Patterson Kia in Arlington, TX

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Patterson Kia of Arlington is a no-commission, simplified pricing new and used car dealership on I-20 between New York and Cooper in Arlington, Texas, owned by the Patterson Family.

Patterson Kia

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 789-4577
Address:1501 Interstate 20 E, Arlington, TX, 76018
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Patterson Kia

Mandie J. | 2015-03-07

its only 4 stars because I've heard that 5 star reviews get overlooked.

Tim in the Service department is awesome! I have never had such great customer service as this dealership provides.

From the first oil change, to the second, to needing a trim piece replaced on my Soul.

Contina B. | 2015-01-10

I love this place.. Best salesman is COREY!!... Shane, Chris were awesome..not pushy at them.. If you need a new car go see them..

Alfred S. | 2014-09-11

The wife and I had spent a few days in Irving from Houston to meet up with friends who flown in from California. Instead of them spending money on a rental car, we offered our vehicle to drive them around for sight seeing and to and from a Dallas Cowboys game. Well after dropping them off at the game we drove back to the hotel and noticed some "sputtering" and hesitation whenever she accelerated. Immediately after that the "Check Engine" light turned on. Did I mention this was on a Sunday?! We took it to Autozone and they then told us it was  a bad HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump). Our friends had scheduled a VIP tour of AT&T Stadium and also had to catch their departing flight at 5:00 that same afternoon. We called TAG over at the dealership and he took AMAZING care of us. He got us in and out in a flash. So amazing he is and the customer service was TOP NOTCH! Thank you very much!


TaLania E. | 2014-07-31

The five stars reflect the attitude and personality of the salesman Clinton who helped me. What an awesome person! So genuine and not intimidating. From the moment I was greeted to the moment I left, he and his coworkers were very attentive. I was there most of the day, mostly because I wanted to look at several options. But I was offered various beverages and snacks. I was looking to purchase a Kia Soul and got exactly what I wanted. I was shown my options but no one was pushy while I was trying to decide. I never felt pressure from anyone to hurry or make a hasty decision. Being a woman alone in here, I never felt uncomfortable or looked down upon. Clinton was wonderful at explaining everything. I test drove models left and right until I was 100% on them. Even drove some twice! He was very patient with me and helped talk the best decision out. I ended up picking a preowned kia soul that had pin stripe I didn't like it so he offered to remove it for no charge and topped off the gas tank. He showed me every feature, even though I had read about them in reviews. Someone give this guy a raise! Jeremy the finance guy is equally as awesome. He explained the numbers in a simple easy to understand way and was super fast. Plus he got me an awesome interest rate on my loan. Oh and I can't forget Steve who I spoke with on the phone in the beginning. Nice guy also. Don't let me forget to mention, my credit score stinks! They got me into a car with low interest. I would almost say it was magic.

David D. | 2014-06-03

I've never experienced a dealership where I didn't feel like I was being taken through the cleaners until now.   Mr. Patterson and his crew are awesome.   I was impressed by our email communications and never once did I feel pressured to make a purchase.  Last night we went in fairly sure on what we were wanting with all details.  Phillip asked that Boyd help us.   Phillip had an injury but did everthing he promised and more, I know he was in pain but he is a really great guy.  Boyd went well beyond any of my expectations and definitely WOW'd me.   That young man knew all the bells and whistles of the car, and areas that he didn't have knowledge  he told us so and then found out which was very few.   I noticed that all of the young guys had well groomed looks too, no one looked like no one cared for them, nothing like you see at most dealerships.  I felt like I experienced true southern hospitality and they have my business for life.  I will send everyone here.   They were really busy and it took awhile to get all the paperwork done after the initial test drive.   It wasn't just a test drive, it was a great experience and I learned so much about the vehicle.   This guy had some much knowledge about what I was currently driving and how it compared to the new Kia Soul +, he was completely on target because I had done my homework as well.  Not only that but his family also drove Kia's.   I felt really bad that they had to stay late for us but no one complained and I know they must have been really tired.  Our sales guy even took us back made us coffee which was awesome.  He was truly personable and not just fluff chatting.   At 11:30pm last night he was finishing the final going over of the new vehicle, he wanted to make sure that we knew what we had.  He further asked us to call him if we found something he didn't cover.  Wow, is this service or what?  I love it.    He took it one step further and made sure we were able to get back on the highway since there was a lot of construction at night there.   We were able to follow him out, what a gentleman.   He once even stopped  to make sure we understood how the ECO engine worked when the car was standing.   Finance guys were professional, well groomed as well.  They offered the diffierent plans but were never pushy.    I sure hope this dealership knows what great people they have here and find some way to compensate for the long hours last night.   These are the kind of people you want to be around.    Go there you wont be disappointed.   They tell you what they have, tell you the price  which was very reasonable and don't play those car games we all dislike.   True Quality People.

