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Established in 1987.

We are a Family Owned and Opperated Volvo Only repair shop.

Austin Vol-Tech Services Inc

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 251-4107
Address:1916 Bench Mark Dr, Austin, TX, 78728
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Austin Vol-Tech Services Inc

M L. | 2015-02-21

I'm a customer since 1995 & came to Vol-Tech at recommendation of my neighborhood Volvo certified mechanic. This is a family-owned local Austin business I referred many people to over the years without hesitation for fair-priced excellent quality services for any vehicle. Service manager knows Volvos inside & out. These are good and competent folks, so if you are a reasonable person you will love this business. They also have sales, paint, body, parts, etc. and the sales guy is very respectful and offers good customer service also.  This place offers good advice on all things Volvo, and they obviously care about doing good work every time.

David F. | 2015-01-07

Update: I had an accident with my 2002 S60 and needed the services of Austin Vol-Tech Collision and Body Work department. I cannot be more impressed and satisfied. They spent a lot of time answering all my questions, gave me accurate estimates, walked me through the insurance process and offered me all options to consider. In only two days the work was completed expertly, the car cleaned, and I drove away a satisfied customer. Auto repair shops get a bad rap and in my experience it's difficult to find a trustworthy one. The folks at Austin Vol-Tech are the real deal. I trust them.

Errol M. | 2014-09-16

There is absolutely nothing that annoys me more than being quoted the price of my final bill before picking up my car, and then finding out it's $180 more after I get there. Just tell me that the fucking first time, please.

They do great body work here, I have no doubt their mechanical work is equally proficient - how would I know? I'm not a mechanic - but I'm going elsewhere from this point on.

Ellen T. | 2014-09-09

I've only been here once, but I can assuredly say that I trust this place. (And this is saying a lot for a person who wrote off every car mechanic as a scam artist.)

Took it in and they fixed up my Volvo XC90 for $335 where Roger Beasley tried to charge me $500+ for the exact same fix. And where Roger Beasley Volvo informed me that I had an additional $2k worth of repairs that needed to be immediately addressed, Vol-Tech told me that the issues were minor and didn't need to be addressed until later on and to start saving up for the repairs because they're pricey. The kicker: Vol-Tech's "pricey" was still (an honest) fraction of Roger Beasley's quote. This isn't saying their prices are super low, but compared to other dealerships/mechanic shops Vol-Tech is reasonable, which is all  I'm really asking for.

Quick note: this place is located in the middle of an industrial park - if you think you're in the wrong place, you're not! Hah..

Albert L. | 2014-09-06

If you have a Volvo that needs any attention or repair, go here. Any Volvo owner knows they can be tricky - real tricky. Took my XC90 in for a 90K service maintenance; also had a check engine light that 3 other shops could not address/fix.

I ended up needing a new fuel pump (ouch) among several other things that were important to fix. Luckily Dave (the service mgr) was able to get my warranty company to sign off on the majority of the repairs and worked with the inspector to get it all approved.  

Got my car back in 2 days, riding like new. 2 days later, on the way back from San Antonio (with my family and baby in the car), car stalls out on I-35 (luckily I was able to sputter on service road back home)...scary. I called Dave and VTS and explained the situation, he got me in immediately the next day with a loaner.


After stall out on I35 incident; the car was driving normally - the computer diagnostics were reading normal. Most shops would say "it is driving fine, computer diagnostics are fine" then give the car back as is and say come back if it happens again. Not VTS or Dave; I assured him of what happened and he PERSONALLY DROVE MY XC90 FOR TWO DAYS to and from his house and the shop to troubleshoot the problem.

Long story short, it was a faulty new fuel pump and VTS ended up replacing it along with another piece (which was covered).

Mistakes happen, in this case it was a bad piece of equipment, not VTS - yet they handled with a sense of urgency and great detail to ensure I was going to be safe and in reliable transportation. They are not the cheapest but better than the dealership costs and after all you get what you pay for -  I am glad I found them and will be coming back for all my Volvo needs.

