Austin Infiniti in Austin, TX

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Why purchase a vehicle through Austin Infiniti's Internet Sales Department? For a Convenient Pleasurable Experience.

1. Free Vehicle Delivery (within 250 miles of Austin, Texas).
2. Austin Infiniti is a Infiniti Internet Certified Retailer*
3. Full tank of premium grade fuel on all Infiniti vehicle purchases.
4. Professional detail upon delivery on all Infiniti vehicle purchases.
5. Free first oil change at 3750 miles on all new Infiniti vehicle purchases.
6. Complimentary loaner vehicle on all scheduled service visits.
7. Complimentary wash and vacuum with scheduled service visits.
8. Aggressive and competitive Internet pricing.
9. Free Vehicle Delivery (within 250 miles of Austin, Texas).


Established in 1992.

Our Mission Statement:

We, the employees of Austin Infiniti, are committed to the ultimate goal of creating lifelong client relationships. In our endeavor to make it easy for our customers to do business with us, we passionately strive for continuous improvement. Whether it's finding the right part, servicing a customer's vehicle or facilitating a transaction on a new or used vehicle, our diverse family of employees demonstrates an unrivaled level of integrity and respect. Austin Infiniti is comprised of a group of excellent individuals who are tireless in their efforts and dedication to being the very best in the automotive business.

General Manager: Allen Clauss

Austin Infiniti

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 220-0920
Address:8140 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78757
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Austin Infiniti

Glenda M. | 2015-04-16

Cordial, friendly service and sales departments. Efficient timely service as well

Cindy S. | 2015-04-11

It dosen't get any better than here.  Tony Anthony met any and all expectations I had for purchasing my 2015 Q50.  From the first call till I left  the showroom he was there for me all the way.  Buying a new car from him was painless.  I felt that I was treated with respect through the entire process from all of the Infinity  staff.  This is my 3rd Infinity purchase and I think each experience has always been professional.  I would definitely work with Tony again.  Thank You Austin Infinity!

tim b. | 2015-04-09

I am not usually a big dealership guy as I usually buy used and either do much of my own repair work or I support Mom & Pop shops.  But recently I took my G35 in for a repair that was surprisingly still covered under warranty.

I called on Monday and they set me up for an appt on Weds AM.  I showed up about 20 mins early and since my service advisor wasn't  available, another guy helped get me checked in and set up with my loaner.

The car was inspected and fixed just after lunch the next day but Richard kept me up to speed throughout the process and they also notified me of some additional work that will need to be performed soon.

It was effortless to then drop off the loaner and pick up my finished car.

The only reason I didn't give a fifth star was the my loaner came with a very low fuel level and the SUV drank it like a frat boy at a kegger.  I was on a short schedule that day and I almost ran out of gas before I had the chance to hit a gas station.

Big Al J. | 2015-04-01

always great service from Austin Infiniti.

Robert N. | 2015-03-25

Entire process was excellent. Dave was great, offered loaner but wait was so short, I declined.

David M. | 2015-03-11

My wife and I recently purchased a QX50 from Anthony Ragland. He was recommended to us from my boss who had purchased a G37 from him a few days before us.

What a great experience! Anthony is a well grounded family man who has a highly experienced, yet no pressure style that makes you feel comfortable right from the beginning. He was thoughtful in asking good questions to understand our needs which helped us keep our focus and not stray far from where we needed to be. I felt like he had OUR best interests in mind which is important for large purchases.

The finance department also deserves kudos as well. We worked out a deal that I felt was fair for both sides. Really nice folks in finance.

Lastly, the staffed coffee bar lounge area is awesome. Latte , espresso , frappuccino , fruit, cookies, snacks , plus you can't beat those comfy couches, Wi-Fi and flat screens.

Overall, I am now a fan of Anthony's and appreciate the stress free shopping experience that made me feel like I was buying from a friend. Also, I look forward to a long healthy relationship with the classy organization that Austin Infiniti certainly is.

Scott C. | 2015-03-05

My several experiences so far with the Austin Infiniti Service Department have all been excellent.  Professional, comfortable, top-notch.

Paul M. | 2015-03-01

Just wanna say thanks again to Steve in the service department . Outstanding customer service he really helped me out I will always appreciate that ! Great service advisor thanks again steve

Britt K. | 2015-03-01

The Infiniti service department is consistently outstanding.  Really easy to work with and very professional!

Mark M. | 2015-02-26

The best car buying experience I've ever had.  John Garza had everything done for me before I arrived.  Signed all the documents that were prepared ahead of time, got a tutorial while sitting in my detailed and fully gassed up new Infiniti and was out in less than an hour!  What a pleasure.  I wasn't accosted by obnoxious car salesmen the second I hit the lot, the  showroom was beautiful, quiet and welcoming, not cluttered with a ton of tables and desks with phones ringing off the hook and Muzak blaring in the background. From the warm reception I received the minute I walked in the door to driving my car off the showroom floor, Austin Infiniti got everything right!  I don't dread the car buying experience anymore and in 3 years, I will be back!

Chris A. | 2015-02-12

I recently purchased my 2nd Infiniti from Anthony Raglin.  I was happy the first time and and they did an even better job the second.

Being able to have a pleasant car purchasing experience with no stress is often rare.  I told Anthony what I was looking for and he guided me through multiple scenarios to consider.  Signing the paperwork was quick, straight forward and laid back.  First Class...

On a side note, the service facility is awesome.  The loaner and valet service makes the maintenance process incredibly easy.


Vanya W. | 2015-02-09

I purchased a used vehicle from Austin Infinity and could not be more pleased. Everyone there was friendly and professional. Jerry Lee was a pleasure to work with. The entire experience was exceptional!

Natalie O. | 2015-02-09

I took my car into Austin Infiniti due to a recent recall on the airbags. When I came back to get my car, I was presented with "recommended services" totaling close to $1500. Now, I can appreciate a thorough inspection on my car, and receiving an honest quote back. But this was far from an honest quote.
I was told my oil was "dirty" and "black" and It needed to be changed. This was interesting to me as I had an oil change less than 48 hours prior. There was actually a minute where I thought maybe the people who changed my oil had scammed me and not changed it at all.  When I told the service adviser I had my oil changed 2 days ago, he replied with "maybe the lighting was bad" Huh???  When I got home, I inspected the oil myself. I found it to be far from "black." It in fact looked just as it should look after a recent oil change... brand new. So, either they didn't even check the oil, and just automatically added it to the list of things my car needs, or they checked it and decided to lie and say it was black so I'd get it changed there. (Not sure which is worse.)

The second red flag was the recommendation to replace my radiator hoses/cap, and have a full fluid exchange. I probably wouldn't have second guessed this recommendation, however I had my radiator replaced, along with hoses/cap and full flush/exchange of fluids --the works--within the last 2 years. Definitely an unnecessary recommendation, once again.

