Crown Ford of Nashville in Nashville, TN

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Crown Ford of Nashville in Nashville, TN.

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Crown Ford of Nashville

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(615) 244-3615
Address:646 Thompson Ln, Nashville, TN, 37204
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Crown Ford of Nashville

Bell N. | 2015-03-25

Another great service experience at Crown Ford.  It just doesn't get any better!  We are treated like family and it's always a pleasant visit at Crown Ford.  We'll always be back for all our auto needs.  The legacy continues.

Allie R. | 2015-02-10

I am done.  I purchased a brand new Ford Focus in 2012 and got the extended 100,000 warranty.  I was excited about the car at the time, but quickly lost my love of it as it shutters, shakes, and struggles to go from gear to gear.  When I drive my friends it shakes around so much that everyone thinks I am terrible at driving manual, but it's not me because it's an automatic.  It shakes so much screws have come loose from the visor and the thing is barely holding on.  I called in about this after receiving  a letter from Ford about having the vehicle reset and that I could bring it in.  When I called Crown I was promptly blown off and belittled by some guy, telling "that's just how it is", well sir that is bullsh*t.  Last week my husband was driving my car when it began to overheat, luckily he works down the street from the dealership so he was able to swing by with it.  As he pulled in anti-freeze was leaking everywhere, there was a VERY CLEAR PROBLEM with the car.  But, was he greeted with a smile?  A "hey lets pop the hood real quick I bet it's just a busted hose"....? No, a very rude worker was there that jumped to belittling him as well (probably the same jerk I spoke to).  He began to explain the issues with the car, the leaking and the shaking.  What does this worker say?  "Well sir maybe that's because it's a manual", my husbands response "uhhhh no, it's an automatic"  the workers response? "well you must not know anything about transmissions..."  EXCUSE ME!!!???  After some unhelpful comments about how they probably couldn't look at if for a few days blah blah blah my husband voiced that he needs to get back to work, under the assumption that Ford would provide a car to borrow or at least give him a ride.  This too was greeted with hostility from the worker who stated that he doesn't know that they can provide us a car, despite my 100,000 warranty and again the fact that antifreeze was dripping everywhere.  My husband couldn't take it and went inside to speak with a manager, who was helpful, finally, and got him into a loaner.  It took two weeks to fix and at 30,000 miles this pathetic excuse of a vehicle already needed a new clutch.  Forum after forum after forum online from people with the same problems complain that this problem always comes back.  While ours was a little better, it still wasn't right.  The design of this car is the worst.  We decided not to risk it.  It only took a couple months for us to trade this thing in elsewhere and get our second Subaru, and brand we know we love and can trust and whose service has always been friendly.  It was a sad experience, I really wish we would have loved Ford and this dealership so we could buy some American made cars.  But, we HATED the focus and our experience with the service worker was unacceptable.

Ted B. | 2014-12-22

I bought a new Ford Fiesta from Crown Ford. I think I paid full price because the Fiesta was brand new to the USA at the time, and demand was pretty high. In any case, I thought the experience was pretty nice and straightforward. I lived nearby, and I really liked their maintenance guarantees and service department. After bad experiences with other salesmen, I thought Crown's salesman--John--was a good person, and I liked working with him.

Joann J. | 2014-12-07

I've been taking my 2011 Ford Flex to Crown Ford for all servicing, maintenance and repair since purchasing it (from another seller) in 2013.  My experience has been great.  The service department is ALWAYS ready for the vehicle when I arrive, it's ALWAYS ready when committed, and the work performed is, well .. ALWAYS... done just right.  

The service staff are super-friendly and accommodating, call me by name, make transportation accommodations while my car is in their care, and take time to answer my many questions, varying from the crucial "My car is doing  (fill in the blank), is that safe?" to "Since I don't have a luggage rack, will it hurt my roof to just throw my Christmas tree on top without one?" , .  My fantastic service consultant, Rob, keeps me informed throughout the process of any repair or service, and follows up quickly on any requests.

Although another Ford dealership is located only 10 minutes from my home, I gladly make the 25 mile trek each way to Crown Ford for the comfort, assurance, and commitment I need from the group who I KNOW will ensure I have a long-lasting relationship with my Flex "Gloria".

Try them; you won't be disappointed.

