Vandergriff Honda in Arlington, TX

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New, Certified Pre-Owned, Hybrid & Commercial/Fleet Vehicles. Detailing, Courtesy Shuttle, Rental Cars, Parts & Accessories, Internet Access, Comfortable Waiting Area.

Vandergriff Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 533-4266
Address:1104 W I 20, Arlington, TX, 76017
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Vandergriff Honda

Kim F. | 2015-04-19

Five years ago I bought a car from them.  They continually send me letters (final notice) that they want to buy my car back.  I called them and the Honda district office to tell them not to contact me. I am still receiving letters offering a quote for a buy back.    I will never buy a car from you again, so please stop sending me offers and save yourself the postage.  I won't even reminisce about the buying experience I had with them. Vandergriff, leave me alone!

J S. | 2015-03-16

Deserve a minus
Had a nail in my tire-said tire was fine-discount tire fixed the flat the next day and reset tire pressure gauge
Feel like thes people compromised my safety and could have cost me a lot of money
Car was purchased  dec31, 2014-two months old!

Judy S. | 2015-03-02

We purchased our vehicle from a dealership in Irving and had a great experience there.  Not wanting to drive too far out of our way my husband and I decided to use Vandergriff for our basic maintenance.  This decision was based mainly on the fact that the previous owner of our certified used Honda used the same dealership and we figured it was going to be easier to just have all the maintenance records at one place.  

Upon arriving for our appointment we were greeted and walked inside.  Excellent so far!  The advisor was very friendly and explained the codes that had popped up for regular maintenance.  He got to the air filter part and said the service was $ change a filter and check a belt.  We thought he was joking.  Turns out he was serious and so my eyes got big, my husband said that is hilarious, no thanks.  We always expect dealer pricing to be high but that was just too high in our opinion.  The advisor had no idea what kind of oil Honda uses and said it just says Honda on the bottle.  He had to ask someone else to find out that Shell makes their oil.  I would think the advisor would know things like this as there aren't too many options for oil.  

We take a seat and wait and a new car salesperson comes over toward the end of our wait to find out if he can sell us a new car while keeping our payment the same.  At this point our vehicle is pulling in and we are about to pay.  He wants to check his inventory and we agree to see what kind of offer he can give because we figure getting a brand new vehicle at our payment isn't such a horrible idea.  

The advisor comes over and walks us to the cashier and explains what was found.  There were a few issues, all minor.  Tires will need to be replaced in a few months, we agree and knew that coming in.  An alignment is needed, suspected that as well.  Then he says my wipers are worn.  Say WHAT?  I didn't say anything at all but my wiper blades are BRAND NEW.  I park in a garage and the wipers were just replaced by my husband.  In fact, with the recent weather I have used the wipers and they work just fine....because they are brand new.  

Guess who just lost all trust in this service center?  Me!  If you are going to lie about something as basic as a wiper blade being bad and then try to sell me a set of wipers for $50 what else are you going to lie about down the road?  

We pay and the new car salesperson comes back and has a new Odyssey to show us.  We agree that he can have 30 minutes of our time so we can check out this new van and see what is so great about it.  The man tries to sell me on a push button start where my current Odyssey has a turn key.  Is that really a selling point?  For years I've been turning a key just fine and had no issues.  Next!  A chrome grill......seriously?  I'm standing in the cold and rain to see something I already have?  No, thanks.  Next he points out that I do not have a blind spot camera.  This is true but I generally don't have an issue with that because I look.  He then goes on to show me the inside that is IDENTICAL to what I currently have.  No selling point there.  Rear entertainment!  Got it!  Moving on.  But this 2015 has a touch screen display where you can send texts.  Not at all a selling point for me because I don't read texts or reply to them when I am driving.  A text is not worth killing another person for nor possibly killing myself and my family.  After that he had nothing to sell me on.  

While trying to sell me on a new Odyssey he kept putting my 2011 down like it was a hunk of junk.  It isn't as safe or reliable.  I'm sure Honda would love to hear you trying to sell their cars with that attitude.  When we went inside to discuss the price the payments were double what ours currently were.  Don't worry about that because we can get that price down.  I will admit they got the payment down but it was $50 more than what we are currently paying and I just can't justify spending that on features I don't want or need.  He did the back and forth thing with us between his finance manager and us.  I despise that back and forth stuff.  I refuse to take part in it.  He left us again and the finance person came back and was insisting that he just needed to pull our credit to see what kind of payment he could do.  I wasn't having it and at this point it had been over an hour.  My keys were somewhere else and I was done.  I had to yell at the guy to get my keys and pull my van around so that we could get out of there.

