deserve more.

I am also a little confused that they cannot wash your car because of the water restrictions but yet could charge you for a dry wash. They could at least give us a voucher or something to get a wash down the street. Additionally if you are not going to wash my car after a service at least don't make my car dirty with 5 oily hand prints and 2 bird shit stains the size of my fist. At least give me my car back the way I left it. If you think they have good service you really have low expectations.

Dan L. | 2012-05-04

Stopped by to see if the dealership had any new manual 1 or 3 series cars.  Found a manual 135, and thought I would find  a salesperson to take it for a drive.  While i made my way into the building, I wandered around and looked at the other cars.  Interestingly not one salesperson came and introduced themselves.  

Once inside, I wandered the floor for about 10 minutes, and didn't see one salesperson.   After about 25 minutes of being on the lot, I wandered back out to the 135, looked around, then back to my car.  Not one salesperson, nothing.

Guess they didn't want to sell a car?

Lars W. | 2012-04-29

The sales department doesn't seem to really sell cars. When we arrived there, we were ignored. Ignored by a sales person who rather watched sports on the TV there than helping us. It's good to be reminded that there are other German car makers around. I ended up buying a Mercedes. They really do sell cars there. Not snooty at all like the people at BMW.

P. C. | 2012-04-28

I bought a used 328i from Jay Lafolette at Austin BMW.  Smoothest, most stress-free transaction ever.  Jay was very polite, helpful and professional. The financing process was very smooth as well.  Highly recommend going to see Jay if you're in the market.

Julie S. | 2012-03-27

I had a great experience at this dealership. My sales person, Jay, was knowledgeable and fair. He was efficient and no nonsense, just like car buying should be. I LOVE BMW's, there is no other better car, so hands down, I would go to the dealership again and again, and actually plan to buy my next BMW here. Great experience!

Julian M. | 2012-03-10

This review is for the service department. I have always taken my two bmws to Chris Smith. He is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He has treated us with respect and he has been honest with us. I like their facility, their loaners are always clean, almost new and ready for you.
Keep doing a great job guys!!

J Scott H. | 2012-03-07

I was in desperate need for a car, and Jay Lafolette at BMW was able to help me, not only to get a car, but a great-looking used BMW X5 ... my first BMW!  The help he provided me was awesome, and the his support staff really knew what they were doing.  Prior to my arrival at BMW of Austin, I thought I was going to feel a little uncomfortable - since I'm not exactly the "wealthy type" ... but, everyone there were down-home-type individuals whom I felt I could trust.  I highly recommend meeting with Jay if you are at all interested in driving a BMW.

Nicole L. | 2012-02-29

My husband and I recently purchased a new vehicle from BMW of Austin and overall it was a very good experience. We were back and forth between Audi and BMW and while we loved both vehicles and the pricing was similar, what sold us was the positive experience we had in dealing with BMW and our sales associate, Troy Massey. He really took the time to show us the vehicle, took us on an impressive test drive and was very open during the negotiation process. Our experience at Roger Beasley Audi was quite the opposite - arrogant and condescending sales associates who didn't dedicate their time. We came very close to purchasing the Audi, but in the end walked away and made a deal with Troy and we couldn't be happier.

If your looking for a new or used BMW, I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Troy at BMW of Austin.

Zelda K. | 2012-02-24

Thank You Steve M. for your response and your for offer to return to BMW of Austin but I must decline.  If any business only made 5% profit off their product they would never succeed.  As for laws of supply n demand, I am fully aware of them as I am an accountant.  You are the only dealership in TX that has a low volume of 535s.  Others have at least 10.   When we decided we were going to purchase a BMW I did EXTENSIVE research.  BTW $50k is the BASE price for 535s,  the car we were want ed was $67k.

Michael P. | 2012-02-06

BMW Austin is one helluva of car dealership. Service, service, service.  And I really liked working with Larry Stenson. No haggling. No bull----. I walked in. He knew my situation in wanting to get out of of my 10-month-old identity crisis in the form of a black/black Chevy Tahoe and back into a small, sporty car. I was out in hours with a 328i. Man, I love that car, and Larry has followed up with me to make sure all was cool. Michael P., Austin.

Stacey T. | 2012-01-30

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!  I am a die-hard Audi car driver but I couldn't take one more time going to Roger Beasley Audi in Austin because of their crappy service.

I traded in my Q5 Prestige for a 328i at BMW.  I had Tom who was the nicest guy ever, never pressured me, worked with me, and in 3 hours I had a shiny, red BMW to drive home.  He even called me the following day just to see if I was doing alright.  Now that's service.  Of course, there was more involved in this deal, but really there's no need to get into it - it's boring.

Besides the great experience that I had with purchasing, let me back up as to how I knew their service was awesome to begin with.  My fiance purchased an M3 from a dealership in San Juan and brought it here to BMW of Austin to have it looked at and to see what all needed to be done with it.  Travis was our consultant.  He was extremely kind and knowledgable.  A lot had to be looked over and so my fiance was put in a loaner for a week without question.  We received regular updates by phone about the car and what our options were.  My fiance had to go back over to Afghanistan before his car was finished, so when I returned the loaner, I received the same excellent service at 7am that we did at 3 in the afternoon.  From the moment you step in that place, the workers are all smiles, they open your door for you; collect all of the things in the vehicle and bring them to you; they ask you if you'd like a Starbucks coffee while you wait in their lounge with leather chairs, big screen tv's, WIFI and luxury bathrooms.  It's amazing.  But in all honesty, this is how all luxury car dealerships/services SHOULD be.  If you're spending that kind of money on a car, this is what you're paying for.  It's a shame that I had to leave Audi because they're more me, but maybe BMW can change my mind again :)

Alison L. | 2012-01-23

BMW of Awesome!  After dealing with 3 horrendous dealerships in Houston, I was so glad that to move back to Austin so that my car could finally get some TLC.  