There were numerous other items recommended to be serviced on the long list, but after the first 2 issues being a flat out lie, it's very hard for me trust anything else on there. Is the business doing so poorly that the only way they can make it is to cheat and lie to an innocent consumer? Did they see me as an easy target since I am a young female? Not sure what the issue is here, but I left very disappointed at the level of deceit. I am new to the area and this is my first experience with this dealership. I was hoping to be getting my next Infiniti from here, but if they cant even be honest about something as simple as an oil change, then there is no way I will be trusting them with buying a new car!  I will definitely NOT be going back there.

Michael R. | 2015-01-31

My wife and I were shopping Infiniti and Toyota cars, and went in to feel and drive the Infiniti model.  Howard Shaw helped us learn about the car, learn how it drove, and get a better overall feel for the car.

He was knowledgeable, allowed us to move at our own pace, and helped us through the buying decision.

Fair, honest, great!

Thank you, Howard!

Taylor S. | 2015-01-28

Very happy with Infiniti Austin! Bought an FX 35 with them in September and was looking for a very specific upgraded package that was hard to come by and my sales person (Chris Corn) emailed and called me every time a new (well, gently used) car came into their dealership. I found a car I loved within 2 months and scooped it up the day it arrived. Very pleased over all!

Arnold P. | 2015-01-27

great service.

Sean F. | 2015-01-27

Stay away from this stealership!!! They will rob you!!! I was offered $4000 less than my trade was worth and they wanted me to pay $3000 more than the car I was looking at was worth. I was not being unreasonable as another dealership was able to make this deal. This stealership has lost my business for LIFE. I will not purchase a car here EVER!! You want a real dealership where you will be treated fairly go to Sewell Infiniti of Dallas. I had my first horrible experience at Infiniti of Austin in 2010 and then again in 2014. All three Infiniti vehicles I purchased were from other dealerships due to the fact that they want to rob their customer's instead of make lifelong clients. I was even told that the car I was interested in was sold and I contacted the dealer again shortly after I found out that the car was still available on the lot. This was either a LIE by the salesman or a bait and switch scheme. On a lighter note my G37S Sedan is gorgeous and I am very happy I purchased it from Sewell Infiniti.

Dealer has apologized and rectified the situation.

Michelle M. | 2015-01-21

So I've been an G35 Infiniti owner for a couple years now. I have come to the service center for every oil change and service needed. They have taken great care of me and they've kept me informed of all the work that needs to be done.When it falls under the extended warranty they do all the work when filing a claim. Thank you Austin Infiniti.

Amanda S. | 2015-01-14

Great service department!! Very honest, professional and timely!

Melissa A. | 2015-01-10

Anthony Raglin has renewed my faith in honest, good people. From the time I walked in, he made me feel comfortable and if I have known him forever. My car buying experience was amazing!!! Thank you Anthony!!

Maribel M. | 2014-12-24

Thank you all for your help recently! It's good to know everyone was able to get together and take the time to help me out! I appreciate your service and prompt response. Thanks again!!!

Kay Q. | 2014-12-20

I have lived in Austin for a year and this was my first visit to Austin Infiniti. Bobby Davis was very pleasant and easy to deal with. Arriving without an appointment, I was greeted and put in a loaner car within 20 minutes!! Repair work was done and I am,once again, safely driving on the roads of Austin!!

Sony P. | 2014-12-16

I went in to shop for a 2015 QX50 with mid-range options.  The dealership is nice and the salesperson was easy deal with.  I think the pricing is fairly competitive but very disappointed that my trade-in was 1.5K below KBB even at the lowest range.  This was a bit shocking since KBB price was validated at another dealership even without negotiating for it.  Trade-in wasn't a factor for shopping the car but I'm still on the fence since a better equipped Acura MDX was quoted cheaper in town. Other than really low-balling my trade-in, they would have gotten 5 stars.

Caleb M. | 2014-12-14

I've been an Infinite owner for a few months now and the sales and service teams never fail to deliver anything less than exceptional service.  I purchased a certified pre-owned G37 and shortly after I bought it I kept hearing noises coming from the center console and dashboard areas. Monte and team worked tirelessly over multiple visits to identify the specific cause of sounds so that it could be taken care of once and for all.  I couldn't be more happy with my G37 and Austin Infinite and am looking forward to buying my next car from them when I replace my wife's Toyota Sequoia.

Betisa B. | 2014-12-06

Best customer service out there.

Greg C. | 2014-11-13

This is the 4th car we have purchased from this dealership and every time it is about as pleasant an experience as buying a car can be. I remember the old days of buying non luxury brands and the hours of ordeal you had to go through. The "I have to talk to my manager" to the walking out of the dealership to get the price down. All that is non existent here. The give you the best price pretty quickly and make the rest of the process seamless and easy. Also hats off to Anthony Raglin who really goes above and beyond to make the sale.

PAUL K. | 2014-11-08

Top notch service throughout the entire process. This is my second lease with Austin Infiniti and I plan on having many more. The entire staff was helpful, accommodating and friendly. I could not be happier with the car itself but as I told my salesperson Jim Price and his manager Chris Morton that was only part of the reason why I returned to Austin Infiniti. The service I have received over the past three years has been unmatched by any other I have seen in the industry. I cannot say enough good things about the over all experience.

George H. | 2014-10-28

Always excellent service.

Julie R. | 2014-10-28

Infiniti has the best service department! Nick is my service adviser.  He is very knowledgeable and is always helpful.  Infiniti makes great cars but the main reason we purchase them is because they have such a great service department.

Mark M. | 2014-10-25

I've been working with Austin Infinity over four years and with two G37's. Their attention to the individual customer needs is what seperates their level of service from other service centers. I look forward, next year, to buy my third Infinity, from Austin Infinity, and to continue my relationship with the service center. Monty and team provide the honest and efficient service that I come to expect from Austin Infinity.

Carly G. | 2014-10-23

I always get first class service and treatment at Austin Infiniti!

Frank R. | 2014-10-20

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!! Super fast and very reasonable price. Very friendly. From major repairs to just oil change. Always treated like I am family!!

Brenda A. | 2014-10-10

Outstanding Service - Nick Lefebvre is our service tech and he's GREAT.   If I need a loaner car, he has it ready when I arrive.  My car is always serviced as promised and ready when promised.  NEVER am I upsold - if there is something that is found during inspections, I ALWAYS get a call from Nick to discuss and it's my decision on how to proceed.  This type service is what keeps me coming back.

Ryan W. | 2014-10-01

I bought a used vehicle from Beau Harbison over at Austin Infiniti last week.  Beau was hard working and attentive to my needs every step of the way.

It took a while to find a vehicle that fit my requirements but once I did I felt I got a fair deal on the vehicle and a great deal on my trade valuation.

I'll keep Beau and Austin Infiniti in mind next time I am shopping for a car in the future.

Allen F. | 2014-09-30

I wish there was another "game" in town for Infiniti parts!

Matrix pricing in full force here.  Nothing like paying 20% over what actual retail value is.

