Uncle Daves Auto Repair in Memphis, TN

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Uncle Daves Auto Repair in Memphis, TN.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Uncle Daves Auto Repair, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Uncle Daves Auto Repair in other cities in the Tennessee.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(901) 368-4004
Address:6809 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN, 38134
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Uncle Daves Auto Repair

Todd S. | 2014-08-22

On the way to work one morning I had an exhaust hanger break and my tail pipe began to drag on the street.  I was able to strap it up so I could make it to work.  After searching online, I found Uncle Dave's Auto Repair.  I like the reviews and it was in my hometown of Bartlett.  I dropped it off with them an waited for a call back.  Dave (I'm assuming it's Uncle Dave himself) called me and said I had two options.  Replace both the pipes coming out of the muffler (due to holes and broken hangers) or purchase a new muffler & pipe kit.  Obviously I chose the cheaper option of just replacing the pipes since there was nothing wrong with my muffler.  He said he would call me back later to let me know where they were at with the pipe.  It was getting close to closing time and still had not heard anything.  I called and spoke to the lady at the front desk and she said the muffler shop two doors down was doing the work and that he was almost finished.  She asked me to pay her over the phone since they were about to close but that I could pick my truck up from the Mid-South Muffler at 6:30.  So at 6:30 I arrive at Mid-South Muffler and the guy is having trouble getting the second pipe installed.  That's when he starts asking me "did they tell you that you were buying new pipes or used pipes?".  Dave said I needed new pipes coming out of the muffler or a new muffler and new pipes.  Dave NEVER said you need used replacement pipes or "hey we are going to use used pipes on your truck".  In fact, he never even mentioned that Uncle Dave's Auto Repair would not be doing the work.  Mid-South Muffler was not even brought up until it came time for me to pay $225 to Uncle Dave.  Anyway, this guy at Mid-South Muffler was not happy.  He said he was going to put on new pipes to preserve his name in the business.  I was highly appreciative but this was really something he needed to take up with Uncle Dave's Auto Repair... not me.  I just want my truck fixed.  By the way, Mid-South Muffler left their work order in my truck.  It looks like they charged Uncle Dave's Auto Repair $101 and Uncle Dave kept the rest of the money for making a phone call to me then confusing the crap out of all parties involved.  ALSO, while I was at Mid-South Muffler I asked the guy about some O2 error codes for my catalytic converters.  He took one look at them and said they were bad.  He said he could replace them $480 per convertor or cut them off for $50 per convertor.  Again, I chose the cheaper option.  I had rear O2 sensors turned off to avoid the warning light and returned to Mid-South Muffler to get them cut off.  Here is were I got really upset, apparently Mid-South Muffler called and spoke to Dave and Dave swore up and down that I was lying about the whole new vs used thing.  So now Mid-South Muffler doesn't want to do business with me because I have been branded a lier.  So here's my review to the both of you.  If you have exhaust issues with your vehicle, Uncle Dave's Auto Repair is just going to take it two doors down to Mid-South Muffler because the have a deal going on between the two of them.  I'm sure this practice is not uncommon at all.  But I NOT HAPPY by the way I was treated by either of these places.  Uncle Dave's Automotive flat out called me a lier behind my back but didn't have an issue taking my money.  Mid-South Muffler doesn't want to do business with me because Uncle Dave told him I was lying.  Good Lord.... what happened to the service industry.  I told Mid-South Muffler that I didn't care how much any of it cost nor who was getting paid... I just wanted my truck fixed.  You know, I purposely tried to choose Bartlett small business when I was looking for help.... oh well on that.  By the way, i invite both Uncle Dave's Automotive & Mid-South Muffler to contact me directly if you would like to discuss this matter any further.  Both of you know who I am and have my contact information.

Michelle K. | 2013-10-15

7AM on a rainy Sunday in Memphis, TN, while on our way to Asheville, NC, my check engine light came on with the "D" flashing. Our Internet search points to transmission issues. We didn't want to risk driving the additional 500 miles through the Smokey Mountains. We were faced with delaying our trip at least a day possibly more. We called AAA and they send out a guy from Uncle Dave's Auto Repair. He was closed on Sunday. But his boss decided to meet us at the shop and run the diagnostic on it. Red flags flashing as I'm certain these guys are going to tell us we need a new tranny. The driver meets us on the road to escort us with his lights flashing & guides us to park under the carport so we would be dry. Uncle Dave pulls up, in his suit after dropping his family off at church, and runs the diagnostic. We watch everything closely since convinced we're about to be scammed. He shows us the code and advises us that it's not anything that is pressing and that he feels confident we will make it to the mountains safely but to get the car serviced as soon as we get home. They would not take a penny from us. What awesome people! If you're ever in Memphis, TN and need your car checked out, go to Uncle Dave's The Honda Guys!