AutoNation Toyota South Austin in Austin, TX

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AutoNation Toyota South Austin, an Austin Toyota dealer, has a vast inventory of new and used Toyota cars, trucks, hybrids & SUVs. We offer vehicle financing, Toyota OEM factory service & auto parts.


Established in 1998.

Selling and servicing new and pre-owned Toyota cars and trucks since 1998.

AutoNation Toyota South Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 440-4500
Address:, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Toyota South Austin

Alia D. | 2015-04-07

I have been casually looking at a Madza5 for more than a year.  I knew it was the vehicle that I wanted.  I found the Madza5 online and submitted a request for a quote.  My email was answered within 15 minutes.  I bargained the quote down a bit since I had done my research on the car.  

After thinking about it for a bit, I realized I should probably jump on it so I asked about coming in to drive it.  I set up a time to come in on my lunch hour.  The salesman (Jeff) had the car out front and ready for me to drive.

I took it for a spin, came back to the lot and said I will take it.  I handed over my paperwork for financing, insurance etc  and asked that they have it ready for me tomorrow so that I could get back to the office.

The next day I came in, and they wanted to run my financing and see if they could get me a better deal.  They ran it got my interest rate down by more than 1%, added in a warranty and I was out of there in less than an hour with my super awesome new to me car!

Lacy N. | 2015-04-01

Greg was amazing! I didn't have an appointment, they got me right in! Put the right oil in and everything :)

Janet S. | 2015-03-26

These people were great.They were the only ones that would negotiate  to the price I needed to be on my 2015 corolla. they were very friendly and not pushy.Love my car.

Chelsea R. | 2015-03-21

As mechanics go it's pretty normal. They told me it would cost me $2500 for everything under the sun including my air bag needing to be replaced. Well... I bought the airbag for $30 and it took me 20min to replace. I checked all my fluids... Nope those were good, and as for that leak? It was water from my a/c. After buying an airbag, transmission fluid (I didn't need), and frantically running my car in the driveway to find a mysterious leak I spent $70 and two hours. I was waiting at the dealership for five! Idiots. Hooray for YouTube! Oh, and... Those dicks didn't tell me my airbag had been recalled! They should have fixed it for free!

Larry S. | 2015-03-17

Usually the service is good. They have a free shuttle if you need it but you should tip the guy. My most recent visit was for the free oil change that comes with a new car. The service advisor told me that at my mileage they recommend a wheel alignment for $99. I said ok being conscientious. So while waiting called John n Jerry's Wheel Aliment 512-990-0721 in Pflugerville to verify. They told me it would cost $59. Also that if I wasn't experiencing uneven tire wear there was no need. Once again, don't get conned by service people.  The service area is clean and has free coffee. Also free wifi (not super fast but ok)

Joy H. | 2015-03-17

AutoNation Toyota and Mark Collins make buying a new Toyota, easy and relatively painless (albeit feeling like you're still signing your life away to finance). I do not like pushy people in general and have even less tolerance for a car salesperson! No experience like that here. Mark handled every question I had, and then some, via email.This made the process much easier for me. Mark is professional, patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend buying your new Toyota from AutoNation and Mark Collins.

skye p. | 2015-03-11

Called at lunch to confirm they had the car I wanted to see. They put me down for a 6:45pm appointment, took my name and phone number. We drive from leander all the way to south austin in 5pm traffic. We walk in and ohhh we sold it an hour ago sorry. Piss poor customer service.

Tara J. | 2015-03-08

I had a great car shopping experience thanks to Dylan Bennatt! He was very helpful and professional and went above and beyond to make my car shopping experience as pleasant as possible. What I liked the most was that I never once felt pressured into making a purchase. Excellent customer service! Thank you AutoNation Toyota!

Chris S. | 2015-03-02

You cannot even get through to a service advisor or get a simple question answered.
Maybe the GM could accept 10k a month instead of 100k a month and use the rest for some service advisors!

Kat M. | 2015-03-01

We had a great experience with the Service Team. David T. Is a very nice man and helped us with all of our needs. I highly recommend them for your auto services.

David C. | 2015-02-19

Overall, unsatisfactory service event. My goal was to have the accumulated recall repairs handled and an oil change. The oil change wasn't done and the adviser argued with me about whether I had requested it. The inspection done found an oil leak in the timing belt cover gasket and dirty brake fluid. They recommended about $1800 worth of repairs. This morning, I had the Toyota Tacoma checked by my regular mechanic and there is a tiny oil leak but it is so minor, monitoring it is fine plus all fluids were fine including  the brake fluid. The Lambs Tire shop also found that the radiator hoses had been recently moved and were not correctly reseated and were leaking. The Lambs Tire shop offered to do an estimate on the gasket  vs. AutoNation Toyota and I said that it wasn't necessary because when we eventually need to replace the gasket they had already won the sale on integrity.

Added Comment: They earned an improvement to a second star because the service manager and I had an honest discussion about the transaction and he accepted that it was a "training opportunity".

Chris A. | 2015-02-12

The service department here is awful, or at least my agent was. I came here for my 40,000 mile service and everything was fantastic. Now for my 50k I got a new service rep. David Thomason couldn't be found and when he finally came out and grabbed me I'd been waiting in the driveway for 20 minutes past my scheduled appointment time (he was too busy with the fantasy football draft). Once checked in he told me that it would be, "about an hour" when the last service took 20 mins.

Other people might have a completely different experience as there were at least 5 vehicles that arrived after me and had faster agents so they will most likely have a better experience than I did.

True to his word, it took them an hour to change the oil and add washer fluid. To add insult to injury, they also charged me twice what they did for my 40k service.

Ashley C. | 2015-02-11

Walked in and rolled out with a new Prius, thanks to Christian Haynie. Not only was Christian helpful, he was polite and patient when it came to bringing different models around to look at. He helped me get the most for my trade in and leave the parking lot in car of my dreams. Thank you AutoNation Toyota South Austin and Christian Haynie.

Dan A. | 2015-02-11

Recently purchased a 2 year old 4Runner at AutoNation South.  They had a good selection, the prices were fair and did not have to do too much haggling to close the deal.  Best part was that they followed up and made sure all the little things were done to have my new car completely ready to go:  new inspection sticker, replaced one missing floor mat, set up the Bluetooth for my cell phone and showed me ho to delete the old information.  I was also surprised they had my license plates ready for pick up in just nine days.

Shavanna P. | 2015-02-09

I just moved to Austin a couple months ago. This was my first time buying a brand new car and had never gone through the financing process (my previous car, a Toyota, was used and paid for in full) I knew what I wanted though, another Toyota, specifically a Toyota Corolla. I come from a family who swears by Toyota and when we're all home, it looks like we have our own dealership. Needless to say my desire to purchase a Toyota from Autonation slowly went down the drain as I walked through it's doors and the salesman introduced himself. I told him I was here to buy a car and he took my friend and I to his desk and said "This is going to be easy." Little did I know that was the first sign of the trauma to come.

We talked for a bit, he took my keys to get my trade-in appraised and then brought me outside to look at the Corollas. He ended up bringing us to a used 2015 with 5,000 miles on it. The previous owner had traded it in. I thought maybe this would be good alternative to a new car. My friend and I took it for a test drive. The Maintenance Required light was on so we opened the glove box to get the manual to find out what it meant. Turns out it wasn't a big deal but we also discovered the original bill of sale for the car. So imagine my surprise when we get back to the dealership and they offer to sell me the slightly used car for practically the same base price it was originally sold for (the previous owner had purchased extra warranties etc.). As a matter of fact their base price was about $40 above the original.

Add insult to injury, they give me an appalling quote for my trade-in. My car wasn't the bell of the ball, but it certainly deserved to be invited to the party! I told him that Carmax had offered almost double that and his first reaction was to tell me to go sell my car to Carmax. Then he tells me to get the quote and he'll see what he can do. He comes back and is still short of the Carmax quote, but makes it seem like he's doing me a favor repeatedly telling me that my car is going straight to auction anyway and will probably end up in in Mexico somewhere.

So I call my cousins/consultants in Florida for advice. Remember I said we're a Toyota family. They practically have their dealer on speed dial. They advised that I could get a new car for what Autonation was offering for the used. I tell the salesperson this and he comes with an offer for a new car that wasn't that much better. I of course consult my cousins again. No go. As a matter of fact they call the next dealer on my list Charles Maund and start negotiating with them. The more I consulted with my family, the angrier the sales guy got, especially after I told him I was leaving. He went as far as to tell me to leave my family out of this and to "WOMAN UP" and make my own decision. My head was down when he said this so he couldn't see my reaction. I know it's a sales tactic but that was the wrong one to use on me. Made my decision to leave even easier.

The manager comes over with one final offer. I ask to see it, Tell him no thanks we're leaving and he removes it from my hand. Why? Because he knew I was going to Charles Maund who offered to match and beat their offer.

After all of this AutoNation still had a slight chance for me to return, until the same sales person who thought it was going to be "easy"  came to tell us goodbye by subjecting us to a 5 minute rant about how my expectations were "stupid" and "foolish" and no one with sense would honor such a "dirty deal."

I guess my expectations weren't all that stupid because Charles Maund gave me a better deal and better Corolla than AutoNation and treated me with far more respect. As a matter of fact their sales guy put my family on speakerphone and we discussed options together. Honestly I would give AutoNation 0 stars if I could.

karyne e. | 2015-01-30

Follow up to review dated 1/28/15:  So we had made another appointment for Saturday 1/31 to get our car repaired.  We called today to make sure the part was in stock and guess what---THEY DROPPPED THE BALLLLLL   AGAINNNNNN!!!!  They totally forgot to order the part required. Once again, the service person assigned to us is out today and nobody else can assist us.  Why should we be the one following up to make sure they did their job and ordered the part??

BTW:  I did call the manager who reached out to me based on my poor experience and he never called me back.  Really poor service here!

Lisa D. | 2015-01-30

I am very disappointed, almost from the beginning. After purchasing car I left store without ANY paperwork. I had to come back twice and I live 50 miles away.  I was given wrong info on several occasions and had to make multiple trips.  They appear very disconnected and disorganized.  I will not recommend them.

Roksana L. | 2015-01-24

My experience with AutoNation Toyota South Austin was excellent!! I'd give it 6 stars if I could.
I had a pleasure of working with Laura Deen as my car dealer. Since our first interaction over the phone she was courteous, caring and prompt. My current car lease was coming to an end and I wanted to lease another car until a day before my scheduled appointment with Laura I changed my mind and decided to buy my leased car.
When I called Laura she was so supportive in my decision of purchasing my leased car instead of leasing a new one. I could hear genuine care for my highest good. She enthusiastically agreed to help me with getting all the paperwork done so I can become an official owner of my leased Toyota Corolla LE.
She didn't charge me any fee for doing all the paperwork (where I was quoted $400 for the same service at Charles Maund Toyota). Right there I saved $400.

During my appointment with Laura Deen I was astound at how easy and pleasant she made the process of buying a car.
She took her time to explain to me every document I was signing. She was patient with me when I had to look up online my 'proof of insurance' and my 'utility bill'.
She was very supportive in explaining to me my payments, the cost of my credit (APR).

She was also very knowledgeable about the technological perks of Toyota cars. She spent the time to discuss with me my next dream car Toyota Prius 4th Generation which I'm planning to purchase in two years.

My experience with Laura Deen was as I had a caring friend help me to purchase a car.
She was courteous, caring, knowledgable and patient...making this a really easeful, smooth and pleasant experience. I'd highly recommend Laura Deen.

I also had a pleasure of having Brad Stroud as my Financial Services Manager whom was absolutely amazing to work with. He was very knowledgeable and patient with answering all of my financial questions (and I had plenty).
He showed me and very clearly explained all of my options.

He very generously went above and beyond to make sure that I received an irresistible deal!!
I really appreciated his genuine care and I would highly recommend working with Brad Stroud as your 'money man' if you want to save lots of money.

Both Laura Deen and Brad Stroud worked as an excellent team; giving their 110% to make sure I walked out of AutoNation Toyota super happy. Thank you so much!

Tater B. | 2015-01-23

A.j was my salesman and did a wonderful job. Not once did I feel pressured Into doing something that I didn't want to do. He was very nice and did absolutely everything in his power to help me find the car I needed and wanted. After a couple of hours I had the car I had always wanted. I really appreciate his service and I will be back in later years to deal again with him, thanks a.j

Elle K. | 2015-01-07

The service center here is a complete joke. I've brought my car in twice for recalls and TWICE I have left with my car in worse condition. They tell you it will be two hours... plan on being there for close to 7 hours. the second time they put my steering wheel on incorrectly.  I noticed this as I was driving away to go back to work, called and he said to bring it in the next day when asked if this will take another 7 hours he said it would take only 20 mins... I'm sitting in the waiting room now for an hour and a half and who knows how much longer it will take. No sorry or regard for my time. I'm a business owner and my time is valuable,  like any ones time. I'm missing appointments and in return I'm losing money now because of THEIR mistakes. This place is absolutely ridiculous and I will NEVER buy from them or bring my car here ever again. Also, the "service manager" I've dealt with, Nathan is the one that could care less about his mistakes or my loss of time or money. Horrible.

Diane B. | 2014-11-13

In May of 2011, i fell in love with my 2011 Toyota Sienna and paid cash for it after spending no more than an hour with a salesperson.  We bought the 100,000 warranty.  Every time my car indicates that service might be needed i go immediately to get the car serviced.I bought my car from CHAMPION, NOT AUTONATION.

At first, I was truly appalled at the service department's customer accommodations as the waiting area was as horrible as a third rate bus depot.  The new service department was under construction so i stayed with it as i like to deal with the place where my car was purchased,  For instance, my previous car was a 2005 Honda Odyssey, Ltd, i always had it serviced at First Texas Honda (FIVE STARS, BY THE WAY!), and was always treated extremely well there, for my loyalty and because i was a customer they cared about.  They CARE about all their customers at First Texas Honda.  

Unfortunatley, in 2011, the Honda minivan was only slightly changed whereas the Toyota was amazing.  I so wish I had stayed with Honda.

The new Autonation waiting room clamors with noise and is not a relaxing place to be at all.  They have handled my car swiftly though on service appointments.  On my last visit two months ago, I asked them to please look at my 3 year old battery.  During this visit i might add i also bought new tires for the car.  I am a senior citizen and do not like guessing games with the dependability of my vehicle.  I was airily told that it had 60 % life still left.  That was 6 - 8 weeks ago.  Today, during a cold snap my battery died.  Not only that, but the positive terminal was heavily corroded as if neglected for months.  A friend tried to jump the car and failed.  I called MY AUTONATION and was deferred to a series of numbers where no one picked up, and then was told by the bored receptionist to call a tow truck.  I'm sorry, but i thought the comprehensive coverage i had on my car called for more assistance that that!  

I called a series of tow outfits and the best i could do involved a one hour wait.  In the meantime, my husband came to help me, was successful in getting the terminal clean enough to accept a jump from his truck, and I was able to cancel the tow truck.  We went straight to a Batteries and Bulbs store, where the gentleman there thoroughly cleaned the terminal and said that the 60% life in the battery was a signal that it needed replacing, which was what i felt needed to happen all along.  I don't like surprises in my transportation as i have many appointments that need to be kept just like all of us do.  I have a new battery now and I am back to loving my car, but Autonation is at the bottom of my list.  They are getting 2 stars just because of fast, (unfeeling, uncaring) treatment.  Customers who pay this much for cars and warranties deserve better than Autonation's customer policies.  I guess they have more business than they need.

Kate D. | 2014-11-05

Recently scheduled a recall update appointment and was very pleased with the whole process working with AutoNation.  They have seemingly numerous appointments available as it was very easy to schedule just a few days out.  The technician I met with, Steve F., was very friendly and thorough with his description of updates he made on the car (and others he suggested, but did NOT pressure me to accept).  It was a smooth process, and I was very pleased with the customer service.  They even filled my tires which saved me another errand!

The waiting room is large with several TVs, free wifi, and free coffee.  

Minus one star because the process took thirty minutes longer than scheduled.  Give yourself significant buffer time.

Dennis C. | 2014-11-04

I hate writing bad reviews but...  I took my car in for a code that said my car needed a new o2 heater sensor. They said the sensor was fused to the manifold and I needed to replace the cheap sensor and the expensive manifold. I asked how much and they said, "$1,600".

I took my car to another place and they easily removed the sensor.  They also told me whoever looked at the sensors apparently may have loosened another one and didn't tighten it.  The final bill was $260.00.  That's the tax I would have paid at AutoNation!

If you are under warranty it probably doesn't matter, but if you are on your own dime and something feels wrong, get a second opinion!

The people on this thread that enjoy taking their car to AutoNation must be under warranty.

Sallie B. | 2014-10-29

I wish I could give them zero stars. I will NEVER take my car to be serviced or repaired here again.  This past Saturday my car would sometimes start and sometimes not. I called the service center to bring it in.  The earliest I was told I could bring it in was Monday at 3pm.  They did not look at it until Tuesday afternoon, and said it that the 02 sensor needed to be replaced and would cost $415. The car was ready at 6pm for pickup. When I got there I was told that the fuel injectors needed to be cleaned and that the engine may still have trouble and that would cost an additional $194, double of what it should be. I paid for the O2 replacement, and left. The next morning I tried to start the car and it wouldn't work. I called at 8:30am and was told to have it towed back so they couldn't look at it. I got a call at 3:30pm that the battery needed to be replaced and it would be $150!!! 3x's the cost anywhere else! When I explained that I had now missed 2 days of unpaid leave at work, and had been given a completely different diagnosis, they only took $10 off the total. $600 to replace a damn battery plus lost wages and the inconvenience of not having a car for 3 days.  This place completely lacks integrity and I will never consider bringing my car to them again, or purchasing a vehicle from them. Stay away!

Ed C. | 2014-10-11

Bought a vehicle less than two months ago and about a week after I had to take it in for service under their 60 day warranty. A month later here I am with more issues and of course everything that is wrong with my vehicle $2000 worth of repairs is not covered under warranty. So now I'm left with another unexpected expense and not able to drive my car. Of course my calls are not getting answered or returned from my salesman Don Salinas or any manager. Do not purchase a vehicle from this place. Of course I'm taking legal action!!

Jessica P. | 2014-10-08

Horrible customer service as far as the repair shop under manager Roy. Save your time, money and headaches and go somewhere else. My vehicle was hit in a parking lot. My insurance said this was a "preferred vendor" so I took it there. Since I dropped it off there were nothing but problems, first he told us that he only wanted to fix one part of the collision and not the other (wtf!?), then after thinking we got that situated, he said it would be ready by Friday. Fast forward over a week, our insurance told us he said he didn't think the collision was all legit and he only wanted to fix one part, NEVER EVER returned any calls, and then when I finally got him on the phone for n update, he told me to call my insurance instead. Even though my car was parked in his lot. Picked up the vehicle over a week later, wasn't even moved from the time we dropped it off. He never apologized, never said anything positive, gave us back the keys and nothing more. What a shitty customer service experience. Never ever will I recommend this place!!

MELISSA S. | 2014-10-02

I recently purchased my first vehicle from nassir Ahmed. Thanks to autonation toyota I not only found a car i love but at a great price. The service was great and they worked hard to give me my 2014 rav4 at a payment I could afford at 0% interest. I know I will return to Purchase my second car. Nassir is a person you can trust.

Annie F. | 2014-09-24

Dear AutoNation Toyota South Austin,

I can only conclude from my recent car purchasing experience that you enjoy creating misery where there is none, or simply, not enough.

Below are a few areas where you really excel at doing the illogical in order to irritate car shoppers:

1. Fake pricing. Frankly, I don't blame you. I love third world markets too. I assume this is where you got your inspiration? The excitement of the bargain, the crazy hand gestures, and heated exchanges. It's a wonder that HEB, Target, and other retailers don't follow your lead. Why clearly price things with the actual price? Where is the fun in that?

