BMW of Arlington in Arlington, TX

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BMW of Arlington

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 436-5700
Address:1105 East Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX, 76011

Reviews on BMW of Arlington

Doug S. | 2015-03-30

I have to update this review so I can down grade 2 stars.  I had bad service again for the second time in the service department. I 'am trying to get my oil changed. I go here because when I bought the BMW car I was told come here for free (included) service for 4 years as part of the deal.  But they want you to wait 2 or 3 hours for oil change.  

I was told I can have a free loaner car but they fight you on it and will not let me come in and pick up the car at 5 and they are open until 7. Another option is to come and wait we might get to you. Sure I'll do that.

My last BMW was bought when they were Moritz but now they have a new name and I guess new owners and the service has gotten poor. I have been to the service department about 10 times over 4 years and the person on the phone treats me like I never been there before. I know they have a computer data base. Once I give them my name they should pull up my information but instead they ask all the same question I tell them every time. I do not plan on buying here again unless they get better service. And I 'm still waiting for the manager to call.

Chris H. | 2015-02-23

Inability to set realistic expectations, poor customer service and shoddy sales associates made my experience at BMW of Arlington the worst in all of my years as a BMW owner.

Upon arrival, one of your associates greeted me pleasantly and I told her that I had a 12pm appointment with Angel. After a short wait, Peter came out and started taking down all of the information that I had spent the time of inputting via your website. I asked Peter if the information auto-populated once you sync'd my key and he told me because it was my first time, they had to do everything by hand (which I thought was strange). Peter asked me "Did you just buy this car?" which left me a bit flabbergasted as I have been the owner for the last 3 years. After 10 minutes or so with Peter, he told me that there was a possibility that my car would be finished that day and proceeded to tell me that he was leaving early and would need to pass along my information to Rich Sparks. Rich told me that the car would be finished by EOB Monday. I
appreciated the honesty and as I was walking away, Peter told me that I would be called with an estimate before any work would be done.

While waiting for my wife to pick me up, I walked through your sales showroom and was approached by two of your salesman. I told them that I am looking for an E90 M3 and they responded with..."good luck using autotrader for that." And then they tried to convince me that spending $40k more for a new M3 was a better financial decision because used BMWs with 50k-60k miles "break down a lot and are really expensive to maintain." They were true ambassadors of your brand.

I called Rich at 4:45pm on Saturday to check on the estimate and inform me that it wouldn't be finished until Monday and that my X3 hasn't even entered the shop yet. If I would have known that you wouldn't even look at my X3 until Monday, I would've made a new appointment for Monday.

On Monday, Rich sent me a quote that had multiple errors. I purchased an extended maintenance plan and it is a CPO vehicle which I assume is included when you sync my key. He told me that they were waiting on parts to replace the thrust rod/arm bushings. The parts should be in by 11am and the repair should be finished by 1pm or 2pm on Tuesday at the latest. Around 1pm, I started calling for updates and received no response from Rich and so I called your main line and reached Peter. He informed me that my car won't be ready until Wednesday, but that most of the work is already completed.

Apparently Rich had a day off on Tuesday and I assume that you would have a system in place that would cover his clients while he is away, but I found that not to be the case. Frustrated, I spoke to Ruben at 5:40pm on Tuesday and he said my X3 is in the car wash, but that he didn't know when it would be ready. How long do your car washes take? I need to drive 30+ minutes to get to your dealership and if they call me as soon as the car wash is finished, your service department will be closed. After speaking to numerous service advisors on Tuesday evening, I was informed that my X3 would be ready the following morning, but they couldn't tell me when. Then after a brief hold, I was informed that my car was ready that day. Upon receiving the bill, the parts and labor that were covered under the extended maintenance plan were still included. After taking the time to clear those costs, I went to my vehicle and found garbage inside the cupholder from one of your service technicians. I expressed my concerns with Carlos Fonseca and he took the time to listen to my experience which I appreciated, but he did not give me any incentive to return to the dealership. 3 days after I picked up my X3, Rich left an apology on my voicemail and said he would be sending a small gift for my trouble which I have yet to receive. Again your service advisors lack consideration and respectfulness when working with your clients.

