University Motors in Nashville, TN

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True wholesale prices on used vehicles! Specializing in Clean Title Late Model Cars, Trucks,Suv's and Vans. All hand picked and Service Inspected before the sale.

Lower overhead = Lower prices. Simple

Independently owned and operated. You can walk in and to to the owner anytime!


Established in 2000.

The owner's of University Motors started out with two things, a dream that a used car dealership could be different / better and an amazing work ethic.  Coupled with a belief that if you treat people fair the would respond by telling their friends and family. Many years and thousands of vehicles later, we still believe in doing the right thing and have grown into Nashville's premier independent used car dealership!

University Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(615) 354-0085
Address:6005 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN, 37209
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on University Motors

John P. | 2015-03-07

This past week I had the great pleasure to meet Joe Agee, Owner , at University Motors, Inc. Joe introduced me to Mike his finance manager and the three of worked a fanastic deal on the 2010 Infinity EX 35 Journey vechicle. The professionalism is first class at University Motors. I have now recommended them to my wife, son and daughter as the need arises to replace their vechicles. If your lokking for customer satisfaction and non nonse deals then YOU need to meet Mike & Joe at University Motors with the Pink Elephant out front watching over the great inventory!.

Taking care of the customer is taking care of business!

Gail J. | 2015-02-09

My husband and I purchased our car recently from University Motors!  We can not say enough positive remarks about the dealership and their service.  We are extremely happy with our vehicle.  We certainly would recommend them!  Thanks guys!!

M 3. | 2014-08-28

Bait and switch!!  Tell you are through one guy the deal is one thing and come back an hour later and it's ALL changed.  Do NOT go here

Kayla S. | 2014-04-12

I went in to University Motors last week and bought a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. At the time I thought they were extremely nice and helpful! When I was there, the only thing I requested of the salesman, was that the car he sold me be RELIABLE. On the way home that day, my car starts making a clicking sound while driving. Turns out the CV joints are bad, however we were not told it had ANY problems. Then for the following three days, the Santa Fe wouldn't start!! I ended up having to WALK to work! So much for reliable. The very next day we went in and told him of the problem. He said to come in Thursday and something would be done about it. Thursday at 11 we went in and he said the mechanic was busy, and to come back at 2 but to call before we headed back in. At 2 we called and we were told he was still busy and that they would call us back. After no call, we called them at 5 o'clock (they close at 5:30) and we were told they were going to call us at 5:30. AT THE TIME THEY CLOSE! So instead of fixing the car that day like they said, they pushed us off over and over and then said to come in Friday! Of course Friday came and my car wouldn't start (again!) I had to wait for my husband to get off work, to jump me off and I finally made it back to University Motors.. After the mechanic took a look at the car and verified that the CV joints are bad AND the car needs a new alternator.. The Salesman tells us that they will fix the alternator but will not fix the CV joints, because they won't break down for about a month or two. Umm.. Do what?! You sold us a faulty UNRELIABLE vehicle, without telling us that anything was wrong with it.. Pushed us around over and over about fixing it, then finally take a look at it and tell me that "yes, there's a problem with the CV joints, but because they won't break down for "another month or two" you aren't going to fix them?!" Please do yourself a favor people and DO NOT buy a car from University Motors! They seem fantastic until something comes up, then it's hard to get a hold of them and get something done. If your looking for a reliable vehicle like i was.. Then this isn't the place to find get it.

Benjamin S. | 2014-04-07

Found my Hyundai here through eBay Motors and my grandmother got her Ford Taurus here a few years ago and it is still going strong. The staff was fair and helpful. They went out of their way to make sure the car was okay to drive even though the passenger side airbag was having issues. Thankfully that repair was covered by a recall. Overall, a good experience, but I wish I had more time to shop around. Such is post wreck insurance dealings. I only had my rental a few more days by the time I could go shopping, and putting down a huge downpayment made financing hard. However, they worked with me and gave me the best deal they could. Now at the three month mark, and I am loving my car. Even took a road trip in it to Atlanta at the end of February and it drove down and back wonderfully! Don't get me wrong, like any other car dealer it pays to do your homework, but I would gladly return when I am ready for my next car if the price is right and they have what I want.

Funny thing is, when I took the Hyundai back to them, to have them try to fix the airbag sensor (only to find out that it had to go to the dealer for the repair), the temporary car they gave me was the other car I was considering getting. It was a Toyota corolla and unlike the Hyundai, it was slightly newer, but had been in a wreck. Needless to say I felt cramped in that car and it was awkward to drive, I think I am sold on full size sedans at this point, or as I like to call them, convention cars as I can cram all my wife's stuff and my  stuff for geek and anime conventions into my Hyundai sonata with some room to spare. My Mazda was packed to just short of bursting with all the same stuff.