2. Making insane claims with a straight face. "We can't give you that price because it doesn't include the many value add ons that we provide at this dealership. Like nitrogen filled tires. That's $800 extra right there." My normal every day life doesn't prepare me for an appropriate response to those kinds of statements. The best I could do was, "I don't care.", but that doesn't seem like the correct response.

3. Making customers wait for long periods of time. It's amazing that you are able to achieve this without the use of long lines. In fact, there were no lines, but I was at your dealership for almost 7 hours! You really are an innovator here. We are all used to the 'I need to talk to my manager about the CRAZY [note: not crazy] price that you want' trick. What really knocked my socks off was the hours I spent waiting for 'delivery' aka 'here is how to use a touch screen entertainment system' AND the hours spent waiting for finance, where I would write a single check. The rest of the customer oriented world has figured out scheduling and appointments, but it is SO INTERESTING to see what a world without these innovations would be like. Thank you for a brief glimpse of Neanderthal life.

4. Blatant gender inequality. Look, I KNOW, women just don't want to work. I am a woman and I know that to be true. I WOULD prefer to pursue my many non-income generating interests. ALSO I work in software, so I know a thing or two about gender inequality. But you guys really take it to the next level. I mean, why have ANY female salespeople? They don't have wieners, and wieners are awesome. Vaginas are mysterious and not to be trusted. And yes, I did notice the receptionist was the ONE woman on the sales floor. You are so brave to have a woman receptionist.

5. Doing nothing to help the customer, choosing instead to fritter your time away. I know I brought up many times that I had a car seat that needed to be moved from the car I was trading in to the new car. But why do that when you could talk sports or take an extended break? You know that I will eventually do it myself, right? Right. You saw my 4 year old son bouncing off the walls of your dealership, then me working to rewire one of your TVs to a DVD player so I could play a kids movie in your 'kids room'. (PS - the 20 dead cockroaches in the corner of the kids room was an unexpected f*** you AND your children. Way to get the kids in on the crappy experience!) Why not find a remote and turn on a kids show on one of your 3 TVs in the main room? Or rewire the one in the kids room for me? Or have a movie playing in the kids room all the time? Oh, because you don't actually care if I have a positive experience at your dealership. In fact, it's some kind of challenge to see how awful you can treat me and still take my money. Well played, car dealership, well played.

something t. | 2014-09-23

They'll promise you lifetime free oil changes when you buy your car. Don't believe them. It's a lie. I told service manager, Keith Hennessey, I was turned away after arriving at my scheduled appointment. He called me a liar. Yes, in those words. He said "you're lying". I addressed the problem with the general manager, who confirmed that I am entitled to free oil changes, but replied "I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it. I'll counsel Keith". That doesn't exactly sound the same as changing my oil for free. I'm sure they'll respond to my review the same as all the countless other bad reviews..."I'm sorry to hear about your experience, we value your feedback...blah blah blah." Those are lies too. This is my third toyota in the last 10 years. There was a time when I was a loyal toyota customer, but I promise I will never ever spend another dime at Toyota. Your welcome, Keith.

Kyle D. | 2014-09-15

I shopped all over central Texas for the best deal on a newToyota Sequoia Platinum. Jim Lee was the "internet sales guy" and I highly recommend him. Jim gave me his best price and didn't pull the typical car dealer BS. He actually had to order the exact one I wanted, special color and special leather seats and while it took quite a while to come in the end result was terrific.

If you are buying a new Toyota (no idea about used) contact Jim Lee, he has by far the best deal.

The dealership is busy and not nearly as posh as the Lexus dealership but if you want a Toyota--Autonation is the place and Jim's the guy.

Jordan K. | 2014-09-04

I had three days to find a new car before my rental car needed to be returned, so needless to say I was a little stressed out. I reached out to Autonation and was immediately contacted by Jesse Jimenez. He was a lifesaver! He helped me in finding the perfect vehicle and was very aware that I didn't want to settle for something I was unhappy with. I ended up getting a vehicle that I was in love with and have so much thanks for Jesse. I will definitely be working with him again. Thank you, Jesse!

Maria J. | 2014-09-01

This review is for the service shop at AutoNation. I went to AutoNation for my scheduled 5,000 mile maintenance, and for the dealership to check out the tire pressure light that had come on in my car. I specifically mentioned that they needed to be detailed when checking out the tires that my tire pressured light had come on. The entire process took 30 mins which seemed really quick but getting in and out of a dealership quickly you don't tend to argue with that. As I was checking out I made sure to ask again if they had found a nail or anything in the tire they had not.

Fast Forward to 2-days later when the tire pressure light came on again. I decided to inspect the tire myself at which point I found a nail in the tire. I put air into the tire at which point the light went off again. I called the dealership at this point because the sequence of events all lead me to believe that the inspection was not done correctly.

The Tire Specialist said that two things could have happened the technician missed the nail or that he had seen customers get new tires and get a nail the next day but the tire will cost me $100+ to replace.

Basically his reasoning with something as important as a tire does not sit well with me I will take my $100+ and go somewhere else. If the case is the technicians are sloppy then I will not be going back there. Or the lame story about the nail just happen to appear after the light was already on... I still will not be going back there. I would rather take my car an hour North to a reputable dealership then go back to AutoNation.

Aravind C. | 2014-08-21

I had wonderful experience buying my car at autonation. This review is for their service department.
I have been there twice before this and had exceptional service done on my car.
But this time everything changed. I gave my car in perfect condition for 10K miles service. I informed that my gear shift is hard and I hear a hissing sound coming from front right. The service guy replied that I need to book another appointment to fix that  (seriously ??). The real letdown is once I got my car back after service. By the time I drove homw, I realised there was a mis-alignment issue and slow responsive feel from steering. It doesn't feel like driving a 1 year old toyota. Now I need to book another appointment and drive 40 miles to get this basic and stupid mistake fixed.

Kristin K. | 2014-08-20

It seems like buying a car in general is just a really stressful process. But Teddy at AutoNation helped make it a much more positive experience. I had emailed the dealership about an online listing, and he was the one who emailed me back, and right away! I told him the price range, model year, and type of car I was looking for, and he sent me info on three separate cars that were all pretty close, and we set an appointment for me to come in.

A few hours before the appointment I checked their online inventory again and noticed a new listing that was JUST what I was looking for! When I showed up for our appointment, Teddy greeted me warmly and we promptly got started. I gave him the stock number of the new car and when he drove it around I felt pretty confident that it was the one I wanted. We talked numbers a little, but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger, so we agreed to sleep on it. Teddy was willing to make an appointment the next morning, even though it was his day off! I didn't get that pushy frantic feeling you sometimes get from car salespeople, he just seemed like he wanted to help me get a car that was right for me.

I spent that night doing more research on line, looking for similar makes and models, crunching numbers, and seeing what kind of interest rate I could expect. So when I came in the next morning I was pretty ready to go! Teddy and Brad (the finance manager) were helpful with agreeing on suitable pricing and rates for everyone. I traded in my old Jetta (and I'd say I got a really fair price for it), AND financed through the dealership, so the paperwork took a little over an hour. Not to mention the phone calls I had to make to my insurance company to get everything changed over. It wasn't especially tedious, it just took awhile. Teddy was great and walked me through the whole thing, and while we were waiting on the finance department he sat with me and we chit chatted to help pass the time.

I met with Brad the finance manager who helped finagle me some extra warranties without changing my monthly payments, and he was overall a really nice guy.

So yeah, buying a car is kind of a pain, but I feel as positive about AutoNation as I think anyone can feel about purchasing a vehicle. And I love my new car!

Melanie R. | 2014-08-15

I have been coming to this Toyota dealership for years and love the service I receive. The new service department is comfortable and fast. I recently took my new car in for a 25,000 mile check up and expected to be there for hours so I got comfortable with a cup of free coffee and my cell phone and before I knew it my car was done. I love the free oil changes and the fast speedy service.

Jamie T. | 2014-08-12

Great service! I had to get my Scion part fixed. The entire team is amazing especially Alex Garcia.

Steve C. | 2014-08-05

Stopped in at this dealership yesterday Aug 4th, 2014 to look at a Tacoma. I've narrowed my next truck down to a Tacoma 4-door or the upcoming 2015 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon.

First I asked a simple question "is the Tacoma 4-door less than 18ft in total length?" I just bought a new house and the garage is too small for my Silverado Crew cab. My new mid-size truck has to be less than 18ft to fit inside the garage, which I was pretty sure Tocoma is, but wanted to double-check and be sure.

It took about 10 minutes of the salesman fumbling through brochures, a guidebook, asking other people, etc, before I got an answer. Meanwhile after about 5 minutes of waiting, I pulled it up on my iPhone in less than 30 seconds. But I patiently waited to see if I'd get the right answer, which I eventually did, which is 17'4".

Then I wanted to see the inside of one. Inexplicably, the salesman couldn't produce one. First I waited 10 minutes while he went hunting, only to come back and tell me they is some sort of "no sale" hold while they "do something to them". I have no idea what that means. Neither did he.

"Is the front of the cab identical in the non-4door trucks?" I asked, "yes" was the answer. "Well, let me see one of those then". So he went off hunting again while I waited again, until he again came back again empty-handed saying "I walked the entire lot back there and just can't find one".

I didn't even need to drive one, I just wanted to sit inside and get a feel for the seats, dash, legroom, etc.

Good grief. I told the salesmen not to take it personally, because it seemed to me he had not been properly trained, but that this dealership doesn't have its act together, at all. I started wondering if I was being "punked" on some sort of "bad service" hidden camera tv show. WTF? I was there about 45 minutes total. This is what happens when dealing with a corporate branded "AutoNation" dealership. I've always dealt with family-owned Chevy dealers and never encountered this level of incompetence.

Meanwhile while inside there was another loudmouth salesman making his cold calls and follow-ups and you could hear him throughout the place. I didn't give my contact info because I don't want to be harassed with those type of calls.

I won't ever visit an AutoNation dealer again.

Connie S. | 2014-08-05

I went in knowing the exact car I wanted, with one back-up in mind, just in case, and brought the stock numbers with me to save time.  I told my salesperson Alex Lomeli that I absolutely hated car shopping, so I didn't want to play the back and forth to the manager game.  After 4 back and forths within 1 1/2 hours to the manager I got up to leave and he assured me it was the last time.  He was a perfectly nice salesman, but I also had my infant son with me and would have been much more pleased if I wasn't there for 4+ hours.  Finance department was just as painfully annoying trying to sell more add-ins and changing the prices of the add-ons if I would be willing to spend more.  
I guess I got spoiled with the amazing service of Roger Beasley Mazda Georgetown - they are the reason I brought two Mazdas and kept driving out of my way to Georgetown to buy my new cars and service them.  If it weren't for the low price of the new Prius I bought, I wouldn't recommend this place.
Oh- and to top it all off, I've received three emails in one week checking in and asking me to review them.  Lay off!

Amanda E. | 2014-07-16

Let me start by saying that for me the process of buying a car usually falls somewhere between tedious and down right torture.  That was not the case this time.

I have now purchased 2 vehicles from AutoNation.  Both times Jose Reyna was my sales person.  The first time around I was shocked at how helpful he was at finding what I really wanted without being pushy at all.  I wanted a very specific used Highlander Hybrid.  He searched for weeks until he found the perfect one.  He never tried to push me into something I wasn't looking for, which I find rare in the car buying experience.  I loved the car, and when it was time to sign the deal it was quick and easy.  

Thankfully I bought gap coverage.  Just a few months later someone ran a red light and totaled my new baby!  I was so bummed.  I shot Jose a text telling him what happened.  He made the process of getting the second vehicle really easy.  I can't even describe how nice it was to not add even more hassle to an already terrible experience.  He helped me find a new car, and had everything pretty much ready to roll before I even came in.  

I highly recommend Jose for a truly pleasant car buying experience.

kristin m. | 2014-07-16

Excellent place to buy a car. Great service from everyone from salesperson, maintenance department to the finance group. They have a large selection of cars on hand and can order what you want if they don't have it in stock. I found the salesperson to be very honest and upfront. We will definitely be back for future purchases!

Karen A. | 2014-07-14

I took my new Toyota 4Runner in for its first (5000 mile) service.  My experience was as expected; friendly, courteous and completed within an hour.  The reason I chose this dealership for my service was because of the exceptional experience I had with the parts department a few months ago. Even though I had purchased my vehicle in Houston (we had a connection and got a great deal) they gave me the new customer discount on my running boards.  I'm a happy customer.

Maria E. | 2014-07-10

Outstanding car buying experience! Ideal in every way! My husband found the perfect certified per owned 4runner online, contacted Autonation Toyota, and Laura Deen (the sweetest, most calm natured, reassuring, and thorough sales associate) made it happen! I'll mention this was all a birthday surprise for me and WOW even a big bow delivery. If ever in the market for a pre-owned Toyota you'd be doing yourself a favor to ask for Laura Deen and contract with Katy who is equally as pleasant and upbeat and peppy.
-Maria and Jasetin proud owners of a 2011 Toyota 4runner

Jason S. | 2014-07-01

Just bought an awesome 2014 white Corolla from Mario, the smiling guy. He and Craig worked with me to find the right car, the right price, and figure out how to make it happen. Now I'm driving like a champ with all the bells and whistles. THOSE GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!


Justin A. | 2014-06-30

I've always had pretty good service with them.  I bought my 2012 Tacoma in San Marcos, but have been using Autonation Toyota for oil changes, etc.  They are usually pretty quick... no more than 45 minutes in and out with appointment.

Max E. | 2014-06-30

The Service Department of Autonation Toyota/South Austin is excellent!  I've had great experiences with all of the service advisors.  My most recent visit was with Jacqueline  and she was courteous and efficient.  Jacqueline updated me on the status of my vehicle in a timely manner and gave me heads-up on future service needs that I should include in my plans.  The facility is comfortable and they do provide free tasty coffee drinks and a WIFI-enabled waiting lounge.

Karol M. | 2014-06-29

Okay, after more experience with this dealership's service department, I have to deduct a rating star. I still like the dealership and would buy from them again. They have a huge inventory and will negotiate online and honor price club discounts. There are a few service writers whom I really like and trust.

However, those lifetime oil changes they offer for cars purchased here come with a price, FYI. They have two service departments: the one with the experienced mechanics, and the quick oil and lube center, which is where the trainees work. It makes sense from a business standpoint, because as the service manager told me, oil is expensive. LOL REALLY? So is labor. But customers should be aware.

They'll send your car to the oil and lube center if that's all you're doing that day, or if you need something simple like an air filter or wiper blades. It's similar to the "quick" places on the side of the road. Usually that all works out okay here, but a couple of times they made mistakes on my car that I caught later, so I decided it wasn't for me. I don't mind paying for an oil change if it's done by expert hands. You might not care.

Just double check everything if your car goes to the lube center, or ask your service writer to do it if you're not car-savvy. The good ones will do it with no problem. And it's a good idea to double check things anyway, no matter where you take your car. People make mistakes.

Gl R. | 2014-06-25

I'm quite the skeptic and pretty hard to please. I was interested in looking at a new Prius.

The salesman I dealt with here, Alex Lomeli, was knowledgeable, pleasant and not pushy. We took a short test drive, briefly talked price and left.

I shopped at two other dealers but really didn't like the experience at either. I did some research and decided what I was willing to pay. I wanted the base model Prius II, which has the least amount of extra stuff. Alex had two on the lot, with few extras (tint, door trim and mats), and I picked the one I wanted.

Alex gave me the price, which initially I thought was LOWER than mine. Then I remembered that Toyota was offering a $1,000 rebate, which shouldn't be part of the price. I made my counter-offer. Alex asked if wanted to buy the car for less than invoice and I said I did.

After a few moments he came back and said that if I gave them a good review on a dealer survey, we had a deal. He was smiling.

Paying, picking up and going over some basic operation was a snap. I'm the proud owner of this great little high-tech hybrid vehicle. It's amazing how many great features this base model has. It's also quite a joy to only fill it up every 2 weeks, for less than $30!

I'm not a big believer of going to a dealer for service. However the car is under warranty and a perk (that they're no longer offering) is free oil changes for life. They use synthetic oil and it gets changed every 10,000 miles.

I took it in for the 5,000 mile service. Made an appointment, showed up and settled in to wait. They have a children's play area as well as a quiet room and decent wifi. They'll even loan you an iPad with movies on it to watch. I was in and out in an hour that time.

Subsequently there was a vehicle recall for a software upgrade. I called when I got the notice but they told me it could wait until my next service.

I left it for service the night before an early Saturday morning appointment. It was ready in two hours.

So the buying experience was fabulous thanks to Alex not wasting my time playing games. Service has been great too. So far this is probably the best car I've owned.

I was so enthusiastic that after taking a friend of mine from work into see Alex, he bought a brand new Prius from him a few months later (and he loves it too).

I'd recommend AutoNation and Alex in a second.

Sarah R. | 2014-06-22

I have had nothing but excellent and honest service at Auto Nation, both from the agent I use, Jim Lee, and the service facility. While they are a for profit business, they always price match their service fees, offer free oil changes if you buy a new car there, and when I bought a new car, they gave me a fair deal and didn't use any high pressure tactics. The seller never contacted me unless he had a new car he wanted me to see. If I asked for the best price, he came right down to what was fair. Their finance of course asks if you want other products, but if you say no, they move right along. Really great experience.

Kwijan C. | 2014-06-10

Great customer service when your buying a car!!!! Ask for Roger S !!!!  The customer relations department has been great taking care of cosmetic issues after I bought the car.  Thanks Krystal and Cece!!!!!

Anna M. | 2014-06-10

Great staff. Stephen McIlhon took very good care of me. Brad in the financing department was the best!

Eric H. | 2014-05-31

I can't imagine ever writing a bad review about this company. I've had nothing but great experiences. We have bought 2 new cars from them in the last 7 years, The first car was over the internet and Jim Lee, the internet sales person at that time was always responsive and helpful throughout the sale. We have also found the maintenance service visits to be outstanding. I once had to go to the Round Rock Toyota dealership (much closer to my home) for a maintenance check and the experience there did not compare. Our experience from setting appointments to interacting with the service technicians is always beyond expectation. Even though it's a 26 mile drive, we plan to continue our relationship with them as long as we own Toyotas.

Mayank S. | 2014-05-28

I bought a certified Toyota Prius 2011 from Auto Nation recently. It is a wonderful car and I am glad Auto Nation recommended that. AutoNation has an excellent sales and customer service representatives. I met with sales rep Jesse and found him to be friendly and professional. Will consider purchasing future cars from Auto Nation.

Keith D. | 2014-05-22

Excellent customer service and new tire pricing at this Toyota dealership. After considerable research I found that I could replace my tires at the same price or less than other businesses and with the same efficient staff I have experienced from this business.

Andy P. | 2014-05-22

I purchased a lightly used 2012 Tacoma here about a year ago and the service department has been great with oil changes and an issue with my drive shaft. So far so good.

Ian W. | 2014-05-19

These guys got my upholstery all grimey 5 out of 5 times they've had my car for various reasons.  3 out of the five times I was there were because of their incompetence.

I mean really, I'm still pissed off at these guys.  They wasted so much of my time.  1 and a half stars. Bleh.

Jake H. | 2014-05-19

I recently just moved to Austin and I was pretty excited when I realized there was an AutoNation Toyota since I had such a great experience purchasing my Tacoma from the AutoNation Toyota in Phoenix.

I took my truck in for it's 10k service this past weekend and after checking out, the Service Guy pointed at a truck that wasn't mine and said the keys should be in it. After letting him know that was not my truck he retreated to his office and started looking around frantically. After watching for about 20 minutes of every service employee coming into his office to help look around I walked into his office and asked him what the issue was and he stated that my keys had been misplaced and they were trying to locate them. After about 30 more minutes the service manager came over and made some excuses of how keys get lost and that they were making me a new set.

