Shadyside Honda in Pittsburgh, PA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Shadyside Honda in Pittsburgh, PA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Shadyside Honda, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Shadyside Honda in other cities in the Pennsylvania.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 355-5910
Address:5121 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15224
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Shadyside Honda

Robert U. | 2014-12-13

I had a great car buying experience here.  My sales person was professional, easy going, and honest.  He and this dealership did exactly what they said they would do.

Beyond our sales person, the staff treated my kids very well, while they waited.

The only think holding them back from 5-stars is the physical setting.  They are land-locked, so their parking/new vehicle lot is cramped.  It's tough to navigate.  And there is sometimes no customer parking, which is really tough.

chris m. | 2014-09-18

They tried to screw us out of $1500 to address a steering wheel vibration. They flat out LIED and told us that 2 out of 3 engine mounts were completely broken and the car would pass inspection at this point. I took the car to my usual place and the mechanic out the car up and showed me personally all 4(!) engine mounts and the fact that they are in perfectly good condition. Same for the other 2 things they tried to convince us we needed to have them fix. They are scammers, don't go there!

Tony W. | 2014-09-17

Complete rip off!  They wanted to charge me $1,700 in repairs for my car to pass state inspection.   They told me certain things like my engine mount needed to be replaced even when it didn't.   I took my car to a different shop and they did EVERYTHING it needed to pass inspection for $400.  Don't waste your money at Honda Shadyside!

Batta J. | 2014-07-17

Have two cars purchased new (Honda Civic 2009 and 2012) at this dealership. quite satisfied with the service, their labor is a bit higher than one at the independent mechanic shop, but that's expected.
I tested them couple time, gave them opportunity to do extra service and charge me for that, but they
"pass the test", they were hones. Mike, and Franco, two customer representative I have been in touch are very nice and polite guys. All together, I have positive experience with this dealership.

Good job guys, keep going.

Chris M. | 2014-05-23

The management here is terrible. The staff is competent enough, but scheduling is a hassle (I brought my car in to get checked out and the kept not giving me definitive times I could pick it up). One time when I went they were understaffed and I saw the manager (who has a temper) shouting at an employee on the floor. No thanks.

Mark S. | 2014-04-18

Three repairs, two really bad experiences.
First experience: they tried to refuse my Honda service plan that's honored at all Honda dealerships. Also I was in for an oil change and a new set of tires. Despite knowing the make, model, and year of my car when I made the appointment, they didn't have tires for me. They called my up in the middle of the day to let me know (after I dropped off my car at 8 am). Luckily they were able to get them eventually but it took all day.
Second experience: my fiancé got an oil change (she doesn't have a service plan). Nothing good, nothing bad. Just an oil change.
Third experience: again we took my fiancé's car in, but this time for a window that had come off the track (she has a very old Civic, that's on it's last legs). Took it in. They needed to order a part. We go home. We wait days. Nothing. We call, they got the part days back, but didn't call. We take it in at 8 am. They don't call. My fiancé calls at three thirty. Spends thirty minutes on the phone getting transferred. It's been done for hours. They just didn't bother to call.
I consider myself a patient man. I'll go back to any place that messes up once. But two HUGE strikes and you're out. I'll drive to the suburbs from now on to get my Hondas worked on.

Heidi S. | 2014-03-31

I used this dealership to buy my Honda Civic Hybrid that I had been leasing (attained the lease from another dealership). The sale was fairly smooth and straightforward because I was buying according to the end terms of the lease. But they still got me! I was talked into buying a service contract. It made sense, at the time, given the uncertainty of the life of the Hybrid battery. The documentation that they gave me did not include the list they showed me in the office which went over all of the features that were supposed to be covered, so I ended up quite confused later when I thought oil changes were covered but the service department didn't seem to know anything about it...So I never used it, at all. I did receive a contract that guaranteed a refund for the cost of the service plan if none of the benefits were used (with lots of fine print). Down the road, I decided that I wanted to pay the car off early and pulled out the contract to see if this action would affect my refund. It was not clear to me, so I called the number for the company responsible for the contract - Signet Financial Group - and the number was disconnected. I tried calling the Shadyside Honda salesman who sold it to me, but he was no longer working with the company, so I asked for the financial manager. He was not in, so I left a message with the receptionist. He also wasn't there or wasn't available the next few times I called and none of my calls were returned. I was so angry about the Signet fraud and the lack of response from the dealer, I was afraid to go there in person to find this elusive manager (I would have been all tears). I ended up just going ahead and paying off the car early which I am pretty sure voided my eligibility for the $1540 that was to be owed to me by a company that no longer exists.  

If you bought a service contract from this or any dealer before March 2011 that has Signet on the contract, you may wish to seek legal help. Here are a couple of resources I found:…

*Self review: dumb for buying into this shit, too passive and easily defeated.