Wendy C. | 2014-03-08

I recently (as in mere weeks ago) bought two vehicles from these guys.  Though I bought them 'as is' they did promise me, several times, that they would pass emissions , and to bring them back if they didn't.  Before I drove off with one of them, I asked them about a funny 'lurching' when you press he gas froma stop.  They checked it out and said it needed new engine mounts. Since this seemed to make sense to me, and the car was only $2000, I gladly paid $200 to get that fixed.  I took the car to my daughter in Chattanooga, and by the time I got there it was lurching so bad I could feel my brains rattle.  So my daughter took it to a local place, and they diagnosed it as a Mass Air Flow Sensor...which would have been obvious if UM had hooked up the computer to it. So my daughter brought it back to Nashville and we took it to University.  Even though they had promised me that it would pass emissions, and even though I had paid to fix the lurching already, I paid MORE money to fix the issue so it would pass.  

Meanwhile, the other car I bought started sounding like the wheel was going to fall off.  I took it in to UM and they said it needed CV joints....and that God was looking out for my son, because the wheel basically DID fall off when they started looking at it.  So I told them to fix that, and to tell me what was causing the Check Engine light to suddenly come on.  They fixed the CV joints and had the car for another week before finally telling me it needed a catalytic converter which was going to cost $1500. I was so mad I took the car and brought it back to my son to drive until we could figure out what to do.  I went back and talked to the dealer, who basically made me feel bad because they had 'lost' money when they sold me the car, and said they couldn't afford to fix it for free, even though the catalytic converter is clearly an emissions problem. In the meantime, the car died and it's now sitting on the street in front of my house.  

I am a single mother with two kids in college. I borrowed money to buy these two cars so my kids could get around.  I didn't expect new cars for the money I spent, but I didn't expect to have problems within days of the purchase.  Especially problems that they assured me they would take care of.  

My advice?  Do not buy a  car from these guys.

Robb B. | 2013-10-10

Not very impressed with this place at all. My stepdaughter just bought a Mazda 6 from these cowboys and, although I understand the "bought as is" schtick - I have an issue with them sending her off the lot with what amounts to be a hazardous vehicle. One week after driving this wonder of modern engineering off the lot, the alternator died, taking out the battery in the meantime. Not the end of the world, it's not like you can hook a computer up to a car and figure out what's wrong with it, can you? While we were getting this fixed, it was discovered that the brakes were pretty much metal on metal. At this point I got a little hot under the collar. During the alternator fiasco my wife called the lot and spoke to the salesman (Q??) and was told, in not so many words, "tough luck, you bought it, you deal with it", so I have no illusions whatsoever that these guys will sympathize with sending a teenager off the lot in a car that isn't safe, due to the brakes.

Beware of these guys.

Ed G. | 2013-06-13

These guys are your typical used car salesmen, but nicer dressed and smoother talkers.  They don't do what they promise (which is done do bring you in), so stay away.  They wasted my time.  Don't let them waste yours.  They keeps cars online that have already been sold (probably their best deals).

Notice that the  google reviews have very negative comments, followed by positive.  This trick can used to soften the negative ones, so future readers can get a better impression.  Watch to see if the next reviews here are glowing.

April S. | 2012-07-01

I live in Memphis but I bought my used Mini Cooper in Nashville at University Motors.

My car was totaled and I needed to find a new ride, pronto!  After doing a little research I had my mind set on a used Mini Cooper S.  The problem with that was there weren't too many choices in Memphis at the time.  In my opinion, Minis come in some pretty horrendous color combinations and Memphis had a great collection of uglies.  Lucky for me, Nashville is an easy 3 hour drive and by searching online I was able to locate 3 Minis that I wouldn't be embarrassed to drive.  

With with a plan and a prayer I headed out on a solo mission the day before Thanksgiving determined to drive all three cars and return home with one of them.   University Motors was my first stop.  Actually... to be honest, when I drove up to the lot I almost drove away without stopping.  It's a very small lot and the giant pink elephant displayed proudly next the road had me wondering if these people were serious.  I didn't drive three hours for nothing so I got out and asked to drive the Mini.  The sales guy was very nice.  He gave me the keys and let me drive the car on my own.  Big plus for that.  I hate the awkward "chit-chat" that usually happens when a sales staff member rides along.

I really liked the car.  I left University Motors to drive the other two Mini's but I came back wanting to purchase the car.  I was able to haggle on the price and I feel like I got a good deal.  They were able to accept my personal check for the full purchase price.  This was a relief to me because my bank is not located in Nashville.