Audi North Austin in Austin, TX

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Audi North Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 219-3150
Address:12971 Pond Springs Rd, Austin, TX, 78729
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi North Austin

Jennifer G. | 2015-02-18

While I did not buy my Audi from this dealership, the sales process a few years ago was very low pressure but helpful.
I take my Audi (shipped from FLA) to them, and have had nothing but impeccable customer service. I had one issue with the car not being ready on time today, and I expressed my upset to Moris the service manager and he handled the situation in such a great way that I was moved to write this review.  He took an upset customer and completely remedied the situation - not an easy feat. I'll definitely keep my business here.

Brian L. | 2014-10-13

I was very disappointed in the annual car service, especially when I needed new front brakes.  The price I was quoted seemed awfully high and thankfully the people on said it was too high.  As I found out, other Audi dealerships charge $600 for the front brakes to be serviced where Audi of Austin charges $800.

If you have to take your car in to be serviced at Audi of Austin, check with to make sure you are being quoted a reasonable price.

Sherry A. | 2014-09-23

I made the silly mistake of buying my first car from this dealership. As a college student, I found a used car that was in my price range and decided why not. The buying process was relatively simple and the manager was really friendly which is what made me give two stars instead of one. However, thats pretty much where the good experience ends. Ive been taking it in for 2 years now trying to keep my car in good shape for when I decide to trade it in. This is nearly impossible though, because they insist you pay a crazy amount of money and they only do a subpar job. I don't know much about cars so I try to do my research and speak to them (specifically George) so  I can get an idea of what Im doing. This guy has no clue about anything though, which makes it frustrating. He is also forgetful (at my expense) and extremely aggressive when talking about money which makes me uncomfortable. A few months ago, I got lucky when he wasn't available and got Fernando, who is a lot better with handling customers and he seems to be genuinely friendly. The only problem is that he makes everything seem a bit dramatic. For example, "if you don't fix your windshield wiper your car will break down for sure- you have to do it today!!" Of course this isn't a direct quote but I don't want to give too much away in case they read this and decide to do a lot of a** kissing. Either way, I recently decided to try to find another dealership because I can't spend 2k every time I decide to pay audi a visit. Sorry but Im pretty sure anywhere is better than here.

Robert W. | 2014-08-23

I have to agree with the majority of the poor reviews I have read. I have a 13 Q7 and an 11 A8l both purchased new and both under warranty.

We have had to bring bot in for AC related issues and most recently the Q7 blowing hot air in 100 plus degree temperatures outside. The A8 has a far left vent not blowing cold air. When I got the 8 back it was still not working and the repair techs just say that it was working and that they put a new motor in it. As for the Q7 there was no feedback except that it was repaired and that they did a 2,000 dollar brake job. The brakes job was fine. After-all the car has 25 thousand miles on it so given that it is an Audi it may be near the end of its life.

The dealership has an extremely poor success rating when it comes to correcting problems. The staff is relatively polite. All in all Audi should maybe take a look at getting this franchisee replaced with a better fit for their brand and the image they want to convey.

Ron W. | 2014-07-30

After using the online scheduling for  a 10k servicing and state inspection for a 1:30 pm appointment the following day, I received a voice message and an email the morning of (9:30) that they couldn't do the service because they were full and didn't have any inspection stickers.   I should call and reschedule.  So I called the service department, and after 8 rings, I got transferred to the receptionist, who transferred me to the service department.   I waited thru 6 rings to get someone's voice mail.  I left a message I wanted to reschedule.  As of the morning of the next day, no call back.   I also replied to the email I received that I wanted to reschedule.  Again, no reply yet.   I believe it is time to try an independent service group.   I'm hearing Northwest is good and will check them out.

Sijoy T. | 2014-06-18

Audi is definitely a great car but I started regretting buying this because they do not have any kind of good service in Austin. Also it is not that great in Houston from where I bought Audi. This place is my worst car service experience in US but I am left with only 2 options here..either go North or South...

Greg C. | 2014-06-18

Bought my first audi from this place. Had a great buying EXPERIANCE. But, their service center is the worst I've ever seen. Ice been driving BMWs for many years and decided to try out audi.... Hate to say it, but their service department is the reason I will most likely be trading my car back in and go back to BMW. Again.... Service department sucks!!!!! No one seems to care about your needs nor your problems.

Anonymous A. | 2014-06-05

Absolutely not happy with Audi North Austin from the start of buying my car there.  First of all, if you walk in with your own financing, but then still sit and wait for hours, that's a problem! And then have the salesman ask you if another customer could cut in front of you to finish their paperwork, because they were not happy waiting so long and were going to walk out,  and he said "plus they are paying cash".  Hello I had my check in hand!  Poor customer service.  Second, the service department is rude and unprofessional, the three times I had to deal with them, I could not get a straight answer, they couldn't find me in their computer, so asking if I was sure I had an appointment, and this last time telling me they couldn't get me in for over a week for an oil change!  Im done Audi of North Austin, farewell.  I will not be buying a car at this location again.  P.s.  I called Audi South Austin,  and they got me right in for my service on the time and day  I needed, and were accomadating.

Mary F. | 2014-05-26

The Best!
Darrell Robles is an exceptional Service Advisor.  He is very knowledgeable in his field and is very patient.  He takes time to explain questions you have.  I appreciate his wisdom and truthfulness.  I have nothing but good to say about him. You will be very glad you chose him as your Advisor!  He is very 'handsome' too!!

Martha M. | 2014-05-22

I've been having it serviced here for a couple years. I've always had great experiences with the services department, especially from Darrell Robles! Good communication and solid service keep me coming back.

Joe V. | 2014-04-15

Arthur is an honest, reasonable guy and easy to work with. This was a great buying experience. I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I felt like Arthur has the interpersonal and communication ability that you need in business. I never felt like I was "negotiating." A LOT of car dealers just don't have that knack, and you can't teach it. The same goes for his manager.  I went to an Audi dealer in San Antonio a week ago and felt like a kid on a playground full of bullies. At Audi North Austin, I could have gone and had a beer after work with anyone I talked to.

Jim G. | 2014-03-14

The Service Department at Audi North Austin is absolutely horrible. Even when my car was under warranty, their lack of professionalism was frustrating as I had to consistently call them to get any kind of update on my car, and without fail they always managed to "find" something that needed to be fixed/replaced that wouldn't be covered by the warranty (nor had been an issue previously). Now that my car is out of warranty, I go to a nearby third party (Northwest Imports) for any kind of scheduled service or maintenance as they offer much better service and pricing.