Evis D. | 2015-02-16

Horrible customer service
I've spent over 8k at the service department and needed to get some information on what is covered with tires I purchased there and apparently they have incompetent employees that either don't care for their customers or simple are tired of their job. I spoke with a guy named Ted who was very RUDE and has no people skills when I asked if he was the manager he said no asked for his manager and he hung up.

Nina L. | 2015-01-27

Their service was good, but the prices quoted were more expensive than other places, so I will be taking my business elsewhere unless I can't find a place that's open on Saturdays (they are good about that). I found the same service elsewhere for about $200 less.

Maggie C. | 2015-01-20

Although we purchased a car here we were not very satisfied with our service. We found the car online and called KD. KD was very helpful over the phone. When we arrived he had a family emergency and had to leave, which is understandable.

We ended up working with Kirby who was helpful at first, but that soon changed. He was working out the numbers with his manager Russell who was nice. Kirby was not at all personable and actually seemed put out by assisting us. He was very sort and rude at times. By the end of the sale he was extremely ticked off to say the least. To be far my husband and I are both sales manager for a large company and know a thing or two about negotiating. Kirby found out we owed less than disclosed and made it know to us he wasn't going to make as much money.

The finance manager was very helpful and got us exactly what we requested.

Overall the experience was okay but we would of left and went elsewhere if the car we were buying was easy to find.

Above was my review as if December 27, 2014 since then my experience has gone from okay to terrible.

Let me start with the financing. They told us the car (2012 CTS-V) was out of warranty and sold me a $2000 extended warranty. It was for 3 years or 36,000 miles. Well turns out my car has 61,000 miles on it and the factory warranty is good for 10 years or 100,000 miles. A complete waste of money! When confronted they said oh sorry and offered to give us a free tire and wheel warranty or we can cancel it. Now if we cancel it the 2000 goes towards the loan and of course will not effect the payments. Now I'm happy there is an option but that is nothing special for being lied to, anyone can return/cancel a warranty.

When we purchased the car we got an IOU to fix the rims. They promised the car back into days it took five days. They also promised they would try to fix the bumper that had some pins missing. They did not even attempt to fix it being frustrated I didn't ask a third time. Also since talking with Kirby about getting my IOU repairs completed he hung up on on me twice and would argue with me about when he promised my vehicle to be done. I have talk to Russell about him and he promises to address the situation. Might I also mention the car they sold me has a major recall and I will be having to drop it off at a Cadillac dealership. Everything is covered but I feel that is something they probably should've taken care of before they sold the vehicle especially since it would've cost them nothing.

Needless to say I will never recommend this dealership to anybody that I know friend or enemy they are terrible lying people.

Qiang D. | 2015-01-01

never trust! change our new car to one with more than 170 miles. We originally test drive on one with 30 miles

Jami C. | 2014-11-26

I suggest that you don't buy a vehicle here unless you like headaches. Also make sure if you do buy from them that you live really close to the dealership because you will likely be making multiple trips back there to tie up the loose ends they leave you with. My "CERTIFIED USED" car was not detailed, it still had dirty food stains left in the back seat cupholders, the rearview mirror had a nice thick greasy film on it, and the oil change had never been done after the previous owner, so I had to pay to get it done myself right away. I was never mailed any paperwork on the car, so I had to make about 5 phone calls just to find out who the car had been financed through. Once I finally got that information the payment was due in 4 days. After owning the car for two months, I still have not received my permanent tags! I am currently trying to get them before the temporary tag expires in 4 days from now. Wish me luck. Once you sign the contract that is when they know they've got your money, and nothing else matters--including you--from that point on.

Phuong V. | 2014-11-25

Brought our 2012 honfa civic in for warranty work. Picked it up 3 days later and the outside was clean but the inside looked like someone borrowed the car. We had lollipop wrappers all over the floor and our floormats were all in wrong places. Our ipod that was in the glove box is missing and glovebox wad rummaged through. We had a box full of supplies we use and everything inside was gone through and not in its correct spots. I was told they would call me back the next day about mlstuff from the manager but never a call. Thieves....

