Vandergriff Toyota in Arlington, TX

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At Vandergriff Toyota, we are all about teamwork, dedication and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that we satisfy the needs of every one of our customers. Combine these attributes with a sense of professionalism and an urge to provide you with the best service possible, and you have an unbeatable combination! Vandergriff Toyota is one of the fastest growing Toyota dealers in Arlington for a reason. Family-owned and operated for over 8 years, we've established ourselves as a premier Arlington Toyota dealer by making our customers a part of the Vandergriff Toyota family. We strive to provide the best, most streamlined car buying experience possible - but our commitment to you doesn't end there. Far from it!

Vandergriff Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 533-4240
Address:1000 Interstate 20 W, Arlington, TX, 76017
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Vandergriff Toyota

Jocelyn G. | 2015-03-27

John Gollie is the best. Set up a meeting with him. We left the dealership very happy and satisfied customers. We had a great deal. We traded in our 2013 Toyota Sienna XLE @20,000 miles. Will definitely miss our van but truely satisfied with our 2015 Toyota CAMRY SE. Looking forward to doing business with John G. and TOYOTA VANDERGRIFF. We might see him again before the summer is over.

Phuong V. | 2015-03-03

We just bought another vehicle from Wendy, and it was another wonderful experience. Your experience comes from your sales person. Please ask for wendy, she is the best. 2nd vehicle in six months, both from wendy.

100k mile warranty and free oil changes to 25k miles. Included with the vehicle also we got the lowest price for our corolla and we shopped everywhere.

100k mile warranty and free oil changes to 75k miles on our highlander. Top dollar for our trade in and verylow APR. Ive never had any good experiences with any dealership and ive bought a few vehicles in my lifetime. This dealership changed it for me. I love this place

Wendy Lopez is the best.

Tony S. | 2014-11-15

Brandon Fearka did an excellent job getting me in & out In a quick & efficient manner!  
Love the service department here.  Especially with the new snack bar and work area.

Kara B. | 2014-10-19

I went here with high hopes. My husband and I have been looking online for a car for months, and they had a car we wanted to test drive.

The test drive went well, but it was obvious that the sales lady named Joyce did not know anything about cars. We were looking at a hybrid, and from all of my research I learned that the batteries are reliable for about 8 years. She flat out denied this and said that no one ever, in her experience, needed to replace their hybrid battery. Really? No one ever? That should have been my first red flag.

Despite this, we decided that we wanted the car. We practically got harassed to finance through the dealership. We informed her that we wanted to pay in cash. That was a HUGE mistake on my part. They would not negotiate AT ALL on the price. Not even 200 dollars. This was, naturally because their cars are just so reasonably priced that they are basically losing money on the car and we are walking away with the best car deal ever. Right.

We got a little emotional about wanting a car that day (one car and two commutes in the morning is rough) so we decided to proceed forward anyway. Right as we were about to sign the paperwork, she informed us that the car is actually 800 dollars more expensive because of title (which we expected-- should be about 200) and so that we could come in every 6 months to get a special wax that would protect our car from bird poop. No joke, 600 dollars more for bird fecal deposit protection.

We were not happy, said we would walk away unless this fee was removed. The sales lady expressed shock. This additional fee is listed everywhere the car is listed, she insisted, and showed us the small fine print where it is mentioned on Vandergriff website. My husband said he did not see it mentioned anywhere on , and asked her kindly to show us where it was listed. Low and behold, it was not there. Competency abounds here, folks.

At this point the sales lady got upset, accused us of wasting her time. Um, excuse me? I thought this was your job. I did not realize that the car dealership had volunteer positions.

Do yourself a favor: go to a dealership where they will sell you more than bi annual bird poop waxing.

M S. | 2014-10-16

If it were possible I would give them no stars and warn every possible patron that they outright refuse to honor pre-owned Toyota certified platinum warranty purchasers if the car isn't a Toyota. Absolutely impossible to understand why a Toyota dealer doesn't even bother to try to help a paying customer.  Do not do buisness with this company.

Kari W. | 2014-06-09

Do not go here for service. I made an appointment online yet after I arrived and waited for 1.5 hours, I was told that the dealership doesn't honor appointments and Toyota shouldn't allow you to make them. I then sent an email to the service manager to express my disappointment and he couldn't bother to follow-up or respond. Clearly this dealership doesn't want my future business for service or to purchase a car. There are plenty of other Toyota dealerships in town, I will definitely be going to a different one in the future.