A couple weeks ago, my check engine light came on and I had recently received a free inspection coupon in the mail, so I thought I would give the Audi North Austin another opportunity. When I arrived for my scheduled appointment and presented the discount to the service rep, he informed me that it was only valid for a visual inspection of the car and that it would be $150 to run the diagnostics test to determine the issue. He even admitted that the coupon wasn't really a discount at all since they do the visual inspection for every service anyway (I would sincerely hope so!).

I immediately took my car to the nearby Northwest Imports to have the diagnostics run for a fraction of the price and they determined what the issue was and gave me a quote to perform the repairs. Since I had also received a $100 off coupon from Audi North Austin for any service, I wanted to get a competitive quote from them as well. I scheduled an appointment online and clearly stated in my notes the description of the issue, specific parts that needed to be replaced, and that I wanted a quote sent to me prior to the appointment. Needless to say, I did not receive a quote or even a phone call to discuss the matter.

Save yourself the trouble and Do NOT get your Audi serviced at this unprofessional establishment. Audis are terrific cars, but this service department is an embarassment.

Kurt A. | 2014-02-12

Audis are some of the most beautiful cars on the road.  Unfortunately, I will never own one again, seeing as the Roger Beasley auto group controls both Audi dealerships in Austin.  Nearly every step of my experience at Roger Beasley Audi North Austin was a hassle.

I bought an A4 here some time ago.  The salesman on staff lied to me and claimed I was buying AWD but it turns out they sold me a FWD car.  My Audi was fine at first, but soon began consuming oil.   That was funny. Why consume oil?  I inquired about this issue, and seeing as the car was due for an oil change, had the technician go ahead and do the change and see if anything was wrong.  Well, it turns out they found nothing, so I moved on monitoring the oil situation.  Sure enough, not long after, I was low on oil.  Fed up with the service, I called Audi of America to address the issue.  Eventually, the people at RBA agreed to look at it again.  They once again found nothing, but this time they quoted me an outlandish price for new tires on a car I just bought.  To their credit, they also warned me my car would need new brake pads soon.  Since I no longer trusted the dealer to do work, I went to a third party to quote me on the brakes about two weeks later.  Turns out there was oil in my coolant and the rotors needed replacing.  I went back to RBA to get the oil cooler fixed under CPO.  A week after the job was done, I noticed oil in the coolant again.  I cut my losses, had the car fixed, and traded it in for something else.

Don't ever go to these people.  Apparently one star is the lowest you can give as a rating.  Audi would be wise to let a different auto group run their dealership in central Texas.  Too bad Audi South Austin just opened and it is run by the same people.

Jo Y. | 2014-01-16

Time and time again the Audi service department has let me down. They are always over priced and under serviced. The customer service is just awful! I've had to try for weeks to get an appointment,  which involved leaving messages with no response,  requesting an appointment online with no response... Finally my husband got a hold of someone during the day but geesh!! Then of course, because I didn't go through the right channels,  I couldn't get a loaner car... It's just always one thing after another with them. They hit me with an outrageous quote for "necessary" work,  and then the one thing I did allow them to do, they did half a**ed! I had to go back inside to complain before ever leaving the parking lot. Needless to say, I am selling my Audi this weekend partly so I don't ever have to deal with them again.  I've been told that Audi South has way better customer service. I recommend making the drive.

Scott H. | 2013-12-03

I'm a long time customer - on my 4th and my daughter has had an a4 since '06. Before they start to wear out they are great cars, but once you get into the repair death spiral (for my daughter's car that seems to have happened at 75K miles). And this dealership is NOT where you want to be if you're in the repair death spiral.

She is on her 4th repair of stuff that should NOT be wearing out in a German-engineered car, and her service representative will barely return her calls. He doesn't have his voice mail set up.

I love the cars when they're young, but this dealership is making me re-think things.

I would buy one anywhere else than here.

John T. | 2013-11-14

I really wish I could give NO stars and that  they would just clear out all the employees currently and fill them with people who have souls. I've never had a good experience here and hate I purchased from this location! The absolute worst customer service and be-careful with the service department they are rude and have noodles for brains. overall this place should shut down!! I currently drive all the way to Dallas Audi to get my car serviced.

Brittany M. | 2013-10-26

TOMMY is amazing! If you are lucky enough to own an Audi I wouldn't take it anywhere else and I wouldn't take it to anyone but Tommy at Audi North Austin. Great service! You always know that you will be in goods hands when Tommy is taking care of your car. Couldn't give a higher recommendation!

Amy A. | 2013-09-30

Aside from the actual car I bought (which I absolutely love), it looks like by the reviews I should have went to the south location to buy my car.  The customer service sucks and they have very poor communication.  For whatever reason they didn't order my plates and when I inquired as to what was going on and when could I expect them no one would even bother to call me back.  It's not like I bought a car at Fred's discount cars and dirt dump, it's AUDI!  I expect better.

Savvy C. | 2013-09-23

My experience at this dealership drove me to start Yelp-ing.  And not for the good.


I am a loyal Audi owner of 13 years with the exception of a few years when I splurged on a Porsche.  I have always gone to dealers for the customer service, quality of repairs, and ease of loaner vehicles.  I have probably patronized 5-6 dealers throughout career moves and this is the only one where I've had a bad experience.

Major Issues:

1) Don't call new customers back.  I had to make at least 3 calls before someone would do anything but take a message.  About 2 weeks to talk to someone.

2) Took 3 days to evaluate my car after dropping it  off and call me with a report.  Took me 3 additional days to get a fax of the estimate.

3) I told them up front I had a certain warranty and then they said 'no problem.' After having my car for 8 days they tell me they won't fix it unless I pay more out of pocket.  I asked for my car back and they would not give it to me.  They refused.  They said 'it was not ready' even though nothing was authorized to be fixed.  The car had been diagnosed 5 days ago. Instead they lied (see #4).

4) Darrell Robles lied to me so I wouldn't take my car somewhere else.  Instead of giving me my car back as requested, he told me he would fix the car for only the deductible.  Then 3 days later he calls saying they won't fix the car and they were going to charge me a fee to get my car back!!! I would have gladly gone to a private mechanic and saved myself 11 days of nothing.

I seriously am considering breaking my Audi loyalty since the owners also own the South Austin location.  Or I just will make the trek to a distant dealer and rely on a private mechanic.

R P. | 2013-09-23

This review is for the service department only.  I'd hate to lump them in with the weak sales department at Audi North Austin(I went to Dallas to buy my car).  

I left home early last Thursday afternoon and my 2013 A5's A/C was blowing hot air.  Very odd since my car is still relatively new with only 5500 miles on it.  I happened to be close and called the service department to see if they could take a look at my car.  George, one of the service advisors, answered and recommended I come in ASAP.  He also quoted me 60-90 minutes for the repair(pretty quick for any car dealership to fix just about anything especially with no notice).  It was a known issue for my model year, so he knew exactly what the problem was(pressure switch).  After reading the horror stories on here as well as after experiencing the sales department, I was VERY skeptical.  Since I was 5 minutes away, I figured I'd take my chances.  