I bought my car here and had a fantastic experience from the relaxed test drive experience to easy/quick communication with my salesman.  Took the car in for service today and Charles did a great job taking care of me and my baby.  Their waiting area is awesome, they have computers so you can Yelp and even a barista eager to whip you up a latte.

Andrew H. | 2012-01-05

I usually try to avoid dealerships, but have been very happy with service at BMW of austin.  In particular, my service advisor Andy has made it pretty much impossible to go anywhere else.  He's taken care of my cars for over 10 years and is always super friendly and helpful.  The facility is amazing and very comfortable.  I actually look forward to my maintenance trips so I can catch a movie, coffee and snack while my car's getting a tune up.  They also have cubes so I can get some work done if needed.  Their cubes are actually bigger than my last "real" office cube.

Lots of great events, amazing facility and excellent customer service from the team will keep me coming back and paying a small premium over other shops.

William R. | 2011-12-15

Yesterday I went to BMW of Austin to meet with Chris Late, the "Sales Manager".  He offered to guarantee me a trade value of 45k from Mercedes.  He informed me that this was a "more than fair deal" and it would result in me only losing 6k and getting 6 months use.  He said the purchase price was $51,700 and that was an outright lie.  The purchase price was 56k.  Now to recap, the car broke down with 6k miles and had been in the shop for 3 weeks.  Then they wrecked it and were so gracious to offer to mitigate my losses to a tad over 10k if I wanted to get out of it.  Get this, when I asked who I would file a complaint with the General Manager, I was told the GM was Chris Late's father.  

Today I met with Steve Late and could not be more satisfied.  He went above and beyond to make things right.  It is easy to see why he is successful in the car business!  We will be customers for a long time.

Glen M. | 2011-12-11

Austin BMW knows there is little choice for dealers in this city. I have looked at pre-owned cars and new cars here before and dreaded going back because of the salesmen experience. They are rude, condescending, and project unnecessary attitude to customers. I was so turned off by this in the past that I told them their customer server was poor at best and refused to buy a car from them. Hoping for a change my wife and I went back. Initially - same o same o. By and large these guys are d-bags. Get over yourself. You sell cars! This is austin - not dallas, not houston. We expect laid back interaction so you can take that pretentious attitude and shove it. Well, I had to go inside and ask for help. I got the look of - are you sure you can afford a bmw. I assure you I can, if fact, multiple if I so desired. such jerks. In the back of the room i hear a voice - i can help you. He was kind, actually listened, and was delighted for us to take the car for a test drive. Another one of the salesman was such a jerk that i asked him what his problem was. I am going to go back just to get his name and post it here to warn others to NOT work with him and do not buy from him. After the test drive I asked this actual nice and helpful salesman - I have to be honest, you have been different than many previous experiences I have had here. He then informs me he is new and has only been there for a few months *shocked*. This explains it. He came from Lexus where he had worked for many years. He explained that it was different at this bmw with both the cars and the customers. I hope you don't morph into the d-bag most of the others are. I would have bought a car from this guy had they had exactly what i was looking for although it would have pained me to give my money to that dealership. If you must experience this dealership and are looking at pre-owned ask for Robert Knight. I will travel to houston or dallas just to avoid buying from here.

John M. | 2011-11-07

Steve Liedtke is also an awesome service rep.  I would hang out in their service department if I could.

Dorothy O. | 2011-10-26

First off, they treat customers with disdain, like crap on a shoe. A BMW mechanic told me that I know more about my BMW, than those BMW computer techs. Yes, I said computer techs. They no longer have mechanics. If something is wrong with your car, it's not fix it, it's replace it and charge the customer big time, because we can - we're the only BMW Dealership in Austin, and we are out to SCREW our CUSTOMERS.They could give a Rat's Arse about you or your car - their Mantra is separate the customer from his money and put it into our pocket. Customer Service is non-existent and they Lie, Cheat, Scam, and will do anything to get your money. If you complain to BMW Corporate Office - forget it! They will not help. BMW is committing Suicide, and so be it. BMW, you're Greedy as Hell!!!!!!  No more BMWs will touch my driveway. I give you a grade of "F"!!!!!!!!

Wes A. | 2011-09-07

So far, so good. I bought my car here back in July from the certified pre-owned sales department. The first salesman we got was...interesting. He just handed us the keys to a car on the lot and told us to take a spin in it. No interest in checking my driver's license or anything else. Good thing we didn't steal it! The second guy I worked with is named Jay Lafolette. Jay is a straight shooter and makes things happen. He also happens to be the Internet sales manager. I spoke with him on the phone a few times before visiting in person. We agreed on a price and signed the paperwork in less than an hour - which has to be some kind of personal record for me!

As for the service department, I've been twice already due to low tire pressure (they blame the erratic weather) and they've been nothing but nice. Their waiting area really is awesome. The only thing I think they could add is a little nail salon for manis and pedis and then I would be in heaven!

Dtx G. | 2011-09-06

I was very happy with my service experience here.  Since I've also been to BMW Plano I have to say the waiting area here is like going to Disney Land in comparison.  Free starbucks style coffees, cookies, donuts, refreshments, work space, internet and computers to use, and a nice movie theater.  Service team also spent plenty of time talking to me about the current state of my car.  I left impressed.  Since dealing with cars and repairs is more of a relationship I have to wait to provide a 5 star rating.

San T. | 2011-08-21

Got a Camry from their pre-owned facility. Sam Smith was the salesman ... pleasant experience!

Andrew K. | 2011-08-05

I've been taking my car here for years for service and talk about a professionally run service center!
You're greeted as you bring your car in by porters who take you to a service adviser. In general, it's VIP treatment.

The service area and waiting area has everything you need from snacks to internet and a few nice cars to look at. And they have loaners - which make coming here as convenient as it can be.