Dallas F. | 2014-11-06

This is by far the worst dealership I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. The one and only reason I come here is because they have to fix the work they have messed up on. I'm not really sure where to begin, so I'll just start with the first horrible experience I've had. I brought my Honda Civic here for a simple oil change. My car is lowered so if your not use to it you are liable to scratch or damage my bumper. Well when i came to pick my car up the bumper was indeed damaged. When I asked to speak to the manger he told me that it was my fault and I did it even though I have proof it was not me.. Well after a week long battle they finally agreed to fix my bumper that they broke but not before they were going to charge me for parts but no labor while this was done they also fixed a seal on my transmission. This was all about 3-4 months ago fast forward to today I come in again to get a simple oil change and I'm told my transmission seal is leaking and as we're doing the walk around I noticed they the paint on the bumper they just replaced and painted is chipping.  I asked where these both suppose to  fixed by you guys a few months ago. So of course after sitting for 10-20 minutes they say bring it back on Thursday and we'll fix both my bumper and he seal no charge. So now I'm here with class to go to and apartments to look (I'm in the process of having to move)  and they won't give me a loaner car and they won't drive me to my brothers 30 minutes away so I can get a car   while they fix all the things they failed to do a decent job fixing the first time. The bottom line is do not waste your time with this dealership their customer service is horrible, they don't car about your car, and they don't care about you, or what you have going on.. I intend from here on out to go to the Honda dealer in Dallas even though this one is right next to my house.. Best advice I can give is go somewhere else don't even bother letting them waste your time.

Ludmila K. | 2014-10-23

Worst service ever; had to wait on their shuttle car for 2+ hours; poor customer service. Will never return for this kind of service !!

Russell B. | 2014-10-22

I had the worst car buying experience of my life at Vandergriff Honda.  After receiving an email and multiple verbal confirmations about the exact price of a used car, the dealership refused to honor that price.  They were deceptive, dishonest and have no moral character.  They deserve negative stars but I am forced to give them 1.

Timothy L. | 2014-09-20

I have to say I had a great experience from start to finish. When I first came to the lot,  I met Charles Bright , he was excellent and dedicated his time to helping us purchase the car we really wanted. In fact, I was so impressed with his service , I ended up purchasing  two cars from Charles. If you find yourself at Vandergriff Honda, please request Charles Bright.

Diane A. | 2014-08-09

I've had two bad experiences with Vandergriff and now I'm done:

(1) When I arrived to buy a new car with my teenage daughter, NOT ONE SINGLE SALES PERSON approached us. TWO FEMALES. Mom is ready to pay cash if they have what we're looking for. After a long stretch of watching salespeople walk right past us without a word, I called out, "Anyone want to sell a car today?!" No response the first time. Second time, a salesman says he'll get to us soon, on his way to talk to a couple as they walked in the door. First words spoken to us, fifteen minutes after arrival.

We waited another fifteen minutes--thirty minutes total, left, and bought one from a different dealer. This was worse than when a salesmen sees a female shopping for a car alone and opens with "What color do you want?" which most of them do. Sigh. When shopping with a male, I don't get asked this question until later.

(2) Our Honda had a recall on the sun visors, because they keep falling apart on several model years for a few of the models. We had been using this dealer for servicing because they're a lot closer to where we live than any others. Vandergriff did not have them in stock THREE TIMES when we tried to get them replaced. After both had broken to the point that they hung down in the driver's and passenger's faces, I got more insistent that it be ordered and that we be contacted upon their arrival. They told me that because this car was two months past the warranty date, they had to charge for them.....even though this was a recall item.

After being reminded that I had tried to get this done on three other occasions (acknowledged to be in their records), this was a Vandergriff problem, not Honda's. A service representative named Ray put me on terminal hold several times, including once ON HOLD FOR FIFTY MINUTES!!! Never came back on any of those times to offer to call back (which he NEVER did, thus my continued calls to them when I didn't hear back--one time Ray LIED and said he had left a message.....hello, cell phones show a complete call record). I literally drove from Fort Worth to Arlington, did a little grocery shopping, arrived home, carried in the groceries, and used my computer a little while before anyone picked up that line.

Finally, while I held that phone to one ear, I called again with a different phone and held their ancient sounding overly loud recorded music stereophonically in both ears (same instrumental song on a continuous loop--I could hum it perfectly for you now, a week later). When someone finally came back on the line with the SECOND PHONE after it had been directed to the service department, I explained that I was on hold with another phone for going on 50 minutes. He was very nice and made an effort to get the manager as I had requested. Lo and behold, somebody finally picked up that first call.....and put me on hold another fifteen minutes=1 call on hold most of 64 minutes. I gave up on that first call, but took a screen shot of the call record.