Fast forward 90 minutes...

To my surprise, my car was done.  The issue was fixed and a software update was done to my steering that's made the car even more enjoyable to drive.  I had no idea that could be done and/or that I needed it.  'Very nice surprise.  There were also no changes to where anything was placed in my car, not even the volume knob that I insist always be at the "0" position since I don't use it.  Big plus!

Nothing's perfect, so I can't give them 5 stars, but with a few more visits like this(hopefully they're not needed since an Audi only needs service every 10K miles), they'll get there.

Hab W. | 2013-09-04

They very nearly convinced me to replace my transmission for 6,500 dollars when luckily I decided to take it somewhere else for a second opinion.

The noise in my car was coming from a loose bolt not the transmission as they claimed. I paid 75 dollars to get it fixed, and the car is perfectly fine since.

Oh boy, all the money I spent with them!! I was taken to the cleaners by these people in the purest sense.


If you are dissatisfied with their services as much as I was, I suggest you take it up with Audi America, email them at:

You've a better chance of being listened.

Mixxula T. | 2013-08-17

Just ask for Marcio. He's the Audi man! I've bought 5 Audis in 5 years. What can I say? I love a new car. The Audi family is the only place to be. If you're not familiar, think Apple of the auto industry. Beautifully designed, premium vehicles. There's not a bad one in the bunch. Had a couple A5s and A4s. Now I'm rolling the TT. Dream car is the Audi A8. What a beast!

Joshua G. | 2013-06-26

We have visited the service department a few times in the last year, and Tommy is a really knowledgable and straightforward guy. He did not have an Audi loaner  the day  we absolutely needed one, but he pulled a Subaru (glass half full) off the lot, and let us use that for our 250 mile drive.

I really could not care less about the bitchy cashier women. My real issues with Audi are:

We are in an expensive luxury car, and purchased every warranty to its fullest extent. However, there was always a way that what we needed was not covered in our warranty. $2400 later the car was fixed, but asking why we purchased a warranty to begin with.

Sunthosh P. | 2013-05-05

Awful customer service. The sales representatives were very pretentious.  I called to discuss the option of purchasing a brand new RS-5, which is a rare care and often times difficult to find with all the options as wanted; this dealership had one of those cars.  I first asked if they would work with my local dealer and allow them to buy the car, which was a no.  We then discussed other options which only included me having to drive more than 10 hours down to the dealer to finalize the transaction. I told the person that this was an impossibility due to my work schedule but they would not budge.  They also lied to me about the time frame the car was sitting in the showroom; they noted that it was there for only a few days when in reality their inventory showed it was available for 4 months.  When I spoke to the manager about the car, he then told me that he already has a few offers and that was the end of that; I believe he lied again.  These people are terrible. I would not do any business with them and after reading the negative reviews about their service department, I would stay away.

I eventually purchased my car from Audi Naples in Florida, where they worked with me, FedEx the paperwork, and did everything over the internet and phone.  Offered better values for my trade in as well as lease rates. Further, I am getting a brand new RS-5 that just came off the boat. Furher, they are shipping it to me, free of charge, in an enclosed carrier.

Lacey P. | 2013-04-19

I bought my 2012 S4 in the DFW area so when I moved to Austin I was worried the dealership wouldn't treat me well...since I was not THEIR customer.  In OKC I had that problem so I was dreading getting my service done back in January 2013...  I called to make an appt a week later and Tommy in Service Dept said we can get you in today if you like.  I said well I need a loaner though, and he said no problem come by whenever is convenient for you!  I was shocked....  service complete + wash & vacuum and I was very satisfied with their work & the level of customer service.

Now I am going in to get something else fixed (sun visor clip broke) and I happy to say I got the same treatment.  Talked to parts 1st to make sure they had the part and then Tommy in service and he assured me that any day was fine for such a minor fix.  I love North Austin Audi and am so glad they treat their customers well, even if the purchase was made somewhere else.  Tommy is great to work with and I highly recommend him!  Thank you guys for making the not-fun part of owning  a vehicle, a stress-free and smooth process.

Brock S. | 2013-04-01

I called them about making an appointment to have scheduled maintenance done on my car.  I was able to book an appointment for the next morning.  The service was done quickly and they also cleaned and vacuumed the car.  They gave me a loaner for the morning so I could take care of some other things I needed to get done while they were working.  Tommie was the service rep who handled my repair and he was helpful and easy to work with.  All in all it was one of the better experiences I have had with dealership service departments.

Diane M. | 2013-02-02

Coming on 5 hours now after our check engine light came on and we stopped here to get it checked. We reside 1 hour from the nearest dealer so really had no choice. May our astonishing wait, even without an offer for a loaner car, speak for itself.

Mir W. | 2013-01-21

Terrible experience. ALWAYS rude, treats everyone as though you are completely stupid. Called for emergency maintenance and they answered the phone saying, "What?!" Then had several issues I knew were present and they made me come back several times to fix it instead of finishing it all at once. Prices are ridiculous (they wanted $200 for something that only required super glue). Any advice from me? don't go there.

Annie W. | 2012-12-31

Service is really bad here. Plain and simple. They're usually rude or unavailable, never call me back and make me wait and wait and wait.  They did a software update and didn't tell me which wiped an expensive program I purchased for the car. They always give me a piece of crap rental from Enterprise instead of an Audi like they do in SA. I wonder how rich I have to be to get good service.  So I will never buy a car from Roger Beasley and will take my business to SA in the future.