After about 30 more minutes they came over and said they located my keys and made a few more excuses of how this only happens a handful of times out of all the cars they process. When getting in my truck they handed me a key that they didn't finish programming and said that I can have it but it will only open my door. Why would you not just finish programming it so that I would get something for my trouble? Watching the lack of direction and mishandling of the situation was very difficult. I will be making the trip up to Round Rock to for service for now on.

P.S. This is also the first Toyota Dealership that I have been to in 4 years that doesn't wash your car as part of the service. They said it was due to water restrictions so that they can only wash new & used cars and not customer cars. If this is the case why not work something out with the 1,000,000 car washes in Austin where I can at least get a discount on a car wash.

Dea E. | 2014-05-05

Internet sales guy was super rude and arrogant to me this past Saturday May 3rd.
He would not let me see or test drive the cars and he spoke about a "customer like me who is interested in a basic model" and how no discounts were available for customers like me.
He kept his office at a sub zero like temperature, when I asked him to turn the ac off or increase the temperature he gave me an eye roll. I told him I wasn't ready to discuss prices or negotiate. Just wanted info about the cars, and he began talking down to me. Buying a car is stressful enough, John turned it into a humiliating experience.
I left in tears. I called their mgmt. x3 times this morning, never returned my call and then when I got a hold of one of them he was dubious, questioned what I told him and never apologized.
I have an idea as to why this person was so hostile towards me. I can't believe that in this day and age businesses in this sad little town allow their staff to treat customers this way.

Yuck! :-(

Post Scriptum:

I got an email from this dealership where they say they are sorry if I "felt" talked down to. I didn't feel it, it actually happened. So to add insult to injury they even give me an "apology non-apology" inferring that nothing wrong actually happened, it is in fact all in my head.

Double Yuck!

Lil K. | 2014-05-05

This review is for our Salesperson Laura Deen ONLY.

Laura Deen is the most professional, no pressure, very patient car salesperson we have ever encountered.   When we first went to the dealership, our initial salesperson ended up leaving Autonation.  Laura Deen promptly took over and I am so thankful she did!  She kept us up to date on everything and not once did I need to reach out to her for a status check.  

If you decide to try Autonation, I highly recommend Laura Deen!

PS we are loving our new 4Runner!

Megan D. | 2014-04-11

This is the second car I've leased with Jon Porterfield, and the experience was awesome. He listens to what you need and helps get you the price that you're looking for. This dealership is my favorite - very clean and the staff is super friendly.

M. S. | 2014-04-11

This was our first car buying experience, and we were very trepidatious about buying a car from a company rather than private seller, but got burned by Craigslist before and wanted a reliable car. We did a lot of research beforehand and contacted Roger through USAA car buying program. We found a better deal through Costco at a dealership in Boerne. Roger was the ONLY salesperson out of the six of so dealerships we contacted that immediately said he was fine matching that price and found us a car right away. It wasn't the exact coloring we wanted, so we held off. After finding all of the other dealerships giving us the run around, we told Roger we'd buy the car. Due to our schedules, we had time constraints for paperwork, and Roger got us in and out in a little over an hour. He played ZERO games--none of this switching cars, magically selling the one we wanted, no longer being able to keep the deal, etc. He was honest in his entire approach and made car buying a breeze. The finance person, Rachel, didn't try to up-sell us anything other than just kindly providing options. She didn't even try to get us to finance through them as we came with our loan in hand. All in all, we are very satisfied with out experience at AutoNation!

Rick R. | 2014-04-10

I have purchased  many vehicles over past 30 years and this was the smoothest transaction I have ever had. Great salesman(roelle) , finance manager(brad), and  I have always been helped on every call and email. Will buy again and recommend!

P.s. I passed many Toyota dealers driving from s.a. To Austin, and am glad I did!

W A. | 2014-04-02

From beginning to end, our experience with Jesse Jimenez was flawless. He was patient, informative, and at no point pressured us into anything. He was very responsive to all of our concerns and questions and has even reached out to us via email a couple of times after the purchase to let us know that he will continue to help us if any needs arise. I am completely satisfied with our Prius V purchase--it's a fun car to drive (can't believe I'm saying that as I'm 6'6" and NEVER thought I would find myself in a Prius!). The Prius V is the ONLY high-mpg car that has the room for my large frame. I would recommend Autonation and Jesse in particular to anyone searching for a vehicle.

Dana W. | 2014-03-23

This review is for Champion Toyota.  

I leased two Camrys  from this dealership and received exceptional and timely service during both experiences.  If I had not relocated to Houston I would have likely leased another car from them.

Richard A. | 2014-03-21

Let me first say that I am a COSTCO member and use this program at this dealership. This is at least my third new vehicle from AutoNation using this program and I'm always pleased. I make an appointment, see every car that I want, test drive as many as I want, and get to see exactly the invoice price and the percentage over invoice I pay. I still get all incentives (Toyota & AutoNation). Delivery is quick, finance persons are knowledgable and not pushy, and the sales rep is the best. Very professional in every way. It'll be awhile but I'll be back!

Matt D. | 2014-03-19

Everything went really well. I purchased my 2014 FJ Cruiser. Love the car. The service was great. My salesman Jesse was very helpful and gave me a fair deal.

Stefanie D. | 2014-03-18

Great experience!  Our sales person Laura Deen was awesome, took the time to listen to what we wanted and sales price of our new RAV4 was right where we wanted it to be.  We will definitely be going back.

Harrison C. | 2014-02-28

I've heard that some car dealerships get pretty arrogant, but this dealership wins the booby prize to date.

I was looking at a Scion XB which their web site proudly touts as having passed all inspections. However, when I drove down to have a look at the car, I was surprised to see that the hood had dents and dings, and the body had more dings.  Worse, the factory body mouldings were peeling off.

So I called Aaron at the dealership and asked if any of those would be repaired.  He said he'd check with his manager.  I told him if he could verify they'd fix everything, I'd be buying the vehicle that day.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited until the next day until I had to call him and ask.  Aaron apologized for being busy and told me that the manager wasn't going to repair an aftermarket body kit (he was wrong - it was the factory kit for the Series 8), and the dings were minor.

I then asked for pricing to fix the dents/body kit. Aaron said he'd get back to me.

I waited.

And waited.

And a couple days later, I called again only to find that Aaron was told the car was being sold "as is."

Now "As is" in car terms is VERY different from a low-mileage, still-under-warranty car.

Anyway, I'm glad I did my running around on the phone rather than drive 30 miles back and forth.  Obviously not a dealership that is interested in customer service or sales!

Andrey A. | 2014-02-21

I have purchased my 4 cylinder, brand new 2013 Tacoma with fuel economy and problem free future in mind. I sacrificed the power of V6 to save money on gas but after 4000 miles of detailed logging I am hardly getting a gas mileage of V6. My colleagues and friends have V6 models and we compare our average stats and driving habits. Took it into service department and even they said that it is strange and unusual but there is nothing they can do. Gave me couple of tips and sent me on my way after 3.5 hrs of wait there while they have done nothing but computer hook up. It was about 800 miles on odometer then and I notified my sales person Jim Lee (by the way he is a bully and a very good salesman so watch out when negotiating the price with him, his "best you will get" is not best at all. Go with Jesse Jimenez but negotiate.)  Jim advised me to try the tips mechanics advised and contact his manager if it does not improve. It did not improve and I did contact Gary Clifton (Sales GM). He completely ignored my email contents and told me to take it to the service dept. Afterwards, he just ignored me and my following messages. I ended up contacting Toyota dealership and requested to talk to the main GM. I was told that I will be contacted, but I never received a call back. I was outraged and felt ripped off. I was greatly unsatisfied with Toyota's customer care. I was disappointed greatly because this was not my impression of effortless, brand new vehicle purchase. I did not get fuel economy advertised nor problem free experience. Toyota vehicles are great and I wanted to become all Toyota family.I contacted corporate to see if Toyota stands behind their customers. Let me tell you if you want anything done thats the way to go. So far back to the dealer.
Follow up
I was contacted by Keith Hennessey and we did an audit on my vehicle. My vehicle does get advertised mpg after all. Just somehow was dropping it in between the fuel ups. Very embarrassing moment for me. At the same time a WTF moment. Why was it not done right away? Why such a poor issue handling on the dealership side? Close your eyes on the problem and ignore things does not always work. But overall we did take care of the issue.

Nelson M. | 2014-01-20

This is only for the oil change/ repairs service dept.  

Bought a certified used 2010 Toyota corolla and it comes with free oil changes and courtesy inspections.

Have been coming here for the last 2+ years regularly and haven't had any problems with customer service or issues with my repairs / oil changes. Usually with the oil changes I zip in at opening time @ 730 and proceed to check in / out between 20 - 45 minutes unscheduled.  I did have one recently go about an hour but hey it's unscheduled and it's free oil change, so no worries. Plus they offer free coffee and snack machines. The coffee maker has an awesome choice of different flavors.   They also have free wifi but for done reason today I wasn't able to get access to the internet.

The service advisors have always been upfront with expected cost and repairs so there isn't any surprises before any major repairs.

I would recommend this place for their care for their Toyota cars.

Jessica M. | 2014-01-07

I purchased my car from the dealership in December 2012, it was my first new car so I over-zealously purchased all the extended warranties and extra policies and stuff. By March, I had realized the extra stuff was a poor value (for example, GAP insurance is only $2-3/month from your car insurance company but the dealership sold me GAP insurance for $800) so, I went into the dealership to cancel the extended warranty and GAP insurance.

The Finance "Manager" I spoke to, processed the paperwork to cancel the GAP and told us that until the manufacturer's warranty ended, the extended warranty would only depreciate about $5 a month and so there was no point to cancel it before the manufacturer's warranty ended. Believing that this "Manager" knew what he was talking about, I decided to only cancel the GAP.

Well, they said this would take about 6-8 weeks to post to my balance, so by the time July rolled around, I decided to go back to the dealership to verify that the extended warranty had only depreciated the small amount the "Manager" had described and to make sure the GAP was in process. When I got there another Finance "Manager" informed me there was no record of my canceling the GAP and that my extended warranty had depreciated over $200 in the 4 months. At this point, I was already EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED but this is far from the end of the story.

Due to the way things were playing out, I decided on that visit to do the paperwork to re-cancel the GAP, cancel the Extended Warranty and cancel the Tire and Wheel protection. I had purchased an appearance protection as well but they said they would not refund it because it had already been used (I later found out, they put a coat of wax when I purchased it, that was the "use" of the $800 policy they now would not refund). Any way, so at this second visit in March, I had completed the GAP cancellation paperwork again and completed the paperwork to cancel the Tire and Wheel and the Extended Warranty. The "Manager" on this visit also said everything would process in 4-6 weeks this time.

So, September rolls around, I have not seen any of the 3 credits yet, start calling and emailing to which I receive no reply. In October, not wanting to have to make a 3rd trip to the dealership, I decided to make a complaint with Toyota Corporation, well next day I get a call back and am informed the paperwork was not processed yet again but they are going to process it now. Within the next 2 weeks, I see a credit for the Extended Warranty (greatly depreciated now, of course) but can just feel things are still not done right, especially since i'm still calling and calling again and nobody is answering or calling back.

I decide to go into the dealership for a 3rd time, this visit a 3rd Finance "Manager" listens to all we've been through, tells us that the GAP is STILL not canceled and now tells us that the Tire and Wheel which we were told is refundable and did the paperwork to cancel, was never able to be canceled and he cannot cancel it. I do the paperwork to cancel the GAP - AGAIN - and ask them to call me back to figure out how their going to make me whole since I've lost a ton of time and money at this point, all because they couldn't handle processing the paperwork, and because it is unacceptable that they were not going to refund the Tire and Wheel after I'd already done the paperwork months prior.

We did not hear from that "Manager" but instead heard from one that was supposed to talk to us after the Toyota Corporation complain and hadn't been answering, since this one had already snubbed us, we tried to call back the person from the 3rd visit but then he told us that the one who called back was his boss so we had to deal with the one who hadn't answered before, now.
So, we spoke for a couple of days with that guy who offered us little-to-nothing as compensation for the Tire and Wheel policy we wanted refunded and the depreciation of the policies - which was completely fair of me to ask for. He asked me to send him proof of the Tire and Wheel being canceled and asked to see my itemized document about what we felt they needed to refund, I emailed them off and he has not answered any of our calls for over 6 weeks since.

I am going to have to sue them or something now, because just in policies not returned, policy depreciation, and additional interest I've incurred over $2000 of losses but I also have spent over 40 hours and 9 months on this feel the policies were misrepresented at time of purchase (every time I've tried to use any of them they've said my problem wasn't covered for stuff they told me it would cover when I decided to purchase them) so I want reparation for the time I've spent and I want ALL the policies refunded now.


Neeraj V. | 2014-01-01

Went to AutoNation & was greeted by Steve Mcllhon. I have to admit, the guy has lot of patience given the fact that I am very picky about cars. He ended up showing me lot of Interior & exterior color combinations. Steve was not at all pushy and he understood what I was specifically looking for.

End of the year deals & free oil changes was icing on the cake & I ended up buying Prius HB Four.


Derick K. | 2013-12-23

I moved from Nashville to Austin and in always used the Toyota and Acura dealerships for our vehicle maintenance. Oil changes were $29.99 on the Acura and $49.99 for the Sienna. I have now used Toyota Auto Nation South and Sterling Acura and have found one thing in common. Long waits, over-priced, and aggressive up sale service personnel. I am now looking at local auto shops vs. Dealerships. I recommend you do the same.

George M. | 2013-12-18

It was quick and painless and everyone was super friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend to friends and family

Meredith D. | 2013-12-12

My brother and I both recently purchased cars here and I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised we were with our experience. Car shopping is typically up there with root canals on the fun meter, but this was easy, quick and we both drove away with awesome vehicles after a couple hours. The credit really goes to our salesman Caleb. He wasn't pushy at all and he was friendly and kind without sucking up to us to make a sale. He presented us with the facts, let us walk around and test drive at our leisure, and when we were ready, he offered us a fair deal so we didn't even have to negotiate (which is great because I'm a total pushover). I can't speak for any of the other salesman, but if they're anything like Caleb, this business will continue doing very well. I'll be sending my friends and family his way for sure.

Bre W. | 2013-11-23

I purchased a 2008 Prius a few weeks ago, and I'm in love! Laura Deen was my sales associate, and she was awesome. She did an amazing job of making sure I was getting exactly what I wanted.

I was in dire need of a car, and the process was super stressful until I stepped in to AutoNation. The process quickly became stress free, and I'm beyond satisfied with my experience with them.

Laura Deen has kept in close contact since my purchase, to be sure I'm happy and all is well with my car!
I would recommend AutoNation to anyone looking to buy new or used, they definitely went above and beyond my expectations.

Thank you all :)

H H. | 2013-11-13

Went in for an oil change when I was travelling through and got pressured by the technician to do an "emission service" on my Prius for $172.  Thinking this was one of those Prius-only things, I agreed, even though I'd never heard of this service.  Turns out this service isn't recommended or even suggested by Toyota.  My dealer at home didn't know what I was talking about because they don't do this on a Prius that's got less than 100K miles and never see any problems from a "dirty emission system".

When I complained to AutoNation Toyota, the service manager was condescending and said smart people did this service and he refused to give me a refund.

When I complained to Toyota US, I got a call back from another service manager at AutoNation Toyota who did issue me a refund.  The second service manager assured me that my home Toyota dealer listed the service on their website as required every 30K miles -- but when I called my home dealer and spoke to the same guy that the AutoNation guy talked to, my home dealer again said that it was a 100K service and he'd never recommend it every 30K miles on a Prius.

Even after getting a refund, I don't recommend these guys -- they seem to subtly over-sell.  I'd been watching my tires because they were wearing unevenly and I knew I was going to have to get new tires soon.  A couple of thousand miles ago, we rotated the tires and the dealer said I'd probably get another 5-10,000 miles from them, but AutoNation assured me they were dangerously bald and had to be replaced immediately -- in retrospect, it seems a bit suspicious that the tires should have just worn to nothing like that in only 2000 miles -- more likely, AutoNation just wanted to sell more tires.  (When I asked the guy why my dealer would have said the tires were still safe, he shrugged and said that maybe their gauge was broken.  But I'd had the tires checked at two different dealers in two different states and they told me exactly the same thing -- the tires were worn but still safe.)

I'm not going to bitch on the tires -- I would have needed them within a few more months anyhow, but it's unprofessional to diss other dealers and the clincher was that AutoNation absolutely refused to make a warranty claim for the tires saying that it would be rejected given the uneven wear pattern -- why not do a warranty claim if indeed the tires were completely worn out?  It all left a bad taste in my mouth.

When every other dealer in the country (and Toyota USA) tells me that Priuses are maintenance free and these guys say you need an expensive emission service every 30K miles, who ya gonna believe?

David M. | 2013-11-07

Really loving my new 50 mpg Prius from Brian Thomas and the folks at AutoNation Toyota!  Thanks, Brian!

Maria B. | 2013-10-23

Had an appointment for 10:30 AM, as always Im running late about 20 min. they still take me in for an oil change. Greg was awesome! he stated that my vehicle had a recall! Since I would have to travel to Rockport tomorrow, I wanted to get it over with.  

While they fixed up my baby(toyota Fj crusier) because it would take a total of 3 hours to do. They kindly had a shuttle van drive home and pick me up when my vehicle was ready. Richard was a great driver and person to talk to!!! Overall happy customer!!

Diana B. | 2013-10-22

I cannot say enough about the amazing service from Laura Deen and Autonation Toyota South. After a more than stressful moving experience, I finally made it to Austin minus a vehicle. I had been looking around for a new car for about two weeks and was getting tired of the dealership haggle and hustle. I stopped in at Autonation South, thinking I'd probably end up with a used Toyota, but saw a white Mazda 6 online for sale there too. Upon arriving, Laura promptly greeted me and was happy to answer my questions and take me out on some test drives. There was no pressure ever and she was easy to talk to about my concerns with purchasing a newer used vehicle with slightly higher miles. Ultimately, it was within my range and drove great so I decided to go ahead and speak with finance before someone else scooped up this deal.

The process overall was pretty easy, Mike in finance was able to make some deals for extra coverage and 3 years of maintenance, oil changes, extended warranty etc. He also explained everything so it was clear and easy to understand. Fast forward about a week- I ended up having to bring the car back in for a few things, the breaks made this AWFUL sound, and they were happy to put better pads on it (the old ones had glazed or something?). The folks at Autonation bent over backwards to help me out and even lent me a vehicle while mine got fixed. Then- just my luck, not too much later, I go to start my car and nothing! Ugh- very frustrating considering it wasn't even two weeks out of the dealership. Now, something like this, more often than not is not covered- it's a battery, they go sometimes. My blatant dismay and frustration was difficult to contain and I was upset that after the original debacle I was now having issues with this car too. Laura said to bring it in and we will get things figured out. This type of situation is not usually covered, but because it was so soon after purchase, and I had bought extended warranties etc, they were nice enough to replace the battery for me as well. All in all I cannot say enough thanks to Laura Deen and the crew at Autonation South, they truly helped me out in ways that go beyond explanation. So grateful for them.. 5 stars isnt' enough!

The only thing I'm kind of regretting purchasing was the windshield protectant coverage.. it wasn't that expensive, but made the glass kinda blurry (even with a second application) and there are already 2 small chips in it, which isn't supposed to happen. Once things are more settled I'll file a claim and imagine it won't be an issue, but possibly an 'upgrade' that wasn't really worth it.

Jay P. | 2013-10-02

This review is for a new Tundra I purchased over the weekend.  This is the second vehicle we have purchased from this dealer.

I came To AutoNation(Champion) Toyota after a horrible buying attempt at Truck City in Buda.  My yelp review on that is posted.

Ruel was my sales person and I explained to him that I was rather upset, was NOT buying a car today and had just come from a Truck City Ford where I had a really bad experience over not agreeing to buy GAP insurance and an extended warranty.

