Holt Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Arlington, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Holt Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Arlington, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Holt Dodge Chrysler Jeep, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Holt Dodge Chrysler Jeep in other cities in the Texas.

Holt Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 468-5376
Address:E I-20 Collins St, Arlington, TX, 76018

Reviews on Holt Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Sarah B. | 2015-03-06

This dealership is full of scammers. I know, it's a car dealership so that's somewhat expected, but this is the worst dealership I've ever dealt with. They put their "internet price" on every car but what they don't tell you online is that you have to qualify for about 10 discounts to get that price. Some of the discounts include being former military, belonging to USAA, being an FFA member, being a recent high school graduate, being a recent college graduate, being a Realtor, working for Chrysler, and working for the dealership (or knowing someone who does). I've never met anyone who was all of these random things...plus, if you just graduated from high school, how can you also just have graduated from college?!? Also, they can't ever seem to find the car or the keys so tonight, in the 30-something degree weather, they had us hike to the new lot next door (over the ice and through the mud) to see if WE could find the car we were looking for. We finally found it (thankfully our phones have flashlights so we could see as the lot was not lit up) but they refused to honor anything even remotely close to their internet price. There was a couple there to finish the purchase of their new car - the dealership LOST it and left them to wander around for almost an hour while they tried to find it. Save yourself some time - go somewhere else.

karin b. | 2014-10-31

Worst worst worst experience EVER. Complete lies on the pricing. Internet Director Tamera lied bog time. Supposedly "Truck month" last day of the month..."we will sell it to u for less than the internet price of 44k...54k truck for 44k on the Internet.  Sounded to good to be true and it was. They were all terrible salespeople...director,  sales manager, and general manager. General mansger was the biggest douche.  "I've got a deal for you, 50k and a thiuasand less for ur trade". Ugh hell no.  AVOID HOLT DODGE, I REPEAT NEVER EVER BUY FROM THESE JOKERS.

Josh B. | 2014-10-30

Rude service people. Cars arent inspected properly. Becare on what you buy. I dont recommend this place.

David C. | 2014-05-28

Took my jeep in for simple oil change and tire rotation, seemed to be taking a while so i went to check on it. Mechanic asked if this was my jeep, i said yes, so he begins long rant about my tires and wheels, how he wouldnt have them how i wouldnt be able to change them on the road if i had a flat. How i wouldnt be able to repair flat on trail etc.
this pissed me off, im not an idiot. And anyway these are the tires and wheels the dealership had put on it before i bought it.
So i go and get the manager and the SOB mechanic makes s big deal about how he cant remove the lug nuts. And says whoever rotated tires last put lugs on too tight.
Well guess what? I rotated the tires the last time because Holt didnt do it like they were supposed to. I also got the torque specs off the internet and torqued them myself.
I then get my tire tool and remove lug myself
By hand in about 1/2 a second. I tell manager i dont want this retard touching my car if hes too stupid to rotate tires, so manager says he'll finish it himself.
Well he didnt. When i get home, i notice that they didnt work the spare into the rotation. I know this for a fact because i marked it so i would be able to tell,  oh yea, did i say that the mechanic told me that it was pointless to rotate mud grips?
Anyway im done with them, and if u go to them after reading this, then your an idiot, and deserve everything they do to you.

Karyl M. | 2014-05-19

This dealership is disorganized. Too many people walking around doing I don't know what. I went in for an oil change took about 45 mins and $25 with coupon from their website. Sounds pretty good right?! Ya sure.  They don't have enough personnel to cover service. I waited and waited for someone to help me check in and pay for the oil change.

dean d. | 2013-12-21

Dirtiest messiest most disorganized clueless service department on the planet: they insisted the only fix was a new transmission ($3500) but the transmission shop we took it to afterwards replaced two cables same day for $500.