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Sloane Honda has a knowledgeable staff that has many years of experience within the auto industry. Our dealership is located in Philadelphia, and we proudly serve the area with all of the latest new Honda cars. This includes the Pilot, Accord, Ridgeline, Odyssey along with our large collection of used cars. Ready to find the vehicle you've been looking for? Stop in and arrange a test drive through the streets of Jenkintown, Langhorne, Conshohocken and Glenside today!

Sloane Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(215) 305-5000
Address:9903 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19115
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sloane Honda

Johnny N. | 2015-04-10

Here's an email I sent to the GM, Jeff Lish, on Thursday, April 9 @ 5:47 a.m.  I haven't gotten a response yet:

"Good Morning Jeff,

We spoke about a week ago about the purchase experience I had with the 2012 Certified Honda Pilot EX-L that I bought a couple weeks ago.

I'd like to provide an update and let you know that I'm still not satisfied.


The internet price that I was quoted was different than the price I was charged.  We discussed this and it's classic bait and switch.  To appease me, I was given some accessories and told all of the other issues would be completely taken care of.  I was also told that since I live 65 miles away I'd even get a full tank of gas before I left.  I agreed to this after discussing with Shawn White.

I took a day off of work yesterday and spent the morning at the service area of the dealership.  I was comped the all-season floor mats and the chrome running boards.  A piece of missing trim on the roof was fixed as well.  The other two items that still haven't been fixed are the loose trim on the driver's side, rear door (the service associate told me they had to order it because it had a broken clip) and the non-functioning DVD remote (in order to access many of the features and settings on this unit, the remote is needed).

I was assured by Shawn that I would be taken care of.  He said the DVD player would be fixed and if it couldn't, it would be swapped out.  Herein lies the problem.  The service associate new nothing about this and said there's nothing he could do because it's an aftermarket unit.  I also spoke to Ervin, the sales associate I purchased the car from, and he said the same thing.  Both Ervin, and the service associate told me the exact opposite of what Shawn told me.  I didn't get a full tank of gas either


My other issue is the price given to me for my trade-in on my 2012 Ford Fusion SE.  I was told by Ervin that Shawn made a few phone calls and no one wanted to touch a Ford so the price I was given was $9000, even though the market value for a trade-in should have been closer to $10,500.  I was blatantly lied to.  How do I know this?

My former car is sitting on your lot and listed on your website for $14,764.  I guess the jokes on me on this part of the deal.

Based on my experiences I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and see what other options I can also pursue."

Ruben A. | 2015-02-24

I was in the neighborhood and needed an oil change. I figured what the hell.. First of all I didn't buy the care there. Second I didn't have an appointment.. That being said I was expecting to hear "no sir you have to make an appointment for service here" What I heard was Hello sir it would be our please to service your car and it doesn't matter that you didn't buy the car here or have an appointment. I was treated fantastic and was even pleasantly surprised by the Wawa coffee they offer.. (Free)
Great price
Great service
Great value

Philip V. | 2014-11-12

Absolute worst Honda dealership.  They use the bait and switch tactic to get customers to do the paperwork,  run credit and then the "GM" disapproves the numbers. This has happened multiple times and will be reported to consumer affairs, BBB and Honda corporate. Beware of the guy named Rob Thompson. Consumers stay away from this dealership and buy your car from elsewhere.

Bo S. | 2014-10-14

Went to Sloane to service my car after I tried to fill up my tires with air and the entire stem popped out. I showed the cap and the attached stem to the person at the service desk who said they've seen this before and that the cap oxidizes on the stem which causes it to do this. They said everything will be covered under warranty.

I leave and go home, leaving my car there for them. I get a call a few hours later telling me that it's not covered and that there were two caps that were stuck and it'd be about $150 a piece because they were "aftermarket". Considering that I've not had to put air into the tires and I get all my service done at the dealership, I couldn't comprehend how they would be aftermarket unless one was lost and someone just thew whatever they had laying around on it after service. I was told that I would be receiving a call shortly after lunch with an update.

I never got that call. Instead, I needed to call the dealership myself and confirmed that it was covered under warranty now. Great! Considering it was now 3:30pm, I asked when my car would be finished (I dropped it off around 10am). The person told me maybe around 4:30 and they would call me to let me know.

I never got that call either. I called at 5:30 and was told the service advisor would call me back with an update. I never got that call either. I ended up driving to the dealership 15 minutes before they closed to find out what is the status of my car - turns out it was finished @ 4pm and nobody decided to tell me. If I wouldn't have driven on my own, I would still be without a vehicle until someone decided they were up for calling me.

At least my repair was covered under warranty, but not without a fight and a completely wasted entire (morning, afternoon and evening). The only person who seemed to care when I showed up to get my car was the receptionist in the Sales department while the service people were in a rush to push me out the door and the salesmen were messing around.