I was met at Autonation by Ruel (salesman).  Ruel was new.  He was very patient and not pressing.  He explained things well and when he didnt know something he admitted it and found out the answer.  I really enjoyed Ruel's attitude, demeanor and honesty.

Ruel and I spent about 2 hours looking and test driving trucks.  I made an appointment to meet him the next morning to bring my wife to involve her in the transaction.

We arrived about 45 minutes early the next day.  Ruel spotted us and helped us immediately.  At this point I had narrowed down my selection to two trucks.  My wife and I drove the trucks and after about an hour of working with Ruel we made a decision on the one I wanted.  So we went in to negotiate prices.  I told Ruel I wanted a price and then my wife and I would go to lunch and discuss it and then let him know.  We haggled only once over cost.  

During the negotiation, Ruel introduced me to his sales manager.  I think his name was David. David also was very understanding, honest and straight forward.  I honestly believe they me their best deal.  My wife and I went to lunch to discuss our decision.  We had lunch at the Hills Cafe which I will do a write up on next.

While we were gone David called to inform us they missed adding in a rebate and reduced the price further.  I felt they were honest and we were able to work together to get a deal we were all happy with.  They made some money and I got want I wanted for a price that I felt was right for the overall trade.  

The financing phase of the transaction went very well.  I worked with Nick.  He explained things very well and was extremely clear.  I could tell he respected me, could read people and didnt try to over sale any of the products they offer during the financing portion.  Kudos to Nick he sold me a tire warranty and extended warranty.

I honesty enjoyed this buying experience and thank, Ruel, David?, and Nick for making this experience exceptional.

Tim J. | 2013-09-14

I have a one star cause you have to in order to comment. They are horrible in customer service even with an Appt. takes a long time to be acknowledge. They need training in customer service.

Peter J. | 2013-09-11

Alex L., our salesperson was patient in answering our questions and let us take out a car on our own for a test drive.  

The Camry XLE was the only model that fit our needs.   However the cars on the lot were loaded with dealer accessories and discounted mightily due to the year-end clearance.

We did not buy a car yet, but Alex's customer service skills are outstanding.

Kelly S. | 2013-09-03

I moved away from Austin so I can't get free oil changes here anymore. Sad. But I did want to update this to say I absolutely got free tires as promised before I moved two years ago. I paid $100 to get an upgrade to a higher quality brand of tires, but that's all I paid for a full set!

Christine P. | 2013-08-26

Before entering AutoNation Toyota South Austin, my husband and I planned to purchase a new vehicle later this year or at the beginning of next year. We were in no rush to replace our faithful (but slowly fading) wheels. After a bit of online research, we narrowed our options to two vehicles. The only thing left to do was select the model...well, and wait for the right price. Earlier in the day, we visited a few dealerships and encountered some salesy folks, none of whom we thought really listened to us or spoke to our needs and constraints.

When we walked toward the entrance of AutoNation, we were greeted by Laura Deen. She was refreshing. She was also of the same mold as us, having owned her car for an admirable length of time. We aren't fancy people and she didn't try to upsell us. She listened. She shared the best price we've seen for the car we were hoping to purchase. She had our attention. She answered all of our questions and even shared travel tips for our next destination, her hometown. We never once felt that she was selling anything to us, just providing facts and options.

We were very pleased with the warranty options and free oil changes for the life of the car that come standard for certified used vehicles at this location. Laura Deen's impeccable customer service and the warranty offerings convinced us to purchase our new Prius this month. The financing rate offered by Manny De Los Santos beat our bank, which is a rare occurrence. We're very grateful to Laura and Manny for making our new car purchase a painless experience.

Caroline T. | 2013-08-21

I just bought my second Prius from AutoNation Toyota (yes, we're one of *those* families now), and I'm very happy with my experience. On the Sales side, I've only ever dealt with Jon Porterfield, who offers fair market prices (for dealerships in the Austin area) and does not waste my time. On the Finance side, I dealt with Manny De Los Santos, who also did not waste my time by trying to pressure me into buying one of those long-term care packages. (In contrast, a few years ago, when I bought my first Prius, the finance guy tried really, really, really hard to push those additional packages on me and my husband, even when we were getting visibly angry with him. Had that happened again with the second Prius, I would have refused to buy the car and walked right out the door.)

For what it's worth, I've only ever purchased new Priuses from this dealership, and I've never traded in a prior vehicle, as I was indoctrinated by my parents to believe that a dealership would never ever give me a fair price for my used car. Also, I do believe I could probably get even better Prius pricing from dealerships located elsewhere in Texas, but ultimately, I'm willing to spend a small premium on the time savings I get from working with a conveniently located dealership and employees whom I can trust not to waste my time.

Gilland H. | 2013-08-21

Hey there isn't a perfect car dealership anywhere!  All of us hate negotiating with car dealers as we all know they're out to get us on the price.  AutoNation (formerly Champion Toyota) is a pretty good dealership.  Manny which is the business manager is a great person to deal with, friendly, and can get a person with good credit a really good interest rate.  I've dealt with this dealership by purchasing two vehicles from it over the past 5 years.  I've never had any issues or been treated badly so I give them 5-stars for keeping my business.

Katie L. | 2013-08-01

My husband and I just bought our first car so we were skeptical to let any salesman know we were new at this whole thing. We "shopped" around at several dealerships but were put off by some salesman.

We ended up returning to AutoNation and they definitely took care of us. RAY & Laura Deen (our salesmen) were phenomenal -- no-nonsense, straightforward, helpful, didn't make "deals" just gave you options.

They truly made our experience the best it could have been.

Oh and I must mention, AutoNation gives free oil changes for the life of the car! Bonus!

Andy G. | 2013-07-14

My experience at Champion (auto nation) was great. I must mention I was only shopping. I know most sales people hate people in my situation, but when I arrived, I was approached by Calvin. I didn't want to waste his time as I couldn't buy the same day and was strictly trying to find what was going to suit my needs for work. So I told Calvin my situation (needed larger vehicle, with decent gas mileage), and he graciously dedicated the next few hours helping me, from showing me vehicles that suited my needs, to the interior functions, bell and whistles etc. We also were able to get my vehicle appraised which surprisingly enough was a substantial amount (I have always assumed a dealership to offer bottom dollar, but their offer was very realistic). By the end of my visit, The sales manager Dave did approach me and asked what would be necessary to get me into a car today. Again, I just explained my situation regarding work, he listened, and understood. No pressure or mistreatment as I had expected as I had seen it other dealerships. I would have t o say this was my first GOOD experience. I would recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to definitely talk to Calvin! great guy, down to earth, and most importantly knowledgeable. If/When I can get a vehicle, I will certainly speak with him.

Angela D. | 2013-07-10

K, the good:

The Bad:
1. Came in for a recall. Was told there is actually two things wrong with my car; the other not concerning the recall. To find this second thing, they needed to do an $80 diagnostic. UMMMM really? Clearly, I came in for a recall, but they still wanted to make a buck.
2. Funny how when I went to a Houston dealer to get the recall done instead, I didn't have something else wrong besides the recall. Ummmm...Interesting.
3. Told me the part would be in 3-5 days, nope. The Houston dealer was straight forward and told me the part would take awhile.
4. My service lady wrote the wrong numbers on my form and my car key. Thanks for the security, (I won't call you out by name). Funny how when her co-workers saw the mess-up, they weren't surprise it was her.

Mannn, I should prob get the service lady some water since her pants are probably on fire. LIAR!

jessica A. | 2013-07-05

After spending two hours at the Round Rock Scion dealership, where they were not willing to give me close to half of the Blue Book value of me trade-in (their words were: Borrowing money is cheap, just go for a longer loan!), decided to travel to Autonation South Austin. First, they had multiple FR-S models to choose from, unlike the single one with claims of "We don't know when we might get another one, if at all" that was at Round Rock. I immediately found the car with the options I was looking for, and was pleasantly surprised when Trey, the sales guy, did not in any way try to up-sale me. We went into the office, and within 15 minutes, we had a deal. Since I came in with my low interest rate from my credit union, I was shocked when the financing department actually beat it. I left paying $50 a month less than Round Rock's "best deal" for the same car. I'm very pleased with the car, and I would definitely recommend the guys at Autonation for the sale.

Natalie R. | 2013-06-27

We bought our truck from Cee Cee Salmeron.  She knows her stuff!  She has amazing, natural customer service skills.  We felt really good about our time with her and our purchase.  When we buy our next vehicle, Cee Cee will be our first call.

Heather F. | 2013-06-20

I don't have any major issues with AutoNation (formally known as Champion Toyota).  

Name changed as of a couple of months ago but everything from employees to management stayed the same.  I've taken my Toyota Tacoma in here a few times mainly for minor stuff.  Recently it was because I was having a break issue and I found out that I needed a new brake sensor to the tune of $200.  Being a dealer you aren't going to get good prices as you are paying union dues.  Having said that I don't have any issues with their work.

There are other Toyota dealerships that will go out of your way to make you feel good and deliver good customer service.  This isn't really one of them though everybody is nice enough.  One handy thing is that they have a shuttle service that runs until 3:30PM if you need to go home while they work on your vehicle.  They don't have mileage restriction on this so even if you live in Round Rock they will take you home while you wait.  Which is a good thing because if you don't have an appointment expect it to take all day to fix your vehicle.

Sara B. | 2013-06-14

My husband and I just purchased our second vehicle from Champion Toyota South/Autonation South. We bought both vehicles through David Longoria. Awesome experience, Manny in Financing was amazing and we will be back to purchase more  vehicles!

Nicole M. | 2013-06-11

I bought a Camry Hybrid a few years ago from Champion. Love the car, have had nothing but problems with the dealership. When you purchase a vehicle here they tell you that oil changes are included. What they don't tell you is there is always at least a 2-3 hour wait. One thing I have been impressed about is the fact I can call same day and get an appointment. That all changed this morning when I called to make an appointment. I was informed that they have never done same day appointments, and then when I was asked if they had availability for tomorrow she said what time, I said anything in the morning, and she stated the only times were 2:15pm and 6pm. And then on my last oil change I took my vehicle in to repair the adapter plug (for my phone), and get an oil change FOUR AND A HALF HOURS later I was informed they were just getting my oil changed and my water pump was out and I needed to get it fixed ASAP or I would get in a wreck on the way home. I purchased the Toyota Care warrantee when I purchased the vehicle and that should have been included, but they "couldn't find my name in the system" when it came time to start talking about the pricing. On the way home I realized that they were looking under my married name instead of my maiden name (I did ask my service advisor if he had checked both names while I was there, he said yes), only to find out I was covered to have it handled by the warranty. So then I had to drive my vehicle back to the dealership the next morning. At least this time they gave me a rental car (it's covered in my warranty). And the adapter should have been covered under my plan, but I paid cash for it and was never offered a refund or an apology or anything. Super disappointed. When I first purchased my vehicle the service was great! Had no problems, but I feel like every time I go back they get a little less friendly, and helpful. I would not recommend this place to anyone, unless you don't mind giving up your morning or afternoon every time you go to get your oil changed. Horrible customer service. I think I will start taking my vehicle to a place that values my business. I would rather pay for an oil change than get horrible service and have to give up 4-5 hours every time I need my oil changed.

Phillip B. | 2013-05-31

My salesman, Adam Shotwell, called me and gave me a time to bring my Tundra in to drop it off for the upgrades.  I sent him an email and requested that my loaner be a truck.  He had no problem accommodating my need.  Believe me folks, after you are rear ended by an 18 wheeler, it really changes you. When I dropped it off one of the team members ( I can't remember his name :( ) synced my Droid with the Tundra. He was a super nice kid, and, I feel bad not remembering his name.  Adam called me today and told me my truck was ready.  I couldn't wait to get there and get it.  WOW!!  I am so impressed with the leather upgrade!  It really changed my Tundra from great, to, kick your ass if you touch this!!  Beautiful job by Dealer Source Ltd (?).  Also to note, I love the rear cam.  It shows in 1/3 of the rear view mirror which has home link.  One other positive thing to point out is they let me keep the original home link rear view mirror!  Hit me up people if you want to buy it!  I will close this out with the fact that I will be forever grateful to my 2004 Toyota Tundra for saving my life, and, if you want a good salesman that will listen and cater to your needs, contact Adam.

Helen R. | 2013-05-27

Jim Lee is awesome! We bought a brand new 4runner and not only was the price more than competitive ww received first class service.   I highly recommend!!

Susan C. | 2013-05-16

It was one of the fastest car buying experiences we ever had. Our salesman Jim Lee was awesome--5 stars for him. The one star we took off was for the finance dept., which we had to wait a long time. Overall, I would recommend my friends to Jim at Autonation if they were in the market for a Toyota.

Alaska D. | 2013-05-14

We had a wonderful experience recently when purchasing a Scion xD from saleswoman Laura.  She was knowledgeable, professional, and low to no pressure.  The follow up after the sale was also very nice.  They asked us by email a couple of times if we had any questions.  We would definitely consider purchasing another vehicle from Laura and will be recommending her to friends.

Bruce M. | 2013-04-14

We had a very positive experience buying a new Prius (2013).  We were shown a variety of cars, given ample opportunity to test drive the vehicle, and had all of our questions patiently answered. Walter was our sales rep. Negotiations were clear and above-board with no pressure or up-sell. We feel we got a good price for the vehicle. The car we chose did not have SofTex seats, which we wanted, but the seats were upgraded the following week and the results look great. The only criticisms we have are when signing the papers (after the price and options were all settled), one person in the process kept trying to sell us extended warranties. Even after we said we weren't interested, he kept trying to sell us by changing the coverage and lowering the price. Also, the last person in the process, who was supposed to explain the workings of all the controls in our car, needed more training. He didn't really know how everything worked. We have not yet been in for service, but overall, a very positive buying experience.

Tracey S. | 2013-04-09

We bought a certified pre-owned Prius from Stephen R. and had a great experience. I was having a hard time deciding between the Prius and the Camry, and the manager let me take both cars home to drive for a few days. So cool and really helped me decide. I never felt pressured. The negotiation went smoothly and about as good as one can expect for a car dealership. Sure, we had to wait the requisite 5-10 minutes for each negotiation round, but it's just part of the process. Ultimately, we got the car for what we wanted to pay for it. Stephen really went above and beyond what I would expect. He personally checked out the car and noticed there wasn't an antennae, so had the repairs department install one. He also filled up the car with gas when we brought it in for a few minor repairs that we negotiated. He was a genuinely nice guy, honest and diligent in helping us. Plus, you get free oil changes for the life of the car!

Adin A. | 2013-04-07

I'm not a big fan of pressure salesmanship but when I was working a whole sale deal for one of my customer. I was turned off when the Salesperson needed me to come in just to get a price on a Tundra.

I dont understand and maybe neither does he.. I live in Florida!!! My buyer is S fl resident looking for delivery for his home.. Easy deal.. thank god their other dealership in your area.

Kelly P. | 2013-03-09

I wish I had checked the reviews on this place before I went here on 2/23/13.
We were greeted and shown their '11 Corollas. I test drove one & liked it so we started talking about financing. I walked in with my own financing that had strict loan to value restrictions. Mike & his manager, Tom, said they could probably beat the rate & get me the payment I was looking for so we went back & forth talking about rates & terms & finally settled on something.  We shook hands & I was walked over to do paperwork.
While we waited for our turn to do paperwork he came out & said "There's a snag. " He explained that somehow the car was missed & that it wasn't actually certified (even though it had a big "CERTIFIED" sign on it in the lot). He said they would get it certified but they couldn't do that until Monday which meant I could not take the car home that day. He said we could do all the paperwork today & I could pick the car up Monday.  My fiancé didn't like this & told me I shouldn't sign anything but I said "It's problem." It honestly didn't concern me too much at that moment even though it really should have.
When we went in to sign paperwork the first thing the finance guy told me was that the Sales Manager, Tom, should not have offered me the rate he offered me because I couldn't have that rate. This bothered me...I don't like getting hit with a bait & switch. But the finance guy said sorry for the mistake & said they took the sticker price down a little so that I could still have a similar payment. I should have walked but I didn't.
When it came time to sign the odometer statement I hesitated because I was pretty sure I saw around 38k miles when I was driving the car & the statement said 32,830. That is a 6k difference but he said that is what was written down. I said I must be dyslexic & we moved on.
We finished the paperwork after a lot of pressure to do the extended warranty stuff. It was uncomfortable how many times I had to decline.
Monday evening I picked up my car & was given a copy of the certification papers. As soon as I turned the car on I saw the car had over 38,000 miles on it. It was very late so I resolved to call them in the morning to have them fix the paperwork & explain the error. At that point I became uneasy about the car.
I emailed the salesman & told him I was upset about the deal. He called me quickly & I told him about the odometer reading & about the interest rate change. He apologized & said he would look into the odometer statement. He didn't really say anything about the rate change. I poured over all the paperwork that morning & I noticed something odd. The certification was dated 12/4/12...& signed by 3 different people all dated 12/4/12. It was at this point my alarm bells became impossible to ignore. If the car was certified in Dec why didn't they let me take the car home?
He called me back & said it was his fault. He wrote an 8 & his handwriting looked like a 2. He apologized and said they'd fix it. When I asked him about the certification he couldn't give me a straight answer. His answer was that the paperwork had been started but never finished. I told him that didn't make sense because the paper is a 2 page paper with 160 things they check & mark off if it's ok...& at the end of the papers there are from the technician, one from the service manager & one from the used car manager. All three are signed & all three are dated 12/4/12. So, if the paperwork was started but never finished...why did they all sign the form in December? He could not give me a straight answer.
I decided to return the car. The whole deal had red flags all over it & I didn't trust them. I didn't trust the car. I am reasonable & a reasonable explanation was all I was looking for. I would have accepted "I don't know" over the BS that was being spouted at me.
When I brought the car back I sat & listed to Tom's (sales manager) explanations of all of my concerns. He said the car was certified by another dealership before they got it & he was just re-certifying it to make sure it really was certified. If that is true, why give me the other dealership's paperwork & why make me wait 2 days to get the car? It didn't add up. Then he said the real kicker...he said what cemented my decision to return the car & cancel the deal. "The only reason I didn't let you take the car on Saturday was because you didn't have insurance on it."  What a load of BS. This is 2013 & I could have insured that vehicle from my iPhone & emailed proof of coverage within the hour.
I don't appreciate being lied to over & over again. I canceled the deal because I didn't want to give them my business. They simply didn't earn it.  
I suggest you avoid this dealership but if you go, check ALL the paperwork & check your odometer & if they bait & switch you just WALK OUT. There are plenty of cars in the sea. I found a beautiful car over at First Texas Honda & they were amazing. Good luck!

Jill A. | 2013-03-08

Champion must have undergone big changes in approach since the huge, airy new Service Dept was added---?
I'm wondering how there could only be 2 stars! My experience since purchasing a Scion early last year has been 100% positive.  
Hardly any wait-time, courteous and knowledgeable staff.  I'll definitely continue to have my Scion serviced at Champion.

M W. | 2013-03-06

It's sad to see the two star overall rating for this place. I bought my car here (new) back in 2008 and have had service done here for all these years (because of the free oil change i get everytime).

Everytime I went I experienced exceptional customer service except for once. But you gotta know that no one is infallible. Once my service adviser somehow messed up my car's # with another car, resulting in waiting extra time. I was irritated at that moment (but how can you not be irritated, i'm only human too), but the manager came to apologize with great attitude. My point is that making a mistake is acceptable as long as the person has a good attitude. I understand they have a lot of cars to take care of and I've received great service overall.

I am the kind of person who really don't know anything about car until it breaks down in front of me... So... I didn't know that my car have wheel locks until recently when I wanted to replace all my tires with new ones and realized that the key to the lock is missing in the tire kit...

Since I had my car's maintenance done here everytime, someone probably just forgot to put my key back in the tire kit. So I went back to champion toyota today to do the oil change and also asking very nicely if I can get a replacement key.

