Pacifico Mazda in Philadelphia, PA

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Pacifico Mazda Hyundai Sells New and Pre-owned Mazda Hyundai
Has Parts and Service Dealership


Established in 1937.

Pacifico Family Owned and Operated. Pacifico Third Generation Now Present Day to Day Operations. Maria Pacifico heads Up Pacifico Mazda.

Pacifico Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 475-1384
Address:6715 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19153
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Pacifico Mazda

Leonidas K. | 2015-04-23

My wife and I just bought a used Mazda 3 from Mike (who is actually located on the Hyundai side).  Great experience.  No high pressure sales, no nonsense, showed us invoices and comps and we agreed on a fair price within minutes.  Jerry DeMary, the general manager accomodated us on a few minor repairs and threw in a loaner while the issues were being resolved.  Personable and personal service aimed at consumer satisfaction.  My wife and I could not have had a better experience.

Jill J. | 2015-04-22

One word to describe the Service department is they are a bunch of "CROOKS"! Im extremely disappointment with my visit!! I needed a simple fix (a compartment handle replaced)  Cliff gives me a different price, every time i see him, and he wanted to charge me 150 bux labor cost.,. But  I came in the day before he tells me just buy the part and we will install it for free (because its such a simple fix) They have a guy in charge of parts at mazda named "Dave" and he knows nothing about cars, or it seems like he knew nothing when it came to my mazda miata! My mechanic who i was on the phone with told me to beware, because they wanted me to purchase all these extra parts! i only needed a handle, I pray to god he ordered the right part on my car! I didn't have them install my parts, because I didn't understand some of the calculations cliff was adding up. He kept saying we are hooking you up, its more like ripping me off.. I live in Northern Jersey, only reason i went to this dealership because I work in the area, other then that I would avoid this spot!

Latoya J. | 2015-04-12

Bought the car I wanted and my salesmen Roy was great. I didn't get the best deal I was hoping for , but when you see a salesmen work hard to accommodate you. That definitely adds brownie points. Went to the Mazda dealership in Conchehocken prior to Pacifico and had a bad experience. But I got my brand new Mazda 3 from here and love it !

Tess Y. | 2015-01-12

Woah, what a sleazy and unprofessional place!

I recently looked into buying a car here and within 10 minutes of being inside I got flat-out hit on by an employee. I called 2 hours ahead of time to say I was interested in checking out a particular car there and when I came in, they made me wait 25 minutes before telling me that it was parked behind some fence they couldn't open for me. When I asked to look at a different car, the manager said it was "just outside" but the sales guy gave me a gross smile, a greasy handshake, and then made me wander through the lot in the freezing cold and couldn't find it. He finally located it but the dude was clearly not as sharp as he used to be. When I asked to see the car's maintenance records and CPO checklist, they made me wait around for a long time but couldn't find that either. They kept me there for 2 hours, looking around for cars, missing documents, and then trying to get me to talk about financing before I had even seen the car I wanted.

When I came back the next day, I finally got to see the car I was interested in. During the test drive, the salesman encouraged me to speed through the roads surrounding the dealership. When I made a comment that the cops must being really lax, he joked about them getting kickbacks for staying out of their way (???). He then mocked me for being concerned about the rust on the underside of the other car I looked at the previous day.

The car I wanted was hard to find, they had it, and so despite having a gross experience, I entered into negotiation with them. They really, really tried to pressure me into financing before even talking about the OOTD price. I left and will never, EVER, come back.

So do yourself a favor and go to John Kennedy Mazda in Conshohocken. They have always treated me with respect. I brought my last Mazda there for service and recently just bought a new car from them.

Michael C. | 2013-03-17

Had a great experience here. I got an estimated price through the AAA auto buying program, in which you enter your zip code and the car model/options you want, and it gives you an estimated price for various dealerships in the area (Pacifico is AAA certified, always a good sign).