Alyn S. | 2014-09-24

I am not sure it deserves 1 star. I bought my crv from sloane . Their service has always seem to be fair and honest. But today I wanted to buy a car. I got the old sleazy car shuffle--- let me check with my manager. After much haggling, I was told the best that could be done was a. 72 month payment plan,$2000 and my car which I was never told how much I would get for it.
I figured it out and the 72 months would be the cost of the car. At another dealer, my car was appraised for $3000. So what were they doing with the extra. $5000 they would have made?
I have since received 5 calls from sloane -  3 from the manager who offered less than the other dealer . I would not work with sloane again.

Cynthia F. | 2014-09-04

So I got a flat tire yesterday and my dad tried to put the spare on for me. It turns out that the tire was rusted on and would not come off. We had to call AAA and have them come out. I was told that the tire had been like that for a while. I'd like to know how the dealership rotated the tires like they said they did when there is no way they would of been able to with the tire in the condition it was in.

Tracy G. | 2014-03-31

Came to Sloane in need of a new car and exhausted from all of the B.S. at other dealerships. I have to say, not only did I get a fabulous deal with wonderful service, but I would say this has been the best car buying experience I have ever had! You can't get any better then this team, you can tell they love what they do.

Steve B. | 2014-03-11

Stopped by to buy out my lease from my 2011 CRV.  These folks have always been accommodating to me.  I went back to the same Sales person, Tael, who originally sold me my CRV.  

They tried to sell me the extended warranty, as all dealers do.  Other then that, great experience.  Nice that they remember me every time I come in.

Elaine M. | 2014-02-24

1. Purchased a new CRV in 2007; it was a stereotypical car buying experience. Annoying salesman left me jaded but I needed a new set of wheels quick.
2. Salesman Rob Thompson solicited me to trade in my CRV for a new model. He told me he could offer me more for my trade-in than other dealers because he was in great need of my car. During our 2 hr meeting (I told him I had about 45-60 minutes), he originally offered me 11k & 3.99% financing.  After I told him no, he told me that his "GM really wanted my car, if he could make some phone calls tonight and sell it, he could offer me 13k."  The 13K figure came close to online quotes (14-15k). I was very turned off that he offered 2K less, when it was obvious that he already knew that he could offer more. Additionally, their website advertised 0.9% and 1.9% financing for most new vehicles while many other dealerships were offering 0% financing & free maintenance.  
3. I was inundated with marketing emails from Sloane Honda.
4. I took my CRV to Sloane Service for oil change, cabin filter replacement, air filter replacement & an intermittent AC problem. When I arrived David Bruno did not have any info about my AC. I explained again and he condescending said "is it working now?" yes. "Well there is nothing I can do for it." I explained that it goes in and out so there had to be a mechanical/electrical issue. He defensively stated "well we can check it but it is going to be $50 and we might not find anything". I agreed to pay.  Ean Smith explained that the air supply was reading 39 degrees, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. He said that if it goes out again, drive it straight to Sloane to be checked. Over the next few weeks there were several times it didn't work but I was not near Sloane. Then I went on vaca to NC and the AC stopped working. I located a Honda dealership approximately 20 miles from where I was staying and asked them to look at the problem. They found that the compressor clutch coil was rusted, slipping out of place & needed to be replaced-$835, gas money and approx. 6 hrs of my vacation gone. Obviously if Sloane had truly inspected the operation of my AC they would have found the rusted, defective compressor clutch. 5 months of writing letters, emails and phone calls to Sloane Honda and Corporate, I received a refund for my compressor clutch repair.  A week after I received the refund, I got a recall notice in the mail for the compressor clutch.  HOW CONVENIENT!
5. In NC Priority Honda also tried to sell me a brake job. There is no reason that they should have inspected my brakes when I came in with an AC problem. Their report stated that my rear brake pads were 2/32. 18 days prior, Felix of Sloane measured 5/32. To complicate this further, 2 months before, Edwin of Sloane measured LR at 3/32 and RR at 5/32. I was quoted several repairs including a brake flush and front break job for $355 in May but they were not addressed when I went back in July. Rewind back two years; Sloane recommended front brake pads, rotor resurfacing, and brake fluid for $345 (at that time they measured 4/32 in the front and 5/32 in the rear). I purchased brake pads for the front and rear on May for $81 and had another mechanic replace them, whom told me that the rotors certainly did not need resurfacing AND that I could have gone at least another 5k miles before I needed to change the pads.
6. I received the same inconsistent reports and premature recommendations on my tire tread depth readings.  
7. Shortly after I had my car inspected I went in my glove box to retrieve my registration and insurance, I found that my current insurance certificate had been thrown away and that my expired insurance certificate was stapled to my registration. No one else was in my vehicle other than the Sloane Honda mechanic and I have NEVER stapled my insurance and registration together.  He haphazardly threw away documents from my car.
8. Sloane has repeatedly recommended that I have my brake fluid flushed $120, power steering fluid flushed $100. Numerous mechanics have told me that these are closed systems and do not need to be replaced/flushed unless they are opened or leak.
9. The service manager tried to sell me a new tire pressure sensor for $190.  He told me that my tire was leaking through the sensor and the low pressure light would immediately come back on if I did not replace it.  I put about 500 miles on my car over the last week and the light has not come back on yet.  They also wrote up recommendations and list all "aftermarket" items on my car, like my high quality windshield wipers.
All of the inconsistencies that I found in service reporting have severely diminished the credibility of Sloane Honda. The premature and unnecessary recommendations by Honda are a disgrace. Honda is trying to take advantage of the average consumer's lack of vehicle knowledge.  I plan to have much of my car service done elsewhere and I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from Sloane Honda!