I did hear back from the manager, and he agreed to provide replacement sun visors. But that took a second phone call, when he didn't call me back as promised for a whole week. Acted like it was a big huge favor. He brushed off the long hold time, Ray's lies, and terrible customer service (there was more than I've covered here). So, I'm glad to have gotten the defective sun visors replaced (although with the same defective version that breaks), but it should not have taken ten days worth of phone calls and pushing the point that Vandergriff had fallen short during past efforts to take care of this recall of a defective item, in order to get it done.

Then, after arriving home, we realized that they installed these sun visors BACKWARDS. The right hand visor on the left side, and vice versa.The mirror is on the side that folds toward the windshield. This had to be on purpose. Certainly technicians who handle recalled sun visors on several years of multiple models of Hondas know which direction the visors should go. The service technician was smirking when he handed me my key, and now I know why. Ridiculous!

Their service was fairly good other times when we had routine things done, and they're waiting area is excellent. But after two kinds of rudeness and dodgy tactics, I don't trust them and I'm done with them. I'll drive further to a different dealer.

Check my other reviews. Mostly very positive. I'm not a complainer.

Lu L. | 2014-07-24

I called three times and left them notes regarding my payments in the past month, just wanted to clarify something. They promised me to call me back but they never did. Also, my brand new 2014 CRV has a package that every 6 months I can come back for a free maintenance but it's almost 7 months, I still not hearing anything from Vandergriff, no call, no mail/email.

I'm extremely unsatisfied with the quality of your customer service. Vandergriff is one of the biggest car dealers in Arlington and that's why I purchased my car there, but you guys didn't live up to my expectation.

Joseph N. | 2014-06-09

Had the worst experience ever. I went to have a look at a used Chrysler I saw online. The car looked great, even took it for a test drive. I bought the car and one of their guys drove it home for me. Soon as we got home, the car refused to change gears. The car was as good as dead to me. I was really disappointed but I trusted the dealership to thoroughly check their cars before making someone sign papers. I don't think I'll be going there again.

Mark J. | 2014-06-01

This was my 2nd and last visit to Vandergriff Honda.  Back in 2006 when we first got our Honda Element we brought it to Vandergriff for some routine service.  When we returned to pick up the car it had a large scratch on the side.  The service manager at the time told us, "we should not expect it to stay new forever".  Long story short, we argued, they fixed the issue and I said I would never come back.  This year we needed to have some work done on the same Element and I figured I would give Vandergriff another try since it has been so long.  This visit was not as bad but I am still not happy with Vandergriff.  We needed to have some AC work done and I find it extremely insulting when we are given a price quote that is obviously inflated.  When I was given the quote for the AC repairs, I called 2 other local Honda dealers and asked them their cost.  The amount was over $200 less.  When I called the service advisor back he said he would have to check with the manager about the price.  It is ridiculous that getting your car serviced is just like buying a new car.  There should not be any reason why I should have to hear "let me check with my manager" when I have provided proof that you are overcharging for your services.  After checking with his manager, we finally got the price down to what I felt was reasonable and the work was performed.  After this experience, I will never go back to Vandergriff.  BTW:  I think more people would leave dealership service departments happy if they would charge labor based on the actual time it took to do the work, rather than charging the book time.

Vish R. | 2014-05-25

Worst experience. Had to visit again to rectify.

I went to the express service section around 4pm today(24th may 2014) to get my accord serviced. A lady attended me and told me that it would take about an hour every thing looked fine till then and I was waiting in the customer lounge. At 5pm I was told the work is done so paid the bill.

After paying none of them attended me to explain about the inspection done to my car as they where closing at 5. I was even told that car wash and vacuum was included  but they dint do it  . They dint even have the time to remove the token number that was put on my car.

I had to pick my friend so I left but the worst part is that the emergency brake light was showing up  when I was driving and this dint happen before.
I recommend not to visit this dealership for service and sincerely suggest this dealership to deal with customers in a better way.

I had a lot of respect towards Honda and dint expect this type of service.

Cris R. | 2014-05-13

I only come because of the free services that I received when I purchased my car but they lack in customer service, never open on time, & lady at the front desk is rude & grouchy.

Chris W. | 2014-04-23

Hondas are notorious for A/C issues and had a $40mm class actions suit settled a few years back. It hasn't improved all that much, our 2010 Odyssey was an unfortunate victim. Therefore we took it to this dealership for repair.

The original quote was for $1,450 to fix the clutch & coil plus a leaky compressor. Naturally, that didn't pass the smell test as one is electrical and the other is mechanical.  They don't both go bad together. They couldn't pull a fast one on me and I called to question the manager, who was unable to explain the diagnosis.