Also- they bend over backwards to make sure you get what you want. In my case it was tires - they worked with me to get tire options not normally available at the dealership. Turned this into a 1 stop shop for me. (As normally you'd just use the dealer for serious work, then go to NTB for tires, xyz for oil changes, etc etc - or just do it yourself). Having the 1 stop shop with the loaner cars makes this killer.

But as they say, you can't really tell how good a business is until something goes wrong. Joe and the BMW of Austin Service crew really make sure things get taken care of and put right when something comes up.

Of course there are some things to look out for:
Sometimes the service team is too busy - may have to leave a message.
(I have found email to be the most effective means of communication).
And being busy means same day appointments aren't necessarily doable.

Despite this, as far as service centers, this has been as good as it gets!

Lisa I. | 2011-06-23

If your BMW is still under warranty, yes it makes sense to take it here. If not, you're better served having general and specialty work done else where.

Had a battery that I thought maybe an issue and I asked BMW of Austin to test it. OMG they were going to charge me over $75 just for a simple test.

Took my BMW to Sears Auto in Cedar Park and they tested it at no charge. Since my car can only take a BMW battery, Sears offered to pick up a new battery at BMW of Austin for me and install it for less than 1/2 of the price BMW was going to charge me if a new one was needing to be purchased and installed.

Sears Auto gets all my work now. If I need BMW specialty work, I take my car to Paul's Motor Werks.

Mike J. | 2011-05-14

All I have to say is that we had a great experience actually buying our 2007 Certified Pre-Owned BMW about 18 months ago. However, due to our family growing exponentially (1 year old and twins on the way) we decided to trade it in for a crossover. After visiting 2 dealerships, both confirmed that our car had been repainted!! There were no accidents on car fax, but they advised that most likely a BMW dealership did the paint job after the car got damaged on their lot. The first dealership wouldn't even deal with us and the second one ended up reducing the offer for our car significantly as compared to what it would be worth without a repaint.

So, if you do go to BMW of Austin for a Certified Pre-Owned, first thing you should ask is if the car has been repainted. I thought they would be better than selling a repainted car, but I guess not. Oh, and if you're in the market for a tan/gold 2007 328i, be wary. Apparently the dealership we traded our car to is reselling it to BMW.

alicia k. | 2011-04-26

Great service! I decided on a BMW because I didn't like the service they gave me at Lexus (I owned and still a GS300). We bought the BMW 335i in Houston, but has had it serviced at BMW Austin. The waiting room in Austin is super nice (free coffee/lattes/etc made for you by a barista), cookies sometimes, drinks and candy. I also enjoy the comfy leather couches and computers with internet access. They also have a printer that you can print to (very handy because I often forget to bring my insurance card with me).

Overall, they are very accommodating and when I get my car back, it looks brand new each time. The only drawback about this place (other than the money thing) is that the voice messaging system is inefficient. They never call you back if you leave a message. Deal directly with your service repair representative.

Moira Z. | 2011-04-13

I love my car.

Troy was amazing to deal with.  

When things were not perfect, the situation was remedied.  And, I mean, things were great - but not perfect - so Troy took care of me.  That's right, the salesman took care of me after the sale.  

I have not ever been treated like a number.  And, I haven't been treated like a "dumb girl" which I might appreciate more than anything.

Leah b. | 2011-04-10

LIE CHEAT STEAL.  I took my BMW M3 here for years.  I thought for sure that my "personal" service attendant was an honest person. WRONG.  Penny tried to convince me my car needed services that amounted to $5500!!! In the past (as I had for 8 years prior)  i would have just taking her at her word.  But this time I KNEW that my A/C just needed to be recharged.  I took it to Paul's Motor Werks...and come to find out......Almost everything BMW Austin listed as a needed repair was a LIE.
So I called to talk to Penny. NO RESPONSE.  I called for the manager...NO RESPONSE.  After a week of trying to speak to SOMEONE on the matter I gave up.  THANKS A LOT!! 8 years of sucking THOUSANDS FROM ME and I can't even get a returned phone call.  LIE CHEAT's apparently their motto

Anh P. | 2011-03-25

I drive 2 cars. 1 daily car and 1 sweet Audi S5. I want a new daily car and am finding a car that would fit my needs. So I have tried many cars and    wanted to try a used M5 or a 550i.

I have been to this BMW dealer 3 times. I have dealt with 3 separate salesman. 2 out of the 3 including the 1 yesterday, have been D-bags. The nice one is John Roberts I believe. I was once interested in a 135 and he very nicely answered my questions w/o pressure or assumed I was some poor kid (b/c I came in shorts and flip flops b/c it was super hot). Anyhow, you can see I ended up with S5 instead.

Anyhow pre-owned salesman D-Bag seemed like the cars there sold themselves and that it was a hassle for him to show me the car. I told him I was trying to decide which car I wanted (I've tried Porsche SUVs, other Audis, etc) and was curious to see if I wanted a full sized sedan. He was annoyed. Bottom line, 550 was too slow for me. Not enough HP for a fat sedan. I really wanted to try the V10 engine and knew the M6 had it, but didn't want to talk to salesman anymore. I guess they are losing a potential sale b/c I am not going back to even try the engine.

If for any reason I do want  a BMW, I will deal through internet exclusively and likely just contact the dealers in Houston.

Tom O. | 2011-02-25

My car had a transmission leak and it had just gone out of warranty. Called BMW customer affairs (corporate) and they were unwilling to help. After visiting with the Service Director and a couple days BMW of Austin covered the entire repair for me under good will. Thank you BMW of Austin for taking care of your customers! I will be back for future service

Mike L. | 2011-02-24

A few weeks after I bought my 550i (from another dealership) in November, the brakes started squealing. I called BMWofA to see if I could get serviced under warranty, and they informed me that there was an open recall on the "brake boosters" of my car. I took it in, and the service dept proceeded to sweep me off my feet with excellent customer service. All I did was drive up, hand the key fob to an attendant, then speak with my "Service Advisor", Eric Dominguez for a few minutes. He had me in a loaner (newish 528i!) in about 15 minutes from the time I drove up.
   In a couple of days my car was ready, and again the process of getting in and out was smooth as can be.