Result: after waiting for about ~1 hour, another service adviser (the earlier one went to lunch) came to the waiting room to find me, letting me know that everything went well. Then he showed me the replacement key! and it's free! :)

Back to the opening sentence. I really don't know how the one star reviewers were treated at this place because everytime I visit there everyone else seems at ease too.

5 Stars!!!

Christi T. | 2013-03-02

Pay close attention to the 2 stars this company has received overall.  I didn't and now I regret it.  

After a long and thorough search, I found the perfect new car at Champion.   I was ready to buy it, and then they changed the financing terms last minute.   The manager yelled at us because we would not accept the changed terms.  He wasn't only rude, he was downright mean.  Terribly mean and condescending.  

I ended up getting the deal I wanted from a different local Toyota dealer on my very first new car, I just regret having wasted so much time at Champion.  

Buyer beware.

Laura C. | 2013-02-27

My experience with the used car department was great! Jose Luis took care of me from start to finish. I definitely recommend Champion Toyota of Austin. Would have given 5 stars except the whole car buying process takes too long.

Sarah C. | 2013-02-25

This review is for the sales department and for Stephen R.

Stephen was extremely helpful when helping me pick out a car. He was honest and not overbearing. He made the experience wonderful for a first time buyer. When it came down to talking about price I felt like he really listened to and respected my price limits and truly worked with me to make it happen. Ultimately I ended up choosing a different vehicle make altogether but Stephen's interpersonal and professional skills were fantastic.

Cara M. | 2013-02-14

This review is for the Used Car department as well as the Used Car Service Department.

First off, let me say that you couldn't pay me to buy another Toyota.  I drove a Sienna which I loved) but then gas went over $4 and my commute went to 70 miles per day so it had to go!) then an '09 Matrix which I absolutely hated.  Hands down the worst car I've ever owned.  It seemed like I got a recall notice in the mail nearly every month, and the inside of the car seemed to just be falling apart.  Mind you, none of this is Champion's fault.  I didn't buy the car here and I never had it serviced here.  BUT they were willing to give me $2000 MORE to trade it in than Carmax was, so they get lots of bonus points for that!

David L. was my salesperson and he couldn't have been nicer.  He wasn't pushy at all.  I told him exactly what I was looking for (a Honda CR-V), he showed me the 2 they had in stock, and I test drove the one I liked.  I had done a little bit of research before I came, so I knew this car was on the lot and I knew what the price was online.  It was a little irritating that the price that was quoted to me in person was $2k higher.  If I hadn't done my homework, I wouldn't have known and feel pretty sure that I would have been charged the higher price.

The credit approval process was quick and painless and they came back with numbers well within my range of affordability and an interest rate that was lower than my last Toyota.  David let me take the car for the afternoon and drive it around town since we'd have to wait for my husband to get off work that evening to come in and sign some of the paperwork with me.

When we came back up that evening to sign all the paperwork, we did have to wait about an hour which seemed like a long time, but that might just be because we had to have our 5 and 7 year old with us.  But the waiting area in the new car showroom was very nice and they had a nice little room for the kids to play with toys and a movie on a big flatscreen.  They also had a coffee station (which my husband, who will drink coffee at all hours, appreciated) and ample vending machines for snacks.

Signing the paperwork was only a little like signing mortgage paperwork where we both had to sign our names about fifty times.  This was really the only time where we were really pressured into buying something by the finance guy (sorry, forget his name...Kevin, maybe?).  He tried to get us to buy extended warranty, gap insurance, interior protection, etc.  I don't know how many different ways we could have told him NO, but he just wasn't hearing it.  We finally kind of had to get stern with him and he got the picture.

The next day I discovered that the AC/ adapter plug (where you'd plug in your cell phone charger) wasn't working.  I called David on 2/4 and he said he'd forward my info onto Wade the service guy.  David emailed me back on 2/6 and asked me to call Wade to make an appointment to take my car in.  I called Wade and left him a VM on 2/7 and didn't hear back.  I called him again on 2/11, spoke with him and he said I could bring my car in first thing the next morning.  I took it in at 8:30 on 2/12 and was out of there by 9 with a working plug.  It was just a fuse out and I know it's a tiny repair, but it would have been a huge pain to not have a way to charge my phone in the car.

Overall, I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with my experience at Champion.

Ron U. | 2013-01-27

This review is for the PARTS department.
I have a 14 year old 4Runner that needs parts from time to time. The new parts/service center is a breath of fresh air with abundant seating and plenty of service tech's to help.
While I was there last week I ordered a new replacement key and new plastic key fob. They were out of the key fob's and told me they would call me when they came in.......hold you breath right? NO, they called just as promised and I picked up the part. Sometimes it's just the little things that make a BIG difference!

George C. | 2013-01-21

Had my car there for repairs after an accident. The work was substandard and had to be redone several times.

Worst ever!!!!

Rolando N. | 2013-01-18

Really wanted to like to the dealership and service center.  The car purchase experience was excellent.  We went through the Costco program so the purchase was low hassle.

The Service Department is so far unimpressive.  Just needed to have an XM Radio installed. I called to schedule an appointment clearly explaining what I need done. I get there and after two hours they tell me, the guy that does the installation (Wade) is not there and he will call me back to reschedule.  

Waited two weeks because I was not in a hurry and never heard back from Wade.  I called the service department and explain the situation.  They schedule me for an appointment.  I go in again, wait about an hour and half and the service manager tells me that Wade needs to do the service and he will call me back.  I tell him he never called me back the first time.  The manager then says that Wade tried to reach me but was unable to.  I explain that he's lying because my cell phone works just fine and I've never received a call from Wade.  Nevertheless he's the only one that can do the service so I have to wait for him to call.  I wait two days and then call Wade myself, schedule the service call and get the radio installed about a week later.

The Service Center looks really nice and under the right management it might one day be a very good place to get service. But the phone operators don't communicate with the service guys, the service guys make you wait for no good reason, and everyone promises to call you back but no one actually bothers to follow thru on that.  That's a 3rd rate service department in my book.

David N. | 2013-01-16

I purchased a 2006 Toyota Tundra 4 x 4 SR5 from the used car department at Champion Toyota and the experience was fair at best but after a very short period of time I found several problems with it and took it to the service department and the repairs were done. Very Shoddily The mechanic left bolts loose on my steering rack and pinion I would say that's a very high priority to have your steering components and bolts tightened after repairs done I was very disappointed
I also told the service department that the rear differential in the truck was making noise and needed attention but they said it was okay. well just eight months later the entire rear end went out!  $2500 if they had listened to me it would have been covered by the warranty.
Then I went back to the used car department to trade it in on another used vehicle and they insulted me with a very lowball offer for trade I will never go back to Champion Toyota or recommend their sales or service department to anyone please go somewhere else!

Kris K. | 2013-01-10

We came into Champion on Saturday 12/29/12 and we needed a new car and came in to see Jesse Jimenez and he was great! Got us into the full loaded Highlander and we took it home that day. We got a good money for our trade-ins and other than the delay in the finance department it was a good experience. And even the delay in finance was because there were SOOOO many people purchasing cars.

B K. | 2013-01-03

I'm not a big fan of car buying (hence four stars) in general.  That being said, my experience with Champion Scion was nearly painless.  Jon P. was a no-nonsense, no hype, straightforward salesperson.

Plus, if you buy a car from these guys you get free oil change and free nitro for the life of you and your car--they threw in ding protection as a deal sweetener.  Have you ever heard of ding protection?  75K miles and they'll fix all those door openers and knuckle bites.  So if you've gotta buy a car, and you live South, go here.

Tim P. | 2013-01-03

Well, I don't know where to start. My wife and I were traveling around looking at different Toyota dealerships for a new vehicle. We decided on Champion after some debate. We finally got the deal set at night before closing and were prepared to come the next day and buy.

Well once we arrived the next morning we were told to start filling out some paper work. While we were filling out the credit forms the salesman Jim L. told us that the price has changed due to an incentive that was not valid but, we were told that it would be valid the night before and budgeted that exact amount.

Once my wife explained that we could not do the deal after all he all of a sudden became very upset. He first tried to grab the form for financing which included all her personal info but, we were able to keep that with no issue. Then came the papers which he had printed up showing the deal we decided on the night before.

My wife tried to grab it but he actually started to try and pry and rip it out of her hands. Thankfully he gave up and let us keep them and said "fine" and stormed off.

We were just in shock that someone would act so unprofessional. We then contacted his manager and thanks to Cliff who sat with us and worked with us the original deal was honored.

We walked out that night with the car.

All that for a difference of $250.00. I really don't see ourselves dealing with these guys in the future for now.

Sharon C. | 2012-12-31

We bought a new car from Champion Toyota two days ago. I had decided on the car I wanted on the lot within 30 minutes and was paying cash. It took them 4 hours to process our order and get the car ready to drive off of the lot. The people we dealt with were nice enough but the experience took way, way too long.

Audrey L. | 2012-12-07

bought my Scion FRS here, love it.
This is a great dealer, gave me a good price on a great car. They had my color too (red)

John N. | 2012-12-06

We bought a prius from Trey. He was very helpful and supremely patient. We looked at new and used and came back several times before we settled on the car my wife and I ended up purchasing. So far, so good:) Now let's see how service goes.

Amy M. | 2012-12-04

To begin with, I called the service department 3 times and never actually got through to anyone. Once I got disconnected, once I got voicemail, and once it just rang and rang. This should have been enough for me not to go in, but NO, I went anyway. I ended up scheduling online.
When I arrived, it took a long time for someone to come talk to me and get me checked in for the appointment. All I needed was and oil change and an inspection.
It took 2 hours for them to complete these tasks. And after all was said and done, my final bill was $157 (not including the oil change because that was covered by toyota care).
I specifically asked if I had the needed documents to go get a registration and they told me I did. However, when I got to the tax collectors office, I was told that they had not given me the form that I needed. I had to drive all the way back to get the form and they barely apologized.
My previous dealership in Oregon was amazing and I was really hoping that this place would be too. It was not.
The only reason I give them 2 stars not 1 is that there was ONE guy there that was very friendly.

Brittany P. | 2012-11-21

Today I took my Camry in. This was my second visit to Champion. The first wasn't amazing, but it wasn't the worst ever. Today though, I am frustrated.

I called a few days ago to let them know that my door handle broke. The technician asked if I could bring it in, just to make sure that they needed to order a part. I said no problem and I made an appointment for  7 am so I could get it done and over with.

I went in at 7 am and waited 2 HOURS! to be told that yes, we need to order the part and you'll have to come back. I don't think it takes 2 hours to look at the door handle, determine if a new part is needed and then call in for the part.

And of course, they had to give me a list of other recommendations.

I call bullshit on this place.

Elizabeth D. | 2012-11-20

My salesman was so incredibly helpful. My boyfriend and I had shopped around for quite a while & were pretty sure we knew what car we wanted but we were hesitant to go to the dealership in the middle of the day because we didn't want to be badgered by a sales person. So we decided to go close to closing time so we could walk around but have the chance to talk to someone if we really wanted to.
We looked around a bit & then met a really nice salesman. He sat with us and answered all of our questions and presented us with tons of options. He was great! He even stayed about an hour after closing so that he could make sure to answer all our questions & get us just want we wanted. We had the car two days later. It was great! Every time I go into the dealership he gives me a hug and greets me like an old friend. I would highly recommend buying your car from Champion Toyota.

Tan T. | 2012-11-12

Recently bought a Camry SE from Alex Lomeli and the whole experience was very pleasant. No need for haggling over prices as their prices are very reasonable. As others have stated, free oil change for life for as long as I own the car. Great deal if you ask me.

Trinity B. | 2012-10-30

Typical dealership shenanigans....

I took my car there for a routine oil change / warranty repairs...  They "found" a ton of repairs I "urgently needed", and quoted me approximately $8,000 for repairs.  I was convinced to pay $2,000 for the MOST urgent of all the repairs, as they said I would probably be injured in an accident on the way home if I didn't repair the problem ASAP.   Unfortunately,  I was extremely price gouged on the repair,  as I looked it up afterwards I found out it was approximately a $400 repair.  

As for the remainder of the repairs ($8,000 estimate),  I took my corolla to several other mechanics for second opinions,  and they were unable to find the problems which Champion Toyota supposedly found.  

I then contacted the service manager regarding my problems and was promised a call back,  never heard back from them.  

Unfortunately,  I paid $2,000 of unnecessary repairs,  however thank goodness I didn't pay the remaining $6,000 repairs of fraudulent findings.  Extremely disappointed in the company!!

Mark H. | 2012-09-25

I recently purchased a 2012 Prius and had an excellent experience. This is the second car I have purchased from Champion. Why did I choose Champion? The service has been excellent. Greg Coy is my service expert and has done a great job taking care of my 4Runner. The sales process was easy. Korey Dupree was my sales consultant who made the purchase simple and painless. I will buy my next car from Korey. If you decide to buy a car from Champion, ask for Greg Coy in service. I highly recommend him as well.

Lucy F. | 2012-09-11

Just bought a Camry Hybrid XLE from these guys.  Best price, best service, no pressure, no hassle, free oil changes for as long as I own the car.... can I get an AMEN?!

My sales guy was Mike Dillard, but I've met with several others there over the last few months (was deciding between the Camry & a Prius V) and they've all been stellar.

Justin S. | 2012-09-06

Steve Moe was very helpful in the buying process. I

Sherene A. | 2012-08-24

I own a Prius. And yes...yes, that does make me better than you.
If you drive an insight...I will straight up scoff in your face and hurl an insult your way.

That said...I bought my Prius in Dallas, but have been coming to Champion to do my services.

In Dallas, a BASIC oil change would take 3 hours. MINIMUM. Even if I had an appointment. Even if I came in at 7am. SCREW THAT.
The longest I had to wait for my car...was 6.5 hours. I was MISERABLE. My ass had gone completely numb, I was beginning to feel homicidal, and the receptionist was about to get it.....It was a BAD day.

And then...I came to Champion. FULLY expecting that I was going to be there for ... you know... enough time to go by for me to go through a full menstrual cycle...I brought my laptop, my external hard drives, and proceeded to start editing a wedding.

45 minutes walks homeboy telling me my car is good to go. Jigga whaaaat? I hastily unplugged all my gadgets, sloppily shoved everything back into my bag and walked to the counter in a stunned stupor of utter disbelief.

I have since come back for servicing here 2 times. Each time...I've been out fairly rapidly. Only once when they had to change a flat tire out for me did I stay for 2 hours.

So...Toyota of Dallas...SUCK IT.

Agee S. | 2012-08-05

I recently had the misfortune of dealing with this Toyota dealership when looking for a new Prius and it was a very negative experience. This is, without a doubt, the most unscrupulous, underhanded car dealership I have every been to.

I went in to this dealership twice during my buying process and both times dealt with Kirk. After the test drive and the usual platitudes or "straight shooting" and starting off with his best price, he did the "I'll go fight for you with my manager" routine. When he came back 10 minutes later, he offered me sticker price on the car (plus all the dealer add-ins like pinstripes to jack up the price). Now, I know there is not much give in the price of a Prius right now since they are in demand, but offering sticker price is not a serious offer. I pointed this out along with the fact that I could get 5% off the sticker using , at which point he immediately went back to his manager and agreed to knock off the 5% off his "best price."

I decided to shop the offer around and left the dealership that day without committing to anything. The salesman refused to give me anything in writing to confirm the numbers we had talked about. During the ensuing week while I was contacting other dealerships, I was called almost every day by Kirk saying I "need to come in and sign the final paperwork" even though I had never agreed to buy the car. I ended up getting some better offers from other dealers outside Austin.

Not wanting to travel to buy the car if I didn't have to, I went back to Champion to see if they could beat the other offers I had. Kirk first was not ready to meet with me even though he had me make an appointment. Then he again did the "let me go talk to my manager" routine. After leaving me for 15 minutes, he came back and shoved a piece of paper and pen in my face saying "you just bought yourself a new car. Sign here." Reading over the paper, I realized he had simply given me the same price as the other dealer, only on a car that did not have as much equipment on it. However, I was so outraged that he was trying to pressure me to sign a piece of paper without even telling me what was on it (and when I had not said anything that would indicate I was ready to buy the car), that I walked out of the dealership.

On my way out, I grabbed the manager's business card and called him and left a message to express my outrage at his salesman's tactics and to tell him that he would have to deal with me personally if he wanted me to give Champion my business. He never called me back and I bought my Prius elsewhere. I certainly understand if a dealership is not able to offer me the best price on a car. But the way in which they treated me was so underhanded and callous that they have now also lost my business for service on my new car.

If you're looking to buy a new Toyota in Austin, stay away from Champion. They will not deal with you respectfully nor honestly. I would recommend you go to the Charles Maund dealership in north Austin. I dealt with Alfred, the sales manager there, directly and he was everything the people at Champion are not. He was straightforward, honest, and even though he was not able to give me the lowest price, he treated me with respect. I will happily drive a little farther for service to avoid having to deal with Champion's crap.

P.S. If you are looking for a good deal and don't mind driving a little farther, have a look at the Toyota dealerships in San Antonio. That's where I ultimately went.

Vicky L. | 2012-07-02

Horrible. Terrible. If I could give them no stars I would.  I tried several times to reach the GM to discuss the $6K repair bill they quoted me on my Prius.  He NEVER returned my phone calls. RIDICULOUS. I sincerely hope that this car dealership is run into the ground because of their callous treatment of customers.  PLEASE go anywhere else.  Help me send a message to those that purport to want to exceed customer expectations, yet won't take the small steps to deliver.  Return a frickin' phone call, even if the answer is "No, I'm sorry, I can't help you." Have the courage to return my call.  Anything less is disrespectful and reeks of arrogance.  

You have earned my disdain and I will tell all of my friends and colleagues.

Just horrible.

On the flip side, please read my 5-star review of San Marcos Toyota.  I had an incredibly positive experience at this dealership when Champion gave me the hand, and I strongly encourage you to take the extra time and mileage to work with them.  Jim Stanke is the GM and he returned my phone call - over the weekend - and spent 30 minutes with me on the phone coming up with options that were more palatable.

Austen S. | 2012-07-02

I have purchased numerous cars over the years but Champion Toyota gave me the absolute best service that I have ever received. There was no haggling on price. It actually took longer to clean the car up than actually purchase the car.

Both Dave and Jesse will have my business and referrals from here on out.

Ardie S. | 2012-06-09

I comparison shopped for in-stock Toyota parts by part number at dealerships in Austin and San Antonio, and this place was indeed the Champion of them all.  Uh huh.  The high price Champion!

As it was explained to me, Champion has a sliding markup scale atop MSRP that varies with the price of the part.  The more expensive the part, the less the markup percentage.  At some triple-digit price point, the markup goes away entirely and even morphs into a discount.  But Champion never did explain why they felt they needed to charge a premium for their parts in the first place.

I did wind up buying the part at Champion, only because it would have cost more to drive out to Charles Maund than to buy it at Champion.  However, that did not make me feel any better about being overcharged for the part in the first place.

So, the moral of the story is, shop at another Austin-area Toyota dealer for parts if price is a concern.  Or, if you have the luxury of time, order online from Camelback Toyota in Arizona.  Great and friendly customer service and awesome prices to boot!

J P. | 2012-06-07

I've never had a problem with routine maintenance thus far on my Scion.  They're quick and courteous and explain things well.  The waiting room is new and great.  So far so good!

Marilyn Colley G. | 2012-06-05

The service at Champion has been among the best I've received at an auto dealer.  I thought that I would get a free loaner car for scheduled maintenance service.  Turned out I was mistaken, as that service was already free with my new 4Runner.  The service manager was very gracious and arranged for my loaner car to be taken care of anyway.  I've never had a dealership that paid for my mistake before!

Edward M. | 2012-06-04

I purchased a Certified Preowned Toyota Corolla there recently.  We had purchased a Prius there a few years back and an insurance adjuster told me that large dealerships are a safer bet for used cars because they have less incentive to hide major defects in cars due to the volume of business they already do.  

