Tower Auto Sales Inc in Pittsburgh, PA

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Tower Auto sales facility offering mostly 2 to 3 year old, import off-lease, 1 owner, low mileage, products. 35 years at same location, easy and fast service, thousands of satisfied customers., Check us out. Here at Tower Auto Sales, you will encounter no games or gimmicks. We have done all the homework to make buying your next Pre-Owned vehicle stress-free, easy and enjoyable. Where you buy your next  pre-owned vehicle is just as important as what you buy...We can and will BUY IT!


Established in 1978.

35 years in the same location!

Tower Auto Sales Inc

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(412) 828-6202
Address:200 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA, 15238
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Tower Auto Sales Inc

Denis T. | 2015-01-24

The repair department at Tower is great. I know a lot about cars and have a hard time having work done for me, but Bob and the other guys can do my work anytime. They are honest and don't do unnecessary work. I get both my cars inspected there, with no problems that aren't real. They call me with any problems and try to fix it as inexpensively as possible. It is also done quickly as possible.

Liz E. | 2015-01-24

Bought a car from Tower about a year ago;  yes it was a cheaper car than what they normally sell, so they weren't interested in giving me a great sales experience, but they  also lied to me...showed me a Carfax that showed no accidents...after buying the car and having a couple of people (used car sellers) look at it, we noticed uneven and mismatched paint, and new/aftermarket body parts and it was obvious the car had been wrecked and repaired.     Luckily I was able to sell the car for close to what I bought it for (even after telling the buyer what I knew about it.)  It gave me a bad taste in my mouth for Tower and I would never buy there again.

Vicki J. | 2014-10-11

I purchased two higher end cars from Tower Auto Sales and I have been extremely satisfied with both the sales process and the unmatched service that  I personally felt went above and beyond what I expected and what I have previously received from a new car dealer.
It wasn't the traditional sales pitch and process that we all know , used and disliked in the past. They still exist but I hope that I never need to do it "their" way again.
In response to a previous post, with all due respect, If your able to go online to write a review then you had to know that you had the capability to" google" the VIN number before you even inquired about the vehicle!. I'm not sure if the dealer gets more than the car fax or not when they purchase Auction vehicles so I can't address that but going forward it may be in your best interest to run the vin for a fee of $8.99 which gives every detail of the car along with pictures of the repair process if it was in fact repaired at the Auction . If I purchase a so called "CPO" car from a New Car Dealer I do my home work before I do anything else. It makes for a much smoother process.
I travel almost 100 miles to go to Tower Auto and I've never been disappointed.
Thanks Mike and staff.

Eric D. | 2014-02-07

Great sales staff! I was looking for a particular car that I was unable find anywhere and lo and behold Tower Auto was able to locate that specific car (even nicer) within days and the price, well unbelievably great! They have my business for life!!!

Tom H. | 2012-11-29

The sale/price/trade all went smoothly.  The salesman proundly presented a clean carfax.  The car has been good except:
1.  a google search of the vin revealed that the front bumper, front  fender, doors, and rear fender had all been replaced at the auction house (manheim) apparently to escape Carfax. All of this was on the sales slip from Manheim.  The sales guy had to know, although he claimed the buyer never told him.   Slick.
2.  after a flat tire, it was discovered the spare was missing.  after maybe 10 phone calls, and another 10 emails, several visits, and a month, a new wheel (non matching) and tire were provided.
3.  Several serious car people have told me that they are known for scratch and dent cars, hence the on-site body shop.  

Those the facts in the case, as I know them.

Heather S. | 2012-11-12

We bought our car here and they were really nice and helpful.  They gave us a fair price on our trade in.  The sales rep was very nice and a pleasure to work with.  Car was exactly as described.