Crest Honda in Nashville, TN

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Crest Honda invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Crest Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 259-7299
Address:2215 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, TN, 37228
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Crest Honda

Amit M. | 2015-01-16

When i made the appointment for some work on my van, they told me it will take 5 hours.  When I dropped it off, they told me it will take 7-8 hours.  Actually took more than 9 hours.  Completely messed up my day/schedule.  Very polite of course, but a bunch of incompetent monkeys.

Chris P. | 2014-12-29

In reference to the service department -

Will never be bringing my car back here again. Went in to get two tires (I provided) mounted, balanced, and a four wheel alignment. They tried to charge me $108 for the labor in mounting/balancing the two tires because they were "low profile". The total came to over $200 for JUST the mount/balance/alignment. I called Reddell Honda in Murfreesboro, where my car has been serviced its entire life (7 years) and they quoted me just over $100 for the same service. I mentioned this to the Crest service manager when I arrived to pick up the vehicle. He informed me that "I had already signed the paper" and agreed to the amount. We went back and forth for 15 minutes about what was "fair" and he ultimately discounted the service +/- $20.

Honestly, the whole experience just felt underhanded to me. I overpaid $60 to learn a valuable lesson -  never bring my car back here.

Oh, and one more thing - they also called me before the service was completed and tried to upsell me brake service that I didn't need.

James M. | 2014-10-22

I purchased my Accord Sport from this dealers and have a 4-5 star rating for the purchasing experience. They were quick, courteous, and honest with me in the purchasing process and I really appreciate the TrueCAR approach to pricing.  

My overwhelming experience here has been in the service dept, however. I've put over 100k mi on my car over the past 20 months and frequent the service quite often. They're generally pretty good but I've had them try to upsell me a couple of times and try to charge way too much for simple services. The staff is still very courteous but they will try to sell extra services and up charge for simple services. My main example is that I tried to get them to change a fog light bulb and they tried to convince me they needed to take the bumper off to do so. It's right in the manual that you don't have to do that. Felt cheap to ask for so much for a simple service. 3 stars overall.

Jared D. | 2014-05-06

I did not buy a car, but Nate D. Allen provides the best car buying experience ever! He was polite, helpful, informative and extremely understanding. When I'm 100% ready to buy, Nate will be the only person I deal with.

John M. | 2014-04-23

Don't take your car to be serviced here. They try to take advantage of their customers.  My girlfriend took her car here 3 times in total.  The first time she asked for it to be serviced and clarified that she just wanted tires rotated and oil change.  Well when she picked up the car her bill was over 200 dollars.  Apparently they did an alignment and tire balance that she didn't ask for.  Well after fighting with them they took that off.  We figured well maye it was a honest mistake, or confusion. The second time she took it, everything went smooth 60 bucks (her car requires a more expensive oil), so we thought ehh the first time was a blip.  Well the third time she asks for the same thing as last time and they charge her 180.  Neadless to say we will no longer do business with Crest Honda.  They are theives.

F. S. | 2014-03-05

My family and I have purchased 5 vehicles from Crest Honda in the past years, and we have always used their dealership to complete routine maintenance such as oil changes. There are "mile markers" when they will alert you that your car is due for a whatever- whatever and it'll cost hundreds of dollars. I always ask them to tell me exactly what is included in that check up, and then I take it to my local mechanic to do what needs to be done and charge me far less for the services.

One of these maintenance mile markers included changing the serpentine belt, among other services. When I discussed this with my regular mechanic, he explained to me that for my year, make and model, I have a serpentine chain, which does not need to be replaced as the dealership told me it did. Basically,  the dealership MADE UP a service that I "needed" to have completed and were planning on charging me hundreds of dollars for it.

I will continue to go for oil changes, as they have competetive prices on that front, the waiting room is comfortable, they are fast and always wash my car, but otherwise, I will take my other car business elsewhere.

