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On this page you can find detailed information about the company CarMax in Nashville, TN.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(615) 807-7935
Address:2501 Powell Avenue, Nashville, TN, 37204
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Reviews on CarMax

Kevin W. | 2015-03-18

Carmax got back in touch, they are refunding the money.  I do appreciate you taking care of the transaction.

Andy K. | 2015-03-04

I bought my car at CarMax Merrillville. I bought a $2,500 extended warrenty with the vehicle. Since then I have moved to Nashville. My service experience down here was horrible. They claim that I have to pay $39 a day for a rental car that is covered under that extended warrenty, where as in Merrillville it was free. On top of this my service advisor was just dumb. It was like he was reading from a script. He had no idea what a turbo was when I was trying to explain what I thought was wrong with the car. This made the experience just that much more of a pain. I feel obligated to come to CarMax because of the money I gave them ($2,500 warrenty) to do their jobs, but they are just so incompetent.

Leslie L. | 2015-02-27

I have nothing but positive things to say about my car buying experience at CarMax. No hassle, efficient, professional, and personal. I even got a HAND WRITTEN thank-you card in the mail from them a week after I purchased my car...I didn't even know that type of thing existed anymore!

Tristian W. | 2014-12-22

1.They allow you to get into every vehicle. All doors are unlocked.
2. They have a variety of cars to choose from, although they don't have a controlled inventory.
3.they have reasonable prices.
4.smells clean inside of the place.
5. Decent layout.
6. No high pressure sales, but beware of lies.

1.Sales people will say anything to sell you a car, no trust established.
2. The sales associate didn't know where anything was.
3. The sales associate was obese.
4. The staff looked sketchy.
5. Salesman was uneducated about the cars.
6. Vehicles were dirty.
7. Manager did not great us. We were the only ones there.
8. They try to sell warranties that don't cover anything.
9. They never offered water or coffee.
10. Sales associate was looking at my wife like he wanted to jump her.
11. They have a gross Walmart next door.
12. Most of their vehicles has undesirable colors. 13. Most vehicles were girly.

Jason R. | 2014-09-18

I was very impressed with CarMax's selection of the make and model I wanted (Nissan Sentra). Their price was about at blue book value, allowing me to get more features for the money. Price was definitely better than the traditional dealers (one of which didn't even post prices on the cars).

Sales rep Sarah was very helpful and knowledgeable -- and friendly. Knowing the car was priced fairly worked well when talking the sale -- happened as we were getting out of the car from the test drive.

CarMax did something very helpful to me: It took nearly a week from my test drive to get my insurance money. CarMax will hold the car in that instance. They also held the car prior to my test driving it (RSVP for a test drive online). I know my car would have sold out from under me otherwise.

The closing was handled very efficiently. They even handled the registration paperwork filing.

Because the closing happened technically after the store closed, I overlooked the condition of the car. There was a chip out of the windshield up high. There also was a tire stem cap missing on one tire. I should have noticed but did not due to the rush and it being at night. It took about a week to get a windshield replacement company out to me, but CarMax took care of that, so it worked out. My only other gripe is that I felt pressured to take a very short test drive as they had a recommended route to drive. I should have insisted on a longer drive.

But those are minor annoyances, and CarMax made good on the windshield. I would recommend them based on customer service and price.

Ryan O. | 2014-08-06

Buying a car is one of my most dreaded experiences. I loathe car salesman tactics and absolutely detest negotiating with them.  If that applies to you and you are okay with paying more to avoid them, CarMax might be a good option for you.

- Vast inventory that you can browse online. They have not only local cars but you can see the inventory of every CarMax across the nation. This is particular useful if like me you are looking for a very specific/rare model with a very specific set of options.
- No haggling. Some might see this as a negative. Personally I don't have the patience for it and simply feel it is not worth my time. The price CarMax offers you for your vehicle is good whether you just want to sell or trade in. The price of their cars is also set it stone and not negotiable. It's about as straightforward as you can get.
- Salesmen aren't pushy. There is no pressure to buy. That is the complete opposite of a normal car lot where the salesmen will say just about anything to stop you from leaving.