   Today I went in for a brake fluid flush, which is a small job, so I waited in their lobby.. The "M Lounge" is the best possible place to wait for a car to be serviced. It's plush, to say the least. How many dealerships in Austin have a movie theater with big leather chairs to relax in? My guess is, few to none. It took a little over an hour, but they washed my car for free!
 After I called and scheduled the appointment last week, I got a reminder e-mail, as is customary. The email had the wrong date, so I called back to straighten it out. My SA had just entered it wrong in the email system, but my appointment was for the correct date. (minus 1/2 star)

   I know that for cost reasons, I may not be utilizing the dealership for maintenance once my Maintenance Plan runs out in a few months, but it's been nice being taken care of. I actually felt rich for a minute!

Gregg M. | 2011-01-15

Our purchase of a new BMW 328i from Larry Stenson at BMW of Austin was the most straight-forward, pleasant car buying experiences that we have ever had.

I put in an on-line "dealer quote" request from , and within 30 minutes or so, Larry had emailed me a response and welcomed us to come by for a test drive - and he said that they had a few models in stock that matched our selection of colors and options. We initially test drove the 335i with the Sport Package, and we took it down the twisty, curvey Old Spicewood Springs Road to see how it handled and then up Loop 360 and back on Hwy 183 to see how it drove on the highway. It was VERY nice. We thanked Larry, and told him that we still needed to look at the other 3 cars on our shopping list - Acura TL, Lexus ES 350, and Infiniti G37 Journey.

The Acura seems large and cumbersome in comparison to the BMW, the Lexus was very dissapointing - the car floated above the road, with very little "connectedness".  The Infiniti G37 Journey was very close, and we really liked the red color, but that only came with a black interior (we like in Austin, TX and it gets HOT in the summer). We were willing to "put up with" the black interior and sat down to start talking finances. The Infiniti dealer would offer us $10, 500 for the trade-in on our 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe, which was $1500 to $2000 less than Edmonds claimed it was worth. We almost bought it, but decided to sleep on it.

That evening I sent Larry and email saying that we would like to test drive the less powerful 328i without the Sport Package, and mentioned that my wife was really leaning towards the red color (the Inifiniti looked great, and the BMW brochure that Larry gave us showed that the 3 series was available in red exterior, with TAN interior). Within minutes Larry emailed me back and said he has one in stock that matched that criteria and he would have it ready for us to test drive at 10 AM the next morning.

When we arrived at BMW of Austin the next morning, a light rain was falling, but Larry had the car ready for us to test drive. He insisted that we go our on the same test drive route, and to go by ourselves (he didn't need to go). OK, it's raining, and he just tells us to take off and enjoy our ride!

We loved the car, and it had more than enough power for my wife, so we sat down to talk business with Larry. First he got our Infiniti G35 Coupe appraised for trade-in. They offered $12,000. (Remember what the Infiniti dealer offered us for our Infiniti?) We said OK and worked up all the paperwork.

When we came back in 3 1/2 hours, the car had all the dealer prep, it was cleaned beyind perfection, and was sitting inside their showroom (it was still raining outside). While in the showroom, Larry explained a little of the features and gave us a nice introduction to the car.

They then pulled the car outside, where the satellite radio was activated and another person (Chris?) spent 20 or 30 minutes giving us a more thorough explanation of how all of the controls operated, and even set-up my BlackBerry for Bluetooth voice recognition!

Larry sent us an email 2 weeks later to say that our license plates were ready. My wife drove over and told that to someone in the Serice Department, and she said they were very polite and put them on without any delay.

In summary, the car purchasing experience at BMW of Austin was very straight-forward and pleasant. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in this class of a vehicle!

Lori G. | 2011-01-14

I have never had a more pleasant experience buying a car!  I decided I wanted to look at the 2011 135i Convertible and compare it to the Infiniti convertible.  I built my 135i online and received an email from a salesperson in no time.  We scheduled a test drive for later in the week.  When I arrived, I was treated very well.  I drove the 335i first, and was told by my salesperson, Larry,  that I shouldn't drive the 135i unless I was prepared to spend an additional $6k (lol). He allowed my friend and I to take the car out on our own (no dealerships do that anymore!).  Needless to say, I fell in love with the car.  I had very specific wants, though, and there was no car available fitting my criteria.

Prior to ordering my new 135i, I wanted to make sure I was going to get a fair deal on my trade-in.  I researched the trade-in myself to get a feel for its value.  I had the number in my head when I went to the BMW dealership to have it looked at.  I'd decided if they offered anything less than $16k, I would decline and look elsewhere.  I felt that $16k was a fair price for my trade.  They came back moments later and offered $19k!  I instantly said "yes, let's do this", and we had my new car ordered in minutes. Typically they require a $1,000 deposit, but they were kind enough to let me order the car without one.  Knowing that their customers' time is valuable, there was no delay in getting paperwork done...I signed a few things and he said he'd keep me apprised of the car's progress as it was being built.

Larry sent me at least one email a week for the next two months, letting me know what stage the new car was in, and when I could expect it to arrive in the states.  When the car arrived, I again had no issues with delays at the dealership.  The paperwork was ready for me to sign and I was on my way out the door in less than 45 minutes.  The majority of that time was spent in the new car going over its features with a specialist.

I received an email from Larry the next day stating that my floor mats were in, and he asked if I'd like to come pick them up.  He said he'd missed the mail for that day, but I'd receive them early the following week if I wanted them mailed.  I said that was fine.  This was on a Friday.  The next day, Fedex showed up with my mats!  On a Saturday!