When we called them back to tell them that the car would be collected without repairs, they returned with a new story that only the compressor was leaking. Apparently the clutch & coil wasn't defunct. Hmm...Further diagnosis during the night? Funny how the story changed real quick. Instantly the quote dropped to $806.

We ended up having the work done there as no matter what we were $119 into this adventure, and it has so far been working  (hence the 2nd star). Otherwise, a frustrating, angering, and disheartening experience with the service department. As a Dealership, the entity who bears the company brand and name, there is an expectation to be straightforward and honest. I don't believe we received fair treatment until we took the gloves off and showed our technical knowledge of vehicle mechanics.

Ally D. | 2014-04-22

I went here to buy my first new car. I wanted, and ended up purchasing, a new 2012 Civic EX coupe in black. I test drove one of the Civics and I loved it. They really let you gun it on the test run. There's a parking lot around back where they let you whip it around a bit and really test it out. I was feeling confident about this.

Then started the ever dreading trade in appraisal and dealing with all of the nitty gritty financing. Apparently, or they acted like, there was only one black Civic EX in the whole place (which they had lost the keys to) that had all of the pricey add ons preinstalled. They told me it would cost money to even take these add ons off the car and I might as well just pay for them. I'm sure they probably all do this but we argued it and I ended up getting them free. Yippee!

This all up to this point had taken a couple of hours. They sat us in a room for about another hour where they encouraged us to give them a 5 star review on a tablet provided by them. It then was time to sign the papers. Everything looked great, I signed the papers and low and behold, they still can't find the keys to the lone black Civic. I got a loaner car to take home until the next day where I had to drive back to the dealership in Arlington (I live in southwest Fort Worth) and pick up my car.

I get there to get my car and they tell me they have great news for me! Yay! The great news is is that my brand new car that has 10 miles on it really has 1,700 miles on it! And I have to sign all of the paperwork over again because the original paperwork I did before is null and void. They lowered my monthly payment and my interest rate slightly to make it up to me. I was extremely fed up at this point and my car I traded in was never seen again after I parked it out front so I agreed and signed the papers again.

Finally, I get to pick up my car! Except, they bring me my car and in the front middle of the hood (extremely noticeable) is a dent/scrape atrocity! The door handles were all scratched and the inside was dirty! There was hair on the console and soda residue in the cup holder. This was supposed to be my brand new car! I immediately complained and the salesman told me "the tires are black, I figured it was clean."

Yet again I get a loaner car for three days now while they repair the dent and detail my car. They deliver my car to my work and from the window in my office I can see the dent in my hood. The car was clean but they just painted over the scrape/dent and it looked like crap. It was terrible. The salesman tried to argue with me that it wasn't that bad. I said I was paying for a perfect new car and if he couldn't deliver then I wanted everything back. He took my car back to the dealership.

I had to return to the dealership the next day to get new temporary plates on my loaner car because they were now expired. I was completely fed up with my entire car buying experience and expressed that to a manager who said "oh you have the black civic, I heard about your car." Great! They know they try to pass off shotty work!

They paid my first car payment and lowered my interest rate more and I finally got my clean, dent free car. And I've never been back.

Tiffany S. | 2014-03-22

My previous review of Vandergriff Honda was quite glowing, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately they have not lived up to the expectations I had for them. On several occasions I have taken my car in for service at Vandergriff due to the fact that my car was purchased brand new and is still under warranty. Otherwise I would just take my car to Jiffy Lube and not have to worry about the wait or getting the run around.

There have been several occasions where I have taken my car to Vandergriff and received service that lacks in many areas. The lack of communication with customers and the lack of drive that the service department has for customer service is appalling. I bought my car at Vandergriff Honda because of the excellent customer service at Vandergriff Chevrolet. For the remainder of my service contract I will just take my car elsewhere to be serviced because Vandergriff Honda is truly lacking in the service department.

Anye F. | 2013-05-27

This dealership used what are, to my interpretation of the law, illegal bait and switch tactics.  Do not go here. Really the only good thing I can say about this dealership is that the salesman who helped me when I physically arrived was of the low-pressure variety and I don't think he agreed with what his management tried to do.

To describe what I mean so you can judge for yourself - I requested information online about a Honda Odyssey and was sent an email saying that the price was ~29,500 (plus the cost  of add-on features which vary from vehicle to vehicle and plus taxes and fees).  This implies that it should be possible to purchase a vehicle without any add-ons for that price.  