Eva B. | 2014-07-27

I bought a 1993 Volvo 240 at Voltech 7 years ago for $5000. I just sold it back to them last week for $500. David first offered me $300.
He said that cosmetically, it was not in great shape so he couldn't offer me more. Fair enough.
Today I saw it listed for sale on the Voltech website for $4300. None of the cosmetic stuff has been fixed. My odometer never rolled over from 125,099 in those 7 years but now according to the website it had 150,000 miles.
I understand that by selling it to them, they would fix it up, and sell it for more. But to offer me $300 and sell it for $4300, I just feel scammed.
I feel like most people that drive Volvos really love them, and are sort of nerds in general about Volvos. I'm now driving a new car with much less personality, but for 12 years I drove Volvo 240's. I will miss talking to total strangers about their Volvos, and getting Hello Honks from other Volvos. I always sort of had this idea that David was this Volvo lover too.
However, I think I've realized that he isn't really a fellow Volvo nerd who just loves Volvos. He's a regular ol' used car salesman.
Guess I should have gone the Craigslist route.

Sarah H. | 2014-06-28

I LOVE these people!!! I live in south/central Austin and drive 30minutes because I am always so happy with the service here! They are honest, trustworthy, their prices are good, the value is good, they know their stuff, and really care about their customers. I have a 10-yr old S60 T5 with a transmission that's been giving me attitude when up-shifting for the past ~2 years, and down-shifting too sometimes. I'm not made of money and they know that, but they tried a few things last time and the transition was better but still sticky. I recently went in for my 65,000 miles "well child checkup", they gave me a free car to borrow while they had mine, and when I went the next day to pick up my car IT DROVE LIKE A DIFFERENT CAR!!! Idk what they did, but it was less than what I thought it would be and way less than what the dealership would have charged. Thank you Vol-Tech! :D

Joshua R. | 2014-04-07

First off let me just state that getting your car repaired here is a good experience.  This review is in regards to having them review a car for a buyers inspection.  I was selling my Volvo to a lady wanted to buy one for her daughter and didn't know a lot about vehicles, so for her peace of mind she wanted to have  a mechanic examine the vehicle.  Before I go further, I am a huge car person and am a mechanical engineer because of this reason.  I guy scared the lady so much by his review, coming back with 5K repair bill!  She was purchasing a 12 year old car for less than 3k, so yes there are some cosmetic issues, but overall I like to sell a fully operational vehicle to someone even if it costs me more from my pocket.  He stated it needed a new radio because the volume control on it was having an issue, even though the volume control on the steering wheel worked fine.  I explained this to the lady in person and she was fine with it, because I like to tell people what is wrong with a vehicle.  Needless to say she was so horrified about what this guy said that she didn't even want a second opinion from someone.

Mark W. | 2014-03-20

Buyer beware INDEED!! I am currently experiencing the same situation as Dave and Barbara in this string. The sales guy sold me a 2005 S40 as "the car" and went to great lengths to tell me about how they stand behind their cars and how well they "go through" them before they are sold. So I buy the car and before my first oil change, it's been back to them twice with major problems... (Towed in with the engine overheating... Then the onboard computer fried)...over $1,000 in repairs...Now their story is "well, you bought a car with high miles, what do you expect?" I paid above market price for their "quality" product plus an extra $1400 for an extended warranty which, so far has been worthless. Don't be fooled by their "awe shucks" good old boy routine. They are going to take you for all they can!

Carrie L. | 2013-07-02

I bought my first Volvo from Vol-Tech in 1998 and while I have driven other car makes since then, I have been back in a Volvo since 2007.  I fell in love with the 1986 242DL they sold me and I am now shopping for an SUV.  One of the major reasons I will stay Volvo is that I don't think I can find another mechanic that I like as much as Vol-Tech.  They have always prioritized for me and been honest about what on my car needs to be fixed when.  I have taken my car to Roger Beasley for estimates, but Vol-Tech is always much, much lower and the service and repairs are always great.  It doesn't seem that Volvos are cheap to work on anyway, but I love the people here and the work they do.

Christine C. | 2013-03-12

I have been bringing my 2002 Volvo to Vol-Tech for over 5 years.  I have completely and totally enjoyed working with them.  They are thorough, honest, go way beyond the call of duty, and always stand behind their service. Even after I moved out of Austin, I still drive into town to have my car serviced.  I honestly could not be happier or more amazed by their service.  Love'em!!!

