Audi South Austin in Austin, TX

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Audi South Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 660-6700
Address:4738 IH-35 South, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi South Austin

Chris T. | 2015-04-08

I don't give any car dealerships a 5 star cause they make you wait too long.  

However, Matthew at Audi south did a great job.  He was able to get me a new Audi A6 for a great price and I got out under 3 hours.

Overall, a really nice sales team and they weren't pushy.  I felt like I got a good deal and they were very professional.

Thomas P. | 2014-11-03

We decided to come by your dealership after corresponding through emails. We decided to come by to look at this preowned Acura RDX and left a message for the salesperson.

When we reached the dealership, he was with a customer. We waited for a long time. There were several sales people there, but the receptionist advised that only the particular salesperson can show us the vehicle. Fair enough, we waited.

Finally he came by saying that he will bring the car to the front in 3 mts. He disappears and again we don't see him for the next 20 mins. After that he came by and advised that the ACURA had some issues with the battery and wasn't starting. He had to get it started and hence the delay happened. I was ok with that too.
He came with us for a test drive. While getting off the car, I saw some scratches outside the vehicle and I was asking whether that was something that could be fixed. He said he will take a look at it and then immediately asked me whether we would buy the vehicle if that is fixed before even we went inside the office to discuss other details like price, which I thought was being really inconsiderate and pushy.

We went in. He started printing out some paper work for us to fill in. In a minute, he got a phone call in his cell and he started talking on the phone while we are sitting in front of his desk. He then walked away with our car key since we were asking about trade in. He goes inside a room, still being on the phone. I waited for another 20 mts not knowing what is going on. Finally, I had enough and decided to leave the dealership.

The customer service was pathetic. It took forever for someone to assist us, vehicle not even ready with a battery, talking on cell phone while a customer is waiting in front of his desk, then walking away without telling us what is going on.

And yes, I did  buy an Acura in the next week from another dealer who provided great customer service !

Courtney K. | 2014-10-16

The service department at Audi is amazing, I have been a loyal Audi owner for 13 years and Michelle has taken care of everything for me every time! They are prompt, honest and reliable!

David R. | 2014-10-13

I drive roughly 25,000 miles a year which requires regular maintenance and the occasional unplanned stop for things like a nail in a tire, so I give this high rating having  been to Audi dealerships all over Texas.  From when they opened this dealership to every visit i have had, every experience has been nothing but positive.  

When the dealership first opened I was driving a Q7 TDI that I had bought out of state,  that did not matter to the team a Audi South.  The service team treated me like I had bought the vehicle from them and the sales people were always polite and up for talking cars knowing I was not in the market.  Unfortunately I suddenly became in the market for a car when my Q7 was stolen from downtown.

I had to call the dealership to cancel my service appointment, and they said what ever they could do to help get me back in Audi they would do.  Having waited 4 months for my first Audi I knew replacing it would be a challenge.
After driving several vehicles I decided to replace my car with an A6 TDI which was looking like a 4 month wait.  The dealership took a less profitable option and got the car I wanted from a dealer in Dallas and paid to have shipped to Austin.

I am a happy Audi owner and a huge Audi South Austin Fan.

Tanmay Z. | 2014-09-09

This review is specifically for the service department at Audi South Austin.

My wife purchased a new Audi Q5 and within a month of driving it, she had a tire blow out on her with no external damage like a nail or shard in the tire. Now I understand that such accidents are common, even with brand new tires. What made me mad was not that I had to shell out $300 for a new tire, but the response I got from the dealership. Their position was defensive to the point of being aggressive. The manager was so focused on dismissing the dealership's liability that the conversation soon turned daunting for me. I mean the least you can do is be compassionate and calm down a customer. Never did they express regret that we had to go through this experience. This lack of people management skills has definitely soured my view of Audi and this dealership in particular. I've had better service at Discount Tire to be honest. At least they stand behind what they sell and treat their customers with care.