When ya take your car in to service, or buy parts here, tell them you want to pay actual retail for the parts.

Lori R. | 2014-09-19

I have had the total Infiniti experience. Only the best in performance, service, sales and service personnel. Monte is the ROCK-STAR in Service! Thanks Guys!

O C. | 2014-09-18

When I'm at the dealer getting work done, the service is good.  However, when I call on the phone, feels like the service advisor is doing me a favor by talking to me.  I called to get several maintenance items done, which was going to take multiple hours.  They told me I would have to wait 6 days for them to get a loaner vehicle.  Really, six days??  I love my G35.  The car is fantastic.  I have had it serviced in Dallas before moving to Austin and the experience was always great.  Austin Infiniti does not match the superior level of service I received in Dallas.  They're the only game in town in Austin and maybe they know we don't have much of a choice if we want the dealer to service the vehicle.  Not what luxury service should be . . .

Dhruv T. | 2014-09-14

I have been going to Austin Infiniti for all my G35 servicing needs. It has always been a very pleasant experience. My service adviser, Monte, is very courteous and prompt, and keeps me well informed about the status and the needs of my car, until the car is delivered back to me.

I also appreciate the free loaner car service they provide which is very helpful and makes the whole experience so smooth. In my last car service, a part was on back order and it took couple of weeks to get it. All this while, they let me keep and enjoy the loaner, Q50 (latest and fully loaded model), while my car waited for the job to be completed.

Their service does come at a premium price but then almost always they throw in some discounts for me.

I would strongly recommend Austin Infiniti to anyone who needs to get their vehicle serviced.

Pete O. | 2014-09-14

Had a valet damage our car on Friday. Drove in to Infiniti on Saturday morning, was provided a loaner, and got my cat back Saturday night. Work was done beautifully, and the car was fully washed and detailed. These guys are the best. I don't trust my Infiniti anywhere else.

Herschel K. | 2014-09-06

My check engine light was on so I brought my car in. They told me it was $140 just to figure out what was wrong! Took it to autozone down the street. Guy there told me it was the gas cap in 30 sec and showed me some cool stuff I could do with my keys too...FOR FREE.99!

Chuck M. | 2014-09-05

Very efficient. They caught some service things I had missed, but in 5 years with them they have never tried to sell me service I didn't need.

Miki C. | 2014-09-04

great customer service, diagnostics, and repairs.  Thanks for making this inconvenience not bad at all!

Albert V. | 2014-08-19

I walked into Infiniti with an open mind of purchasing a car, more so not looking to buy a car.  I previously owned a G35 for 9 yrs and loved my car, unfortunately I was hitting 195k mile mark.  I was introduced to Joe Antenorcruz, I expalined my siutation and help my decision in purchasing a new car.  He made the transisiton smooth and stress free.  I can honestly say that he is one that listens and delivers without pressuring you to upgrade or add unecessary packages.  He followed up with me consistently which says alot to me being that I too am in sales and know what follow up means in todays world.  I highly recommend Joe !!!

Cassie S. | 2014-08-16

I initially sent an email to find out the price of a black G37 with black interior. We negotiated back and forth and couldn't come to an agreement. I was offered a white one and a red one in place of the black. I declined both colors and said there was a vehicle 2 hours away that I was going to go get instead. Promptly after that I got an email stating that the car I originally inquired about was "on sale" (the stock number was even included in the email). We negotiated again and agreed on a price with a window tint. Perfect! We arranged for my husband and I to leave work early to come pick up the car yesterday. We arrive and were walked out to the car. ...there sat a red car with tinted windows. The car I already said no to. We were told to sit still and he would be right back. He came back and said "good news, the car you thought you were getting is only 10 dollars more a month". I showed him the email where we specifically negotiated the black car I wanted and we didn't even get an apology. It was almost insinuated that it was my fault for the misunderstanding. In the end we left without a vehicle and without an apology.

Michael A. | 2014-07-31

Nick and the service crew are great, and I recommend them to any owner. Attention to detail and follow up are unsurpassed. Thanks

La Shonda M. | 2014-07-28

My husband and I had a GREAT experience at Infiniti of Austin. Howard Shaw took really good care of us. He was very genuine, a great listener, and very accommodating. He truly went over and beyond for us to make sure our needs were met. All of the staff we came into contact with were all very professional. The Finance Manager, Kalynn was very helpful as well. She didn't rush through the paper work, nor did she try to up sell us on products that we didn't need, after listening to what we really needed. Both Howard and Kalynn were very honest. The service was extremely fast. It took two hours, if that, for our overall experience at Infiniti of Austin, in comparison to the five hours we have spent at other dealerships. We will definitely refer our friends and family to Infiniti of Austin.

Kurt S. | 2014-07-26

The Service is first rate... flexible scheduling and the best team. In particular, Nick and Mark are outstanding, very skilled professionals

Garritt M. | 2014-07-21

My mom had taken her Infinity qx56 into the dealer for a checkup. they diagnosed it with a little over $6,500 in cost to fix random parts. after she picked it up, without getting the repairs yet, the check engine light was on. Needless to say, my buddies shop, and another shop looked at it back and forth, the only thing wrong with the SUV was a disconnected O2 sensor plug, that infinity had pulled out. The owner of the shop even questioned if it was a joke or we were the news when we had given them infiniti's original breakdown sheet. Never trust these people. OH, and all this came up 100 miles after the warranty ended.

RJ S. | 2014-07-11

Originally went to Austin Infiniti to look at used non-Infiniti vehicles.  Spoke with Joe Antenorcruz, and he explained and provided all the information needed.  He was very knowledgeable  and was not pressuring.  We ended not purchasing but exchanged contact information for future.  

Joe kept in touch every few months and was always available for questions.
6 months later timing was good for us to get a new vehicle.  Looked up Joe, sent him our requirements for vehicle, price and timeline. He was able to find a match quickly and since he knew our budget (base on online guides\estimates) he was able to make it work.  

We came in, test drove and purchased.  We bought a certified vehicle and they really stand by their vehicles.

Great car shopping/purchasing experience!  Already recommending friends just to stop by and look with both Infiniti and non-Infiniti models in their inventory.

Donna R. | 2014-06-19

Austin Infiniti has service down to a fine art.  In and out in 15 min drop off and get a car to have for the day.  In and out in less then 10 mins for the pick up. I'm impressed!

Cleo P. | 2014-06-18

Angel Chavez was very helpful and fast. I have a 7 mth old and he was very helpful in organizing my oil change on my infiniti to be completed in a timely manner. Very appreciated.

Michelle K. | 2014-06-08

I spent weeks looking for a new car.  I was having a hard time finding something I liked that would be roomy enough for all four of our kids.  On a whim I stopped by Austin Infinity and met Maurice Dancy.  He was personable, knowledgeable and helpful.  I was certain the price tag on a new Infinity would be too high.  Maurice found me a beautiful, like-new, JX35.  It is perfect for our family and a joy to drive.