Steven D. | 2014-06-02

Brought my Avalon in for the 25k service and everything was great. Radonna took good care of me and my car.

Daniel H. | 2014-01-13

Lost about 6 hours of my day dealing with one of those sales people who give this profession a bad name. My wife and stopped by this dealership as she found a vehicle on their used car website that she was interested in. It was late in the evening. The sales person that initially greeted us was cordial and pleasant. They were about to close in an hour but the sales person was more than happy to let us drive the vehicle my wife was interested in. My wife liked the car and the salesman suggested that we leave him enough information to check our credit and he would get right back to us.
      We knew we had some issues with our credit and would not have been surprised if the salesperson would not even call us back. Surprise! He called us back that evening and clearly stated we could get credit to purchase the vehicle and to come by the next day to negotiate terms. The next day,  my wife drove the vehicle again and according to plan she became emotionally attached to the car. I advised the salesman that we would like to purchase that vehicle. I asked him again to make sure that they would approve credit if we could make a deal. He clearly stated ...Yessir your credit has been pre-approved. This is where things fell apart. I knew our credit was bad, so I didn't haggle on the price. The salesperson put down a suggested down payment amount, interest rate and the monthly payments. He said, if I can get this approved, will you by the car today. I think we shocked him when we said yes. He goes to the back and has the supposed " big meeting" with his manager.
   He then comes back and says, ohhhh I am sorry, we seem to be having a problem getting your credit approved. About 4 hours later we walked out drained and astonished at the unbelievable underhanded tactics that we had been suckered by. We walked away without a vehicle and my wife was crushed. Terrible people.

Janet T. | 2013-11-01

My mother just moved back to Fort Worth and she was needing a reliable car.. What's more reliable then a Toyota?? So I looked up a few dealerships and felt the most comfortable with Vandergriff, I called and talked to John Thai, they had a 2013 se certified pre owed Camry that was very well priced! It took no time and nothing out of pocket!

Katie C. | 2013-05-20

I didn't purchase my Toyota here, but I did take it to get serviced.  I understand Monday mornings are crazy.  I'm a relatively patient person.  However, after 2 hours and 15 minutes of waiting (did I mention I made an appointment?), my patience was thin.  The advisor was quite pleasant, but logistically, I feel like they could do better.

Don't come here on Monday morning to get your car serviced expecting to be out in less than 2 hours.

Glenn M. | 2012-11-24

I contacted 5 Toyota Dealerships about  new car - told them what  wanted and the only one that listened and responded as I had requested was Vandergriff.....they are aweome.

I have had my car serviced here twice since purchase and they are the best as well.  I did make a mistake of going to another (closer) Toyota Dealership for service a 10K service and it was a horrendous back to Vandergriff....well worth the 30-40 minute drive.

I will recommend this dealership for both Sales and Service.

Wajahat K. | 2012-11-20

I am very pleased with the service I get every time I go here. This place was my first real car buying experience. I was in and out with a brand new car within an a hour or two (Would've been A LOT less if there wasn't a small typo issue that took a lil while to correct, but no worries). But they were great! They honored all the discounts and pre-negociated prices I found online with NO issues or haggling. I never once felt like being pressured to buy anything I didn't want to, they just sit back and have a normal conversation with you and give you professional help and advice!

I was so impressed after I purchased my first car from here! I took my father along with me since he's has a lot more expreience with buying cars. He actually told me in the beggining of my car search to go to a Vandergriff dealership and stop wasting my time looking elsewhere. He was right. So he was happy I went with this first recommendation and again was impressed how easy it was for me as a first time shopper. He basically just sat back and nodded his head the whole time in agreement, and trust me, my dad is a VERY picky and hard to impress shopper. So his approval is GOLD.

I'd HIGHLY recommend going here because honeslty I've been to other dealerships around DFW to get my service done and OH MAN! Those other dealerships are grungy, rude and sales vultures. These guys are professionals! GO!

