Don Davis Nissan in Arlington, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Don Davis Nissan in Arlington, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Don Davis Nissan, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Don Davis Nissan in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 415-3218
Address:1320 E I-20, Arlington, TX, 76018
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Don Davis Nissan

Erik H. | 2015-04-10

I tested ALL the electric car options out there.  Nissan Leaf WAS the BEST!  Mr James Whitehouse, is the standard in excellence for sales people.  I am here to tell you they do not put the heat lamp on you.  The attitude of Mr Whitehouse was "we have the best value for an electric vehicle on the market."  He wanted me to decide if the vehicle was right for me.  Let me also mention that when it comes to being there for you AFTER the sale, the ENTIRE Don Davis TEAM, and they live up to that word, is behind you.  Do yourself a favor ...
GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie L. | 2015-04-06

I have no complaints. I brought my car in to the Express Service department around 2:30 for its 30k mile service appointment after I called on the phone. They met with me immediately and the nice woman who serviced my car was excellent and got my car finished in an hour. They even kept me updated while I waited which was very nice.

Jennifer J. | 2015-02-02

Once again, I'm reminded just how sleezy Don Davis Nissan is. Upon getting my front bumper replaced after someone backed into me, I come to find that my front NOR back bumper are Nissan stamped parts. They are 2nd hand replacement parts.

Weird! Especially considering I drove the car off the lot as the "original," "first-time" owner. My auto repair man also said the bumper I came in with was missing screws and bolts from improperly installation (nothing to do with being hit.)

My car is "3 years old" yet my service engine soon light is on. Parts on my car aren't even Nissan stamped parts and I have a feeling I have a long, disappointing road of having to trade in this car due to constant maintenance. So much for my "brand new" car and not having to worry about a payment for a while. I'm devastated and furious that people can be so cruel. I cannot believe they are willing to ruin their reputation just to make a sale.

Don Davis Nissan is NOT quality. Save yourself the heartache and the headache, get your car elsewhere. Your wallet will thank you!!

Mindy C. | 2014-07-30

DON'T go to this dealership. I WILL NEVER GO BACK. They are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and literally only care about the sale. The sales guy tried to talk about me being a lifetime customer and reference Sewell's book about it. THEN when I made the purchase he was no where to be found. I came to pick up the car and NO ONE HELPED me until I found someone. This sales guy wasn't even there to see the entire process through.
ALSO, I was asking about the CVT transmission and the guy gave an incorrect response (I was testing him) and when I told him he was incorrect his response was something along the lines of "it's okay sweetheart, it doesn't matter too much your dad knows what I'm talking about." I was furious but because I got my car when the terrible tsunami hit Japan I had no other options as my the exact car I wanted wasn't in stock and they just modified a different one to fit my preferences.

Ken S. | 2014-07-22

My rating is for the service department.  I will give several examples to back it up.  

1. I always pay extra for a 5,000 mile oil when I have an oil change.  However, they add only 3,000 miles on the sticker to remind me to change the oil.  Are they trying to get me to come in more often even though I am paying for the upgraded oil?  Or did I pay for the upgraded oil and they gave me only the 3,000 mile oil?  This has happened repeatedly.  

2. I once sat for three hours to get an oil change.  They took my car and forgot to turn in the paperwork so it just sat there for three hours while I waited.  No apology from them.  

3. Every time I take my car in, they always tell me of other things that are wrong...the brakes are bad, fluids are dirty, battery is about to go out.  I have taken my car to other mechanics to repair the problems (because Don Davis is so outrageously expensive) and the other mechanics told me that nothing was wrong.  Don Davis will make it up to get you to spend extra money.

R W. | 2014-06-25

This dealership only cares about a sale and nothing about their customers! I've owned 2 Nissans (from another dealership) and decided to lease my Altima from Don Davis... From start to finish (of my lease) They show no concern about the customers. This will be my first time looking for anything that is NOT a nissan. Thanks Don Davis for your poor service to customers! Oh yeah, if you decide to still give them a try make sure your maintenance  package is NOT through a 3rd party company they like to use called Careguard. Insist they package be a Nissan package, don davis and careguard are two crocks that obviously lookout for each other! This is a one night stand that lasted too long. So excited to give you your car back and forget you ever existed!

