Wolfchase Honda in Memphis, TN

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Bartlett, Tennessee's award winning Honda dealership. Wolfchase Honda is family owned and specializes in serving the metro areas of Memphis, Jackson and Bartlett, Tennessee. Wolfchase Honda firmly believes that low competitive Honda pricing, superior service, and our award winning employees will continue to earn your business year after year.


Established in 2002.

Wolfchase Honda and Wolfchase Nissan started as part of the Bluff City Autoplex in Memphis, Tennessee.  In 2002, Wolfchase Honda moved to our current location and Wolfchase Nissan relocated in 2006 to our current location.  Both dealerships are owned and operated by Joey Schaeffer and Jill Schaeffer Broer, both of whom have been involved in the business for over 25 years.  Their father, Milton Schaeffer, owned Bluff City Buick/Isuzu for many years.

Wolfchase Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(901) 255-3700
Address:2982 N Germantown Rd, Memphis, TN, 38133
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Wolfchase Honda

Taylor W. | 2015-04-11

Worst customer service ever. Bought a brand new civic and was treated like crap after the purchase was complete. Check out the YouTube video .

Cristina H. | 2015-01-05

Not only do they have coupons and a free car wash after every service, they also have the best staff and a frigging Yelp check in offer!!!
I have never been pressured into buying anything I don't need, only suggested... The guys are always so nice and they really do have your best interest at heart. The cashier ladies are great too!! I recently bought a car through them and that was a pleasant experience and I did it all by myself bc I didn't fear being gambled out of my money. He knew my budget and helped me get a car within those means.

Also they have a better waiting room than the hospitals!! Area for the kids and free coffee and snacks!! They don't last long but at least they have them.

Senwhaa L. | 2014-12-23

I have gotten my car's oil changed here since I got it in 2007. The service guys really know what's going on and offer great service.

I brought my car for an oil changed Friday, was told my car make/model had an airbag recall so they ordered the airbag that day and fixed it Monday morning. They gave me a rental car from Nissan (which was also a clean/new car) while it was being fixed. Although not having your car is annoying, they made it a fairly easy process.

Jennifer S. | 2014-11-18

Went to get new windshield wiper blades put in my car. It took about 45 minutes. I thought it would take less time, but I guess they were busy. I have always had good experiences here and continue coming back after buying a car here 8 years ago. The waiting area has amenities, the bathrooms are clean, and I have always had great experiences with every single customer service advisor that I have dealt with over the years.

Tip: If you go in the morning, they have a shuttle that will take you wherever you need to be, work, home, dr. appointment, shopping, etc and then they will pick you up when either you are done or when your car is finished. Also, they give you a coupon to get a free car wash (normally 6 dollars) at either the car wash at their dealership or at the car wash at Wolfchase Nissan which is located next store.

Renetria D. | 2014-09-30

I purchased a brake light switch at the location in February but had it installed at the Mendenhall location. Well the sucker stopped working in August. It has a 1yr warranty but I lost the receipt naturally! Well I called & they combed thru hundreds of receipts to find mine. The best part is that he faxed it to me! Stellar customer service

Melanie L. | 2014-09-15

As usual superior customer service from Skylar, friendly cashier, great kids area waiting room with toys tables and tv, hot coffee, free waters, clean environment, fast no appointment required oil change.  You cannot beat Wolfchase Honda for great service!  Also a big thanks to Yelp for the $10 off oil change coupon--YAY!

April P. | 2013-09-27

Subpar Service Department...Things have certainly changed there in the last year, and not for the better...
First, I'll preface this with the fact that I purchased our 2008 Honda Accord at Wolfchase Honda and get regular oil changes free through them. Up until this year, always adequate service...In February, during a tire rotation, they left the lug nuts off. Imagine my surprise when my car isn't driving right and shimmying,etc...I called them, they asked me to bring the car back. Um, no, after much discussion they sent someone out - they thought it was quite funny.
My daughter has a 2008 Honda Civic that had recall work done there. During the recall work they broke the motor mounts and refused to repair. They literally lost her car 3 times while it was there to be looked at...once, telling us it had been picked up by my daughter, another telling us it wasn't on the lot (we went row to row until we found it). Lastly, they have charged incredible fees for services that weren't provided - a faulty alarm that was never fixed, incomplete repair work, etc.
While I will still get my free oil changes, I will never pay them for any work again.

Pat S. | 2013-08-22

The only delearship in town that my family and I trust completely!   Scott Alexander, Sales and Youmni Hamami, General Manager are great!!

Deen W. | 2013-03-14

Last time I got my oil changed I did so at one of those "Express" centers. How quickly a $29.95 oil change morphed into an $80 one! This time around, I called the Service Dept. @ Honda Wolfchase. I was expecting them to be more, but surprisingly they were less by about $25! (and that was WITH a tire rotation added on)

Now, this was no "express" experience. I waited for about 1 hour. I don't know if I went at a peak time (3:00) or if that would be a typical wait time. But, for $25 extra dollars in my pocket, I don't mind sitting there, using their wi-fi, munching on popcorn, and playing Angry Birds.