Barbara E. | 2012-09-12

I would  give no stars if possible. My boyfriend paid them $6k for a used Volvo less than a year ago. Several thousand dollars in repairs later, it turned out the engine block was cracked (was ir cracked when they sold it?)   End result they bought it back from my boyfriend today for $500.  The new parts in it are worth more plus the tires.   Total rip-off.  Stay away from these folks

Russ D. | 2012-07-10

5 Volvo's bought and maintained from Dave over an 18 year period - two for me, three for kids and family.  Honest folks that have forgotten more about Volvos than most mechanics know.  No pressure on sales or repairs - sales, they simply point to groups of cars in price ranges and turn you loose.  Repairs, they tell what must be done and what can wait.    Not always cheap, no mechanic is, but honest and good beats cheap every time.  Dollar for dollar, you can't do better.

Terri B. | 2012-02-07

I have been having trouble with my 2004 Volvo for about 6 months.  I took it to another Volvo "expert" who replaced 2 expensive parts and my check engine light was still on.  After several attempts to find the problem, I was told to go to a dealer because they couldn't identify the problem.

I found Volvo Austin Vol-Tech and made an appointment, dropped off my car, picked up a rental and by mid afternoon I had a $10 part, plus labor bill that turned off the check engine light and allows my car to run as it should again.

Thank you to the service team and entire staff at Vol-Tech.


Alex T. | 2011-06-09

I had been in the market for an old Volvo 240 Wagon for some time when I happend upon Vol-Tech, which not only service all makes of Sweeds, but refurbish and sell them too.  Now, I have to admit that when I first looked into their inventory, I was a bit shocked at the seemingly high pricing of their used vehicles, especially the 240's on the lot.  They were substantially higher than other listings in the area, but as I was soon to find out, there are some VERY good reasons for this.

I contacted David Trueper, who handles sales for Vol-Tech and is a very nice fellow to talk to.  He worked with me over several weeks on finding the perfect wagon for me and kept me in the loop on new stock coming in.  I finally put my focus on an '89 baby blue 240 wagon from his inventory and came back several times throughout the refurbishing process to check it out.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I pulled the trigger and picked it up...and the wagon has been a delight ever since.

Now, especially when we're talking about 20+ year old cars, there are going to be issues.  It is inevitable, no matter what you drive.  This is where Vol-Tech pricing comes in.  If you go out and buy one of these old gems privately, in most cases you can expect to drop more cash on immediate repairs to make them daily drivers.  Also, there are the unknown factors involved in buying privately.  With Vol-Tech, who have been in business for YEARS, you can rest assured that David and his mechanic have gone through the car thoroughly, and have taken care of those issues which you would otherwise need to take care of yourself.  On my first test drive, I even mentioned a couple of issues, and by my next visit they had been taken care of.

I've had the vehicle now for several weeks and "Sven" is everything I expected in an old 240.  Delightfully quirky.  As mentioned before, it is a 20 year old vehicle and for me to expect it to be absolutely flawless would be a flawed mentality.  In fact, I had a brake pad issue in one of the wheels, took it back to David, and he took care of it for me at no charge.

So, all in all, a good experience.  Did I spend more than I wanted to? Well, no not really because there is a peace of mind there that I wouldn't have if I had bought a car privately for less $.  There is a reason Vol-Tech has been in business for as long as it has.  Great customer service, honesty, and passion for the old Sweedish Brick!  Thanks guys.

Dave C. | 2010-06-21

Do not buy a car from these guys unless you enjoy dropping cash on frequent repairs. Their cars have bad history (mechanical/wrecks) records and they don't like to talk about it. Each car has had some form of damage and undergone a temporary "fix".

Example: I had them "rebuild" a 1990 240 Wagon for me with upgrades.

Within the first 30 days of owning the car I had to have it towed back to them 3 different times for 3 separate unrelated repairs. First was a total transmission replacement, next an electrical issue, and then the fuel system/pump died. I also was told that the A/C had been upgraded and was working like a dream; both of which were very far from the truth.

It doesn't stop there...1 year into owning the car the motor went out and needed to be completely replaced. All-in-all I paid for this car twice in the first year of owning it due to repairs.