I have been back once since the purchase- Maurice still helpful after the sale.  And he offered to give me a tutorial of all the features of the car whenever I have the time to stop by.

Kaylyn Passwater and JW Cooper made the purchase painless.  No sitting in an office for hours.  

Maurice, Kaylyn and JW are a great team!

Jamila I. | 2014-05-28

Man oh mannnn am i glad i went with Austin Infiniti. First off, Troy was really pleasant to work with. He was never pushy and always informative and took things very slowly (this was my first experience with purchasing a car). Secondly, service from EVERYBODY was always up beat and professional. The dealership itself is in very good condition (its beautiful, actually) and purchasing an Infiniti has probably been one of the best decisions ive ever made. Also, somehow I ended up with the exact VIN i wanted. At some point the car was for sure gone, but then the next day Troy promptly let me know that the deal didnt go through with the other person. Right when i was signing papers, another dealer came in asking if that VIN was still available...I guess i got the most desirable G37!

But aside from that, service has always been prompt, cheerful, and professional. Staff and mechanics are personable, and the facility is polished yet comfortable. My first car buying experience was to the point and easy peasy. Plus points for having such an awesome lounge. Its always a leisurely experience whenever my car needs maintance.

Jim N. | 2014-05-27

I am on my third Infiniti primarily because of the service center at Austin Infiniti.   While  the cars are excellent mechanically and I have not had any serious repair work, I have all my preventative maintenance done at Austin Infiniti.   Their loaner car service is excellent and I always get my car back as promised and cleaned.  Monte is my service rep and always is helpful.

Ester B. | 2014-05-27

I Just purchased a Car from Austin Infiniti and I can really say this was the best experience I had and my Sales Person Maurice Dancy went far and beyond to help me find the right car and color,they didn't have one on the lot and it did not take him but a few days and the car was there,he gave me great service and kept me informed thru the whole process and for that i'M grateful,I live out of town and most was done by phone and I went into the dealer and everything was ready and I  can trully say the service was great and done in a timely manner.For good Customer Service I recommend Austin Infiniti.

Emme A. | 2014-05-25

In April 2013, my beloved Pontiac Vibe was struck by a woman talking on a cellphone, as I turned into my driveway. I had gone a year without a car, having to share my husband's truck to get around. The thought of buying a new(er) car was stressful, but I decided I had waited long enough.

Last week I obtained a Capital One Blank Check to secure financing for my next car purchase. I first contacted Mini of Austin about a Mazda3 that seemed very much like what I wanted. I emailed back and forth with one of the Mini of Austin sales people about what I was looking for and my Blank Check. The Mini sales guy told me that they did not accept CO Blank Checks because their dealership had issues with getting paid. I told the sales guy I would let Capital One know that Mini of Austin wasn't going to honor the check (even though Mini of Austin was listed as an eligible dealership on Cap One's website). The Mini sales guy tried to interest me in pursuing their financing, and even said that they had other loans by Cap One. I refused-- I had the Blank Check in hand, and that's the way I wanted to go.

I decided to shop around at other dealerships, and that's how I ended up at Austin Infiniti.  I was able to reach a sales person via email-- Maurice Dancy. I told Maurice right off the bat that I wanted to use my Cap One Blank Check-- and he let me know that was doable.

To wrap this up, I went to Austin Infiniti, test drove a Mazda3 and was able to strike a deal that would fit into the parameters Cap One set up for the Blank Check. Within a couple of hours of arriving for the test drive, I had a contract to buy a really nice used Mazda3. Austin Infiniti had a day to get the car in perfect shape-- and that's exactly what they did, detailing the interior and exterior. I took delivery of the car yesterday and I've loved every moment I've had it.

Maurice  Dancy was personable, knowledgeable and he made things happened. I would  definitely return to him and the rest of the excellent staff at Austin Infiniti for another car purchase. Mini of Austin missed out on a possible sell because they thought my my Blank Check was too much of a hassle for them. Austin Infiniti provided extraordinary service and they deserve the five stars I have given them.

Wendy W. | 2014-05-22

Just finished my first service at Austin Infinity.  Such a pleasure to do business there!

Mike S. | 2014-05-17

Always get great service at Austin Infiniti - fast, courteous, don't try to sell extra services.

Bruce K. | 2014-05-08

I bought my car from Austin Infiniti because of the treatment they gave me and I live in Houston.  I drive 185 miles to have my car serviced.  Much better than the Houston dealerships.

Shari C. | 2014-05-05

Meh. Shuttling back and forth between Austin and Dallas for work, I can safely say that Sewell Infiniti trumps Austin Infiniti in just about every way - whether it's having immediate loaner cars available, answering the phone instead of routing me through IVR, not lending me a loaner car with a big gash they forget to tell me about... Austin Infiniti is fine, but they don't seem to want my business, which is not the impression I get from Sewell. I hope AI will take a page from the playbook of their neighbors to the north, so that I don't have to trek up I-35 to get my car serviced.

Jana O. | 2014-05-04

I have worked with a ton of dealerships through my career and Austin Infiniti is hands down, the best of the best. I love this place. The management is trust worthy, the service is efficient, and the cars are the most underrated vehicles on the road. Allen, Naji, Nick, whoever you work with will treat you well.

Louise R. | 2014-04-18

Service at Austin  Infiniti was first rate!   The valet service makes it so easy to have the car service.   Car was picked up and delivered exactly when they said.   Car was returned in meticulous condition,.

Machael F. | 2014-04-08

Oil change was completed promptly.  And of course who wouldn't love the waiting area with freshly brewed lattes and warm chocolate chip cookies!  Seating is also very comfortable, and everything is very clean.  Thanks so much for the amenities!

Misha S. | 2014-03-31

No question, 5/5 stars. I did not end up buying from Austin Infiniti this time, but it was hands down one of the best car-related experiences I've had.

I've been to quite a few car dealerships in the last few months, and Infiniti really knows what it's doing with this building. Its shiny, polished, and spacious. The building really reflects the kind of car you're purchasing. I think some other dealerships should consider how much the atmosphere surrounding discussions really affect the customer.

On top of that, Kaylynn Salcido was one of my favorite sales people - she wasn't overly pushy, she knew a lot about what the car could do, and she was always professional. If there was someone I'd buy a car from JUST because she's THAT awesome, its Kaylynn!

Next time I'm in the market for a car, I'll be back!

Ben L. | 2014-03-26

The service here is fantastic. They always get me a loaner car and take care of things quick. Great staff and they assign you a personal rep so you talk to the same guy each time you come in.

Willie F. | 2014-02-13

Nick in service ROCKS!!!!  He always provides great customer service.
These guys are good, I've been using the since my first purchase in 2002.

Willie Flores

Jeff S. | 2014-01-31

In 2011 I picked up an '09 G37 sedan (via Toyota dealer).  Brought it in last Spring for some preventative maintenance, knowing the tires were roached.  Ended up getting a set of Hankook tires @ a price the local tire shops couldn't touch.  Monte set me up with a nice loaner so I could run some errands. A few hours later I was headed home - great experience & prices that contradict the word "stealership".

