Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Arlington, TX

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At Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, your satisfaction is our primary concern.

With a knowledgeable sales team, large inventory and everyday low prices, Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is the first and last place you will need to shop for a new or used car.  We guarantee the lowest price in North Texas. Come and see just how affordable and cheap we can make your payments on a new or pre-owned vehicle. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each individual that walks through the dealership's door.  Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram..and the Areas We Serve

Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 557-6000
Address:1111 Interstate 20 E, Arlington, TX, 76018
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Miriam E. | 2015-04-13


Never mind that they erroneously delivered the wrong car and won't make it right after even the salesman was surprised, the empty promise of trying to make it right, the 3 week long wait to tell you they won't make it right but all of their lack of customer service care, lack of attention to detail, and overall disrespect with no status updates on the arrival of the right (wrong) car  but the 5 hour wait to tell you the car that you (think) you want, isn't even on the lot.  I went through USAA with this dealer.  I surely hope they get take off soon!  Everyone who works here, collectively doesn't care, lacks the ability to process a customer's wants into obtaining the car they ultimately want at the expected time.  I drove 3 hrs to this dealer only to get disappointed.  If I could go back in time, I would not have answered any form of communication after them falling short of my first request.

Come here and give them your hard earned money if you want to waste time, effort, and get disappointed.

Toya N. | 2015-02-22

I did not have a great use car buying experience with Holt's, maybe if I was buying a new car I would have got treated a little differently. Highly disappointed and stressed to the MAX!!

Brian V. | 2014-12-30

Found a  good deal online on a 2014 Kia Sorento. The sales girl, Sara, was good. Personable and pleasant to work with. The  finance dept. (Kaleb) not so much. He added extra insurance onto the contract, stating it was part of the vehicle's price. Obviously it wasn't since it was listed separately on ylthe buyer's order. I came back a few days later to get the car detailed and asked Kaleb to cancel the insurance contract. He again lied about it being part of the price of the vehicle and when I cornered him on this point, he changed the argument, even becoming beligerent. I even warned him that I would tell the world about their poor business dealings, and he could care less. I called the # on the contract and they were amazed the dealership would refuse to cancel it. The insurance company assisted me in canceling the policy.  And it took over 2 hours to detail the car on a tuesday during the day. What a terrible experience.

Linda S. | 2014-11-11

So my boyfriend takes his Jeep in on Saturday because it needed an oil pressure gauge.  They tell him it will most likely be Monday before it's ready.  Monday comes around and he calls them twice and left messages.  No call back.

Then he calls today and it took them several times to get someone on the phone.  We ended up picking the truck up at 6pm.  

The lady who answers the phone only transfers calls and can't give any information.  You can call and call and call with no resolve.

I don't know how many people have an extra vehicle sitting around that they can use for however long until the service department can maybe get around to taking care off your vehicle.

These people don't give a crap about service.  I've been eyeing that Challenger for a while now.  When I'm ready to purchase it won't be from Holt.

Philip P. | 2014-11-03

These rat bastards said they'd send me a check for $50 and some touch up paint.  It's 11/3 and I bought my car on 8/22.

Kathy G. | 2014-10-01

Bought a Jeep Cherokee from Blake. He was very helpful and stayed in touch until I was satisfied. Can't say the same for the rest of the dealership. It was chaotic at the showroom. DK was extremely rude and disrespectful. Raul did not return my call multiple times. The only bright side of the experience was Blake.

Jim D. | 2014-09-27

the overpromise/underdeliver dealer. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Amy S. | 2014-09-06

I would NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone - even my worst enemy!
I spoke with Dekendrick over the phone about our wishes in a vehicle. He then began insulting me by the way he spoke-tone, sarcasm and talking down to me, raising his deep voice at me, telling me that i dont know what im talking about and that I should just go elsewhere because he doesn't want my business. Are YOU SERIOUS?!
I was then given to Tara - a manager (supposedly) she apologized, seemed sincere all the while I was so shook up I was in tears over this conversation and treatment that I had just been through.
There was no way I could actually go and allow for more harassment from this horrible man-DK.

