Austin Auto Assistance in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Austin Auto Assistance in Austin, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Austin Auto Assistance, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Austin Auto Assistance in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 472-6605
Address:2213 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX, 78722

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 474-7717
Address:3850 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX, 78722

Reviews on Austin Auto Assistance

Irene L. | 2015-03-19

If I could I would give this place more than five stars I am a current customer of auto assistance I i have bought already three cars from them. Today I bought a truck from them and the one that helped me his name is Bernard and is a really cool, nice and friendly guy. If anybody wants to get I car I really would go here and talk to Bernard cause he will help you out. Bernard knew since last year that I wanted an avalanche and I have left it off in getting one cause every else that I went they wanted an arm and a leg and they had to many miles on them so I just gave up on looking for one. Than my husband told me that AAA HAD ONE FOR $1,500 down and when I called Bernard answer and I asked him how much for the truck down and total and he informed me and today when I got off I went straight to him to go look at it  and feel in love with the truck. It has low miles and was in good condition compare to the other dealerships that I went to and I am glad that I finally got the truck that I always been wanting. THANKS BERNARD A WHOLE BUNCH YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER. IF ANYBODY WANTS A CAR CALL AND TALK TO BERNARD HE WILL HELP YOU OUT.

Ari B. | 2015-01-11

I sold my beloved BMW to these people as I was leaving the country. I still had a loan on the car and not only did I end up selling it to them for LESS than the loan but they did not pay my bank for the car until 2 MONTHS LATER. Meanwhile I am overseas and a this is getting referred to my credit. I had to place several international calls in the wee hours of the morning to get their mess sorted out. BEWARE. SKETCHY AS ONLY A USED CAR DEALER CAN BE!

Molly E. | 2014-07-07

I had my eye on a Volkswagen listed in inventory through auto trader so I made a call about it and made my way down to test drive. I was about an hour earlier than I said I would be. The office is filthy and disorganized. There was one employee working. I waited for 30 minutes while he went to the other lot to retrieve the vehicle. Da

When he came back in, he informed me that the vehicle hasn't been detailed yet and was still dirty. No real issue and I'd made the drive so I test drove it. There were a number of issues with the vehicle, the interior was degraded, the AC wasn't blowing cold, there were no hubcaps and the airbag light was on. At this point I should have just walked away, but minus the issues, it was a sexy car.

I was assured that the issues could be rectified by Monday (this was on a Thursday) so I agreed to leave a $300 deposit. Monday rolled around and when I called at 1130 am, none of the work had even been started. At this point, I asked for my deposit back but was reassured the work could be completed on time. At 430, I went back to test drive the car again. It was obvious that the work had been done quickly and sloppily. The AC still wasn't working one of the hubcaps fell off sometime during the test drive.

Obviously I'd had enough so I asked for a refund. They initially tried to bargain with me which was irritating. I'd waited four days for shoddy work. Once he finally agreed to rerun my card, I waited for 30 minutes to have a receipt issue.

Given their general demeanor, state of the office and the small sample of work I'd seen done on the vehicle, I wouldn't trust them to wash a vehicle, let alone sell anything durable.

Carlos C. | 2013-11-13

I have been looking for a very specific vehicle and the triple AAA had one at a good price. I have been to other dealers that had this vehicle and been disappointed because the car turned out to be in really bad shape. This is what I was expecting again. I was pleasantly surprised that the car was in excellent condition, and the car was almost in pristine condition. The test drive was great, and all of the salesman I talked to were very polite and helpful. I already had my own financing lined up, so everything went very smoothly. Very professional, great selection of cars, and very good customer service will bring me back the next time I am looking for a car.

Rose K. | 2013-09-20

My husband and I have bought two cars from Austin Auto Assistance, and both times we had a great experience!

The first time (a year and a half ago, approximately), I came into a little money and thought I'd get myself exactly the used car I wanted, which was a Hyundai Sonata (preferably in white).  Consumer Reports said the 2004 and 2005 models were the best of the used cars, so that's what I wanted.  They also said that I should be able to get one for about $5,000.

I'm not sure where they live, but I looked for months without finding anything near that amount.  $7K, 10K... Yes.  $5K?  NO.

Until I looked at Austin Auto Assistance.  They had a 2004 white Hyundai Sonata that had just come on the lot, and they wanted $5K for it.  Sold!  Also, they fixed a few minor things that weren't quite right with the car.  They nearly completely replaced the A/C, since it wasn't blowing as cold as I wanted.  (They did all this to the car before I ever left the lot with it; they were GREAT about service with a smile!)

Also, they did a lovely job detailing my car.  It was nice and clean when I picked it up from them; the carpets and upholstery had been shampooed, and every surface thoroughly cleaned.  It was snazzy!

Fast-forward to now...

My husband was in the market for a car, either something with great mileage or something in which he could haul a bunch of his camping gack (gack is his word!)  We looked around a bit, but neither of us were pleased with the quality of service that most used car lots gave us.  For example, one of the vehicles we looked at had a broken console (the plastic bin side was partially missing and the hinge was broken; the whole thing was pretty darned broken.)  Also, some piece had been pried off the side of the vehicle (I'm guessing it was the make or model icon; there were four rusty screw holes in a row and scratched paint all around them).  The sales guy said there was no way they could fix those things, but did agree that perhaps the back door should actually be able to be opened.  (At first, he seemed to think that as long as I could open it from the inside, it would be okay to sell "as-is", but when he realized that it couldn't be opened from either side he agreed that they should fix it.)  Hmm, I thought, I will take my money elsewhere.