Here are a few observations:

- The sales staffer was not terribly helpful.  He had little or no information to offer.  He was just the guy who brought you the keys

- The negotiation was pretty typical.  We asked for a $1200 reduction in price based on comps and we ended up at about $800 in reductions and the standard waiting in the office while the salesman "went to talk to his manager"

- The financing part was the annoying part.  We were paying cash and still we had to go through two "finance specialists" who tried to upsell us with all sorts of crazy protection plans and Lojack (I know, does anyone actually steal a Corolla, and do I really need the police to track it down with a GPS if that does happen?)

- Every Corolla on the lot reeked of cigarette smoke (not that surprising when you realize they were all previously rentals)

- The only car that didn't reek was the one we purchased.  However, after driving it home, realized that it too reeked when you turned on the A/C

- Floor mats, curiously, are not included.  Sure, you can say I'm not too bright for not checking that out, but there was plastic over the floor mat and I assumed, apparently erroneously, that a Certified Preowned car would come with floor mats

- They only had one key for the car.  If I wanted another one with clicker, then that's $350

I think that given all of these "little" things, I worry if something big is being covered up as well.  Only time will tell.

Chris D. | 2012-06-04

I don't write a lot of reviews but they sent an email asking me to write one so...
I've been to Champion for 2 service appointments. The first one was when they were in the middle of remodel and the second was in the new facility.

Shuttle service - takes forever so just find a ride.

WiFi - For a short service appointment I was just going to work from there but their wifi wasn't protected which prevents my work computer from logging on. Not sure if they've fixed that. (Also, the appointment took 2.5 hours instead of 1 because the oil crank broke on their oil tank? They just left me sitting there not able to work.)

Location - The new service center is way off the feeder road and the receptionist gave me terrible directions. Luckily there were some guys working in the dealership at 7am that pointed me in the right direction. (Their website didn't have current info. Maybe they've updated?) Either way this place isn't the easiest to get to.

Car wash - Both times I've gone here I haven't received a car wash. I've owned a Toyota in California and Washington. Every service center washed my truck and made Toyota feel like a premium brand. Champion Austin makes me feel like I'm driving a Kia.

All in all the service is good (minus the broken oil crank). I've had 2 regular service checkups but that was a tire rotation and oil change. I think I'll probably check out Round Rock Toyota for my next service and see how that goes.

Virg H. | 2012-06-04

Bought my 2007 Tundra from Champion. Deal went smooth and quick. On the whole after purchase service goes quick and easy. The prices are fair and the service is competitive with other non dealer service.

The new service facility is great. The waiting lounge is comfortable and roomy. However, be prepared to refuse service you didn't ask for that is not needed (transmission flush, new fan belt, etc.) Stick to the recommended items in your owners manual. That's all the vehicle needs.

Overall, I'll keep using Champion's service.

Carri P. | 2012-06-04

Champion Toyota Austin sent me an email to write a review.  I have used Champion's Service department since purchasing my 2001 Toyota 4Runner and 2003 Toyota Highlander.  However, starting with the recalls for Toyotas, getting an appointment or stopping by for service became impossible.  I made an appointment after the major bulk of recalls for Toyota for an oil change.  Oil changes are free for the life of my vehicles.  However, it was still difficult to make an appointment.  So even with free oil changes, I have gone elsewhere for servicing my vehicles.  Champion is great at offering various new or different services and then not.  And NOT notifying of changes of services available and times available.  Obviously, Champion has my email address.  It would have been nice with any and every change to locations, hours, and services available or no longer available for them to email and/or notify customers of changes.  Champion needs to have someone to address problems and ensure some resolution is worked towards improving problems and issues with the Service department.  Whether it is a wrench left in the vehicle or cargo cover misplaced during servicing, we brought the vehicle back and they removed the wrench.  To date, the issue of the missing cargo cover has not been addressed.  I brought this problem up to several people, however, no one has replaced the cargo cover yet.

m y. | 2012-05-29

My experience started out ok when I went in to look at a couple of options for new and used cars but it all went downhill from there. The communication here is AWFUL. Nobody called when they said they would, I was told one thing by one person and something totally different by somebody else. Everyone is completely phony and friendly until the moment when you are about to buy a car and then their true colors suddenly shine through. I was literally blocked from leaving the dealership when I tried to leave because they were going back on the numbers they originally told me. I even agreed to meet them half way on a 1000.00 difference but they would rather throw away my business than keep their word. They ARGUED with me when I said why my experience had been so negative and they wouldn't even own up to their part of the miscommunication until I spoke with the manager who tried to console me with a free tank of gas for my month long ordeal trying to get the car I wanted. DO NOT SHOP HERE unless you want to be lied to and taken advantage of.

Deaton B. | 2012-05-27

I bought my car here. They've serviced my car for 15 years. My cars runs as well as when I bought it. What more do you need to know. They take care of my car.

So why not 5 stars, you may be thinking. They made it a little more difficult to be picked up when your car is ready. Perhaps there is a good reason for it...don't know.

Kevin R. | 2012-05-22

I do most of my own maintenance and generally try to avoid dealerships. However, sometimes your car needs a part that you can't get from anyone except a dealer.

Champion is the closest dealership by far, so I keep giving them a try, but the last two times they drove me away with ridiculous pricing. Once I needed some little plastic clips to reattach an underbody panel. Toyota's MSRP was about $2 and online dealerships were charging about $1.50. It didn't make sense to pay shipping fees for a half-dozen clips, so I went to Champion and expected to pay MSRP. The parts guy quoted me just under $4 each and got all surly when I mentioned what other dealers were charging.

Most recently, they quoted me $6.74 for a drain plug, where MSRP is $2.93, online dealers are charging just over $2, and I bought the exact same part at San Marcos Toyota for $2.50.

The only reason I didn't give them one star is that one time I purchased some Toyota-specific transmission fluid there, and a friendly parts guy gave me a small discount off of MSRP without my asking for it. I don't know if their markup varies by part or by who you talk to, but it's wildly inconsistent.

On the other hand, I've had only good experiences at San Marcos Toyota, so I'd recommend taking the short drive south.

Mike W. | 2012-05-19

I visited Champion as I was looking for a used convertible.  While the sales associate was pleasant, this dealership is the classic "haggle back and forth" and had un-competitive prices on their used cars.   Once I arrived, they told me the second less expensive used car "wasn't available".  Not sure if this was honest or they just wanted to push me to the more expensive one.

I was able to find a great deal and great service from Gunn in San Antonio and couldn't have been more happy with purchase.   They were much more competitive on pricing ($2.5K cheaper on a car with less miles!!).

Jennifer F. | 2012-05-03

I wish I had looked at the reviews for Champion Toyota before choosing them to repair my stolen car.  I felt victimized all over again after leaving here. DO NOT HAVE YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE!!!!  I have zero confidence in this service department and the quality of work was not that great. I caught the service tech lying about the alignment diagnostics.  Total lack of communication or follow through from the top down. My car was stolen in late March. The police had found my FJ cruiser with a prostitute in the back and it was involved in a chase so you could imagine the interior stains and possible engine damage.  State Farm agreed to have my choice of service dept look at the engine, alignment and interior in addition to the very slight body damage. This was conveyed to the Champion Toyota service manager SEVERAL times by me and my insurance agent. The weird part about this whole experience is they didn't care about the additional profit they could have made from fixing my FJ correctly through State Farm.  Each time I was told it was 'finished' (4 trips) either the motor was not ever diagnosed, the alignment was not checked at all and it had been slotted for a detail not shampooing. After fighting with the Service Managers at Toyota, I was told the diagnostic was complete, the tech Epi said he checked the alignment and everything was fine with my ride. I asked about my bent skid pate, he responds 'No ma'am the skid plate is not bent, the alignment is fine'. I knew for a fact it was bent because the paint and body manager Roy pointed it out and I could just tell.  I let it go and wondered what else was wrong that they had missed.  The fourth trip to Champion Toyota I asked a different tech if they checked the alignment. 'No, we were never told to check the alignment' I said, WHAT!  State farm told you to fix everything, why did your tech lie to me about checking the alignment? The detail work was pretty descent but there was still sticky stuff in the console and cup holders. I don't believe they shampooed anything and there was some weird cleaner sprayed on the painted panels inside the car.   I think it ate the clear coat off the paint. They also did an ozone treatmeant as it smelled awful from the crackhos that made my car their soup kitchen.They also lost my license plates and tried to tell me they were never in the car.  Then I said, FORGET IT! I 'It is what it is', in other words, I can't do anything about it.  

I did speak with Don the head guy over service, who said they would cover the alignment and lost license plates, he told me to go buy some more and they would reimburse me. Then I realized they charged my insurance for the alignment I was lied to about anyway, so my insurance probably would have been charge for the missing license plates as well.  Get this, Don asked the service manager if they took my FJ for a test drive to check it out, he says, no it didn't have much gas left. WHAT? It was there for a MONTH!! Is that really an excuse? Do I need to bring you a freaking gas can to get you to fix my truck?  Don said he took it for a test drive, the 4x4 was in low when i picked it up and i had a full tank. hmm. I have 2 Toyotas that I used to get serviced here.  Nothing against these guys personally but you have to listen to the customer.  Champion should revisit their incentive for these employees because they were not concerned about making the service dept more money. All they had to do was run the diagnostics, test drive to check the 4x4 and shampoo it. I still have to do my own detail on the car because i don't trust they cleaned it throughly enough.
I was sick of dealing with the police, the detectives, the tow people, the insurance, two service dept. 'managers' and the car rental and I thought now I get to go to the DMV for new plates? YAY!! Thankfully Roy called back and found them in the detail shop and put them back on my truck. I think I lost my mind a little because this was the last place I expected resistance.  I would steer clear of Champion-less Toyota.

Aaron T. | 2012-04-27

I owned a BMW before buying my Tacoma here. My dealer-Jim Lee, has been the best experience after buying 12 vehicles. I wish that Toyota still made Supras, then I'd buy my car here as well. I've received better service, hospitality, and honesty than I have anywhere else.

Alexandra B. | 2012-04-07

Major fail. New service center and five hours later still no car. If you enjoy sitting like a sardine; you will love their new set up.  Plus, after the five hours my tires still make noises.  I called my service provider James to express my concern and all I got was a lot of excuses.   James and Toyota are full of hot air and horrible service.

Debora R. | 2012-04-04

I'm a fan of the new service center.  After years of taking my car for the free oil changes at the old place, I was ready to see what the new center would be like.  I am impressed.  I always make my service appointment on-line. At the old location, even if you had an appointment (especially first thing in the morning), you'd end up waiting in a long line of cars before the service guys even came to you.  The new place has multiple lanes, so the dreaded 7AM line doesn't seem to form.  Also someone comes out prior to opening to check to see if you have an appointment to notify your service rep.  
The waiting area is beautiful.  If you've been to the old location, they've at least tripled the seating areas with multiple flat screen TV's and iPads to check out.  The free wifi works great too.  One really neat feature is the huge windows which look out into the garage.  The garage is huge, but I saw my car being worked on, which was kind of cool.  
I think the increased space has allowed them to work on cars more quickly.  I was in & out in a little over an hour for an oil change, tire rotation & state inspection.  After mentioning this to my bookclub (several are Toyota owners), they all agreed they loved the new service center.

s r. | 2012-03-10

I've been to this dealer in the past and have not received any good service so i was reluctant to visit them again. However, i just wanted to check out the new Prius C and since it was the closest dealer, what could go wrong? So i called ahead of time to make sure the car was available to test drive and it was. It was also available at other dealers too but this was the closest. When i got there and mentioned that i wanted to check out \ drive the new Pruis C, they mentioned they didn't have one to test drive. What? I called ahead of time! All the sales rep could say was who did u talk too.......I suppose they just wanted to get a customer on their lot. Well, i'll never be back to this bonehead dealer again!!

George E. | 2012-03-10

Sad to say that it took days for JJ to get back to me with the easiest request for information in the world. Then he responded - without attention to the basic details and the price was not competitive Not "champion" salesmanship.

Colin D. | 2012-02-29

While trying to buy a 2012 Prius, they were incredibly helpful in hunting down the right color inside and out.

I worked with Jon and not only was he up front about everything, but when he was unable to locate the car we wanted except for from a dealer that was unwilling to trade, he told us the name of the dealer so we could find the car even if it wasn't through him.

It's hard to ask for much more from a car dealer.

Michael L. | 2012-02-23

I went to Champion to buy a car, overall the experience started out ok but by the time I was done I felt like even if they were willing to match the price on the car I wouldn't buy from them.

Throughout the process of price negotiation I was given a take it or leave it price, hassled when I wanted the full price disclosed, told I am being bait-and-switched by another dealer. Overall from all the dealers I have been at this ranks as one of the worst experiences, its similar to when the salesman laughed at me, told me that price was ridiculous then when I told him there is no reason to negotiate and left he chased me to my car trying to keep me from leaving.

Overall not just from my review but from others it seems my issues are not isolated.

Gabriel C. | 2012-02-15

Great new service facility and customer service.

Alyssa P. | 2012-02-11

How many things have broken in my car, ah, let me count the ways.  Broken auxiliary hook up (twice,) broken gear shift, broken radio/CD player, faulty wiper blades, and that's not to mention the various parts and pieces which have simply fallen off.  Each time has warranted yet another trip down the feeder where I can hand over my keys to whichever guy is there--as they don't seem to remember your face nor your previous service provider regardless of how many times you have been in--that apparently is your job and don't bother to ask them to look it up for you.

Setting aside the reality that my car is barely over a year old and none of these problems should have come up by this point, this review is really only about one particular experience I had with the gentlemen at Champion:

I brought it in to fix the CD player and the auxiliary at the same time, and was told that they would have to order a part from the warehouse and it should take around a week--not a problem, I can deal with no music for a week.  However, a MONTH later I was still waiting for the call from them and my patience came to a close and I gave them a call.  What was I told?  

Them: "Oh, we have had that part in for weeks now, we have been waiting for you to come bring your car in"
Me: "well how was I supposed to know that?  Nobody ever called to let me know?"
Them: "Well I don't know what to tell you about that, would you like to make an appointment for next week to bring it in?"
Me: "next week? Why not now?"
Them: "oh that's way too soon, we would need to prepare for you coming in."

...whatever, I made the appointment and brought my car in the following week and was told...that I had waited too long to bring my car in (yes it was my fault,) and they had sent the parts back to the warehouse.  My frustration mounted not only because of this abysmal service, but by the fact that they were completely unapologetic about what had happened.

It took another two weeks until everything was finally fixed, only to have my auxiliary break again a month later...but that's a story for another time.  I just have to mention this last thing:  I went in again last week to have my stick shift fixed (a mystery problem to even the mechanic) and as I turned over my car, the guy checking it out said with a laugh "oh yeah, there was a recall on this car!"  I told him that must explain the problem I was experiencing, but was informed that "no no no, there wasn't a recall on this part, it was on a faulty air filter."  oh really?  nobody told me...

Cris G. | 2012-02-08

I bought a Corrolla from Champion back in 2005.  Champion seemed like a decent place up front.  They had "lifetime oil changes".  I got a decent deal on the car, although whether through oversight or intentional, they didn't give me all the breaks I had coming.  It was my first time to buy a car, so I didn't do a very good job of watching everything they were doing.
The first few times I dropped in for oil changes and tire rotations (had the "extra mile" tire warranty if you let them do all the rotations) things were fine.  I gladly paid my $20 for the tire rotation and brought in synthetic oil for the oil change.
It was at about 36K miles that I started needing more help.  Ironically that's also the end of the warranty period.  My belt was squeeling, and I had brought it up the previous few oil changes, but supposedly the belt was fine and nothing was wrong.  It was after the warranty that they finally said the hydrolic belt tensioner had been leaking, and oh, sorry your warranty expired already and there's nothing we can do to help you since no one had written down all the times you brought it up.  I just recently found out that there were recalls on that module.  I had to pay to fix it.  It started to squeal soon after I had it fixed.  I took it in to Rising Sun this week to find out the dealer had put on a belt that was too long.  You'd think they would not only know what is right, but have it on hand.
They also said my brakes needed adjusting.  The emergency brake was a bit loose, so I said okay.  When I finally realized they had tightened my brakes such that it was like I was riding my brakes, I took the car back, they readjusted, and then I had squeeling brakes for a long time.  No ramifications from that yet, except for screaming brakes at every light or sign you stop at.
Then they started to talk about backing out of the free lifetime oil changes (guess a lifetime was longer than they were expecting).  As I was getting close to needing new tires, I found out the extra mile program was up to someone who didn't want to give you a new set of tires determining whether or not you deserved new tires.  The effort was such that I gave up and bought a set of high end Michellan tires that I could have paid for if I never let them do the rotations.  Ridiculous.
These guys are numb skulls at best, thieves at worst.  Blacklist.

Elliott N. | 2012-01-16

So about a month after we purchased the car, we were in a massive wreck that basically destroyed the back half of the car. We took it to the Collision Repair folks who provided us a rental car for the month that it would take to repair. Our insurance covered this, but we ran over a few days on the limit. Toyota said they would take care of it. Our Collision Repair rep who worked with USAA, Charles, was absolutely awesome. When we came to pick up the car, he went over all the specifications of what was fixed and it looked brand new. He told us if there were any problems to just let him know and he would make it right.

A few days after we got the car back, we noticed a few things that we hadn't noticed before the accident. The dome light wouldn't automatically turn on, the rear speakers were blown (the bass was really bad) and some of the lights would flash on the drive's door side. We ignored these issues until today, when I had the day off and took the car in. Collision repair looked at it right away even though I didn't have an appointment, fixed one of the light issues and mentioned that the other two problems were covered under the warranty. Charles mentioned that if the repair folks gave me a hard time about them, he would make sure it was covered from his end.

I just drove over to the Service and Repair shop, which is brand new, without an appointment. I met with a tech, Johan, and told him what was up. I didn't need the car because I am going out of town anyways, and asked if he could take care of it sometime this week. He assured me it would be no problem, and mentioned that they would check the fluids, rotate the tires, and do a 5k inspection because they had it. To top it all off, they gave me a ride back to my apartment. No charge.

This is the far car I have ever owned, period. If this is the level of service I continue to receive through the lifespan of this car, I will refuse to go anywhere else when looking for a new car. You have made a customer for life.

Sundae S. | 2011-12-28

I was a fan of Toyota until i encountered this horrible dealership!! They are incompetent & unprofessional and did I mention incompetent. I also had an extended warranty that the salesmen/service rep for the repair department refuse to honor though it was purchased at Toyota and I paid a couple thousand for it. Did not do the repairs requested and rude rude rude!!!! On top of that I had to suffer with the atrocious bad breath of the incompetent salesman/ serviceman. Foul all the way around. They really should be shut down. Avoid at all costs.

Jimmy S. | 2011-11-27

TL;DR: they're really friendly if you're there to spend money. but don't bother expecting customer loyalty.

My family bought our first Camry (1997) from Champion Toyota (back when it was called Red McCombs) and I have since brought each of our 5 other Toyotas (96 Avalon, 00 Celica, 00 Camry, 09 Camry, 09 Venza) back to this location for service/warranty/parts. However, any courtesy you experience from the employees only applies if you are there to spend money.

This past weekend, I accompanied my father and cousin to purchase a brand-new Camry. The salesman greeted my father at the door, completely ignoring my cousin and me. Once we clarified that it was my cousin who was looking for the Camry, the salesman switched attention to him, and continued to ignore me for the next hour and a half as we test-drove, and discussed pricing options.

In the end, we left without being able to agree on a deal, and headed to another Toyota dealer in town, where we were all greeted with a warm-welcome by the sales manager, salesman, and front desk admin even though we made it clear from the start that only one of us was there to buy a car.

Overall, over the years I've felt that Champion does good work, but if you're more interested in making money than taking care of people, then I'm taking my money somewhere else.