Kevin H. | 2014-06-07

I just bought a new-2-me p/u from Don Davis and i'm totally impressed with the people I dealt with. They dealt with me on my price and thks to Charles H. I got it at my price. That beats the folks at Classic Chevrolet Pre-owned up in Grapevine. They didn't want to deal with me and lost a sale. To bad, so sad! So guys if ur lookin 4 a new or used vehicle,  go check out Don Davis in Arlington just off I-20 and I hope u have a great experience like I did. :-D

Chuck M. | 2014-01-28

We're out car shopping for a new car for my wife. She was totally impressed at the professionalism of the staff of Don Davis Nissan. Our sales representative, Derrick Thomas, listened to what she needed in a vehicle and showed her models he felt shed be interested in. Our test drive was very informative. Derrick took the time to "walk" my wife through all the feature of the vehicle she was considering. Don Davis rates very high on the list of dealers we've visited.

Susan K. | 2014-01-17

I didn't have any reason to buy another car.  Charles Horsley obviously convinced me that I did. An e-mail from Jason Barling got me in the door, and Charles walked me out  the door with keys to an awesome 2013 Altima! While Charles was working a deal for me,  which was not easy, Faraz Amdani offered some lighthearted conversation.  I have a lot of demands, a lot of expectations, and not a lot in return. Charles worked extremely hard to get exactly what I wanted exactly how I wanted it and kept me smiling the whole time.  When I was going back to do all the paperwork and committing to another long-term auto loan I had severe second thoughts. My current car was perfectly fine and this purchase was nearly frivolous.  Charles helped me see, they're doing something nice for myself was a good idea. He got Matt involved with crunching the numbers, Faraz was on hand for all sorts of answers and encouragement and finally Marcus McCrae finished off my finance paperwork. He didn't even seem bothered when I ask him to do it all over for a tiny change.
I think I went in, initially, to resolve the idea that I would stay in my car. I had- on and off considered the thought of a newer car, and looking back, I think my real thought was - "I'll go talk to these guys, I won't like what they say, and I'll leave satisfied with keeping the car I have". They absolutely and completely turned me around - I left with a gorgeous car, a great finance deal and an absolutely wonderful experience. I have to say, it didn't even feel like I was buying a car - it more felt like I was visiting with a group of friends and when I went to leave they handed me keys to a gorgeous new car.
I cannot imagine that anyone has ever had a better experience purchasing an automobile. When I was driving home from work today in my wonderful car - so pleased with the experience - I thought I can take some shoe polish and write on the back window, "go see Charles Horsley at Don Davis Nissan and get an awesome car and an incredible deal like I did!" And then I thought there's no way I'm putting shoe polish on this car!
I didn't remember  everyone's name and there are more team members that were terrific to meet and add to the positive experience.
This team of professionals makes buying a car a great experience.  They are wonderful, friendly, attentive and just really good people!   I highly recommend becoming a lifelong customer of Don Davis Nissan.  Thank you Charles Horsley- for helping me realize I am worthy of a new car!  You are a terrific guy I plan to see you next time I upgrade my car at Don Davis Nissan- of course!

Rhonda D. | 2013-06-26

My husband and I bought two cars from Don Davis in 2012.  The sales and finance team were stellar, but when it came to the service after the sale as in the service department, it leaves a lot to be desired.  When I take my car it for service, I feel that they are always harassing me to buy new filters, windshield wipers, etc.  My car is one year old and they just tried to get me to spend over $200 on maintenance over and above the oil change.  I just don't like the harassement from the service staff.

Marwan B. | 2013-04-29

Took my Infiniti for oil change there, they took good care of me. Only issue was my appointment was scheduled for 9, car didn't go in shop till 10 or so. It wasn't an issue at all for me considering I was patient, and the staff was great, very nice...who know, maybe they ran into an issue with other vehicles in the shop that set the time back. But if I were someone who had a full days schedule of running errands, I could see issues arising due pointless scheduling days beforehand. But like I said, could have been a small issue with another vehicle.