Chris M. | 2014-03-04

My experience with the Crest Honda dealership was lack-luster. I wanted a Honda, having had a great experience with my then-current model year 1998 Honda Accord. My wife and I went in at the end of the month, hoping to grab a good deal on a certified-used car. Now Crest Honda has the "True Price," basically they set the price based on fair market value so you don't have to do any negotiating. However, everybody knows you don't pay what the dealer is asking for a car, especially new or almost new. We were trying to get the great deal. The price they were asking was in the ballpark but not competitive. They were also not happy that we were prepared to empty our savings accounts and pay cash. However I did find a car that I really liked. When they were unwilling to work with us, they just let us walk out.
We came back the next day, on the last day of the month, and the sales personnel were pushy. They would only come down $500 on the price of a four-year-old car, a price they jotted down on a piece of paper and showed us. My wife and I had never bought a car from a dealership before. This was the fifth dealership we visited and we were tired of shopping, plus we found one that we liked at Crest. It was a fine product and one that we weren't falling in love with, but very much liked. So we agreed and then sat and waited for half an hour while they prepared the paperwork. We then went into the finance guy's office and filled out a bunch of paperwork, then the finance guy distractingly left and another one replaced him, after an hour of paperwork the car was ours. We still love it. Great brand, great product, really sells itself.
Filing the papers months later I noticed the original sticker price on the paperwork. They had switched the original price back in for the price we had negotiated in good faith and verbally agreed upon! With all the taxes and fees added we hadn't realized, but they had reneged on the price they offered us, without telling, hoping we wouldn't notice! Of course it's our fault for not reading the papers closely enough, not keeping proof of the price offered, and thinking that these Sonic Automotive guys had negotiated in good faith. But still, I do feel that we really got screwed by Mike Mercurio and Wayne Fismer, and possibly the finance guy. I bet they do that to people all the time. Never going back, also all my local friends and co-workers know about this.

Katie L. | 2014-01-06

I should first say that I did end up purchasing a used Honda Certified car from Crest Honda, and that's due to two things: 1, their competitive price, and 2, their floor manager Larry. He was personable and offered a solution when leather seats -- a must-have for me and my dog -- didn't come with the car.

But I'll back up and start with my first visit, this summer. I had a Honda Accord I was ready to sell, and I wanted a newer Accord but hadn't driven any. I took an Accord out for a test drive with my husband and a salesperson. (The salesperson asked where we both worked, and he said he'd been to where my husband worked and wasn't impressed. Okie-doke. You want our business, right?)

Since this was our first car-buying venture in the game, we really just wanted to test drive. But we went through the credit check to see what our options were and also had our current Accord appraised. It came back at about $800. When I said we'd keep that in mind and would return, the salesperson offered $1,000. I said, "Thank you, but we just aren't ready to buy today." He responded, "What can we do to make this happen?" I said, "It isn't going to happen today, but thank you."

Walked out to the car, backed up the car, and Glen, the salesperson's manager, comes jogging out and knocks on the window. We stop, roll the window down, and Glen says, "What if we can offer you $2,000?"

I said I wouldn't go back to Crest Honda. After great experiences at CarMax in Cool Springs and Rivergate, and after trolling Trickett Honda and Redell Honda's websites, we spotted an Accord at Crest Honda we were pretty sure we wanted.

We returned and were connected with the same salesperson again, such is the luck. Once we decided on the car and negotiated our current car's trade-in value, it took probably three hours; at least two hours of which, the salesperson was missing. He kept leaving to print off paper, and he'd be gone for 25 minutes; we weren't still in the deciding or negotiating phase, so he didn't need any tactics.

Tonight, Crest Honda called me, and here's the transcription:

Her: "Hi, this is [NAME] with Crest Honda, and I have a few questions about your recent experience with us. This call will be recorded."

Me: "Sure, OK."

Her: "I see here that you did not purchase with us, is that right?'

Me: "No, I did."

Her: "OK, and that purchase was a 2011 Honda Accord, is that right?"

Me: "No, it was a 2012."

Her: "Oh, OK, congratulations. And I have a few questions to go through here. For your email address, we have your email on file for, um, for, for product, services announcements, and it's [reads email address, which is one letter off]."

Me: No, it's [gives correct email address."

Her: "OK, well, congratulations on that, and I hope you have a good night."

What? I have no idea what the purpose of that call was. I have an appointment with them later this month to install leather seats, but they'd have no notation of that if they don't know I just paid them thousands of dollars for a newer car. They mostly don't have their act together, some of them feel sleazy and inexperienced, and their prices and Larry's demeanor are all that kept us there. I would not recommend them if customer service and decency matter to you.

Lowell R. | 2014-01-01

Had my ignition changed at Crest.  Car came back with a broken windshield wiper switch.  They said they didn't do it, (which they did) but they'd repair it for just $150.  There was the part, and 1.5 hours labor charge.  Bought the part on ebay for $30, and fixed it in less than 15 minutes.  I had to remove 3 whole screws to get it done, whew!  

Never been happy with them.  I used to take my Accord there, always magically found $2,000.00 worth of repairs that needed to be taken care of!  The repairs were always on different things too.  Never did any of it, and I'm going on 200,000 miles.