At this point, I am tempted to ask them to prove to me that the tire had indeed blown out through factors other than the quality of the tire itself. But I'm wondering if that is a lost cause. What depresses me is that I will likely have to deal with them for future services in the years to come.

Forrest B. | 2014-08-18

This review is ONLY on the service department.

I purchased a 2006 Audi S4 from a private party 2 months ago.  This was my third Audi in the last 4 years and I've always had them serviced at Roger Beasley Audi dealers even though they charge a premium.

I was very careful to ensure that I bought a car that was in great condition inside and out.  I also made sure to find a car with an extended warranty.  Before I purchased the car, I had the seller take it to Audi for a full buyers inspection.  Audi performed the inspection and confirmed that the car was mechanically sound and had ZERO issues.  

A few weeks after purchasing the car, it would not start.  I looked under the hood and noticed the battery had extensive corrosion.  I replaced it with a brand new battery and cleaned all of the corrosion off the terminals.  The car drove fine for 3 weeks and then it broke down again.  I had it towed to Audi and they took a full week just to diagnose it.  They said it was an electrical issue and it would cost at least $1,300 to fix.  They also said my platinum warranty would not cover the repairs because the corrosion from the original battery had done damage to the cars electrical system.

I politely asked Audi to cover the cost of the repairs since they had inspected the car and told me it had zero issues even though it had extreme corrosion at the battery terminals.  First the service manager refused to help me at all.  Then I shared my disappointment in their service and he offered to cover 10% of the repairs.  I talked to him a bit longer about the situation and eventually he agreed to cover 50%.  That was the best offer he was willing to provide.  Normally this may have been a generous discount however the dealer was clearly responsible for the full repair.  

Would a big car dealership like Audi offer a 50% discount on expensive repair work out of the kindness of their hearts?  No; that's not how businesses operate.  Offering to pay 50% of the expensive repair was a slap in the face after they told me the car was in perfect condition just a few weeks prior when they inspected it.  It was the equivalent of them admitting fault but only wanting to pay 50% to reconcile it.  The corrosion on the battery was clearly a lot older than when I had Audi inspect the car.  Instead of owning their mistake and taking care of their loyal customer, they tried to stick me with a huge repair bill that I was not responsible for.

Instead of giving the Audi Dealer my money, I had my car towed to German Auto Center and they took great care of me.  I will never be going to a Roger Beasley Audi Dealer ever again.  Their service rates are out of control and their customer service is extremely poor.  If you don't believe me, try getting their service dept. on the phone someday.

- Disappointed Audi Enthusiast

Shannon A. | 2014-08-18

If you're going to buy or lease a car from these guys, Shaun Jones is the guy to get. The man is a straight-up car guy, and is always willing to go the extra mile to make you happy. Greatest Audi guy ever!

Rob V. | 2014-07-21

Issues with my wife's car were botched and delayed so they could walk my wife around the showroom and try to sell her a new audi instead of correcting the problem with the current car. Twice this has happened, still had not fixed the issue.  Took it to a more local shop that worked with audi vehicles and they diagnosed the issue, fixed the 'impossible to fix' issue that audi south failed to fix or even word...scheisters.

Shawn C. | 2014-05-25

This review is only on the service department.

Michelle is amazing. I've been going to her since she was at the North Austin location and she truly rocks! Every time I've had to bring my car in, which is rare, I've been treated like family. They do a great job with anything I've brought in and I always leave knowing I'm well taken care of.

Lexi K. | 2014-04-03

Just traded in my 2012 for a 2014. Love this place much better then the North Austin location!

David S. | 2014-02-22

I recently purchased a 2005 S4 with 51500 miles from the dealership.  I wanted a reliable used car with all wheel drive, and A/C.  My daily driver and only vehicle at the time was a 2014 GT500 and that car is terrible whenever it drizzles or when temperatures are less than 50F (wheels spin even at very low RPMs).

This is my first Audi, my first interaction with a Roger Beasley franchise and one of the few used cars I've purchased.  I think this is my 25th or so car purchased for myself at a car dealership and 33rd or so overall.  I have also had a Virginia car salesman license so I consider myself a bit experienced when it comes to buying cars.