John J. | 2014-10-29

Great experience.
Made my appointment via internet for oil change and inspection.
My service adviser knew I was waiting for my SUV and got in and out in a short amount of time.

Tommy S. | 2014-09-29

Thanks for the great service I get every time I come in keep up the great work   Tommy S

Darlene V. | 2014-09-25

I bought my 2007 Escape from them as a used car.  They had done everything to it including 4 new tires.  I have taken it back for oil changes and they check everything.  They are all wonderful people to deal with.  I would recommend them to anyone needing service for their vehicle, no matter the make.

Henry J. | 2014-08-31

Second time to use Crown's service department.  This visit handled professionally by Rob.  Part had to be ordered and took one day longer than promised.  Rob offered no cost loaner car for the inconvenience.  Will continue to return to Crown's service department.

D. R. | 2014-07-28

I wanted to reach out and give you a heads-up regarding my recent experience with the Crown Ford body shop. My wife's 2013 Explorer was in an accident and we were fortunate enough to think to bring the vehicle to Crown Ford where we originally bought and service our vehicles. The overall experience was easy, the truck looks great, and most importantly to the overall experience, Mrs. Charity Caperton was an All-Star. You have a real asset on your hands and I hope her efforts and attitude are noticed. Hopefully we won't be visiting a Body Shop anytime soon, but if we do it will surely be Crown Ford!

Martin B. | 2014-05-27

OK I had never been to Crown Ford before until this past weekend, I had found what I was wanting but Crown Ford didnt have it, I explained that another dealer had the truck I wanted and didnt want to deal with them, Crown got me that truck the very next day, couldnt have been any easier, nice people to deal with, upfront and straight forward deal, lets hope their service department doesnt let them down now.

Kim S. | 2014-05-23

The service is the best.  I have bought 2 cars at the dealership and they service both cars.  They provide me with a car.  They are helpful and friendly and I do not need anyone else to touch my cars.

Stephanie E. | 2014-04-17

The service dept was great. Rob scheduled me in for regular scheduled maintenance and an oil change/tire balance. Took about an hour and the staff was friendly. Nice waiting area. I'll be back.

Nickie G. | 2013-12-20

I have used Crown Ford a couple of times - once at the body shop to get stripes put on my car and just recently for new tires/oil change/alignment/trunk cable fix.  It is interesting the differences in those two areas of the same place.

First, the body shop.  Right when I first bought my car I got it back to Tennessee and decided to call up the dealer to have them put stripes on it.  It was a very strange conversation, they acted like they don't really do that.  And I wanted to get the windows tinted too which they basically said the guy only comes in on Tuesdays and he won't have time to do the stripes AND the tint? whaaaat?  So whatever.  I brought it in and told the person working the front why I was there and that I was supposed to be able to look at the stripe before leaving my car.  This person says in a very slow, sleepy drawl "do you really want do put stripes on that car?" and "are you sure you want red stripes on it?  Do you know how that's gonna look?"  Uh yes. I had a car just like it and I want it again.  What the hell?  If I want day glo orange stripes then you just put them on and take my money!  But eventually I got my stripes on and they looked good.  They didn't really put the hood scoop back on correctly but I finally gave up on it being fixed because I took it back too many times and it just isn't sitting flush on the hood.  And when I came back to pick it up, the receptionist person says "well, I guess those stripes look Ok after all".  Uh.  Told ya.

So the body shop is super weird like the twilight zone and I'm not sure I would want to take it back there, especially for any specialty work.

But the service department is pretty great.  The people were nice, they knew exactly who i was and even called and reminded me of the appointment.  The lounge area has a big TV and coffee and snacks.  Plus there's a shuttle that will drive you home or to the office.  They called me and kept me informed on everything which really makes me pleased as I get anxious when my baby is not with me.  And they had it done the next day even after having to order a part.  So that was cool.  Plus the people were all friendly and they heaped praise on my car and we even started talking about which truck i should buy.  Good times!  And since I spent a lot of cash on repair, oil change, and tires, I now have a voucher to get $$ off my next visit.  Nifty!

So the service department is GREAT!    Definitely would go back to this department.

So overall I'd say it is A-OK and probably more of a 4 star but that weird experience at the body shop made me knock it down a notch.