Only one but it is a really big one: You aren't getting the best deal. You can probably get a lot more for your trade-in if you sell privately. This is true of just about any car dealer but even more so here as their offers are low.  There isn't any wiggle room on the sale price either. That extra cost is a premium you pay for the luxury of not having to go through all the normal negotiation BS.

All in all I had an OK experience here which is leaps and bounds above any other car purchase I've ever been through.

Aaron Kocourek K. | 2014-07-18

Nightmare, that is the best way to describe dealing with Carmax Nashville. They sold us a SUV for about $23,000 that has been in an accident, was not properly repaired and the accident was not disclosed to us.

We bought a 2012 Ford Explorer with 18,500 miles on it. Almost immediately we realized that every time it rains water leaks into the SUV. That plus the weather stripping was ripped up and the door had issues closing. Took it to Ford cause Carmax's service department said there was nothing wrong with it. Ford informed us within about 10 minutes that the car had been in an accident and they couldn't fix it cause it was no longer under warranty. Ford also informed us that the vehicle had never been fixed properly and any mechanic looking at the vehicle would have been able to tell that it had been in an accident.

Well After months of dealing with Carmax's service and sales department they finally informed us that they don't believe it was in an accident because the carfax is clean. Then why did you try fixing the vehicle multiple times including sending it to a body shop, twice! This vehicle was a fleet vehicle so any accidents are not reported to carfax, apparently this is common knowledge and the carfax website states this. This is the legal loophole Carmax uses to sell vehicles that have been in accidents. Even though 3 mechanics told me it was in an accident they play dumb and say it wasn't. If you look at the side of the SUV you can see it was repainted! I told them we would have never purchased a car that has been in accident (would you?) and we want another comparable vehicle like the one we purchase. They just keep playing dumb and finally have informed me that they will not replace this lemon. And after taking it to their service department numerous times over about 4 months they clearly are either not willing or capable of properly fixing the SUV.

I cannot express the outrage we have right now. This place sells vehicles that have been in accidents without telling you of this and they are a nightmare to deal with. Stay far fat away from this place!

Fritz S. | 2014-01-31

Car buying sales team, great. Service team lousy, would not recommend. Never answer phone. Terrible follow through, lousy service!!!