They love to take your money.  Be prepared to pay top dollar for everything!

Steven D. | 2013-11-16

I am fortunate to have the WORST car buying experience ever from Crest Honda. We went to crest Honda to buy a car for my friend who has been in Nashville for approx 2 years and I am the co- buyer since his credit history is less than. 2 years old. We decided to buy the vehicle from crest honda and told the salesman "Ray" Raymond Thompson that we would like to proceed. We locked down the prices and the estimated Apr based on our credit scores. Ray said that he will have to get the car from another dealership and it would take a couple of days. We were in no hurry and told him that we will take the delivery after a couple of weeks on 15 th November.

Ray asked us for some additional documentation for the paperwork  which we provided to him on Monday 11th nov. My friend (Buyer) spoke to him a couple of times during the week informing him that we will b there on Friday 15 th November to take the delivery and the salesman confirmed of the same.

We go t the dealership in a taxi as we were sure to get the delivery of the vehicle and reach there at 2:00 pm. As soon as we enter the dealership I inform ray that I have to pick up my kid from school at 4:30 pm and we need to complete all formalities as soon as possible. After making  us sit around for a hour or so we are asked to sign some paperwork, we are taken to another accessories tech who explains us the standard stuff, while we are going through the explanation on the accessories, Ray walks in and says that there is a problem, he had committed a price earlier which equated to approx monthly payment of 363 per month and now says that the monthly payment would be 393 per month. The reason being we didn't get approved for premier rates from the finance company and we given standard rates. We ask him to work out a solution for the same and get back to us. But he or the finance manager are absolutely not ready to negotiate.

It is extremely frustrating when you discuss rates with the dealerahip , provide necessary documentation a week before but see a major jump in rates on the day of the delivery. This is absolutely not impressive or not called for. Most importantly this information is placed in front of us at 4:00 pm and we had to leave then. I was extremely late to pick up my kid from school as we had call for a cab again and it reached crest at 4:30 pm.

While we were waiting we informed the finance manager to work out deal to provide us some additional accessories to compensate for their inefficient people or processes. He said he will try to and will let us know in a couple of days.

Irrespective of what decision Crest Honda takes this has been the worst experience I have had In a  dealership and I dont think there can be lower levels of service than the one we received.

We will be reaching out to Honda Global Service to register this complaint as well just to make sure there is some level of governance on such dealerships and their customer service skills. Its not fair that Honda gets a bad name due to such irresponsible, insensitive dealers.

Jose M. | 2013-07-17

If I could give a negative I would I "purchased" car for the first time last Friday and I have gone back 3 times to finalize paperwork that should of been done Saturday, first of all they sold me a car with a broken bumper seems like a 3 year old put it on 70 %of the pins were not on, they let me drive it off the lot as a borrowed car til the credit was approved which should of been Monday now they call me once again to send them more information to hope that the credit is approved, this made my first car buying experience an absolute nightmare it's ether yes or no , so I'm going back tomorrow to give the car back and get my down payment back and move on and get a car at another dealership this is by far the worst experience and I recommend to leave crest honda at the bottom of your list .. If there was a negative I would of chose it

Lindsay W. | 2013-04-20

Not happy with my experience at Crest Honda.  Two weeks prior I was in a bad car accident that totaled my car and was shopping for some new wheels.  Found a couple cars in my price range at Crest and headed down.  The salesman was smart.  He had me drive a car that was slightly out of my price range to the back of the lot to look at the cars that were in my price range.  

I went with the higher priced/newer model and my family gave me the extra money as my graduation gift to pay for it.  The following day I go to pick it up.  Less then 24 hours after driving off their lot the check engine light comes on.  I went straight back over there.  The manager told me there was nothing they could do that it was sold as-is.  Then he mentioned maybe it was the gas cap not being screwed on properly...

it turns out that the catalyst converter had gone bad.  Now I'm left to fix this so that i can get my car through emissions.  And the dealership could care less.  I am so angry that they would sell me a car with a problem like that especially after they mentioned all the work and such they had done on the vehicle before even putting it on the lot.  Their level of customer service after taking my money leaves much to be desired.  I will never shop at this dealership ever again!

Charli J. | 2012-11-13

Thank you for your management response.  I appreciate you reaching out and proving that at least one person in the office cares for the buyer.  But again, I must reiterate: IF THE TABLES WERE TURNED and after signing final papers, the next day I decided to call Crest Honda and say something like, "I'm sorry, I don't want to pay for this new car anymore.  Can I have my car back?"  Your dealership, like any dealership or seller, would have laughed in my face.  It wouldn't be an option for me, period.