Sasha Z. | 2014-05-05

Not very impressed with my experience here. I will say the employees were nice, then again it's their job to try and reel you in. I came to look at two cars I had seen advertised on several different websites, when I got there they only had one of the two. Fine, that happens sometimes (although they have still not taken the one that's gone off the websites). I did look at the one car they had left that I was interested in, after deciding I was willing to buy it, they ask for me to pay $1500 more than the price they had posted online for it. I did not understand why this was, if you have a specific price online (again, same price on more than one website) why would you try and sell me it for so much more? The employee then came back with a second offer which was only $300 cheaper than the first asking price. Needless to say, I walked away. If they truly cared about their customers they would be more willing to honor what they post online instead of trying to make a quick buck.

Judy S. | 2014-02-14

I've never actually stepped foot inside Patterson Kia and based on my recent phone call with an employee in the service department I can say for certain I will NEVER come here.  

I usually use Southwest Kia in Dallas but for my current service issue I didn't feel comfortable driving all the way out there.  My husband can fix the problem I am having but he was wanting me to take it in to get fixed so he didn't have to mess with it.  After my phone call with the service department where I was talked down to and told how to give a VIN number correctly I will never go to the location for anything.  The person I spoke with was extremely rude to me and for no reason at all.  Instead of bringing in business he drove it away and now my husband is stuck fixing my van!  If we have any other service issues I will gladly drive to Southwest where the service advisors don't treat women poorly.

David Y. | 2014-02-07

I've worked with Patterson Kia for over three years and have referred a ton of friends to them, all of whom are very happy with their purchases (including my MIL!). I purchased a used car from Patterson Kia in January and we have been thrilled with it as well.

The service department is great, the internet department is extremely helpful, and the salespeople can sell both new AND used cars - so no hand-off to someone else in a different building or location if you decide to cross over. The dealership is a little tough to get to - you have to loop around Interstate 20, but it is worth that small hassle.

Nina L. | 2014-01-06

This dealership has a non-commissioned sales force, which was great!  They still make you feel valued and take their time to answer any & all questions.  Everyone was so wonderful!  The service department is great, too!  You get free wifi, headphones, & your own remote to watch what you want while you wait.  I had never seen that before, and it makes waiting way less painful!

M U. | 2013-11-15

My wife took her 2012 KIA Optima in for service and was treated with respect and care. No pushy sales tactics whatsoever. The General Manager, Joe Johnson was on the Service Drive and took the time to stop and say hello and make sure everything was going well. Impressive to have a pleasant experience at a car dealership. We highly recommend Patterson KIA and we'll be back.

Max J. | 2012-09-16

As of Octoer 28, 2010, I made an automotive purchase on a Mini Cooper at Patterson Kia in Arlington Tx.  The service, that I recieved was ok, at least it always is when your making an automotive purchase.  However, when the deal is done and the diclosures are signed... always note one thing... "BUYER BEWARE".  When reviewing the terms when during closing I found a few things that didn't agree with me, as a result I had those modified.  The very next day I took car into BMW/MINI of Arlington, where it was revealed that as far back as of February that the car had been into a front end collision that totalled $5K in damages alone.  I was unware of this due to the fact there was no car fax report, a report that I did ask for, a report that was never provided. This was found out during an inspection where since it is a BMW, the keys which are electronic and inputed into a key reader which provides the cars whole history.  Furious, I brought it back to Patterson Kia, where I brought the proof to the finance managers attention followed by the director of the finance department, who was then brought into the finance managers office.  I noticed as I was talking to the finance manager, at the time, Frank Shram I noticed, the director was a little concerned, who assured me there was nothing wrong with the car.  The fiance manager even after the fact started having an attitude with respect to what I said, then again things are good when they are making money, that is until you find something wrong with the deal they are putting together in order to make themselves money.  2 years after the purchase I had to spend a wopping $8k just to fix everything I found that was wrong... some of it payed through my extisting warranty and alot of it payed out my pocket.  Not only this but before I even bought my Mini, I almost purchased Crossfire from them, a Crossfire that I was told by one of the salesman who is not there any more that the car had been severly hit on the left passenger side.  At the time the car was selling for 14K.  The next day however, it wen to auction because of this followed by a few others cars during that time.  This was back in 2010.  Moral to the story, before you buy a car from any dealership new or used make sure you make them, on the spot, provide CARFAX REPORT.  DON'T JUST TAKE THERE WORD FOR IT. Remember the dealership is not your friend under no circumstances.


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