Yesterday I noticed my driver's rear was flat.  Tires have approx 3k miles on them so I gave the Svc Dept a call.  Tire was covered under 100% replacement guarantee.  All I had to pay for was mounting & balancing.  Once again Monte took care of business.

All the Service Consultants are professional & personal.  Their customer service alone would warrant (me) purchasing a vehicle from them.

Dick C. | 2014-01-03

The Infinity service guys are always upbeat, very communicative and fun to deal with.
they never treat me like a number, even tho they were very busy.
Thanks for taking care of my battery and cleaning the FX35.....Richard Cohen

Bob F. | 2014-01-01

Dave Hendicks took care of me perfectly.  Your service department is the best!  It's one of the reasons I own two Infinitis!  Thanks, Dave, for all your help.  I appreciate it!       Bob Fields

Paul S. | 2013-12-26

NEVER deal with these guys in the service department under no circumstance NEVER. They are very rude, and unprofessional. They walk around like they have sticks up their asses and they NEVER smile. I would highly recommend NO ONE come here to get your car serviced on. I hope the sales department is better than the sorry ass service department. The service department are a bunch of slicksters as well. They are liars.

Renee L. | 2013-12-11

I had been taking my 2005 G35 to this dealership for service and even though I didn't purchase my vehicle with them, they treated me no different.  Nick in service is AMAZING and I 100% trust him.  Due to the amazing service alone, we decided to trade in the G35 for a new G37.  Akeem was our sales person and was AMAZING as well.  He took the time to go over all the new features on the newer car and even offered to come to our home to program the garage door opener.  The level of serivice this dealership gives is nothing short of amazing.  All retail business could take a lesson from Austin Infiniti.  I will continue to do business with this dealership and would 100% recommend them to anyone.

Keep up the great service Austin Infiniti!!

Casey R. | 2013-12-07

I have never been as impressed with a dealership as Austin Infinity!  Hands down the best!

Troy H. | 2013-11-12

I did not get the opportunity to get a car from here, but they had one I wanted to look at and Cedric Simpkins favored my needs during the entire process.  I came to this location to look at a Toyota Camry that they had on the used lot side.

 To start, I messaged them via the internet and my banks website that located the vehicle here. I appreciated that I got a phone call from the young lady within 10 minutes of me sending the message. I really appreciated that since I messaged other dealers as well and they never called or contacted me.

 Next, Cedric did his best to actually correct the internet posting BEFORE I got in my car to go see the vehicle. Apparently the color posted was NOT correct, and he did not want me to waste my time all the way down there if it would have been something I did not like. That was a great customer service move.

 Upon my arrival, Cedric greeted me and actually had the car available for my inspection. If you ever felt like having concierge sales service, this was it and I appreciated it.

 Overall in the end, the car was not for me, but I do admit that the dealership was. From beginning to end they helped me out and even walked through some of the price options... unfortunately I was looking for a specific car.

 I may not have purchased a car, but maybe by reading this Cedric will earn a new customer to work with. If you go there, tell him I sent you.. he is a great family guy and honestly did his best to sell me the car.

David D. | 2013-11-12

Dave has been always been my service person...I'm always happy with how he takes care of us.

Jonathan F. | 2013-09-18

So I have an FX35 that started getting the bubbling problem on the dash and took it in to get replaced for free (since Infiniti did an extended warranty due to this problem). I got in contact with Steve Donovan and he got me set up and ready to go. I came in at my appt time, dropped off my car, and left with a loaner.

Steve updated me on the progress throughout the day and made everything very easy and smooth. I came in the next morning to pick up my car, had some breakfast in the cafe while they were doing some finishing touches, and was on my way.

I had an excellent experience and they even looked at other stuff not related to the dash replacement such as my fluid levels, a license plate light that was out, and some other stuff.

The service here was excellent and I would definitely recommend bringing your Infiniti here.

Frank V. | 2013-09-06

The old bait and switch.  My wife had me go look at car for her today at Infiniti Austin.  We were going to trade our car through the dealership and we even had another buyer for the car.  The buyer was to arrive on Monday of next week (today is Friday). So the sales guy told me that we could put a deposit on the car to hold it until Monday.  I was fine with that, and I understand why they would need that.  I agreed that we could do that.  I then called my wife to talk to her about the deal and the sales guys "went to talk to his manager" again.  When he came back they pulled the old bait and switch "We can no longer take a deposit" you have to buy the car today.  Slimy.  Now, I understand they wanted to sell the car today.  But I disagree with the going back on their word.  I will no longer buy a car from this dealership in the future.  Good work guys.

Omar A. | 2013-08-25

This is for the Parts division of Austin Infiniti.........

If you need help...Prices...Where shit goes.... or just nice guys to talk to about Infiniti's,

Talk to ( Chris or Orlando ) good genuine nice guys :)

Jacki F. | 2013-07-28

I walked into Austin Infiniti a little after 5:00 this past Friday evening, a stressed out skeptic after having visited several other car dealerships.  I was negative on leasing (from the other, lower-priced cars I was considering) and doubtful that I would want to spend as much money as I thought it would take to get me into a G37.  Akeem Disu is a gracious, intelligent, straightforward car salesman who listened to my concerns and immediately put me at ease.  After driving the exact car I wanted, we went into his office and in a short amount of time he showed me how things are calculated and very clearly laid out my options, checking with his manager only once to be sure he had not forgotten any charges.  No back and forth, no middle men, just him.  I was actually able to take advantage of several discounts Infiniti was offering.  By 6:45 I was on my way home with paperwork to complete if I chose to take the deal.  I faxed it that evening and the next day I turned in my leased car (Infiniti took care of it all) and drove home in my new G37.  While I was waiting, I had a fresh Hatcreek hamburger (the truck was there) compliments of Infiniti.  Chris and Akeem went over everything in my car and assured me they were available at any time if I had questions in the future.  I was introduced to my new service manager.  I met with "JW" to go over the lease and sign the paperwork and for the first time I wasn't bored or sold a bill of goods. In fact I learned so much from him about leasing that I never knew when I leased my first car and that I did not find on line in my research!  And then I literally drove out of the showroom in my car.  I felt like a princess in a golden carriage.  The whole experience took less than 24 hours!  BEST experience I have ever had buying a car (and I've owned 13 cars previously over my driving lifetime).

Jessica S. | 2013-06-22

Here's an update. Thanks to the Service Manager I had an amazing experience. I brought my QX in for service, had them check out a couple of things, detail and also tint my front two windows.

When I arrived at the dealership they had another SUV gassed up and ready to go for me. It was very appreciated.

Thankfully they were able to start on my SUV quickly, resulting in me being able to get it back the very next day.

When I arrived at the dealership to pick up my QX I hardly recognized it, the Detail department did a FANTASTIC JOB looked like a brand new car! I was impressed. The (SM) really hooked me up on the window tint I love it. Thank you! And they were able to work out all the kinks that were really bugging me. I'm beyond satisfied.