Michael B. | 2014-01-31

Nobody...and I mean nobody enjoys the car buying process less than I do. But, I just drove off the lot with a beautiful truck and the process truly couldn't have been more easy and pleasant than at CarMax. Here's how it went down..first I determined the vehicles that best suited my needs. I drove a regular Ford pickup for 15's time had come...274000 miles, various systems were beginning to fail and it needed tires...bad. So it came down to another truck (my Ford F-150 was the most reliable vehicle I ever owned) or a crossover SUV (Traverse or Flex). Once this was determined I began scouring the websites. Eventually I landed on CarMax and saved some searches and set up email alerts when my vehicles of interest came up within 500 miles. I started following a truck on the Jackson, TN lot and since it was a $150 transfer fee, I thought I might wait and take a drive over there one afternoon. After 2 months I noticed that the truck had been transferred to Nashville! Not only that, but the price had dropped $4,000! What? I went and drove the truck and it was the perfect replacement.  One thing about CarMax is, their vehicles are, for the most part, in superior condition, loaded and with reasonable miles.  This truck new in '09 was probably in the 40K+ range and it was priced for less than half that with about 70K miles.  Once I made the decision (it's always hard to pull the trigger but it was time to get a vehicle) the next step was financing...we entered the info and within minutes we had a scenario...4.9% over 60 mos. with $1000 down. At this point I decided that it would be far easier to trade my truck in than sell on Craigslist having to explain EVERYTHING that was wrong with it.  These guys would take it at a fair auction value.  Upping my down payment with the trade brought my interest down to 2.9%.  I came back the next morning and within an hour drove off in my new to me truck....and happy that I got a good deal.  Now, yes there is no haggling at CarMax.  Some vehicles are definitely priced a bit high but there is some value in the premium you pay there.  The vehicles are in really good condition, no can investigate further or walk, they have every vehicle under the sun in their inventory somewhere and they have a simple guarantee that allows you to get a better loan within 3 days, return the car within 5 business days for full refund and if anything goes wrong with the car within 30 days, just bring it in and they'll fix it.  My deal was smooth and easy. (Bill Maddux was my sales rep and he has sold over 800 cars there!) No hard ball with a sales manager or closer while your salesman sits and watches, no intimidation, no questions like, "what kind of payment can you afford" and then adjust the numbers.  It's simple: vehicle, price, how much do you want to put down and/or trade, how many months do you want to pay, do you want an extended warranty, sign, pay and drive out.  Everyone here seemed very nice and I didn't have to meet one asshole sales manager.  The salesmen guided me start to finish, handed me off to the payment and documentation dept. and that was it.  My advice to you is know what you want, have an idea of what a fair price is (their prices are driven by demand in the market as well as condition, etc.) and be patient for the right vehicle to come along.  Their website is very user friendly and really experience was a good one and I would recommend CarMax to anyone looking to buy a solid used car.

Michael H. | 2013-08-23

My sales experience was good. My sales guys were good. They gave me a fair value for my trade in. Life was great... until I signed and drove off. I received the keys and went to get in my new (new to me) car. They were putting the license plate on it and they had some issues. They informed me the nut that the screw goes into was missing. It was late so they told me to call the CarMax close to work in the morning and set up an appointment to bring it in. I thought "no problem, I am close" buy was I wrong. I started calling at 9:00 in the morning. Every time I called it would go to a voicemail because "they were on the phone" I called every 30 minutes to get a live person. I left SEVERAL voicemails. Did I hear back? Of course not - they sold the car why would they want to give customer service? My wife finally called and talked to a sales guy and she said "we have 5 days to bring it back, so get me someone now" she convinced a salesman to walk my number over to service. He did call - I was unable to answer but called back minutes later and he did not answer.. I tried several more times and left several more voicemails. I emailed my sales rep - no reply.. but I knew that would happen. I ended up going to home depot which is actually 100 yards away from CarMax and buying some parts and fixing it myself.

Rob T. | 2013-07-25

My experience at CarMax was great! Kim was very helpful and courteous during the process of buying our car at the Nashville location, and Ginnie was extremely friendly and informative during the process of appraising our existing car there. I would go back to CarMax and recommend it to others based solely on their friendliness and professional quality of their work.

David H. | 2013-05-24

Sales department is top notch. I've bought two cars from Jack Goodner and been very happy with every aspect of the sale. He got me exactly the automobiles I was looking for and the process was very smooth both times.

Service department is excellent. Had a major repair and was immediately put into a rental car at their expense. They called multiple times to keep me updated. In other situations, they've been able to get me in, even without an appointment.

You'll pay a little more at Carmax on the front end, but in the end, you'll end up saving money because of high quality cars and repairs done right the first time.

Mat W. | 2013-05-08

I was pretty skeptical about CarMax "The way car buying should be".  I've had quite a few cars and always bought them through a traditional dealer.  I was thinking that their "no haggle" pricing was kind of lame considering if I could haggle I might be able to get a better price on the vehicle I wanted.

I reluctantly decided to go to CarMax to look at a new "fuel efficient" vehicle.  When I got there, I was immediately impressed at the customer service.  No gaggle of salespeople smoking outside, waiting like vultures for their next customer.  They greeted me as I entered the building and immediately took me to the type of vehicle that I was interested in.

