Beaman Toyota in Nashville, TN

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Beaman Toyota in Nashville, TN.

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Beaman Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(615) 251-8400
Address:1525 Broadway, Nashville, TN, 37203
  • Monday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Beaman Toyota

Craig M. | 2015-04-20

Will not be coming back here. Aside from a very cheery women offering to get you coffee or water this place is NOT worth the hassle and frustration. Need and oil change and tire rotation? Make an appointment? If your answer is yes plan on spending two - three hours in this place. Absolutely absurd.

Billy H. | 2015-02-18

When I moved to Nashville back in 2010, this was the first place that I took my Prius to get serviced and I loved it. The staff was very friendly and it was located closer than the Cool Springs dealership was. The lounge area was comfortable and they had free wifi. What's not to love?!

Well, after years of coming to this dealership for service, I made a 10:30am appointment for a routine oil change. I arrived inside the garage at 10:34am. I was four minutes late. Yes. Traffic etc. I checked in with the service representative and he said "Well, you're late. We will try to fit you in". I thought to myself, '4 minutes late? This guy isn't joking'. I said "yea, I'm sorry I'm 4 minutes late, will I still be able to get the oil change?" He said, "your appointment was at 10am, you're 35 minutes late". I said "no, it is 10:30am" and I pulled up the email conformation on my phone and showed him. He looked it over and said, "okay".  Okay? No, 'oh on sorry about that'? Nope. Nothing.

That was the last time I got my car serviced at Beamen. Why give my money to a place where someone can be so rude and not apologize?

I now take my car to Toyota of Cool Springs and I couldn't be happier.

Mike L. | 2014-10-24

Completely painless purchase of a 2014 Prius 3 from Beaman. No pressure from sales, finance guy put me in a great deal with no money down, I'm quite pleased with the whole process. Thanks!

J. K. | 2014-09-08

We had a transmission leak issue while on a road trip. After going to Toyota in Bristol, Tennessee, we knew that Beaman had the part we needed, just not the availability to fix it over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

In a desperate attempt, I called the five hours away and got Daniel on the phone and explained our situation to him; on our way home, have transmission leak, it's covered under warranty, they had the part, we could make the drive to Nashville but we just needed them to fix it before Monday otherwise we'd be stuck out of state and school was starting on Tuesday.

Daniel put me on hold for a minute to speak with Danny Tyce, came back on and said they could help us if we could make it to Nashville by Service opening the following day. We would be there!!

What total lifesavers! We were so grateful to Daniel, Danny and the Service Tech that advised us of the exact problem and told us we could in fact make it home on the slow leak. They also printed out the information for us to take to our local Toyota to have it fixed.

Thanks so much, Guys for going out of your way to commit to helping us. We are so grateful. What customer service!!

Bryan B. | 2014-06-21

I feel like id be a idiot to come back. When I bought my Camry brand new in 2012 the sales manager told me if I ever needed anything to let him know including a car when I was getting service. Today I got a oil change and tire rotate, was gonna take 3 hrs due to being so busy. I had to b somewhere for a hour and asked the sales guy for help. Found out the salesman and sales manager that sold me the car are no longer with Beaman. Had to pull my car out of line then come back later. After all that, paid $79.93 for a basic oil change and tire rotation and they still tried to sell me a new cabin and air filter for 35 bucks each. My car has 30,600 miles on it. You have my experience so be the judge if that is a avg customer experience or not

Caitlin C. | 2014-05-22

This review update is for the service center. Took over an hour for an oil change and I had an appointment, what is the point of the appointment system? Also they didn't notice that my windshield has a pretty terrible crack in it - worrisome? Oh well, I get three for free with my new yaris, can I really complain?

Mark H. | 2013-12-12

I have gone to Beaman for service before and they have good people and service but it comes with the typical outrageously high dealership prices.  If you can have whatever you need done to your vehicle just as well somewhere else I suggest you go there and save yourself some money.

I recently needed a new spare ignition key as well as a FOB remote for my Toyota Solara.  Beaman wanted $140 for the FOB plus there would have been a programming charge also added for a $183 total for the FOB.  At Beaman a new key has a silly cost of $137.  The key ($137) plus the FOB ($183) at Beaman Toyota would have totaled to around $320.  Ouch!