I called about this price and left a voicemail with Cynthia, their internet sales manager. She called me back immediately (within 5 minutes), offered me a price that was $500 below the AAA quote, and within an hour emailed me the quoted price and sticker for the specific car model/options/color I was looking for (including the VIN number for the specific vehicle). If you're new to car buying, this is a pretty big deal. Other dealerships (Sussman, for example) won't email you a hard quote with price and VIN number for a specfific car. This is because the "price" they give you on the phone/internet includes rebates you're often not eligible for (and they will try to mark up the price in other ways like individual options on specific vehicles). So being able to go in with an exact price on a specific car (down to the VIN number) is a huge plus.

I called a few days later to check if the car was available. Cynthia was out, but my call was again promptly returned by Brian, the sales manager, who checked the VIN number, told me it was still in stock, and was very clear and direct in discussing price and payment options. Much to my surprise, when I told them I would come in tomorrow to purchase it, they actually held the car for me--this is not something I would expect from any dealer, as they obviously want to sell a car whenever they get the chance and don't like to hold inventory.

When I went in the next day they pulled the car around, let me check it out, and then sold it to me for the exact price they quoted without even _attempting_ to sell me any additional upgrades or options. Furthermore, when I told them I would be paying in full up front, they didn't try to talk me into financing in any way. They processed everything relatively quickly (took a couple hours, but that's standard at a busy dealership), and were able to get me registered in PA and give me a license plate on the spot--no need to go to the DMV.

So in summary: 1) they were super helpful and responsive over the phone; 2) they quoted me an exact price on a specific vehicle/VIN# and emailed me the full window sticker before I even set foot in the dealership; 3) they held the car for me overnight once I told them I was prepared to buy, again before I had even set foot in the dealership; 4) they made no attempt whatsoever to sell me anything other than what I requested, or to raise the price they had emailed to me in any way; and 5) they made no attempt to convince me to finance after I told them I would be paying in full.

I honestly never imagined I would have such a good experience purchasing a car in Philly. I was thankful enough to write this review--I'm a pretty lazy person and barely ever yelp, but I wanted to return the favor for the great service they gave me. Oh, and did I mention that I paid more than $3000 below MSRP? I suppose the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted and was obviously knowledgable and direct in our negotiations helped me out, but there's no denying they did everything they could to make my experience a good one.

One final thought--I'm worried this might seem too glowing, so here's some backup evidence:…

Minz s. | 2013-02-08

I would give this place negative stars, if I could. The first rule for any smart buyer is to not negotiate around monthly payments. Pacifico only wants you to talk about monthly payments. You will be paying 100-200 dollars more for your car payment, if you decide to go here. The cars are beat up because the service department doesnt take care of their cars and they will charge YOU for anything they were already supposed to fix when selling you the car. They will run your credit many times(close to 10+ times), so they can rip you off.   The way they work with the banks should be illegal. PLEASE STAY AWAY. The dealers will get rude with you if you question them and guilt trip you into signing and leaving with a car even when the paperwork isn't complete. You should NEVER do that. If you leave with a car before the paperwork is completed, than you will come back with a car payment contract that will be MUCH higher than what you were told you would pay. Once you leave with the car, it is yours so you will have a hard time getting out of the deal. BEWARE.

If I have at least helped one person by reading this review, I have done my work.  I'm so so disgusted with this place

Rebecca C. | 2012-07-31

I really love this place. I am now in my second Mazda 3 and it's fantastic, so no qualms with the product whatsoever. Three years ago on my first Mazda lease, the salesman was obviously green and the process of starting my lease seemed to take forever, but the second time around, things went smoothly. If you're interested in buying or leasing, ask for James Fishburn. He's fantastic!

The service package with the leases is great- free state inspections, every 4th oil change is free, and free roadside assistance are among the perks.

The service guys are so friendly, helpful and accommodating, they have definitely set a standard for me of what dealership service is supposed to be like. The only reason I don't give them a 5 is because I did have an experience like one of the other commenters where I called the finance office several times for some information and my voicemails were never returned; I eventually figured out the info I needed myself, but it was a bit frustrating. However, overall, my experiences with Pacifico have been very satisfactory.

