Baierl Subaru in Pittsburgh, PA

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Visit us and test drive a new or used Subaru in Pittsburgh at Baierl Subaru. Our Wexford Subaru dealership always has a wide selection and low prices. We've served hundreds of customers from Monroeville, Butler, and Moon Township.

Baierl Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 678-2630
Address:9545 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Baierl Subaru

Ashok K. | 2015-04-06

Was planning to buy a new car as I had moved to pittsburgh recently. Visited the dealer and was interested in the forestor. In the mean time I got a good deal from other dealer with a great interest rate went ahead after notifying Bariel Subaru that I was no longer interested in the new car. However their sales person ( the short guy) applied my loan application to all the banks he possibly could to lower my credit rating since I didn't go ahead with their car. Very bad ethics from the sales team so beware of the dealer

J J. | 2015-03-16

I'll give you my three strikes for why Baierl Subaru deserves a 1 star.

Strike 1: Went into look at a Subaru Outback. Drove and loved the car, sat down with the dealer to talk about pricing. We came to an agreement, but since I was going to purchase the car outright, I needed a couple days to make sure I had my finances in order. A couple days later, and the car was sold out from underneath me with no phone call or anything.

Strike 2: I go back into Baierl Subaru a month later after checking online to find the car I wanted is back in stock. I show them the original price they quoted and ask if they can match it. The sales guy says he can't so I ask for the manager. Manager comes and treats me with zero respect (being very snappy and just outright disrespectful). I play hardball and tell the sales guy that if they can't come down in price then I'll have to walk away (it's a negotiation). Sales guy yells at me and storms out of the office, saying I'm wasting his time and throws my paperwork in the trash.

Strike 3: I take Baierl's quote and go to another dealer who had the car. They match the price and I ask them to quote me for the Tire Warranty also. Now, originally, Baierl Subaru had quoted me $480 for a 36 month Tire Only warranty and they tell me that this is a deal reserved for their "VIP members." Thinking I was getting a good deal, I present the $480 "VIP special" Tire warranty to this new dealership. The sales guy at the new dealer shows me the Tire Warranty on Subaru's website. The price on their website was around "$280" for the same exact thing. WOW. That's messed up!

So it's 1, 2, 3, strikes you're out of the old, ball gaaame!

Casey N. | 2015-01-20

I am so impressed by this place! I bought my car used from a different dealership that isn't a Subaru dealership and I really like having my car serviced at the makers dealership so I ended up here!

I just needed an oil change so I brought my car to the express service. FYI, just pull your car to the service door and it will automatically roll up for you to drive in. I didn't know that but the service guy let me know and he pulled my car in for me. We got my paperwork done quickly and they pulled my car back for the change! We went to the waiting room which was super nice I though. Really clean and open with coffee, comfy seats, high or low tables, and a TV with vending area off to the side. Super modern and crisp like I love!

So back to the oil change. Seriously I couldn't get over how fast this was done. I have always taken my car to the dealership for an oil change and it was always taken at least an hour, but not here! I was in and out withing 25 minutes and I'm sure it will be faster next time since I won't have paperwork to do. So impressed! I'm sure some people are used to this quick change but I now realize I gave wasted time waiting at these other places!

Super glad to have a convenient quick place to take care of my baby!!

B T. | 2014-09-13

DO NOT BUY. I was told the only way I could test drive a manual transmission Crosstrek was to purchase it first. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Roy R. | 2014-09-08

One visit awhile back.

Nice place for shopping new and used Subaru's.  I know many people with this brand of automobile; all are happy with them.  Subaru does an excellent job in maintaining quality control across its franchises.  While I have only window shopped here, I did not get the sale pressure one often finds at a GM shop.  Floor person was helpful, informative, and knew enough to just let me look around.  

f8 and be there.

Amanda J. | 2014-09-01

I lost my transmission while driving across I-70 back in October, and when I came back to Pittsburgh, I needed a car.  As I wasn't sure where I would end up living long term, I decided to only look at leases.  Subaru had an amazing deal on 2013 Imprezas, and there was just one left on the lot when I went to look.

The only frustrating aspect was that a lot of the sales people have NO interest in helping you.  We were ignored for the first 30 minutes we sat waiting to talk to a sales person, and there were no other customers.  There was no convincing, I wanted the only Impreza on the lot.  Finally, a woman came over and said she would help us, she just needed a minute.  She never showed up again.  Fifteen minutes later, a very charismatic man, named Frank Fortunato, came over and helped us.

I didn't even test drive the car I got.  We literally signed a lease so I can't talk much about the "shopping experience."  However, the Frank did sit in the car and show me where everything was, and he set my phone and car bluetooth up for me.  That was awesome because I never would have done it myself.  He also told me when to get my oil checked, etc.  Nice touch.

Baierl Subaru is pretty aggressive in their sales (upgrades, service plans, etc.), but I like them.  I did get the scratch protection, but I didn't need anything else.  Frank took me around the service area so I would know where to bring my car, which was awesome.  There is free wifi and coffee and sometimes snacks in the lounge while you wait.  The mechanics are nice and will explain things patiently.  The service times have been reasonable, up to this point, for me.  If I would ever get a car again, I would probably come back here.

Carlos T. | 2014-06-21

Tried to do business with baierl subaru, it was terrible, they forgot to schedule my and waited for hour just to get reschedule. Next day had a timed schedule to pick up my car also had to wait for hours. Not wort it. End it up not buying from them. One of the guys is a total ass....

Amy M. | 2014-03-29

My husband and I were there earlier to get some information on an Outback and Forester and take a test drive.  After 10 minutes of being in the show room someone finally acknowledged us.  He said he would call someone to help us out.  A sales associate came in and helped another group that just came in.  After another 10 minutes I asked an associate if they had any booklets on the cars and we were told someone would help us shortly.  No one ever ended up coming and we ended up leaving.  

We will not be buying a car from this dealership if they can't even give us five minutes of their time.

Rhonda C. | 2012-07-03

Baierl's Car Care Service Plan is fantastic!  Every coupon has the work that needs to be done & at what mileage mark.  No appt necessary. The drive-thru style service center is wonderful: clean, well lit, spacious.  After being promptly greeted, a quick stop at the service agent desk gets things started and you are shown where the waiting area is.   The customer service waiting area is very pleasant: soft apohlstered seating, 3 round tables where work can be spread out, 2 TV's, free Wifi, coffee service, and clean restrooms.

I have yet to find anything displeasing about the entire experience. Timeliness, cleanliness, and friendliness round out the experience and make taking my car in for routine service almost enjoyable.

Emily M. | 2011-04-30

Just bought a new WRX from Baierl Subaru and they were great to deal with, especially Rich Glaz in Sales and Garrett in finance.  Great service and great Baierl options included with the car purchase!