By comparison Rahim at ABC Lock Service on Nolensville Road had the same Toyota FOB for $65, programming included. He also made a copy of my "security chipped" Toyota ignition key for $75.  All totaled it was $147 w/tax for both the FOB and my new key.  Less than half what Beaman charges for the same thing!  Buyer beware...

Tran T. | 2013-05-01

I never had my car repaired here, only came here to get my oil change, tire rotation, brake change (one time), and car wash (since I'm here already, might as well).

- They check your whole car system and tell you if you need to fix something. They mark it on a piece of paper and hand it to you (Green = good condition, Yellow = need to change soon, Red = bad condition, need to fix it now).
- They record all your service on their computer system so you know when do you need tire rotation (every other).
- They put a sticker on your window to remind you a what milage you need to have an oil change.
- Easy to make appointment over the phone. They always get you in.
- Waiting room: plenty of chairs/sofas, a TV, a room for kids, and vending machines
- Shuttle service for those who can't stay there for a long time

- Waiting room is ALWAYS cold! Bring a light jacket with you (even in summer time) .
- Service takes really long. Never got out of there less than 2 hours. So bring your laptop or a book to read.
- I had my carwash there one time (Platinum service $24.95), there was still bird poop on the driver door's side...I assume they ran my car through the machine and never bothered to check it. Car washing service = no bueno.

Overall, if you have a new car (one of Toyota's brands) , I recommend to come here to have your oil change or brake change.


Faith J. | 2013-01-28

This place is always happening!!

Matt D. | 2012-10-17

This review is for the service department.

I have a Prius and after doing some shopping in Green Hills, I got in the car to head home.  On the drive home, the dashboard lit up all over the place.  There were warning lights everywhere.  This freaked me out a little bit so I pulled off the road and got out my manual.  The manual was not specific about what was wrong according to the corresponding lights.  I also checked all of me fluids and belt.  Any of these things could cause the lights to go off.  The manual said to "go to the dealership immediately.  

I drive to Beaman and pull into the service area.  I explained my situation to a service rep and he took the car.  They knew I was far from home and did not have anyone who could pick me up so they got right on it.

The service rep and mechanic came to talk with me about my car.  The mechanic explained he couldn't find anything wrong and that the system on these cars are very sensitive and dirt in the throttle body can cause this to happen.

They had me on my way and were very helpful.  

I was shocked I had a good experience at a car dealership's service department.

UPDATE 12/17/12

My headlight went out and I had to get it replaced.  I am a handy person and have no problem replacing brakes on most vehicles.  I bought replacement bulbs and went to change out my headlights.  All I can say is Toyota badly engineered the area you have to get to to replace bulbs.  I couldn't do it.  There was just no way.  I called and set up an appointment to have the bulb replace.  I was told they had to lift the car and remove part of the bumper to get to it.  Also I was told it would cost $94 in labor.  Wow, kind of shocking just for a light bulb change.  Sitting waiting on my car the service rep comes to tell me my car is equipped with "high intensity" headlights and the bulb will cost me $204.  WHAT?  Are they crazy?  At this point I really had no choice as I am leaving town in 2 days and driving cross country.  

I have save tons of money on fuel costs so I guess that is the rub but I cannot understand how a headlight cost $204.  I think I will do a little research and shop around if I ever need this service again.

I will say the customer service is awesome and deserves 5 stars but I did feel a little raped after this experience.

Alexander T. | 2012-04-23

I took my Toyota vehicle to the dealership because one day, after attempting to roll down the power window on the driver side, it made a noise. Looking over, the window looked like it somehow fell off of its track. I took it to the the Beaman Toyota service center because I thought it might have been a factory recall that I never took care of. After the typical day-long wait for their mechanics to look at it, It turned out that there was a recall with the bolts on the windows regulator but that had already been taken care of so to inspect the issue, they had removed the window from the door and they wanted to charge me $747.27 to REPLACE the windows regulator and window run. They said that they could not put the window back in if I did not want to get the service done and they also charged me a $54.08 diagnostic fee, which would be applied as a credit if I wanted to get that work done there. As a professional school student, I did not feel like that a reasonably fair price so I left the dealership with my window in the trunk and it was not a warm day. What upset me the most about their service was not the diagnostic fee although I do believe that I should not me charged unless they actually service my vehicle but is the age-old adage to "leave something the way you found it" that they failed to adhere to. Afterwards, I called five different shops and the most that a shop quoted me was approximately $460. I ended up taking my vehicle to a shop where the mechanic did not charge a diagnostic fee and charged me $54.63, essentially the diagnostic fee at the dealership, to REPAIR the windows regulator. It did not him all day either to look for the problem AND fix it. The service center did not even say anything about it be repairable and just that it needed to be replaced. I sdkrf the mechanic I took my vehicle to also look at the window run dince the service center has wanted to replace it as well and he said that it looked fine to him and that it did not need to be replaced. I have not had any issues with the windows regulator or window run since. I should have just taken it to him and skipped the dealership altogether, saving myself fifty bucks.