Christopher P. | 2012-12-05

I've had a very terrible experience from the get go with the service department. I didn't read any reviews on here prior to dropping my vehicle as Roger Beasley Audi is the only one in the area. The time I tried to book the appointment was almost 1 month out, for the service my vehicle needed. Unacceptable. So I called and spoke with Mike Laughlin who seemed neither here nor there in being concerned with my vehicle having issues, but agreed that I could drop off now, but that I couldn't get a loaner vehicle. Fair enough. So I dropped the vehicle, off to be called a couple days later and they've only addressed one issue, then told me the issues with the wheels was due to whatever I use to wash them and they would not cover it. I had to poke and prod to get any information out of Mike who did not provide any type of customer service you would expect with an Audi, to get any information on all of my items of concern. So I got Audi USA involved to assist, at first I received a very rude customer service representative who basically called the dealership, took their word and called me back and said nothing they could do. So I went higher up the chain and got to speak with Vance, who is a Audi USA customer service manager. He by far has been the only pleasant experience thus far. He worked me and the dealer, and after being lied to by the dealership on several occasions agreed to pay for the wheel repair on all four wheels. So I get a call from Mike at the dealer stating my car is ready. My wife and I make arrangements to go get, and we live approximately 1.5 hours away, so it's not like a hop and skip away. We get there, the car is brought out, the wheels looked like they hadn't been touched. It was a Saturday and Mike was not there, so I asked for the service manager, he's not there. I speak with Darrell, you could tell he did not want to deal with the situation, and said he didn't think that it looked anything had been done and he said he'd give me a loaner car and have my vehicle towed back once it was done. I asked him, how would you know if it's done correctly as I was told it was done and then here I am and nothing has been done. He said they'd have someone double check it, should this not have been done originally? So I left in the loaner vehicle, called Vance at Audi USA and he returned my called on Monday. He stated that Morris, the service manager (to which I've called and left him message and he does not repsond) said Darrell doesn't have the authorization to tow the vehicle and he will not agree to it. Vance apologized and stated he can't force them to do it since it's something they promised. I can understand Vance's stance here but I feel he should have stepped in as this is a dealership that represents Audi, and so far they've done nothing but a terrible job.  So I've called and left several message for Dean, the general manager of the dealership, to which I have not had any return phone calls. I guess this dealership truly doesn't care about customer service as they are the only Audi in the area. Well, I will not be driving the 1.5 hours each way to return their car, as I feel they should honor what their service advisor promised. So we'll see how this ends up. I do not recommend anyone to go to this place for sales or service.

Edward W. | 2012-11-09

OK, while I have to admit the negative reviews almost got to me, I took my 2008 TT convertible in for service yesterday because the top wouldn't come back up (fortunately the weather was nice!). I will have to admit that the first two times I called the service dept. failed to answer and I had gotten no response from the VM I had left the day before with Michael (?). Anyway, I finally connected on the third try with Michelle, who told me to bring it in for them to assess.

After about 1/2 hour, she returned to inform me that some of the limit switches in the convertible top had been triggered and that the top wouldn't work as a result. Dealer reset the switches for me without charge and suggested I always make sure to put the top up or down with the car running as sometimes the strain on the battery could result in an electrical strain that could overload the switches. Otherwise, she let me know that if it reoccurred, I'd have to bring it back for a more thorough check over.

A somewhat limited experience, and I was, as noted by others, a little frustrated by the lack of response to my first few calls, but I have to say I was pretty happy with the overall process. Michelle was very professional and courteous and I drove away happy - with my top down in my newly washed TT.

David B. | 2012-10-02

too far from downtown ... they rarely call back when needing an appointment ... often have to go back for the same service multiple times ...

Glenn R. | 2012-09-28

Yikes, i was hesitant to venture up to this dealership after reading all of the negative reviews on here, as well as on Google.  Maybe I lucked out and got a great salesperson, or perhaps things have improved over the last few months, but I had a stellar experience at the Audi dealership in North Austin.  Granted, I have yet to experience the service we'll see how that goes in a few months.  I originally reached out to them through the web, which is when I was then introduced to Brooke.  Brooke was awesome--friendly, extremely honest, as well as very knowledgeable.  I would recommend here on all fronts.  I didn't have to haggle a bunch either on price--the price they gave me up front was actually very competitive.  Overall, this was a great buying experience, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

Tomika T. | 2012-09-28

I have to say I was a little leery about even going to Audi because of the bad reviews. My husband and I schedules an appointment and went anyway. We walked in and received wonderful service from beginning to end. We test drive a couple of A6. And left with a A8. The experience was great. And I just have to say John Bowyer was very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks John!!!

Stephen Y. | 2012-09-27

Went to pick up a friends car for him as it was stranded in Austin. I went inside and
I was told by Tommy Ellis that it wouldn't take long to install an ECM that I had brought in and that he would call me when the car was ready. I drove with another friend of mine in my car to pick up my other friends car... So, 3 hours later its now 7 pm and they are closing up. Tommy is no where to be found and the car still isn't ready. He went home for the day and failed to call me to let me know. I drove all the way from Killeen to get this car and I was not going to leave empty handed. So finally the car was brought out about 30 mins later. I left and went home.

I was not happy with the service, and the fact that I found this review to already be at 2.5 stars... It's a wonder anyone goes to this dealership. Poor communication!

Derek M. | 2012-09-11

I have a 2 part review.

Sales: My wife and I had been looking at A6's again(we've owned 13 Audis over the past 8 years)  We walked in and barely received a look (maybe we look younger than someone that can pay cash for an Audi, but we aren't;) ) after wandering around for a few minutes  Marcio came over to help us, we test drove a few and were interested in a slightly used one.  It was being prepped for sale though, so I came back the next day and drove it.  While on the test drive the check engine light came on and it stopped running all cylinders.  I limped it back and decided to pass on it.  I ended up buying a private party one, but had it not crapped out on the drive I probably would have bought it.  

Parts:  I came in the other day to get a couple of parts and some fluid in order to fix something on our our other Audi.  I ended up buying too much and at 25.00 a bottle I returned it.  The return went fine as it was unopened etc until the guy told me they only mail refund checks, no card credits or cash, and it may take 1-2 months depending on when the ONE person for all of Beasly's dealerships gets to it.  Umm that is pretty lame.  I won't go broke over 25.00 but it is the fact of the matter, that is pretty crappy customer service.  

3 stars is the most I can offer them...

My 2 pennies

Jensen J. | 2012-08-17

I went to Audi North Austin for the first time this week to repair a water leaks under glove compartment issue. On the advise of folks at Texas Audi Group, I chose Michelle as my service advisor and am glad I did. It has been the most professional and satisfying service experience in my 12 years of car servicing at various Honda, Toyota and now Audi across Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas. Michelle arranged a wonderful loaner car (A4) for me immediately upon arrival. The repair (for which there was a TSB) was completed within 3 days including waiting for arrival of parts. Car was washed and clean at the time of pick-up. Michelle even tried to get the Audi Care package at my request. Overall, I am happy to have Michelle as my service advisor. I know Audi North Austin has several bad reviews online but my experience has been otherwise.

Sylvia H. | 2012-07-20

This review is in regards to the service department fantastic! When I arrived early at 7am I was quickly checked in and then offered a loaner. When I scheduled the appointment and they said if I wanted one and I said yes. They loaner car they gave was a A4 Quattro. For a loaner you need license and insurance plus you need to bring the car back full as they give it to you to avoid fees. I asked them how long my car would take and they said around noon.

They called be around 11am to say my car was ready, they also mentioned that everything was great and that I may need to get my two front tires changed soon.

