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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Nashville Subaru in Nashville, TN.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Nashville Subaru, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Nashville Subaru in other cities in the Tennessee.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 734-9439
Address:1512 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203

Reviews on Nashville Subaru

Mark I. | 2015-04-09

I purchased a used Subaru early in 2015. After waiting on my tag and registration for a month I called and spoke with the person who handles these things. She told me that the registration and tags weren't in as the car had not been sent through emissions testing PRIOR TO THEM SELLING ME THE CAR!! She then states that I will have to bring the car in and leave it with them, or I could pay for the emissions test myself. When I asked about any repairs that would need to be performed in case the car did not pass emissions she stated "Well, you didn't pay that much for the car in the first place. I'm not sure if it will be covered or not".

Luckily the car passed inspection. I took the emissions test to the dealer and was told that my tags/registration would be sent to my home address. 2 months + later and I still have no tags/registration. I called and spoke with this very "helpful" woman again who said, "I thought you were going to come in and pick up the tags."

Now 1 week later and I still do not have my tag or registration. I am driving around on an expired (My 3rd one!!)  temporary tag. THIS DEALERSHIP/OWNER/SALESPEOPLE ARE RUDE and IRRESPONSIBLE AND I WOULD ADVISE YOU TO LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE BEFORE SPENDING YOUR MONEY HERE.

Let me say this to Downtown Subaru. I am a customer, regardless of how much money I paid for a car, and I should be treated with respect, not rudeness and disdain.

Randy S. | 2015-03-03

GO TO WYATT JOHNSON SUBARU!!!!   Went in to purchase a Crosstrek. Waited a few minutes before anyone even looked at us. Sales guy was very nice but doesn't know cars...or colors. The "mgr" sat his @$$ at the front desk the entire time bragging about his Air Force days and didn't bother addressing me with even a hello. No look. No welcome. NOTHING! Very disrespectful. His demeanor has trickled down to all their employees. Looks like no one there gives a $hit about anything but their iPhones. Mr. Manager, Just an FYI, you aren't the only veteran around. SEMPER FI!!
When deal time came I was very insulted with their offer. Offered me $10k less than I paid for my trade in that is less than 10 months old. I know they need to make a living I just don't want them to make it all on me.
A little drive to Clarksville and Wyatt Johnson treated us right!!!

Jonathan B. | 2015-01-12

The service center here is useless.  I would give my keys to my ex-girlfriend to change my oil before I would take my precious Outback here again.  That way, at least when someone is ruining my pride and joy of a car I can get a hummer while I watch.  Unrelated, I will never buy a Subaru again because everyone I meet thinks I'm a lesbian.  I'm male.

James M. | 2014-12-08

Over an hour and a half wait for an oil change. Like the other reviews say. Molasses. The service desk lady was polite and I didn't see anything g wrong with their work, so I give them an average.

Julian B. | 2014-11-29

Absolutely the worst dealership experience I've experienced. Mae had guaranteed pricing through USAA and the sales manager, D..., flat refused to honor it. Then, after making an insulting trade in offer for our car (5k under KBB) he proceeds to insult us on the way out of the door. I wish if looked at yelp first.

Lauren M. | 2014-09-10

If I could give the service department zero stars, that may be too many.  DO NOT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE!  I brought my car in yesterday because my check engine, brake light, and cruise control light came on the previous day.  When I arrived I noticed that a diagnostic fee was $115. Why so much for something auto zone will do for free? I asked.  Tgey urged me to have it checked as a check engine light coukd mean major problems and it may be covered by my warranty.  I waited two hours just to be told that my gas cap was not on tightly enough and they had to reset the computer.  They claimed that they had to "download software" directly from subaru to de sensitize the sensors.  They also gave me an estimate on other things needed done on the vehicle totalling $500.  All of which can be done elsewhere for approximately $150  b.s. Shame on me for going there in the first place.  They will rip you off, I promise.