I had one occasion to visit the service department a few weeks later - my plates were in.  I'd asked them to put the plates on for me since the front plate required drilling.  Their waiting area is very comfortable and convenient for those that need to work while waiting for their car.  My car was ready in about 10 minutes.  The service was very friendly and professional.

Again, I don't see how I could have had a more pleasant experience...unless they just GAVE me the car - lol.  Larry still checks on me often.  I have no doubt that if/when I'm in the market for a new car, I will be paying Larry, and BMW of Austin, a visit!

Big C. | 2011-01-11

The service advisors at BMW of Austin are always courteous. The actual service, however, is always disappointing. It's little things... picking up your 5-series and finding new scratches on it; picking up your 3-series and they didn't bother to wash it; looking at your odometer and finding that they drove your car 55 miles while they kept it overnight.

Seriously - how do you put 55 miles on a car as part of "diagnostics"?  I work in the area around the BMW dealership and have seen the shop guys driving cars to various local businesses (restaurants, sub shops, banks, etc.).  Do they take them home as well?

Jim S. | 2010-12-20

Avoid service at BMW Austin at all cost!  Two years ago I took my 530i in for brakes before the 40,000 mile warranty expired.  Great all new pads and rotors which was good news. ! Well they forgot to tighten the brake cylinder on the front drivers side and the whole cylinder could be moved with your finger. Not only was it a life threatening situation I was stranded in South Austin and the brake rotor was shredded along with the wheel.  They towed the car in and fixed everything the right way like they should have the first time.

Last week I took it in for a known problem.  I told service the control module was not telling the alternator to charge the battery. I knew this because I have a new battery and the alternator was deemed good from another shop just days before.  I was leaving for Houston last Friday and was real nervous about driving my car there.  They told me the car was fine and not to worry.  Well I got to Columbus and all the lights starting coming on the dash and all electrical components starting shutting down.  I made it to an AutoZone and the woman was real nice and tested and charged my battery.  Call service to help me.  2 hours later I was still sitting in the lot waiting for help. NO HELP!  Nothing. No calls.  I took the risk of driving to the next dealer in Katy 54 miles away. Same thing was happening the whole way there and it completely stopped in the KATY BMW service driveway.   AUSTIN BMW refused to tow or even help me with a rental car.  Nothing!  "your problem."  Totally careless and uncaring people at BMW Austin.  

The Katy BMW service found and is fixing the problem (control module that tells the alternator to charge the battery)  today which is 4 days later.  I live in Austin and now have to drive my rental car back to Houston to get my car.  AUSTIN BMW claim their "computer" showed that the car had "no problem" which it clearly had and claim no responsibility for this problem.  They said we "don't drive customer cars to find problems."  Well Katy BMW did not drive the car to find the problem they found it with their computer.   BMW Austin will
not pay for my rental car, time lost or anything.   The Katy BMW found the problem right away on their diagnostic computer.   Idiots at AUSTIN BMW.  I suggest a full round of drug testing and a complete firing of their entire staff from the ground up.

If you have a BMW out of warranty don't take your car to BMW  Austin service you have been warned..  These people are inept, sloppy and don't give  a damn about there customers.  They are profit driven and care of little else other than satisfying Penske Corporate.

Alan W. | 2010-12-19

BMW 3-series cars are probably some of the best driving cars on Earth, and I bought a CPO 2006 in 2008, saving a lot of money, from BMW of Austin.  The Pre-Owned Sales Guy JAY LAFOLETTE was a professional.  Not much bargaining, but this is BMW after all.  I am glad he encouraged me to get the extended warranty, and I'm thrilled with my service Advisor, Thad - but that's GOOD because I see a LOT of him.  You buy a BMW for the driving experience, and the service experience is great, too (best waiting room in Austin, much better than Lexus).  

You do not buy a BMW for quality these days - they need fixing a lot.  Still, that inline 6 cylinder engine and 6 speed manual transmission make me quiver with car-lust.  Just make SURE you buy the extended warranty.  You're going to need it.  On service - make sure that they fix everything you want fixed before you drive off.  Make sure you get Thad or Charles as your Advisor - they're both very good.  But sometimes they forget to do some things (but they always make it up to you).  Insist on getting a loaner every time you need service as part of your buying deal, and get that in writing (duh).

Once you are a customer, asking to test drive ANYTHING is not an issue.  If you are qualified to buy one of these cars, you won't have a problem getting a test drive.

Other things:  The Parts Department isn't really retail or customer focused. Oh, and their website is awful - won't support Firefox or Chrome properly! In Austin, of all places, a website should rock, and their's sucks.

Lisa M. | 2010-10-27

The best car service I've ever had. The people are professional and polite. They stay on schedule. The waiting area is amazing - you can watch tv, use the computer, have a snack or a killer coffee drink, shop for BMW merchandise, watch a movie or find the massage chairs. Best of all - they found a damaged part on my car and got it repaired while I waited -and it was under warranty. Fantastic experience.

Wendy H. | 2010-09-23

I'm from the Rio Grande Valley so my expections of excellent service are usually low.  I am used to 1/2 hour long lines at the grocery store, individuals cutting in front of me. and salespeople not even greeting me, but grunting as a salutation.   That said, my engine light came on in my two year old X5 two days after I moved to Austin.  I used my handy BMW navigation device to steer me to BMW of Austin and was greeted prompty by a friendly and professional attendent.  I sat in luxury and watched CNN on a large flat screen T.V. while sipping a gourmet coffee and one hour later my car was magically fixed.   Everyone I encountered at this dealership was nothing short of wonderful and I don't dread going to get my baby repaired next time as I did in McAllen.   I'm thinking y'all who are whining and giving these one star reviews need to spend some time in South Texas to gain a better perspective on having a bad experience!

Robert C. | 2010-07-23

This is my first Yelp review, so cut me a little slack.