When I picked up my car everything checked out, I just had to follow-up on the tire cost ect. and how much wear it had ect. The only thing I would ask is for the advisor to offer this information before I left without having to ask. At this time I also was provided with tire cost. I love they stamped my maintenance. Overall I had a good job!

Kel M. | 2012-07-20

I'd like to preface this by saying, I love my Audi. Love, love, love it. Unfortunately, as long as Roger Beasley is the only Audi dealer in Austin, I will never buy another one. We purchased our Audi about a year and a half ago, and it was a big purchase for us. We dealt with John, who while nice, was a little over the top. He called us nearly every day for the three months it took us to decide, and once we ordered the car, we heard absolutely nothing from him again - even when we called to check up on the status of the delivery.

Fastforward to a few in-warranty maintenance appointments. I can say whole heartedly that if my service advisor Darrell was on fire on the side of the road - I would think twice before stopping to help. Seem harsh? Let me lay it out for you. Every time I've made an appointment, whether online or on the phone - it's at least a two weeks wait. Fine, I get it, apparently they either have two people working or these cars just need so much maintenance that you get to wait in line. Fine. What isn't fine is every single time I've made the appointment, received the 51 reminder emails, the NIGHT before, I get an email telling me my appointment has been cancelled or rescheduled. Excuse me? The first time, I was 9 months pregnant, being induced on Monday, had an appointment for Friday to get my inspection done (which was coming due and I wanted to get taken care of pre-baby since I didn't exactly envision myself romping around town with freetime and a newborn). I even emailed back and explained the situation to Darrell and it was all "Nothing I can do." Only when I literally said I would be showing up at 8am anyway, and expected service as scheduled, did he finally back down and say that he would get me a rental car from Enterprise instead of an Audi loaner. When I came back, the inspection wasn't even done on the car. "We did a software upgrade on your car, which doesn't pass the inspection for a day or two after we do it." Please note, no software upgrade was ever discussed and if you KNEW I needed an inspection, why the heck would you NOT do the damn upgrade AFTER the inspection? Or why do it at all without discussing it with me?! This is after I was already talking to another service advisor because Darrell had left without ever calling me to give me a status on my car. Nice service, Darrell. No, I won't be skewing your service ratings for you by giving you 10s/5 stars/whatever.

So today, another service appointment. Another 51 confirmation emails (this one I made over the phone with my man Darrell myself) and yet again, another email at 3am stating that they were cancelling my appointment and I needed to come in on Friday. Now, I have a baby that needs to go to daycare, a job to get to, my husband has a job to get to. It's the planets aligning to get this all done and get the car in anyway. I ignore the email and show up - I'm not playing this game again. Darrell isn't in today. So nice for Darrell. I brough the car in because the fuel economy had nearly cut in half, with no change in driving habits and no change in the type of fuel we were putting in the car. Their reply? "Well I don't know how you expect us to test that or what you expect us to do". Seriously?

Their service team doesn't know the meaning of the word service. If you want to spend $60k, and then be made to feel like an inconvenience constantly - this is the dealership and the car for you. You'll be thrown over constantly so they can perform NON-warranty service for other people and make money on it. Next time, I'll be at BMW down the street.

George P. | 2012-05-22

I have always been a BMW loyalist but decided to try an Audi this time. We were met by Joe Leal who is the ultimate nice guy!
Joe was very patient with us and helped us pick the best vehicle for our choice and budget. No car salesman concept here - they are genuinely interested in getting you into the car you want and they don't use cheap sales techniques.
We liked the service experience so much that we went back and got my wife an Audi as well 3 weeks later (we both were due for cars).
We've been happy with the cars and when we've had to take it in for servicing they have been great as well.
Joe Leal is a class act - ask for him when you are next looking at buying an Audi.

Eve T. | 2012-04-26

I just had the best service experience ever... I've owned BMW's,Range Rovers, Volvo's and until today no one has touched BMW service. After a problem that could have been considered out of the scope of my warranty, I returned to my Q7 to find not only resolution but two Audi teddy bears buckled into my back seats. One for each of my kiddos.

Tommie Ellis (my service advisor) is low key and informative. Even if you're having a moment (which I admittedly did) he quietly waited it out and provided a clear explanation.

Ken my mechanic (this is starting to sound like the Oscars). Awesome, knows Audi's like "Rain Man" knew well everything... Ken is super smart. He talks to you about your car like you're capable of understanding what he is saying when truthfully he lost me at "fiber-optics".

Chris Baker is hands down the best "white glove" customer service advisor ever. He gives concierge like Audi service. Once last summer, he put a cold bottle of water in my car with a napkin wrapped around it to catch the condensation... go ahead and say it "damn"! because I did. Everything is right, his cologne, his manner, most importantly my Q7. Well done gentlemen!

Jason T. | 2012-04-07

I'll say this interaction started out rough but turned out well.  I took my A5 in for my 25k checkup.  Quickly Tommie Ellis helped me realize my two front tires were worn down to the steel wires.  Not good.  My alignment was really off.  I have Pirelli Zero Rosso tires.  Very expensive.

I had purchased those two tires from Audi shortly after I bought my car bc of nails and sidewall damages.  (Next time I'm buying the tire warranty).  Anyway there were promises made from Audi on if I bought them there they'll honor.  Well looks like time to take them up.  Well it at first didn't look that way.  But after speaking with Tommie and Mitch they hooked me up with a great deal and one that honored the deal.

Now I have four brand new Pirelli Zero Rosso tires and my A5 feels like butter when I'm driving it.  The service crew took care of my alignment problem and got it running amazing.  Nice work.

Miss W. | 2012-02-09

I have been visiting this Audi dealer for service for several years now, with no complaints.

However, I went in yesterday with the intention of trading in my current audi for a new A4 or even upgrading to a nicer model. I think the salesman judged me negatively on my age and didn't perceive me as a serious customer. I had to ask the receptionist twice to get the help of a salesperson who gave me the keys to test drive on my own and told me to be back in 10 minutes. He didn't offer to tell me about other cars. When I returned the salesman didn't greet me and I had to ask the receptionist for help again. She led me back to his desk where I had to listen to him talk to other prospects on the phone before turning his attention to me.

Because the salesman blew me off yesterday, I decided not to trade my car in at this dealer and am going to drive to San Antonio for my Audi needs in the future.

Stacey T. | 2012-01-30

This may take awhile to write, so work with me.

My first Audi, which was a 2005 S4, was bought from Carmax back in Feb 09.  When the warranty ran out there, I started taking it to Roger Beasley Audi for services.  I want to make this clear right from the start - I've had Mike all but one time for the past 3 years and I've never had a problem with his attitude personally; HOWEVER, this review is about every other thing that is wrong with this dealership.  Unfortunately, I honestly do not have one good thing to say about this place - not one.