Emily E. | 2012-03-06

I just read the other reviews and was really surprised at people's poor experiences, as I really can't speak highly enough about these folks!  Granted, most reviews were focused on the sales side and my review is based on my experiences with the service side.

I was here once before, about 3.5 years ago, when maintenance was done in the smaller garage.  

Since moving back to Nashville, I've been here 3 times; twice for oil change/tire rotations and once to replace the drive belt and water pump.  On the second occasion, manager, Eric Jones came to let me know what issues they found while oiling/rotating.  I loved the fact they checked everything they checked, even though I wasn't coming to have those things checked.  He let me know how my tires were doing, other parts of the car that I don't really know about, and the fact that the belt was wearing down and the water pump was leaking, which could burn out my engine.  He gave me a costs, explanations, and a time frame of when I should get back in to the shop and said he would show me the water pump so I could monitor the coolant levels.

I paid my $40 for the oil/rotation (1/2 of what I expected to pay) and met Eric in the garage, where he and several other employees came over to show me/shine a flashlight/etc.  As we were talking, Danny Tyce, who had admitted my car when I arrived, came over and was already up to speed on how my car was and what needed to be done in the future.  He told me to wait a moment and went into the office to speak with the boss.  When he returned, he said that although my warranty was expired, they would give an extension and cover the other maintenance up to $500...I'm sorry, are you an angel?!?!

Since we didn't want the boss to forget, I made an appointment for the next morning.  The water pump would have been about $480, then the belt, taxes, and service fees.  I was expecting somewhere between $500-$600 total and knew I would need to cover anything over $500.  I was also expecting to get my car back in 4-6 hours.  Not only did they finish in 2 hours & 40 mins (maybe even 35!!), but my out of pocket cost was $0!  That's right, zilch, nada, nuttin!!  I wanted to bow to Danny, put him on a billboard, get his name in lights....something!

I can't thank all of these professional, friendly, nice people.  Everyone I have encountered here on all separate trips has truly been a pleasure.  The first time I came, Ryan admitted me, and I remember still that he was very kind and helpful too.

They have lots of comfortable seating, a TV, coffee, vending machines, a kid's playroom, and free WiFi.

Thank you Danny!!!!!!!  and thanks to your boss!!

julia c. | 2011-08-20

Just bought a 2009 Honda Element with 35k miles.  Had a great experience.  Beaman is willing to work with each customer.  Obviously, it's a business, so you need to hold your own, but we walked away feeling like we got a great deal.  Kind of hard to come by these days with auto dealerships.  The 100,000 miles warranty on a used car and roadside assistance definitely makes me feel like I'm good hands.  Nothing but good things to say so far!

Jessie G. | 2011-06-28

Service here is always spot on but there are 2 issues I wish they could address. First off, I set an appointment for a regular oil change. With an appointment they say you should be in and out within 45 minutes. It was close to 2 hours. The tech says that a 30, 60, 90 takes that long. The second isue is that when your car is finished the cashiers call out your name from a room behind glass windows. None hears their name an the cars pile up waiting on owner response. For example, they slaughtered the pronounciation of my last name so I didn't know they called me. I was watching through the windows and saw my car in line there were 4 cars in front of it behind the closed garage door.  I waited about 5 minutes and they called my first name. I approached the window and paid out with my car now boxed in...I asked them for the names of the people in front of my car. After getting the names I walked out to the waiting room and stood in front of the tv and got all of them to come to the windows so I could leave..should I say an intercom or bullhorn is needed here?

Ali B. | 2011-03-28

Since the mishap, the prob has been fixed. I contacted the services manager at Beaman Toyota and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm a grad student. For those of you who can relate, my time isn't really my own. That being said, it was very helpful for then to send a wrecker to Vandy's campus where I work. The wrecker service got my keys and took the car from there.

