Lexus of Memphis in Memphis, TN

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We specialize in  top notch customer service.  We know your time is valuable - and we pride ourselves on not wasting it!  From the time you walk through our showroom doors to purchase your new or new to you Lexus till you leave our award winning service department we will treat you as we would a guest in our home.  

Stop by and let us show you what "The Lexus Experience" is all about.


Established in 1989.

We began in 1989 as Dobbs Brothers Lexus and in 1998 we became Lexus of Memphis

Lexus of Memphis

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(901) 362-8833
Address:2600 Ridgeway Rd, Memphis, TN, 38119
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Lexus of Memphis

Joelle P. | 2014-09-05

I'm a Lexus girl (specifically a Lexus SUV girl). I have been one since 2006 and I'm 90% certain that I will be for the rest of my life. I'm on my third and have loved every one of them.

My first Lexus SUV literally saved my life - they said any other car and I would be dead. It was flat as a pancake when I rolled down that hill (an 18-wheeler fishtailed into me during an ice storm) and yet I crawled out of the car with just scratches.

My second one I adored so much that even when I hit 100,000 I didn't want to get a new one SO I was super excited when I got my exact car (black exterior when tan interior) except the 2014 version...and honey, let me tell you something. Those upgrades are worth it. Air conditioned seats in Memphis heat? It is the only way I'll drive. I got a rental this past weekend in California  and didn't realize how much my Lexus spoiled me...and I'm ok with that. Did you know that you don't even have to put in the address in your GPS? You can CALL someone by pressing a button and they will do it FOR YOU!

Anyways, the service guys are great too. They always give me a loaner and clean out my car for me. My only issue was when I bought my new car. It was the first time my dad didn't go with me. And while the car guy remembered my dad had passed and expressed his condolences, he still played hard ball a little bit too hard. He wouldn't even negotiate price. It was more of a "this is the price" and I always thought they would give you a little something or take a little bit least they did with my dad. Sometimes I get frustrated shopping as a girl.

Debbie P. | 2013-02-25

I think this service center does a great job.  They have maintained a high quality brand over the ten years I have been having my cars serviced there, and have really never disappointed me.  They aren't inexpensive, but I intend to keep my car for a long time (150,000 miles is my goal), and it needs to be serviced so I can avoid high repair costs later or having to buy a car earlier than I desire.  You are always given the opportunity for a loaner car (a must for me) at no additional cost. If you want to wait, which I rarely do, they have a very comfortable lounge with internet cubicles, TVs, free snacks and beverages, and comfortable, quiet seating.  Everything in the service garage is clean, and my car always is returned to be cleaner than when I brought it in.

Albert L. | 2012-02-11

Everyone has their own unique experience of purchasing a car. "Great customer service" and "auto dealership" usually don't pair with each other. But this place will surprise you. When you are in market for a luxury vehicle, "service" is one of the most important reason to consider in your decision making process and Lexus of Memphis does it better than anyone else in this market!

Don't get me wrong, there are many luxury dealers who provides their customers with their best effort yet majority of them are trailing what Lexus of Memphis does daily!

Sales staff are friendly and courteous, and their service department is one of the cleanest service bays that I've ever seen in ANY kind of dealership! Their techs pamper your car while they service it!!

Again, this may not be for everyone yet if you're in market for a luxury vehicle, this place will exceed your expectation.

Jason K. | 2011-10-01

Buyer beware! Don't come here if you are looking for a "Lexus experience", but most importantly, if you must come here (they have a monopoly in Memphis), make sure you double check all the numbers in your contract and make sure they don't "accidentally" make some errors which will conveniently always be in their favor.

Having owned two previous Lexus cars (Lexi??) and having patronized 7 dealers in CT, TX, and UT in the past, this was the most unpleasant Lexus dealer I have ever dealt with. Our salesperson Greta was actually quite nice...knowledgeable, pleasant, and low-pressure. Her superiors? Uh, not so much. We were negotiating for an RX350...she went to her sales manager with our offer of $500 over invoice on an end-of-model-year floor demo (an offer we received on an out-of-town car that we would have had to drive several hours to get)... she returned with her manager's offer of about $1300 over invoice. We countered with $800 over invoice but they refused to budge and whined that that represented a profit of "only" $800. It included a pitiful claim that they had to pay their detailers $500 to clean our car. Funny, isn't that what dealer prep is all about? When I questioned the manager about this, he suddenly became hostile and abruptly dismissed us! He also mumbled that the hour we took up of Greta's time should count for something!  WTF? Who the hell is the customer? Since we already knew about the car, we did not even take it out for a test drive!!