I was diligent in taking my car for regular services and I seriously don't get this place.  I never realized how badly they treated their customers until I purchased my second Audi, which was a 2010 Q5 Prestige in May 2011.  I'll explain that later.   Back to the S4 that I had.  Whenever I took it in for services, I'd always have to wait at least one week before I could get my car in.  And most of the time it would be two weeks.  Then, when I would drop it off, I'd be put in a Subaru.  A Subaru, people!  Excuse me, I just spent how much money on my car and for this car's service and you want to put me in what?  Sorry, do I sound uppity?  Well, I hope so.  I think that anyone who spends the type of money that they spend to purchase an Audi shouldn't be downgraded into something that I wouldn't even allow my own grandmother to drive.  Besides the piece of crap that they always put me in (the only time I got put in an A4 was when I didn't have Mike), they never offer you anything early in the morning.  Crappy coffee is available but that's about it.  Sometimes my car would be ready in a day, and other times it would be more than a week.  Nothing was every consistent here.

On to my newest complaint, and what ultimately made me leave my most favorite car brand in the world for BMW.  In May 2011, my fiance and I decided to trade both of our cars in for the 2010 Audi Q5 Prestige.  This SUV was heaven on wheels, seriously.  Let me start with at what time we got there - it was around 1 in the afternoon when we took this SUV for a test drive.  We did not leave this dealership until around 7 pm that night - maybe even later than that.  Anyway, after the test drive we spoke with John again who was the sales rep that we were dealing with.  I had my 2005 S4 and my fiance had his 2002 BMW M3 that we wanted to trade in and then pay cash for the rest of the vehicle.  We made this VERY clear that we did not need to finance and had no intentions of doing so.  We are the types who pay things off immediately upon buying them.  For some reason, John didn't seem to hear this and insisted we speak with the finance department anyway.  We didn't get much for our cars - only $13,000 a piece, but either way we had the money in our bank account to pay for this vehicle and walk out.  Nope, they weren't having it.  And I'm not saying they were twisting our arm, and yes, I understand we could have purchased the same vehicle elsewhere, but in all reality, we live in Austin so ultimately we would have ended up at Roger Beasley anyway for services, right?  Right.  So we do all of this paperwork up and it's taking forever.  I mean like an hour we're waiting just to see the finance guy that we didn't even have to see.  So in the meantime while we're waiting, I'm thinking they're getting the car ready for us - you know, wash, wax, vacuum, the whole nine yards.  Nope.  When they finish with us at finance, we walk ourselves to the car and see it hasn't been touched.  This SUV actually has dog hair from a small dog that is still left by the previous owner.  My fiance was sneezing terribly during the test drive because of it.  So we go back inside and ask John if the vehicle can be vacuumed out and washed and he pretty much said no, that they were getting ready to close and the service department is closed for the evening.  Haha, seriously?  We just dropped $48,000 on a vehicle and you can't even wash and vacuum it for us?  Eventually they vacuumed it but only because of my fiance sneezing.  They didn't even fill the tank up for us, which was on 1/4 of a tank when we left the place!
Okay, so all said and done, we've got this SUV now, and I loved it.  There was a slight problem with the steering wheel vibrating so I took it back the following week and, Oh Yeah! there was a part recall.  Okay, really?  Shouldn't that have been looked into prior to someone purchasing the vehicle?  Not worries though, here's your Subaru to drive for 3 days while I fix it.  When the part was replaced, the vibrating continued for the remaining 6 1/2 months that I owned the vehicle.  I also took this vehicle for it's regular services 3 times in the 7 months that I had it.  All of those times it took weeks to get an appointment and of course got put in a Subaru.

If you want to see what REAL service is like, go to BMW around the corner from RB Audi.  They treat you how luxury car drivers should be treated.

Jason K. | 2012-01-28

The service department at Roger Beasely Audi is abysmal.  They never answer their phones;  they never call you back, and yes, I agree with the above comments, they are overall very rude and irritable people.  

Furthermore, recently, I spent almost $600 on a routine maintenance on my Audi.  One week later, my engine malfunctioned (I've never had problems with the car before this.)  To make a long story short, the service advisor (same one who serviced my car the week before who, by the way, asked me to give him perfect marks on the email survey because he "sure could use the help") snubbed me when I called to ask if I could bring my car in.  He was too busy to deal with my issue and recommended that I schedule a service appointment online.  

I ended up taking my car to an independent mechanic who specializes in European cars.  Of note, he drained my oil (1 wk after supposedly getting my oil changed) and told me that it looked as if I hadn't had my oil changed in many, many months.

I was thinking of getting another Audi, but after this experience, as long as I live in Austin and as long as their is no alternative Audi dealership in the area, I will never deal with Audi or any Roger Beasely dealership.

I just wish people would respect their careers and love what they do.  It's hard to find people who have passion about their jobs anymore.  No wonder our economy has tanked.

Cassandra l. | 2011-12-13

I had an extremely pleasant experience both times I took my car to this dealership. The last time I took my car in because I thought I needed to replace the headlight. It turns out it was just the daytime running light and they replaced it free of charge even though I wasn't under warranty.  The service guys have always been super nice to me and I get a free car wash when I take my car there.

Bertie W. | 2011-10-26

I just bought an Audi Q7 at the dealership from Bob Hoff.  The service has been great so far and they have been very kind and responsive.  I cannot yet comment on the service department, but the sales transaction was very smooth, efficient and painless and we really like our new car.

Michael B. | 2011-10-24

The service department NEVER answers the phones after I am transferred to them. I've probably called 8 times in the past 3 business days. What a shame I had to drop them down to one star for this.

Tracy F. | 2011-08-25

TERRIBLE SERVICE - I took my leased 2009 Audi TT to have the tires replaced and got my car back with a HUGE crack across the front windshield on the driver's side. When I went back in and explained this to Ted, my service rep, he said the window must have had a chip in it and when they (the Audi service people) washed the car the hot water must have caused the crack. When I asked that they pay my $250 deductible to have my windshield replaced (which would not have been necessary if there was just a chip) the manager of Audi North Austin refused, claiming I must have brought the car in with a chip on the windshield. Really? I drive a luxury vehicle and when I take it to the dealership I expect that if something is wrong with my car (ie: a chipped windshield) they would notify me before doing anything. I also expect if they cause a crack in my windshield, they notify me, then offer to repair the damage they have caused. I will post a picture of the giant crack, it is obvious, Audi knew they did that and tried to give my car back to me without saying anything about the crack or claiming responsibility. I was thinking of purchasing my Audi, or leasing a new one at the end of my lease term in November. Now, I would never again lease or buy an Audi and I'll let everyone know my story and suggest they never lease or buy an Audi either.