Donny H. | 2011-11-06

I had an excellent experience, and will definitely continue to do business with these guys! Friendly, honest, and will find you exactly what you need to fit your budget. Thank you Champion, and Scott Foss! I love my 2012 Tacoma!

Cam B. | 2011-10-11

This concerns the collision center only - I've never bought a car here.

I normally avoid dealership service, because it's so much more expensive than other places.  The only exception is body work - I want to be sure that it's done right.  At Champion's collision shop, you won't have to worry.  The quality of work is top-notch - someone ran into me and I had to have a whole section of the car's exterior removed.  I didn't think it would be possible to replace such a huge chunk of metal without leaving obvious scars, but fortunately, that was not the case. I have no idea how they did it, but it is absolutely seamless.  You'd never know it had been hit at all.  Best yet, the color match blends perfectly with the rest of my ten year old car, and that can't have been easy.  

It's also very convenient that they have an Enterprise car rental office right on site, just be sure to reserve a car in advance. The only point of frustration for me was that the work took a week longer than I was originally told it would.  That was inconvenient and expensive - hence the reason I didn't give it 5 stars.  Still, I'd rather deal with a little inconvenience and get great results than have to look at a lower-quality repair every day.

Ben B. | 2011-10-05

This concerns the collision center out back that does not have its own entry in Yelp.

There are many things to be disappointed about when it comes to having your car repaired by anyone.  Your car will never be the same.  You will experience dimunition that you will not be able to recover...the value of your car no matter how well repaired will be much lower than it was.  No matter what these scammy lawyer sites say, you cannot get that covered by insurance companies in Texas.  Texas supreme court has ruled on that making it settled law.  You will get a car back with a bunch of refurbished and non-OEM parts, and if you don't like that you are welcome to pay the difference to get the OEM parts from the vehicle maker.  You will also most likely be working with a place that has a partnership with the insurance company, and since you aren't the paying customer, you are essentially a bystander with nobody on your side.

This brings me to Champion Toyota Collision Center.  With all of these things known as facts, with all the power out of your hands, all you have left is hoping that you end up with a quality repair with no cut corners (it's in both companies' interest to expend the minimal time and money isn't it?).  

If you want honesty, and quality, and infitite patience with your frustration at the loss of value and limit of control int he process, go here.  I took a tour of their facility and got to see my truck mostly disassembled.  They explained to me not just how they repaint your new door, but how they feather the new paint along the edges of the old paint to create an imperceptible transition between factory paint and post-factory paint.  This one thing turned my feelings around.  This was their choice, a way of creating high quality work beyond what was needed to repair my destroyed doors.  The reassembly of everything might as well have been done in a factory, as every single seam and seal and piece of rubber and metal and plastic were all perfectly flush and fitted.

These guys have every tool and measuring device and a clean shop and a bunch of professional looking professionals that make you feel confident that if it can be done, they can do it.  Go!

Honorable mention to Roy Briceno for managing the whole process for my FJ Cruiser and bringing me back from the edge!

Amanda W. | 2011-09-12

After doing business here for years I am vowing never to do it again. When my hubby worked here we were treated well (surprise surprise) but since he left and noone knows me anymore I understand why so many people give bad reviews. I don't know how they got the "presidents award" (unless it's for screwing people over and horrible service) for all those years. We arrived on time for our scheduled oil change and sat for 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged us. Then waited another 5 while the guy got our service writer.  When we finally got written up, we went in and waited for an hour and a half.  We were only there for an oil change.  If it weren't free from buying a new Toyota, I would have it done at Brake Specialists, no problem.  I just hope you have low expectations if you do business here because otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Rich S. | 2011-07-29

This is by far the worst dealer service department I've ever been to.  I've gone 3 times for oil changes and it's the longest wait times ever.  The last two times, including today, I made appointments thinking the non-appointment the first time was the problem.  Nope.  An appointment only means they have paperwork ready for you for when you show up.  Your car still waits a long time to begin the service.  Finally, after nearly 2 hours of waiting, I went to check with the service rep I met with to see what the delay was (I didn't plan for a 3 hour oil change).  She claimed they found something during the inspection and had to check it out but it turned out to be nothing.  She also claimed they were working on my car the whole time.  Problem with that is I could see my car from a distance parked for at least a half hour before I was told it was ready.  So instead of just telling the truth, she lied to make it seem like the wait was justified.  At checkout, she said things will be better when they get the new expansion completed.  Not sure why anyone would believe that though since they can't even figure out a system to honor appointments.  I am never going back there.

Justin F. | 2011-07-22


Very unhappy with the overall purchase process and poor customer service after purchase.  Originally the sales person almost sold the truck to another buyer after I had already payed my down payment, and I caught him in more than one lie during the sales process.  I spent 15 hours over 2 days for what should have been a simple purchase.  Then I was unknowlingly tricked into buying over $2000 worth of upgrades to my warranty policy that was in the fine print.  I never saw the total price until the paperwork was mailed to me days after purchase.  By then it was too late.  Now after spending over $4000 on an extended warranty that was supposed to be bumper to bumper, I have found out that in fact it is not bumper to bumper and have had to pay hundreds out of pocket.  And dont even try to get in touch with a finance manager by phone.  I have currently been on hold for 40 minutes waiting to speak with someone about the problems with my warranty.  

Very poor customer service!!

Page C. | 2011-06-02

Bought my car here a few years ago and have done all my maintenance here and no problems until the last couple of visits. Long waits even with an appointment, promises on completion time not met. Second to last visit asked them to check the battery, was told it was ok, then next visit they tell me I need a new battery. And want $268 for it. Now back with less than a week after last service for low tire pressure which started the day after they supposively serviced the car. Eventhough I made an appointment I have to wait over an hour for them to even look at my car. Here I thought owning a new car and a Toyota meant less money spent on maintenance...not here at least.

James L. | 2011-05-19

Extremely horrible.  I purchased a Certified Preowned Toyota Avalon here.  The car had some major (and rare) mechanical issues within a year.  

The ignition coils went out TWICE.  First time I brought it in, they weren't going to even provide a loaner.  I had to fight my way through to get a loaner out of them.  Really?!?!  And it ended up being a Toyota Corolla.  Dealerships usually try to match the car class, maybe they never received that memo.  Or just tossed it in the trash.  The ignition coil went out again and I had to bring it in another time.

Then, my car dies completely and I have to get it towed to the dealership.  They actually try to make me pay for the towing distance because it was further than their "range".  I live in North Austin.

The reason it dies is because of a contaminated fuel tank.  I go to Shell and use Premium gasoline.  I don't use cheap, brandless gasoline or mix octanes.  I'm not exactly sure how it gets contaminated.  I never once forgot to put my gas cap on.  It's always secured after each fill up.  I end up paying for this.

Again, all of this happened within the first year of owning the car.  Many times, I've been trying to find out when I can get out of this car and waiting for the first sign of positive equity before moving on.  

This is a review for this patheitc dealership ONLY.  I love Toyotas and the Avalon itself is a very nice car.  But my experience with this dealership has been terrible.  I'll never purchase a vehicle here ever again.  I will talk anyone out of purchasing a vehicle from there.  And I will not recommend this dealership for anyone regardless of promotions or ads.  

Check Round Rock Toyota first before even having this dealership cross your mind.

L P. | 2011-02-17

Recently my husband and I went to Champion to test drive a RAV4.  The car was fine, though we ended up going with another manufacturer.  While we were speaking to the sales agent, a man named Chris, the issue of Toyota's safety record came up.  In particular, the highly publicized defects which caused unintended acceleration and brought on a huge recalls of Toyotas in 2007 and 2010.  Chris told us that recently an investigation was done that disproved that these incidents or defects ever existed and that the people that claimed these problems were lying for insurance purposes.  Initially we believed him, but after going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website to do a little checking it became clear that he was blatantly lying about this.  The defects which caused the Toyota recalls were real, dangerous and very well known.  The press release concerning the investigation can be found here .  I am shocked that this man openly lies to customers about this and I think Champion should take serious action to make him stop.  For all we know this could be happening with all the sales people at this dealership.  I would NEVER buy a car from a place that would lie about their safety record.  Who knows what else they will tell you in order to sell you a car?  If you are on your way there now, please inquire about this and see what response you get.

Lou C. | 2011-01-11

Arrived at 8:23 for an oil change and battery check.  At 10:30 I had to go ask what was taking so long.  "Oh, I was just coming to find you.  The battery is bad."  $250.  "Should be 20-30 minutes."  More like 30-40.  

If I'm going to make an appointment, then don't make me wait for 3 hours to change out the battery.  Also, the wireless kicks you off every 5-10 minutes.  During my time there I lost connectivity about 20 times.

Tiffany V. | 2010-12-17

This review is for the SERVICE DEPARTMENT mainly.  I've had an up and down experience with this place over the years.  I've owned a Toyota in one way or another, and have used and not used this place for a variety of reasons.  Most recently, I have been under the care of Jason, one of the service managers.  He's nice and easy to work with.  I have a laundry list of complaints about the cars themselves, but that's not Champion, and past complaints about service, but again, things are allowed to change.  And currently, I'm satisfied with the level of service, but hate how much it costs, that I even have to do these repairs, and that this place isn't consistent.  But for the time being, they are working for me.  (But I will probably not buy a Toyota again)

Carla S. | 2010-11-10

Days like today make me miss my ex-husband.  Unless he is reading this, and in that case, this was mere hyperbole and you are SO still dead to me.  Anyway, whenever car, technical, or just something that falls more into "man" domain I get 50 shades of freaked out and don't know what to do as Dead-to-Me would handle all these things.  Well I might add, perhaps that's why it took 15 yrs to leave, but this isn't about me and the baggage I carry.  This is about Paul!!!

Oh my god.  I have a new Toyota and a light came on that did not use its words.  It was an ( ! ).  Literally.  That was the orange sign ( ! ).  That made me all kinds of )#(%*@)#(%*)W#(*  So I drove on in here and Paul greeted me so kindly.  He asked if I had an appt and I told him I did not, but that I may have to make one.  As I was about to explain he sees the problem and goes "Ohhhhhhh, tire pressure."  I was so embarrassed I actually buried my face in my hands.  I was really, really, really embarrassed.  It was just so cliche, the woman who doesn't know what's going on with her car.  Paul would not hear of it.  He laughed and said "Don't worry.  People come in for that ALL the time."  I'm certain he was just trying to make me feel good, but he was so kind and he was not at all mocking in his tone at all.  Paul is a bigger man than I, because I would have mocked me.  I mean that was rather mock-worthy.  But not Paul.  He explained that I need to have 34 lb of pressure in my tires and even offered to have them do it, but I was in a hurry and knew that Discount Tire just up the street would do it, so I declined.

Thank you, Paul.  I'll be back.  When the ( ? ) light comes on. :P

adriana l. | 2010-11-06

i wish i could give it less than one star. with all the terrible reviews about this place (not only here but just google about the dealership and you will see) you think management would turn things around! But they dont, and that shows what a messed up place this is. I called the service dept and was told by girl to come in by 11 and they would get me in. I arrived by ten and the guy standing in lane for cars said it wasnt true. Went inside to talk to girl who helped me and she said it was true, got on her walkie talkie and all of a sudden they are taking my keys. Basically the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing. Customer service is bad. They have had my car for 3 hours now and i have heard nothing. just called and looks like they have already looked at it just failed to call me and give me estimate. wish i didn't waste my morning taking my car to this place. do your self a favor and STEER CLEAR!

Jessica L. | 2010-11-04

Can I get some service? I pulled through the service lane only to be told TWICE that by other customers that I needed to pull forward to let them through because there was a customer talking to an employee in the drive thru lane, hence blocking it. I finally went inside and priced a part. You're better off going to Longhorn automotive. They'll order the part and fix ya up quick! Had I bought the part from Toyota, i would have paid $230...with Longhorn I paid $249 for the part and to get it assembled on.

Moriah C. | 2010-09-03

Go see Jim Lee!

I did my research on (and other sites) and requested quotes from dealers for a Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4.  Jim Lee answered all of my questions without calling me once (First Texas Honda called me no less than 50 times) and was human in his emails (no cut and paste form emails).  

I ended up loving the Rav4 for its flat fold seats and acceleration (4cyl engine was way faster than the 4cyl Honda).  After test driving the Limited edition, I wanted that one and Jim worked with me on the price (about $100 over market value).  

Not only was the sales process pressure free, I LOVE my car!  The finance guy will try to give you the hard upsell on extended warranty, etc.  Just kindly turn him down and sign the paperwork (you can buy those things later).  

Overall, couldn't be happier with the experience!  Thanks Jim!

Bernadette D. | 2010-08-30

I had to take my car into service and also needed to have it inspected. Went there early and went into the waiting area. This service are is not that bad. They have free wi-fi with tables and chairs. And the chairs themselves were comfy also. You should check out the coffeemakers. You pick out a packet and put it into this machine. The machine brews the coffee and cleans itself up.

I thought it would be ready in an hour or so but I had to use their shuttle service which wasn't bad. I didn't like the fact the service person said it would be ready in an hour or hour and a half. It wasn't ready until 11am.

Well I learned my lesson-
1. bring laptop
2. don't believe when it's going to be ready that is why you bring a laptop.

I wouldn't mind bringing my car back to Champion Toyota...

Csi Z. | 2010-06-22

Bunch of crook salesman lying through the tooth!  Took the longest time to deliver a new vehicle and then got wrong interiror fabric! Dubious sales people run the show here with dishonest inention (lying) of cramming down what they got in the lot! All in the name of lifetime free oil change!

James Y. | 2010-06-17

You lose, Champion Toyota...

Here's the thing, I can only review the service department.  I have never purchased a vehicle here.  I have, however, attempted to get my vehicle serviced here.  When it comes to oil changes, they do just fine.  Sure, it's expensive, but I had a real problem with other people who weren't trained touching my Prius.  I have since gotten over that fear.  

The problem comes when I attempt to get a quote for service.  We're not talking "diagnose this pinging noise and fix it" service, but a list of specific preventative maintenance items.  At first, I tried calling them to get an estimate.  No joy.  I was told "I can't get that information".  Um, what?  Surely there's a board or piece of paper or even one of those newfangled computers that can tell you the prices.  Nope.  

Then I attempted to go 21st Century on them, and make a maintenance appointment.  I listed the exact services I wanted, and asked that someone give me a call or email with an estimate. joy.  I could see where the appointment got a service adviser assigned to it, but when I called the service adviser he wouldn't give me the cost estimate.  Not even a ballpark figure for the services.  Just refused to say anything until I brought it in.  Sorry, but you're a bit far for me to drive to find out just how badly you're going to screw me.  

The shop is expensive, but you should expect that if you've ever taken a car to a dealership for service.  I'm just glad I've found other places to go and no longer have to do that...

They get 2 stars since they can change oil and not set your car on fire....

Steph G. | 2010-06-17

If I could give this place negative stars, I would. Worst experience ever in my life. I lost the only key to my car over Memorial Day weekend. It was on my key ring one minute, then when I went to unlock the car to drive home, it was gone. After hours and hours of calling around, figuring out the cheapest way to get a new key cut, I found out that my only option was having it towed to the closest Toyota dealership, which happened to be this place. Boo.

I met the tow truck driver at the dealership, and was rushed into a tiny office where sitting wasn't even an option, to discuss the price of getting me a new key. I had spoken to someone who worked at Champion on the phone the day before, who told me it would be $157 for a new key, then whatever the cost was to program it, which he estimated would be around $200. He wasn't sure because the service department was closed that day, since it was Memorial Day. I mentioned this to the guy who shuffled me into his "office", and he said it would be more expensive than that. He couldn't tell me how much, and said it would take about 3 hours, so I decided to have my friend take me home, and waited on his call. He called and told me the price would be $540. I asked why it was so expensive, and not even close to the original estimate, and he told me it is just an expensive key. I was so fed up by this point, I said okay, what else can I do... they had my car held hostage.

I talked to a few people about the situation, and everyone seemed to agree that the price was really high, and they were definitely making money off me and my inability to have this service done anywhere else. So, the next morning, I went to the dealership and talked to the service manager, explaining to him that I live on a tight budget, and asked if he could do anything to adjust the price. He said no, he couldn't lower the price, but that I could call a locksmith (a guy that he knew) and have him cut the key for cheaper, since he buys his keys online and charges a lower labor fee. The service manager was very pleasant, seemed genuinely concerned, and wanted me to get the best deal possible. We thanked him and left to call the locksmith.

The locksmith was not working that day, so another day passed. The next day, I got in touch with the locksmith and explained to him the situation, and had him meet me at the dealership. When I arrived at Champion, I asked a guy where my car was because I needed to bring the locksmith to it. This happened to be a guy who knew what was going on with my car, and he reacted very strongly, saying, "We already have the key cut." I explained to him that I had met with the service manager, and this is what he told me to do. He then raised his voice at me and said, "Did Keith know that we had already done the work?" I told him I wasn't sure, that we hadn't discussed that. He then disappeared and came back 5 minutes later to tell me "When the locksmith gets here, ask him to come to my office." I informed him that I would come to his office as well, since I was paying for the key and it was my car. He didn't seem to happy about my response. The locksmith arrived, and we went to his "office", where he pretty much apologized FOR me to the locksmith and said that the work was already done and asked how much he was going to charge me. The locksmith told him that he quoted me a price of $380. The guy at Champion told him to go ahead and leave, that he didn't need to cut me a key, and again apologized to him. He then turns to me and says, I can try to get you this price, but I need to go in and do some paperwork, so have a seat and I'll be back.

I sat. Here's what sent me over the edge. The service manager, Keith, called me from his cell phone to yell at me for trying to pull one over on him. He proceeded to tell me that he was at the ER visiting his wife, and that he just wanted to call to give me his piece. He literally chewed me out for 5 minutes straight, accusing me of being "cheap" and "lying". He told me that I had made the mistake, and that he was fixing it (i.e. I lost the key to my car, and he was playing the hero). He told me that I owed them $540, and he couldn't believe that I did this. I kept a level head and told him that I wasn't sure why he was yelling at me, and that I had no intention of pulling one over on him, that I had just taken his advice by calling the locksmith. He said I wasn't upfront with him because I hadn't told him the work had already been done. I'm not sure why that was my responsibility, seems like he should've known that. He proceeded to tell me that he deals with 300+ customers a day, and there's no way he can keep track of every situation. He then told me that he was going back into his wife's ER room, and hung up on me. WTF?!?!??!!

When I went to pay the bill, it was $380. I never received an apology call from Keith. I will NEVER EVER use their services again.

Nell G. | 2010-06-02

This was (and will be) my first and last experience trying to buy a car from a dealer. They tried to screw us on the price of the car- Memorial Day Sale price of a 2006 Tundra was $500 MORE than the price it stated on the internet just 2 days before, they tried to give us $2000 for our Honda Element as a trade in (blue book trade in price is  $5700),  and they tried to jack up interest rates on financing--our  credit scores are excellent.  We finally got through all that bull- price negotiated, fair price on Element and low interest rate and got ourselves into our new pick up. They assure you that they have done a 100 pt check, it has under gone rigorous testing, that their mechanics have spent precious time on it making sure it's in the best condition when it hits the lot.
We took it to our mechanic as we had a 3 day return policy on this truck and it turns out their 100 pt check doesn't include putting all the oil in the engine (only 1/4 full), dirty air filter, oil leak, rear differential leak, radiator crack, and the list goes on and on...
I realize we were buying a used car and those used cars will have problems. But to not even fill up the engine oil?! No clean air filter?
We took it back and drove away in our Honda Element.
Now looking for private sellers only.

Oh, one other thing because this was the icing on the cake! The financing guy was a joke. He actually told us, and he closed to door to his office to do so, that he started driving a Lexus not long ago because a lady came in to sell her car and she had no idea what it was worth so Champion Toyota " took her to the cleaners" and now he's driving her Lexus for "a steal". His words. \
Are you kidding me?!
Screw you, Chump-ion Toyota.