I also looked at a 2000 S70 Turbo that was oddly being pushed on me as "the" car to buy...I was even considering purchasing the car until the turbo blew out during my test drive leaving the car crippled and in need of a major repair.

Buyer Beware!

RJoy W. | 2010-05-25

i'm not surprised that when doing a search on yelp for this business, not only has a profile already been created - additionally SO MANY others have already submitted great, positive reviews. that's why i came here here goes:

years ago, the first time i dealt with Vol-Tech i was so floored by the level of honesty, friendliness, knowledge, experience, fairness & DOWNRIGHT, good ol', GIANT, TEXAS hospitality (from David Trooper via phone), well, i was hooked. Yelp was fairly new to me at the time & i profusely thanked David (business operator) & VOWED to publish a great review about Vol-Tech's outstanding service provided to me & my 1995 940 Wagon. i was on a budget, a SERIOUS budget. i had  organized & thrown myself a musical benefit to raise the $$ needed for car repair, as well as much needed medication for a sleep disorder i have (thus, regain the ability to STAY AWAKE whilst driving). the benefit was a success, thanks to such an awesome community we live in. however, one month of meds is outrageously expensive. i had a choice: meds, or car repair? after calling Vol-Tech, explaining my dilemma & the earnest quest i'd been on, i learned that i could meet both my immediate needs. this happened purely because of Vol-Tech's willingness to do the minimum amount of work, WITH the SAFEST outcome, within a minimal budget, and with the patient guidance, advise & expertise from David Trooper.

over the years i've returned to purchase my own, used parts for the work i can do myself at home, have them perform oil changes, tune-ups, replaced a front-door stereo speaker (at no charge since they had previously replaced the entire front-door panel & took responsibility for the speaker malfunction), tire rotation & a slew of other maintenance.

they're turn-over time is remarkable AND they offer FREE overnight loaners when available (and i'm not talking junk loaners either)!

once again, my car was towed off to Vol-Tech a couple of weeks ago. in 2007 i hit a curb & really messed up my car's steering assembly, wheel well & who knows what else. the car's been sitting, covered & horribly unattended.  my husband & i were torn between covering the needed repairs or selling the car for scrap. unsure, i began researching options. i began at Vol-Tech's web site. much to my surprise, they have a new, improved web site WITH a new, "used car" web page including great info & photos. this struck my interest greatly. with 50 acres of Volvos & parts, they even offer "custom building" your used car!! what?! amazing! i immediately called David (who remembers me & my car well) & once again, i was offered so many fair & reasonable options re: repair, trade-in, etc. that my car was towed off to Vol-Tech the next day (at the expense of Vol-Tech until we've decided whether i'll trade/purchase or repair).

couple of days later David phoned me with the low-down. i held my breath awaiting some horrible outcome, and exhaled in relief in hearing David's report & advise. with SAFETY always in mind first, i was given many options w/ quotes from the bottom up for needed repairs, then extra fixers more for luxury (a used CD/stereo installation, electronics for the driver seat & sunroof, etc.). i know that i have an option to finance a nice, reliable, used Volvo should they find some, unexpected, major repair need(s). ALSO, knowing that the car's been sitting so long, not only will Vol-Tech check out the typical trouble spots for me, they're also "taking their time", at MY request, to allow me time to insure the vehicle again before the needed tags & inspection.

i HIGHLY recommend Vol-Tech for ALL your Volvo needs. i even verbalize this recommendation when seeing/meeting other Volvo owners.

family-owned, local, honest, downright polite and ALWAYS provides quality work within MY budget! talk to David.....he's a "Trooper"!

Susie G. | 2006-11-16

My family has 4 old Volvo's and they break down. All the time. When our old auto shop was scheming and lying ( look, its true!) we finally switched auto repair shops to Austin Vol-Tech, and I am really glad we did.

The staff is friendly and quick. they identify the problem and are very logical with their assessment of which problem is serious and which could wait, and the cars are done in record time.

While this repair shop is pricey ( really, whats not these days,)I do have the feeling that they are actually in it to fix cars- not to find secret problems with my car to make me pay even more dough. ( Paranoid, who? Not me :)

So if you have a Volvo and are located anywhere near the north Austin boonies, I would stop off at Vol-Tech. They also have loaner cars for those that need a ride home .