While I was at work and school for the day, they corrected the issue, detailed my car, and returned it to me at work by 4pm as I had asked. Though it would definitely have been preferred for there never to have been and issue, it was handled well by the people at Beaman Toyota. Thank you.

Sarah G. | 2010-04-11

I just moved to Nashville and was fixed on what car I wanted...the Toyota Highlander. I had about 6 weeks to find the right car as ends in May.

I went to Beaman because I had heard they were a great dealership. let me tell you THEY ARE NOT!!

How can I say this, THEY LIE. They use old school, snake oil car salesmen techniques to sell you a car.

They did not have the exact car I wanted - so we did a "deal" and they told me I would have my car in 3 days - I told them I would BUY it today - but I dont want to pick it up or begin payments for 3 weeks. Finally after wheeling and dealing for 30 minutes - we got that straight.

NEXT was the fact that they were going to "drive" my brand new car from Kentucky, which meant that my new car would have around 200 miles on it when I received it. Ummm NO.

Then I asked for a sales manager, who did not have the good sense to come out but rather stayed in his sales cage, yelled at my salesman and then I was told, "No mam'am they will bring it on a transporter."

So a deal was done - I was set to pick up my car on the 25th of the month.

I came back on the 24th, they did not even know my name, nor could they "find" my paperwork. Um, I'm sorry, I BOUGHT A CAR FROM YOU and you can't find my paperwork.

I ran across the lot and found the young salesman who did the deal for me. Then the sales manager came out with my paperwork. "I'm sorry ma'am, but you were misinformed, we dont have your car."

But you told me you had the car and I bought the car! "No Ma'am, we dont have the car."

OK - then what happens next? "We will get your car here in 3 days, but we dont have a deal at the price written on this page - we have to do another deal."

So against my better judgement I trusted them, all the while the clock was ticking towards the end of the 0% finance deal on the car I wanted. I came back a day later. "We have found your car, but we wont have it until next week (after the deal is over) and we cannot do a deal until we have the VIN number and we wont have that until next week. We GUARANTEE you this is the only car that is out there in existance that fits your specs Ma'am, and we are the largest dealership in the state, BLAH BLAH BLAH - so we are the only ones who can get your car, so you are just going to have to trust us."

Seriously a Sales Manager said this to me. He admitted that his sales associate gave me bad information (We have your car) ,and he admitted that they gave me bad information about my deal, "You have a deal."

So I let them believe I trusted them and left.

I called every Toyota dealership for 150 miles and found my car at Gary Force Toyota. I called them - had them send me pics of the car, did the deal over the phone and picked up my car 2 hours later. No fuss, not BS.

I have bought a half a dozen cars in my life, and I negotiate for a living, and i can tell you that Beaman has shady sales methods. I heard the dealership was purchased from Beaman himself years ago and the business has gone downhill ever since.

Not only do I not recommend anyone do business with this dealership due to their underhanded business practices, I am going to drive my car an hour out of my way just to get service done. I will not give Beaman a cent of my money.

BethAnn S. | 2009-03-30

So we just picked up a Rav4 and overall, it was a good experience, but let's face's never a 'fun' experience to go auto shopping.  And yes, Beaman sales team does fall into pesky cliches like 'going to run a price by the manager' and doing a good cop/bad cop routine which may have been funny because it is so overdone and such a bad stereotype, but was less funny seeings how they wanted my money!  
They will absolutely kill you on the add ons if you let them (clear coating, extra insurance, financing 'deals').  BUT if you are an informed shopper, you go in knowing your numbers, bargain up from the INVOICE price and are prepared to walk away, they absolutely will respect that and make it relatively painless.  
Major benefits are a crazy good inventory, excellence service on vehicles they sell, a clear preference for return customers and a male sales force that doesn't call you 'honey'.  All rare and, as Martha Stewart would say, good things.

Robert K. | 2008-10-10

Beaman is a serious car dealership.  I went in there the other day to scope out new cars, since now is probably the best time to buy an SUV, and I was majorly impressed with the sales team.  Unlike most car salesman I have dealt with in the past, the guy who helped me at Beaman was really knowledgeable and not pushy in the least.  He showed me the selection they had and took his time as we looked around.  I really thought the salesman was awesome.  I highly recommend Beaman if you are looking for a Toyota, without a doubt, they have some of the most friendly salesmen.