So this time around I really felt taken care of. Thank you for exceptional service I received.

Dan M. | 2013-06-13

I just purchased a pre-owned Nissan Quest from Austin Infiniti.  From the sales consultant, Cedrick, to the pre-owned managers Naji and Tony, to the GM Allen, I felt at home, never pressured, and left feeling like I got a great van at a great price.  the wife loves the new ride and the kids love actually having A/C!  Thanks, guys, I will definately be back when my Camry bites the dust!

John M. | 2013-06-06

I would like to start off by saying DON'T purchase a car from Austin Infiniti.  Extremely poor customer service from the service department. I repeatedly have to take my car to the  service department for the same factory warranty problem. Fuel injection,seat warmer, navigation, brakes,window. You are expected  to have five visits to the dealership for the same problem. And the service advisers will have a rude unprofessional attitude when the valid concern is announced. The average wait time for them to address any valid concern with a loaner car is a week. Three weeks if you need your car picked up. DON'T purchase a car from Austin Infiniti.


Charlotte B. | 2013-05-16

I wanted to take a moment to thank Akeem, Allen, Tony, and JW for all of their help over the last few weeks. I honestly wouldn't been in my dream car (Infiniti G37 - White with Tan interior!) if it weren't for their dedication to me, support, knowledge, and trust. As a young, single female, buying a car isn't always the easiest especially when you have a complex situation like mine. Akeem went above and beyond his job at Infiniti and really made me feel appreciated, valued, and comfortable. I applaud every single one of them for a job well done and truly making me feel like part of the Infiniti family.

I am looking forward to being an Infiniti owner for many years to come!!

Joyce L. | 2013-04-23

Last month,  my husband took me to the Infiniti dealership in Austin to buy me a car for my 50th birthday. Tony Anthony was the first to greet us. I immediately liked him. He was kind, quiet and not at all pushy. My husband loathes going to these places because he hates all the BS that they're going to try to lay on him while he's there. So he warned me that we may leave with nothing if the guy annoys him enough. Ha! Tony was nothing but courteous. In addition, I wanted to only buy the most basic F37 they had. And I wanted a new car. However, Tony talked me into trying this awesome looking preowned F50s in the showroom and I fell in love. I ended up getting it and when a few days later I noticed a few things (paint touchup and video) Tony arranged for a loaner and had it fixed immediately. These guys are uber professional. Ask for Tony and he will make sure you love your car when you leave! Love this dealership! Shop here first!

Kelly K. | 2012-11-24

I purchased my Infiniti in another part of Texas, but brought my car in to Austin Infiniti for service for an issue... Can't say enough about how wonderful they were! Next time I purchase an Infiniti, I will definitely buy here...

Clayton I. | 2012-10-30

I drove down from Oklahoma to buy from Austin Infiniti.  Tony sold me a new car, and he was extremely patient and helpful. He was very nice to my family and introduced me to people around the dealership. When it was time to see the car i wanted, Tony had it parked on the sales floor ready for me to see. I will be calling him again in 5 years when i am read for a new car.

Also, This dealership is spotless and the facility is beautiful.

W A. | 2012-10-17

Camey is honest, hard working and ethical.  She knows the Infiniti product and she takes pride in helping buyers find the right fit for their needs.  She helped my husband with the purchase of his QX56 a couple of years ago and just recently helped get me in an Infiniti as well. She made the process exciting and stress free. I absolutely LOVE my QX56, and I love Camey.  Steve in the service department is also very knowledgeable and helpful.
Infiniti in general provides amazing customer service! I am a previous Land Rover owner- (NEVER AGAIN) and Lexus owner.  Lexus also has excellent customer service.
I would not hesitate to refer Camey, and Austin Infiniti to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

Megan J. | 2012-09-06

I have way too long of a story to tell here, but here is the scoop. Camey at Infiniti is beyond fabulous to work with and I can't sing her praises enough. I purchased my car there a couple of weeks ago and am so excited and happy with my decision. She was so easy to work with, understanding of my needs, willing to help and work with me - just an amazing display of customer service. She also set me up with my new service provider who I am also very happy with. If you are thinking of buying an Infiniti, go see Camey Martinez - you will end up buying the car :)

Purchased the G37 in August 2012.

laurie c. | 2012-08-20

Really close to ditching my current car and moving to their JX35. I have been impressed with their sales guy who took out every car seat and reinstalled it into their vehicle so I can see how they would fit. They also haven't hounded me and their dealership was clean and tidy. Not too frilly which I would have to say I'd expect a little more with this level of car AND the fact that salesman told me this is the largest Infiniti dealership in the nation (!) Huh, wonder why in Austin, on our very own Burnet Road to boot!

Yogesh K. | 2012-06-04

I have much better experience with their Nissan counterparts. I went here for JX. Chris was the sales person I had. All he kept on stressing was that I need to order the JX due to the combination of features and color I was looking for.
No one was relly ready to walk me through the features (assuming I know all), not ready to share any brochures , not ready to give any test drive especially when I went there with my family by appointment. To me it looks like he was not interested in my business at all. May be because I am a VPP customer and they may not be making much on VPP deals but certainly not a welcome experience overall.
Dealerships in Houston and Dallas are more willing to find what I needed so I finally ordered @ West Houston Infiniti.

Chad D. | 2012-06-03

I recently purchased my 3rd vehicle from Austin Infiniti and recommend friends regularly.  

Naji and the team are honest, knowledgeable, and accommodating.  I appreciate the no pressure buying experience, service, and customer-first attitude that Austin Infiniti consistently provides.  

Having dealt with many dealerships recently - it became clear that the reason I continue to buy from Austin Infiniti is about the people & relationships, quality, and customer focus.  This is a group of professionals that help me find top value and great vehicles year-after-year.

TChelle M. | 2012-05-27

Wanted to buy a car from here, but it was hard to get a hold of someone when we decided to buy!!!!

Laura G. | 2012-01-22

I didn't buy my car here so I can't speak of the sales side. But I take my car here for service and Nick is awesome!!! I definitely recommend working with him. They've always done top-notch work. The waiting area is nice and comfy and usually well stocked with cookies :-P

Based on the experience I've had with my Infiniti and with this dealership's service department (especially Nick) I will be looking nowhere else when it's time for a new car.

Marc D. | 2011-10-25

This was my second visit to the dealership and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the great service and my service advisor Nick Lefebvre!   I took in my 2008 G35 for some work on my brakes and got a loaner car which makes getting car repairs done so much smoohter.  I dropped it off at lunch and was on my way back to work within 5 minutes.  I made my appointment on-line which was even better.  Nick called me back shortly with an estimate and got my car fixed very quickly.  When I arrived the next morning, my car was clean and he even gave me a battery for my car keypad since it was dying!  That is excellent service and everyone from the cashier to their service team are all true professionals.  I would highly recommend taking for Infiniti or any car their for service!  Thanks again for making my experience so pleasant

Sid B. | 2011-09-27

Good service, even better personnel.  This is the place for buy ANY vehicle.  Camy is the best.  Austin Infiniti understands what service means and it's why I drive 64 miles to get my car serviced.