Greg B. | 2014-03-11

Geez--what's with all the bad reviews?  I've been going here since moving to Pittsburgh four years ago .  Service has always been good, I've been able to get my car in for an appointment when I needed one, and everyone has been extremely friendly.  I've never had any unreasonable charges here (I have had that experience at other locales) so I have a lot of confidence in them.  Franco was my service rep today--he was great.

Tim W. | 2014-03-10

Another crappy Rohrich dealership.

I don't know what it is about Honda dealers in Pittsburgh. Is it that you think some people don't have the money or good/ excellent credit to make a purchase? Both of which I have by the way. I just don't know. The last Honda dealership I went to (Valley Honda) in Monroeville completely ignored us while we were on the lot on a nice day with hardly any other customers.

This time I went to Shadyside Honda in the evening hours before they closed to look at a preowned Lexus SUV that they have had on their lot for months. Mind you I pulled up in a SUV that cost double the price of the one that they were selling so they should have known that I wasn't there to play any games.

The salesmen inside watched me as I parked and got out. A couple even came out to move some vehicles to their storage lot down the street. Not one person asked if I needed any help. I walked the lot until I found the SUV I had came to see. It was in the last row in the back of the lot. It was very nice and look spotless.

So I walked inside the dealership and right by the hostess who couldn't be bothered. I made eye contact with at least three salesman who said absolutely nothing to me. I looked at about six cars waiting for someone to finally acknowledge my presence but, that never happened. About ten minutes later I finally just ask a salesmen about the vehicle I was interested in and he says, "Oh, that's sold. The buyer is picking it up on Saturday." I can't believe the buyer actually got enough service to buy the SUV.

So as I go to leave a salesmen finally asked me if I had been helped and if I needed something. I told him no and no thanks and walked out. It's funny that all of the sudden salesmen want to help me when I go to leave.

This is the second Honda dealership I will never set foot on any. Scratch that I will never set foot on any Honda dealership again! I don't care what vehicle they are selling!

Rebecca K. | 2014-03-10

I bought my Civic SI back in October. I worked with Stan and had a great experience. I didn't find him to be pushy and I was able to take my time. He was very helpful with financing and found me additional money off. I have not been back to have my car serviced so I can't speak to that. It is a small lot so I did have to wait for them to find my car in the color I wanted but that wasn't a problem. I definitely recommend working with Stan and Honda. It was great!

Jon D. | 2014-03-03

Run by incompetent fools! I came to this dealership as a serious buyer with a loan in place and had picked out a car I liked. The only positive was the sales associate I dealt with Marcus. He was very friendly and eager to make a sale while not being pushy and rude. However after that this dealership is a huge failure. After test driving, liking the car and wanting to negotiate I was offered a price on my trade in. I was requesting they up the value on my trade in $1,000. which was more than fair. The sales manager wouldn't budge. I left with no deal in place and felt rather disappointed. I got an e-mail from a manager the next day asking if there was anything they could do to help. I responded and told him my situation and how I was a serious buyer with a loan in place and I was simply looking for a little more on my trade in. After 2 days I didn't hear anything back and by that time I had already found another dealership and car, with this place having no problem giving me my asking price and willing to negotiate the price of their car. 6 days later I receive a follow up e-mail from a manager who not only didn't even address my offer but had some lame "show us a better offer you got from someone else and then we will try to match it" excuse. Needless to say this dealership is not serious about selling cars or helping it's potential customers. I would find any other dealership but this one.

Update to the incompetence:  I got an email today from the internet manager, after I notified him of his poor communication skills and how I was going to leave this negative review, stating that I shouldn't leave a negative review since I never came in to his store.  That right there clearly shows just how stupid these people are.  In my first e-mail to this moron I told him I had been in his store trying to work a deal, and even told him the salesperson's name I worked with.  Opps looks like someone just showed he doesn't really pay attention to detail.  Seriously folks avoid this place like the plague.

Jess P. | 2013-10-25

This is one of those 'I wish there was a 0 star rating' reviews. Yup.

I was having car trouble with my '07 Honda Fit back in July and I called to see if I could have it towed there by AAA so they could have a look at it and hopefully fix it. I called and the rude woman so many other people have mentioned answered the phone. She quickly transferred me to the service department, where the phone rang, and rang, and rang, and rang, and rang. And then I was hung up on after 10 minutes or so. So I called back and explained that I was just trying to reach the service department and I was hung up on, and this woman exploded at me that IT WASN'T HER FAULT AND SHE CAN'T CONTROL THE PHONE. Seriously?

I don't know how anyone ever gets an appointment here for service. We did once and I have no idea how we managed it. The customer service is horrendous, the grump that answers the phone needs to calm down, and I'm never coming back here again. Not that they would ever answer the phone to allow me to do so, but I can certainly find better. The car wash with oil change is so not worth the frustration.

And to the reviewer who lamented that maybe people are holding this Honda dealer to BMW standards, to that I say, shut up! Being rude, hanging up on customers and making it virtually impossible to get service for your car are definitely not high standards. I'm really glad I didn't buy my car from this crappy place!