John R. | 2014-08-23

This dealership sold me a brand new car that had been repainted and falsified paperwork to try to make it look like a new car.  They should be shut down for the kind of practices they have here.  Buyer beware, you will be ripped off if you buy here.  Lucky for me Chrysler bought back my car and let me go to another dealership.  If your looking there be prepared to wait for at least an hour just to test drive their sales people don't know anything about the cars and don't know where the keys are.  Owner does not care about his dealership.  These crooks need to be stopped don't waist your time coming down there.

Jasmine B. | 2014-08-05

Horrible experience the two times that we visited.
First day we went, was to test drive, not to buy. The manager (Dekendrick) kept pressuring us, kept asking "why" we didn't want to buy then and there.The salesperson named "Cowboy" (that's what he goes by) wasn't sure of what he was talking about when we asked him questions concerning the specifications on the car we were looking at. Dekendrick gave us a number we were comfortable with paying, however we wanted to go home and sleep on it since it was the first time looking at the car and test driving.

Second day we went, was after my husband negotiated price on the phone with Cowboy and came to an agreement. However, when we arrived the other manager (Terrence) was completely rude, arrogant, kept interrupting me when I was talking. He didn't honor the price that the other manager (or Cowboy) offered us, and kept asking why we didn't buy the day before. Completely out of line with his demeanor and downright rude.

We only went here because they are less than 2 miles from our home. We will never go back to this dealership. Got a newer model Jeep and a different dealership for the same price that Holt wanted us to pay.

They will be rude to you, they will disrespect you, they will lie to you, and they will never win me as a customer because I value integrity and respect (something their representatives demonstrated they don't have).

Beth M. | 2014-07-29

I would give them negative stars if I could.

My husband called on a pink and black jeep wrangler four door that was listen on the interest. Spoke to the internet sale manager: Steven Knight. He confirmed the price of the vehicle with the kit on it at $38,600.

We drove to the dealership, over an hr. The price was listed at 43,100. We could never get Steven to talk to us or a manager to come out. The joker that came out just kept saying the price of the vehicle was 43,100 no matter what the internet says and that the stock numbers matched.

Don't do business here. They are liars and crooks.

Kevin J. | 2014-07-05

I made an appointment to test drive and purchase a Jeep Wrangler with my wife after having  previously test drove it earlier in the week.  When we arrived at the dealership the salesman we had been working with did not come outside to help us for 20 minutes.  When he did come out he offered to pull the jeep around, however it was in the pasture behind the dealership and it had just rained so the vehicle would be very muddy.  I  asked that it be washed before being pulled around.  The last we saw of the salesman was him running behind another fence not headed for where they keep the overflow.  We waited around for another 20 minutes before a different salesman said our guy had been called into a meeting.  We left the dealership and I contacted the General Sales Manager asking if we could work with another salesman.  I never heard from the Manager and the dealership would not return my phone calls about purchasing a car.  I have never been to a business that just would not sell you the product you are there to purchase.  Don't waste your time on this place, there are 13 other Jeep dealerships around DFW.

Jim R. | 2014-03-28

The worse auto dealership I have ever dealt with.  I had had several email exchanges with a salesman  and had a deal agreed to for a vehicle.  We I arrived they did not have my car ready to look at so I waited for it to return from a employee that had taken it for his own use.  3 hours later I have the salesman come out and attempt to raise the cost by $10,000.  I didn't mention I live 2 hours away and previously stressed to the salesman I didn't want to travel that far without a deal and she assured me my offer was reasonable and we had a deal.  I can't believe how I was treated.  Stay away at all costs