However, this is not the case.  That dealership by default installs ALL vehicles with a 5-feature package that raises the base price to closer to $35K (before taxes and fees).  They would not go below $33.5K base price for any reason (including USAA discount which though they said they honor, they don't.)  I asked them if it were possible to get the price on the ad for any Odyssey and they said no because they only give the '"discount"" to cars on the lot -- none of which are free of their 5-add-on package.  So there is no other interpretation other than that they lie to get you in the door.  I filed a report with the state Attorney Generals office, and though they won't update me on what happens I do hope they will investigate and put the whompass on this dealership for their illegal practices which completely wasted the time I spent there.

To contrast, I went to Honda of Burleson the next day -- they had sent me an estimate that included the "out the door price" -- including all add ons, taxes, and fees and the TOTAL price (including taxes and fees) came to just over $32K. No surprises when I arrived, I paid EXACTLY what they told me I would pay.  No pressure, no hassle, they honor the USAA discount and here's the kicker -- the car they sold me came with the exact same 5-feature package that Vandergriff said meant they couldn't possibly sell it under $33K w/o losing money.

Go to Honda of Burleson, ask for Chris Yates, and don't even bother with Vandergriff.

Matthew C. | 2013-02-27

As I have just landed a new job, I needed to get a better commuting car for the Metroplex. I've been doing my research and wanted to test drive a new 2013 Civic. I came to the dealership and was greeted nicely while I was browsing the stock on the lot. I told the fellow what I wanted and we went inside to get the things for a test drive. As is the usual thing nowadays, I was handed off to another salesperson who was nice as well and we went on the test drive. I really liked the new civic and wanted to proceed with getting pricing and financing info. We came back to the dealership and I told them what I wanted to spend.

(Full disclosure, I'm experienced in the car buying process as my father was in the business and I'm not an easy mark) I'm used to having to play the back and forth game of pricing, I know how it works. I know the invoice price and I know what I want to pay. So, he took my info and went to talk to the manager. I expressly said that I wasn't buying a car today, I need the info to make a decision and only then will I buy their car.

The manager and salesman returned to make chitchat and again pressed, "What will get you to buy this car today?" I retorted that there was nothing short of giving the car to me that would enable me to buy today without further shopping and comparison. At that, the manager shook my hand and walked away leaving me with the salesperson. The sales person grabbed a brochure and offered it with his card. Confused, I asked "Am I going to see pricing and available financing?" The salesman said no.... That I should do all my comparisons and return when I am ready to buy then and there.

I've been to many a dealership that works you hard to try to make a deal, but this was the first that refused to make an offer. Needless to say, I will not be buying any car from them. I had previously bought a car from Vandergriff Acura next door, but this was my last interaction with the company.

In this economy, how a business could leave a customer cold without so much as a quote is beyond me. If this is standard procedure for them, fine, I get some places don't value service...Wal-Mart, the Post Office, Spirit Airlines. But, buying cars you expect a little more.

Brooke P. | 2013-02-21

Only trust them as far as you can throw them or you'll get ripped off.

Adam B. | 2013-02-18

I purchased a Honda Odyssey from this dealership only to discover it was involved in a front-end collision.  They acted like they didn't know yet they themselves performed accident-related repairs on the vehicle without reporting it to Carfax.   I know this because the invoice, from Vandergriff Honda, was in the glove compartment, and it specifically stated that the customer told them the car was in a front end collision and the repairs were directly related to that.  On top of that, they pre-certified bald tires.  I had to purchase all new tires for the car within the first year of owning it.  Luckily I haven't had any major issues, but those are deceptive enough sales practices that I won't be returning when the times comes to purchase another new vehicle.

And WOW, 90+ filtered reviews? I've never seen anything like it.  2 out of the 5 unfiltered reviews don't even have anything to do with the dealership itself.  Seriously, Kenneth H gives the place 5 stars because he hangs out with his buddy there (?!?!?) and Jamie H got some screws for his license plate.  OMFG.  I'm LMFAO.  Either someones at Yelp is taking bribes or the filter is on drugs!!!!  You do the math!!

Tuyen K. | 2012-08-18

My husband and I just bought a car from them this past week and had a wonderful experience.  

My husband got off work late on Monday so we came in at 7:30pm.  We were greeted by Joe who was so warm and welcoming.  He asked us what car we were interested in and wrote everything down.  Then he went and showed us the car.  My husband and I have been wanting to get an Odyssey for over a year now so he has done countless research.  During our test drive, he asked Joe so many questions and Joe knew pretty much all about the car.  We had an old car that we wanted to trade in but weren't sure we'd get a lot of money for the trade.  Joe went and got his pre-own manager to give us an appraisal.  We were surprised at how much they gave us for the car.  