Needless to say I was disappointed with most of it.  I had previously equated the Audi brand equivalent to that of BMW and Mercedes and would think that the level of service, attention to detail and presentation of product would be second to none but I was re-educated in my naivety.

The vehicle itself would be a great purchase if the air conditioner worked.  Unfortunately it was pretty cold during the winter so I couldn't test the A/C before I bought it.  Overall I'm satisfied with the performance of the vehicle but disappointed that the vehicle was advertised with A/C when it didn't work.

I had a pre-approval for a loan but decided to let Audi South try to beat my rate.  The vehicle is over 7 years old which would not fit the criteria for most banks.  Anyway Audi shopped my loan at 5 banks, with 4 rejections and 1 counter offer.  When I worked in the business, we would only hit one bank if the credit report came out so-so but if it was a A+ client, then we could mass hit several banks to try to get the best rate.  Unfortunately when a finance guy does this, he's just trying to make his % points and doesn't really care how much he lowers your credit score by these repeated hard hits.  So I was disappointed in that regard.

My salesperson was John.  He was busy with another customer but just gave me the keys and let me test drive it wherever.  I was satisfied with the vehicle.

Negotiations for the vehicle went smoothly, not too much offering and counter offering but my initial offer was a realistic price for a vehicle that had no work put into it (other than trade in).  However I wish they had stated that the vehicle only had 1 key, which would've affected my offer on the price.  They didn't tell me that fact until I asked for the second key as I was about to drive home.

It had a current Texas state inspection but I had thought that most dealerships would just put in the basics, oil change, new inspection and basic repairs before putting it out on the lot.

Apparently this is not the case at Audi.

It was night time when I bought the car, so I didn't notice that there were black socks wrapped around the lap belt buckles because the plastic covers were no longer there.  LOL, never had a vehicle's parts replaced by black socks before.  I haven't seen that even at shady used car lots or even private sales but from an Audi dealership, this is classic.  The dealership said it would be $610.00 to replace the parts.

They mailed me a letter saying that they need to do an emissions test (for the green sheet) since this vehicle was previously titled out of state so I had to bring the car back in.  Okay so my temp tags expire on 3/5 and you send me a letter on 2/18 (dated 2/11) saying that you're going to have an issue with giving me my plates and my registration?  I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal for them that they didn't think I would want to be informed as soon as possible so I can schedule a drive down to south Austin.

Not sure about most people but I try not driving through Austin for whatever reason, EVER.  I just dislike traffic and 20 miles seems to take 1 hour or longer each way every time.

Anyway I agree to drive down if they would at least troubleshoot my A/C problem.  They agree.  I lose about 4 hours of my life to this trip along with gas.  They give me a new state inspection, no charge but stated that my A/C has a leak and they put dye in it and repairs would be discussed.

I don't think they should've advertised that the car had A/C if it didn't work.  It would definitely have discouraged me from even looking at the car and I definitely would not have bought it, especially since car interior temps get up to 125F in the summer here.

I could've bought a brand new commuter car for the same money so I am disappointed with the experience. I had considered Audi a luxury brand and expected certain things out of a dealership.

Overall, this is what I got out of Audi South Austin.  You have to specifically direct, ask, etc through every phase of dealing with them.  Audi North Austin (owned by the same people) didn't even fill up my friend's brand new Q5 upon delivery because he didn't remind them.

Nevertheless, I'm sticking with BMW or Mercedes in the future and would not buy a used car from anyone unless it's a certified pre-owned from Dallas Audi.

Glenn R. | 2013-10-23

I purchased my A6 last year from Audi North Austin (before they opened this location), but go down here for all of my service needs.  I have Michelle as my Service Advisor--and she's awesome!  She was originally at the North location, but I followed her down here.  I've never had any issues and she's great.  Also, I would highly recommend Brooke.  She's a great salesperson (who sold me my car last year) and has since moved down to this location as well.