Leigh B. | 2014-09-10

I bought my car in May 2014 and had a TERRIBLE experience. After I purchased the vehicle was the awful part. First of all, the sales rep that sold me the car was a newbie, in it just for two days when I went to buy a car. He got me a great deal on a great car, but he royally screwed up everything he could possibly screw up.
1. I drove off the lot with NO TEMP TAGS. Yes, I should have made sure the tags were on there, but who would expect that the dealer would forget to put the tags on the car, for goodness sake? So, I drove the newly purchased car off the lot, to work for a whole day (including driving around for work), and when I came home, I took a look at the car and realized that I had no temporary license plate on there. By that time, the dealership was about to close, but there were still 15 minutes left. Did anyone answer the phone? No. I called the cell phone for both my sales rep and the financing rep, but neither answered.
2. The next day, I had to GO INTO THE DEALERSHIP (in another car) to get them to respond to my request for the tags. The financial rep drove to my apartment building to put the tags on. I thought they were making up for the mistake, but the rest of my experience proved me wrong. I had also not been given a spare key to my car, so I had to ask for that as well. But they didn't have the spare key at the dealership that day, so I had to GO BACK THE NEXT DAY.
3. When I went back to get my spare key, one of the other sales reps approached me and greeted me because he recognized me. He came way too close to me for comfort (I am female), so I stuck my hand out to shake his hand while simultaneously creating space between him and me. He then proceeded to flirt with me and I had to back away and end the conversation by telling him very firmly to go get my key.
4. I purchased leather seats as an add-on to my vehicle. I was told three different things by three different people as to what I needed to do to add the leather onto my car. The sales rep told me that I needed to go to the website for the leather business that the dealership uses and select a color. I had to ask him FOUR times to send me the link over e-mail, as he promised to do. Two weeks later, when he finally sent me the link, I went to the website and found a Flickr account with THOUSANDS of photos of what they could do. Feeling very overwhelmed and quite certain that I didn't have much of a choice, I called the dealership, and the financial rep said that I needed to bring the car in and they would go have it done. Since she was a terrible communicator, I didn't get an answer as to what color the leather would end up being if I brought the car in to them to simply have them take it to get the job done. So I went into the dealership personally to talk with the sales rep the next day. He said he could have it done any time, but he never answered my questions about how it was to be done. The manager wasn't there, conveniently, so I couldn't get my questions answered. I had a very busy month at work and I had to go to the dealership around 6pm each time. I had to wait at least an hour to be able to get an answer from someone about anything. So I laid things to rest for a few days. Then, on the day that my IOU for the leather expired, I realized that it hadn't been taken care of in time for the IOU paper. So I called the dealership at when I got home from work and said that they needed to take my car that day because the IOU expired that day. The service department had closed. Also, the original sales rep I had, as well as the financial rep, had been fired. The other employees attributed my bad experience to them, but even after their departure, things continued to get worse. The next day, I went to the dealership in person for about the seventh time since I bought the car (no exaggeration), and explained the epic mound of bull honkey I had experienced. I used a polite but firm tone with them, and they decided to honor the IOU, even though it had expired. After the assistant manager talked like a 16-year-old girl about his wife for about 15 minutes, I finally got him to show me the leather samples THAT THEY HAD BEHIND THE FRONT DESK THE WHOLE TIME.
5. I went back and eighth or ninth time (does it even matter at this point?) to drop my car off for the leather job and conveyed to the general manager what a crappy experience I had with the dealership. Then, to cover his sleazy little tracks, the assistant manager promised to have my car detailed and gas tank filled after the leather was installed. I thanked him and said that was the least he could do after all I'd been through. When I went to pick the car up the next day, it was not detailed and there was no gas. So I reminded the dude what he promised, and he took the car for the detail. I waited THREE HOURS, even after standing in the door of the detail shop and telling the mgr that they needed to hurry up. Another sales rep tried to get me to stop complaining but I wouldn't stop.

M L. | 2014-04-23

Wish I could give this zero stars. Hands down worst car dealership I have ever seen. I have worked at a car dealer before and have seen things behind the scenes, so can say this place is terrible!  Do not buy a car here.

Dan W. | 2013-12-28

This review is for the Service Center.

I have been taking my Subaru to the Service Center since I moved to Nashville 5 years ago because I didn't want to take my chances with home-grown auto-shops.  I felt that taking my car to a dealership would guarantee I would receive proper maintenance from an accountable business.  Heck, I was even kind of happy knowing that I was over-paying for the maintenance because I felt that it must be worth it.

Never in the 5 years of giving them my business did I feel like it was appreciated in any way, just tolerated.  Service was rarely completed in a timely fashion, typically taking a few days and often a full work-week.  The first and only time I had them do an oil change it took them 2 days.