We told them our budget and they really worked with us to have it fit within our monthly goal.  The entire buying process took a few hours.  The dealership closes at 9 but we stayed until 11pm.  A few of the workers had to stay with us until we had signed all the papers and given the key.  Throughout the entire night we were greeted with smiles and kindness.  I know they could've been rude since it went 2 hours beyond their closing and I'm sure they were tired by then but that did not stop them from giving us great customer service.  

They do have a cafe that has good food and wi-fi which makes waiting for service more enjoyable.  

I did not have a bad experience here whatsoever so I do recommend them.

Shalaka S. | 2012-08-10

Every hideous and shameless tactic you have ever heard of being used by car salesmen was on display at Vandergriff.

I walked in at 6 pm on a Friday evening with a fixed budget an open mind. I was EXTREMELY clear about what was most important to me when the sales person - Joe - greeted me and asked me of my expectations. I told him I was open to either a pre-owned or a new vehicle. He said that with my budget he could get me a new car - namely the Honda Civic LX. Honda was having a "summer clearance event" today so he said he could get me a great deal on their new cars and I did not even have to worry about pre-owned with a budget like that.
I am a 23 year old girl. That being said, I'm trusting, but not stupid when it comes to car buying. Trusting, nevertheless.

Joe at that point handed me over to another sales person whose name I cannot remember, but he demo-ed the car for me, and explained the features. He explained their GPS tracking system and I VERY EXPRESSLY asked what the premium was on that service. He told me there was none and it was all inclusive. An hour and a half and a test drive later, this sales guy took me back to the dealership to talk numbers.

At this point, they presented the MSRP of the car ($19595) PLUS "Options" that added another $5600 to the MSRP. In addition to that, the "Options" cannot be taken off. Meaning, they're not really options (The GPS system was one of these options that I was told was included in the price). Basically, Vandergriff ordered their vehicles from Honda with a certain number of features and the customer pays the price for these "options".

When I walked in, I told them I was looking for A car, new or pre-owned, with a FINAL budget (including TT&L) of $18000. I was going to put $3000 down on the car. The car that I was shown and told could be fit into my budget came out to be a whopping $27,000 and loose change. This was during their "Summer CLEARANCE event".

After talking to their "finance" guy, who basically tried to move around numbers to get me within a "monthly" budget and FAR away from my FINAL budget, they saw that I wasn't stupid when it came to my numbers.

I want to share my experience with the yelp community so that no one ever has to waste their valuable time with these lying scumbags. Find a dealership that is worth your time and money.

The Vandergriff "brand" has always boasted of integrity and honesty, and frankly, not only does this business fail to uphold its core values, but it is also a shining beacon of everything a car buying experience should NOT be.
My boyfriend was in the market for a new vehicle too with a much bigger budget than mine, but needless to say after witnessing this, they lost his business too.

Vandergriff will forever owe me three harrowing hours, but I have witnessed what I can confidently say is my WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER and from it, I am wiser.

P S. | 2012-07-07

Went in with my parents who were ready to buy a car and although the sales guy was nice enough, his manager came out and was really rude to my mom. He repeatedly asks her to commit before giving her a price and after she asked him to stop pressuring her to commit and to just give her an honest price he was really disrespectful and stood up and told her she just wasn't serious enough. I understand needing to make a sale but c'mon guy don't be the stereotypical sales guy and definitely don't be rude to my mom!!! He just lost a $30k cash to another dealership now to buy her car. Don't go to this place unless you want to be treated with disrespect by rude managers!

Heather L. | 2012-03-12

I would adamantly NOT recommend Dan White or Vandergriff Honda and would give zero stars if that were possible.  Sorry for such a long post, but these details would have helped me out a LOT during this car-buying process.

I sent out 14 internet/email requests in Texas and Oklahoma for price quotes on the vehicle we wanted to purchase stating clearly that we wanted only the factory options in the trim package and no additional options.  Vandergriff responded with 2 auto-generated emails.  I knew they had the model and color in stock, so I sent an email asking about it.  We went back and forth with questions regarding their document fees and what was included in them.  Since there were a bunch of caveats in their auto-generated email price quotes, I then confirmed that the vehicle they had in stock (referenced the VIN number) was the price quoted and reiterated we did not want any additional options.  Their price was a little higher than some others, but we decided to buy locally and wanted to avoid the drive to pick up a car (MISTAKE).  We set up an appointment for the next day expecting to just go in, pay, and finalize the documents.