We only looked at other dealers because I wanted to do at least some due diligence, but I really wanted to go with Austin Auto Assistance again since we'd had such a great experience with them before.  This time, we got a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport.  When we went to look at the Montero the second time, it had been cleaned, but the ashtray was still dirty and the part of the carpet (the part in the cargo area that folds up when the seat backs are up) hadn't been vacuumed.  My husband wanted to drive the car off the lot, so our salesguy put a "re-detail" note down, along with some repairs that we noticed, so that we could bring the car back when we had time for repairs.  

We arrived at the lot at 6:01pm on a Friday (closing time was 6pm), and the salesman cheerfully stayed to help us (we still weren't sure when we arrived that we wanted the Montero because we wanted another test drive, but he was super-gracious about staying after closing even though we weren't sure we wanted it.)

Both of the salesmen we had were great.  Bernard was the first guy, and he really sold me on Austin Auto Assistance with his helpful attitude to me and laid-back camaraderie with both my husband and my dad.  Bernard wasn't in the office the second time we went (he was at lunch), so Joe helped us the second time, and he was just as good.

Both times we went in, we paid cash so I'm not sure what their financing is like, but I know they do provide it for folks with poor or no credit.  

We got discounts for cash both times.

Austin Auto Assistance is great!

Barbara M. | 2013-07-28

My daughter needed to buy a car. She needed me to co-sign. We found an affordable car at Austin Auto Assistance that my daughter really liked.  

I went into the car lot feeling grumpy and skeptical.  Because of my daughter's poor credit rating, we didn't expect a break on high interest rate, but Daniel, the salesman, worked with us to set up payments that my daughter can afford, and was flexible about what date the payments are due. And now she has the opportunity to improve her credit rating, by making her payments on time.

Daniel was nothing like the stereo-typical used car salesmen. He has a purpose to help people with poor credit to get behind the wheel. And help is what he did.  

A free CarFax report was provided, substantiating that the car has only had one owner, no accidents, and was well maintained.

Daniel went out of his way to handle every glitch that came up, including getting in touch with our insurance company on a Saturday  to change the policy.  He did not skimp on any paperwork, either, which is something I admire.

By the time we left Austin Auto Assistance, me in my car and my daughter in hers, I was not grumpy anymore, and  my daughter is completely happy with her new car!

Nora M. | 2012-08-07

I'm just glad I didn't finance the car I bought or I'd still be dealing with this place! It's a used car dealership so no one has high expectation anyway. I got a decent used car that I could afford.

I had a lot of trouble getting the title for the car after paying cash though. My temporary plates were good for two month and by the end of the two months I should have received the title, registration sticker, and license plates in the mail. This didn't happen because Austin Auto Assistance failed to transfer the title to me in the time frame required by law. Of course they lied and made excuses but I know the car was someone else's trade in and based on what they said and reading other horror stories online, it seems like they didn't pay off the previous owner's car loan for months after selling the car to me so they never had the title! Finally four months after purchase I did receive the title but the experience was very stressful. I wouldn't recommend Austin Auto Assistance to anyone!

Jessica C. | 2012-01-10

Once, twice, three times a lady got a car easy peasy! I just bought my 3rd car from these guys today and it couldn't have been easier. Today was the day for me to take the plunge in to the mommy-mobile world.

2008 - It was time to get a ride. Bus systems in Austin are not always a desirable option and I was tired of it. I saved up some dough and decided I'd wait until I found just the right opportunity. That day came when I got on the wrong bus. I loaded my bike up on the city bus and took off for a much needed ride around town lake. Not being completely familiar with the bus system I got turned around somewhere. It was fate working in my favor. I was riding down Airport Blvd thinking, "I have no idea where I am." I decided the corner of Manor and Airport was as good as any for me to figure out where to go from there. As I got off, I saw AAA beaming and decided I'd check out what they had to offer. What the heck, if I found a car, I'd just drive myself right down to Town Lake. That is exactly what I did. I filled out a little paperwork, dropped a little money, and walked out without a single problem. There were a few minor issues that came up with the car a little later, but they were right on top of getting them fixed right up for me.

2010 - A little rain, a lot of sleepy, and a little bit of a heavy foot and what do you get? A smashed apartment gate and a majorly f-ed car. That's how my 2nd little friend came about. I tried to drive 2008 as long as I could. I put more and more money into fixing the damages I'd done, but had no luck. I gave up and went back to AAA. This round wasn't quite as pleasant. There were some undesirable staff members there at the time that almost had me backing out of the deal, but I got through it and drove off with a nice little Isuzu Amigo.

2012 - Unexpected miracle. It was time to break away from 2 doors and move into 4. I still had 4 more months to go on payments but thought I'd see if they could help me. I swung by today thinking I would see if this was even an option to trade in my favorite car I ever had and get something more practical and viola! it was done in a matter of an hour. Baby friendly and mommy happy car back on the road with one satisfied lady!

The owner Shay has been very helpful with any issues I have had come up and always says hello when he sees me come in. He appreciates customer loyalty and knows how to keep you coming back.