    I just have to say that my encounter with BMW of Austin left a little to be desired, from what I thought would be a pleasant experience at a high end dealership.  I recently purchased an '03 530i, from a less than perfect used car dealership, and I needed some work done, that was better left to professionals.  I called and set up an appointment a week ahead of time, thinking that would expedite my service on the day the work was to be done. As it turns out, that really doesn't help much, as I was told that the service department sometimes over books appointments, and they cater to the last minute folks like they have some sort of priority.  I have to say that I was less than pleased with the way Joe, in the service department, felt like he had to do something for everyone right away, rather than do a good job for each customer in turn.  He was rather impatient when I was making my decision on other work they suggested I get done while I was there for a specific issue.  Finding out that there would be no more loaner cars that day, at only 9 am, helped me make my decision not to wait.
     When I asked to speak to the mechanic directly, he pawned me off on another individual, Adam, I believe, who took the time to walk me back to the shop floor.  This gentleman was a more understanding of my needs, as this is the first time I had to take my car to the dealership.   I did opt out of the extra service that they pointed out very clearly, due to a little financial constraint this month, but I plan to reschedule this work soon.
   As for the rest of my visit, George, in the parts department, was very helpful on finding a few cosmetic things I wanted to purchase, and even helped me out with a 10% discount, since I was getting some service done the same day.  He even went out of his way to look a second time for a part that was listed as in stock, but nowhere to be found in the back storage.  I did recieve a call from George later today, as the missing part was either found or delivered. I plan on picking that up tomorrow, because the shop is open, pretty early in my opinion, on Saturday.  The young woman who rung up my tab was very patient and helpful as well.  After a little simple math, I found that my bill was a little heavier than my original quote from Joe, whom I mentioned earlier. She was able to clear it up with Joe, and get me a corrected bill rather quickly.  Apparently, Joe didn't see the pressure test of my cooling system, still on the bill that I didn't actually have done.

All said and done, I am pleased with the work done on my car, but not as pleased the service department in general.

Disco L. | 2010-07-01

Not sure what happened with this place, but I won't be returning like hmmm EVER! I actually purchased a car from BMW of Austin in 2008 & had a decent experience with the sales guys (but yes they do believe they sell themselves, no wheeling & dealing here!!).
Out of no where my car started acting strange when shifting gears. Specifically it lagged, which is dangerous when you are attempting to get the h*ll out of that F-550 (is there such a thing?) that is attempting to run your sporty arse right off the road. This happed for about two weeks, right around the time she told me she (she is my car) needed her first oil change. It was also surging on cold start first thing in the morning when backing up (it did this every day so easy to spot), thought it was strange, but hey only when backing up ;)  Service kept my car for a week (yes I said a week!) & determined nothing, nada.  After test driving with a Tech I was told "you are not the only person that has complained about the lag, this car has a different tranny than our other more expense models". Sorry it is normal" NORMAL whatttt???? NORMAL, when that giant corn fed ham is trying to run me over, like flatten me, put my lights out, NORMAL does not suffice? Sorry bud, but I have owned other BMWs & this is not the case. Basically, nothing these yokels could do for me, too bad so sad, trade her in & get a more expensive model & you will be happy....nooo sirrreeee, not me!!! This car stinks why would I buy another more expensive one from you?  So I am leaving a bit perturbed when I notice that my car (that does not even have ONE door ding) has a dent in the trunk! WTF seriously? I call the service guy out & he was like "by golly geez, that wasn't there when you dropped her off" ya, for sure it wasn't dude!!! So I then received another loaner call (maybe the only real perk at this place) while they send my car off to who knows where (they do not have a body shop on site) for it to get fixed (they said a rock must have hit it when they were mowing, whatever!) They keep my car for yet another week. When ready I leave work on my lunch break thinking surely I can pick up my car in one hour to make that meeting at 1:30, SURELY SO since I already called in advance & asked that it be brought up front & gave a specific time I would be there. Low & behold NOPE not only was my car NOT waiting for me...the porter could NOT find my car. Like it was missing, gone, disappeared!!!! TWO HOURS LATER, they found it (where I will never know!). Two hours & I was just picking it up! Of course I missed my meeting, my boss p*ssed & I was furious!!! So much so that I almost ran over the Tech's foot trying to get the h*ll out of there. I won't be back, I will drive to San Antonio!  NEVER AGAIN, sad because it is  more convenient. Penske stinks (why are penske people "trying" to fix my car exactly?)

Jeff K. | 2010-06-28

Interesting number of "hit job" reviews for this dealership -- one-star critiques from non-regular Yelpers -- that somehow made it past Yelp's usually-solid filter.

My personal experience: I've bought two cars here, both post-Penske purchase, and have never encountered anything less than completely professional behavior on part of both the sales team and service department.  Not only did my salesperson not even blink when I asked if I could test-drive the brand-new M3 they'd just gotten in -- never mind that I was in the market for a substantially less expensive 135i convertible -- he directed me to a little-trafficked nearby route I didn't know about, essentially a country road with tons of twisties and a few straightaways, that would allow me to test the car in a proper sporting environment.  Better still, he let me take it out solo, which most, but not all, higher-end dealerships do these days (Sterling Acura, I'm looking at you!).

I cannot attest to their willingness to haggle, since I paid full price for both of my cars. I know, I know, but both were brand-new models that I had custom-ordered from Germany, and no BMW dealer offers discounts on those types of vehicles; I accept having to pay a premium for a) getting a car before anyone else and b) getting it custom-tailored to my exact specs.

I'm not sure where the complaints about the service department are coming from. I have not only never not gotten a call when my car was ready, I also always get a call when there's going to be any sort of delay. And then there's what we'll call the "rec room" waiting area for those having quick services done. Multiple Web-enabled computers, a great coffee bar, even a top-of-the-line home theater setup showing action flicks in hi-def! And yes, not only do you get a loaner car for any service that'll take a substantive amount of time -- and I've gotten practically everything but the 7-series as a loaner at some point -- there's the fact that BMW is now the only automaker offering completely free maintenance for four years/50,000 miles.