We got to the dealership, and to our surprise, the vehicle had additional options.  Not only did it have some options, it had $4K of additional options!  We told the salesman we were not interested in a vehicle w/more options, and that is when the hard sell started.  He talked us into asking his manager if we could get it for the price we were quoted.  First, he tried to get us to say the amount of the car payment we were looking for (did not give so he couldn't play with the numbers).  The salesman had us do things to "show his manager we were serious."  He asked us to sign a statement saying we would buy the vehicle if we could agree to terms (i.e., meaningless statement).  With every back and forth, he asked us to do something else--write another statement, partially fill out a credit application, and then show the manager our credit card (RUN IF THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU).  I can't believe we fell for the credit card thing, which I believe was a ruse to keep us from leaving the dealership (salesman kept our card in his possession).

We obviously weren't going to budge on buying the vehicle, so the salesman got out the "big gun" to try to close the deal.  We got the same rhetoric.  He tried empathizing ("I know this is a big purchase") and telling us that they "can't to all of the giving."  They told us we wouldn't be able to find another vehicle in the color we wanted, which was in short supply at the time.  Both the salesman and his manager told us that all dealers automatically add their own options (NOT TRUE--we bought the vehicle from one that doesn't employ that practice).  The manager told us that we would have to pay about $2K over our initial quote for the vehicle without any dealer options, yet at the same time, he was telling us that maybe he could get us the vehicle for $1K over what we were quoted with it having over $4K of options.  You don't have to be a math genius to see those numbers DON'T ADD UP!

We finally HAD to leave to be somewhere.  We had to go find the salesman and the manager to get our credit card back.  The salesman chased us out to our car trying to get us to buy and repeating the price.  The salesman had the nerve to call and email us later several times asking why we didn't want to buy and what he could do to get us to buy it.  Answer: sell us what you promised us at the price you promised it.

Vandergriff has a different definition of what I do for "internet sales."  I thought we could agree on the price and buy and not have to go through a high-pressure sales situation (WRONG!!).  You can do that at other dealers but not at Vandergriff.  The process was a waste of time.  This was so sleazy that I felt like I needed a shower after we left.  I would rather pay more than every buy from this place!!

We talked to lots of Texas dealers, and they all seem to operate this way by "automatically" adding dealer options then not disclosing that until later.  However, Vandergriff Honda was the only one where they didn't at least admit this on the phone before we wasted our time driving over there with 2 newborns.

I talked to several dealers in Oklahoma and they ALL seem to understand how INTERNET PRICING should work.  We purchased the vehicle we wanted, equipped as we wanted (no dealer-added rip-off options) the next day from a dealership out of state (Oklahoma) that is a short drive from the DFW area AND we got a CHEAPER price.  I filled out the credit application online, the OK dealer sent us the paperwork, we signed, sent it back, and we went and picked up our car.  That is how internet sales should work!

Liz M. | 2012-02-21

I really appreciate the friendly staff at Vandergriff. My sister is shopping around for a new car so we stopped in this past weekend. The sales staff was vey helpful and not at all pushy, I was extremely impressed. She is seriously considering making her next purchase from Vandergriff.

Dominic D. | 2011-08-16

It was lunch time when I was there purchasing a vehicle and the sales man bought me lunch and coffee from their deli inside

Kenneth H. | 2011-06-16

I go here to embrace my R.A.G.E. with 105.3 The Fan. I don't know to much about the car dealership. I can say that the staff is friendly and the guys I spoke with were not pushie on trying to sell me a car. They have a restaurant inside but I have not eaten there before.

Nikki B. | 2010-09-08

Wow, this place is really horrible. We couldn't get anyone to help us. After at least 15 minutes one guy said he'd send someone right out to help us and 10 minutes later we were still being ignored. No one offered to help till we were back at our car and that was too late. Since then I've heard the same story from other people. I hate car dealers that are all over you but there's definitely a happy medium. That same day I'd been right next door at Vandergriff Hyundai where we were treated like our business was truly valued. The honda dealership needs more people like Juan and Elizabeth from Hyundai.

Jamie H. | 2009-08-26

Drove in to see if they had any extra screws to put on my brand spankin new Tx plate. The inside looks really really nice, they have their own cafe and don't have any of the uncomfortable hospital like seats. I'm taking my car here from now on.