Kia On the Boulevard in Philadelphia, PA

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Desimone Kia provides new and used cars with the best finance, service, parts, accessories, and more to all Cherry Hill Kia shoppers. Our dealership serves as the newest and soon-to-be largest Kia dealership in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and the Cherry Hill area. We provide dependable new and used vehicles to the entire Tri-State area. Whether you're looking for the latest Kia models like the new Sorento, Soul, or Optima, or you're looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle in Philadelphia, you can count on us.


Established in 1978.

Kia on the Boulevard has been family owned and operated for over 35 years, offering the Philadelphia Metro an unsurpassed service experience. Our first and foremost goal is to exceed our customers' expectations, with the highest standards in both sales, service and body shop. Our dealership is conveniently located at 11295 Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, making us the dependable solution for Wilmington Kia drivers. How do you get to us? Just head up to Route 90 West to I-95 North. Get off at exit 35 onto 63 West and you'll get to the Boulevard. Just follow Route 1 South towards Philadelphia and you'll find us on the right at Red Lion Road. We hope to see you soon!

Kia On the Boulevard

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(215) 831-9626
Address:11295 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, 19154
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Kia On the Boulevard

Abby F. | 2015-01-11

What a god awful experience. The first night we went was ok...even promising. When we went back the next day to make the sale the nightmare began. The sales person Carlos didn't want to bothered from the beginning. We took it upon ourselves to talk numbers which probably upset him. We eventually reached the right numbers and thought we were nearing the end. Before we went into finance, they handed us a pack of papers that "we're just for their records". These included papers that we wouldn't find them liable for anything and not sue them, and also it knowledge that we were aware the car we were buying had at least $500 worth of damage to it. Mind you, that was never explained to us. We asked to have the papers explain to us and will politely told that the finance manager named Tammy would do so. Okay still not a problem though a  little concerned. When we informed Carlos that we were not signing the papers we did not get the opportunity to even finish The statement that Tammy would explain them to us first. Carlos then actually yelled "give me the papers" and stood up out of his chair. I told him rather sternl not to Yell at my mother and he proceeded to walk towards me to get in my face. I admit that I'm a bit ashamed that I stooped to his level and I stood up to challenge his confrontation as we screamed at one another. I was a customer preparing to buy a $25,000 car which is a rather large purchase in my opinion, and yet this was the reaction that I received.He apparently felt as though he was disrespected the entire time we had been there. i'm still struggling to comprehend how Carlos felt that way when he barely interacted with us the entire time we were there both nights and I wasn't disrespectful enough not to sell me the car until I asked to many questions about it.

We were then told that the deal was off and asked to leave which I probably found to be the most humorous portion of the night, as if I was supposed to feel upset or hurt at that. Newsflash, I wasn't buying the car at that point anyway so I'm not sure who they thought they were getting over on.

Bottom line here is that everyone that gave  a negative review you read should be considered true. This isn't one of those scenarios where there's one bad apple that ruins the group. This whole business is actually a bad apple tree and I Think Kia would be appalled that they allow this business to franchise using their name with the way they treat their customers. Those that have received replies for their bed reviews I can promise you have not been satisfied still. This is just one of their tactics for you to think they're doing something about it. They're not. If you'd like to see the email I received thanking me for my purchase and how wonderful it was to work with me and how welcomed they wanted me to feel, please do not hesitate to ask. I am happy to plaster it everywhere.

Needless to say, I hope no one gets screwed by this business. I'm excited to make my purchase somewhere else, and I hope Carlos got a hug at some point because he obviously needed it. I wouldn't give this place 1 star except yelp made me.

Mehrnoush S. | 2014-12-04

My husband and I were looking to buy a car for a while in August and September 2012. It was really annoying because we would call dealers and tell them exactly what we wanted and what are conditions was and they would tell us that it is ok. We would rent a car to go and they wanted to sell us something differently. Lots of time and money wasted. Finally we contact the Kia on the Blvd, the only company where their word and act matched and we got back driving our car!
Since then, we still use their service for annual inspection.
All experiences good, polite and friendly staff. Highly recommended!

Neil B. | 2014-10-23

If there was a lower rating then 1 star, I'd give them a zero!  DECEITFUL, dishonest and clearly their goal is to take advantage of the potential customer.  Saw a 2011 Mini advertised on-line for a decent price.  Made an appointment and telephone verified the cost of the car, since it was a long drive to the dealership.  Once there, they started to show us the wrong car.  The on-line ad stated the car was automatic, it was manual.  Stated the cost was 16,721. After spending time with the salesman, and him looking at the print out of the on-line cost he went back to the manager for a cost of the car with a trade in value for the car we were going to trade.  Came back with a cost of the car being 24,995, but marked down to 19,995. WTF?? We said no, the advertised cost is 16,721.... Spoke to the manager and he said it was a typo and he's not responsible for typos, and he wasn't the one that telephone verified the price.  Asked for a copy of the hand written modified price they gave us.  Said he will make a copy, instead, he shredded it!!  Way to treat a customer and take responsibility.  What a waste of a few hours of our lives!  BUYER BEWARE!  Stay far away from this place!!! NOT HONEST AT ALL!!!!!

Jim G. | 2014-08-18

The worst car buying experience I've ever experienced.  I will not be going back.  Buyer beware!

Thuy H. | 2014-01-15

Came here in November after work one night and was not approached by anyone! We got out of our car, walked around for a good 20 minutes and nothing. :-( A few other cars pulled up after us and was approached right away. What happened? I'm not sure if it was bc I didn't make an appointment, but when I've purchased cars elsewhere before, it was always by us just going there.

Anyway, for the time we walked around the lot, we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a sorrento with no navigation, but with a screen, cloth seats, and some others. The only ones we were able to find were fully loaded kias. I didn't need all that stuff they had offered. I didn't need the fancy rims or such. Just simple.

I did end up purchasing elsewhere. I don't think I will be back. I'm sure they had other vehicles on the lot, but I'll never know bc no one helped me

dennis c. | 2013-12-12

First, I called De Simmone Kia on the Boulevard, and received an appointment with a manager. I was told on the phone that they had kias with $1,500 down and $179 a month. When my wife and I got there we were bombarded with a salesman who said we didn't need to meet with the manager that he could take care of us.   My wife believed that an appointment was an appointment. When she went to go inside the showroom, she tripped over some broken and/ or uneven pavement at the door, and she fell and slid almost halfway across the showroom floor. The manager ( where it was learned later that he was standing at the other end of the showroom when this happened) never bothered to even come over to see if she was okay!    Okay, so after the salesman took the application on a 2013 Kia which had a sticker price of $22,000, he came back and told me I was not applicable for any type of lease, and wanted $579 for 72 months. Understand we live two blocks from this Kia dealership, and my wife and I own our house, mortgage free!  Another customer had entered the building, and he too, a very tall man, about 6' tall tripped in the same place my wife did, but was able to catch his fall by holding on to the door.  We left the dealership, and about 2 hours later got a ford at John Kennedy Ford on Bustleton Pike in Feasterville, Pa a 2014 car that was in the showroom, listed at $20,100....a lease that I  originally wanted....purchased extra miles bringing it to 18,000 a year...for $254. A month for three years!!! I couldn't be happier! We left with the car several hours later, and that included the fact I traded in my car! GO TO JOHN KENNEDY FORD, ask for Lance!!

Dennis from Philly!