Venki K. | 2012-12-26

We went to buy Nissan 370Z and the person who helped us is arrogant. "Oldest and tallest person" as he described himself insulted us.

Bob H. | 2012-09-15

I bought a Nissan from don Davis less than a year ago , tried to call them today about a tire going low and the tires are filled with nitrogen. I needed to know where I could get nitrogen for them. First thing after 10 min. On hold I was passed to a don Davis dodge house. They tried to transfer me to the Nissan depart. Finally after waiting another 10 min. Someone came back on the line and said no one was answering the phone. POOR SERVICE!!!

David S. | 2012-07-05

The Service Department is horrible.  The Service Advisors themselves are clueless.  They don't know what they are talking about half the time and they always try and push BS work you don't need.  Watch them, because they are sneaky.  They will hold your car all day and wait for the last minute to call you and say you need all this work done when it is almost closing time.  We've since got rid of our Nissan and couldn't be happier.

Son N. | 2012-05-03

we always receive fantastic service here no matter who is working the shift..

calling ahead and scheduling an appointment helps a lot because waits times are usually very long otherwise.. lobby and public bathrooms are very clean and tidy..

shout out to Ryan Turner for taking care of us whenever he can!

Steven C. | 2012-01-24

I was driving through Texas on my move from Cali to Florida when I stopped in and had lunch with a friend.  It was such a great day already, I should have known that I wouldn't get my 2000 Nissan Maxima started.  Since it was 2 o'clock already and I wanted to be in Texas as short as possible, a Nissan dealer was my only choice.  I called and talked to service advisor Dean Hudkins and told him to expect a completely full car loaded with a surfboard on top to be towed in.  
Their lot is gigantic (a Texas thing maybe) so I didn't know they had a separate building for new cars and used cars.  I was pointed to the used car building and found Dean pretty easy.  I told him the situation and that I would prefer to be on the road as soon as possible.  He couldn't give me any guarantee without looking at it, even though I'm lookin at the clock.  By this time it was 3 o'clock so while they look at my car, I look for hotel prices.  
Luckily, it was just the starter motor and they had one in stock and he thinks he can have it all done today.  By 4:15 it was all done and I was one the road by 4:30.  It's been about three weeks and the car has had no problems since.  I don't particularly want to drive through Texas again, but if I do break down, I would definitely hit up this dealer.

Christina A. | 2008-07-03

About the Service Depot:
I would say the place is ran by monkeys but monkeys are quite intelligent animals and therefor would insult primates everywhere!

I spent 10 minutes on hold to make an appointment, at which point I hung up and tried to call again, where I was put on hold for another 5 minutes, then redirected to another department, put on hold for 3 more minutes and was connected to a voicemail, so I had to call the other line again and had to wait some more.  It may be me, but I feel like it shouldn't take 20 minutes of being on hold just to make an appointment.

Once I get that squared away I take my car in, no problem, I wait, I pay, they tell me a part has been recalled, I drive away...

It turns out, I drove away with an oil leak.  Mind you, this is an '08 car, it shouldn't be having an oil leak under any circumstances.  They had charged me for a part that they didn't even put on my car, (so it was only $0.80, it's the principle).

So I have to wait until Monday to take it in, so in the mean time I cannot drive my car.  The website says the service shop opens at 7:00, while the doors may open at 7:00 that is only for pick-ups.  The technicians don't have to be in until 8 o'clock, so expect to be waiting.

I then go to the same center that worked on my car to begin with, then they said if their was some faulty work I had to go to the main service building.  So of course, what do they tell me once I get there?  You got it, if I took it in to express, and they were the ones that did it, then they are the ones that have to take care of it.  I made it immediately clear that I refused to drive back and forth and so they said they would take care of it.  

I had later asked about the recall the Service Associate warned me about, with the papers and everything.  I already had my doubts about this so called "recall," and as it turns out, not only was it for another year car, it was also for a completely different model.  

My car isn't leaking oil anymore, but I am also never going to touch my car again or God himself may strike me down with a lightening bolt!