Julian M. | 2011-08-13

I feel like I made a mistake buying two Audis. At the beginning the service department people were nice, courteous and diligent individuals but after several visits to the service department for issues with both cars, I started having a hard time to get stuff done. I booked an appointment, have to wait a weeks an a half to get the car in, once I arrived for the appointment they didn't have a loaner ready and they wanted to put me on an Enterprise rental car, which by mistake I did before and I had a horrible experience with the rental company charging my credit card knowing that RBA was going to pay for it and also they would give you the cheapest rental car that doesn't even have power windows.....come on, If you are paying for a "Luxury car" like they advertise, they would make sure you get a piece of shit rental.
I refused to leave my car and take the rental, so the service advisor told me that at the end of the day I would get a call from him once some loaners would return. Well, it has been two days and they have not have the decency to call me to take my car. I have called the service rep, left him messages and of course no calls back from him.
I own other upscale car brands and I have never received this type of horrible and unprofessional service from a dealer.  

If you are planing to buy an Audi, really think about it. Like I said, I own two of them and I going to sell both of them because I have experienced a lot of issues with both cars, the post sale service is horrible, the parts and service are expensive which I would not mind paying for it, if you get the right level of treatment. I don't think as a customer you have to fight with your dealer to get stuff fix, they have refused to fix a couple of things and I had to fight to get things done.

Don't waste your time buying an Audi, there are better options in the market and unfortunately in Austin we have to deal with an incompetent and unprofessional dealership since there is just one in town.

Mandy L. | 2011-07-10

I have had an INCREDIBLE experience with this Audi dealership since my boyfriend and I bought our car from them 3 years ago in September, 2008. Every single person I had the pleasure of dealing with in the service department and sales department were top notch. Just to give you one small example of how amazing their customer service is (I could give you SO many more, but this review would go on for way too long), after Andy Boynton gave us a very fair price when we sold the Audi back to them (we moved to Amsterdam), Joe Leal allowed me to drop the car off at his house (which happened to be in my neighborhood) on my way out of town. They saved me the hassle of driving the car to the dealership and having to be without a car. I had the car up until the very SECOND that I left town. With so many stresses of moving out of the country, selling my Audi was the LEAST stressful (you would think it would be the most) because of how easy Andy and Joe made it. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I WILL buy an Audi again!

Charles Z. | 2011-06-16

Some of the rudest people I ever worked with in the service department. They  are very irritable, condescending, and impatient.

Peter M. | 2011-05-11

I swore 6 years ago I would not buy another Audi in Austin, I walked into the General Managers office on my last "free" service and reminded him of this.

Fast forward 6 years, I bought on the fact that they had finally turned over the service manager, oh boy.  DUMB!

Many of the comments made on here are too accurate, there is a total pretentious attitude going on, they know it all, walk around a vibe that is weird, not Austin weird, just plain weird.  They forget they are service consultants, or whatever they call them selves.  They will try to keep you with the same adviser and if he/she is busy no one else can answer your question.

If you give them a list of things to address count on 75% getting down and the rest forgotten, basically I stand there and repeat myself 6 times and wait until I see that they wrote it down, then I know it will be 75% likely, otherwise count on near 0.

I moved here from Atlanta where there were 4 dealers, they had to compete and provide service, wow, what a difference.

Sad, Audi's are great, Roger Beasley is NOT helping the brand, nor my blood pressure.

Kirk B. | 2011-04-27

This review is for the car buying experience only.  I have not received service here yet.  

I was very happy with my buying experience here.  I got a great deal on a certified pre-owned, and received a fair value on my trade-in.  The whole process was easy and they even got me a better deal by financing through Audi Financial, as opposed to my credit union.  

I worked with Eon Thomas, who was a great sales rep to do business with.  I recommend asking for him if you visit this dealership.

Cash E. | 2011-04-13

I had the classic bait and switch with the service department. I got a notice for a recall on a part, come in and get it fixed, and upon doing so they "found an oil leak" and it was going to cost $1,000 to fix. Not having an instant thousand dollars, no oil light coming on nor oil on my driveway i politely asked them to write the problem down so I could ask "my husband" (which I do have one) My regular Kenny Hill mechanic when questioned about the problem said "there's nothing wrong"  ...thank goodness the car is out of warranty so I never have to go back again.

Lisa N. | 2011-02-24

My girlfriend and I went to this dealer on Monday, Presidents day so that I could look into purchasing a car. No one came out to help us. One of the salespeople were helping another couple and did not once say a word to us. This dealer just lost out on a sale. I was prepared to write a check for an Audi Q5 that I have been saving my money for over 8 years. I am going to Houston this weekend. Stay away from this dealership.

Anh P. | 2010-12-29

OK so I brought my car back to the dealer for warranty repair - I had probs going into reverse and wanted my car aligned since I had coil overs installed.

Well Michelle my service advisor took care of me and had a Subaru loaner car for me. It was pretty slow and I wanted a better one so she reserved for me a brand new a4 (with prestige package too). My car had a brand new gearbox put in (which would have cost 10k out of warranty installed!) and aligned. I had questions about the camber on my car the next day and she transferred me to the tech to answer all my questions!

When Audi in South Austin opens, I hope she will come down there.

Rick C. | 2010-08-22

These guys are always great. I've lost count of how many cars I bought there but everyone including the general manager, sales manager and service manager are a joy to work with. It helps that the sell really cool cars too.

Holly A. | 2010-08-07

Drive it like you stole it!  That's what my service writer told me as I left in my freshly maintained, perfected, and beautifully washed Cabriolet.  

RBA has a groovy little waiting area and is super clean from floor to ceiling.  I found most everyone to be quite organized, fairly informative and pretty attentive.  I had a better experience than I expected considering the way we all know you have to keep your cat eye on those dealers!  

I took my baby in here and got the 35k maintenance dealio as well had them fix a couple of warranty items.  No problems at all in this area - everything was done right the first time and done quickly with no hassles.

BUT, sometimes they're heavy on the hold button and transfers when you call and they do have a few things they should tend to regarding their loaner car issues.  I specifically signed up for an appointment time based on a loaner car being available and guess what?  It wasn't available, I had to be boated around to Enterprise and an hour later drive out in a bow chika bow wow van big enough for all of David Koresh's children.  Not hot.