BMW of Austin is top of the game in terms of Austin auto dealers; only the local Lexus dealer is on par.

Zee W. | 2010-05-26

I love driving.

On any given day, the moment at which I have the deepest, hurt-my-face-it's-so-damn-big smile on my face is when I've got my windows down and my music up, feeling the wind buffet my body and watching the road disappear beneath me.

Unfortunately, the car I'm driving right now isn't really made for people who love to drive, which is why after a few years of waiting, I'm finally ready to start shopping around for one that is. After a few months of enthusiastic research, a few cars consistently stood out from the pack in both reviews and videos. One of these cars is the BMW 335i coupe. The automotive journos, both online and in magazines, seem to love this car. Every other BMW I've ever driven has been pretty incredible, and none of them were close to as powerful as the 335i, so I've really, really been looking forwards to test driving it and seeing if it would live up to all of the positive press it's received.

I called Austin BMW last evening and spoke with one of their salespeople (who was both polite and very helpful, which is why that second star is there) about test driving one of their 2007 335i's. I told him specifically that I wouldn't be buying the car for another two or three months, and he told me that that wouldn't be a problem, and that I could come any time this morning for a test drive. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped about finally getting to experience what I have thus far only spent a lot of time reading about; and when I drove to the dealership, it was with a massive anticipatory smile on my face.  

As I walk inside the dealership, I'm greeted by a few salespeople, one of whom asks me what I'm there for, and I tell them the same thing I told the salesperson last night: that I'm shopping for a car purchase I plan on making in about two months, that I was specifically interested in the 335i, and how much I was looking forwards to finally driving one.

After I say this, the demeanor of the salespeople changes slightly, and the one I was speaking to looks over at who I realized was his manager and asks, "Is this OK?", and to which his manager responds, "Yeah, sure." The guy I was speaking to directly tells me to go to my car and get my driver's license and insurance card, and I walk outside to do so. After I find my insurance card and just as I'm about to close my car door, the salesperson I was speaking to comes outside looking stern, and informs me that his manager just told him that they don't allow test drives unless there's a deal currently in negotiation, which obviously flew directly in the face of what I was told last night, when I brought up this point specifically.

I tell the guy that another salesperson at Austin BMW had, just last night, very specifically told me that it was A-OK that I wasn't buying immediately, but he just sort of shrugged this off and told me to come back in two months, when I was buying. Never mind the fact that not two minutes ago, this same manager had OK'd the test drive in front of me (and, apparently, not had the gumption to come and deal with me in person instead of sending someone without decision making power, who I couldn't really argue my case with). This manager didn't even have the decency to apologize for the misunderstanding, or for wasting my time.

I can't really remember the last time I've dealt with a business that's reneged on it's commitments to a customer as openly or as disrespectfully as Austin BMW just did to me.  Needless to say, when I'm looking to spend my money in about two months' time, it won't be here. I encourage you to stay away from this place and, rather, trust your business to somewhere that still understands the concepts of respect, accountability, or even just simple courtesy for longer than it takes for them to size up how quick of a buck they can make from you.

Edit: I feel like it's incredibly condescending to characterize negative reviews written by non-regular Yelpers as "hit jobs". All it signifies is that someone has had an experience with a business poor enough to compel them to come to place where they can warn others to stay away. One's ability to successfully tell good service from bad is not tied to the frequency with which they write Yelp reviews.

m l. | 2010-02-13

This past year we decided to purchase a new z4.  We exhaustively delt with all the bmw dealers in the state of texas.  Our salesman's name was Mike H.  We pretty much test drove every bmw there is over the past 6 months.  We asked Mike more questions about every bmw than any buyer in the history of automobiles.  In the end, we custom ordered a bright red z4.  Mike emailed us reports on a regular basis (such as when it was entering production, finished production, on a ship, arrived at port, etc, etc).  The price we got matched any in the state.

Can't talk much about service since we haven't had any issues.  Been to the service bay only twice, once to get the license plates put on and once to get some wheel locks installed.  The shop had already closed, but they put them on for me anyway.  My "feeling" is the service people were easy to deal with and I expect things will be fine in the future.

Now that Penske is running this place, i consider it to be the best car dealer in the city.  We had a great experience and if we ever get another bmw, it will be here.

Regarding extended warranty's, they offer two: one from penske and one from bmw - get bmw's.

Judd C. | 2009-08-31

Service is great at BMW Austin. I have driven in several times without an appointment and they have always taken care of whatever I needed done right then.

If you're buying a BMW, you'll definitely need to do your homework to get the best price. They hate to negotiate and, with the sales systems they have in place and the obvious ongoing training each salesperson gets, I guess they don't have to.

I actually like my car more than I thought I would, so that always helps.

Erik W. | 2009-08-08

So I'm driving along Parmer earlier today and I go to let down one of my windows in my car and BAM the friggen thing just stops halfway down.  I pull over and fool around with the window and figure out that, yep, I have to get the thing to the shop.  I call up my homeboy Thad over at the Bimmer dealership and he tells me that they're only open for a couple more hours (Saturday they have shorter hours), but if I scoot in here sooner rather then later he'll take care of me today.  Awesome.  He gives me a quote over the phone for what he thinks the problem is.  That made me cry a little bit, but I guess functional windows are pretty important to have.

Okay, so yes, the service and cars here are 'spensy, but you already know that when you buy one of these cars.  However, I gotta say, every experience I have had at this dealership has been superb.  The guys are super friendly, informative, and knowlegeable.  I've come here just for car advice before and they've always given what I've thought is very good advice.  

The waiting room for the service station is friggen unbelievable.  I'm actually sitting at one of the many computers that they have accessible for their customers.  There is ESPN on the many flat screens, a movie theatre playing Raiders of the Lost Ark, and hot cars.  If I only had a beer, life would be perfect.  