Stephanie L. | 2012-02-21

So happy with my decision to lease a Mazda 3 2012 it was in my price range and Lamont took very good car of me ! Great salesman and highly recommended :-)

chris c. | 2010-09-10

Awful awful awful experience here.  

Leased a vehicle 2 years ago, returned to exercise the purchase option.  My wife called several times to speak to someone about obtaining a full payoff.  Her calls were never returned so I finally called and explained the lack of response to the female operator,  which prompted her to simply forward me to voicemail as well (?!).  I called back immediately and reiterated that our problem was that our voicemails werent being replied to, so please do not send me to voicemail again, to which the operator audibly sighed and offered begrudgingly to have the finance guy paged.  I said thank you and was placed on hold.  After 10 mins on hold, I hung up and called back to the same woman who said, without a hint of apology, that "oh he must not be around he hasnt answered the page, would you like his voicemail?"  
I left another voicemail, got no response after 3 days, so i call back, get the same voicemail/page run-around, and this time demand to speak to a supervisor.  the next day i receive a call from the finance guy who immediately begins the conversation by saying "i talked to your wife several times" in an annoyed and confrontational tone.  ??  Aside from being a complete lie (my wife never had any of her calls returned), it also set the stage for an awkward dynamic of working to get this payoff completed.  he says to come to the showroom.  in the showroom, 2 guys immediately approach me by the desk asking how they can help me with big smiles and i explain im looking to buy out my lease and need to see the finance guy....which prompts the two salesmen to immediately make disappointed facial expressions, one walking away from me without a word, and the other practically rolling his eyes as he tells me to go wait in the service waiting area. i sit in the little service area which is plastered with signs saying how "anything less than 100% satisfaction is considered failure to us", despite my experience so far consisting of nothing but complete indifference and barely disguised disgust.

after 20 mins of sitting there, no one checks on me or updates me on whats going on, and i begin to worry if the annoyed salesman ever even notified anyone of my presence, so i walk back to the showroom and ask if there is an ETA for the finance guy to talk to me as its been over 20mins...this causes the 3 guys at the desk to again roll their eyes.  The guy who appears to be the supervisor tells me that "someone will be with you shortly", again with an inexplicably annoyed tone.  So i go back to the waiting room and after another 10 mins, the finance guy comes out hurried and I remind him that i have the rough payoff from the lease paperwork, but i need the full final quote from mazda including the tax, transfer fees, i can go to my bank and cut them a check...thats all i want, and the paperwork worked up to do all this.

he responds by pressuring me to me finance instead of paying cash. (?)  I politely decline the offer to finance, and he persists, asking me to confirm that  I "didnt borrow the money from anyone did you?" after insisting that i just want the payoff, he disappears for a while, and comes back with the payoff quote and 2 more extended warranty quotes.  it takes me a few tense exchanges to refuse the warranty offers. i ask him to write down the exact quote so i can get a bankcheck cut, and he writes it on an old bill i have in hand.  i take the quote to the bank and hand them the slip and they cant read his handwriting.  so i call the dealership from the bank and again, get sent to voicemail after requesting do not send me to voicemail.  i have to call 4 different times to finally get an operator at the pacifico ford building who is nice and receptive to the fact that i just need to speak to a human for 20 seconds.  all told, spend over 45mins on the phone trying to get the handwritten quote clarified.

head back to shop with check for 20k in hand and finance guy says "can you come back tomorrow?" (!) because he is now working on a new customer.  i say no, and he switches back to my paperwork.  a few mins into it, the supervisor in the hyundai building storms into the office and demands to know why finance guy is helping me and not the new customer, turning to me and saying "no offense to you buddy" !!!
if i hadnt invested hours already i wouldve left right then, as i cant comprehend how any manager would have the gall to do this.  they made no attempt to hide their contempt for me, and pass me on to a different finance guy who finishes my paperwork in under 10mins.  the final insult, he hands me the new license plate and is again visibly annoyed when i ask that they swap the plates for me.  
to be clear, the mazda product was great....but that dealership was so insanely bad that i swore i was on some sort of candid camera show.  

avoid this place at all costs.