K. V. | 2014-03-24

THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. It took FOREVER to get my deal in place because the salesperson kept leaving to check EVERYTHING with his manager. Four and a half hours later (I looked at ONE car) when I got to the finance dept, I found out that everything I had been told was a lie. My quoted interest rate changed and the sticker price, invoice price and my quoted price were ALL different. Andrey in the finance dept is HORRIBLE at customer service. He told us that the sales person "would have NEVER given you that price". He's disgusting, he talks down to customers like they are preschoolers. He also tried to unethically sell me gap insurance that I did not need as I was putting half down on my new car purchase. When we got up to leave, we were told that no one knew where our trade-ins keys were. WE ACTUALLY HAD TO CALL THE POLICE TO GET OUR KEYS BACK. Adam Brady (who chews tobacco while he's working) got belligerent with my husband when we on our way out and was actually swearing at him in the showroom. He needs to be fired. I'm also reporting this experience to Truecar.com ., my guaranteed savings were certainly NOT guaranteed. We drove an hour out of our way because Truecar advertised that this this place had the best advertised deal and it was THE MOST BLATANT BAIT AND SWITCH I've ever seen. I'm SOOOO happy I didn't buy a car from these people. I wish I could have given them zero stars.

Bryan C. | 2014-03-04

Just an update to my previous review. A week after they tried to sell me a car that was already sold to another person and I told them to tear up my check, they attempted to cash the check for a car that was sold to someone else! Luckily I had put a stop payment on the check and my bank caught it.

Save yourself the pain and hassle and do business with anyone but Holt.

Also, just FYI, Holt is attempting to game the Yelp reviews by mass publishing good reviews. Don't believe anything that sounds too cookie cutter. It is kinda funny how the "happy customer" always refers to the salesperson by their first and last names and the review dates are all in bunches.

dean d. | 2013-12-21

Dirtiest messiest most disorganized clueless service department on the planet: they insisted the only fix was a new transmission ($3500) but the transmission shop we took it to afterwards replaced two cables same day for $500.

Jake S. | 2013-10-29


Third Child on the way and In the Market for a lightly used Minivan. I found an amazing deal / listing for a 2011 Toyota Sienna SE on Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge Website. This  same vehicle was also listed on USAA auto circle a trusted veterans and active duty military bank. The van is still listed on the website as of 29 Oct 2013. The vehicle is advertised as having 9048 miles the pictures show the vehicle as almost flawless. I called and asked the sales representative Vince if the advertisment was the actual Mileage and he informed me that the vehilce was as advertised and that the vehicle was a "solid vehicle". "Solid Vehicle' is a very ambiguous  term it would seem! I planned to fly from Ca to Texas (My home of record)  the following day to purchase the van and drive it back to where I curently live San Diego Ca. Fortunately I had a friend go to the dealership and " " scout the vehicle.  The sales rep Vince was 30 minutes late for the appointment set by my friend by the way. The Toyota had a completely dead battery which would lead one to believe that Vince did not check the mileage or working condition of the van the day prior as he said he would do personally. The vehicle in reality has over 63k miles on it. Insult to injury one of the rear seats  has a hole in the side of the seat cushion conviently just below camera view on the interior pictures posted on dealer website. The vehicle has hail or rock damage to the hood which I specifically asked about and was told did not exist. Definite excessive cigarette smoking has taken placne in  my would be child transporter. I informed the dealership via formal complaint and was promptly called back by the customer relations representative Daniella. She was very apologetic about my experience from afar though she did try to chalk it up as a misunderstanding. I would have accepted this excuse if I had not asked very pointed questions about the vehicle in advance. The sales rep either did not check proving gross lack of customer service and attention to detail upon the request of a  potential paying customer or he flat out lied. I will assume the earlier. Daniella aked what Holt could do to make "it right". I Stated the only thing they could do was honor the advertised deal. Daniella further stated that she and the management team would do everything they could to find me a vehicle that meets the advertised vehicle on the Holt website. I have given the Holt team over 24 Hours to make good on their promise to no avail. I in turn am staying true to my promise to them which is to give the Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership a negative review. If I had more time and motivation I would consider  persuing with the attorney general for down right deceptive trade practices. A felony in Texas I am told.

John D. | 2013-10-21

Holt's service department is a joke. They screwed up installing a gas cover on my Sahara. Bent the sheet metal around it. Screws never connected to the housing. Didn't notice it until the next day when I was traveling. Tried to go in & have them fix it when I returned. They said their service dept was open until 8 pm. What they DON'T tell you is they're only open for oil changes after 4-5 when their "service techs" leave for the day.  Save your time & money and go anywhere but Holt. Ugh. They don't even rate one star!!!

