Nelson Mazda in Nashville, TN

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Nelson Mazda has been serving middle Tennessee since 1999. We are recognized as a certified MAZDASPEED dealership, and have been awarded the Performance Champions award, President's Club award, and the Mazda Gold Cup - Mazda's highest recognition. We'll make a believer out of you!


Established in 1999.

Robert Nelson is the president of five different automobile entities between Oklahoma and Tennessee: Nelson Mazda in Tulsa, OK; Nelson Nissan in Broken Arrow, OK; Nelson Mazda in Antioch, TN; Nelson Mazda in Nashville, TN; and Nelson Mazda in Franklin, TN. He has been in the automotive industry since 1975, and has developed his company as an outlet for the Gospel. The company's slogan, "We'll make a believer out of you" emphasizes his mission.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Robert Nelson sits on the Board of Directors for Arvest in Tulsa, OK, as well as numerous other ministry boards, both locally and internationally. He understands the importance of being a leader in both the realms of ministry and business in order to reach out to those in need of Christ. He enjoys speaking in the public realm to various organizations, and has in the past delivered strong messages of God's faithfulness to many associations, Christian and secular alike.

Nelson Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 845-7592
Address:1212 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Nelson Mazda

Andrew W. | 2014-12-17

The sales rep named Bill is the nicest sales person I have every met!  He was awesome.  Thanks for all your help Bill!!!

Emmilyn B. | 2014-09-12

I own an 05 RX8.... rotary engine. Its a huge pain in the rear to find a mechanic who knows anything about them.... nelson mazda has 2. (One being the sales manager) I was HIGHLY impressed with their knowledge of my car. Dealership is EXTREMELY clean, sales and service are very professional and very helpful. I will DEFINATELY bring my car back to them because they are honest & fair. My experience here was one that I would brag about to anyone. They are so friendly and efficient & are willing to get things done in a veey timely manner!

Jordan C. | 2014-08-21

Nelson Mazda is top notch-from first phone call to them helping me take my rental back to enterprise! Customer service was outstanding!!! I love my car and never felt pressure to buy above my budget! The sales team works on salary and not commission! I have already told friends and family to go see Trevor at the Nashville/Downtown!

Joshua B. | 2014-08-11

If I had to sum up my review in 5 words or less and had to use alliteration it would be : Turning Terrible Into Terrific!

So - I am sort of anal when it comes to buying a car.  I research things to death, keep spreadsheets of models, dealers, salesmen, overall impression, prices, etc.  

After driving a LOT of cars since last September - I decided back in December of '13 that I had found the car I wanted.  I found the Model, the Color, the body style, the trim level - I had it all figured out.  

The dealer said they would locate one for me.  They found one, they said, on a boat heading to the US.  If I wanted it - I would have to say 'Yes' - they would run my credit, do the prelim paperwork and put down a down payment.  So, I agreed - did all the necessary things - and I was to have my car in a couple weeks.  It would take some time to complete its journey from Japan to the US and then it had to go to the dealer on the record.  My dealer had already contacted the other dealer and they agreed to do a trade for the vehicle.   I said that was fine - but I reminded them that I lease my cars and I had until the end of January to get something. They said it wouldn't be a problem at all.

I was so excited!  

Two weeks go by...I call in for a status check.  They will have to check and call me back.  When they did - the word was it hadn't hit the shores yet.  Still in transit.  But, it should be any day.  They did warn me though - they can't do a 'port swap' - so, it would have to then get to port, go through its paperwork there and THEN make it to the end dealership and THEN they'd have to go get it.  So, it could be some time.

Another week or two pass.  They were just checking on it when I called and said it had landed and they were waiting to hear back from the dealer on when they could get it.  This is mid-january now - and I still don't have a car.  My car that I was driving would go back in two weeks.

Finally - I ran out of time and my leased car had to go back.  And, needless to say - Nelson STILL didn't have my car.  

However, this is where the story goes from bad to good.  

Nelson was committed to finding me the right car and the one I wanted.  They ended up giving me a rental at no cost to me while they figured out what they needed to figure out.  Yes, it sucked that I had to drive a rental.  But they made it right.

Finally - a week or so later - they called me.  They had my car, it was nicer than what I had originally contracted to pay for - and they weren't going to charge me the difference (which was about a 5k difference!).  