As for your response as a manager, I understand what you're saying but there is not an argument or negotiation for gained-back customers here.  Not only do I have a very good credit score (as you probably saw when looking in to this matter), I was also able to talk to my "old car" lender who would match the payments with only an additional $14.62 a month.  (Totally do-able.)  Why didn't I take the deal--you as a manager--may ask?  Because it's not my responsibility to find my own lender after your financial manager signed on one and give your salesmen the commission they do not deserve.

Crest Honda lost two customers and gained a report to the BBB because they don't do it 'the right way' to begin with.  (Is there a 'right way'?  I'm not sure. But, I sure know 'their way' isn't it.  Again, refer to "If the tables were turned" above.)

Jeff A. | 2012-11-01

We just bought a new '13 Accord. We have purchased several new cars over 40 years and I must say this was the best experience! Chuck was the sales person and he was great!! We got a great price for our trade and great deal on our new car. The more we checked our deal against other places the better Crest and Chuck stood out.
We had to trade our '10 VW Jetta TDI because the clowns at Hallmark Rivergate just couldn't be tolerated any longer. They are real Scheiße Hosen !

Kristen Z. | 2012-09-26

I originally wrote a stellar review concerning my experience with the Crest Salesman Jim Lawrence.  

I feel very foolish reneging that great review, seeing as I received such great customer service throughout my buying process.   Well, as soon as my purchase was complete, so was the great demeanor and instant service. That is my chief complaint... customer service doesn't stop because our sale is complete and I've given you an A+ rating.  There was no empathy or kindness when I wasn't satisfied with my service after the purchase.

My personal complaint is, I was promised weather proof "floor mats" for the vehicle as part of the deal, but they had to be ordered and I wouldn't receive them until 2-3 DAYS after the purchase.  We stated to Jim that we would like the floor mats for the whole vehicle... the whole vehicle does include the trunk (especially since the trunk is a hatch... we bought a Crosstour).  FIRST of all it took 2 WEEKS for me to get the mats because Jim forgot to order them.  Even though I was disappointed, I didn't complain.  Anyway, when I went to put my ball equipment in the trunk that night, I realized I didn't receive the trunk "floor mat".  So I called the previously helpful Jim as soon as I realized the "error", when very quickly I was corrected on the vehicle terminology.  My husband and I didn't realize the "floor mat" for the trunk is called a "cargo tray".  SO after Jim told me he would call me after her spoke to his boss, I, of course,  had to call him.  I was harshly told they would not include the "cargo tray" because the mats were "given to me out of the kindness of the boss's heart".  Behavior like this annoys me to no end... give me a break; they were given to us to sweeten the deal.    The best part is the "cargo tray" isn't outrageously priced and after owning 3 Honda's bought from Crest, you would think they wouldn't mind including them for the miscommunication to keep a repeat customer!  Instead they almost insult you.  Oh well, lesson learned.

I wouldn't say don't use Crest for buying, but I would say don't be fooled by the kind family man.  Also, make sure you know what every piece is specifically called.

S S. | 2012-07-30

I bought my (one year) used car here, got a good price, the only thing I got pressured on was the extended warranty (those reading here--you can get better warranties with a 3rd party, at least look it up first). The two stars are for that.

HOWEVER, when I went back for a recall the service department was a price gouging, insulting, sexist disaster. I'd had my car for about two years, and they took it in and told me I needed over $600 worth of service which seemed like a lot for a reliable new-ish Honda that I rarely drive. I asked them to break it down and what stuck out at me was a $65 cabin air filter change. You can do that yourself for about $15. So I called the Midas on Charlotte Avenue, asked how much they would charge for all of these repairs and their total came to about $400. I called back the dealer told them not to do the repairs and when I came to pick it up they pressured me into getting the repairs done at the dealer saying they have the best mechanics, parts, etc. (to change a cabin air filter? I mean, come on that is so easy!) and anyone else would screw it up. I was pretty sure they were taking me for a ride but then the guy said "It's like make-up, you want to only put the good stuff on your face" and I looked at him for a second because that was a sexist thing to say. What my girlie brain can only understand these manly cars when you explain them as make-up? Thank  you so much you big powerful man, NOW I WILL LET YOU FIX MY CAR. That's what I was thinking, I just looked at him (also he is wrong about make-up--a lot of time the cheap stuff is the same ingredients as the fancy stuff). Then he was still trying to argue with me and compared it to shoes. Because, that's all women can understand shoes and make-up. Best leave important things like cars and math to men. Gross. After that I took my car to Midas and when they looked at it they said I didn't need half the things the dealership was talking about and the total was about $200. So yeah. Crest Honda's dealership will over charge you about $400 and insult you. Buy your car here if you want, but get it serviced at the Midas on Charlotte Avenue.

nate C. | 2012-06-18

My wife, Ginny, just bought a new Honda Fit at Crest Honda from Dawtt Petros. He was an awesome sales person, Ginny really liked working with him.