Jensen J. | 2013-08-23

I just had my 35,000 mile scheduled service done at Audi South Austin. Mike Laughlin was my service advisor and just like the other reviewer stated, I felt like I walked in to a meeting with friends...both Mike and Michelle greeted me warmly and had a loaner car ready and waiting. Mike made arrangements to have the considerably extensive service done within a day and also tried to take care of a small bumper issue though they are not a body shop. Service price was reasonable although not the cheapest in town. I wouldn't want my Audi to be serviced in the cheapest place in town either since quality, service and expertise matters. I found the other staff also to be warm and friendly with a smile on their faces. I will definitely recommend this dealership for service. I have no experience with the sales department yet since I bought mine at Fort Worth Audi.

Danielle F. | 2013-06-26

Hello I am real  and  this is my actualy  opinion lol just  thought Id  put  that out there.  I recently got in a major  car wreck  where my  vehicle was totalled  and  I was living  off my cheapo rental car.  So I began  hitting the pavement  for a  car I decided  I wanted a prius  (if  I have to have a carpayment I want a small gas bill).  I went to so many dealerships, people  were forceful,  overpriced, and  talked down to me (I'm a 28 yr old single woman).  I found a  prius on autotrader there and  confirmed  the  car  was there.  I am in san antonio tx  and they did all my papaerwork via  email, I was embrassed by my  credit  but  they financed  me at a lower  rate   than my crappy  3rd party did and offered  some refinance  options when I boost  my score. I had  bob used  car sales,  he  was  kind, informative, never pushy, called me  back mutliple  times a day  never mentioned  other  clients, or  closing  the sale, or  *hurry now*  or  downpayment*  non of  that bs  hard  sell lingo.  I  drove  up  today, i got  there  at 9am I signed  my paperwork inspected my car  and was out the door by 11:15  and  that was only because  the finance lady got there at 10:30!  To be  honest I was intimidated by audi  because  I thought a luxury dealership was  looking to rip me off, but  they had  the best  deal in the state  at  the time!  and  put  new  tires on my  car and  50,000  mile  check up!  If  I wouldve known  I wouldve  been treated  this  well I would  have  gone here first instead of  being  so overwhelmed, treated like crap  on a time crunch.  I love my car, I love the easy experience I had, with no pressure sales, good  fair prices, and kind patient people.  I will go to them for my next vehicle for sure.

Travis B. | 2013-02-01

Disclaimer: This review is about my service experience and not buying a new/used car.

I love my Audi and I do NOT like being fed "fluffy" information whether it be for pricing, cost of service, etc. The team here is definitely not that way and truly make me feel like they care about my happiness both with my car and the service they provide.

My Service Advisor is Mike Laughlin and he is a knowledgeable, relaxed, and extremely helpful advisor here at Audi South Austin. I brought my car in for the 15k checkup early in the morning and felt like I had walked into a room of friends. All of the service advisors made me feel like I had just left a conversation and I easily felt like I could bring up anything that concerned me with my car. They didn't give any strange looks, roll their eyes, or cover up any information; they were extremely polite and wanted to truly get me the best information & pricing possible so I left satisfied.

I bought my 2012 A5 used with 7k miles and it didn't come with Audi Care. Mike printed out my next 4 service checkups and showed me what the price would be and then went on to say that I could pay for all 4 for a quarter of the price right then and there. I'm sure glad he did. Saved me a ton of time and money!

Now from a buying perspective, I can't speak to that. Though while walking around the dealership as it began to open for sales, the sales teams made eye contact, say good morning, and smiled. Was very refreshing and made for a very non-high pressure feeling. I'll buy another Audi someday and I'm not looking to be up sold just yet.

The facility is brand new and definitely looks like it fits the Audi brand to a T. Comared to the other dealerships nearby, this one definitely stands out among the crowd. Compared to the Audi North Austin, the facilities are roughly the same.

All-in-all, this will be my Audi dealership of choice for as long as I live here in Austin!