Due to horrendous communication skills, this was by far the worst service experience that I have ever had at a BMW dealership. In all of my experiences with BMW, I am thoroughly disappointed with the professionalism and overall lack of customer focus of your dealership. I am frustrated by the poor communication skills of your service advisors. For me to implicitly trust your employees with thousands of my own money, it is difficult to do so when Rich called my X3 "a front wheel drive and that is why the tires are wearing abnormally." Understandably, I know things get busy, but I only have Rich's word on how to set my expectations. If Rich was able to create realistic expectations of when the car would be ready, 90% of my dissatisfaction would be resolved. It is unacceptable to take two days off of work in order to pick up my X3 based on horrendous information from your employees.

I hope my experience is rare for your customers because you've given me multiple reasons to avoid your dealership in the future.

Bill B. | 2014-12-15

I've bought ten cars here over my adult lifetime but no more. They have let most of the long time staff go or they moved on. Just seems to be about profits now. Not what it used to be. I'm now just a number don't recognize anyone here anymore.

sheri k. | 2014-11-07

I began my search for a BMW online which led me to BMW of Arlington.  I saw a few vehicles of interest and my bf contacted them advising them of our interest and the salesman immediately moved the vehicle off the lot so we could view it the next morning.  When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff and had to wait around for the salesman to return from a test drive.  Once he returned he handed us the keys to the vehicle of interest and told us to go ahead and enjoy the car for 20-30 mins.  We did just that.  Unfortunately, that specific vehicle was not a match for me.  Instead asked me alternatively what would I like, he looked in his CPO inventory and located a vehicle of interest.  My bf and I walked over to the used car lot from the new car lot to check out the CPO.  We were happily greeted by salesman Stu.  He was refreshingly upbeat and ready to share his knowledge on the vehicle of interest as well as join us on the test drive.   During the test drive Stu explained the variety of options the CPO had.  The process from the test drive to walking out of dealership with keys in hand was about three hours, mostly because we were waiitng on a customer ahead of us in with the finance manager haggling a bit, otherwise it would have only taken two hours.

Overall, my experience was great because our salesman Stu was GREAT!  Thank you Stu you are the best.... can't wait to see you again on the next go around.

Winfred S. | 2014-10-02

Don't come here.  The service area reception is worse than my Nissan dealer.  They were out of loaners and I had to wait for an hour for the Enterprise shuttle.  The car/shuttle was dirty with empty soda cans in the back.  It took two hours to get a loaner.  When I picked up my car, they scratched the rim. The service technician did not even say sorry.  They did repair it.  The whole process was a fiasco.  Save the headache. Go to BMW Dallas or BMW Fort Worth. This place is worse than Volkswagen in Arlington.

Shanthanu K. | 2014-09-30

I own BMW  X5 for 4 years now and ever since i moved to Dallas area i used to take it to BMW Moritz (Now BMW of Arlington). Their service used to be OK nothing extraordinary but lately i think it got worse when i started shopping for Extended warranty i got quotes from here and else where and take my word what BMW of Arlington is offering is far more expensive and they are not even ready to consider to match the other dealer quote which was very reasonable price.

Their service department Mr Mike Serbin is horrible to work with. I took my vehicle when it has engine light come up and also had them look at my brake squealing problem. All they did was add some oil and said your brakes are all good and we don't warranty brake squealing. they said It can only be addressed when brakes are completely worn out.

It's like saying to a patient at hospital we will treat you only when your heart stops.

Wake up guys try to serve your customer better. I am not going back to BMW of Arlington again. I would recommend same to every one who is planning on going here. stay away from these guys.

N D. | 2014-09-06

Three months ago I went to Arlington BMW to have my 335i serviced.   I had a terrible experience with Moritz on a few occasions but thought - new owners - better service.   WRONG. Called  in advance and they have free trouble shooting of the problem.  Free is an hour of service at some $160 or so per hour.  Scheduled a Saturday morning appointment to avoid taking a day off.  Got there - agreed to the troubleshooting "free" charge and then was told - no one is here to trouble shoot your car.  Will need to schedule another appointment.  Not sure why the person I called to schedule the appointment didn't tell me that after I asked several times.  

Since they did have folks that knew how to drop oil - I did have an oil change completed.  