They are extremely difficult to reach by phone.  I've called repeatedly during business hours before even receiving an answer, often getting put on hold and then hung up on.  I once spoke with the same operator 3 times who kept trying to forward me to a mechanic without voicemail who wasn't picking up and I had to interrupt her on the 3rd call to tell her that the employee was apparently unavailable before she forwarded my call again.

Recently, I received a rather serious recall notice on my car pertaining to brake failure.  I wasted no time calling the dealership to schedule the maintenance.  After a month of repeated calls nobody has returned my calls which I am taking as a blatant refusal to perform the maintenance they are responsible for.

So now, every day when I drive by their dealership on my way to work a small part of me hopes that my brakes will go out and I'll go crashing into their showroom.

I will never return to this Service Center if I can help it, I will take my 2 Subarus elsewhere.

This dealership was previously owned by Jim Reed and I assume they kept most of the employees because if you look up reviews for the previous company you'll find plenty of useful, negative reviews.

Bodhi S. | 2013-11-09

Frankly, this place sucks. Their body shop gave me the highest quote out of everywhere I went in Nashville. And there service department runs at a snails pace. I went it for a warranty radio replacement...they took my car back and said they were removing the radio to send off...after over an HOUR of waiting...I went out and asked what was going they brought my car up with the radio STILL in it...i asked why, they said they are just ordering a new, I sat for over an hour, for them to do....exactly nothing.  Also, I dropped my AUX cable and it was left there...they grabbed it, said it was there, and when i went to pick it up, it was gone. They all acknowledged seeing it on a desk, but that somebody must have swiped it...I guess thats MY responsibility. I'm giving them work and they cant even keep track of  an AUX cable, nor did they offer to buy me a new one. Subaru dealerships are limited in this area, so, if you want subaru, you will have to deal with them. But, good luck!

Kirk M. | 2012-11-04

Man, what  a bad experience I had there last week. Went in for an oil change and inspection, and to get the brake pads changed, unless they shocked me and told me I didnt need it.

My service supervisor was guilty of all of the classic dealer service guy foolishness, meaning he tried to sell me on a 60K mile service package (car has 56K), tried to talk me into having the rotors turned (his excuse for this on the phone was,"your break pads are almost down to the indicator strip, you need your rotors turned!"), didnt have the price handy for pads only when he called, and then he added fifty bucks to the bill over what he had quoted on the phone. He ultimately took the bill padding off, but he did it in increments. The first increment he gave up right away, which was kind of shady in itself. The second took a little more work, as he had already personally walked me to the cashier and dropped me off before I found out that he hadnt corrected the bill properly.

When I told him that he wasnt sticking with the price he had said on the phone, he said he had been busy when he called me and couldnt remember what he had told me. Right.

Finally, when I left, I pulled around the corner and popped the hood. The service was to include topping off of all fluids. My radiator overflow reservoir was bone dry, as was the windshield washer fluid. The power steering fluid was low, as well. This even though I had a checklist in hand that said that all had been checked. The same list also had written on it that they had changed the front pads, though I paid for front and back. So, I called the  sketchy service guy, who assured me that they had done front and back.

I will be getting in touch with a manger about this tomorrow, and will post back if anything noteworthy comes out of that interaction.

I cant imagine going back.

Update on 11/12/12  I called the service manager because they put a sticker on the invoice that basically says, "Subaru may call you to ask about your experience. Please call us if you arent satisfied."

So, I called. The manager was polite for the first minute or so,  but his demeanor deteriorated rapidly. He agreed to inquire about the work that was, or was not, done on my car, and said he would to get back to me. I asked him, "What is your perspective about me being quoted one price and charged another," and he said he didnt have one.

Silly me actually thought he would call me back. Then, I got a "Thank You" card that said the same thing about Subaru following up with a survey. This time I called the name on the card, the operations manager, and left a message, but I didnt hear back from him either.  For the first few days after getting the new pads, my brakes made some noise. Once it sounded like a city bus as I pulled out of my drive. I mentioned this in my message to the operations manager, and that I wanted reassurance that this wasnt a problem. Seems that this would have guaranteed a call from him, but apparently it didnt.

Bottom line is that every negative caricature of car dealers can apparently be found at this one.