HOLLY M. | 2012-03-10

I have gone off and on to Crest over the years. I live in Chicago and work occasionally in Nashville and find that I need my car's oil changed sometimes while visiting Nashville.

Previously, I have had robot followup calls telling me it's time to get the car serviced. That's fine and dandy, but I don't live in Nashville and don't need regular maintenance done while I'm on business. So I had repeatedly asked to have my number removed. It took threatening call to the manager to finally get my number removed.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have found that this service department tends to have "issues of the month". For example, last time I was in they said I needed new wiper blades installed. That was ridiculous because I had new blades installed 2 months prior at my normal dealership.

And today, while getting my oil changed, I watched 2 women approached by service techs that told each woman that their cars needed new cabin filters. So I was totally NOT surprised that I would get the same "issue" when the tech came to me.

He said, 'your car needs a new cabin filter' and I said, "no it doesn't" and that was it. If I can remotely help it, I will never go back. Beware of their issue of the day!!!

Jessica T. | 2012-03-09

Absolute worst car buying/shopping experience at Crest Honda today...My husband and I were about to pull the trigger on buying a car from here today when a salesman told me that I was "All over the place and needed to go home and figure out what I wanted because I was all over the board". We were looking at either the Civic Sedan, Accord Coupe or the Accord Sedan and we wanted to look at all three - shop the prices - get the best deal and make our minds up. We test drove 2 of the 3 when I asked to go look at the coupe again (NOT TEST DRIVE JUST GO LOOK AT IT) and meet him inside when he threw up his hands and went off on me. We had done extensive research online and at different area Honda dealerships so the next step was to LOOK AT THE CARS AND SIT IN THEM FOR REAL - not just sit at home on the internet.....The General Manager tended to the situation as best as possible and I appreciated his listening but I was thoroughly let down by this experience since I wanted to get a Honda....

Samantha Y. | 2012-01-25

We bought a new Civic LX well below MSRP, with no haggling and no pressure. The whole process was complete in less than an hour and a half.   All in all a relatively painless buying experience, other than inventory that turns over quickly (we had to go with a different paint color or wait a few days to pick up the car).

Robert U. | 2012-01-18

Not a good experience at all.

I had warranty work done on the family minivan.  While the work was performed well, they returned the car FILTHY!  They had been working on the roof, and apparently had opened the van doors and were using the door sills/floor as their step stool.  There were white footprints (like drywall dust) all over the interior.

I've never seen anything like it.  Most dealerships use plastic covers on seats, paper floor mats, etc.  I was floored by this.

Then, to make matters worse, Crest has their computer call me.  The recorded voice says "your satisfaction is very important to us!  Where you completely satisfied with your recent experience?"  I said "no," so the recording says "let me get you to a customer service representative."  They left me on hold for several minutes, then said, "all our customer service people are busy now..."

That really punctuated to me how much they REALLY care.

Paul K. | 2011-05-26

Emailed them 5/5 asking about what was the deal with the price being off (as per previous review) - sure, it's a question about something less than $5, never got a response back, today is day 21.

I run a mail server as part of my job, I have logs that the email went out and was accepted.

Yeah, don't give an email address and tell people to use it if you're not going to answer it.

Jon D. | 2011-05-25

I had an extra $800 to throw away so I brought my car to Crest Honda for an oil change.  Luckily, they figured out a way to charge me for an axle that they broke while checking my car during their routine inspection.  I'm glad they took no blame in the matter and passed the cost on to me.  I suggest that everyone go here if they don't like having money.

Brooke S. | 2011-05-18

I purchsed my first car ALL by myself last year at Crest Honda and was VERY impressed.  I know take it to their Service Center for my oil changes, etc.  They are very quick with the service and helpful to let me know what other items may need to be fixed.  The price they charge is still CRAZY and I take whatever they tell me to my brother-in-laws place of work (Hackett Brothers in Murfreesboro) and get the service completed at a MUCH cheaper rate, including labor.
All in all I am very happy with Crest and will most likely continue to get my at least my oil changed there.