These folks are the same Moritz idiots. Walked the showroom and noted the same as others.  No one wanted to help me with questions or even acknowledged me.  Bro ably because I was walking around in a pair of shorts - t-shirt -and flip flops.  It was funny to watch the sales folks swarm a person who came in nice dressed.  So - if you want to be acknowledged by these idiots - wear your Armani suit.

While their name changed to BMW of Arlington - I suspect they have the same Moritz employees which will cause them to fail just as Moritz.

If you want to be treated right - do what I did and drive an extra 20-30 miles to Autobahn BMW and for service - see Charles.  Best service experience I have had in both of my visits.  When it's time to buy another BMW - I will buy from Autobahn.  By the way - service costs is about $30 less per hour.  That compounded with exceptional service is a winner for me.

Shahed K. | 2014-07-07

Great service. Good people working here. Their main interest seems to be the customer. Can't complain a single bit. Excellent place to go buy your car.

Robert S. | 2014-07-02

Group 1 Automotive owned BMW of Arlington's leadership team is second to none. Kerry Cardwell and Richy Harder took a challenging situation created by BMW and turned it into a great buying experience. KNOW this: BMW might be the ultimate driving machine, but if you want the ultimate customer experience, work with BMW of Arlington and their team of experts.

Respectfully, RS

Darren G. | 2014-06-25

I have taken my vehicle into BMW of Arlington a few times and I am pleased with the service that I have received.  The service team at BMW of Arlington went above and beyond in their efforts to solve an issue that my vehicle was having.  Progress was well communicated and done so in a timely fashion.  The technicians were thorough in their diagnostics, exacting in their remedy, and quick in their resolution.  The team really exemplifies what it means to provide top notch service, as well as, customer advocacy where appropriate.  

In particular, I worked with Mike Serben who carries the mark of a consummate professional.  Many Thanks.

Wayne H. | 2014-06-20

BMW of Arlington (formerly Morritz) was touted by our friends as being a professionally run dealership with many long time employees.... And although it isn't fancy, it was well worth the trip :)

From the time we walked in the dealership and were greeted by Justin Kirkwood (the Salesman), the whole  experience was both enjoyable and "pain free".  Also F& I Director Robb Leyda worked to find us the best interest rate without try to sell us something that we were not interested in or did not want.

Both gentilemen made us feel comfortable and confident that we were at the right place to buy our car.

Wayne E. | 2014-05-17

Got great deal on 2011 328I with low miles, whole process went smooth starting with Kevin my salesman. Patrick in finance got me signed up in hrs was in and out with the car I wanted in 3 hrs.

Sharon C. | 2014-04-12

I used to always go here for service because of Marcus but I will never go again. The other service advisors were very rude, and I did not feel welcomed.

James P. | 2014-03-25

Used to be Moritz BMW and Mini.  I loved Moritz but a large number of Moritz employees found the exits after Group One Auto bought this place.  g1a is a HUGE conglomerate, owning and operating what looks to be several hundred dealerships around the world.  I had an issue with the service department a few months ago when coming in for included maintenance on my mini, they needed to find something to upsell me while in, so they suggested a rotate and balance for around a c note.  Problem is, I HAD JUST BOUGHT NEW TIRES, about 2 weeks before.  But this was "recommended" service.   The service advisor recommended I come back before 36000 miles to make sure I got the brake job that was supposed to be included in the free maintenance when I bought my Mini new.   I came in with 35600 miles and he told me that the computer said that the brakes weren't due to be included for 600 miles.  200 miles over the warranty period.  Not ok.  I went to talk to my sales person, but he (along with most of the other staff) had left.  The sales director said that the best he could do would be to split the service cost when the brakes came due.  I decided to look at a new mini at this point due to wanting to get back into warranty, and explained my unique credit situation that moritz had bent over backwards to accommodate.  The sales person (who was a precious back office employee who they decided to put in sales after everyone else left) understood what we needed to do.  The deal they came back with was fair, but the next day i get a text from the salesperson saying BMW approved a "same payment" deal but not an increase in payment, and that they were going to submit it to F&I and run it again in house.  8 hours later I get "your score is too bad - there is no way you can buy even a cheaper car".  (They only had one person in F&I, and I guess he just wanted to push through easy deals and not worry about my difficult deal that would require work). I asked for the credit memo and left very angry.  Apparently it had never been "approved" for same payment.  The salesperson pretty much lied.  I sent several emails to the director of sales to give him the opportunity to correct the issue to no avail.  So I went to Autobahn Ft. Worth and explained the same situation to the salesperson there, Jerry Christensen.  He explained the situation to his F&I guy, who got on the phone with BMW and got me a certified pre owned BMW with a warranty to 100,000 miles and a bump in my payment of over 120 a month more, something BMW of Arlington said was impossible and not worth their time to even investigate.  Now I'm driving a CPO 2011 BMW 335d (AMAZING car) and couldn't be happier.  I'll drive the extra 45 miles round trip to have my car serviced at Autobahn.  BMW of Arlington will not ever get another dime of my business, not for sales OR service, even though it's only 7 miles from my house.  I miss Moritz. Good bye Group One Auto!!