SC W. | 2014-01-23

After getting into an accident and having my car declared totalled, I had to buy a new car.  Called up Jamie Findley once again to give me a GREAT deal on my CRV EX, thanks to Jamie and Shaun Dobson (sales man) I'm driving my brand new CRV in this snow storm!

ps:  My brother in law is picking up an Accord sport this weekend!

Liz N. | 2013-10-01

It's my third time going in for an oil change. Today was the fastest oil change by far!!! Probably the fastest one I've ever had! The guy service counter person named Brian said 30 mins and I was VERY skeptical about the wait time since the times before I was there for 2 hours but indeed I was either very lucky or they were just not busy today.

They price match other competitors service prices. Just show them the ad via Internet or coupon. Pricing seemed to fluctuate with different service counter reps.

Joann V. | 2013-08-22

Leased my car there and had a good experience I thought overall (except finance dude).

I dealt with sales guy Larry Walsh and he was awesome and more than accommodating. I later went back because I needed help with my Pandora and Larry wasn't in... Another salesman Shaun Dobson was really helpful. I would recommend either one to help you out.

Two weeks go by and I have issues with the finance guy. Apparently something fell thru the cracks and he needed 4 references. I provided them the day I leased the car. He calls me, leaves VM, I call back, we play phone tag. He starts to bug my mother several times rudely (same day) and demands the 4 references from her. He also tells her the lease deal is off if she doesn't give it to him.  I call him back later that day gt him and he admits to me he bothered my mother several times. I told him I was sick and at doc when he called and he should not harass my mother like a debt collector or talk to her that way. He doesn't seem to care or act like he does. Just tells me he is annoyed and demands I check my email. He claims he emailed me earlier in the day. I check my email while on phone with him. Nothing there. Nothing in spam. After we hang up about 15 min later I receive a one liner email from him in all caps.

I called another salesperson and he found all my references. Not sure what is going on there. I would have gladly provided them again. Mr Finace needs to take Customer Service 101!

I had a good experience (so I thought) till the finance guy called me.

Matt F. | 2013-08-13

To Whom it concerns at Sloane Honda,
I recently purchased a used 2009 Volkeswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI. I was searching specifically for this vehicle for some time before I was lucky enough to find it at the Sloane Honda Dealership on Bustleton Ave. The remainder of this letter will emphasize my use of the word "lucky."
I say lucky because since I had decided to purchased the vehicle, Sloane Honda has treated me fairly, professionally and with commendable efficiency. Those I've had the pleasure of doing business with at Sloane Honda are full of integrity and a wealth of knowledge regarding their department. I didn't find the sales team to be pushy or to apply unwanted pressure. Rather, Will the salesmen I worked with was a source of information. He answered all my questions and let me know when he'd be available in order to help facilitate my decision. My dealings with Will ended with a happy, efficient transaction for a fair price. I love my new car!
Shortly after I purchased the car the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on. I decided to bring the vehicle back to Sloane Honda while my warranty was still good. My first impression of the service department was very good, they have a very efficient system for checking in and picking up cars. The service staff was polite and helpful and I spent only a few moments their before I was on my way in a complimentary rental vehicle.
The service team addressed the CEL issue and returned the vehicle to me the next day with the light off. A drive or two later it was on again. I brought the car back to Sloane Honda and again they comped me a rental vehicle. My service advisor, Mike was so intent on making good on Sloane's commitment to honor the warranty, he sent the vehicle to a Volkeswagen dealership so mechanics more familiar with the vehicle could finalize the issue. I was impressed that Mike would go to that length to see my car returned in perfect condition. I can't thank Mike and his team enough for the care and work they've performed.
Consider this letter an endorsement of Sloane Honda and feel free to repost for testimonial purposes wherever you see fit. Thanks Again!
Matthew Frock,  Philadelphia, PA

Michael D. | 2013-02-12

be careful of  of the sales force . one manager and one salesman lie also when leasing be sure you read the papers and dont go on there word.  they are your friends till you leave. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SLOANE AT ALL.

mike k. | 2012-04-28

The salesman (Michael) we had was horrible.  There are a few dirty tactics that I have heard salesmen try to pull, and this guy tried every single one of them.  