Qiwei L. | 2013-08-09

If you want to service your car, ask for Jeff! I recently bought a red 2008 Honda accord V6 coupe and had the check engine light on with code P0497: EVAP system low purge and had been experiencing a little jerk from 1st to 2nd gear. Jeff rode with me to diagnose the problem carefully and he really really knows what he is talking about. In addition, I also experienced a weird popping noise from the ceiling and was having trouble figuring out what it is for almost a week, and Jeff was able to spot the problem within a minute! I highly recommend him as your trusted mechanic. He listens and symphasize with you on your problems. And he is very knowledgeable, professional and easygoing. This is not your average service guy. He is awesome! Also, I recommend anyone who takes their cars for service do a little research ahead. That way you will know if someone is ripping you off. Jeff certainly is very honest because everything he said was pretty much what my research indicated.

Jennifer H. | 2013-05-14

I gave this place three chances over the years and each time I was disappointed so I am officially DONE! The latest event: had a slow leak in a tire, called and was told to come on in. I explained that there was no visible reason for the leak so it needed to be removed from the rim and further examined. I arrived and was treated rudely by a man who acted as if I was putting him out by being there and asked "who told you you could just come in"? A mere 15 minutes later he came into the GROSS lobby and told me nothing was wrong with the tire, it was fine. I knew that was false but wanted to get my five year old and myself out of there! So I went to TOWER TIRE in Aspinwall and they rock and did the right thing, finding the pin hole and fixing it for $10.70!
Three chances is enough for me! For decent service for a Honda try Valley Honda in Monreoville.

Matthew S. | 2013-04-26

I have had may car serviced at Shadyside Honda on multiple occasions. They always complete the work quickly and do a great job. I would recommend Shadyside Honda to others.

Laurie C. | 2012-12-20

Very, very poor customer service. I was just on the phone with an older woman trying to explain what was going on with my car (so that she could direct me to the right department) and she was unfriendly, rude, not helpful and then transferred my call when I was mid sentence! I was already a little hesitant about calling the dealership, since I am not the most knowledgable when it comes to cars. I am definitely not going to Shadyside Honda to service my car.

Lauren G. | 2012-11-13

The service is pretty relatively quick... when they take you. I like to get my oil changed at lunch so it doesn't take up my weekend. They wash your car with an oil change which is awesome. Buuuut....

Last time I went there they turned me away for an oil change. This is after I called to ask if I needed an appointment for an oil change. They told me they wouldn't be too busy. I get there and he says, "Oh we are busy. And our guys are on lunch so we can't fit you in." Okay, I get it you are busy. So offer me an appointment for the next day? Next two days? Next week. Nope, sent me packing and off to another place to get my oil changed. Boo. I thought the customer service had really gone down. Previously they were decently nice and gave me the time of day. I will try it again to see if it's better. But I won't wait there.

I cannot get over how gross the waiting room of this place is!

It's like they don't believe in vaccuming or cleaning off their tables. I can't believe the waiting area was so dirty. Crumbs EVERYWHERE! They had wifi which was a win. But I didn't even want to put my computer on the table because it was too disgusting. And then sitting in the crumb filled chair. Ew. Honda Shadyside needs some sprucing up.

Shelly K. | 2012-08-17

We purchased a used van with less than 60,000 miles on it from this dealership, paying cash.  When after less than a year of driving it the engine died, inspite of regular oil changes and maintenance. I called the dealership hoping they would be willing to either assist us in repairing the vehicle or more likely offer us a decent deal on another van.  I did not demand they replace or repair the vehicle at any point.  

However, from the moment we spoke to them they were so unhelpful as to be hostile.  I was told I was being unreasonable when I had yet to ask them to do anything at all.  I was asked which salesperson I worked with, and finding out that he was no longer employed at this dealership (gone on to other ventures, I believe was the exact phrase), was told there was no one else who could help me.  It was not until I said I would be reporting my experience online that he was willing to do anything at all to help us. I asked specifically if they would help us get into another vehicle and was told the only vans available were 2 new Hondas.  I then asked him to look for another van that would be suitable for a family and he said he would (and as this dealership is affiliated with several other dealerships in the area, I believe Cochran Motors but am not sure about that), which a simple online search would turn up other vehicles, and would call me back by that evening.  There has been no return phone call.

My experience with this dealership is they do not fully inspect used cars they sell and once their commission is in their pocket they couldn't care less about their customers.  You should be aware of this if you purchase a vehicle from them.  We will not be going back.

Geo C. | 2010-02-22

We had a very good experience with our recent buying experience.  Started as an Internet inquiry and then we went in to seal the deal...  Geoff Mackey was the name of the salesman...  Deal with him if you can.  He was attentive, courteous, and energetic.  Only downer, and reason for only 3 stars, was the rude treatment we received from Phil in the finance department.   But don't let that stop you from checking them out.

Btw, we bought a Fit....  Lov'in it!