The kicker is the next day, we received a call from Greta apologizing for our treatment and that she spoke to her general manager and they decided to accept our offer. She gave us a total. However, the number did not agree with mine. I asked for a complete accounting of figures and costs from them. Hours later, I had to call to remind them to send the numbers to me. Reluctantly, they sent me the MSRPs of the car/options...very helpful indeed...Not! Fortunately, I had acquired all the invoice prices on my own, including the little known holdback price (additional dealer profit BEFORE the invoice is calculated) and the regional ad sales price (a total ripoff that they charge all customers). Bottom line is that their anticipated profit even at "only" $800 over invoice would have been in excess of $2000, yet they still felt the need to try to fraudulently slip in an additional $200 over our so-called agreed-upon price.  When I called them on it, I was met with a pause before they magnanimously agreed to give in to my figures with no explanation whatsoever!

The final straw came when we went in to sign the papers and have our trade-in appraised. Kelly Blue Book (which is apparently the biggest waste of time since no dealer ever agrees with their numbers) placed our car value at $8000. Even Black Book value was $5500-$7500. They low-balled us at $2000...then, when I questioned this valuation, I was again attacked. WTF?? Who the hell is the customer? Where is the courtesy? A simple "I'm sorry, but that's the best we can do" would suffice. This was the last straw...we stormed out.

We would have expected this kind of bush-league penny-ante nickel and diming hucksterism if we were looking at used Kias or Yugos...but Lexus??? Really??? By the way, we finally bought our car in Nashville at $500 over invoice, and sold our old car to CarMax for $6000. Suck on that Lexus of Memphis!!! Clearly, an educated consumer is their worst nightmare.

Brad W. | 2011-08-19

Salesmen seem very aloof, and not anxious to help.  I knew more about the car from reading reviews than the salesperson did.  

I went across the street and bought an acura.  I am very pleased with Acura of Memphis.

Carol M. | 2010-08-16

No compaints here...yet!  I can only Yelp about my purchase expereince as I have not yet had the experience of the service department.  Be on the lookout for an update!  My experience was much different from the other reviewers.  Garry Johnson was my sales person.  No pressure and all patience sums it up.  I came out to test drive 1 day and then came back in a couple of weeks later to purchase.  On sales day I was in and out all in about 4 hours.  BTW, I love my new Lexus!!!!!

Karen R. | 2007-07-20

Let me preface by saying, I love my RX330.  

A few people who work at this Lexus seem to think their customers are idiots... when we went in to speak to one of their salesman, they weren't helpful in the least bit.  It wasn't until we returned to make more inquiries did they realize we were serious buyers.   Still not exactly luxury-car--buying-standards that I'm used to.  Of course, we also made it a point to drive my crummy old and dirty piece of crap car there instead of my husband's flashy sports car :)  Were they judging us through that?  Maybe... who knows.

When we ordered a brand new car and told them the specifications we wanted on it, they gave us an approximate time it would take for the car's delivery.  Everything went smoothly.  On my birthday about six weeks later, they called to tell me my new car was here - early!  Talk about perfect timing!  We got there and saw a car just like the one I ordered (same model and color).  But I was annoyed that a few customers and another salesman was inside the car already.  I could only hope that this would not be MY car... anywayz, they told me it was.  We got into the car and nope, not my car!  Wrong stereo, no navigation system, wrong color interior - all wrong!  

Turns out the specifications we ordered on the car we wanted wasn't a possible combination.  But no one told us this!!  I was upset 'coz that meant we had to re-order another one and wait for another two months - for a car that wasn't exactly what I thought I was going to get (the stereo and navigation system combo).  Not only that, when I eventually telephoned the purchasing manager on the phone - the person, I was told who 'made this mistake' and didn't let anyone know - he was not only non apologetic, he was pompous and rude!   I asked if that was the way Lexus Memphis did business and he was trying to give all sorts of excuses that didn't make sense.  So I started to say I was disgusted with his non-professionalism when... get this... he yelled these words "do not speak when I'm talking".  SOB!  Yes, we went back down there IMMEDIATELY and got our deposit back and went to the BMW dealership.

To cut the long story short - 'coz aren't these always the longest most pain-in-the-ass to write and worst to read... the son of the owner called the next day and apologized and gave us a big ass discount (didn't ask for the deposit back) and gave us permission to drive any car we wanted whenever we wanted until our new car arrived.  We actually didn't take full advantage of it 'coz my husband is a good honest guy.  I would have done it differently, of course :D

Anyway, the story doesn't end there.  They then kept promising on a date of delivery on car #2.  I kid you not!  Some of the excuses they made... the car has been shipped but it's Golden Week so it's not coming on time - huh?!  You mean the Japanese on the ship go "oh it's Golden Week let's anchor here and drink sake till the holiday is over" - hey, I don't make these things up - they really told me this!  Then it was... "good news it's on the truck on the way to Memphis" - then it was "bad news the truck has gone missing" - yeah a gazillion dollars worth of cars 'gone missing'?

So as much as I love my car, I would never buy another car from this bunch of idiots.  These people here need to be taught how to treat their customers right and certainly not lie to them - and stupid lies!  Maybe they should get some training from the people I've dealt with in Lexus Singapore and/or Melbourne (Australia).  I'm not saying all of them are morons.  Just the few whom we had to deal with.