Moises O. | 2010-06-06

I have purchased eight vehicles in the last 20 years. With this amount of experience, I have come to be be rather savvy at the purchasing process. My salesman, Clint, listened very attentively on how I expected the process to work, what my parameters were and what I needed in a car PRIOR to me even seeing any of the cars at this dealership. He immediately offered me assurances and brought the car around he thought I was looking for. After test driving it and he knowing what my expectations were, Clint knew not to hard-sell me. Also, and as I had requested, once my trade in was appraised, he didn't let the appraiser near me as he knew I was not about to sit and listen to someone tell my how bad a trade-in I had. Having explained to Clint what my bottom line was, I told him to work the numbers, get back to me with a competitive offer and I left the dealership.

Over the next week, we spoke several times, threw numbers and options around until he was able to get within my parameters. Once we agreed on a fair price, he arranged a meeting with me and finance. The finance manager in turn was also very personable. Had it not been that there was a desk between us, you could have sworn we were enjoying an afternoon libation having a chitchat on the Hula Hut deck. Again, a very non-tense scenario.

One week after the process started, I am driving a sweet car at a fair price and have not raised my stress level any higher than what my usual life circumstance has it at. Now I hope that Paul S.'s review is correct and that Seth G.'s review is an anomaly..... gulp.....

Paul S. | 2010-06-02

So far I have had nothing but terrific experiences when dealing with Roger Beasley Audi.
I have had Many issues with my 2005.5 Audi S4, and i have been pretty demanding of the service staff.
I purchased the car from a dealership in Florida and I never felt like I was ousted b/c I didn't purchase the car direct from the local dealership.
Mike and Clay in Service have been Fabulous in taking care of me and my bad tempered S4.
i think many times you get back what you give so be nice to people and see what happens.  
Overall a 5 Star experience every time I have dealt with this Audi dealership!!!

Nick R. | 2010-03-10

I really have nothing good to say about this place. They treat you as if you know nothing about the cars even when asking detailed questions about specific problems.

Then they may or may not fix the right problem, if they even remember to look into it. For me, this cost me a lot of money because the miss happened while still under warranty and very soon after my warranty expired the problem came back (within a couple months).

I have also been up-sold to get something every time I go in. They will check everything in great detail except for what you ask about, to the point where I had to give up on trying to get them to fix things.

You are much better off going to someplace else (Soul Speed or Revolution) unless you want to over pay about $300 for break pads when you needed engine work done and then those brake pads will probably have a problem too(mine did). If you don't have a warranty there is no reason to go here. Basically you pay a premium for less than average work. They run the codes, do whatever is in the book, make sure no lights come on, overcharge you and then call it a day. It says something that every time I go there I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. At this point even if they offered to repair everything in my car free of charge I'd still have second thoughts about going there. Audi's are great cars, but if you can't find a good mechanic they can be a nightmare, if anything this place will just add to the nightmare.

Danny H. | 2010-03-04

Bad experience all around!  First off when I bought my car, they had it "detailed", it was not! I tried to call to speak to a manager and was just put on hold and transferred for about 15 minutes, and when I spoke to someone in service, they were very abrupt. I have only had my new Audi for a month when it would stall out.  I had to have it towed there and have someone drive me from downtown to RBA to get a loaner car (which was like pulling teeth).  When I make the 40 min drive from my condo to the dealership, they say nothing is wrong with my car, insinuate that I was wrong.  Than my loaner car is horrible rental car.  I felt that I was at a Kia dealership, not Audi.

Bethany F. | 2010-02-03

Every time I enter RBA I cringe to know what bad experience I am going to have next.  From buying my car to the past 3 services it has been a nightmare.  Buy your car from another dealer.  Stay Away!!!  The only reason I have to keep going back is because I bought a service package with my car.  If only I knew better!!

Wesley R. | 2009-11-18

Overall, I gotta say this place does great work.   Pricy, but if you have an Audi where isn't?   ; )

I've had several recent visits and I have to say the service staff did a good job of fixing the mess created by Cotinental Collision with my wiring and power windows etc.  

Mike and Michell are really pleasant and friendly and know their stuff.   Michell told me about a recall on my TT so was able to recoop some of my lost money out of Audi of America eventually.

Impressed still, not a snotty atmosphere even though it's an upscale car place.

Aly K. | 2009-09-24

Horrible dealership, Horrible Service Department - Aly - Today
This dealership is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. They sold us a "program" car saying it was new, though it had been used only by the dealership. It has done NOTHING but fall apart and even though we were told it had an extended warranty, NOTHING that is falling apart is covered. I don't have a single working cup holder in this piece of crap car and yet "sorry, it's not covered" is all I can get from them. Last time I took my car in b/c my transmission had an issue, they moved some lotion in my car, and it leaked out ALL over the passenger seat and they didn't even notice it until I got in my car. Then, they cleaned it up, but the rest of the car was still a mess. I will NEVER suggest ANYONE buy a car from this place. Go to Audi in San Antonio, I hear they're MUCH better.

Tim J. | 2009-06-17

Called the parts department asking for an ICM (ignition control module). Employee disagreed about the existence of a part that DOES exist, but perhaps they do not carry. Proceeded to insist that there was no such part, but only an engine control module for $1200, whereas ICMs run for only ~$100. I pointed out that we were in disagreement about what part was being discussed as evident by the price discrepancies. This was not a heated exchange, but he decides to rudely hangup on me after I point this out. I could tell he was irritated that I was insisting that an ICM does in fact exist. Unfortunately he was unqualified to assist me and knew little about the company's products.

Will never do business with. 0 stars if I could.

Derek A. | 2009-01-17


After an unfortunate event between a deer and my car, another event between me and the body shop I took it to, I ended up back at Roger Beasley.

My experience and opinion of this place has drastically changed.

The original body shop I took my vehicle to did a very poor job at fixing the damage and returned it with mechanical issues when all it needed was some mild body work (at least thats how it looked from the surface). I spoke to my insurance people and they said to bring it to Roger Beasley since they would know best what it needed.

So I called up the service manager, his name is Mike. Mike went the extra mile for me this time around. Even though his schedule was booked for a week he took the personal time to pop my hood, turn the car on, and walk around it to make sure it was mechanically safe to drive for the next 7 days till he could get me a service appointment and a loaner car.

He also visually inspected the work the body shop did and confirmed that they didnt seem to know what they hell they were doing and said there looked to be more impact related things that should have been repaired.  

A little FYI is that service manager are comissioned salespeople too, and they dont get paid a cent till parts are ordered and repairs are finished, so it was shocking to see him go the extra mile on a busy Thursday afternoon when he had no guarantee of that it would help him build a paycheck.

Furthermore, if this experience ends well, I would truly recommend them to others. Sometimes you have to give a place a second chance, and this time around they stepped up to the table.

Chris B. | 2008-12-05

Not fully out of the woods yet as far as I'm concerned, but my opinion of Roger Beasley went up a few notches after today due to some great customer service.