In the beginning, he was like "how much did you want to pay per month?"  I told him to just figure out the whole number and we'll talk about financing later.  He wouldn't stop and kept talking about "$250 a month, $400 a month, how much you want to pay?"  For the temporary insurance, he signed her up for a monthly plan with the minimal stuff, which is fine.  I told the wife we could change it when we get home.  He pushed her to do direct deposit on the insurance he got her (asked at least 3 times!), saying we would save a bunch of money per year.  psssh.  

After that, he kept pushing my wife to fill out the credit form, and I kept asking him just to get us the final number of the car.  There was a time when I had to pick up a phone call outside and when I returned, she was filling out the credit form.  I was pissed that he took advantage of her when I was away.  I asked her to stop and she stopped.  Salesman said "It's okay.  You're going to have to do it anyway.  Just fill out the form" and she would start the paperwork again.  I had to say "Stop.  Don't fill it out" and she would stop.  Mind you, we haven't hit our target price yet, so there was no reason to fill out a credit form.  He would interrupt and kept pushing her and she would start again, and I would have to intervene.  I then said "let's leave" and he stopped pushing her.  He wanted the form filled out, us to give him the credit card and cash (she brought for a deposit) and just go to the manager to show him we were serious.  I told him we didn't want to do it like that and he got hissy.  On his way to the finance manager, he asked us if a higher interest rate was okay.  Who asks that?  We said no.  

I asked about the rebate and he replied "what rebate?"  I told him the $400 I saw on , that was combinable with the 0.9% APR.  He played dumb and said he had no idea.  I couldn't pull it up on my phone so I neglected it.  Now that I'm near a computer, I see the damn rebate.

The last trick was that they were going to pay for the first payment, up to $500.  The rate she got was 0.9% @ 36 months or 1.9% @ 60 months.  He kept pushing the 60 month @ 1.9%, but then we realized the first month's payment they would be making would only be about $250 vs $500 on the 36 month.  We tried to explain that to him, which we both knew he understood, but he told us 60 month was the cheaper route.  We told him we wanted the 36 month term.  When we go to fill out the paperwork, the salesman listed 60 month term as our deal.  We caught that issue and made them redo the paperwork again.  After all was done and done, the salesman didn't even shake my hand, after working with him for 5 hours.  

The reason Sloane isn't getting 1 star is because they hit our price point and we did purchase a new car.  If you do go, please bring someone that has experience buying a car.  Salesman had no issues giving us a test drive in both the Civic and Accord, we had a strong rapport in the beginning, but once we sat down, Michael became the slimiest car salesman I have ever dealt with.  Godspeed.

Yohann S. | 2011-09-20

I'm reviewing their regular maintenance department. Sometimes you get a good service. Sometimes you get an ok service. Sometimes you get a bad service. Sometimes they try to sell you stuffs that you're able to wait until the next service. Sometimes they don't. It's a dealer place. What do you expect, right?

Sometimes I hate them, sometimes I hate them less. Anyway, I've been going there regularly since the day the car that I bought for them hit it first 5k miles. And now my car is at 127k miles.

Lianna N. | 2011-05-22

Bought my first PA car here, and no complaints. Read this review which is the sad truth of my life, and see what this dealership did for me. Review is from the actual time of purchase, and was written a year ago (06/2010).

"Recently moved to PA (as in one week ago) and was trying to buy a car. I am a full time student in grad school. For those who do not already know, you can not get title and reg. on a PA plated car without a PA license, and I had an out of state license. found this out after visiting/driving/negotiating aka a lot of time at dealership. was crushed to find that i could not get the car bc of my out of state license, and was advised to transfer my license while they held my car with deposit.

Needless to say i could not get a license he next day due to fact i did not have ssn card with me in PA (was in homestate) and i worried they would not let me hold the car longer than a day or two. I went to the DMV a total of FIVE times to get this settled. The amount of hoops you need to jump through is ridiculous to buy a car in PA when moving.

They gave me a 2 week grace period on the license and agreed to give me the call if i paid in full, as long as i brought by the new license when i got it.  when they said they would upon full payment, i went to the bank to get the money (money order) only to find my funds had not yet transferred due to opening a new local account upon moving. another strike against me.

Throughout all this, the salesman john tuck was helpful and encouraging- i really though i would lose the deal on the car and have to start the process all over again after i got my license and money situation handled. i was able to work through it all and am now the owner of a beautiful civic. thanks sloane!"