Rachel H. | 2013-08-14

BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!! (the following is a detailed review in order that others may read and make the informed decision to NOT risk buying a car here).   This dealership was singlehandedly the WORST car buying experience EVER.  The dishonesty and ridiculousness all started from the beginning when a sales person named Antonio wanted to sell the car we had found at their dealership online for $5,000 MORE than the listed price.  After we brought this to his attention, he acted like he didn't understand English and therefore handed us over to a guy named Frank, his manager.  Frank then began to start the dishonesty by "searching" online and stating that there was no car like the one we wanted in Texas, just a town in Oklahoma.  We then showed Frank on our phone that there were 5 exact locations in the area with the car we wanted.  He then stated that the dealership we were about to go to did NOT have the color of car they showed online, and proceeded to say the other dealership was lying.  My husband then called that specific dealership, talked to the manager who then stated the exact color they had in the car we wanted (which was the correct color) and that they were willing to hold it for us if we wanted it.  Frank then said that they were still lying and that his owner would NOT sell the car for the price we wanted.  We then asked for our keys back to the car we were trading in, which they offered $2,000 LESS than what any other dealership offered us.  Frank came back, said the owner changed his mind and wanted to sell it for less.  We then stated we didn't appreciate being lied to several times and were ready to leave, but needed our keys back (which they had been holding for 3 hours.)  The "owner", Shawn, then wanted to make things right and give us what we wanted, so he said he would sell the car to us and give us an added choice of ANY rims that we choose to sweeten the deal.  We told him we had been straight forward this whole time, were willing to pay cash for the car, and wanted a clean deal.  After we had signed the papers and paid cash for the car, we went to pick out the rims only to find we could not pick ANY rims....we actually only had a choice of 2, which again, DISHONESTY during the deal.  After choosing the one we wanted with Angie, who although having her downfalls of LYING about rims that were available when they were NOT, seemed to be the only one who could actually get anything accomplished at the dealership. We were told to come back the next day to get the side rails and rims on as well as getting the car detailed, getting a key made, and picking up an owner's manual.  After coming back the next day... NO ONE KNEW WHY WE WERE THERE AND HELD OUR CAR FOR 5 HOURS WITH NOTHING BEING DONE.  We then stated who told us we had an appointment to come, and literally NO ONE knew who we were talking about.  We mentioned 3 names and they acted like they had never heard of those people and were unwilling to do any of the promised list of things to the car.  After bringing the car up there AGAIN and dropping it off, they never called hours later, and after we called them close to the end of the day, they said the car wasn't working and we would have to leave it there.  Upon getting upset because we left a brand new car with them and were 2 hours from home and it was our only car, they called back to say "oops, we had another man by your exact name with the exact car" and they got them "mixed up."  I cannot make this up people.  This actually happened.   Among several other issues, I pray no one makes the mistake of buying a car here or dealing with any of the issues we had to deal with.

Adam B. | 2013-08-02

Stopped by Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge today to test drive a 2013 Challenger R/T.  The guy spent 15 minutes asking me personal and financial questions, and going back and forth to some other dudes office, despite me telling him that I was only there to see how it drives.  I made it perfectly clear I wasn't ready to buy yet.  

Finally we go outside and he starts up a used 2012 with aftermarket upgrades and starts going into a sales pitch on me.


I said no ... I want to drive a 2013 stock R/T.. but I'd like to know how much he was selling the used one for anyway (it was nice).  But he never gave me a price on it.  Then he had me walking around in 105 degrees looking for a 2013 R/T on the lot.. which the web site says they have 3.  

45 minutes later, he pawns me off to a different salesman at the neighboring Chrysler dealership (?).


The new guy says he has a new R/T and would pull it around to the front so I could check it out.  15 minutes later, there was no sign of the guy or any 2013 Challenger R/T's.

I left, and I won't ever be back.