I test drove the vehicle, which was a pretty typical experience.  Liked the vehicle, found the perfect one online, and decided to order one from a different lot.  The vehicle was coming from florida and it arrived in 4 days!  Impressive!  The vehicle was nice with a few fixes which CarMax complimentarily fixed for me (scrapes on trim of dash and missing seat handle in backseat).  

The part I loved best about CarMax was how long it actually took me to buy the car.  I think I was in and out in less than an hour.  Drove the car off the lot that day.  Scheduled the fixes to the vehicle and they were fixed within 2 days to perfection.  Also, kudos to the maintenance staff.  Friendly, fast, and convenient.

Great place to buy a vehicle!!

-=What makes them successful=-

No haggle pricing is take it or leave it.  You know exactly what you are buying and for what price.

Vehicle appraisal process (for trade in) took 20 minutes and a VERY fair price.

Sales associates make standard commission regardless of the type and price of vehicle.

Quick checkout time due to a paperwork processing staff.

Awesome maintenance crew and great customer service.

Esther L. | 2013-03-11

Although I wasn't excited to sell my long-loved car, the staff at Carmax was personable and created a smooth experience. Ginnie was warm and welcoming, eager to answer our questions and explain the process for us. We appreciated the flexibility in being able to get dinner while waiting for a quote. When transferred to the paperwork portion, the courteous service continued. Despite a shuffle in staffing due to a special event, everyone seemed knowledgeable and provided consistent support.

The one downside was that the price offered for our car was significantly less than the blue book value. However, we knew that going into the deal, trading in the inconvenience of selling the car ourselves at an already busy time.

David S. | 2013-03-06

Over the years we've purchased a number of cars at both Knoxville and Nashville locations.  We've sold them cars after relatives passed away, and sent relatives there to purchase their used cars without a single issue.  In fact, I'm about to buy a truck at the new Cool Springs location.

Every single person who's helped us has been extremely courteous and professional.  We've always been offered slightly more than Kelley Blue Book Trade-In value on every vehicle we've traded or sold.  We've always paid considerably less than the Kelley Blue Book Retail value on the cars we've bought.

Out of five cars I can think of at the moment, every vehicle we've purchased was in great shape.  Never had a single issue with any of them.

Most importantly, the process of buying or selling a car here is completely painless.  There's no sleazy car salesman dance.  No back and forth with prices, just pick out your car and you're good to go.  They've made buying a car almost as easy as stopping at the store for a pack of batteries.  It's awesome!

Every now and then I wander onto a regular car lot and I always regret it.  Carmax has completely spoiled me, and I doubt I'll ever buy a car anywhere else again.

If you're tired of sleazy car salesman and need a new vehicle I HIGHLY recommend you stop at CarMax.

Loresa G. | 2012-05-04

Went into Carmax on Powell Ave in Nashville TN the other day to look for a new car...needless to say I found one! My car salesman Jerry Baggett was amazing. So sweet, kind, patient and genuine. He promised me that he would help me find exactly what I wanted (and It wasn't easy). But he did it.

I recommend Jerry to any and everyone who wants a salesman who isn't out to get your money, but sincerely wants to help you.

Jason G. | 2011-12-08

Exactly seven days after my 2009 Ford Focus was appraised for $10,000 at the Carmax location in San Diego, California, I brought it to this Carmax location. I didn't mention the previous appraisal because I wanted to see what they would offer me. Of course, I was hoping they'd offer me either the same amount or more! I was very distraught when they offered me only $7,000!

Since I was expecting $10,000, I was upset and asked to speak to a manager. The representative asked if I wanted to speak to the appraiser and I said no, I wanted to speak to the manager. Ameen the manager was very polite and I asked him if we could speak privately. I explained to him my situation and the reason for my cross-country trip (to see my sick, 84 year old grandmother in Yadkinville, North Carolina) and he listened to every word. His warmth, patience and understanding was appreciated. It's always nice when someone respectfully looks into your eyes and listens to every word you say, discerning and tracking along with you. I was emotional because of my sick grandmother and my situation and because I was counting on this $10,000 from Carmax. Their written appraisal did not say anything about their offer being dependent on a region, but that was apparently the rub. In fact, it read, "This appraisal is good at all Carmax locations for 7 days."