Von F. | 2012-10-15

If there was one, I would nominate Wolfchase Honda for a HERO Award for properly diagnosing and fixing my daughter's car. My daughter's 2004 Honda had an unknown problem with her manuel transmission and we had the car towed to Gateway Tire. Gateway Tire attempted to take advantage of our daughter by grossly mis-diagnosing her transmission problem. Gateway quoted $1400 in repair costs. We were told the car needed a new slave cylinder and clutch kit with a 50/50 chance of also needing a fly wheel. Gateway Tire's customer service representative could not answer even basic questions about the diagnosis and refused access to the mechanic for more information. The customer service representative told us the mechanic would be offended by having to explain his diagnosis. We did not feel comfortable doing business with Gateway and had the car towed to Wolfchase Honda. The final bill from Wolfchase Honda to fix the problem was $75 to bleed air out of the clutch line. Thank you Wolfchase Honda for saving our daughter $1325!

Sarah S. | 2012-02-28

I went to Wolfchase Honda to look at a used 2003 V70 Volvo Wagon, advertised online. It looked pretty good and the price was good.  I told the sales people I would go get it checked out by a mechanic. They let me take the vehicle after filing out some paperwork.  I spent $70 getting it checked out to find that it needed a $4,000 transmission and new motor mounts, and that it had been in a front-end collision. I wasted my time and money finding these things out. Things that would have been obvious to any mechanic (including Wolfchase Honda). Wolfcase Honda's response after I brought it back was that it was headed to auction anyways and was going to be sold "as is."  To top it off, they didn't even want to give me a copy of the paperwork saying that I returned the car.  They told me it was "OK".  When I told them that I would not be back they didn't seem to care at all!

Deborah H. | 2011-08-18

Great place to get a great car. Friendly, fun salesmen. Perfect location near everthing (mall, stores, food). I recommend anyone that goes there to ask for Greg King. Honest salesman, 1 in a million. lol I purchased my Honda Accord from him.

Sandra M. | 2011-07-21

I am a 2010 Honda Pilot owner. I was a previous patron of 2 other Hondas from the main competition here in Memphis (Dobbs on Covington Pike). I am here to say that I am more than impressed with the service department at this dealership versus the other one. They are not just voted the #1 Honda dealership in TN for no reason!  I bought all 3 of my Hondas brand-new and you must realize that there truly are "kinks" to work out in owning a brand new vehicle. They can be difficult to resolve, especially if they are not duplicating at the time of service. I highly recommend going up the chain of command with Lea Lawrence and/or Abdoul (Service Management Team). They are amazing to work with! I have experienced a few frustrating issues myself but after dealing with them and then the GM of the dealership... The situations were not only resolved but resolved promptly and with the utmost courtesy! Try that because no one on this board will be able to help ya like they will. Just a suggestion... Hope all is resolved soon for ya, Tom B. :)

Tom B. | 2011-07-20

Bought a new Accord less than year ago, has been in numerous times to correct a shimmy in steering . They refuse to acknowledge problem exists and states it characteristic of Hondas. Absolutely horrible.

Denise K. | 2011-07-03

Just left the service department (on the Friday before a holiday weekend) and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they were. In and out within an hour and everyone was so friendly. Great place for mechanical service and wonderful customer service too.

Jason S. | 2010-05-21

I am amazed at the poor service I received after I purchased a new car.  I asked for my tags to be mailed to me. I was told no.  When I went to pick them up, they paged my sales person to the desk.  he did not show up. I asked if someone would put my plates on for me, nobody offered.  I asked if they has a screwdriver. The attendant at the front desk handed me one.  I went and stood in the front lot and put my plate on myself while three sales people stood on the other side of my car and watched me, talked, and looked for prospective buyers.  That is not the kind of service I would expect from a car dealer where I just spent over $23,000 on a new vehicle. This raises some serious concerns about what Wolfchase Honda really thinks about their customers. I would think that someone would be willing to do something this simple for a customer.  This is a clear indicator of what this dealership thinks of their customers. I've bought 4 new Hondas in my lifetime, and this is--by far--the worst I have been treated at any Honda Dealer. I will be posting this message on Yelp, Google, and other customer service-related websites.

Dave B. | 2010-04-28

I purchased a Civic Hybrid a couple of years ago and have had the pleasure of coming in for routine maintenance. My previous disdain of automotive waiting rooms is alleviated with their WiFi, outlets, actual workstations and coffee/pastry to stay productive while waiting on the car. "Downtime" is minimized and the people here are awesome and efficient.

Jacob J. | 2006-10-28

I was stranded in Tenn, one of the major holidays.. needed a Honda Service center.  These guys are one of very few places in the whole state that were open.  Though they were swamped with work, they still took a look at my ride, and patched it up.  
Staff are friendly and helpful.  But not every salesman knows all of their product.  If you've done your homework, you may know more than they and may need to take time to show them what you need.
Free wash with any service and the wash can be upgraded.  If you don't use the wash that day, you can come back anytime.  I believe it was shami-cloth, the soft cloth that doesn't leave marks on the finish.