Frances S. | 2009-12-09

I went to Champion Toyota for my first (used) car buying experience. And believe me, I'm certain it was the worst one I will ever have.

Jesse, the sales guy immediately sensed my inexperience in car buying and capitalized on it to the max. He was especially slick. Wearing a great big smile and acting all chummy while pulling the wool over my eyes. I had my eye set on a used Scion XA, about which he was very firm on the price. I could hardly get a word in while he was talking and I saw myself signing all these documents and feeling like I already owned the car, when I didn't actually. But on top of feeling like I had no idea what I was doing and getting sucked in quickly, the icing on the top was that the interest rate he gave me magically went up 3.5% AFTER I had signed all the financing documents. I felt raped, but there was no going back after that. Then I had to go through the emotionally draining process of rejecting all the various add-ons while they tried in so many ways to break down my resolve and accept. After all of it, I ran out in a rage and refinanced with UFCU the next day.

Granted, a good deal of this could have been avoided if I wasn't so ignorant. But I did learn a lot from dealing with these scumbags, even though the lessons sure were costly. Avoid this place, unless you are up to the challenge (or game?) of going against well-trained car salesmen.

brook s. | 2009-10-30

typical car dealership bull.

rates that magically go up as soon as you sit down to hash out finance details.  serious pressure to buy ridiculous extra warranties/tire savers/gold member whatever...

we got a used car here, and though we love the car, our experience was abysmal.  our salesperson was nice enough, but after the entire transaction, we just felt jilted and dirty.

if you absolutely must buy a car here, just say no to everything they ask you to add, and definitely get your own financing.  in-house for us was a high 9%, UFCU got us 4%.

also, if you get service done here, expect to wait for a while...

Tara M. | 2009-10-29

Several weeks ago my remote control clicker thingy broke off my key ring and got itself lost.

In order to open the door of a new car with an alarm system you have to use the remote if that is what you locked it with.
I knew the alarm would go off if I used the key to unlock the door but thought maybe the alarm would go off if I started the car and put it in gear... NO

I called my Daddy and Bro-Inlaw who had great suggestions but again NO my alarm is still going off at 8AM - Sorry Neighbors.

I get the number of my closest Toyota dealer and the line is instantly answered and I am quickly transferred to the Service department.

Kinney "Good Mornin how can I help you?"

Me I start to describe in detail everything I have done to disable the alarm

Kinney "Mam, are you near your vehicle?"

Me "It is just out in my driveway"

Kinney "Start your vehicle and push the blinking light I will stay with

Yay no more honking horn!

A week later I go in to the service department to get a new remote programmed.

Me "are you Kinney"

K "yes, are you Tara? I recognise your voice" "and who is this?"

Me "yes, and this is Mia" "I need to get a new remote programmed"...

K "where did you get your 4Runner?"

Me "well it is kind of a long story but my brakes were going out on my Land Cruiser for the second time and needed 8,000.00 worth of brake work. I was getting some gas in Bedford Tx and a guy came over and asked how much for my Land Cruiser and handed me his business card. The dude turned out to be Mr Freeman of Freeman Toyota. My Daddy called him and made a deal over the phone. I traded in my LC that needed 8,000.00 worth of work in for 5,000.00 for a brand sparking new next year model 4Runner. Turned out my LC year model was a collectors model that he was looking for.'

K "Tom is awesome I used to work at his Hurst location"

My Pup and I waited for about 10 minutes while my new remote was programmed as we perused the over priced car gear. I was called to the counter to check out and sign a receipt for 0.00 dollars!

Sweet hook up Kinney!

Karen W. | 2009-09-21

Not a champion of Champion Toyota.

My 2009 Camry Hybrid was at Champion Toyota in Austin, Texas for a warranty repair for 38 days. The brake line had a leak.

Here's the good news:  My warranty covered a rental car.  When I needed a slightly larger car for a work trip, I was charged $5 a day for the larger car.  After all of the problems that I outline below occurred, the dealer covered this additional cost for me.  The people at Champion Toyota were also very nice.  

Here's the bad news:  
For over 30 days they were unable to tell me when a specific part that they need to repair my brakes would be available. Finally, after 30 days,  they told me today that they couldn't help me anymore, that the part was unavailable in the entire country, that they were waiting for one to be pulled from a manufacturing line and that I needed to contact Toyota Corporate.  

Before I called Corporate, I called Universal Toyota in San Antonio (where I bought the car).  They located the part in a warehouse in Chicago within 5 minutes.  I called Champion Toyota back to tell them about the part in Chicago.  They told me that they would look into it.  

Then, I called Toyota corporate.  

I will never know if this part was available in the Chicago warehouse for the entirety of the 30 days or if on the 32nd day, when I got really frustrated and started my calling campaign, the stars aligned and the part had just been released into inventory.  When I asked my service person about it, I was told something like, "we don't usually get parts that way but i'll look into it"  

3 hours later, the part was on its way to Champion Toyota.  

38 days after my initial trip to Champion Toyota, I got my car back.

Charlie W. | 2009-09-17

This is the second time in 2 years I've purchased a car from Champion. They have a good selection of used cars, but my recent experience with their customer service has been frustrating.

When we purchased our car, the bumper was cracked and we negotiated a repair with the sales manager. The bumper would be replaced and repainted. We'd also get two new remotes installed for the locks.

After I'd picked up the car, I immediately noticed that the paint job on the new front bumper was sub par. The painters hadn't covered it completely so there was black showing through in some areas and some really uneven orange peel texture. Also, the remotes are pretty unreliable.

Emailed the sales person. He says he'll let me know when I can bring it by. Call him again a week later after not hearing from him. He tells he forgot about the car but that I can bring it by any time. Call him a few days later to let him know I'm coming in. But now I need an appointment. He says he'll set up an appointment. Called him yesterday after almost another two weeks of not hearing from him. Now I can just bring it by anytime mon-weds.

I wish I would have known a month ago that I just had to drop this car off mon-weds. The lack of communication is frustrating, as is the fact that this car was even let off the lot with such poor workmanship.

Roberto P. | 2009-08-26

This concerns the Collision Center at Champion Toyota of Austin. When I took my Corolla in to get the driver door skin replaced, I was told the work would take 5 to 7 days. This relatively simple procedure took them over two weeks, which involved more wrangling, calls, and visits on my part than I would have expected or been comfortable with.

Then, when I picked up my car, I discovered that the AC was not working. I took it back in, and they said that the compressor was not coming on and had most likely died. Seeing as the car was working just fine when I took it in, it is fairly new, and it didn't go anywhere for the period, I have to suspect that some of the extra time was spent in using my car as a dump for bad parts for one of their mechanics' private business. I'm not claiming this as fact, but the whole experience was definitely very fishy and frustrating and I could not recommend this shop to anyone in good conscience.

Anne M. | 2009-06-17

Just beware if you want to buy a car from this place.  These guys are pros.  They are nice, but they are very well trained, professional salesmen.  They don't have your interests in mind, and they use slick mental tricks.  I bought a car there and ended up paying $1000 more than the "bottom line" price they quoted.  It's the way the money game is played, unfortunately.

Arielle F. | 2009-04-11

still not a great place to buy a car, but the sales guys are nice. I was contacted by the Sales Manager and he was very concerned as to my previous review. I hope they do take some time and correct the personnel issues at this place...

Chris M. | 2009-01-07

I'm personally all for buying a used car over a new car any day of the week since new cars lose at least 10% of their value after you drive them off the lot.  But a friend of mine was insistent on getting a new 4-Runner and she wanted me to tag along w/ her for support.  Needless to say, Champion Toyota was one of the worst experiences I've ever had.  I can't stand car salesmen, and these guys only supported that notion.

I spent hours on the internet researching prices, and I organize my data and have a good feel for what's a good / fair / horrible deal.  We show up and start looking around, immediately get bombarded by salesmen who see my friend's used Corolla (in excellent condition).  As soon as they found out she was looking for a 4-Runner and offering a possible trade-in on her Corolla (excellent condition, worth $7K via ) they immediately threw out a low-ball price of $4,000 (WTF?).  I was like:  "but it's worth $7K, how did you come up w/ $4?".  My inquiries are ignored as I get no response.  

Before you go to these places make sure you do your research online.  I had a MSRP quote sheet in my jacket which I got from Kelly Blue Book and which priced her 4-Runner in the $26-27K MSRP range (she wanted 2-wheel drive).  After inquring about their pricing, the General Manager pulls us into his office (trap) and proceeds to give her a 4-Runner quote (same model) for $31K (?).  I asked if $31K was MSRP?  He said "yes", at which I pulled out my Edmunds and KBB quote sheet from online and showed him the $26-27K MSRP and asked "where's the extra $3K coming from?".  

So you know what the GM did?  He completely ignored me!  That's right - we were sitting at his desk in front of him and he ignored my question and continued to focus on her as he tried to justify the 31K.  I repeatedly asked him for his pricing details - but he kept ignoring me and would not respond.  So I finally told him that he was wasting our time and losing our business forever - - we will never set foot onto his lot because we don't  deal w/ dishonesty, unprofessionalism, and unethical business practices.    

I grabbed her hand and we walked out.  Then they had the audacity to come back and offer her $5K for her Corolla (um, it's worth more than $7K) as we were leaving.  And since this day - back in 1999, I can honestly say that I have followed true to my word - - never ever setting foot back into this place, and have also had many friends buy a Toyota at other dealers - one from Maund and several others directed to Houston and San Antonio, but not Champion.

Jim L. | 2008-12-26

This review will cover my recent experience form the service center at Champion Toyota. If I had rated this store about two years ago, I would have given it one star. They've built themselves up to an "A-OK" with me because of one serviceman: Robert.

I bought my car in Dallas with a pre-paid maintenance package. Who knew I would be moving to Austin at the time? When we moved, I called Champion to see if they would honor my service package, which meant I was never going to give them a dime for oil changes or tire rotations. They said, "yes." I even checked with the former dealership to see what the protocol should be. OK. So I was all set, researched, and ready to get the oil changed. When I arrived at Champion Toyota, the person who helped me did not know of an reciprocal agreement among dealers, gave me a hard time when I provided him with the information, and basically, I told him that he was going to change my oil, rotate my tires, and I was not going to pay any money. Period. He said he would check with the manager to see how to deal with my issue because he was clueless. When I picked up my car, I was expected to pay like $45. I freaked out and felt as though I was really being screwed. We sorted it all out (when it should have been sorted out prior to my arrival), and I did not pay.

I went a second time, knowing the history of how these folks had no clue how to deal with a pre-paid package from another dealer. I came with more information to help assuage the situation, and it happened again!

Then I found out the Robert was in the know and could figure things out. I have been taking my car in every 5K miles and making sure that I work with Robert. He always takes care of me, if happy to see his customer return, and helps me strategize my upcoming service needs. And it ain't hard, folks! Robert should be the king of Toyota. Maybe they would not have lost money this quarter if he were in charge.

Rosie C. | 2008-11-22

The used car I purchased from them has had several problems that should have been discovered before the car was sold. They said that they "fixed" the air conditioning for me, and it no longer works, and I was told that they have no record of fixing the a/c.
The car was sold to me with what I was told were new tires. They are less than 3 months old - their approximate age was verified by a tire specialist. One of them has an obvious manufacturer's defect that causes driving to be dangerous. Champion refused to replace the tire, saying they had no way of knowing how I was driving to cause the problem.
The sales staff is rude, the service department obviously has no idea what they are doing, and they have obvious disregard for their clientele's safety and well-being.
Don't do business with them.

Frank M. | 2008-08-25

Before I begin, car shopping isn't really fun.  To know that car dealers are out to possibly take you for several hundred, even thousands more than you should be paying makes me sick.  I had a so-so experience here.  Didn't end up buying a car from Champion Toyota but i wanted to write a review anyway.  I was interested in a particular model:  Toyota Camry SE, black paint, black cloth interior.  Nassir was good about trying to find me the car and bringing it in.  This took about two weeks to find the car with these specifications.  When I came in, the car had a gray interior.  I was willing to live with gray if they could cut me a decent deal.  I've never haggled before but I was a little annoyed that he tried to offer me the MSRP on two separate occassions.  Jesus, give me a freaking incentive to buy from you.  He said that they were already cutting me a deal because they were waiving the delivery fee to bring that car in.  Whoopee.  I didn't really give a crap about that.  He also told me over the phone a few days earlier that I was in luck that there was going to be a $500 discount as part of Toyota's offer.  That discount was never noted when we were talking price over the car with the gray interior.  Bottom line, I walked outta there hating car salesmen.  

I gave 2 instead of 1 stars because he really did try to bring the car in.  I wish i could give 1.5 because he called way too fucking often.  I told him I'd call him after work.  He called me twice while I was at work when I clearly told him I'd call him after work.

Sean C. | 2008-07-30

I just purchased a 2009 Toyota Matrix S from this dealership and had a good experience.  They were able to beat competing price quotes from Red McCombs in San Antonio and other local Austin dealers.  Our salesman Nassir was friendly and not overbearing or pushy, and got us a great deal on the car.  

A word to the wise, and this applies to *any* dealer that you do business with.  Do your homework beforehand.  Get on the Internet and try and get email quotes from every dealer within a 100 mile radius of your location.  You can then take these competing quotes and play the dealers against each other to get the best price possible.  Also, bring your own financing!  You can sometimes use your pre-approval letter to negotiate a better rate on your financing.

Some other nice perks - free oil and filter changes for as long as you own the car, and free wifi for customers.  I'm typing this from the customer lounge while they put the window tinting on the car.

I would buy from these guys again, hopefully they can get more Prius models in stock soon!

Pete N. | 2008-07-30

I bought a new Camry back in May.  I had already researched the invoice price for the car and knew my credit was good enough for their 36-month no-interest financing.

Went in, met with Doug Miller, test drove it and then we started working on the price.  There was very little hassle to get the price I was willing to pay.

I get to finance.  The finance guy starts asking, "Do you want the extended warranty?"  "No"  "Roadside assistance?" "No" "Do you want any of the extras that we try to sell here?"  "No"  "Great, we'll get done a lot faster then."

Doug goes and gets the car, but comes in and says "I can't let you take it home today.  It got a scratch on it and we can't let it go out like that."  Sure enough, it had managed to get a small scratch on the bumper.  "We'll have this fixed tomorrow and you can pick it up then."  Took a couple days because it was a Friday before a holiday weekend, but they fixed it and told me to come back in later for a free tank of gas for the trouble.

In regards to Jennifer M's posting:  I too was reminded constantly about the survery, but I don't think Toyota corporate or the dealer every sent me one to fill out.  [shrug]

Jennifer M. | 2008-07-29

I am glad I did not read Yelp prior to visiting this dealership.  It was basically a process of elimination choice because I have a lack of fondness, we will call it, for the other two Toyota dealers in the area.  Classic is too pushy and Maund is not service oriented enough.  

I dealt with the both Managers and a Toyota salesperson, and all three were extremely helpful, personable (even laid back), and not at all pushy.  I guess it helps that I don' t have sucker tattooed directly on my visible parts.  

I think what is driving this great service is a new survey process that has a pay consequence for the salesperson, i.e. if he gets a bad survey back, he won't make as much money.  The funny thing is, though, they tell you about the survey a million times to ensure you know how they need to be rated for it to count in their favor.  That is awkward and not at all the point of the survey.  You are making it painfully obvious that you are nice because of the survey and not because you love your job or me. Whatever.  It has obviously caused them to focus on service now.

I paid a price I am satisfied with, obtained great financing through Toyota, had some free stuff thrown in, etc.  Champion, and only Champion to my knowledge, provides free oil changes for as long as you own the vehicle.  That is a great selling point and almost makes it worth going through the car buying experience.  (FYI, there service department is open until midnight during the week.  Something I am sure the techs aren't to happy with, but it's really about me now isn't it?)

Took away a star for the incessant reminders of the survey and how long it took to wash my car and otherwise prep it for  delivery.  I don't know, say, an hour and half.  Ridiculous.  I don't really care how busy you are.  I gave you a BUNCH of money and it's 10:45 pm.

Mrelia E. | 2008-02-13

Overall, a good buying experience.

I accompanied my sister to this dealership because she's been jerked around by various car dealerships (I wasn't with her on those occasions, so I can't name names.). She had used Saturn that she owed less than the car's book trade-in value. Time and again, she'd be in negotiations to buy a new car when she'd be told that they "couldn't" give her the trade-in they quoted over the phone, leaving a fair amount of negative equity.

The car that she had discussed with the salesperson had apparently sold that morning, but the salesperson found her another with a similar (but better) option package and reduced the posted price to match the price of the car she came in to see. They also held to the trade-in value they quoted over the phone.

Sales staff were busy but courteous.

Bill K. | 2007-10-29

I purchased a 2004 Toyota Camry from this place on 08/11/07 to replace our 2004 Kia Sedona Van which we traded in. We wanted something with better gas mileage and better reliability than the Kia. The car was also a Toyota certified used car, which was a benefit to us because it had been through all those checks. We had a blank check from our bank USAA because we knew that the blue book value on the Kia was not very high and we still owed  over $15K on it and we knew that most financial agencies would not let us finance that much in negative equity.  Cori Harrelson who was very friendly and professional the whole time I was at your dealership assisted us. He made the car buying process very painless without any stress.  He even went to bat for us when we brought the van in and they were going to offer us $500 less than was originally quoted when the VIN was looked up to check the value.

I received a call from your Business manager Jordan English who left a message on my voicemail that she had a "quick question" for me. She and I played phone tag for over a week only to find out the paperwork had been filled out wrong and the amount was off $504. We had been getting calls from 5th 3rd Bank as to where our payment was and we kept telling them that the van had been sold. We would call USAA to see if they had any loan information with regards to the Camry and they did not have anything at all. I was amazed at over 2 weeks after we purchased the Camry, the paperwork was held up due to a paperwork error. According to Jordan, it could have been corrected because USAA had pre-approved my blank check for $50,000. In the interim, I went down to your dealership to give her a credit card to make sure the paperwork went through because I did not want any more harassing phone calls from 5th 3rd Bank.

My problem is that if there was a problem with the paperwork, it should have been found earlier than it did and instead of a message telling me there was a "quick question", I think a message like "hey there is a problem with the paperwork, can you come into the dealership ASAP?" Over 2 weeks after the purchase an error was found out, Champion  Toyota should have accepted the error and taken care of the $504 instead of making me come back in after I had thought the paperwork was long done and we were gearing up to make the 1st car payment with USAA.

If this is the way Champion Toyota does business with its customers, then you should buy a Toyota from somewhere else. I would avoid this dealership at all costs.

John B. | 2007-08-22

Really can't recommend this establishment.  They use high pressure tactics along with Bait & Switch.  You agree to a vehicle only to find out that it has "JUST" been sold and another one "JUST" happens to be available at a slightly higher price.  Also if you agree to let them finance a car load they run out and file for the loans to all lenders that you are qualified for so that it locks you out of going to another dealer with the same lenders.  This is probably a corporate business practice of the parent company AutoNation, Inc.  Browsers beware!  Don't sit down and talk shop until you have looked around town first.

Dolph M. | 2007-06-29

I'm writing multiple reviews for dealerships around here because I've been actively car shopping for almost a month now. To save you some time researching, I'd recommend Roger Beasley (Austin), Gunn (San Antonio- worth the drive!), or getting a privately owned car from CarMax (not an old rental car- check with CarFax). Every other car dealership I tried *sucked.*

Champion Toyota had a great sales staff. They let me test drive multiple vehicles at my whim, weren't pushy, tried very hard to answer my difficult questions, etc. Until I asked for a price. They sat me and my buddy down at a table and spent a good 45 minutes coming up with the MSRP for a truck. Another 30 minutes to get the price of a second vehicle. 15 minutes to tell me it would cost $4500 to paint the roof of an FJ cruiser (wtf?!). Gunn Nissan took all of 8 seconds answering the same questions.