Ameen went into another room and it took about 15 minutes or so. He contacted the San Diego Carmax and had one of his buyers assess the vehicle in order to make sure it hadn't been altered or changed. He found some painting chipping off one side. I didn't notice it, but it must have been from Bumper Authority's work about 7 months ago. I was embarrassed and I was also surprised Bumper Authority didn't catch it last week when I had them do their final touch up in their San Diego shop. I wasn't just embarrassed, I was very embarrassed. Ameen said he wasn't sure how the San Diego Carmax buyer missed it. Nonetheless, he handed me an appraisal for $10,000 and it read, "This appraisal is good at all Carmax locations for 7 days." This was wonderful! I was getting what I wanted for the vehicle AND I was able to continue driving it for 7 more days. This meant I didn't have to sell it on the spot and get a rental car, but I was able to drive it to see my sick, 84 year old grandma in Yadkinville, North Carolina and either drive it back to Nashville or sell it at another Carmax location.

I was really impressed with Ameen and the way he handled this situation. He listened to everything I mentioned above and even more details that I shared with him about my personal life (e.g. I had been victim of a theft and I needed this money, plus I needed the money for other reasons as I drove across the country, stayed in hotels and planned to fly home).

This Carmax location is located very close to the Guitar Center in Nashville! This allowed me to visit while they appraised their vehicle. Hooray!

I highly recommend this Carmax. Thanks! The only thing I would recommend is that they offer free wi-fi in their waiting room.

Shelby H. | 2011-05-09

I went in to CarMax to find out if I could trade in my 2007 Nissan Altima. While I waited for my car to be appraised, one of the salesman asked me to come with him to his office. I thought we might discuss what sort of car I'd like to trade for, or something of that nature. Instead, he started telling me that I'd need a co-signer or at least $1000 down. Now keep in mind, I haven't yet had my car appraised, and I haven't even given this man my social to run my credit. When I asked him about this, he said, well, you know, you're really young. EXCUSE ME. Thanks for sizing me up based on how old you think I am. Or what you guess my credit score or income to be. I asked to speak with someone else and he refused to have someone else talk with me about a possible trade. I got my car appraisal back and decided not to do business with them.
I'm guessing that, because the salespeople here aren't commission- based (according to CarMax commercials and the shiny signs posted in the lobby), they don't really care at all about being particularly affable. At least, that was my impression.
I don't recommend going here, unless you want to be pre-judged when you walk in the door.

Jason S. | 2011-03-22


If you really don't give a damn about what you get for a trade in OR what you pay for a used car, go for CarMax!

They offered me $4K for my Mazda RX8, at the time the Blue Book list price was $18K.   At that point in time, Driver's Way was still in business, and they offered me a similar price.  I remember sitting down in a office as they tried to sugar-coat the deal to me.

They had a lot full of mediocre autos with higher-than-blue-book sticker prices.  I guess if you buy a car from here, you kind of give up on getting a decent deal.

A month later I sold my car on the net for $12.5K (for those of you keeping score, that is EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS more than what CarMax offered).  All for a $50 ad in the paper/

So yeah.  If you buy a car from here, good luck for you, but if you want to get a real deal, go with an actual car dealership or sell your car yourself.  Or get shafted royally and feel good about it, because they don't haggle with the prices...

Benjamin S. | 2011-03-01

Just under 4 years ago I bought my Mazda from Carmax at 100 Oaks. After shopping around at several other dealers, practically being dragged from car to car, just to get me to buy, this was a completely different experience.

