AutoMasters Of Thompson Ln in Nashville, TN

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company AutoMasters Of Thompson Ln in Nashville, TN.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer AutoMasters Of Thompson Ln, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer AutoMasters Of Thompson Ln in other cities in the Tennessee.

AutoMasters Of Thompson Ln

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(615) 541-1119
Address:609 Thompson Ln, Nashville, TN, 37204

Reviews on AutoMasters Of Thompson Ln

Neil G. | 2013-08-14

Here's what your getting into... "I told him that I was unsatisfied and I would be writing an online review about this. Carlos says, 'Well your only one person.'"
...I waiting 4 months to write this review because I wasn't too sure about my purchase. Turns out I should have trusted my feeling. At first it seemed like everything would be simple and I could just go straight to the dealership and pay my note. I made two payments to Automasters and they sold my loan to a shady high risk loan company, Innovate Loan Servicing. I specifically asked that this not be done because I've been down that road and that's why I was interested in Buy Here, Pay Here as they advertise. I started receiving calls that my payment was late every day because they had not received the on-time payment I made from Automasters. Automasters had to send the payment 3 times in months with tracking info before they registered it on my account and stopped the harassing calls. Now that's taken care but I have two $13,000 loans on my credit one from Automasters and one from Innovate. Instead of raising my credit score like they said it would it actually lowered my score by almost 40 points because it looks like I have $27000 of new debt on my credit. So this caused me to be overextended and I can't move into a new place like I was planning on and I can forget buying anything on credit for a while.
Innovate has been reported to the BBB 16 times in  the past year. Everything from the company not reported on-time payments to credit bureaus to people not being able to get their titles after the car is paid off. I brought this to the attention of the girl that works in the front office. She said they had received several complaints about this company and they would see if they could buy my loan back from them. Apparently this was a lie just to shut me up because after speaking with Carlos the owner I was informed that this was never his intention. So I was lied too and he didn't seem to have a problem with this.
Now for the mechanical:
Two weeks after I purchase the vehicle it left my wife stranded in a parking lot and wouldn't start. They brought the car to the shop and replace the ignition. Another 2 weeks passed and I started hearing a loud popping noise from the rear end. We brought into the shop as they suggested and their mechanics could find anything wrong. A month later and my Throttle Control light comes on and the car won't will not send gas to the engine until I stop and turn the car off and back on. I called and the owner Carlos informed me that its a used car that, I bought it as-is and he wanted to know what I expected him to do about it. I said I would hope you would schedule an appointment at your shop for me to get it looked at to make sure its not a serious problem. Carlos said he can't do that. I told him that I was unsatisfied and I would be writing an online review about this. Carlos says, "Well your only one person." I just hope that only one person after another reads this before getting involved with Automasters.