Denise D. | 2012-09-07

Do not buy from this dealership! Worst service! Finance guy sold me on the used car extended warranty telling me it was bumper to bumper coverage but when I called to get some items fixed, the company said that those items were covered. They scammed me to get the extended warranty and when I originally asked about getting something fixed right after I bought the car because it was already broken they kept promising my salesman would call me to get it fixed.....never heard from him. I left my garage door opener in my car that I traded in, and I asked my salesman if they could mail it to me since I lived 45 minutes away and he said no! all the little small customer service steps that keep customers do not exist at this dealership. They want your money and they never want to see you again.

Amy N. | 2012-03-15

Everybody needs to buy a car at vandergriff Toyota !! From the sales staff to managers to the finance department. They were all awesome.. After going to a few dealerships in the area, I found my perfect car. I was greeted by Kole Wade, he asked me about my want and needs. Then his manager Kenny came out and welcomed us to the dealership and said that he will do everything he can to meet our needs. Then, Kole showed us a few cars.. After test driving 3 cars, we found the car of my dream.. Went back in to the dealership.. Kenny once again greeted us.  Finally agreed on numbers and payment . We went into the finance department and was introduced to Duc Le .. Duc was very professional and gave us a really good deal on warranty and even lowered our interest rate. After all, we felt like we were family there.. Great job guys!! I will be buying my cars from you guys from now on and will refer everyone to Vandergriff Toyota !!!

Mandy G. | 2012-01-24

STAY FAR AWAY!!!! After shopping for a long time for a vehicle, I was sure I wanted an 08 Jeep Patriot I found at Vandergriff. Internet price was 11900 when my husband and I went in to talk numbers, I told the salesman right off the bat we would have to negotiate the price, he left, came back and said his manager told him there's no way the price was negotiable at all. We told him if that was the case we would leave...his response was, "Okay, well come back if you decide to." Really?? I guess they didn't want to sell a car as bad as the next place would.
We decided to go back the next day and speak with someone else to negotiate because I really liked the vehicle. He was able to bring it down to 11400, but added nearly $3000 in NON NEGOTIABLE fees (gap ins., warranty, etc.). When I decided to go with my credit union to finance and not their high interest banks, he suddenly changed and got mad and told us he misunderstood his manager and that the price would have to stay at 11900, not the 11400 he quoted us. They are full of BS and will try any way to drain your wallet. They tell you the BS that they are not making any $$ off the sale blah blah. They don't want your business, they want your money!!!!

Louis R. | 2011-07-05

Tom Vandergriff would be rolling in his grave if he knew how this place was run these days. I tried to negotiate with these people over the phone about a used Scion that they had on their website. The car showed that it had been listed for about five months.

The asking price was about $500 more than KBB and about $2000 more than Edmund's TMV. When I called and offered TMV for the car the sales lady just about laughed at my offer and then lied saying that the car was just listed about a week ago.

Anyway....I ended up buying my Scion from Toyota of Dallas. At least they were willing to offer me a decent price on it.

Punkin P. | 2011-06-25

Used car sales staff basically lied to my face, took a deposit, then claimed they don't take deposits. Then the sales manager came on the phone and was basically an a-hole,said too bad, we don't take deposits. Typical used car salespeople. If management is that bad pre sales, I can only imagine how bad they must be after the fact.

Lev S. | 2010-05-01

The car is still listed on the website.

Daisy C. | 2008-03-16

When we got to Vandergriff Toyota, we told the salespeople we just wanted to check out some cars and maybe take some test drives.  I asked if they had any 2008 Camry or Rav 4 brochures with an itemized listing of the features and specs.  They did not have any available.  The sales guy asked what color car I want.  I asked what colors are available for the Camry.  He could not tell me.  Then he asked us what price we were willing to pay.  My husband said, we're not ready to negotiate a price; we want to take a look at the cars first and figure out what options and features we like.  The sales guy seemed to think this was a totally novel approach to buying a car.  

We were finally able to do a test drive with a Camry.  We drove about 200 ft, when I pointed out the tank was on empty.  The sales guy told me to go back to the lot.  When we got back, he asked me if that was enough of a test drive (!).  We said no, so we got some fuel and made it out to the highway.  The sales guy fell asleep while we were on I-20.  The Rav 4 test drive went a little better, but when my husband asked if it was 4WD, he said yes, the car has four wheels.  I tried to focus on the road and not bust out laughing.  

In the end, I chose the Rav 4, but I certainly did not purchase it from the bozos at Vandergriff Toyota.