Jay L. | 2014-02-15

Limited inventory selection. Sales people profile you and pretend to have "appointments" then walk away. I won't be coming back here anytime soon.

simon s. | 2014-01-23

These guys...Moritz BMW...or BMW of Arlington...or Arlington BMW...or BMW Located in Arlington...or whatever name they chose is the most unprofessional bmw service dept I've every encountered.

As this location's general vicinity is convenient for our car repairs, and it would not be convenient to obtain service at other BMW dealership locations, it caused our family to vote AGAINST buying another BMW because of the poor sub-par quality of this service dept.  With the exception of 1 stand out service agent (mentioned in another review), we found them to have some really bad apples - Service Advisor as well as the mechanics.  We found them to lack thoroughness and quality control, to the extent of NOT using common sense to notice blatant quality problems in the results of a repair job. Then, when we pointed it out to them politely and ask for help with a repair job not done right, they talked to us in a patronizing and confrontational manner.   We found that this also extended to the management, which seems to be a bit complacent in providing the minimum required effort to achieve the "right" to bill an arm and a leg for a half baked job.  In other words, these folks do the minimum - and have caused us to return multiple times for the same issue that costed already in the neighborhood of $1,000 to fix.  Mind you, the faulty repair I reference involved a safety concern as well. Some states have a law that says that if you encounter the same issue more than 3 times, you get to return the product no questions asked for a refund - a legally protected right.  Too bad that does not apply to faulty service with this outfit.

I had heard all too similar complaints and WARNINGS from colleagues.  I wondered why these folks would avoid this place like the plague and drive much further to repair their BMWs. I wondered, "how bad could they be if they are still in business?" And, I gave the place the benefit of the doubt.  If they are capable of the above, as if that were not enough, it also leads me to question what they are capable of in terms of integrity in other areas such as what they tell you needs done ($$$$$).

These cars are VERY expensive to maintain (not to mention purchase).  The least you expect is quality in a repair without going through uncomfortable confrontational patronizing attitudes to make things right involving blatantly faulty results.

Susan S. | 2014-01-13

I've purchased two BMWs from BMW of Arlington (formerly Moritz) and have always receive superior service. The buying experience was pleasant and I walked away knowing I received a fair deal on both vehicles. The dealership is clean and the staff is friendly and attentive. Also, BMW financed both cars and the process was quick and efficient.

There isn't a dealership in DFW that can beat Arlington BMW on service. My service advisor Eric goes above and beyond to makes sure I have a great experience and the repairs are made quickly and correctly.  I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a new or used BMW, Mini or Cadillac. You won't be disappointed.

Sunny W. | 2014-01-08

My brother bought a E83 X3 3.0si here 7 years ago in 2007. The car is now mine, and throughout the 7 years we've always driven it to Mortiz BMW (now called BMW of Arlington) for service/maintenance from Dallas. I've always had a good service with them. Our service advisor is Steve H. he's the man, gets everything done for my car. He'll only do what he thinks my car needs, instead of doing a bunch of stuff that aren't necessary. My car is no longer under warranty, but my service advisor will always try to get me a loaners vehicle, when he really doesn't have to. As long as I'm still driving my X3, I will always take it back here, and when the time comes I will drive my new bimmer out of this place.

As a part of a BMW club in Dallas, I've heard a few people having bad experiences at Moritz. I have no clue what they're taking about... My car has been going there, from Dallas, for 7 years. And never once have I and my brother had a bad experience.