They even have a childrens playroom, which is pretty cool.  Keeps em out from underneath my feet.  Free cappuccinos, sounds tasty, if only I drank coffee, free cookies, and soda pop.  And finally, one of the most badass aquariums I've seen filled with cichlids.  

I've never purchased a car here, but I've had my car in here a couple of times and have always been very happy with my customer experience.  If only the service wasn't so damn expensive, I'd give em a 5/5.

Quick update: they also washed and cleaned Beyonce (my car)!

Andrew F. | 2009-07-27

Ironically the  guys form the CPO  believe those cars sell by themselves!

Well .... not this time or not with us.

After hovering in the parking lot for 5 minutes, some guy came out asking what are we looking for and asking if we're being helped, promising he will ask someone to come out for us.

Ten minutes later after still browsing the parking lot, still no-one showed up.

When asking same guy what happens, he was kind of surprised no-one helped us.

If you wonder, this is the second or maybe third time when we walked away not buying anything from them.

I guess those cars sell by themselves or maybe you need to wear Gucci and Versace for those fat asses to move their legs.

Be ashamed BMW of Austin (CPO)

P.S. Last time when when they made me walk away I spent 32K for a G35 car much better car than BMW can offer for the same money
in all regards.

Erik S. | 2009-04-15

BMW of Austin is actually as good as it gets. I have never purchased a car from here, but the service is always fantastic. After an awful experience at BMW SF, I literally drove halfway across the country to get my car fixed properly. The appointment process was easy. I dropped my car off and went about my business for the day. I wanted them to tint my new front driver's side window (a burglar tried to steal my car and smashed the window) and investigate a rattling noise in the sunroof and also a rattle in the rear window created by BMW SF. They said "Sir, no problem. We'll get it all fixed."
They found the problem with the sunroof and needed to order a part so I came back in and had the loaner waiting for me when I got there. Talk about service! They found a couple of other problems wil fixing the sunroof and fixed those as well. When I showed up to pick up my car, they got my car for me while I paid for the window tinting (everything else was covered under warranty without any questions from the service department) and even installed my front license plate.
These folks here are great.

John G. | 2009-03-24

Ever since Penske purchased John Roberts BMW a few years back, the quality of service has dramatically improved!

Whenever I have called BMW of Austin for anything ranging from purchasing a vehicle, to service, to needing to ask a question about my car, they have always treated me with kindness and respect.  They know that happy customers will come back, but upset customers will only tell their friends how bad it was.

I have always been able to get a new loaner car when I have my car serviced.  They also provide complimentary coffee from the coffee bar inside the dealership.

I always forget that other dealers do not always provide you with a loaner vehicle when you need service done.  It amazes me that I have to find a way for my wife and me to share transportation when her $45,000 GMC is being serviced.

I admit I did not like John Roberts BMW, but I am happy to say that Penske has made BMW of Austin a great place to purchase a car as well as bring it back for service.

Keep up the great work!

David M. | 2008-11-27

As far as BMW service goes in the Austin area, this is as good as it gets.  It's expensive, but if you're coming here, you own a BMW and expect that.  The thing I like most about this dealership is that once a year they open up their shop to the Tejas Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America.  It gives us car club members an opportunity to chat with the technicians, look at our cars up on the lift, and experience everything the dealership has to offer in a friendly car-club format.  The fine experience given to me at those events has led me to bring my car here for service whenever I have a job that I do not want to perform myself or that I don't have time to perform myself.

Here's what I really like most about the BMWoA service experience:
1. They don't care if you bring your own parts.  If you bring in things you bought online or aftermarket parts you'd like installed, they'll put them on without any complaints.  This is not the case at some independent shops in town.

2. They give you a free BMW loaner car!  This is hard to beat.  Getting to drive around in a brand new 3 series for the day is awesome.

3. Available parts, resources, and the cleanest shop in town.  At independent shops, sometimes they'll need to get parts from the dealer extending the amount of time it takes to get your car back.  Here at the dealer, they have most things in stock.  Their shop is also the cleanest one I've ever seen.  If you're here for service, ask if you can take a peek in the garage sometime, it's so clean it's hard to believe.

4. Steve, the parts dept. expert, is awesome.  I've been in here countless times for parts to the point where they now remember me there.  You can also call in and provide a list of part numbers to have waiting for you when you arrive.

Everything about BMW of Austin is top notch except for the pricing.  It's an expensive place, but it's also the best.  I think you definitely get what you pay for here.

matt m. | 2008-10-07

I was a little nervous taking my pre-owned 5 here that I didn't buy from them after reading some mixed reviews about their service.  Turns out I had a great experience.

I needed some basic routine maintenance - replace brake fluid - and a couple other things I wanted looked at.  I scheduled my appointment online and came in a couple days later to drop it off.  (I had someone pick me up rather than getting a loaner - just easier if you have that option).  Pulled into the service area, which is pretty large, and they directed me in.  Went and waited in the waiting area until the service advisor was ready for me.

The waiting area is really superb here.  It's complete with large flat panel tvs, comfy leather chairs, computer workstations with internet, a movie theater room, a shopping area of BMW stuff to look at, a nice aquarium, etc.  Wouldn't have a problem killing 2 hours for simple service.  There's also a kid room (w/ a door) and has toys, etc.

So I met with the service advisor who was knowledgeable and nice.  I was prepared to leave my car at least overnight but he called me around 4pm (dropped car off at 11am) saying it was ready.  So I go pick it up and it's parked outside after its wash.  Bill is $0 since I'm still covered under BMW's original 4 yr maintenance plan, and I'm back on the road happy.

A little inside scoop - if it's your first time getting service done at this location, or any location for that matter, they usually try pretty hard to make sure your experience is really great because in a couple weeks BMW NA will call you asking you to give a review of your experience.  I found this out at a different BMW when they told me about it and basically asked me to give them a perfect score.