As they say in their ads, no pressure. They let me look the car over, take it for a test drive (with a Texas Drivers License) and even detailed it when I picked it up all without pestering me about price. Honestly, I could not have had a better experience.

When the time comes for me to get my next car, you can bet I will be returning to Car Max to see what they have and can give me for my Mazda.

Moreover, if you want anymore proof of how great Car Max is. They are the only business outside of universities that I have applied for jobs at, that have sent me a mailed (not e-mailed) letter thanking me for my application. In a world where most retailers do not even care how desperately you need a job, and make you fill out lengthy online questionnaires and applications for a position, this says volumes about how they run their business.

Rebecca B. | 2010-11-21

Nice people. Nice place. Didn't give me a fair price on a car I was trying to sell but I'm sure it's just the current market. The coolest thing about this Carmax though is that they have an indoor playground for the kiddos. Which was so awesome while we waited on our car appraisal with our two year old!

Tara F. | 2010-10-19

We recently purchased our Mercedes ML350 from Carmax. The experience was easy.... we got approved for financing over the phone, nothing required as far as documentation other than proof of insurance, our rate was GREAT and nothing down.

Their prices are very comparable and their service was extraordinary. We were fortunate enough to have Cameron as our sales person. He was friendly, not pushy at all and very easy going. He took us on a test drive of the car we already knew we wanted and offered to even meet us at a different Carmax (where another vehicle we were interested in was) so we didn't have to do our financing all over again.

We were in and out of Carmax in an hour... it was one of the easiest experiences I have ever had a car dealership and I appreciated their no pressure approach.

When we're in the market to buy another vehicle, I will absolutely visit Carmax again.

We do have to take our car in for some minor repair issues, but we've been told it was no problem and they'd take care of all of it. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that when we called to bring our car in (and we'll have to leave it) they can't guarantee that we'll get a loaner car AND they don't have wifi, so we would have to find someone to drive there with us and then back home and then drive us back to the dealership and that is a serious inconvenience for us.

For us, Carmax was a great experience!

David O. | 2010-01-25

Carmax, you really need to do something about your supply chain. I don't know what the deal is but you need to get it fixed!

Last Friday while I was waiting in the waiting room for my battery to be replaced, I overheard one of the service technicians apologize to a customer who was there to have her headlamp replaced. Apparently according to him, the wrong lamp was in the box. They were very sorry, but they'd have to reorder the part and call her when it was ready. I thought this was strange, but working in the service business I know there are disappointments.

I myself was waiting on the arm assembly for my Windshield Wipers, but that part wasn't supposed to be in for a few business days.

Flash Forward to this morning. I receive a call from TaTa saying that my Wiper Assembly has arrived and when would I like to schedule an appointment. As soon as possible was the best option, since driving a car in the rain without windshield wipers is very very difficult.

So I arrive for my promised one hour wait. While I'm waiting, I overhear ANOTHER man talking to one of the service technicians about a part HE was waiting for being the incorrect part, and that they would have to re-order. I couldn't overhear the part this time, but he was visibly disappointed. What is going on I wonder to myself. But surely *I* will be okay. Right?


After almost an hour, I see the flash of my car out of the corner of my eye. Excited to finally be on my way, I head into the service area to pay.

I notice that TaTa is saying something to me. Some word that I can't exactly make out. "Have to Reorder" and "Alternator"

"Wait.. What?"

"I'm sorry Mr. O, but we got the wrong part.. We received an Alternator instead of the wiper assembly.. We'll have to reorder and I'll call you when its in"


Now, if this had JUST happened to me, I'd be upset. But KNOWING that there are two OTHER victims of this same sort of problem in just a few days.. I really think Carmax Nashville has some kind of problem!

Now, to be fair, and for the sake of full disclosure TaTa said they would cover half the cost of the labor, and half the cost of the part. I still find myself frustrated and amazed with all the hoops people are apparently having to jump through over there.


CarMax in other cities (Tennessee)

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