Update: Then the original salesman calls me at home more than an hour later and says the car is waiting ... why did I leave.... Seriously?  So I explained that I didn't have all day to wait around for them to pull the car up.  He tried to argue with me that I wasn't there for an hour ... really?  And plus I told him he never gave me the price on the used 2012 model.  So he tells me the used 2012 model with 12K miles on it is 29K and I was like, seriously? That's how much a brand new 2013 is... he said no the new one is much more... then I pointed out that his web site advertised at least 2 of them for 29K brand new.   Told him not to waste my time anymore.  SMH

Sara P. | 2013-05-01

I went to Holt to get a part for my Dodge vehicle. I encountered the first problem before i even found a place to park. Brand new cars are parked directly behind customer parking spaces. I was afraid to park there because I was worried that I would back out and hit one of them. I stood in front of the parts counter for a good five minutes before the girl at the cashiers desk (which was literally three steps away) even bothered to ask if I needed help in parts. Finally she managed to get someone to the counter. The parts guy had a lot of trouble using the computer to look for a simple part. I ended up leaving empty handed. I will drive to Don Davis or Meador from now on.

Littleone P. | 2012-11-05

We were very happy with our purchase at the Holt dealership! Alex Saldivar was a great and extremely helpful salesman...as well as very patient with the amount of time and effort it took to purchase this car. From Alex to the finance guy, my experience with Holt was positive..

Gerald W. | 2012-10-17

Service Department treated me fair!

I took in my Chrysler Aspen because I had a gascap error and check engine light on.  I had checked the internet and saw that most likely it was an ESIM failure and the gascap problem exists with most Aspens and a few Jeeps as well.  As I went into the dealer, I was met by Robert "Toe".  Toe took great care of me, he actually was very friendly and made sure everything was fixed right.  He stayed in touch with me through the process and I honestly felt that he went to bat for me when it came time to fixing the problem...  I can strongly recommend going to Holt for service and make sure you ask for Toe... he is honest and will take good care of you.

Pete C. | 2012-07-13

The after sales service from the sales staff is absolutely terrible.  I bought a new jeep grand Cherokee here and noticed a minor scuff on 1 wheel from being unloaded from the transport truck.  The vehicle only had 4 miles on it when I bought it so there is no other way it could have got there.  Mackenzie told me they would have it fixed for me and he would have my salesman Dominic arrange it.  They never did.  Dominic won't return my calls and even the sales manager has not replied either.  Buy your vehicle somewhere else!

F T. | 2012-04-17

I visited this lot with my daughter to test drive the new Grand Cherokee XT. I saw the new marketing campaign online which is what brought me in. The salesman I dealt with was Juan (he refused to give his last name but I found out it was Utribe ) came out on the lot with a new young trainee. Juan proceed to speak to me as though I were a preschooler. He even asked personal information like who was I financed with. Doesn't matter, I'm not here to buy anything today. At the point he realized that, he should have just, left us with the new guy for a basic test drive. That is standard practice. But not good old Juan. He became frustrated with me because I told him I will likely purchase in six months. He tells me that's too much time. Really? As though he tells the customer what to do. He didn't didn't want me to test drive anything either because I wasn't buying today. Why the pressure sales tactics? Then he tried to push me into a stripped down version of the $41,000 vehicle I was looking at after being told more than once that I wasn't interested. He barely showed me any of the features of the cars either except the satellite radio. The truck that he apparently didn't want me to buy, was dead a 2012 model,mind you. Juan was beyond rude. He acted like I was a bother. My daughter couldn't take anymore of his insults at me and told him finally to step off her moms ;-). He then tells ME, your done, get off MY lot! LOL.  As though I didn't kiss his behind enough to get service.His strange oddball behavior led me to believe he has some mental issues. I reported him to the sales manager. Juan then swears at me in front of his managers and coworkers. They have hardly any inventory. An army of sales staff and an empty lot. I wonder why? Meanwhile the Bankston Ford dealership up the street, the lot is always full. That is where I made my last purchase, and my next one it appears. Remember this is the auto industry that Obama bailed out or they would be history. Could it be their sh*tty cars and bad reputation? It took a lot to get me to set foot on a Chrysler lot and this for sure will be my last!