Allen H. | 2013-12-10

I want to first say the actual purchase of my used car was great. Salesman was not pushy, more than fair trade value, Used Car Mgr was easy and the Finance Mgr was cool, too.

Thomas H. | 2012-12-18

Worst experience ever. My mother is having her car repaired here in the auto shop and for some reason they will not give her a definitive day in which it will be repaired. They have quoted numerous days and have failed to deliver. I imagine if there auto shop is this inconsistent there is no telling how bad the other departments are.

Stay away!

Terrell L. | 2012-03-26

They also insisted that I didn't need an estimate for the Hail Damage to my car, just to bring them my insurance check and they would be happy to give me an estimate then, WRONG !

Car Dealers just have such a plan of waisting your time.

Used Cars here are priced as high or higher than some of the comparable New Cars, this makes no practical sense, except to have you & your time already so invested in the car and dealership they have you ready to submit to anything.

You would think that someone could sell more cars if they just would be straight forward and give you the prices of the cars they want to sell.

As the price of cars I was shopping came down, so did the value of my trade-in, not happy with these practices and not buying it, at least not here.

Jason S. | 2012-02-09

I've been coming here for service for the last several years, after initially bouncing around from dealership to dealership when I first moved to Nashville.

First thing is I have really been happy with the primary service guy I use, Jason.  Nice guy, always remembers my name (okay, we share the same, but still), and he asks about my kids.  Let's face it, I think that generally expect that a service writer at a dealership would have a pulse and that's about it.  So it is definitely a plus to get something more than that.

Second is that Ford rolled out a loyalty point program a few years ago, and it really is a good deal.  Every couple of oil changes, I get a free one, and you accumulate points with every purchase.  Really starts to add up if you have a repair or need new tires.  Speaking of which, I found the 19" tires I needed for my 2010 Taurus there cheaper than and CostCo, which blew my mind.

They also have done a great job of taking care of me if I had a problem with my cars, both in and out of warranty.  Jason hasn't hesitated to put me in a rental if the situation called for it.  And the last time they kind of messed up the balancing on my new tires, and the service writer Randy made sure that they got it fixed the second time.  I understand mistakes happen and I appreciate that he saved me a third trip.

The only downer with this place is that it is really, really dated.  To be fair they are renovating it right now, which is great, but for now, it is in rough shape.  But don't let the appearance fool you, these guys do great work.

Tracy M. | 2011-12-04

Worst experience I have ever had at car shopping. Salesman talked to my husband the entire time even though I was the one buying the car. Tried to pressure me into "signing some papers" before I even knew what I wanted. Couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Miena B. | 2011-08-27

Great experience buying a car, my salesman still speaks to me whenever he sees me. The body shop is great to work with. I was hit from behind and had to get the bumper replaced...they had my rental there when I dropped off my car, finished when they said they would..and were friendly. More recently I got a rearview mirror fixed. No surprises on the cost of the repair, and they took special care to get me in and out quickly because I had my baby with me.
Now the service part of the dealer is not so good. They are extremely slow, and in my experience, always have been. This past time, it took 3 hrs to change my oil and replace two tires. The service manager I had this time was nice and tried his best to be accommodating, but I've had one or two that'll just leave you waiting and won't check on you at all, or try to explain what's taking so long until the car is finished, and sometimes not even that. You you just sit there until your name is called over the speaker to go to the cashier.
So 2 stars for the sales part, 2 stars for the bodyshop, but no stars for the service department. If you need to get service on your vehicle, if you can't wait forever..go somewhere else.

Andrew M. | 2011-06-24

This dealership definitely needs work.  I submitted an online inquiry for information on a car, received prompt auto-replies back that said they'd get back to me with options within 4 business hours.  About 7 business hours later, I hadn't heard a thing so decided to just stop in.  Apparently none of the information I'd submitted was put into any system so the sales person I worked with had to start from scratch.  This was very tedious and annoying.

Their selection of Ford Flex's was pretty bad and they wouldn't budge from the sticker price although they did offer me an OK price on my trade.  I ultimately decided against purchasing here since the overall experience was bad and the resale / 5 year cost of ownership on a Flex just wasn't worth it.

To be a bit nit-picky, this place is also in serious need of updating.  The sales room looks like it was last updated in the 70's and was not at all welcoming or comfortable.