We were both stuck in a hard place.  I needed a car.  They needed to get me a car.  I could have given up and gone somewhere else.  But, I stuck it out and they did too.  At the end of the day - a little patience and faith paid off.  

I understood, too, that this car in this combination was not common (which is why I wanted it - I hate having something that is totally common) - and that I would have to wait some time to get it - which is why I started in December.  But, I really have to say they went that extra mile to make me happy.  Yeah, it was rough along the way - but they did what they promised.  And, to me - that deserves kudos.  I'm not giving them 5 starts because - it wasn't perfect.  But they deserve my business by doing what they promised, keeping in contact and over delivering!

Charlotte C. | 2014-02-13

I'm not usually one to think that servicing your car at a dealership is a good idea (because holy $$$$) but Nelson Mazda is slowly changing my mind.

The service is fast (Oil changes are less than an hour usually), they have a shuttle that takes you to work/home if you are leaving your car for a longer period of time, and honestly the price is comparable or cheaper than independent shops I have called int he Nashville area.

I just had my 60k service done there and their quote for the service was $100 less than any of the other Nashville shops I called for a quote.

The service folks are friendly and get you in and out quickly, which is pretty much all you can ask for from a dealership.

Derek D. | 2013-12-02

Purchased a demo (errr used) automobile from them.  Financing was terrible, included many hidden fees, etc.  Customer service was terrible.  Not what I expected from a Mazda dealership. Glad to have since traded it.  Highly recommend Toyota in Franklin or VW in Rivergate.

Benjamin S. | 2013-05-24

I regularly go here to get my Mazda serviced as needed. I have found the service they provide to be top notch and worth every penny. When I first got my Mazda, When I first got my car, I had heard that you should not take it to the dealer unless you want to pay a premium on maintenance and service. Well, I learned the hard way that the opposite is actually true. With little, or no genuine parts used by 3rd party service stations, it cost me more in the long run to not use the dealership for everything but tires (I go to Discount Tire for those).

But enough explanation. As a customer, when I go to Nelson Mazda, I know I will be well taken care of. They take care of all the work that my car needs at that point in time and nothing more. If I have a problem, they look into it and fix it. Even though during my recent visits, I have been unable to setup appointments, I have found that I still get in and out in a reasonable amount of time, as long as they have the parts in stock at this location and not at their Antioch location.

This was the case during my most recent visit, the front brakes had to be replaced, along with several other components, including the oil. According to my records, the brakes were last replaced by a 3rd party service station. Said service station damaged a bracket and did not tell me about it. That being said, it made replacing the brakes very difficult and time consuming for the people at Nelson Mazda. Thankfully they replaced the bracket, which they had to forcefully break off, at no charge. Sadly, they had to go to their Antioch location to get a replacement.

Seriously, if you think that trusting the dealer with maintaining your car is to expensive, shop the dealers in your area. But save yourself the extra money in the long run, and save for tires, only trust the dealer to take care of your car. I have been paying for the mistakes of the third party shop to this day. Thanks to Nelson Mazda, these issues were remedied quickly and at minimal cost to me.

Brandon P. | 2012-08-10

Seriously, people, as good as it gets. I've purchased many many new cars. Every time I do, I go shopping for different makes. The last four times, I've come back to Nelson Mazda. The guys are top notch. Remember, they are still car salespeople. You need to leave the first time and come back. Whet their appetite. Shop at end of month. All the standard stuff. But....

You will get a good deal if you stick to your guns. My latest example: Last two trades I have visited 3 or 4 dealers, Lexus, Toyota, Ford, and all of them offered me thousands, thousands less on trade than nelson mazda. Incentives aside. I was looking at an Optima at the Kia in Franklin ( all in Nashville are the same Kia group, BEWARE) and I was reminded, painfully, of how excellent I have it at Mazda. See my review of Kia in Franklin,TN for details.

So let me give a good example of how Nelson Mazda treats its customers. I had an oil change. Had a leak when I got home. Called on a Saturday night around 8pm. The sales manager had a tow truck come and pick up my car, and the manager personally came to drop me off a loaner. Honestly, people, that's Lexus service there. Thats the service I expect from buying a $50k car, not a Mazda3. So, wow. Can't say enough good things about them.

If you don't feel like you are getting good service there, contact Randy D, the GSM. I doubt you'll have to, though. So, I guess I'll be buying another Mazda. Thanks guys.