John P. | 2011-04-25

This review is for service as a well as sales.  I leased a 2010 G37 in the summer of 2010 through Anthony Raglin in sales.  He was great through every step of the process and didn't put too much pressure on me.  He was also very patient with as I was waiting to return my Saab back under the state's lemon law.

Shelea Greer who is the Sales manager was very friendly giving me a great deal on top of the fact that I had a VPP code plus I was also getting the lease tax free!  Chad in finance will also very friendly going over all the paperwork and financial details.  We had a seprate person go over all the details/functions of the car and he took his time in showing everything and we never felt rushed.

I go to Steve in service and he is always great in taking care of me.  I've only been to service a few times but they always do a great job washing my car and they have the nicest waiting room I've ever seen.  They even have a barista that makes you lattes and bakes fresh cookies.  There are a couple lcd screen and they even have an ipad that you can use while you're waiting!  Not too shabby.

Really no complaints other than their location in relation to where I live which isn't too bad to get to if you avoid going during rush hour on MoPac.

Jens B. | 2011-04-09

Cruzing down to the office thursday, I was greeted with a "Service Engine Soon" idiot light burning a hole in my forehead.  I then began freaking... what the heck is wrong? Is this going to cost me a new engine?.. I only have 40K on my hot G-Coupe... am I out of oil?  WTF.. I called my service tech at 5pm and got his voice mail and mentioned I would be by early tomorrow morning.  Well what I spaced out was that I had an appointment at 9am with a client.  I blazed down to the service center and pulled in at 8am and David, not my regular guy, took care of me.  I explained my dilemma to him re time, but wanted to make sure I wasn't going to blow up my car since the light was on.. he grabbed my keys, checked me in.. .I headed over to the awesome waiting area, grabbed a cup of jo and looked up and there was David smiling gesturing me outside... Dude, you are fine, it seems that the gas cap may have been not securely attached last time I filled up and if the light comes back on in a day or so bring her back in, but I should be fine for now.  This was 15 minutes after I dropped the car off to him.  I was very relieved and asked what I owed them.....  He smiled again.. Nothing.. we good..

You hear of horrible stories about not taking your car to the dealership for repair etc.. but you know, the Service Department at Infiniti has always been top notch... another winning experience.. thanks David!

dana p. | 2011-02-11

It took us 5 months to finally pull the trigger on buying our G37.

The first time we browsed and test drove a car, we spoke with Akeem. He was really knowledgeable about just about everything. He's the kind of person you meet and realize instantly they are good at their job, not just pretending to be.

When we left without buying, no one at Infiniti harassed us to come back and buy a car.

We came back on our own a few months later and asked for Akeem.

Again, a wealth of knowledge and not pushy at all.

It's true they won't haggle on price, which is no fun. That's my husband's favorite  part of buying a car. But you also should realize these cars are priced accordingly. While other luxury cars are priced in the 90K+ range, which leaves a lot of room to negotiate, an infiniti can run you 50K.

So far, this has been the best car we've ever owned. They also have a valet service plan. They literally pick up your car, leave you a loaner, take it to the shop to service and change the oil, then they return your car.

Um, awesome? We have no regrets about buying the car at Infiniti. It's such a fun car and we've had a great experience with everyone at the Austin dealership.

Mary Beth B. | 2010-11-29

I purchased a used Toyota Sequoia here and the car seemed wonderful until we signed the paperwork and drove away in our undetailed car. The sales guy promised us when we dropped the vehicle off to be repaired, that we requested upon signing to be repaired that it would be detailed. When my vehicle was ready the car was not detailed as promised.

The problem that just so happened to pop up when we drove it off the lot were the brakes/rotors. My new to me Toyota would shake, even my kids in the back would ask..."Momma..Why does our car shake so bad"??? Oh my...this is bad. So I informed the salesmen of this problem when I dropped of to have the repair that was negotiated upon signing and he said his technician looked and said everything was great. Well a couple of days later I could barely stop. I said this is enough. I took the Toyota to a Toyota dealership and they said yes, they rotors were bad and needed to be replaced right away.

Well I had to pay $50 to have them tell me that, which I already knew. So I took the paperwork to Austin Infinity and spoke to the used car sales manager and he said he would fix the problem right away. The problem was fixed, after several loaner cars and unwanted trips up there...and still out my $50 for something I already knew needed to be done.


Chad M. | 2010-11-06

Great level of service, but you pay for it.  

I have absolutely no complaints about the level of service I get at Austin Infiniti.  They are a top level SERVICE dealer.  Unfortunately, they're the only Infiniti dealer in Austin so they charge a premium for everything from cars to service.  If you have the money, I wouldn't hesitate, however, if you have the money, you may just want to go to BMW, Mercedes or the like.  

If you already own an Infiniti and need service, keep an eye out for their mailers with discounted prices.  This helps get a little closer to competitive prices.

Sara L. | 2010-07-09

I didn't buy my car here. My husband and I bought two used Infinities about a year ago. Their prices just couldn't compete with Houston or Dallas.

However, other than prices, I've had great experiences here. When we were shopping, the sales guy we talked to was very nice and very informative. He was definitely in sales, but wasn't overly pushy or annoying. Like a previous commenter said, he was honest about the fact that he couldn't compete with the prices we found out of town.

Most recently, the dashboard on my FX35 was recalled. Once the problem became unsightly, I called. They did have to order the part, but it arrived in less than a week. I scheduled a day to have it done, and that was less than a week also. I dropped my car off yesterday morning. They gave me a wonderful loaner, and said my car would be ready that day. Due to my work schedule, I picked it up this morning and it looks amazing!

The new dashboard was great, the car was spotlessly clean, and Nick in Service was very nice and very helpful.

Geoff T. | 2010-06-28

I had a bad experience there a few years ago with particular salesman (who is no longer there) but since then they've been pleasant enough. Just don't make the mistake I did and trust them (sales) with any task post-sales. Several years ago we turned in our previous Infiniti lease before getting the new one and I was getting ready to arrange the old car to be picked up, so it could be inspected at our house, when the salesperson assured me they could do it there. I asked several times if he would call me when it was scheduled so I could be there, and have a chance to repair any damage myself (I had a cracked windshield that I needed to replace for sure, and the tires were right at the limit, wasn't sure if they'd pass or not but wanted to have the inspector look first). No problem, I was told over and over, save yourself the extra trip, enjoy your new car, just sign here.

Stupid of me, I know. I didn't hear anything for a week and finally called him, just in time to learn that the inspector had come and gone and the car was already hauled away! Long story short we got charged double what a new windshield would have cost us locally, and nearly double what new tires would have cost. I made the colossal mistake of believing this guy and it cost me, big time. I mean, I knew it would need the windshield, and possibly tires, and I was in the middle of working on a ride to come get it when he stopped me! There was no reason for him to do that, even, other than perhaps he thought if I didn't leave the old car right there and then I'd waffle on the new one. Then of course after I got the new one he lost all interest. I mean, I expect this of car dealers, but should put up with it?

It cost them in the end. We've had Infiniti's since 2003, and I just turned 2 in from lease (properly inspected and ready ahead of time this time, I'm only dumb once). We didn't get new ones. We'll probably never get an Infiniti again, and if we do it won't be from this dealer. That's all it takes. Since then I haven't had what I would call bad experiences with their service department (though they are overpriced) so I'll stick with two stars.

Michael D. | 2010-03-06

WOW!!! That is the word I will use to describe the BEST car buying experience I have ever been through. I walked in on a Saturday morning looking at cars, and drove home in the car of my dreams that same evening. Everyone that  I had the pleasure of dealing with during the process was exactly that. A pleasure. At no point did I feel pressured to buy, or felt that the "number game" was being run on me. They were straight forward with me and I really appreciate it.

Camey, Shealea, and Chad were all just so awesome, and I am glad to be a part of the Infiniti owners family.

Thank you.

BTW, I bought a 2010 Vibrant Red G37 Sedan.-AWESOME CAR!!

Daryl L. | 2009-10-20

Like others have said Austin Infiniti has excellent sales people who really do know their cars, are no hassle, no pressure, do a wonderful job getting back with you, are friendly, and do everything they can to accommodate you're needs. I highly recommend visiting Erica (sales lady) if you get a chance to. She really knows her stuff and I can see why they recruited her. She also might beat you in the hurdles/sprints as well so be nice! ha ha She use to run track for Texas A&M.  I have never talked with a sales consultant who knew as much as she did.

The only thing I DO NOT LIKE about Austin Infiniti is that they will not work with you on price, which means they will NOT go down on MSRP at all which is not good! At least on the G37 Convertibles.  You will understand why when you see how large their building is. I would imagine it takes a lot of money for the upkeep. You might try another Infiniti dealer if you want a better price. Maybe West Houston Infiniti or Crest Infiniti in Plano.

Andrew F. | 2009-09-29

A great buying experience and customer service  (not just once, but always) - Thank you Austin Infiniti  & many thanks to Gary Hardy & sales manager for the recent purchase.

I feel I want to say 'Thank You' to these people who have recently helped us buying a nice CPO G35 which my wife turned out she did not liked just after few hours after the deal was sealed, paper signed and checks written. It was not the car itself but some other reason we had.

Anyway - long story short: We've called the dealership the second day explaining _our_ problem and they worked with us taking the car back and offering an alternative which we've gladly took.

I honestly don't know which other car dealer will do this for you.

As a side note - these guys know their great cars; I am saying this after trying several cars and dealerships such as BMW, Acura and other same class cars & dealers. Austin Infiniti people are very well trained and great customer service is their 1st attribute.

This is the second Inifiniti we own - nor we ever had any problem with their service which is excellent.

Keep up the good work guys!

-- A happy customer :)

Robert T. | 2009-09-11

The worst service department ever. Infiniti makes great cars, but I will not buy another until Austin has another Infiniti dealership that I can buy from.

Mike L. | 2009-05-13

I'm bumping them up a star because the Executive Manager followed up with me in regards to my brake rotor woes.

  Good to know they actually care.. I can't justify a 5-star, because they're still not absolutely perfect, but they've certainly gained my trust. I would buy another vehicle from them.

   Another update-worthy item:
I went to the service department a few months ago to get them to listen to these faint and mysterious noises my car was making. The foreman of the dept. went on a ride with me and after a few blocks of trying to recreate the noises, I gave up and brought him back to the dealership. He reassured me that nothing was wrong with my ride, even though he could've easily led me to believe that there was.
     It's rare to have a trustworthy car dealership service department, so if you own an Infiniti, give these guys a chance when you need servicing

Tee D. | 2009-03-06

I didn't buy my G37 Coupe from the Austin dealer, although, believe me, I tried. They just didn't have the car I wanted on their lot.

They made several decent offers on the cars they had in stock, but I had my heart set on some specific features. Erica, poor girl, tried her best to get me what I wanted, but in the end, I had to go to a Houston dealer to get my car.

She even kindly told me that they could not match the Houston dealer's offer, and it was probably a better deal for me to go through the other dealer.

I really appreciated her efforts and honesty. It's refreshing to see, especially in a commission-centric industry.

Erica called me after I purchased my car, and very graciously told me that if I needed anything, I could contact her, and that I should take my car into their services department if there were any problems with the car.

Last week, I took the G-dawg in for a check-up: my car was emitting some kind of, um smell. Their services department is top-notch. My service guy, Nick, was very friendly and super cool. They didn't find any problems with my car, even though I was pretty adamant that my car smelled funky.

In response to that, Nick said, "Since we aren't able to pinpoint the source of the problem, I don't want to spend your money. Now, if this keeps happening, then bring the car back in, and we'll take a look at it again."

How fantastic is that?

Philip G. | 2009-02-23

I went here to test drive a 2007 G35 Sedan.  The place is freaking huge, apparently the largest in the country.  They store all the new cars under a roof as well, so that is pretty sweet.  It's your typical car dealership though, you walk in and they immediately want to know what you want to spend.  Well dude, I want to spend what it takes to buy a sweet car, why do you think I'm here.  Anyway I got a test drive of the car and it was freaking sweet.  I love that car!  After the ride I'm in the guy's office and he's dodging the question of how much the car is, what kind of price he can do...your typical car salesman spiel.  Not to say the guy isn't passionate, he said he loved his job.  He must be telling the truth right? Right?  So he goes off and leaves me sitting for 10-15 minutes, probably trying to get me to sweat.  Guy, come on now, it's 2009, there's no need for these games.  When he got back the price was pretty high, and I mentioned this as well, saying that another dealership and CarMax had the same ride for much cheaper.  Well he got kind of insulted, which really turned me off.  Anyway, I finally got out of there, and I probably won't be back.  But who knows?  They do make sweet rides.

Michelle C. | 2007-09-06

I have never purchased anything here, so I don't feel totally qualified to give it five stars, but I did show up here unannounced one day recently for a test drive, and my experience was quite outstanding.

Matt Walton, the sales guy who helped me, was really great.  He was the perfect combination of TOTALLY responsive with questions (I e-mailed him several questions about the vehicle I had test driven for a while after I was there), clearly interested in getting your business, yet not an annoyingly hard sell.  That's a fine line to tread, especially in the area of vehicle sales, and I thought Matt handled it perfectly.  I regret that I couldn't give him the commission he deserved, as I ended up buying a different make vehicle, but I would highly recommend him to anybody interested in buying an Infiniti.  They are beautiful cars, and Matt is great at what he does.  They have a swanky (and very conveniently located) new location on Burnet Road, now - check it out!